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August 31, 2010

Gibbs Tries To Explain Obama's Surge Flip Flop

Gretchen Carlson of FoxNews interviews 0bummer mouthpiece Robert Gibbs about 0bummer's speech tonight regarding the troop withdrawal from Iraq. Things got heated at about the 3 minute mark when she asked him if 0bummer would give President Bush credit for the surge that ultimately changed the course in Iraq... the surge that Senator/Candidate Obama opposed.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Gretchen was great, and Gibbs was the usual whiney little gigglin’ smartass.

Gibbs says—there’s no looking back and accuses Fox of playing political games. What a jerk!

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Obama Hit With Technical Difficulities While Bashing Bush Once AGAIN

Obama Hit With Technical Difficulities While Bashing Bush

Obama did several sound checks while attempting to deliver the following line hitting the Bush administration: "It took nearly a decade to dig the hole that we're in."


Wild Thing's comment........

After watching that video, boy small things really bother the guy big time.

The comment “Is this still going to the press?” shows the only thing he cares about. A real leader speaks to the people.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the microphone. From looking at that video it looks more like the teleprompter froze! LOL

Fox News reported that Obama “may” call President Bush tomorrow before his speech on the draw-down of troops in Iraq. I hope Bush is busy when the call comes in, or that there’s static on the line whenever Obama tries to speak. Obama blames Bush hours ago and now he MAY call him??? What a total asshole.

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Obama Funding Pro-Palestinian Billboard Campaign in Israel

Obama Administration Funding Pro-Palestinian Billboard Campaign in Israel


The campaign launched Sunday includes the faces of senior Palestinian Authority officials Saeb Erekat, Jibril Rajoub and Yasser Abed Rabo, and Riad Malki, Palestinian foreign affairs minister, Yedioth Aharonoth said.

The aim of the campaign is to persuade Israelis that peace partners on the Palestinian side truly exist, and calls for support of a two-state solution, the Tel Aviv newspaper said.

The U.S. government was approached to fund the campaign by the Geneva Initiative founders, who drew up an agreement in 2003 to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the newspaper said.

The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, invested close to $250,000 toward the creation of the billboards, the newspaper said.

The campaign has raised a few eyebrows in Israel.

"We are talking about a Palestinian Authority campaign funded by the American government," an Israeli Foreign Ministry official was quoted saying.

Wild Thing's comment........

God...when does this stop? Every day another outrage!

Just give him more time & Obama will transfer the U.S. Treasury over to the muslims!!

Viewed against the backdrop of the otherwise magnificent panorama of American history, the regime of B. Hussein Obama is an horrific aberration, a danger to American people as well as to Jews the world over. It is reminiscent of a terrible nightmare. Let the day quickly come when Obama and his evil and ignorantly puerile enablers are voted out of office.

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Restore America! Yes, We Can! by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Restore America! Yes, We Can!

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

In an interview with Brian Williams of NBC News on Sunday, Obama stated, “I can’t spend all my time with a birth certificate plastered on my forehead” among his other defensive musings. There have been numerous claims that Obama is not eligible for the office he holds and a number of attempted court cases have been filed to ascertain his eligibility. So far, legal maneuvering by his phalanx of lawyers and other impediments have stood in the way of Obama’s pledged transparency.

Unfortunately because of his unwillingness to come clean the issue remains unresolved. Further, recent allegations that Obama is a Muslim with up to 18% of Americans believing that he is have further muddied the already murky water in which Obama swims. Unfortunately, his behavior and policies lend credibility to the latest claim.

Separate from the Muslim issue is a pervasive attitude in the media to the effect that even if he isn’t qualified to hold the office, the majority of Americans voted for him and therefore the squeaking wheel should just stop turning. Huh?!

Since when do Americans allow legitimate questions about qualifications of public officials to go unanswered?

Would it be okay to have a criminal or otherwise totally unqualified person hold the office based on the “right of privacy?”

I think not! For anyone with the integrity and intellectual curiosity of a peanut the Hawaii system at the time of Obama’s purported birth there was highly questionable. That alone should be enough to pursue the issue. One could have been born on Mars, but at the time of Obama’s birth it would have been possible for one to obtain a Certificate of Live Birth from the State of Hawaii.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, it’s time to melt it down to the truth.

No claim is made here that only Obama can satisfy, and we call on him to do so to stop the rising tide of those who for whatever the reason have lost faith. However, his steel-fisted resistance to the very transparency he pledged continues to erode his credibility. During the Johnson Administration that was referred to in the media as the “credibility gap.” What is amazing is his ability to draw any favorability ratings at all, but evidently there are sufficient numbers of uninformed, even mindless Americans that the “empty suit” remains inflated.

It is not even debatable that Americans know less about Obama than any President in history, because they don’t. Despite their efforts to get him elected, the vaunted “mainstream media” has repeatedly admitted as much. But more amazing is that Americans have no legal “standing” to challenge a matter of this magnitude in court that would force release of pertinent records. This President’s breathtaking corruption and lack of transparency is a cancer that is silently metastasizing the heart and soul of political integrity of this nation.

Americans often read about the corruption of foreign governments, what a laugh! If ever there was a corrupt government, it resides in the halls of Congress and the White House. Recent passage of the, Stimulus, Health Care and Financial Reform Bills are prime examples. For too many years Americans have allowed elected officials to do things to this nation that the people did not want but felt helpless to do anything about because they were told that they were powerless to do anything. Oh, Yeah?! At present talk of a Constitutional amendment that would deny citizenship to children born here of illegal immigrants is passed off as not possible. Not possible?! That bit of not-so-subtle propaganda needs to be shoved up their noses. But it can be done only by denying victory to CAREERISTS like the Charlie Crists of the political world. It can only be done by drubbing Harry Reed, taking the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi, and neutering Barrack Obama.

If Obama had not been so eager to “totally change America” into his vision of a socialist utopia by driving the economy from the ditch into an abyss, he might have been somewhat worthy of the accolades that the media and other idiots around the world heaped on him. But he and his administration along with Congressional Democrats have done more to destroy America in two years than any enemy this country has ever faced on the battle field in its history. Iraq and Afghanistan a problem?! B.S.! Congress and this Administration are the problem!

Americans need to divest themselves of both democrat and republican riff raff and reopen America for business. Burgeoning government spending programs is not business, it is an albatross hung around the neck of every American, including the very ones who benefit from government largesse. Once purged of self-serving governmental elected officials and bureaucratic leaches, America can look forward to the best years of its existence. Instead of democrat leadership demonizing and ignoring Americans, mainstream officials are needed who will carry the banner of a bright future and restore real hope for all Americans.

A good start would be to replace any Senator who has served more than two terms and any Representative who has served more than six. A Constitutional Amendment should be enacted that would limit terms of political office. Then at the first opportunity, fire Obama and elect an American who is unapologetically unashamed of and pro-America!

Forget about the smartest person in the room it makes one want to throw up! What America needs are leaders with a modicum of intellect and a wheelbarrow full of common sense!

Semper Fidelis


Wild Thing's comment.......


"What America needs are leaders with a modicum of intellect and a wheelbarrow full of common sense! "

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Two Men on United Flight from Chicago Arrested on 'Preparation of a Terrorist Attack' in Amsterdam

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, left, and Hezem al Murisi, were taken off a United Airlines flight in the Netherlands and have been charged by Dutch police with "preparation of a terrorist attack," according to a U.S. law enforcement official. (ABC News)

ABC News Exclusive: Two Men on United Flight from Chicago Arrested on 'Preparation of a Terrorist Attack' in Amsterdam


Suspects Had Been Cleared Sunday by TSA in Chicago, Birmingham Despite Security Concerns

Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with "preparation of a terrorist attack," U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News.

U.S. officials said the two appeared to be travelling with what were termed "mock bombs" in their luggage. "This was almost certainly a dry run, a test," said one senior law enforcement official.
A spokesman for the Dutch public prosecutor, Ernst Koelman, confirmed the two men were arrested this morning and said "the investigation is ongoing." He said the arrests were made "at the request of American authorities."

The two were allowed to board the flight at O'Hare airport last night despite security concerns surrounding one of them, the officials said.

The men were identified as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, of Detroit, MI, and Hezem al Murisi, the officials said. A neighbor of al Soofi told ABC News he is from Yemen.

Airport security screeners in Birmingham, Alabama first stopped al Soofi and referred him to additional screening because of what officials said was his "bulky clothing."

In addition, officials said, al Soofi was found to be carrying $7,000 in cash and a check of his luggage found a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together, several watches taped together, a box cutter and three large knives. Officials said there was no indication of explosives and he and his luggage were cleared for the flight from Birmingham to Chicago O'Hare.

Once in Chicago, officials say they learned al Soofi checked his luggage on a flight to Washington's Dulles airport for connections on flights to Dubai and then Yemen, even though he did not board the flight himself.

Instead, officials say, al Soofi was joined by the second man, Al Murisi, and boarded the United flight from Chicago to Amsterdam.

When Customs and Border officials learned al Soofi was not on the flight from Dulles to Dubai, the plane was ordered to return to the gate so his luggage could be removed. Officials said additional screening found no evidence of explosives.

The two men were detained by Dutch authorities when the United flight landed in Amsterdam, according to the officials.


Wild Thing's comment.........

The two were allowed to board the flight at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Sunday night despite security concerns surrounding one of them, officials told ABC News, which identified the men as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, of Detroit, MI, and Hezam al Murisi.

Our airport security sucks--big time.

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Glenn Beck Launches A New Website ~ The Blaze


Here is the link so you can check it out........ The Blaze.


Wild Thing's comment.......

All the best to Glenn Beck and his new website.

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August 30, 2010

While Military Hater Obama Tries Taking Credit For Iraq, the House GOP Remind All It is The TROOPS That Deserve The Credit

A new video out from the House GOP including Republican Leader John Boehner (Ohio) and Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) today reminds viewers of exactly where the Democrat leadership stood on the Iraq surge.

The video includes footage of Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid, and is a stark reminder of their remarks of “failure” aimed at our troops in harm’s way.

"While President Obama and Vice President Biden continue to seek credit for "ending the combat mission" in Iraq, this video praises the contributions of our troops for helping bring greater stability and security there -- significant progress that was only made possible through a surge strategy most Democrats like the President and Vice President opposed. As the drawdown of troops in Iraq continues, House Republicans are grateful to all the men and women in uniform, as well as their families, for the courage and sacrifices they have made, and continue to make, to advance freedom abroad and strengthen our security here at home."

Obama is set to deliver a speech on Iraq and it is widely believed that Obama will try to take credit for the success of the surge in Iraq that he so vehemently opposed while in the Senate.

Our volunteer forces who sacrificed so much over the past seven-plus years deserve every bit of the credit. God bless our troops and the United States of America.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama will never do or say the right thing. General Ray Odierno, who, with General David Petraeus, turned the war in Iraq around while Obama and his ilk were fighting against our troops the whole time.

Obama should hang his butt ugly head in shame not throw his chin in the air as he does and assume the role of any kind of leadership.

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"I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.
“The facts are the facts. We went through some of this during the campaign — there is a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly,” said a visibly annoyed Obama, referring to “birthers,” who have waged a guerrilla campaign questioning either the existence or the validity of his Hawaiian birth certificate.


Barack Obama dismissed a recent poll showing that a third of Americans don’t know he’s a Christian – and blamed an online campaign of misinformation by his conservative enemies for perpetuating the myth that he’s a Muslim.

Obama, speaking with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on Sunday afternoon, was equally dismissive of conservative talk show host Glenn Beck – saying he didn’t watch the Fox host’s Saturday rally in Washington but wasn’t surprised that Beck was able to “stir up” people during uncertain economic times.

Williams, sitting under a tent in a rain-soaked New Orleans, where the First Family commemorated the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, asked Obama why so many people were uncertain about something so fundamental as his faith.

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.
“The facts are the facts. We went through some of this during the campaign — there is a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly,” said a visibly annoyed Obama, referring to “birthers,” who have waged a guerrilla campaign questioning either the existence or the validity of his Hawaiian birth certificate.
“I will always put my money on the American people, and I’m not going to be worried too much about what rumors are floating around there.”

A stunning 18 percent of Americans identify Obama as Muslim, according to a Pew poll released earlier this month. Only a third identified Obama, who speaks passionately about his faith in his autobiography, as Christian.

Obama, who just returned from a long vacation on Martha’s Vineyard said he didn’t watch Glenn Beck’s massive rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, adding that he was focused on the long-term, not on the “Nightly News.”

“It’s not surprising that someone like a Mr. Beck is able to stir up a certain portion of [the American people]. … That’s been true throughout our history,” he said.

Obama doubled down on his support for a mosque and community center planned for a site two blocks north of ground zero in lower Manhattan – and denied reports that he tried to back away from backing the controversial project.

“I didn’t walk it back it all,” he said. “I was very specific with my team… The core value and principle that every American is treated the same doesn’t change… At [a White House Ramadan celebration], I had Muslim Americans who had been in uniform fighting in Iraq… How can you say to them that their religious faith is less worthy of respect?... That’s something that I feel very strongly about.”
He added, “I respect the feelings on the other side.”

The president, a harsh critic of the Bush administration’s sluggish response to Katrina, bristled when asked if the BP Gulf oil spill was his administration’s Katrina – because of a failure to act quickly enough.

“It’s just not accurate,” he told Williams. “The only thing in common with the Katrina response was [oil spill incident commander] Thad Allen… We had immediately [deployed] thousands of vessels, tens of thousands of people.”
The spill has wreaked less havoc on the Gulf Coast “because of the sturdiness and steadiness” of his administration’s response, Obama added.

Wild Thing's comment........

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,”

Well, you couldn't suck the oil up with a straw, then what are you good for?

What a stupid, juvenile flippant answer. Media always will give him a pass.

This is backfiring on him big time.

Drudge has this on the front page and linked to Politico/Journ-O-Listers which has over 1200 comments so far. The comments are running 99% against Imam Obama.


"I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama.

So use staples you FREAK! I guess he does not want to hide the 666 that is on his forehead. The REAL Obam campaign is the one Obama is fighting to keep every iota of the 1-2 million dollars he's invested to ensure most every iota of his personal documents (including education) are kept more secret than any other documents/recipes/info anywhere in the world.

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Racial Acrimony; and, Political Strategy by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired


Racial Acrimony; and, Political Strategy

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

For those who do not pay attention, today, August 28th there were two major events in Washington, D.C.. One on the Mall between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, the other between a Dunbar High School and the site on the Mall where a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. is to be built.

The size of the respective groups is likely to be the subject of talk shows and media “pundancy” for a week or so but pales into insignificance when compared to the tone of the respective organizers’ remarks. The substance and tone of what TV and Radio Host Glen Beck had to say on the one hand and Rev. Al Sharpton had to say on the other were in stark contrast to one another.

Beck honored the Nation’s founders and military members; and given the anniversary date of his “I have a Dream” speech on that same location, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He appealed to all Americans to support military members, in particular those who have suffered wounds while fighting her wars; and to return to God as the source of National strength. He spoke of God-given rights, the nation’s heritage of greatness, and of American “exceptionalism.” Other speakers at the Mall event including Dr. King’s niece reflected and reinforced that same theme.

Sharpton on the other hand was decidedly negative accusing Beck of intentionally choosing the anniversary of King’s famous speech in an effort to hijack the Civil Rights movement, implied that Beck’s efforts were disingenuous with the underlying intention of advancing a political agenda or movement; and sounded more like a spoiled child than a Civil Rights Leader. This is not an attempt to recount today’s events; rather it is to take note of the decidedly toxic quality of Sharpton’s remarks.

One is mindful of Obama’s oft stated campaign pledge to bring unity, albeit he sat in a hate-America-first church for twenty years without lifting a finger to advance racial conciliation and harmony. There is nothing here to suggest that racial minorities, blacks of African origin in particular have had no grievances; they have and still do in some quarters. What is no longer a secret is that the evident chip on the shoulders of leaders like Sharpton, Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama does nothing to advance conciliation and unity; rather they work to intentionally divide the nation.

People that I know, most who are “white” would welcome open and honest racial dialogue, but after listening to Sharpton, Wright, Farrakhan, Elder and having read Obama’s books I find little evidence that desire is reciprocated at the leadership level. Sharpton’s attitude today showcased the contrast. Objective Americans observed racism and divisiveness today, and it was on the part of Al Sharpton.

When the word “racism” is hurled at those who have honest disagreement with the direction that Obama is taking the country, the glaring question is, “racism on whose part?” One cannot help but call to mind the oft quoted phrase, “united we stand, divided we fall.”

In today’s environment it is clear that “triangulation” or “divide and conquer” is the operative political strategy. By creating multiple competing factions the strongest minority emerges with the spoils. That is how politicians whose agenda is not representative of the mainstream in this county gained power; and now hope to retain it.

Take Florida’s Senate race as an example of “divide and conquer.” Governor Charlie Crist revealed by his actions over the course of his stewardship that he is not the conservative that he made himself out to be during his gubernatorial campaign. Upon Crist announcing his Senate aspirations upstart Marco Rubio emerged and began to clobber him in the Republican Primary race.

Enter the real Charlie Crist. Similar to Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Crist dumped the Republican Party to avoid certain defeat at the hands of conservative (albeit with warts, Rubio) moving well to the left. Crist scrubbed his website of conservative positions and has openly courted democrats, including there being reports of having former members of the Clinton team as advisors. In the meantime Democrat Candidate Meeks won the Democrat nomination.

Given tepid support by the Party the majority of democrats will vote for Crist over Meeks and when combined with Crist loyalists within the Republican Party might be enough to defeat Rubio. Put differently, the political calculus is that the new out-of-the-closet Crist will garner enough support from democrats and Crist loyalists to emerge the victor in the three way race; “divide and conquer!”

Rubio’s best hope would be for Obama to come to Florida and openly campaign for Crist. And that may be possible given Crist’s announcement in an interview that had he been in the Senate at the time he would have voted for “Obamacare.” But, not so fast! He changed that to, “I misspoke” when confronted with his pronouncement.

Crist, like Obama is a duplicitous liar and deceiver and is the absolute political worst of what is wrong with Washington. It’s time to clean house! How long is it until November?!

Semper Fidelis


Wild Thing's comment.............

Col. Pappas is so good, I always love to read what he has to say on the various topics. This was is really good!!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Video of Some of Those That Were At The Restoring Honor Rally

This is great, watch the whole thing if you can. If not go to around 2:40 on the video and llisten and watch this awesome woman's response to the man asking questions. FANTASATIC!

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English Speaking Muslims Living in America Protesting Against USA


Wild Thing's comment........

Below is MY response to these Muslims!

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AZ. Gov. Brewer Has Condemned Obama;s Report To HIS Precious United Nations

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state's controversial immigration law be removed from a State Department report to the United Nations' human rights commissioner.

Gov. Jan Brewer:

" As you know, the Obama Administration and Secretary Clinton submitted SB1070 to the United Nations Council on Human Rights so it can be "reviewed" by foreign countries like Cuba and Libya. The attached link lists all the countries that serve on the UN Council who will be reviewing SB1070. This is truly internationalism run amok and unconstitutional. I will fight any efforts by the State Department and the UN to interfere with the duly enacted laws of our state according to the US Constitution."

"It is downright offensive that the Obama administration stands with Cuba and Libya against Arizona. This is, of course, after having Mexico join the United States lawsuit against our state.."


In correspondence sent today to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Governor Jan Brewer has condemned the “Universal Periodic Review” report submitted to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Governor Brewer has requested that Secretary Clinton amend the report to the United Nations to remove the paragraph on S.B. 1070.

In her letter to Secretary of State Clinton, Governor Brewer stated

Gov. Brewer website

“Simply put, it is downright offensive that the State Department included the State of Arizona and S.B. 1070 in a report to the United Nations Council on Human Rights, whose members include such renowned human rights ‘champions’ as Cuba and Libya.” Governor Brewer additionally stated, “The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a State of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional. Human rights as guaranteed by the United States and Arizona Constitutions are expressly protected in S.B. 1070 and defended vigorously by my Administration.”
The State Department’s report takes credit for the “…sophistication and breadth of [the United States’] anti-trafficking efforts” while in fact many human rights problems are occurring because of the decade-old or more enforcement policy by the federal government to secure the border in San Diego and El Paso and leave the Tucson Sector less secured. This policy choice forces the illegal immigrant trafficking across the harsh Arizona desert resulting in life-and-death consequences. Governor Brewer stated that “If the federal government secured the entire border and enforced our immigration laws, these human rights problems would not be occurring for citizens, legal residents and illegal immigrants.”
Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council are set to review the Administration’s controversial and unprecedented report later this year. The letter to the Secretary requests that the Administration amend and remove the offensive section of the report relating to the State of Arizona and S.B. 1070. If not removed, Governor Brewer stated that “the State of Arizona will fight any attempt by the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations to interfere with the duly enacted laws of the State of Arizona in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Good for Gov. Brewer. Obama is anti- America in everything he does.

Since many UN nations are of enemy states then this “report” is nothing short of treason and these enemy states will use it as propaganda value against us.

The Obama administration is unquestionably the most anti-American political body in American history. Obama is a traitor.

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Newsmax Military Coup Against Obama Article Axed

This is Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer on John McCain's medical records. More double standard, the left getting their way and the people that truly LOVE America and respect our Constitution being thrown under the bus.~ Wild Thing

Newsmax Military Coup Against Obama Article Axed Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama


Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama

Here is the full text of John L. Perry's column on Newsmax which suggests that a military coup to "resolve the Obama problem" is becoming more possible and is not "unrealistic." Perry also writes that a coup, while not "ideal," may be preferable to "Obama's radical ideal" -- and would "restore and defend the Constitution." Newsmax has since removed the column from its website.

Obama Risks a Domestic Military Intervention
By John L. Perry

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the "Obama problem." Don't dismiss it as unrealistic.

America isn't the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. That it has never happened doesn't mean it wont. Describing what may be afoot is not to advocate it. So, view the following through military eyes:

# Officers swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Unlike enlisted personnel, they do not swear to "obey the orders of the president of the United States."

# Top military officers can see the Constitution they are sworn to defend being trampled as American institutions and enterprises are nationalized.

# They can see that Americans are increasingly alarmed that this nation, under President Barack Obama, may not even be recognizable as America by the 2012 election, in which he will surely seek continuation in office.

# They can see that the economy -- ravaged by deficits, taxes, unemployment, and impending inflation -- is financially reliant on foreign lender governments.

# They can see this president waging undeclared war on the intelligence community, without whose rigorous and independent functions the armed services are rendered blind in an ever-more hostile world overseas and at home.

# They can see the dismantling of defenses against missiles targeted at this nation by avowed enemies, even as America's troop strength is allowed to sag.

# They can see the horror of major warfare erupting simultaneously in two, and possibly three, far-flung theaters before America can react in time.

# They can see the nation's safety and their own military establishments and honor placed in jeopardy as never before.

So, if you are one of those observant military professionals, what do you do?

Wait until this president bungles into losing the war in Afghanistan, and Pakistan's arsenal of nuclear bombs falls into the hands of militant Islam?

Wait until Israel is forced to launch air strikes on Iran's nuclear-bomb plants, and the Middle East explodes, destabilizing or subjugating the Free World?

What happens if the generals Obama sent to win the Afghan war are told by this president (who now says, "I'm not interested in victory") that they will be denied troops they must have to win? Do they follow orders they cannot carry out, consistent with their oath of duty? Do they resign en masse?

Or do they soldier on, hoping the 2010 congressional elections will reverse the situation? Do they dare gamble the national survival on such political whims?

Anyone who imagines that those thoughts are not weighing heavily on the intellect and conscience of America's military leadership is lost in a fool's fog.

Will the day come when patriotic general and flag officers sit down with the president, or with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a "family intervention," with some form of limited, shared responsibility?

Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.

Military intervention is what Obama's exponentially accelerating agenda for "fundamental change" toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

Unthinkable? Then think up an alternative, non-violent solution to the Obama problem. Just don't shrug and say, "We can always worry about that later."

In the 2008 election, that was the wistful, self-indulgent, indifferent reliance on abnegation of personal responsibility that has sunk the nation into this morass.

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama treats the Military like absolute crap. He defends every Terrorist, thug and infidel like family. He treats the patriots like they are criminals.

He demands to stop trials on known terrorists, like this last one regarding the USS Ciole. The list is long in how he favors the side of the terrorists vs. our troops and we the citizens.

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August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. 8-28

Glenn Beck delivering opening remarks at his “Restoring Honor” Rally held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Beck declared in his remarks that, “Today, America begins to turn back to God.” The rally emphasized the founding principles that have made America great, and represented a call to return to – or to “restore” those principles as our guiding light.

Beck later said (not in this clip) that even the media was estimating the size of the crowd at between 300,000 and 500,000 people. As you can see in this clip, the crowd extended from the Lincoln Memorial, down both sides the entire length of the reflecting pool, and beyond, toward the Washington Monument.

The rally being opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.


Al Sharpton and a host of speakers stood in front of a group of 3,000 people and declared that Reverend King's dream was their property alone.

Sharpton's rally of racists had almost 3,000 attending.

"We will not stand silent as some seek to bamboozle Dr. King's dream," said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. "We reclaim the dream of Dr. King for the 21st century. We reclaim this dream because we are here to say we must be one nation. We stand on the shoulders of our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers."

Jaime Contreras, president of SEIU-32BJ, said those gathered at the Mall with Beck "represent angry white people and hate-mongering." He added: "We will not let them stand in the way of the change we voted for!"

Avis Jones DeWeever, executive director of the National Council of Negro Women, drew thunderous roars when she challenged those gathered to stand up for their place. "Don't let anyone tell you that they have the right to take their country back," she said. "It's our country, too. We will reclaim the dream. It was ours from the beginning."
Sharpton, the man who incited two anti-Semitic riots that killed a total of nine people, also pushed a message of divisiveness.

"They may have the mall, but we have the message. They may have the platform, but we have the dream." Sharpton and other activists gathered to commemorate the 47th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech, then joined hands and walked 3 miles to the site of King's future memorial. "This is our day and we ain't giving it away," said Sharpton.

Across town at the Lincoln Memorial, the message was much different , the message of restoring Honor to America.

Martin Luther King's niece Dr. Alveda King, addressed the crowd of 3-500,000 with a plea for unity and prayer "in the public squares of America and in our schools." She called for national unity by echoing her uncle's declaring "I have a dream."

"I have a dream that America will pray and God will forgive us our sins and revive us our land," King said. "On that day, we will all be able to lift every voice and sing of the love and honor that God desires of all his children."

Sarah Palin's message was also one of unity:

"We must not fundamentally transform America, as some would want," Palin said. "We must restore America and restore her honor."
"Here today, at the crossroads of our history, may this day be the change point," Palin said. "Look around you. You're not alone. You are Americans! You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them."

There were TWO rallies in Washington DC, one emphasized that the legacy of Martin Luther King was theirs and theirs alone. The other called for people to join together and find their way to God.


Awesome! God bless America! God bless these 500,000+ patriots that attended this rally.

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Note The Difference AFTER the Restoring Honor rally vs. the Filthy Democrats at Barack Obama Inauguration

On the mall after the Restoring Honor rally


Compare...Here's video from right after the Barack Obama Inauguration January 20, 2009, see if you can notice the HUGE difference. What total slobs and total disrespect for where they are, the memorials for our country etc.

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Ground Zero Muslim Center May Get Public Financing

Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing


The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy.

