June 10, 2020

Doug Collins at Judiciary Hearing on Policing Practices and Law Enforcement Accountability

Doug Collins at Judiciary Hearing on Policing Practices and Law Enforcement Accountability

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June 09, 2020

New York Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Mike O'Meara....said at a press conference that officers have 375 million interactions with individuals each year and that most of them are “overwhelmingly positive.”

New York Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Mike O'Meara....

New York Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Mike O'Meara railed Tuesday against state legislators and the press for “vilifying” law enforcement officers amid the nationwide demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody on May 25.

The New York PBA's president, Mike O’Meara, said at a press conference that officers have 375 million interactions with individuals each year and that most of them are “overwhelmingly positive.”

"But what we read in the papers all week is that in the black community, mothers are worried about their children getting home from school without being killed by a cop. What world are we living in? That doesn’t happen," O'Meara said.

“Our legislators are failing us. Our press is vilifying us,” he added. “Stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating us with some respect. That’s what we’re here today to say. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting.”

Video from June 9, 2020 via News 12

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May 14, 2019

Actor Richard Dreyfuss talks sanctuary cities ruling, importance of civics

Actor Richard Dreyfuss takes on Tucker over the 9th Circuit court that blocked the Trump administration's attempts to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, explains why teaching civics in schools is vital and his Dreyfuss Civics Initiative is about

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February 28, 2017

The story of why the Resolute Desk was given by Queen Victoria to the President of the United States

The story of why the Resolute Desk was given by Queen Victoria to the President of the United States

This double pedestal partners' desk, usually called the "Resolute desk", was made from the oak timbers of the British ship H.M.S. Resolute as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes from Queen Victoria in 1880.

A brass plaque affixed to the desk records the history of its creation:

"H.M.S. 'Resolute', forming part of the expedition sent in search of Sir John Franklin in 1852, was abandoned in Latitude 74º 41' N. Longitude 101º 22' W. on 15th May 1854. She was discovered and extricated in September 1855, in Latitude 67º N. by Captain Buddington of the United States Whaler 'George Henry'. The ship was purchased, fitted out and sent to England, as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Victoria by the President and People of the United States, as a token of goodwill & friendship. This table was made from her timbers when she was broken up, and is presented by the Queen of Great Britain & Ireland, to the President of the United States, as a memorial of the courtesy and loving kindness which dictated the offer of the gift of the "Resolute'."

The President's Desk

Many presidents have used the Resolute desk in the Oval Office or the their study in the Residence. It was made from the timbers of HMS Resolute, an abandoned British ship discovered by an American vessel and returned to the Queen of England as a token of friendship and goodwill. When the ship was retired, Queen Victoria commissioned the desk from William Evenden, Royal Naval Dockyard at Chatham, England, and presented to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880.

The desk has twice been modified. Franklin Roosevelt requested that the kneehole be fitted with a modesty panel carved with the presidential seal (he preferred people not see his leg braces and often placed a waste basket in front of his desks), but he did not live to see it installed. However, President Truman liked the eagle motif and had it installed when he came into office in 1945. Since this was prior to Truman's decision to turn the head of the eagle in the presidential seal to face the olive branch of peace, the eagle in the Resolute's modesty panel faces the arrows of war.

Every president since Hayes—except Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford—has used the Resolute desk, although some chose to use it in their private study in the Residence. The desk was made famous in part by a photograph of John Kennedy at work while his son, John Jr., peeked out the front through the kneehole panel.

On the President's Desk

What the president has on his desk is often symbolic of his style and experience.

Although he did not use the Resolute in the Oval Office, Harry Truman's desk was famous—he was well-known for having a plaque with a motto that read: "The buck stops here." On more than one occasion, President Truman referred to the desk sign in public statements. In his farewell address to the American people given in January 1953, President Truman referred to this concept in asserting that, "The President—whoever he is—has to decide. He can't pass the buck to anybody. No one else can do the deciding for him. That's his job." The other side of the sign read "I'm From Missouri," a reference to the skeptical nature of people from Truman's home state, often expressed as "I'm from Missouri—show me." (Missouri's nickname is "The Show-Me State").

John Kennedy did use the Resolute, and his desk included a very special coconut paperweight. While he was serving in WW2 as commander of the PT109, his boat was hit by a Japanese destroyer and his crew was stranded in the Solomon Islands. Lieutenant John F. Kennedy carved this Coconut shell with a message and gave it to two natives to deliver to the PT base at Rendova so he and his crew would be rescued. He later had the coconut shell encased in wood and plastic and used it as a paperweight on his desk in the Oval Office. The message carved on coconut shell reads "NAURO ISL…COMMANDER…NATIVE KNOWS POS'IT…HE CAN PILOT…11 ALIVE…NEED SMALL BOAT…KENNEDY".

President Reagan and President Clinton both displayed the motto "It can be done" on their Oval Office desks.

President Jimmy Carter brought the desk back to the Oval Office, where Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have used it.

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October 02, 2016

Ivanka Trump Stars in New Campaign Ad Aimed at Women

Ivanka Trump Stars in New Campaign Ad Aimed at Women

Donald’s popular and elegant daughter Ivanak Trump starred in the latest Trump campaign ad aimed at women.
TIME reported:

A new ad for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stars his daughter Ivanka Trump, part of an effort to appeal to more women voters, who still favor Hillary Clinton.

“The most important job any woman can have is being a mother, and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut,” Ivanka Trump says in the 30-second ad released Friday.

Ivanka Trump, a business executive and mother to three young children, has become the face of much of Donald Trump’s outreach to women voters. She has been actively involved in the recent rollout of her father’s policies on childcare in the workforce. The presidential candidate has said he supports child-care tax credits, paid maternity leave and subsidies for stay-at-home parents, which his daughter addresses in the new ad.

Wild Thing's comment................

I am very impressed with Ivanka Trump. I think she has a lot of class and some very good ideas.

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Egyptian Leaders Praise Donald Trump, Blast Hillary Clinton After President El-Sisi Meets with Both Candidates

Egyptian Leaders Praise Donald Trump, Blast Hillary Clinton After President El-Sisi Meets with Both Candidates

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Members of the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations blasted Hillary Clinton just a day after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi met with both Clinton and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. They also had high praise for Trump—and while not an official endorsement, it is a positive outcome for Trump’s first and only meeting with Muslim world leaders thus far.

Egyptian officials expressed frustration and outrage over the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and expressed concern that a Clinton administration would continue to undermine Egyptian efforts to dismantle Brotherhood terrorists attempting to destabilize the democratically elected Egyptian government.

Ahmed Gad, a member of the Egyptian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, told Breitbart News Tuesday night:

I think 90 percent of Egyptians would prefer Trump because he will not cooperate with terrorists. He [Trump] will not cooperate with Muslim Brothers and our main concern in Egypt now is terrorist attacks as you saw two days ago in the United States. We saw it daily in Egypt on the hands of Muslim Brothers so we know very well that Muslim Brothers are a terrorist group and we want to build up our democratic regime.

Many members of the Egyptian delegation spoke on the record exclusively with Breitbart News at an event to promote communication and unity between the United States and Egypt on Tuesday night. The event was organized by popular Egyptian media personality and host of American Pulse Dr. Michael Morgan, and featured several American foreign policy experts including representatives from the London Center for Policy Research and more than a hundred prominent Egyptians including members of parliament, leading media figures, government officials, and businessmen.

The Egyptian delegation interviews came as El-Sisi, in an interview with CNN, said that he has “no doubt” that Donald Trump would make a strong leader. El-Sisi also responded to a clip of Hillary Clinton accusing the Egyptian government of being “basically an army dictatorship,” during a debate with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He said, in part, that “in Egypt there will not be a chance for any dictatorship because in Egypt there is a constitution, there is law, and there is the will of the people which will refuse to allow any leader to stay in his position for any period longer than his term which is four years.”

The fact that El-Sisi and those from the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly here in New York City this week would speak so openly and positively about Trump—and so openly and negatively about Clinton—may surprise some. They are Muslim leaders and Egypt is perhaps one of the biggest and longest-standing Muslim nations in world history. Many establishment media outlets have painted Trump’s relationship with all Muslims as toxic, since he has expressed plans to temporarily ban Islamic migration into the United States. But El-Sisi, when asked about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban during his CNN interview, defended Trump.

“The United States in general conducts very strict security measures for everyone who wishes to visit it, which has been in place for quite a few years,” El-Sisi, the first Muslim world leader to meet with Trump, told CNN. “It’s also important to know that during election campaigns many statements are made and many things are said, however afterwards governing the country would be something different. And will be subject to many factors.”

El-Sisi expressed these same sentiments in other interviews with the Egyptian delegation to the U.N.G.A. this week. At Trump’s meeting with El-Sisi, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn—the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for two years during the Obama administration—and U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) were also present.

The Trump campaign said in a readout of the meeting sent to press:

Mr. Trump thanked President el-Sisi and the Egyptian people for what they have done in defense of their country and for the betterment of the world over the last few years. He expressed great respect for Egypt’s history and the important leadership role it has played in the Middle East. Mr. Trump expressed to President el-Sisi his strong support for Egypt’s war on terrorism, and how under a Trump Administration, the United States of America will be a loyal friend, not simply an ally, that Egypt can count on in the days and years ahead. Mr. Trump emphasized the strong partnership that the United States and Egypt have shared for so many years and how this relationship is vital to help promote peace and stability in the Middle East, broader region and the world. Mr. Trump also expressed his recognition of Egypt’s close relationship with Israel on countering terrorism.Mr. Trump highlighted how Egypt and the U.S. share a common enemy and the importance of working together in defeating radical Islamic terrorism, not only politically and militarily, but also addressing the ideology. Mr. Trump emphasized to President el-Sisi his high regard for peace-loving Muslims and understands that every day there are people of goodwill that sacrifice their lives and fortunes to combat the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Mr. Trump said that if he were fortunate enough to win the election in November, he would invite President el-Sisi on an official visit to the United States and would be honored to visit Egypt and the Egyptian people who he has a great fondness for.

Clinton’s campaign described her meeting with El-Sisi as being successful as well. According to a Clinton aide:

Secretary Clinton and President Sisi had a constructive discussion about bilateral ties and cooperation on a wide range of issues, including counterterrorism. They also discussed the importance of economic development and investment in Egypt. Secretary Clinton emphasized the importance of respect for rule of law and human rights to Egypt’s future progress. Secretary Clinton called for the release of U.S. citizen Aya Hijazi and raised concerns about prosecution of Egyptian human rights organizations and activists. Secretary Clinton discussed ways to deepen counterterrorism cooperation, particularly in the fight against ISIS. She and President Sisi exchanged views about the Middle East, and Secretary Clinton underscored the importance of the Egyptian cooperation with Israel on counterterrorism, and her commitment to defeating ISIS, to addressing foreign fighters, and to countering radicalization.

However, the Egyptian delegations’ respective statements to Breitbart News do not reveal a positive aftermath for Clinton’s meeting.

But clearly, based upon El-Sisi’s interview with CNN and comments that the various members of the Egyptian delegation here made to Breitbart News, it is Trump not Clinton whom the Egyptian leadership wants to win the election.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Chamber of Media Industry, Amr Fathy, took issue with Hillary Clinton’s claims that President El-Sisi is a dictator. “The signs you take as dictatorship is not dictatorship,” Fathy told Breitbart News. Of El-Sisi, Fathy added: “This is our president and we are behind him.”

“The Egyptian authorities they have already dealt with Hillary before; we did not deal with Trump,” Fathy explained about the meetings between El-Sisi and the American presidential candidates. “So, maybe we know now much more and better idea about Mr. Trump in specific.”

When asked about the coziness between Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, Fathy showed just how damaging the Obama foreign policy directed by Hillary Clinton and her successor at the State Department, John Kerry, has been to America’s standing in the eye’s of the Egyptians. He said:

They [Muslim Brotherhood] were supported by the Americans and the Western world. Why? I don’t know. They did not come by democracy, they were not the people who came out on the 25th of January. They were not, the youth were the people who came out. We have our own identity, we are not a theocratic nation we have never been a theocratic nation. The American policy is always pushing for theocratic regimes and then when you have a theocratic regime you start crying.

One consistent theme among the Egyptians who spoke with Breitbart News was the deep distrust of Hillary Clinton. Dr. Morgan said of Egyptian President El-Sisi’s meetings with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday:

President El-Sisi wanted to meet up with both candidates because he did not want to give Hillary a chance to use and abuse an indirect endorsement from a meeting with a President like El-Sisi. As evil as she is, she was going to go out into the media and say, ‘oh I have a good relationship with this man, I know foreign policy’ so he made sure that he would meet Trump as well to make sure the America public doesn’t think he supports Hillary. We know he would never support Hillary because Hillary is another eight years of Obama and Obama has been really bad for Egypt.

The members of the Egyptian Parliament that Breitbart News spoke with Tuesday night showcased the inclusive nature of the new Egyptian government under President El-Sisi. Among the representatives were two women, a Coptic Christian, and a 31-year-old man. One of the female Parliament members pointed out that a third of the Egyptian parliament members are under the age of 35.

One of those women, Sahar Talaat Moustafa, is the head of the Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee. When asked by Breitbart News how the Egyptian people see Hillary Clinton, she responded: “A lot of people in Egypt feel she is in support of the Brotherhood. Actually, a majority of people think so.”

Moustafa invited Americans to come visit Egypt and see for themselves.

“I invite you to come and see how things are going on in Egypt,” she said. “Everything is so smooth we are walking normally in the streets and there is no terrorism. Egypt’s is one of the safest countries to go.”

Ahmed Gad is a member of the Egyptian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee and he echoed the desire of the Egyptian dignitaries who spoke with Breitbart News for a better relationship with the United States, but also concern that under the Obama administration the United States sided with the wrong side in the Muslim Brotherhood. Gad said:

For us, it’s a very important signal that we want to resume our good relations but in the same time, I am speaking as a political researcher, frankly speaking, we are very disappointed from Obama’s policy towards our country. Because, by the way, I am a Coptic in Egypt so we suffered a lot under the Muslim Brotherhood regime. Some sort of cooperation between the American administration, Obama Administration, and the Muslim Brothers. We know very well that they are terrorists, they burned and destroyed over 100 churches in Egypt, and they killed a lot of Christians. They killed and are still killing a lot of Egyptians priests men and soldiers. At the same time the Obama administration is refusing to deal with the Muslim Brothers as a terrorist group.

Gad said that El-Sisi’s background as a general should not be taken to mean he is somehow running a “military dictatorship” as Hillary Clinton claimed.

“Yes, El-Sisi has a military background but he saved Egypt,” Gad said. “He restored the Egyptian identity.”

That’s why they seem to really want Trump elected in the United States.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Sad to see they are smarter then half of America. People that would vote for Hillary or NOT vote against her with someone that could win show they do not love America.

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September 30, 2016

Senator Tim Scott: A Day in the Life

Senator Tim Scott: A Day in the Life

Wild Thing's comment.............

One of America's finest. I love that he and Trey Gowdy and Marco are all friends.

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September 19, 2016

Pot Head Gary Johnson: “Thankful No One Got Hurt” In NYC, NJ Bombings, MN Mass Stabbing ~HE IS WRONG THEY DID GET INJURED!

Wake up Gary Johnson and put down the weed. While no one got hurt in N.J., 29 people were injured in New York City and 9 people were injured in Minnesota.

Wild Thing/'s comment.................

I would never vote for a pot head or a libertarian. nope no way.

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September 18, 2016

Former Cruz Texas Chairman Switches to Trump – Tells Stragglers to Get on Board

Former Cruz Texas Chairman Switches to Trump – Tells Stragglers to Get on Board

Former Cruz Texas Chairman Switches to Trump – Tells Stragglers to Get on Board

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is taking an official role with the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, serving as his Texas state chairman.

During the primaries, Patrick had chaired U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s efforts in Texas.

Patrick has a message for any hardcore Cruz backers who may still be on the fence about Trump.

“To all the Ted Cruz supporters out there, I’m a longtime friend of Ted, I was his campaign chair in Texas. It’s time to come on board. It’s time to come on board. We have to defeat her. You have to put everything aside and focus on that Supreme Court.”

Wild Thing's comment.............

The focus has to be on the supreme court no matter what your feelings of Trump might be.

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Michigan High School Football Conference Bans ‘USA’ Chant

Michigan High School Football Conference Bans ‘USA’ Chant

FOX News

Patriotism is under fire in Western Michigan.

The OK Conference, representing 50 schools, has announced a crackdown on fans chanting, “USA” at football games. They are also implementing strict rules on flags and political banners.

“Coaches and fans are irate,” said Bill Simonson, the host of a statewide sports radio show. “People are tired of being told what flag to fly or what political side to lean towards.”

Mr. Simonson, who hosts “The Huge Show”, was the first to break this insane story.

The athletic conference’s crackdown comes after fans from a predominantly black school took offense after fans from a predominantly white school displayed a Betsy Ross flag and a “Make America Great Again” banner.

Critics called the flag racist and a local superintendent said it symbolized hate.

“To wave a historical version of our flag, that to some symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects hostility and confusion to an event where no one intended to do so,” wrote Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Behm in a letter to parents.

Simonson, host of “The Huge Show,” told me local residents are furious.

“He painted a picture that the school is filled with insensitive people,” he said. ‘If Colin Kaepernick can have his freedom of speech and freedom of expression – guess what – it’s a two-way street.”

OK Commissioner Jim Haskins said their executive board decided that moving forward fans will only be allowed to chant “USA, USA” after the National Anthem.

He told Mlive.com that it has nothing to do with banning patriotism. He said students are using the chant in a derogatory manner – such as “U Suck (bleep) and those type of things.”

“That’s what we have the problems with,” he told the newspaper.

But television station WOOD reports the Michigan High School Athletics Association has not received any official complaints about fans “repurposing ‘USA’ to mean anything derogatory.”

The athletic conference is also cracking down on signs and banners and flags.

“Any signs, flags, banners, cheers, or promotional material that carry questionable implications or are degrading are prohibited at any OK Conference venue,” he told WOOD.

Wild Thing's comment..............

Is this the part of Michigan where all the Muslims are moving in and taking over?

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October 31, 2015

Scalia: Supreme Court Is ‘Liberal,’ Destroying ‘Our Democratic System’

Scalia: Supreme Court Is ‘Liberal,’ Destroying ‘Our Democratic System’

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia came out swinging at his own institution Wednesday and declared during a speech at Santa Clara University that the “liberal” court is undermining American democracy.

“It’s the destruction of our democratic system,” Scalia told students at the California college when speaking about how the court reaches its decisions. “I cannot imagine the system can continue with more and more of the basic rules made by the Supreme Court.”

According to SFGate.com, the conservative judge took particular issue with how some of his fellow justices imagine the country is guided by a “living Constitution.” In Scalia’s opinion, this translates to: “the meaning of this document shall be whatever a majority of the Supreme Court says it is.”

Scalia said that the court has been on a “slippery slope” in disregarding the text of the Constitution for nearly a hundred years and “at the bottom of that slope, I can’t imagine how you can go any further, is the right to same-sex marriage.”

He also claimed that, “The whole time I have been on my court, it has been a liberal court.”

Over the last year, Scalia has been outspoken in his opposition to the high-profile majority rulings of the highest court. When the court made gay marriage legal in all 50 states in late June, the 79-year-old justice wrote a scathing dissent.

“The Supreme Court of the United States has descended from the disciplined legal reasoning of John Marshall and Joseph Story to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie,” he said of the decision reached in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Antonin Scalia is a favorite of mine. I also agree with his comments about what has been happening with the Court.

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August 22, 2015

Gov't worker paid for 91 days' worth of nothing

Gov't worker paid for 91 days' worth of nothing

Wild Thing's comment............

More corruption. It sure seems to just get worse and worse.

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July 10, 2015

An Arrogant Jeb Bush Claims " I'll drive turnout particularly among people who are Conservatives, they just don't know it yet"

This is a snippet released by Bret Baier tonight on Special Report.

Jeb: I'll drive turnout particularly among people who are Conservatives, they just don't know it yet

Wild Thing's comment................

Wow IMO that is VERY arrogant to say something like that. That kind of thing really turns me off. There is a fine line between being arrogant and someone that feels positive or believes in themselves. This part of what Jeb said, screams arrogance............."they just don't know it yet".

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GOP Candidates Must Turn In Financial Disclosure On Time In Order To Be In First Debate

GOP Candidates Must Turn In Financial Disclosure On Time In Order To Be In First Debate

The large field of Republican presidential hopefuls jockeying to make the cut for the first 2016 debate will have to file a public disclosure of their personal finances on time to participate.

That means every candidate who declared before July 6 — a group of 14 contenders including former Florida governor Jeb Bush and real estate magnate Donald Trump — will have to reveal information about their assets and debts to get into the Aug. 6 event in Cleveland.

Fox News, which is hosting the debate with Facebook and the Ohio Republican Party, clarified Thursday that the criteria for candidates to participate include filing the required personal financial disclosure within 30 days of declaring their bids.

"FOX News has never wavered from the initial debate criteria we set forth," Michael Clemente, the network's executive vice president of news, said in a statement, which was first reported by the New York Times.

"As we have said from the beginning, part of that criteria involves filing 'all necessary paperwork with the FEC,' " Clemente said. "The FEC, as is well known, requires that presidential candidates file a financial disclosure statement as part of that paperwork. During routine pre-debate discussions with all of the campaigns, we have reiterated all components of the criteria, from poll standing to filing the proper paperwork, to ensure that all candidates fully understood the entry criteria. We have no intention of changing any aspect of the criteria nor have we deliberated doing so."

Under a 1978 federal ethics law, all presidential candidates have to file details about their financial interests with the FEC within 30 days of declaring. The agency allows two 45-day extensions.

But requests for extensions will not be considered sufficient to participate in the debate, according to a person familiar with the details of the FEC paperwork required under the criteria, who requested anonymity to describe the process.

"They must fill out the form, putting the dollars and cents on the table, before they step on the debate stage," the person said.

So far, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson have filed their personal financial disclosures.

Aides to Trump — who claims to be worth $8.7 billion — have maintained that he will file his disclosure within the 30 days allotted, giving him until July 22.

Jeb Bush has until July 15 to meet the deadline for his paperwork, but his campaign has asked for a 45-day extension. A spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a question about when he plans to file.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas had requested an extension of the filing deadline through mid-August. However, his spokesman, Rick Tyler, said Thursday that Cruz would file before then.

"We will file on time in order to participate," Tyler said.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who had also requested an extension, will file before the debate, spokesman Sergio Gor said.

Wild Thing's comment..........

They did not mention all the names in this article. I am trying to just take one day at a time with this election. Perry is the person I want to win. Steady and true is how I feel about him.

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July 04, 2015

The Declaration of Independence ! Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor !

The Declaration of Independence! Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor !

Wild Thing's comment..........

Love this video it is so well done. I miss Paul Harvey he was always so good.

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June 27, 2015

Krauthammer: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision 'Is a Huge Loss for Democracy'

Krauthammer: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision 'Is a Huge Loss for Democracy'

Wild Thing's comment............

Obama had the White House lit up with rainbow colors in celebration of Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. It made my stomach feel sick.

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Newspaper editorial page bans op-eds opposing gay marriage

Newspaper editorial page bans op-eds opposing gay marriage

The editorial board of PennLive/The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. is taking a hardcore stance against those who disagree with the Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage.

“As a result of Friday’s ruling, PennLive/The Patriot-News will no longer accept, nor will it print, op-Eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same-sex marriage,” they declared.

After receiving strong pushback, the newspaper’s editorial board, which is overseen by Editorial Page Editor John Micek, quickly revised its policy. Freedom of speech will be allowed — but only for a “limited” period of time.

Micek explained on Twitter: “Clarification: We will not foreclose discussion of the high court’s decision, but arguments that gay marriage is wrong/unnatural are out.”

Before that, there was this: “From the edit: ‘PL/PN will no longer accept, nor will it print, op-Eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same-sex marriage.’ …This is not hard: We would not print racist, sexist or anti-Semitc letters. To that, we add homophobic ones. Pretty simple.”

The notice at the top of the editorial page of the website now reads: “12:58 p.m. This post has been updated to further elaborate PennLive’s policy for accepting letters and op-Eds on same-sex marriage.”

The editorial heavily praised the Supreme Court ruling, saying, “[Justice Anthony] Kennedy nailed it: There are no rights more fundamental than due process and equal treatment under the law.”

Wild Thing's comment..................

Notice. our side never people to be silenced. That is something the left does like Obama too.

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June 23, 2015

RINO Mitch McConnell Aims To Ram Obamatrade Through Senate With No Amendments, Closed Debate

Mitch McConnell Aims To Ram Obamatrade Through Senate With No Amendments, Closed Debate


The U.S. Senate—often called the world’s most deliberative legislative body—will operate in a closed debate process with no amendments whatsoever allowed to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) part of Obamatrade this week, as Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) engages in the exact same tactics he attacked his predecessor Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) for engaging.

On Tuesday, any Republican senators who vote with McConnell in favor of cloture on TPA—which would provide the president fast-track authority to speed through Congress with little to no oversight at least three highly secretive trade deals—will be surrendering their right to criticize Reid’s handling of the Senate last Congress. That’s because McConnell literally will use Reid’s choice of tactics to block any amendments to the version of TPA that passed the House: the Senate leader will fill the amendment tree so as to keep any other U.S. senators from offering any amendments.

“Senator McConnell’s willingness to employ the same tactics he and other Republicans decried as amounting to a ‘dictatorship’ reveals the emptiness of his rhetoric and vision for the Senate,” Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson told Breitbart News when McConnell filled the amendment tree.

Continue reading CLICK HERE, thank you.

Wild Thing's comment............

I am so tired of Republicans pretending and promising to listen to we the people and then when they get elected or reelected they go and do whatever the F they want to do.

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Senator Jeff Sessions: Fast-Tracking The Loss Of U.S. Sovereignty

Sessions: Fast-Tracking The Loss Of U.S. Sovereignty

Wild Thing's comment............

God bless this awesome man. He has worked so hard to fight back. He is so good and I love the way he walks us through what it is and how bad it is.

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May 11, 2015

Ted Cruz at the South Carolina Freedom Summit 5-9-15

Ted Cruz at the South Carolina Freedom Summit

Wild Thing's comment..........

Great speech by Cruz.

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May 09, 2015

Ben Carson backs raising minimum wage

Ben Carson backs raising minimum wage

Ben Carson says the $7.25 federal minimum wage should be raised.

“I think, probably, it should be higher than now,” Carson told CNBC’s John Harwood in an interview Friday.

Carson added that government assistance often provides more than the minimum wage in several states, allowing people to ignore the long-term benefits of a job.

"I don't necessarily blame people for saying, 'Look, I can stay home and make this money, or I can go and work this little chicken job that doesn't have many benefits,’ ” he said.

"However, recognize that if you go and take that chicken job, you gain skills, relationships, the possibility of moving up the ladder. So a year or two or five down the road, you're no longer in that position. This is what people have forgotten."

His stance on the minimum wage makes Carson an outlier among the likely field of GOP opponents and comes with Democrats looking to make it a key issue in the 2016 election.

Wild Thing's comment......

Before Mr. Carson proposes to increase the “Federal Minimum Wage”, he should enlighten We the People as to where he finds the authority to establish a minimum wage at all.

Too often he uses “safe” words....like maybe, and perhaps etc. he doesn’t come down solid. Nice guy with his heart in the right place but no idea about how to help America economically or in foreign policy matters.

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April 26, 2015

Ted Cruz • 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Summit 4/25/15

Ted Cruz • 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Summit • 4/25/15

Wild Thing's comment..........

Good speech. Many of them gave speeches. Santorum, Rubio etc. but I am only posting Perry and Cruz. I am looking forward to when Perry announces. But I also wanted you to hear what Cruz had to say.

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April 19, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit (full speech)

Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech yesterday closing out the Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire. He spoke for 30 minutes without a single note or teleprompter.

He offered a strong, hopeful vision for turning America around. He launched one withering attack on Barack Obama after another.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Excellent speech, and what I liked was at the end he was given enough time to take a couple o f questions and his answers were good ones. He was the last speaker at the Summit to speak.

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April 15, 2015

Ted Cruz Interview On 2nd Amendment: “Doesn’t Matter What Public Opinion Polls Say, Matters What Bill Of Rights Says”

Ted Cruz Interview On 2d Amendment: “Doesn’t Matter What Public Opinion Polls Say, Matters What Bill Of Rights Says”

Cruz explains why he voted against Manchin-Toomey and how the Constitution trumps public opinion. Interviewed at the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee on April 10, 2015.

Wild Thing's comment............

I like his answer.

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April 14, 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio Announces for President: “Time for a New Generation of Leadership”; Slams Hillary as “Yesterday”

Sen. Marco Rubio Announces for President: “Time for a New Generation of Leadership”; Slams Hillary as “Yesterday”

Wild Thing's comment..........

Rubio made a great speech, he has always been good at this.

Still waiting for Rick Perry to make his entrance into the campaign.

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April 09, 2015

Rafael Cruz: (Ted Cruz's Father) Talks About His Son

When he was eight years old I was very active in an organization called the Religious Roundtable. This was a coalition of Christians and Jews who was very instrumental in helping Reagan get elected. I was on the state board of the Religious Roundtable, so when my son Ted was eight years old, all we talked about around the dinner table was politics because I was so involved with the Reagan campaign.

So during that time is when I asked him so many times, ‘You know Ted, when I lost my freedom in Cuba I had no place to come to. If we lose our freedoms here where are we going to go? There is no place to go.’ As Ted enters high school the Free Enterprise Institute organizes a group of five kids, called them the Constitutional Corroborators, now Ted is reading the The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, and each of the five kids memorized the entire U.S. Constitution.

So before my son left high school he was passionate about the Constitution. He was passionate about freedom and free markets and limited governments. And before he left high school he knew without a shadow of a doubt what his purpose was. And it was to defend and protect freedom and the Constitution, to fight for free markets and limited government.

And it became a passion in his life. So this is not a trajectory of three years, this is a trajectory of 30 years.

Wild Thing's comment.........

I like Ted's father and I think America is blessed to have a man like Ted Cruz in office and he would make a great president.

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April 07, 2015

Ted Cruz Laughs After Blasting Away With A M249 Machine Gun

Ted Cruz Laughs After Blasting Away With A M249 Machine Gun

Bearing Arms Guns and Patriots

A new-to-us video from last summer shows Texas Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz smiling after firing a long burst from a M249 machine gun.

As Cruz laughs in obvious enjoyment—you have to be dead inside not to enjoy shooting a belt-fed weapon—an off camera bystander quips, “Let’s see (retiring Senate Minority leader) Harry Reid do that.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

LOL love what the person said about Harry Reid.

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April 04, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz and His Solution To Stop Illegal Immigration - heh heh don't miss this one!

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, campaigns in Rock Hill, S.C......Listen To Ted Cruz’s Solution To Stop Illegal Immigration

Wild Thing's comment..........

Hahaha love how he made his point about the IRS and the border at the same time.

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Sen. Mike Lee rips Supreme Court justices, Congress for 'subversion' of Constitution

Sen. Mike Lee rips Supreme Court justices, Congress for 'subversion' of Constitution

Conservative constitutional expert Sen. Mike Lee blasts Congress, Supreme Court justices and the White House for treating the nation's founding document as a "nuisance" and subverting the document to create essentially illegal programs including Obamacare.

In his new book, "Our Lost Constitution," Lee details many cases where all three branches have undermined the Constitution, sometimes on purpose and many times out of sheer laziness and stupidity.

"Many Americans probably assume that our lawmakers understand our founding document and are devoted to defending it," Lee writes. "Unfortunately, that assumption is in many ways incorrect."

In the book out Tuesday and obtained by Secrets, the Utah senator adds, "The truth is that our Constitution is being subverted by many of the very people who have solemnly sworn to protect it." Overall, he said Washington treats the document as "a nuisance."

Lee has been a strong defender of the Constitution in Congress. Lee is a former Utah federal prosecutor who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito before he joined the high court. He is a Tea Party favorite and the first of several GOP upstarts who shocked the establishment by knocking off three-term Republican Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010.

continue reading...........just CLICK HERE.

Wild Thing's comment........

Mike Lee is so impressive. I love the things he speaks about. He is so great on the Constitution.

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March 31, 2015

TED CRUZ: I’m PROUD to stand with Gov. Mike Pence!

TED CRUZ: I’m PROUD to stand with Gov. Mike Pence!

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, issued the following statement today in support of Governor Mike Pence’s effort to defend religious liberty and protect against the government forcing individuals to violate their deeply held beliefs:

“I want to commend Governor Mike Pence for his support of religious freedom, especially in the face of fierce opposition. There was a time, not too long ago, when defending religious liberty enjoyed strong bipartisan support. Alas, today we are facing a concerted assault on the First Amendment, on the right of every American to seek out and worship God according to the dictates of his or her conscience. Governor Pence is holding the line to protect religious liberty in the Hoosier State. Indiana is giving voice to millions of courageous conservatives across this country who are deeply concerned about the ongoing attacks upon our personal liberties. I’m proud to stand with Mike, and I urge Americans to do the same.”

On the flip side, Scott Walker took the more ‘it’s not my issue’ approach:

Wild Thing's comment.........

Good for Tex Cruz and Mike Pence. BOOM! No compromise. No fear. That’s the way you do it! Proud, Loud, and no Egos!' Cruz is not wishy washy and you know where he stands on major issues.

Walker disappointing.

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March 29, 2015

Ted Cruz, the first and so far only major candidate for president, swept into New Hampshire on Friday

Ted Cruz, the first and so far only major candidate for president, swept into New Hampshire on Friday

Upbeat Ted Cruz embraces outsider label in New Hampshire visit

Ted Cruz, the first and so far only major candidate for president, swept into New Hampshire on Friday, upbeat and eager to embrace the outsider label he’s cultivated since erupting on the national scene three years ago.

“I am amazingly, powerfully, profoundly optimistic,” said the Texas senator, boasting to a cheering crowd at a VFW post that he had raked in $2 million within three days of launching his campaign Monday.

“The New York Times said Cruz cannot win because he is hated by the Washington elites,” Cruz said, and the 150 or more activists erupted. “I gotta admit, I wanted to Xerox that and mail it to all 300 million people.”

Cruz invoked the new rhetoric he unveiled with the launch of his campaign at Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian college. He said he’ll rely on an “army of courageous conservatives” to propel his bid for the GOP nomination.[…]

As usual, Cruz spoke without notes, entering the room with a wireless, flesh-color microphone already strapped to his face as he shook hands and posed for photos for 10 minutes on his way to the stage.

He also wore his reputation as an irritant in Washington as a badge of honor.

“You may have heard I’m not exactly the most popular person with congressional leadership,” Cruz said.

He asserted that leaders punished him for his role in the Obamacare budget showdown, which led to a 16-day government shutdown in October 2013, by cutting off campaign donations.

“Checks from Washington, D.C., went to zero, because that’s the way they impose discipline,” he said. “I have been there. It is broken.”

He looked relatively fresh for someone who’d taken part in the Senate’s 16-hour budget marathon, with the last votes cast at nearly 4 am. One of the dozens of votes was on a proposal from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a 2016 rival, that would have required deep domestic spending cuts to offset a boost on the defense side.

Cruz voted no, citing concerns that the provision would reduce aid to Israel and hurt scientific research and NASA, though he called it a “good-faith effort to solve the problem.”

Wild Thing's comment..........

I look forward to Perry entering as well. I will post on both of them (Rick Perry and Ted Cruz ) as time goes by.

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March 25, 2015

Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes

Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes

Federal workers and retirees owed more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes last year, a $200 million increase over the previous year, the IRS said Tuesday.

Almost 305,000 federal workers and retirees owed back taxes as of Sept. 30. That’s down from 318,000 the year before.

The delinquency rate was 3.1 percent for the 9.8 million workers and retirees included in the data. That’s down from 3.3 percent the previous year.

The IRS compiles data each year on unpaid taxes by federal workers. The data does not include workers who have enrolled in installment agreements to pay their back taxes.

Among executive departments, workers at the Department of Housing and Urban Development had the highest delinquency rate, at 4.7 percent. Workers at the Treasury Department, which includes the IRS, had the lowest delinquency rate, at 1.2 percent.

Tax compliance at the IRS is generally better than at other federal agencies in part because the IRS cannot share information about tax delinquents with other departments. A 1998 law calls for removing IRS employees who are found to have intentionally committed certain acts of misconduct, including willful failure to pay federal taxes.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Following the lead of Al Sharpton apparently.

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March 23, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz Speech at Liberty University Presidential Announcement: Full Speech

Ted Cruz Speech at Liberty University Presidential Announcement: Full Speech

Wild Thing's comment..........

Great speech!!! He spoke for about 34 minutes and it is a wonderful speech. ed Cruz pictures an America on the path to restoration. He doesn't want to transform it. He wants to restore it.

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March 15, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz: 'A Time For Truth'

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz released a video highlighting the importance of standing for principle, whether that is decreasing the debt, repealing Obamacare, stopping President Obama's illegal amnesty, protecting the Bill of Rights, defending marriage, or standing with Israel.

Wild Thing's comment.............

This is an excellent video.

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January 25, 2015

Ted Cruz will File Bill To Ban American Islamic State Fighters From Returning To U.S

Ted Cruz will File Bill To Ban American Islamic State Fighters From Returning To U.S

FOX News

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) will file legislation on Friday to ban American citizens who fight alongside the Islamic State (IS) and other terror groups from returning to the United States, where they pose a significant terror threat, according to sources in the senator’s office.

Cruz, who first proposed the legislation last year, seeks to strip those Americans who travel abroad to fight with IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS) of their U.S. citizenship rights and stop them from coming back stateside.

The bill, known as the Expatriate Terrorist Act (E.T.A.), tightens and updates existing regulations by which a U.S. citizen effectively renounces his or her citizenship.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Good! I hope this goes through.

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January 23, 2015

Good!!!! US HOUSE Votes to Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

US HOUSE Votes to Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

Remember when Barack Obama repeatedly promised that abortion funding would not be included in Obamacare?

Insurance companies included secret fees to cover the costs of abortions in their Obamacare premiums.

On Thursday, the Republican House passed legislation to completely ban taxpayer funding of abortion.
Life News reported:

The House today approved legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions that ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department.

The legislation combines several policies that must be enacted every year in Congressional battles and puts them into law where they will not be in jeopardy of being overturned every time Congress changes hands from pro-life lawmakers to those who support abortions.

The House voted 242-179 for the bill with 239 Republicans and three Democrats voting to ban taxpayer funding of abortions under HR7 while 178 Democrats and one Republican voted against it.

Congressman Tom price said during the debate: “This legislation prohibits taxpayer funding of elective abortions, no matter where in the federal system that might occur. This is a position supported by the majority of Americans in a bipartisan manner. We have a responsibility, through our government, to protect the most vulnerable among us, not the least of whom are the unborn. This bill is an important step in the right direction.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Good move in the House however the senate will stand in the way. I wish we had the majority there too.

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August 01, 2014

AWESOME Trey Gowdy Shreds Law Professor on Need for A Special Counsel in IRS Investigation (Video)


Trey Gowdy Shreds Law Professor on Need for A Special Counsel in IRS Investigation (Video)

Future Attorney General Trey Gowdy questions University of Baltimore School of Law professor Charles Tiefer on need for AG Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel for the IRS investigation

Add this to the greatest hits of Trey Gowdy smackdowns. The law professor gets absolutely pummeled here. He is no match for congressman Gowdy.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Love Trey Gowdy! He is fantastic. We really do have several that speak up for us and I am thrilled for those we have like this.

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May 07, 2014

Dan Bongino Video "Why We Fight" - Dan is running for Congress

"As a former Secret Service agent, tasked with protecting the President, I know firsthand that the needs of average working-class Americans are being ignored in Washington. I wanted my first ad to be a salute to working-class Americans just like me - the farmers, the small business owners, the manufacturers - who have been forgotten by this administration. They are now, and have always been, my inspiration and are the reason I'm running for Congress." - Dan Bongino

Dan’s campaign at www.Bongino.com

Wild Thing's comment............

Dan is a good guy, I hope he wins.

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May 05, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz: “The people will prevail”

Ted Cruz released a fantastic video snippet today from his famous filibuster, one the he aptly named “May the Fourth be with you“. In it he compares the people to the Rebel Alliance and Washington DC to the Empire. He even does a short impression of Darth Vader.

This is a fantastic clip and a great reminder that in the end the people will prevail in this war with the empire.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Ted Cruz is so good,glad he is on our side and the side for those that love America.

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April 26, 2014

Black Bundy Bodyguard: “He’s Not a Racist… I Would Take a Bullet For That Man” (Video)

Black Bundy Bodyguard: “He’s Not a Racist… I Would Take a Bullet For That Man”

Cliven Bundy bodyguard Jason Bullock told CNN yesterday,

“Mr. Bundy is not a racist… I’d take a bullet for the man.”

One of the supporters serving as a bodyguard for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy during his standoff with federal authorities — and who also happens to be black — said he would still “take a bullet for” Bundy after the rancher made racially inflammatory comments.

CNN’s Dan Simon noticed Jason Bullock, a six-year Army veteran who serves as one of Bundy’s bodyguards, hanging around the at the Nevada ranch. Simon asked Bullock whether he found Bundy’s remarks about blacks and slavery offensive.

“Mr. Bundy is not a racist,” he told CNN. “Ever since I’ve been here, he’s treated me with nothing but hospitality. He’s pretty much treating me just like his own family.”

“I would take a bullet for that man if need be. I look up to him just like I do my own grandfather,” he added. “I believe in his cause and after having met Mr. Bundy a few times, I have a really good feel about him and I’m a pretty good judge of character.”

Wild Thing's comment..........

I am not going to post a lot of posts on this, people saying Bundy is a racist has already been blown way out of proportion and sadly by too many Republicans jumping on the band wagon. I just wanted to share what this man said since he works with and knows Bundy personally. That to me carries more weight then what others say.

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April 23, 2014

BLM Seizes Texas Rancher’s Land – Without Any Compensation (Video)

BLM Seizes Texas Rancher’s Land – Without Any Compensation

The Bureau of Land Management seized 140 acres from Texas Rancher Teddy Henderson. Henderson says the government did not pay him a dime for it. Henderson told Greta Van Susteren he was ordered to continue to make monthly payments on the land, even though he no longer owned it.

Texas AG Greg Abbott addressed BLM’s intent of confiscating another 90,000 acres telling them, “Come and Take It!”

BLM Eyes 90,000 Acres of Texas Land

After the recent Bundy Ranch episode by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Texans are becoming more concerned about the BLM’s focus on 90,000 acres along a 116 mile stretch of the Texas/Oklahoma boundary. The BLM is reviewing the possible federal takeover and ownership of privately-held lands which have been deeded property for generations of Texas landowners.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Our country is going insane.

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IRS Agents Who Didn't Pay Their Taxes Receive Big Bonuses (Video)

IRS Agents Who Didn't Pay Their Taxes Receive Big Bonuses

A new watchdog report finds more than 1,000 IRS workers (who didn't pay their taxes) received not only cash bonuses but extra time off to the tune of 10,582 hours valued at $250,000. 69 employees got raises. If you're outraged, you're not alone.

The IRS was in damage control mode Tuesday after an audit revealed that it paid bonuses to employees who were in trouble over tax issues themselves.

More than $2.8 million, plus thousands of hours of paid time-off, were doled out over two years to employees who had recently been disciplined for various types of misconduct, according to an audit report. About $1 million of that money was given as bonuses to 1,100 employees who were in trouble over tax related issues.

The tax problems include willful understatement of tax liabilities, late payments and under-reporting of income, according to the report issued by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

The report says that providing awards to employees who fail to pay taxes "appears to create a conflict with the IRS's charge of ensuring the integrity of the system of tax administration."

Wild Thing's comment............

Disgusting and more of the corruption that is happening.

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April 19, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza: Bundy Ranchers Are Facing Real Domestic Terrorism From Their Government

Dinesh D'Souza: Bundy Ranchers Are Facing Real Domestic Terrorism From Their Government

Dinesh D'Souza was out in Nevada on Good Friday with hundreds of other patriots at a rally in support of Cliven Bundy. Dinesh told Megyn Kelly the ranchers are facing real domestic terrorism from their own goverment.

Wild Thing's comment............

This is very concerning, how Reid even thinks he can say the things he is saying and not be told off about it.He is so into himself and power just like Obama they both have lost any reality and they don't care since they get away with all they do and say.

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April 18, 2014

WOW! Harry Reid: Cliven Bundy Supporters Are “Domestic Terrorists” (Video)

Harry Reid: Cliven Bundy Supporters Are “Domestic Terrorists”

The Review Journal

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” because they defended him against a Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and put their children in harm’s way.

“They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said during an appearance at a Las Vegas Review-Journal “Hashtags & Headlines” event at the Paris. “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

The BLM shut down its weeklong roundup of Bundy’s cattle Saturday after an armed confrontation with dozens of militia members who had traveled to Southern Nevada from across the country and from neighboring states.

Wild Thing's comment............

Harry Reid is so over the top and out of line and should be ashamed of himself but he won't be ever, he has no soul.

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April 17, 2014

Shocking New Video Of Destruction After Standoff At Bundy Ranch

Shocking New Video Of Destruction After Standoff At Bundy Ranch

Wild Thing's comment............

Disgusting how they did this and then our government turns around and kisses up to the illegals.

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Feds Leave Trail of Wreckage Destroyed Water Tanks, Shot Bulls, Ran Over Tortoise Dens

Feds accused of leaving trail of wreckage after Nevada ranch standoff

FOX News

The federal agency that backed down over the weekend in a tense standoff with a Nevada rancher is being accused of leaving a trail of wreckage behind.

Fox News toured the damage — allegedly caused by the Bureau of Land Management — which included holes in water tanks and destroyed water lines and fences. According to family friends, the bureau’s hired “cowboys” also killed two prize bulls.

“They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” said Corey Houston, friend of rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. “So why would you trust somebody like that? And how does that show that they’re a better steward?”

The BLM and other law enforcement officials backed down on Saturday in their effort to seize Bundy’s cattle, after hundreds of protesters, some armed, arrived to show support for the Bundy family. In the end, BLM officials left the scene amid concerns about safety, and no shots were fired.

The dispute between the feds and the Bundy family has been going on for years; they say he owes more than $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees — and long ago revoked his grazing rights over concern for a federally protected tortoise. They sent officials to round up his livestock following a pair of federal court orders last year giving the U.S. government the authority to impound the cattle.

The feds, though, are being accused of taking the court orders way too far.

On a Friday night conference call, BLM officials told reporters that "illegal structures" on Bundy's ranch -- water tanks, water lines and corrals -- had to be removed to "restore" the land to its natural state and prevent the rancher from restarting his illegal cattle operation.

However, the court order used to justify the operation appears only to give the agency the authority to "seize and impound" Bundy's cattle.

"Nowhere in the court order that I saw does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks ... desert environment, shoot cattle," Houston said.

Bundy's friends say the BLM wranglers told them the bulls were shot because they were dangerous and could gore their horses. One bull was shot five times.

But Houston said the pen holding the bull wasn't even bent. "It's not like the bull was smashing this pen and trying tackle people or anything," he said. "The pen is sitting here. It hasn't moved. No damage whatsoever. Where was the danger with that bull?"

Plus he said BLM vehicles appear to have crushed a tortoise burrow near the damaged water tank. "How's that conservation?" he asked.

The BLM has not yet responded to a request for comment on these allegations.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Totally unnecessary destruction, this is horrible and pathetic.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

April 13, 2014

IRS Seizing Tax Refunds Of Children, Grandchildren Of Debtors, Decades After Debt

IRS Seizing Tax Refunds Of Children, Grandchildren Of Debtors, Decades After Debt

FOX News

They’re paying out billions in fraudulent claims and then going after people who they have no business chasing

The old maxim that you can’t hold children responsible for the sins of their parents no longer applies — at least as far as Washington is concerned.

Congress quietly passed legislation in 2011 lifting the former 10-year statute of limitations on money owed to the government, allowing Uncle Sam to collect debts going back decades. The measure also allows the government to collect from debtors’ children and grandchildren, according to Fox News.

Now, “some 400,000 Americans may see their tax refund checks grabbed by the government,” Fox reported.

Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams called it “classic abuse” during his Friday appearance on “The Kelly File.”

“Imagine it,” he told Fox News Host Megyn Kelly. Instead of a refund check, “you get a letter from the IRS. And it says, ’40 years ago, your parents got a disability payment that we happened to overpay. … So now we’re taking it out of your tax refund.’”

Think it can’t happen in America? Think again. Fox also reported:

" Awoman named Mary Grice, whose father died when she was 4 years old in 1977, leaving her mother with five children. Thirty-seven years later, the Social Security administration is claiming that it overpaid someone in her family, but it isn’t sure whom, and is going after Ms. Grice for the alleged debt.

When Megyn Kelly asked Adams what the chances are of the government dropping the debt against Grice, Adams answered, “Zero.”

“This is an administration that loves to suspend laws when they’re inconvenient and not enforce certain laws,” Adams said. “Let’s see if they do it here.”

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren took up the Grace case in her “Off the Record” comment Friday.

In no uncertain terms, she said, the government “stole” $2,996 from Grice’s tax refund for the alleged Social Security overpayment 37 years ago. But it gets even better.
“Social Security told her [Grice], they had no records explaining the debt,” Van Susteren said, comparing the matter to the State Department’s “ho-hum” response to the discovery that it had lost $8 billion in funds while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

Wild Thing's comment..........

What the hell is happening to our country.!!!

Can we have ONE WEEK where this rogue regime DOESN'T break the law and violate the rights of US citizens? Just one week?

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM | Comments (1)

Another Government Grab Battle Waged Against Property Owners In Colorado

FOX News

Another Government Grab Battle Waged Against Property Owners In Colorado

Andy and Ceil Barrie have been battling the Summit County commissioners who decided to seize the Barrie’s property. Similar to the Bundy Ranch battle in recent news, these government officials give lame excuses to justify their unconstitutional property grabs. This constant overreach at the hands of bureaucracies are an assault against American taxpayers, along with an assault against our constitutional rights in the pursuit of happiness (granted to us by our Creator).

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. – ”They’re spending us to death,” said landowner Andy Barrie.

He is not talking about property taxes, inflation or even the cost of skiing in glitzy ski country. Rather, he’s talking about the legal fight he and his wife have been waging to save their pristine piece of mountain property — with breathtaking views of Colorado’s high country — from being taken over by the county through eminent domain.

Their battle is a unique test of private property rights. [...]

The isolated parcel is surrounded by 2.2 million acres of White River National Forest, and is essentially an island of private property. It includes an old mining cabin, an outhouse and a shuttered gold mine. The area is popular with hikers.

The couple’s trouble started when the U.S. Forest Service took them to task for using a utility vehicle to drive from their main residence to their cabin. They say they never went off-road, and petitioned for the path to be declared a county road.

The county, though, responded by trying to buy the Barries’ higher-elevation property in order to protect and preserve it as open space. The Barries, who never had any plans to develop it, did not want to sell.

That’s when the county pulled their trump card.

Unbeknownst to the Barries, the previous owner had remodeled the cabin without permits. So Summit County commissioners voted to condemn the property for wiring and plumbing (even though the cabin has none) and filed for eminent domain.

“I understand that we are all trying to save these beautiful mountains and make them accessible to everyone, but you know that property has been sitting there since President Garfield signed our land patent, and we’re not doing anything bad there,” Ceil Barrie said.

Last week, the two sides participated in required, formal mediation with a judge. Summit County, which refused interview requests, released a statement saying: “Both parties engaged in productive negotiations in pursuit of a voluntary settlement regarding the purchase. … We are optimistic that a resolution will be reached within a matter of weeks, if not days.”

The Barries’ hopes are dimming. Asked if recent mediation pointed to a way for the Barries to keep the land in the family name and avoid eminent domain, Andy Barrie responded flatly, “No, they’re taking it.” [...]

Further, they're concerned that should Summit County seize control of their 10-acre tract, the county will simply trade the property with the U.S. Forest Service for valuable land closer to town.

"They collude together to basically screw up their citizens. ... Sooner or later, we're going to run out of money, but we wanted to fight the good fight and let people know our story and what their government is up to," Andy Barrie said.

Fox News checked with the White River National Forest division of the U.S. Forest Service about the Barries' case. Spokesman Bill Kight said via email: "In the case of this or any on-going legal matter (including eminent domain petitions) with any federal, state, county or local government the Forest Service will not be issuing any statement during such legal proceedings."

The Barries have spent more than $75,000 to date. The mediation judge recently advised them the financial figure could double in the coming months.

"I even promised my daughter she could get married up here, and now all that's gone," Andy Barrie said.

Wild Thing's comment..........

This additional LINK is also about this family and it has a lot of photos you can see as well.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM | Comments (2)

BLM Will Release Confiscated Cattle To Rancher

8 News NOW

Las Vegas News on 8

A deal has been reached between Bundy family leaders and the BLM, but not without some very tense moments.

Armed Bundy family leaders met with BLM officers Saturday afternoon in Mesquite to discuss the fate of the Bundy’s cattle that the feds removed from BLM land, over the past week. The cattle are being held at a holding area in Mesquite.

Prior to the meeting, hundreds of protesters, some armed, tried storming the BLM’s cattle gate, but weren’t successful. The crowd was urged to wait 30 minutes and give both sides a chance to talk. An agreement was reached that the cattle will be released to the Bundy family later Saturday.

At one point, I-15 was closed in both directions, about seven miles south of Mesquite, because protesters had blocked the freeway. Nearly two dozen police officers and a SWAT unit were at the scene to keep the peace and assist the BLM enforcement officers to safely leave the area.

Protesters have been gathering all week in support of Bundy, who has been locked in a legal battle for the past 20 years over grazing rights with the federal government

It was announced Saturday morning that Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, Bundy and the BLM were able to reach an agreement over the cattle the BLM has already removed from the federal property.

The agency said it is concerned about the safety of its employees and the public. Earlier this week, BLM officers and supporters of the Bundy family were involved in a scuffle. Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, was tased twice by federal agents. Another woman said she was thrown to the ground by an officer.

With more Bundy supporters pouring in from around the country, safety concerns began to grow.

Sheriff Gillespie has been negotiating with Bundy behind the scenes for months and reached a tentative agreement Friday night, though Bundy insisted the sheriff come to his ranch to finalize the arrangement face-to-face.

In its statement, the BLM said its actions this past week were progress in enforcing two court orders to remove the trespassing cattle from public land.

The agency director also asked that everyone involved in the dispute remain peaceful and law-abiding.

The BLM had offered to pay Bundy for the cattle already confiscated, sources said, but the protesters wanted the cattle returned to Bundy.

Wild Thing's comment...........

The people have spoken. I hate so much that this ever had to happen. The support was huge for the family and I am sooooo glad.

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April 12, 2014

The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment

The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment

by Dana Loesch

By now you’re familiar with the standoff between the federal government, i.e. the Bureau of Land Management, and 67 year-old rancher Cliven Bundy. (If not, check the backstory and my radio interview with him here.) The BLM asserts their power through the expressed desire to protect the endangered desert tortoise, a tortoise so “endangered” that their population can no longer be contained by the refuge constructed for them so the government is closing it and euthanizing over a thousand tortoises. The tortoises, the excuse that BLM has given for violating claims to easements and running all but one lone rancher out of southern Nevada, is doing fine. In fact, the tortoise has lived in harmony with cattle in the Gold Butte, Clark County Nevada for over a hundred years, or as long as Cliven Bundy’s family has lived on the land as ranchers. In fact, the real threat to it is urbanization, not cattle.

A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67 year-old rancher. They want his land. The tortoise wasn’t of concern when Harry Reid worked BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore was convicted of illegal campaign contributions to Senator Reid. Reid’s former senior adviser is now the head of BLM. Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land (already over 84% of which is owned by the federal government) and pay back special interests. BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development. Clearly these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area. If only Clive Bundy were a big Reid donor.

BLM has also tried to argue that the rules have changed, long after Bundy claims he secured rights and paid his dues to Clark County, Nevada. BLM says they supersede whatever agreement Bundy had prior; they demanded that he reduce his living, his thousand-some-odd head of cattle down to a tiny herd of 150. It’s easy for the government to grant itself powers of overreach, but it doesn’t make it right. Many bad things are done in the name of unjust laws. Just look at Obamacare. This heavy-handed tactic has run the other ranchers from the area and now Bundy is the last one. He’s the last one because he stood up to the federal government.

So why does BLM want to run Bundy off this land and is Reid connected?

I discussed this on “Kelly File” ................

*UPDATE: Those who say Bundy is a “deadbeat” are making inaccurate claims. Bundy has in fact paid fees to Clark County, Nevada in an arrangement pre-dating the BLM. The BLM arrived much later, changed the details of the setup without consulting with Bundy — or any other rancher — and then began systematically driving out cattle and ranchers. Bundy refused to pay BLM, especially after they demanded he reduce his heard’s head count down to a level that would not sustain his ranch. Bundy OWNS the water and forage rights to this land. He paid for these rights. He built fences, established water ways, and constructed roads with his own money, with the approval of Nevada and BLM. When BLM started using his fees to run him off the land and harassing him, he ceased paying. So should BLM reimburse him for managing the land and for the confiscation of his water and forage rights?

Cliven Bundy’s problem isn’t that he didn’t pay — he did — or that his cattle bother tortoises — they don’t — it’s that he’s not a Reid donor.

**One last thought: For those conservatives saying that since BLM arrived in the late 90s, it’s the law now, well, so is Obamacare.

Wild Thing's comment........

Excellent write up by Dana.

This is from Charlie Daniels ( singer/actor)

Turtles and snail darters get preferential treatment and ranchers and unborn babies are treated like so much garbage—Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) April 12, 2014

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March 14, 2014

Awesome Ted Cruz hits back at Harry Reid for attacks on Koch brothers

Ted Cruz hits back at Harry Reid for attacks on Koch brothers

Harry Reid constantly feels the need to demonize two private citizens the Koch brothers on the floor of the Senate, and Ted Cruz is not impressed

Wild Thing's comment..........

Cruz is so good so natural. I love hearing him speak.

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February 28, 2014

Krauthammer: Tea Party Movement Has Been a Very positive influence and powerful and successful and in the Reagan Tradition

Tea Party Patriots Anniversary & Tea Party Movement Influence - Special Report All Star Panel

Wild Thing's comment...........

I especially love what Charles has to say.

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Ted Cruz at Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary (Video)

Ted Cruz Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) got the rock star treatment today at the Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary Conference in Washington DC.

Cruz told the gathering, “We’ll turn this country around.”

Senators Mike Lee Rand Paul and Representatives Louie Gohmert and Jim Jordan also spoke at the event.
The Politico reported:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told tea party activists on Thursday that he is “filled with the promise that we’re going to turn this country around” after legislative fights over drones, guns and Obamacare last year.

The freshman Republican received a hero’s welcome at a Tea Party Patriots-hosted fifth anniversary event for the movement in Washington, where he discussed the three issues.

“If you listen to the media, if you listen to Democrats — although I repeat myself — they will say the fight to stop Obamacare did not succeed,” said Cruz, who pushed to defund the president’s signature health care law in a fight that led to a government shutdown last fall.

“Really?” Cruz said. “Well, I’m a big believer the proof is in the pudding. Last fall, millions of Americans rose up and said, ‘Stop the disaster that is Obamacare.’ … We elevated the national debate of the incredible harms Obamacare is visiting on millions of Americans.”

Republicans’ poll numbers suffered after the shutdown, but the health care law is still poised to be one of the central issues in this year’s midterm elections. Republicans must net six seats to take back control of the Senate.

Wild Thing's comment............

Love this.

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Tea Party In Focus 5 Years After Movement Began - Mark Levin on Neil Cavuto show

Tea Party In Focus 5 Years After Movement Began - Mark Levin on Neil Cavuto show

Wild Thing's comment............

We need the tea party movement to continue to stay strong.

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February 23, 2014

Ted Cruz woos Florida Republicans during Palm Beach event

Ted Cruz woos Florida Republicans during Palm Beach event


He amped up the criticism of President Barack Obama. He dialed down the my-way-or-the-highway zeal that often infuriates his fellow Republicans. And he left Florida political activists pumped up and buzzing over whether he'll run for president.

"Ted Cruz is a wonderful political figure. Smart guy. Knows his stuff," said Margi Helschien, who lives west of Boca Raton and is president of the Independent Conservative Action Network. "He is exciting."

Tom and Vicky Thayer, of Boca Raton, are ready to consider him as a serious presidential possibility after listening to a 34-minute, late evening speech Friday from the Texas senator, who quickly rose to prominence following his 2012 election by becoming a thorn in the side of Democrats — and Republican leaders.

"I loved him. I thought he was terrific. Everything he said I agreed with," she said. Her husband termed Cruz "fantastic."

For his part, the senator avoided discussion of what's widely seen as his presidential ambitions — fueled by travel to states that are critical to winning the Republican presidential nomination. Last week's Florida trip served as a de facto audition for the big political donors who can help finance a campaign and the grass roots activists who are critical to winning the state's 29 electoral votes.

He gave Republicans plenty to savor at the Palm Beach County Lincoln Day dinner, declaring that "these are not ordinary times in politics" and criticizing what he said was an "abuse of power" by the Obama administration and a "pattern of lawlessness" by the president.

"Liberty has never been more under assault than it is today," he said. "It seems like President Obama is trying to go down the Bill of Rights and violate each one of them one at a time."

His special target was the president's signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Last year, in what Cruz called "the battle to stop the train wreck, the disaster that is Obamacare," Cruz was a prime architect of the strategy that resulted in a partial shutdown of the federal government.

The shutdown damaged the party's political standing and angered many establishment, mainstream Republicans. Cruz said it was successful because it alerted the public to shortcomings of the law that they wouldn't otherwise have learned about.

Cruz said the failure of Congress to pass gun restrictions in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre — something polling showed was favored by the public — was a victory that stopped Obama's attempt to "go after the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens."

Florida Democrats were happy that the state's Republicans showcased Cruz over two days. U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said her party would benefit when Republicans "continue to make extreme choices, particularly in who they highlight as leaders of their party."

Anita Mitchell, chairwoman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, dismissed the criticism. "She's a great one to talk about extremism, by the way. So I have one thing to say to her: Game on, lady."

Lynn University political scientist Robert Watson said Florida Republicans showcasing Cruz could play into the Democrats' hands by "paint[ing] the party as more conservative than they would want to be painted."

Public opinion polling shows Florida voters have mixed views of Cruz.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Jan. 31 found just 9 percent of Florida Republicans would vote for him in a presidential primary. Cruz did best with conservative, born again Evangelicals, and tea party members. He did poorly with moderates, people who aren't born again, and non-tea partiers.

Asked if he'd make a good president, 23 percent of voters said yes and 44 percent said no. Notably, 19 percent of Republicans and 21 percent of conservatives and 56 percent of moderates — a pivotal group needed to win a general election and the state's 29 electoral votes — said he wouldn't make a good president.

Cruz didn't get on stage until after 10 p.m. for his Palm Beach speech, which he delivered without notes as he crisscrossed the stage, eschewing the lectern. He kept the sellout crowd of more than 600 engaged, not just with his policy prescriptions, but a constant stream of one-liners, most of which had a political point.

For example, he took a jab at National Security Agency phone call monitoring with this line: "Please leave your cellphones on. I want to make sure President Obama hears every word I have to say tonight."

Referring to his 21-hour talk-a-thon on the Senate floor last year, he said it was "almost as long as it takes to sign up on the Obamacare website."

And, he noted the ornate ballroom at the Donald Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago Club, site of the event, quipping that "it is so great to be welcomed into Donald's modest living room."

Wild Thing's comment.........

He also spoke the other day here in Sarasota and was fantastic.

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February 17, 2014

"Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job" by Star Parker

Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job

by Star Parker

Once again, bitter feelings are being cast in the direction of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

With the House passing the “clean” debt ceiling bill and sending it to the Democrat controlled Senate, it was clear that this was the bill that was going to get passed and sent to the president.

But Cruz didn’t want to let Senate Republicans, including Minority leader Mitch McConnell, off the hook and give President Obama a blank check to once again increase the debt ceiling as we are drowning in red ink. He didn’t want Republicans to simply vote against the bill, hiding behind the Democrat majority who were sure to pass it.

Cruz filibustered and forced some of his Republican colleagues – including Minority Leader McConnell - to vote to break the filibuster so the bill could be taken to the floor for a vote.

Headline in The Atlantic read: Ted Cruz Just Made Life Miserable for Republican Leaders Once Again.

The Wall Street Journal called him “The Minority Maker,” claiming that Cruz’s intemperate behavior dooms the Republican Party to disfavor in the eyes of the public.

I disagree.

What, really, is the whole point of the debt ceiling if it is meaningless as a tool to restrain government spending and debt. If the debt ceiling can be routinely raised simply by the president asking that it be done, why have it at all?

The existence of a debt ceiling has meant nothing as President Obama has added over $6 trillion in national debt since he took office. National debt is now 74 percent of GDP, double what it was when Obama took office.

President George W. Bush added about $6 trillion to the national debt during his eight years in office.

This is all like promising yourself that you’re going to stop smoking until you light up the next time.

The debt ceiling, as a tool for fiscal and debt restraint, is clearly pointless.

So the only reason for it, as far as I can see, is to provide an opportunity to bring public attention to our dismal state of fiscal affairs every time the debt ceiling is up for another increase.

In this sense, Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job.

Every time the debt ceiling comes up, Cruz forces the nation to pay attention. This stuff matters, and we should be grateful to him for refusing to quietly roll over as the nation sinks.

Throwing a brick through the window to wake up the nation to the mess that has been created is an act of patriotism.

I am mystified by those who think it’s all a game of psychology.

Cruz’s antics make Republicans look bad, they say.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his party are having a field day with the Republican easy cave-in, passing a condition-free debt ceiling increase.

President Obama said the passage of this condition-free, “clean,” debt ceiling increase takes the “politics of brinksmanship…” off the national debt. New York Senator Chuck Schumer said it meant that Republicans were putting “Tea Party politics in the rear view mirror.”

So while many in his own party are calling Cruz a spoiler, giving his party a bad name, Democrats are advertising what Republicans have done as surrender and a Democratic victory.

This is about arithmetic, not psychology. The Democrats are the party that wants to pretend that it doesn’t matter if the numbers don’t add up. Republicans, the supposed opposition party, aren’t doing their job if they don’t refuse to accept this.

We need elected officials today who care about nothing but telling the truth and leading. Ted Cruz is clearly one of these leaders.

Wild Thing's comment.............

I am proud of Ted Cruz and the stand he has taken to speak for us, to follow in his passion of love for our country and want only the best for it.

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February 14, 2014

Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens To American people

Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens To American people

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday evening that establishment GOP politicians will “never” listen to the American people.

“If we wait on the entrenched politicians in Washington, hell will freeze over before that happens,” Cruz answered when Levin asked whether Republicans will ever listen. “This is nothing new. The answers come from America, from millions of people standing up and holding elected officials accountable.”

Cruz, who coined the Twitter hashtag #MakeDCListen during the government shutdown episode, has often returned to a theme of forcing Washington D.C. insiders to listen to the public.

He noted that in the prelude to the shutdown, many Republicans preferred to push for spending cuts with the debt ceiling as leverage.

“A few months ago, when we were fighting trying to stop the disaster that is Obamacare, where a lot of Washington gray beards said, ‘we are going to fight on the debt ceiling. That’s where the fight will be,’” Cruz said. “It’s like they think the American people are a bunch of rubes, we don’t remember what they say.”

Wednesday, Cruz forced a procedural roll call requiring a 60-vote majority on the "clean" debt ceiling bill, despite Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's forceful urging he allow the legislation to go through with only a bare-majority vote. Cruz said Republicans should have united against the cloture motion, preventing the debt ceiling from being raised.

“If 41 Republicans had stood together and just voted no, the clean debt ceiling, the blank check for President Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want would have been denied,” Cruz said. “And for all of them who say I am just a crazy rebel, the last 55 times the debt ceiling has been increased, Congress has attached meaningful conditions to it 28 of those times. It's the only leverage point that has ever been effective.”

Cruz said earlier in the interview that many Republicans in the U.S. Congress wanted to increase the debt ceiling. “Make no mistake about it,” Cruz said. “This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling. But, they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish gullible constituents that they didn’t do it, and they’re mad because by my refusing to consent to [a bare-majority vote] they had to come out in the open and admit to that.”

Cruz's move to force the 60-vote procedural tally forced a dramatic, hour-long vote in which McConnell and GOP Whip John Cornyn scrambled to find enough Republicans to join Democrats and invoke cloture. During the vote, the clerk abstained from a decades-long practice of announcing each vote into a microphone as it was cast, preventing the public from knowing who had already voted and thus, who was switching their votes. McConnell and Cornyn ultimately joined in voting for cloture, after which six of their GOP colleagues switched to join them, providing additional political cover.

Wild Thing's comment........

Cruz is right and the proof in how true this is can be seen in the years we have experienced on supporting a candidate and then they get to Washington and it is as though they only want to hear from us is for donations.
Seldom they do not respond to emails and how often when we call their offices are we treated like second rate citizens.

If the Republican Party, had stayed true to its conservative roots, its conservative platform and remained the "party of Reagan" we would not be in our current difficulties

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Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act


On Thursday, U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced S. 2024, the State Marriage Defense Act, which allows states to set their own standards as to what defines marriage and protects the states from having the federal government encroach on that territory.

