Theodore's World: B.Hussein Obama and His "Pinstripe Patronage" System Connection With The Stimulus Bill

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February 09, 2009

B.Hussein Obama and His "Pinstripe Patronage" System Connection With The Stimulus Bill

Democrat Insider Says "Obama Has Secret Plan to Fund a Patronage System"

**** If it says the video is unavailable, please come back again to see if it is running. Sometimes when it is getting a lot of hits the video will have the problem of being seen. And right now this video is being put all over the internet. ~ Thank you so much Wild Thing

Detail of video:

2/6/09 - This was a live caller to the Savage Nation - Michael Savage, Host

“”I was told by democratic officials in that meeting, that we were going to get billions of dollars that was gonna come down the pike our way, and we’re gonna build an army (bigger than the US army) of democratic patronage jobs, that is going to completely freeze off the republicans for ever and ever”

BHO acknowledged it years ago.............

Obama and the "Pinstripe Patronage" System

In Chicago politics, pinstripe patronage refers to a political payback system where instead of rewarding voter loyalty with city jobs, significant campaign contributors receive government contracts.
It's a by-product of the age of big media. Obama learned about pinstripe patronage as an attorney at Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland, as a July 21, 2008 article by Ryan Lizza in The New Yorker, entitled "Making It: How Chicago shaped Obama," documents.

E. J. Dionne, Jr., of the Washington Post, wrote about this transition in a 1999 column after Daley was reëlected. Dionne wrote about a young Barack Obama, who artfully explained how the new pinstripe patronage worked:

A politician rewards the law firms, developers, and brokerage houses with contracts, and in return they pay for the new ad campaigns necessary for reëlection. "They do well, and you get a $5 million to $10 million war chest," Obama told Dionne.
It was a classic Obamaism: superficially critical of some unseemly aspect of the political process without necessarily forswearing the practice itself.
Obama was learning that one of the greatest skills a politician can possess is candor about the dirty work it takes to get and stay elected.
At the time, Obama was growing closer to Tony Rezko, who eventually turned pinstripe patronage into an extremely lucrative way of life.
Despite the element of corruption indigenous to the pinstripe patronage that became part of executing Daley's Plan for Transformation, back in 1999 Obama glossed over the approach, seemingly endorsing it.
Shortly after becoming a state senator in 1997, Obama told the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin that his experience working with the development industry had reinforced his belief in subsidizing private developers of affordable housing.
"That's an example of a smart policy," the paper quoted Obama as saying. "The developers were thinking in market terms and operating under the rules of the marketplace; but at the same time, we had government supporting and subsidizing those efforts."


Stimulus Watch

CLICK on LINK below, to find your State, then click on it and you can see all that is coming from the Stimulus Bill. Or click on it further to look up the City where you live.

Here is one of the most bizarre.

Projects in Puerto Rico

Below are the “shovel-ready” projects for which the mayors of this state have requested federal stimulus funding.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Puerto Rico is $22,093,054,016

Main home page for Stimulus Watch

Daley refuses to release stimulus project list

Chicago Tribune

Mayor Richard Daley said today Chicago has compiled a wish list of “shovel-ready projects” to spend federal economic stimulus funds on should Congress approve a plan.

Unlike hundreds of other cities, however, Daley said Chicago won’t make its list public.

“Yes, we do, we have our list, we’ve been talking to people. We did not put that out publicly because once you start putting it out publicly, you know, the newspapers, the media is going to be ripping it apart,” Daley said.
“It’s very controversial. Yes, we have ready projects from the Board of Education to the City Colleges to the Park District to the CTA and the city of Chicago. Oh yes. Us and New York decided not to do that. We thought we could go directly into the federal bureaucracies and the different departments,” the mayor added.

Later, Daley was asked why he wasn’t being more transparent.

“Read some of your newspapers. Heh heh,” he replied.


Remember Obama’s favorite community activist group ACORN? They are the ones who helped the future president “get out the votes” registering Obama voters in two or three counties, or registering fictional and/or dead people. ACORN is under indictment in 12 states.
This spending bill provides them with up to $5.2 billion dollars for their housing oriented activities, at the same time, it empowers the organization to act as President Obama’s grass roots precinct captains.

Those that follow ACORN closely know that the organization is skilled in the fine art of Saul Alinsky and his strategies for organizing.

Alinsky put his rules together in order provide a textbook for this without money or natural power to organize and to affect change without the sort of power and connections that those with power would have.