The Democratic comptroller's spokesman, Scott Sieber, said Liu supported the project. The center has sparked an intense debate over U.S. religious freedoms and the sanctity of the Trade Center site, where nearly 3,000 perished in the September 11, 2001 attack.

"If it turns out to be financially feasible and if they can demonstrate an ability to pay off the bonds and comply with the laws concerning tax-exempt financing, we'd certainly consider it," Sieber told Reuters.

Spokesmen for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David Paterson and the Islamic center and were not immediately available.

The proposed center, two blocks from the Trade Center site in lower Manhattan, has caused a split between people who lost relatives and friends in the attack, as well as conservative politicians, and those who support the project. Among those who support it are the mayor, civic and religious groups, and some families of victims.

The mosque's backers hope to raise a total of $70 million in tax-exempt debt to build the center, according to the New York Times. Tax laws allow such funding for religiously affiliated non-profits if they can prove the facility will benefit the general public and their religious activities are funded separately.

The bonds could be issued through a local development corporation created for this purpose, experts said.

The Islamic center would have to repay the bonds, which likely would be less expensive than taxable debt.

New York City's Industrial Development Authority could not issue debt for the center because the state civic facilities law, which governed this type of financing for non-profits, was allowed to expire about two years ago.


Wild Thing's comment........

So now, we not only have to allow this sewer of hate to be built in OUR country, AMERICANS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?

I sure hope they do not do any of this.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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August 28, 2010

Obama Halts Prosecution of Suspected USS Cole Bomber

USS Cole Commander Lippold Furious At Obama's Suspension of Bomber's Trial


Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber

The Washington Post

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri is the alleged mastermind behind the USS Cole bombing and other terrorist attacks. He headed al-Qaeda operations in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf states prior to his capture in November 2002. The Obama Administration dropped charges in February 2009 on al-Nashiri pending the administration’s review of all Gitmo detentions.

The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing.

The decision at least temporarily scuttles what was supposed to be the signature trial of a major al-Qaeda figure under a reformed system of military commissions. And it comes practically on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attack, which killed 17 sailors and wounded dozens when a boat packed with explosives ripped a hole in the side of the warship in the port of Aden.

In a filing this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the Justice Department said that “no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future.”

The statement, tucked into a motion to dismiss a petition by Nashiri’s attorneys, suggests that the prospect of further military trials for detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has all but ground to a halt, much as the administration’s plan to try the accused plotters of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in federal court has stalled.

Only two cases are moving forward at Guantanamo Bay, and both were sworn and referred for trial by the time Obama took office. In January 2009, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates directed the Convening Authority for Military Commissions to stop referring cases for trial, an order that 20 months later has not been rescinded.

Military officials said a team of prosecutors in the Nashiri case has been ready go to trial for some time. And several months ago, military officials seemed confident that Nashiri would be arraigned this summer.

“It’s politics at this point,” said one military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss policy. He said he thinks the administration does not want to proceed against a high-value detainee without some prospect of civilian trials for other major figures at Guantanamo Bay.


Wild Thing's comment.........

From the article:

"In a filing this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the Justice Department said that "no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future."

WTF!!! And this administration wonders why people think this President is sympathetic to muslims. Next they'll be looking for a way to help this guy to be freed.

Obama is inching toward amnesty for Islamic terrorists. The Ft. Hood shooter may be next.


-March 2009, Obama declares the “war on terror” is over despite a dramatic increase in jihad war ops.

-March 2009, he floats the idea that he will talk to violent, genocidal Hamas.

-March 2009, he demands, recruits and insists that more Muslim Americans work in the Obama administration.

-April 2009, Obama tells Europe to admit Islamic Turkey into EU, much to the consternation of the Europeans.

-April 2009, Obama demands non-Muslims respect Islam (despite our differences) in a speech in Turkey.

-April 2009, Obama in a speech from Turkey: “We are not a Christian nation.”

-April 2009, Dalia Mogahed, the first hijab-clad senior adviser to Obama on Muslim affairs says in an interview with terrorist- and jihad-supporting Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi’s website, “Many have claimed that terrorists have ‘hijacked Islam’. I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world. What the terrorists have been allowed to take over are Muslim grievances.”

-In April 2009, Obama lays groundwork for a partnership with Hamas.

-May 2009, Obama promises to offer his “personal commitment” to Muslims.

-May 2009, Obama calls America “one of the largest Muslim countries on the planet.”

-June 2009, Obama invites the Muslim Brotherhood, violent global jihadist group whose sole objective is a universal caliphate, to his speech to the ummah (Muslim community) in Cairo.

-June 2009, Obama makes a stunning speech to the Muslim world from Al Azhar University in Cairo. It defies explanation.

-July 2009, Obama reaches out to the violent jihadists of Hezb’allah.

-July 2009, Obama creates a new office at the State department, Outreach to the Worldwide Muslim community, reporting directly to Hillary Clinton.

-Sos muslim outreach

-July 2009 State Department Welcomes Hamas Mouthpiece, Al-Quds TV, to DC to Film Propaganda.

-Obama promises to close GITMO.

-Obama is rebuked when plans are revealed for CIA prosecutions for 911 interrogations: Seven Ex-chiefs of CIA Oppose Case Review: ALL Sign letter to Stop CIA Persecutions.

-In July, Obama sanctions the brutal crackdown of those marching for freedom in Iran and sides with the mullahcracy. He stands silent about the Iranian regime’s mass executions, mass rape and murder.

-July 2009, Obama plans to slash US nuclear arsenal.

-September 2009. Bolton on Obama at the UN: “This is the most radical anti-Israel speech I can recall any president making” “I have to say I was very shaken by this speech.”

-October 2009, Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund.

-November 2009, Fort Hood Jihad Cover up: Obama Urges Congress To Put Off Fort Hood Probe, Warns Against Turning Tragedy Into “Political Theater.”

-November 2009, Obama offers the Taliban control of the Kandahar, Helmand, Oruzgan, Kunar and Nuristan provinces, in return for a halt to the Taliban missile attacks on U.S. bases.

-November 2009, Obama Reaches out to bloody Jihadis in the Philippines.

-On Thanksgiving eve, Obama issues a special Hajj message to the world’s Muslims.

-December 2009, Obama’s “Non-Religious” White House Christmas and No Christmas Gifts for his Kids.

-February 2010, Obama names a Hafiz to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. “And as a hafiz of the Koran, [Hussain] is a respected member of the American Muslim community,” Obama said in his message to the Doha meeting, using the term for someone who has mastered and memorized the Muslim holy book.

-February 2010, Obama cuts US space program, orders NASA to work with Muslim countries.

-February 2010, covering up for jihadists in the White House.

-Obama’s counter terrorism adviser, John Brennan, Involved in Obama Passport Breach.

-March 2010, Obama Obsession with Islam: Calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims.

-April 2010, Libyan Pres Gaddafi Praises Obama: “Barakeh Obama is friend” “He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported....”

-May 2010, Obama’s Counterterrorism Adviser Calls Jihad “Legitimate Tenet of Islam.”

-May 2010, White House Pro-Terrorism John Brennan Speechifies in Arabic, Equates Terrorists with Shoplifters, Lawmakers Call for his Firing.

-June 2010, Obama equivocates on the jihad warship convoy (affectionately named a “flotilla” by the media): Obama “Expressed a Deep Regret Over Loss of [Jihadist] Life.”

-June 2010, Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN.

-Press conference earlier this week: First flagless “President.” Ouch. What a disgrace.

-August 2010 Obama Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber

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Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. Today


with live streaming video at 8/28/10 10AM ET CLICK HERE FOR LIVE STREAMING IVIDEO AT FACEBOOK.

Don´t Miss RESTORING HONOR 8-28-10!!! .

Streaming live coverage tomorrow here

and on Facebook

Updates at Facebook .....Restoring Honor Rally.....


God Bless America.

Thousands Gather for Glenn Beck Rally in DC (A Thousand Camping Out Overnight at Lincoln Memorial)

FOX News

Thousands of people have already poured into Washington, D.C. for a Saturday rally organized by conservative radio and television commentator Glenn Beck.

Beck has consistently held the Restoring Honor event will be non-political in nature. Speeches will honor American heroes, said Beck, who asked his supporters to not bring signs or wear partisan t-shirts.

Why have people come from many different states? John Seeland of Stuart, Florida, had an answer:

"I would say we're going a little bit too much toward Socialism in the country. Too much kind of groupthink and too much away from individual freedom and individual actions and individual responsibility."

Although camping is illegal on the National Mall, hundreds of people are choosing to spend the night on the grassy lawn of the Mall on both sides of the Reflecting Pool. They are doing that to get a better view on Saturday. Police say, as long as people remain awake, they may stay.

A reader emails that if you search Google MAPS today, on the eve of Glenn Beck’s rally, a search for Lincoln Memorial turns up, instead, the wrong address. And not just any wrong address either; it takes you to the FDR Memorial. Curious.
A quick look at Google Trends shows that Lincoln Memorial is, at the time of this posting, the fourth most popular search term. (Glenn Beck Rally comes in 7th, and “Restoring Honor Rally” is the top hot topic.


Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols are going to be there and the liberal media is having a fit about it.

Albert Pujols is the 9 Time All Star First Baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Tony LaRussa is his Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals for the last 14 years, he’s the only manager other than Sparky Anderson (Cincinnati Reds & Detroit Tigers) to win World Series Championships in both leagues (Oakland A’s) - 1989 (St. Louis Cardinals - 2006.

La Russa, Pujols will appear at Washington rally

The Post-Dispatch

Cardinals first baseman and three-time NL Most Valuable Player Albert Pujols will be among several honorees at a highly publicized and potentially politically charged Saturday morning rally expected to draw more than 20,000 to The Mall.
Organized by Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck and featuring former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the “Restoring Honor” rally is scheduled to take place at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
Beck, who met Pujols at Busch Stadium before a June appearance at Chaifetz Arena, is promoting the event as an apolitical celebration of the First Amendment and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, scheduled to introduce Pujols, insisted Thursday that he and Pujols are attending only after receiving assurances that the event is not a thinly disguised political rally.


Wild Thing's comment........

This is unprecedented in recent history of rallies on the Mall in D.C. to have a thousand people camping out at the rally site the night before. Many more will be arriving throughout the night last night because Beck is starting the rally at 10 a.m. EDT.

God Bless all the American Patriots gathering this weekend!

....Thank you Anon for the links.

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Military Dog Helps Service Member with PTSD

Military Dog Helps Service Member with PTSD

Video about how a joint study by several health organizations revealed 82 percent of people diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder partnered with a trained psychiatric service dog will have fewer symptoms. Provided by American Forces Network Afghanistan.

Service dogs help heal military veterans

The wounds of war are not always physical. Battle anxiety leaves many soldiers emotionally scarred with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can lead to lifelong disability if inadequately treated.

Coming to the rescue is the Paws for Purple Hearts program, with dogs trained to assist veterans with emotional and physical disabilities.

The concept of service dogs, trained to assist people with mobility or other impairments, originated in 1975 at the Bergin University of Canine Studies, Santa Rosa, Calif. The concept has now been expanded for an innovative program designed for wounded veterans.

In January the first group of dogs selected from the pilot program of Paws for Purple Hearts will report for duty at the Walter Reed Warrior Transition Unit in Washington, D.C. Veterans suffering from PTSD will train these dogs to become companions for other soldiers returning home with physical disabilities.

"The experience of losing a close friend and feeling helpless leaves a scar,'' said Rick Yount, director of Paws for Purple Hearts. "It's very important to address it and come to some type of understanding of what they could and couldn't do in the situation.''

Unconditional love

In the first part of the program, the unconditional love of the golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers in the program is part of a trauma-recovery team for incoming veterans suffering from PTSD.

Emotional affection is needed to praise the service dog, an empathic quality needed for veterans to recover. "Dogs won't let you isolate,'' Yount said, adding that they serve as grounding and help the veterans develop patience.

During a three-month training period, the service dog is taught vital skills to aid physically disabled soldiers, including the ability to retrieve items, turn on lights, open and close doors, and push wheelchairs. Once trained, the service dogs can accomplish many tasks typically performed by family members and attendants.

Second phase

In the second part of the program, the service dog moves to the next level, leaving the PTSD-afflicted trainer for a new human companion. The difficulty of saying goodbye to a new friend often brings up feelings of lost comrades, but with a significant difference: A sacrifice is being made for the good of another comrade returning from combat.

"Maybe they couldn't help their friend hit by an IED (improvised explosive device), but helping another veteran helps them to deal with the loss,'' Yount said.

Combat veterans usually have a difficult time expressing feelings about severe wartime trauma, and initial results are positive. "The vet can be more relaxed and less hypervigilant,'' he said.

According to the Army Surgeon General’s special assistant for mental health, Col. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, M.D., the Army is using dogs “much more” to help soldiers recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Animals are not just cute,” Ritchie said. “They provide support.”

The observation came at a 2010 NAMI Convention symposium on “Veterans and Military Mental Health,” focusing on the needs of returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other veterans.

Ritchie’s statement was consistent with the findings of a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) report released last year, Depression: Gaps and Guideposts, which found that about 20 percent of people living with depression have used animal therapy in treatment, with 54 percent finding it “extremely” or “quite a bit” helpful.

The dogs, provided by the Psychiatric Service Dog Society, are trained to help jolt a soldier from a flashback, dial 911 on the phone, and even sense a panic attack before it starts.

The dog also provides emotional comfort, and can help a veteran with a sense of responsibility, optimism, and self-awareness.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I love animals and I can see how having a dog or a cat to be with one of our troops when they come back would help a lot. It is a special relationship that a person has with these gifts from God.

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August 27, 2010

Air Force Aircraft Supporting EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh 2010's "Salute to Veterans"

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2010 "Salute to Veterans"

More than a dozen legendary CAF warbirds to participate at Oshkosh

A compilation of clips from Airventure 2010 set to "Clocks" by Coldplay.

Highlights include:
DC3 (And DC2) Reunion "The Last Time"
Many military jets including the F-15, F-16, Sea Harrier, and F-4 Phantom II

EAA Home

Commemorative Air Force Units from throughout the U.S. are lending their support to EAA AirVenture's "Salute to Veterans" with more than a dozen legendary aircraft that will be part of the air shows and ground displays in the warbird area.

Among the airplanes that are confirmed are two airplanes whose 75th anniversaries will be recognized at Oshkosh: the B-17 Texas Raiders from Houston, Texas, and the C-47 Bluebonnet Belle from Burnet, Texas. In addition, several P-51 Mustangs and such aircraft as the B-25, SNJ, SBD Dauntless, SNJ Texan and PT-26 will be parked among the rows of warbirds at AirVenture.

"The dedication and support of the Commemorative Air Force and its Units throughout the U.S. is helping to make the Salute to Veterans at EAA AirVenture an unforgettable event," said Tom Poberezny, EAA chairman/president and AirVenture chairman. "These aircraft are painstakingly restored and maintained by the CAF as a tribute to those who have fought and sacrificed to preserve our freedoms, and we eagerly look forward to them joining us at Oshkosh."

"This is perhaps the greatest gathering of CAF aircraft that I've seen at Oshkosh," said Stephan Brown, CAF president and CEO. "We are pleased to support events such as EAA AirVenture, especially when those who come to Oshkosh each year have a deep appreciation for the aircraft, the people who flew them in the military and those who are dedicated to preserving this flying history."

Collecting, restoring and flying vintage historical aircraft for more than half a century, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) ranks as one of the largest private air forces in the world. The CAF is dedicated to Honoring American Military Aviation through flight, exhibition and remembrance. A non-profit educational association, the CAF has approximately 8,500 members and a fleet of 156 airplanes distributed throughout the country to 74 units located in 27 states for care and operation.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Awesome Air Show!!!!!! I love Air shows and this is the biggest one.

....Thank you Tom for sending this to me.

US Army Aviation
Vietnam 1966-68
US Army Special Forces

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'Son of Hamas' Warns U.S. Fatally Falling For Lies ~ WAKE UP and Stand Against Islam!

Interfaith leaders speak in support of cultural center near Ground Zero at Washington news conference
Imam Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of the Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom), speaks about the proposed cultural center and mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York during an inter-faith news conference at the National Press Club in Washington on August 17, 2010. At right is Corey Saylor, director of Government Affairs at the Council of American-Islamic Relations. UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg Photo via Newscom

Mosab Hassan Yousef

'Son of Hamas' warns U.S. fatally falling for lies

'Peaceful' Muslims following Quran's dictate to establish 'global Islamic state'


As the son of a Hamas co-founder who became a Christian, a spy for Israel and a consultant to the Holy Land Foundation terror-finance trial, Mosab Hassan Yousef offers a rare perspective on the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood – at once the spawn of nearly every major Islamic terrorist group and of "mainstream" operatives in the U.S. such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Yousef, who recently was granted asylum in the U.S. after the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, told WND in a telephone interview Americans must understand that the ultimate goal of the highly influential Brotherhood is not terrorism but to establish a global Islamic state over the entire world.

"If they can establish this in a peaceful manner, that's fine," he said. "But they are required by the Quran to establish this global Islamic state on the rubble of every civilization, every constitution, every government."

The Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in 2008 – the largest terror-finance case in U.S. history – presented evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood's "100-year plan" to gradually destroy the U.S. and Western civilization from within "so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

"This is not a doctrine of some freak Muslim," Yousef observed. "It's the doctrine, the requirement, of the god of Islam himself and his prophet, whom they praise every day."

One of the Brotherhood's prime strategies to help achieve its ultimate aim is to spin off groups such as the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, that attempt to give Islam a positive face, he pointed out.

CAIR, casting itself as a human rights organization, has often been called on by government and media to represent Muslims in the U.S. But it's origin as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is now widely documented, including in the WND Books best-selling expose "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America"

CAIR and some of its leaders were confirmed by the Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators in the trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted of helping fund Hamas. An FBI letter to lawmakers in April 2009 explained the bureau suspended all formal contacts with CAIR because of evidence the group was founded as a front in the U.S. for Hamas. Among numerous government relationships, CAIR leaders had regular meetings with top FBI brass on security issues and helped lead FBI Muslim "sensitivity training" sessions.

At the Holy Land Foundation trial, the FBI presented a transcript from a wiretap of a 1993 meeting in Philadelphia in which Hamas supporters sought to establish Muslim organizations in the U.S. "whose Islamic hue is not very conspicuous." CAIR was soon founded by two Palestinian participants in the Philadelphia meeting, Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad.

Wiretaps revealed Ahmad argued for using Muslims as an "entry point" to "pressure Congress and the decision makers in America" to change U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. One FBI official quoted in "Muslim Mafia" says CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood front groups differ from al-Qaida only in their methods.

"The only difference between the guys in the suits and the guys with the AK-47s is timing and tactics," the official explained.

CAIR, meanwhile – which has more than a dozen former and current leaders with known associations with violent jihad – is trying to keep alive a lawsuit against WND and two investigators behind "Muslim Mafia."

While CAIR repeatedly has denied it receives foreign support, the covert operation that produced "Muslim Mafia" obtained video footage that captured CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper boasting of his ability to bring in a half million dollars of "overseas money," including from Saudi Arabia.

Money continues to flow in the other direction, as well, Yousef said.

He noted the FBI documented that the Holy Land Foundation sent $12.4 million from the U.S. to Hamas committees. But based on his 10 years of experience as a spy for the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet, he believes many times that amount has been smuggled to Hamas in cash.

As an example, Yousef cited the case of a Palestinian terror operative he met in prison who was arrested transporting $100,000 after Shin Bet provided information to law enforcement authorities.

"I guarantee you that there still people who collect money in mosques that go directly to Hamas in cash," Yousef said. "And this is a problem that the government doesn't have control over. Obama doesn't have control over this money."

'Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood'

Hamas itself was formed in 1987 as part of the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy to advance the movement by spinning off new organizations, Yousef said.

"If they have a confrontation with Israel as the Muslim Brotherhood, they are going to pay a very high price," he explained. "So they choose people like my father, from the Muslim Brotherhood originally, and they ask them to establish an independent movement that shares the same exact doctrine."

As WND reported, Yousef worked alongside his father, Sheik Hassan Yousef, in the West Bank city of al-Ghaniya near Ramallah while secretly embracing Christian faith and serving as a Shin Bet spy. Since publicly declaring his faith in August 2008, he has been condemned by an al-Qaida-affiliated group and disowned by his family.

"Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood," Yousef said. "It's the same organization."

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in the 1920s in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish empire, considers itself an instrument of the charge Muslims have been given since Islam's founding 1,400 years ago – to make the Quran and Allah's authority supreme over the entire world.

Along with CAIR, prominent U.S. organizations launched by Muslim Brotherhood leaders include the Muslim Students Association, North American Islamic Trust, the Islamic Society of North America, the American Muslim Council, the Muslim American Society and the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

"Before we start to listen to their lies," Yousef said, "we have to ask ourselves all the time, what is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood? Ask them, 'What do you want?'"

He said the Muslim Brotherhood "will keep the hope and the ultimate goal very clear in the eyes of every Muslim who belongs to the organization that one day [we will] establish an Islamic state and establish Shariah law."

In unusually candid moments, CAIR leaders have expressed that aim.

CAIR founder Ahmad was reported telling a Muslim group in the San Francisco Bay area that Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant and that the Quran should become the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth. CAIR spokesman Hooper indicated in a 1993 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune he wants to see the U.S. become a Muslim country "through education."

The West, Yousef said, has fallen for the "lie" that there are two types of Islam, radical and moderate. While there may be individual Muslims who are radical or moderate, Islam itself is not moderate, he contends.
"Let's learn what Islam says about itself," Yousef said. "Forget about what the Muslim Brotherhood, what al-Qaida, what Hezbollah – what even Americans or Westerners say about Islam. Let's study and see what Islam says about itself, then we will understand why we have this problem."

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

'Buying the lie'

American foreign policy, especially under President Obama, he said, has "bought the lie of Muslim groups who are trying to make Islam look good in the eyes of Westerners."

Because of that approach, he said, Muslim leaders such as Feisal Abdul Rauf have developed "the courage to come forward with a very aggressive symbol" of Islamic authority, the proposed Islamic center and mosque near the site of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

"If it was any other American president, we wouldn't have this aggressive step," Yousef contended.

He noted the State Department has designated Rauf an ambassador to the Muslim world despite the imam's unwillingness to condemn Hamas as a terrorist group.

"Of course, he cannot condemn Hamas, because he knows that Hamas is an organization that is doing the will of Allah," Yousef said. "How can he condemn an organization that serves the same god that he worships every day five times?"
Yousef pointed out Rauf has claimed Obama based his highly publicized Cairo speech to the Muslim world last year on a chapter from the Arabic version of Rauf's book, "A Call to Prayer From the World Trade Center: Islamic Dawah in the Heart of America Post-9/11."

Obama asserted in the speech that violent extremists have exploited tensions between Muslims and the West, insisting Islam was not part of the problem but part of promoting peace.

'This is the red line'

Defenders of the proposed Ground Zero mosque cite American Muslims' First Amendment freedoms to practice their religion.

But Yousef makes a distinction between Islam and other religions, arguing Islam is a subversive system that threatens America's very existence.

"Even if it's a religion, and 1.5 billion people around the world believe in it, this doesn't mean that they are right; and this doesn't mean that we compromise with them," he said. "We tell them, 'You're accepted, but guess what? This is the red line: We don't compromise with your god. We don't compromise with your belief system.'"

Yousef reasoned that he certainly would not be allowed to create a religion in which he demanded that his followers kill everyone who doesn't embrace his beliefs.

"Will I be able to register this religion here and build my symbols for this religion in this country?" he asked. "I will go to jail for that – and all my followers as well."

'A matter of life and death'

No one in the Middle East has the courage or the power to confront Islam, he said, but transformation can start in the most powerful country in the world.

"Instead of giving Islam credit, this is the country where we can start to fight – not against Muslims, against the bad teachings of Islam."

Americans can begin, he said, by "understanding the real nature of Islam."

"I am telling you, this is not a matter of politics," he said. "It's a matter of life and death. It's a matter of hundreds of millions who have been killed because of this deadly ideology of Islam that has been here 1,400 years."
"This is the time" to speak out, he said, "especially here in America. This is the time to stand firm and strong against this crazy, big system."
Yousef said that while some may want to "scare people about Islam" for some kind of financial or personal profit, he is speaking out because of his concern for America and as "a person who loves my people."
"I cannot wait for them to be liberated," he said of his fellow Palestinians and Muslims worldwide. "And when I see the example of liberty and freedom in this country, I want this to go to my people."
If America leads the way in confronting Islam, change can come, he said.
"But if the country of liberty and freedom welcomes a radical and violent belief that wants to destroy everything, we won't be able to defeat them," he said.
"This is why we need to work all together. This is not for America only. This is for the world. This is for the future of humanity."

Wild Thing's comment......

To those of you that read this blog each day that lurk and still are not awake as to what is happening. READ THIS! ESPECIALLY those who don't believe they are a REAL & PRESENT Intentional THREAT to us! WHAT IS IT GONNA TAKE FOLKS, ANOTHER 9/11?

Those of you that are part of Theodore's World blog, you are AWESOME, you know what we are up against. You share with others what you know, like we did when Obama was running for president. Let's hope articles like this will sink in to those not waking up and not paying attention to the truth about what is happening.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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NYC Ground Zero Mosque Founder Exposed

Fifteen minutes that are mandatory for understanding the Ground Zero Mosque, Taqiyya and Islam

Watch this PJTV Interview by Roger Simon with Walid Shoebat on “NYC Ground Zero Mosque Founder Exposed exclusive interview with Walid Shoebat about the Mega Mosque in NYC Ground Zero. Walid reveals disturbing contradictions between Ground Zero mosque founder Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf's Daily News article and comments in Arabic.

Walid will do his first interview with Laura Ingraham on her nationally syndicated radio show concerning the 911 Mosque at 10.15 am Eastern Time TODAY....Aug 27.


by Walid Shoebat

Fort Cordoba, ground zero NYC Mosque, will be the main Taqiyya Center and outpost in the USA and along with the new London England mega Mosque, at the Olympic site, will be the guiding lights for Dah’wa and “Aslim Tuslam”…..

Little is known regarding the founder of the Ground Zero Mosque Faisal Abdul Rauf or his views on Islam. Many view him moderate and others connect him to his father’s affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood. While others object that this would be guilt by association.

For that we searched Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf’s own words – in the Arabic and not what he says in English to the western media. It should shock every American to find out that Faisal Abdul Rauf stated to the popular Islamic media Hadiyul-Islam ( on May 26th, 2010 in an article by Sa’da Abdul Maksoud. In it he states that an Islamic state can be established regardless of the government being a kingdom or democracy. In another article titled “I do not believe in religious dialogue” should alarm the ardent skeptic on the mindset of the Islamic visionary who advocates establishing Islamic lobbies throughout the West.

He also admitted that “[In the West] they have separation of church and state, this of course does not exist in any Muslim country. About 99% refuse to separate religion from state and many call for establishing an Islamic Caliphate.”

And regarding religious dialogue Abdul-Rauf stated “this phrase is inaccurate. Religious dialogue as customary understood is a set of events with discussions in large hotels that result in nothing. Religions do not dialogue and dialogue is not present in the attitudes of the followers regardless of being Muslim or Christian.

The image of Muslims in the West is complex which needs to be remedied.” And when his view regarding an Islamic state he responded that “throughout my discussions with contemporary Muslim theologians that an Islamic state can be established in more then just in a single form or mold. It can be established through a kingdom or a democracy. The important issue is to establish the general fundamentals of Shariah that are required to govern.