Thirty-three states define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

Sens. Ted Cruz stated:
I support traditional marriage. Under President Obama, the federal government has tried to re-define marriage and to undermine the constitutional authority of each state to define marriage consistent with the values of its citizens. The Obama Administration should not be trying to force gay marriage on all 50 states. We should respect the states, and the definition of marriage should be left to democratically elected legislatures, not dictated from Washington. This bill will safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for [their] residents.

Sen. Mike Lee echoed:
How a state should define marriage should be left up to the citizens of each state. It is clear the Obama administration finds the principles of federalism inconvenient in its effort to force states to redefine the institution of marriage. The State Marriage Defense Act provides an important protection for states, respecting the right to choose for themselves how each will treat the institution of marriage under the law.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Thank you, I wish more politicians would take a stand on this.

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February 12, 2014

List of 28 Republicans who voted for the debt ceiling increase

The following Republicans voted Tuesday to raise the government's borrowing limit:

FOX News

John Boehner, R-Ohio.
Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy,R-Calif.
Chief Deputy Whip Pete Roskam, R-Ill.
Ken Calvert, R-Calif.
Dave Camp, R-Mich.
Michael Grimm, R-N.Y.
Richard Hanna, R-N.Y.
Doc Hastings, R-Wash.
Darrell Issa, R-Calif.
Devin Nunes, R-Calif.
Hal Rogers, R-Ky.
Dave Reichert, R-Wash.
Chris Collins, R-N.Y.
Howard Coble, R-N.C.
Charlie Dent, R-Pa.
Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa.
Pete King, R-N.Y.
Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J.
Buck McKeon, R-Calif.
Patrick Meehan, R-Pa.
Gary Miller, R-Calif.
Ed Royce, R-Calif.
John Runyan, R-N.J.
John Shimkus, R-Ill.
Chris Smith, R-N.J.
David Valadao, R-Calif.
Frank Wolf, R-Va.

The House of Representatives passed a one-year extension of federal borrowing without any conditions today.
Only 28 Republicans, including GOP leadership, voted for the extension. 193 Democrats voted for the bill.
Reuters reported:

The House of Representatives narrowly approved a one-year extension of federal borrowing authority on Tuesday after Republicans caved into President Barack Obama’s demands to allow a debt limit increase without any conditions.

The 221-201 vote, carried mainly by Democrats, marked a dramatic shift from the confrontational fiscal tactics House Republicans have used over the past three years, culminating in last October’s 16-day government shutdown.

It came after House Republicans repudiated House Speaker John Boehner’s latest plan to link an increase in the $17.2 trillion borrowing cap to a repeal of planned cuts to military pensions.

Although Boehner called his decision to advance a “clean” debt limit a “disappointing moment,” it sets aside a difficult and divisive issue until after the 2014 congressional elections in November, allowing Republicans to focus their campaign efforts on the rocky launch of Obama’s health care reform law.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Shame on them. And thank you for those that voted No.

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January 04, 2014

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Marijuana Legalization in CO: Another Example of Growing “Hedonism” in our Society

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Marijuana Legalization in CO: Another Example of Growing “Hedonism” in our Society

Here is Dr. Benjamin Carson commenting on Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. While Carson said there is medicinal usage for the drug, he said widespread legalization of it is just more evidence of the growing “Hedonism” of our society. His primary concern is that it is a “gateway drug” that can lead to serious addiction problems

Wild Thing's comment..........

I agree, it will become a huge mistake soon if not in the near future.

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January 01, 2014

Utah Asks Supreme Court to Block Gay Marriage

Utah Asks Supreme Court to Block Gay Marriage

Utah took its fight against gay marriage to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, asking the high court to suspend same-sex unions that became legal when a judge struck down the state’s voter-approved ban.

The heavily Mormon state wants the marriages to stop while it appeals a judge’s decision, which said banning gay couples from marrying violates their right to equal treatment under the law.

In papers filed Tuesday with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the state asked her to overturn court decisions to let the marriages go forward. Sotomayor handles emergency requests from Utah and other Rocky Mountain states. She can act by herself or get the rest of the court involved.

Nearly two-thirds of Utah's 2.8 million residents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the official name of the Mormon church, and Mormons dominate the state's legal and political circles.

U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby's decision on Dec. 20 came as a shock to many in the state, which approved the ban on same-sex marriage in 2004.

Since the judge's decision, more than 900 gay couples in Utah have obtained marriage licenses. Shelby and the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have already refused to halt weddings while the state appeals.

"Until the final word has been spoken by this Court or the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Utah's marriage laws, Utah should not be required to enforce Judge Shelby's view of a new and fundamentally different definition of marriage," the state said in motion papers already filed at the appellate court.

The Mormon church was one of the leading forces behind California's short-lived ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8.

The church says it stands by its support for "traditional marriage" and hopes a higher court validates its belief that marriage is only between a man and woman.

Wild Thing's comment............

I am praying the Supreme Court will stop what the Utah Judge has done.

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December 28, 2013

Vet Slams Rep Paul Ryan In Open Letter Over Military Budget Cut - Good!

Vet Slams Rep Paul Ryan In Open Letter Over Military Budget Cut

Wild Thing's comment............

This is the best way of all, when a Veteran speaks out. The Veterans and troops are the most qualified on this, because what they say IMO means more then some unknown and civilian like myself. God bless this Veteran.

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December 23, 2013

Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions - Gone is the America-loving, enthusiastic VP nominee!

Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions

House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has doubled down on his move to cut pensions for military veterans in a USA Today op-ed published Sunday.

In the op-ed, Ryan opens up by highlighting the CBO estimate that the deal he cut with Senate Budget Committee chairwoman Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) would result in at least $20 billion in deficit reduction. “The Bipartisan Budget Act that Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and I drafted will soon become law,” Ryan wrote. “We think it's a small step toward fiscal discipline in Washington. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the bill will reduce the deficit over the next ten years by over $20 billion. And unlike current law, it will provide much-needed relief to our already strained defense budget.”

As Breitbart News has reported, Ryan’s and Murray’s budget deal does not reduce the deficit. In fact, the deal raises the deficit by at least $15.5 billion because of a series of gimmicks that Ryan and Murray employed in the accounting of the deal -- namely, double counting of savings like the tactic which was employed in Obamacare, and the failure to include an estimate of the interest on the borrowed money for the first couple of years of increased spending. These are only a few among a series of other misleading statements Ryan has made about the deal.

The rest of Ryan’s op-ed is devoted to defending his decision to cut $6 billion worth of military pensions. "One part of the bill has become particularly controversial: the reduction in cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for working-age military retirees,” Ryan wrote. “The federal government has no greater obligation than to keep the American people safe and we must take care of the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line. For that reason, Congress is understandably hesitant to make changes to military compensation. But even hesitance has a cost." Citing the rising cost per service member since 2001, he then claimed that the need for reform is "undeniable."

Ryan cited and praised President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel for his stance on the issue as well. Ryan wrote, “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a combat vet himself, has said ‘that we can no longer put off military compensation reform. DOD's leadership, Chairman Dempsey, the service chiefs, the service secretaries, and myself, we all know that we need to slow cost growth in military compensation. Otherwise, we'll have to make disproportionate cuts to military readiness and modernization.’”

Ryan then detailed what he says the changes to military veterans’ pensions would specifically do to veterans:

Here's what the new law will do. We make no changes for those currently at or above age 62. This reform affects only younger military retirees. Right now, any person who has served 20 years can retire—regardless of age. That means a serviceman who enlists at 18 becomes eligible for retirement at 38. The late 30s and early 40s are prime working years, and most of these younger retirees go on to second careers.

Ryan characterized the change as a “small adjustment” in the next paragraph, even though he admitted it could affect veterans by as much as $100,000 or more over their lifetimes, depending on when they retire.

“All this reform does is make a small adjustment for those younger retirees,” Ryan wrote. “If they retire before age 62, the annual increase in their retired pay will be 1% less than the inflation rate. In other words, their benefits will grow every year—just at a slower rate. And when the retiree hits 62, DOD will recalculate the retired pay so that it will be where it would have been if he or she had received the full inflation adjustment every year since he or she retired." Ryan then calculated that, for a hypothetical serviceman who enlisted at 18 and retired at 38, his benefits would change under the deal from about $1.8 million to $1.7 million.

"This is a far more modest reform than other bipartisan proposals, some of which would have fully eliminated the adjustments for inflation for working-age retirees,” Ryan wrote.

Despite Ryan’s claims these cuts are a “small adjustment” for veterans, that approximately $100,000, in some parts of the country, could be a significant percentage of the entire size of a mortgage for a house. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, in October the average size of a home loan in America was $289,650. Ryan’s “small adjustment” cuts to veterans would be more than a third, then, of the average mortgage -- and in many cases, more than half of these veterans’ lifetime expenses for homeownership.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) estimates that the cuts could mean as much as $124,000 in lost retirement income for veterans, which would be even more significant losses of opportunity in the future for veterans.

Wild Thing's comment.............

There is no possible way he can justify cutting veteran's benefits. None.

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December 19, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz: Discusses Budget Deal

Ted Cruz: Democrats are Like Lemmings; Following Harry Reid Off the Cliff

Wild Thing's comment..........

Thank you Sen. Cruz.

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Senate Approves Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Rep. Paul Ryan Budget Bill 64-36 - Here Is LIST on Votes

Senate Approves Budget Bill 64-36

CLICK HERE TO SEE who voted yes or no.

Wild Thing's comment............

Note that disabled and wounded Veteran's pensions will be slashed under this budget deal. Those voting for this budget deal have no respect and appreciation for our Veterans and troops that have sacrificed and lost their lives.


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December 18, 2013

God bless Sen. Jeff Sessions, as he fights to save veterans benefits ahead of budget vote

Sessions fights to save veterans benefits ahead of budget vote

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile, has spent the last several days fighting to undo cuts to veterans benefits that are included in the Ryan-Murray budget deal, which was passed by the House last week.

The current legislation cuts veterans benefits by $6 billion over the next decade.

The Senate is set to vote on the bill Tuesday morning. Both Sen. Sessions and fellow Alabamian Sen. Richard Shelby have said they are opposed to the current bill.

Although it sailed through the House on a bipartisan vote of 332-94, Senate Democratic leaders indicated over the weekend that the bill’s passage is far from secured in the upper chamber.

“The struggle is still on in the United States Senate,” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, told Fox News on Sunday.

But progress was made on Monday, leading aides on both sides of the aisle to predict that they will have the 60 votes needed to pass a procedural motion on Tuesday. They will then move move for final passage later in the week, which requires only a simple majority.

Many Senate Republicans have cited the fact that the budget deal exceeds the Budget Control Act of 2011 as grounds for opposing it. The Budget Control Act capped 2014 discretionary spending at $967 billion. The Ryan-Murray budget smashes through that cap.

“I’d really like to stay within the (spending) caps,” complained Sen. John Boozman, R-Arkansas. “This busts the caps and as a result I’ll vote against it.”

But Sessions and several of his Republican colleagues have chosen to focus their attention on the cuts to military retirees and vets.

“We need to find a better way to save $6 billion than take it out of the hides of our retired veterans,” said Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi.

Sessions’ plan to rescue veterans benefits involves saving money by closing a tax credit loophole that watchdog groups say has been frequently exploited by illegal immigrants.

The fix is simple. Applicants seeking to receive the child tax credit would have to submit their Social Security numbers. That way the IRS could easily weed out the illegal aliens taking advantage of the system. Sessions’ amendment would save the federal government roughly $4.2 billion, freeing up room for veterans benefits to remain at higher levels.

The handwringing in D.C. has already commenced with a budget deadline looming on Jan. 15. If a deal is not reached by then, another partial government shutdown will ensue.

Wild Thing's comment............

I applaud Sen Sessions' attempt to stop this egregious assault on our retired veterans and currently serving men and women in uniform.

Over $4 Billion per year is stolen from the US by illegal aliens who use this loophole.IRS Refunds $4 Billion Child Tax Credits Per Year to Illegal Immigrants Whose Kids Do Not Live in US

Shame on Paul Ryan for engineering this injustice. Shame on Boehner for even allowing the House to vote on it.

Our Government is determined to give free money to those who have never earned and don’t deserve it it as opposed to following through commitments on taking care of those who have earned the right through their sacrifice to our country.

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Typical of Name Calling from McCain Types: McCain said Republicans who voted against the proposed budget deal lack “intellectual integrity.”

John McCain attacked fellow Republicans again today.
McCain said Republicans who voted against the proposed budget deal lack “intellectual integrity.”

“I think to somehow to vote against it without an alternative to keep the budget, to keep the government from shutting down, I think lacks some intellectual integrity.”

33 Republicans voted against the bill including GOP Leader McConnell.

Wild Thing's comment.............

John McCain you need to retire. Most of us do not agree with you and don't like being called unintelligent.

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(video) Military Spouse Babette Maxwell on Megyn Kelly's show....makes the point that the cuts in the pensions will not cover even the interest of the amount of spending increases

Wild Thing's comment............

I agree, our Veterans have given their pound of flesh, that is a good way to put it.

Notice all the groups trying to raise money to take care of our wounded Veterans, Wounded Warrior etc. this is beyond unforgivable that our country has this happening. Our Veterans should all be given all they need and yes with our tax dollars instead of using our tax dollars given to illegals and to kill innocent babies like Planned Parenthood etc.

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Patty Murray and Paul Ryan with their military pension cuts to budget bill

Patty Murray and Paul Ryan with their military pension cuts to budget bill

Failure in in final bid to restore military pension cuts to budget bill

A final effort by Senate Republicans to halt cuts to pensions of military retirees failed late Tuesday, after Democrats blocked an amendment to the controversial budget bill.

The two-year budget agreement, which cleared a key test vote earlier in the day, was expected to get a final vote no later than Wednesday.

Ahead of the final vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., tried unsuccessfully to use a parliamentary tactic to force a vote on the amendment, which he wrote to undo the cuts for military retirees.

A provision in the already House-passed bill would cut retirement benefits for military retirees by $6 billion over 10 years.

Sessions wanted to instead eliminate an estimated $4.2 billion in annual spending by reining in an IRS credit that illegal immigrants have claimed.
He and fellow senators argued the bill unfairly sticks veterans and other military retirees with the cost of new spending.
“It’s not correct, and it should not happen,” Sessions said on the floor.

"By blocking my amendment, they voted to cut pensions for wounded warriors," he said afterwards. "Senators in this chamber have many valid ideas for replacing these pension cuts, including my proposal to close the tax welfare loophole for illegal filers, and all deserved a fair and open hearing. But they were denied.”

Sessions’ office claimed the vote Tuesday to block the amendment was a vote to "cut military pensions instead of cutting welfare for illegal immigrants."

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, D-Wash.,who brokered the budget deal with House counterpart Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., argued the GOP effort was really an attempt to kill the entire bill.

The Republican-led House passed the bill last week in an effort to avoid another stalemate leading to a potential government shutdown, like the one in October that polls showed was largely unpopular with voters.

The two-year budget deal would ease for two years some of the harshest cuts to agency budgets required under automatic spending curbs commonly known as sequestration. It would replace $45 billion in scheduled cuts for the 2014 budget year already underway, easing about half of the scheduled cuts.

Wild Thing's comment............

Heartbreaking how our government USES our troops and Veterans and throws them away. I am so sick of it.

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Disabled Military Retirees Not Exempt from Pension Cuts in Budget Deal

Disabled Military Retirees Not Exempt from Pension Cuts in Budget Deal

A provision cutting the pensions of military retirees in the bipartisan budget deal that the Senate will vote on this week does not exempt disabled veterans, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Disabled retirees were previously thought to be exempt from the changes to military retiree pay, which could cost servicemembers up to $124,000 over a 20-year period.

The Free Beacon previously reported that military retirees under the age of 62 would receive 1 percentage point less in their annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in the plan crafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D., Wash.).

The section of the U.S. code that has been altered also applies to disabled servicemembers, many of whom have been wounded in combat.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, called the change “unthinkable.”

“It has been asserted that the controversial change to military retirees’ pensions affects those who are ‘working-age’ and ‘still in their working years,’ with the clear suggestion being that these individuals are able to work,” Sessions said in a statement. “That’s why I was deeply troubled when my staff and I discovered that even individuals who have been wounded and suffered a service-related disability could see their pensions reduced under this plan.”

“It is unthinkable that this provision would be included in a deal that spares current civilian workers from the same treatment,” he said. “An equivalent amount of savings and more can be easily found, and I hope the Senate will move to address the unbalanced treatment of our servicemembers before considering the legislation any further.”

An original copy of a summary of the budget agreement, obtained by the Free Beacon, explicitly stated that disabled veterans would be exempt.

“This provision modifies the annual cost-of-living adjustment for working-age military retirees by making the adjustments equal to inflation minus 1 percent,” reads the summary, which was sent on Dec. 10. “This change would be gradually phased in, with no change for the current year, a 0.25 percent decrease in December 2014, and a 0.5 percent decrease in December 2015.

“This would not affect servicemembers who retired because of disability or injury.”

The summary now posted on the House Budget Committee website removed the sentence relating to disabled retirees.

The Ryan-Murray deal affects Chapter 71, Section 1401 of the United States Code, which deals with the pay of military retirees.

As the code is currently written, servicemembers can be eligible for early Chapter 61 retirement if it is determined that, due to a physical disability, that individual is no longer able to perform the duties of their office, grade, or rank. The individual must hold a disability rating of 30 percent or more according to Department of Defense standards, and the disability must be the proximate result of performing their duties during a time of war or national emergency.

Section 403 of the budget agreement amends section 1401a(b) of Title 10, U.S. Code, adding the “CPI minus one” percent provision, lowering the COLAs of disabled retirees.

Wounded servicemembers are entitled to Veterans Administration Disability Benefits, which remain unchanged by the budget deal. However, the change to Chapter 61 retirement could account for about 55 percent of a wounded service member’s disability pay, according to a Senate aide.

For example, a 28-year-old staff sergeant (an E-5 rank) who is forced to retire after 10 years would see approximately $50,000 in lost compensation over the next 40 years.

Rep. Ryan told the Weekly Standard that the changes are appropriate because servicemen and women who retire in their 40s after serving for two decades are still young enough to maintain a job.

Wild Thing's comment......

Paul Ryan is full of it and wrong.

I know this budget deal pos thing will probably pass but I am against how it does anything against our veterans in any way. Thank God for Sen. Jeff Sessions for speaking up.

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December 15, 2013

Sen. Jeff Sessions: House GOP Didn't Understand Budget Deal Makes It Easier to Spend, Tax

Jeff Sessions: House GOP Didn't Understand Budget Deal Makes It Easier to Spend, Tax

On Friday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said House Republicans voted for a budget bill that made it easier for Senate Democrats to increase spending because they did not know the significance of a rule change, inserted into the bill, that allowed it.

Appearing on Mark Levin's radio show, Sessions, the ranking member on the Budget Committee, said he was "disappointed" that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) did not inform him or his staff of the rule change while they were brokering the deal. Sessions said that if they had known about the change, they could have informed the House GOP and helped them push back against it.

"I don't think Republicans in the House understood the significance of it," Sessions said. "It's a rule that would only impact the Senate."

Sessions was referring to a "point of order" rule that requires 60 votes when a bill proposes spending beyond what is allowed by the Budget Control Act -- even when it is offset by taxes or fees. Sessions said he has used that point of order three times already to block Democrats "from spending more and taxing more." Under the deal brokered by Ryan and Murray, only a simple majority would be needed.

And Sessions said this loophole may, in the future, allow for spending increases larger than the ones he has already blocked.

Sessions, who plans to vote against the budget deal, said there is "no question about" the fact that the ability to reduce spending has been "eroded in this legislation."

"I wish this hadn't happened," Sessions said. "It's a pretty significant deal."

The House passed the deal, criticized by conservatives for increasing taxes, on Thursday, and the Senate will take up the measure next week.

Wild Thing's comment............

Sessions is being polite, he says they did not understand the bill....I ask how many actually read it. deep sigh

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December 13, 2013

House approves two-year budget plan-169 Republicans and 163 Dems voting yes and 62 Republicans and 32 Democrats voting no

House approves two-year budget plan-169 Republicans and 163 Dems voting yes and 62 Republicans and 32 Democrats voting no

FOX News

The House approved a two-year spending plan on Thursday evening, in a strong bipartisan vote that underscored the desire by many lawmakers to avoid a repeat of the October budget showdown.

The bill was approved 332-94.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Interesting to see who voted yes and no on this.


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November 06, 2013

New York City Elects Socialist Bill De Blasio for Mayor - big Apple More Rotten then ever!

New York City Elects Socialist Mayor

Democrat Bill De Blasio has defeated Republican Joe Lhota tonight in the race to be the next mayor of New York City. Despite being a liberal city, New York has not had a Democratic mayor since 1993, following eight years of Rudy Giuliani and twelve of Michael Bloomberg.

Wild Thing's comment............

I guess the majority of New Yorkers want to finish off their State. Too bad too for the good people in NY that did not want this jerk to be Mayor.

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September 09, 2013

I LOVE what this man did! Man Pays Property Taxes, $7143, In $1 Bills

Man Pays Property Taxes, $7143, In $1 Bills

An Easton, Pa. man, frustrated over property taxes, visited the local tax office and paid in dollar bills – all $7,143 of it.

One bill at a time.

Local news reports identify the man as Robert Fernandes of Forks Township.

The scene, posted on YouTube, has generated more than 15,600 views — in less than a week.

In the video, Fernandes carries a duffel bag filled with bundled bills, which he proceeds to stack on a counter. He brings doughnuts, offered to “anyone who is inconvenienced here today.”

The tax collector tells Fernandes his protest should probably be directed elsewhere, toward the school board, maybe, which is in charge of setting property tax rates.

“I’m not doing this to make anybody’s life more difficult,” Fernandes tells the collector. “Unfortunately, I wish the same could be said, you know, for me and many others whose lives are more difficult for having to pay property taxes.”

Wild Thing's comment...............

LOL good for this man. Make the jerks count it one dollar at a time. hahahaa

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August 18, 2013

Mark Levin with Live Audience on “Hannity” Discusses “The Liberty Amendments” – Complete Video

Mark Levin with Live Audience on “Hannity” Discusses “The Liberty Amendments” – Complete Video

Mark Levin on “Hannity” Friday night for the complete program to talk about his new book “The Liberty Amendments.” Hannity had a live audience to discuss Levin’s proposal of what is needed to “restore the American Republic.”

Wild Thing's comment............

I would love for this to happen.

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July 21, 2013

Oversight Committee Investigates Scope Of IRS Scandal - Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Weighs In!

Oversight Committee Investigates Scope Of IRS Scandal - Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Weighs In!

Wild Thing's comment....................

Gowdy sure is a good man.

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April 03, 2013

Total Jerk Bill O’Reilly Blows Up at Laura Ingraham in “Thump the Bible” Gay Marriage Segment (Video)

Bill O’Reilly Blows Up at Laura Ingraham in “Thump the Bible” Gay Marriage Segment

Bill O’Reilly tonight responded to criticisms from the right over his commentary last week that gay marriage opponents need to do more than just “thump the Bible” if they want to win the argument. After a Talking Points Memo largely focused on mocking liberal media attempts to gin up a feud between himself and Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly brought on Laura Ingraham, who actually told O’Reilly he was wrong in saying what he said. O’Reilly was stunned with Ingraham, shouting over her and telling her “I’m disappointed in you.”

Ingraham first surprised O’Reilly by agreeing that there actually is a feud of sorts going on between him and people like Limbaugh, given Limbaugh’s harsh condemnation of O’Reilly’s commentary. O’Reilly dismissed the idea he and Limbaugh are enemies, saying “I don’t care what he says, he can say whatever he wants.”

Ingraham agreed with O’Reilly that gay marriage opponents are not always good at making their case, but said O’Reilly unnecessarily insulted them. O’Reilly insisted he made an “honest point” about gay marriage, and shocked Ingraham by saying that opponents cannot cite the Bible in a policy argument. Ingraham told O’Reilly he was being disrespectful, which led O’Reilly to tell Ingraham he’s “disappointed” in her.

Wild Thing's comment.............

O'Reilly is such an asshole. He was out of line the other day in what he said and he will not allow anyone to tell him how wrong he was.

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January 25, 2013

Medicare Paid Out $91.6 Million To Claims Made By Illegal Immigrants


Illegal immigrants and prison inmates received more than $120 million in Medicare services from 2009-2011 despite federal law that makes them ineligible for the program, according to two new reports from the HHS inspector general.

The issue, according to the reports, is timing. When Medicare is alerted that someone is incarcerated or undocumented, its contractors help prevent payments from going out the door. But often, Medicare’s databases aren’t up to date, and improper payments go out.

And Medicare lacks the tools to get the money back.

Nearly 3,000 illegal immigrants made thousands of claims resulting in $91.6 million in services improperly covered by Medicare during the three-year period studied in the report.

Wild Thing's comment.................

This is so sickening, our tax dollars paying for this.

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April 20, 2012

Senator Jeff Sessions to US Senate: “Americans Shouldn’t Send Another Dime to This Place” (Video) ~ Good one!!!

Jeff Sessions to US Senate: “Americans Shouldn’t Send Another Dime to This Place”

Senator Jeff Sessions told the US Senate that until they pass a budget the American public “shouldn’t send another dime to this place.

“I can’t imagine that they would want to go to the American people and ask for higher taxes when they refuse to comply with the plain statutory law that says they should have a budget to tell where that money is going to be spent. If you won’t tell the American people where you’re going to spend the money, how much debt you’re going to run up, how much spending you’re going to cut or not cut, then I don’t think the American people ought to send another dime to this place. Not another dime!”


Wild Thing's comment.........

Thank you Senator Jeff Sessions!! In watching how many of the Republican politicans have been speaking up this last month especially, I think they are really gathering strength in slamming Obama. It took too long but I won't dwell on that, especially since they finally are speaking out like this. At least they know half of America has had enough of the destruction from Obama and his agenda.

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November 17, 2011

House Approves Concealed Firearm Permit Bill; Would Allow People to Carry Concealed Weapon Between States

Rep. Cliff Stearns presides over a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. Stearns is chief co-sponsor of the concealed carry bill.

House Approves Concealed Firearm Permit Bill; Would Allow People to Carry Concealed Weapon Between States

FOX News


A state permit to carry a concealed firearm would be valid in almost every other state in the country under legislation the House passed Wednesday.

The first pro-gun bill the House has taken up this year and the first since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., was severely injured in a gun attack in January, it had the National Rifle Association’s backing and passed by a comfortable margin. The vote was 272-154, with only seven Republicans voting against it and 43 Democrats supporting it.

The Democratic-controlled Senate has no parallel bill. But two years ago, GOP Sens. John Thune of South Dakota and David Vitter of Louisiana nearly succeeded in attaching a similar measure to a larger bill.

Under the House legislation, people with a concealed carry permit in one state could carry a concealed weapon in every other state that gives people the right to carry concealed weapons.

While states have various standards for issuing such permits, currently only Illinois and the District of Columbia prohibit the concealed carrying of weapons.

"The Second Amendment is a fundamental right to bear arms that should not be constrained by state boundary lines," said GOP Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The bill's chief co-sponsor, Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., said states should consider concealed carry permits no differently from driver's licenses recognized by all states. He noted that many states already have reciprocity agreements with other states.

The legislation would "make it easier for law-abiding permit holders to know that they are simply in compliance with the law when they carry a firearm as they travel," he said.

Democratic opponents said the bill would constitute a "race to the bottom," with states that have strict requirements for issuing permits having to accept permits from states with far more lax standards.

"It's a situation where weaker state laws become the national law," said Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va. He noted that some states require training for permit holders, or deny permits to those under 21 or who sell drugs to minors, commit sex offenses or are involved in domestic violence.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the measure would allow states with tough requirements, such as New York and California, "to allow in concealed carry gun-toting people from states, such as Florida, which repeatedly have given dangerous people licenses to carry."

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., and Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., wrote President Barack Obama last week urging him to issue a veto threat against the bill. Passing the bill "would jeopardize public safety and would be an insult to states like New Jersey and New York that purposefully have strong gun ownership laws," they wrote.

The administration has not yet taken an official position on the bill.

Democrats also chided Republicans for ignoring their dedication to states' rights. "For the Republican House majority that supposedly believes in states' rights, this bill is shocking," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

There hasn't been much legislative action on firearms issues this year. A spending bill that the House is expected to vote on this week would bar the Justice Department from consolidating firearms sales records or maintaining information on people who have passed firearms background checks.

The chief sponsors of the concealed weapon measure, Stearns and Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C., said their proposal would not create a federal licensing system but merely require states to honor one another's carry permits.

People who are unable to get a permit in their home state would not be able to carry a concealed weapon in their home state by getting a permit in another state. A state's ban on carrying concealed weapons in places such as bars, sporting events or state parks would apply to nonresidents as well as residents.

Thirty-five states have "shall issue" permit laws that usually require states to issue permits to those who meet legal requirements. Ten others have "may issue" or discretionary permit laws. Vermont, Arizona, Alaska and Wyoming do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon.


Wild Thing's comment......

WHOO-HOO! Might not pass the Senate but it is a great indicator!

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August 11, 2011

Republican Picks For The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (Super Committee)

Speaker Boehner Announces Appointments to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

The Speaker's Official Website

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced his intent to appoint the following three lawmakers to represent House Republicans on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction:

House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX)

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI)

House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI)

Speaker Boehner has tapped Chairman Hensarling to serve as a co-chair of the joint select committee. Boehner issued the following statement regarding the appointments of Chairmen Hensarling, Camp, and Upton:

“Our debt and deficits are a threat to our economy, and America cannot achieve long-term job growth until we take action to address this crisis. In the weeks ahead, a serious, bipartisan committee of lawmakers will begin the hard but necessary work of making the tough choices needed to rein in mandatory and entitlement spending, which are the drivers of our debt. The lawmakers I have appointed to serve on this joint committee are proven leaders who have earned the trust and confidence of their colleagues and constituents. They understand the gravity of our debt crisis and I appreciate their willingness to serve on this panel.

“The two parties have fundamental differences about government and its proper role in our society. Where we've been able to agree, we have acted, and in a way consistent with the American people’s desire for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. Still, the differences remain, and so does the urgent work of returning our economy to creating jobs and lifting the crushing burden of debt that threatens our children’s future. This joint committee presents an opportunity for both parties to bring to the table their best ideas, debate them on the merits, and ultimately come together to do what’s best for our country. With all that’s at stake, I expect that the joint select committee will conduct its work in the open and transparent manner the American people deserve.”

McConnell Appoints Kyl, Toomey, Portman, to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

Mitch McConnel's Official Website

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Wednesday announced his appointments to the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction tasked with reducing the deficit by $1.5 trillion more than the cuts already identified in the Budget Control Act. McConnell appointed Sens. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), and Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

Sen. Jon Kyl was elected unanimously by his colleagues in 2008 to serve as Republican Whip, the second highest position in Senate Republican leadership. He is a senior member of the Finance Committee and a leading advocate of pro-growth tax policies. Kyl is in his third term in the Senate after serving four terms in the House of Representatives. He was the Senate Republicans’ lead negotiator in the deficit reduction talks led by the Vice President over the summer.

Sen. Pat Toomey is a member of the Budget, Banking, Commerce and Joint Economic Committees and has been a leader on economic, financial services, and budgetary issues. Toomey is in his first term in the Senate after serving three terms in the House of Representatives. Sen. Toomey has run a small business and served as the president of The Club for Growth.

Sen. Rob Portman will be the only former Director of the Office of Management and Budget on the Joint Committee. He is a member of the Budget Committee and serves on the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management (Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee). Sen. Portman is in his first term in the Senate. He served in the House of Representatives from 1993 to 2005 when he became the U.S. Trade Representative. While serving in the House of Representatives, he served as Vice Chair of the House Budget Committee and as a member of the House Ways & Means Committee. In 1997, Portman co-chaired the National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service with Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska.


Wild Thing's comment....

I wish I could be excited about othis committee, but it just makes the pit of my tummy feel sick and very concerned. I just hope and pray the Republicans that will be on it will not cave to the dems.

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August 07, 2011

S&P Warns Of A Second Downgrade For USA

Michele Bachmann on Fox News on FOX with Neil Cavuto. Both Neil and Bachmann point out that Obama hasn't said a word about the S&P downgrade. Bachmann says he needs to come back from Camp David.

As Neil points out at the beginning of the video.....Obama did not even mention the downgrad by S&P in his Sat. address on TV. ~ Wild Thing


S&P warns of a second downgrade


Standard & Poor’s warned Saturday that the US government could face a second downgrade if government fails to make real cuts to the debt.

One day after lowering the nation’s platinum triple-A credit rating, Standard & Poor’s analysts warned Saturday that the U.S. government could face a second downgrade if the economy continues to struggle and the government fails to make the cuts outlined in the debt ceiling agreement.

The ratings agency on Friday downgraded the nation to AA+ for the first time in history, saying partisanship in Washington is preventing dramatic deficit reduction.

S&P managing director John Chambers told reporters on a Saturday conference call that the toxic mix of a listless economy and political infighting will cause government debt to grow.

“Compared to some other highly rated governments, the U.S. government does not have the proactive ability to put public finances on a firm footing,” Chambers said.

His colleague David Beers said the partisan discord increases the risk that Washington will not achieve effective policy remedies.

“For that reason, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future debt burden,” Beers said.

S&P: U.S. Faces Further Downgrade Beyond AA+

FOX Business News

The U.S.’s new double A+ rating “could go down more in a time frame of six months to 24 months,” to double-A, depending on government action to cut the deficit, John Chambers, managing director and chairman of Standard & Poor’s sovereign ratings committee tells FOX Business senior vice president and anchor Neil Cavuto in an interview on FOX News Saturday.

That means the U.S. government effectively has until at least February to find additional cuts to meet S&P's demand for at least $4 trillion in total deficit reductions over the next decade.

Continue article click here

Wild Thing's comment........

If they would get rid of ObamaDEATHcare that would save millions!.....Start There! And get rid of Obama - that will save trillions !!

The S&P guy responsible for the ruling was interviewed yesterday by Niel Cavuto. He was not apologetic and stood up strong for the down grade.

Niel asked if other nations had been down graded before. He answered yes.

Neil asked how long it generally took to have the rating reverted to AAA.

He answered..... well, about 9 to 18 years!

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S&P Says It Favors Spending Cuts Over Tax Hikes To Fix Credit Rating ~ Are You Listening Obama????

S&P Says It Favors Spending Cuts Over Tax Hikes To Fix Credit Rating

The Hill

Standard & Poor’s laments the possibility cuts to entitlement programs won’t materialize and the decreasing likelihood of new tax revenues.

The decision by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the U.S. credit rating to “AA+” at once laments the possibility that cuts to entitlement programs will not materialize and the decreasing likelihood of new tax revenues. But it appears to give more weight to the need for more spending cuts, as it warns that a further credit rating downgrade is in the cards if the U.S. does not trim spending.

In contrast, while the report indicates that new tax revenues would help mitigate the debt crisis, failing to find these revenues does not immediately put the U.S. at risk of another downgrade.

Specifically, the report warns directly that a further downgrade to “AA” status could occur within the next two years if there is “less reduction in spending” than what was agreed in the debt ceiling agreement. S&P said one factor that could lead to this second downgrade is if the minimum $1.2 trillion in spending cuts under the debt ceiling agreement does not occur.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama owns this, after they passed the first bill .."Cut,Cap, Balance" .....and then IF the Senate and Obama would have signed that one this would not be happening.

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August 04, 2011

Congressman McClintock on Fox Business Freedom Watch Speaks About The Budget Control Act of 2011

Congressman McClintock speaks about the Budget Control Act of 2011 and how the bill "opens up a $2.5 trillion line of credit for the most spendthrift administration in the history of the country to continue to spend at unsustainable rates."


Wild Thing's comment......

This is all sickening what is happening to our great country.

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August 03, 2011

Debt Deal Could Cut Defense $900B Over Next Decade ~ Hater Of Our Military Obama Must Be Thrilled!

Spc. John “Rocky” Montoya, squad automatic weapon gunner attached to Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team, talks to the convoy commander about the security situation in the area during a quality assurance and inspection mission Aug. 1, 2011 in the Qharghyee District.


Debt deal could cut defense $900B over next decade

USA Today

Cuts to defense spending in the debt reduction bill could total nearly $1 trillion over 10 years — more than double what President Obama had proposed earlier this year — and sap American military might worldwide, say analysts and members of Congress.

Budget cutters may have to consider slashing costly defense systems like the U.S. military’s replacement fighter jet or increase health-care premiums for working-age military retirees to comply with a debt reduction deal that may cut as much as $900 billion from the U.S. military over 10 years.

“They could do this responsibly,” said Todd Harrison, a budget expert at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “The reality is that it will be very difficult.”

Thomas Donnelly, a military analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said the Pentagon cuts won’t require “long knives so much as chain saws.”

Harrison estimates the reductions in defense spending could rise to $900 billion over 10 years.

The proposed cuts would force critical weapons systems to be trimmed or eliminated along with reductions in military personnel and training while at war, Donnelly said.

Wild Thing's comment......

Satan in Chief must be so excited about this, he must be dancing in the hallway of the WH.

How about laying off ALL his Secret Service people to cut back on expense then for starters. Just a thought.

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August 02, 2011

U.S. House Passes Debt Limit Agreement as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Enters Chamber

U.S. House of Representatives passing the Debt Limit Agreement today by a 269-161 margin.

As the final votes were being cast, spontaneous applause began to echo through the House Chamber as members realized Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had entered to cast her vote. Giffords was casting her first vote on the floor since being shot by an assailant in January. The Debt Limit Agreement now moves to the U.S. Senate for a vote tomorrow, August 2, 2011, at 12 Noon ET.

Joe Biden told reporters he joked with shooting victim about “cracked heads.” Vice President Joe Biden, with a big smile on his face, walked to the House floor and said, “I came to see Gabby, that’s why I’m here.” …When Biden was asked about what he spoke with Giffords about, he joked, “She’s now a member of the cracked head club like me.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is remarkable, how she has been on the road to recovery.

It is amazing how Biden just had to say the wrong thing. He was NOT shot in the head. To compare what he had to what happened to this woman, the two are apples and oranges.

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August 01, 2011

Another Day At The Debt Ceiling Drama

Obama announced on Sunday that Democrats and Republicans leaders have reached an agreement to reduce the U.S. deficit and avoid default.

Obama said the agreement will cut about $1 trillion over 10 years.

The bipartisan plan will be presented to Congress on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

"Leaders from both parties and in both chambers will present this agreement to our caucuses tomorrow," Reid said on the Senate floor.


The Wall Street Journal

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) appears to be balking at the debt ceiling deal that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has signed. Mr. Boehner is concerned about provisions in the deal that could lead to sharp cuts in military spending, say people familiar with the situation. House aides have warned that just because Mr. Reid has signed off on the deal doesn’t mean the deal is done.

House Dems 'May Not Be Able to Support' Deal : Pelosi

International Business Times

A deal to raise the federal debt ceiling and avoid the first ever U.S. default is "very close," but House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday there is a chance they may not pass it.

"We all may not be able to support it, or none us may be able to support it," Pelosi told reporters late Sunday night.

Pelosi has scheduled a Democratic caucus meeting for Monday. Both that meeting and the GOP’s noon confab will be crucial for both parties to gauge the support of their members.

“I look forward to reviewing the legislation with my caucus to see what level of support we can provide,” Pelosi said in a Sunday night statement.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver , current leader of the Black Caucus, says the debt deal is a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”

Roll Call

Barack Obama’s rightward lurch to reach a $3 trillion deficit reduction deal with no guarantee of additional revenues had liberals fuming and Republicans all but declaring victory Sunday afternoon.

With time running out to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling before Tuesday’s default deadline, Obama moved dramatically in the direction of the GOP, according to Senators and aides in both parties…

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said early reports of the new deal appeared to be “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.” The Missouri Democrat said the CBC hadn’t yet made a formal declaration that the group would oppose it, “but this is a shady bill.”


Wild Thing's comment........

What a soap opera this all has been and continues to be.

Can you imagine if everyone of the elected politican in both parties, everyone of them loved our country, was NOT a socialist, communist, Marxist, racist you name it like so many we know are to the core....it would be a breeze to get this all done. It would not have happened in the first place.

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July 20, 2011

House Approves 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Plan 234-190

Paul Ryan twas excellent as he discussed the “Cut, Cap & Balance the Budget” plan.

House Approves 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Plan

FOX News

The U.S. House of Representatives approved an bill that would increase the U.S. Debt Limit by $2.4 Trillion, accompanied by spending cuts, a cap on future expenditures and a Balanced Budget Amendment requirement. The bill passed the Republican-controlled House 234-190:

The House of Representatives has approved the GOP’s ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ plan with a vote of 234 to 190.

The bill imposes caps on federal spending as a percentage of GDP. It also allows for an increase in the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion in exchange for both the Senate and House approving a balanced budget amendment.

House Speaker John Boehner played a muted role in public during the day, but later applauded the passage of the plan.

“House Republicans are the only ones to put forward and pass a real plan that will create a better environment for private-sector job growth by stopping Washington from spending money it doesn’t have and preventing tax hikes on families and small businesses," he said in a statement. "The White House hasn’t said what it will cut."

But nine Republicans voted no on the plan, including Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. Five Democrats sided with Republicans.

The plan is under a veto threat by Obama amid predictions that it won't make it through the Senate.

Republicans fiercely defend the cut, cap and balance proposal, noting that they've done more than Obama in putting a plan on the table.


Wild Thing's comment.........

GOP voting NO: Bachmann, Broun (GA), Canseco, DesJarlais, Griffith (VA), Jones, Mack, (Ron) Paul, Rohrabacher.
DEM voting YES: Boren, Cooper, Matheson, McIntyre, Shuler.

Here is the complete list of votes


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June 01, 2011

House Sends Obama Message, Rejects His Debt Increase

House Republicans dealt defeat to their own proposal for a $2.4 trillion increase in the nation's debt limit Tuesday, a political gambit designed to reinforce a demand for spending cuts to accompany any increase in government borrowing.

House overwhelmingly rejects debt limit increase, 82 Dems vote "no"

Washington Examiner

Eighty-two House Democrats joined every Republican in rejecting a bill to raise the federal debt ceiling to $16.7 trillion, and the measure failed by a vote of 97 to 318, with seven members (all Democrats) voting “present.”

The Obama administration has argued for such a “clean” vote on the debt ceiling without strings attached (such as additional legislation to reduce the debt).

Just last month, 114 Democrats signed a letter calling for a “clean” vote and Democratic Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., also advocated one. But today, Hoyer announced he was advising his caucus to vote against the measure. Ultimately, just 97 Democrats voted for it, with 82 explicitly voting against it (on top of the seven “present” votes). A total of 10 members (six Democrats, four Republicans) did not vote.

No doubt, this is political gamesmanship by the GOP meant to call the Democrats bluff and show that a stand-alone vote on the debt limit has no chance of passage. But it still is another demonstration that Democrats are reluctant to vote for anything that could open them up to criticism, even when it means voting for policies for which they had previously expressed support.

Last week, zero Senate Democrats voted for President Obama’s budget, which went down 0 to 97. And Democrats in the Senate still haven’t proposed their own alternative.

Wild Thing's comment........

I love it when the dems go against obama it makes it a double slap in his face when that happens.

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May 09, 2011

Obama and Senate Seeks to Create Caesar There Must Be A NO Vote On S. 679

Obama and Senate Seeks to Create Caesar

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

While all of America is distracted and focused on the death of Osama bin Laden, our President and his minions have been fast at work laying the groundwork for S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 to speed through the Senate and then make its way into the House and then to the President to sign. Yes, the other hand is quickly forming into a dictatorial fist that is about to smash our Constitution.

America is poised with this proposed bill, to morph immediately from a Republic into an empire with the privileged eunuchs of the Senate as window dressing and a dictator – the first American Caesar – at the country’s helm.

And leading the progressive charge is Chuck Schumer (D-NY). No big surprise there. Schumer is an elitist Marxist and a first class progressive who hates America almost as much as he loves power. He introduced S. 679 on March 30th, 2011. He was joined by a gaggle of progressives from the left and the right. This is something I have been warning Americans about for a long time. If we are to survive as a nation, we must rid ourselves of ALL progressives or our nation is doomed and freedom will be swept into the dustbin of history.

Schumer’s esteemed list of constitutional traitors is as follows:

■Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
■Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
■Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
■Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)
■Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE)
■Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
■Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL)
■Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE)
■Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ)
■Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT)
■Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN)
■Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
■Sen. John Reed (D-RI)
■Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
■Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

From The Heritage Foundation, here is a succinct explanation of the bill:

The bill reduces the number of presidential appointments that require the consent of the Senate and establishes within the executive branch a Working Group on Streamlining Paperwork for Executive Nominations. Individuals nominated to senior executive offices suffer slow and detailed background investigations and mounds of duplicative paperwork before a President sends their nominations to the Senate. After nomination, many nominees suffer time-consuming inaction or time-consuming and excruciating action as the Senate proceeds (or does not) with consideration of the nomination. The sponsors of S. 679 have identified a valid problem, but proposed the wrong solution. Congress should not enact S. 679.

In essence they want to give the President the sole power to appoint people to positions of his choosing within our government. Obama would be free to do this without the approval of the Senate. Senate approval of such positions is mandated by the U.S. Constitution in Article II, Section 2 under the “Appointments Clause”:

… shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

This bill will do away with the checks and balances that separate an American form of government from those such as Venezuela and Brazil. Already we have power mongers such as Cass Sunstein our Regulatory Czar (more commonly known as the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and more aptly titled the Office of Government Propaganda) running amok across the US using agencies such as the EPA as a weapon of regulation and control. There is not a single area in our country that Sunstein does not have his claws sunk deep into. It should scare the crap out of Americans, but all I hear are crickets. The silence of capitulation seals our fate as surely as the thunderous applause of approval – so ends the Republic.

More from The Heritage Foundation:

When the delegates of the states gathered in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 and wrote the Constitution, they distributed the powers of the federal government among two Houses of Congress, a President, and a judiciary, and required in many cases that two of them work together to exercise a particular constitutional power. That separation of powers protects the liberties of the American people by preventing any one officer of the government from aggregating too much power.

The Framers of the Constitution did not give the President the kingly power to appoint the senior officers of the government by himself. Instead, they allowed the President to name an individual for a senior office, but then required the President to obtain the Senate’s consent before appointing the individual to office. Thus, they required the cooperation of the President and the Senate to put someone in high office.

I know Americans have not forgotten about Obama’s string of Czars. Czars that he was supposed to downsize or get rid of. Czars, which in my personal viewpoint, were and still are illegal under the Constitution. But progressives never go away, they just shift… As has done so many of Obama’s Czars. With this sweeping bill, over 200 positions will no longer require Senate approval. Obama will dictate who are his powerful lieutenants and who will control America. The Senate will merely be a sham to parrot Obama’s dictates. With this bill, checks and balances will be effectively nullified.

What does that portend you say? One day, your right to own a gun will be gone, just regulated away. Businesses will be nationalized even more than they are now. Heavy regulation will ensue concerning communications and the Internet. Many, many private businesses will whither and die. You will be told what and how much to eat – food and gas rationing will become the norm. Poverty and squalor will become equal for all as wealth is redistributed to other nations. If there are elections, they will be a joke and pointless. There will be a few powerful elites and then the masses. Guess which camp you and I will be in?

Our best hope at this juncture is that this abomination will be stopped in the House. We must weed out the progressives and we must win in 2012. This country will not survive another four years of progressive policies. Not as a Republic and not as a free entity anyway.

The bitter irony on display here, is that the same jackals that have barked and snarled and feigned horror at “American Imperialism,” are the very ones who now howl their support for a true American empire. All hail Caesar!


Wild Thing's comment........

Republic to Dictatorship!

Obama and Schumer want to do away powers enumerated in the Constitution.

I believe the US Constitution is inspired. I can just imagine God might say something like, "I gave you the Constitution to protect your rights and to be a light of freedom to the world. What did you do to protect the Constitution?"

So who is the ultimate protector of the Constitution? The people. It is "we the people" who created the Constitution. It is "we the people" who must defend it! Nobody else will!

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April 17, 2011

Senator Charles Grassley Has ‘damning’ Gunrunner Documents From His Investigation Into ATF's "Fast and Furious" Operation

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has damning evidence that US ATF officials sanctioned or allowed the sale of assault weapons to straw purchasers. The agency was doing this on purpose. The government encouraged this. Two of the weapons ended up at the murder scene of a US border patrol agent in Arizona, Brian Terry. Obama says he and Holder knew nothing about Operation Gunrunner.

Senator Grassley spoke out on his investigation yesterday on the floor of the senate.

This is an amazing video.

Between 13 and 1,700 guns got away and that’s just what has turned up so far. Several of the guns have been connected to criminal acts. Obama’s failed stimulus plan helped fund the program.

BREAKING: Grassley has ‘damning’ Gunrunner documents – CBS News

The Washington Examiner

Devastating e-mail exchanges between a senior official with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix, AZ and a cooperating gun shop operator have been revealed by Senator Charles Grassley in a letter sent late yesterday to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“In light of this new evidence,” Grassley tells Holder, “the Justice Department’s claim that the ATF never knowingly sanctioned or allowed the sale of assault weapons to straw purchasers is simply not credible.”

Grassley’s press release can be viewed here.

CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson is reporting that the information contained in the e-mails is “damning.”

The e-mail exchange is with David Voth, group supervisor for ATF’s Phoenix Group VII. Voth is the agent who infamously sent an e-mail to other ATF agents, goading them into participating in the Gunrunner project without question, or to find a different job.

Wild Thing's comment........

This is outright treason against the United States; attempting to undermine the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Holder and Obama should be kicked out big time but sadly they won't. I hate how they keep getting away with everything they do!!!

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April 16, 2011

16 Tons of American Debt As Obama Keeps Increasing Federal Debt

Just how big is our National Debt? $14,300,000,000,000. IowaHawk explains that is equal to 16 million tons of $1 Bills. He has set his explanation to the wonderful song, “16 Tons,” by Tennessee Ernie Ford.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Really well done video of this.

And the scary thing too is that from the time the video started until it was finished the debt amount has grown.

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April 09, 2011

al-Qaeda's Man in the White House Dictator Obama ~ EPA Was Rebuffed and Obama's Baby Killing Machine Planned Parenthood was Sidetracked!

A temporary deal has been reached to avoid a Government Shutdown by passing a continuing resolution until a final agreement can be passed for the 2011 Budget next week:

Obama took credit for the talks tonight that averted a government shutdown.

He also lectured America on “living within our means.”


“Like any worthwhile compromise, both sides had to make tough decisions and give ground on issues that were important to them,” Obama said before cameras in the White House Blue Room as he acknowledged some of the cuts agreed to would be painful, with certain programs cut back and other projects encountering delays. “But beginning to live within our means is the only way to protect those investments that will help America compete for new jobs,”

Obama didn’t want to cut a dime from the budget that he increased by a trillion dollars in the last three years.

Congress Strikes a Budget Deal to Avert Shutdown, Cutting $38.5B

FOX News

Senate Passes Short-Term Funding Deal to Avert Shutdown.

House members were called into session tonight to vote on the Short Term Funding bill to keep the federal machinery running for the next several days.

They reportedly agreed to cut about $38 billion in federal spending.

Republican attempts to curtail the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency were rebuffed.

Attempts to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood were sidetracked.

However, anti-abortion lawmakers did succeed in winning a provision to ban the use of federal or local government funds to pay for abortions in the District of Columbia.

The House passed the short term funding bill 347-70.


Some facts are being revealed slowly – more victories:
“The House got an agreement out of Harry Reid and the White House to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortions in the District of Columbia, and to allow a vote in the Senate over Planned Parenthood funding (and Obamacare).”

Fox just reported, one of the things agreed to, a stand alone vote on ObamaCare in the Senate. Boehner got the dems to agree to this with 23 senate dems up for reelection next year?


Wiild Thing's comment........

BIG disappointment and that is mild as to how I feel about this. Boehner was sent up against obama, Reid and the rest of the dems and the rinos. He was not the man for the job that needed a warrior, he needed to be a man with a take no prisoner at heart attitude. Boehner is not a warrior. We are 1/3 of 1/3 of the elected in Washington. Those odds call for someone that can take on a platoon of the enemy and wipe them out , not one measily moving target.

And because of obama, America has abandoned Israel, abandoned the Constitution, and dems keep having bigger wins then Republicans and it is the Republicans whose win would be best for America.

The Democratic Party has spent years, and millions of dollars indoctrinating and aligning people in support of their “progressive” agenda. This did not happen over night so I am trying as best I can at being realistic about all of this. BUT I am nontheless disappointed.

I did peek over at KOS and they are totally upset at the vote and what was done by the democrats. So there is a small victory in that I suppose.

This was a battle with people who will literally do anything to destroy this country, its constitution and its moral principles based on the Natural Law, God. Obama can’t even use the word “God” when quoting the pledge or the constitution.

Boehner, Ryan and Cantor started at $61 Bil in cuts.

Reid and the Dem’s started at $0 cuts, then $30 Bil and them finally ended up at $39.5 in cuts.

Did the Republicans have and then relinquish the power to stop this in its tracks? – YES
Was Obamacare repealed or defunded? – NO (Major Dem talking point)
Was Planned Parenthood defunded? – NO (Major Dem talking point)
Was NPR defunded? – NO (Minor Dem talking point)
What, if any, cuts were made to programs run by ACORN or its recently formed spin-offs? – TBD, but I’m guessing “NO”.

So how do we consider $38B in cuts to a 2011 budget that was inflated by almost $1T in 2010 an “win”?


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OBAMA's America! What America has Become Folks! Can't Even stand on your Property or keep a basketball hoop!

What America has Become Folks! Can't Even stand on your Property or keep a basketball hoop


Wild Thing's comment.......

The man said he followed all the process, wrote a letter made his phone calls. The woman(?) police officer flat out lies to the man when she told him he could keep it but it had to lay down in the driveway. Then she takes it. Sheesh I hate liars.

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March 16, 2011

House of Representatives Passes 3 Week Spending Bill As 54 Conservative Republicans Vote No

This is Lou Dobbs new show and it is on Fox Business. Congratulations Lou!!!
The interview he did with Mike Pence was done the day before the vote yesterday. Unfortunately not enough Republicans voted with the ones voting NO so instead of what Pence, West and others wanted by their NO vote, the House passed the three-week spending bill .

The House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon passed the three-week spending bill to keep the government open through April 8 by a count of 271-158, but with dozens of Republicans rejecting the latest stop-gap measure, the pressure is rising on Congressional leaders to reach a compromise to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year.

While the last short-term spending bill received nearly unanimous support from the Republican Conference on March 1 (only six opposed), 54 House Republicans, including 22 GOP freshmen, peeled off in opposition to the latest short-term bill, with many conservatives taking a stand against funding the government on an incremental basis. Without support from 85 House Democrats, the bill could have failed.

“My ‘No’ vote should not be construed as my willingness for a ‘government shutdown.’ My vote is based on a simple principle that we need to complete the federal budget for 2011,” Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., said in a statement explaining his opposition to the bill. “We cannot wait any longer. The time has come to have this debate on federal spending and get our nation back on track by cutting spending for the long term economic restoration of our Republic.”


Statement for the Congressional Record on the Continuing Resolution

.by Congressman Allen West on Tuesday, March 15

Allen West Facebook page

Mr. Speaker: I rise today to take a stand, a stand that may not be popular with the Leadership of the House of Representatives, but a stand I must take because I believe we cannot kick the can down the road for even another three weeks. The American people recognize that we must no longer take these small calculated measures. Today I will vote against another short term Continuing Resolution.

In the shortest month of the year, February, the federal government had the largest deficit of $223 billion in our nation’s entire history. The American People know that we are in a fiscal crisis and have sent me to address out-of-control spending.

The Majority in the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1 which reduced spending by $61 billion for the remainder of this Fiscal Year. Even though H.R 1 only cut spending by approximately 1.5 percent of the entire requested budget for Fiscal Year 2011, H.R. 1 reversed the trend of the Democrat Majority which increased overall discretionary funding by 24% over the last two years. The United States Senate rejected this amount as too much. They believe that, after President Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress presented trillion dollar deficit budgets, a freeze is the only viable approach.

I am not a supporter of big government. However, the federal government does perform certain important functions. Many essential federal agencies cannot move forward with planning and using resources if every several weeks they are faced with the threat that they will need to close their doors until we resolve this impasse. Could any business in America function this way? Can a family household function this way?

Mr. Speaker, President Obama and the United States Congresses of the past have created the Nanny States of America. Vast segments of the American people are now dependent on our federal government and not dependent on their own ability, skills and entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in this nation.

We are in this position today because the Democrats in the last Congress failed to pass a budget. Further, the President appoints Vice President Biden as the Administration point person on the negotiations while he flies off to Europe. The Democrats failed to show leadership last year and the President is showing a lack of leadership today. I will show what I consider appropriate leadership now and vote against this Continuing Resolution.

Mr. Speaker, the American people are watching us closely. Today, with information so readily available on the internet they know the truth of our desperate economic situation. The days of Washington, D.C. double-talk no longer works.

The American people know that the federal government is collecting $2.2 trillion and spending $3.7 trillion this year. The American people know forty cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed, much of it from China. The American people also know our nation is piling up new debt at the rate of $4 billion a day. So, what does $6 billion of spending cuts really buy the American people?

Further, the General Accountability Office released a 345-page report detailing the redundancies of federal programs and the $100 to $200 billion of savings that could be achieved if these programs were consolidated or eliminated.

My colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to argue that these cuts in spending will weaken an already slow economy and contribute to an increase in the loss of jobs. I believe this is a disingenuous argument. The truth is, the spending over the last two years has not reduced the loss of jobs, but instead has contributed to the largest debt in American history which will be passed on to my children and my grandchildren.

In Wisconsin, we have seen what the unionized entitlement class can do and the pressure they can place on their elected officials. Wisconsin State Legislators running to a neighboring state to hide from making a hard vote and protestors storming the Wisconsin State Capitol are not in concert with the principles of a representative democracy.

Mr. Speaker, Madison, Wisconsin is only 700 miles from the United States Capitol.

The Founders of our nation wrote in the Declaration of Independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The “Pursuit” of Happiness, not the federal government’s “Guarantee” of Happiness!

Finally, Mr. Speaker, we can continue to rehash the past of how we have gotten into this situation, but I would rather focus on the future. The future is now and the place is here for us to get our nation back on track. I support the cuts in the Continuing Resolution. I support the elimination of these projects.

However, my “No” vote should not be construed as my willingness for a “government shutdown.” My “No” vote is based on a simple principle that we need to complete the federal budget for 2011. It is time to have this debate on federal spending and get our nation back on track by cutting spending for the long term economic restoration of our Republic.

Alexander the Great once stated, "Fortune favors the bold." The American people are looking for principled and bold leadership. I understand "political maneuvering" but the time has come to engage in the battle for the fiscal responsible future of America. I take my position on the frontlines.



Wild Thing's comment........

Here is the list from Roll Call.

54 Republicans who voted “nay” to the continuing resolution:

AZ-2 Franks, Trent [R]
AZ-6 Flake, Jeff [R]
CA-48 Campbell, John [R]
CO-3 Tipton, Scott [R]
CO-5 Lamborn, Doug [R]
FL-12 Ross, Dennis [R]
FL-14 Mack, Connie [R]
FL-2 Southerland, Steve [R]
FL-22 West, Allen [R]
FL-6 Stearns, Clifford [R]
GA-11 Gingrey, John [R]
GA-9 Graves, Tom [R]
IA-5 King, Steve [R]
ID-1 Labrador, Raúl [R]
IL-15 Johnson, Timothy [R]
IL-8 Walsh, Joe [R]
IN-3 Stutzman, Marlin [R]
IN-5 Burton, Dan [R]
IN-6 Pence, Mike [R]
KS-1 Huelskamp, Tim [R]
LA-3 Landry, Jeff [R]
LA-4 Fleming, John [R]
MD-1 Harris, Andy [R]
MD-6 Bartlett, Roscoe [R]
MI-1 Benishek, Dan [R]
MI-11 McCotter, Thaddeus [R]
MI-2 Huizenga, Bill [R]
MI-3 Amash, Justin [R]
MI-7 Walberg, Timothy [R]
MN-6 Bachmann, Michele [R]
MO-2 Akin, W. [R]
MO-7 Long, Billy [R]
MT-0 Rehberg, Dennis [R]
NC-3 Jones, Walter [R]
NJ-4 Smith, Christopher [R]
NJ-5 Garrett, Scott [R]
NM-2 Pearce, Steven [R]
NV-2 Heller, Dean [R]
OH-1 Chabot, Steven [R]
OH-2 Schmidt, Jean [R]
OH-4 Jordan, Jim [R]
OK-1 Sullivan, John [R]
PA-16 Pitts, Joseph [R]
SC-2 Wilson, Addison [R]
SC-3 Duncan, Jeff [R]
SC-4 Gowdy, Trey [R]
SC-5 Mulvaney, Mick [R]
TX-1 Gohmert, Louis [R]
TX-14 Paul, Ronald [R]
TX-2 Poe, Ted [R]
TX-4 Hall, Ralph [R]
TX-6 Barton, Joe [R]
UT-3 Chaffetz, Jason [R]
VA-2 Rigell, E. [R]

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America to have the highest corporate tax rate in April

America to have the highest corporate tax rate in April

The Daily Caller

The world’s superpower is about to lead the way in yet another realm. Next month, America is set to bear the distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world.

According to a study by the Tax Foundation, America’s combined federal and state rate of 39.2 percent is only out paced by Japan’s rate of 39.5 percent – which Japan plans to lower next month. Without Japan in the lead, America’s 39.2 percent will render it the corporate tax rate leader in the developed world, aka the countries comprising the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In recent years, many OECD nations have been lowering their corporate income tax to create more favorable environments for business. The Tax Foundation notes that since 2000 Germany, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Iceland, and Ireland have all lowered their corporate tax rates by double-digits.

The study’s author and Tax Foundation president Scott A. Hodge said that one of America’s economic pitfalls will be the high corporate income tax.

“United States companies are now in the position of trying to compete in the 21st century world economy with a 20th century tax system,” said Ho. “Dozens of countries around the world—including many of the United States’ closest trading partners—have realized that sky-high corporate tax rates are an economic dead end. Now more than ever, Americans want to see policies that will help create increased growth, more jobs, and higher standards of living – exactly the things that a lower and more streamlined corporate tax system can help achieve.”

The Tax Foundation’s study adds fodder to a similar warning that came from the Cato Institute in February. Cato advised that the U.S. reduce its corporate tax burden by 10 percent or more.

“A growing number of policymakers are recognizing that the U.S. corporate tax system is a major barrier to economic growth,” Duanjie Chen and Jack Mintz wrote in a Cato bulletin. “The aim of corporate tax reforms should be to create a system that has a competitive rate and is neutral between different business activities.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Notice how all the bad things our country is getting to be number one with and all the good things America meant to the world and especially we the people ( since obama got his brubby hands on our country) have turned upside down and backward. sheesh

The more this destruction keeps up there will be a day when another devastation like the one in Japan happens and we will not be able to help at all. The shining light on the hill Reagan spoke of will exist in our hearts but not as a country to the world. We have GOT to take our country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corp Taxes benefit no one but the Government. It destroys our nations ability to compete in the World Market.

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January 09, 2011

U.S. House of Representatives Postpones All Legislative Business Next Week

U.S. House of Representatives Postpones All Legislative Business Next Week

Healthcare vote postponed due to shooting - Cantor


The House of Representatives will postpone next week's vote to repeal President Barack Obama's healthcare reform legislation due to the shooting of Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said on Saturday.

"All legislation currently scheduled to be considered by the House of Representatives next week is being postponed so that we can take whatever actions may be necessary in light of today's tragedy," Cantor said in a prepared statement.

Wild Thing's comment.........

So that means no vote on January 12th, I wanted to let you all know about this.

Also I forgot to share this the other day so I will just put it here.

"Reading the Constitution, out loud, on the floor? The Democrats must feel like they are being waterboarded" - Rush

I laughed so hard when he said this. LOL hahhaaha

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January 07, 2011

Republicans Introduce Bill To Eliminate Presidential 'czars'

Republicans introduce bill to eliminate presidential 'czars'

The Hill

A group of House Republicans introduced a bill on Wednesday to rein in the various "czars" in the Obama administration.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and 28 other House Republicans introduced legislation to do away with the informal, paid advisers President Obama has employed over the past two years.

The legislation, which was introduced in the last Congress but was not allowed to advance under Democratic control, would do away with the 39 czars Obama has employed during his administration.

The bill defines a czar as "a head of any task force, council, policy office within the Executive Office of the President, or similar office established by or at the direction of the President" who is appointed to a position that would otherwise require Senate confirmation.

Republicans had complained about the president's use of czars to help advance his agenda in Congress. In particular, the GOP had harped about the personal history of Van Jones, the president's czar for "green jobs," over past comments Jones had made about Fox News came to light. Jones eventually resigned.

Another prominent czar over the past year was Carol Browner, the president's energy and environmental adviser. She helped head up efforts in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the ultimately unsuccessful effort for an energy and climate bill from Congress.

Republicans introduced several bills to eliminate czars in the last Congress, but similar legislation could conceivably advance in the House now that the GOP controls the chamber.

"We haven’t gotten an indication of an exact timeline for committee action, considering that the bill was just filed yesterday," said Scalise spokesman Stephen Bell. "We hope to have this discussion in the near future as the congressman works to pursue all the bills he has introduced in the 112th Congress."


Wild Thing's comment........

GOOD, GREAT! Beautiful. And the Republicans can claim this as a cost cutting measure. I’d like the see the RATS try and defend these Czars. That will be interesting.

Keep it up, 112th! Even if it gets nowhere, you can at least help us have something to smile about once in awhile for the next 2 years. This is a great one! And, as Rush has suggested, introduce a new bill to repeal Obamacare every week. Keep the ‘Rats so busy playing defense that they can’t inflict as much harm during this session.

We must all remember too, to give them the kudos and continued encouragement. It is up to us to cheer them on and let them know that we appreciate everything they’re doing. We need to write, call, e-mail our kudos and agreement every time they do us proud. That will go a long way to build up their resolve and keep them on the right track. It’s going to be mind-boggling what the MSM and the Democrats are going to throw at these people. They need encouragement daily!!!!

Say goodbye...........

Source of information below.......

Obama has moved swiftly to concentrate power in the White House, bypassing the review of our elected representatives in Congress in most of the posts listed above. Even though cabinet positions are part of the executive branch, the cabinet secretaries must be approved by Congress, they are funded by Congress, and they can be called before Congress to testify. Most of these czars, on the other hand, are appointed by Obama at his sole discretion, and are answerable only to him. If subpoenaed by Congress, they can claim executive privilege.

1. Herbert Allison Jr., bailout czar, [replaced Bush bailout czar Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability confirmed by Senate]

2. Alan Bersin, border czar

3. Dennis Blair, intelligence czar [Director of National Intelligence, a Senate confirmed position]

4. John Brennan, counterterrorism czar

5. Carol Browner, energy czar

6. Adolfo Carrion, urban affairs czar

7. Ashton Carter, weapons czar [actually Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and so subject to Senate confirmation]

8. Aneesh Chopra, technology czar

9. Jeffrey Crowley, [openly gay white man] AIDS czar

10. Cameron Davis, Great Lakes czar

11. Nancy-Ann DeParle, health czar

12. Earl Devaney, stimulus oversight czar

13. Joshua DuBois, religion czar, aka God czar

14. Arne Duncan, education czar

15. Kenneth Feinberg, pay czar

16. Daniel Fried, Guantanamo closure czar

17. J. Scott Gration, Sudan czar

18. Melissa Hathaway, [soon to be] cybersecurity czar

19. David J. Hayes, water czar [a Deputy Interior Secretary and therefore subject to Senate oversight]

20. Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar...Died last month)

21. John Holdren, science czar

22. Kevin Jennings, safe schools czar [nominated to be Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education, Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, a newly created post; openly gay founder of an organization dedicated to promoting pro-homosexual clubs and curricula in public schools]

23. Van Jones, green jobs czar

24. Gil Kerlikowske, drug czar

25. Ron Kirk, trade czar

26. Vivek Kundra, infotech czar [Shoplifted four shirts, worth $33.50 each, from J.C. Penney in 1996 (source)]

27. Douglas Lute, war czar [retained from Bush administration, married to Jane Holl Lute, currently a Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security]

28. George Mitchell, Mideast peace czar

29. Ed Montgomery, car czar [replacing Steve Rattner, who stepped down amid controversy over his former firm’s role in a possible kickback scandal]

30. Lynn Rosenthal, domestic violence czar

31. Dennis Ross, Mideast policy czar

32. Gary Samore, weapons of mass destruction czar

33. Todd Stern, climate change czar

34. Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar

35. Larry Summers, economic czar

36. Michael Taylor, food czar

37. Arturo Valenzuela, Latin-American czar (nominee) [although this post is referred to as a czar, he is nominated to be Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and so is subject to Senate confirmation]

38. Paul Volcker, economic czar number two

39. Elizabeth Warren, TARP czar [chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Trouble Assets Relief Program; note that Herb Allison is more frequently called the TARP czar]

40. Jeffrey Zients, government performance czar [replaced original nominee Nancy Killefer who withdrew her name after issues with her personal income tax filings surfaced]

Positions established but not yet filled:

41. behavioral science czar

42. copyright czar

Positions being planned:

1. income redistribution czar
2. land-use czar
3. consumer financial protection czar, aka mortgage czar (source)
4. radio-internet fairness czar
5. student loan czar, to oversee a program of mandatory service in return for college money (source)
6. voter list czar
7. zoning czar

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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Lamar Smith Issues First DOJ Oversight Letter

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Lamar Smith issues first DOJ oversight letter

The Washington Post

Right Turn sectrioin
By Jennifer Rubin

Right Turn has obtained the first oversight letter from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) issued to the Justice Department. While he was in the minority, Smith labored, largely unsuccessfully, on the committee to convince the Democratic chairman to investigate a range of issues, including detainee policy and New Black Panther Party case. He now has the authority to schedule hearings, call witnesses and subpoena documents.