ACORN uses these fundamentals in order to harrass, manipulate and ultimately extort money from powerful people and organizations.

Their tactics come from Alinsky rule #13: identify, isolate, freeze and escalate.

The blue print works like this. ACORN will identify an individual, usually a powerful head of a powerful organization. They will show up in front of that person’s home with several hundred protestors.

Since these powerful folks normally live in quiet and wealthy suburbs, such a commotion will soon be the talk of the neighborhood. The message for this person’s friends and neighbors will be clear “they are a bad person”.

By doing so, they will have isolated this person from their friends and neighbors. Soon, not only will the target themself be a pariah but so will their children. That is the process of isolation.

At this point, the target thinks that things can’t get worse, and it is then that ACORN only raises the stakes.

Not only will ACORN, and their protestors, show up everywhere the target frequents: the mall, the movie theater, the library, etc, but they will be there before the target even shows up.

As such, before the target even arrives to their shopping, ACORN will show up with a crew of several hundred to protest them.


Reid blocks bipartisan amendment requiring citizenship verification for stimulus recipients

Michelle Malkin blog

“While it is difficult to believe that Senate leaders might insist that illegal aliens have the same chance at new stimulus jobs as unemployed Americans, this scenario may now be at hand,” says Roy Beck of Numbers USA. “SA 239 is now unlikely to receive a floor vote.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

The pieces are falling into place. I have been taking notes the last few days and gathering some links and information up so we can all know exactly what is going on that maybe we did not know before. I know I sure had no idea about some of this, until I started doing some research.

Here is the thing everything will be timed for the 2012 election. That campaign has commenced. It is like in Mugabe’s Zimbawe, if you do not support him, you do not eat or Buying loyalty, the Chicago way.

Porkulus is nothing much more than a patronage bill. One of it’s tenets provides more billions to ACORN. What do people think that’s for? He’s lining all his favorite organization’s pockets.

FDR used gov’t contracts to reward friends and punish congressional districts and mayors who opposed him. It was blatant vote buying, some of the newly hired for Federal gov’t jobs were required to contribute a portion of their wages to FDR’s campaign funds. Totally corrupt, and totally ignored by MSM and liberal historians.

One of the first things that leaped out at me when the stimulus was first brought up was the 600,000 federal employees. That is outrageous. That’s way out of line, and you probably don’t even need a thousand to administer a stimulus.

From every corner, on every issue, the libs will quash dissension and assert control.

This is exactly what Rush Limbaugh said would happen. That is what made me curious to start looking things up. The bill gets passed and the Democrats will own people. They will have control for a very long time because people will have government jobs, and welfare, and free food and free gas and why would someone vote for a candidate who believes in fiscal responsibility when you have a party that believes in giving you free stuff. The Fiscal Responsible candidate will never have any shot of winning. This is the ultimate screw job but we all knew it was coming

Obama is a dangerous man. His being a Muslim also factors in imo and that concerns me more then words can say about our military. The cuts backs he will make in the things they need among many other things. Prayers for each one serving now, deployed and here at home. God bless them and keep them safe.

In case anyone is having trouble getting ammo etc. One of the Vets that reads Theodore's World blog daily sent me this in an email. Thank you Trevor.

"This site has been pretty consistent. If they show it, they send it. A couple of people said they got shorted maybe one item out of a huge order. They are low on 223/556 right now but if you check it daily they will get huge shipments in and then they will be low again like they are now. They have lots of 9mm in right now. A little advice, when they get it in, put it in your shopping cart fast because if you don't it may be gone and they do dump your cart after about 20 minutes of no activity. I learned that the hard way. Had a full cart, came back 30 minutes or so later and cart dumped and some of the items I wanted gone from the site."

The link he sent me that he was talking about.

Ammunition To Go

Posted by Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 05:48 AM


Vilmar posted on this which goes right along with this.

Obama signed legislation that discriminates against 84 percent of U.S. construction workers who choose not to join a labor union. The companies they work for will not be allowed to bid on government jobs.
No union- No work.

Posted by: BobF at February 9, 2009 10:02 AM

Obama is wasting no time spending my tax money and buying influence. He is reaching into the smallest corners of America with this stimulus package. It angers me that all the local politicians are jumping like lap dogs to get their handful of federal cash. I doubt they are paying much attention to the conditions that accompany this money.