It is known that there are sets of standards that are accepted by [Muslim] scholars to organize the relationships between government and the governed.” When questioned on this, that “the current governments are unjust and do not follow Islamic laws” Abdul Rauf commented “new laws were permitted after the death of Muhammad, so long of course that these laws do not contradict the Quran or the Deeds of Muhammad…so they create institutions that assure no conflicts with Shariah.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Walid's Facebook page....he is a friend on Facebook and I recommend friending him too if you also use Facebook.

Walid Shoebat Foundation at Facebook

America, like Europe, will lose its Christian and Constitutional heritage once the Muslims take over. It's only a matter of time.

That they insist on building this mosque on the site of the destroyed World Trade Center towers, even though there are already over a dozen mosques in NYC, is purely for recruitment of more radicals to the cause. It is a slap in the face of all Americans and, if allowed to continue, will only bring down more terrorism efforts to our nation’s shores.

These Muslims are playing chess and we are playing checkers.America needs to wake up!!

Posted by Wild Thing at 07:49 AM

Feisal Abdul Rauf in 2006: U.S. Terrorism Fostered Islamic Terrorism

Imam Behind Ground Zero Mosque: Islamic Terrorism Is a Response to U.S. Terrorism

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque, accuses the United States of terrorism and says that Islamic terrorism is simply a response to the terror committed by the US.

H/T Atlas Shrugs

The very idea that Radical Rauf never speaks to the 270 million slaughtered, in over a millennium of Jihadi Wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation, and this very day, and yet speaks this way about America, is mind-boggling. Indonesia, Thailand, Somalia, Ethiopia, Chechnya, Lebanon, Gaza, Iran, Philippines, Kenya, et al. The Global Jihad wages on.

Further, to cite the fallacious Islamic narrative of millions of Iraqi dead is Jihad propaganda. The sanctions were imposed by the U.N., not the U.S.. The sanctions were observed by Muslim countries, because Saddam Hussein flouted his violation of the ceasefire, and up until BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), the left-wing media, political elites, and international press always blamed Saddam for those deaths. He, along with his U.N cronies, looted the Oil for Food program that starved the Iraqi people. America saved the world in World War II, and only a lowlife, bereft of a human soul, would paint it as evil. The U.S. and Israel never target civilians, the Jihad always targets civilians.


Wild Thing's comment........

I am so sick of this religious hustler and his despicable wife. To hell with them both.

Islam is a death cult and he can BS his way around the world but it will never change what Islam is.

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Democrat Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.) Jokes About Speaker Pelosi Dying and Audience Laughs

Here’s Bright’s ad:

Democrat Lawmaker Jokes About Speaker Pelosi Dying

The Hill

Democratic Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.) on Wednesday ducked a question on whether or not he would vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) by joking that she "might even get sick and die."

Bright, a centrist Blue Dog who voted against the healthcare reform law, made the comments in response to a question about whether he'd support Pelosi to retain the Speaker's gavel.

Speaking at a local Chamber of Commerce event, Bright "joked that Pelosi might lose her own election, decide not to run for the speaker’s job or otherwise not be available," the Montgomery Advertiser wrote.
He then suggested "jokingly" that Pelosi could fall ill and die in the coming months, thus preventing him from having to vote for her as Speaker. His remarks reportedly drew laughter from the audience. Bright's comments highlight how Democrats running for reelection in red states are distancing themselves from the Speaker, a liberal icon who is unpopular with many voters, according to several polls

Bright's comments highlight how Democrats running for reelection in red states are distancing themselves from the Speaker, a liberal icon who is unpopular with many voters, according to several polls.

Republicans are using Pelosi as a weapon against many Democrats whose voting records are centrist. In some cases, the GOP argues Democrats should be turned out of office simply because of their votes for Pelosi as Speaker.

For example, Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.) is in a toss-up race even though she voted against the healthcare law and climate-change legislation supported by Pelosi. Her opponent argues that Sandlin's vote for Pelosi is the one voters should remember.

Two House Democrats, Reps. Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Jason Altmire (Pa.), have run television ads that hit at Pelosi.

Advertiser reporter Cosby Woodruff later expanded on his report, telling The Hill that Bright made his comment in response to a question about voting for Pelosi.

"He ran down a long list of reasons that he might not have to vote for her. At the end, he said something about her getting sick and passing away," he said.
"I asked him afterwards and he confirmed — he said, 'heck, she might even get sick and die.' "


“Moderate” House Dems Running Away from Obama, Pelosi and Reid


Top Democrats are growing markedly more pessimistic about holding the House, privately conceding that the summertime economic and political recovery they were banking on will not likely materialize by Election Day.

In conversations with more than two dozen party insiders, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the state of play, Democrats in and out of Washington say they are increasingly alarmed about the economic and polling data they have seen in recent weeks.

They no longer believe the jobs and housing markets will recover – or that anything resembling the White House’s promise of a “recovery summer” is under way. They are even more concerned by indications that House Democrats once considered safe – such as Rep. Betty Sutton, who occupies an Ohio seat that President Barack Obama won with 57 percent of the vote in 2008 – are in real trouble.

In two close races, endangered Democrats are even running ads touting how they oppose their leadership.


And here Altmire’s ad

Jake Tapper at ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called them her “majority makers” – the moderate to conservative Democrats in right-leaning districts whose election in 2006 made her Speaker.

And now many of them – and other Democrats in competitive districts — are fighting for their political lives in a harsh environment and have found it necessary to distance themselves from their leaders and Democratic policies.

A TV ad for Rep. Bobby Bright, D-Ala., heralds how he “voted against the bailouts, against stimulus spending, against the massive government health care,” not to mention the “trillion dollar federal budget.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Interesting how there are some democrats trying their best to stay clear of Pelosi, Reid and Obama because they are afraid they will not get elected again.

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This Is One Of The Most Pathetic Things I Have Ever Seen ~Desperate Ed Schultz Pleads With Listeners To Support MSNBC

SCHULTZ: "You have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul, in my heart I want to kick Fox's ass. I want to drive them into the ground I want to spike the ball, I want to kick 'em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle, And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on 'em,..... they lie, they cheat, they steal..........

Wild Thing's comment........

Ed Schultz is nuts. Fox Derangement Syndrome.

He sounds like Anthony Weiner on the house floor.

Just so you know, Bret Baier triples the Ed Show in the ratings.

Not only that but he is a total liar.....LIAR. Check out the chart below.

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OMG Must See Video of Yet Another Reason Why I Am NOT A Democrat! ~ Meet Democrat Chris Young LOL

Meet Democrat Chris Young, who’s running for Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island.

"The Rhode Show begins its new series, "Coffee with the Candidates," to help you get to know the candidates running for elections and on a personal level. Today we begin with the Providence mayoral race and Democratic candidate Chris Young."

Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL this poor guy can't sing a note. But hey he is running for office, so if you live in Providence, Rhode Island and you are a democrat ( brainless kool-aid drinking American). then maybe you can contribute to his campaign and get him voice lessons.

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August 26, 2010

EVIL Leftist Cusses Out Holocaust Survivor at Rally- Says “He Didn’t Learn His Lesson”

A radical leftist cusses out an 82 year-old man at the Ground Zero Rally this past week in New York City. The “progressive” said the Holocaust survivor “obviously didn’t learn his lesson.”

Question: How does it feel to curse out an old man who is a Holocaust survivor? How does that feel?

Unhinged Progressive: “I have no problem cursing out an unpatriotic, treasonous piece of garbage that wouldn’t know the (sacrilegious expletive) Constitution if it hit him in the (expletive) face, OK?”

Wild Thing's comment.......

This made me cry. How can people be so evil!!!!

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Obama Administration Stands By Ground Zero Imam's Attacks On America

The Obama State Department today announced that they stand by the radical Ground Zero Imam despite the fact that he believes that America is worse than Al-Qaeda. The radical imam is currently on a taxpayer funded Mideast trip. The Obama Administration also said they knew about the imam’s radical speeches before they paid for his trip.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is unreal that this would happen in our country. How many times do we have to have attacks on our soil, before the left decide they care about America. The WTC was attacked TWO different times over the years, then also the Pentagon and the other flight.

It’s worse. “Cordoba House,” aka the 9/11 Victory Mosque, is going to be the headquarters of something called the “Sharia Index Project,” which is an index of how closely a country or countries adhere to sharia. So they’re essentially seeing this mosque as their main administrative headquarters, from which they will monitor and enforce our compliance.

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Happy Birthday Chief!

Happy Birthday CHIEF,

May you have the best birthday ever and many more. Thank you for serving our country and being a part of
Theodore's World and my friend.

From Chrissie and Nick ( Angry Old Salt) and everyone here .

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Media Forgetting 9-11 Decide to Attack Those of Us That Do Remember What Islam Is About

MSNBC Host Ed Shultz: Ground Zero Mosque Opponents a “Bunch of Frustrated Whiteys, it’s an Aryan Crowd”…and Then Confuses Osama With Obama

You have a diverse crowd over here and you have a bunch of frustrated whiteys over here and that’s what they are! It is an Aryan crowd, is it not? I mean, it’s a Caucasian crowd over there so concerned about the mosque!

Now we’ve got a bunch of folks out there scared that the Islamic Islam [yes, the 'Islamic Islam'] is taking over America and we all have to worry about it.


Katie Couric Accuses Mosque Opponents of “Tearing Down the Towers” of American Values.. Update: CBS Evening News Ties All-Time Ratings Low

Here is the LINK to see the video of Katie Couric. The CBS video code messes with my site, so I am posting i just the link for you.

"It might be Islamophobia, Obamaphobia, or both -- but when loud speakers are blaring "Born in the USA" and signs say "No Clubhouse for Terrorists" it's clear we aren't just talking about a mosque anymore," CBS' Katie Couric said. "We can not let fear and rage tear down the towers of our core American values," Couric added.

(TVNewser)- The network newscast ratings for last week are in and “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” tied its all-time low in total viewers with an average of 4.89 million tuning in during the five days.

Wild Thing's comment.........

When will these anti Americans go to some other place. These people are beyond disgusting imo.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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The Real Radio Hatemongers

Media Research Center

The so-called “news” media have spent much of the past two decades demonizing the rhetoric of conservative radio talk show hosts as mean-spirited, divisive or a menace to civil discourse. But these same journalists — who gleefully castigate Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other conservatives — are silent about the vile and vicious rhetoric that spews from the Left’s leading radio talk show hosts.

Since late 2007, the Media Research Center has collected numerous examples of the outrageousness of left-wing radio hosts. And, unlike the Left — which attempted to smear Rush Limbaugh with phony quotes — readers can find an audio or video of every one of these quotes posted at our Web site:

This report includes examples of over-the-top rhetoric from left-wing hosts Mike Malloy, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ron Reagan, Jr., Ed Schultz and Montel Williams, all of whom currently or at one time broadcast to a national audience on either the Air America network or via XM and/or Sirius satellite radio.

Among the lowlights:

Conservatives Want to Kill Barack Obama: “I really think there are conservative broadcasters in this country who would love to see Obama taken out.” (Ed Schultz)

Conservatives Are Terrorists: “Do you not understand that the people you hold up as heroes bombed your goddamn country? Do you not understand that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are as complicit of the September 11, 2001 terror attack as any one of the dumbass 15 who came from Saudi Arabia?” (Mike Malloy)

Conservatives Want You to Die: “If, in fact, the GOP doesn’t like any form of health care reform, what do we do with those 40 to 60 million uninsured?...When they show up in the emergency room, just shoot ‘em! Kill them!...Do we have enough body bags? I don’t know.” (Montel Williams)

Conservative Congresswoman Would Have Liked the Holocaust: “[Representative Michele Bachmann is] a hatemonger. She’s the type of person that would have gladly rounded up the Jews in Germany and shipped them off to death camps....This is an evil bitch from Hell.” (Mike Malloy)

Dick Cheney Eats Babies: “Cheney, by the way, looks very ruddy. I couldn’t get over that. Like, he must have feasted on a Jewish baby, or a Muslim baby. He must have sent his people out to get one and bring it back so he could drink its blood.” (Mike Malloy)

Dick Cheney Should Die: “He is an enemy of the country, in my opinion. Dick Cheney is an enemy of the country....Lord, take him to the Promised Land, will you? See, I don’t even wish the guy goes to Hell, I just want to get him the hell out of here.” (Ed Schultz)

Rush Limbaugh Should Die: “I’m waiting for the day when I pick up the newspaper or click on the Internet and find that he’s choked to death on his own throat fat, or a great big wad of saliva or something, whatever. Go away, Limbaugh, you make me sick.” (Mike Malloy)

Michele Bachmann Should Die: “So, Michele, slit your wrist! Go ahead! I mean, you know, why not? I mean, if you want to — or, you know, do us all a better thing. Move that knife up about two feet. I mean, start right at the collarbone.” (Montel Williams)

If the establishment media were really interested in cleansing the airwaves of hateful rhetoric, they would not confine their criticism to conservative hosts. Instead, they would — and they must — make an equal effort to expose the nastiness that runs rampant on left-wing talk radio. Unless and until they do, they are participating in an act of journalistic hypocrisy.

Formatted PDF Version of Full Report

Wild Thing's comment........

Terrific special report by the Media Research Center on hate left-wing

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Rush Limbaugh Puts Lib Caller In His Place

Rush Limbaugh destroys a liberal caller’s attempt to defend the Ground Zero Mosque. When the caller brings up the Westboro Baptist Church, Limbaugh quickly seizes on the opportunity to turn the caller’s own argument against him.

Rush ends by telling the caller, “You pose a much bigger threat to this country’s future as it exists than this Imam ever will!”

Wild Thing's comment........

Rush nails it again. The country is currently in more danger from the lefties than anyone else however Islam stands to gain from the actions of the left which could eventually make Islam a greater threat.

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When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)


Football Coach Fired for Anti-Obama Song

A Tennessee middle school football coach said he got fired after he wrote a song that criticized President Obama.

Bryan Glover, an assistant coach at Grassland Middle School near Nashville, co-wrote the country music song, “When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail.”

It was co-written by a parent who has a child on the team. Glover, 26, said he emailed a copy of the song to friends, family members and player’s parents through his personal email account.

And that’s when all the trouble started for the self-described independent conservative.

“The coach called me and said parents were upset – that I was being politically incorrect and the song had racial overtones,” Glover told FOX News Radio. “An hour and a half later I was told I was being terminated.”
“I was informed that I was being let go because of the song,” he said, denying claims there were any racial overtones in the song.

Williamson County School Superintendent Mike Looney disputed Glover’s account and said his dismissal had nothing to do with the song.

“Absolutely not,” he told FOX News Radio. “That’s a false claim.”

Looney said he was not allowed to go into specifics but acknowledged he spoke with the school’s principal and was satisfied with their handling of the matter.

“They presented me with logical, legally defensible reasons for doing so,” Looney said. “As far as I’m concerned they’ve handled the matter appropriately.”

Glover said he’s angry over what happened and believes he lost his job because his song was critical of President Obama. And he’s not the only one.

“It was a disgrace and we have to stand up for the guy,” said Michael Katsaitis, who has a son on the football team. He said he met with the principal of the school after Glover’s firing and is convinced his dismissal was a result of the song.”
“The first thing she told me was that Bryan’s song was derogatory to our president,” he said. “He shouldn’t have fired over that song.”

Glover said he is seeking legal counsel and may consider a lawsuit against the school.

“First and foremost I’m a conservative,” he said. “I do support what the tea party movement is all about but I’m more Republican than Democrat. I’m an independent conservative who thinks the government tries to have their hand in way too many things.”
“I’m pretty heated,” he said. “I’m just a blue-collar guy, trying to make a living, trying to chase a dream.”

Following are the lyrics to his song:

He was a little man, just turned three

Took the present from his daddy’s hand

A genuine toy hammer

He started beatin’ to beat the band

He hit the floors and the wall, broke a lamp in the hall,

Started swinging at the puppy’s tail

When you’re holding a hammer

Everything looks like a nail.

He was the president, number 44

He says, “Trust me, I’m here to help you

I have got some big big plans

You’re gonna love what I’m gonna do.”

There’s no problem too big or small

He thinks he’s got an answer that just can’t fail

When you’re holding a hammer

Everything looks like a nail.

He thinks big thoughts and he dreams big dreams

But it’s another man’s sweat that pays for those schemes

He don’t care how the little people feel

‘Cause saving the world is a big freaking deal

So he does his business behind closed doors

And pretends that the world is just begging for more

When the stuff hits the fan he says, “Don’t look at me

If you got trouble, blame 43.”

Now Congress is saving Wall Street

While they’re watching Main Street fall

They got health care all figured out

But it don’t seem to care much at all

As soon as they save the planet

They’ll put the fire out in hell

When you’re holding a hammer.

Everything looks like a nail.

He thinks big thoughts and he dreams big dreams

But it’s another man’s sweat that pays for those schemes

He don’t care how the little people feel

‘Cause saving the world is a big freaking deal

So he does his business behind closed doors

And pretends that the world is just begging for more

When the stuff hits the fan he says, “Don’t look at me

If you got trouble, blame 43.”

There’ll be a party come this November

When we’re gonna set things straight

All good people gonna gather ‘round

Gonna show what made this country great

We’ll run off the schemers and backroom dealers

So the Red, White and Blue will prevail

When we’re holding the hammer

When we’re holding the hammer

Everyone of them looks like a nail.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Can you believe the writer of this song was fired from his job because of this song?

So, a-hem those teachers fired for indoctrinating their class children by making them sing pro-Obama MMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMM songs? This is begging for a law suit..... because of the ummm, ummm ummm song which DID NOT get that teacher in trouble.

I read the lyrics (twice, and slowly) and I can't find ANY racial overtones in it. Not even a whiff of racism. He even calls him a “little man.” Not a whiff or racism, unless criticizing this President at all is racism (which it is, to the Left).

The song isn’t the problem. The problem is that the coach is a conservative operating in a realm that is owned by the liberals and sustained by the NEA and the same congress that gives loads of our tax money to ACORN and Planned Parenthood. Same crowd. No tolerance for the other side.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:45 AM | Comments (1)

August 25, 2010

Muslim Soldier With 101st Airborne Says He Won't Go If Deployed ~ Then Get out FREAK!

Muslim soldier with 101st Airborne says he won't go if deployed

by Kristin M. Hall


August 24


A U.S. Army soldier wants to leave the military service as a conscientious objector based on his beliefs as a Muslim, but he says he's concerned he may be deployed to Afghanistan anyway.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 20-year-old infantryman assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, said Monday that if the military orders him to deploy, he will refuse to go despite the fact that it may result in a military charge against him.

Rick Rzepka, a Fort Campbell spokesman, said Abdo's deployment has been deferred, but the military could deploy him while a decision was being made on his request. According to Army regulations, a soldier's submission of a conscientious objector application will not preclude the soldier from deploying. His unit, the division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, has already deployed to Afghanistan. He was assigned to the brigade's rear detachment, which remains at the installation during deployments.

"Obviously the unit is taking it very seriously," Rzepka said. "They have decided to go ahead and let the process play out, and if he warrants status as conscientious objector, he will be treated as such. But for right now, his deployment has been deferred."

Abdo said when he joined the Army more than a year ago, he initially felt he could be a soldier and a Muslim at the same time. But he said he now believes Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the U.S. Army in any war.

According to documents provided to The Associated Press, Abdo cited Islamic scholars and verses from the Quran as reasons for his decision to ask for separation from the Army.

"I realized through further reflection that God did not give legitimacy to the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or any war the U.S. Army would conceivably participate in," he wrote.

He also said he was harassed during basic training because of his religion, including hearing insulting comments about Islam and Muslims. He said that at times, he hasn't been able to make his daily prayers because of his military service.

A recommendation from the commander of his battalion's rear detachment based at Fort Campbell said if Abdo deployed to a combat zone, he could jeopardize the lives of fellow soldiers as well as his own because of his convictions as a conscientious objector.

Abdo said he filed his request in June but was still sent through the soldier readiness program for deploying soldiers. According to Army regulations, after submitting his request he should be interviewed by a chaplain and a psychologist and should have a hearing by an investigating officer. But he said none of this has happened yet, and he is concerned that his leadership will deploy him before a decision is made on his status as a conscientious objector.

"I believe that they wanted to deploy me all along," he said. "They've prepared me for deployment, and I've been getting conflicting information on deployment dates."

But he said he is prepared to refuse deployment orders and face any charges that may be filed as a result


Wild Thing's comment...........

I have soooo had it with these people....these Muslims.

His reason for refusing to deploy? U.S. Army Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 20-year-old infantryman assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, refusal to fight against other Muslims and bases his decision on the Qur'an and Islamic law - clearly putting Islam before his country.

This is intentional on his part, he had to know he might be deployed. He joined the Military, knowing FULL WELL that he might be deployed to an Islamic nation, and now decides that he should not go because he is Muslim? Strap him up with a suicide vest, drop him from a plane and detonate via remote. Don’t deploy him, or he might roll a grenade in his buddies’ tent. Don’t leave him here, or he might go on a shooting spree.

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Obama's Bashing USA Continues.....He Sends Report To UN Saying US Has Human Rights Shortcomings

( OBAMA's BULLCrap!) US admits human rights shortcomings in UN report



The Obama administration has told the United Nations that America’s human rights record is less than perfect but stressed that the U.S. political system has built-in safeguards that promote improvements.

In its first-ever report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on conditions in the United States, the State Department said Monday that some Americans, notably minorities, are still victims of discrimination. Despite success in reforming such inequities as slavery and the denial of women’s right to vote, the department said, considerable progress is still needed.

“Although we have made great strides, work remains to meet our goal of ensuring equality before the law for all,” it said.

The report noted that although the U.S. now has an African-American president and that women and Hispanics have won greater social and economic success, large segments of American society suffer from unfair policies and practices.

High unemployment rates, hate crime, poverty, poor housing, lack of access to health care and discriminatory hiring practices are among the challenges the report identified as affecting blacks, Latinos, Muslims, South Asians, Native Americans and gays and lesbians in the United States.

The report, which drew on meetings that U.S. officials held with various groups around the country since January, also cited concerns from civil rights activists and citizens related to immigration and racial profiling by law enforcement agencies.

The 29-page report was submitted to the Human Rights Council on Friday but was not published until Monday. Members of the council, which the United States joined only last year, are required to submit reviews of their rights records. The report was the first “Universal Periodic Review” produced by the U.S.

In one of his first moves to reach out to the international community, President Barack Obama decided that the U.S. should run for a seat on the council. The Bush administration had shunned the panel for years over its alleged disproportionate criticism of Israel and membership that includes repressive regimes.

The report's findings were cautiously welcomed by human rights activists but will likely draw fire from conservatives who opposed joining the council. They said the U.S. should not be judged by countries with poor human rights records.

The administration sought to rebuff such criticism in the report, saying its participation in the review was not an acknowledgment "of commonality with states that systematically abuse human rights." It also said the report did not reflect "doubt in the ability of the American political system to deliver progress for its citizens."

Wild Thing's comment........

WOW! We made the list and we didn’t “behead” anyone!!!!!! Imagine that!

So Obama is continuing his world wide apology tour. This time to the UN. Just freakin’ great.

The USA has been as close to perfect as any nation can be.

I want to see Human Rights records for all Islamic countries. Now there’s a human right’s violation!

Obama, you've been in office almost two years and you haven't improved anything

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Minority Leader Boehner: Fire Obama's Economic Team, Extend Tax Cuts

GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner this morning calling for President Obama to “ask for and accept the resignations” of his Economic Team, “starting with Treasury Secretary Geithner, and Larry Summers, the head of the National Economic Council.”

Minority leader Boehner: Fire Obama's economic team, extend tax cuts

The Washington Post


House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) called Tuesday for the mass firing of the Obama administration's economic team, including Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and White House adviser Larry Summers, arguing that November's midterm elections are shaping up as a referendum on sustained unemployment across the nation and saying the "writing is on the wall."

Boehner said President Obama's team lacks "real-world, hands-on experience" in creating jobs that are needed for a full economic recovery. The Republican lawmaker cited reports that some senior aides complained of "exhaustion," including the recently departed budget chief Peter Orszag.
"President Obama should ask for - and accept - the resignations of the remaining members of his economic team, starting with Secretary Geithner and Larry Summers, the head of the National Economic Council," Boehner said in the morning speech to business leaders at the City Club of Cleveland. The mass dismissal, he added, would be "no substitute for a referendum on the president's job-killing agenda. That question will be put before the American people in due time. But we do not have the luxury of waiting months for the president to pick scapegoats for his failing 'stimulus' policies."

Vice President Biden lashed back at Boehner, called his "so-called" economic plan nothing but a list of what Republicans are against and devoid of innovative new ideas that can help move the country forward.

In a sarcastic tone, Biden thanked Boehner for the suggestion that the president fire his top economic advisers.

"Very constructive advice and we thank the leader for that," Biden said.

With President Obama on vacation Martha's Vineyard, the White House largely left it to Biden to respond to the speech. He accused Boehner and the GOP of wanting to take the country back to failed policies of the past.

"Mr. Boehner is nostalgic for those good old days, but Americans are not...We've seen this movie before Mr. Boehner," Biden said. "We've seen it before. And we know how it ends."

"The American people are asking, 'where are the jobs?' and all the president's economic team has to offer are promises of 'green shoots' that never seem to grow," Boehner said. "The worse things get, the more they circle the wagons and defend the indefensible." After the speech, he held a question-and-answer session with business leaders in this economically distressed Rust Belt city.

Boehner told the City Club officials that the key to sparking job growth is extending the tax cuts implemented by then-President George W. Bush in 2001 and 2003. Republicans want to extend the tax cuts across the board.

Boehner said that extending the tax cuts for all income brackets would help small business owners, who have been the toughest hit since the financial collapse of 2008. "Raising taxes on families and small businesses during a recession is a recipe for disaster - both for our economy and for the deficit. Period. End of story," he said. "That's why President Obama should work with Republicans to stop all of these job-killing tax hikes."


Boehner's not alone in calling for Geithner to go

The Washington Post

Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fl.)........Timothy Geithner should either resign or be fired for the good of the country, and President Obama should nominate a new Treasury Secretary with the experience and leadership skills America deserves."
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)............As one of the chief architects of the AIG bailout, Secretary Geithner was in a position to do what any lender of the last resort would do -- negotiate concessions from AIG. Secretary Geithner either didn't know about the bonuses, and was grossly negligent, or he did know and failed to bring this to the President's attention. Either way, the end result has been a significant waste of taxpayer dollars and he should take immediate responsibility and resign."

Mike Pence on Fox News: "I'm Joining Republican Leader John Boehner in Calling For Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Larry Summers To Step Down"

Pence: "The American people don't want the President to have around him advisers that are saying the recovery has arrived...The President ought to ask for and accept the resignation of the Secretary of the Treasury and Larry Summers and he ought to bring a new team around him that's in touch with the American people that recognizes that these economic stimulus policies have failed"


Wild Thing's comment........

Good for Boehner!

Imam obama of course will not do this, but I am thrilled Boehner has done this and is saying these things. At least someone is finally calling him out....because when obama does not fire these people and the economy gets worse, at least it is on record that Republicans called for the removal of the economic team. And I wish obama would fire himself while he is at it.

Obama is not incompetant at all- this is EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS. Send the economy crashing so he can implement socialism and 100% government takeover.