In a five-page letter, Smith notes that there has been "little oversight" as to how the civil rights division has used its budget increases ($22 million in FYI 2010 and $17 million requested in FYI 2011) and why the need for some 164 new positions.

He then gets to the heart of the matter. As I and other outlets have reported, he notes that in the New Black Panther Party case investigation, it came to light that a political appointee, Julie Fernandes, directed Justice Department attorneys "not to bring cases against black defendants for the benefit of white victims."

Smith then details allegations by former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams that the department declined to enforce the National Voter Registration Act and its provisions relating to "voter integrity."

After reciting the evidence concerning Fernandes's statements and her expressed hostility toward enforcing the NVRA, Smith concludes:

"Allegations that the Civil Rights Division has engaged in a practice of race-biased enforcement of voting rights law must be investigated by the Committee." He then gives Holder until January 21 to respond to a list of questions, including whether Fernandes did, in fact, "explicitly or implicitly direct Voting Section staff not to enforce any section of any federal rights statute" or "not to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act." He demands all documents that relate to the department's enforcement practices under the Voting Rights Act.

The letter is noteworthy on a number of levels.

First, administration flacks and liberal bloggers have insisted that the New Black Panther Party case is much to do about nothing. But as Smith has correctly discerned, the issue of enforcement or non-enforcement of civil rights laws based on a non-colorblind view of those laws is serious and a potentially explosive issue for this administration.

Second, Holder's strategy of stonewalling during the first two years of Obama's term may have backfired. Had he been forthcoming while Democrats were in the majority, he might have been able to soften the blows; Smith is not about to pull his punches.

And finally, Smith is demonstrating the sort of restraint and big-picture focus that is essential for the Republicans if they are to remain credible and demonstrate their capacity for governance.


That took less than 24 hours. Jennifer Rubin has the exclusive news at the Washington Post. Lamar Smith is demanding answers. The speed in which this demand came out of the New Congress sends a message.

UPDATE TWO: A further review of Chairman Smith's letter reveals that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes is also on Smith's radar. It is clear that she is now in the cross-hairs of the House Judiciary Committee, and that is a very unwelcome place to be in Washington D.C. One saw how Democrats running the House and Senate Judiciary Committee handled the DOJ in 2006-2008. Fernandes is the one who refuses to enforce Section 8 of Motor Voter to remove ineligible voters from the rolls.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Heck Yesssssss ! Yahoooooooo!

It's good to read the news today.

Can't wait to see DOJ officials in front of committee under oath. This should be interesting. The issue of whether the Black Panther case should have been prosecuted is obvious to the seeing person.

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House Republican Introduces Bill to Block FCC’s ‘Internet Grab’

House Republican Introduces Bill to Block FCC’s ‘Internet Grab’

Rep. Marsha Blackburn introduced legislation Wednesday to deny the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulatory oversight over the Internet, which the Tennessee Republican insisted was the “sole prerogative of Congress” to administer.

“I agree that the Internet faces a number of challenge, ” Blackburn said in a release. “Only Congress can address those challenges without compounding them. Until we do, the FCC and other federal bureaucracies should keep their hands off the ‘net.”

According to Rep. Blackburn’s office, the “Internet Freedom Act” has the support of more than 60 House members, including a majority of GOP’ers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The legislation already has bipartisan support, counting among its endorsers Blue Dog Democrat Dan Boren of Oklahoma.

“The only sector of our economy showing growth is online,” Blackburn said. “In these times, for an unelected bureaucracy with dubious jurisdiction and misplaced motives to unilaterally regulate that growth is intolerable.”

But Blackburn, who filed similar legislation in 2009, said:

"the measure is an “intermediate step” to counter the FCC’s recent adoption of Net neutrality rules. By way of a more immediate enforcement countermeasure, her office says she supports invoking the Congressional Review Act, which empowers legislators to invalidate noxious regulatory frameworks developed by federal agencies.

Wild Thing's comment........

This is great! Each step they take some small some will be huge will have an effect. Keep up the momentum and we will keep supporting you.

The left took 60 years to make it possible to seat a Usurping Marxist as president. The damage will not be corrected over night. Therefore every opportunity must be taken to provoke public discussion and debate.

Our crusade is eminently doable because conservatives can say unabashedly what we believe in and why. The left on the other hand must lie, cheat, steal and trick or murder its way into power.

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January 06, 2011

God Bless You Speaker Boehner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivering her seemingly never-ending exit speech as she prepared to hand the gavel over to new House Speaker John Boehner. Pelosi seemed to use her remarks to boast about what she considered her accomplishments, sounding much more like a campaign speech than a graceful stepping aside. Eventually, she got around to John Boehner, praising him as a “skilled legislator” and a servant of the people, and then handed him the gavel as Speaker of the House.

There was visible tension in the GOP section of the floor when Pelosi read out a litany of the bills passed by the 111th Congress...even a few soft goans.

Almost no Republicans applauded when Pelosi mentioned the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. There was a lot of smiling-through-annoyance, and a slightly smaller level of document-checking and cell phone-checking.



House Speaker John Boehner receiving the gavel from Nancy Pelosi, and then delivering his remarks on assuming leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Boehner promised more openness, saying all bills will be posted online for three days for Americans will have a chance to read them before they are voted on, and he said there will be renewed focus on doing the “People’s business.” “It’s not about us,” Boehner said.


Wild Thing's comment........

I thought she would never shut up AUGH! She will be known in history as the worst Speaker of the House our country has ever had. No one ever did what she has done with turning the lights off on everyone, locking the door and not allowing the Republicans in and putting security guards at that door to make sure they did not get in. I will never forget that video Eric Cantor made that day that I posted here. He did it to show proof of how they were locked out.

The 112th was sent to save our Republic, they will need our prayers as they will be attacked big time by the media and the democrats. 2010 was only the beginning. 20 years of “Patriot focused” elections will get the train back on track.

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Harry Reid Says: The American People LOVE BIG Government ~ What A LIAR He Is!

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL oh sure, that is why even the polls taken show this democrat run government is the least trusted, the least liked ever.

Trust me Harry, size DOES matter when it comes to our government and bigger is NOT better. No go sit down Harry and keep looking like you have not gone to the bathroom for 50 yesrs.

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December 22, 2010

START Treaty Clears Last Senate Hurdle Before Ratification

START Treaty Clears Last Senate Hurdle Before Ratification

FOX News

The Senate on Tuesday voted to limit debate on ratification of a major arms control accord with Russia, setting the stage for a final vote on the so-called START treaty.

The Senate voted 67-28 to advance the legislation, easily exceeding the 60 votes required.

The Senate is expected to ratify the treaty some time on Wednesday in what would be the latest in a string of legislative victories for President Obama after his party was soundly beaten in the midterm elections last month.

Earlier, Republicans senators expressed outrage as Obama secured enough votes for ratification.

At least 10 Republicans publicly announced their support for the accord, including Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate, putting it on a virtual glidepath to ratification by Wednesday night.

Republicans Isakson, Corker, Bennet, Brown and Lamar Alexander will support the nuclear treaty with Russia.

At a GOP news conference, Republicans who oppose the treaty warned of the consequences.

"Well this is a joke," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., adding that he believes the administration gave up too much to the Russians to negotiate the treaty.

"When you want zero nukes in the world, you're not an effective negotiator," he said.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said it's clear the administration is checking the box on many issues without any substance behind the box.

"We join millions of Americans who are outraged," he said, adding that it is being crammed under the cover of Christmas.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, also oppose the START agreement.

Treaty backers were heartened as several Republicans broke ranks, voting against three Republican amendments that would have effectively killed the treaty.

Alexander said he is "convinced that the plan's implementation will make giant steps toward modernization of those facilities so that we -- and our allies and adversaries -- can be assured that the weapons will work if needed."

"The president's statement that he will ask for these funds and the support of senior members of the Senate Appropriations Committee means that the plan is more likely to become a reality," he said on the Senate floor. "This will make sure the United States is not left with a collection of wet matches."

Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., said: "Only through setting the example, without giving in or capitulating a thing, do we give hope to the future that my grandchildren and yours can live in a world that will not be free of nukes but will be secure; that loose nukes are not in the hands of bad people; and we have transparency and accountability while still having the capability to secure ourselves both offensively and defensively to ensure the security of the people of the United States of America."

The treaty specifically would limit each country's strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, down from the current ceiling of 2,200.

It also would establish a system for monitoring and verification. U.S. weapons inspections ended a year ago with the expiration of a 1991 treaty.


AP: Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona says the Obama administration has not negotiated the START arms reduction treaty in good faith. He and other colleagues want to slow the effort down to study issues with the US-Russia arms pact. (Dec. 21)

Republican Jon Kyl Blasts START Treaty Negotiations: "Lets Hurry Up and Get This Over With -Is the Attitude"


Wild Thing's comment........

Here is the Roll Call of Votes.

Whatever makes us weaker is what these people want.

Message to RINO-Republicans Isakson, Corker, Bennet, Brown and Lamar Alexander, it’s going to cost you BIG TIME. The Republican Rinos are doing Obama a favor. These Rinos Republican deserve to lose the election when their term is up. They are just like the liberal Democrats and have already broken promise to the American people. They don’t listen to the American people.

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Look What Needs To Be Done Before Changes Take Effect Repealing DADT

Hold your homosexuals! Military ban not over yet .......Look what needs to be done before changes take effect ...


By Brian Fitzpatrick

America's military isn't going 'gay' quite yet.

While President Obama plans this week to sign the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy banning open homosexuality in the military, the policy must remain in force until the president, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can certify that the change will not impair combat readiness.

Before that happens the military must rewrite laws and regulations that could affect same-sex relationships, such as the Uniform Code of Military Justice ban on sodomy, and also indoctrinate soldiers, sailors and airmen to tolerate open homosexuality. The transition period is expected to take a year.

"It's important for people to know that this is not over," said Robert Knight, a leading opponent of the homosexual political agenda. "There are no permanent victories or defeats in politics. And this can be reversed at some point, in a more conservative Congress."

"Congress will have to legalize consensual sodomy, which is currently illegal under the UCMJ," said retired Army Col. Dick Black, former chief of the Army's Criminal Law Division and a Virginia state legislator. "There's a backlash brewing. This is a very serious issue for a lot of people. We're entering the presidential season, and if there's a candidate who says he will issue an executive order to ban homosexuality in the military, a lot of people would be very fired up about that."

Demonstrating that the repeal will not adversely affect the military could prove a great challenge for the president.

"We think it's going to be very damaging to readiness and recruiting," said Tommy Sears, executive director of the Center for Military Readiness. "You're going to have people currently serving, valuable, experienced individuals, refusing to continue. On the flip side, people who would have considered serving will not because this policy is going to say you must accept this open homosexuality policy. The military will not do things halfway. They will impose a zero tolerance policy for the full range of preferences and rights for homosexuals."

As Obama prepares to sign the repeal of DADT, opponents are preparing on several fronts to block implementation of the repeal.

On the legislative front, congressional Republicans, who will take control the House Armed Services Committee in January, will be pressured to block the policy change by defunding it.

"It's up to the new Congress to decide whether this is in the best interest of the country. They can make major obstacles in the implementation of this new policy if they choose to," said retired Army Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis, now a national security expert at the Family Research Council. "There's no obligation for Congress to fund any of this."

"Congress has a voice here. They are the ones who set the rules and regulations for the military. This will depend on how much they follow the text of the Constitution," Maginnis added. "Their primary obligation is to protect the armed forces … If they fail to, the consequences in terms of retention and recruiting could be devastating to the country."

"We believe they've slapped the military in the face and have betrayed the men and women in the service by using the military to push the homosexual agenda," said Mat Staver, spokesman for the Freedom Federation, a coalition of more than 100 political organizations. "We will ask the House to refuse to fund the repeal, which will take millions of dollars to fund."

On the state level, a prominent Virginia state legislator, Delegate Bob Marshall, announced on Saturday he is writing a bill that would ban homosexuals in the Virginia National Guard.

"According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the state has power over recruitment in the Virginia National Guard," Marshall told WND. "Even when they are called up, the state still has authority over the selection and training of officers."

Marshall was the author of a Virginia bill challenging the constitutionality of Obama's national health care legislation, which led the way to a series of challenges by other states.

On the legal front, the Alliance Defense Fund is preparing to defend the religious liberty of chaplains and service members.

"Our concern is that chaplains and others will find their ability to work in the military will depend on their ability to censor themselves," said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Daniel Blomberg.

"We're concerned whether chaplains can express their religious beliefs and sexual ethics without being punished or having reports written up against them," Blomberg added, pointing out that chaplains in foreign militaries have been "ostracized and marginalized" and threatened with discrimination complaints for raising Christian values in private counseling sessions.

On the political front, politicians who supported the DADT repeal can expect zealous opposition in the next election.

"We will mobilize our constituents to make those who betrayed our military and the national interest pay for what they've done on the eve of Christmas," said Staver.

"The findings of the Pentagon report were not scrutinized the way they should have been," said Elaine Donnelly, founder of the Center for Military Readiness, who alleged that several senators who voted for the bill "went back on their word" to vet the repeal thoroughly and may pay the price at the ballot box.

"Sen. [James] Webb (D-Va.), a Marine, said there needed to be time to consider the ramifications of this vote. Thirty percent of active Marines said they would leave, and 16 percent said they might leave. Sen. Webb is up for reelection next time, and the voters will have to evaluate that," said Donnelly.


Wild Thing's comment........

I’m so tired of the military being used as a social engineering lab. And I’m tired of the rest of us being used as a social engineering lab as well!

Soldiers and Marines on the battlefield have already had to become more afraid the Monday morning quarterbacking of the court system than they are of the enemy.

I wonder if there’s any possibility of reversing this before it goes into effect.

Ever read any of Sen. James Webb (D-Va.), stuff? His supporters have been denying all along that he's rather over the line ~ but I don't think they can do this anymore since he voted for cloture on the DADT legislation.He's simply heavily closeted.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Political Impact of New Census Numbers

FOX News

Republican-leaning states all across the South and West will gain congressional seats based on the results of the 2010 Census, according to population counts released Tuesday.

The Census Bureau announced that eight states will gain a total of 12 seats, while 10 states — mostly in the Northeast and Midwest — will lose seats.

The population shift sets the stage for potential GOP gains in Congress in 2012, while changing the political landscape ahead of a presidential race which in some respects is already starting.

Revealing initial results from the Census, Director Robert Groves also announced that the official U.S. population as of April 2010 is 308,745,538. The number represents a 9.7 percent increase from a decade earlier.

But the regional population shifts are what matter to lawmakers looking to boost their party's numbers in Washington. The Census is used to shape state legislative seats and allocate the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. With growth in the South and West averaging about 14 percent, states in those regions are set to gain the most additional representation in Congress.

Texas, continuing seven consecutive decades of growth, will gain the most seats with four more House members in 2012. Florida gains two, while Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington each gain one.

States losing seats include Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All those states lost one seat apiece, save for New York and Ohio, which lost two each.


Wild Thing's comment........

Liberal policies can eventually ruin even the state with the most and best of just about everything; from ports, to agriculture, to tourism, to computer industry, to entertainment industry, to the weather – you name it – Calilfornia has it.

It has every advantage, and liberalism is bringing California down.

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December 21, 2010

Democratic FCC Regulators Throw Support Behind Net Neutrality Rules

Democratic FCC Regulators Throw Support Behind Net Neutrality Rules

The Democrats moved one step closer today in their push to control the internet.

Liberal FCC officials are supposed to vote today on sweeping new internet regulations.

It’s official: the path has been cleared for Tuesday’s historic vote at the Federal Communications Commission approving sweeping new “network neutrality” rules designed to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform that doesn’t favor dominant telecommunications and cable companies.

Democratic FCC regulator Michael Copps just issued a statement in which he explains that he will “concur” on the proposed rules, meaning he supports their adoption but doesn’t agree with everything in them.

Senior officials have also confirmed that all three Democrats on the five-member commission will support the rules, providing FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski with the support he needed for the plan. Copps and fellow Democratic regulator Mignon Clyburn have been fighting for stronger provisions to better protect consumers and smaller competitors.

Wireless carriers have also endorsed (albeit grudgingly) the net neutrality plan, offering Genachowski critical industry support that can help dampen congressional criticism. They insist they need maximum flexibility in operating their networks due to capacity constraints, and won’t block competitors.

From The Blaze

Critics of the proposal dismiss it as unnecessary government intervention that seeks to correct marketplace problems that do not exist.

Republicans are working to block the Democrats’ proposal, re-introducing an amendment that would ban the FCC from using government funding to adopt or implement any net neutrality regulations. In addition, the two sitting Republican FCC members have questioned whether new neutrality regulations are even necessary.

“We are concerned that both factual and legal conclusions may have been drawn before the process has begun,” they said, adding that the Commission should not adopt rules “in an effort to alleviate the political pressures of the day, if the facts do not clearly demonstrate that a problem needs to be remedied.”


Wild Thing's comment........

So-called “net neutrality” has been a controversial campaign pledge the Obama administration has worked to implement.

Less government means more freedom, whether it’s freedom for companies to compete for customers or freedom for websites to contain the content they choose. Anything else is the government seeking more control of our lives.

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December 20, 2010

In Sunday-evening Surprise, Senate Unanimously Passes Food Safety Bill

In Sunday-evening surprise, Senate unanimously passes food safety bill

The Hill

The Senate unexpectedly approved food safety legislation by unanimous consent Sunday evening, rescuing a bill that floated in limbo for weeks because of a clerical error.

The Senate passed the Food Safety and Modernization Act on Nov. 30 by a vote of 73-25. But the bill was later invalidated by a technical objection because it was a revenue-raising measure that did not originate in the House — Senate staff had failed to substitute the food safety language into a House-originated bill.

A coalition of groups supporting the bill sent a letter Sunday to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) calling for action on food safety.

“Our organizations are writing to support attaching S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, to the Senate's proposed short-term continuing resolution,” the groups wrote. “Strong food-safety legislation will reduce the risk of contamination and provide FDA with the resources and authorities the agency needs to help make prevention the focus of our food safety strategies.”

The American Public Health Association, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and other groups signed the letter.

Democrats first attempted to attach the food safety bill to the two-and-a-half-month spending measure but Republicans balked because they wanted to keep that measure clean, according to Senate aides.

Republicans, however, later agreed to pass it by unanimous consent.

Reid announced he would send the legislation — this time properly attached to a House-originated measure — back to the lower chamber for final approval.

“Our food safety system has not been updated in almost a century. Families in Nevada and across America should never have to worry about whether the food they put on their table is safe," Reid said in a statement. "This is a common-sense issue with broad bipartisan support.

"Tonight we unanimously passed a measure to improve on our current food safety system by giving the FDA the resources it needs to keep up with advances in food production and marketing, without unduly burdening farmers and food producers,” he said.

The legislation is a high priority for Reid and Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).

Reid’s staff earlier in the day had told a coalition of groups supporting the legislation that it had a chance of passing but the prospects appeared to dim as Sunday wore on. The swift approval by unanimous consent caught some aides and lobbyists working on it by surprise.

Sen. Tom Coburn, the outspoken conservative Republican from Oklahoma, had been blocking the legislation. He lifted his objection at the final moment.


Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510


Wild Thing's comment.........

What happened, this is horrible!!!! Are we citizens or subjects??!!

This is going to be horrible for small farmers too.

But negotiations went on through the weekend and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., worked out a deal to let the bill move forward.

Once the House approves it, President Barack Obama is expected to sign it.

The legislation would give the federal government much wider authority to set and enforce safety standards for farmers and food processors, affecting all whole and processed foods except meat, poultry and some egg products already regulated by the Agriculture Department.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, proclaimed it a “critical victory” that would “give Americans one of the best holiday gifts they can receive this year — the assurance the foods they are eating are safer

Oh thank God, there won’t be any more thousands and thousands of people dying every week,
killed by their food!!!!!

This session of congresscreeps will have cost us more freedoms and money than probably any other congressional session in all recorded government history. Lord, save us.

But negotiations went on through the weekend and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., worked out a deal to let the bill move forward.


Reid: Mitch here's what I'm going to do.
McConnell: Okey-dokey.

End of negotiations.

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December 14, 2010

Obama's $858 Billion Pork Filled Tax Package

In a 83-15 vote.....A vote on final passage could happen as soon as Tuesday if opponents agree to waive the 30 hours that must elapse after a vote to end a filibuster.

Given Monday’s lopsided vote, the package is expected to win final passage easily, which one Democratic leadership aide predicted would “likely” happen on Wednesday.

Obama said he understands members of both parties are "unhappy" with the compromise, but he said the package is "first and foremost" a "substantial victory" for middle-class families.

5 Republicans voted NO

Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.)
Jim DeMint (S.C.)
Jeff Sessions (Ala.)
John Ensign (Nev.)
George Voinovich (Ohio) (voted against the bill because he thinks everybody's taxes should go up)

US Debt Clock



In a nutshell Republicans who vote for this are voting for two years of temporary release from a tax increase in exchange for massively increasing the Federal debt even though Republicans will have the numbers after the lame duck session to pass a much more favorable tax bill that Obama probably won’t have the balls to veto and if he does will damage himself and the Democrats politically whether the economy goes further south or not.


From Rush Limbaugh:

If you don't know anything else about the tax deal, just listen to this. "Senators on opposite sides of the battle over ethanol subsidies said Thursday an extension of key ethanol tax credits appears to be a part of the emerging Capitol Hill deal on the Bush-era tax cuts. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), who supports the corn-based fuel, told reporters that an extension of the credit for blending ethanol into gasoline is included. 'I believe it will be in there...based on some discussions.'" Chuck Grassley says, yep, it's gonna be in there. Tom Harkin says, yep, it's gonna be in there. This is Washington as we've always known it. This is nothing more than pork. Both senators, both sides of the aisle throwing in a subsidy here, this is more pork spending. This is not representative of anybody having heard the results of the election or not getting the point of the election, and what's being lost in all this, this word "stimulus."

As we've pointed out all week, there's nothing stimulative about tax rates staying the same. That stimulus has already occurred within the immediate years after taxes were cut back in 2001 and 2003. There's no new stimulus that's gonna come from extending. There's no stimulus associated with a one-year, 2% tax rate cut in the payroll tax. There's no stimulus in the estate tax being raised from zero to 35%. So where is the stimulus? Why does Obama keep talking about stimulus? Well, take a look at all the spending in this bill. This ethanol is just the tip of the iceberg. They're loading all kinds of spending into this bill, and that's why Obama's calling it stimulus. Effectively what he's getting here is a second stimulus bill. The Republicans are going along with this notion of keeping tax rates the same. Taxes ought to be cut. As such, they are going up. At the end of the day, if you take everything into account here, taxes are going up. What with the tax credit continuing for people that don't even pay taxes, the death tax going from zero to 35%, this tax deal is becoming a Christmas tree and they're putting all these pork deals on as ornaments and presents underneath it.

~snipet ~

That's not what the election was about. They could go a long way helping themselves making it clear they're not gonna buy a two-year deal with a certain tax increase in 2013 for hundreds of billions of dollars including new ethanol subsidies. What kind of deal is this? "Okay, yeah, we'll take it," say the Republicans, "We'll take two years of the same tax rates and then we'll take increasing tax rates in 2013 and the ethanol subsidies, yeah, what else do you want?" It's hard to break old habits, folks, especially in Washington. Even the Republican leaders have been part of this system for decades. False deadlines, foolish deals, they become the rule. And it need not be. I now hope this deal fails. I say it directly and officially. If the deal fails, the Democrats are in control, so it is they who will be raising taxes. Let the tax rates go up on January 1st. Let 'em go up. Wait for our cavalry to show up and deal with this the right way. They had two years to deal with this. They've had the two years of Obama's presidency to deal with this and they haven't, on purpose. They want the tax rates to go up. We're selling for nothing. Really, it isn't any great shakes that we agreed to two years of the tax rates not changing.


From The Heritage Foundation:

Any piece of legislation must be both constitutional and improve the condition of the American people. When President Obama and Congressional Republicans first announced their tax deal early last week, our reaction was to hold our noses against its bad elements; on balance, we thought the extension of the current tax rates was laudable. Now, however, the full text of the bill has been released and we see all the bad things that were in the original deal. Meanwhile, liberals in Congress are walking away even from that deal, and are holding the country hostage to their hatred of those they call “the rich.” The tax cut deal, we now know, has been so freighted with liberal special interest tax giveaways that true conservatives cannot support it in good faith.


Wild Thing's comment......

Deepest of sighs! The freaking democrats have to add their trash to everything they touch!!!!!!

"Losers compromise. We don't. That's what this election in November was all about." ~ Rush Limbaugh

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December 11, 2010



Wild Thing's comment........

This is good, excellent.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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December 01, 2010

Fantastic Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Speaks Out About The Pigford II Settlement


Rep. Steve King (R-IA) will have the leftists howling racism with this speech on the House floor. But, it’s absolutely true. The Pigford II Settlement is pure and complete fraud on the American public.

“We’re not going to pay slavery reparations.”

.."We are not going to pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress. That war’s been fought… There are no reparations for the blood that paid for the sin of slavery, no one’s filing that claim.”

Even after all was said.............

The Pelosi democrats passed Pigford II today. More than 92,000 “black farmers” have signed up for reparations from the Obama USDA after the Pigford case was extended this past year. That’s five times the number of blacks who were actually farming during the time period in question.

And, democrats just approved the legislation.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Refreshing to hear a representative of the people actually tell the truth! Bravo and keep up the good work, Mr. King!

Rep. King is absolutely correct; reparations-in-kind to people with a “grievance”, some of whom are not even farmers. This really is an example of the entitlement minded, “look at poor me-me”, “you owe me-me” segment of society taking advantage of the politically correct, out of control federal govt.

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September 28, 2010

Obama Signs $30B small business Lending Bill BUT Small Business Says Tax Cuts Needed to Support Small Business

Obama signs $30B small business lending bill


BUT let's look at the truth if the banks want this and what small business thinks about Obama's agenda! ~ Wild Thing


Small biz, banks may spurn Obama's $30B program



Barack Obama's $30 billion small community business lending program faces one big challenge: many of the community banks and businesses it's supposed to help don't want it.

The lending program is part of a bill that passed the House of Representatives on Thursday and now awaits the president's signature. The legislation contains a mix of tax cuts and credits aimed at helping small businesses. The centerpiece of the bill is an effort to make billions of dollars available to community banks for loans to small businesses.

It seems like a simple effort to unclog a credit pipeline that has been blocked since the financial meltdown two years ago. But interviews with seven community bankers, as well as small business owners, show a reluctance to participate.

"People in my constituency can't get credit, and this will get money out to small businesses, who are the engine of job creation for this country," said Republican Sen. George LeMieux of Florida, who co-authored the amendment that created the lending program.

Bank executives say their customers don't want loans, even at low interest rates, because the sluggish economy has chilled expansion plans. Some say the federal money isn't worth it because they fear it will come with too much regulatory oversight.

"We have taken a strategic decision not to have our primary regulator, the government, also be a partner in our bank," said William Chase Jr., CEO of Triumph Bank in Memphis.

Chase said the bank already has enough capital to meet the paltry demand for loans. "Our business customers are mired in uncertainty and are reluctant to invest in their businesses," Chase said.

Ninety-one percent of small business owners surveyed in August by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) said all their credit needs were met. Only 4 percent cited a lack of financing as their top business problem. Plans for capital spending were at a 35-year low.

Jack Rajala just laughs when asked if he wants to take out a loan today. He's in a fight to save his family's lumber business that has been buffeted by the recession and housing meltdown.

"I've seen many ups and downs; this is unquestionably the toughest," said the 71-year-old Rajala, the third-generation owner of Rajala Companies of Deer River, Minn. Since 2008, his company closed two factories and halved the number of employees to less than 100 as orders plummeted for windows, floors and door frames. Annual revenue is down 50 percent since 2008 to $5 million, and the company is losing money.

Rajala is symbolic of the challenges faced by Obama's small business lending initiative. The $30 billion fund will be run by the Treasury Department, and money will be awarded to banks deemed strong by regulators. Banks that have less than $10 billion in assets are eligible.

"It will provide incentives to invest and create jobs for 4 million small businesses," Obama said at a news conference Sept. 10. "It will more than double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their companies."

Obama has to bridge the gulf between money that's available and the needs of businesses. The NFIB survey found businesses don't intend to borrow until they have more customers.

Community banks will have to pay an annual dividend of 5 percent to the U.S. Treasury. However, when banks increase their lending to small businesses, their dividend rate declines on a sliding scale. So, if a bank increases its small-business lending portfolio by 2.5 percent, the dividend payment goes down to 4 percent and so on, said Paul Merski, chief economist at the Independent Community Bankers of America, the lobbying group for small banks.

The dividend payment increases to 7 percent if banks don't lend to small businesses.

"The crucial questions facing business owners are does it make sense to make an investment right now, and will it generate positive returns?" Josh Lerner, professor of finance and entrepreneurial management at Harvard Business School.

Noah Wilcox, CEO of Grand Rapids State Bank, with two branches in Minnesota, said he already has more capital at his $250 million bank than he can lend out.

"Many of our clients, business owners, put their projects on ice in 2008 because their job number one is to see their company through to the other side of this economic crisis," said Wilcox.

And then there's concerns that the government money will have strings attached.

The fears stem from what happened under TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Fund, formed at the height of the financial meltdown to pump money into banks. Banks that accepted TARP money had to later cut dividends to shareholders and limit compensation to top executives. They were also penalized for early repayment.

In this new legislation, the government is taking steps to avoid the tarnish that accompanied TARP. The key part of this effort: Banks can return the money without penalty if rules governing the small business loans change.

But Chase, the bank CEO in Memphis, isn't convinced.

"The rules can be changed any time," said Chase.


Wild Thing's comment.......

What a moron. So now banks have the cash, but still businesses aren't going to take out loans. They'd be crazy too not knowing what the future holds in taxes and medical insuance.

And small banks are already saying they are going to refuse to take the money. They see the strings attached to the TARP (and banks being told they can’t repay the money, even if they want to).

One banker’s quote summed it up: “We don’t want to be business partners with the government, which is also our primary regulator.” (paraphrase)

The one thing that small businesses need more than anything else is some certainty. This Administration has removed every bit of certainty over the last 20 months. And this bill does absolutely nothing to restore that.

Today's businesses have no clue as to where tax rates will be in the coming year. They have no idea how much the addition of government mandates regarding health care will increase their labor costs. And they are helpless to make any predictions on the cost of money in the near future in light of runaway deficits and the hefty expansion in the money supply that began last year.

Our worst enemy couldn't have come up with anything nearly this effective in destroying the American economy. And here we are only a few week away from an election, and small business owners still don't know what their tax rates will be on Jan 1, 2011.

And let's guess where the $30 billion dollars came from: No new military aircraft until at least 2016? Cut off foreign aid to Israel? Shut down half the Veterans Affairs hospitals? Am I warm?

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September 23, 2010

Diclose Act VOTE Is Today! Pro-Union bill, Card Check and Other Obama Destruction

Union-label Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has hatched a plan to ram the speech-killing "Disclose Act" through the Senate IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. This is an emergency, so if iyou can please call and/or email your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY and insist they vote for free speech and against the "Disclose Act" (S. 3628).

The fact is, Big Labor's cronies on Capitol Hill are just days away from ramming the "Disclose Act" down the throats of the American people. In fact, this dangerous bill has already passed the House.

Though the so-called "Disclose Act" is being sold by Big Labor as a bill to provide greater transparency, its real intent is to harass and intimidate those who might criticize members of Congress into silence during the midterm elections and beyond.

Big Labor doesn't want us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to inform the American people which candidates stand with them -- and which ones stand with the union elite.

But, of course, like all the other insider games here in Washington, there is a big loophole.

You see, Big Labor is exempted.

They'll still be free to spend their BILLION dollar forced-dues war chest in virtually any way they see fit in complete secrecy.

If passed, the so-called "Disclose Act" -- more properly referred to as the "Incumbent Protection Act" -- would:

* Impose sweeping new regulations on organizations like the National Right to Work Committee, to keep them quiet and cripple their effectiveness during election years;

* Force grassroots organizations to publicize and release the names of their top five contributors making them vulnerable to threats, intimidation or worse from political dissidents;

* Require organizations to expose the location of their top donor's home and workplace in the disclaimer at the end of every television ad.

The union bosses know they are running out of options to save their handpicked politicians before the November Elections. That's why they are going all out to silence you and me.

The fact is opposition from freedom-oriented groups like your National Right to Work Committee had the "Disclose Act" bottled up in the House of Representatives until the National Rifle Association cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to exempt itself and a few large liberal groups. This is all the more reason you must stand up and make your voice heard in the Senate right away.

You can Call the SENATE SWITCHBOARD -- 202-224-3121


Wild Thing's comment.......

I know we are all getting really tired of having to fight tooth and nail for our basic freedoms. sheesh. Holding the elected officials to the fire each and every time.

We have been fussing and fretting and writing and praying and campaigning and blogging and...................I could go on and on. This Administration is constantly busy trying to change America (and, certainly not for the better).. We're constantly pushing back and trying very hard to show them how we feel.

This administration is doing everything possible to wear us down. They are wrong! WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE DON'T QUIT. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

God keep all of us safe and give us the strength and courage to defend our freedoms and our country.

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September 22, 2010

Sen. Dick Durbin Vows to Keep Fighting for Passage of "The Dream Act"

Sen. Dick Durbin spoke on the Senate Floor today after a cloture vote failed 56-43 that would have brought up the Defense Authorization Bill with the “Dream Act” amendment attached to it.

Durbin vowed to continue fighting for the “Dream Act,” and challenged the “11 Republicans” who have supported it in the past to stop “cowering in the shadows” and vote for it when it is brought up again in the future.

Durbin called passage of the “Dream Act” his “highest priority.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Well I say thank you God that it did not pass.

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Harry Reid and Blanche Lincoln Vote "NO" on Cloture for Defense Bill

This is a video of Democrat Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Harry Reid voting “no” on the cloture vote to bring up the Defense Authorization Bill, which included amendments on getting rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and proposing passage of the “Dream Act.”

Reid was pushing for adoption of the bill and the amendments, but if you watch the video, you will see Blanche Lincoln enter the screen at the top right. She indicates her vote “no” on bringing up the bill. She then walks around to Harry Reid and pats him on the back while saying something to him. Then, notice that Reid walks back to his desk, faces the clerk and votes “no” on the bill.

From a friend that has been keeping up with this particular bill.

"Sen. Reid had to vote “No” if he wants to move to reconsider the bill at some point in the future. Thus, his “no” vote was a parliamentary decision.."

Wild Thing's comment........

I checked around and my friend is correct. The Senate rules are that by voting no Reid retains the right to re-introduce the bill. Otherwise it would be dead.

All R’s were no votes, except Murkowski who did not vote.
Here are all the votes:


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September 19, 2010

Documentary Film ....OVERDOSE: The Next Financial Crisis

This movie on the causes of the financial crisis was produced in Sweden by Henrik Devell, directed by Martin Borgs, and narrated by Johan Norberg, a Senior Fellow at Cato Institute.

Here is a description of from their web site:

In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what if their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? This is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age, the one that awaits us.
When the world’s financial bubble blew, the solution was to lower interest rates and pump trillions of dollars into the sick banking system. “The solution is the problem, that’s why we had a problem in the first place”. For Economics Nobel laureate Vernon Smith, the Catch 22 is self-evident. But interest rates have been at rock bottom for years, and governments are running out of fuel to feed the economy. “The governments can save the banks, but who can save the governments?” Forecasts predict all countries’ debt will reach 100% of GDP by next year. Greece and Iceland have already crumbled, who will be next?
The storm that would rock the world, began brewing in the US when congress pushed the idea of home ownership for all, propping up those who couldn’t make the down payments. The Market even coined a term, NINA loans: “No Income, No Assets, No Problem!” Enter FannieMae and FreddieMac, privately owned, government sponsored. “Want that vacation? Wanna buy some new clothes? Use your house as a piggie bank!” Why earn money to pay for your home when you can make money just living in it? With the government covering all losses, you’d have been a fool not to borrow.
The years of growth had been a continuous party. But when the punchbowl ran dry, instead of letting investors go home to nurse their hangovers as usual, the Federal Reserve just filled it up again with phoney money. For analyst Peter Schiff, the consequence of the spending binge was crystal clear: “we’re in so much trouble now because we got drunk on all that Fed alcohol”. Yet along with other worried experts, he was mocked and derided during the boom.
Have you taken out a mortgage, invested capital or bought shares? If you have, likelihood is you lost out in the latest bust. Governments promised decisive action, the biggest financial stimulus packages in history, gargantuan bailouts: but what crazed logic is this, propping up debt with…more debt? This documentary brings an entirely fresh voice to the hottest topic of today.


Wild Thing's comment........

Of all the presidents our country has had NO one has done more damage then Obama and NO party has done more damage then the democrats. And sadly and with extreme outrage this has all mostly been done since the Dems gained the majority in both houses and then when Obama got in our White House.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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September 18, 2010

Los Angeles Has Used $111 Million in Stimulus Cash to Create a Mere 55 Jobs

City Controller Releases Audits of how Los Angeles has used Federal Stimulus Money

$111 Million in ARRA Funds Has Only Created 55 Jobs So Far


by Wendy Greuel ........LA City Controller's Office

September 16th, 2010

Continuing her efforts to ensure that taxpayer money is spent efficiently and effectively, City Controller Wendy Greuel released two audits today of how the City of Los Angeles has used American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. The audits looked at the how the two departments that have received the largest amount of ARRA funding so far – the Department of Transportation (LADOT) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) – have used those funds and how many jobs were created. Los Angeles becomes the largest City in America to conduct an audit of how ARRA funds have been expended.

DPW has received $70.65 million and created or retained 45.46 jobs, though they are expected to create 238 jobs overall (the fraction of a job created or retained correlates to the number of actual hours works). LADOT has been awarded $40.8 million and created or retained 9 jobs, though they are expected to create 26 jobs overall. Overall, the Departments have received $111 million in federal stimulus funds out of the $594 million the City has been awarded so far and created or retained 54.46 jobs.

“I’m disappointed that we’ve only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million in ARRA funds. With our local unemployment rate over 12% we need to do a better job cutting the red tape and putting Angelenos back to work,” said City Controller Greuel. “While it doesn’t appear that any of the ARRA funds were misspent, the City needs to do a better job expediting the process and creating jobs.We’re going to continue to audit how these funds are spent, to ensure that they are expended quickly and correctly. I’m pleased that since our auditors completed their field work, the Departments have begun to implement the changes we identified to help get this money out the door faster.”

Some of the findings of the audits included:

** DPW's policies need to be strengthened in order to ensure transparent and accurate tracking of ARRA funds and related expenditures.

The Department's process for using work orders for ARRA projects makes it difficult to distinguish between ARRA-related expenditures and expenditures using City funds.

Billing costs for reimbursement are not always submitted in a timely manner and did not always include all costs. In addition, the Bureau of Sanitation's negotiated agreements for storm water projects stipulate quarterly— not monthly—billing.

** DPW's existing processes may not be sufficient to expend funds quickly and promote job creation and stimulate the economy.

Some of the Department's ARRA-funded projects have taken many months to award contracts and start construction, meaning the local economy is not impacted immediately, which was the initial goal of ARRA.

** LADOT's could improve their contracting processes to expedite ARRA funds being spent to create and retain jobs.

Some of the LADOT's ARRA-funded projects have taken many months to award contracts and start construction.For example, four of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) projects were not sent out to bid until at least seven months after they were authorized by the State/FHWA.

The Department's typical contracting processes, which follow a standard framework to comply with established Federal, State and City policies, may not be the best approach to ensure that ARRA projects have an immediate impact on local economy.


Wild Thing's comment........

OMG....LOL I am so sorry but this is soooo stupid, beyond stupid. And this is how the left thinks, that it is OK to do something like this.

Every time we may think we’ve plumbed the depths of ‘Rat incompetence, corruption, mendacity, and malfeasance they hit us with more.

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September 06, 2010

South Carolina GOP Has FINALLY Had Enough and Censures Linidsey Graham

Aiken GOP censures Graham

South Carolina Republican Party members have had enough from progressive Senator Lindsey Graham. The Aiken County Republican Party recently approved a formal censure of the controversial senator.

Herald Online

The Aiken County Republican Party has approved a formal censure of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

The party’s executive committee took the action Thursday, joining a handful of other county parties, including Greenville’s GOP.

Committee member Pete Seaha, who also is the Aiken County Tea Party chairman, wrote the resolution and introduced it at the meeting. The resolution states in part that Graham won’t be invited to any party meetings or events.

“I don’t believe the senator is sticking to conservative Republican principles,” said Seaha. “In my mind, the senator has disrespected his constituents. He has said publicly on a talk show that he didn’t care what they thought.”

Seaha said it was his understanding that 18 people on the executive committee supported the resolution, while two opposed it and two abstained.

Kevin Bishop, a Graham spokesman, said via e-mail that while some of the senator’s friends may not want to meet with him, “his door will always be open. Sen. Graham respects those who disagree with him, but he strongly believes we need to keep an open dialogue.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

I bet his vote for Kagan sealed the deal about their decision. And there was also his relentless push for amnesty, heck there is a whole list one could mention. In the past Lindsey has publicly stated he pays little attention to the desires of his constituents.

Remember when he said this just a little while back........

“Everything I’m doing now in terms of talking about climate, talking about immigration, talking about Gitmo is completely opposite of where the tea party movement’s at,” Graham says. “The problem with the tea party, I think, is it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.”

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August 14, 2010

REAL or FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake?

This video is about the government’s wasteful spending. You may be surprised to hear what some of your tax dollars are helping to fund.

Joke-telling robots, expensive walking tunnels, Blackberries for smokers, and training American prostitutes to drink responsibly. What do these things have in common? They're all questionable government spending projects in a time when our economy is struggling and people can't get jobs....or, maybe we just made them up.

Put yourself to the test. See if you can outwit the Rebel Economist before she stumps you. So what is it: REAL or FAKE?


Wild Thing's comment.......

The government is out of control.

What did Dirksen say? A million here, a million there and pretty soon you are talking about real money.

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Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

U.S. Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

The U.S. Government now officially considers people who "make numerous references to the Constitution" to be "potential terrorists"


Source for what is posted below:

Just a little context drawn from the Homeland Security intelligence briefing of April 7, 2009 (The abbreviation U/FOUO means unclassified/for official use only.):

(U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current
Economic and Political Climate Fueling
Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment
7 April 2009

(U) Prepared by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Homeland Environment Threat Analysis
Division. Coordinated with the FBI.

* (U) Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or
rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

— (U//LES) Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first
African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new
members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal
through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.


Wild Thing's comment..........

I wonder what America's founders would think now their beautiful Constitution they left for us to protect citizens from their government has been spit on, raped, dismantled and branded "terrorist literature" .

Communist goals #'s

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture."

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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August 06, 2010

Portland Lemonade Stand Runs Into Health Inspectors, Needs $120 License to Operate

Seven-year-old Julie Murphy of Oregon City still smiles about her enterprise despite running afoul of county inspectors for an unlicensed lemonade stand at Last Thursday.

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

It's hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.

So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.

Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at the Last Thursday monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license.

Turns out that kids' lemonade stands -- those constants of summertime -- are supposed to get a permit in Oregon, particularly at big events that happen to be patrolled regularly by county health inspectors.

"I understand the reason behind what they're doing and it's a neighborhood event, and they're trying to generate revenue," said Jon Kawaguchi, environmental health supervisor for the Multnomah County Health Department. "But we still need to put the public's health first."

Julie had become enamored of the idea of having a stand after watching an episode of cartoon pig Olivia running one, said her mother, Maria Fife. The two live in Oregon City, but Fife knew her daughter would get few customers if she set up her stand at home.

Plus, Fife had just attended Last Thursday along Portland's Northeast Alberta Street for the first time and loved the friendly feel and the diversity of the grass-roots event. She put the two things together and promised to take her daughter in July.

The girl worked on a sign, coloring in the letters and decorating it with a drawing of a person saying "Yummy." She made a list of supplies.

Then, with gallons of bottled water and packets of Kool-Aid, they drove up last Thursday with a friend and her daughter. They loaded a wheelbarrow that Julie steered to the corner of Northeast 26th and Alberta and settled into a space between a painter and a couple who sold handmade bags and kids' clothing.

Even before her daughter had finished making the first batch of lemonade, a man walked up to buy a 50-cent cup.

"They wanted to support a little 7-year-old to earn a little extra summer loot," she said. "People know what's going on."
Even so, Julie was careful about making the lemonade, cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer, using a scoop for the bagged ice and keeping everything covered when it wasn't in use, Fife said.

After 20 minutes, a "lady with a clipboard" came over and asked for their license. When Fife explained they didn't have one, the woman told them they would need to leave or possibly face a $500 fine.

Surprised, Fife started to pack up. The people staffing the booths next to them encouraged the two to stay, telling them the inspectors had no right to kick them out of the neighborhood gathering. They also suggested that they give away the lemonade and accept donations instead and one of them made an announcement to the crowd to support the lemonade stand.

That's when business really picked up -- and two inspectors came back, Fife said. Julie started crying, while her mother packed up and others confronted the inspectors. "It was a very big scene," Fife said.
Technically, any lemonade stand -- even one on your front lawn -- must be licensed under state law, said Eric Pippert, the food-borne illness prevention program manager for the state's public health division. But county inspectors are unlikely to go after kids selling lemonade on their front lawn unless, he conceded, their front lawn happens to be on Alberta Street during Last Thursday.
"When you go to a public event and set up shop, you're suddenly engaging in commerce," he said. "The fact that you're small-scale I don't think is relevant."
Kawaguchi, who oversees the two county inspectors involved, said they must be fair and consistent in their monitoring, no matter the age of the person. "Our role is to protect the public," he said.

The county's shutdown of the lemonade stand was publicized by Michael Franklin, the man at the booth next to Fife and her daughter. Franklin contributes to the Bottom Up Radio Network, an online anarchist site, and interviewed Fife for his show.

Franklin is also organizing a "Lemonade Revolt" for Last Thursday in August. He's calling on anarchists, neighbors and others to come early for the event and grab space for lemonade stands on Alberta between Northeast 25th and Northeast 26th.

As for Julie, the 7-year-old still tells her mother "it was a bad day." When she complains about the health inspector, Fife reminds her that the woman was just doing her job. She also promised to help her try again -- at an upcoming neighborhood garage sale.

While Fife said she does see the need for some food safety regulation, she thinks the county went too far in trying to control events as unstructured as Last Thursday.

"As far as Last Thursday is concerned, people know when they are coming there that it's more or less a free-for-all," she said. "It's gotten to the point where they need to be in all of our decisions. They don't trust us to make good choices on our own."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Welcome... to Obamaville. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of any major health concerns stemming from a kid with a lemonade stand. Idiot(money hungry), bureaucrats.

So othey come down hard on an adorable liittle girl about a permit and they can't or won't do anything about ILLEAGALS that is OK so they can go and rape and kill and do what they want in our country. Amazing!!!

Too bad she is not an illegal, then she not only would not need a permit, but heck our government would give her free stuff.

I remember when lots of kids had lemonade stands with no problems, but that was in the early 50s, when America was the USA, not the new USSA.

As I am posting this, they just announced on FOX News on the Fox and friends show that little seven-year-old Julie Murphy will be on their show this morning. If you read this before she comes on you might want to turn it on and see what she has to say.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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August 05, 2010

New Cigarette Law Snags Cartons For Troops Too

Due to the PACT act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking), grandfather and retired military man Jack Gray can't send his grandson's -- Lance Cpl. Thomas Gray -- favorite type of cigarettes through the U.S. Postal service to where the 19-year-old is stationed in Afghanistan. (By Matt Stone, The Courier-Journal) Aug. 3, 2010 (CJ)

New cigarette law snags cartons for troops too

Courier Journal - Kentucky

A new federal law intended to make sure mail-order cigarette sellers don’t avoid taxes is frustrating well-meaning people who want to mail smokes, including a Louisville man who can no longer send Marlboro Menthols to his grandson, a Marine serving in Afghanistan.

“Why punish a serviceman with this act when he can’t even have a cigarette over there,” Jack Gray said. “That’s not believable.”

It’s an unintended consequence of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act, or PACT Act as it’s known for short, said a spokeswoman for the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Herbert Kohl, D-Wisc.

Besides foiling mail-order sellers that avoid taxes, the law also seeks to prevent minors from circumventing age limits by buying cigarettes through the mail.

In response to the law, which was passed and signed by President Obama in March, the U.S. Postal Service adopted a new policy at the end of June that nearly bans mailing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Most exceptions require they be sent via Express Mail, which allows the post office to confirm the package is delivered to an adult.

But Express Mail isn’t available in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gray found out about the new law recently when he went to mail a package to his grandson, which he does occasionally.

“It was a bolt out of the blue,” Gray said.

“We are working to fix it as soon as possible,” Kohl spokeswoman Dawn Schueller said Tuesday. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, filed a bill July 30 to create an exemption for mailing tobacco to members of the Armed Forces in combat zones. The bill has been referred to a committee.

UPS hasn’t delivered cigarettes to consumers since 2005, spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said, adding that the decision came as various states passed restrictions. She said the postal service was the last major commercial carrier delivering cigarettes to consumers.

A FedEx spokeswoman said the company only ships tobacco products between licensed distributors.
Several national groups such as the American heart and lung associations supported the PACT Act for its restrictions on minors buying cigarettes over the Internet and the crack down on sales that avoid taxes.

But the new law has prompted frustrated discussion on a Website for parents of Marines and led to the creation of a Facebook page calling for the law to be changed.

Gray said his grandson, Lance Cpl. Thomas H. Gray, 20, a 2008 Valley High graduate, has been in Afghanistan since April. Gray said he mailed him cigarettes at least four times before the new policy.

“He can’t get the kind of cigarettes he likes over there,” Gray said, adding that he hasn’t talked to his grandson in a couple weeks, so they haven’t discussed the policy change.

Native Americans in New York, who sell cigarettes by mail-order and otherwise didn’t have to enforce state taxes, are challenging it in federal court.

“But this is not a case of trying to sell cigarettes,” Gray said of his situation. “This is a case of trying to get a cigarette to a guy that’s over there in a combat zone. He’s gonna smoke ‘em. He ain’t gonna sell ‘em.”

The bill included a provision that allows cigarettes to be mailed to individuals “who are not minors for noncommercial purposes.”

“We included that provision specifically to allow care packages to service members,” Kohl spokeswoman Schueller said, acknowledging that the Postal Service used Express Mail to verify the age of the recipient.

“We’re just following the law, said David Walton, a USPS spokesman in Louisville. “The ban is not something that we initiated. It’s a law that’s very exacting.”

As for sending the package without declaring what’s inside, Walton said packages being mailed overseas require a customs form and anyone caught lying about the contents could be prosecuted.

Denra Riley, president of the Fort Campbell Enlisted Spouses’ Club, said she’s aware of complaints about the new law, including from her husband, Sgt. First Class Christopher Riley of the 184th EOD Battalion out of Fort Campbell.

“I can’t help him out any more and it kind of does stink to be a spouse and not be able to send your husband things he” wants, she said.

“We do have a lot of soldiers complaining about it and I have heard a few spouses, myself included, that kind of don’t agree with it,” she said.

Riley said she thinks it would be a bigger issue, but “people are still going to do it. They’re just not going to put it on the forms any longer.”

But Gray said he doesn’t want to do that.

“I don’t advocate breaking the law,” he said. “But it’s just wrong, plain flat out wrong, to punish a Marine over there because of a tax law over here.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

I really don't like it when someone pushes their own agenda on others. When it comes to our troops IMO they should be able to get things they need and or want. Obama and his ilk don't get that being in the military is NOT the same as being a civilian and he keeps wanting to treat the mililtary like some kind of baby sitter in war time instead of warriors highly trained for what they do.

I will also add that I know this will never happen, but I would like to see that those serving would not have to pay for anything. Let them get pay and keep it, do whatever they want with it or blow it on something fun whatever. But they should not have to pay for anything not even toothpaste. I would rather see my tax dollars paying for things our troops need then, taking all that crap Pelosi etc. stuck in the various stimulus packages.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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July 26, 2010

Guess what part of the Constitution goes next!??!!

Guess what part of the Constitution goes next!

Drastic change in works to revamp whole Electoral College


Democrats have found yet another way to circumvent the U.S. Constitution: Bypass the Electoral College and elect a president by popular vote without first passing an amendment to the founding document, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

The Massachusetts Senate has joined five other states in passing a National Popular Vote bill to do just that. It approved the legislation July 15 by a margin of 28-10.

The National Popular Vote, which already passed the Massachusetts House, is within one final "enactment vote" in the Massachusetts Senate before the measure can be ready for the governor's signature, the Boston Globe reported.
"Under the proposed law, all 12 of the state's electoral votes would be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally," according to the report.

"The idea is that Massachusetts will instruct its electors in the Electoral College to vote for the candidate receiving the majority of presidential election votes nationally, regardless of how the state's own voters cast their ballots," Corsi explained.

The Massachusetts National Popular Vote bill, if signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick, will not go into effect until states possessing a majority of Electoral College votes pass similar legislation.

The movement is popularly characterized as "One Person, One Vote for President," a slogan designed to suggest the Electoral College method of counting presidential votes is "unfair" under a 14th Amendment "One Vote, One Person" definition of voter rights.

Critics fear the movement, if successful, could turn the entire nation into a potential "Florida 2000" battleground in close elections.

"Even in states where a candidate lost by a huge margin, every vote would need to be examined, a catastrophic, costly scenario," John Cork wrote in The New York Times.

"It would become possible, in a three-party race, for a candidate to fail to win even a single state but take the popular vote," he continued. "Do we really want to create a system where New York electoral votes could be determined by voters in Utah or Alaska?"

Corsi argues that a national movement to pass National Popular Vote legislation in the state legislatures has been motivated by Democrats who remain fixated on the idea that George W. Bush "stole" the 2000 presidential election, supposedly by relying on a Supreme Court decision to get Florida's electoral votes. They say the decision denied Al Gore the presidency, even though Gore got the majority of popular votes cast throughout the United States.

Once enough states possessing a majority of the electoral votes (270 of the 538 electors nationally) have enacted similar laws, the presidential candidate winning the most votes nationally would be assured a majority of the Electoral College votes, regardless of how other states vote or how their electors are distributed.

Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland and Washington have already adopted national-popular-vote bills.

These states add up to 61 electoral votes, 23 percent of the 270 electoral votes needed to activate the legislation: Illinois, 20 electoral votes; New Jersey, 15 votes; Hawaii, 4 votes; Maryland, 10 votes; and Washington state, 11 votes.

The bill has passed 30 legislative chambers in 20 states, Corsi wrote. The National Popular Vote movement is already one-fourth of the way to accomplishing its goal.

"If the National Public Vote movement succeeds," he added, "the president might be chosen by the popular-vote winner in 10 or 11 of the most populous states."


Wild Thing's comment.......

The bill approved by the Senate 28-10 last week is part of a nationwide effort to secure the agreement of enough states so the winner of the national popular vote would be guaranteed to win the presidency.

The bill will not go into effect until states possessing a majority of Electoral College votes pass similar legislation. Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii and Washington state have approved the measure.

HORRIBLE! This maneuver will give the voting power to the socialist laden urban areas at the expense of the Conservative rural areas.

I bet this is all part of the mass amnesty plan. Once that happens, they’ll always win popular vote. And the republic is cooked.

This is unconstitutional!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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July 23, 2010

Obama to Allow Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire

Mark Levin excoriates Geithner

White House to Allow Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the Obama administration will allow tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire on schedule despite calls from a small but increasingly vocal group of Democrats to delay any tax increases.

Geithner said the White House will allow taxes on top earners to increase on Jan. 1, 2011, as part of an effort to help bring down the mounting budget deficit. He said the White House still plans to extend tax cuts for middle- and lower-income Americans and expects to undertake a broader tax overhaul next year.

"We believe it is appropriate to let those tax cuts that go to the most fortunate expire," Mr. Geithner said at a breakfast with reporters, hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

He also rejected concerns voiced by business groups and many Republicans that the administration's economic policies are creating uncertainty and holding back private investment. "Business always wants their taxes lower and always wants to live with less regulation," he said, adding that U.S. firms are "doing very well…competing around the world."


Pelosi rejects extending Bush tax cuts for wealthy

Wall Street Journal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday rejected extending tax cuts for the wealthiest tax bracket that are set to expire at the end of the year.

Pelosi took off the table a short-term extension of those cuts floated by some lawmakers in her own party.

"No," the speaker said at her weekly press conference when asked if the cuts for the highest bracket should be extended. "Our position has been that we support middle-class tax cuts."

The cuts implemented by President George W. Bush and Republicans in Congress are set to expire at the end of the year, allowing income tax rates to spring upward. Democrats have begun exploring a potential extension of the cuts, but only for households earning less than $250,000 per year.

"I believe the high-end tax cuts did not create any jobs, increased the deficit and should be repealed," she said.

A number of Democrats in the House and Senate in recent days have said they'd favor extending all of the tax cuts, partly because of the economy and partly because they fear any tax increases would be used against them in this fall's elections.

GOP lawmakers have hammered away at Democrats over the expiring cuts, incorporating them into their election year argument that Democrats would seek to raise taxes.

One option discussed by members of the House Ways and Means Committee would be to raise tax rates on families making more than $250,000, but delaying the rate increase until 2012.


FOX News contributor Andrea Tantaros on the future of the Bush tax cuts as some Democrats begin to support an extension of those cuts.

Bush Tax Cuts Roil Democrats

Wall Street Journal

Two more Senate Democrats called for extending tax cuts for all earners—including those with the highest incomes—in what appears to be a breakdown of the party's consensus on the how to handle the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts.

Sen. Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) said in an interview Wednesday that Congress shouldn't allow taxes on the wealthy to rise until the economy is on a sounder footing.
Sen. Ben Nelson (D., Neb.) said through a spokesman that he also supported extending all the expiring tax cuts for now, adding that he wanted to offset the impact on federal deficits as much as possible.

They are the second and third Senate Democrats to come out publicly in recent days in favor of extending all the tax breaks for the time being. Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) made similar comments last week.

"As a general rule, you don't want to be cutting spending or raising taxes in the midst of a downturn," Mr. Conrad said. "We know that very soon we've got to pivot and focus on the deficit. But it probably is too soon to cut spending or raise taxes."

The comments from the senators represent a departure from what appeared to be an emerging unified Democratic stance on the Bush tax cuts, which held that those for the wealthiest Americans should be allowed to expire.

President Barack Obama and most Democrats want to extend only the breaks benefiting taxpayers who make $250,000 or less.

Allowing breaks for higher earners to expire would push the top individual tax rate to 39.6% from 35%, and would raise rates on capital gains and dividends, too.

The breaks enacted in 2001 and 2003, which affect taxpayers of all income levels, expire at the end of this year.


Wild Thing's comment.......

The Bush tax cuts have been so demonized by the left .

The bulk of Democrats want to kick the people while they are down and then they want to keep them down. They do this in the hopes that people will believe that they can’t survive without them. That’s the problem with professional politicians........they never had a job in their life and couldn’t survive without Washington.

Now is the time for Republicans to come forward with a lot more tax cuts for the middle class - beyond just extending the Bush tax cuts. Let the Democrats go on record as opposing more tax cuts for the little people they claim to care so much about.

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July 07, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

CBS news

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency's computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a "controversial opinion," according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

The email was sent to all TSA employees from the Office of Information Technology on Friday afternoon.

It states that as of July 1, TSA employees will no longer be allowed to access five categories of websites that have been deemed "inappropriate for government access."

The categories include:

* Chat/Messaging

* Controversial opinion

* Criminal activity

* Extreme violence (including cartoon violence) and gruesome content

* Gaming

The email does not specify how the TSA will determine if a website expresses a "controversial opinion."

There is also no explanation as to why controversial opinions are being blocked, although the email stated that some of the restricted websites violate the Employee Responsibilities and Conduct policy.

The TSA did not return calls seeking comment by publication time.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Good grief. The USA is becoming a Maoist gulag is or on it's way there anyway.

This is about access from the office government computers. But private computers could be next I guess. Well then the Whitehouse.gov will be blocked. Very controversial! that one is for sure, with Obama at the helm.

I guess “Controversial” is defined as anything that does not fully embrace the propaganda of the Obamaviks.

Americans are beginning to learn what tyranny is all about. And forget Constitutional rights!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Texas Principals Lose in Religious Freedom Case Involving Confiscated Candy Canes

Texas principals lose in religious freedom case involving confiscated candy canes

Jewish World Review

By Anna M. Tinsley

This week, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that the principals can be liable for not letting students in 2001 and 2003 hand out their candy canes pens with descriptions as well as pencils that read, "Jesus is the reason for the season.''

"This is a big win for the First Amendment and for millions of students nationwide,'' said Kelly Shackelford, president of the Plano-based conservative Liberty Institute, which represents the families in the lawsuit.

Josh Skinner of Dallas, attorney for principals Lynn Swanson of Thomas Elementary School and Jackie Bomchill of Rasor Elementary, said he and his clients will now decide whether to appeal to the full appeals court, the U.S. Supreme Court or both.

"We think the court is wrong,'' he said, adding that keeping the principals involved in the lawsuit personally opens them up to punitive damages of tens of thousands of dollars that someday might be awarded. "The court fails to recognize the confusion that exists in the law.''

One case involved pencils that a girl tried to distribute in 2001. Another involved a third-grade boy who tried to pass out candy canes and attached cards in 2003. The lawsuit also cited other cases of students not being allowed to hand out items with religious themes.

In 2005, the Plano school district updated rules about when students can hand out religious-themed items — before and after school, at recess, at designated tables during school hours and at three annual parties.

Those rules were upheld as constitutional last year by the appeals court, but parents in the case filed an appeal. Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the Plano parents who disagree with those rules.

In this case, though, the principals unsuccessfully sought to be pulled out of the lawsuit.

But Skinner said an appeal gives him "a good chance of explaining … how this part of the law is very confusing ... and how our clients shouldn't be held personally liable.''

Another issue in the ruling was whether elementary school students "have a First Amendment right to be free from religious-viewpoint discrimination while at school,'' according to the court document.

The judges ruled that "it has been clear for over half a century that the First Amendment protects elementary school students from religious-viewpoint discrimination.''
"This is a pretty strong ruling,'' Shackelford said. "It not only firmly establishes the First Amendment rights of students … but it says these violations are so extreme (that the judges) will hold school administrators personally liable.''

Wild Thing's comment.......

I had not heard about this case. Why can't they Christmas alone, it is Jesus birthday and they sure do hate it and Him.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 29, 2010

Government Must “Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!”

Rick Santelli on fire, speaking for the American People and shouting to the Obama Administration that they must “Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending.”

That's what we want! Stop spending," Rick Santelli yelled from the floor of the Chicago Board of Traders.

"Go back to Russia where you understand the state and the citizen," Santelli told CNBC analyst Steve Liesman after he argued against the benefits of tax cuts.


Rick Santelli hammering his colleague, and liberal economist Steve Liesman for advocating high government spending as opposed cutting taxes to help the economy. Santelli said it’s time for government to be more prudent, and Liesman challenged him by asking, “When are we going to do that?” Santelli responded with “November 2. November 2 is the day.” He was referring to Election Day, November 2, as the moment when America can turn back from the radical course of the Obama Administration.


Hotel owner Steve Wynn describes this administration and Congress's policies. As he says repeatedly, it is a combination of the insane spending and regulatory policies of the Democrats and the complete uncertainty this creates for business.

And also this from American Thinker:

by James Simpson

Nothing discourages business more than uncertainty, and the Obama administration has introduced a climate of uncertainty in this country that is unprecedented in our history. Even during war, no American ever seriously believed anyone would come along and attempt to change the fundamental structure of our society. But it is happening now before our eyes!

The corruption of this administration, the fraud occupying the White House and the revolting, despicable scumbags running Congress, defy description. They are corrupt, subhuman slugs.


Wild Thing's comment........

God bless Rick Santelli and Steve Wynn.

How long before biden calls Santelli and Steve Wynn a “smartass”?

After what Obama did to Las Vegas, it is unforgivable how he destroyed it's economy with his comments and threats.

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June 28, 2010

Financial De-form

Financial Deform

Investors Business Daily

Regulation: The financial reform bill that's about to be passed is reform in name only. It does little to correct the problems that led to our meltdown, and may do more harm by giving people a false sense of security.

The media have called this "compromise" legislation the most sweeping change in U.S. financial regulation since the 1930s. Which is saying a lot.

The two sponsors, Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Chris Dodd, are as much responsible for the financial crisis as any two people in America. Yet, we're now supposed to believe that they, and their flailing party, which can't even meet its legal obligation to produce a budget, have now fixed our financial system.

President Obama crowed about it in the press, and planned to use the bill as leverage in negotiations with his European counterparts at the G-20 meeting. Obama hopes to sign the bill by July 4.

Before you get too excited, you should know the "compromise" in Dodd-Frank isn't between Republicans and Democrats, but between Democrats and Democrats. In short, it's the left's idea of how to regulate Wall Street. And while some things in the bill aren't bad, most of it is.

We won't go into everything the bill would do, since the 2,000-page tome can't be distilled into a few easy-to-digest bullet points. But what we can tell you is what it doesn't do, which is plenty. In fact, the bill fails to address any of the key issues raised by the 2007-08 market meltdown, while imposing onerous new restrictions on both banks and consumers.

For instance: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were inarguably at the heart of the financial crisis, and which have already cost U.S. taxpayers $146 billion (with hundreds of billions more on the way), aren't addressed in this bill at all.

This is insane, given the role these two government-sponsored enterprises played both in encouraging lending to poor, unqualified homebuyers and repackaging those securitized loans for resale to banks and investors around the world.

Worse, the bill does nothing to amend the "too-big-to-fail" doctrine that has guided U.S. banking policy for decades. Any bank that runs into trouble can still walk up to Uncle Sam's borrowing window and, hand outstretched, ask for money. And if the bank is politically connected or very large, it will get it.

This puts every small bank, investor or lender at a huge disadvantage, since they're most certainly not "too big to fail." This is a big reason why the biggest U.S. banks didn't squawk too much about the legislation. As bad as it is, it gives them a competitive edge.

The bill also gives federal regulators sweeping new powers to seize and break up financial firms. Good idea, you say? Remember: The government also gets to decide what is a "financial" firm. Does GM, which makes loans, fall into that category? How about Wal-Mart, which issues its own credit cards?

In effect, this lets the government seize and dismantle the assets of almost any company — and then force others to pay for it.

The bill also creates a new agency inside the Federal Reserve that will have extensive power over consumer lenders. Hold the applause, because likely new limits on checking account fees and interest on credit cards will mean less access to credit, not more.

Another part of the bill, and one that's gotten little attention, makes changes to the amount of capital banks must keep to back up their loans. Banks eventually will be forced to raise more capital, or to reduce their lending. It also gives the government oversight over the $600 trillion derivatives market, without telling us what the rules will be. That, no doubt, will be left to bureaucrats.

We've just scratched the surface here. We'll have more to say in coming weeks as we plow through this monster of a bill that appears to reform little but harm a lot.


Lawmakers guide Dodd-Frank bill for Wall Street reform into homestretch

The Washington Post

Nearly two years after tremors on Wall Street set off a historic economic downturn, congressional leaders greenlighted a bill early Friday that would leave the financial industry largely intact but facing a more powerful network of regulators who could impose limits on risky activities.

The final bill took shape after a 20-hour marathon negotiation between House and Senate leaders seeking to reconcile their separate versions. The legislation puts a lot of faith in the watchful eye of regulators to prevent another financial crisis. New agencies would police consumer lending, the invention of financial products and the trading of exotic securities known as derivatives. Bank supervisors would have the power to seize large, troubled financial firms whose collapse could threaten the entire system. The bill calls for banks to hold more money in reserve to weather economic storms but leaves the details to regulators.

The House and Senate are set to vote on the legislation next week, and administration officials said President Obama could sign it into law before July 4.


The bill's final passage would set off a rush of activity. Two long-standing bank regulators would be combined, and regulators would have to launch more than 20 studies on controversial topics such as limiting the risky activities of big financial firms and setting precise capital reserve standards for banks.

Some administration officials acknowledged that leaving so much decision-making in the hands of regulators could open the process to lobbying by the financial industry. Many bank supervisors, in fact, work inside the headquarters of the biggest financial firms and have close relationships with the executives of the companies they regulate.

Among the first tasks for the administration would be to set up a new consumer protection bureau that would monitor credit card companies, mortgage brokers and banks to make sure consumers have clear information about financial products.