Posted by: TomR at February 9, 2009 10:47 AM

John Hinckley, we know you fucked up the last time but America needs you now. Think you can get a pass? heh heh!


Posted by: cuchieddie at February 9, 2009 12:44 PM

Thanks Chrissie, you've done the lion's share in exposing the truth. This is and has been the system in place here for as long as I can remember. The unions control labor statewide, you either join or pay agency fees. Those non union jobs left over are mostly minimum wage or just above that. They are service jobs or agriculture jobs, nothing that fit's into the local, county or state bidding processes where most of the jobs are - the public sector or as they term it, the infrastructure. Private sector jobs are virtually shut out, entrepreneur's have moved offshore and sell their imports through those working as service workers, better yet through direct marketing via the internet, those service jobs are then offshore too. Try getting phone,. utility or computer service, it's likely you'll get some chortling Paki or Hindustani to help you fix it yourself while you teach them English at the same time. Going against the establishment indicates 'you don't have the right thinking' and your job is finished, at best you'll never progress, the management will find a way to eliminate those who don't go along. Any other free enterprise jobs are subject to 'licensing', for a fee they will regulate your enterprise, they'll tell you what, where and when you can do business and further more with whom and you'll have to comply with a plethora of restrictions and the obligatory government inspectors, no I didn't forget those monthly, quarterly and annually tax reports they demand. It hasn't changed for the better, only becoming more restrictive. We even have a state auditor who isn't allowed to do his job, never has, I'm sure this is the norm in the nation wide subterfuge of open government.

Posted by: Jack at February 9, 2009 01:02 PM

Given the mischief, that Acorn did to the last three elections. Now that Acorn is coming into billions of dollars, which states' Attorneys have filed civil suits against Acorn? I recommend that they file for punitive damages against everyone who touches this money.

Posted by: Avitar at February 9, 2009 04:16 PM

Trevor -
I have purchased ammo from Ammunition To Go and they are great to deal with. They get it to you quickly and well packaged. They were also the only place at the time(about 5 months ago) that had GI ammo cans.

Posted by: TomR at February 9, 2009 05:51 PM

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have the clout with the three RINOs of Collins, Snowe, and Specter to pass and have signed into law before the end of the month the Stimulus Bill much as it is written today. Scary as that sounds, it then leaves Obama and Congress one year and ten months for lot's more mischief before the 2010 election's "new" Congress takes over. More than enough time for Obama and the Dems to continue shoving more and more Democrat patronage crap through Congress. If they maintain control of both the House and Senate in the 2010 elections that adds two more years of uncontrolled taxes, spending, and patronage on what will be then be an irreversible Socialist country.

I wouldn't put it past Obama to already have a plan in place to repeal the 22nd Amendment opening the door for him to become President and Messiah for life. B. Hussein Obama may very well become this country's Fidel Castro.

Posted by: Les at February 9, 2009 07:16 PM

Gee--we know a man who was a special forces sniper in Vietnam--great guy--I think he could do some damage, but I won't ask him to. That would just be mean and get him into trouble. He told us so many funny stories about that time!
But yes, I do like to see the ball of yarn unraveling slowly but surely. It's all gonna blow up in his and Plugs Biden's faces and they will have this look of surprise that will just be priceless.

Posted by: Lynn at February 9, 2009 07:38 PM

BobF., thank you so much I will go look at Vilmars too and also that you for the other link as well.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:34 PM

Tom, that is what concerns me about this as well. The added thing of are they only looking at what is being spent or are they seeing further into they why of it. I try to give them credit for doing that but my confidence in politicians is so low.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:36 PM

Jack wow very interesting, thank you so much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:41 PM

Avitar, good idea about ACORN.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:43 PM

Read the links on this page!

The Patronage system is explained by a Thailand expert. It's used in Kenya! It was all part of the Chicago pay-for-play corruption.

America has just been sold down the river to socialism. They're using that money to pad jobs for people who will then be forced to keep Obama in office or lose it.

Read the other links. The move to push for repealing the 22nd Amendment and keep Obama in office indefinitely. That's a MONARCHY people!

We've just been ROBBED!!!

Posted by: Lance at February 9, 2009 08:48 PM

Les,yes he sure keeps my "oh no not more of this "going. I wish he would slow down, he is like a steam roller with our country.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:48 PM

Lynn, great way to put it!!!

" I do like to see the ball of yarn unraveling slowly but surely"

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 9, 2009 08:50 PM