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The Document That Should Stop The Islamic “Victory Mosque”

The document that should stop the Islamic “Victory Mosque”


Racists, Xenophobes and bigots. Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero. These characterizations could possibly be avoided, however, by more fact-based protest.

To date, defenders of the center seemed undeterred, despite all that is know about the project front man. Look just a bit deeper.

Among the golden nuggets of evidence produced during the trial of the United States vs. The Holy Land Foundation et al is a document that should end any ambiguity concerning the true intent of Feisal ABDUL-RAUF in his quest to construct an Islamic center at Park Place. In fact, it should be cause to reexamine all Islamic centers and mosques that fall within a certain criteria. Cataloged as “Exhibit 003-0085” by the U.S. federal government, a document translated from Arabic to English titled An Explanatory Memorandum, On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America details the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Feisal ABDUL RAUF is indeed an adherent and promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals and objectives. Any doubt to his Muslim Brotherhood connections are addressed by the excellent and timely report by Alyssa A. Lappen, which is required reading for factual insight into ABDUL RAUF’s link to the Muslim brotherhood.

Clearly, according to this document, the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to convert the U.S. into an Islamic nation through sabotage and subterfuge. It is a handbook to achieve that end. The author painstakingly describes the process of “settlement,” among others, and further described its meaning and the methods to be employed:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan* must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. [Emphasis added].

The succinct analysis by Ms. Lappen of point 17 of the document clearly illustrates that “building Islamic centers equals building military “battalions,” points from which to later stage the planned destruction of the West.”

And what better place inside our front lines is there but within the perimeter of destruction at Ground Zero?

* Ikhwan (Arabic for brothers) was the Islamic religious militia which formed the main military force of the Arabian ruler Ibn Saud.


Bloomberg On Ground Zero Mosque During Ramadan Dinner : Opponents are “un-American”

In a rousing address before a predominantly Muslim audience Tuesday night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reaffirmed his commitment to the controversial Islamic cultural center near the former site of the World Trade Center.

Bloomberg, who hosted the annual Ramadan Iftar dinner at his official Gracie Mansion residence, did not back away from his position as the most vocal and public defender of the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” If anything, he couched his defense of the project in even deeper moral and political terms, calling the Cordoba House a telling illustration of intrinsic American principles and a valuable tool in the war on terror.

From Bloomberg’s prepared remarks:

But if we say that a mosque and community center should not be built near the perimeter of the World Trade Center site, we would compromise our commitment to fighting terror with freedom.
We would undercut the values and principles that so many heroes died protecting. We would feed the false impressions that some Americans have about Muslims. We would send a signal around the world that Muslim Americans may be equal in the eyes of the law, but separate in the eyes of their countrymen. And we would hand a valuable propaganda tool to terrorist recruiters, who spread the fallacy that America is at war with Islam.
Islam did not attack the World Trade Center — Al-Qaeda did. To implicate all of Islam for the actions of a few who twisted a great religion is unfair and un-American. Today we are not at war with Islam — we are at war with Al-Qaeda and other extremists who hate freedom.[snip]
The members of our military are men and women at arms — battling for hearts and minds. And their greatest weapon in that fight is the strength of our American values, which have always inspired people around the world. But if we do not practice here at home what we preach abroad — if we do not lead by example – we undermine our soldiers. We undermine our foreign policy objectives. And we undermine our national security.


Wild Thing's comment........

Canadian Free Press Rocks! Great job.

People should note that the Congressional Record from 1960(?) holds a long list of Communist goals. At the time, people shrugged and said "it will never happen". But now, most of those communist goals have been achieved.
And here we have a different document, with different goals. And some people may shrug and say "Muslim takeover of the US? It'll never happen!"

But it is happening. Right before our eyes. But there are none so blind as those who will not see.

The constitution is not a suicide pact. There is something fundamentally wrong with a defending an enemy's right to strip you of your rights.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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God Bless Our Marines

....."My husband, Cpl Jason Pinkston and our new son Ryder born July 19, 2010" from Allison Brooke Pinkston

Wild Thing's comment.......

The photo says it all.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Obama’s Counter Terror Czar John Brennan Storms Out of Washington Times Office When Confronted On His Radical Positions

WH counter-terrorism adviser Brennan storms out of TWT offices

The Washington Times

On June 24, WH counterterrorism adviser John Brennan visited the Washington Times Editorial Board and then he storms out of Washington Times offices .

In February Barack Obama’s radical counter terror czar John Brennan said that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees was not that bad. In May adviser John Brennan called Jerusalem “Al Quds.” He also said that “jihad was a legitimate tenet of Islam.”

When confronted about his controversial positions at a meeting in June, John Brennan stormed out of the office.

Mr. Brennan had visited the Washington Times Editorial Board on June 24 as a result of a June 11 Washington Times editorial he objected to. It did not take long for the White House counter-terrorism adviser to lose his temper with our editorial board’s questions regarding what he previously said about individuals who become terrorists.

Mr. Brennan cut the meeting short and stormed out of our offices thereafter following a question posed by senior editorial writer Jim Robbins (transcript and video below). Referring to a quote Mr. Brennan said in May, calling jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” Mr. Robbins looked to discuss the concept of jihad further with the Obama administration adviser.

The president's top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a "legitimate tenet of Islam," arguing that the term "jihadists" should not be used to describe America's enemies.

During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of "political, economic and social forces," but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in "religious terms."
He repeated the administration argument that the enemy is not "terrorism," because terrorism is a "tactic," and not terror, because terror is a "state of mind" -- though Brennan's title, deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, includes the word "terrorism" in it. But then Brennan said that the word "jihad" should not be applied either.
"Nor do we describe our enemy as 'jihadists' or 'Islamists' because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children," Brennan said.


From the Video above:......TRANSCRIPT:

TWT: You mentioned jihad, for example, and would you agree with the lesser and greater and lesser jihad framework? I mean, that’s pretty standard.

BRENNAN: Sure, it is...absolutely.

TWT: Can you give me an example of a jihad in history? Like, has there ever been a armed jihad anywhere in history? Has it ever existed for real, or is it just a concept?

BRENNAN: Absolutely it has.

TWT: Example?

BRENNAN: I’m not going to go into this sort of history discussion here.

TWT: But it’s important to frame the concept, because we want to say that what al-Qaeda is doing is not jihad. They say it is, and Abdul Azzam has said, in fact, ‘there’s not even a greater jihad.’ That that’s just a myth—that hadith didn’t even really happen. That there’s only armed jihad. Ayatollah Khomeini said ‘there is only armed jihad, and it would be useful to be able to characterize or to contrast what they’re doing and what they claim against a legitimate armed jihad in the past.

BRENNAN: I think we’ve finished. I have to get going.

Mr. Brennan left our offices immediately after that exchange.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This guy is truly a whackjob! Can’t even sit and have a civil conversation with the Infidels.

Obama and all those connected to him are such an insult to our country. I will never stop being shocked at the kind of person Obama is and all his pals. How can this happen that so many would vote for obama and want his stupid change....why change something that has been so awesome ( the best country in the world). It just sickens me to see this happening.

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Primary Highlights and Not So Highlights

Lt. Col. Allen West Wins Primary!!!

I'm pleased to report that American hero Lt. Colonel Allen West has secured a primary victory in Florida 22 and will face off against über-leftard Obama enabler Ron Klein.

Statement by LTC(R) Republican Congressional Candidate
(FL- District 22) Allen West on Tonight’s Primary Victory

(Deerfield Beach, FL)

“This evening, after nearly 2 years of hard work, our campaign to restore honor, integrity and character to Washington reached an important milestone. With a vast majority of the precincts having reported their results, we will have defeated David Brady by a margin of nearly 4 to 1. With GOP turnout significantly higher than democratic turnout throughout District 22, our victory tonight is proof that South Floridians are sick and tired of the status-quo in Washington, and are looking for leaders instead of politicians.
Tonight, the tone has been set. Over the next 2 months, we will continue to draw a contrast between Ron Klein’s Ultra-Liberal policies that have bankrupted our district, our state and our Country, versus my principled leadership. I am confident that – 70 days from tonight – the good people of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District will be firing Pelosi’s favorite Florida son, Ron Klein.”


John McCain Wins Arizona Senate Primary Over J.D. Hayworth ~ idots in AZ. I guess they like how McCain kissed obama's glutes during the presidential campaign and how McCain was sooo vile to the POW families, and how McCain is all for amnesty.

Hang your heads in shame, Arizona! McCain spent $21 million to Hayworth’s $3 million. He had the endorsements of Palin and Brewer plus the entire Rep AZ congressional delegation. McCain also changed his position on all the key issues. He is a liar and a fraud. And that will become self-evident once he is re-elected. Sad day for America and AZ.


Rick Scott Wins Over Bill McCollum in Republican Primary for Governor of Florida


Marco Rubio Wins Florida Primary

Not only won - it was a massacre - 84% of the vote. Great job against the wimpy Obama hugger, Charlie Crist!!

“We as a nation and a people are on the precipice of crossing a line from which we may not return,” Mr. Rubio said in his victory speech.
“Welcome to the night many said would never come,” Mr. Rubio said. “Earlier in this campaign, the only people who thought I could win all lived in my home, and four of them were under the age of 10.”

Rubio spoke about how our country is here because the people of past generations confronted the challenges head on and ensured this country would be safeguarded for their children. Talking about the exceptionalism of America. How inspiring he is and the speech was excellent.

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Toons Speaking Out ( Awesome Cartoonists Work )




Wild Thing's comment.......

I love political cartoons, and we have some really fantastic artists that really know the power they can have in their drawings.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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August 24, 2010

Obama's Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts

Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts

DEA wants “Black English” linguists to decipher bugged calls

Department of Justice are looking to hire NINE linguists “fluent in Ebonics” so that they can figure out what in the holy hell people who are the subjects of drug investigations are saying.

In some of the official documents from the DoJ, Ebonics is listed as an Actual Language.

AUGUST 23--The Department of Justice is seeking to hire linguists fluent in Ebonics to help monitor, translate, and transcribe the secretly recorded conversations of subjects of narcotics investigations, according to federal records.

A maximum of nine Ebonics experts will work with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Atlanta field division, where the linguists, after obtaining a “DEA Sensitive” security clearance, will help investigators decipher the results of “telephonic monitoring of court ordered nonconsensual intercepts, consensual listening devices, and other media”

The DEA’s need for full-time linguists specializing in Ebonics is detailed in bid documents related to the agency’s mid-May issuance of a request for proposal (RFP) covering the provision of as many as 2100 linguists for the drug agency’s various field offices. Answers to the proposal were due from contractors on July 29.

In contract documents, which are excerpted here, Ebonics is listed among 114 languages for which prospective contractors must be able to provide linguists.

The 114 languages are divided between “common languages” and “exotic languages.” Ebonics is listed as a “common language” spoken solely in the United States.

Ebonics has widely been described as a nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans. John R. Rickford, a Stanford University professor of linguistics, has described it as “Black English” and noted that “Ebonics pronunciation includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’), the pronunciation of the th in ‘bath’ as t (bat) or f (baf), and the pronunciation of the vowel in words like ‘my’ and ‘ride’ as a long ah (mah, rahd).”

Detractors reject the notion that Ebonics is a dialect, instead considering it a bastardization of the English language.

The Department of Justice RFP does not, of course, address questions of vernacular, dialect, or linguistic merit. It simply sought proposals covering the award of separate linguist contracts for seven DEA regions. The agency spends about $70 million annually on linguistic service programs, according to contract records.


Wild Thing's comment........

I thought this was a joke at first, but it is for real.

LOL maybe Hillary can apply for the job.

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Islam On The Streets and Sidewalks of New York




NYC where this is done daily!!!!

We cannot say prayers in schools, or at football games, etc. and yet we allow the Muslims to drop their prayer rugs in the middle of NYC streets and pray to Allah for hours!!!! This has gone way too far for me. They stop traffic to do this.

This is an accurate picture of every Friday afternoon in several locations throughout NYC where there are mosques with a large number of Muslims that cannot fit into the mosque - They fill the surrounding streets, facing east for a couple of hours between about 2 & 4 p.m. - Besides this one at 42nd St & Madison Ave, there is another, even larger group, at 94th St & 3rd Ave, etc., etc. - Also, I presume, you are aware of the dispute over building another "high rise" Mosque a few blocks from "ground zero" - With regard to that one, the "Imam" refuses to disclose where the $110 million dollars to build it is coming from and there is a lawsuit filed to force disclosure of that information - November can't come soon enough!

This is in New York City on Madison Avenue, not in France or the Middle East or Yemen or Kenya.

Wild Thing's comment........

Is there a message here???? Yes, there is, and they are claiming America for Allah. If we don't wake up soon, we are going to "politically correct" ourselves right out of our own country!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Mark Levin To The Leftists...."Stop tearingi down America!"

Mark Levin tells the leftists democrats to stop tearing down America. We must stop Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. The Ground Zero Mosque is a slap in the face to those who died on September 11th.

Wild Thing's comment........

Good for Mark Levin!!!!!

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Islamic Trojan Horse at Ground Zero

Islamic Trojan Horse at Ground Zero

by Sam Blumenfeld

Islamic Global Jihad declared war against America on September 11, 2001, in an attack that killed nearly 3000 Americans in the Twin Towers in Manhattan, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and in four hijacked airliners. Had the fourth airliner succeeded in reaching Washington, it might have crashed into the White House or the Capitol with even more loss of life. But, thanks to the brave passengers on the plane, the attack was thwarted and the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Anyone who has watched videos of ordinary men and women jumping out of the Twin Towers to their deaths will never forget the horror perpetrated by Islamic jihadists on that day. The attack took months of intricate, detailed planning by the terrorists, but our government was simply too inept to prevent it from happening.

Meanwhile, Muslims around the world danced in the streets at their great victory over America and their spectacular advance in the war against the West. The goal of the Jihad is to impose the Islamic religion and Sharia law over the entire world, and the attack on 9/11 was just the visible tip of the iceberg in what has been and will be a very long war.

For example, there is an Islamic missionary organization active throughout the world in recruiting converts to Islam. It is called Tablighi Jamaat, and according to reliable sources, it is estimated that about 15,000 of its missionaries are active in the United States. It is particularly active among Black Muslims and criminals in our prisons.

And so, while American soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan against the jihadist enemy, the enemy is quietly subverting the American homeland with virtually no resistance from the American people.

It should be reminded that Islam is a totalitarian, genocidal political movement operating under the guise of a peace-loving religion. It is intolerant of other religions and despises the governing principles of the United States. Islam does not believe in the separation of church and state, as clearly demonstrated by the regime in Iran. Yet President Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are at war against Global Jihad or even radical Islamic terrorism. Terrorism, by the way, is just one of the means the war is being fought against the West.

And this Global Jihad is being fought by bombing trains in Madrid, bombing subways and buses in London, bombing a night club in Bali, attempted airplane bombings by the shoe bomber and the Christmas underwear bomber, an attempted bombing in Times Square, the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by a jihadist in uniform, suicide bombings in Israel, the murder of a cinematographer in Holland, the beheading of an American journalist kidnapped in Pakistan, bombings and massacres in India, Indonesia and Uganda, the killing of Christians and burning of churches in Pakistan, Kenya, and elsewhere. There is no end to the atrocities being committed by jihadists. In the U.S. a Muslim father killed his daughter because she was becoming too Americanized.

So it should not take a political genius to figure out why the Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero. They want to commemorate and honor those jihadists who died crashing those planes into the Twin Towers. Where better to honor them than at Ground Zero? And not just an ordinary mosque, but a 13-story, $100-million mosque. The developer of the project is Feisal Abdul Rauf, born in Kuwait of Egyptian parents with a known adherence to Islamic radicalism.

Rauf was brought to America at the age of 17 by his parents when his father moved from Malaysia to the U.S. to set up the Islamic Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. Rauf then got a BS in physics at Columbia University. In 1997, Rauf established the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) with funding from Gloria Steinem’s Ms. Foundation, New York Carnegie Corporation, U.N. Population Fund, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Hunt Alternatives Fund.

The project is significantly called the Cordoba Initiative, to commemorate the return of Islam to Spain where it was expelled in 1492. According to Raymond Ibrahim, the Christian city of Cordoba “was conquered by Muslims around 711, its inhabitants slaughtered or enslaved. The original mosque of Cordoba — the namesake of the Ground Zero mosque — was built atop, and partly from the materials of, a Christian church. Modern day Muslims are well aware of all this. Such is the true — and ominous — legacy of Cordoba. More pointedly, throughout Islam's history, whenever a region was conquered, one of the first signs of consolidation was/is the erection of a mosque atop the sacred sites of the vanquished.”

The Ground Zero mosque plan is akin to a project initiated by Rauf's late father in 1965. That year, Muhammad R. Abdul Rauf came to New York to plan the construction of an Islamic Cultural Center that took many years to complete.. He bought prime Manhattan real estate at 96th Street and 3rd Avenue, where a huge mosque was built, with funding from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Libya.

The mosque at Ground Zero will contain a community center and will draw thousands of Muslims to worship at the very site where 3,000 innocent men and women were murdered by their brave, dedicated jihadist martyrs. It will have a swimming pool and a basketball court to attract the young, an auditorium and culinary school, a library, art studios, and meditation rooms. But it will still symbolize not only a glorious Islamic victory, but also the impending surrender of America to Islam. It will also have a “memorial” dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, which makes the project even more odious, hypocritical, and dangerous. After all, it will be easy enough to claim the perpetrators of the crime as “victims” of an unjust West.

That Americans are willing to permit this Trojan Horse to be built in what is now considered hallowed ground, where so many men and women lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack visited on America, should make us realize how weakened America has become in this life and death struggle under the Obama regime in Washington.

According to Salah Choudhury, a journalist and author, who has exposed the work and motives of Feisel Abdul Rauf: “Rauf's early UK education and familiarization with American popular culture and values made him an acutely adept practitioner of Islamic taqiyya — deceptive speech and action to advance the interests and supremacy of Islam…. Now, Imam Rauf is set to construct his dream project, wherefrom possibly the radical Islamists will start Islamization of America. This will not be a mere mosque, but a tower of terrorism to further flex the muscle of militant Islam right inside the heart of United States.”

Liberals like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, who seems to live in a fantasy world, use the argument of freedom of religion to approve the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero. They do not accept that we are at war with Global Jihad which is determined to destroy us. Somehow, they are not aware that the U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. But maybe Bloomberg believes that that Muslims have a Constitutional right to Islamicize America and destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage in the name of religious freedom. I wonder what he would say if Christians decided to erect a giant cross at Ground Zero or if Jews wanted to erect a giant Star of David or a replica of the Ten Commandments at Ground Zero.

There is no doubt that if the mosque is built, Ground Zero will become the center of daily religious and political conflict with competing demonstrations, speakers, pamphlet distributions, and even violence. The resentment against the mosque is so great among ordinary Americans that it may well inspire greater resistance to this blatant Islamic plan to conquer America.

Meanwhile, it is hoped that enough New Yorkers rise up against this evil project and kill it before it becomes the focus of hatred and dread, an arrogant, brutal affront to the men and women who died at Ground Zero.


Look at the back of this truck................


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama always sides always sides with America’s enemies. Our founding fathers would be salting the ground with pork to keep the Islam victory monument from being built.

Obama has drawn the line in the sand. He’s on one side and the majority of Americans are on the other. He can’t move away from this now... he owns it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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David Limbaugh author of "Crimes Against Liberty"

Conservative columnist and author David Limbaugh ( Rush Limbaugh's brother) was on with Sean Hannity last night to discuss his latest book Crimes Against Liberty which was released on Monday and is already #2 #1 on Amazon.

David says that Obama is running the nation into the ground and is the most destructive president in our nation’s history. Limbaugh also says the next election will be a turning point for our country on whether America will turn toward socialism-Marxism or go back to a democracy. He also says Obama has no respect for the US Constitution.

Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama ....David Limbaugh (Author)


Wild Thing's comment...........

It was a good interview on Hannity and I am glad this book is coming out now before Novemeber. Heh heh the left can have one for an early Christmas present.

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August 23, 2010

Protest and Counter-protest Mosque at Ground Zero


Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated

Hundreds of opponents of the victory mosque on Sunday chanted, sang patriotic songs and waved photographs of violent attacks by Islamic extremists.


Hundreds of impassioned demonstrators - all waving American flags, but separated into two groups by police - descended on the site of the proposed mosque near ground zero, with opponents chanting, "No mosque, no way!" and supporters shouting, "We say no to racist fear!"

The two leaders of the construction project, meanwhile, defended their plans on Sunday, though one suggested that organizers might eventually be willing to discuss an alternative site. The other, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, said during a Middle East trip that the attention generated by the project is actually positive and that he hopes it will bring greater understanding.

The rallies took place around the corner from the cordoned-off old building that is to become a 13-story Islamic community center and mosque. There were no reports of physical clashes but there were some nose-to-nose confrontations, including a man and a woman screaming at each other across a barricade under a steady rain.

Opponents of the $100 million project two blocks from the World Trade Center site appeared to outnumber supporters. Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" blared over loudspeakers as mosque opponents chanted, "No mosque, no way!"

Signs hoisted by dozens of protesters standing behind police barricades read "SHARIA" - using dripping, blood-red letters to describe Islam's Shariah law, which governs Muslims' behavior.

Steve Ayling, a 40-year-old Brooklyn plumber, said the people behind the mosque project are "the same people who took down the twin towers."
Opponents demand that the mosque be moved farther from the site where more than 2,700 people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001. "They should put it in the Middle East," Ayling said.

On a nearby sidewalk, police chased away a group that unfurled a banner with images of beating, stoning and other torture they said was committed by those who followed Islamic law.

A mannequin wearing a keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress, was mounted on one of two mock missiles that were part of an anti-mosque installation. One missile was inscribed with the words: "Again? Freedom Targeted by Religion"; the other with "Obama: With a middle name Hussein. We understand. Bloomberg: What is your excuse?"

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has fiercely defended plans for the proposed mosque, saying that the right "to practice your religion was one of the real reasons America was founded."

The mosque project is being led by Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, who insist the center will promote moderate Islam. The dispute has sparked a national debate on religious freedom and American values and is becoming an issue on the campaign trail ahead of the midterm elections. Republicans have been critical of President Barack Obama's stance: He has said the Muslims have the right to build the center at the site but has not commented on whether he thinks they should.

Rauf is in the middle of a Mideast trip funded by the U.S. State Department that is intended to promote religious tolerance. He told a gathering Sunday at the U.S. ambassador's residence in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain that he took heart from the dispute over the mosque, saying "the fact we are getting this kind of attention is a sign of success."
"It is my hope that people will understand more," Rauf said without elaborating.

Democratic New York Gov. David Paterson has suggested that state land farther from ground zero be used for the center. Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, expressed some openness to that idea on ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour," but said she would have to meet with the center's other "stakeholders" first.

"We want to build bridges," Khan said. "We don't want to create conflict, this is not where we were coming from."

But Khan also said the angry reaction to the project "is like a metastasized anti-Semitism."

At the pro-mosque rally, staged a block away from opponents' demonstration, several hundred people chanted, "Muslims are welcome here! We say no to racist fear!"

Dr. Ali Akram, a 39-year-old Brooklyn physician, came with his three sons and an 11-year-old nephew waving an American flag. He noted that scores of Muslims were among those who died in the towers, and he called those who oppose the mosque "un-American."

"They teach their children about the freedom of religion in America - but they don't practice what they preach," Akram said.

Rauf, in an interview with Bahrain's Al Wasat newspaper, said America's sweeping constitutional rights are more in line with Islamic principles than the limits imposed by some Muslim nations.
"American Muslims have the right to practice their religion in accordance with the Constitution of the United States," Rauf said. "I see the article of independence as more compliant with the principles of Islam than what is available in many of the current Muslim countries."


Andy Sullivan: Building Islamic Center is the "Second Wave" of 9/11 Attacks

“It’s the soldiers that are dying right now – those are the heros; those are the patriots. I’m just some kid from Brooklyn who got fed up.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

“supporters shouting, “Say no to racist fear!”

Is this a joke??? Muslims are a race now? FEAR ??? that is a laugh!!

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Iran Unveils Unmanned Bomber, Dubbed 'Ambassador Of Death' By Ahmadinejad

Iran Unveils Unmanned Bomber, Dubbed 'Ambassador Of Death' By Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday inaugurated the country's first domestically built unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an "ambassador of death" to Iran's enemies.

The 4-meter-long drone aircraft can carry up to four cruise missiles and will have a range of 620 miles (1,000 kilometers), according to a state TV report – not far enough to reach archenemy Israel.

"The jet, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship," said Ahmadinejad at the inauguration ceremony, which fell on the country's national day for its defense industries.

The goal of the aircraft, named Karrar or striker, is to "keep the enemy paralyzed in its bases," he said, adding that the aircraft is for deterrence and defensive purposes.

The president championed the country's military self-sufficiency program, and said it will continue "until the enemies of humanity lose hope of ever attacking the Iranian nation."

Iran insists it is only interested in generating electricity.

Referring to Israel's occasional threats against Iran's nuclear facilities, Ahmadinejad called any attack unlikely, but he said if Israel did, the reaction would be overwhelming.

"The scope of Iran's reaction will include the entire the earth," said Ahmadinejad. "We also tell you – the West – that all options are on the table."



Wild Thing's comment.........

It’s called..”In your face” the UN and all other countries. He’s on a roll and will continue to push thru all boundaries regardless of the aftermath.

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No Taxpayer Money For Illegals = Self Deportation By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

No Taxpayer Money For Illegals = Self Deportation
( plus the real intention of the Ground Zero project )

By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Most American taxpayers find it utterly reprehensible that Fedzilla spends our hard earned dollars to subsidize illegal aliens and their children, particularly at a time when many legal citizens are out of work with no benefits. A pregnant Mexican woman can walk across the southern border and into an American healthcare facility and that facility will give her an EBT card with up to $450 per month for healthcare services and a food card worth $275 per month. This problem is not just in Border States.

Most states have an illegal alien problem of significant magnitude. In the small Northeast state of Rhode Island for example, there is a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy towards illegals, and just as in Arizona, much taxpayer money is spent on funding their education, healthcare and subsistence costs. That state legislature is sending two representatives to Arizona to find out how to craft a law which cracks down on illegals without running into constitutional issues.

Fedzilla’s non-enforcement of federal illegal immigration law is legal malpractice. Our elected officials are willing accomplices as they plunder government treasuries to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on illegal aliens while American citizens suffer during this recession. The unfortunate irony is that American citizens who are out of work and students just out of college are worse off than illegals!

We don’t need to discuss the reasons behind Fedzilla’s intentional lack of concern, nor the fact that this Leftist administration and its Congressional crooks are at odds with most state governments and ‘We The People’ with respect to non-enforcement of illegal alien laws. Obama and his financiers are currently searching for ways to circumvent the Congress to grant amnesty to illegals before the November elections and certainly by the 2012 Presidential election.

Their goal is to create a large new Democrat voting bloc so their destructive plans for America’s constitutional government and free enterprise system can come to fruition. Simultaneously, this Administration with the help of Democrat leadership has put us into a downward spiral of unsustainable multi-trillion dollar debt with no hope of paying it back to worldwide borrowers.

China is the largest lender to the United States through its purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds, but they, as many other nations worldwide, have lost faith that our government will ever be able to pay those bonds off at maturity.

“When the bank quits lending, the borrower cannot borrow”, which means default and ultimate devaluation of currency as the only remaining solution.

That nightmare is a certainty if We The People don’t act quickly to take back our government and repeal Obamacare and his multi-trillion dollar splurge to fund Fedzilla.