The new agency, while housed in the Federal Reserve, would have its own budget and director appointed by the president and would have wide authority to write consumer protection rules and enforce them with civil penalties. It could, for instance, force mortgage lenders to be more upfront about possible interest increases in adjustable-rate loans. During the crisis, many borrowers were caught off guard by the rise in rates on such loans.


"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."

Wild Thing's comment........

Kiss individual freedom good-bye and kiss capitalism good-bye.

Soros has been pushing this, wants more global controls on US and our economy.

Look at this that Chris Dodd said sheesh! ......"“It’s a great moment. I’m proud to have been here,” said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we’ve done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done.”

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 14, 2010

Obama Pushes New $80 Billion Stimulus Adding to $1.6 Trillion Deficit


"This appears to be the first time, in the modern era, that the House is not even going to consider a budget. ... Every family knows that in a tough time, it's more important to have a budget, not less. If you think that they're going to move a budget on Capitol Hill, you must obviously believe that Elvis is still alive. ... That's why I gave the President a letter this week with 100 economists saying that cutting spending now will, in fact, help get the economy moving again and get jobs back to the country."


"Listen, I'm concerned about the plight of teachers, firemen, policemen who face the real possibility that they may be laid off. But to send this letter up here on a Saturday night with no opportunity to cut spending elsewhere in a budget strikes me as a little different. ... The fact is the spending spree in Washington is continuing to run unabated. The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs, 'stop!' And to move this, without finding other offsets in spending, I think is irresponsible. It's just putting more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. And it really begs the question, why don't we have a budget this year?"


"The American people want this oil leak stopped now. They want to know what happened. They want the Gulf cleaned up, and they want it all done now. And I just think that BP ought to be held responsible for all of the costs that are involved in this. I said that right from the beginning, and I continue to believe that. I'm not sure that the federal government, though, was -- isn't also responsible. The laws that were in place, the materials that should have been in place for a spill this size, were not. And the reaction, I think, on the part of the Administration has been slow. But having said that, it's time to get this thing stopped now."
"I said from the beginning, BP needs to pay for the entire cost of this. But ... this is a failure of government. Government is there to protect our shores, to protect our environment. And there's been a real failure here. We've been asking for 55 days, where are the inspection reports from this rig? The Administration won't give them to us."


"I think the Israelis have a clear right to defend themselves. When you look at this Flotilla that came over, the first five ships that were inspected, there was no problem at all. It's pretty clear to many of us who looked into this, that this last ship was intended to be a problem, intended to cause a conflict. And this is part of a much bigger problem that we see with the Administration, where we've coddled our enemies, and pushed our friends aside in the process, raising a lot of doubts around the world, including the people of Israel, who are having serious doubts about our commitment to them, our closest ally in the Middle East."


"Our goal is to take the majority in the House. We've got 100 seats in play, we have a real shot at winning the Majority, so that we can put a check on this Administration and all of the spending that's out of control here in Washington, D.C."


Obama Pushes New $80 Billion Stimulus Adding to $1.6 Trillion Deficit


Obama Pushes New $80 Billion Stimulus Adding to $1.6 Trillion Deficit– President Barack Obama and his aides are stepping up a push for further government spending to boost the economy as signs grow of the recovery's fragility.

The White House is calling for Congress to urgently pass measures to extend jobless benefits, aid cash-strapped states and provide targeted tax breaks to encourage research and development by businesses.

Obama's Democratic allies, facing congressional elections in November, have grown cautious about additional spending. Seizing on voter anxiety about deficits, Republicans have cast the administration's policies as fiscally reckless as they seek to challenge Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.

"People are suffering out there. We want to keep this economy growing faster. We want to see an acceleration of job creation. And we have to take some steps to continue in that direction," top White House adviser David Axelrod told NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday.

His comments came a day after Obama wrote to congressional leaders, urging them to move swiftly to approve new measures to "spur job creation and build momentum toward recovery."

Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that would renew expiring unemployment benefits, and extend business and individual tax breaks. They would offset some of the bill's costs by raising taxes on hedge fund managers and other steps.

The bill complements one passed in the House of Representatives last month, which would authorize about $80 billion in new spending and add $31 billion to the deficit. The cost of the Senate version has not been estimated yet.

Obama also backs a separate measure that would provide cash to states to prevent teacher layoffs but a $23 billion version of that legislation recently failed in the Senate.

"What the president is saying is, we need to expend additional dollars to make sure that we don't have significant layoffs," House of Representatives Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat, told ABC's "This Week."


But Hoyer acknowledged growing concern about the U.S. deficit, which reached $1.4 trillion in 2009 and which the White House projects will hit $1.6 trillion in 2010.

"I think it's accurate that there's spending fatigue, not only on Capitol Hill, but around the country. People are concerned about the debt level, and we are, as well," Hoyer said. "But clearly, you cannot not continue to stimulate an economy that is still struggling to get out of the deep ditch that we found it in about 18 months ago."

In his letter to lawmakers, Obama said last year's $863 billion stimulus halted a freefall in the U.S. economy after the worst financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression.

The jobless aid and many of the other steps under consideration would extend provisions in last year's stimulus package, which Republicans have derided as a wasteful, big-government approach to economic policymaking.

The letter went to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, both Democrats, along with House Republican leader John Boehner and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

Obama warned that without additional aid, states could be forced to enact "massive layoffs" of teachers, firefighters and other employees.

Last week, state governors pressed Congress to extend a measure that temporarily increased the funds the federal government sends them for Medicaid, the healthcare program for the poor that eats up 20 percent of state budgets on average.

Without the six-month extension, estimated to cost $24 billion, states would be forced to lay off thousands of workers, the governors said. The extension was stripped from the jobs bill passed in the House but is included in the Senate bill.

"I'm concerned about the plight of teachers, firemen, policemen who face the real possibility that they may be laid off," Boehner said on "This Week" but he added such spending needed to be offset.
Boehner criticized what he said was a "spending spree in Washington" that has "run unabated."

Adding to concerns about the tepid recovery, the government reported on Friday that retail sales unexpectedly fell in May for the first time in eight months.

A week earlier, the May employment report showed businesses scaling back on hiring after a spurt in the prior two months. Private-sector payrolls grew only by 41,000 after expanding by 218,000 in April. Unemployment fell to 9.7 percent from 9.9 percent in April.

Economists fear the U.S. recovery could be further dampened by fallout from the European crisis that began in Greece.

"We don't take anything for granted. We have to keep pushing forward and we should not be careless about pulling out of our stimulative efforts too quickly," Axelrod said.
He raised the example of Japan's economic stagnation and deflation in the 1990s to warn of the dangers the United States could face if it allows the stimulus to lapse too quickly.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama NO! NO!....HELL NO!

STOP the spending!!!

If the teachers didn’t pay so much to the unions, they wouldn’t need as much. This is nothing but another special interest bailout.

Can you believe these idiots are still wanting to spend MORE to solve the mess the democRATS created?
It is insanity. Obama is hell bent on destroying the economy.

This is a clear bailout for SEIU and other government workers unions. Amd the SEIU spends this money on donating to campaigns of democrats........ such as the November election coming up. We have topay for THIER side to freaking win?????? DAMN these people and DAMN obama!

He is working on all fronts to destroy us and it is obvious that he takes pleasure in each situation that he causes in which sane people say “What the F are you doing???!!”

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 11, 2010

Obama's Goal Is Economic Collapse.....Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse

Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse

Today's corporate profits reflect an income shift into 2010. These profits will tumble next year, preceded most likely by the stock market.

The Wall Street Journal

People can change the volume, the location and the composition of their income, and they can do so in response to changes in government policies.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the nine states without an income tax are growing far faster and attracting more people than are the nine states with the highest income tax rates. People and businesses change the location of income based on incentives.

Likewise, who is gobsmacked when they are told that the two wealthiest Americans—Bill Gates and Warren Buffett—hold the bulk of their wealth in the nontaxed form of unrealized capital gains? The composition of wealth also responds to incentives. And it's also simple enough for most people to understand that if the government taxes people who work and pays people not to work, fewer people will work. Incentives matter.

People can also change the timing of when they earn and receive their income in response to government policies.

According to a 2004 U.S. Treasury report, "high income taxpayers accelerated the receipt of wages and year-end bonuses from 1993 to 1992—over $15 billion—in order to avoid the effects of the anticipated increase in the top rate from 31% to 39.6%. At the end of 1993, taxpayers shifted wages and bonuses yet again to avoid the increase in Medicare taxes that went into effect beginning 1994."

Just remember what happened to auto sales when the cash for clunkers program ended. Or how about new housing sales when the $8,000 tax credit ended? It isn't rocket surgery, as the Ivy League professor said.

On or about Jan. 1, 2011, federal, state and local tax rates are scheduled to rise quite sharply. President George W. Bush's tax cuts expire on that date, meaning that the highest federal personal income tax rate will go 39.6% from 35%, the highest federal dividend tax rate pops up to 39.6% from 15%, the capital gains tax rate to 20% from 15%, and the estate tax rate to 55% from zero. Lots and lots of other changes will also occur as a result of the sunset provision in the Bush tax cuts.

Tax rates have been and will be raised on income earned from off-shore investments. Payroll taxes are already scheduled to rise in 2013 and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) will be digging deeper and deeper into middle-income taxpayers. And there's always the celebrated tax increase on Cadillac health care plans. State and local tax rates are also going up in 2011 as they did in 2010. Tax rate increases next year are everywhere.

Now, if people know tax rates will be higher next year than they are this year, what will those people do this year? They will shift production and income out of next year into this year to the extent possible. As a result, income this year has already been inflated above where it otherwise should be and next year, 2011, income will be lower than it otherwise should be.

Also, the prospect of rising prices, higher interest rates and more regulations next year will further entice demand and supply to be shifted from 2011 into 2010. In my view, this shift of income and demand is a major reason that the economy in 2010 has appeared as strong as it has. When we pass the tax boundary of Jan. 1, 2011, my best guess is that the train goes off the tracks and we get our worst nightmare of a severe "double dip" recession.

In 1981, Ronald Reagan—with bipartisan support—began the first phase in a series of tax cuts passed under the Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA), whereby the bulk of the tax cuts didn't take effect until Jan. 1, 1983. Reagan's delayed tax cuts were the mirror image of President Barack Obama's delayed tax rate increases. For 1981 and 1982 people deferred so much economic activity that real GDP was basically flat (i.e., no growth), and the unemployment rate rose to well over 10%.

But at the tax boundary of Jan. 1, 1983 the economy took off like a rocket, with average real growth reaching 7.5% in 1983 and 5.5% in 1984. It has always amazed me how tax cuts don't work until they take effect. Mr. Obama's experience with deferred tax rate increases will be the reverse. The economy will collapse in 2011.

Consider corporate profits as a share of GDP. Today, corporate profits as a share of GDP are way too high given the state of the U.S. economy. These high profits reflect the shift in income into 2010 from 2011. These profits will tumble in 2011, preceded most likely by the stock market.

In 2010, without any prepayment penalties, people can cash in their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Keough deferred income accounts and 401(k) deferred income accounts. After paying their taxes, these deferred income accounts can be rolled into Roth IRAs that provide after-tax income to their owners into the future. Given what's going to happen to tax rates, this conversion seems like a no-brainer.

The result will be a crash in tax receipts once the surge is past. If you thought deficits and unemployment have been bad lately, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Wild Thing's comment........

THEY ARE PUSHING US OVER THE CLIFF!!! An economic collapse is exactly what Obama wants to have happen.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 10, 2010

America Hating Wilder Publications Under Fire for Putting Warning Label on Constitution

Publishing Company Under Fire for Putting Warning Label on Constitution

FOX News

A small publishing company is under fire after putting warning labels on copies of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historical documents.

Wilder Publications warns readers of its reprints of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, the Articles of Confederation, and the Federalist Papers, among others, that....

“This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today.”

The disclaimer goes on to tell parents that they "might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work."

Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, says the company may be trying to ensure that oversensitive people don't pull its works off bookstore or library shelves.

"Any idea that’s 100 years old will probably offend someone or other," Olson told FoxNews.com. "…But if there’s anything that you ought to be able to take at a first gulp for yourself and then ask your parents if you're wondering about this or that strange thing, it should be the founding documents of American history."

The warning seems to be offending more people than the documents themselves.

Amazon.com’s customer reviews of Wilder’s copy of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation show an overwhelming number of people speaking out against the disclaimer, describing it as “insulting,” “sickening” and “frankly, horrifying.”
Another review for Wilder’s edition of the Federalist Papers calls for an all-out boycott of the publisher, sarcastically pointing out the "dangerous ideas" it’s trying to protect children from: "limited government, checks and balances, constrained judicial review, dual sovereignty of states and federal government, and deliberative democracy."

And though warning labels are usually posted to protect a company from potential lawsuits, constitutional attorney Noel Francisco says this disclaimer has no legal benefits.

"Would it ever be a legal concern that selling the Constitution would expose you to some kind of liability? No. Never,” Francisco told FoxNews.com. "The Constitution is the founding document of the country, an operative legal document."

As for the idea that this warning label might help keep these works from being yanked off bookshelves, Francisco says it is more likely to have the opposite effect: people not carrying the book because it has the disclaimer.

"By putting on the warning, you’re making controversial something that’s not controversial: our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence," he said.

Amazon customers appear to agree. Almost all of the reviews discussing the disclaimer end with the same thought: don't buy from this publisher.

Efforts to reach the publisher were unsuccessful.


Wild Thing's comment.........

If our founding fathers were alive, they would be preparing a new revolution.

“This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today.”

BULL SH*T! These values ARE the same values needed (and believed on today); these publishers are out of step of reality*!

This is their address:

A & D Publishing
PO Box 3005
Radford,Va 24143-3005

or contact: Wilder Publications

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 09, 2010

Super Tuesday Primaries Some Good, Some BAD and Some....God Help Us!

Voters Angry Over Government Spending


Pro-Obamacare Senator Blanche Lincoln (Democrat ) wins a close primary race in Arkansas. Blanche Lincoln's victory in Arkansas shows signs of weakness in her State for the SEIU and the far-left MoveOn.org crowd who sunk a lot of money trying to beat her.

American hero Joe “You Lie!” Wilson won his primary in South Carolina.

The tea-party pick Sharron Angle defeated more established rivals and appeared on track to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Nevada—which would give incumbent Democratic Sen. Harry Reid the opponent he had hoped to face. She has received endorsements from the Tea Party Express, Gun Owners of America and Mark Levin. She favors drastically reduced government. She’d like to do away with the IRS and the Department of Education.

State Attorney General Jerry Brown won the Democratic nomination for governor and Meg Whitman (the former eBay chief executive) won the Republican nomination .

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has won California's GOP primary for U.S. Senate, setting up a general election battle this fall with three-term Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. Fiorina was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's primary election in a Republican field that included former Rep. Tom Campbell and conservative Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine). Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina.

So it will be Meg Whitman vs. Jerry Brown, Carly Fiorina vs. Barbara Boxer In November in California.

State Rep. Nikki Haley pushed ahead of three rivals in the Republican gubernatorial race in South Carolina. She will face Rep. Gresham Barrett in a June 22 runoff.



This is VERY bad.....especialy in States like Ca. where the majority is democrat. This could spread to other States as well ~ Wild Thing

From Breitbart

California voters approve open primaries measure

California Proposition 14, Top Two Primaries Act (June 2010)

A California Top Two Primaries Act ballot proposition is on the June 8, 2010 ballot in California as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.
If approved by voters, the proposal will require that candidates run in a single primary open to all registered voters, with the top two vote-getters meeting in a runoff. The new system would take effect in the 2012 elections.
Specifically, it would provide for a "voter-nominated primary election" for each state elective office and congressional office in California. Voters could vote in the primary election for any candidate for a congressional or state elective office without regard to the political party affiliations of either the candidate or the voter. Candidates could choose whether or not to have their political party affiliation displayed on the ballot.
The proposition also prohibits political parties from nominating candidates in a primary, although political parties would be allowed to endorse, support or oppose candidates. Elections for presidential candidates, and for members of political party committees and party central steering committees would not fall under the "top two" system.

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June 08, 2010

Super Tuesday Primary Election-11 States Today

Harry Reid and Michelle Obama exercising????

Twelve states are holding primary contests Tuesday

FOX news

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces off against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in a Democratic primary runoff, while in Nevada Harry Reid will finally get an opponent in the Republican race to challenge the Senate majority leader.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is potentially endangered, will learn her challenger as voters in the state also decide who will win the Democratic and Republican nominations for the seat being vacated by term-limited two-term Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Democrat state Attorney General Jerry Brown, the former governor, wants his old job back. He will face either former eBay CEO Meg Whitman or state Assemblyman Steve Poizner.

In Nevada, three viable Republican candidates are hoping to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle has surged of late against businessman Danny Tarkanian and former state lawmaker Sue Lowden.

In the race for South Carolina governor, nothing is out of bounds, as months of attacks in the Republican primary have led up to a last-minute scandal throwing the race into chaos.

Establishment favorites also are challenged in primaries for House seats in Montana, New Jersey and Virginia. Also holding contests are Iowa, Maine, North Dakota and South Dakota.

A special election runoff is also being held in Georgia to fill the seat of Rep. Nathan Deal, who quit to focus on his Republican primary for governor, being held July 20.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Prayers for our cuontry. I pray Conservatives get out and vote more then ever before, and Conservatives win.

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June 07, 2010

U.S.'s $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) explaining how over 90% of all bills passed by the senate are passed without being read, without being scored by the CBO, without being voted on, and totally in secret

“You don’t get thirteen trillion dollars into debt by doing things right,” he says.


Barack Obama is poised to increase the U.S. debt to a level that exceeds the value of the nation’s annual economic output, a step toward what Bill Gross called a “debt super cycle.”

The CHART OF THE DAY tracks U.S. gross domestic product and the government’s total debt, which rose past $13 trillion for the first time this month. The amount owed will surpass GDP in 2012, based on forecasts by the International Monetary Fund. The lower panel shows U.S. annual GDP growth as tracked by the IMF, which projects the world’s largest economy to expand at a slower pace than the 3.2 percent average during the past five decades.

“Over the long term, interest rates on government debt will likely have to rise to attract investors,” said Hiroki Shimazu, a market economist in Tokyo at Nikko Cordial Securities Inc., a unit of Japan’s third-largest publicly traded bank. “That will be a big burden on the government and the people.”

Gross, who runs the world’s largest mutual fund at Pacific Investment Management Co. in Newport Beach, California, said in his June outlook report that “the debt super cycle trend” suggests U.S. economic growth won’t be enough to support the borrowings “if real interest rates were ever to go up instead of down.”

Dan Fuss, who manages the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund, which beat 94 percent of competitors the past year, said last week that he sold all of his Treasury bonds because of prospects interest rates will rise as the U.S. borrows unprecedented amounts. Obama is borrowing record amounts to fund spending programs to help the economy recover from its longest recession since the 1930s.

“The incremental borrower of funds in the U.S. capital markets is rapidly becoming the U.S. Treasury,” Boston-based Fuss said. “Do you really want to buy the debt of the biggest issuer?”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Just a passing thought but can you imagine a DeMint/Christie or Christie/DeMint ticket and Bachmann land Speaker of the House. heh heh

Jim DeMint is one of a handful that I think would do a great job in leading us to the restoration of our country.

Senator DeMint on the Bailout

We have seen this Government socialize our education system and make our schools among the worst in the world. We have seen this Government take over most of our health care system, making private insurance less and less affordable. We have seen this Government socialize our energy resources and bring our Nation to its knees by cutting the development of our own oil and natural gas supplies. And now we see this Congress yielding its constitutional obligations to a Federal bureaucracy, giving it the power to control virtually our entire financial system. Americans understand this and they are angry. They are our judge and our jury. They are watching what we are doing, and they will render their verdict based on our actions.
If we were honest with the American people and explained the failures that have led to this financial crisis, we might have the credibility to ask our citizens to allow us to borrow another $700 billion in their name to try to fix this problem. But we are not being honest. This problem was not created by our free enterprise system. It was created by us, the Congress and the Federal Government

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 03, 2010

Congressional Candidate Marine Corp Veteran, Rick Barber Forces a Run Off!

His opponent is a RINO!

On June 1st, after being outspent 7 to 1, Marine Corp Veteran Rick barber forces a Run off! 1 by the establishment-GOP’s chosen candidate .....Marine Corps veteran and tea party candidate Rick Barber forced a runoff election for the 2nd District’s Republican nomination.

“This experience has been thrilling, overwhelming, exhilarating, but, most of all, humbling,” said Rick Barber after learning that his campaign was going to be extended until July 13th.

“When I entered this race, nearly all of the pundits were saying that I had no chance. To force a runoff with an opponent who had national endorsements behind her is just amazing.”

Rick Barber has never run for elected office before. In 2009, he became a prominent tea party leader in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. He held tea party events at his place of business, spoke at several rallies, marched on Washington on 9/12, and even campaigned for Scott Brown in January to help the Massachusetts Senator win the 41st filibuster vote for the GOP.

“Throughout the campaign, we’ve been broke,” added Barber. “There were moments when we thought we couldn’t continue for another week, but around every corner there’s been a miracle. Tonight was just the latest and greatest miracle.”

The Rick Barber for Congress campaign now has six weeks to turn the tide in district 2 away from the handpicked GOP favorite Martha Roby who has spent more than $500,000 thus far in her bid to take the nomination.

“We’re not intimidated by Martha’s money,” said Barber.
“Our message has been the strength of our campaign from the start. We believe in limited government, lower taxes, the right to life and the US Constitution.”
“We’re not planning on deviating from a winning message.”
The runoff election will be held on July 13th, but, for the moment, the Barber campaign is enjoying its accomplishment. Being outspent 7 – 1, Rick Barber managed to force a runoff.

Wild Thing's comment.........

I LOVE his hard hitting ad!!!

Rick Barber is a Republican candidate for Alabama's Second Congressional District (southeast corner of the state).

His website...click HERE

Rick Barber at Facebook

This November, We The People must take America back!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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May 29, 2010

Obama to Snatch Up to 75% of Your Income

Obama to snatch up to 75% of your income


If President Obama repeals the Bush tax cuts and imposes a 20 percent value added tax, or VAT, on the U.S., Americans may be facing tax rates where more than half of everything earned is confiscated by the federal government in the form of income taxes, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

Add Social Security taxes and the tax burden quickly advances to more than 60 percent.

"Adding state property and income taxes to the burden, the amount government confiscates could be in the 75 percent range before Americans have a chance to vote Obama out of office in 2012," Corsi wrote. "Are Americans willing to be taxed 75 percent of every dollar earned?"

In a five-day work week, will Americans be willing to work four days for the government?" Corsi asked.

He said as Obama moves the U.S. in the direction of becoming a European-style social welfare state, it is important to consider taxation levels typical in Europe.

Corsi noted that even high levels of taxation are not sufficient in Europe to prevent debt levels from rising to crisis proportions, as has been seen in Greece and is looming on the horizon in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

"These are the real costs of income redistribution, as taxpayers are made to bear the taxation costs of generous pension plans for government employees at all levels of government – federal, state and local – as well as funding Social Security, paying for Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare and funding welfare, including educating the children of illegal immigrants in Spanish in public schools," he wrote. "There is no limit to generosity when it comes to socialist states providing social welfare benefits to increasingly government dependent populations."

Wild Thing's comment.......

A simple and easy to follow guide of our current circumstances:

The Road to Serfdom in Cartoons...


These peple are nuts. If they keep taking more from us, well I guess what they want is for everyone to be broke and then put us all on government help which is a way to rule our lives once more..... obama agenda 101.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Good For Rep. Michele Bachmann As She Blasts Democrats for Voting to Allow Another Federal Pay Raise!

Rep. Michele Bachmann blasts Democrats for voting to allow another federal pay raise!

From the floor of the U.S. House: Ms. Bachmann explains how both sides of the aisle are responsible for Government's out of control spending! Now Democrats are voting to allow themselves yet another federal pay raise!


Dems again brush off cuts sought by GOP's online initiative

By Michael O'Brien

The Hill

The House dismissed on Friday a Republican-led effort to freeze wages for non-military federal employees.

The House voted 227-183 to table a motion to recommit a defense authorization bill to kill a 1.4 percent pay raise for civilian federal employees proposed by the Obama administration.

The cuts were picked under the GOP's "YouCut" initiative, and was offered by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). Republicans said the cuts would have saved $30 billion over 10 years.

Three Republicans voted to keep the pay raises in place, while 18 Democrats joined the GOP in calling for the cut.

This vote was the second time Democrats brushed aside a GOP vote forced under the "YouCut" program, where online visitors and other supporters can vote on proposed spending cuts.

Democrats needled the GOP on Friday by submitting an item for next week's vote that would cut the funding for House Republicans' "America Speaking Out" initiative.


Wild Thing's comment........

A democrat steals from the productive and provides free services to the non-productive.

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May 25, 2010

The Next Bailout: $165B for Unions

The Next Bailout: $165B for Unions

FOX Business

Taxpayers could be on the hook for another $165 billion if a bill to bail out private union pension funds makes it through Congress.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) wants taxpayers to fork over $165 billion to bailout the troubled union pension funds.

A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds. If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

The bill, which would put the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation behind struggling pensions for union workers, is being introduced by Senator Bob Casey, (D-Pa.), who says it will save jobs and help people.

As FOX Business Network’s Gerri Willis reported Monday, these pensions are in bad shape; as of 2006, well before the market dropped and recession began, only 6% of these funds were doing well.

Although right now taxpayers could possibly be on the hook for $165 billion, the liability could essentially be unlimited because these pensions have to be paid out until the workers die.


Wild Thing's comment.......

For God's sake where does it stop. God save America from these communists.

So the unions raid the pensions and use the money to get politicians elected , then the politicians raid the treasury to bail out the unions, affectively stealing from the taxpayers. Some scam that is sheesh!

Look at this:

Unions to spend $100M in 2010 campaign to save Dem majorities

At least two influential unions will spend close to $100 million on the 2010 election, with most of those funds going to protect incumbents.
Union officials told The Hill they plan to help endangered members — particularly freshmen — who made politically difficult votes in a year during which an anti-incumbent mood has filled the country.
And the number will be even higher since the AFL-CIO declined to give its figures.
While the labor movement has displayed an aggressive tack in Democratic primaries, including supporting some challengers over incumbents, it remains concerned about the party retaining its congressional majorities.

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May 21, 2010

Obama Continues His Destruction Of America As Sweeping Wall Street Reform Bill Advances

Dr. Coburn on Fox with Neil Cavuto Discussing the Financial Reform Bill


Scott Brown Key to Wall St. Bill Passage

The Senate voted 60-40 to end debate on the bill as U.S. stocks fell sharply. Barney Frank, the Democratic head of a key House committee, told CNBC television news it is important to get financial reform approved quickly to ease market uncertainty. He said he expected Obama could sign a bill into law well before July 4.


In January, he broke the Democrats’ lock on the Senate.

On Thursday, he gave it back.

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) effectively became the 60th vote to cut off debate on Wall Street reform Thursday – a far cry from when Republicans were hailing him as the 41st GOPer who was going to stand up to the Democrats’ agenda. Brown also voted "yes" on final passage.

Brown’s vote allowed Democrats to move swiftly toward final passage of one of President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities, a day after he was accused of breaking his word by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said Brown had promised to vote yes Wednesday.

By Thursday, though, Brown switched from no to yes, after a talk with Reid and a full-on sales-pitch from Democrats in the Massachusetts delegation, including Sen. John Kerry, who made the pitch that the bill is good for the state. Brown met Kerry at the Democrat's Georgetown home at 6 a.m. Thursday for a bike ride where they discussed the pending bill extensively, Brown said.

“I spoke at length over a 40 mile bike-ride with Senator Kerry about it,” Brown said exiting the floor after casting his vote Thursday. “It was this morning, and he’s a very good athlete.”

Kerry, who had hip replacement surgery in January, rode with Brown all the way to Great Falls, Md., an aide to the Democrat confirmed to POLITICO.

House Financial Service Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) also talked to Brown – telling him that his concerns about the impact on home-state financial firms such as Fidelity and State Street would be addressed.

It wasn’t simply home-state pride. Democrats needed Brown when it became clear that the ‘no’ votes of Democratic senators Maria Cantwell of Washington and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin couldn’t be flipped.

The vote – and perhaps even his long conversation with Kerry – seem sure to give Brown trouble with the government-wary Tea Party movement that backed his candidacy to take Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat. Grassroots supporters who once heralded Brown responded to the senator's vote immediately on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, accusing him of being a "liar" and "Republican in name only."

In some ways, Brown was only facing the challenge many predicted he might:

Would he be the champion of the conservative causes that swept him into the national spotlight? Or would he find himself ideologically aligned with the traditionally Democratic state of Massachusetts?

By breaking with his party, Brown joined fellow New England Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine as the vote that pushed Democrats over the top and continued to cement himself as a key player for Democrats who lost their filibuster-proof 60-vote majority with his election.

When Brown arrived to Washington in January, he received a hero's welcome from a Republican party still reeling from huge defeats in 2008. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) even went so far as to dub Brown "41."

But as Thursday's vote demonstrated, perhaps the filibuster-boosting moniker was a bit premature. In statements made throughout the voting process on Wall Street reform, Brown has chosen to emphasize Massachusetts first.

“I supported moving the financial bill forward today because I received assurances from Senator Reid and his leadership team that the issues related to Massachusetts in the financial reform bill will be fixed before it is signed into law," Brown said in a statement.

“I will continue working with Senator Kerry and the rest of the Massachusetts delegation to ensure that businesses in our state can continue to operate as they have been doing for decades — creating jobs and helping grow the economy.”

Brown was already in the spotlight this week, viewed a likely Republican “yes” vote all along. On Wednesday night, Reid took a shot at Brown, saying "a senator broke his word with me" just minutes after the Massachusetts Republican told reporters he initially said to Reid he would be a "yes" on cloture.

Brown insisted that he had not broken his promise — that his vote was contingent on the resolution of issues he saw with Volcker Rule language in the bill — but Reid's focus on the Republican, both in front of reporters and on the Senate floor, were indicative of Brown's relative importance to the majority leader.

“When he told me that I let him down, I told him straight-up that I certainly felt badly about it but the bottom line is that representations were made, these issues were not resolved, and here we are," Brown said Wednesday. "Him saying what he said — I never take any of this personally. I know he's under a lot of pressure."


Wild Thing's comment........

This is the WORST bill, it literally will destroy the entire concept of "America" as we know it. The Finance Reform Bill attacking Wall Street and much much more of course.

Jim Demint called this the "worst bill that's ever been in the Senate."

It's the financial regulations bill that basically turns control of every single little aspect of the private sector over to Obama. He now has more power than Castro.

I just can't believe the vacant souls on the Hill. What are they thinking? One man speaking for 300 million people and not with the voice of the majority. What are they thinking?

THREE Republicans: Brown, Snowe, and Collins vote for Cloture.

It will be hard for any law to exceed the damage that will eventually be done by ObamaCare, but this ill-conceived monstrosity, aka the Financial Reform Bill, will ultimately be right up there with socialized healthcare when it comes to contributing to the destruction of America as we have known it.

It will be known as the Mother-of-All-Unintended-Consequences Bill. This is the one that allows them to track each and every financial transaction. every credit card, debit card, check, deposit and withdrawal.

And the consequences will not be good.

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May 19, 2010

Primaries Yesterday Rand Paul Takes Kentucky – Sestak Beats Specter – Burns Concedes

Rand Paul: We Have Come To Take Our Government Back


The AP

Political novice Rand Paul rode support from tea party activists to a rout in Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary Tuesday night, jolting the GOP establishment. Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter lost his struggle for political survival in Pennsylvania, a five-term incumbent offering experience to voters clamoring for change.

Another Democratic incumbent, Sen. Blanche Lincoln, led narrowly in early returns in her race for nomination to a third term in Arkansas, but she risked being thrown into a costly run-off.

Sestak will face former GOP Rep. Pat Toomey in the fall in what expected to be a hotly contested race.

Elsewhere, Kentucky Republicans chose Paul — the son of Texas Rep. Ron Paul, whose 2008 presidential candidacy sparked legions of followers — as their nominee for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Jim Bunning. Tea party activists lifted Paul to victory over Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who was the favored candidate of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Celebrating his triumph, Paul — a 47-year-old eye surgeon making his first run for office — said, "I have a message, a message from the tea party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: We have come to take our government back."

Tim Burns concedes in Pennsylvania 12 Special Election (Murtha's District)

Tim's race was difficult to win. The Dems outnumber the GOP in this district that belonged to vile Murtha.
Murtha died 2-8-10 and had been in office since 1974. There wasn’t a lot of time to build a good GOP political machine .
It had to be hard to overcome the Democrat machine, especially on relatively short notice. Let us hope they do better by November.

David Madeira run for Congress did not win. He is such a good man, I feel really badly about this one.
Democrat Christopher Carney in PA’s 10th Congressional Race

In unofficial results, with complete reports not in from five counties, Marino secured 22,848 votes, Madeira tallied 16,989 and Derk had 15,908.


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May 18, 2010

Tim Burns is Running for Congress in Pennsylvania ~ Go get them PA-12!

The special election to replace John Murtha . William Russell polled very close to Murtha right up until Election Day; Murtha won with 58% of the vote.. So pray and keep your fingers crossed on this one today. ~ Wild Thing


From the person that made this video:

"Tim Burns is running for congress in Pennsylvania. He's campaigning to take back the people's seat formerly held by Murtha.
Tim is NOT a politician. He's been a businessman and created hundreds of jobs in Pennsylvania. He has never secured pork-barrel money. He planst to work to reduce government spending, balance the budget, end government corruption, and grow the economy.
I created this video as part of my own personal tea party. I'm doing what I can to help out those who are making moves to reinstitute the constitutional debate back into government.
This video is an expression of my personal opinion and not paid for or endorsed by the Tim Burns campaign.


Obama's 'Bitter Clinger' Comments Haunt PA-12 Race

PR Newswire reported:

“President Obama’s deep disdain for Pennsylvania has been a matter of record for some time. In fact, at a wine and cheese party among Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco neighbors during the last election, Obama revealed exactly what he thinks of small town Pennsylvanians when he labeled them, ‘bitter,’ and asserted that they needed to ‘cling to their guns and religion,’” said Scott Wheeler, Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC. “It was a shocking display of elitist arrogance, but it seems consistent with Obama’s world view.”
“During this special election to fill Jack Murtha’s seat, it’s been less than surprising to see the mainstream media failing to remind Pennsylvanians just how disdainful is their President towards them, even as he has avoided traveling to the region, lest he sink Mark Critz’s campaign ship with his own ballast-filled approval rating. So, as a service to Western Pennsylvanians – and to encourage the excellent candidacy of Tim Burns – we thought we’d educate the voters about the real issues in this campaign, hence our radio spots about Obama’s ‘bitter clinger’ comments,” continued Wheeler.
“It comes down to this: Mark Critz is a hand-picked, Washington insider, a pawn of Obama and Pelosi. Tim Burns is NOT a career politician, but instead, a smart and articulate fiscal conservative, a champion of efficient, limited government, and a pro free market business veteran that has spent his life running a company and creating jobs in Pennsylvania. It’s a pretty compelling choice. We have faith that on Tuesday, Western Pennsylvanians will be voting for Tim Burns…and the ONLY THING they’ll be clinging to is our country!”


Also a new radio ad in support of Republican Tim Burns points to Barack Obama’s disdain for Pennsylvania gun-toting, Bible-thumping bitter clingers.

The 60-second Radio ad, entitled, "Bitter Clinger," can be listened to here:


Obama has ridiculed voters in rural districts like this Western Pennsylvania Dstrict calling them “bitter” and stating they “cling to their guns and religion.” He has even labeled these hardworking taxpayers as racist. Now he has the audacity to ask these proud Americans to vote for one of his , Washington insider, career politician cronies.


Wild Thing's comment........

EVERY win for us is a HUGE loss for them. We need to do all in our power to make it so.

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May 12, 2010

Outrage: Obama Administration Targets Military for Pay Reductions

Outrage: Obama Administration Targets Military for Pay Reductions

Barack Obama — who came to power with the help of government employee unions across the nation and has lavished on them hundreds of billions in stimulus funds to keep them on federal, state and local payrolls with no strings attached — is moving to cut spending on salaries for military personnel.

This weekend The Washington Post headlined story, "Pentagon Asking Congress to Hold Back on Generous Increases in Troop Pay,” disclosed that the Obama administration is “pleading” with Congress to give military personnel a much smaller increase in pay than lawmakers have proposed.

The Pentagon contends that Congress simply has been too generous with troops during the past decade.

In fact, lawmakers have lavished so much money on troops, according to the Post, that service members are now better compensated than workers in the private sector with similar experience and education levels.

For example, the military brass claims that an average sergeant in the Army with four years of service and one dependent would receive $52,589 in annual compensation, according to the paper. This figure includes basic pay, housing, and subsistence allowances, as well as tax benefits.

Meanwhile, a U.S. postal letter carrier, with no supervisory or hazardous duty, makes approximately $80,000 a year when all benefits are factored in.

Critics of the Obama administration’s efforts to cut soldier’s pay say America’s security has been strengthened by higher pay rates, as qualified veterans are re-enlisting at record rates, reversing the problem the military witnessed just a few years ago.
"Any attempt to link rising military personnel costs with shrinking military readiness is total nonsense," said Thomas J. Tradewell Sr., who leads the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the largest and oldest major combat veterans organization.
"If the Defense Department needs a larger budget for personnel programs, then let the VFW carry that message to Congress. Just don't pin the budget blame on service members and military retirees."

Tradewell's ire was targeted this past week at Clifford L. Stanley, the Defense undersecretary of personnel and readiness, who said during recent testimony before the personnel subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee: "Rising personnel costs could dramatically affect the readiness of the department."

"What's hurtful," said Tradewell, a combat-wounded Vietnam veteran from Sussex, Wis., "is a continuing perception that DoD is more concerned about the budget than they are about recruiting and retaining a professional volunteer force that's been at war now for more than eight years."

According to Stanley, last year was the military's most successful recruiting year since the establishment of the all-volunteer force in 1973.

Although advocates for military families argue that the decade-long spending spree reverses severe cuts that the military suffered in the 1990s, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and other military brass fear that the spending will threaten security in the years to come. That will mean less money to buy weapons and maintain aging equipment.

On Saturday, Gates told reporters that massive deficits can impact how the president and policy makers confront emerging threats like Iran.

Lawmakers consistently have overruled the Pentagon and mandated more-generous pay raises than requested by both the Bush and Obama administrations. Congress has also rejected attempts by the Pentagon to slow soaring healthcare costs, which Gates told reporters are "eating us alive," by raising co-pays or premiums.

The military admits the improving compensation for troops is helping retention.

For example, improvements in pay and benefits have made it more likely that sailors will stick around longer, Vice Adm. Mark E. Ferguson III, the chief of naval personnel, told the Post.

A Navy survey last year found that about 60 percent of spouses wanted their sailors to make a career of Navy life, meaning a stint of at least 20 years. In 2005, only about 20 percent of spouses felt the same way.

"I think pay was previously a concern, but it's started to change," Ferguson said. Congress had been "extremely generous" but rising personnel costs were already influencing what the Navy spends to operate, maintain and modernize its fleet, he added.

The Pentagon wants a pay raise of 1.4 percent for service members next year, an increase based on the Employment Cost Index, which the Labor Department uses to measure private-sector salary increases.

Congress, as it has for the past several years, has indicated it favors a slightly bigger bump, of 1.9 percent.

Although that extra half of a percent may not seem like much, one expert told the Post that it would accrue annually and cost about $3.5 billion over the next decade.

But congressional supporters of the men and women in the Armed Services are questioning why they are being singled out for future pay cutbacks when other government agencies and unions are not.

The U.S. Postal Service, for example, is slated to give letter carriers an increase of 1.9 percent this coming year.

And postal employees are considered to be grossly overpaid compared with their private counterparts. A postal supervisor, for example, can make $70,000 or year or more, plus significant benefits.

Last year, Congress had to help fill a $3.8 billion deficit at the federally backed agency, but there has been no discussion of salary cuts for postal employees. Instead, postal officials have focused on reducing service, including Saturday delivery.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Just when I think there is no way I can despise the SOB-in-chief any more than I already do, I find out that I really can. What a worthless glob of flesh!!!!!!

When Clinton was inaugurated, two of his first initiatives where allowing gays in the military (the backlash caused him to fall back to “don’t ask, don’t tell) and and order for no pay raise for the military. The armed forces were already angry about his draft dodging and “loathe the military letter”, but the rest of his actions made them despise him.

Obama has been way outdoing Clinton.

Obama knows the military hate him, and rightly so, the alien moron.

This is terrible.

If they do it to the military how about cutting all of Congress’ wages too?

And Obama’s?

And the cabinet members?

And the White House staff’s?

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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May 08, 2010

OMG Look At This ...."Should the American Flag Be Banned -- in America?"


Should the American Flag Be Banned -- in America?

FOX News

Should the display of an American flag be banned, even if a school administrator feels that display could lead to fights?

It is a freaking survey at THIS LINK at FOX.

My head is going to explode I swear. To even ask this question OMG!

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May 06, 2010

U.S. Marines Boot Recruits with Confederate Tattoos

U.S.Marines hoists Confederate flag during WW11


VIetnam war heroes hoist Confederate flag


U.S. Marines boot recruits with Confederate tattoos

You won't believe what military thinks of historic Southern symbol


A widely regarded Southern symbol of pride and states' rights is standing in the way of would-be Marines in their quest to serve their country – a Confederate battle flag.

Straight out of high school, one 18-year-old Tennessee man was determined to serve his country as a Marine. His friend said he passed the pre-enlistment tests and physical exams and looked forward with excitement to the day he would ship out to boot camp.

But there would be no shouting drill instructors, no rigorous physical training and no action-packed stories for the aspiring Marine to share with his family.

Shortly before he was scheduled to leave Nashville for boot camp, the Marine Corps rejected him.

Now, the young man, who wishes to remain unnamed and declined to be interviewed, has chosen to return to school and is no longer an aspiring Marine.

"I think he just wants to let it go," said former Marine 1st Lt. Gene Andrews, a friend of the man and patriotic Southerner who served in Vietnam from 1968 through 1971. Andrews is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group of male descendents of Confederate soldiers. He counseled the young man when he decided to become a Marine.
"He had been talking to me, and he was all fired up about joining," he told WND. "He asked my opinion of it, and I just tried to tell him the truth, good points and bad points."

When the young recruit didn't go to boot camp, Andrews learned of his rejection based on his tattoo of the Confederate battle flag on his shoulder.

'Right now, it's a flat-out denial'

Current Marine Corps tattoo policy states, "Tattoos/brands that are sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances prohibited by the Marine Corps drug policy and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to include tattoos associated with illegal drugs, drug usage or paraphernalia, are prohibited. Tattoos/brands that depict vulgar or anti-American content, bring possible discredit to the Marine Corps, or associate the applicant/Marine with any extremist group or organization are prohibited."

WND contacted the Tennessee recruiting station, and a Marine sergeant explained, "The policy is if a tattoo can be construed by anyone as being gang-related or racially biased, then we can't accept them."

While some extremist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations have reportedly embraced the Confederate flag in the past, the KKK has also adopted the U.S. flag and Christian crosses as symbols. However, many Southerners do not consider the flag an expression of racism or indicator of membership in extremist groups. They regard the Confederate flag as a symbol of state sovereignty and an honorable tribute to the men who fought and died to protect their homeland from invasion by the federalist North.

Asked whether an exception might be made for a Marine recruit who could provide a full explanation on the meaning of his tattoo as an expression of Southern pride, the recruiter explained, "At this point in time, no. If it can be construed by anyone as being racially biased, then right now it's a flat-out denial."

He acknowledged that the tattoo is quite popular in the South and that recruitment has been impacted by the ban on Confederate-flag tattoos, but he explained that the policy has been set by Headquarters Marine Corps.

Headquarters Marine Corps has not responded to WND's requests for clarification of the policy.

However, the U.S. Marine Corps "Guidebook for Tattoo Screening, Volume VII," a manual that outlines procedures for enlisted recruiting and officer procurement operations, explains, "Users of this guidebook should keep in mind, however, that few symbols ever just represent one idea or are used exclusively by one group. For example, the confederate flag is a symbol that is frequently used by white supremacists but which also has been used by people and groups that are not racist. To some it may signify pride in one's heritage, but to others it suggests slavery or white supremacy."

'We've seen this before'

Other service members and recruits have dealt with similar issues concerning Confederate flag tattoos and military policy.

The Southern Legal Resource Center, or SLRC, is a nonprofit legal foundation that has handled a number of legal cases involving the Confederate battle flag.

"We've seen this before," SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk Lyons told WND. "This is not a unique situation. We have had instances where people have called who were hassled by Marine military police for having a small Confederate battle flag sticker on their vehicle. We had a Navy recruit who was turned away for having a Confederate battle flag tattoo on his forearm. There was one more incident a couple of years ago where another Marine recruit was refused enlistment because of a battle flag tattoo."

Lyons said the case of the Marine with a Confederate flag bumper sticker was resolved without legal action because the base commander decided to leave it alone. However, he said most enlistees and recruits don't pursue legal action or complaints, so the policy is never challenged.

"If a family is not willing to make an issue of it and push it, there's really nothing we can do because we have to have standing," he explained.

On the other hand, enlistees often cooperate so their careers don't suffer, Lyons said.

"They've got to keep their mouths shut because they're very career-oriented," he said. "You either get with the program, or you're going to destroy your career. The military is going to fight it tooth and nail. In a lot of cases like this, there's nobody to support these guys. They're on their own."
He added, "Somebody's got to stand up and say, 'I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.' If people surrender their rights and just go on, there's not much we can do."

'This is an insult to us'

As for Andrews, he walked into the local Marine recruiting station in Madison, Tenn., that had turned the recruit away. He met a staff sergeant and informed him of his family's defense of Tennessee during the Civil War and his own service in Vietnam.

"I had thought about it, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt like this is just not right," he said. "I thought, if we just sit here, we're going to be slapped around and stepped on forever."

In a recent commentary posted on numerous blogs, Andrews recounted his experience:

"I informed the young sergeant that my family had defended the state of Tennessee (also his home state) against a sadistic invasion under that flag and to call our sacred flag of honor a 'hate symbol' was an insult to all southerners, but especially to those southerners who had risked or even given their lives in service to the Marine Corps. Southerners had served at Belleau Woods, at Tarawa and Iwo Jima, at Inchon and the Chosin Reservoir, and at Khe Sanh and Hue City, but now we are no longer wanted in the politically correct, don't-offend-any-minorities military?"

The sergeant politely explained that the policy was handed down by headquarters.

Andrews continued, "I asked the sergeant if he had taken out the trash yet. He replied that he hadn't.

"I then said, 'Please add these to the day's garbage,' and returned my lieutenant's bars, my gold and silver Marine Corps emblem from my dress blues, my shooting badges and my Vietnam ribbons.

"I, like many of you, have always been told, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine,' and 'There are no ex-Marines, only former Marines,' but for me that is no longer true."

Andrews told WND he was born in the South, raised in the South and will always be a Southerner.

"This is an insult to us," he said. "We've laid our lives on the line in the Marine Corps since there was a Marine Corps. We fought in every campaign that the Marine Corps has been involved in. When I was in Vietnam, there were Confederate flags at every base, every fire-support base over there. Nobody said anything about it. There were state flags, Confederate flags, and it was no big deal."

Andrews said he is not angry. Rather, he is disappointed in the Marine Corps.

"I thought if it had been a bunch of political hacks or a school board or a local government or some municipality that was pretty spineless anyway, I really wouldn't have been surprised," he said. "That happens all the time. But I felt that the Marine Corps had a little more backbone and a little more character than that."

Asked what he would say to people who believe the Confederate flag represents racism and slavery, he responded, "I'd say they don't know much about history. Slavery existed under the United States flag much longer than it ever did under the Confederate flag."

He added, "It's pitiful to bring up historical topics to some of our young people today. They just stare at you like you're from outer space. If you're going to be led around by the nose in this country by the government, if you can't figure out what's true and what's not and what kind of propaganda they're giving you, that's a sad situation."

Confederate flag: Symbol of 'terrorism' or independence?

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, recently fought to ban the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse. NAACP leaders have said the Confederate flag "supports the evils of slavery" and "represents terrorism."

However, in his 1999 commentary, columnist Walter Williams argued, "It must be ignorance, an ignorance I once shared. The NAACP crowd sees the Confederate battle flag as a flag of slavery. If that's so, the United States flag is even more so. Slavery thrived under the United States flag from 1776 to 1865, while under the Confederate flag a mere four years."

He explained, "The birth of both flags had little or nothing to do with slavery. Both flags saw their birth in a violent and proud struggle for independence and self-governance."

Williams noted that the flag naturally symbolizes resentment for those individuals who see the War for Southern Independence solely or chiefly as a struggle for slavery.

"The idea that President Abraham Lincoln waged war against the South to abolish slavery is fiction created by the victors," he explained. "Here's an oft-repeated sentiment by President Lincoln: 'I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.' Slavery simply emerged as a moral front for northern aggression."

Williams explained that significant factors that led to the war included states' rights and tariffs Congress enacted to protect Northern manufacturing interests. He also cited professor Edward Smith, director of American studies at American University, who has calculated that between 60,000 and 93,000 blacks served the Confederacy.

"These black Confederate soldiers no more fought to preserve slavery than their successors fought in WWI and WWII to preserve Jim Crow and segregation," Williams wrote. "They fought because their homeland was attacked and fought in the hope that the future would be better and they'd be rewarded for their patriotism."

Williams then suggested the NAACP make an effort to memorialize and honor black Confederate soldiers.

Meanwhile, a May 9, 2000, survey by Gallup Poll News Service posed this question to Americans, "Do you, yourself, see the Confederate flag more as a symbol of Southern pride, or more as a symbol of racism?"

A full 59 percent of all respondents said they believe it is a symbol of Southern pride, while only 28 percent saw it as a symbol of racism.

"It's kind of a hot topic for us right now," the Tennessee Marine recruiter said of the Marine Corps policy on Confederate flag tattoos. "Personally, I don't have any problems with it. I have friends, both white and black, who don't have any problems with it. But there are also those out there who do see it as being racially biased."


Wild Thing's comment........

I am seeing this "if anyone can be offended" or "if someone says he or she might be un-comfortable" crap more and more. It takes away a persons right to explain him or herself and lets others ruin him or her. All because someone else can , at a whim, say "oh... i am offended or frightened" instead of having a dialogue between responsible individuals. These policies are all anti-individual.

This is a historic Flag and is a part of the history of our country.

A little history for an example:

The USS Columbia (CL-56) flew a Confederate Navy Ensign as a battle flag throughout combat in the South Pacific in World War II. This was done in honor of Columbia, the ship's namesake and the capital city of South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union. Some soldiers carried Confederate flags into battle. After the Battle of Okinawa a Confederate flag was raised over Shuri Castle by a Marine from the self-styled "Rebel Company" (Company A of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines).

....Thank you JohnE U.S. Army for sending this to me.

Soldier/Generator Mechanic
Companies: 288TH Q.M. Co


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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May 04, 2010

America’s Bloodless Coup d’etat!

America’s Bloodless Coup d’etat!

By Ron Ewart


“The essence of Government is power, and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” James Madison

And it came to pass, on the 4th day of November, in the year of Our Lord 2008, a cabal of devious con men were elevated to power over all the people. Behind closed doors, under the cover of night and the veil of deceit, aided and abetted by a willing majority in a spineless Congress, most of academia and the lion’s share of the news media, they plotted the overthrow of a once-free America, from within.

Using the crises of a faltering economy, rising health care costs and the myth that is man-caused global warming, they put the wheels of their scheme into motion.

First, they nationalized the banks and the car companies.

Second, they nationalized the entire health care industry.

Third, they had already taken control of all American land, public and private, through the implementation of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 policy of social justice and radical environmental protection. Constitutionally protected property rights are now meaningless.

Fourth, they plan to put a stranglehold on industry and nationalize the means of energy exploration and production through the scam of buying and selling puffs of air containing carbon dioxide (CO2), using the so-called Cap and Trade legislation. The vehicle for this massive theft of our energy and our wealth, will be by criminal racketeering under the dubious name of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Costs of just about everything will skyrocket.

Fifth, in their quest for absolute power, they mean to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, thereby creating a block of socialist votes that will keep them in perpetual control of America, blocking any hopes of a conservative resurgence.

Finally, to complete their plan, they will be putting in place draconian regulations to bring Wall Street to its knees.

Their plan is almost complete.

The essence of their diabolical plan is the utter destruction of American freedom and the final subjugation of the American people under Marxist rule and the transfer of their wealth to pay for massive entitlement programs, “..... from those with the greatest capability, to those with the greatest need.” Karl Marx

There are two ways to conquer a nation. The first way is by the force of arms ..... war. The second way is much less bloody, simply buy off the people with money or favors and then wrap the recipients of the money and favors in chains, through the force of law. The former is open and notorious, with no doubt of the aggressor’s objectives. The latter is much more devious and easy to camouflage with propaganda, hype, distortion and lies. Either way, the end result is the same.

If a Hitler or the current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wanted to conquer America, either one could not have come up with a more complete scheme to render the U. S. Constitution impotent, institute a police state, destroy our means of production, bankrupt our economy, take control of all land, food, water, energy and health care, replace freedom and liberty with the iron grip of a totalitarian state and turn the American people into nothing more than cattle with RFID chips in their ears, with their every move being monitored by an ever-watchful, intrusive government. That is of course, unless millions of Americans become wise to their plan before it is too late and rise up in defiant opposition to that scheme.

America is neck deep in a bloodless coup d’etat and the perpetrators of this coup hold three of the four aces in the deck. Millions of free Americans had better come up with four-of-a-kind pretty damn quick, or the perpetrators’ three aces are going to win the pot, as well as the game. After the game is lost, there will only be one more alternative to secure America’s freedom and that alternative is the least attractive of all other alternatives, with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

So don’t just sit there in a cesspool of anger and frustration. Get off the damn couch! Join a freedom group! Join a tea party! Get involved in local politics! Help a conservative politician get elected and hold that politician’s feet to the fire of conservative principles. Join with millions of Americans in the 9-12 March on Washington on the 9th through the 12th of September, 2010. Log onto their website at marchondc.org. For God’s sake, don’t let the perpetrators of this diabolical bloodless coup d’etat win, or it’s going to be your hands and feet and your children’s hands and feet that will be in chains.

Ask yourself one question. How far is it from Marxism, to fascism, to a dictatorship? The answer is plain for everyone to see. It is burned into the pages of 20th Century history, painted in deep red crimson. If we let it, history is about to repeat itself.


Wild Thing's comment.......

It’s Obama’s “two-year coup plan.”........How to Hugo Chavez-ize America.

The more court appointments he gets through the more permanent his agenda becomes.

There are bold truths in the article, peowe also need to recognize the efforts of Ron Ewart, the author, and heed his message.

We can make a difference - WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.The Tea Parties, Townhalls, phone calls, emails etc. all added up have been happening more and more. But, we must keep it up!.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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April 15, 2010

More Threats From Obama ~ Obama Dares GOP to Fight Wall St. Bill

From USA Today

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, chairman of the Senate banking committee, slammed Republicans today for characterizing Democrats' attempts to regulate Wall Street as a bank bailout.

He also threatened to break off talks with the GOP on the bill if they continue what he described as a campaign to spread "falsehoods" that come "straight from the Wall Street special interest playbook."

Sen. Chris Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking panel, today criticized Republicans for calling his financial legislation a bank bailout. He talks about the bill in this March file photo.

Dodd's angry speech on the Senate floor came a day after Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate's top Republican, described the bill as allowing "endless taxpayer-funded bailouts."

It's also an argument that House Republican leaders made in talking points they distributed today in advance of a White House meeting on the legislation with President Obama.


Obama dares GOP to fight Wall St. bill


For weeks, the White House strategy on financial regulatory reform remained an open question: Would President Barack Obama water down his bill just to get something passed — the way he did on health care?

A Palinesque “Hell no!” was the answer coming from the White House on Wednesday as the president, his senior aides and his allies on Capitol Hill issued an ultimatum to Republicans fighting Democrats’ plans to overhaul financial oversight.

“For the president, you have to be willing to accept a strong bill,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, after Obama emerged from a contentious meeting with GOP congressional leaders.
“If the effort to get this close is simply to take steps to weaken that legislation, that’s not what the president is interested in.”
Democrats are so emboldened that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is prepared to bring the Banking Committee bill to the floor with no major concessions to Republicans and essentially dare them to vote against the measure, senior leadership aides said.

At a time when Wall Street is as reviled as government, Democrats are willing to gamble that at least one Republican — and maybe as many as a half-dozen — will break ranks. At the same time, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is betting he can hold his caucus together to deny Democrats even a single vote.

“It’s been two and a half years since this crisis started, more than a year since we first laid out a comprehensive set of reforms,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said during a rare appearance at the White House daily briefing alongside Gibbs.
“I think we know what we need to know. ... It’s just time to decide and time to move,” he added.


From Rush Limbaugh

Regime Runs Against Free Market, Seeks Horrific Regulatory Powers

Obama and his regime were soon to revive blaming Wall Street for all of our economic ills as a means of advancing support for a financial regulatory reform bill that would give him unilateral power to shut down or fire any of the board of directors or executive officers of any financial institution he wanted, based on any arbitrary feeling he had that they posed a threat.
They're going to ramp up and they're going to start running against Wall Street, as they push for this legislation. We mentioned last week that Chris Van Hollen, running the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, said (paraphrased), "Yeah, we're going to run against Reagan. We're going to run, we're going to say we run for seats in November. We're going to say, 'We cannot continue these policies of the past.'"

If the financial regulation bill that passed the House last year becomes law, President Obama and his Treasury Secretary will acquire the right to take over any financial institution they wish to, provided that, in their sole opinion, it is both “too big to fail” and on the brink of insolvency. The House bill provides for no judicial review and does not require any objective evidence of imminent failure to trigger the takeover provisions." It just allows the president and Geithner to take over any financial institution they want even if they have to make up some threat that it's about to become insolvent. They can fire the board of directors, they can fire management (snapping fingers) Like that, folks! Just like that.

If they get all this stuff done, one of these days a Republican is going to be elected president and is going to have all these powers at his disposal and that's what the Drive-Bys will call him a dictator. That's when the Drive-Bys will say that we have a dictatorship. "Once the government takes over such a company, it will acquire the right to replace the entire board of directors, fire the management of the company, wipe out stockholder equity and even sell off divisions of the company. Essentially, this bill permits the government to launch an unfriendly takeover of any financial institution it wishes without risk and with no poison pill or other counter-measures possible. This legislation, essentially, confers on the federal government police powers that, under our system, are the exclusive preserve of state and local government.
"The blank check the bill gives the Feds to take over any financial institution is really more of an exercise of eminent domain than it is an extension of traditional federal regulatory power." There's no other way to describe this. This is fascism. This is the government taking over companies. The companies will continue to be run like GM and Chrysler are by so-called private citizens, but they're owned by the government. That's not fascism. Command-and-control is what it is. Fascism was privately-owned, government-run. This is government's going to own it all! Any financial institution it wants it can just take over

Already, there is considerable evidence ... that Goldman profited handsomely from the decision of its former CEO -- Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson -- to allow Lehman Brothers to fail. Now that the Treasury secretary will have the takeover power, might it not be used as irresponsibly and with as many bad consequences as Paulson used his power in the Lehman crisis? While the focus on the regulatory bill has been on the consumer protection provisions, which I tend to support, there has been far less scrutiny on these horrific expansions of federal power," and they are horrific. Dick Morris concludes: "Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez could only dream of this power." We are a nation hanging by a thread here, folks -- and this has passed the House. Financial regulatory reform has passed Pelosi's House.

None of this that Dick Morris says is untrue. Obama and Geithner can take over any company they want for any reason under the guise that they are protecting it from going belly up or because its board of directors is corrupt or because the management's making mistakes or simply because they don't like them. They'll never say that's the reason. There is not a process to appeal if your company is targeted. There is no judicial review, Mr. Snerdley. There is zero judicial review of anything in this regulatory bill. This is essentially a death penalty for companies if they don't behave as Obama wants them to in every way, shape, manner, or form: From their political donations to the work they do for Obama's friends versus enemies. Dick Morris did not lightly use the word "totalitarian" when describing the financial regulatory reform bill.
See, this is also how Obama will blunt a recent Supreme Court ruling which allows corporations to donate directly to political campaigns.
They want this done now to blunt the Supreme Court ruling. They know how hated and despised they are right now. They know. They can read their own polling data. They know it's bad. They know it's a bloodbath happening in November. They want to get as much of this stuff done before November as they can.


Wild Thing's comment..........


HORRIFIC. IT WILL KILL AMERICAN SPIRIT in the BUSINESS WORLD. sorry about all the caps , but Obama's hate for the American dream, for all things about America is beyond limits..... it is stunning.

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April 14, 2010

RINO Charlie Crist Travels With A Fan ~ LOL

West Palm Beach CBS revealed Tuesday (4-13-10) that Gov. Charlie Crist travels everywhere with a fan to keep him cool during interviews.LMAO Say what??? At first I thought they were talking about the guy standing near Crist, but they are talking about the fan the black bxo looking thing on the floor near Charlies chair. hahahahha ~ Wild Thing


Charlie Crist on the Stimulus
A compilation of Charlie Crist's public remarks in support of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:40 AM

April 11, 2010

Rino Charlie Crist's Shows Up Un-Announced At Rubio Campaign

Here is some of the news footage of Charlie's unannounced visit to the "The Villages" of Florida.

Then Charlie "tweets" today" "Had a great day at The Villages & Seaplane/BBQ Fest in Tavares, FL - thanks for the great turnout!"
LOL what a LIAR he is!


Charlie Crist's Pathetic Campaign Stunt Backfires

In an obvious attempt to circumvent the "announced" and scheduled arrival of Marco Rubio at an event at "The Villages, Gov Charlie Crist shows up unexpectedly with reporters in tow.

For Charlie, his visit was not well received. Most of the Villagers interviewed supported Marco Rubio. Rubio's appearance has been scheduled for weeks and will coincide with his four day bus tour throughout the state. Rubio will be joining talk show radio host and FOX news celebrity Sean Hannity for the event on April 13th.

This is such a desperate and pathetic move by Crist that one wonders what his campaign advisors hoped to achieve. It is pointed out several times by the Villagers that they had no idea Crist was going to be there. Charlie tried to hijack an existing crowd in a popular Square at the Villages and started handing out stickers. One resident voiced his opinion of Crist:

But not everyone at The Villages was convinced that Crist was the stronger Republican candidate. Villages resident Jo Tripaldi, 63, an independent, said she believed Rubio was more of a conservative candidate fit for the Republican Party.

"I believe he's not as conservative. I think what Charlie is doing is he is flip-flopping," Tripaldi said about Crist after she met him and placed a Crist sticker on her shirt. "He was very friendly. I had no idea he was going to be here. He's going to have such a terrific crowd and it had nothing to do with him."

Charlie Cridt has no message and cant decide where he stands on any issue except that he is glad he endorsed Obama's stimulus bill.

Kisses of death. ROFL


Wild Thing's comment.......

What an incredible bum! This is a Hussein type tactic..utterly shameless and disgraceful.

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April 05, 2010

Survery: Four in 10 Tea Party Members are Either Democrats or Independents

Survey: Four in 10 Tea Party members are Dems or independents

The Hill

The findings provide one of the most detailed portraits to date of the grassroots movement that started last year.

Four in 10 Tea Party members are either Democrats or Independents, according to a new national survey.

The findings provide one of the most detailed portraits to date of the grassroots movement that started last year.

The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democratic, according to three national polls by the Winston Group, a Republican-leaning firm that conducted the surveys on behalf of an education advocacy group. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal.

The Winston Group conducted three national telephone surveys of 1,000 registered voters between December and February. Of those polled, 17 percent – more than 500 people — said they were “part of the Tea Party movement.”

“It’s a good sample size,” said David Winston, the polling firm’s director. “It will certainly give us an initial base to follow where these folks are.”

The group is united around two issues – the economy/jobs and reducing the deficit. They believe that cutting spending is the key to job creation and favor tax cuts as the best way to stimulate the economy. That said 61 percent of Tea Party members believe infrastructure spending creates jobs. Moreover, given the choice Tea Party members favor 63-32 reducing unemployment to 5 percent over balancing the budget.

The group has a favorable view of Republicans generally but that drops from 71 to 57 percent if they’re asked about Congressional Republicans. Congressional Democrats are viewed very unfavorably by 75 percent of Tea Party members – a uniquely strong antipathy. An overwhelming 95 percent said “Democrats are taxing, spending, and borrowing too much.”

The group also vehemently dislikes President Barack Obama – even more so than those who called themselves Republicans in the survey. Over 80 percent of Tea Party members disapprove of the job he’s doing as president, whereas 77 percent of Republican respondents said they disapprove of Obama. The Tea Party members are also strongly opposed to the Democrats’ healthcare plan, with 82 percent saying they oppose it -- only 48 percent of respondents overall were opposed.

Wild Thing's comment........

When Americans are angry we come from all political arenas. Don’t mess with the Constitution!!!

Now everyone knows why the commie media is going after the TEA party movement. It's huge, it's diverse and growing stronger everyday.

This is just more proof how wrong the liberals/progressives really are.

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March 18, 2010

Biden Mistakenly Blesses Irish Leader's Mother ~ Biden Gaffeaholic

Biden Mistakenly Blesses Irish Leader's Mother

Joe Biden asked for God's blessing for the late mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen during a White House celebration of St. Patrick's Day — except the elderly lady is very much alive.

"God rest her soul," Biden said Wednesday night as he introduced Cowen and President Barack Obama. He quickly caught himself and noted that it's Cowen's father who is no longer living. Of the prime minister's mother, Biden said, "God bless her soul."
Biden then cited the Irish proverb that "a silent mouth is sweet to hear" and yielded the podium to the president.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Another “Stand Up Chuck!” moment from Rimshot Joe.

LOL Biden couldn’t organize a 2 car funeral..

Our entire country should be embarassed to have Biden and Obama in power.

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March 17, 2010

IRS Visits Sacramento Carwash In Pursuit Of 4 Cents

A midtown fixture for years, Harv's Car Wash was a target for the Internal Revenue service for a delinquent tax bill of 4 cents

IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents

The Sacramento Bee

It was every businessperson's nightmare.

Arriving at Harv's Metro Car Wash in midtown Wednesday afternoon were two dark-suited IRS agents demanding payment of delinquent taxes. "They were deadly serious, very aggressive, very condescending," says Harv's owner, Aaron Zeff.

The really odd part of this: The letter that was hand-delivered to Zeff's on-site manager showed the amount of money owed to the feds was ... 4 cents.

Inexplicably, penalties and taxes accruing on the debt – stemming from the 2006 tax year – were listed as $202.31, leaving Harv's with an obligation of $202.35.

Zeff, who also owns local parking lots and is the president of the Midtown Business Association, finds the situation a bit comical.

"It's hilarious," he says, "that two people hopped in a car and came down here for just 4 cents. I think (the IRS) may have a problem with priorities."

Now he's trying to figure out how penalties and interest could climb so high on such a small debt. He says he's never been told he owes any taxes or that he's ever incurred any late-payment penalties in the four years he's owned Harv's.

In fact, he provided us with an Oct. 22, 2009, letter from the IRS that states Harv's "has filed all required returns and addressed any balances due."

IRS spokesman Jesse Weller isn't commenting "due to privacy and disclosure laws."
Zeff says he's as offended as much as anything else by what he considers rude behavior by the IRS guys. While at Harv's, he sniffs, "they didn't even get a car wash."


One of a Kind Government Employees ( RAC also sent me this along with the link and story above. It goes so perfectly with the article you just read. )

A father walks into a restaurant with his young son..

He gives the young boy 3 nickels to play with to keep him occupied.

Suddenly, the boy starts choking, going blue in the face..

The father realizes the boy has swallowed the nickels and starts slapping him on the back..

The boy coughs up 2 of the nickels, but keeps choking. Looking at his son, the father is panicking, shouting for help.

A well dressed, attractive, and serious looking woman, in a blue business suit is sitting at a coffee bar reading a newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee. At the sound of the commotion, she looks up, puts her coffee cup down, neatly folds the newspaper and places it on the counter, gets up from her seat and makes her way, unhurried, across the restaurant.

Reaching the boy, the woman carefully drops his pants; takes hold of the boy's' testicles and starts to squeeze and twist, gently at first and then ever so firmly.. After a few seconds the boy convulses violently and coughs up the last nickel, which the woman deftly catches in her free hand.

Releasing the boy's testicles, the woman hands the nickel to the father and walks back to her seat at the coffee bar without saying a word.

As soon as he is sure that his son has suffered no ill effects, the father rushes over to the woman and starts thanking her saying,"I've never seen anybody do anything like that before, it was fantastic. Are you a doctor? "

'No,' the woman replied. I'm with The IRS


Wiild Thing's comment........

And then they didn't bother any of those people in Obama's administration that did NOT pay their taxes. GRRRRRRR

This would be comical if it wasn't so damn frightening.

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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March 14, 2010

Banished! City Forbids Bible Studies In Homes

Banished! City forbids Bible studies in homes


The city of Gilbert, Ariz., has ordered a group of seven adults to stop gathering for Bible studies in a private home because such meetings are forbidden by the city's zoning codes.

The issue was brought to a head when city officials wrote a letter to a pastor and his wife informing them they had 10 days to quit having the meetings in their private home.

