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May 28, 2006

A Land of Checks and Balances Thanks To Our Constitution



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House Speaker Denny Hastert, having presumably checked his In box and re-read the Constitution, now agrees that the FBI can conduct searches of Congressional offices when armed with a valid search warrant:

House leaders acknowledged Friday that FBI agents with a court-issued warrant can legally search a congressman's office, but they said they want procedures established after agents with a court warrant took over a lawmaker's office last week.

"I want to know exactly what would happen if there is a similar sort of thing" in the Senate, Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said Friday, shortly after summoning Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to his office.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., concurred: "I am confident that in the next 45 days, the lawyers will figure out how to do it right."

Gonzales was similarly optimistic. "We've been working hard already and we'll continue to do so pursuant to the president's order," he told The Associated Press.

That apparently comes as a change in tone for the Attorney General. According to the New York Times, Gonzalez, FBI director Robert Mueller, and some of their staffs threatened to walk off the job if the President ordered the return of the seized materials to Jefferson.

Wild Thing's comment......

So what happened here, instead of letting the attention be directed at the POS William Jefferson where it needed to be. Hastert in his overreacting and his letting the world know he felt he was above the law, above the Constitution. That he lived in some bubble of protection because he was a politician and a long term one at that.

This might be only my opinion but NO one is above the law. At least they shouldn't be and once our laws and our Constitution have no meaning then we might as well say good-bye to the land formerly known as the United States of America.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 28, 2006 01:55 AM


And so, as all the participants have a touchy-feely love fest, does Jefferson get of scot free? Or, do these weak kneed RINO Congressional leaders eat some humble pie and sorta, kinda, for the moment accept the Rule of Law the rest of us unelected riff-raff live under. The arrogant bastards.


Posted by: TomR at May 28, 2006 12:07 PM

The arrogance and condescending attitude of Republicans in Congress is going to cost them their seats.

I hate to say it but I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for a Democrat controlled Congress.

TomR, the Republicans touted term limits all through the 80’s and half way into the 90’s, up until the time they got control of congress. Now, it’s hard to tell them from Democrats.

Posted by: BobF at May 28, 2006 01:58 PM

Before it was only rumored that there was corruption , now that it's been proven, it's "Kings X" for the participants. The FBI had William Jefferson under scrutiny for 14 months, he was busted 9 months ago and has been sheltered as an 'honorable' member ever since. Sorry, I've forgotten, he's from the land of the 'chocolate city' and Louisiana is 'special', just like it was under Huey P. Long.
Constitutional Monarchy instead of term limits, this isn't what the founders had in mind.

Posted by: Jack at May 28, 2006 03:40 PM