We The People must also demand accountability from our state and local governments, just as in Rhode Island and Arizona amongst others. That means demanding that our officials document and educate taxpayers on the magnitude of government spending for illegals.

Then such funding must be cut off. Without subsidies, many illegals will self-deport back to their homeland. To not demand this accountability and action by our government is to complacently accept the direction in which our nation is headed---off a cliff into the third world. Who will our children hold accountable?

As a sidebar, concerning the proposed Islamic ‘community center’ near Ground Zero, the imam who heads this project is currently traveling on our tax money (thanks to the Obama state department) to the Middle East to raise more money for his project. This is but one step to his ultimate goal that America accept Sharia Law. Some politicians such as Mayor Bloomberg have bought the Muslim lie of ‘religious tolerance’ as justification for this project hook, line and sinker.

Obama and other Muslims know quite well the motive of those who wish to plant this symbol of Islam on property where 3000 lives were lost at the hands of their Jihadists. It would be a different outcome if the imam and his followers humbly and apologetically proposed to build a memorial to lives lost at the hands of radical Islam instead of this ‘in your face and down your throat’ insult to our nation.

America has given a resounding NO to Sharia Law in any way, shape or form within our borders.

Sharia is a the epitome of pervasive intolerance which discriminates against and abuses women, brings death to homosexuals, and regards anyone who is not a devout Muslim as a second-class citizen deserving of death in the name of Allah.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Well done article, thank you Dr. Bates.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Krista Branch "Remember Who We Are"

"Remember Who We Are" is an inspiring patriotic song calling Americans to remember our history, our triumph over adversity and our legacy which hangs in the balance.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Powerful song, especially with all the turmoil the 9/11 Victory Mosque is causing right now! We need to remember who we are, and fight those who are trying to fundamentally change America from within and without!!

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August 22, 2010

DOD’s Final Report Classifies Fort Hood Jihad As “workplace violence”

DoD’s final report classifies Fort Hood jihad as “workplace violence”

Offensive jihad in the name of Islam against the U.S. military – perpetrated by a Muslim member of the military – who preached jihad – is now being referred to by the Department of Defense as “workplace violence.”.... News Article: Pentagon Releases Final Fort Hood Shooting Review.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 20, 2010 – Pentagon officials today released the Defense Department’s final review of recommendations issued by an independent panel in the wake of the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting spree on Fort Hood, Texas.
Among the department’s top priorities, as outlined in the review, are boosting on-base emergency response capabilities, improving law enforcement and force protection information sharing with partner agencies, and integrating force protection policy, a Defense Department news release said.
In a memorandum signed Aug. 18, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he carefully considered the panel’s recommendations — detailed in the report titled, “Protecting the Force: Lessons Learned from Fort Hood” — and is directing the department to take “appropriate action” to address the initiatives detailed in the follow-on review.
“I expect department leaders to place great priority on implementing these recommendations,” Gates said. All actions are aimed at contributing to the safety and health of military forces, the release said.
Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, allegedly opened fire at a Fort Hood facility where soldiers were processing for overseas deployments. He has been charged with 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder.
“The tragic shooting of U.S. military personnel at Fort Hood … underscored the need for the [Defense Department] to thoroughly review its approach to force protection and to broaden its force protection policies, programs and procedures to go beyond their traditional focus on hostile external threats,” Gates said…
The review puts forth “concrete actions” for the majority of the recommendations, Gates said. In some cases, however, further study will be required before the department can take additional steps.
In particular, he said, the department will strengthen its policies, programs and procedures in the following areas:

– Educating commanders about the symptoms of potential workplace violence and the tools available to them to address it;

After a cursory review, responding to future acts of jihad (although DoD won’t call it that) seems to be a significant focus of the recommendations. One would think preventing infiltration of the U.S. military by jihadists and stealth jihadists would be the focus rather than responding to future attacks.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This makes me so angry. If this keeps up, America as we know and love it will be dead within 20 years.

“...allegedly opened fire ...”

“allegedly” - isn't that a damnable lie??

Let me get this right. An attack on a a US military base by a Muslim terrorist is workplace violence? So by extension of this logic, when our finest are deployed in Afghanistan and attacked... that's also workplace violence. After all, the military "works" around the world.

And why is the Pentagon protecting a Muslim who opened fire on the military? Do they think we’re all just going to go, “All right then, no jihad, nothing to worry about”? Why can’t the Pentagon call it what it is? How can the Pentagon defend us if the Pentagon can’t even identify the enemy? Because the Pentagon is following the orders of the Commander In Chief. Protecting Muslims at the expense of our troops!!!!

This is an insult to the families of the dead at Ft Hood, and the dead from the 911 Atrocities, and the dead on
the battlefields that protected America.

Imam Obama and the DoD clearly wants more. Wants more of this for America.

From Imam Obama's Audacity of Hope:
"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

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Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mom: Your Son Deserved to Die

Marc Alan Lee

Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mom: Your Son Deserved to Die


I still clearly remember the day that I was summoned home by my oldest son Kristofer to find the Navy officers and chaplain waiting inside my home to tell me the most painful and agonizing words I would ever hear, “We are sorry to inform you that your son Marc Alan Lee was killed in action.”

August 2nd, 2006 forever changed my life. I don’t breathe the same, I don’t think the same, I don’t act the same, I don’t live the same. Everything I do since that day is much deeper and with greater passion. I cherish every moment that I breath, every person in my life, every hug and the precious gift of life. Since that day I have dedicated my life to honoring and supporting our troops, their families and especially the families of the fallen.

I have always been a patriot and understood that our men and women serving have paid for my freedoms but since the day Marc willingly sacrificed his life, I understand in a much deeper way the cost and sacrifice that our brave warriors and their families make. “Freedom isn’t free” is a reality not just a patriotic slogan.
It’s hard to believe that we have just passed the four year anniversary of Marc’s death. I have dedicated the last four years to telling Marc’s heroic story, standing for our troops, thanking them, and fighting across this nation to make sure they have the funding, benefits, health care, respect, and support they need. This is more than a full-time endeavor for me. These are our heroes who are willing to give up their lives if need be to defend this country and fight for our freedoms.

Numerous times over the past four years I have confronted the antics of Jodie Evans and her anti-war Code Pink cronies. We’ve all seen the nightly news with them being arrested time and time again throwing their leftist temper tantrums with their pink boa feathers wrapped around their necks as they kick and scream like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum to get attention. They have sent over $600,000.00 to the terrorists in Fallujah, or as they called them, “freedom fighting” heroes. You would think treasonous acts like this would have them locked in jail. Over and over they have attacked our military recruiting offices causing thousands of dollars of damage to the offices and threatening the recruiters.

In 2008 they barricaded the recruiting office in Berkeley with the blessing of the Berkeley City Council. We at Move America Forward had all we could stomach when we heard them tell the Marines they were unwelcome, unwanted intruders, not in Iraq or Afghanistan but on American soil in Berkeley, California. Americans from across the nation joined us in Berkeley to counter-protest these anti-war hippies. Numerous times they told me they support the troops but not the war, yet over and over when I asked if they had sent care packages, phone cards, written letters, or helped the families left behind in anyway, they conveniently couldn’t remember anything they had done. Yet they had a successful fundraiser to send $600,000.00 to our enemies in Iraq? Yet Jodie Evans and her Code Pink degenerates taunted me and made light of my son’s sacrifice telling me, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.” It took every ounce of reserve in my body to not level these idiots to the ground. These same people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” says that my son, who gave up his life for their freedoms, deserved death.

Now Jodie Evans is at her fundraising efforts again, this time to support Jerry Brown for Governor of California. California is at the top of the list for military bases and boasts one of the largest populations of Veterans, yet Jerry Brown a past governor of the state and candidate for the office again, is willing to take thousands of dollars from one of the largest anti-war groups in America. What a slap in the face to all of our brave warriors who have fought and sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

My son Marc is buried in Fort Rosecrans in San Diego along with a multitude of Vets who honorably served and gave their last breathe defending the shores of America. Their headstones are a testament to the sacrifices they have made as they gave the greatest gift they could, their life, so others could live and live free. Jerry Brown is dishonoring and disrespecting each of our fallen heroes by accepting money from a terrorist supporting lunatic! Jodie Evans has deeply insulted and offended me and so many other Gold Star families too many times.

Wild Thing's comment........

These maggots are vermin.

The left only cares about terrorists and murderers. The so called caring left is about as caring as death camp commanders. Soon there will be violence. People are not going to stand for this crap much longer.

The Code Pink Marxists taunted wounded soldiers at Walter Reed, they traveled to Iraq to support Saddam Hussein before the war, they sent thousands of dollars to support Al-Qaeda in Fallujah, they’ve traveled to Afghanistan to meet with the Taliban, they’ve met the leaders of the Iranian regime. They’ve met with Chavez at socialist conferences.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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VP Joe Biden Guarantees Dems Will Control House and Senate After 2010 Elections

Joe Biden talking to a summer meeting of the DNC, where Biden guaranteed that on November 3, Democrats will keep majorities in both the House and Senate. In fact, Biden is so confident, he said that if it were not illegal, “I’d make book on it.”

Biden urged Democrats on Friday to shake away their pessimism about the midterm elections, declaring: “The reports of the death of the Democratic Party have been greatly exaggerated.”

If Democrats don’t keep control, this will make a nice video to remember!


Wild Thing's comment........

They do seem confident. And I have to tell you, it worries me. What voter fraud tricks do they have up their sleeves? Maybe massive ones.

Both sides better be glad the Tea Party exists. It’s the only thing between them and shooting each other. The Tea Party is a natural reaction to a situation that could easily turn violent. And the left wants it to turn violent, too, or they wouldn't bait us and send in the thugs.

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The Left Says Your Views are Too Extreme

The pundits from the left claim that conservative candidates are too "extreme." Polls reflect who the true extremists are. Hopefully, there will be many more ads like this in the near future as we approach the November elections. Keep the faith, "change" is in the air.

A great ad with truth to it. of course the left wing will deny the facts in this video.

Wild Thing's comment.....

The left is so full of it. Their hate for everything our country has stood for and their agenda, the progressives bent on destroying our beloved country.....and they say WE are topo extreme. LOCK and LOAD is my answer!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama's Point of No Return

Obama's Point of No Return

By J.R. Dunn

American Thinker

There comes a moment in a failing presidency where the incumbent, through some single gesture, action, or statement, crosses a certain line from beyond which there is no return. Through his own will and behavior, he so underlines his failings, so frames his negative image, that no further action can ever erase it. Fate, accident, and circumstance have nothing to do with it. It is the president himself who puts the period at the end of his own sentence.

Such moments are obvious in retrospect, though not always at the time. With Richard Nixon, it was the "eighteen-minute gap." An oval office tape recording turned over to Judge John Sirica, who was overseeing the investigation of the Watergate incident, turned out to have a lengthy period of silence smack-dab in the middle of a conversation between Nixon and chief of staff H.R. Haldeman. The White House claimed that Rose Mary Woods, the president's secretary, had inadvertently hit the wrong button for those eighteen minutes. This might well have been true, but in light of Nixon's long reputation as Tricky Dick, it sounded like the cock-and-bull story to end them all. Nixon had been holding his own in the Watergate battle up to that point. The voting public viewed the uproar with bemusement rather than indignation. But the tape gap finished him. In less than a year, he was forced into resignation.

For Jimmy Carter, it was the "malaise speech" of July 15, 1979, in which he attempted to shuffle the blame for his tepid performance as president from his own administration onto the shoulders of the American people. Carter claimed that a national "crisis of confidence" (he never actually used the word "malaise") made it impossible for him to adequately grapple with the country's problems. It was America's fault, not Jimmy Carter's. The public reaction was open disgust and the abject collapse of any support for the Carter presidency.

With Obama, we have an abundance of riches: the multiple vacations, the legal harassment of the state of Arizona on behalf of illegals, the clownish response to the Gulf oil blowout. But when historians come to select the moment when Obama went over the edge of the world, I think they'll find the great Iftar mosque speech of August 13, 2010 hard to beat.

During a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan, the president found it appropriate to come out in favor of religious freedom. Not in support of Christians being attacked by janjaweed gunmen, or Bahá'ís tormented by Iranian mullahs, or Jews being stalked by assassins, or even American citizens being told that they cannot pray in public, but in favor of a shadowy foreign foundation with suspicious financing and disturbing jihadi connections that wishes to build some kind of victory monument congruent to the site of the 9/11 massacre.

These doomsday statements work by putting previous suspicions and surmises about the president -- always negative -- into sharp relief, acting as verification and confirmation. Nixon had suffered a reputation as a conniver since his knock-down, drag-out 1950 battle against Helen Gahagan Douglas (it was Douglas who coined the "Tricky Dick" nickname). The tape gap fit so perfectly into that narrative as to crowd out everything else. Carter's inept performance as president was rendered even harder to bear by his continual sanctimony and moral preening. The malaise speech merely added the patina of a whiner.

With Obama, suspicions have involved his status as an American. The foreign parentage, the registration in an Indonesian school noting him as a Muslim, the uproar over the birth certificate aroused misgivings that, despite media scorn heaped upon those noting them, he has never quite been able to put to rest. As of last weekend, his opportunities to do so are ended. Impressions trump arguments, and for most of the country, Obama will, from here on in, be a strange and untrustworthy figure -- a man who does not understand what Ground Zero means to America, who utilizes American law and custom to support foreign interests, who speaks to strangers more clearly than to his own.

Nothing either Nixon or Carter did enabled them to recover from their faux pas. Even as the tape gap story broke, Nixon was supervising a massive airlift of supplies and ammunition to Israel, which was involved in a life-or-death struggle against massive Arab attack in the Yom Kippur War. It gained Nixon nothing, scarcely earning a mention amid all the public speculation about Watergate. Less than three months after the Carter speech, Iranian "students" (actually professional revolutionaries under the control of the Ayatollah Khomeini) sacked the American embassy in Tehran, taking nearly a hundred American hostages. I can attest that I was not alone in thinking, "Great -- and we've got Mr. Malaise is charge." The year-and a-half-long hostage crisis, climaxed by the disastrous Eagle Claw rescue mission, hastened the collapse of the worst presidency of the later 20th century.

The past two years are the best Obama will ever see. The real crises of his presidency are still to come, and they are easily visible as they move toward us -- Iran, terrorism, the economy, the collapse of the national health care system hastened by his own policies. He will meet them under a cloud of his own making, attempting to overcome them as a president who takes endless vacations, who will not defend his country's borders, who sat out the Gulf oil crisis, who overlooks the sacrifices of his own countrymen in favor of dubious foreign figures.

Some lines of Shakespeare occurred to me while Obama was dawdling over a response to the oil blowout. They can also serve to cover the entire morass:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads us to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

The tide has gone out for Barack Obama. It is all epilogue from here on in.


Wild Thing's comment........

Perhaps Rush Limbaugh said it best when he said, “Obama is the dumbest guy in the room, no matter what room he’s in.” People are seeing an aloof and out of touch lazy ideologue strut his arrogance and spend our tax dollars with impunity, and we don’t like it.

He is indeed an alien in the White House.May he fall speedily from power!

America is now a powder keg that is set to explode. Let us not underestimate the sheer potential of Iman Obama's mendacity. We are only eighteen months into a historic political train wreck and it may take scholars centuries to pinpoint the exact moment the wheels flew off this "man caused disaster" called the Obama presidency.

Almost every process our forefathers put in place to keep America's freedoms has been tampered with.

How can 330 million Americans sit idly by and watch this monkey destroy our nation. Obama, Ried, Pelosi should be frog marched to Leavenworth tomorrow.

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"I'm Taking Action" Awesome Rant About Obama and The Left by Radio Host Michael Berry

Houston, Texas Radio Host Michael Berry .

Wild Thing's comment......

Wonderful rant, I have never heard of this radio host before. He might be a local one in Houston. But he is good and what he said is so true. We cannot ease up at all and have to keep telling people to wake up in all the ways we can.. This might be our last chance to get our country back on track.

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August 21, 2010

Dems Retreat on Key Socialized Medicine Pitch

When the pdf document opens this is the first thing you see on the page. ~ Wild Thing

Dems retreat on health care cost pitch

Key White House allies are dramatically shifting their attempts to defend health care legislation, abandoning claims that it will reduce costs and deficit, and instead stressing a promise to "improve it."

The messaging shift was circulated this afternoon on a conference call and PowerPoint presentation organized by FamiliesUSA — one of the central groups in the push for the initial legislation. The call was led by a staffer for the Herndon Alliance, which includes leading labor groups and other health care allies. It was based on polling from three top Democratic pollsters, John Anzalone, Celinda Lake, and Stan Greenberg

HERE IS THE POWERPOINT is a pdf loads quickly just to let you know.

The confidential presentation, available in full here and provided to POLITICO by a source on the call, suggests that Democrats are acknowledging the failure of their predictions that the health care legislation would grow more popular after its passage, as its benefits became clear and rhetoric cooled. Instead, the presentation is designed to win over a skeptical public, and to defend the legislation — and in particular the individual mandate — from a push for repeal.

The presentation concedes that groups typically supportive of Democratic causes — people under 40, non-college educated women, and Hispanic voters — have not been won over by the plan. Indeed, it stresses repeatedly, many are unaware that the legislation has passed, an astonishing shortcoming in the White House's all-out communications effort.

Wild Thing's comment........

REPEAL it - you closed door hypocrites! No American wants your socialism in any way, shape or form! This attempt to change the conversation is nothing more than an alinsky-like attempt to ratchet the march to a socialist state. They want to “lock in” having the monster by moving from a contentious argument to something new, potentially just as contentious, that would take months for the public to digest, getting past the mid-terms

The presentation’s final page of “Don’ts” counsels against claiming “the law will reduce costs and deficit.”

Every word is a lie from these democrat party monsters.



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Steve Emerson – head of the “Investigative Project on Terrorism” Has More Information On Imam Rauf

Steve Emerson

PLEASE Click HERE to lisrten to Steve Emerson here on Bill Bennett radio show

Taken from Bill Bennett radio show website.

Steve Emerson has unearthed 13 hours of audio tape of Imam Rauf. Emerson and his team of investigators has spent the past four weeks going through the newly found material. Rauf is a "radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep's clothing."

Among the shocking revelations Emerson's team will reveal next week -- they found Rauf:

Defending wahhabism - a puritanical version of Islam that governs Saudi Arabia

Calling for the elimination of Israel by claiming a one-nation state, meaning no more Jewish State.

Defending Bin Laden's violence
Demonstrating that there is a lot more to this man than merely a cleric.

The American public now sees the "deception perpetrated by all these Islamic groups that claim they are against violence and terrorism and insist that their rights be respected but in reality are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood."

Emerson states there is "definitely fraud involved in the entities that Rauf created in the last decade that are co-mingled." Emerson took it to the IRS, who said, "you have a case."

There is intel that the shady developers, the Gamal brothers, will be going to radical Islamic organizations to serve as connectors -- CAIR, MPAC -- so that they do their bidding for the money.

The mosque "is going to be a magnet for radicals." Emerson is not opposed to the building of mosques. He is "opposed to the building of radical mosques." ......"Unfortunately 80% of the mosques in the United States are controlled by the Wahhabists. That's the reality. No one wants to admit it. They're the ones that attract terrorists."


Wild Thing's comment.......

Only Obama, Pelosi and 20% of American voters support the Ground Zero mosque.

Steve Emerson, head of the Investigative Project, has created a much-needed resource on Islamic terrorism in the USA here.
CLICK on the link and the page is right there with the map ( a larger version). it has it where you can run your mouse over various cities and States to read where they are located and the terrorist connection to each one. VERY interesting!!!!!

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They won't build it! Hardhats Vow Not To Work On Controversial Mosque Near Ground Zero

Blaster David Kaiser's hardhat says what he thinks of the mosque planned for Park Place, near Ground Zero.

New York Daily News

A growing number of New York construction workers are vowing not to work on the mosque planned near Ground Zero.

"It's a very touchy thing because they want to do this on sacred ground," said Dave Kaiser, 38, a blaster who is working to rebuild the World Trade Center site.
"I wouldn't work there, especially after I found out about what the imam said about U.S. policy being responsible for 9/11," Kaiser said.

The grass-roots movement is gaining momentum on the Internet. One construction worker created the "Hard Hat Pledge" on his blog and asked others to vow not to work on the project if it stays on Park Place.

"Thousands of people are signing up from all over the country," said creator Andy Sullivan, a construction worker from Brooklyn. "People who sell glass, steel, lumber, insurance. They are all refusing to do work if they build there."
"Hopefully, this will be a tool to get them to move it," he said. "I got a problem with this ostentatious building looming over Ground Zero."

A planned 13-story community center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, Park51 has exploded into a national debate.

Louis Coletti, president of the Building Trades Employers' Association, said unions have not yet taken a "formal position" on Park51, but he understands why members would be hesitant to work there.

"It's a very difficult dilemma for the contractors and the organized labor force because we are experiencing such high levels of unemployment," he said. "Yet at the same time, this is a very sacred sight to the union guys."
"There were construction workers killed on 9/11 and many more who got horribly sick cleaning up Ground Zero," Coletti said. "It's very emotional."

L.V. Spina, a Manhattan construction worker who created anti-mosque stickers that some workers are slapping on their hardhats, said he would "rather pick cans and bottles out of trash cans" than build the Islamic center near Ground Zero.

"But if they moved it somewhere else, we would put up a prime building for these people," he said. "Hell, you could do it next to my house in Rockaway Beach, I would be fine with it. But I'm not fine with it where blood has been spilled."

Spina, who sells 9/11 apparel on his website, said he's printed thousands of stickers and plans to produce thousands more.

"They're going all over the country," he said. "They got pretty popular fast."

Popularity aside, there are some construction workers choosing not to set themselves against the project.

"Hundreds of guys here are wearing stickers as a sign of protest, but I'm on the fence about it," said Frank Langan, 50, a site superintendent from Queens working at Ground Zero.
"It's a tough debate," he said. "I sympathize with workers' position, but at the same time, you can't single out all Muslims because of a small number of terrorists."

Interview Sam Nunberg from the ACLJ after the Landmark Vote on Ground Zero Mosque ...excellent interview, they also mention how Rush has been discussing this as well.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Here is their page at Facebook.......The 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge.

And here is Andy Sullivan's Blue Collar website where the peition is located.

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Hanoi John Kerry introduces law to bring Muslim workers to U.S.

On the verge of a double-dip recession, unemployment at rarely seen levels, Islamic terrorism at record high levels, and Democrats want to bring workers from Muslim countries to the U.S.? Moreover, they want to send Americans into countries likely hostile to Americans and ruled by sharia law. Taxation for Islamization.

WASHINGTON: US Senator and chairman of Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry, appealed on Tuesday for cementing US ties with the Muslim world with a two-way exchange of professionals like teachers, city planners, and public health workers.

Public health workers? Does Obamacare require importing Muslim health workers? As was heard in this post.

Kerry introduced a bill calling for a three-year pilot programme to draw such workers from Muslim-majority countries to be picked by the US State Department. “This legislation is designed to help build professional capacity, strengthen civil society, and improve ties between the United States and Muslim-majority countries,” he said in a statement. These citizens picked would be 21-40 years old and could also come from civil society, including journalists, leaders of religious-based organisations, or employees of nonprofit organisations, Kerry’s office said in a statement.

More: Kerry to create new professional exchange program with Muslim world

This pilot program would allow young American professionals to spend six months overseas experiencing a new culture in Muslim countries while gaining new work experiences. And it would allow citizens of those countries to spend six months in the United States, where they will gain valuable work skills and see what life in America is all about. In a small but significant way, both journeys will help to lay the groundwork for improved relations going forward.


The International Professional Exchange Act of 2010…


Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Contact: SFRC Communications, (202) 224-4651

Under the proposed legislation, the US Secretary of State is authorised to establish a three year pilot program to help build professional capacity and contribute professional skills to local communities through a two-way exchange of fellows between the United States and select Muslim-majority countries.

The program does not exclude non-Muslims from participating in the exchange.

How considerate. Dhimmis. The only thing Muslim countries do for America is build mosques to spread sharia law.

(2) FELLOW- The term ‘fellow’ means a college-educated professional who–

(A) is between 21 and 40 years of age; and

(B) has been selected to participate in the Program.

(3) FELLOWSHIP- The term ‘fellowship’ means the vehicle through which inbound and outbound fellows participate in the Program.

(4) INBOUND FELLOW- The term ‘inbound fellow’ means a fellow who is coming to the United States from a Muslim-majority country.

(5) MUSLIM-MAJORITY COUNTRY- The term ‘Muslim-majority country’ means–

(A) a country that is a Member State of the Organization of the Islamic Conference; and

(B) the Republic of Kosovo.

(6) OUTBOUND FELLOW- The term ‘outbound fellow’ means a fellow who is going to a Muslim-majority country from the United States.

(7) PROGRAM- The term ‘Program’ means the 3-year International Professional Exchange Pilot Program established under this Act.


(a) Authorization- The Secretary of State is authorized to establish a 3-year international professional exchange pilot program for–

(1) young professionals in the United States to live and work in a Muslim-majority country; and

(2) young professionals in Muslim-majority countries to live and work in the United States.


Wild Thing's comment........

Islamization. College educated Muslims between 21-40, that’s the profile of most Islamic terrorists .

I wish this was a satire, but is for real. Look at all the prominent Muzzie terrorists, including the new head of operations for Al’Qeada, who have spent significant time in the West.

It is not only John Kerry. Obama during his speech in Cairo last year, President Obama called for a new beginning between the United States and the world’s Muslims and committed to creating “a new corps of business volunteers to partner with counterparts in Muslim-majority countries.

When will this lunacy end? My gosh! These libbies not only need to be defeated politically, but also run out the country. I wish we could even have someone like Joe McCarthy when he went after the communists.

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" SALT IN THE WOUND" ...Video Opposing the Obama Mosque

This is a music video opposing the Ground Zero Mosque with scenes from September 11 that undoubtedly expresses the feelings of the vast majority of Americans.

“Salt in the Wound,” written by Rita W. Jones.

Wild Thing's comment..........

This mosque is something that obama cannot blame on GW Bush. The expression of "owns it" applies here and Obama owns it, it is happening under the obama regime and he could put a stop to it if he wanted to. He takes on AZ and their illegal immigration bill, he goes after Sheriff Joe as well for wanting to follow the laws of our land. But when it comes to a mosque that will be a tribute to 9-11 by Muslims and their Imam has already stated his goal is Shira law in our country................Obama is all for it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Obama Now Blames Poor Job Numbers on Congressional Inaction.Wait! HIS Party Runs Congress

Obama now blames poor job numbers on congressional inaction. Wait! His party runs Congress

August 20, 2010

Los Angeles Times

Just a few minor things to catch up on for the weekend now that the Fundraiser-in-Chief has gone on another vacation (Don't worry though. White House chef Sam Kass went along, so the first family need not eat ordinary human food.)

-- The Congressional Budget Office says the 2010 federal deficit will be in excess of $1.3 trillion, as in $1,000,000,000,000+. (BTW, the next level we'll be talking about out of Washington is quadrillion, which has fifteen 0's.)

-- Despite Vice President Joe Biden's April boast that administration stimulus spending would spur the economy to add a half-million jobs a month by now, initial unemployment claims jumped a half-million last week, the worst since last November, as national unemployment remains at 9.5% and the economy sheds 131,000 more jobs.