The ban, however, prompted a response from the Alliance Defense Fund, which filed an appeal with the city as the first step in its campaign to overturn a provision it describes as illegal.

"The interpretation and enforcement of the town's code is clearly unconstitutional, " said Daniel Blomberg, a member of the litigation team for ADF. "It bans 200,000 Gilbert residents from meeting in their private homes for organized religious purposes – an activity encouraged in the Bible, practiced for thousands of years, and protected by the First Amendment."

The appeal was filed on behalf of the members, all seven, of the Oasis of Truth Church.

Pastor Joe Sutherland had been told in a letter from code compliance officer Steve Wallace that the people were not allowed to meet in a home for church activities under the city's Land Development Code.

There had been no complaints about the meetings, which had been rotating among members' homes before the officer wrote the letter and ordered the group to "terminate all religious meetings … regardless of their size, nature or frequency," because he noticed signs about the meetings.

The town interprets its law so that "churches within its borders cannot have any home meetings of any size, including Bible studies, three-person church leadership meetings and potluck dinners," ADF said.
A city letter confirmed, "Given that the church is considered to be religious assembly, and given the LDC provisions prohibiting that use on Local streets without Use Permits and prohibiting it in single family residential structures, it follows that the church meetings cannot be held in the home."
"The assembly activities associated with the church, including Bible studies, church leadership meetings and church fellowship activities are not permitted," wrote Mike Milillo, the city's senior planner.
"This ban is defended based upon traffic, parking, and building safety concerns. However, nothing in its zoning code prevents weekly Cub Scouts meetings, Monday Night Football parties with numerous attendees or large business parties from being held on a regular basis in private homes," the ADF said.

The few adults in the church had met for a few hours weekly in members' homes.

The ADF argues such bans violate the Constitution's free-exercise clause, and even the state's Free Exercise of Religion Act protects such meetings.

Further, the restrictions imposed by the city violate the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, which grants significant authority for churches to pursue their ministry goals.

Finally, Blomberg said, "the First Amendment's free-speech clause prevents the town from stopping the church from holding its meetings on the public sidewalk outside the pastor's home, yet the town won't allow him to hold the same meetings just a few feet away in the privacy of his own living room."

The small church has been forced to halt its regular meetings. It meets now in a local school but only can afford the rental once a week.

A spokeswoman for the city of Gilbert told WND city officials were aware of the concern and planned to address it.

Vice Mayor Linda Abbott told WND the code apparently was adopted years earlier, and there was considerable concern on the city council because of the current issues.

"I'm not in favor of that code. That is something we would want revisited," she said.

Wild Thing's comment........

Sorry, this “law” is a direct violation of the 1st amendment, which is man’s law that coincides with God’s. This one should be tossed in a heartbeat.

It seems these stories pop up every day, with greater and greater frequency... how much longer is it going to take for people to finally say “enough”?

The town interprets its law so that "churches within its borders cannot have any home meetings of any size, including Bible studies, three-person church leadership meetings and potluck dinners," ADF said.

So let me get this straight if a group of people are gathering to share a dinner and it is for a religious reason, it is illegal.

Wonder if they ever heard of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Is the government aware that the same was true in Soviet Russia, Communist China, the old East Germany, Cuba and some other dictatorial countries??

When we lived in Calif. there was a Bible study that we went to in a home. It was mostly all actors/actresses, stuntmen and women and entertainers. These Bible studies are all over our country. I went one when I lived in Dallas too years ago. But never have I seen this happening to these Bible studies until the last few years. Kind of in the same time frame as the ACLU and other groups against Christmas and taking God out of things.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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March 10, 2010

Chief Justice Roberts on Obama's court criticism to joint session of Congress ~ " Very Troubling"

LA Times

Some firm and unequivocal pushback today by Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to President Obama's court criticism in January.

It is not at all unusual in American history for the executive branch of the federal government (the White House, under the control of either party) to disagree with the judicial branch (Supreme Court).

What is considerably more unusual is for the chief executive of the executive branch (Barack Obama) to look down on the members of said Supreme Court in public at a joint session of Congress and to their faces denounce their independent actions.

And then to receive a resounding ovation from fellow Democrats standing to applaud and cheer Obama as the surrounded justices sat mute, motionless and unable to respond.

That, of course, is what Obama did in his first State of the Union address Jan. 27, objecting to a court decision allowing corporations to donate political funds like individuals as a matter of free speech.

Speaking today at the University of Alabama law school in Tuscaloosa, Chief Justice Roberts called the president's actions "very troubling."

Speaking in response to a law student's question, Roberts said anyone could criticize the court and, indeed, our governmental system of separation of powers encourages such opinionated diversity. Then, the chief justice added:

I have no problems with that. On the other hand, there is the issue of the setting, the circumstances and the decorum.
The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up, literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court — according to the requirements of protocol — has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling.
Justices are not required to attend the annual joint sessions but have traditionally done so as a sign of mutual respect for the president and legislative branch. In January, six justices attended, including Roberts. But it sounds now like that judicial thinking might be changing.
Roberts added: "I'm not sure why we're there."


Wild Thing's comment........

Well said by Chief Justice Roberts.

Obama has absolutely NO class at all. Past Presidents showed respect even if they disagreed with the Judges.

Obama delights in baiting anyone who he disagrees with and indirectly gives the green light for his team of hacks to do their dirty work. The White House has become an International embarrasment.

I am THRILLED that the Chief Justice and Alioto actually expressed displeasure with this despot.

It is so shocking and strange that a man who couldn’t pass the background check to be a janitor in the Supreme Court building is now POTUS.

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February 27, 2010

Obama vs. Our Constitution

Battle of the 'booklets': Obama-made-easy vs. Constitution

Dramatic response to White House adviser's attempt to 'educate' tea partiers


First, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett suggested last week that if the White House would produce a little booklet explaining the president's health care and economic policies in "very simple," easy-to-follow language, it might help tea party members better understand White House initiatives – and perhaps stop being what she called so "extreme" and "anti-government."

In response, Joseph Farah, founder of online news giant WorldNetDaily, says, "I have an even better idea. You see, we already have a simple little booklet that explains in easy-to-follow language how the U.S. government works: It's called the Constitution of the United States. I propose that thousands of Americans send this document – which is so scandalously ignored in Washington – to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Just maybe, it will help them understand how American government is really supposed to work."

Jarrett, who blasted the tea party movement as extremist and thriving on scare tactics, made the comments at a John F. Kennedy School of Government forum.

A video of Jarrett's comments has been posted at Breitbart.com.

"Even if they are in favor of, let's say, a different form of health care insurance reform, fine; but what's happening is it's an anti-government – I mean, that's the tea party. They really are, um, are, uh, trying to rebel against government at all. And I think that that's ... again, it's an extreme. … And it's always a lot easier, again, to scare people and to get them angry when they're already scared, and they're already uncertain. And I think that's what the tea party is trying to capture."

Meanwhile, WND, after heading up the massive "pink-slips campaign" – which famously drowned Washington in 9 million pink slips, putting every member of Congress on notice that voting against liberty and responsibility would result in their expulsion from office this November – is now leading the charge on an even more direct and "easy-to-understand" message to America's current crop of leaders.

"Apparently that action was too subtle," said Farah. "Congress didn't get the message – and continued on with its profligate spending and attacks on freedom."
"Even if they are in favor of, let's say, a different form of health care insurance reform, fine; but what's happening is it's an anti-government – I mean, that's the tea party. They really are, um, are, uh, trying to rebel against government at all. And I think that that's ... again, it's an extreme. … And it's always a lot easier, again, to scare people and to get them angry when they're already scared, and they're already uncertain. And I think that's what the tea party is trying to capture."

Meanwhile, WND, after heading up the massive "pink-slips campaign" – which famously drowned Washington in 9 million pink slips, putting every member of Congress on notice that voting against liberty and responsibility would result in their expulsion from office this November – is now leading the charge on an even more direct and "easy-to-understand" message to America's current crop of leaders.

"Apparently that action was too subtle," said Farah. "Congress didn't get the message – and continued on with its profligate spending and attacks on freedom."

WND is offering readers the opportunity to send exquisitely designed and bound copies of the Constitution to Barack Obama and the leaders of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

For only $9.99, including FedEx shipping, you can deliver to Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid copies of the nation's founding document so they will have no excuses as to the legal limitations on their power. Already, they've been bombarded with Constitutions over 2,000 times in the short time of this campaign.

An accompanying note will also explain how they have already exceeded their constitutional authority and ask them to distribute the extra copies to their colleagues and staffs.
"This is a clear way of stating why you object to their official actions over the last year," said Farah. "It's because they are illegitimate. They are rogue actions. They are not just unpopular, they are unauthorized and illegal."
Farah said it can never hurt to have tens of thousands of extra copies of the Constitution circulating in Washington.
"Apparently, it's been a long time since most of our elected officials have bothered to open this little book," he said. "Maybe this will give them something to think about."

Farah says the campaign represents more than a way for citizens to vent their frustrations over skyrocketing deficits, bailouts of banks and multinational corporations, taxpayer rip-offs, pork-laden budgets and attacks on individual liberty.

"This is a way to focus the public's attention on the real issue – the strict limits on federal power prescribed in our Constitution," said Farah. "There's a fundamental disconnect in Washington and even around the country when it comes to the proper and legitimate role of the federal government in American life. That's the point. It's not just a matter of Americans objecting to this piece of legislation or that executive order. It's time we insist that Washington limit its activities to the enumerated powers of the Constitution and leave the rest to the state and individuals."
"He may feel insulated from the accountability of this year's midterm congressional elections," Farah said. "But he is not insulated from the accountability of the rule of law. He claims to be a constitutional scholar. But a simple layman's reading of the Constitution illustrates he is either ignorant of its straightforward limits on power or, worse, blindly contemptuous of them."


Wild Thing's comment.......

Thank God our forefathers understood how government would demand more and more powers, give them an inch, they will take a mile!

The Constitution indeed limits the power of government. But our problem today is that the sitting government in Washington is bypassing some of those limits.

And we must keep ever-vigilant to be sure our representatives don’t forget who they work for.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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February 25, 2010

Half Of America Blames Obama For Loss Of Rights

Half of America blames Obama for loss of rights

'That's after a month where almost nothing happened in Washington'


A new poll reveals Americans believe their freedoms are continuing to slip away under President Obama, with more than 49 percent reporting decreases in their personal freedoms under his leadership this month.

The WND Freedom Index poll from Wenzel Strategies shows even one in 10 Democrats believes there's been a big decrease in freedoms.

"One month into his second year as president, Barack Obama finds himself saddled with some heavy political baggage," said Fritz Wenzel, president of the polling company. "Two out of three likely voting respondents to the latest WorldNetDaily/Wenzel Strategies poll think the country is headed in the wrong direction, less than half give him positive job approval ratings, and half think that he is responsible for a reduction in freedom in America.
"And that's after a month where almost nothing happened in Washington," he said.

The WND/Wenzel telephone survey was conducted Feb. 18–20 using an automated telephone technology calling a random sampling of listed telephone numbers nationwide. The survey included 30 questions and carries a 95 percent confidence interval. It included 747 likely voters. It carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3.56 percentage points.

The Freedom Index, an assessment on Americans' perspectives on a basketful of liberties, tipped downward for February, coming in at 47.2. It had been 46.3 in December, its lowest point ever, and it moved up only slightly, to 47.5, for January.

Wenzel said as things begin moving in Washington again, especially with this week's renewed push for Obama's plans for nationalized health care, "those numbers may well get even worse."

It was during the heavy political battling over health care legislation in November that Obama took big hits to his approval numbers, and he has spent most of the political capital in his war chest," Wenzel said.
"Given that his efforts to help Democratic candidates in tough races in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts had all failed, some on his side of the political aisle may be wondering if his political capital is overvalued."
"The WorldNetDaily.com Freedom Index continues to show that more likely voting Americans nationwide than not believe that, under the Obama administration, they are seeing a reduction in their constitutional freedoms. About half – 49 percent – said so in our February polling, compared to 32 percent who said they thought Obama was causing freedoms to increase," Wenzel said.

The poll showed that 36 percent of respondents, including nearly 60 percent of the GOP, 40 percent of independents and even 10 percent of Democrats, said there has been a big decrease in personal freedoms. Another 13.1 percent said there had been some decrease.

On other individual freedom issues, the poll revealed 32 percent of Americans believe they are not very free or not free at all to speak their minds without fear of punishment, penalty or retribution.

A smaller number, 18 percent, feel there could be punishment or at least investigations based on the manner they choose to worship. But the numbers rocketed to nearly 45 percent when people were asked if there was some or great intrusion because of the government's use of cameras, scanners and other electronic monitors.
Nearly one person in five had concerns over the ramifications from placing a bumper sticker on their vehicle, and about the same number said they find themselves self-censoring thoughts because "of fear of harm, punishment, social rejection, or some other penalty."
"It appears as if the nation, much of which felt a real threat to their freedoms by the health care reform proposal and other Democratic initiatives, may have taken a collective sigh of relief [during January] with the election of Republican Scott Brown as senator from Massachusetts," Wenzel said. "Brown's presence in the U.S. Senate means Democrats no longer have unchecked power to make sweeping changes to federal law and society, and voters appear to have taken notice.

Wild Thing's comment.......

"Freedom Index poll from Wenzel Strategies shows even one in 10 Democrats believes there's been a big decrease in freedoms. "

Even the Democrats polled can tell what is happening. Welll not all but it is a start anyway.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Pelosi Renews Dispute With CIA Over Interrogation Techniques

Pelosi Renews Dispute With CIA Over Interrogation Techniques

FOX News
Prodded by the release of dozens of declassified CIA documents, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi renewed her long-running dispute with the Central Intelligence Agency about the use of harsh interrogation practices.

"I have never been briefed by the CIA or anyone else on the subject of those interrogations, to the extent that they were being used," the California Democrat told reporters Tuesday. "We were only briefed that there were lawyers in the Justice Department that thought they were legal, period."

The comments marked Pelosi's first foray into the controversy in nine months that pitted the top House Democrat against the nation's premier spy agency. Responding to a lawsuit filed by Amnesty International and two other human rights watchdog groups, the CIA released several dozen documents detailing how the CIA handled suspected terrorism suspects and briefed lawmakers about it.

The documents show Pelosi was briefed about "ongoing interrogations of Abu Zubaydah" on April 24, 2002, just weeks after the top Al Qaeda suspect was captured in Pakistan.


Only 10% Say Pelosi's Heavy Democrat Congress Doing A Good Job

The Pelosi-Reid Swamp reached a grim milestone today with the lowest approval rating ever recorded for a Congress in Rasmussen history.


Voter unhappiness with Congress has reached the highest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports as 71% now say the legislature is doing a poor job.

That’s up ten points from the previous high of 61% reached a month ago.

Only 10% of voters say Congress is doing a good or excellent job.

Nearly half of Democratic voters (48%) now give Congress a poor rating, up 17 points since January. The vast majority of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party also give Congress poor ratings.

Seventy percent (70%) of voters say Congress has not passed any legislation that would significantly improve life for Americans, up 10 points over the past month and the highest level of dissatisfaction measured in regular tracking in over three years. Only 15% say Congress has passed such legislation.

Forty percent (40%) of voters nationwide now say it is at least somewhat likely Congress will seriously address the most important issues facing the nation. That’s down from 59% last March. Only 9% say it is Very Likely Congress will address these issues.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Nancy just can't stop messing with the truth. She is a total liar! Facts prove she lies and yet she won't stop.

Cruel interrogation would mean sending Nancy Pelosi to do the waterboarding. heh heh

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February 21, 2010

Shocker! Ron Paul Wins CPAC10 Straw Poll

FOX News

Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas known for his libertarian views, ran for president in 2008 but was never a serious contender for the GOP nomination.

Romney, former Massachusetts governor and also a 2008 GOP candidate, has won the last three presidential straw polls at the annual conference. This year, he came in second, with 22 percent.

Sarah Palin, who didn't attend the conference, was a distant third in the straw poll, with 7 percent, followed by Tim Pawlenty, the Minnesota governor, and Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana.

The straw poll is not binding -- and not necessarily a good forecaster, given that in 2008, John McCain went on to take the party's nomination over Romney.

Boos as Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll


Paul's victory renders a straw poll that was already lightly contested among the likely 2012 GOP hopefuls all but irrelevant as the 74-year-old Texan is unlikely to be a serious contender for his party's nomination.

CPAC organizers were plainly embarrassed by the results, which could reduce the perceived impact of a contest that was once thought to offer a window into which White House hopefuls were favored by movement conservatives.

A spokesman for the conference rushed over to reporters following the announcement to make sure they had heard the unmistakable boos when the screen first showed Paul had won the straw poll.

2,935 votes were cast in the straw poll, the most in the history of the 37-year conference, but a fraction of the approximately 10,000 people who attended CPAC

Forty-eight percent of those who participated in the contest indicated that they were students and the divergent reaction to the results reflected the outcome.


Wild Thing's comment..........

According to Fox, about 10,000 present, but just 2400 voted.

Ron Paul is an isolationist, antisemitic, racist peacecreep. Ron Paul was booed when it was announced he won.

One good thing is this vote of theirs does not count in the real election, thank GOD!

Ann Coulter mentioned the place was full of college students, and now we know why.

Vote breakdown:

31% Ron Paul
22% Mitt Romney
7% Sarah Palin
6% Tim Pawlenty
5% Mike Pence
4% Newt Gingrich
4% Mike Huckabee
2% Mitch Daniels
2% Rick Santorum
2% John Thune
1% Haley Barbour
5% Other
6% Undecided

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February 15, 2010

Dictator Obama Making Plans to Use More Executive Power

Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power

NY Times

With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.

Obama has not given up hope of progress on Capitol Hill, aides said, and has scheduled a session with Republican leaders on health care later this month. But in the aftermath of a special election in Massachusetts that cost Democrats unilateral control of the Senate, the White House is getting ready to act on its own in the face of partisan gridlock heading into the midterm campaign.

“We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff.

Any president has vast authority to influence policy even without legislation, through executive orders, agency rule-making and administrative fiat. And Mr. Obama’s success this week in pressuring the Senate to confirm 27 nominations by threatening to use his recess appointment power demonstrated that executive authority can also be leveraged to force action by Congress.

Mr. Obama has already decided to create a bipartisan budget commission under his own authority after Congress refused to do so. His administration has signaled that it plans to use its discretion to soften enforcement of the ban on openly gay men and lesbians serving in the military, even as Congress considers repealing the law. And the Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with possible regulations on heat-trapping gases blamed for climate change, while a bill to cap such emissions languishes in the Senate.

In an effort to demonstrate forward momentum, the White House is also drawing more attention to the sorts of actions taken regularly by cabinet departments without much fanfare. The White House heavily promoted an export initiative announced by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke last week and nearly $1 billion in health care technology grants announced on Friday by Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, and Hilda L. Solis, the labor secretary.

White House officials said the increased focus on executive authority reflected a natural evolution from the first year to the second year of any presidency.

“The challenges we had to address in 2009 ensured that the center of action would be in Congress,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “In 2010, executive actions will also play a key role in advancing the agenda.”

The use of executive authority during times of legislative inertia is hardly new; former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush turned to such powers at various moments in their presidencies, and Mr. Emanuel was in the thick of carrying out the strategy during his days as a top official in the Clinton White House.

But Mr. Obama has to be careful how he proceeds because he has been critical of both Mr. Clinton’s penchant for expending presidential capital on small-bore initiatives, like school uniforms, and Mr. Bush’s expansive assertions of executive authority, like the secret program of wiretapping without warrants.

Already, Mr. Obama has had to reconcile his campaign-trail criticism of Mr. Bush for excessive use of so-called signing statements to bypass parts of legislation with his own use of such tactics. After a bipartisan furor in Congress last year, Mr. Obama stopped issuing such signing statements, but aides said last month that he still reserves the right to ignore sections of bills he considers unconstitutional if objections have been lodged previously by the executive branch.

Another drawback of the executive power strategy is that actions taken unilaterally by the executive branch may not be as enduring as decisions made through acts of Congress signed into law by a president. For instance, while the E.P.A. has been determined to have the authority to regulate carbon emissions, the administration would rather have a market-based system of pollution permits, called cap and trade, that requires legislation.

Still, presidents have logged significant accomplishments through the stroke of a pen. In 1996, on his own authority, Mr. Clinton turned a 2,600-square-mile section of southern Utah into the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, in what was called at the time his boldest environmental move. Mr. Bush followed suit in 2006 by designating a 140,000-square-mile stretch of islands and ocean near Hawaii as the largest protected marine reserve in the world, in what some see as his most lasting environmental achievement.

The use of executive power came to a head this week when Mr. Obama confronted Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, about nominations held up in the Senate. In a meeting with Congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday, Mr. Obama turned to Mr. McConnell and vowed to use his power to appoint officials during Senate recesses if his nominations were not cleared.

By Thursday, the Senate had voted to confirm 27 of 63 nominations that had been held up, and the White House declared victory. Two administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Friday that the White House had drafted a list of about a dozen nominees for the president to appoint during the recess that just began, but most were among those cleared.

Mr. McConnell’s office denied that the president’s threat had anything to do with the confirmations, pointing out that the Senate regularly passes a batch of nominees before going on recess.

“All presidents get frustrated with the pace of nominations, and all Congresses say they’re doing their best, so it’s not a surprise,” said Don Stewart, a spokesman for Mr. McConnell. “But the fact is nominees are being confirmed, particularly those nominated since December.”

The recess appointment power stems from the days when lawmakers were in session only part of the year, but in modern times presidents have used it to circumvent opposition in the Senate. Mr. Clinton made 139 recess appointments, 95 of them to full-time positions, while Mr. Bush made 171, with 99 to full-time jobs. Mr. Obama has yet to make any.

Those given such appointments can serve until the end of the next Congressional session. As a senator, Mr. Obama was less enamored with recess appointments. When Mr. Bush used the power to install John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Obama called Mr. Bolton “damaged goods.”

But the White House argued that Mr. Obama’s choices have been held up more than Mr. Bush’s and left open the prospect of giving recess appointments to some of those still held up, including Craig Becker, a labor lawyer whose nomination for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board has been blocked.

“If the stalling tactics continue,” said Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, “he’s not ruling out using recess appointments for anybody that he’s nominated.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Liberty is at stake and the clock is ticking.

Basically declaring that he needs not Congress nor Senate nor even countrymen to run his country. Even screwball Dems in Congress don’t take kindly to having their authority usurped by...the usurper-in-chief.

Obama knows that he loses and his Marxist dreams will end in the 2010 elections! He will bare his fangs and he will go nuclear on this country. It has begun!!

The White House is unraveling exponentially. The events of the last year, especially the last month, are wearing on Obama. . You can see it in his face, hear it in his voice. . The Narcissistic Rage is fomenting and imho our country is in danger from within. Who is Obama and What is he going to do as things spiral out of control? Daily more and more people understand his background, his history, his Marxist mentors, his communist mole background.

Obama has the psychological capacity to go insane fighting the interests aligned against him. He believed the messiah bullsh*t but he lacks the political and executive skills necessary to change course and save "his" presidency. This Marxist Obama is going to hit the wall and millions of American lives are at serious risk.

Obama signed 38 Executive Order's in 2009.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Judge Finds Grounds to Sanction Arizona Sheriff's Office

Judge Finds Grounds to Sanction Arizona Sheriff's Office

FOX News

A federal judge has found grounds for sanctioning an Arizona sheriff's office for its acknowledged destruction of records in a lawsuit that accuses deputies of racially profiling countless Hispanics in immigration patrols.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow held off on imposing the sanctions against the office of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Friday ruling, but indicted he would do so at a later date once related issues were ironed out.

Since early 2008, Arpaio has run 13 immigration and crimes sweeps consisting of deputies and posse volunteers who flood an area of a city — in some cases heavily Latino areas — to seek out traffic violators and arrest other offenders.

The handful of Latinos who filed the lawsuit against Arpaio's office alleged that officers based some traffic stops on the race of Hispanics who were in vehicles, had no probable cause to pull them over and made the stops so they could inquire about their immigration status.

Arpaio is known for tough jail policies, including housing inmates in canvas tents, and pushing the bounds for how local law enforcement agencies can confront illegal immigration.

The U.S. Justice Department said it's investigating his office for alleged discrimination and for unconstitutional searches and seizures, but won't provide any details of its examination. The sheriff believes the inquiry is focused on his immigration efforts.

Arpaio has repeatedly denied the racial profiling allegations, saying people pulled over in the sweeps were approached because deputies had probable cause to believe they had committed crimes. It was only afterward that deputies found many of them were illegal immigrants, he has said.

Some sheriff's officials have acknowledged deleting their e-mails about the patrols and throwing away and shredding officers' records of traffic stops made during the sweeps.

Snow said the sheriff's office was negligent for not holding onto the documents and that the failure to preserve them is enough to justify sanctions. The judge asked plaintiff's attorneys to suggest unspecified "adverse inferences" that could be drawn from the destruction of officers' records of traffic stops made during the sweeps.
Peter Kozinets, one of those attorneys, said Saturday that the document destruction deprived his clients of records that would have shown deputies were selective in whom they approached during the sweeps.
The sheriff's office said the destruction was an honest error that sprung from a top official not telling others in his office to preserve the documents.
The office also said the traffic-stop records were thrown away after supervisors tabulated statistics from them and that thousands of other documents have been handed over.
"We thought the ruling was extremely fair and we are pleased to cooperate," said Dave Hendershott, chief deputy of the sheriff's office. "It clearly shows that the judge understood that it was an unintentional oversight. We are very pleased with the ruling."
Snow also said that plaintiff's attorneys can again depose Arpaio to question him about his own 800-page immigration file, which was covered by a documents request but wasn't handed over before his first deposition in mid-December.


Blogs 4 Borders interviewed Sheriff Joe awhile back.


Wild Thing's comment.........

The U.S. Justice Department said it's investigating his office for alleged discrimination and for unconstitutional searches and seizures, but won't provide any details of its examination.

Holder's office

Any Police organization that tries to uphold this Republic's laws against illegal immigration seems to find itself on the wrong side of the Obama administration.

Sheriff Joe is a great person and a great Patriot! If anyone can do it Sheriff Joe can. He is the type of man we need in every city state an county to turn this country around.

We have a lot to thank Sheriff Joe for.

He is leading the way back to SANITY.

God Bless Sheriff Joe!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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February 12, 2010

Cue Twilight Zone Music: Texas Candidate Debra Medina is a 9/11 Truther

Debra Medina imploded today on the Glenn Beck radio show. The Republcian candidate for governor is a 9-11 Truther.

She said questions still remain.

Trail Blazers

TV and radio commentator Glenn Beck dismissed the candidacy of Debra Medina when she left open the door to a conspiracy fringe group that believe the U.S. government might have been behind the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center.

Beck, a leading personality for conservatives, asked her point blank if she believed such a theory.

“I don’t have all the evidence there, Glenn,” Medina replied. “So I’m not in a place – I have not been out publicly questioning that. I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard. There’s some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there so I’ve not taken a position there.”

He then asked if she would disavow people on her campaign team that held such a theory.

“I’m certainly not into mind control or thought policing people,” Medina said. “I don’t see us having a team of radical individuals, if you will.”

When she signed off the program, Beck let out a long Oooh.

Statement from Gov. Rick Perry:

"Today's comments were an insult to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on 9/11 and the military men and women who are overseas protecting our country. President Bush worked tirelessly to protect our nation from additional terrorist attacks and anyone who would suggest 9/11 is a conspiracy involving the Bush administration should be ashamed."

Statement From Kay Bailey Hutchison Regarding Medina 9/11 Comments

"I know exactly who was responsible for the horrific attacks on September 11th - Al Qaeda terrorists who declared war on America. To suggest otherwise is an affront to the men and women who are sacrificing their lives to root out the terrorists in Afghanistan and around globe. Ever since that tragic day, I have fought tirelessly to ensure that we hunted down the Islamic extremists who target our nation. No one stood closer to President Bush and Vice President Cheney in their efforts to defeat the terrorist threat to our freedom."


Wild Thing's comment.........

She was always a nutjob ... Beck just exposed her. She is incompetent, and unqualified.

She's a Ron Paul acolyte. She couldn't answer Glenn's question because she was worried about offending the large contingent of "Troofers" in her support base.

Then when it hits the fan, she backpedaled.

I wasn't buying her garbage before and I'm certainly not buying it now.

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Feds Push for Tracking Cell Phones

Feds Push for Tracking Cell Phones

CNET news

Two years ago, when the FBI was stymied by a band of armed robbers known as the "Scarecrow Bandits" that had robbed more than 20 Texas banks, it came up with a novel method of locating the thieves.

FBI agents obtained logs from mobile phone companies corresponding to what their cellular towers had recorded at the time of a dozen different bank robberies in the Dallas area. The voluminous records showed that two phones had made calls around the time of all 12 heists, and that those phones belonged to men named Tony Hewitt and Corey Duffey. A jury eventually convicted the duo of multiple bank robbery and weapons charges.

Even though police are tapping into the locations of mobile phones thousands of times a year, the legal ground rules remain unclear, and federal privacy laws written a generation ago are ambiguous at best. On Friday, the first federal appeals court to consider the topic will hear oral arguments (PDF) in a case that could establish new standards for locating wireless devices.

In that case, the Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their--or at least their cell phones'--whereabouts. U.S. Department of Justice lawyers say that "a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records" that show where a mobile device placed and received calls.

Those claims have alarmed the ACLU and other civil liberties groups, which have opposed the Justice Department's request and plan to tell the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia that Americans' privacy deserves more protection and judicial oversight than what the administration has proposed.

"This is a critical question for privacy in the 21st century," says Kevin Bankston, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation who will be arguing on Friday. "If the courts do side with the government, that means that everywhere we go, in the real world and online, will be an open book to the government unprotected by the Fourth Amendment."

Not long ago, the concept of tracking cell phones would have been the stuff of spy movies. In 1998's "Enemy of the State," Gene Hackman warned that the National Security Agency has "been in bed with the entire telecommunications industry since the '40s--they've infected everything."

"The biggest issue at stake is whether or not courts are going to accept the government's minimal view of what is protected by the Fourth Amendment," says EFF's Bankston. "The government is arguing that based on precedents from the 1970s, any record held by a third party about us, no matter how invasively collected, is not protected by the Fourth Amendment."

Wild Thing's comment.......

This from the bunch that wants our medical records on a national database.

Track ordinary Americans, but not terrorist cells is more like it from this administration we have now. Remember last year Obama was talking about bringing up charges against Bush for tapping TERRORIST phones...now he wants to do it to Americans.

I am not a big cell phone user. Nick wants to me have one when I drive so I have it for emergencies, just in case. It does make me feel safer when I leave the house. But I use it so like LOL the cell phone account I have has me on as little as 100 minutes or something like that for the whole month. The lady I talked to about setting it up said I was her first to have such low usage on a cell phone. hahaha That is just me, I am just not big on being on the phone much at all. I asked the lady how many minutes I had for the month and she said..... heh heh..... a total of 27. Then we both laughed.

The biggest way I use it is for my clients at the gym, so they can reach me if they need to cancel or move their appointment.

It is funny though how Obama was soooo against this and now is in favor of it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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February 09, 2010

Obama's Budget Eliminates Boeing C-17 Program

Obama's Budget Eliminates Boeing C-17 Program

FOX News

There's concern about Boeing's C-17 aircraft. President Obama's budget proposal calls for cutting several weapons programs, including the C-17. Eliminating the C-17 program could mean eliminating jobs in the Gateway City.

When unveiling his budget, President Obama said, "We save money by eliminating unnecessary defense programs that do nothing to keep us safe. One example is the 2.5 billion dollars that were spending to build C-17 transport aircraft."

C-17s have been used extensively in flying supplies and troops to earthquake ravaged Haiti. Senator Kit Bond says they're desperately needed.

Four years ago, the Defense Department decided to stop production of the C-17 because it had acquired the 180 it requested.

"Yet every year since, congress has provided unrequested money for more C-17s the Pentagon doesn't want or need. It's waste pure and simple," says the President.

The C-17 is one of Boeing's premiere aircraft. It supports a thousand jobs in St. Louis, jobs that could be cut, if the program is cancelled.

Senator Kit Bond said," The president's mixed up spending priorities also threatens workers right here in St. Louis and our nation's air lift capacity."

You may recall, the government tried to eliminate the C-17 program in 2009, but lawmakers saved it. Bond says he'll fight for it again this year especially since the Pentagon now has the ability to retire C-5As.

Sen. Bond says," They need the C-17s to replace those aircraft. I'm going to make that point very loudly in the appropriations process. We'll see whether we're successful."

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says she will also fight to save the C-17 program. She released the following statement:

We have known for years now that the c-17 has been flying into a strong headwind. Over the last three years, secretaries of defense and presidents from both political parties have uniformly sought to end its production. Since coming to the senate, i have fought side by side with my colleagues against these recommendations and we have successfully prevented an end of production. At a time when the c-17s first-rate capabilities are in increasing demand around the world, i will once again fight for this plane. I will be looking particularly closely at the substantial readiness problems with the c-5, the only other strategic airlifter. It seems long overdue that we should retire the oldest c-5 planes that arent working and replace them with the c-17, a plane that we know works and is produced at a fair cost.

Boeing released the following statement reacting to the proposed defense budget cuts:

"What we have been able to see so far of the proposed DOD budget and the QDR raise key public policy issues that will be discussed in the days, weeks, and months ahead.Critically important among these issues are the future of America's defense industrial base and maintaining healthy competition in the defense industry. As a matter of public policy and defense doctrine, America has invested in developing and maintaining a national defense industrial base that meets the evolving needs of the military while providing the best value for the taxpayer. It is a true national asset - built over many years by investing in highly-skilled engineering and a high-tech manufacturing workforce and by developing best-of-industry practices. The Congress now begins its work towards passing the overall budget and the DOD segment. We will continue to study the budget proposals being made for potential impact to Boeing, the industry, its industrial base, and to its workers, as well as important policy debates in other critical areas such as healthcare, energy, the environment and education. Meanwhile, the men and women of The Boeing Company will continue to perform at the highest possible level to deliver the best value to our customers and to the taxpayer."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama is sooooo stupid and his hate for our military shows in alll of his decisions like this one. Everything he does fails, everything he messes with in our country gets ruined. He is so vile, so horrible!!!!

....Thank you Darth for sending this to me.

U.S. Airforce
C-5 loadmaster

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Obamanomics = Dow Jones Industrial Average Closed Below 10,000 For The First Time In Three Months

The Dow Jones industrial average closed below 10,000 for the first time in three months Monday on nagging concerns about debt loads in Europe.

Shares of big banks pulled the market lower, extending a slump that has led to four straight weekly losses.

Rising deficits in weaker European economies including Greece, Portugal and Spain have raised questions about the health of the global financial system.

Wild Thing's comment.......

A down market is a bad grade that the Obama administration has earned. The market bounced, and then dropped, the blame Bush thing won’t work well here.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:44 AM | Comments (5)

February 05, 2010

House Votes For OBAMA's $1.9 TRILLION More Debt To Our Country

Sens. Jim DeMint, Lindsay Graham, John McCain hold a press conference to announce support for a one-year earmark moratorium and a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment. The senators believe this is the best way for Congress to prove it is serious about cracking down on wasteful spending.

Demint: "We have a situation now that's just too serious to continue to handle that way, it's not an exaggeration to say that our country is on the edge of a financial cliff, with the level of debt we have at $12 trillion dollars now, the President's budget projects another $1.6 trillion this year and with the entitlements coming due, we're looking at $100 trillion in unfunded liability...One is a small step, it's a moratoruim on earmarks...If we have a balance budget requirement, then everything we propose that increases spending will have to be matched by a proposal to cut it"

House agrees to $1.9 trillion more debt (up to 14.3 Trillion ceiling)


The House on Thursday voted to allow the government to go $1.9 trillion deeper in debt — an increase of about $6,000 more for every U.S. resident that provided a vivid election-year reminder of the nation's perilous financial condition.

The huge debt increase, approved 217-212, is only enough to keep the government afloat for about another year as it borrows more than 40 cents of every dollar it spends on programs like defense, health care, feeding the poor and protecting the environment. The budget tops $3.7 trillion this year and the deficit's approaching $1.6 trillion under the budget submitted by President Barack Obama this week.

The huge increase — to $14.3 trillion — in the cap on federal borrowing was designed by Democratic leaders to ensure that the rank and file won't have to vote again to run up another increase before facing voters increasingly angry over government spending and debt in the November midterm elections.

Already, the accumulated debt amounts to roughly $40,000 per person.

"This debt is being piled on the backs of our kids and grandkids with no relief in sight," House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said.

Economists warn that the rapidly-rising debt could force interest rates higher and, if left unchecked, could have even worse consequences for the economy.

Thirty-seven Democrats, mostly from GOP-leaning districts, voted against the measure. So did every Republican.

Obama issued a statement praising passage of the statutory pay-as-you-go rules, but skipped any mention of the debt limit increase.

"It is no coincidence that when we last had statutory paygo, during the 1990s, we turned deficits into surpluses," Obama said. "The passage of statutory paygo today will help usher out an era of irresponsibility and begin putting the country back on a fiscally sustainable path."
But Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said: "In place of real fiscal discipline, it offers a phony pay-as-you-go rule that is more loopholes and exceptions and does nothing to tackle our government's long-term structural deficit." Skeptics say lawmakers also will find ways around the new rules fairly easily. For example, Congress can declare some spending an "emergency" — a likely scenario for votes later this month to extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed.

And MORE Spending by Obama the FREAK!

FOX News

Obama's $2.5 Million Tax Payer Funded Super Bowl Commercial

Hold on to your wallets tight, The Government will be dipping into them again very soon. This Sunday the government will shell out 2.5 million taxpayer dollars to fund a 30 second Super Bowl Commercial to inform Americans about the 2010 census.

The 30 ad will feature actor and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr. urging Americans to “stand up and be counted” for the 2010 US census. Rest assured, this money that is being stolen from you will be put to good use by informing football fans all across the nation that they need to fill out a 10 question survey. This unnecessary expenditure predictable, coming from an administration that spends money like its going out of style; yet it is somehow ironic given that it comes on the heals of Obama’s speech where he lectured American’s about wasting money, saying:

When times are tough, you — you tighten your belts. You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.


Wild Thing's comment........

Unfunded ‘mandates’ total out at near 100 trillion dollars. And a commerical???? OMG!

We have amad man in the White House.

When they showed the vote on TV......Did you see the democrats actually cheering when the final vote total was announced to increase the debt?

Cheering to put us more in debt?

Unbelievable !

And yesterday the stock market just barely avoided closing under 10,000 .

And get this, GRRRRR, ABC will be having Katie Couric interview Obama live during Sunday's Super Bowl pre-game show, according to the network.


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February 04, 2010

Behind Obama's Phony Deficit Numbers

This goes along with the article below so well so I am putting it here. ~ Wild Thing

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) Read the Riot Act to Obama Budget Director!

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) responds to White House budget director Peter Orszag in a Hill hearing this morning over what to do with the remainder of the original bailout, or the $700 billion TARP.

A fiery Judd Gregg, the senior Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, blasted the White House budget director today over his boss' plan to use bailout funds for a new business credit.

While President Obama was visiting Nashua, Gregg's birthplace, the three-term senator was on Capitol Hill skewering Peter Orszag over their plan to tap $30 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Gregg exploded as Orszag spoke of lingering problems in financial markets due to access to credit for small businesses.

"No! No! No!" he yelled out. "You can't make that type of statement with any legitimacy. You cannot make that statement." Gregg then held up a guideline for the TARP, which he helped write last year to keep the country from further economic collapse.
"This is the law," he said. "Let me tell you what the law says. Let me read to you again because you don't appear to understand the law. The law is very clear. The monies recouped from the TARP shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury for the reduction of the public debt. It's not for a piggy bank because you're concerned about lending to small businesses and you want to get a political event, when you go out and make a speech in Nashua, N.H."


Behind Obama's Phony Deficit Numbers

by Dick Morris

President Obama is being disingenuous when he says that the budget deficit he faced "when I walked in the door" of the White House was $1.3 trillion. He went on to say that he only increased it to $1.4 trillion in 2009 and was raising it to $1.6 trillion in 2010.

Congressman Joe Wilson might have said "you lie," but we'll settle for "you distort."

(As Mark Twain once said, there are three kinds of lies: "lies, damn lies, and statistics.")

Here are the facts:

In 2008, Bush ran a deficit of $485 billion. By the time the fiscal year started on October 1, 2008, it had gone up by another $100 billion due to increased recession-related spending and depressed revenues. So it was about $600 billion at the start of the fiscal crisis. That was the real Bush deficit.

But when the fiscal crisis hit, Bush had to pass TARP in the final months of his presidency which cost $700 billion. Under the federal budget rules, a loan and a grant are treated the same. So the $700 billion pushed the deficit -- officially -- up to $1.3 trillion. But not really. The $700 billion was a short term loan. $500 billion of it has already been repaid.

So what was the real deficit Obama inherited? The $600 billion deficit Bush was running plus the $200 billion of TARP money that probably won't be repaid (mainly AIG and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). That totals $800 billion. That was the real deficit Obama inherited.

Then...he added $300 billion in his stimulus package, bringing the deficit to $1.1 trillion. This $300 billion was, of course, totally qualitatively different from the TARP money in that it was spending not lending. It would never be paid back. Once it was out the door, it was gone. Other spending and falling revenues due to the recession pushed the final numbers for Obama's 2009 deficit up to $1.4 trillion.

So, effectively, Obama came close to doubling the deficit.

Obama seems not to understand that the deficit is the jobs problem. To add to the deficit in the hope of creating more jobs is an oxymoron. Additional deficit spending just crowds out small businesses trying to borrow money to create jobs and consumers seeking credit to buy cars and homes.

Soon, when the Fed stops printing money and we have to borrow real funds from real lenders, the high deficit will send interest rates soaring, further retarding growth and creating a cost-push inflation.

The interest rate we are now paying for the debt -- about 3.5% -- is totally artificial and based on the massive injection of money supply created by the purchase of mortgage backed securities by an obliging Federal Reserve. Once these injections of currency/heroin stop, the rate will more than double, sending our debt service spending into the stratosphere. Once we had to choose between guns and butter. Now we will have to choose between guns and butter on the one hand and paying our debt service on the other.

Obama's program of fiscal austerity in this new budget is a joke. He freezes very selected budget items while he shovels out new spending in his stimulus packages. If he wanted to lower the deficit, here's what he could do:

1. Cancel the remaining $500 billion of stimulus spending and

2. Cancel the $300 billion of spending in stimulus II.

Those are the real numbers. Or, as Al Gore would have it, "the inconvenient truth."


Wild Thing's comment........

Dick Morris nailed it. Dick Morris takes the lie apart piece by piece!!! Obam inherited a Bush recession deficit of 600-700 Billion (bad enough) with TARP added on in the last quarter.

A TARP fully supported by Obama. And furthermore the Pelosi-democrats INSISTED in Dec 2008 that Bush request the entire $700 Billion TARP on his watch and use $350 Billion of it to bail out the auto unions, which was never part of the original TARP bill. And Bush caved to Pelosi.

So Obama stepped into office on Jan 20th with a huge slush fund for his union buddies.

The lie about Obama inheriting a Bush “$1.3 trillion deficit” needs to be confronted right at the moment it is uttered, not in next day's editorial.

Obama signed the most massive spending bills EVER shortly after becoming President in 2009, yet he tries to blame the deficit on President Bush.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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January 30, 2010

Liar Obama Meets With House Republicans And Goes On Attack

Barack Obama is accusing Republicans of portraying health care overhaul legislation as a "Bolshevik plot."

VERY angry Barack Obama met with House Republicans today at their retreat in Baltimore and attacked them for voting against his very radical and failed plans for restructuring America. To their credit not one single House Republican voted for the gigantic Stimulus Bill, the record Omnibus Bill, and the Son of Stimulus Bill. And, only 5 voted for the democrat’s business-busting cap-and-tax bill and only one voted for Obamacare. Today Obama let them know what he thought about their lack of support for his radical agenda.

Look at how ANGRY he is while speaking to the House Republicans.

He called his health care bill “centrist.” …They got a kick out of that.



In a face-to-face encounter, President Barack Obama chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on health care, economic stimulus and other major issues.
Republicans pushed back on taxes and spending, and accused Obama of not taking their ideas seriously.
Obama, attending the House Republicans’ retreat in Baltimore, began with conciliatory remarks but soon became more pointed. He said a GOP-driven “politics of no” was blocking action on bills that could help Americans obtain jobs and health care.
In a sometimes-barbed exchange, he said some in the audience have attended ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects funded by the stimulus package they voted against. Obama also questioned why Republicans have overwhelmingly opposed his tax-cut policies, which he said have benefited 95 percent of American families.
“The notion that this was a radical package is just not true,” Obama said. “I am not an ideologue.”
GOP lawmakers pressed the president to pledge to support a line-item veto for spending bills and across-the-board tax cuts. Obama demurred, saying billionaires don’t need new tax cuts.


Obama defended his failed Stimulus plan.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I saw this whilei it was going on and it was disgusting. He said again if they don’t go along HE will do what he wants ANYWAY. He was very angry and the GOP did good with it and they did speak up to him. That part was GREAT to see.

He also said there were NO EARMARKS in the Recovery Act,, OMG, the WHOLE thing was an earmark.

Classic Democrat strategy; accuse your enemies of the very things you are doing.

I look at it as a Republican fight against a “Bolshevik plot.” Didn’t the Bolsheviks take over the whole country? Isn’t Obama trying to take over as much of the country as he can? Sounds Bolshevik to me. I hope his Bolshevik comment will come back to haunt him.

Obama is SO EVIL!

Our Founding Fathers ache in their graves over this idiot.

And what the heck?! “I AM NOT A IDEOLOGUE.” ...Obama said. He is an insane, America hating Ideologue.

This idiot lies to the People and the Court to their face. His “community organizing” background does not work when diversity is in the equation. He will fail on all cylinders because his octane is gone.

“IF you look at this bill you’ll find it’s pretty CENTRIST”...


Then DOCTOR Tom Price nailed Obama and then Obama tried to to correct him. But Price came back and corrected Obama again.

The Obama could not or would not answer Price's question! What do we tell our people who know we have proposed legislation but you Admin. constintantly says we have not!Price has asked him twice and he still will not answer!!!!!!

Oh and one last thing, did Obama give them the finger????

Everytime Obama does this, it's always when he's talking about political opponents..

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January 28, 2010

Executive Order By Obama For States To Adopt Laws Limiting Use Of National Guard Units...

States' rights rebellion over National Guard

Lawmakers fight to keep governors, not president, in control of troops


Responding to an executive order by President Obama, a new push is under way for states to adopt laws limiting the use of their National Guard units unless there is an invasion, insurrection or other limited circumstance.

As WND reported, Obama's order establishes a new "Council of Governors" designated to advise on the "synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States."

The recent order, posted on the White House website, was accompanied by the explanation that the group is to work "to protect our nation against all types of hazards." It comes just weeks after the president issued a similarly obscure order vastly expanding INTERPOL's privileges in the U.S.

The White House said the new council is to include governors and administration officials to review "such matters as involving the National Guard of the various states; homeland defense, civil support; synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities."

However, there was no definition of the group's authority. Can the council recommend "military activities" and can the governors, who already are in command of their own state guard units, mandate activities outside of their areas of jurisdiction? The White House did not respond to WND questions on the issue.

Now the Tenth Amendment Center is recommending a model legislation that states can use to limit the activities of their own National Guard members.

The model legislation states: "The governor shall withhold or withdraw approval of the transfer of the National Guard to federal control in the absence of: a) A military invasion of the United States, or b) An insurrection, or c) A calling forth of the guard by the federal government in a manner provided for by Congress to execute the laws of the union, provided that said laws were made in pursuance of the delegated powers in the Constitution of the United States, or d) A formal declaration of war from Congress."

The organization said the requests to state legislatures already have begun with a letter on the issue dispatched by Walt Garlington, founder of the Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee, to state Rep. Brett F. Geymann.

"I ask you to once again take up the cause of states' rights and protect Louisiana from this latest unconstitutional action coming from Washington, D.C.," the letter said. "Please introduce a bill reasserting the governor's power over Louisiana's National Guard to counteract the EO issued by Pres. Obama."
The model legislation proposed by the Tenth Amendment Center says the law is, "For the purpose of requiring the governor to withhold or withdraw approval of the transfer of this state's National Guard to federal control in the absence of an explicit authorization adopted by the federal government in pursuance of the powers delegated to the federal government in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution."
It cites U.S. Constitution provisions that Congress has the power to provide for "calling forth the militia" to "execute the laws of the union," or to suppress insurrections or repel invasions.
The proposal cites Daniel Webster's statement in 1814 to Congress, "It will be the solemn duty of the state governments to protect their own authority over their own militia, and to interpose between their citizens and arbitrary power. These are among the objects for which the state governments exist."

The White House said the new panel was called for in the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act and will include 10 governors picked by the president as well as the Coast Guard commandant and other officials from the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.

The White House announcement said the council "will provide an invaluable senior administration forum for exchanging views with state and local officials on strengthening our national resilience and the homeland defense and civil support challenges facing our nation today and in the future."

Wild Thing's comment.......

There sure is a lot going on behind the scenes. Federal government telling the States what to do. I don't think this will stand up to any level of judicial scrutiny. It is unConstitutional and a perversion of what States Rights are. Tyranny is on the table.

I might be wrong ,but I thought the National Guard has not been under the States control since at least WWII.

I hope some conservatives are keeping track of all of the directives that will need to be reversed when this guy gets thrown out.

Our National Guard is made up of some of the finest patriots in the country. If these idiots on the Left think that these brave men and women would do their nefarious bidding, they have another think coming.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Rep. Stephen Lynch ( Democrat - Mass.) Blasts Tim Geithner

Rep. Stephen Lynch ( Democrat - Mass.) blasts Tim Geithner during a session of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

A little history about this:

Geithner had AIG hide details about payments to banks

Houston Chronicle

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Timothy Geithner, told American International Group Inc. to withhold details from the public about the bailed-out insurer's payments to banks during the depths of the financial crisis, e-mails between the company and its regulator show.

AIG said in a draft of a regulatory filing that the insurer paid banks, which included Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA, 100 cents on the dollar for credit-default swaps they bought from the firm. The New York Fed crossed out the reference, according to the e-mails, and AIG excluded the language when the filing was made public on Dec. 24, 2008. The e-mails were obtained by Representative Darrell Issa, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
The New York Fed took over negotiations between AIG and the banks in November 2008 as losses on the swaps, which were contracts tied to subprime home loans, threatened to swamp the insurer weeks after its taxpayer-funded rescue. The regulator decided that Goldman Sachs and more than a dozen banks would be fully repaid for $62.1 billion of the swaps, prompting lawmakers to call the AIG rescue a “backdoor bailout” of financial firms.
“It appears that the New York Fed deliberately pressured AIG to restrict and delay the disclosure of important information,” said Issa, a California Republican. Taxpayers “deserve full and complete disclosure under our nation's securities laws, not the withholding of politically inconvenient information.” President Barack Obama selected Geithner as Treasury secretary, a post he took last year.

Wild Thing's comment.......

The most corrupt administration we have ever seen. This administration is criminal. This conduct makes Enron look like child’s play.

The way I understand it, AIG was the designated patsy. They were demonized. Their bonuses were cursed. They had ACORN sent after their executives to mount protests.

Meantime, all they were really doing was to pass the money THROUGH AIG to Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, and a couple of other banks who were their political donors. Goldman Sachs made huge profits, not only on all the money passed through, but also on shorting AIG.

What they presumably told AIG was, “You play the patsy, or you’re going bankrupt and will spend the rest of your lives in jail.” So AIG rolled over and agreed to be demonized.

This wasn’t just Geithner. Obama was in it well before he became President. He was the second biggest recipient of donations from Goldman Sachs, after Chris Dodd.

All of this reminds me of a movie called , "The International".

Just one more thing of interest, Timmy Geithner’s dad, Peter, was Stanley Ann Dunham's boss. Stanley Ann Dunham is Barack Hussein 0bama's mother.

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January 27, 2010

Charles Krauthammer on President Obama’s Proposed Budget Cuts

Obama to seek freeze on part of budget


Facing voter anger over mounting budget deficits, President Barack Obama will ask Congress to freeze spending for some domestic programs for three years beginning in 2011, administration officials said Monday. Separately, Obama unveiled plans to help a middle class "under assault" pay its bills, save for retirement and care for kids and aging parents.

The spending freeze would apply to a relatively small portion of the federal budget, affecting a $477 billion pot of money available for domestic agencies whose budgets are approved by Congress each year. Some of those agencies could get increases, others would have to face cuts; such programs got an almost 10 percent increase this year. The federal budget total was $3.5 trillion.


Charles Krauthammer on President Obama’s proposed budget cuts:

“It’s not a hatchet. It’s not a scalpel. It’s a Q-tip. It’s a fraud. This is a minuscule amount. Remember it excludes defense, homeland security, veteran’s affairs. It excludes all of the entitlements which are 60% of the budget. And, it excludes stimuli past and future, the nearly two-thirds of the trillion dollar stimulus that has not been spent. All of that is excluded. It excludes the trillion that would have been spent on health care if it would have been passed. What it is is a $15 billion reduction in a year 2011 in which the CBO has just announced we’re going to have a deficit of $1.35 trillion. It’s a rounding error. It’s lunch money.”



"What he doesn't tell you is that last year, their first year in office when they had a free ride in spending, they ratcheted up the spending for all of these departments astronomically an average of the last half of fiscal '09 and all of fiscal '10 an average about 20%, now that's huge 'cause normally year over year you increase a department's spending 3% or 4% especially with low inflation.
So for example, last year alone, they increased the EPA budget by 35%, so if you're instituting a freeze, what you're doing, you're ratcheting in, you're locking in the higher spending that Obama slid in last year...So what the freeze is doing essentially is the opposite of what it looks like, instead of reducing the spending, it's locking in these huge increases that were instituted last year"


Wild Thing's comment........

This is a joke. They guy really thinks people are THAT stupid. He will save a few billion while working to borrow and spending another trillion....hello????

Is the whole DemoRAT party going to walk off the cliff with this “Carter-FDR hybrid on steroids”?

More lies, prevarication, and sleight of hand. The Hope N Change express keeps on rolling. More like the Hypocrisy Express!

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January 25, 2010

Robert Gibbs Joins Obama - Says Massachusetts' Vote Was Not Against Obama's Radical Agenda

Chris Wallace: It wasn’t the same thing that swept Barack Obama into office. Scott Brown explicitly campaigned against the Obama agenda. His approval rating among that electorate was 61%. Their enthusiasm for Republican policies among that electorate was 40%.

Chris Wallace: But your not suggesting that this was a mandate for Barack Obama?

Robert Gibbs: No. Of course not. But I’m also not suggesting that what you said a minute ago meets the truth test either.

Chris Wallace: You don’t think that when they voted for Scott Brown they were voting against Obama’s policies?

Robert Gibbs: That’s not what they told pollsters. No.

Robert Gibbs on Scott Brown’s win: That may be what he campaigned on but that’s not what the voters in Massachusetts said in the Washington Post poll… They did a poll of voters who participated in why they voted. Right. More people voted express their support for Barack Obama than to oppose him.


Now over at CBS this is what they were discussing.
The loss of a Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts has made the White House worry about lack of support. As Bill Plante reports, advisors deny rumors of a White House staff shakeup.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Oh my gosh, all Sunday morning on TV it was one democrat after the other LYING about what happened in Mass. and why. It was almost shocking to see. Dems can lie right to our face. If it was pouring rain and a person was standing in the rain with one of these people, they would say NO it is a sunny day and they actually think the rest of the people would believe them. LOL amazing.....the sad thing is there are still people in our country that sit there and nod yessss when they hear all the lies from the left. Now that is scary.

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January 23, 2010

Obama Seen as Anti-Business By 77% of Investors ~ So True!

Obama Seen as Anti-Business By 77% of Investors


U.S. investors overwhelmingly see President Barack Obama as anti-business and question his ability to manage a financial crisis, according to a Bloomberg survey.

The global quarterly poll of investors and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers finds that 77 percent of U.S. respondents believe Obama is too anti-business and four-out-of-five are only somewhat confident or not confident of his ability to handle a financial emergency.

The poll also finds a decline in Obama’s overall favorability rating one year after taking office. He is viewed favorably by 27 percent of U.S. investors. In an October poll, 32 percent in the U.S. held a positive impression.

“Investors no longer feel they can trust their instincts to take risks,” said poll respondent David Young, a managing director for a broker dealer in New York. Young cited Obama’s efforts to trim bonuses and earnings, make health care his top priority over jobs and plans to tax “the rich or advantaged.”

Obama spooked the market on Thursday with talk of new government regulations on financial companies.

Stock futures falling; market set to resume slide

My Way

January 22,2010

President Barack Obama spooked the market Thursday, after asking Congress for limits on how large big banks can be and to end some of the risky trading large financial companies have used in recent quarters to boost profits.

The market could be re-entering a period of uncertainty that defined the financial crisis and sent it cratering nearly a year ago before its 10-month rally.

Large financial firms, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. all plummeted Thursday. The three big banks, which have prominent consumer and investment banking operations, would likely be the hardest hit by Obama's new regulations. Shares of each all declined more than 5 percent.

Meanwhile, bond prices dipped Friday morning. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which moves opposite its price, rose to 3.61 percent from 3.59 percent late Thursday.

The dollar fell against other major currencies, while gold prices also declined.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is trying to destroy american exceptionalism and is succeeding.

The remaining 23% must have photos of Kim Jong Il in their offices. Fools!

Obama has held our country back for a year. Somehow he has got to be kicked out of office, oh how I wish that was possible.

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White House, Democratic Lawmakers Cut Deal on Deficit Commission

White House, Democratic lawmakers cut deal on deficit commission

Washington Post

Faced with growing alarm over the nation's soaring debt, the White House and congressional Democrats tentatively agreed Tuesday to create an independent budget commission and to put its recommendations for fiscal solvency to a vote in Congress by the end of this year.

Under the agreement, President Obama would issue an executive order to create an 18-member panel that would be granted broad authority to propose changes in the tax code and in the massive federal entitlement programs -- including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security -- that threaten to drive the nation's debt to levels not seen since World War II.

The accord comes a week before Obama is scheduled to deliver his first State of the Union address to a nation increasingly concerned about his stewardship of the economy and the federal budget. After a year in which he advocated spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a huge economic stimulus package and a far-reaching overhaul of the health-care system, Obama has pledged to redouble his effort to rein in record budget deficits even as he has come under withering Republican attack.

The commission would deliver its recommendations after this fall's congressional elections, postponing potentially painful decisions about the nation's fiscal future until after Democrats face the voters. But if the commission approves a deficit-reduction plan, Congress would have to act on it quickly under the agreement, forged late Tuesday in a meeting with Vice President Biden, White House budget director Peter R. Orszag, and Democratic lawmakers led by Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (Md.).

Government spending to bail out the troubled financial sector and to stimulate economic activity have combined with sagging tax collections to push last year's budget deficit to a record $1.4 trillion. The budget gap is projected to be just as large this year and to hover close to $1 trillion a year for much of the next decade.

Deficit spending, in turn, has caused the nation's accumulated debt to swell to dangerous levels. Last month, Congress voted to increase the legal debt limit to $12.4 trillion, a record figure that the Treasury expects to exceed early this year. The deal on the budget commission clears the way for Congress to approve an even larger increase in the legal limit on borrowing, to well over $13 trillion, a figure that Democrats hope will see the Treasury through the rest of 2010.

The Senate is expected to open debate Wednesday on the debt limit.

Republican commission advocates remain skeptical that a presidentially appointed panel would have the clout to tackle the nation's toughest fiscal problems. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), a sponsor with Conrad of legislation to create a budget commission by law, called a presidentially appointed panel "a fraud" designed to do little more than give Democrats political cover.

"It's a fraud among anyone interested in fiscal responsibility to claim an executive order could structure something that would actually lead to action," Gregg said.

Some Democrats, particularly in the House, where leaders have long resisted relinquishing their authority over taxes and spending, are also less than optimistic. Under the agreement, the commission would have 18 members, including six lawmakers appointed by congressional Democrats and six lawmakers appointed by congressional Republicans. Obama would appoint six others, only four of whom could be Democrats.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Place locks on the front doors of Congress. Problem solved!

Panel this Obama! You pompous twit. Can one get any dumber than this guy? He knows why because he helped accelerate and create it.

So typical of Hussein Obama...so far this is his governing style, create panels, hold summits, talk, talk, talk...and then do nothing. No tangible results. Try and convince the people you are doing something when really, you are doing nothing but playing golf.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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January 16, 2010

Democrats 'plan to steal the vote' In Future Elections

Democrats 'plan to steal the vote'

If you thought health-care bill was scary, check out universal-registration scheme


A political correspondent is making waves with his stern warning that Democrats are scheming to manipulate the electoral process this election year by implementing a federal mandate to involuntarily register millions of people to vote – making the system ripe for unprecedented fraud and abuse.

"Democrats were very rattled by the Nov. 3 election results," Wall Street Journal reporter and political commentator John Fund told a crowd in November 2009, at a David Horowitz Freedom Center forum. "What do liberals do when they lose elections? They change the rules."

'Definitely introducing a bill'

Fund is warning that Sen. Charles Schumer, D.-N.Y., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., plan to propose universal voter-registration legislation – possibly within weeks.

"Schumer is definitely introducing a bill," Fund told WND. "It's not public yet, but he's definitely going to do so."

A congressional staffer confirmed Schumer's involvement.

"What we know from statements from advocacy groups that support universal voter registration is that they have been working with Sen. Schumer's office since approximately last spring to create a bill," the staffer told WND. "We don't know exactly when he will introduce it, but it has been predicted to be introduced in the near future for several months now. Schumer definitely has been, and seems to be, the point person on this."
While Schumer has yet to publicly share the plans, the staffer said advocacy groups have published materials calling for the use of a wide range of government lists and databases to add people to voter registration rolls.
Fund said the health-care reform negotiations are lasting longer than expected, so he anticipates the universal voter registration legislation may be introduced in February or later. The congressional staffer said he believes a bill passed this year would probably take effect in time for the 2012 election.
Fund discusses the topic in his November 2009 book, "How the Obama Administration Threatens to Undermine Our Elections."
"The idea, embraced by Barack Obama when he was a presidential candidate, is to shift responsibility for registering to vote from the individual to the federal government," Fund writes in his book. "All eligible citizens would automatically be registered to vote, which existing lists such as DMV records, income-tax returns, welfare rolls and unemployment lists being used to enroll everyone. Once registered, individuals would stay on the federal rolls, even if they move to another state or district."

Illegal immigrant registration

Fund warns that the government databases contain names of non-citizens, mentally incompetent individuals and felons – factors that would usually disqualify a person from voting in most states.
"One main concern that has been raised is that most of these databases don't indicate citizenship status," the staffer said. "It's not clear that there is any available way to determine whether the people being added to the rolls are or are not citizens."

Fund notes that many people own property in more than one location and pay taxes to numerous government entities.

"[U]niversal voter registration would automatically register them in more than one location, allowing them to vote more than once – either in person or by mail," Fund explains.

He said the plan would destroy the integrity of the registration process, much as widespread registration drives by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, were reportedly rife with criminal actions, including people registered multiple times under fraudulent names and addresses. The "community organizing" group deployed thousands of get-out-the-vote workers in 2008 and purportedly provided them with registration quotas. Larry Lomax, registrar of voters in Las Vegas, Nev., told the Wall Street Journal he believed 48 percent of ACORN's forms had been "clearly fraudulent." In the 2008 election, ACORN's practices led to investigation in more than a dozen states.

"Now they will sell this very cleverly," Fund explained at the forum. "They will say, well, OK, ACORN did have some problems with voter registration. We shouldn't have these third-party rogue groups out there. So, let's put ACORN out of business, and let's register everybody."

Please continue the rest of the article HERE, thank you so much.


Wild Thing's comment........

Normally I would say, this WILL NEVER pass constitutional muster - based on the 9th and 10th Amendments .

BUT things have changed since Obama became Dictator and his band of ugly corrupt Democrats, Pelosi, Reid, Shummer, etc.

It's not enough that Unions don't have to pay some taxes now this group of crooks are trying to make more unconstitutional law for voting. ENOUGH!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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January 15, 2010

Obama To Meddle With Your Retirement Accounts?

Obama to meddle with your retirement account?

Administration considers forcing investors into Treasury debt


The Obama administration appears to have come up with a novel way of financing trillion-dollar budget deficits – demanding IRA and 401(k) holders buy trillions of dollars in Treasury bonds.

With the Treasury needing this year to see another $1 trillion in debt to finance the anticipated federal budget deficit, and the Federal Reserve about to discontinue its 2009 program of buying Treasury bonds for the Fed’s asset portfolio, the Obama administration is scrambling to find ways to sell government debt without having to raise interest rates.

Bloomberg reported Friday that Assistant Labor Secretary Phyllis C. Borzi and Deputy Assistant Treasury Mark Iwry are planning to stage a public comment period before implementing regulations that would require private investors to structure IRA and 401(k) accounts into what could amount to a U.S. Treasury debt-backed government annuity.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli broadcast the rumor the same day from the trading floor during CNBC’s "Power Lunch" show.

Spokesmen from both the U.S. Treasury and Department of Labor confirmed to WND that the federal agencies about to enter a pre-regulation public comment phase on the proposed rule change.

continue article HERE

Wild Thing's comment.......

Seniors, baby boomers and post boomers are going to get mega screwed but many voted for this.

Americans are being held up at gunpoint, and there's not a sheriff in sight.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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January 07, 2010

Thought Control on the American Campus~ Sheesh!

Think What We Think...Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus

Texas teachers warned against being 'heterosexist'

'We must help people to become committed to social change'


Candidates for certification to teach in public schools in Texas are being told that they will be held accountable for any "heterosexist" leanings and must become agents working to change society, according to one candidate who was alarmed by the demands.

The applicant, who requested anonymity for fear of repercussions, told WND part of the teachings on multiculturalism required him to read several online postings about the issue inside the education industry.

One warns that "teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices deemed to be racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or in any other way discriminatory." And a second warned that educators must not define education as the basic skills.

"How do we create a better world? How do we do more than simply survive? As educators, we must help people to become committed to social change," the article demanded.

The teacher candidate told WND the studies were mandated by the Region 10 service center for the public school educators' program.

The center had a recording that it was closed throughout the holidays and officials could not be reached by WND.

But spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe at the Texas Education Agency said the state rules require teacher preparation programs to cover 17 curriculum topics, but not multiculturalism.

Although the training should address educating special populations such as English language learners and children with disabilities," she added.

"While we establish the broad rules that are to be followed, we do not write or approve a training program's curriculum," she said.
She said the articles, if part of the program, were chosen at the region level.

One of the articles was on the EdChange Multicultural Pavilion and discussed defining "multicultural education."

There it states that there are several focuses for such programs, including those that insist "on education change as part of a larger societal transformation in which we more closely explore and criticize the oppressive foundations of society and how education serves to maintain the status quo – foundations such as white supremacy, capitalism, global socioeconomic situations, and exploitation."

The article demands, "Schools must be active participants in ending oppression of all types, first by ending oppression within their own walls, then by producing socially and critically active and aware students."

"The underlying goal of multicultural education is to affect social change. The pathway toward this goal incorporates three strands of transformation: 1. The transformation of self; 2. The transformation of schools and schooling; and 3. The transformation of society," the teaching material said.

The traditional teaching approaches, it continued, "must be deconstructed to examine how they are contributing to and supporting institutional systems of oppression."

It demands that the "transformation of society" be part of a school's goals.
"It is not enough to continue working within an ailing, oppressive, and outdated system to make changes, when the problems in education are themselves symptoms of a system that continues to be controlled by the economic elite."

In Minnesota, among the issues discussed in the plans, are requirements that teachers would be able to instruct students on the "myth of meritocracy" in the United States, "the history of demands for assimilation to white, middle-class, Christian meanings and values," and the "history of white racism."

Those demands appeared to be similar to those promoted earlier at the University of Delaware.

As WND reported, the Delaware university's office of residential life was caught requiring students to participate in a program that taught "all whites are racist."

School officials immediately defended the teaching, but in the face of a backlash from alumni and publicity about its work, the school decided to drop the curriculum, although some factions later suggested its revival.

FIRE, which challenged the Delaware plan, later produced a video explaining how the institution of the university pushed for the teachings, was caught and later backed off:

Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten said the Minnesota plan would have required teachers to "embrace – and be prepared to teach our state's kids – the task force's own vision of America as an oppressive hellhole: racist, sexist and homophobic."
She wrote, "The first step toward 'cultural competence,' says the task group, is for future teachers to recognize – and confess – their own bigotry. Anyone familiar with the re-education camps of China's Cultural Revolution will recognize the modus operandi.
"What if some aspiring teachers resist this effort at thought control and object to parroting back an ideological line as a condition of future employment?" she posed. "The task group has Orwellian plans for such rebels: The U, it says, must 'develop clear steps and procedures for working with nonperforming students, including a remediation plan.'"

Wild Thing's comment.......

Even if we could stop this , right now, it will still take 10-20 years to undo the crap they have already instilled in our society.

Let's file one complaint after another alleging discrimination against conservatives, Christians, etc.

The Demonrats keep adding to the list of non-problems.