-- But the economy's going great at the Democratic National Committee, which reports collecting $11.5 million from donors in July on top of the $53.8 million already taken in from various sources this year. The president just devoted three workdays across five states to rake in several more millions for his party.

-- But before leaving for his ninth presidential vacation, 10 days at a....

...secluded estate on Martha's Vineyard, Obama devoted four minutes in the White House driveway to a special statement on the latest disappointing jobs numbers. (Full text, can be read belkow this write up.

No questions allowed because the president didn't want to explain why despite the administration's announced Recovery Summer Program, the jobs numbers have started going backward again after 19 months of promises and $787 billion in alleged stimulation spending. Because, faced with the uncertainty of the economy and the certainty of new taxes after Nov. 2, employers are holding back on hiring.

According to the president, he's been "adamant" with Congress for months now about a new jobs bill to help small businesses. Obama says this really good bill is stalled in the Senate, where so much administration legislation has been crammed through so effectively by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid's been so good at it, in fact, that he's now running for his political life in a reelection campaign back in Nevada where unemployment is 14.3% and Obama's legislation is not so popular.

Reid's up against a conservative Republican. So, that means Harry Reid must be a Democrat, just like Obama, and just like 59% of the Senate's votes.

The very same party that has controlled both houses of Congress since the 2006 election and really controlled them both since the 2008 hopey-changey balloting.


Remarks by Obama on the economy, as provided by the White House ....or Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah from the arrogant Dictator ~ Wild Thing

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. For the last several months, I have been urging Congress to pass a jobs bill that will do two big things for small businesses -- cut their taxes and make loans more available.

I have been adamant about this because small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create two out of every three new jobs in this country. And while a lot of big businesses and big banks have started recovering from this recession, small businesses and community banks that loan to small businesses have been lagging behind. They need help. And if we want this economy to create more jobs more quickly, we need to help them.

A report yesterday from the Labor Department underscores why this is so critical. In the final few months of last year, small businesses with fewer than 50 employees accounted for more than 60% of the job losses in America -- more than 60%. These are the businesses that usually create most of the jobs in this country. And this report, combined with this morning’s news that unemployment claims rose again, compels us to act. It compels us to stand with the small businessmen and women who are trying to grow their companies and make payroll and hire new workers.

The jobs bill that is stalled in Congress would completely eliminate taxes on key investments in small businesses. It would allow small business owners to write off more expenses. And it would make it easier for community banks to do more lending to small businesses, while allowing small firms to take out larger SBA loans with fewer fees, which countless entrepreneurs have told me would make a big difference in their companies. I’d also like to point out this legislation is fully paid for and will not add one single dime to our deficit.

So this is a bill that makes sense, and normally we would expect Democrats and Republicans to join together. Unfortunately, a partisan minority in the Senate so far has refused to allow this jobs bill to come up for a vote.

Now, I recognize that there are times when Democrats and Republicans have legitimate differences rooted in different views about what’s best for this country. There are times when good people disagree in good faith.

But this is not one of those times. This small business jobs bill is based on ideas both Democrat and Republican. In fact, many provisions in the bill were actually authored by Republican senators. It has been praised as being good for small business by groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

A majority of senators are in favor of the bill and yet the obstruction continues. It’s obstruction that stands in the way of small business owners getting the loans and the tax cuts that they need to prosper. It’s obstruction that defies common sense.

So let me just make this simple point. There will be plenty of time between now and November to play politics. But the small business owners I met with this week, the ones that I’ve met with across the country this year, they don’t have time for political games. They’re not interested in what’s best for a political party. They’re interested in what’s best for the country.

When Congress reconvenes, this jobs bill will be the first business out of the gate. And the Senate Republican leadership needs to stop its efforts to block it. Let’s put aside the partisanship for awhile and work together for small businesses, for employees, and the communities that depend on them across this great country. Thank you very much.


Wild Thing's comment........

LOL Obama just threw the democrat majority Congress under the bus. Must be getting crowded down there.

Obama is complaining that Congress has not done more of what doesn’t work, increase spending.

Everyday the sycophantic media is forced to report on a worsening economic picture and the precipitous drop in the polls of the petulant twit.Opinion writers are more willing to be critical of the staggering fraud as he flails about blaming any and everyone else.The schadenfreude of this Marxist carnival barker's demise is as enjoyable as it is overdue.

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U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

A satellite image taken last September shows construction in a mountain near Qum, Iran, and a major military base.

U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

The Obama administration, citing evidence of continued troubles inside Iran’s nuclear program, has persuaded Israel that it would take roughly a year — and perhaps longer — for Iran to complete what one senior official called a “dash” for a nuclear weapon, according to American officials.

Administration officials said they believe the assessment has dimmed the prospect that Israel would pre-emptively strike against the country’s nuclear facilities within the next year, as Israeli officials have suggested in thinly veiled threats.

For years, Israeli and American officials have debated whether Iran is on an inexorable drive toward a nuclear bomb and, if so, how long it would take to produce one. A critical question has been the time it would take Tehran to convert existing stocks of low-enriched uranium into weapons-grade material, a process commonly known as “breakout.”

Israeli intelligence officials had argued that Iran could complete such a race for the bomb in months, while American intelligence agencies have come to believe in the past year that the timeline is longer.

“We think that they have roughly a year dash time,” said Gary Samore, President Obama’s top adviser on nuclear issues, referring to how long it would take the Iranians to convert nuclear material into a working weapon. “A year is a very long period of time.”

American officials said the United States believed international inspectors would detect an Iranian move toward breakout within weeks, leaving a considerable amount of time for the United States and Israel to consider military strikes.

The American assessments are based on intelligence collected over the past year, as well as reports from international inspectors. It is unclear whether the problems that Iran has had enriching uranium are the result of poor centrifuge design, difficulty obtaining components or accelerated Western efforts to sabotage the nuclear program.

American officials said new intelligence information was being fed into a long-delayed National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program.

....continue with article HERE .........

Wild Thing's comment.......

I say BS, if I was Israel I would not believe any of this bs from Obama and his administration. If Obama is breathing he is telling a lie. Obama has liled to every American, over and over and over. So heads up Israel, be wise. I’d trust Israel’s information more than ours.

Obama is doing everything he can to help with Israel’s destruction. If the world thinks it’ll be bad if Israel hits Iran, wait until Iran gets the nuke and gives it to every middle east country. If we don’t stop this or give our blessing to Israel to stop it, there’s going to be some bad stuff going down.

I think the Mossad is more on top of goings-on in the Iranian nuclear program than the CIA or any other intelligence service. After all, it is Israel who will face extinction first from an Iranian bomb. Therefore I am also certain Bibi and Company filed this information in the circular basket immediately. Just my gut feeling about it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Democrats Pushing That GW Will Be Running Again.....LMAO

The latest release by the Rapid Response team at the Democratic National Committee will persuade everyone who, since January 2009, has been living on Mars. The ad was laughable, and much derided.
So the DNC pulled the ad. But one wonderful blogger had saved to his own channel.

Thank you Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion blog.

The DNC ad that was released is asking voters to either choose to “continue moving forward like Democrats are doing,” or go back to the Bush policies, “that got us into this mess.”

That’s right, the democrats are still trying to use the old “blame it on Bush” strategy!

Wild Thing's comment........

ROTFLMAO this blaming GW Bush is so laughable. I honeslty think those that keep doing this, starting with Obama need to be sent to a mental ward. hahhahaa

This is a good thing. Americans are clearly tired of the “blame Bush” meme. Tired, old rhetoric...will only work to fire up their ignorant base. Independents and wavering Republicans are through buying that schtick.

Democrats are failures.

They criticize Bush for driving into the ditch while they drive off the cliff.

LMAO I swear if they keep this up I will get out my graphics from the two terms that GW campaigned for and post them every time it is a post about Obama....heh heh Maybe I will anyway just for the hell of it.

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August 20, 2010

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says America is "a Sharia Compliant State" and Sharia Law A Lot Like the Constitution ~ WTH?

Feisal Abdul Rauf says America is "a Sharia Compliant State"

Imam Rauf: Sharia Law pretty much just like the Constitution

This is nothing more than a slow calculated assault on our constitution and it must be stopped.

Wild Thing's comment........

Islam is a political system who's published goal is to destroy all other political systems and take over the world. It as at war with us and that war is to the death.

American’s, well, most of us anyway, don’t like being pushed around. And this is just one more thing being shoved down our throats since Obama has been president, and to tell you the truth, a lot of us are sick and tired of it.

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Sniper in Afghan Town

Sniper in Afghan Town Puts Marines on Edge

The Washington Journal

SANGIN, Afghanistan

Somewhere in this dusty town, concealed among the cornfields, irrigation canals and mud-walled compounds, is a man the Marines particularly want to kill.

They don't know what he looks like. But they know he is a very good shot with a long rifle, and, every day he remains alive, he is drawing Marine blood.

In the seven days since the men of Lima Company, Third Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment arrived in town, the Sangin sniper has persecuted them with methodical, well-aimed shots, fired one at a time. His toll so far: two men killed—one American and one British—and one man wounded.

Two Marines have survived hits they say came from a second shooter, believed to be less proficient and careful than the first.

Sangin has for years been a hotbed of insurgent activity in volatile Helmand province, and, in its first days here, Lima Company has pressed through a belt of farmland between the Helmand River and a main road, Route 611. The Marines have been met with hidden explosives and ambushes.

But the sniper has caused the most damage—a deadly reminder that the Taliban insurgency has its share of well-trained fighters capable of frustrating the allied mission.

"He's hitting people—that's very disruptive," said 1st Sgt. John Calhoun, 41 years old, from Konawa, Okla. "But it's not interfering with what we're trying to do here."

The sniper struck first on Aug. 13, the day after Lima Company arrived. A Marine stepped out of his armored vehicle just 100 yards or so from a secure U.S.-British patrol base. He threw away some trash and exchanged a few words with another Marine. The sniper fired a single, lethal shot.

On the same day, a British army engineer—20-year-old Darren Foster from Carlisle, England—was in a guard post in front of the same patrol base. British troops have built a covered, bunkered pathway so the guards aren't exposed to enemy fire as they walk down from the hilltop base. The post is protected by bulletproof glass, except for small gaps through which the guards fire their weapons. The sniper timed his single shot and killed the engineer as he walked past the opening.

"He hit a moving target in a space this big," said Capt. Jim Nolan, Lima Company's commander, holding his hands about nine inches apart.

On Aug. 14, a U.S. tank mechanic took a round in the torso as he carried sandbags across a small bridge. The protective plate in his body armor stopped the round.

"We think it's the same guy," said Gunnery Sgt. Edward Rivera, 39, of Poway, Calif.

Other Marines believe the evidence suggests a second shooter, less accurate and armed with a smaller-caliber weapon.

Then on Sunday, the snipers hit twice. First, Lance Cpl. Derek Simpson took a round to the head.

One of the Marines' tank-like mine-clearing vehicles had slipped off of a dirt bridge, knocking the track off the sprocket wheel. The Marines hitched it to a tow-tank and pulled until the track came completely free, then set to work putting it back in place. Lance Cpl. Simpson, of Third Combat Engineer Battalion, was working on the project and talking to some other Marines when he felt a hard blow to his head.

The sniper's bullet had apparently hit the tank and ricocheted into the front right side of Lance Cpl. Simpson's helmet. It punched into the Kevlar shell, but didn't penetrate all the way.

Lance Cpl. Simpson, who was raised in Gary, Texas, can't recall if he was knocked to the ground or threw himself there to avoid another shot. Another Marine dragged him to cover. He lay on his back as a friend pulled off his helmet to reveal a bloody welt on the right side of his forehead. Two Navy corpsmen, the Marine equivalent of Army medics, decided against stitches.

"I feel blessed," he said. But he also felt guilty for leaving his comrades. "I want to be out there with everyone else," he said. "It's not fair that I'm alive and in here, and they're still out there."

Fifteen minutes after Lance Cpl. Simpson arrived at the patrol base, another Marine went down near the same spot. Again, just one shot.

The other Marines pulled him, too, behind an armored vehicle, where a corpsman treated his wounded leg. The men called frantically for an armored ambulance, but were relieved that the corpsman found the bullet had missed the femoral artery. The wound wasn't life-threatening.

Back at the patrol base, Sgt. Johnny Bailey watched a live video feed of the scene at the bridge and tried to find out which way the Marine had fallen. "That way I'll know the direction of the shot," he said.

The Marines send their own snipers out hunting. The Marine scout-snipers, who go through extensive training, are reluctant to grant that title to the insurgent gunman. They might allow him "marksman," a lesser honorific.

"He's a decent shot—not a great shot," one Marine sniper said as he headed out the patrol base to try to kill the insurgent.

He had heard the thump and crack of each of the sniper's shots. He estimates from the sound that the Sangin sniper is less than 600 yards away from his targets. Still, the Sangin sniper appears careful and clever.

During the U.S.-led offensive earlier this year in Marjah, another Helmand province hot spot, one insurgent sniper positioned himself two or three rooms deep inside a building, concealed well enough to hide the flash of his rifle's muzzle. His shots would travel room-to-room through the building, exit through a small hole in the exterior wall and hit Marines on a rooftop outpost. It took Marine snipers days to locate and kill him.

Wild Thing's comment...........

This place SANGIN, Afghanista is less than cooperative. Because that is the case then the BS and the R.O.E.'s and the “winning them over” should be declared null and void and they should lay waste to the whole dang area. They’re all the enemy in a city such as that one.

Some article titles from the past about this place:

Sangin: Afghanistan's ( of Helmand province ) poppy town that became deathtrap for British soldiers since 2001

Afghanistan: British troops to hand over northern Helmand to US

Marines to replace British troops in Sangin - Marine Corps News

I LOVE snipers — when they’re ours!!!!!! Send in two counter-sniper teams. There’s no way this sniper will survive.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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AP Orders Staff: ‘Stop Using the Phrase “Ground Zero Mosque”’ ~ OK I Call It Obama-Mosque!


AP Orders Staff: ‘Stop Using the Phrase “Ground Zero Mosque”’

In an unusual move, the Associated Press has publicly released an advisory memo [1] to its reporters on how to cover of the Ground Zero mosque story - and the first rule is that journalists must immediately stop calling it the "Ground Zero mosque" story.

"We should continue to avoid the phrase ‘Ground zero mosque' or ‘mosque at ground zero' on all platforms," reads the advisory, which was issued by the AP's Standards Center.

Instead of the "Ground Zero mosque," AP recommends that reporters use the terms "mosque 2 blocks from WTC site," "Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site," "mosque near ground zero," or "mosque near WTC site."

The AP suggests that it might "useful in some stories to note that Muslim prayer services have been held since 2009 in the building that the new project will replace." In addition, the news service offers a "succinct summary of President Obama's position" on the mosque, but doesn't include the positions of any other politicians.

Also included in the advisory is a "Fact Check" to provide "additional background" for reporters.

"A New York imam and his proposed mosque near ground zero are being demonized by political candidates - mostly Republicans - despite the fact that Islam is already very much a part of the World Trade Center neighborhood," reads the first paragraph of the Fact Check. "And that Muslims pray inside the Pentagon, too, less than 80 feet from where terrorists attacked. And that the imam who's being branded an extremist has been valued by both Republican and Democratic administrations as a moderate face of the faith."

One of the "facts" that the AP feels the need to "clarify" is that Ground Zero mosque organizer Feisal Abdul Rauf is a moderate Muslim.

"Rauf counts former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright from the Clinton administration as a friend and appeared at events overseas or meetings in Washington with former President George W. Bush's secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, and Bush adviser Karen Hughes," says the article, though it does also mention briefly Rauf's comments about America being an "accessory" to the Sept. 11 attacks.

The advisory also "fact checks" pure opinion statements made by conservatives, like former House Speaker Newt Gringrich's assertion that "America is experiencing an Islamist cultural-political offensive designed to undermine and destroy our civilization."

"Such opinions are shared by some Americans, while others are more reluctant to paint the religion with a broad brush and more welcoming of the faith in this country," reads the Fact Check. "Bush, himself, while criticized at the time for stirring suspicions about American Muslims, traveled to a Washington mosque less than a week after the attacks to declare that terrorism is ‘not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace.'"


Wild Thing's comment.......

Heard in the hallways......"Calling it the Ground Zero Mosque is hurting democrats! Quick, quick, find something else to call it"......just guessing.

Repackage and resell, it’s the progressive way!

These jerks don’t even make any pretense about story manipulation and outright lying regarding stories they cover.

"mosque 2 blocks from WTC site," "Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site,"

This seems to imply that the WTC still exists... They were destroyed ..HELLO !!!!!!

Okay, lets help out:

Roach Motel?

Cultural Propaganda and Outreach Center?

Babylon West?

In a Pig’s Eye, Quisinesta Complex?

09/11 Celebration Hall?

Center For: Here’s a Thumb in Your Eye, Infidels?

Center For: Screw You Americans, and Your Dead Relatives Too?

Center For: Sharia Implementation?

Burlington Coat Factory Jihadist Gathering Place

I’m sure there are literally thousands of more accurate names to be used.

I am so glad I can see November from the woods at our home.

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Ground Zero Mosque Developers Refuse to Rule Out Using Funds From Iran and Ahmadinejad

Ground Zero Mosque Developers Refuse to Rule Out Using Funds From Iran and Ahmadinejad


The developers of the planned mosque near New York’s ground zero on Wednesday refused to rule out using funds from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran to build the $100 million project.

Mosque spokesman Oz Sultan was asked specifically whether the project’s fundraising would include Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“I can’t comment on that,” was Sultan’s “not-ruling-it-out” reply, the New York Post reported. “We’ll look at all available options within the United States to start.”

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the leader of the Park51 mosque project planned for a site two blocks from ground zero, has told officials he would raise money for the mosque and community center from local Muslims, foundations and the sale of bonds.

But earlier this year he admitted to a London-based Arab newspaper that his fundraising would also extend to Muslim nations around the world. Rauf is now touring the Middle East on behalf of the State Department.

The Post observed: “The possibility of tapping the radical rogue Islamic state of Iran for funds comes as the United States just last month stepped up sanctions on the regime in retaliation for its support of terrorism and what is feared to be an illegal nuclear weapons development program.”

Meanwhile a Siena Research Institute poll released on Wednesday showed that 63 percent of New York State voters now oppose construction of the mosque near ground zero, up from 61 percent two weeks ago.

And a Time magazine survey found that 61 percent of Americans oppose the mosque, with 44 percent agreeing that the project would “be an insult to those who died” in the 9/11 attacks.

Wild Thing's comment.......

If iran is behind this... can we hire the Mossad to see to it that this evil temple to satan is never built?

If its backed by Iran I would say the building will be nothing but a disguised weapon of mass destruction.

They will over time and covertly manage to build within the walls some form of weapon from either biological or inert two part binary explosives that cannot be detected or heavily shielded nuclear material in either a primitive dirty bomb or a devastating fission device.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Steinitz Demands Ultimatum for Iran

Steinitz demands ultimatum for Iran


Raising the stakes: Finance minister says America must warn Tehran of military strike within weeks; ‘Time has come for whole world, under US leadership, to present Iran with unequivocal ultimatum,’ he says

The US should issue a strict ultimatum to Iran, warning that the possibility of a military strike will turn into reality within weeks should Tehran fail to curb its nuclear program, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Thursday.
In the first such statement by a Cabinet member, Steinitz said: "The US must issue a clear ultimatum to Iran, tell it that if it does not change its behavior within weeks, the military option that has been on the table up until now will become relevant."

Steinitz, who is a close associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is familiar with Iran's nuclear program from his service as the chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

"It’s time for the whole world, under US leadership, to issue Iran a clear ultimatum that if it does not change its ways in a clear and verifiable manner, it can expect an American attack, or at least a naval blockade," he said.

Steinitz refrained from mentioning Netanyahu's stance on the matter, but said the demand for an ultimatum is being made despite certain achievements in diplomacy and other measures adopted by the international community.

He also disputed claims by the by former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, who said Israel has "days" to attack Iran before Russia fuels its Bushehr nuclear facility.

"Bushehr is only one reactor, and not necessarily the most significant one in respect to the nuclear issue. However, Iran's progress in enriching (uranium) and its aspirations for nuclear weapons continue and must be stopped," the finance minister said.

Wild Thing's comment........

I think they are worried if we would back them up or not and they should be. Obama has already proven in many ways who he is on the side of and it is NOT Israel. It must be frustrating for them like it is for all of us, to want a President that is a real leader and a darn good one and instead we are stuck with a Jew hating, America hating, Israel hating Muslim.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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New NRSC Ad Focuses on Obama and the Democrats’ “Extreme” Agenda

New NRSC Ad Focuses on Obama and the Democrats’ “Extreme” Agenda

National Republican Senatorial Committee, that sets the record straight on who is actually “extreme” – Republicans or Obama and his agenda.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Great - put the hammer down. See you in November 'RATS! The exterminators are coming to town!

I hope they run this as a tv ad so the sheep will see it and maybe wake the hell up.

It's good to see Obama's mosque support already noted in a Republican ad. Next up: Pelosi's "Investigate Mosque opponents!" High quality ammunition.

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Time Poll: One in Four Americans Believe Barack Obama is Muslim

Here is the full 2 minutes of the famous 13 second clip where Obama states he is a Muslim. ( his Muslim faith)

TIME Poll: Majority Oppose Mosque, Many Distrust Muslims

One in four Americans believe Barack Obama is Muslim. Less than half of Americans were persuaded that his attendance at a wack-a-doodle church for 20 years would qualify him as a Christian.


Opponents of the planned Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan have public opinion firmly in their corner. According to a new TIME poll, 61% of respondents oppose the construction of the Park51/Cordoba House project, compared to 26% who support it. More than 70% concur with the premise that proceeding with the plan would be an insult to the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center…
…Twenty-eight percent of voters do not believe Muslims should be eligible to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Nearly one third of the country thinks adherents of Islam should be barred from running for President — slightly higher than the 24% who mistakenly believe that the current occupant of the Oval Office is himself a Muslim. In all, just 47% of respondents believe Obama is a Christian; 24% declined to respond to the question or said they were unsure, and 5% believe he is neither Christian nor Muslim.


1-in-4 Americans Believe Obama is a Muslim; Here’s Why

Expose Obama

The Left is seething over a new poll showing nearly one-in-four Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. A Time magazine poll found 24 percent of all Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. Another poll conducted by the Pew Research Center set the number at 18 percent. That's nearly double the number that said the same thing in March 2009 (10 percent). Both polls showed the same trend: more Americans believed Obama is a Muslim and fewer believed he is a Christian this year than last year.

Why is this? Left-wing pundits blame it on "Republican smear tactics" and disinformation. However, there is a simpler explanation: the president’s own actions lead people to believe he is not a Christian.

According to the Pew poll, “Eleven percent [of those saying Obama is a Muslim] said they learned it from Obama’s behavior and words.”

What actions might lead the American people to believe the president is a Muslim and not a Christian — or at least, not a real one?

One could begin with his behavior in the last week. At a White House function observing a Muslim religious practice, Obama announced that he supports the construction of the Ground Zero mosque but said nothing about the Port Authority of New York’s decision not to rebuild a Greek Orthodox Church destroyed on 9/11. Although replacing a church with a mosque is a vital aspect of jihad, Obama affirmed yesterday that he has “no regrets” for his selective comments.

* Obama has yet to attend the National Prayer Breakfast but hosted an Iftar dinner breaking the Ramadan fast.

* He has bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia — and then lied about it, not exactly an act in keeping with Christian morality.

* He spent at least $23 million promoting Kenya’s new pro-abortion, pro-Sharia constitution.

* He lives in the same Chicago neighborhood as Louis Farrakhan (a close friend of Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright), which is patrolled by the Nation of Islam’s youth brigade, the Fruit of Islam.

* Although three-quarters of the American people call themselves Christians, Obama has insisted, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.” Yet he said elsewhere America is “one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.” His religious adviser, Eboo Patel, once deemed the United States “the ideal place for the renewal of Islam.”

Compiling his statements — as this video does — shows the full weight of his admiration of Islam, on display for all the world since at least his groveling speech in Cairo last June.

The video shows the president’s high regard for the religion of the 9/11 hijackers.

* One of his faith advisers, Harry Knox, called members of the Knights of Columbus “foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression” for opposing gay “marriage” and insisted the Book of Romans “is not true” because it condemns homosexuality.

* Obama himself has mocked the Scriptures while asserting the Sermon on the Mount supports same-sex “marriage.”

* The alleged “committed Christian” has a deep commitment to abortion, although true Christians have opposed abortion since the first century. One of his first acts as president was to restore taxpayer funding for overseas abortions, which Ronald Reagan discontinued with his Mexico City policy. He signed a meaningless executive order that “banned” using ObamaCare from financing abortion, but that practice has already begun in Pennsylvania and Maryland. His selection of two feminists for the Supreme Court show he wants to keep infanticide legally protected for a very long time.

* One of those Supreme Court appointees, Elena Kagan, showed the administration has no fealty to the traditional family. She drafted a perfunctory, half-hearted “defense” of the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. However, she added, “this Administration does not support DOMA as a matter of policy, believes that it is discriminatory, and supports its repeal.” Obama extended some benefits to same-sex “partners” of federal workers this summer, in the hopes Congress will mandate full benefits.

* Even his stimulus plan funded a project that threatens the home of Pastor Greg Sheets in Newark, Ohio.

His every action repudiates Christianity yet uplifts and advances the religion of Islam.

As Jesus Christ said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily



President Barack Obama is a Christian who prays daily, a White House official said Thursday, trying to tamp down growing doubts about the president's religion.

A new poll showed that nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, believe Obama is Muslim. That was up from 11 percent who said so in March 2009. The survey also showed that just 34 percent said Obama is Christian, down from 48 percent who said so last year. The largest share of people, 43 percent, said they don't know his religion.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said most Americans care more about the economy and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and "they are not reading a lot of news about what religion the president is." He commented on Air Force One as Obama headed for a vacation in Massachusetts on Martha's Vineyard.

Burton added, "The president is obviously a Christian. He prays everyday."

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site. Obama has said he believes Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center there, though he's also said he won't take a position on whether they should actually build it.

In a separate poll by Time magazine/ABT SRBI conducted Monday and Tuesday — after Obama's comments about the mosque — 24 percent said they think he is Muslim, 47 percent said they think he is Christian and 24 percent didn't know or didn't respond.


Wild Thing's comment........

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.....that says really fits this.

I really think the number of people who think he is a Muslim is much higher. People are not being honest with the pollster.

"He commented on Air Force One as Obama headed for a vacation in Massachusetts on Martha's Vineyard"

LOL yest another vacation for Obama and his family.

Burton added, "The president is obviously a Christian. He prays everyday."

Excuse me like I am supposed to believe whatever anyone connected to Obama says......I don't think so. Besides, there is more on Obama being a Muslim then there is that he is not.

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August 19, 2010

WE REMEMBER!!!....Powerful Video Response To the Obama-Mosque

The board members of Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame announce the release of "We Remember," an ad featuring first responders and family members of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 who are speaking out in opposition to the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. We believe their voices should be heard throughout our country and we encourage you to pass their message along.

For more, visit

Wild Thing's comment.......

This is a very powerful ad video although I disagree with what one person in it said, that they “have the right to build where they want”.

No they don’t.

No they don’t.

No they don’t.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:55 AM | Comments (4)

Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah

Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah

Do the math. The 15 floors planned for the Ground Zero Mosque just don’t add up.

What’s the goal? Maybe the Imam’s goal is not simply to force a provocative “insensitivity” about 9-11 on the American public, with the help of America’s elites. Maybe the Imam’s long-term goal is to force Shariah law on the American public – of course, again, with the help of America’s elites.

Why don’t the 15 floors add up? How many floors does Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf need for the mosque portion of this triumphal Islamic command center planned for the two building sites at 45-47 Park Place in New York City? Think about it: maybe 2 floors for the mosque itself and related offices. A 3rd floor for the swimming pool, a 4th for the 500 seat auditorium, a 5th for the halal restaurant and halal culinary school, a 6th for the art studios, the childcare center and library, a 7th for the gym and basketball court. Add an 8th floor for miscellaneous storage and offices. And then add a 9th floor for the September 11 memorial, an after-thought that was recently added to the Imam’s plan, although that may in fact be more of a room off to one side than a whole floor.

That leaves six mystery floors empty – or dedicated to other activities. Six floors – that’s a lot of offices, a lot of employees, maybe more than half of the 150 full-time and 500 part-time jobs the Imam says he’ll bring to Lower Manhattan. What are Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plans for those six mystery floors?

Follow the Shariah Index Project to solve the puzzle of the 6 mystery floors: We found two hidden websites with copiously deleted information, all about the Imam’s Cordoba Institute Shariah Index Project. For reference, here’s the Imam’s most recent hidden website (also available here as a pdf). And here’s the Imam’s earlier hidden website (also available here as a pdf). The information on those websites – information that the Imam tried to hide with a new whitewashed version – suggests that the six mystery floors of the Ground Zero Mosque will be dedicated to the Imam’s long-term goal: the Shariah Index Project, designed to benchmark Shariah compliance, to distribute Shariah propaganda, and to enforce Shariah law in America and worldwide.

Drawing from those hidden webpages and other sites, we’ve constructed a timeline for the Shariah Index Project and a partial list of Rauf’s partners in the Project. In Part 2, we’ll reveal the disturbing background and views of those partners. And in Part 3, we’ll present the bottom line – how this all ties together as a historic Islamist effort to market and to enforce Shariah in America, starting from Ground Zero.

Numbered Documents, for everyone’s convenience! Below, from the hidden websites, is the evidence Rauf tried to cover-up. We’ve even numbered the Shariah Index Project documents he mentioned, to make it easy for the Imam and his staff – for example, Courtney Erwin, attorney and director of the Shariah Index Project and corporate contact for the Cordoba Institute - to provide copies to the American public.

Courtney Erwin could end the cover-up of these documents today, given her leading role in the Shariah Index Project since its inception. Erwin, by the way, has been working in Doha (Qatar, home of jihad-supporter Sheik Qaradawi, so admired by Imam Rauf) for the past three months. She states that her team includes a “Qatari legal researcher,” presumably for ongoing work on the Shariah Index Project. She may also be working with one of the core Shariah experts partnering in the Shariah Index Project, Dr. Jasser Auda, since January 2010 an Associate Professor in the Public Policy Program, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar Foundation in Qatar. (Qatar is also one of the countries Imam Rauf is scheduled to visit on his State Department-funded trip this summer.) Look for much more on Erwin and Auda in Part 2.

American citizens and their elected officials should ask Rauf, Erwin and their associates to end the Shariah Index Project cover-up, and to disclose all documents, meeting notes, emails and attendee lists from 2006 to the present day. You don’t ask, you don’t get.

August 2006 – The Planning Meeting – Meeting #1

We know from the first hidden website that the Shariah Index Project (SIP) had its initial meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August 2006. Attendees explored the idea of creating an “index” to measure the degree of Shariah governance for ALL nations, and deliverables from the meeting were (1) a “vision” statement and (2) a roadmap for the project. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf convened and chaired this meeting, which included “four scholars from India, Malaysia, and Pakistan.” From the second hidden website, we know that these first four participants Rauf recruited were international leaders affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood - and on key advisory boards in Shariah Compliant Finance:

Professor Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, Pakistan, (Chairman of the Shariah Board for the State Bank of Pakistan and former president of International Islamic University);

Professor Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Malaysia (Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization and Former Interim Chairman, Constitutional Review Committee, Afghanistan);

Professor Dr. Tahir Mahmood, India (Founder/Chairman, Amity University Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, New Delhi, and former Dean of the Faculty of Law, Delhi University);

Dato’ Abdul Hamid Mohamad, Malaysia (Judge, Federal Court of Malaysia … Malaysian Supreme Court). [Such a small world here at Big Peace - this is the same judge honored by Elena Kagan in the Al-Sanhuri lecture series at Harvard on November 11, 2008, as we reported here a couple weeks ago.]

February, 2007 - Expanding the Core Group – Meeting #2

The original five Shariah authorities (1 from Pakistan, 3 including Rauf from Malaysia, 1 from India) met again, adding five more members from Indonesia, Iran (to “represent the Shi’a perspective,” possibly Mohammad Javad Larijani – see Bayefsky’s research below for August 2008), Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia. This new Group of Ten Shariah Index Authorities created a new (3) Roadmap (2.0), and a new (4) Basis for Evaluation Document,which sets out an initial list of Islamic legal principles relating to governance. The group also distributed (5) Research Assignments, which would support the project and which they would present at the next meeting.

May 2007 – The First Draft of the Shariah Index – Meeting #3

This was a very productive session, involving the same ten Shariah experts. They refined the Basis for Evaluation document, resulting in the “creation of two new documents: (6) Essential Features of Shariah-Compliant Governance and the first iteration of the (7) Shariah Index (1.0), inclusive of seventy-four principles of Islamic governance derived from Islamic law.”

“Additionally, the group developed a (8) Strategic Plan for the project, which highlighted key dates and tasks. They also identified a (9) short and long-list of scholars to approach for support.”

October 2007 - Expansion and Operations Plans – Meeting #4

The Core Group of Ten grew to at least 14 members, with new Shariah authorities from Bahrain, England (possibly Dr. Jasser Auda who may have been in the UK at the time?), Morocco, and Lebanon (to “include the Arab Shi’a perspective”). Interestingly, it also included three ratings experts – identified later as unnamed representatives from Gallup Organization, Pew Research Center, and Dr. Robert Rotberg of Harvard University. The meeting’s deliverables were closing in on the final product:

“the group further refined the (10) Index [ie, Shariah Index 2.0], which they organized into four major sections—1)Normative Declarations, 2) Qualifications ofLeaders, 3) Governance, and 4) Maqasid al Shariah—with each of these sections broken down into a number of measurable principles derived from Shariah. “

The group also revisited and refined their (11) strategic plan [2.0] and committed to (12) three detailed research and writing tasks: 1) long articles, 2) sourcing and citing principles, 3) proxy questions for each principle.

November 2007 – July 2008 – Building the Shariah Index Apparatus – Individual Meetings #5

Over the next eight months, the Cordoba Initiative staff worked with the 14 Shariah experts – and the 3 “ratings experts” from Gallup, Pew and Harvard – to write the (13) Preamble to the Project and “further refine the philosophy, overall structure, and organization of the (14) Index [ie, Shariah Index 3.0] as well as each of the principles.”

August 2008 - Final Publication Plans – Meeting #6

Anne Bayefsky identified the Iranian participant in Shariah Index Project from this photo from the August 2008 meeting: Iranian Mohammad Javad Larijani, who has justified torture of Iranian dissidents as legal punishments under Shariah law. This August 2008 meeting planned the publication of the Shariah Index Project book – and associated polls done by Gallup and Pew – for March 2009:

At the most recent meeting in August 2008, the scholars agreed that the index would be a Maqasid al Shariah Index [the influence of Jasser Auda who had possibly joined in October 2007], measuring a state’s Islamicity through both its governance and society. Representatives from the Gallup Organization governance index pioneer, Dr. Robert Rotberg, joined the discussion by phone on the second day. Following these conversations with rating and indexing specialists, the scholars worked to (15) finalize the index, including its methodology and measurable indicators [ie, Shariah Index 4.0]. The scholars also finalized preparations for the book to be published concurrently with the Index and findings. After the formal meetings concluded, Cordoba staff worked one-on-one with a number of the scholars, soliciting additional information requested by the ratings experts prior to their formal work on the Index as well about the Indexing methodology and the book, with significant work with Gallup and Dr. Rotberg as well as production of the book scheduled for the upcoming 6 months. The target date for the (16) Index results and book is March 2009, with the public launch to follow.

November 21, 2008 – The Book Launch Celebration with the Muslim Brotherhood’s IIIT- Meeting #7

The International Institute of Islamist Thought (IIIT), a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization in Northern Virginia, met to launch the publication (pdf here) of an abridged edition of Rauf’s “What is Right with Islam is what is Right for America.” The meeting was chaired by IIIT Vice President Jamal Barzinji, and the publisher of the abridged edition is a group called American Muslims for Constructive Engagement (AMCE). Also promoted in that series of “Reader’s Digest Condensed Islamism”: Harvard’s Noah Feldman’s “Fall and Rise of the Islamic State,” “1) Who Speaks for Islam: By John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed. Dalia Mogahed is head of the Gallup project on Muslim public opinion, the most likely contact at Gallup for the earlier meetings on the Shariah Index Project (more on that relationship, and on the AMCE and their U.S. government backers in Part 2).

The book series, by the way, was funded by the Kingdom Foundation – as in the Alwaleed Bin Talal Kingdom Foundation of Saudi Arabia.

December 19, 2008 – Final Coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood’s IIIT – Meeting #8

Rauf met with Muslim Brotherhood’s IIIT leadership to discuss the Shariah Index Project (here as pdf). A key figure, Dr. Jasser Auda, met with Rauf at IIIT Headquarters in Northern Virginia. Auda has the background and the brains to be coordinating the Shariah Index Project behind the scenes from Qatar, making Rauf simply a U.S. salesman for an effort that may actually be directed by others. More on Auda in Part 2.

Let’s Review. All those numbers begin to add up:

The Ground Zero Mosque has at least 6 mystery floors. We suggest that they’ll be used by the Shariah Index Project.

The Shariah Index Project was built by at least 14 Shariah experts. We have the identities probably of 7 of them, and Rauf should reveal the other 7 right away.

The Shariah Index Project generated at least 16 documents and maybe a final book, and Rauf should release all of these – right away.

The issues at stake in the Ground Zero Mosque and the Shariah Index Project are not about Americans supporting the Constitution’s protection of religious freedom. Americans support that protection.

The issues at stake here are about Americans protecting the Constitution from Shariah-adherent groups using the protective guise of religious freedom to attack the Constitution itself – using a triumphal Ground Zero mosque as “the base” for a project to institutionalize Shariah in America.

Wild Thing's comment........

This is an amazing article, and it clearly shows how this is a Memorial to the Terrorist at 9/11. One floor for each hijacker on the planes that successfully hit their targets. What a touching tribute. That is EXACTLY what it is: a monument to the terrorists.

A truly amazing investigative work going on for this article. There are a lot of links as well with the original artice. To go to them please click HERE at the title of the write up.......... Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah

When the Muslims took over Palestine they built a mosque on the very site where the Jewish temple had been torn down. Building a mosque on Ground Zero is like a dog marking his territory.

During the Muslim conquest of medieval Spain, the Christian church in Cordoba was captured and converted into the central mosque of the Umayyad Caliphate. Muslims have engaged in this practice for centuries, symbolizing their victories over the infidels

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Soros Bailing Out of U.S. Stock Market

Soros Bailing Out of U.S. Stock Market

Economic Policy Journal

Billionaire trader and political manipulator,George Soros, is clearly not optimistic. The latest SEC filings are out on the Soros hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

Between the end of March and the end of June, Soros lowered his stock investments from $8.8 billion to $5.1 billion in the fund, Soros Fund Management.

He sold most of his positions (over 95%) in Wal-Mart, J.P. Morgan Chase and Pfizer.

His biggest positionb at the end of June was in the gold ETF which accounted for 13% of his equity portfolio at $638 million.

Among the stocks that Soros added to the funds portfolio were Akamai Technologies,, Netflix, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Wild Thing's comment.......

An uber creep who is completely unburdened with a conscience.

Soros imo is what the devil himself must look like. His inside evil exposed in his ugly face.

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Krauthammer Says Pelosi's Mosque Comments Are Pure Lunacy

Charles Krauthammer on Speaker Pelosi:

“Well, I spent the afternoon wrapping my mind around Pelosi’s remark about looking into the finances of those who oppose the mosque saying “I want to join with others.” I’d like to know who the others are? Are any of them not institutionalized? And, then I’m trying to decide if her statement was out of malice or pure lunacy. Being the generous spirit that I am, I am going with lunacy… But the idea that those who (oppose) the mosque are some kind of conspiracy or the funding ought to be looked at is absurd. Look, I oppose the mosque and nobody’s offered me a penny. What am I chopped liver?“

Wild Thing's comment.......

Not only have they suffered the loss of loved ones, not only have they endured provocation from offensive muslims wanting to kneel down and thank Allah over the graves of people they butchered, but now these innocent americans must fear their own government “investigating” involvement in their effort to stop this cruel abuse.

Every time Dr. Krauthammer speaks I’m reminded of my pride for America, without fanfare he addresses the subject at hand, directly. Sir thank you again.

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Mosque Developer Rejects Moving to New Location

Mosque Developer Rejects Moving to New Location

NBC New York News

The developer of an Islamic cultural center that would include a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero appear to have rejected Gov. David Paterson's offer to help them find a different site but a meeting may still be in the works.

On Tuesday, Rep. Peter King said he learned the governor planned to speak with the imam and developers of the mosque and cultural center later this week. Both King and Paterson are scheduled to discuss the issue on Larry King Live tonight.

Lead developer Sharif El-Gamal told NY1 yesterday no meeting had been scheduled yet. Since Paterson first offered to help broker a new location for the mosque last week, however, El-Gamal has insisted the subject was not up for debate, stressing the proximity of the planned center to Ground Zero was not an issue.

"Park51 is a community center. It is two blocks north of the World Trade Center site,” El-Gamal told NY1. “In New York City, two blocks is a great distance. There are some buildings in New York that have their own zip codes. There is such a scarcity of space in New York, especially in Lower Manhattan. Keep in mind this is a small island, so we are nowhere near the World Trade Center site."
Paterson said last week the group is apparently committed to building in the proposed site. "I think they would like to stay where they are, and I certainly respect that and I certainly respect them," Paterson said after the group spoke with one of his staff members at the time. The governor did express consternation that he wasn't able to at least have a conversation with the developers, regardless of the outcome.
"Having said that, how much more foresighted would it have been if the Imam who is the developer of the project had been willing to hear what we are actually talking about?" Paterson said.

Sources tell CBS 2’s Kramer that Gov. Paterson is concerned that Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of putting the mosque at ground zero, and President Barack Obama, might be advising mosque leaders to dig in their heels and insist on the present location.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is all about bragging rights for Islamists and a victory symbol for those who are conquering America bit by bit, with help from the inside!!

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Obama Endgame: The National Debt from Eric Cantor

Wild Thing's comment.......

Fantastic video and very educational. I recommend it and to others that may not understand about the National Debt.

Obama is sickening!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama ( Hates America) He Says He Has ‘No Regrets’ for His Comments Supporting Ground Zero Mosque

Obama is asked if he regrets his comments supporting the Ground Zero Mosque. Obama paused as if he was not going to answer the question before turning around with an annoyed look and saying, “The answer is — no regrets.”

The commander in chief doubled-down on his support of the controversial prayer and community center two blocks from Ground Zero while stumping Wednesday at a townhall-style meeting on the in economy in Ohio.

"The answer is - no regrets," he responded to an inquisitive reporter.

Wild Thing's comment..........

With Pelosi weighing in calling for people to be placed under investigation, they just keep fanning the flames - themselves!

Imam Barack Hussein Obama!

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Political Whore Charlie Crist: “I Used to Be a Republican…Thank God, Used to Be”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Charlie Crist is a total waste of good air. I won't say more then that or I will be arrested for sure.

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August 18, 2010

New RNC Ad Showing Democrats Running Away From Obama ~ LOL

RNC Ad that pokes fun at all the Democrats who are running away from President Obama. It shows Dems bailing out of Air Force One using an inflatable slide after Obama says he is coming to their states/districts to help them out. The animated ad even manages to work Howard Dean’s famous scream into the mix, as well as reporting by CBS News’ Chip Reid.


Wild Thing's comment........

LMAO love this ad!

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Nancy Pelosi Calls For An Investigation of Those Who Are Protesting Ground Zero Mosque

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting building the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday

Washington Times

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday. She told San Francisco's KCBS radio:

"There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded," she said. "How is this being ginned up that here we are talking about Treasure Island, something we've been working on for decades, something of great interest to our community as we go forward to an election about the future of our country and two of the first three questions are about a zoning issue in New York City."
Calls to investigate the funding for those proposing the $100 million "Cordoba House" have fallen on deaf ears, though, as New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg has described such an investigation as "un-American."

Ms. Pelosi called the Ground Zero mosque an "urban development decision" for New Yorkers to work through. Her remarks happened on the heels of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, parting ways with President Barack Obama on the issue. Mr. Reid suggested the mosque should be built somewhere else.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Hello Nancy, while you are investigating, maybe you can also investigate why the Greek Orthodox Chuch St Nicholas was REFUSED permission to rebuild at the WTC site while at the say time the Islam community center/mosque was given preferential treatment.

She is really nuts!

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"Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site": John Bolton

Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site: Bolton



Israel has "eight days" to launch a military strike against Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility and stop Tehran from acquiring a functioning atomic plant, a former US envoy to the UN has said.

Iran is to bring online its first nuclear power reactor, built with Russia's help, on August 21, when a shipment of nuclear fuel will be loaded into the plant's core.

At that point, John Bolton warned Monday, it will be too late for Israel to launch a military strike against the facility because any attack would spread radiation and affect Iranian civilians.
"Once that uranium, once those fuel rods are very close to the reactor, certainly once they're in the reactor, attacking it means a release of radiation, no question about it," Bolton told Fox Business Network.
"So if Israel is going to do anything against Bushehr it has to move in the next eight days."
Absent an Israeli strike, Bolton said, "Iran will achieve something that no other opponent of Israel, no other enemy of the United States in the Middle East really has and that is a functioning nuclear reactor."

But when asked whether he expected Israel to actually launch strikes against Iran within the next eight days, Bolton was skeptical.

"I don't think so, I'm afraid that they've lost this opportunity," he said.
The controversial former envoy to the United Nations criticized Russia's role in the development of the plant, saying "the Russians are, as they often do, playing both sides against the middle."
"The idea of being able to stick a thumb in America's eye always figures prominently in Moscow," he added.

Iran dismissed the possibilities of such an attack from its archfoes.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Tuesday that "these threats of attacks had become repetitive and lost their meaning."

"According to international law, installations which have real fuel cannot be attacked because of the humanitarian consequences," he told reporters at a news conference in Tehran.

Iranian officials say Iran has stepped up defensive measures at the Bushehr plant to protect it from any attacks.

Russia has been building the Bushehr plant since the mid-1990s but the project was marred by delays, and the issue is hugely sensitive amid Tehran's standoff with the West and Israel over its nuclear ambitions.

The UN Security Council hit Tehran with a fourth set of sanctions on June 9 over its nuclear programme, and the United States and European Union followed up with tougher punitive measures targeting Iran's banking and energy sectors.

The Bushehr project was first launched by the late shah in the 1970s using contractors from German firm Siemens. But it was shelved when he was deposed in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

It was revived after the death of revolutionary founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989, as Iran's new supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his first president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, backed the project.

In 1995, Iran won the support of Russia which agreed to finish building the plant and fuel it.


Wild Thing's comment........

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .......POOF!

Israel knows what it is doing. , prayers for Israel.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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China Targets U.S. Troops with Arms Buildup

China targets U.S. troops with arms buildup

Pentagon cites 'anti-access' missiles in report

Washington Times

China is aggressively building up military forces capable of striking U.S. forces in the western Pacific and elsewhere as part of what the Pentagon calls an array of high-tech "anti-access" missiles, submarines and warplanes in its latest annual report.

The report to Congress on China's military power, released Monday, also warned that China's military is extending its global military reach beyond a weapons buildup to wage regional war with Taiwan and the United States. The report also questioned U.S.-China military exchanges, noting that Beijing is using the visits and meetings for political influence operations and intelligence gathering.

"China is fielding an array of conventionally armed ballistic missiles, ground- and air-launched land-attack cruise missiles, special operations forces, and cyberwarfare capabilities to hold targets at risk throughout the region," the report said.
Release of the assessment comes amid reports that China has surpassed Japan as the world's second largest economy in terms of gross domestic product, highlighting Beijing's expanding global power.

Japan's nominal GDP, which isn't adjusted for price and seasonal variations, was worth almost $1.29 trillion in the April-to-June quarter compared with almost $1.34 trillion for China, the Associated Press reported. The figures are converted into dollars based on an average exchange rate for the quarter.

The 74-page Pentagon report highlighted numerous military developments by China's 125-million-troop army, including the first mention of a new multiple-warhead, long-range road-mobile missile, and details on China's plan to field aircraft carriers.

The report for the first time highlighted the growth of Chinese anti-access and area-denial weapons, notably Beijing's building and testing of a unique anti-ship ballistic missile that can hit ships at sea with pinpoint accuracy up to 1,000 miles from China's coasts.

The goal of these forces is to have forces that can attack U.S. ships should they be called on to defend Taiwan in a future conflict with China.

"China is pursuing a variety of air, sea, undersea, space and counterspace, and information warfare systems and operational concepts to achieve this capability, moving toward an array of overlapping, multilayered offensive capabilities extending from China's coast into the western Pacific," the report said of the anti-access arms.

Please continue with full 4 page article HERE !~ thank you


Wild Thing's comment........

What is ithe deal with the Whitewalls! Maybe those are parade vehicles.

A person would have to have been blind 20 years ago not to see this or something like it happening and now we have a America hater and chief to perpetuate it into being .

Bill Clinton and his Chinagate and now we have obama -"Let me make this clear".

Oh and according to Bill O’Reilly Communists pose no threat to us.

This regime in Washington is INTENTIONALLY pulling whatever punches it so feebly exerts to begin with, apologizing and disarming this country in the process. Vacuums invite something, or somebody, to fill what has become a void of leadership. I sure hope we take back that leadership in the world and keep our military might the strongest of all.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Democrats and Ground Zero Mosque

On the Sean Hannity, Sean states Rahm Emanuel is calling and begging democrats not to go out publicly against the president following his disastrous comments on Friday night supporting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.


Former Obama White House Communications Director and Maoist, Anita Dunn, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and bash the GOP.


Wild Thing's comment......

Amazing how they don't even have shame to push like they are to have the mosque at GZ location. And because they are so wrong, way into the category of traitor to America, what do the democarts do????

They pull out the hmmmm let's see which card willl they use for this one......

1. Race card
2. Political card
3. Bush's fault

So far I have heard various democrats us #1 and #2.

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Who is Democrat Rep. Melissa Bean’s muscle man?

At a town hall public forum , Rep. Bean sent a thug to intimidate citizens from asking questions . The event was held at Round lake , Il Public library .


Who is Democrat Rep. Melissa Bean’s muscle man?

Source and H/T
Michelle Malkin
Gateway Pundit

Remember the town hall-ducking tactics of Democrat Rep. Melissa Bean of Illinois.

She now has a new method of shielding herself from taxpayers’ tough questions. The beleaguered Democrat has apparently hired her own muscle man to glower and menace troublesome constituents.

Guess the New Black Panther Party thugs were unavailable for the job and otherwise engaged.

Question: Who is the mystery muscle man?


Office of Melissa Bean
432 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-3711
Fax: 202-22


Wild Thing's comment.......

Whew I really hate this voter intimidation and the dems are the ones that allow it, want it done and won't stop doing it.

The video also shows an aide to the Democrat congresswoman asking a constituent at the meeting to stop recording.

Like many other vulnerable Democrats in this mid-term campaign, Bean has refused to debate her Republican challenger, Joe Walsh.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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August 17, 2010

"Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us" ~ President Ronald Reagan

The ad contrasts the wisdom of Ronald Reagan versus the radicalism of today’s Obama-Pelosi regime.

The Republican Study Committee chaired by Rep. Tom Price releases a “greatest hits” compilation video of Democrats over the last eighteen months that speak to their attitude and approach to constitutional government. We’ve seen the moments before in earlier clips, but the RSC puts these together with warnings from Ronald Reagan about the danger to liberty from runaway government and liberal policies. If these seemed trenchant decades ago, they’re equally relevant now.

Excerpts from Ronald Reagan's Speech on October 27, 1964. It is called "A Time for Choosing". To read the script of the entire speech click here

To hear the entire speech Click Here:

Approx. 29 minutes long and well worth the listen!

Wild Thing's comment........

OMG Reagan is/ was soooo good! We knew greatness having him for President. And now we know evil as we are stuck with Obama in office.

We have a long dangerous road ahead but we will prevail because we are right in our cause to save America. The Progressives are present at all levels of government and educational system. WE must rid them All, in time, and never let them back into authority at any level in our institutions.

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High School Football Team in Dearborn, Mich. Practicing 11:00a.m.- 4:00 a.m. to Help Ramadan

It was nearly 1 a.m. when Kamel Farajthrows of the Fordson High School junior varsity team delivered a pass during practice last week.

Mich. school practices 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

ESPN news


A Michigan high school football team is holding preseason practices in the middle of the night to help its Muslim players practice both faith and football.

The predominantly Muslim squad from Dearborn says the nocturnal regimen is a way for players to eat and drink while observing the holy month of daytime fasting known as Ramadan that started last week.

The August heat also played a factor in Fordson High coach Fouad Zaban's proposal to reverse the clock for a week of two-a-day practices.

Cutting practice wasn't an option at football-crazy Fordson, which is coming off a one-loss season and has won four state titles and three runner-up seasons since it was established in 1928.

But nobody wanted to lessen the significance of Ramadan in the Detroit suburb widely known as the capital of Arab-America.

The moonlight practice is tailored for Adnan Restum and fellow Muslim teammates.

Illuminated by the night lights on the football field, Restum recently joined a scrum of teammates at the end-zone water fountain, taking a break from a grueling preseason football workout to guzzle a drink.

In just a few hours, he wouldn't be able to take a sip. But the 17-year-old defensive tackle could rehydrate guilt-free during the 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. practice, and succumb to tempting boxes full of granola bars and chocolate milk, too.

"It feels really great," said Restum, who has been fasting since he was about 10. "If we're doing it during the day, we wouldn't have water and it would be really hot and everything."

Zaban proposed the late practices after realizing the rotating Ramadan would fall squarely during the start of a two-a-day practice schedule that launches football season.

Zaban, 40, a Muslim and former Fordson player, knows the high stakes. When Ramadan falls during football season, the players practice during daylight hours. But with August's heat and doubled practice schedule, concerns grew about players' health, particularly the high risk of heat stroke.

"We know how hot it's been this summer -- it's not safe," Zaban said.

Working it out meant getting the approval of school and district administrators and the blessings of players, parents and police. Then, there were the residents in the surrounding neighborhood, who would hear more noise and see the illuminated field. So he sent letters explaining the decision.

Zaban is unaware of such schedule switches elsewhere, though other teams at the school and in the district have moved practices earlier or later in the day. It's been more than three decades since Ramadan last fell during football preseason and Fordson's Muslim population was far smaller then -- and, he notes, there were no field lights.