AGW, racism, now it’s “heterosexist”, an entirely new creation from the laboratries of Hell. The Liberal cancer continues to consume our Republic.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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January 05, 2010

Republican Scott Brown from MA Will Fight The Fight the SEIU & Demcare Corruption

Scott Brown is the Republican candidate for the vacant U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts. Brown announced his candidacy on September 12, 2009, following the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Currently, Scott Brown represents the Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex District, in the Massachusetts Senate, where he is his third term.

Previously, Senator Brown served three terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from the 9th Norfolk District. Prior to his election to the House in 1998, Brown had served as a Wrentham Selectman and town Assessor.

Senator Brown is a graduate of Wakefield High School, Tufts University, and Boston College Law School. He is a practicing attorney, and a 30 -year member of the Massachusetts National Guard, where he currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Brown was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service in homeland security after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

From Scott Brown’s campaign office:

"Scott is a conservative. In fact, he will be the most conservative Senator elected from MA since . . . Senator John F. Kennedy, who nowadays would be denounced by liberals as "a dangerous right-winger." JFK loved our country, and he knew that in a recession you don't raise taxes -- instead, you cut them. And as a man with chronic ailments, JFK had no desire to our health system into one resembling Bulgaria's.

"Scott Brown is committed to voting to repeal the health care monstrosity Reid and Pelosi are busy hatching. He's against the Cap-and-Tax legislation. He's in favor of reducing our taxes. And, unlike Obama, he's not afraid to use the phrase "war on terror."

There is a special election in Massachusetts on January 19th to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s seat.

If you live in Massachusetts, remember to vote on January 19, 2010 – rain, sleet or snow! This is already an historic race as Coakley could be the first woman from Mass. in the Senate and Brown is a Republican vying for Kennedy’s seat that was Democratic for decades.

Republican Scott Brown is a regular guy who drives a truck with nearly 200,000 miles on it. He says the truck has brought him closer to the people as he's traveled around Massachusetts during the special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. He says people tell him that spending is out of control in Washington and they are concerned about the path our country is on. He says he wants to be a voice for the people and end business as usual in Washington. The ad ends with his daughter, Arianna, greeting him with a "Hey, Dad" as he returns home from another long day of campaigning.


H/T Michelle Malkin blog

Last month, I noted how Massachusetts Senate GOP candidate Scott Brown called out rival Democrat candidate Martha Coakley’s SEIU thug pals.

The Purple Shirts continue to “pull out all the stops” to install Coakley in Teddy Kennedy’s seat. The special election will be held January 19.

SEIU endorsed her in October, poured $214,000 into a radio ad buy for her in December, and are pouring all available “resources and clout” into her bid. As she prattles on about “economic justice,” Coakley now boasts a total campaign treasury of more than $5 million:

Attorney General Martha Coakley raised more than $1 million over the past six weeks for her US Senate campaign, bringing her total haul for the race to $5.2 million, her campaign reported yesterday. The campaign of her rival, state Senator Scott Brown, said it raised $700,000 during the same period, much of it on the Internet, for a total of $1.2 million.
Coakley, who faced three opponents in the Democratic primary, started the special election campaign with less than $500,000 in her campaign account, compared with about $300,000 for Brown, a Republican of Wrentham.
Coakley raised the $1 million between Nov. 20 and Dec. 31. The campaign did not release donor lists, say how much money the campaign spent over that period, or reveal how much it has in the bank to begin the new year. Those details must be included in information that has to be submitted next week to the Federal Election Commission.

Where’s the GOP establishment?

Yes, once again, it’s up to grass-roots conservatives and independents to help a GOP candidate fight the Big Labor-backed corruptocrat. Demcare hangs in the balance. Yet, Brown received a measly $50,000 from the national GOP and NRSC compared to the nearly $1 million that radical leftist Dede Scozzafava raked in.

Sean Trende crunches the numbers and will be “stunned if Brown wins.” But Patrick Ruffini sees “evidence Scott Brown is within single digits.” And William Jacobson reports on the grass-roots conservative groundswell for underdog Brown:

Three things have happened in the last three weeks to make this election competitive:

1. Coakley’s “read my lips” moment: During the campaign, Coakley promised as a matter of “principle” not to support the Senate health bill if it contained restrictions on abortion. This promise was a prime fundraising tool. Just days after the primary, Coakley went back on this promise, and now is in the Harry Reid/Ben Nelson camp, to the anger of the left-wing base.
2. Obamacare is sinking in popularity: Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate demonstrated, in the weeks leading up to Christmas eve, the absolute moral corruption in Washington, D.C., by legally bribing Senators to vote for the health care bill. By supporting these efforts, Coakley has shown herself to be just more of the same (and her own maneuvers around the campaign finance laws drive that point home). At a time when the country is facing monumental deficits and national debt, Coakley handed Brown the central issue in the campaign – Democratic efforts to force through a health care bill which is unpopular and economically ruinous. Had Coakley stood by her “principles” she would not be in this position.
3. Brown has gone viral: Largely shunned by the Republican establishment, Brown has utilized an online strategy which has ignited a grassroots campaign to get Brown elected. Do a Google search of blogs, and you will see that Brown is the talk of the internet, and most posts about Coakley are negative. While the mainstream media still holds great sway, Brown is seen as rising and Coakley as more of the same. Brown is winning the online battle.

Moe Lane at RedState underscores that most of Coakley’s cash was spent securing the Dem nomination:

You see, most of that money Coakley raised got spent fighting for the nomination. William Jacobson’s all over this topic: while he and I both think that she’s got more money in the bank right now than Brown, it’s not the 5-to-1 advantage she’s hyping. At best, it’s 3-to-2. She’s also facing the problem that her public retreat on abortion language in the bill is going to depress enthusiasm in the progressive netroots; and that Republican activists at least have noted that flipping Massachusetts could – could! – possibly derail the health care rationing bill, and are contributing accordingly…

Pro-lifers in Massachusetts are also rallying around Brown. LifeNews reports:

In a state known for its left-leaning and pro-abortion politics, Brown has an uphill battle but he enjoys the support of Massachusetts Citizens for Life. Jack Rowe, chairman of the MCFL PAC, emailed LifeNews.com today to say that he is seeing movement in Brown’s direction. “People are terribly upset about health care and asking what to do. Here is the very exciting part. We in Massachusetts can actually save the whole country from this awful health care. Our PAC has been supporting Scott Brown because he will be a pro-life vote in the Senate. Scott Brown will also vote against the health care bill. After the compromise bill comes out of conference, it must be approved again by each house. Brown will vote against the bill. That means there will not be 60 votes in the Senate. That means the bill will be defeated.” That’s a lofty goal but Rowe is encouraging pro-life advocates in Massachusetts to get involved in the special election. “Can we do it? We certainly can! Turn-out will be very small,” he said — adding that the pr-life movement could change the dynamics of the race of it gets mobilized.

This is . Brown’s campaign site is here.

You can learn more about Scott Brown by visiting his website: www.brownforussenate.com


Wild Thing's comment.........

Can we imagine 41 votes on the Republican side, which means filibuster, which means No cloture, which means No ObamaCare, ObamaDontCare, ReidPelosiCare, or WhatevertheHellCare they call it?

This is Scott Brown's page at FACEBOOK

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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January 04, 2010

DeMint:TSA Nominee Erroll Southers Isn't Qualified, And Shouldn't Be Confirmed"

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

DeMint: TSA nominee isn't qualified, shouldn't be confirmed

Washington Examiner

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who has been the target of much Democratic criticism for his efforts to slow down Senate confirmation of Erroll Southers, the Obama White House's nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration, now says Southers should not be confirmed.

DeMint has been critical of Southers for refusing to answer questions about whether Southers would work toward unionizing the TSA. But in demanding that there be a Senate debate and roll-call vote on Southers--Majority Leader Harry Reid had wanted to confirm Southers by unanimous consent--DeMint has stopped short of calling Southers unqualified. Now, however, referring to a news report that Southers misled the Senate about an incident 20 years ago in which Southers improperly accessed a government criminal database, DeMint says flatly that Southers is not qualified and does not deserve confirmation. This is a new statement from the senator:

Erroll Southers has not been forthcoming about whether he'll give union bosses control of our airport security, which is one of the most important decisions he'll make as head of the TSA. Mr. Southers' unwillingness to form a position on collective bargaining seriously calls into question his judgment, because it weakens security and has already been rejected by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Coast Guard, and by every previous TSA administrator.
And now we learn that he misled Congress in sworn testimony about accessing confidential records. The TSA is one of the most critical security agencies in the War on Terror, and the Senate must carefully vet this nominee. If Mr. Southers is unwilling to put security ahead of politics and if he can't tell the truth, then he's not qualified and should not be confirmed.

Although Democrats are now complaining about Republican "obstruction" of the Southers nomination, nearly all of the delay in the process has been the work of Democrats

The White House did not send Southers' nomination to the Senate until September 10, 2009 -- 243 days into the Obama administration. The nomination was then in committee -- controlled entirely by Democrats -- for more than two months, finally coming to the Senate floor on November 20, when Reid proposed that Southers be confirmed by unanimous consent. That way, no senator would have to cast a specific vote in favor or against Southers; in addition, a unanimous consent vote would be quicker than a debate and roll-call tally for a Democratic leadership racing to pass a national health care bill. That's when DeMint stepped in, demanding a debate, even if it were just a few hours, and a vote.

At the time, the dispute was about unionization of the TSA, and whether Southers was sufficiently forthcoming about his intentions in that regard. Then, after the Christmas Day terrorist incident in Detroit, it became about alleged Republican "obstruction" of the Southers nomination. Now, with word that Southers misled the Senate, the focus has turned back to the nominee. Democrats have the majority needed to confirm Southers, but DeMint is going to force them to do it on the record, with a roll call vote.

Wild Thing's comment......

God Bless DeMint, he’s absolutely right.

He was an FBI agent who served with no distinction except he broke the law himself. That kind of fits-in with many of Obama's nominations; breaking the law seems to be the distinguishing qualification to be nominated for critical positions with Obama. And lest we forget: Southers breaking the law as he has admitted would keep him from being accepted with the FBI in 2010, but it's OK for him to head the TSA? Go figure America.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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January 03, 2010

Obama's TSA Nominee Southers LIED To Congress About Accessing Confidential Records

TSA nominee misled Congress about accessing confidential records

The Washington Post

Southers’s admission that he was involved in a questionable use of law enforcement background data has been a source of concern among civil libertarians, who believe the TSA performs a delicate balancing act in tapping into passenger information to find terrorists while also protecting citizens’ privacy.

Southers first described the episode in his October affidavit, telling the Senate panel that two decades ago he asked a San Diego Police Department employee to access confidential criminal records about the boyfriend. Southers said he had been censured by superiors at the FBI. He described the incident as isolated and expressed regrets about it.
The committee approved his nomination Nov. 19. One day later, Southers wrote to Lieberman and Collins saying his first account was incorrect. After reviewing documents, he wrote, he recalled that he had twice conducted the database searches himself, downloaded confidential law enforcement records about his wife’s boyfriend and passed information on to the police department employee, the letter said.

It is a violation of the federal Privacy Act to access such information without proper cause. The law says that "any person who knowingly and willfully requests or obtains any record concerning an individual from an agency under false pretenses shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than $5,000."

Though two Senate committees have endorsed him, and he received recommendations from other law enforcement officials, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) recently held up his approval because of concerns that Southers would support the unionization of TSA workers.

A spokesman said Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) will work quickly to overcome DeMint's procedural block and force a vote when the Senate reconvenes this month.

In questioning before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Southers has said he understands the need to balance security and privacy.

Said Collins: "You have taken responsibility for your actions. You've acknowledged your mistake in the personal conversation that we had in my office. It is important that the public have confidence that government officials will not misuse the authority that they have."

She added: "If you're confirmed, you're going to have the access to databases that have personal information on many, many individuals, such as through the secure flight program, and it's going to be important for the public to have confidence that you would not, in any way, misuse your access to the personal information in those databases. So, let me first ask you: Have you ever in the past misused your access to databases that the government maintains, other than this one incident that led to this censure?"
"No, Senator, I have not," Southers replied.

Wild Thing's comment........

Amazing, this offense would automatically and permanently disqualify him for a regular GS type job, but he is able to be considered for a Cabinet position. IN fact of all the people in Obama's cabinet, administration and his freaking CZAR's. not a single nominee for any position, has been a person of integrity, intelligence, or courage to do the right thing. They are all corrupt individuals with nefarious goals.

Even more amazing, someone with absolutely no leadership experience and a background that is the antithesis of everything America supposedly stands for can be elected president! It STILL boggles my mind.

On the VERY POSITIVE side, every crisis, Obama creeps ever more closely to a nervous breakdown. I don't think he ever was really connected to reality in the first place. The world simply doesn’t work like he thinks. Sitting in an ivory tower, it’s easy to imagine a bold new world. But national abasement and negotiation does not bring world peace, and producers won’t long support “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”

It’s a great tribute to this country that we have survived such reckless leadership for as long as we have. How long before an American city is reduced to ashes or our economic system collapses outright
He is amazingly disconnected from reality at this point and apparently fearful of returning to Washington to face questions much less criticism.

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December 31, 2009

Top 10 Ridiculous Stimulus Programs

10. $427,824 Research Grant for Seniors citizens video games

9. Funding of a Dartmouth College study involving “sexual arousal in anesthetized female rats” ($9,870).

8. Funding of a $168,300 SBA loan to the Escape Massage parlor in Midlothian, VA.

7. Funding a $447,492 Univ. of North Carolina study on the development and use of “African American English” amongst 70 adolescents.

6. $10,346 for a heating and cooling company to provide “escort services” for other companies performing a laser scanning survey at a courthouse in Honolulu, Hawaii.

5. An academic study comparing outcomes of the concurrent and separate use of malt liquor and marijuana ($389,357).

4. A $225,000 study at Ohio State University on the relative and combined impacts of air pollution and a high fat diet on obesity development.

3. A $712,883 research grant to develop “machine-generated humor“. Project will design artificially intelligent “comedic performance agents”, and will “deploy them both on and off-line for the enjoyment and illumination of everyday citizens”.

2. A $54 million project to relocate one bridge for the Napa Valley Wine Train (!) in order to mitigate the possible impact of a “100 year storm event”.

1. $9.3 million to fund the design and development of a “coordinated colony of robotic bees“!

H/T Verum Serum

On the basis that they have created jobs, let me add that a grand total of 19.79 jobs were reported to have been created as a result of this spending. That’s 19.79 jobs for $65.7 million in federal spending, or roughly $3.3 million per job. This calculation comes from the job totals reported to Recovery.gov by the recipients, although it does not include any possible jobs created from the SBA loan to the massage parlor (apparently SBA loan recipients aren’t required to report this). It also includes 2 jobs which were reported as having been created for the “escort” boondoggle to Hawaii, which were apparently generated by a grant of only $10K.


Wild Thing's comment.........

White House projections in February claimed the $789 billion in spending would "create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years" and that over 90 percent of those jobs would be in the private sector. We knew that was BS back then and it still is.

Obama is just buying votes.

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December 30, 2009

"Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

1. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT): This marks two years in a row for Senator Dodd, who made the 2008 "Ten Most Corrupt" list for his corrupt relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial, a scandal which still dogs him. In 2009, the scandals kept coming for the Connecticut Democrat. In 2009, Judicial Watch filed a Senate ethics complaint against Dodd for undervaluing a property he owns in Ireland on his Senate Financial Disclosure forms. Judicial Watch's complaint forced Dodd to amend the forms. However, press reports suggest the property to this day remains undervalued. Judicial Watch also alleges in the complaint that Dodd obtained a sweetheart deal for the property in exchange for his assistance in obtaining a presidential pardon (during the Clinton administration) and other favors for a long-time friend and business associate. The false financial disclosure forms were part of the cover-up. Dodd remains the head the Senate Banking Committee.

2. Senator John Ensign (R-NV): A number of scandals popped up in 2009 involving public officials who conducted illicit affairs, and then attempted to cover them up with hush payments and favors, an obvious abuse of power. The year's worst offender might just be Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign. Ensign admitted in June to an extramarital affair with the wife of one of his staff members, who then allegedly obtained special favors from the Nevada Republican in exchange for his silence. According to The New York Times: "The Justice Department and the Senate Ethics Committee are expected to conduct preliminary inquiries into whether Senator John Ensign violated federal law or ethics rules as part of an effort to conceal an affair with the wife of an aide..." The former staffer, Douglas Hampton, began to lobby Mr. Ensign's office immediately upon leaving his congressional job, despite the fact that he was subject to a one-year lobbying ban. Ensign seems to have ignored the law and allowed Hampton lobbying access to his office as a payment for his silence about the affair. (These are potentially criminal offenses.) It looks as if Ensign misused his public office (and taxpayer resources) to cover up his sexual shenanigans.

3. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA): Judicial Watch is investigating a $12 million TARP cash injection provided to the Boston-based OneUnited Bank at the urging of Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank. As reported in the January 22, 2009, edition of the Wall Street Journal, the Treasury Department indicated it would only provide funds to healthy banks to jump-start lending. Not only was OneUnited Bank in massive financial turmoil, but it was also "under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending practices and executive-pay abuses, including owning a Porsche for its executives' use." Rep. Frank admitted he spoke to a "federal regulator," and Treasury granted the funds. (The bank continues to flounder despite Frank's intervention for federal dollars.) Moreover, Judicial Watch uncovered documents in 2009 that showed that members of Congress for years were aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were playing fast and loose with accounting issues, risk assessment issues and executive compensation issues, even as liberals led by Rep. Frank continued to block attempts to rein in the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). For example, during a hearing on September 10, 2003, before the House Committee on Financial Services considering a Bush administration proposal to further regulate Fannie and Freddie, Rep. Frank stated: "I want to begin by saying that I am glad to consider the legislation, but I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. That is, in my view, the two Government Sponsored Enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis. We have recently had an accounting problem with Freddie Mac that has led to people being dismissed, as appears to be appropriate. I do not think at this point there is a problem with a threat to the Treasury." Frank received $42,350 in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac between 1989 and 2008. Frank also engaged in a relationship with a Fannie Mae Executive while serving on the House Banking Committee, which has jurisdiction over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

4. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner: In 2009, Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted that he failed to pay $34,000 in Social Security and Medicare taxes from 2001-2004 on his lucrative salary at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an organization with 185 member countries that oversees the global financial system. (Did we mention Geithner now runs the IRS?) It wasn't until President Obama tapped Geithner to head the Treasury Department that he paid back most of the money, although the IRS kindly waived the hefty penalties. In March 2009, Geithner also came under fire for his handling of the AIG bonus scandal, where the company used $165 million of its bailout funds to pay out executive bonuses, resulting in a massive public backlash. Of course as head of the New York Federal Reserve, Geithner helped craft the AIG deal in September 2008. However, when the AIG scandal broke, Geithner claimed he knew nothing of the bonuses until March 10, 2009. The timing is important. According to CNN: "Although Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told congressional leaders on Tuesday that he learned of AIG's impending $160 million bonus payments to members of its troubled financial-products unit on March 10, sources tell TIME that the New York Federal Reserve informed Treasury staff that the payments were imminent on Feb. 28. That is ten days before Treasury staffers say they first learned 'full details' of the bonus plan, and three days before the [Obama] Administration launched a new $30 billion infusion of cash for AIG." Throw in another embarrassing disclosure in 2009 that Geithner employed "household help" ineligible to work in the United States, and it becomes clear why the Treasury Secretary has earned a spot on the "Ten Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington" list.

5. Attorney General Eric Holder: Tim Geithner can be sure he won't be hounded about his tax-dodging by his colleague Eric Holder, US Attorney General. Judicial Watch strongly opposed Holder because of his terrible ethics record, which includes: obstructing an FBI investigation of the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory; rejecting multiple requests for an independent counsel to investigate alleged fundraising abuses by then-Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton White House; undermining the criminal investigation of President Clinton by Kenneth Starr in the midst of the Lewinsky investigation; and planning the violent raid to seize then-six-year-old Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint in order to return him to Castro's Cuba. Moreover, there is his soft record on terrorism. Holder bypassed Justice Department procedures to push through Bill Clinton's scandalous presidential pardons and commutations, including for 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that orchestrated approximately 120 bombings in the United States, killing at least six people and permanently maiming dozens of others, including law enforcement officers. His record in the current administration is no better. As he did during the Clinton administration, Holder continues to ignore serious incidents of corruption that could impact his political bosses at the White House. For example, Holder has refused to investigate charges that the Obama political machine traded VIP access to the White House in exchange for campaign contributions -- a scheme eerily similar to one hatched by Holder's former boss, Bill Clinton in the 1990s. The Holder Justice Department also came under fire for dropping a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. On Election Day 2008, Black Panthers dressed in paramilitary garb threatened voters as they approached polling stations. Holder has also failed to initiate a comprehensive Justice investigation of the notorious organization ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which is closely tied to President Obama. There were allegedly more than 400,000 fraudulent ACORN voter registrations in the 2008 campaign. And then there were the journalist videos catching ACORN Housing workers advising undercover reporters on how to evade tax, immigration, and child prostitution laws. Holder's controversial decisions on new rights for terrorists and his attacks on previous efforts to combat terrorism remind many of the fact that his former law firm has provided and continues to provide pro bono representation to terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Holder's politicization of the Justice Department makes one long for the days of Alberto Gonzales.

6. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL): One of the most serious scandals of 2009 involved a scheme by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to sell President Obama's then-vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. Two men caught smack dab in the middle of the scandal: Senator Roland Burris, who ultimately got the job, and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, emissaries for Jesse Jackson Jr., named "Senate Candidate A" in the Blagojevich indictment, reportedly offered $1.5 million to Blagojevich during a fundraiser if he named Jackson Jr. to Obama's seat. Three days later federal authorities arrested Blagojevich. Burris, for his part, apparently lied about his contacts with Blagojevich, who was arrested in December 2008 for trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. According to Reuters: "Roland Burris came under fresh scrutiny... after disclosing he tried to raise money for the disgraced former Illinois governor who named him to the U.S. Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama... In the latest of those admissions, Burris said he looked into mounting a fundraiser for Rod Blagojevich -- later charged with trying to sell Obama's Senate seat -- at the same time he was expressing interest to the then-governor's aides about his desire to be appointed." Burris changed his story five times regarding his contacts with Blagojevich prior to the Illinois governor appointing him to the U.S. Senate. Three of those changing explanations came under oath.

7. President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House. Consider just a few Obama administration "lowlights" from year one: Even before President Obama was sworn into office, he was interviewed by the FBI for a criminal investigation of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's scheme to sell the President's former Senate seat to the highest bidder. (Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and slumlord Valerie Jarrett, both from Chicago, are also tangled up in the Blagojevich scandal.) Moreover, the Obama administration made the startling claim that the Privacy Act does not apply to the White House. The Obama White House believes it can violate the privacy rights of American citizens without any legal consequences or accountability. President Obama boldly proclaimed that "transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency," but his administration is addicted to secrecy, stonewalling far too many of Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Act requests and is refusing to make public White House visitor logs as federal law requires. The Obama administration turned the National Endowment of the Arts (as well as the agency that runs the AmeriCorps program) into propaganda machines, using tax dollars to persuade "artists" to promote the Obama agenda. According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the idea emerged as a direct result of the Obama campaign and enjoyed White House approval and participation. President Obama has installed a record number of "czars" in positions of power. Too many of these individuals are leftist radicals who answer to no one but the president. And too many of the czars are not subject to Senate confirmation (which raises serious constitutional questions). Under the President's bailout schemes, the federal government continues to appropriate or control -- through fiat and threats -- large sectors of the private economy, prompting conservative columnist George Will to write: "The administration's central activity -- the political allocation of wealth and opportunity -- is not merely susceptible to corruption, it is corruption." Government-run healthcare and car companies, White House coercion, uninvestigated ACORN corruption, debasing his office to help Chicago cronies, attacks on conservative media and the private sector, unprecedented and dangerous new rights for terrorists, perks for campaign donors -- this is Obama's "ethics" record -- and we haven't even gotten through the first year of his presidency.

8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): At the heart of the corruption problem in Washington is a sense of entitlement. Politicians believe laws and rules (even the U.S. Constitution) apply to the rest of us but not to them. Case in point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her excessive and boorish demands for military travel. Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Pentagon in 2008 that suggest Pelosi has been treating the Air Force like her own personal airline. These documents, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, include internal Pentagon email correspondence detailing attempts by Pentagon staff to accommodate Pelosi's numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker's 11th hour cancellations and changes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also came under fire in April 2009, when she claimed she was never briefed about the CIA's use of the waterboarding technique during terrorism investigations. The CIA produced a report documenting a briefing with Pelosi on September 4, 2002, that suggests otherwise. Judicial Watch also obtained documents, including a CIA Inspector General report, which further confirmed that Congress was fully briefed on the enhanced interrogation techniques. Aside from her own personal transgressions, Nancy Pelosi has ignored serious incidents of corruption within her own party, including many of the individuals on this list. (See Rangel, Murtha, Jesse Jackson, Jr., etc.)

9. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven: Rep. John Murtha made headlines in 2009 for all the wrong reasons. The Pennsylvania congressman is under federal investigation for his corrupt relationship with the now-defunct defense lobbyist PMA Group. PMA, founded by a former Murtha associate, has been the congressman's largest campaign contributor. Since 2002, Murtha has raised $1.7 million from PMA and its clients. And what did PMA and its clients receive from Murtha in return for their generosity? Earmarks -- tens of millions of dollars in earmarks. In fact, even with all of the attention surrounding his alleged influence peddling, Murtha kept at it. Following an FBI raid of PMA's offices earlier in 2009, Murtha continued to seek congressional earmarks for PMA clients, while also hitting them up for campaign contributions. According to The Hill, in April, "Murtha reported receiving contributions from three former PMA clients for whom he requested earmarks in the pending appropriations bills." When it comes to the PMA scandal, Murtha is not alone. As many as six other Members of Congress are currently under scrutiny according to The Washington Post. They include: Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN.), James P. Moran Jr. (D-VA), Norm Dicks (D-WA.), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), C.W. Bill Young (R-FL.) and Todd Tiahrt (R-KS.). Of course rather than investigate this serious scandal, according to Roll Call House Democrats circled the wagons, "cobbling together a defense to offer political cover to their rank and file." The Washington Post also reported in 2009 that Murtha's nephew received $4 million in Defense Department no-bid contracts: "Newly obtained documents...show Robert Murtha mentioning his influential family connection as leverage in his business dealings and holding unusual power with the military."

10. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): Rangel, the man in charge of writing tax policy for the entire country, has yet to adequately explain how he could possibly "forget" to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income he earned from his off-shore rental property. He also faces allegations that he improperly used his influence to maintain ownership of highly coveted rent-controlled apartments in Harlem, and misused his congressional office to fundraise for his private Rangel Center by preserving a tax loophole for an oil drilling company in exchange for funding. On top of all that, Rangel recently amended his financial disclosure reports, which doubled his reported wealth. (He somehow "forgot" about $1 million in assets.) And what did he do when the House Ethics Committee started looking into all of this? He apparently resorted to making "campaign contributions" to dig his way out of trouble. According to WCBS TV, a New York CBS affiliate: "The reigning member of Congress' top tax committee is apparently 'wrangling' other politicos to get him out of his own financial and tax troubles... Since ethics probes began last year the 79-year-old congressman has given campaign donations to 119 members of Congress, including three of the five Democrats on the House Ethics Committee who are charged with investigating him." Charlie Rangel should not be allowed to remain in Congress, let alone serve as Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, and he knows it. That's why he felt the need to disburse campaign contributions to Ethics Committee members and other congressional colleagues.

Wild Thing's comment..........

This is a short list. There are 535 in congress, 45 Czars and hundreds in the Obama/Chicago gang.

1 Republican, 9 Rats. And frankly, it was stretching it to put Ensign on the list. I can easily think of another 10 Dems who are more corrupt than he is. But they wanted to make an effort to be fair and balanced, no doubt. Ensign is a mere pissant of corruption compared to his Nevada Senate colleague Harry Reid, or another one Chuck Schumer.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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December 18, 2009

Boehner Releases List of 222 Economists That Say Obama's Federal Spending Has Got To STOP!

Check out the latest web video from the Republican Study Committee and its Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) on President Obama’s job killing agenda. It asks a question Republicans have been asking all year long amidst the Democrats’ massive spending binge: Where are the jobs?


House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) released a list of 222 economists who believe that getting federal spending under control is the only way to create jobs and return America to economic prosperity. Contrary to President Obama and his supporters, these economists believe that additional stimulus spending can only further America's economic woes.

The statement supported by 222 economists from across the country reads:

list of 222 here at gopleader.gov

The country’s economic future depends on Congress’ ability to rein in the growth of federal spending. Failing to restrict spending growth will further balloon the national debt, impede economic growth, and threaten the long-term economic health of our Nation. Controlling spending growth to reverse our dangerous debt accumulation can be done without endangering the near-term economic recovery, and will prove beneficial over the longer horizon.

The 2009 near-term “stimulus” has proven to be an inefficient spur to job creation and does not merit repeating. Any further policy efforts should be focused on opening borders to free trade, cutting burdensome regulations, and providing necessary tax relief to employers and employees.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Good for Boehner.

They need to keep hitting Obama as hard as possible. The more people that see how wrong Obama is and how he is doing all this destruction on purpose them maybe more of them will wake up. I sure hope so.

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December 17, 2009

House Votes 218-214 For Short-term Debt Ceiling Increase

House votes 218-214 for short-term debt ceiling increase

The Hill

In an end-of-session nail-biter vote, the House passed a short-term increase of the debt limit Wednesday, setting the stage for a February showdown on deficit spending.

It was not a popular measure with centrist and vulnerable lawmakers, who don’t want to be portrayed as allowing the nation to go deeper into debt. The $290 billion increase would set the debt ceiling at $12.394 trillion.

The vote was 218-214, but Democratic leaders had to sweat it out. As the voting clock ticked down to zero, the bill was losing, 203-208.

Thirty-nine Democrats rejected the measure and not one Republican voted for it. Three members, Reps. George Radanovich (R-Calif.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Bill Young (R-Fla.), did not vote.

Most of the Democrats who voted against the debt increase are expected to face challenging reelection races.

Three of the four Democrats running for the Senate, Reps. Paul Hodes (N.H.), Kendrick Meek (Fla.) and Charlie Melancon (La.), voted no. Rep. Joe Sestak (Pa.), who is running against Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.) in the Democratic primary, voted yes.

In the lead-up to the vote, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) acknowledged that he had voted against lifting the debt limit when Republicans controlled Congress. He admitted fault, labeling those votes as “votes of demagoguery,” imploring his colleagues to back the measure.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said extending the borrowing authority simply allows the federal government to “pile even more irresponsible debt onto future generations.”

Democratic leaders said the limit needed to be raised to prevent the nation from defaulting on its debts. They have justified the spending as necessary to pull the nation out of recession. But Democrats facing tough reelections are growing increasingly concerned that deficit spending could be used against them in the 2010 election.

Democratic leaders said the limit needed to be raised to prevent the nation from defaulting on its debts. They have justified the spending as necessary to pull the nation out of recession. But Democrats facing tough reelections are growing increasingly concerned that deficit spending could be used against them in the 2010 election.

As evidence of the toxicity of the issue, the National Republican Congressional Committee sent out news releases within minutes of the vote, attacking nearly 50 Democrats in conservative districts for giving “party leaders a $300 billion blank check.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

The $290 billion increase would set the debt ceiling at $12.394 trillion. OMG

Obama and his ilk will never stop!

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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December 16, 2009

Obama Pressures Bankers To Lend More; Back Reform Bill

Obama pressures bankers to lend more; back reform bill

Market Watch

Barack Obama on Monday pressed the chief executives of the nation's largest banks to lend more to small businesses, increase their assistance to troubled homeowners and end their opposition to bank regulatory reform legislation moving on Capitol Hill.

"I urged these institutions here today to go back and take a third and fourth look about how they are operating when it comes to small business and medium-sized business lending," Obama said after meeting at the White House with the bankers. "Banks could be doing more to lend to small businesses." See full text of Obama's remarks
The president met with the executives after calling them "fat cat bankers" on network television Sunday night and attacking their multi-million-dollar bonuses on CBS's "60 Minutes" program.

But despite the president's fighting words, executives described the meeting as "very productive" and said the White House and the major banks are generally aligned on executive compensation, bank reform, and the need to help the economic recovery continue.

U.S. Bancorp Chairman Richard Davis told reporters that the meeting set the stage to "move forward to the next level of cooperation" with the administration, and that the banks want to make more loans.

"Lending is what we do ... we want to make more loans," said Davis.

‘Crack-up boom’ would be the worst of all possible outcomes

Bank reserves held at the Fed have increased 100-fold over the past 14 months -- from around $10B in August of 2008 to around $1000B ($1T) today. It is important to understand that while this explosion in the reserves of U.S. depository institutions has rightfully prompted much discussion and consternation, it hasn't directly added to the total supply of U.S. dollars (bank reserves are not counted in monetary aggregates such as M1, M2, M3, MZM and TMS).

The reason that bank reserves aren't added to the money supply is that they do not constitute money available to be spent within the economy; rather, they constitute money that could be loaned into the economy or used to support additional bank lending in the future.

Bank lending in the U.S. has declined on a year-over-year basis, so we know that the spectacular increase in reserves has not YET contributed to monetary inflation. Many analysts and economists view this as a problem, their belief being that the banking industry should support the economy by putting its excess reserves to work. To be more specific, they want the banks to lend more new money into existence on the basis that more debt is 'just what the doctor ordered' for an economy weighed down by the highest debt levels in history.

Not surprisingly, we see things differently. We think it is fortunate that banks have, to date, chosen to 'sit' on their reserves, because if they decided to use the reserves to support trillions of dollars of additional lending then the inevitable result would not only be an even more troublesome debt burden; it would also be an inflation problem of immensely destructive proportions.
If the private banks were to join the inflation party then the risk of hyperinflation would greatly increase, and hyperinflation -- leading to what Mises called a "crack-up boom" -- would be the worst of all possible outcomes. In particular, it would be an order of magnitude worse than the deflation that many people still seem to be worried about.
So, let's hope that the banks don't start lending out their excess reserves. The situation is bad enough already.

And this regarding the job market from Rush Limbaugh:


Wild Thing's comment..........

was loose lending practices that got the banks in trouble in the first place. Now that they have been tightened up Obama wants the financial institutions to get lax again. If they do they will probably create the same problem all over again. Unbelievable. And three more years of this guy!

This is Obama's pick another demon, just like when Po Pot executed innocent scapegoats because his communists couldn't manage a few rice patties.

So we don't care if we are out of a job, as long as we have someone to blame, let's see:

GWB, Rush, FNC, the banks, Wall Street, Chamber of Commerce, Health Insurance companies, Wow, the list of evil-doers screwing us for profit is growing. Good thing we have Obama! NOT!

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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December 12, 2009

Obama and Barney Frank Financial Regulation Plan~ Hurts Small Businesses

This is how Obama-Barney Frank Financial Regulation plan will hurt the small businesses on Main Street and help the big businesses on Wall Street. ( video from the HeritageFoundation )


Barney Frank’s financial-reform legislation, which dropped on the House last week. It’s 1300 pages long, and the vote will be taken — today. It reorders the entire financial-services industry and vastly increases government control over it. And ACORN, too.

VERY IMPORTANT this the second video to be sure to watch and listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO OF Michele Backhamm She is really good and explains the bill as well ~ Thank you

"We're the beacons. We're it. If the US goes down, where do we go? What other nation do we go to? This is it." ~ Michele Bachmann

Frank bypassed the committee process, according to Michele Bachmann, and she doesn’t see much hope for stopping it in the House. She wants to encourage people to put pressure on the Senate, where she thinks the bill can be stopped

Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama and Bwany Fwank has done enough to ruin the economy of this country...it’s time for BOTH of them to go away.

Every day one of these bozos fires another shot meant to incrementally destroy what has made us great.

Members of Congress got this bill on Tuesday of this week and it is being rushed to a vote yesterday!

This bill passed on Friday, HR 4173 passed 240-182 with minimal debate. sheesh!

Michele Bachmann knew there was not enough time to stop it in Congress - BUT THERE IS TIME TO STOP IT IN THE SENATE! Thank you to Michele for the heads up about this.

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December 11, 2009

Obama and Dems To Lift Debt Ceiling By $1.8 TRILLION, They Fear 2010 Backlash

Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash


In a bold but risky year-end strategy, Democrats are preparing to raise the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion before New Year’s rather than have to face the issue again prior to the 2010 elections.

“We’ve incurred this debt. We have to pay our bills,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told POLITICO Wednesday. And the Maryland Democrat confirmed that the anticipated increase could be as high as $1.8 trillion — nearly twice what had been assumed in last spring’s budget resolution for the 2010 fiscal year.

The leadership is betting that it’s better for the party to take its lumps now rather than risk further votes over the coming year. But the enormity of the number could create its own dynamic, much as another debt ceiling fight in 1985 gave rise to the Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction act mandating across-the-board spending cuts nearly 25 years ago.

Already in the Senate, there is growing pressure in both parties for the creation of a novel bipartisan task force empowered to force expedited votes in the next Congress on deficit reduction steps now shunned by lawmakers.

As introduced Wednesday, the legislation sets no specific targets for deficit reduction, but its 18-member task force — 16 of whom would come from Congress — is promised immense leverage to force change if they can first come together behind a plan.

“This is a defining moment,” said Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), one of the lead sponsors, and New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, the panel’s ranking Republican, is already maneuvering to try to add the legislation as an amendment to any bill tapped to carry the debt increase.

As explained by Hoyer and other Democrats, that will almost certainly be a pending $636.4 billion Pentagon appropriations bill that includes $128.3 in contingency funds for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The House leadership has held back the bill for weeks, saving it for this moment, but now appropriations clerks have been instructed to have a final package ready to go by Monday.

Leadership staff stressed that nothing was yet final in what has become a year-end negotiation between top Democrats in the House and Senate. But the Senate appears to have been the first to put the $1.8 trillion number on the table. And Hoyer’s comments are the clearest yet on the scale of the increase and the expectation that it will be part of a larger year-end legislative train pulled along by the must-pass military bill.

Were broke. Americas broke. All year long, our friends on the other side of the aisle have been on a massive spending spree that our nation cant afford.

We had a trillion-dollar stimulus bill that was supposed to created jobs immediately, and yet unemployment is now at ten percent in America and three million people have lost their jobs since it was signed into law.

Weve got a budget thats going to double the national debt in five years, triple it in ten years. Weve got a $12 trillion national debt.

We brought a national energy tax bill to the floor thats going to cost a trillion dollars passed it.

We had a health care bill here several weeks ago another trillion dollars passed it.

When are we going to say, enough is enough?

Here we are today wrapping six appropriations bills together. Were going to spend half atrillion dollars. And its got over 5,000 earmarks in it. Things like: $292,200 for the elimination of slum and blight in Scranton, Pennsylvania; $300,000 for music and education programs at New York Citys Carnegie Hall, where they pay the employee who oversees the props more than $530,000 in salary and benefits; and theres plenty in here for Washington as well: $150,000 for the National Building Museum and $250,000 for the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts, a concert venue.

Listen, I dont know how worthy any of these projects are, but I do have to ask a question: are they more important than our kids and grandkids, who are going to have the pay the debt because we dont have the money to spend on this? Its our kids and grandkids who are going to pay for it, and yet we cant find ways to cut spending.

Before taking office, the President said he would go through the budget and these bills line-by-line, page-by-page. After Congress passed the $410 billion omnibus spending bill with more than 9,000 earmarks, the President signed it, and said, well that was last years business. Now the President says reducing the deficit is next years business that we need to spend our way out of this economic recession were in.

Well I think the President ought to go through this bill line-by-line and page-by-page, all 2,500 pages of it. And then maybe hell figure out, we dont need to be spending this money that we dont have and piling more and more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Instead, our bond rating, our AAA bond rating is in jeopardy and our Democrat friends want to raise the debt limit next week by $1.8 trillion. Instead, lets stop the madness and vote no.

Wild Thing's comment..............

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, guess what Peter is getting pissed off!

This is the largest ever increase ever.. Wow. When Dems drink from the well , they drink from it deeply. Too bad we couldn’t just boot ‘em in the butt into the well and cap it.

Steny say’s we have to pay our debts. LOL As if borrowing more will pay them.

"The leadership is betting that it’s better for the party to take its lumps now rather than risk further votes over the coming year."

So...they think we’ll forget about it? What nimrods!

AND they are tacking this onto a military spending bill as an amendment. That’s exactly how they got the hate crimes “bill” through. Sneaky slimy insufferable weasels.

Thank you John Boehner for saying this. I just wish the lefties would listen to what he had to say.

Obama is running our country into the ground and he has only himself and his left run Congress to blame.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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December 09, 2009

Anti-Gun Bill White Announces Bid for Governor of Texas


Houston, TX - Houston Mayor Bill White abandoned his campaign for U.S. Senate on Friday in favor of a run for Texas governor.

The Democrat immediately becomes his party's strongest candidate with $4 million in his Senate campaign fund that he can transfer to a governor's race fund. White, a wealthy attorney, chipped in more than $1 million himself.

"I'll be a Governor who challenges Texans to lead, not leave, the United States," White said in a statement, wasting no time in swiping at Gov. Rick Perry's comments earlier this year that Texas could secede from the Union.

He had hinted at the switch two weeks ago when said he would consider a gubernatorial run after Tom Schieffer, the leading Democratic contender, pulled out. White said then that he wanted time to hear from Texas voters. Friday, he said his campaign has received thousands of e-mails urging him to run.

White's Senate plans were scrambled after Republican incumbent Kay Bailey Hutchison last month backed off from resigning this year to run against Perry, a fellow Republican. Perry's 10 years on the job make him Texas' longest-serving governor.

Hutchison is still hoping to win the GOP gubernatorial nomination in March but has refused to quit her Senate job before then, insisting she's needed in Washington to oppose President Barack Obama's health care legislation and other Democratic initiatives.

"Kay Bailey Hutchison is the only candidate well positioned to defeat the Democrat nominee in November regardless of who that person is," Hutchison spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said. "She looks forward to debating the Democrat on important issues that matter to Texans like immigration, taxes, transportation and education."

White told the AP he anticipates a race against Perry if he wins the Democratic primary.

"When Sen. Hutchison said that she wouldn't resign to campaign full time, it looks as though Gov. Rick Perry will be their nominee," White said. "Texans deserve an alternative."

White served as a deputy secretary of energy under former President Bill Clinton.

Bill White (D) former mayor of Houston and conveniently "former" member of the anti-gun "mayors against illegal guns" started by Michael Bloomberg.

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL anti Gun? There is NO way this jerk will win. Perry is wonderful and I can't see anyone beating him especially some democrat that is anti-gun.

And regarding Hutchison , why she insists on dividing the Republican party in Texas with a nasty primary race is beyond me. And she is a rino. She’s just being ambitious as the cost of her own party. And she voted for the bailouts.

Feds Have Built Only 32 Miles of 700 Mile Double-Border Fence Originally Mandated by Congress

“One reason DHS has been able to do this is an amendment that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R.-Texas) slipped into an omnibus appropriations bill that Congress passed on December 18, 2007. Hutchison’s amendment put a loophole in the fence law that allowed the secretary of Homeland Security not to build the fence Congress had mandated the year before.”



....Thank you JohnE PFC U.S. Army for sending this to me.

Soldier/Generator Mechanic
Companies: 288TH Q.M. Co

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November 28, 2009

TARP, recovery and now … this!

TARP, recovery and now … this!
Congress scrambles to write economic 'jobs stimulus' 3.0


Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama signed a combined nearly $1.5 trillion in federal spending in the attempt to correct the nation's economic tailspin, but with unemployment soaring over 10 percent, Congress is gearing up to pass yet another economic "stimulus" package, perhaps as soon as January.

The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama and fellow Democrats in particular are in process of assembling a new jobs package that would devote unspecified billions of dollars to projects meant to put people back on payrolls in 2010. The House version of "stimulus 3.0" may even be pushed through as quickly as next month.

The Times cites Democratic House members disappointed that Obama's $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act wasn't larger and pledging to press for a new, substantial spending plan to address unemployment.

"I hope we don't play around the edges with this and we do what will work. Invest the money now," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. "We have to create jobs, and we have to create them right away."

Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, however, believes that more government spending will do nothing to solve unemployment.

"There is no doubt that the original stimulus failed to create jobs, and has in fact probably cost additional jobs and prolonged the recession," he said. "To create jobs we need to lower the tax burden to stimulate investment, which is the exact opposite of what the Democrats did earlier this year and now contemplate again."

Reports over the success of the last stimulus package are widely mixed, with the White House claiming the spending has created or saved over 640,000 jobs. At the same time, the Government Accountability Office has already discounted tens of thousands of those jobs and found "a range of significant reporting and processing problems that need to be addressed."

Regardless of how miscalculated the 640,000 number may be, the Bureau of Labor Statistics counts 16 million people, or 10.2 percent of the workforce, unemployed in October, a rise of 3.49 million jobs lost since Obama took office in January.


Political columnist and former presidential appointee Armstrong Williams, however, disagrees:

"A second stimulus package … sorry … 'jobs initiative' … is the Democrats' attempt to give the appearance that their plan is working," Williams writes. "They know that if the levee cracks before the 2010 midterms, they will be swept out of office, just like the 1994 U.S. midterm elections. Calling a second stimulus package a 'jobs initiative' doesn't change the fact that the administration's response to the unemployment crisis has been an economic bust. It's hard to see how more of the same will change that."

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Nancy Pelosi told leftist supporters today that the the reason Americans are mad about their record spending is that “they’re not getting anything for it.” And, that’s why she wants a new Stimulus Bill!!!!

FOX News

Building the case for a brand new jobs-creation bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says most Americans would not mind inflating the already-gaping deficit in exchange for more jobs.

The California Democrat said on a conference call Tuesday that Americans could “absorb” the hit to the federal budget, and she argued that their biggest complaint is not that the deficit is big — it’s that they’re not seeing any benefit in return for increasing the U.S. debt load.

Despite the $787 billion stimulus package passed in February, unemployment climbed to 10.2 percent in October. While critics cite the jobless rate as a sign that the stimulus has failed, Pelosi argues that the federal government is just not trying hard enough.

“We have to shed any weakness that anybody may have about not wanting to be confrontational on this subject for fear that we’d be labeled not sensitive to the deficit,” Pelosi said, in a recording posted by Think Progress.

"The American people have an anger about the growth of the deficit because they're not getting anything for it. ... If somebody has the idea that the percentage of GDP of what our national debt is will go up a bit, but they will now -- and their neighbors and their children -- will have jobs, I think they could absorb that, and then we ride it out and bring money in," she said.

"But I think if anybody is asking the public, 'Would you rather have a job or the percentage of GDP of our national debt would go up a little bit?' I think that everybody wants a job."

House Democrats are not calling the expected jobs proposal a "stimulus," though it would probably include similar measures like infrastructure spending.


Wild Thing's comment........

STOP!!!! What’s the definition of insanity?

The democrat’s view of how to run an economy is diametrically opposed to reality. They are destined for failure because they are self deluded and ignore how things really work.

We The People must clean this sewer that is the US Congress out in 2010 and 2012. Send them home in disgrace and end their political careers forever. Never elect any of them to any office not even dog catcher.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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November 06, 2009

Make Mine Freedom

This 1948 Cold War-era cartoon uses humor to tout the dangers of Communism and the benefits of capitalism.

Wild Thing's comment........

Cartoonists wouldn't be allowed to make a cartoon lilke this today. That is so sad too. America has changed so much. I wonder if somehow we can one day go back to the NON PC world we all grew up in.

Great cartoon ! I agree, make mine FREEDOM too.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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November 05, 2009

Newt Gingrich on Hoffman, Scozzafava, and NY-23

Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity's show "explaining" why he endorsed Scozzafava and saying that he "deeply regrets" she was chosen by the 11 local county chairs.

When asked what he would say to Conservatives that are angry at him Newt answered "they have every right to be angry, I don't blame them," he went on to say "I think she was the wrong nominee and I think it was a terrible position."

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL Newt won't say HE himself was wrong. He didn't actually admit to a mistake of himself. I heard him say that the Liberal woman was picked by a panel of 11 Republicans on the local level and he, being an outsider, felt that he should not go against their wishes. In other words, he would not stand on the right thing to do but stand on party lines. Big mistake Newt.

He is going to learn another lesson too. We remember all the things he has done to hurt Conservatives.

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November 04, 2009

Election Results



Republican Chris Christie took an early lead in a tight New Jersey governor's race against Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine, with an Associated Press exit poll showing independent voters strongly favoring the GOP candidate.

With 44 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Christie had 49 percent of the vote and Corzine about 44. Independent candidate Chris Daggett, originally feared as a potential spoiler, had about 5 percent.

Republicans surged to victory in governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday, wresting control from Democrats in both states as independents who swept Barack Obama to a historic 2008 victory broke big for the GOP. It was a troubling sign for the president and his party heading into an important midterm election year.

Conservative Republican Bob McDonnell’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds and moderate Republican Chris Christie’s ouster of unpopular New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was a double-barreled triumph for a party looking to rebuild after being booted from power in national elections in 2006 and 2008.

The outcomes were sure to feed discussion about the state of the electorate, the status of the diverse coalition that sent Obama to the White House and the limits of the president’s influence—on the party’s base of support and on moderate current lawmakers he needs to advance his legislative priorities.

His signature issue of health care reform was dealt a blow hours before polls closed when Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid signaled that Congress may not complete health care legislation this year, missing Obama’s deadline and pushing debate into a congressional election year.


Republican Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell’s victory in Virginia over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds was a triumph for a GOP looking to rebuild after being booted from power in national elections in 2006 and 2008. It also was a setback for the White House in a swing state that was a crucial part of Obama’s electoral landslide just a year ago. The president had personally campaigned for Deeds.

Bob McDonnell Virginia Governor's Race Victory Speech

Republican Bob McDonnell easily won the Virginia governor's race Tuesday as independent voters who helped deliver the state to President Barack Obama handed the party a victory. McDonnell will be the state's first GOP governor in eight years.


Foxnews Projects Democrat Bill Owens Wins NY 23


Wild Thing's comment.......

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List of Where SOME of the Money Went In Obama's February Stimulus Bill ~ Good Grief!

After a flurry of stimulus spending, questionable projects pile up

The Examiner

Sources: Office of the Senate Minority Leader, Office of Sen. Tom Coburn

By: Susan Ferrechio

The $787 billion stimulus bill was passed in February and was promised as a job saver and economy booster. Here is where some of the money went:

- $300,000 for a GPS-equipped helicopter to hunt for radioactive rabbit droppings at the Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington state.

- $30 million for a spring training baseball complex for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies.

- $11 million for Microsoft to build a bridge connecting its two headquarter campuses in Redmond, Wash., which are separated by a highway.

- $430,000 to repair a bridge in Iowa County, Wis., that carries 10 or fewer cars per day.

- $800,000 for the John Murtha Airport in Johnstown, Pa., serving about 20 passengers per day, to build a backup runway.

- $219,000 for Syracuse University to study the sex lives of freshmen women.

- $2.3 million for the U.S. Forest Service to rear large numbers of arthropods, including the Asian longhorned beetle, the nun moth and the woolly adelgid.

- $3.4 million for a 13-foot tunnel for turtles and other wildlife attempting to cross U.S. 27 in Lake Jackson, Fla.

- $1.15 million to install a guardrail for a persistently dry lake bed in Guymon, Okla.

- $9.38 million to renovate a century-old train depot in Lancaster County, Pa., that has not been used for three decades.

- $2.5 million in stimulus checks sent to the deceased.

- $6 million for a snow-making facility in Duluth, Minn.

- $173,834 to weatherize eight pickup trucks in Madison County, Ill.

- $20,000 for a fish sperm freezer at the Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery in South Dakota.

- $380,000 to spay and neuter pets in Wichita, Kan.

- $300 apiece for thousands of signs at road construction sites across the country announcing that the projects are funded by stimulus money.

- $1.5 million for a fence to block would-be jumpers from leaping off the All-American Bridge in Akron, Ohio.

- $1 million to study the health effects of environmentally friendly public housing on 300 people in Chicago.

- $356,000 for Indiana University to study childhood comprehension of foreign accents compared with native speech.

- $983,952 for street beautification in Ann Arbor, Mich., including decorative lighting, trees, benches and bike paths.

- $148,438 for Washington State University to analyze the use of marijuana in conjunction with medications like morphine.

- $462,000 to purchase 22 concrete toilets for use in the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri

- $3.1 million to transform a canal barge into a floating museum that will travel the Erie Canal in New York state.

- $1.3 million on government arts jobs in Maine, including $30,000 for basket makers, $20,000 for storytelling and $12,500 for a music festival.

- $71,000 for a hybrid car to be used by student drivers in Colchester, Vt., as well as a plug-in hybrid for town workers decked out with a sign touting the vehicle's energy efficiency.

- $1 million for Portland, Ore., to replace 100 aging bike lockers and build a garage that would house 250 bicycles

Wild Thing's comment......

ALL of them are insane, I only highlighted a few of them. LOL

There is only one item on that list worth funding. The US Forest Service Asian Longhorn Beetle study.

That beetle has the potential to devastate US forests, which would have a major impact on the US economy. There is no effective way to kill the beetle.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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November 03, 2009

Hoffman and Christie and Others Election Day

Robert Gibbs Downplays Tuesday's Election Results


Sean Hannity interviewing NY Congressional Candidate Doug Hoffman along with Fred and Jeri Thompson.

ACORN Aims to Tip New Jersey Election in Corzine's Favor

Fearing a potentially devastating Democratic loss, the highly controversial Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) group and its affiliated organizations are gearing up to tip the scales and re-elect embattled incumbent in the hard-fought New Jersey gubernatorial race, sources tell Newsmax.

"Acorn is heavily involved in Gov. Jon Corzine's get-out-the-vote operation, but is maintaining a low profile at the insistence of the Corzine campaign," Matthew Vadum, senior editor of the conservative Capitol Research Center think tank, tells Newsmax. "If Corzine manages to win reelection, he doesn't want the victory tainted by his close association with Acorn."
Wall Street Journal columnist and author John Fund wrote Tuesday that "Plenty of reasons exist for suspecting absentee fraud may play a significant role in tomorrow's Garden State contests."
According to Fund, Acorn-linked groups from neighboring Pennsylvania and New York "appear to have moved into the state."
Fund also reports that the state's Democratic Party is pressuring county clerks around the Garden State to downplay signature checks on absentee ballots. Without such checking, it is very difficult to detect absentee vote fraud.

A search of the Acorn.org Web site shows that the organization has a heavy presence in New Jersey. It maintains offices in Jersey City, Trenton, Paterson, and Newark.

The group could play an important role in voter turnout, which many pundits predict will determine whether Corzine or his Republican challenger, Chris Christie, emerges victorious.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Christie clinging to a narrow 42 percent to 40 percent lead over Corzine, with independent Christopher Daggett garnering 12 percent. Among those Daggett voters who say they may change their minds, Christie is preferred 39 percent to 29 percent.

While those trends would appear to favor Christie, Republicans haven't forgotten the prolonged Minnesota recount battle that ended with Democrat Al Franken being awarded the victory over GOP incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman. The bitter lesson drawn by many Republicans: Once officials in a heavily Democratic state declare a race close enough for a recount, all bets are off.

"If there is a recount," Fund writes, "you can bet disputes about absentee ballots will loom large. Moreover, if serious allegations of fraud emerge, you can also expect less-than-vigorous investigation by the Obama Justice Department -- which showed just how seriously it takes such allegations when it walked away from an open-and-shut voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia earlier this year."

Absentee ballots become critical in every recount, and New Jersey officials are reporting an marked increase in requests for absentee ballots.

"There has been a reported surge in absentee balloting, which might be suspicious but isn't necessarily proof of anything," Vadum tells Newsmax.

Fund reports that state officials received "a flood" of over 180,000 requests for absentee ballots.

"On some 3,000 forms the signature doesn't match the one on file with county clerks," Fund adds. "Yet citing concerns that voters would be disenfranchised, Democratic Party lawyer Paul Josephson wrote New Jersey's secretary of state asking her 'to instruct County Clerks not to deny applications on the basis of signature comparison alone.'"

Fund reports voter-fraud allegations have marred several New Jersey elections in recent years.

N.J. Democrats Paying for Daggett Robocalls

Sources tell Save Jersey that Democrat State Chairman Joe Cryan is refusing to deny NJSDC involvement in a Pro-Daggett, Anti-Christie robocall.

The first clue was that the number used to make the robocalls had also been used for robocalls for Maryland Democrat Governor candidate Martin O’Malley in 2006. Of course, the Daggett campaign could have just hired a Democrat firm to make the calls, Today, however, we have definitive proof that the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is paying for ads attacking GOP candidate Chris Christie and promoting Independent candidate Chris Daggett.

Wild Thing's comment.........

ACORN is just begging for it.....They will rue the day.

You just have to laugh. Corzine is afraid ACORN will “taint” his victory. Corzine is as toxic as a cesspool himself with regards to all sorts of public, political and private corruption, and he is worried about ACORN’s newly won bad rep as vote fraudsters. Unbelievable!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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November 02, 2009

Halloween at the White House

President Obama Comes as Himself to White House Halloween Party


White House spokesman Robert Gibbs suited up as Darth Vader from the movie "Star Wars."


Wild Thing's comment......

And to think we have 3 more Halloween’s to go...now that’s a scary thought..

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November 01, 2009

Scozzafava Halts Camapign ~ GOOD Let real Conservatives rebuild the GOP!!

Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign


Republican Dede Scozzafava has suspended her bid in next Tuesday’s NY 23 special election, a huge development that dramatically shakes up the race. She did not endorse either of her two opponents -- Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman or Democrat Bill Owens.

The decision to suspend her campaign is a boost for Hoffman, who already had the support of 50 percent of GOP voters, according to a newly-released Siena poll, and is now well-positioned to win over the 25 percent of Republicans who had been sticking with Scozzafava.

Scozzafava has “probably made her last campaign appearance between now and Election Day,” spokesman Matt Burns told POLITICO. “She’s releasing her support to the two other candidates."

"I had a discussion with her last night, and we made the decision after I spoke with her. We talked about it, what this came down to was spending. It came down to the ability to defend herself from the get-go. And that’s the reality. She was unable to define herself where the people didn’t know her."

Scozzafava's statement:

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Throughout the course of my campaign for Congress, I have made the people of the 23rd District and the issues that affect them the focal point of my campaign. As a life long resident of this District, I care deeply and passionately about its people and our way of life. Whether as a candidate for Congress, a State Assemblywoman or a small town Mayor, I have always sought to act with the best interest of our District and its residents in mind—and today I again seek to act for the good of our community.

The opportunity to run as the Republican and Independence Party candidate to represent the 23rd District has been and remains one of the greatest honors of my life. During the past several months, as I’ve traveled the district, meeting and talking with voters about the issues that matter most to them, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received as I sought to serve as their voice in Washington. However, as Winston Churchill once said, Democracy can be a fickle employer, and the road to public office is not always a smooth one.

In recent days, polls have indicated that my chances of winning this election are not as strong as we would like them to be. The reality that I’ve come to accept is that in today’s political arena, you must be able to back up your message with money—and as I’ve been outspent on both sides, I’ve been unable to effectively address many of the charges that have been made about my record. But as I’ve said from the start of this campaign, this election is not about me, it’s about the people of this District. And, as always, today I will do what I believe serves their interests best.

It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so. I am and have always been a proud Republican. It is my hope that with my actions today, my Party will emerge stronger and our District and our nation can take an important step towards restoring the enduring strength and economic prosperity that has defined us for generations.

On Election Day my name will appear on the ballot, but victory is unlikely. To those who support me – and to those who choose not to – I offer my sincerest thanks.


Gingrich endorses Hoffman

October 31st, 2009 01:04 PM ET

From CNN Political Editor Mark Preston


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who came under fire from some conservatives for endorsing Dede Scozzafava in next week's special Congressional election in New York, is now backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

Gingrich made the announcement via Twitter shortly after the Republican Party nominee Scozzafava announced she was releasing supporters from their commitment to back her.

"Scozzafava dropping out leaves hoffman as only anti-tax anti-pelosi vote in ny 23 Every voter opposed to tax increases support doug hoffman," Gingrich wrote on Twitter. (Tweet shown as it appeared)

Palin Backs 3rd-Party Candidate in N.Y. House Race

Sarah Palin has endorsed a third-party candidate over the GOP-backed contender in New York's congressional special election, saying her own party has abandoned its core values.

The former Alaska governor, who was Arizona Sen. John McCain's running-mate last year, said Thursday she was backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava in the 23rd Congressional District race.

Palin said Hoffman, a businessman, stands for Republican principles – smaller government, lower taxes and a commitment to individual liberty – and that Scozzafava is more aligned with Democrats.

The offseason race to replace former Rep. John McHugh, whom President Barack Obama named as his Army secretary, has drawn national attention to a growing splinter between Republican moderates and conservatives who say they want the party to return its core values.

"The Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race," Palin said in a post on her Facebook page Thursday night.

Hoffman has been labeled a spoiler by some, but he's looking more like a contender lately, with support from prominent Republicans, including former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, who endorsed Hoffman on Friday.

"The other candidates in this race are far too similar in their records and stated support for much of the Democrats' agenda in Washington," Forbes said.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I am soooo glad the RINO stopped her campaign.

Scozzafava OUT! Grassroots conservatives - 1; Beltway Republicans - 0

She still didn’t endorse Hoffman. But that just shows everyone how truly wrong she was and how much a RINO she is to the core.

Regarding Newt....Too late Newt. You had a clear choice, and you made the wrong one. Hey Newt, you bashed Sarah and others who backed Hoffman, now you turn around and support Hoffman..you sir are a sleaze bag.

Jim DeMint is also supporting Hoffman.

Here is what Palin said on FaceBook:

I want to personally thank Republican Dede Scozzafava for acting so selflessly today in the NY District 23 race. Now it's time to cross the finish line with Doug Hoffman so that he can get to work for District 23 and the rest of America.

With Congress poised to overhaul one-sixth of our economy with so-called health care “reform” (which is really a government takeover of health care) and with plans to enact a cap-and-tax bill just as our economy struggles to recover, Doug Hoffman will be a voice for fiscal responsibility and common sense in Washington.

We need candidates like Doug now more than ever. In these final days of the campaign, it's vital that Doug continue to receive the enthusiastic support of those who want to bring common sense to Washington. Let’s help make it happen! You can help Doug by visiting his official website today and offering your support: https://www.doughoffmanforcongress.com/donate3.html

- Sarah Palin

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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October 30, 2009

No Time To Read Bills They Vote On But.........


House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, pictured standing, far right, speaks while colleagues Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford and Rep. Jack F. Hennessy, D-Bridgeport, play solitaire Monday night as the House convened to vote on a new budget. (AP)

The guy sitting in the row in front of these two... he's on Facebook, and the guy behind Hennessy is checking out the baseball scores.

These are the folks that can't get the budget out by Oct. 1, Seriously!!!

So, we've got a 30 day budget extension. Well, guess what, 30 days from now we will be in the same boat. I guess this makes it easy for the news reporters as all they have to do is recycle the same headlines from this week and from 2 years ago. And these yo-yo's will still be playing SOLITAIRE!!!

Wild Thing's comment........

This is really something. I know they don't always show up at meetings. How many times have we seen one of the politicians giving a speech to an almost empty room. But I never would have guessed they would be doing this other stuff.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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October 29, 2009

FREE Government Cell Phone.... SafeLink

SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime eachmonth for income-eligible customers.

The Website for SafeLink

Lifeline Assistance is part of a program that was created by the government to provide discounted or free telephone service to income-eligible consumers. To help bring you this important benefit, SafeLink Wireless is proud to offer Lifeline Service. Through our Lifeline Service you will receive FREE cellular service, a FREE cell phone, and FREE Minutes every month! SafeLink Wireless Service does not cost anything – there are no contracts, no recurring fees and no monthly charges.

Any Minutes you do not use will roll-over. Features such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail are all also included with your service. If you need additional Minutes, you can buy TracFone Airtime Cards at any TracFone retailer Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, etc). SafeLink Airtime Cards will be available soon.

Your exact benefits, including the number of free Minutes you will receive, depend on the state you live in.

How to Qualify

The process to qualify for Lifeline Service depends on the State you live in. In general, you may qualify if...

1.You already participate in other State or Federal assistance program such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid.


2.Your total household income is at or below 135% of the poverty guidelines set by your State and/or the Federal Government.


3.No one in your household currently receives Lifeline Service through another phone carrier.

4.You have a valid United States Postal Address. In order for us to ship you your free phone you must live at a residence that can receive mail from the US Post Office. Sorry, but P.O. Boxes cannot be accepted.

In addition to meeting the guidelines above you will also be required to provide proof of your participation in an assistance program, or proof of your income level.


Beneficios de Lifeline

El programa Lifeline es un programa de asistencia creado por el gobierno para ofrecer a clientes elegibles por sus ingresos, servicio celular gratis o con descuentos. ¡A través de nuestro Servicio Lifeline usted recibiráservicio celular GRATIS, un teléfono GRATIS y minutos cada mes GRATIS! El Servicio Lifeline no cuesta absolutamente nada, usted no firma contratos, no paga cargos ni facturas mensuales.

Todos los minutos que no use le quedarán disponibles. Las funciones como Identificador de Llamada, Llamada en Espera y Correo de Voz están incluidas en su servicio. Si necesita tiempo celular adicional usted puede comprar tarjetas de Tiempo Celular TracFone en tiendas como Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, entre otras.

La cantidad de minutos específica que usted recibirá dependerá del estado donde resida.


General Questions - Service Specific

Will I be able to use text messaging (SMS)? What is the price for that?
Yes, SafeLink Wireless service supports SMS. Each SMS will cost .3 Minutes. (I.E. an SMS message sent or received will consume one third of a minute).

Will I be able to roam?
Yes, your SafeLink Wireless phone will clearly display on your screen when you are located in a roaming area and since SafeLink Wireless’s rates are the same for all calls, you never have to worry about roaming charges!

Will I be able to make long distance calls?
Yes. The Minutes you have with SafeLink Wireless are nationwide Minutes. You can call anywhere in the US for one low rate and make international long distance calls to select locations for the same rate.

Does being a SafeLink Wireless customer protect me from being disconnected if I don’t pay my telephone bill?
With SafeLink Wireless Service you do not have to worry about paying a bill or recurring fees. You will never receive a bill from SafeLink Wireless!

When do I get my monthly Minutes?
Upon receipt of your SafeLink Wireless handset, your handset will have one year of service, and your Minutes for the first month will have already been included. Each month you will receive your free Minutes on the first three days of the month as long as you have your phone powered on.

Who is paying for it?

The government.
TracFone Wireless believes that cell phone ownership is a right and an important tool for individual success in today's world. Everyone should have a cell phone without the need for a contract or a high credit rating.


..."I had a former employee call me earlier today inquiring about a job, and at the end of the conversation he gave me his phone number. I asked the former employee if this was a new cell phone number and he told me yes this was his “Obama phone.” I asked him what an “Obama phone” was and he went on to say that welfare recipients are now eligible to receive (1) a FREE new phone and (2) approx 70 minutes of FREE minutes every month. I was a little skeptical so I Googled it and low and behold he was telling the truth. TAX PAYER MONEY IS BEING REDISTRIBUTED TO WELFARE RECIPIENTS FOR FREE CELL PHONES. This program was started earlier this year. Enough is enough. The very foundations that this country was built on are being shaken. The age old concepts of God, family, and hard work have flown out the window. You can click on the link below to read more about the “Obama phone" ~ Concerned and Patriotic American


Wild Thing's comment.......

It's now your right to own a cell phone?

Obama now able to send Campaign TEXT MESSAGES to his voters.

Trac phone= Carlos Slim, Mexico based telecommunications. Trac phone has contracts to use every one else's cell towers. They own very little of their own infrastructure, at least in the U.S.

Not run by by Acorn, but it's a safe bet that Acorn is cheering them on.

I am so sick of this government hand out crap and the people that want it!

....Thank you Tom for sending this to me.

US Army Aviation
Vietnam 1966-68
US Army Special Forces

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October 25, 2009

Democrats Vote To Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financial Institutions

Democrats Vote To Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financial Institutions



October 22, 2009

During consideration of H.R. 3126, legislation to establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee voted to pass an amendment offered by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) that will make ACORN eligible to play a role in setting regulations for financial institutions.

The Waters amendment adds to the CFPA Oversight Board 5 representatives from the fields of "consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights, representatives of depository institutions that primarily serve underserved communities, or representatives of communities that have been significantly impacted by higher-priced mortgages" to join Federal banking regulators in advising the Director on the consistency of proposed regulations, and strategies and policies that the Director should undertake to enforce its rules.

By making representatives of ACORN and other consumer activist organizations eligible to serve on the Oversight Board, the amendment creates a potentially enormous government sanctioned conflict of interest.

ACORN-type organizations will have an advisory role on regulating the very financial institutions from which they receive millions of dollars annually in direct corporate contributions and benefit from other financial partnerships and arrangements.

These are the same organizations that pressured banks to make subprime mortgage loans and thus bear a major responsibility for the collapse of the housing market.
In light of recent evidence linking ACORN to possible criminal activity, Democrats took an unprecedented step today to give ACORN a potential role alongside bank regulators in overseeing financial institutions. This is contrary to recent actions taken by the Senate and House to block federal funds to ACORN.

A recent inquiry into bank funding of ACORN activities by three House Committees found that institutions that would be regulated by the CFPA have provided millions of dollars to the organization in the form of direct donations, lines of credit, cash, and other assets over the last 15 years.

The Waters amendment passed on a vote of 35-33. HERE is how othey voted.

Wild Thing's comment..........

This was an in-committee vote. It seems unlikely that this will ever become part of any law, but it isn’t impossible - not these days, anyway.

Every day I think the news couldn’t get any worse, but it does. This IMO makes the Democrats an actual criminal organization thinly veiled as a political party.

I can't believe this. If there was ever a reason for even Democrats to not vote Democrat for 40 years, this should be one among many recent reasons the Democrat political machine has given for people to abandon them.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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October 24, 2009

CZAR Sunstein urges: Abolish marriage

Sunstein urges: Abolish marriage

Adviser compares institution to country club membership


The U.S. government should abolish its sanctioning of marriage, argued Cass Sunstein, President Obama's regulatory czar.

Sunstein proposed that the concept of marriage should become privatized, with the state only granting civil union contracts to couples wishing to enter into an agreement.

Sunstein explained marriage licensing is unnecessary, pointing out people stay committed to organizations like country clubs and homeowner associations without any government interference.

"Under our proposal, the word marriage would no longer appear in any laws, and marriage licenses would no longer be offered or recognized by any level of government," wrote Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler in their 2008 book, "Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness."

In the book – obtained and reviewed by WND – Sunstein explains his approach would ensure that "the only legal status states would confer on couples would be a civil union, which would be a domestic partnership agreement between any two people."

He proposed marriage not be recognized by the government. Marriages would instead be "strictly private matters, performed by religious and other private organizations," he wrote.

"Governments would not be asked to endorse any particular relationships by conferring on them the term marriage," added Sunstein.
Sunstein slammed current government recognition of marriage as "an official license scheme."
"When the state grants marriage it gives both maternal and symbolic benefits to the couples it recognizes. But why combine the two functions? And what is added by the term marriage?" he asked.

Sunstein explained terminating the issuance of state marriage contracts would not affect the commitments of those in the "partnership."

"People take their private commitments serious," Sunstein wrote. "Members of religious organizations, homeowners' associations, and country clubs all feel bound, sometimes quite strongly, by the structures and rules of such organizations."

Wild Thing's comment........

Perhaps we should all live in hippy communes, gather around the campfire and sing kumbaya and hymms of praises to the Dear Leader like they already do in public school.

If you do away with that tradition and there is no marriage, then there are no parental rights left. The state will make new laws regarding children and they won’t be parent friendly.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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October 20, 2009

Obama To Issue New Medical Marijuana Policy

Feds to issue new medical marijuana policy


Federal drug agents won’t pursue pot-smoking patients or their sanctioned suppliers in states that allow medical marijuana, under new legal guidelines to be issued Monday by the Obama administration.

Two Justice Department officials described the new policy to The Associated Press, saying prosecutors will be told it is not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical marijuana in strict compliance with state law.

The guidelines to be issued by the department do, however, make it clear that agents will go after people whose marijuana distribution goes beyond what is permitted under state law or use medical marijuana as a cover for other crimes, the officials said.

The new policy is a significant departure from the Bush administration, which insisted it would continue to enforce federal anti-pot laws regardless of state codes.

Obama from 1995 in Dreams of My Father talking about his drug use.

Wild Thing's comment.......

From what we have been told it is something that many patients use that are cancer victims, from my understanding of this.

There are also a lot of people that want drugs to be legal across the board, much like they lifted the ban on drinking years ago.

My feeling is I am OK if it is for patience.

But the other stuff I have never been a drug user, and never even tried any, so I am kind of tuff on not wanting drugs to be used. It is a world I am not into. My concern is this, if drugs are easier to get won't there be people that lie and try to get them and then get in their cars and cause accidents? I worry about the children too.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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October 19, 2009

DOW 10,000!!!! Oh Wait, Make That 7,537


Another great representation of the amazing loss of purchasing power by the US public are today's oblivious statements about the Dow at 10,000. While in absolute terms the Dow may cross whatever the Fed thinks is a necessary and sufficient mark before QE begins to taper off (Dow crosses 10k just as Treasury purchases expire), the truth is that over the past 10 years (the first time the DJIA was at 10,000) the dollar has lost 25% of its value. Therefore, we present the Dow over the last decade indexed for the DXY, which has dropped from 100 to about 75.

On a real basis (not nominal) the Dow at 10,000 ten years ago is equivalent to 7,537 today! In other words, not only have we had a lost decade for all those who focus on the absolute flatness of the DJIA, but it is also a decade where the US Consumer has lost 25% of purchasing power from the perspective of stocks! You won't hear this fact on the MSM.


Money: A Semi Pictorial Fable

By Jeff Harding

The Daily Capitalist

We have forgotten what money is.

Money is really easy to understand, but most people have no idea what it is. We all understand that barter is an inefficient way to foster economic growth and money is a good thing for the economy. But money isn't a piece of paper.

Let me create a kind of fable to illustrate this. Please bear with me here. Think of this as an amusing weekend read.

Imagine an big isolated valley in a simple rural, pre-technology society, centuries past. People get up in the morning, farm, hunt, build homes, makes clothes, babies, cook meals, think of ways to defend the perfect valley, party, the usual stuff. Human nature being what it is, some people are better at some things than others.

Enter George. George hates farming and isn't very good at it. But he loves to tinker and invents the plow which makes him much better at farming even though everyone knows he stinks at it. His neighbor John notices George's sudden farming success and asks George to make him a plow. George says he doesn't have time, he needs to farm, save grain for the winter, yadda yadda yadda. John says "I'll give you some grain if you make me a plow." It didn't take George long to see the opportunity and now he just makes and sells plows, eats well, brings his kids into the family business, forgets farming, and life is good. Barter and specialization of labor is invented.

What has happened here economically? Well, John had to save up some grain and not eat it to get the plow. This is called capital or real savings. Remember this; it's key.

Everyone hears about plows and George expands his business. He now has grain bursting from his barn. He notices that farmers have a lot of grain that year. He has so much grain that he can't trade the grain fast enough for stuff he wants, and it spoils. Not good for George.

George thinks about his problem and notices that everyone likes gold jewelry: it doesn't spoil, tarnish, rust, it's pretty, scarce, and easily workable. People seem to covet the stuff. He has an idea. He sends George Jr. out to trade as much of the excess grain as he can for gold. George then purifies it and makes round disks of uniform weight and size. Yes, coins. Be patient, I have a point.

You know what happens. He starts using coins to buy things he needs for his business, and because everyone trusts George, they recognize that gold is valued and they accept them in exchange for goods. Pretty soon the coins are spreading through the community and the economy grows. It's so easy to trade for other things by using the coins. George also makes a little bit on each coin he mints.

Remember that people had to save something from what they produced to acquire other goods. This real savings/capital is what makes the economy run. The gold is just a medium to trade real savings for goods.

Everything is great. Trade grows with other valleys, coinage expands at a rate equal to production of goods. Peace breaks out with old enemies because trade grows makes everyone's life better, and George prospers.

George has branched out into other businesses and sends out his many kids to buy raw materials needed to make his products: plows with metal tips, carts, leather shoes, jewelry, and the like. He sends his kids far and wide but it was risky carrying around a lot of gold in far places. So, knowing that everyone knows him and trusts him, he issues documents, certificates that say the bearer of the certificate is entitled to redeem a certain amount of gold coins. George stores the gold in a cave heavily guarded by his sons-in-law. George signs and seals each document and calls them "gold deposit receipts." People know that if George says he's got the gold, he does, and they accept them.

George's kids spread the receipts around, sellers accept them, and he prospers even more. Pretty soon others see the advantage of gold deposit receipts, and they deposit their gold in George's cave and accept gold receipts. It worked out great and George realized he just created banking. The neat thing is that because the supply of gold was rather limited it was hard for George to flood the market with his paper receipts even if he wanted to. Other than supply and demand issues with goods, prices were stable.

George died and left his successful businesses to his kids; George Jr. gets the cave-bank.

Junior is smart too, but rather greedy. He is known to have a summer home in the mountains by the lake, and has lots of fine horses and carriages. Women find him attractive and he parties a lot. Junior thinks that the business isn't meeting his cash needs but he has a problem: gold can't be mined and minted any faster.

Junior has a great idea. He notices that people rarely cash in the gold receipts to take possession of their gold on deposit in the bank. What if, he thought, I start lending out the gold that’s just sitting there? He knew that people only demanded about 10% of the physical gold held at any one time. He realized he could lend more money than he actually had. “Eureka! I’ve figured out a new paradigm in banking. I’m going to call it ‘fractional reserve banking.’ This can’t fail!"

Junior began lending new “certificates” that said the Bank of George would pay the bearer in gold in the named denomination. He wasn’t saying it was a deposit receipt for a specific sack of gold coins, but that he would pay in gold when asked. He had one ton of gold deposited in the cave. He drew up certificates equal to five tons of gold—four more than he had—and proceeded to lend this new money to his customers. He increased the supply of money by 400%. There was no actual real savings or capital created by Junior. No one saved their production, created wealth, and deposited the gold equivalent in the bank; Junior just issued more pieces of paper.

People were pretty happy at first. The tanners, miners, builders, and quarry owners who first borrowed most of the money bid up the price of wages and resources like hides, lumber, stone, iron, copper, and wheat. Trade expanded rapidly with the new certificates floating around. Then people started to notice that prices were going up rather dramatically. By the time the new money worked its way through the valley, the farmers, cobblers, and workers, who were last in the money chain had to pay more for things like bread, housing, cloth, and shoes. Much more.

But ... some people noticed that gold coins would buy more than would the certificates. John's son Johnson brought his certificates into the bank and asked Junior to give him the gold coins. Junior tried to talk him out of it but Johnson was stubborn and got the coins. Other people noticed the same thing and ran to the cave to exchange certificates for gold. In fact, everyone ran to the bank to exchange the certificates for gold. Junior and the bank went bust because he issued certificates for 5 tons of gold but only had one ton. Had just invented inflation. From then on many people kept all of their money in gold. Johnson's family motto became, “In Gold We Trust.”

You might notice that more pieces of paper didn't create any wealth. Real savings, you recall, was some consumer good produced that someone didn't consume. They traded it for gold, a monetary commodity which retained its value. I mean, why would anyone trade their hard earned products for a worthless piece of paper? Just issuing more pieces of paper didn't do anything except raise prices. It certainly didn't create "wealth."

Now leap forward in time. The village has become a big city in a large country. Johnson is old money rich because his family kept gold and invested wisely over the years. George's family went into banking and over the centuries blew up many times. George went into academia and studied a new kind of economics that said money was whatever the government said it was.

George eventually became the head of the government’s central bank. He once told his mentor, Friedman, that “we’ll never have an economic collapse again because I control money!” The first thing George did was to ban all forms of money as legal tender except the one that the central bank issued—”notes” called the dollar. The dollar was a piece of paper with numbers on it. The second thing he did was to sever the relationship of the dollar with gold or any other commodity. The government had a big army to back up the edicts of Geor

People everywhere in the country loved the dollar but had no clue what it represented. People seemed to want these pieces of paper a lot. They were pretty, green things, well made, and looked very official. People just stopped thinking about what money was.

George kept printing dollars whenever he thought the economy needed a boost. Things were great for a while, and then, as prices inflated he stopped printing and the economy crashed. The government decided to stimulate the economy and embarked on great new projects like dams, bridges, roads, stadiums, government buildings, and other things the leaders wanted. These projects cost billions and billions. The leaders said that the people were complaining and they couldn't keep raising taxes. "What do we do?" George said, “Leaders, you issue debt, I’ll buy it, and print dollars to pay you. Take the dollars and spend! The economy will recover and everything will be fine.” Which the government did. Pretty soon prices started going up and up and up and the central bank had to print more dollars to keep up with the demand.

Meanwhile, Johnson had a very nice business making gardening and farming tools. But his workers were getting poorer because inflation caused prices to go up and up. He couldn’t raise his prices fast enough to keep up with wage demands. He said to his workers, "Look, I can pay you in dollars, but wouldn’t you like gold instead?" He explained that the dollar was going down in value relative to gold, and gold would buy more. It didn’t matter what the government did to the money as long as they held gold. The workers liked that so he issued gold deposit receipts on the gold he held in a vault deep under his estate. Holders could come in and demand and receive gold in the amount of the receipts. The workers really liked this because the gold held its value and inflation didn’t bother them at all and they all prospered. People started using these receipts all around town.

George heard about this and had Johnson arrested because he violated legal tender laws. Johnson was convicted and thrown in jail and his gold was confiscated. Before he was hanged he gave a speech on the gallows:

"Fellow citizens, you work every day for what? A piece of paper? That piece of paper isn’t wealth or capital. Like our ancestors ten generations back, real wealth was the wheat they produced and saved. They exchanged it for something of value: gold. Gold is money because people value it as a medium of exchange. You’ve forgotten what money really is and now you trade your labor and goods for pieces of paper worth nothing! Now George and his cronies print paper at will to pay for what the government wants. They use it to bail their friends out when they go bust. Their legacy is inflation, just another tax on your labor. Gold, my friends, is the only thing that can prevent the government from inflating the money supply and stealing your wealth. They are destroying our economy. Rebel and demand we go back on a gold standard and have real money. Don’t let …..."


P.P.S. I thought I would throw this in: the largest notes ever printed with the numbers written out. From the private collection of Econophile. Bought on e-Bay for $7.50.


Wild Thing's comment........

Great article about this.

The market is up because everything else is going up. Groceries cost more and the stocks cost more because the dollar is in the tank.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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October 17, 2009

Obama's Budget Deficit Hits Record More Than Triple from Last Year

Obama team makes it official: Budget deficit hits record. By a lot.


The Obama administration has released new deficit numbers, and they are not pretty.

The deficit for Fiscal Year 2009, which ended Sept. 30, came in at a record $1.42 trillion, more than triple the record set just last year.

In addition, future deficits are currently projected to total $9.1 trillion in the coming decade.

The political lines are being drawn.

Republicans cited record deficits as another reason to oppose Obama's health care plan and other big projects. "No more spending money we don't have," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Rep. John Spratt, D-S.C., countered that, "today's figures are a result of the policies of the Bush Administration, along with the cost of actions needed to address the recession and prevent even deeper economic problems."

A year ago, as the financial crisis hit and the Bush administration prepared massive bailout plans, the deficit was $455 billion.

The Obama administration's stimulus also contributed to the near $1 trillion higher deficit, as did lower government revenues in the wake of the recession.

"This year's deficit is lower than we had projected earlier this year, in part because we are managing to repair the financial system at a lower cost to taxpayers," said a statement from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. "But future deficits are too high, and the President is committed to working with Congress to bring them down to a sustainable level as the economy recovers."

Budget Director Peter Orszag said: "It was critical that we acted to bring the economy back from the brink earlier this year. As we move from rescue to recovery, the President recognizes that we need to put the nation back on a fiscally sustainable path."

An analysis from the Office of Management of Budget pointed out that the deficit is "roughly 24 percent lower for the year than when the budget first set the forecast for 2009, a fact due largely to the economic stabilization and recovery."

Wild Thing's comment...........

Right out of the communist playbook. Destroy the economy as fast as you can. . . take over private sector business, institute socialized medicine, then amnesty, then gun control, reparations. . right on schedule.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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October 16, 2009

U.S. Troop Funds Diverted to Pet Projects

U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects

Study finds $2.6 billion taken from guns and ammunition

The Washington Times

Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.

Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.

While earmarks are hardly new in Washington, "in 30 years on Capitol Hill, I never saw Congress mangle the defense budget as badly as this year," said Winslow Wheeler, a former Senate staffer who worked on defense funding and oversight for both Republicans and Democrats. He is now a senior fellow at the Center for Defense Information, an independent research organization.

Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, called the transfer of funds from Pentagon operations and maintenance "a disgrace."

"The Senate is putting favorable headlines back home above our men and women fighting on the front lines," he said in a statement.

Mr. Wheeler, who conducted the study, compared the Obama administration's requests for funds with the $636 billion spending bill that the Senate passed. He discovered that senators added $2.6 billion in pet projects while spending $4 billion less than the administration requested for fiscal 2010, which began Oct. 1.

Mr. Wheeler said that senators took most of the cash for the projects from the "operations and maintenance" or O&M accounts.

"These are the accounts that pay for troop training, repairs, spares and supplies for vehicles, weapons, ships and planes, food and fuel," Mr. Wheeler said.
"Air Force and Navy combat pilots training to deploy are getting about half of the flying hours they got at the end of the Vietnam War," he wrote in his analysis. "Army tank crews get less in tank training today than they did during the low-readiness Clinton years."

Wild Thing's comment.........

The sociopaths in Congress just sink lower and lower everyday and it does not seem possible but they still manage to do it.

This lack of training ammo was a hallmark of the Clinton regime, too, the cuts in the defense budget that produced Clinton’s vaunted budget surplus, meant that Army tank gunners fired maybe one live round a year and equipment was literally failing for lack of spare parts.

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October 12, 2009

An Insult to Our Democracy

Rep. Jack Murtha presides, ignores reality to push through his preferences without a vote.

Wild Thing's comment.......

John Murtha obtains millions in earmarks for companies that in turn give him tens of thousands in campaign donations and he thumbs his nose at anyone questioning a quid pro quo and tells them to prove it.

....Thank you Horace for sending this to me.

Horace Smith, Pvt. E-1, USAR

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September 26, 2009

G-20 Opponents, Police Clash on Pittsburgh Streets


Police fired canisters of pepper spray and smoke at marchers protesting the Group of 20 summit Thursday after anarchists responded to calls to disperse by rolling trash bins and throwing rocks.

The afternoon march turned chaotic at just about the time that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrived for a meeting with leaders of the world's major economies.

The clashes began after hundreds of protesters, many advocating against capitalism, tried to march from an outlying neighborhood toward the convention center where the summit is being held.

The protesters banged on drums and chanted "Ain't no power like the power of the people, 'cause the power of the people don't stop."
One banner read, "No borders, no banks," another, "No hope in capitalism." A few minutes into the march, protesters unfurled a large banner reading "NO BAILOUT NO CAPITALISM" with an encircled "A," a recognized sign of anarchists.

Wild Thing's comment........

Now I know the way civil “opponents” behave, not like us rude, un-american, mobs.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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September 22, 2009

Duck.... and Cover....Obama Ready to Slash US Nuclear Arsenal


Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal .....for complete article

Pentagon told to map out radical cuts as president prepares to chair UN talks

Barack Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country's arsenal, the Guardian can reveal.

Obama has rejected the Pentagon's first draft of the "nuclear posture review" as being too timid, and has called for a range of more far-reaching options consistent with his goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether, according to European officials.

Those options include:

Reconfiguring the US nuclear force to allow for an arsenal measured in hundreds rather than thousands of deployed strategic warheads.

Redrafting nuclear doctrine to narrow the range of conditions under which the US would use nuclear weapons.

Exploring ways of guaranteeing the future reliability of nuclear weapons without testing or producing a new generation of warheads.

The review is due to be completed by the end of this year, and European officials say the outcome is not yet clear. But one official said: "Obama is now driving this process. He is saying these are the president's weapons, and he wants to look again at the doctrine and their role."

The move comes as Obama prepares to take the rare step of chairing a watershed session of the UN security council on Thursday. It is aimed at winning consensus on a new grand bargain: exchanging more radical disarmament by nuclear powers in return for wider global efforts to prevent further proliferation.

That bargain is at the heart of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which is up for review next year amid signs it is unravelling in the face of Iranian and North Korean nuclear ambitions.

Our military know the threat Obama is imposing upon our country!!!


Wild Thing's comment.........

He sure is trying to get us killed. Obama is the enemy within. I wonder at what point will it be considered treason?

He wants us to defend Iran with our weaponry and wants us NOT to be able to defend ourselves or our real allies.

He bows and kow tows to the Communistic/fascistic totalitarians to beg them to let him into their club. He is such a useful idiot that he doesn’t realize that his “heroes” will in the end eat him. The one world powers will squash him when they are through with him. Being bought and paid for by them, they owe him nothing. He owes them his soul.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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September 20, 2009

The Satellite Link That Keeps Watch on Your Children

The num8 watch costs £149.99 and can be securely fastened to a child's wrist, triggering an alert if forcibly removed

The satellite link that keeps watch on your children

Daily Mail.co.uk

Its vivid colour is clearly designed to appeal to youngsters. But this watch is really aimed at their parents.
For its key selling point is a satellite positioning system that locates the wearer to within ten feet.

The makers claim the GPS tracking device will offer anxious parents peace of mind and allow children the independence to go out to play on their own.

But critics have said the 'tagging' is a step too far in the climate of paranoia over child safety.
The num8 watch, pictured above, costs £149.99 and can be securely fastened to a child's wrist, triggering an alert if forcibly removed.

Parents will be able to see their child's location on Google maps by texting 'wru' to a special number, or clicking 'where r you' on the secure website linked to the device. The street address and postcode will be displayed.

Safe zones can also be set up in which children can play. An alert will be sent to the parents if the child strays out of that area.

Steve Salmon, of makers Lok8u, said: 'Losing your child, if only for a brief moment, leads to a state of panic and makes parents feel powerless. The overriding aim of num8 is to give children their freedom and parents peace of mind.'

But Dr Michele Elliott, director of children's charity Kidscape, said: 'Is the world really that unsafe that parents need to track their children electronically? I don't think so.'

Wild Thing's comment......

If I had a child I would not trust this. I would worry it could easily be taken off by a bad guy that would take my child.

Also this is kind of creepy because what is the next thing....a chip put under the skin or something?

One other thing, my parents were strict and knew where I was, and I made sure they knew if I took my bicycle out over to a friends house to play even later on as a teenager. I saw how a couple of my friends parents were and they were not strict, it was almost as though they did not care where their young daughter was, sometimes they would call and ask is so and so at your house. Just that difference alone I felt showed I was loved because of having strict parents.

.......Thank you Richard for sending this to me.

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August 27, 2009

U.S. National Debt Clock


PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.....TO SEE THE CLOCK ~ Thank you, it is an amazing thing to see. YIKES!

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

Wild Thing's comment.........

This is incredibly scary stuff. The timing for everything with obama getting elected is the worst timing in the world for our country. If there was a conservative in office I really believe we would be on the road to recovery and we certainly would not be adding more debts like obama has been doing.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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August 22, 2009

Constitution Under Attack: Senate Panel OK’s Stripping States Of Constitutional Power

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.)

Constitution Under Attack: Senate Panel OK’s Stripping States Of Constitutional Power

Friday, August 21, 2009


An amendment to remove the constitutional right of governors to appoint individuals to U.S. Senate seats that become vacant in between elections was recently approved by a 5-to-3 vote in the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution.

The resolution, which favors direct elections rather than gubernatorial appointments to unoccupied Senate seats as the Constitution requires, was introduced Jan. 29, following news of a pay-to-play scheme involving then-Illinois Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of scheming to sell President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat.

Before introducing the amendment, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), a member of the Judiciary Committee, released a statement advocating an end to the constitutional right of Blagojevich-type appointments to Senate seats.

“The controversies surrounding some of the recent gubernatorial appointments to vacant Senate seats make it painfully clear that such appointments are an anachronism that must end,” said Feingold.

“In 1913, the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution gave the citizens of this country the power to finally elect their senators,” he said. “They should have the same power in the case of unexpected mid-term vacancies, so that the Senate is as responsive as possible to the will of the people.”
In Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, dealing with members of the Senate, it states:
“[I]f Vacancies happen by Resignation, or otherwise, during the Recess of the Legislature of any State, the Executive thereof [governor] may make temporary Appointments until the next Meeting of the Legislature, which shall then fill such Vacancies.”
The 17th Amendment to the Constitution reads:
“When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.”

To be approved, the potential 28th constitutional amendment has to be supported by an overall congressional majority of two-thirds and also by three-quarters of the states. The 27th Amendment made it through in 1992, more than two centuries after it was submitted in 1789.

Feingold’s resolution to change the way open Senate seats can be filled garnered somewhat bi-partisan support, with backing from Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), as well as Mark Begich (D-Alaska).

By September, the Feingold proposal is supposed to reach full-committee consideration where it is expected to face opposition.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently told reporters that he is against the subcommittee’s proposition.

"I'm not in favor of our dictating to a state what it should do," said Reid. "We have a system now where some states have special elections and some have governors appoint.”

The Senate leader added: "In the state of Nevada the governor appoints. Even though we have a Republican governor now, I think that's the way it should be – so I don't support this legislation.”
Both Reid and Durbin attempted to deny Burris his Senate seat. To be approved, the potential 28th constitutional amendment has to be supported by an overall congressional majority of two-thirds and also by three-quarters of the states. The 27th Amendment made it through in 1992, more than two centuries after it was submitted in 1789. Republicans on the Senate Constitution subcommittee who voted against the measure include John Kyl (R-Ariz.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas), who was appointed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry in November 2002.

The Senate’s Web site reveals that 184 senators have been elected through gubernatorial appointments since 1913.

The Feingold amendment, formally known as S.J.Res.7, states:

“Section 1. No person shall be a Senator from a State unless such person has been elected by the people thereof. When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies.

“Section 2. This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as a part of the Constitution.”

Wild Thing's comment....

I think this has a lot to do with Ted Kennedy too.

This is what we have in power, people that have no respect at all for our Constitution. Only a few, only a handful and thank God for the few we do have.

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August 21, 2009

Obama and Gov. Failed with Clunkers and They Want Gov. Health Care? Hell No!

Obama admin. to end cash for clunkers on Monday


The Obama administration plans to end the popular $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program on Monday, giving car shoppers a few more days to take advantage of big government incentives.
The Transportation Department said Thursday the government will wind down the program on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. Car buyers can receive rebates of $3,500 or $4,500 for trading in older vehicles for new, more fuel-efficient models.

Through Thursday, auto dealers have made deals worth $1.9 billion and are on pace to exhaust the program's $3 billion in early September. The incentives have generated more than 457,000 vehicle sales. Administration officials said they have reviewed nearly 40 percent of the transactions and have already paid out $145 million to dealers.

President Barack Obama said in an interview Thursday that the program has been "successful beyond anybody's imagination" but dealers were overwhelmed by the response of consumers. He pledged that dealers "will get their money."

Dealers have complained of delays in getting reimbursed and backlogs of vehicle paperwork getting processed in the program. Dealers have said they face a risk of not being reimbursed but LaHood has pledged that dealers will get paid for the incentives.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Another Obama program crashes and burns-—and they want to manage your health care. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

They have already gone over the top of Congress’ second allocation for this. LOL “The Popular” program the doesn’t work! Dealers are pulling out of it fast and furious for non payment by the Gov’t.

In our paper and on the news here we arfe told several times a day that dealers are not being reimbursed for the $3500 and $4500 and many stopped offering it.

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August 05, 2009

King (?? LOL) Obama Withholds Data On "cash-for-clunkers" Rebate Program

Obama administration withholds data on program



The Obama administration is refusing to release government records on its "cash-for-clunkers" rebate program that would substantiate—or undercut—White House claims of the program's success, even as the president presses the Senate for a quick vote for $2 billion to boost car sales.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Sunday the government would release electronic records about the program, and President Barack Obama has pledged greater transparency for his administration. But the Transportation Department, which has collected details about 157,000 rebate requests, won't release sales data that dealers provided showing how much U.S. car manufacturers are benefiting from the $1 billion initially pumped into the program.

The Associated Press has sought release of the data since last week. But the public and Senate Republicans demanding more information will have to wait for details because federal officials running the program don't have time to turn over data delivered by car dealers, said Rae Tyson, spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

LaHood said in an interview Sunday he would make the electronic records available. "I can't think of any reason why we wouldn't do it," he said.

DOT officials already have received electronic details from car dealers of each trade-in transaction. The agency regularly analyzes the data internally, producing helpful talking points for LaHood, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and other officials to use when urging more funding.

LaHood, the program's chief salesman, has pitched the rebates as good for America, good for car buyers, good for the environment, good for the economy. But it's difficult to determine whether the administration is overselling the claim without seeing what's being sold, what's being traded in and where the cars are being sold.

But there's no way to verify his claims without access to DOT's data.

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has argued against quick approval of $2 billion for the program because little is known about the first round of $3,500 and $4,500 rebates.
"We don't have the results of the first $1 billion," McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said. "You don't have them. We don't have them. DOT doesn't have all of it. We'd hate to make a mistake on something like that."


Wild Thing's comment.......

AP turns on BO administration for the second day in a row. Hmmmm Looks like somebody at the AP wants to get kicked out of the White House press corps. Obama won't be putting up with this.

Transparency! The only transparency with Obama and his administration are their lies. More secret Obama information. Apparently, our entire government is now the Secret Service.

Hey Comrade Obama, as proof of my loyalty to the party and to you "Dear Leader" I will turn in your Kenya grandmother to Cash for Codgers. She isn’t contributing enough to The Community. Now can I keep on posting about you lard ass!

Obama witholds entire life......details at 11............

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August 03, 2009

"No guarantee taxes won't go up" says Geithner and Greenspan

2 Obama administration officials can't guarantee middle-class Americans won't see tax hike

Barack Obama's treasury secretary said Sunday he cannot rule out higher taxes to help tame an exploding budget deficit, and his chief economic adviser would not dismiss raising them on middle-class Americans as part of a health care overhaul.

As the White House sought to balance campaign rhetoric with governing, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits. With former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan saying he is "pretty sure we've already seen the bottom" of the recession, Obama aides sought to defend the economic stimulus and calm a jittery public.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to lower the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere.

"There is a lot that can happen over time," Summers said, adding that the administration believes "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what."

During his presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly vowed "you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime." But the simple reality remains that his ambitious overhaul of how Americans receive health care -- promised without increasing the federal deficit -- must be paid for.

"If we want an economy that's going to grow in the future, people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And it's going to be difficult, hard for us to do. And the path to that is through health care reform," Geithner said. "We're not at the point yet where we're going to make a judgment about what it's going to take."

Selling that proposal, however, has proved tricky.

On Friday, the government released a report that suggested the worst recession in the United States since World War II appears on the verge of ending. The economy dipped only slightly in the second quarter of this year -- falling at a 1 percent annual pace, better than expected.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Well, this is a a guarantee that taxes will be going up.

Now we will see the MSM attempting to justify his going back on a campaign promise. And they will most certainly try. They already have.

There is no limit to the incompetence of "The Divine One," his Apostles and Disciples.

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July 29, 2009

Obama's Capitol Hill Card: Who is in Your Wallet?


Wild Thing's comment..........

LOL this is excellent. Funny but also makes me angry.

......Thank you SSGT Steve

SSgt Steve
1st MarDiv, H Co., 2nd Bn, 5th Marine Regiment
2/5 Marines, Motto: "Retreat, Hell"
VN 66-67

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July 21, 2009

Obama Could Spend $23.7 Trillion to Fix Financial System?

$23.7 Trillion to Fix Financial System?

ABC News

July 20, 2009

"The total potential federal government support could reach up to $23.7 trillion," says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, in a new report obtained Monday by ABC News on the government's efforts to fix the financial system.

Yes, $23.7 trillion.

"The potential financial commitment the American taxpayers could be responsible for is of a size and scope that isn't even imaginable," said Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., ranking member on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. "If you spent a million dollars a day going back to the birth of Christ, that wouldn't even come close to just $1 trillion -- $23.7 trillion is a staggering figure."

Granted, Barofsky is not saying that the government will definitely spend that much money. He is saying that potentially, it could.

At present, the government has about 50 different programs to fight the current recession, including programs to bail out ailing banks and automakers, boost lending and beat back the housing crisis. Barofsky’s estimate means that if each federal agency spends the maximum potential amount involved in these 50 different initiatives — if the Federal Reserve ends up spending $6.8 trillion on its programs. If the Treasury Department spends $4.4 trillion, if the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation spends $2.3 trillion, and so on — then the numbers add up to a total of $23.7 trillion.

But in his new quarterly report to Congress that will be released Tuesday, the watchdog warns that hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars could be lost if the government does not make certain changes to these programs. The Treasury Department, he cautions, needs to increase the transparency of the $700 billion TARP program, which he says has grown to an unprecedented scope and scale.

"Although Treasury has taken some steps toward improving transparency in TARP programs, it has repeatedly failed to adopt recommendations that SIGTARP believes are essential to providing basic transparency and fulfill Treasury's stated commitment to implement TARP with the highest degree of accountability and transparency possible," Barofsky says in the report.

Barofsky said his office currently has 35 ongoing civil or criminal investigations.

Barofsky notes that there are currently four specific recommendations that the Treasury Department has not adopted. The department, he believes, should require all TARP recipients to report on their use of funds. The department should also report on the values of its TARP portfolio so taxpayers know about the value of their investments; disclose the identity of any TALF borrowers; and disclose tradings, holdings and valuations of assets of the public-private investment funds that will be buying toxic assets from banks.

It is a 3 page article you can continue HERE....thank you.

Wild Thing's comment........

There is no price tag for Obama on what he is willing to spend to destroy the United States of America. He wants to hold the rope while America swings. $24 trillion to create 1,000 “green” jobs.

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July 19, 2009

Obama Official's Book About Curbing Free Speech On The Internet


An Obama Official's Frightening Book About Curbing Free Speech Online

New York Post

When it comes to the First Amendment, Team Obama believes in Global Chilling.

Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law professor who has been appointed to a shadowy post that will grant him powers that are merely mind-boggling, explicitly supports using the courts to impose a "chilling effect" on speech that might hurt someone's feelings. He thinks that the bloggers have been rampaging out of control and that new laws need to be written to corral them.

Advance copies of Sunstein's new book, "On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done," have gone out to reviewers ahead of its September publication date, but considering the prominence with which Sunstein is about to be endowed, his worrying views are fair game now.

Sunstein is President Obama's choice to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. It's the bland titles that should scare you the most.

"Although obscure," reported the Wall Street Journal, "the post wields outsize power. It oversees regulations throughout the government, from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Obama aides have said the job will be crucial as the new administration overhauls financial-services regulations, attempts to pass universal health care and tries to forge a new approach to controlling emissions of greenhouse gases."

Sunstein was appointed, no doubt, off the success of "Nudge," his previous book, which suggests that government ought to gently force people to be better human beings.

Czar is too mild a world for what Sunstein is about to become. How about "regulator in chief"? How about "lawgiver"? He is Obama's Obama.

Sunstein also believes that - whether you're a blogger, The New York Times or a Web hosting service - you should be held responsible even for what your commenters say. Currently you're immune under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. "Reasonable people," he says, "might object that this is not the right rule," though he admits that imposing liability for commenters on service providers would be "a considerable burden."

"As we have seen," Sunstein writes, having shown us no such thing, "falsehoods can undermine democracy itself." What Sunstein means by that sentence is pretty clear: He doesn't like so-called false rumors about his longtime University of Chicago friend and colleague Barack Obama.

Sunstein calls for a "notice and take down" law that would require bloggers and service providers to "take down falsehoods upon notice," even those made by commenters - but without apparent penalty.

Consider how well this nudge would work. You blog about Obama-Ayers. You get a letter claiming that your facts are wrong so you should remove your post. You refuse. If, after a court proceeding proves simply that you are wrong (but not that you committed libel, which when a public figure is the target is almost impossible), you lose, the penalty is . . . you must take down your post.

How long would it take for a court to sort out the truth? Sasha and Malia will be running for president by then. Nobody will care anymore. But it will give politicians the ability to tie up their online critics in court.

Sunstein, trying to fair, argues that libel awards should be capped at $15,000, or at least limited for anyone demonstrating financial hardship. But $15K is the limit you'd pay to your opponent. The legal bill is the scary part, and the reason bloggers already have plenty of reason to be careful about what they say, even if they don't much fear a libel conviction.

Sunstein dreams of an impossibly virtuous America: "We could also imagine a future in which those who spread false rumors are categorized as such, discounted and marginalized . . . people would approach rumors skeptically even they provide comfort and fit their own biases." But if his chilling wind doesn't work, Sunstein may try to make good on the implicit threat that runs through his book: that he would redefine libel as the spread of false information and hold everyone up the ladder responsible.

If this happened, the blogosphere would turn into Pluto overnight. Comments sections would slam shut. Every writer would work on a leash shorter than a shoelace.

Sunstein is an enemy to every news organization and blogger. We should return the favor and declare war on him.

Government of Canada moves to monitor Internet users

In the spring, the Government of Canada introduced two pieces of legislation that would greatly expand the power of the state to monitor its citizens online activity. The legislation, known as the Investigative Powers for the 21st Century (IP21C) Act, would force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to install costly surveillance systems on their networks and give police wide ranging new powers that do away with judicial oversight.

According to University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, the legislation would create additional requirements for ISPs and expand police powers. These ISP requirements can be broken down into two components. First, ISPs will be required to install costly surveillance equipment on their networks. Part of the cost will fall to taxpayers while the remainder will be carried by the companies themselves.

Some smaller ISPs will be exempt from this requirement for a period of three years, creating an unfair burden on the larger, more successful companies. Second, the legislation would require that all ISPs give personal information to the government, including the names of their customers, as well as their IP, e-mail, and mailing addresses—on demand and without any judicial oversight.

Police will also gain expanded powers under this legislation. First, they will be able to obtain information about Internet-based messaging, including tracking what sites people are visiting and who they are communicating with. This information will be subject to a judicial order. Second, police will be able to order ISPs to preserve data on their customers. Third, police will be able to obtain a warrant to remotely activate tracking devices in technologies such as cellular telephones. Fourth, the legislation also deals with computer viruses and makes it easier for the government to coordinate its efforts with international governments.

There are numerous problems with the proposed legislation that should be alarming to freedom loving Canadians. It forces private business to not only be complicit in the government's attempt to spy on its citizens, it also forces them to shoulder much of the financial responsibility for the new policy.

Wild Thing's comment........

We already have laws in place to prohibit both libel and slander. This guy wants to regulate opinion.

Gagging/policing the web would be a challenge for our inept government - thank GOD.

“We hardly need to imagine a world, however, in which people and institutions are being harmed by the rapid spread of damaging falsehoods via the Internet,” he writes. “We live in that world. What might be done to reduce the harm?”

Does that mean Sarah won’t be ridiculed and attacked in the media?

Blogs are good for venting. Normal people need to vent. After they vent, that’s the end of it. It feels good to vent. Libs are deathly afraid of the ideas that we express.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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July 18, 2009

Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’


Joe Biden told people attending an AARP town hall meeting that unless the Democrat-supported health care plan becomes law the nation will go bankrupt and that the only way to avoid that fate is for the government to spend more money.

“And folks look, AARP knows and the people with me here today know, the president knows, and I know, that the status quo is simply not acceptable,” Biden said at the event on Thursday in Alexandria, Va. “It’s totally unacceptable. And it’s completely unsustainable. Even if we wanted to keep it the way we have it now. It can’t do it financially.”

“We’re going to go bankrupt as a nation,” Biden said.

“Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that's what I’m telling you.”

The event, sponsored by the AARP – which supports the Obama administration’s plan – was attended by mostly AARP members who were bussed in for the meeting.

Biden told the group that the Obama health plan will not eliminate people’s ability to choose their health care insurance and that people who cannot afford insurance will be covered by the plan.

“They’ll be a deal in there so there’s competition, so what you’ll have in there is you’ll have the ability to go in there and say, ‘Now look, this is the policy I want. This is the one,” Biden said.

“And those people who can’t afford to get in there, up to a certain income, we’re going to subsidize them, you get in there and we’ll help you pay for it,” Biden said.

Wild Thing's comment......

Joe needs to know our country is already bankrupt.

Jokin’ Joe forgot to provide this Disclaimer:

Warning:Do Not Attempt This At Home

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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July 16, 2009

Al Franken, Minnesota's Idea of a Statesman Asks Sotomayor About Perry Mason

Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing for Sonia Sotomayor, where new Minnesota Sen. Al Franken used his precious time and opportunity to talk with her about -- Perry Mason episodes!

Franken & Sotomayor Discuss 'Perry Mason' Episodes During Hearing

Perry Mason was a fictitious defense lawyer, whom Franken noted won all his cases except one. He asked Sotomayor to name it, and she said she couldn't.

"Didn't the White House prepare you for that," the comedian-turned-politician asked, laughter filling the hearing room.


Wild Thing's comment.......

The entire hearing, everyone in that room should be embarrassed at this kind of thing.

It reminds me of years ago, I don't remember who it was but someone in power in merry ole England. He was found to be some kind of weirdo, and the English people were divided as to what to do with him. Some were embarrassed but they were out numbered by those that did not care. Seeing Al Franken treating this hearing with so little regard to how important it is, a lifetime position and all, brought that whole mess in England to mind.

Franken is going to bring all he is connected with down to his level. All low class just like Michelle and Barack Obama.

I loved watching Perry Mason but to refer to it during this hearing......hello!!!

Shame on Minnesota!

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Firefighters Appear at Sotomayor Hearings

Firefighters to testify about Sotomayor

The Hill

Republicans will call two New Haven firefighters to testify in the confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor next week, making clear the GOP's intent to place affirmative action at the center of Senate battle over Sotomayor's nomination.

A Judiciary Committee press release lists Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas as expected Republican witnesses. Ricci was the lead plaintiff in Ricci v. New Haven, the controversial case in which Sotomayor ruled the New Haven fire department acted constitutionally when it promoted black firefighters who scored lower than their white counterparts on a qualifying test. Vargas was the only non-white co-plaintiff in that case.

The Supreme Court later overturned that decision.

Wild Thing's comment......

The left has been going after the firefighter Ricci. To Democrats the end justifies the means, don't you know. Why let the truth interfere with a good character assasination.

She does not belong on the highest court of the land.

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July 14, 2009

La Raza Sotomayor Vows Impartiality If Confirmed to Court ~

Sotomayor vows impartiality if confirmed to court

My Way News

Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court nominee in history, vowed loyalty to "the impartiality of our justice system" Monday, confronting Republican skeptics at Senate hearings suffused with racial politics but all but certain to lead to her confirmation.

"My personal and professional experiences help me to listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case," the 55-year old Sotomayor said in her first substantive remarks in public since President Barack Obama nominated her seven weeks ago.

Her comments amounted to a polite but firm rebuttal to Republicans who have criticized her 2001 comment that a "wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences" might make better rulings than a white male.

Despite GOP misgivings, Democrats command a large majority in the committee and the Senate as a whole, and there seemed virtually no doubt about the ultimate outcome.

"Unless you have a complete meltdown, you're going to get confirmed," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told her.
"And I don't think you will" have a meltdown, he added quickly as Sotomayor sat listening, her face in a half-smile.

She'll answer questions Tuesday following Monday's day of speechmaking by committee members and her own five-minute statement.

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the senior Republican, promised a "respectful tone" and "maybe some disagreements" when lawmakers begin questioning Sotomayor on Tuesday.

"I will not vote for, and no senator should vote for an individual nominated by any president who believes it is acceptable for a judge to allow their own personal background, gender, prejudices or sympathies to sway their decision," he said.
"Call it empathy, call it prejudice or call it sympathy, but whatever it is, it's not law," Sessions said. "In truth, it's more akin to politics, and politics has no place in the courtroom."

Wild Thing's comment............

“Sotomayor pledges impartial justice if confirmed”

Anyone want to buy a bridge? She would not recognise “impatrial justice” if she poured it on her cereal every morning.

We saw her impartiality in the Ricci case. Soto-dodo is an outright liar. Everything she has written, ruled on, given speeches on, the groups she belongs to, etc. prove the absolute opposite of this baloney that came out of her mouth yesterday.

Also it is beyond surreal and sickening to also think that one of the Senators asking questions is Al Franken.

America where did you go?

....Thank you Jack for sending this to me.

United States Army
Army Combat Engineers
Quang Tri & Chu Lai '68 -'69

Jack's blog is Conservative Insurgent

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Obama's Federal Budget Deficit Tops $1 Trillion for the First Time

Federal Budget Deficit Tops $1 Trillion for the First Time

The Treasury Department says the deficit in June totaled $94.3 billion, pushing the total since the budget year started in October to nearly $1.1 trillion.

FOX News

Nine months into the fiscal year, the federal deficit has topped $1 trillion for the first time.

The imbalance is intensifying fears about higher interest rates and inflation, and already pressuring the value of the dollar. There's also concern about trying to reverse the deficit -- by reducing government spending or raising taxes -- in the midst of a harsh recession.

The Treasury Department said Monday that the deficit in June totaled $94.3 billion, pushing the total since the budget year started in October to nearly $1.1 trillion.

The deficit has been propelled by the huge sum the government has spent to combat the recession and financial crisis, combined with a sharp decline in tax revenues. Paying for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan also is a major factor.

The country's soaring deficits are making Chinese and other foreign buyers of U.S. debt nervous, which could make them reluctant lenders down the road. It could force the Treasury Department to pay higher interest rates to make U.S. debt attractive longer-term.

"These are mind boggling numbers," said Sung Won Sohn, an economist at the Smith School of Business at California State University. "Our foreign investors from China and elsewhere are starting to have concerns about not only the value of the dollar but how safe their investments will be in the long run."

Government spending is on the rise to address the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and an unemployment rate that has climbed to 9.5 percent.

Congress already approved a $700 billion financial bailout and a $787 billion economic stimulus package to try and jump-start a recovery, and there is growing talk among some Obama administration officials that a second round of stimulus may be necessary.

This has many Republicans and deficit hawks worried that the U.S. could be setting itself up for more financial pain down the road if interest rates and inflation surge. They also are raising alarms about additional spending the administration is proposing, including its plan to reform health care.

President Barack Obama and other administration officials, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, have said the U.S. is committed to bringing down the deficits once the country has emerged from the current recession and financial crisis.

Wild Thing's comment.........

And the socialist/communist Obama wants to keep borrowing and printing money to make the debt worse — all to kill the private sector and get hold of as much taxpayer wealth he can to BUY POWER AND CONTROL.

Obama’s goal is to destroy the economy and he is doing just that.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM | Comments (4)

July 12, 2009

Obama Says Economic Stimulus Plan Worked as Intended

Obama Says Economic Stimulus Plan Worked as Intended


Barack Obama said his $787 billion stimulus bill “has worked as intended” as he pushed back against Republican criticism that his recovery program has failed to rescue the economy.

“It has already extended unemployment insurance and health insurance to those who have lost their jobs in this recession,” Obama, who is traveling today in Ghana, said in his weekly Saturday radio and Web address. “It has delivered $43 billion in tax relief to American working families and business.”

Obama spoke after stocks fell for a fourth week on concern that an economic recovery will be delayed. A government report last week showed that employers cut 467,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate rose to 9.5 percent, the highest since 1983.

Obama, in his speech, said the stimulus program is helping state governments save jobs. Were it not for the program, the president said, “state deficits would be nearly twice as large as they are now, resulting in tens of thousands of additional layoffs -- layoffs that would affect police officers, teachers, and firefighters.”

Republican Response

In the weekly Republican response, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia said the stimulus bill was “full of pork- barrel spending, government waste and massive borrowing cleverly called ‘stimulus.’”
“The plain truth is that President Obama’s economic decisions have not produced jobs, have not produced prosperity, and have not worked,” Cantor said.
He said the Republicans want reductions in tax rates that he said would help middle-class families.

Obama said the measure “was not designed to work in four months -- it was designed to work over two years.”

The spending plan will “accelerate greatly” through the summer and autumn, creating “thousands more infrastructure projects” that will lead to additional jobs, he said.
“We’re moving in the right direction,” Obama said. “We must let it work the way it’s supposed to, with the understanding that in any recession, unemployment tends to recover more slowly than other measures of economic activity.”

Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden also defended the Obama administration’s efforts to rebuild America’s economy, while expressing frustration with those who say progress is too slow.

“Remember, we’re only 140 days into this deal,” Biden said in a speech in Cincinnati. “It’s supposed to take 18 months.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama's mission is to destroy this country and so sure his stimulus is working.

1. It got lots of money to Obama’s Brown Shirts.
2. It has seized control of significant industry.
3. It has made people more dependent on the government.

Somewhere, amidst the fires of hell, Saul Alinsky is smiling.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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July 10, 2009

Ginsburg: I thought Roe was to rid undesirables

Ginsburg: I thought Roe was to rid undesirables

Justice discusses 'growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of'


In an astonishing admission, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she was under the impression that legalizing abortion with the 1973 Roe. v. Wade case would eliminate undesirable members of the populace, or as she put it "populations that we don't want to have too many of."

Her remarks, set to be published in the New York Times Magazine this Sunday but viewable online now, came in an in-depth interview with Emily Bazelon titled, "The Place of Women on the Court."

The 16-year veteran of the high court was asked if she were a lawyer again, what would she "want to accomplish as a future feminist legal agenda."

Ginsburg responded: Reproductive choice has to be straightened out. There will never be a woman of means without choice anymore. That just seems to me so obvious. The states that had changed their abortion laws before Roe [to make abortion legal] are not going to change back. So we have a policy that affects only poor women, and it can never be otherwise, and I don't know why this hasn't been said more often.

Question: Are you talking about the distances women have to travel because in parts of the country, abortion is essentially unavailable, because there are so few doctors and clinics that do the procedure? And also, the lack of Medicaid for abortions for poor women?

Ginsburg: Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. [Harris v. McRae – in 1980 the court upheld the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of Medicaid for abortions.] Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into having abortions when they didn't really want them. But when the court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong.

When pressed to explain what she meant by reproductive rights needing to be straightened out, Ginsburg said, "The basic thing is that the government has no business making that choice for a woman."

Asked if that meant getting rid of the test the court imposed, in which it allows states to impose restrictions on abortion such as a waiting period, the justice said she was "not a big fan of these tests."

I think the court uses them as a label that accommodates the result it wants to reach. It will be, it should be, that this is a woman's decision. It's entirely appropriate to say it has to be an informed decision, but that doesn't mean you can keep a woman overnight who has traveled a great distance to get to the clinic, so that she has to go to some motel and think it over for 24 hours or 48 hours.
I still think, although I was much too optimistic in the early days, that the possibility of stopping a pregnancy very early is significant. The morning-after pill will become more accessible and easier to take. So I think the side that wants to take the choice away from women and give it to the state, they're fighting a losing battle. Time is on the side of change.


Wild Thing's comment........

Wow, nothing different than Hitler and Mengele. Only this time abortion will create the master race, instead of gas chambers. Chilling and creepy to the max! Good grief, she have a copy of Mein Kempf on the nightstand next to her bed??

I wonder who exactly those “undesirables” are? Unbelievable that she was on the highest court in the land.

Planned parenthood’s founder, Margret Sanger, was a huge proponent of eugenics. And sole purpose of purpose behind Planned Parenthood is to cut down the black population by pushing abortion to the blacks. It has been working for them because more blacks then whites get abortions.

This is the creepiest thing I have read in a long time.

Here is more about Planned Parenthood and Sanger.
How Planned Parenthood Duped America

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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July 09, 2009

NEA leader: "Conservative b@$+@%&s picking on us"

NEA leader: Conservative b@$+@%&s picking on us'


Editor's Note: Some of the language in the following story may be offensive.

The retiring general counsel for the National Education Association has complained that conservative "ba----ds" are picking on his powerful union, which boasts more than 3 million members who contributed "hundreds of millions" of dollars annually to its causes.

The comments came from Bob Chanin, who gave a speech at last week's convention on the occasion of his retirement.

The comments have been posted on YouTube: (Some of the language in the video will be objectionable)

According to Linda Harvey of Mission America, "His prepared remarks were peppered with profanity and reflected an arrogant, in-your-face attitude about NEA's well-known political involvement. Just listen to the You Tube. Advance to 16:00 and begin listening there."

Among Chanin's observations: "Why are these conservative and right-wing ba----ds picking on NEA and its affiliates?"

He explains it is because NEA is "the most effective union in the United States" and boasts of its "power."

Chanin said the organization was attacked under the Bush administration by the IRS and others. That will stop now under President Obama's tenure, he noted.

But, he said, "attacks by conservatives and right-wing troops will continue."

That's because the NEA has fashioned itself into "the nation's leading advocates for public education and the type of liberal social and economic agenda that these groups find unacceptable."

The speech was made at the same event at which the NEA decided to go on the record in support of laws legalizing civil unions and homosexual marriage.

According to a Baptist Press report, the union also seeks to repeal legislation that "discriminates" against same-sex couples, which presumably could target the Defense or Marriage Amendment.

The proposal states: "NEA will support its affiliates seeking to enact state legislation that guarantees to same-sex couples the right to enter into a legally recognized relationship pursuant to which they have the same rights and benefits as similarly-situated heterosexual couples, including, without limitation, rights and benefits with regard to medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption and immigration."

Wild Thing's comment.........

No, it’s because you folks are undermining the education of students with do-nothing classes about global warming, self-esteem, empathy classes, the joys of LGBT instead of arithmetic, science, and actual history. That the NEA is also in the back pocket of the DNC.

From Wikipedia
LGBT = is an initialism referring collectively to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

How dare the public demand that teachers teach. It is our tax dollars that pay their wages... When 2+2 = 5 someone needs to be fired.

What a sickening piece of filth. The ideas and the attitude displayed by this elitist jerk are precisely why we’re losing so many of our future generations minds to socialism, sheepery, victim-hood and phony self esteem.

Obama and LGBT:

"Obama woos LGBT leaders
The president welcomes 300 prominent gays to the White House."
June 30,2009

Obama struck a sympathetic tone, frequently comparing the struggle for gay rights to the 1960s civil rights era."I know that many in this room don't believe that progress has come fast enough, and I understand that," he said. "It's not for me to tell you to be patient, any more than it was for others to counsel patience to African-Americans who were petitioning for equal rights a half century ago."

Obama said he'd asked Pentagon officials to begin planning for how to end "don't ask, don't tell," but 77 House members have already asked him to eliminate the policy faster.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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July 08, 2009

Democrat Steny Hoyer:"U.S. must be open to second economic stimulus"

U.S. must be open to second economic stimulus: Hoyer


U.S. leaders should be open to the possibility of a second stimulus package to jolt the economy out of a recession still causing job losses, House of Representatives Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on Tuesday.

But in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid was more skeptical of the need for more stimulus spending -- an idea that rattled markets fearful that the economy is far from well and corporate earnings could suffer.

Reid said he saw no evidence another stimulus was needed, saying the "shoots" of economic recovery "are now appearing above the ground."

President Barack Obama led the charge for a two-year $787 billion stimulus package that his fellow Democrats who control Congress pushed through the House and Senate in February and he has argued it would help create or save up to 4 million jobs.

Despite continued large job losses, both Reid and Hoyer -- who spoke at separate news conferences -- said not enough time had passed since first package was approved for it to have the full impact on the U.S. economy, which has been in a recession since December 2007.

"It's certainly too early right now ... to say it's not working," Hoyer said of the initial stimulus package. "In fact we believe it is working. We believe there are a lot of people who otherwise would have been laid off, lost their jobs, who haven't done that."

Obama Adviser Says U.S. Should Mull Second Stimulus


The U.S. should consider drafting a second stimulus package focusing on infrastructure projects because the $787 billion approved in February was “a bit too small,” said Laura Tyson, an outside adviser to President Barack Obama.
The current plan “will have a positive effect, but the real economy is a sicker patient,” Tyson said in a speech in Singapore today. The package will have a more pronounced impact in the third and fourth quarters, she added, stressing that she was speaking for herself and not the administration.


Obama said last month that a second package isn’t needed yet, though he expects the jobless rate will exceed 10 percent this year. When Obama signed the first stimulus bill in February, his chief economic advisers forecast it would help hold the rate below 8 percent.

Worse Than Forecast

“The economy is worse than we forecast on which the stimulus program was based,” Tyson, who is a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory board, told the Nomura Equity Forum. “We probably have already 2.5 million more job losses than anticipated.”

Republicans, including House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, seized on the latest labor numbers to attack the Obama administration’s handling of the economy.

Even Democrats have bemoaned the pace of the package’s implementation. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, said on “Fox News Sunday” June 5 that congressional Democrats are “disappointed” stimulus funds weren’t distributed faster.


Wild Thing's comment.......

and a third...and a fourth...and a fifth...and WHEN will this madness stop???

They’re going to destroy the dollar, and then the country.

This Congress, without a doubt the worst in history, has already spent us into bankruptcy and this idiot wants to spend more!!

....Thank you Richard for sending this to me.

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July 04, 2009

The Left's Assault on the Declaration of Independence

Quote of the Day: "No country can be called free which is governed by an absolute power; and it matters not whether it be an absolute royal power or an absolute legislative power, as the consequences will be the same to the people." ~ Thomas Paine

Morning Bell: The Left's Assault on the Declaration of Independence

The Heritage Foundation

There has been a lot of change in recent months – a $787 billion spending bill, a budget exceeding $3 trillion, government ownership of auto manufacturers, government-imposed caps on earnings, legislation imposing limits on economic activity in America under the name of environmental justice. It is increasingly difficult for conservatives to sustain any audacity of hope for moderate policies coming from the current administration.

What unites these policies and their sweeping designs is the progressive aim of “remaking America”—as President Obama said in his Inaugural Address—into a country much more like the highly regulated, secular, and pacifist nations of Europe.

The view of America that dominates the academy, journalism, major foundations, and most segments of the American intellectual community was marked out at the start of the last century by progressive thinkers when they launched their grand project for America.

They repudiated the Founders’ principles, holding that there are no self-evident truths—in the Declaration of Independence or elsewhere—only change in the constant search for progress without final goals.

There are no permanent rights with which man is endowed, but endlessly evolving rights that develop and grow based on new demands. Our fidelity must be to a “living” Constitution that adapts to fit the demands of the times. The way forward is to control social conditions and engineer a better society, redistributing wealth through a distant and patronizing welfare state that regulates more and more of the American economy, politics and society.

Over the course of the twentieth century—as America’s principles were assaulted, undermined, and redefined in our culture, in our universities, and in our politics—we have taken significant steps down this path. The Progressive Movement laid the intellectual groundwork, but the basic infrastructure of the modern welfare state established under the New Deal has expanded in regulatory scope and social purpose under the Great Society and its progeny in both political parties. We are in the beginning of a new and perhaps decisive move in this direction.

Now, more than ever, is the time to relearn the meaning and contemporary significance of the Declaration of Independence and recognize that modern liberalism has explicitly rejected the truths it proclaims.

Woodrow Wilson, one of the most famous early progressives, argued during the 1912 presidential campaign that “all that Progressives ask or desire is permission…to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle,” meaning that it should promote an ever-expanding set of powers for an ever-expanding government.

The problem, he declared, was that pesky Declaration of Independence: “some citizens of this country have never got beyond the Declaration of Independence,” he remarked with astonishment; “The Declaration of Independence did not mention the questions of our day.”

The progressive view rejects outright the very idea, at the heart of the Founders’ way of thinking, of being guided by permanent or fixed principles. As the prominent progressive historian Carl Becker put it in 1922, “to ask whether the natural rights philosophy of the Declaration of Independence is true or false, is essentially a meaningless question.” Such relativism renders meaningless the whole American experiment in self-government.

But denying the truth of America’s principles for the sake of “change” can make no claim to progress at all—a point made with unsurpassed clarity by Calvin Coolidge on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1926:

“If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions.”

We don’t need to remake America, or discover new and untested principles. The change we need is not the rejection of America’s principles but a great renewal of these permanent truths about man, politics, and liberty—the foundational principles and constitutional wisdom that are the true roots of our country’s greatness.

As we celebrate the blessings of liberty that America’s Founders made possible and the sacrifices of succeeding generations have enabled us to enjoy, let us also rededicate ourselves, and strive to rededicate our nation, to the Declaration of Independence.

Wild Thing's comment........

Great article!

So many countries wish they had the freedom we have as Americans.

Heritage is giving away free copies of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. You can order one online at AskHeritage.org. Ask for it and they'll send you freebies of the Declaration and the Constitution.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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July 02, 2009

Prisoner Wrongly Imprisoned by Sotomayor Converts To Islam While In Prison

Sotomayor Achilles' heel? Wrongly imprisoned man

The nomination by President Obama of 2nd Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court is more than alarming to an innocent man who was convicted of murder and spent 16 years in prison before being cleared and released.

Jeff Deskovic, whose pursuit of freedom has been chronicled by the New York Times and others, told WND that the last six of those years are directly attributable to decisions endorsed by Sotomayor.

"I'm very alarmed," he said. "The rest of my life, as a result of my ordeal, is dedicated to preventing this from happening to other people."

Sotomayor in her 2nd Circuit position repeatedly put "procedure over innocence" and rejected appeals that could have provided Deskovic with his freedom much earlier than it actually happened, he told WND.

He blames the prosecutors and others in his original case for getting his conviction and sentence, but he blames Sotomayor – and the other judge on the 2nd Circuit panel – for the last six years he remained in prison.

The other judge, he told WND, is equally culpable, but is not now being nominated for the highest court in the land.

The background of the case is all over the public record. He was arrested and accused of assaulting and killing 15-year-old Angela Correa in 1989 and went on trial in 1990 when he was 17.

A year to make up for 16 lost ones: Jeffrey Deskovic reflects on freedom, fears

September 2007

DOBBS FERRY - When Jeffrey Deskovic was exonerated a year ago today, after spending half his life in prison for a brutal crime he didn't commit, he vowed to make up for lost time.


Upon his release, Deskovic had to support himself with welfare checks, donations and help from the Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center in Mohegan Lake, which provided the Muslim convert with a communal apartment until Mercy College found him a dorm room.

Continuing his quest for independence and justice, Deskovic filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court against police and prosecutors who contributed to his conviction; a separate lawsuit is planned in the state Court of Claims seeking compensation for his wrongful incarceration.

Though still struggling financially, he has started earning small stipends from his speaking engagements and writing assignments, listed on his website.


The publicity also propels his 10-year life plan, he said, beginning with law school - preferably Pace - and culminating with a run for public office.

He wants to stay in Westchester County, even though his family now lives upstate.


Wild Thing's comment.......

First of all, I am sorry this man was wrongly put in jail I really am, no one should have that happen to them.

But here is my problem with this guy. While in prison he converted to Islam and right now he is being supported partl;y by the Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center.

I do agree that this conviction goes against Sotomayor big time! I just wish he had not become a Muslim.

"Upon his release, Deskovic had to support himself with welfare checks, donations and help from the Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center in Mohegan Lake, which provided the Muslim convert with a communal apartment until Mercy College found him a dorm room."

There is no such thing as a "moderate Muslim".....imo.

As a country we are headed for major problems with followers of Islam. We already see what has happened to other countries around the world and that was before we had Obama in power. Now it is an open door and Obama and Eric Holder have already made it where Muslims will get special protection.

my post on June 6th

AG Eric Holder and Obama Pledge To Protect American Muslims

"DOJ issues statement “to protect American Muslims;” silent on protecting Americans from jihadists It’s a statement “to protect American Muslims.”

And a Moderate Muslim??????

Here is another post I did on February 14th of this year

A N.Y. So Called "Moderate" Muslim Leader Beheads Wife

Founded TV network to combat negative perceptions of Muslims Hassan was a community leader and a so called "moderate" Muslim. He was the founder of Bridges TV. A show started to help combat the negative perceptions of Islam"

We have read story after story about " moderate Muslims" killing family members or non family members. A daughter puts lipstick on and is murdered, a wife wants a divorce and is beheaded and on and on.

Yes he was in prison and yes he was innocent according to the above article. But how many of us would turn to Islam if that happened to us, or how many of us would turn to God, the one true God and not want anything to do with Islam.

It says he wants to be a lawyer and that he is also against the death penalty. That makes me soooo happy....NOT. I am for the death penalty.

Muslims don't need a death penalty they have their own and they carry it our around the world in the devastation and destruction they bring to the world. Islam worships death. Non Muslims celebrate life.

Prisons are infested with people converting prisoners to Islam.

IMO we have got to take Islam seriously, it is breathing down our necks as a nation and it comes straight from the Oval Office now. I don't want our awesome country to become like England, Sweden, Germany, and France etc.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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June 30, 2009

Obama’s Census to Castrate American Caucasians

Obama’s Census to castrate American Caucasians


It’s invasive.
It’s corrupt.
It’s rigged.
It’s unconstitutional.

Its purpose is the legislative transformation of the United States of America into a land where conservatives, Christians, and Caucasians will become political castrados.

It is biased and prejudicial.

It serves to channel billions of dollars into bogus political action groups, such as Acorn.

It promotes gay rights and same-sex marriages.

It is a document that was not something drafted by the Berkley chapter of the Barbra Streisand Fan Club or the Alec Baldwin wing of the American Civil Liberties Union.

It is President Barack Obama’s 2010 Census Form.

The form asks if you have a house with running water, if you have a flush toilet, if you go to work by ferryboat or trolleycar, if you are mentally challenged, if you are of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin, and if you are a white, black, negro, African American, American Indian, Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro, Samoan, Fijian, or Tongan

It asks if you have hot and cold running water, a sink with a faucet, a frigerator, a bathtub or shower, a stove or range, and a flush toilet.

It asks if you use coal, gas, oil, electricity, or solar energy to heat your home or apartment, if you are deaf or blind, if you are mentally challenged, if you have a physical disability, if you are employed, self-employed, or retired, if you have troubled dressing or bathing, if you have difficulty walking or climbing the stairs, and if you speak a language other than English at home.

It asks your income, your educational level, and the time you leave your home in the morning.

But infinitely more telling is what the new census form doesn’t ask.

It doesn’t ask if you are a citizen of the U.S.A., if you are an immigrant, or if you are a Muslim.

Naturally, the questions are in English and Spanish, lest anyone think that America is an Anglo nation. Many stand in violation of the Constitution which states that a national census should concern itself solely the number of individuals in a household.

For this reason, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is refusing to answer the “very intricate” and “very personal” questions.

But there are problems with the Obama census beyond the intrusive nature of the comprehensive survey.

To assist in the hiring of census takers, the Obama Administration has opted to partner with the following special interest groups (not one of which represents the despised race of whites who settled this country):

100 Black Men of America
African American Women’s House of Imagene (sic) Shelter
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Arab American Institute
Asian American Federation
Asian American Justice Center
Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage
Boat People SOS
Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute
Hispanic Federation
Fundacion Azteca
Latino Justice PDLDEF
Mas New Mexico
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Minority Access
National Alliance for Hispanic Health
National Alliance of Black School Educators
National American Indian Housing Council
NAACP National Voter Fund
NAACP (National Association of Colored People)
National Association for Black Social Workers
National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs
National association of Hispanic Federal Executives
National Association of Hispanic Publications
National Association of Latino Elected Officials
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
National Black Chamber of Commerce
National Black Child Development Institute
National Black Justice Coalition
National Black Leadership Forum
National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
National Congress of Black Women
National Federation of Filipino American Associations
National Hispanic Leadership Institute
National Hispanic Business Information Clearinghouse
National Latino Research Center
National Minority AIDS Council
National Puerto Rican Coalition
National Puerto Rican Day Parade
Rainbow Push Coalition
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Voto Latino

Get the picture? Notice a racial bias?

These agencies will be paid millions in taxpayers’ dollars to assist the President in conducting the census and to make sure that all minorities are included in the official count.

Not one of the groups represents the despised race of white Europeans who settled this country and gave their sweat and blood to make it the most prosperous nation on earth.

Excluded from the list of census partners are such groups, as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Elks Clubs, the Rotary Clubs, the Moose Lodge, and, of course, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.

This racial bias inherent in the census has raised the concern that the results will be rigged - - a concern that has been intensified by Mr. Obama’s selection of Robert M. Groves, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan,

Republican legislators have expressed alarm because Mr. Groves’s specialty is statistical sampling — roughly speaking, the process of extrapolating from the numbers of people actually counted to arrive at estimates of those uncounted and, presumably, arriving at a realistic total.

If minorities, immigrants, the poor and the homeless are those most likely to be missed in an actual head count, as Mr. Grove presumably believes, and if political stereotypes hold true, then the statistical sampling of the 2010 census will produce a windfall for the Democrat Party.

This result is certain since the census results as gathered by the above groups coupled with Mr. Grove’s calculation of the missed head count will determine which states gains seats in Congress and which ones lose them, as well as the allocation of federal dollars to states and cities based on population.

The Obama budget serves to ensure that the United States will be broke.

His foreign policies will serve the cause of the Muslim world to the detriment of Israel.

And his census will make sure that the time of the Judeo-Christian standards and culture in the land of the free and the home of the brave will come to an end.

The chickens have come home to roost.


Wild Thing's comment..........

I think this is all about getting the illegals vote.

How about if I put an Ebola virus sign on the front door. “QUARANTINE”

Or how about this, which is true.

I was born in the USA, and my parents were born in the USA. I'm a native American by birth. The results will completely skew the census results, rendering the attempt to racially divide the nation that much harder.

I wonder if they start at one side of our country and work across or do all the Sates the same week or month.

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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June 28, 2009

Obama Names US Special Representative to Muslim Communities

Obama names envoy to Muslim communities

The Hill

The Obama administration on Friday named America's first ever special representative to Muslim communities.

President Obama has made reaching out to the Muslim world a key part of his foreign policy and he traveled to Cairo earlier in June year to give a major speech in which he cited the Koran and emphasized commonalities between America and Islam.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday named Farah Pandith as the United States Special Representative to Muslim Communiites. Pandit is expected to engage with Muslims around the world on a grassroots and organizational level.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Farah Pandith to serve as Special Representative to Muslim Communities," Clinton said. "Farah brings years of experience to the job, and she will play a leading role in our efforts to engage Muslims around the world."

Pandith, a State Department veteran and former official at the U.S. Agency for International Development, was an immigrant to the United States from India.

"She has said that she sees her personal experience as an illustration of how Muslim immigrants to the US can successfully integrate themselves into American society," the State Department said of her Islamic faith. "She grew up in Massachusetts with a diversity of faiths, ethnicities and perspectives."

Wild Thing's comment.......

How odd a female to deal with muslims? Muslims have no respect for women.

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June 27, 2009

Obama's Pro-Sharia Legal Advisor Harold Koh Confirmed

Obama's pro-sharia Legal Advisor Confirmed

Harold Koh Confirmed After Long GOP Delay

Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh was confirmed as the State Department Legal Advisor in a roll call vote, 62-35.

Koh was tapped for the job nearly four months ago, but has faced criticism from some conservatives for an alleged "transnational" approach to the law. But ranking Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republican Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) threw his support to Koh, in a statement Thursday:

"After reading his answers to dozens of questions, attending his hearing in its entirety, meeting with him privately, and reviewing his writings, I believe that Dean Koh is unquestionably qualified to assume the post for which he is nominated."
"Dean Koh is one of the foremost legal scholars in the country and a man of the highest intellect, integrity, and character," SFRC chairman John Kerry (D-MA) said in a statement. "He is exactly the type of Legal Adviser we need at the State Department, and I thank my colleagues for supporting his nomination."

Wild Thing's comment....................

Koh is also a big Gun grabber. This guy is real bad news. But he fits Obama’s agenda perfectly.

Obama’s pro Islamist, anti American, anti Christian and black racist goals couldn’t be more clear.

My other posts about KOH.......

Say NO to KOH Nomination!!!

Obama nominee sees no "reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States"

Critics Decry Obama Nominee for State Dept. Legal Adviser Harold Koh

"This is international imperialism. Under Koh's plan, the Constitution would become secondary and international law would take precedence regardless of what Americans said about the matter."

B.Hussein Obama's Most Perilous Legal Pick Harold Koh

On top of that, this Obama pick believes that "America's focus on the War on Terror [is] 'obsessive.'" And his list of countries that flagrantly disregard international law highlights North Korea, Iraq, and the U.S.A. -- which he collectively calls "the axis of disobedience."

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June 25, 2009

Warren Buffett Obama Supporter Says" “the nation should concentrate on creating jobs.”


Obama supporter and economic advisor Warren Buffett blasted Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax, calling it a “huge tax” and “fairly regressive” that will harm “an awful lot of people.”

Instead, as noted by CNBC, Buffett said that “the nation should concentrate on creating jobs.”

Rush take:

"Buffett a big Obama supporter says there's been little progress over the past few months in the economic war being fought by the country. "We haven't got the economy moving yet," Buffett said. And of course he's right, except Goldman Sachs is out there saying they had a record first half of 2009, or they're going to pay record bonuses or some such thing and Citibank's giving people raises of 50% while the unemployment rate skyrockets at 10%. "While the economy is a shambles and likely to stay that way for some time, Buffett remains optimistic, there will eventually be a recovery over a period of years but --" of course there will be. It's just cyclical. But what kind of recovery is it going to be? Buffett says the nation should concentrate on creating jobs. "

"The nation should concentrate on creating jobs. That's what the private sector always does. But when you deplete the private sector of operating capital, be it with this monstrosity of health care reform, or cap and trade, or any of the other Obama initiatives, running the automobile companies -- what the hell, where is the money to hire people? The government's got it all. And then the government's dictating how it's going to be used, the government's dictating which automobile dealerships going to be shut down. The focus ought to be creating jobs? If you want to create jobs get Obama out of the private sector. It's just that simple. Get him the hell out of the private sector. Get President Obama out of it, scrub this health care business, it's a debacle, it is unnecessary, it's unneeded. Eighty some odd percent of the American people are satisfied with theirs. This whole thing is a ruse. There's no need for it. Every claim that's being made about how it's not going to cost any money is absurd."
I think that Obama looks at profits as evil. He obviously doesn't understand that business cannot function without profits. You know, he's like a lot of other dictators. He's got the private sector, and he thinks it's always going to be there to be raped. It's always going to be there to be pillaged and plundered.

The private sector is always going to be something he can go grab and control and tax and take money out of and grow the government. He doesn't have any concept (or maybe he does) that he's going to kill it all by doing all this. So he can sit there and say, "We're not going to get rid of the private sector," but the public sector, the government will not have to make a profit to stay in business, and the other guys will. Now, if you have to compete with somebody who doesn't have to make a profit, guess where you're going to end up? You're going to lose!

So Obama looks at the private sector as just a never-ending windfall. He looks at profits like surplus value, the same way Marx did. A profit is almost a crime.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I am so glad Rush said that. The fact is jobs are created from we the people with the American dream. And like Rush said, Obama needs to get out of the private sector.

Buffett can go jump off a cliff for all I care. He supported this dangerous evil person Obama. He is also a member of Obama's economic advisory group.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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June 21, 2009

Dearborn Christians Held To Different Rights eh ah NON Rights

City corrals Christians at weekend Arab fest

Judge won't let ministry deliver tracts on public sidewalks

A federal judge has upheld a decision by festival organizers in Dearborn, Mich., which is about 30 percent Muslim, to ban a Christian ministry from handing out religious information on public sidewalks.

The ruling came from U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmonds and affects this weekend's celebration but will not affect the free speech lawsuit over the event, filed by the Thomas More Law Center and the Becker Law Firm.

The case is being brought on behalf of the Arabic Christian Perspective, a Christian group that ministers to Muslims. According to the Thomas More Law Center, Pastor George Saieg and scores of his volunteers have visited Dearborn for the city's Arab International Festival to hand out religious information several times.

At estimated 30,000 of Dearborn's nearly 100,000 residents are Muslim.

While there never has been a disruption of the public peace during the five years the ministry has been attending, this year Dearborn police warned Saieg he and his group would not be allowed to walk the public sidewalks to hand out information and instead would be confined to a specific spot, the lawsuit said.

After negotiations in Dearborn failed to restore the Christians' rights, the lawsuit was filed.

"It's ironic that while Americans are applauding the free speech exercised by hundreds of thousands of Muslims on the streets of Iran, the city of Dearborn is restricting free speech rights Christians are attempting to exercise on the city's public sidewalks," said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center.
"This case involves an important constitutional question regarding the government's ability to prohibit peaceful speech activities," said Law Center attorney Robert Muise, who argued for the Christians' rights before Edmonds.
"This preliminary ruling, while disappointing, will not affect the remainder of the case. We intend to pursue this as far as necessary," he said.
Mary Landroche, director of the city's department of public information, said the judge's ruling agreed the city had the right to establish rules for maintaining order.
"[She] did agree with the city we have an interest in controlling the crowds," Landroche told WND. She said the city's rules are "content-neutral," but she could not provide information about any other group impacted by the change.

But she said the city decided the public sidewalks are "part of the festival grounds."

Fay Beydoun of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce in Dearborn told the Detroit News there was "no problem" with the Christians being at the event, "but we do have to think about the safety of everyone."

The complaint said public streets are properly considered a traditional public forum.

"The Supreme Court has emphasized that the streets are natural and proper places for the dissemination of information and opinion; and one is not to have the exercise of his liberty of expression inappropriately abridged on the plea that it may be exercised in some other place," the complaint said.

The complaints cited a police statement that the Christians would be classified among "political parties and protesters," and would be limited to a single location.

Wild Thing's comment......

"political parties and protesters"


The sad thing is that this judge probably doesn't even realize the damage that she has done to one of our fundamental freedoms - that of freedom of speech.

Mark Stein was right. When the Islamic population of a populace / country reaches above a certain percentage the effects of Shariah proponents start to take effect....and all non-Muslims experience a rollback of their religious and social liberties - this is a first tiny step in that direction.

Not even the United States is immune from the tyranny of Islamic law, if cultural relativism is allowed into our courtroom. One law should apply to everyone.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Uh-oh, Cheerios FDA Says the Cereal IS a Drug ~ from my cold, dead hands !

Uh-oh, Cheerios The FDA says the cereal is a drug

The Washington Times

The latest verdict from the Food and Drug Administration is that Cheerios is a drug. Parents, then, must be drug pushers.

The FDA sent a warning to Cheerios maker General Mills Inc. that it is in serious violation of federal rules.

"Based on claims made on your product's label, we have determined that your Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal is promoted for conditions that cause it to be a drug because the product is intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease" the FDA letter said. "[Cheerios] may not be legally marketed with the above claims in the United States without an approved new drug application."

If the FDA were to win its enforcement action against Cheerios, all the boxes would have to be pulled from grocery-store shelves, and children could only get their morning "fixes" with a prescription from their doctors.

Two claims on the Cheerios cereal box upset the FDA: "Cheerios is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol 4 percent in 6 weeks" and, "Cheerios can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, by lowering the 'bad' cholesterol."

Susan Cruzan of the FDA's press office told The Washington Times the FDA is not objecting to the fact that clinical studies do, in fact, find that Cheerios do what General Mills claims. What concerns the FDA, according to Ms. Cruzan, is, "This is a food product, and they do have a health claim."

~ snipet~
This is a prime example of the nanny state running amok. Only the government would work to classify a breakfast cereal as a drug for the offense of having correct information on its label.

My Past post about this...May 13, 2009:

Che-Guevarrios Obama's FDA Battles CHEERIOS

Wild Thing's comment..........

I LOVE Cheerios and no way will they stop me from having them. This is soooo beyond stupid. You know, you start of with Cheerios thinking it is harmless, but then you progress to much more dangerous drugs like Fruit Loops.

Fruit Loops! Give me the d*mn Fruit Loops now! LOL

First they came for your bullets, now they are coming for your Cheereos.

So the only health care information you are permitted to have is what the future government run medical systems will allow you. A prescription will be needed for Cheerios! This administration shows how insane and out of hand they are at wanting to control everything.

What is next is the FDA is going to tell people the Lucky Charms aren’t really magically delicious.

We need a new government, a new everything.

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June 19, 2009

Removal of 2 Inspectors General Prompts Many Questions

Senator asks about firings of watchdogs

Removal of 2 inspectors general prompts questions

Chicago Tribune


He was appointed with fanfare as the public watchdog over the government's multi-billion dollar bailout of the nation's financial system. But now Neil Barofsky is embroiled in a dispute with the Obama administration that delayed one recent inquiry and sparked questions about his ability to freely investigate.

The disagreement stems from a claim by the Treasury Department that Barofsky is not entirely independent of the agency he is assigned to examine a claim that has prompted a stern letter from a Republican senator warning that agency officials are encroaching on the integrity of an office created to protect taxpayers.
Sen. Charles Grassley, R- Iowa, sent the letter Wednesday to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner demanding information about a "dispute over certain Treasury documents" that he said were being "withheld" from Barofsky's office on a "specious claim of attorney-client privilege."

A White House spokesman declined to comment, referring questions to the Treasury Department. Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams said late Wednesday that the agency would read Grassley's letter and respond to the senator before any public comment.

The dispute comes as Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is looking into the abrupt firings within the last week of two other inspectors general one of whom was fired by the White House and the other by the chair of the International Trade Commission.

Both inspectors general had investigated sensitive subjects at the time of their firings.

Grassley is now concerned about whether a pattern is emerging in which the independence of the government's top watchdogs -- whose jobs were authorized by Congress to look out for waste, fraud and abuse -- is being put at risk.

The first dismissal occurred last week, when the White House terminated Gerald Walpin, inspector general of the service agency AmeriCorps. Walpin claims his dismissal was unjust, the result of political interference.

That controversy deepened with Grassley's complaint Wednesday that the White House wasn't answering questions posed by his staff.

Walpin had led an investigation of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento, Calif., a former NBA player and Obama supporter. Johnson started a nonprofit education program that Walpin's office alleged had misused federal funds.

In a letter sent late Wednesday to the White House, Grassley charged that a White House lawyer who delivered the news to Walpin and who was summoned to the senator's office, "refused to answer several direct questions" about the dismissal.

The firing drew criticism from Republicans and Democrats, who charged that it violated a new law passed last year to protect the independence of inspectors general by requiring 30 days notice and a full explanation to Congress of the dismissal of any IG.

Separately this week, the International Trade Commission told its acting inspector general, who is not subject to White House authority, that her contract would not be renewed.

Grassley had become concerned about her independence because of a report earlier in the year that an agency employee forcibly took documents from the acting inspector general.

"It is difficult to understand why the ITC would not have taken action to ensure that the ITC inspector general had the information necessary to do the job," Grassley wrote on Tuesday.

Less than three hours after the letter was e-mailed to the agency, the acting IG, Judith Gwynne, was told that her contract, which expires in early July, would not be renewed.

Laura Ingraham Compares Obama Firing to Mafia Hit


Wild Thing's comment.......

Hmmmm so the purge has begun. We will see how many will be in this thing.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R- Iowa, is turning out to be the administration’s worst nightmare.

Obama may have violated federal law. Tile 18 of the U.S. Code Section 1510 just for starters. Three different actions violate the same section the times. Three unique counts. Thus showing a pattern of illegal activity. Raising possible RICO violations. Yada, Yada, Yada.

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June 10, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Creditors’ Objections ~ Fiat To Buy Chrysler Assets Today

High court won't block Chrysler sale


The Supreme Court has cleared the way for Chrysler's sale to Fiat, turning down a last-ditch bid by opponents of the deal.

The court said late Tuesday it had rejected a plea to block the sale of most of Chrysler's assets to the Italian automaker. Chrysler, Fiat and the Obama administration had warned that the high court's intervention could have scuttled the sale.

A federal appeals court in New York had earlier approved the sale, but gave opponents until Monday afternoon to try to get the Supreme Court to intervene.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ordered a temporary delay just before a 4 p.m. deadline on Monday.

Now the court has freed the automakers to complete their deal.

NEW YORK (AP)—Chrysler returned to bankruptcy court Tuesday to get a judge to approve the termination of 789 dealer franchises, while its plan to partner with Italy's Fiat hung in limbo as the automaker awaited action by the nation's highest court.

The sale of Chrysler's assets to Fiat Group SpA had been expected to close more than a week ago, but Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's decision to delay the sale now threatens to derail Chrysler's restructuring plans.

In a brief filed with the Supreme Court Tuesday afternoon, Chrysler and Fiat warned that the deal will terminate if it does not close by June 15. While a new agreement could be negotiated, there's no guarantee that one will be reached or that Chrysler will be able to be jump start its operations after the deadline, they said.

In bankruptcy court, more than 25 attorneys representing hundreds of dealers from across the country argued that little would be gained by terminating their franchises, while Chrysler maintained that the move is a necessary part of its plan to cut costs and quickly emerge from Chapter 11.

Arguments ended early Tuesday afternoon and U.S. Judge Arthur Gonzalez said he would issue his ruling later in the day.

Many of the dealers were selling the last cars on their lots and preparing to shut their doors for good at the end of the day, while others planned to sell used cars or other brands after severing ties with Chrysler.

The Auburn Hills, Mich., automaker has been flying through five weeks of bankruptcy proceedings and appeared all but certain to complete the sale of its assets to Fiat before the June 15 deadline. But Ginsburg issued a stay Monday to review an appeal by a trio of Indiana pension and construction funds which own a small part of Chrysler's secured debt.

The delay may be only temporary. Ginsburg could decide on her own whether to end the stay, or she could ask the full court to decide.

Fiat has the right to walk away from Chrysler after June 15 and leave the struggling U.S. automaker with little option but to liquidate. But a Fiat spokesman said Tuesday that the Italian automaker will not turn its back on a deal despite the Supreme Court stay.

Indiana officials, representing the state funds challenging the Chrysler sale, submitted a short statement to the Supreme Court Tuesday that calls attention to Fiat's statement.

"The Indiana Pensioners respectfully submit that the risk of termination by Fiat if the transaction does not close by June 15 no longer provides a basis for driving the timing of these proceedings," the officials said.

Responding to the Indiana funds later Tuesday, Chrysler and Fiat said that the sale agreement will terminate automatically if the sale doesn't close by the deadline, and there's no guarantee that they could negotiate a new deal.

"Given Chrysler's precipitous state, every day past June 15 increases the risk that Chrysler's business will not be able to restart successfully," the company said.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration said in a separate filing that each day of delay consumes more of the financing provided by the government.

"If the closing is delayed by more than approximately 10 days, a sufficient amount of the current commitment of debtor-in-possession financing from the United States will have been consumed as to require the government either to increase its overall funding to the detriment of taxpayers, or abandon its role in the transaction," the administration said.

Production at Chrysler's manufacturing plants remains halted pending the closing of the sale. Chrysler, which says it is losing $100 million every day its plants are closed, said it had no comment until it receives further information from the court.

Chrysler's ability to speed through the bankruptcy process has partially been a result of the involvement of the Obama administration's auto task force, which provided $4.5 billion in financing and helped negotiate a deal between the company's stakeholders.

Under a deal brokered in the days leading up to Chrysler's April 30 Chapter 11 filing, Fiat will receive up to a 35 percent stake in the new company created by the sale, in exchange for sharing the technology Chrysler needs to create smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The United Auto Workers will get a 55 percent stake that will be used to fund its retiree health care obligations, while the U.S. and Canadian governments will receive a combined 10 percent stake.

Meanwhile, the automaker's secured debtholders would get $2 billion in cash, or about 29 cents on the dollar, for their combined $6.9 billion in debt. Some of the debtholders balked at the deal, saying as secured lenders they deserved more.

The Indiana funds filed an objection to the sale and later appealed to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. They claim the sale unfairly favors Chrysler's unsecured stakeholders such as the union ahead of secured debtholders like themselves.

The funds also are challenging the constitutionality of the Treasury Department's use of money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to supply Chrysler's bankruptcy protection financing. They say the government did so without congressional authority.

The funds hold about $42.5 million, or less than 1 percent, of Chrysler's $6.9 billion in secured debt. They bought it in July 2008 for 43 cents on the dollar.

The appeals come as Congress scrutinizes the Obama administration's restructuring of Chrysler and GM. The Senate Banking Committee said it planned to call Ron Bloom, a senior adviser to the auto task force, and Edward Montgomery, who serves as the Obama administration's director of recovery for auto communities and workers, to a hearing Wednesday.

Fiat Said to Buy Chrysler Assets Today to Form New Automaker


A group led by Fiat SpA will complete its purchase of most Chrysler LLC assets this morning New York time, after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected creditors’ objections and cleared the way for a new U.S. automaker, said two people familiar with the matter.

The new company, Chrysler Group LLC, will be owned 20 percent by Turin, Italy-based Fiat, 9.85 percent by the U.S., 2.46 percent by Canada and 67.69 percent by a United Auto Workers union retiree health care trust fund. The U.S. and Canadian governments financed the sale with $2 billion.

Obama back in March laughing at the troubles the auto industry was having. A man whose claim to fame was that of a community organizer laughing at people that work darn hard for a living and hold very responsible jobs. Obama has ice in his veins. ~ Wild Thing

Wild Thing's comment.......

"Many of the dealers were selling the last cars on their lots and preparing to shut their doors for good at the end of the day, while others planned to sell used cars or other brands after severing ties with Chrysler."

On my way home yesterday, I heard on the news that the dealers trying to sell of their cars said that the only cars most of them had left were the stupid enviro cars, the ones that were supposed to have better gas mileage. People did not want them. Hello Obama you might want to listen for a change to what the people want, they DON'T want the tiny little toy cars or any of the Al Gore BS hype cars.

This whole mess will have an incredibly negative impact on business in America and it is ALL on Obama! There is no law but the Law of Obama, you will bow down before him and obey. He will rule by decree and will be righteous unto those who have paid tribute unto him. All hail OBAMA.

Well, there goes the republic. Done. Finis. Stick a fork in it. We now live in a fascist dictatorship. If I am wrong I as always I am open for learning more. But as of this writing for this post this is how it feels, this is how I see it.

This is truly a bad day for us. Unbelievable that these people are so willing to toss aside our great Constitution.

FDR’s Fascism took years to shut down. Finally the Democrats in Congress walked away.

The secured bonds are longer secured at least not when Obama can put unsecured creditors ahead of them.

This sends a bad message to foreign holders of bonds as well..

Way to go you muslim piece of filth.

We have 2010 and our fight back better be a good one. God help us and our country.

Rant over....haha sorry.

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June 09, 2009

Santelli: Geithner Is "Lying To The American Public"

CNBC's Rick Santelli says Tim "Tax Cheat" Geithner was lying when he told the Chinese there is no risk of monetizing debt in the United States.

"We lost an additional 345,000 jobs in the month of May. That was far less than expected."

Republicans Blast Obama Administration as Jobless Rate Hits 9.4 Percent

Republicans cite the latest unemployment figures as evidence that President Obama's $787 stimulus package isn't working.

FOX News

Less than four months after the Obama administration argued that unemployment would top 9 percent only if Congress failed to pass a massive trillion-dollar "stimulus" spending bill, the Labor Department reported Friday that the jobless rate had soared to 9.4 percent, the highest in 25 years.

In pushing to get his $787 billion stimulus package passed in Congress, President Obama's economic team said that without the federal spending jolt, the unemployment rate would hit 8.8 percent by the last fiscal quarter of 2010. With the package, his advisers argued, the unemployment rate would reach only 7 percent.

US Unemployment Rate Gallops Ahead of Expectations


The White House says America's employment picture is worse than the Obama administration had anticipated just a few months ago. The somber admission follows the latest jobless report showing the highest unemployment rate the United States has seen in more than 25 years.

Wild Thing's comment...........

There is no question that they are Arrogant.

There is no question that they Hate America.

Barack Hussein Obama is intentionally sinking the U.S. economy. INTENTIONALLY destroying us. Those accusations are of Treason.

I sure hope Obama fails, if he does then we will see America survive and be able to recover from this Muslim Monster.

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Supreme Court Stalls Chrysler-Fiat Deal ~ Black Eye To Obama and His People

Supreme Court Stalls Chrysler-Fiat Deal

The Washington Post

The Supreme Court ruled moments ago that Chrysler cannot yet sell most of its assets to Fiat, a move that has been opposed by three Indiana state pension and construction funds.

The ruling grants a stay in the sale as the court gathers more data. The court has not decided whether to schedule a hearing on the matter.

It temporarily blocks the way for Chrysler to complete its merger with the Italian automaker and begin its new, post-bankruptcy life.

The U.S. favors the Chrysler-Fiat merger and wants to remove the Indiana road block.

"I'm delighted it appears we will be getting our day in court," Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock said in an interview on CNBC.

Here's the text of the statement from Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

"UPON CONSIDERATION of the application of counsel for the applicants, and the responses filed thereto, IT IS ORDERED that the orders of the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, case No. 09-50002, dated May 31 and June 1, 2009, are stayed pending further order of the undersigned or of the Court."

Bankruptcy Attorney Thomas Lauria Reviews The Chrysler/Fiat Case

From the lawyer, Thomas Lauria, who is challenging the Chrysler deal. From an interview with Susie Gharib, Bankruptcy Attorney Thomas Lauria Reviews The Chrysler/Fiat Case

.................."GHARIB: I'm fine, thank you. Let me begin by asking you that if you do make an argument before the Supreme Court, what's the case that you're going to make on behalf of your Indiana investors?

LAURIA: Well, there are really two issues. The first one is that the executive branch of the government has no statutory or constitutional authority to take over and run a car company as it's done with Chrysler. The second argument is that the scheme that the government put together with the company and some of the other stakeholders is really a sham transaction that was designed to upend the priority scheme under the bankruptcy code and to deprive my clients of their contractual rights.

GHARIB: So you're saying on the first point, you're saying that the government didn't even have a right to give those bailout funds to Chrysler. That's number one. Number two is, what's the take away money or restructuring part of the deal, right?

LAURIA: Correct.

GHARIB: All right. So then what's the end game here? What do you want to happen?

LAURIA: Well, we want to see Chrysler be reorganized in a way that complies with the law. I think it's actually pretty easy to do. Rather than try to characterize this as a liquidation of Chrysler for $2 billion which gets paid to the secured lenders and then giving the $20 billion going concern value of the company to junior creditors, what you should do is sell the assets for the full price, $22 billion and then let the creditors share that $22 billion which is cash, debt and equity according to their contractual rights and the priority under the bankruptcy code.

GHARIB: But time is running out here and if the deal between Chrysler and Fiat doesn't go through and Chrysler is forced to just liquidate, my understanding is that the value of the company, the break up value of Chrysler is under a billion dollars.

LAURIA: Well in fact there's no competent evidence in the record what the liquidation value of Chrysler is. The expert who testified in front of the bankruptcy court below left out critical assets from his valuation analysis. He used multiples that were well under market and most interesting to me, he was going to get a $10 million success fee if the deal went through which really raises a question as to whether or not his testimony was biased.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama and his Administration work for the people -- not the other way around. I hope OBama feels a punch from this, even a liittle punch would be better then the constant caving in to his demands like we have seen too much of.

Solicitor General Kagan argued that the Supreme Court didn't have authority to rule on this case. I wouldn't be surprised that the USSC took the case just to rule that they do have authority over it no matter which way they rule.

Dear God, preserve our Republic.

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June 08, 2009

Ginsburg Blocks Obama's Chrysler Sale - for now

Ginsburg temporarily blocks Chrysler deal

the SCOTUS web site.

FTA: Ginsburg’s brief, unexplained order said only that the bankruptcy court’s decisions approving the sale were “stayed pending further order” by her or the Court.

A small group of objectors to the heavy-handed Obama tactics in the Chrysler sale won a huge victory in SCOTUS today. It is a direct rebuke of Obama. The next deadline is June 15 - that's when Fiat, as a private entity, has said the deal must be finished or they walk. SCOTUS will need to hear the full case by then if they choose to honor that declared deadline. A briefing schedule has not yet come out.

The case is Indiana State Police Pension Trust, et al., v. Chrysler LLC (application 08A1096) case. The importance of the Order will be to delay the Chrysler sale pending a review by the Court.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg put a temporary hold Monday on the deal to sell Chrysler to save it from collapse. Her order, however, simply gives her or the full Court more time to ponder whether to postpone the sale further, or allow it to go forward. The order can be found here.

It would have taken the votes of five members of the Court to grant a full postponement. Ginsburg’s brief, unexplained order said only that the bankruptcy court’s decisions approving the sale were “stayed pending further order” by her or the Court.

The Justice acted just minutes before a 4 p.m. deadline that the Second Circuit Court had set last Friday. At that hour, a delay ordered by the Circuit Court expired. If Ginsburg had not acted, the sale would have been cleared under the terms of the lower court’s order. Her order stayed the orders of the bankruptcy court approving the sale, since those orders would have gone into effect when the Circuit Court delay ran out.

The wording of Ginsburg’s order — “stayed pending further order” — is the conventional way by which a Justice or the Court carries out an action that is expected to be short in duration, and not controlling — or even hinting at — the ultimate outcome. Any speculation that her order meant the Court was leaning toward a further postponement would be unfounded.


Wild Thing's comment.......

OUCH! LOL good for her, kind of shocking she is the one to do this though. hahaha I guess the never say never comes in to play a little on this one.

I never ever thought I would thank Ginsburg for anything.

Thank you Justice Ginsburg.

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June 05, 2009

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

The Wall Street Journal

The Obama administration plans to appoint a "Special Master for Compensation" to ensure that companies receiving federal bailout funds are abiding by executive-pay guidelines, according to people familiar with the matter.

The administration is expected to name Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the federal government's compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to act as a pay czar for the Treasury Department, these people said.

Mr. Feinberg's appointment could be announced as early as next week, when the administration is expected to release executive-compensation guidelines for firms receiving aid from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. Those companies, which include banks, insurers and auto makers, are subject to a host of compensation restrictions imposed by the Bush and Obama administrations and by Congress.

Wall Street has been anxiously awaiting more details on how the rules will be applied. "The law is confusing and a bit ambiguous, and so we're looking for certainty as to how to structure pay incentives," said Scott Talbott, senior vice president of government affairs for the Financial Services Roundtable, a trade association.

The move comes amid a series of sometimes-overlapping efforts to curb pay at financial firms following perceived industry excesses that led to the lending boom and bust.

The Obama administration earlier this year issued guidelines that include limiting salary for top executives at some firms receiving TARP funds and requiring that additional pay be in the form of restricted stock, vesting only after the company repays its debt, with interest, to the government. Congress then chimed in with even tougher rules curbing bonuses for top earners at firms receiving TARP money. As part of that effort, lawmakers barred those firms from paying top earners bonuses that equal more than a third of their total compensation.

The White House has been wrestling with how to marry those two efforts, which in combination are more punitive than administration officials had intended.

The government is also pursuing a separate revamping of financial-sector rules that could change industry compensation practices more broadly. For instance, the Federal Reserve is considering rules that would curb banks' ability to pay employees in a way that would threaten the "safety and soundness" of the bank.

Mr. Feinberg is expected to focus on pay restrictions related to firms receiving TARP bailout funds, helping companies to interpret the rules and ensure that they are being followed.

For instance, companies have been confused about whether to pay 2008 bonuses, since restrictions on incentive pay didn't go into effect until early 2009. Some firms have made the payments while others have held off. Many firms are also unsure whether the "top earners" targeted by Congress include rank-and-file employees or just executives.

Mr. Feinberg will report to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, but he is expected to have wide discretion on how the rules should be interpreted. Firms likely won't be able to appeal decisions that Mr. Feinberg makes to Mr. Geithner, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Feinberg, founder and managing partner of the law firm Feinberg Rozen LLP, spent several years overseeing payouts totaling more than $7 billion to victims of the 9/11 attacks. He personally reviewed every claim, approving or denying awards and allocating sums to be paid out of the Treasury.

Wild Thing's comment......

Unbelievable. Another day...another Czar! God save the Republic!

Why do we have a congress? Soon all the cabinet positions will have a czar, if they dont already.. non of them vetted, or approved by cogress, this is really getting scary......BIG Borther stuff.

"The Obama administration plans to appoint a "Special Master for Compensation" to ensure that companies "

“Master?” They even have to use the word “master???”

czar  /zɑr, tsɑr/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [zahr, tsahr]
1. an emperor or king.
2. (often initial capital letter) the former emperor of Russia.
3. an autocratic ruler or leader.
4. any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field: a czar of industry.

"The law is confusing and a bit ambiguous, and so we’re looking for certainty as to how to structure pay incentives,” said Scott Talbott, senior vice president of government affairs for the Financial Services Roundtable, a trade association.

What law...these commies are making it up as they go.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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June 04, 2009

Democrats' National Energy Tax Will Devastate Rurial American and Farmers

Democrats' National Energy Tax ( Cap & Trade) Will Devastate Rurial American, Family Farmers


Washington, Jun 3

The Democrats’ national energy tax – to be paid by anyone who drives a car, buys an American-made product, or has the audacity to flip on a light switch – would disproportionately target rural America by increasing the energy bills for every American family, hurting family farmers, and threatening small businesses.

The legislation recently passed by the Energy & Commerce Committee and making its way to the House floor – often called “cap-and-trade” by its supporters – purports to combat global warming by setting strict limits on carbon emissions. To do so, it would impose enormous taxes and restrictions on energy use, which would place an especially heavy burden on rural America and family farmers. And that isn’t sitting well with Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee:

- “Peterson also has been an outspoken critic of the entire measure; he and other farm-state lawmakers say it tilts too heavily in favor of urban interests instead of rural ones.” (“For climate change bill, hard part starts now,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 31, 2009)

- “If they don’t want to change it, then they’ll have to find the votes some other place,” Peterson said. “In my district, a ‘no’ vote would be a good vote.” (“Energy and Commerce ‘emissaries’ a key to House floor success for climate plan,” The New York Times, May 22, 2009)

- “Peterson earlier this week met with the 26 Democrats on his panel and emerged with a ‘virtually unanimous’ agreement that his committee members would stand with him in opposition to a climate change bill that didn’t adequately address the concerns of the agriculture industry, according to one of those Democrats. ‘We’ve thrown a pitchfork in the sand,’ the Democrat said.” (“Cap-and-trade showdown,” The Hill, May 20, 2009)

Indeed, rural Americans will be hit the hardest by a national energy tax because agriculture is so energy-intensive.

On average, 65 percent of farmers’ costs are dedicated to fuel, electricity, fertilizer, and chemicals – meaning even a small increase in operating costs could devastate countless family farmers. Moreover, Americans in rural areas travel farther for routine errands – 25 percent more miles than urban households according to the most recent federal highway data – and rural households spend 58 percent more on fuel as a percentage of their income than urban residents.

As a result, higher gasoline prices and other rising energy costs will force agricultural producers to pay more for seed, equipment, machinery, steel, and other supplies needed to operate their farms.

The “cap and trade” proposal would cost families about $3,100 per year, making it clear why rural America – and all of America – has so much at stake as Democrats attempt to force this national energy tax through Congress. Led by Reps. Frank Lucas (R-OK), Sam Graves (R-MO), and Doc Hastings (R-WA), the House GOP’s Rural America Solutions Group is working with Rep. Pence’s (R-IN) American Energy Solutions Group to highlight the consequences on the Democrats’ plan and an “all of the above” strategy to clean up the environment, create jobs in rural America and across the country, and lower energy prices.

Cornerstones of the strategy include:

- Increasing environmentally-safe energy production on remote lands and far off our shores;

- Promoting the use of alternative fuels that will reduce carbon emissions, such as nuclear, clean-coal, and renewable energy technologies; and

- Encouraging increased efficiencies and cutting edge technologies to maximize America’s energy potential.

As the national energy tax makes its way to the House floor, the questions facing Democrats who represent rural districts are straightforward. Do they stand with their Party leaders who want to saddle Americans with a new tax that will devastate family farms and small businesses? Or do they stand with Chairman Peterson and House Republicans who want to protect rural Americans – and all Americans – from this harmful national energy tax?

Wild Thing's comment..........

How does a person live with themselves when they know what they are doing will destroy so many lives and livelhood of so many families. I know, they just don't care. Obama could care less.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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June 01, 2009

GM Bankruptcy Looming ~ What New GM Will Emerge

With bankruptcy looming, a new GM begins to emerge



With an almost certain bankruptcy filing days away, General Motors is beginning its reinvention, planning to retool one factory to make its smallest vehicles ever in the U.S. and rid itself of the biggest.

As GM's board began two days of meetings Friday to make a final decision on the company's fate, GM was also closing in on a sale of its European Opel unit, and its main union overwhelmingly approved dramatic labor cost cuts. A deal to sell its rugged but inefficient Hummer brand also appeared on the horizon.

The moves provided more clues about what a restructured GM might look like ahead of the expected Chapter 11 filing Monday. Taxpayers will eventually own nearly three-quarters of a leaner GM, with a total government commitment of nearly $50 billion.

GM has yet to confirm it will seek bankruptcy protection but scheduled a news conference for Monday in New York.

With the government's backing and nearly $20 billion in U.S. loans so far, the company has made more dramatic changes in just a few days than it has in decades.

"It's been coming to a head for a very long time," said Aaron Bragman, an analyst for the consulting firm IHS Global Insight. "But in just the past few months we've really seen steps being taken to completely and dramatically change the face of American auto manufacturing."
GM said it plans to reopen a shuttered U.S. factory to build subcompact cars. The retooled factory would be able to build 160,000 cars a year and create 1,200 jobs, offsetting some of the 21,000 that will be lost when GM closes 14 factories by the end of next year.

GM's stock tumbled to the lowest price in the company's 100-year history, closing at just 75 cents after trading as low as 74 cents. The government plan for GM revealed Thursday would make the shares virtually worthless.

The United Auto Workers' reluctant but overwhelming ratification of concessions will save GM $1.3 billion per year and bring its labor costs down to those of its Japanese competitors. The new UAW deal freezes wages, ends bonuses and eliminates some noncompetitive work rules.

The changes, plus others that will be worked out in court, will shrink GM and position it to be among the world's most competitive automakers if it can emerge from bankruptcy protection and survive the global auto sales slump, Bragman said.
"They've eliminated their legacy costs. They've already invested in new product that's coming. They have the ear of the government unlike any time in their history, and the government has said basically 'we are going to help you survive and thrive,'" Bragman said.

GM is banking on more demand for smaller cars previously shunned by Americans. The government decided earlier this month to raise fuel economy standards for the entire U.S. fleet by 2016.

The new standards were one of the biggest factors in GM's announcement to build subcompacts in the U.S. rather than in China, said a person familiar with GM's plans who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the plans.

Chrysler LLC, already in bankruptcy protection, is banking on the same thing. It wants to sell all its assets to Fiat Group SpA so the Italian automaker can start building its sophisticated small cars on this side of the ocean.

The strategy is still a big gamble. Americans have opted for bigger cars and trucks, with the exception of last summer, when gas topped $4 per gallon. GM and Chrysler hope people will spend more for better-equipped subcompacts with more luxurious interiors and performance that rivals the best luxury sedans.

Smaller costs after bankruptcy should help the companies make money even though compact cars carry far smaller profit margins than pricey SUVs. But there remains a risk that gas prices will remain low and the cars won't sell, blowing up the automakers' new business models.

The UAW deal moves billions in retiree health care costs off GM's books, giving a union-run retiree health care trust 17.5 percent ownership of a post-bankruptcy GM. The trust will take on health care costs for retirees next year. Higher health care costs alone account for a $1,500-per-car cost gap between GM and Japanese vehicles.

But just cutting labor costs won't be enough to save the company. It also has been working to streamline its engineering and design, as well as standardize many parts so they can go into multiple models.

"They've already made huge progress," said Laurie Harbour-Felax, president of a consulting company that studies competitive cost differences between automakers. "The problem is you can't see that because revenue died, because nobody's buying cars."


New RNC Ad On Obama's Government Motors!

Wild Thing's comment........

Rush will be getting a lot of play from his parody "In a Yugo"

He can do daily updates on SUV's squashing these things...The SUV did it!!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Comments from Coulter and Krauthammer Re: Rascist Sotomayor

Coulter To Latino Panel: My Sotomayor Answer Will Be Best Because I'm White



Coulter was on Geraldo's FOX show today discussing the Sotomayor hub-bub with Los Angeles mayor and former leader of MEChA; an organization -- like La Raza -- that believes most of the Southwest United States needs to be returned to Mexico. Moreover, joining the Latino panel was Hollywood celebrity-activist, Rosie Perez (she starred in White Men Can't Jump, 1992), and the Bush-appointed, first Latino to serve as United States Attorney General.

I pulled the two best parts of the segment: the first one is in the title; the second one Coulter mocks the incessant mention of Sotomayor's Latin heritage. Unfortunately, for Rosie Perez, her reaction was caught on the split screen.


Krauthammer: Sotomayor is a leftist militant third-world race supremacist, not an impartial judge

La Raza infiltrates the Supreme Court... a neo-Marxist radical militant anti-American third world race supremacist... just like Obama!

Wild Thing's comment........

I am glad we have these people on our side and speaking out. At least if this Judge makes it, it won't be because no one let people know what she was like. They can't say later they did not know.

Ann is always good and I love her humor she throws in to make her point.

Krauthammer he is awesome.People that attack him would be amazed at how hard it is for him to get out of bed in the morning. He is paralyzed from the chest down and has to work at breathing. I have been a fan ( I guess it would be called ) of his for a long time.

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May 30, 2009

Judge Napolitano: Repeal the 17th Amendment For Better Local Representation

Judge Napolitano: Repeal the 17th Amendment For Better Local Representation

Judge Napolitano explains why repealing the 17th Amendment (Direct Election of Senators), which wasn't part of the original Constitution (added by Woodrow Wilson "progressives") will enhance local representation.


Wild Thing's comment........

The direct election of Senators removes completely the State's representation in the federal government and has undermined this nation is so many ways its unfathomable.

The House represents the people, the Senate was meant to represent the states, and the Executive branch represented the federal government, and the Supreme Court played referee... now since this ammenment there is no state representation in the federal government!! It is tragic.

The 17th (and 16th) must go if we are ever to restore our constitutional republic. Yes I would be all for this to happen.

Also here is the 16th:

Article I, Section 9: "...No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken..."

Amendment XVI: "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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May 29, 2009

Strong Evidence Chrysler Dealer Closings Politically Motivated by Obama


Furor grows over partisan car dealer closings

By: Mark Tapscott

Editorial Page Editor

Evidence appears to be mounting that the Obama administration has systematically targeted for closing Chrysler dealers who contributed to Repubicans.

What started earlier this week as mainly a rumbling on the Right side of the Blogosphere has gathered some steam today with revelations that among the dealers being shut down are a GOP congressman and closing of competitors to a dealership chain partly owned by former Clinton White House chief of staff Mack McLarty.

The basic issue raised here is this: How do we account for the fact millions of dollars were contributed to GOP candidates by Chrysler who are being closed by the government, but only one has been found so far that is being closed that contributed to the Obama campaign in 2008?

Florida Rep. Vern Buchanan learned from a House colleague that his Venice, Florida, dealership is on the hit list. Buchanan also has a Nissan franchise paired with the Chrysler facility in Venice.

"It's an outrage. It's not about me. I'm going to be fine," said Buchanan, the dealership's majority owner. "You're talking over 100,000 jobs. We're supposed to be in the business of creating jobs, not killing jobs," Buchanan told News 10, a local Florida television station.

Buchanan, who succeeded former Rep. Katharine Harris in 2006, reportedly learned of his dealership's termination from Rep.Candace Miller, R-MI. Buchanan owns a total of 23 dealerships in Florida and North Carolina.

Also fueling the controversy is the fact the RLJ-McCarty-Landers chain of Arkansas and Missouri dealerships aren't being closed, but many of their local competitors are being eliminated. Go here for a detailed look at this situation. McClarty is the former Clinton senior aide. The "J" is Robert Johnson, founder of the Black Entertainment Television, a heavy Democratic contributor.

A lawyer representing a group of Chrysler dealers who are on the hit list deposed senior Chrysler executives and later told Reuters that he believes the closings have been forced on the company by the White House.

"It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers. It really wasn't Chrysler's decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President's automotive task force," said attorney Leonard Bellavia.

Also, see my column on this issue and how it fits into the larger context dubbed by the Examiner's Michael Barone as "gangster government."

As part of Chrysler's bankruptcy agreement with the White House, the company plans to close roughly a quarter of its 3,200 dealerships. Lists of the dealerships being cut and those retaining their Chrysler franchises can be found here in pdf format. Many dealers contend the criteria being used to determine which dealerships survive is not clear and that many of those that are being closed in fact are profitable businesses, despite the current recession.

* Gateway Pundit , Thank you for the tremendous work you have done on this ~ Wild Thing


Chrysler Dealership owner Jim Anderer was on with Neil Cavuto.

Jim's dealership is being shut down.

Anderer noted that the closings didn't make any sense and that many of them were profitable. Anderer says the country was shutting down his business. He couldn't understand how they were making their decision on which dealerships they were closing:


Find out which GOP donors getting Chrysler's ax

Obama receives only $450 in entire inventory of political contributions


The list of Chrysler's 789 closing franchises and databases of political donors and found that of dealership owners making contributions in the recent election, less than 10 percent gifted to Democrats while 90 percent gave substantial sums to Republican candidates.

The following dealers are scheduled to lose their Chrysler franchise designation. Based on available records and databases, each of them contributed to political campaigns during the 2008 election.

Many of the dealers who donated to Republican campaigns last year also contributed additional thousands to George W. Bush's presidential 2004 campaign and to campaigns to elect GOP representatives. Those donations are not included in this list.

The listed franchise owners contributed at least $450,000 to Republican presidential candidates and the GOP in the recent election while only $7,970 was donated to Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign and $2,200 was given to Sen. John Edwards' campaign.

Of all political contributions from dealers on the list of closing facilities, President Obama received a combined total of only $450 toward his election.

Dealers who contributed to GOP and candidates in recent election:

Source for the list of all 789 dealerships to be closed

• Vernon G. Buchanan: $147,450 to GOP candidates and organizations
• Wallace D. Alley and Family: $4,500 to GOP.
• Robert Archer: $4,600 to GOP and conservative causes.
• Homer S. Higginbotham and Family: $2950 to GOP.
• James Auffenberg and Family: $28,000 to GOP; $6,000 to one Democrat candidate.
• Michael Maroone and Family: $60,000 to GOP; $8,500 to two Democrat candidates.
• Jerome Fader: $6,500 to Democrats; $2,500 to Independent Joe Lieberman.
• Stephen Fay and Family: $13,500 to GOP.
• William Numrich: $20,000 to GOP.
• Robert Carver: $10,000 to Democrats including $1,950 to Hillary Clinton, nothing to Barack Obama.
• Robert and Linda Rohrman: $24,000 to GOP.
• Frank Boucher, Jr. and Family: $18,000 to GOP, $1,000 to one Democrat candidate.
• Scott Bossier: $4,300 to GOP.
• Todd Reardon: $17,000 to GOP; $2,000 to one Democrat candidate.
• Russ Darrow and Family: $78,000 to GOP.
• Bradford Deery and Family: $24,700 to GOP.
• Charles Gabus and Family: $30,000 to GOP.
• Brian Smith: $15,500 to GOP.
• Michael Schlossman: $14,000 to GOP; $14,000 to three Democrats ($12,500 to Sen. Russ Feingold).
• Don Hill: $11,000 to GOP; $12,800 to conservative incumbent Rep. Heath Shuler.
• Don Miller: $2,000 to GOP; $1,000 to Feingold.
• Eddie Cordes: $2,150 to GOP.
• Robert Edwards: $1,100 to GOP.
• James Crowley: $19,100 to GOP.
• Stanley Graff: $2,200 to John Edwards (2008 Presidential Run); $500 to GOP.
• John Stewart: $10,500 to GOP.
• John Fitzgerald and Family: $4,600 to John McCain (2008); $2,000 to Hillary Clinton (2008); nothing to Barack Obama.
• William Churchill and Family: $3,500 to GOP.
• Thomas Ganley: $9.450 to GOP.
• Gary Miller: $20,000 to GOP.
• Kevin and Gene Beltz: $18,500 to GOP.
• Arthur Grayson: $14,000 to GOP.
• Eric Grubbs and Family: $26,000 to GOP.
• Michael Leep and Family: $19,500 to GOP; $4,800 to three Democrats including Sen. Evan Bayh.
• Harry Green, Jr.: $10,000 to GOP.
• Ronald Hoover: $5,250 to GOP.
• Ray Huffines and Family: $18,500 to GOP.
• John O. Stevenson: $1,500 to GOP.• James Marsh: $8,200 to GOP.
• Max Pearson and Family: $112,000 to GOP.


GOP Chrysler Dealers Terminated: Rush Limbaugh Show...Rush reads a letter from a successful dealer being FORCED to close!!! Excellent video.


Rep. Aaron Schock's supporter Gary Uftring from Peoria, Illinois is losing two of his franchises even though they are "5 Star Dealerships" that make money.

Peoria Journal Star

U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock blasted Chrysler's decision to shutter nearly 800 dealerships across the country, including two here that he and others say are making money and not costing the automaker a dime.

Joined by Gary Uftring, owner of Uftring Auto Mall, Schock stressed that there should be greater accountability of the governmental task force tapped by the Obama administration to review the overhaul of the domestic auto industry.

"This happened not because they failed, not because of market pressure, but because of a third party, the government, which intervened," the congressman said, saying the government shouldn't be in the business of dictating business decisions to an entire industry.

To him, the decision to close shop makes no sense. He claims he met all sales expectations and never cost Chrysler money. Rather, he said, he was a "Five Star" dealership, the highest rating Chrysler gives, and one of the better-selling dealerships.

Terry Allen, whose Chrysler dealership in Mason City will be eliminated, said his business was the top sales tax generator in the area. He, like Uftring, said he met or exceeded all expectations from the car maker but in the end, has about three weeks left as a dealer.


Wild Thing's comment............

Everthing Obama does is ANTI-AMERICAN ! This is total criminal activity by Obama and the democrat party.

The way Obama’s election campaign & lap-dog press went after his rivals during the campaign was unprecedented.

Think about this, Obama was NOT an almighty, long term, powerful politician when he was running, he was only a US Sen for 4 yrs. Going from a Constitutional Republic to a Fascist Tyranny is “change”

But he wielded power like he was as powerful as Stalin in USSR.

Now that he's in control of the Exec Branch of the US, just think how much power he has now!

The entirei thing is Obama's fault, his fingerrpints are all over it. He is in charge, he is the one that controlled what happened with what he did with Chrysler soooo how does it feel Obama. YOU can't blame President Bush on this one you jerk Communist Marxist!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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May 27, 2009

Sotomayor Ruled Against Gun Rights!

Sotomayor believes 2nd Amendment not for Individuals

expose obama .com

By Mathew D. Staver

Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the seat of retiring Justice David Souter. If confirmed, Sotomayor would become the first Hispanic and third woman to serve on the High Court.

Sotomayor is a graduate of Princeton and obtained her law degree from Yale. She served in private practice and as Assistant District Attorney in New York County and was nominated to the Second Circuit federal Court of Appeals by President George H. W. Bush in 1991.

Despite 17 years on the bench, Sotomayor has never directly decided whether a law regulating abortion is constitutional. In Center for Reproductive Law & Policy v. Bush, she wrote an opinion that upheld the Mexico City Policy prohibiting federal funding of overseas abortions.

Sotomayor does not believe that the Second Amendment right to bear arms applies to individuals. While on a panel discussion at Duke Law School, she argued that the “Court of Appeals is where policy is made.” Judge Sotomayor has had 5 decisions reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, 3 of which have been reversed. She has carried 11 of 44 possible votes during those cases. In Knight v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Chief Justice Roberts stated that her method of reading the statute in question “flies in the face of the statutory language.”

She has written in support of Affirmative Action, upheld the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and in Amandola v. Town of Babylon, she wrote that denying use of a town hall annex for their worship services violated the First Amendment. She has written a book called “The International Judge,” which suggests that international law and policy should be considered in some court decisions.

Some have described her temperament on the bench as a “bully” and “abusive” to lawyers.


Sotomayor Nomination an Obama Slap at Second Amendment

Second Amendment Foundation

and The Liberty Sphere via Atlas Shrugs


The nomination of Second Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace retiring Justice David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court is a slap at gun rights and the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

Judge Sotomayor, a New York native, ruled on a Second Circuit Appeals Court panel that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right and does not apply to the states in the case of Maloney v. Cuomo. This ruling is in direct conflict with a Ninth Circuit Court ruling in the Nordyke v. King case in California that the Second Amendment is incorporated through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

“While Democrats in Congress have been making great strides in the gun rights arena, refusing to consider a renewal of the Clinton gun ban, and offering overwhelming bipartisan support for legislation allowing citizens to carry firearms in national parks, President Obama just demonstrated that he prefers judges who oppose Second Amendment rights,” said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb.

Incorporation may be taken up by the high court during its next session beginning in October, because attorneys in the Maloney case plan to appeal in late June.

“If the Maloney appeal is accepted by the Supreme Court,” Gottlieb wondered, “would Justice Sotomayor – provided she is confirmed – recuse herself from deliberations?”

Judge Sotomayor has written an opinion that declined to order the release of certain information under the Freedom of Information Act. In one case, according to SCOTUSblog, she wrote that the “unwarranted invasion of privacy” for individuals whose names would be release under an FOIA request outweighed the public interest.

“Would a Justice Sotomayor be just as protective of the privacy rights of concealed carry permit holders if a newspaper wanted to publish that information,” Gottlieb asked. “We hope that during Senate confirmation hearings, someone asks about her positions on incorporation and the privacy rights of gun owners. The Second Amendment needs to be expanded, not eviscerated.”

The Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nations oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 600,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control. SAF has previously funded successful firearms-related suits against the cities of Los Angeles; New Haven, CT; and San Francisco on behalf of American gun owners, a lawsuit against the cities suing gun makers and an amicus brief and fund for the Emerson case holding the Second Amendment as an individual right.

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama and Sotomayer can 'rule' that the second doesn't apply all day long.,but it doesn't mean many of us would not fight back.

Here are some words from the past.........

“Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters.
“This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” ~~Frederick Douglass August 4, 1857

Douglass was, of course, speaking of the slavery then extant here.

So, too, are we.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Judge Sotomayor and Five Million Criminal Votes for Obama

Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Court is Where Policy is Made


Judge Sotomayor and Five Million Criminal Votes for Obama

Sultan Knish

There are 5.3 million votes for Obama out there, the only problem is that they happen to belong to murderers, rapists, armed robbers and other convicts and ex-convicts.

That golden box of 5+ million votes is being unlocked by Democrats in one of two ways. The first relies on changing state laws that prevent felon voting at the state level. Their greatest success has arguably been Florida, a crucial swing state with over a million ex-felons. When Governor Charlie Crist promised to let criminals vote during the election and then implemented it once in office, the impact on the 2008 Presidential election was quite sizable.

With anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 new votes available, the Obama campaign ran a "You can Vote Too!" registration drive for ex-felons. And since Obama won Florida by barely 200,000 votes, the newly enfranchised murderers, rapists and pedophiles no doubt did their share to help put him in the White House.

Iowa restored felon voting in 2005, and between 2004 to 2008, swung from Republican to Democratic.

In 2007 Colorado struck down the requirement that ex-felons have to at least complete their parole before becoming eligible to vote, overriding a Colorado Supreme Court ruling. In 2008 Colorado voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate for the first time in 26 years.

Virginia, which also began legalizing felon voters, became another swing state that swung unexpectedly to Obama.

While legalizing felons alone did not swing any of these states, they were part of a larger program to liberalize the voting base, which is why such laws were invariably championed by Democrats and Liberal Republicans. Bringing in millions of new votes changes the game. And that was what happened in 2008.

However giving criminals voting rights on a state by state level has been a long slow process, and that is where the second method comes in, to strike down any bans on felon voting at the Federal level.

The key argument used by felon voting advocates is that barring criminals from voting is a form of racial discrimination, since a disproportionate number of convicted felons are black or members of other minority groups. This brings in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into the picture. Using the VRA, the Supreme Court could potentially strike down any state laws banning criminals from voting. Even convicts still in jail.

This would immediately unlock that golden box of 5 million votes for Obama, even more than local state measures of ACORN's voting fraud, which relied heavily on ex-cons, did.

And the Voting Rights Act is where Judge Sotomayor comes into the picture. While the Supreme Court currently has not chosen to hear any cases involving felon voting, allowing state circuit courts to maintain the ban, Judge Sotomayor is an enthusiastic judicial advocate of applying the VRA to felon voting, treating criminals as a discriminated against group being denied their civic rights.

In Hayden vs Pataki, a case brought by Joseph "Jazz" Hayden, who stabbed a sanitation worker to death, and has since become a campaigner for letting felons vote, Judge Sotomayor dissented from the majority by arguing that the VRA in no way excludes or was meant to exclude felons.

SOTOMAYOR, Circuit Judge, dissenting:

"It is plain to anyone reading the Voting Rights Act that it applies to all “voting qualification[s].” And it is equally plain that § 5-106 disqualifies a group of people from voting. These two propositions should constitute the entirety of our analysis. Section 2 of the Act by its unambiguous terms subjects felony disenfranchisement and all other voting qualifications to its coverage.

What that means is that Sotomayor believes that any voting qualification, including bans on having convicted murderers and rapists vote, is a violation of the Voting Rights Acts. Felons can be treated as a "group" that has been discriminated against by being banned from the right to vote

This would allow Obama to "crack" more conservative states where felon voting enfranchisement has not made any headway, by treating felon disenfranchisement as a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

By nominating Sotomayor, Obama is very clearly looking ahead to 2012, by first nominating an Hispanic Woman, secondly a left wing judicial advocate, more specifically one whose views on ballot access will help open up that golden box of millions of votes, and in the case of a Bush vs Gore type Supreme Court case, will always argue on the side of inadequate access.

And of course Sotomayor's ruling in Ford vs McGinnis that Islamic rights for prisoners can be entirely at the whim of the prisoner, can't hurt. Nor her open position that her job is to make policy, rather than rule on the constitutionality of the laws.

Like Obama her nomination is being treated as a "historical nomination", though Justice Benjamin Cardozo was arguably the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice (who naturally doesn't count because he's Jewish), and her judicial advocacy views, her identity politics, will be treated as assets, in the same way that they were for Obama.

But the bigger picture is that Sotomayor is meant to be Obama's ace in the hole for the 2012 election.


Wild Thing's comment........

GREAT article and information. I remember when Charlie Crist did this I was so angry!!

I was so ticked off this morning when she was announced and then immediately the bush bashing, the racists speak. The party of no is going to say no. They had a whole script prepared because they knew she was a racist and has made racist comments. As always they are making this about race.

Her saying that her court made policy and then she caught herself because she was being taped. Then someone came ot make light of that and said some stupiud thing like that was a discussion among students. So that made it okay? Obama likes the radical who will go against their given rights within their position.

And to those on TV saying she is a moderate. If Sotomayor is moderate than so were Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

There is a dark side to this lady. Very dark.

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DeMint Takes Lead in Criticizing High Court Pick

DeMint takes lead in criticizing high court pick

Miami Herald


Sen. Jim DeMint, was more critical than his Republican colleagues Tuesday about President Barack Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

While most Republicans took a cautious approach, DeMint, of South Carolina, sounded warnings about Sotomayor's record and philosophy as a federal district and appellate judge from New York.

"Some of her writings seem to raise serious questions about her approach to the Constitution and the role of the federal judiciary, but I will withhold judgment about her nomination until she has the opportunity to fully present her views before the Senate," DeMint said.

DeMint's aides pointed to a case last year in which Sotomayor ruled that the city of New Haven, Conn., had acted properly in rejecting discrimination claims by white firefighters. The case, Ricci v. DeStefano, is now before the Supreme Court.

"Few things are more central to our duty than confirming Supreme Court justices who will uphold the law and apply it equally for all Americans, not rewrite it from the bench based on personal opinion," DeMint said.

DeMint is not on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will hold confirmation hearings for Sotomayor.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who does sit on the judiciary panel, was more guarded in his response to Obama's choice of Sotomayor as the first Hispanic nominated for the high court.

"I do not know Judge Sotomayor," Graham said. "I look forward to meeting with her and discussing the important issues confronting the court."

Graham was among the Senate Judiciary Committee members Obama called last week to discuss his pending high court nomination. Graham was out of the country Tuesday, but his aides said they didn't believe Obama had named Sotomayor during their phone talk.

Graham said he intends "to be fair and firm in (his) questioning of the nominee" during the committee confirmation sessions.

"The hearings can be a valuable public service, as they give us a window into the nominee's philosophy and disposition," Graham said. "I hope we will have a meaningful opportunity to explore the qualifications, judicial temperament and judicial philosophy of Judge Sotomayor."

Republican President H.W. Bush appointed Sotomayor to the federal district bench in 1992. Democrat Bill Clinton elevated her to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

After an extensive delay over political disputes, the Republican-controlled Senate voted 67-29 in October 1998 to confirm Sotomayor's promotion to the appellate court.

The late Republican Sen. Strom Thurmond voted against Sotomayor. Sen. Fritz Hollings, a Charleston Democrat, was one of four senators who chose not to vote.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., called Sotomayor "a superb pick" by Obama to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

"The president has demonstrated that he is dedicated to nominating justices who have life experiences that will enable them to both sympathize and empathize with all Americans," Clyburn said.

Sotomayor, 54, grew up in a Bronx housing project with a single mom after her father died when she was 9.

Only the Senate will vote on Sotomayor's confirmation.

Oran Smith, head of the Palmetto Family Council, criticized Sotomayor as an activist judge.

"Judge Sotomayor's judicial record and writing clearly show she believes a court is not an applier of law written by elected representatives, but just another political advocate for social change," Smith said


From Rush Limbaugh........

"So, here you have a racist. You might want to soften that and you might wanna say a reverse racist. And the libs, of course, say that minorities cannot be racists because they don't have the power to implement their racism. Well, those days are gone because reverse racists certainly do have the power to implement their power. Obama is the greatest living example of a reverse racist and now he's appointed one -- getting this, AP? -- Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court ...
So she's not the brain that they're portraying her to be, she's not a constitutional jurist. She is an affirmative action case extraordinaire and she has put down white men in favor of Latina women. She has claimed that the court is all about making policy. So yes, there's a golden opportunity. Take this to the mat. Take it to the wall. The people need to know what Obama really believes in and this is how it could happen. Now will the Republicans do it? That's another question."


Wild Thing's comment...........

DeMint, one of the few with a spine!!!

For the time being our days as a Constitutional Republic are almost over. I know that sounds down and depressing but that is what is showing up.

Founding Documents provide that, if any branch of our government ever exceeds its Constitutionally limited authority and ceases to be lawfully of, for and by the people, we the people have both the duty and the unwavering obligation to remove it and restore a Constitutional one again.

This in-over-his-head rent-a-meat-puppet in the White House swore an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution even as he paid a team of lawyers to prevent him having to abide by it.

The Constitution does not grant to the president the authority to fire CEO's of corporations, take over huge companies, dictate what cars can be built, take over the country's health-care or own and run the banks.

Unless and until we remove this larcenous, traitorous, pathalogically-deceitful usurper from the White House, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic for right now.

This will be a good test to see who is trustable and who is not. There should be no mistaking RINOs for republicans anymore.

The thing our side I wish would learn, I mean the politicans that say they are Republicans. We are aware we are outnumbered in both houses. But if they can show US, we the people that they at least speak out and make it known they do not go along with this kind of thing each time they need to, we WILL remember later when it comes time to vote. Just as we WILL remember those that turned to mush and stayed silent.

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May 26, 2009

Communist Party Official Shares Obama's Ambitious Agenda

Top Red's dream come true


With Obama as president, health care and the economy can be "reformed," U.S. troops can be evacuated from the Middle East, a second stimulus bill can be passed, the criminal justice system can be overhauled and union rights can be expanded – in other words, it's a Christmas list come true – declared the leader of the Communist Party USA.

"All these – and many other things – are within our reach now!" exclaimed Sam Webb in a New York banquet speech for the People's Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA.

Webb's speech was entitled, "The impossible becomes possible."

Webb declared that under Obama, "We can dream again, knowing that the gap between our dreams and reality is bridgeable."
"I am confident the American people in their millions – reeling under the weight of this terrible economic crisis and yearning for a more decent, equal, peaceful and just world – will follow their example and turn this country into a more perfect union," stated Webb.

Webb continued:

* In this new political climate, we can foresee winning a public option, like Medicare, in the current legislative fight over health care reform.

* We can visualize enacting tough regulatory reforms on the financial industry that brought the economy to ruin.

* We can imagine bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, while being part of a regional process that brings peace and stability to the entire region.

* In this new political climate, the expansion of union rights in this legislative session is not only sensible, it's doable.

* Much the same can be said about winning a second stimulus bill, and we sure need one, given the still rising and likely long term persistence of unemployment with the heaviest burden, as usual, falling on communities of color.

* Isn't it possible in the post-Bush era to launch a vigorous attack on global warming and create millions of green jobs in manufacturing and elsewhere?

* Can't we envision taking new strides in the long journey for racial and gender equality in this new era, marked at its beginning by the election of the first African American to the presidency?

* And isn't the overhaul of the criminal justice and prison system – a system steeped in racism and employing punitive treatment as it organizing principle – no longer pie in the sky, but something that can be done in the foreseeable future?

Webb explained how unions and grassroots organizations can help bring about important changes.

Indeed, labor unions were instrumental in electing Obama. A Political Affairs article just after last November's election titled "Special Interest or Class Consciousness? How Labor Put Obama in the White House" reported on polling data released that revealed the extent of union support for Obama.

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, or AFL-CIO, sponsored a poll showing union members supported Obama by a 68-30 margin and strongly influenced their family members.

Reacting to Webb's speech, Communist researcher Trevour London of the New Zeal blog stated:

"Now we know every major item on the Communist Party's agenda. Socialized healthcare, increased union power, massive controls on the finance sector, ending the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, a heavily regulated 'green economy', a second 'stimulus' bill, weakening of the 'racist' prison system. ... Tick the items off as the Obama administration acts on each and every one of them."

Wild Thing's comment........

Evidently, no one on Planet Earth learned anything at all from the catastrophic failure of the Soviet experiment except the Soviets themselves.

The UNIONS are always there when it comes to this communist, socialist stuff. I wish when we talk to people about this they would listen. It sure is hard to get through to UNION members if there is one in the family.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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May 25, 2009

Obama's Fault Dollar Hits New Multimonth Low

Dollar hits new multimonth low vs euro, pound, yen



The dollar kept falling Friday, notching fresh multimonth lows against the euro, pound and yen as a warning that Britain's debt level may result in its credit rating being cut ricocheted into worries about the massive U.S. deficit.

The 16-nation euro rose to $1.4015 in morning trading from $1.3889 in New York late Thursday—its first time above $1.40 since Jan. 2.

The British pound rose to $1.5916 from $1.5890, peaking at $1.5945 earlier in the session, its highest point since Nov. 6.

Meanwhile, the dollar edged up to 94.51 Japanese yen from 94.23 yen—after earlier falling to 93.82, its lowest point since Feb. 23.

On Thursday, Standard & Poor's said Britain may have its rating cut because of rising debt levels. Though the ratings agency reaffirmed the country's actual long-term credit rating at "AAA," it said the outlook had deteriorated because of massive borrowing to deal with the recession and the banking crisis.

Because Britain is pursuing similar policies to the U.S.—with both the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve injecting billions of dollars in their economies by buying assets from banks—the move also weighed on U.S. assets and the dollar. Treasurys sold off Thursday, and continued to do so Friday.

S&P's announcement "wound up creating more problems for the U.S. dollar than for the British pound," HSBC analysts said in a research note.

"The problem for the U.S. is particularly acute because of its reserve status," said UBS analyst Brian Kim in an e-mail to investors Friday. Major holders of U.S. debt, such as Middle Eastern sovereign funds and the Chinese government, have not been shy about calling the U.S. out for what it sees as policies that will trigger inflation, shrinking the value of their Treasury holdings.
"The dollar has weakened as dollar bears have now added concerns on U.S. credit ratings to their arsenal," Kim said.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration hiked its forecast for this year's federal deficit to $1.84 trillion. The deficit is approaching $1 trillion for the budget year that began Oct. 1.

Big deficits mean the government has to borrow more, which could put its credit rating at risk. They can also put upwards pressure on inflation, thus cutting the purchasing power of the dollar.

In other trading, the dollar fell to 1.1235 Canadian dollars from $1.1404 and slid to 1.0833 Swiss francs from 1.0936 francs late Thursday.

Wild Thing's comment..........

They’re plan to destroy the US dollar and force Americans into a global currency controlled by a world bank is working perfectly for them on their agenda. I guess Soros is bursting at the seams with joy.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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May 22, 2009

Obama Wants U.S. to Loan $100 BILLION to Global Bailout

Obama Wants U.S. to Loan $100 Billion to Global Bailout Fund


Obama has asked Congress to authorize $100 billion in loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help create a $500 billion global bailout fund.

If passed by both the Senate and the House, the bill would allow the IMF to borrow up to $100 billion from the U.S. and increase the U.S. fiscal contribution to the IMF by $8 billion.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the loans would not cost the U.S. more than $5 billion.

“It’s a new appropriation,” Rob Blumenthal of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the committee that drafted the bill, told CNSNews.com.

“No money is required upfront. We’re not writing a check for 108 billion. So in the long term, if loans go into default, then what the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) is saying is that it might cost us up to $5 billion, but there’s no immediate outplay of funds.”

But the move is questioned by some lawmakers who are skeptical about lending money when the nation’s debt continues to climb – and who are concerned about the fact that the U.S. will have to borrow the money at some point to pay the $100 billion.

“Forcing taxpayers to borrow another $100 billion from China to bailout foreign countries makes no sense when we’re already facing record debt,” Wesley Denton, spokesman for Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), said.

Contributions from the U.S. and other countries would triple the IMF’s lending power and double its lending resources for low-income countries.

World leaders began on the global bailout initiative, called the New Arrangement for Borrowing (NAB), at the G-20 summit in early April. The president agreed at that time to make the additional funds available.

Last week, he sent letters to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader John Boehner to seek their support.

“The NAB is a mechanism through which the IMF can obtain supplemental financial resources for use in its lending operations when the IMF’s existing resources are substantially drawn down in the face of circumstances that threaten the stability of the international monetary system,” Obama wrote.
“Treasury Secretary Geithner concluded that the size of the NAB is woefully inadequate to deal with the type of severe economic and financial crisis we are experiencing, and I agree with him,” the letter said.
The Treasury Department released another letter to Pelosi and Reid Monday to express support for the plan. Japan has already signed a $100 billion pledge and the European Union, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia have also pledged billions of dollars for the global bailout. The IMF is a coalition of 185 countries that assesses the global financial situation and fosters stability and trade. Although its programs have been criticized in recent years, managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he is optimistic about the member-states’ cooperation in this new borrowing arrangement.
“This is the most coordinated stimulus ever,” Strauss-Kahn said at the G-20 summit in April.
“We have already finalized with the Japanese a $100 billion loan. The Europeans have committed another $100 billion. And we have other partners to complete the first rung of $250 billion, and then will come the second rung to create this NAB proposed by (U.S. Treasury Secretary) Tim Geithner, which altogether will increase the resources by $500 billion.
“$500 billion plus the $250 billion we already have makes – how do you say that? – a fire,” Strauss-Kahn, former French fin