Zaban said the goal has been to let players break the fast at sundown and go to the mosque, and get players out in time for a meal and morning prayer before sunrise. The field is near bustling bakeries, cafes and restaurants catering to late-night customers.

But first, there are drills.

"Keep running! Heads up!" Zaban yelled while leading a passing drill. And, when a receiver flubbed a one-handed catch, the coach barked, "Hey, two hands!" The result was 20 push-ups.

Zaban said whether players fast is a personal choice and never an issue raised by him or his staff. Still, he says, it shouldn't be an excuse for poor performance for the roughly 95 percent who do.

He ended the session before 4 a.m. with a message to the huddled, padded masses to "drink lots of water," "get a good meal in," and "man up."
Defensive tackle William Powell, one of the team's few non-Muslims, initially thought the coach was "out of his mind," but he's come around. In fact, he's even fasted.
"I'm around 'em, so I've tried a couple times but it's hard," the 17-year-old said.

For Rami Fakih, a wide receiver and defensive back, the nocturnal regimen has taken some adjustment but for different reasons. The brother of recently crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih said he had to think twice before hitting the fountain.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Then I remembered, you know. I looked up. There's no sun. I can drink. I can eat."

With that, he walked off the field and into the darkness with plans to grab a quick bite with friends at a local bakery.


Wild Thing's comment........

America is so screwed!

I wonder what would happen if Orthodox Jews asked to be done with practice before sundown on Fridays??!!

What the hell, the ragheads are taking over everything , including the White House. First, we lose the southern border to the drug cartels in Mexico, now we lose the northern border to camel jockeys.

Are we still in America?

Muslims and “pigskin”....oh the irony!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's SB1070 by Professor Terry Lovell

Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's SB1070

Professor Terry J. Lovell on Obama and Holder suing the state of Arizona and its immigration law SB1070.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is an excellent video to send in emails to everyone.

An excellent video about Obama and the gov't taking the side of the illegal drug dealers and actually sueing the American citizens who want to uphold US law.

Thank you Professor Terry Lovell for shouting out the truth here.

What Obama and Holder did was a criminal offence against all of the USA of America and why doesn't someone of authority bring him up on charges,

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Glenn Beck Forbidden from Prayer at Kennedy Center

First Amendment Watch: Beck Forbidden from Prayer at Kennedy Center

Big Government

Technically speaking, the Kennedy Center is not Congress, but the building — a monument to the first Roman Catholic president — is federally supported.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. But how many ordinary Americans have a microphone or a TV show with which to make bureaucratic enormities like this public?

Behold the wages, not of sin, but of the evil known as “political correctness” –



Wild Thing's comment........

Beck did what all of the rest of us should do, stand up and shout "no way". Sounded like the attorney took the route all attorneys recommend these days when confronted with any threat, "compromise". He did the right thing since there were no rules forbidding prayer and told them to stuff it.

Glenn Beck did not come THIS far, overcoming his own personal demons and vices, to have some Bureaucratic Idiots at Kennedy Center try to squelch his freedom of speech and religious rights!

How hilarious that those morons even THOUGHT they could do so!

You go, Glenn! AMERICA IS BEHIND YOU, 1000%!


Also see below...................... This is a true story; it happened at the University of Maryland .

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium. With their rich maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears.

This class would NOT pray during the commencements, not by choice, but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it.

The principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families.

The speeches were nice, but they were routine until the final speech received a standing ovation.

A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it happened.

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED !!!!

The student on stage simply looked at the audience and said,


And he walked off the stage...

The audience exploded into applause. This graduating class had found a unique way to invoke God's blessing on their future with or without the court's approval.

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Hamas Backs Obama and Rauf On Mosque NY Congressional Candidate Michael Grimm Asks Where Is Ground Zero Mosque Getting its Money?

Hamas Backs Obama and Rauf on Ground Zero Mosque

Hamas Backs Obama and Rauf on Ground Zero Mosque: 'Muslims Have to build it' "We Have to Build Everywhere"

Once again Obama is aligned with the genocidal, the jihadist .... our enemy. Fresh off the heels of the Obama Ground Zero endorsement, genocidal jihadist group Hamas, had his back.

Bear in mind Imam Feisal, the man behind the mosque, refuses to denounce the brutal annihilationist Hamas, whose stated goal, in the first paragraph of their charter is the destruction of the Jews. Islamic supremacists know what the Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero means .....Mecca on the Hudson, the reconquest of the West.

Hamas nod for Ground Zero mosque Terror group's leader: 'Have to build it'

A leader of the Hamas terror group yesterday jumped into the emotional debate on the plan to construct a mosque near Ground Zero -- insisting Muslims "have to build" it there.
"We have to build everywhere," said Mahmoud al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas and the organization's chief on the Gaza Strip.
"In every area we have, [as] Muslim[s], we have to pray, and this mosque is the only site of prayer," he said on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on WABC.


"We have to build the mosque, as you are allowed to build the church and Israelis are building their holy places."
Hamas, he added, "is representing the vast majority of the Arabic and Islamic world -- especially the Islamic side."

Abdul Rauf raised eyebrows last week when he departed on a State Department-sponsored goodwill mission to the Middle East, despite concerns that the trip may be helping him with the mosque's $100 million fund-raising goal.

The Obama administration insisted the trip, reportedly with stops in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar, was strictly to improve understanding about Muslim communities in the United States.

But a London-based Arabic-language newspaper that interviewed Abdul Rauf reported that he said he would also collect money from Muslim and Arab nations around the world -- raising the possibility that the American government is helping him build contacts in oil-rich states.


New York Congressional Candidate Michael Grimm , Republican, discusses why the government must investigate where the proposed mosque is getting its funding.

Michael Grimm left college after his freshman year and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

He was awarded a Combat Meritorious Promotion to NCO as a result of his service in the Persian Gulf War.

Michael went to work for the FBI and was chosen to attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where he completed the Federal Police Officer Training Program, graduating with Academic and Physical Fitness awards.

He was deputized as a U. S. Marshall and entrusted with full arrest authority as a Uniformed Police Officer for the FBI.

Michael left the FBI for a Research Analyst position on Wall Street working for Harmonic Research and, later, the firm of Robb, Peck, McCooey.

He attained several securities industry licenses and traded small cap stocks.

Michael attended Bernard M. Baruch College and graduated with a BBA in Accountancy with a concentration in Finance.

Michael returned to the FBI where he was appointed a Special Agent and assigned to the New York Office.

He was assigned to investigate the Gambino crime family and eventually joined the Financial Fraud Squad charged with investigating Wall Street activities.

During his tenure with the fraud squad, Michael successfully infiltrated Wall Street an undercover operative.

He maintained a deep cover role as a hedge fund manager for almost 2 years, while obtaining evidence against more than 50 individuals committing fraud, stock manipulation, currency scams, and money laundering.

He has gone undercover as a member of La Costra Nostra, a land developer, a struggling actor, a corrupt Wall Street financier, and an international money launderer.

Michael continued his education by attending New York Law School, eventually graduating Magna Cum Laude;he was admitted to practice law in New York and Connecticut.

After leaving the FBI to become an entrepreneur, he founded a small restaurant in Manhattan and is a principal in a biofuel company located in Austin, Texas.

Sarah Palin lauded Grimm's military and law enforcement background, saying he'd fought in the Gulf War and had taken on "organized crime and Wall Street corruption."

"He'll represent New Yorkers with just as much integrity and courage as he defended them in the FBI and the Marine Corps," Ms. Palin said in a statement released by the Grimm campaign.


Wild Thing's comment......

I added the information about Michael Grimm because I thought it was ineresting with his background that it will have more pull when someone that investigated as much as he has wants answers. I hope he keeps asking and getting coverage in the media about it. I want all the rest of the Republicans to be asking the same question. Silence right now is not what is needed, they need to make it clear this is a democrat desire to have this mosque at Ground Zero.

Posted by Wild Thing at 07:47 AM

People Speaking Out On Obama Mosque ~ True Americans Against It and Pro Terrorists For It

GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor sounds off against the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. He said it defies “common sense,” and is the “height of insensitivity and unreasonableness” to build it near the site where 3,000 Americans were killed by “Islamic Radicals.”


Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Says Obama Mosque Endorsement No Problem for Dems

Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison saying President Obama’s endorsement of the Ground Zero Mosque will not be a problem at all for Democrats in the Midterm Elections.

Ellison argued that Democrats are a “party of principle,” and that they stand for “religious freedom.” He also said that stopping the building of the mosque would give the impression that Islam had something to do with September 11 as opposed to Al-Qaeda.

Wow! Ellison is spinning like a top here! This is not a religious freedom issue. Communities make decisions all the time about what they allow to be built in certain zones or areas. Muslims have mosques all over New York. But a victory mosque towering over the Ground Zero site when the driving ideology that fueled the attacks came from Islam is so wrong in every way.

Ellison is wrong that this won’t hurt Democrats. It already has, because they are now associated as the party defending the radical plan to build the Ground Zero Mosque. Republicans need to make sure that association sticks not only from now to November 2, but from now to election day in 2012.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Thanks to Eric Cantor! And to Muslim Keith Ellison go jump in a lake!

Posted by Wild Thing at 07:45 AM

Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Is "Our First Anti-American President" ~ Rush is Correct!

Video is Rush Limbaugh yesterday, where he absolutely took President Obama and the Democrats apart on the Ground Zero Mosque.

Limbaugh said can you imagine the reaction of the Left if someone was trying to build a “Walmart” two blocks from Ground Zero! He pointed out that there are no Walmarts in the area, while there are dozens of mosques.
Rush also said Obama is actually the “first anti-American President” – rather than the first “post-American President.” Limbaugh believes there are now many in Obama’s Administration who believe “he is a disaster,” and will now start “running for the tall grass.” As an example, he believes it will be hard for Obama to find a quality person to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who indicated he would retire sometime next year – “He might have to go so far as to get Cindy Sheehan to take the gig.”


This is a video of Obama from the past, back in 2007.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Rush is right, Obama hates America. Why on earth anyone would want to be President when they hate the country they would serve. In Obama's case, he has no intention of serving as President, his intention is to dictate, RULE, and destroy our country on all levels.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:44 AM

Fighting Side Of Me

If you're running down my country, you're walking on the fighting side of me.

I hear people talkin' bad,
About the way we have to live here in this country,
Harpin' on the wars we fight,
An' gripin' 'bout the way things oughta be.
An' I don't mind 'em switchin' sides,
An' standin' up for things they believe in.
When they're runnin' down my country, man,
They're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

Yeah, walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Runnin' down the way of life,
Our fightin' men have fought and died to keep.
If you don't love it, leave it:
Let this song I'm singin' be a warnin' -
When you're runnin' down my country, man,
You're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

I read about some squirrely guy,
Who claims, he just don't believe in fightin'.
An' I wonder just how long,
The rest of us can count on bein' free.
They love our milk an' honey,
But they preach about some other way of livin'.
When they're runnin' down my country, hoss,
They're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

Yeah, walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Runnin' down the way of life,
Our fightin' men have fought and died to keep.
If you don't love it, leave it:
Let this song I'm singin' be a warnin' -
If you're runnin' down my country, man,
You're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

Yeah, walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Runnin' down the way of life,
Our fightin' men have fought and died to keep.
If you don't love it, leave it:
Let this song I'm singin' be a warnin' -
If you're runnin' down my country, man,
You're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

-- Merle Haggard, 1969


Wild Thing's comment.......

This may have been written long ago, but it sure pertains to today big time.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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August 16, 2010

Geert Wilders Warning to America ~ LISTEN UP Obama and Democrats!

Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 of 2

Geert Wilders, Controversial MP The Netherlands (a country with extremely liberal policies towards Muslims) warns Americans of the draconian consequences of attempting to pacify Islamists.


Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 2 of 2

Geert Wilders reveals 10 step plan of eliminating Islamic extremism from western culture.


Wild Thing's comment............

If there is another attack on our soil, IMO we should hold Obama, Bloomberg and all the others that say we should kiss up to Islam.

He is soooo good, like he says too, Mosques shooting up lilke mushrooms. They are too, we have mosques all across our land and many cities have a large number of them.

I really like his 10 step plan, I wish so much we would do this. BOTH videos are excellent. Please share these with others.

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Napolitano: Now With 'enough' Border Resources," Time to Reform" (AMNESTY)

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Barack Obama prepare to leave the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Aug. 13, 2010, after Obama signed the Southwest Border Security Bill.

Napolitano: Now with 'enough' border resources, time to reform

Washington Times

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Friday said the administration has "enough" resources to secure the border now that President Obama signed into law a $600 million border security spending bill, and she said Congress must now act on a larger overhaul of the nation's immigration laws.

"This is what we asked for. And of course, what we asked for was what we thought would be enough," Ms. Napolitano told reporters at the White House, hours after she joined Mr. Obama as he signed the bipartisan bill.

The law provides for 1,000 new U.S. Border Patrol agents, hundreds of border inspectors and interior enforcement personnel and two new aerial drones to patrol the remote Southwest.

Although it will take about eight months for the new agents to be hired and trained, Ms. Napolitano said the border is already secure enough that it should not be used by critics to "preclude discussions about immigration reform."
"Sometimes I hear 'securing the border' and the goalpost just keeps moving — well, we've done this," Ms. Napolitano said, echoing statements by Mr. Obama that it's now time for a comprehensive bill that would provide illegal immigrants a pathway to legalization.

But border-state lawmakers in both parties, while welcoming the additional resources, said it's not enough. On Thursday, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona Democrat, said Washington "still doesn’t truly understand the threats we face" in border states.

"I will keep saying it until they hear me – while this is a valuable first step towards protecting folks in the Southwest, it will take much more to make up for years of failed policies along the border," she said.

Mr. Obama earlier this year endorsed a general framework for a bill and made a speech calling for action, but he is leaving the details to Capitol Hill. He and other Democrats have said the ball is in Republicans' court, noting that several GOP lawmakers who were key to immigration reform in the past are now no longer supportive of a similar measure.

Those Republicans, including most notably Arizona Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain, have said they do not yet believe the border is secure enough.

Both men sponsored the $600 million in funding Mr. Obama signed Friday, but they've asked for up to 6,000 National Guard Troops to be deployed to the border, and for more legal resources so that illegal border crossers can be jailed, rather than immediately sent back home, where many try again.

Asked about her successor in Arizona, GOP Gov. Jan Brewer, Ms. Napolitano said the state's "factual premise" that the border area is more dangerous than before "was just wrong."

"The facts are the facts, and the facts are that there are more Border Patrol agents at the border than ever before, there's more infrastructure at the border than ever before, there's more technology at the border than ever before, there's more air cover at the border than ever before," she said, adding that a recent meeting between the two women in Boston was nevertheless "professional and cordial."

As for critics who accuse the Obama administration of not doing enough to erect security fencing along the border, Ms. Napolitano said the fence has been built out as far as it has been funded, save for six miles, and noted that the $600 million supplemental does not include new money for fences.

"The fence is only part of this [effort]," she said. "You show me a 15-foot fence and I'll show you a 16-foot ladder."

Wild Thing's comment........

Ms. Napolitano said the border is already secure enough

Prove it Nappy. Incompetence is so rampant in this administration, it's hard to determine who is the most incompetent. She should invite a gang of MS-13 "undocumented immigrants" into her home.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama Cuts Medicare Treatment For Cancer Patients

For the first time in history Medicare will not cover an FDA-approved anti-cancer therapy.

Just days after the recess appointment of Donald Berwick, the controversial new head of Medicare and Medicaid, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance posted the following grim news: for the first time in history, an FDA-approved anti-cancer therapy may not be covered by Medicare.

Provenge, a vaccine to treat the recurrence of prostate cancer, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)… Medicare usually covers the cost of FDA-approved anti-cancer therapies. However, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is still reviewing whether it will cover Provenge, and at what rate.

The CMS statute states that Medicare must cover therapies that are reasonable and necessary, while the FDA is instructed to approve drugs that are safe and effective. Because of the conflicting Federal coverage and approval requirements, there are some non-FDA approved drugs (called off-label drugs) that are paid for by CMS. However, with respect to Provenge, it appears that CMS is arguing that while the treatment is safe and effective, it may not be reasonable and necessary. For the first time, an FDA approved anti-cancer therapy may not be covered by Medicare.

Wild Thing's comment.......

So much for Obama saying that that pre-existing conditions would always be covered. He also said no one would be denied coverage by ObamaCare. What condition will be next that he will say NO to.

Didn't the obama himself say, "I want seniors to know, despite what some have said, these reforms will not cut your guaranteed benefits."

That's what Obama told us, endlessly and repeatedly, for months on end.

Do you mean to say he was lying? NO say it is not so, he would LIE? sheesh

Never forget the women he told he would have had her very elderly mother take a pain pill instead of heart surgery. That is another thing he did that will live forever on the things Obama has done that were beyond disgusting.

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1st Battalion 9th Marines Network 2010 Reunion

1st Battalion 9th Marines Network 2010 Reunion

General Peter Pace-Guest Speaker

1st Battalion, 9th Marines T-shirt

First Battalion Ninth Marines Network Biennial Reunion


AUGUST 18-22, 2010

General Honored Guest Speaker Peter Pace, USMC Ret.

Here is the proposed agenda for the D.C. Reunion. It is about 95% complete - the dates and events are set. Final details are being resolved and will be completed soon.

August 18 (Wednesday) - CHECK IN & REGISTRATION (After 3:00 PM) The Hospitality Room will be open.

August 19 (Thursday) – USMC MUSEUM – Buses will depart at 8:30 AM and arrive back at the hotel at approximately 4:00-4:30 PM, lunch will be on your own at the museum. Those that have visited the Museum are ready to go back again and for those who haven’t been there yet this is a must see. Approximate bus cost $36.00 per person.

August 19 (Thursday) – WELCOME RECEPTION & MEMORIAL SERVICE. The top floor of the hotel has a commanding view of Washington, D.C. The Welcome Reception will begin at 8:00 PM; a cash bar will be available. After sunset the Memorial Service will begin.

August 20 (Friday) – IWO JIMA MEMORIAL & the VIETNAM MEMORIAL. Buses will depart at 9:00 AM for the Iwo Jima Memorial and then continue to the Vietnam Memorial where the Battalion will assemble and conduct a wreath laying ceremony at “The Wall”. After the ceremony time will be allowed to visit the other Memorials located on the National Mall. Tour bus costs are being negotiated and will be provided at a later date. Buses will return at approximately 12:30PM.

August 20 (Friday) – DINNER MARINE CORPS BARRACKS & EVENING PARADE. Buses will depart hotel at approximately 5:00 PM for a short trip to Marine Barracks at 8th & I where dinner will be provided in the Mess Hall. Following dinner, seats have been reserved for the “Evening Parade”. Buses will return to the hotel at approximately 11:00 PM.

August 21 (Saturday) – MEMBERSHIP BUSINESS MEETING. The meeting will begin at 11:00 AM and continue until all matters of business are complete.

August 21 (Saturday) – DINNER BANQUET. The evening will began at 6:30 PM with a cash bar social hour followed by dinner and dancing. The guest speaker for the banquet is General Peter Pace. It is estimated that the cost for the dinner will be $45.00-$50.00 per person based on menu choice.

August 22 (Sunday) – Farewell Breakfast

Please call the Sheraton National Hotel direct to make room reservations ASAP.

RESERVATION TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1 (888) 627-8210 or 1 (703) 521-1900.
The GROUP NUMBER is 7936

And this is another one listed to be in September....

September 7-10, 2010
Las Vegas, NV

Contact: Robert W. Stewart
Phone: (727) 581-5454

Official Website of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines


Wild Thing's comment.....

This is great!!

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Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim "Plant" in the White House?

Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim "Plant" in the White House?

Wild Thing's comment........

God will take care of this excrement.

Obama will be running for re-election just about the time the Obama-mosque construction ramps up.

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First National Guard Special Forces Soldier Successfully Jumps with Prosthetic

SSG Andre Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.

Faced with a long recovery and the reality that he might not ever run, surf or return to his Special Forces team, Staff Sgt. Andre Murnane made the decision last year to have his right leg amputated below the knee after it was shattered by an improvised explosive device that detonated in eastern Afghanistan.

“My dreams and ambitions didn’t end that day. It simply started a new chapter,” he said.

And a new breakthrough.

Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.

Murnane admitted he felt nervous about the historic jump that took place Aug. 1 in Grenada, about 90 miles north of Jackson. And he was a bit worried about the prosthetic shifting from the opening shock of the parachute and how it would hold up when he landed.

“It held just fine with new prosthetic technology and some good old fashion duct tape,” he said. “Once I was under canopy my thoughts shifted to the two runways that were on the drop zone, I barely cleared one of them by 15 or 20 meters. Just before landing I wondered what it was going to feel like, but I just kept telling myself, feet and knees together and relax.”

Last October, the communications sergeant from the Maryland-based Bravo Company of 2nd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) was out on a combat operation on a mountain when a pressure plate IED detonated while clearing an area after his team was ambushed. He was evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, where he underwent several surgeries to repair his right foot and ankle. It was there where he realized the surgeries would never completely restore his leg.

He’s taken it all in stride, though.

“Life is a journey, and the journey is the destination. You have to accept change in your life and continue to live it like you did before,” he said. “It takes some extra work, but if you train hard and stay motivated you can do anything you want to.”

SSG Andre Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.

SSG Andre Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.

SSG Andre Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.

SSG Andre Murnane, 28, of Salisbury, Md., entered Green Beret lore this month when he became the first Army National Guard Special Forces soldier to jump out of an aircraft. Army doctors cleared him to jump in June. While several Special Forces soldiers with prosthetics have completed airborne operations, Murnane is the first National Guardsman to do so.


Wild Thing's comment.......

WOW Fantastic!

All The Way....Good Job Staff Sergeant Andre Mumane. I love our warrirors, our country has such truly awesome men and women serving our country, and we always have.

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Whatever happened to “We the People?!” by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Whatever happened to “We the People?!”

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Isn’t there something somewhere about “We the people?” Maybe I was wrong, maybe it said, “We the presiding elite, intent upon enacting our will over the objections of the people, do hereby interpret as we see fit, to accomplish whatever we wish, this Constitution of the United States.”

The recent Judge Walker Court Decision that rendered that portion of California’s Constitution that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman as unconstitutional is rife with legal fantasy. The entire decision is laced with preconceived bias that one should expect from the fact that the sitting Judge is homosexual. In most rational places in the universe the fact that he judged the case would itself be adjudged a “conflict of interest.” Walker may be a hero to contemporary homosexuals and liberals but his decision and memory will live in infamy.

One dictionary definition of equal is: "identical in mathematical value or logical denotation; like in quality, nature, or status."

The Court anchors its decision in the fallacious premise that the 14th Article of Amendment to the U.S. Constitution under the equal protection provision bestows the right of marriage on homosexuals. If homosexual conduct and therefore marriage was equal to normal marriage and sex the Court’s lengthy tortured argument and process might have been adjudged as fair and proper. However, it should be evident to any rational being that there are inherent physical and psychological distinctions between heterosexual and homosexual relationships. That fundamental fact is lost on the Walker Court and all who celebrate the Court’s decision.

In the process, Walker dismissed seven million Californians (and, one might add, the people of the world) who voted to enshrine the traditional definition of marriage in the California Constitution for as long as history has been recorded, as the union between male and female. But, alas no one should let rationality and eons long tradition become an impediment to irrational liberal behavior and thought.

Aside. One wonders if Muslims will give one wit about homosexual marriage, or for that matter the U.S. Constitution as Muslims proceed to decapitate homosexuals and liberals. Feminazis and adulteresses would be stoned to death and women would be confined to their homes. Think not? What happens in Muslim countries? Obama said, “I will stand with Muslims.”

What the Walker Court told the people of California, the United States and the world is that he has no sympathy or regard for their historic definition of marriage, he has no empathy for the masses of people whose relationship to their wives and husbands has been equated to perverted sexual behavior in order to advance the so called “rights.” Walker and his homosexual cohorts are perverting the Constitution to cram an unwanted redefinition down the throats of Americans in another instance of the manifest tyrannical minority inflicting its will upon the majority.

This situation is similar to the recent infliction of so called, “Health Care Reform” upon an unwilling populace albeit by a majority of politicians, but acting against the evident will of a large majority of the American people. How long is it until November?

Whereas it was argued that denial of a marriage license creates unequal status, there is nothing equal between normal sexual behavior and homosexual conduct from the outset. Additionally, logically and physically there is nothing equal between the two in relation to the historical institution and consummation of marriage. In the final analysis Judge Walker’s ruling has the same depth and quality of rational thought and logic that would render an apple equal to a fish. Given inherent differences that are factually obvious, one must conclude Judge Walker invented yet another instance of legal fiction, and schizophrenia that perverts the Constitution and diminishes the American nation.

The foregoing does not imply that there is no love or commitment in homosexual unions which alone do not constitute marriage. Rather, the decision renders the California Constitution and the historical meaning and physical consummation of marriage as irrelevant and without distinction between participants in traditional marriage and those in a homosexual union. People can have love and commitment for an animal, should not such a pair be issued a marriage license? Some think that they should. Under this ruling shouldn’t humans be able to marry their non-human lovers? And, if not why not? Why should marriage be confined to humans and not between humans and animals? Isn’t it a violation of human rights to deny such a marriage? And so, Pandora’s Box has been cracked upon.

Activists’ current effort is to fundamentally change the eons long traditional definition of marriage to erase evident distinctions, and thus to “normalize” homosexual behavior, which on its face is an exercise in fantasy.

Even in a completely secular society forcing legal acceptance of a homosexual “marriage” would be impossible even if acquiesced outwardly, and they know that. Never, will any normal society anywhere permanently accept homosexual conduct or homosexual "marriage" as the same or equal to heterosexual relationships because it is not, no matter how the law may be perverted and twisted to accommodate the issue. It is a simple fact that the Judge Walker’s legal fiction cannot permanently overcome reality no matter the length, stretch, and tortured legal fiction of his argument.

With all of this noted, one cannot help but find comic relief in homosexual behavior in which females try to cast themselves in the physical role of males with their butch haircuts, strapped-on devices and all manner of obverse paraphernalia; not to mention men engaging in sex in a most comical, if not disgusting way. It is a spectacle so cartoonish and buffoonish that it isn't worthy of further discussion here, and is the reason that for centuries homosexuals were referred to as being queer.

Rational people will never accept the notion that a homosexual relationship is the same as traditional marriage because to do so would require the abrogation of common sense and reality.

Let’s see, if the U.S. Constitution included an amendment that defined the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman, would it be constitutional? Probably not in the Walker Court. Does the tenth article of amendment give the States and the people the right to govern themselves? Evidently not in the Walker Court. What entity issues marriage licenses, States or the Federal Government? According to Walker, the Federal Government because he effectively took that right away from the States with his decision. How do you say, t_y_r_a_n_n_y?

Semper Fidelis

Wild Thing's comment.......

I mentioned before on here that several years ago when we lived in Calif. we had voted for Prop. 187, it was dealing with the problem of the illegals. It won by a huge majority of votes through the entire State of California.
However, the left did not like the outcome of the vote so they took it too a Judge and naturally he was a liberal like they were and he overturned our vote. POOF gone, our vote counted for nothing. That really freaked me out to see how little our vote counted. How the wishes and demands of the left and a liberal Judge could erase such a vast majority of citizens speaking out in their vote.

Now we have seen it again, with the vote about marriage.

Each time this happens IMO it really puts our freedoms at risk, our Constitution thrown in the trash and it is always done by the left.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:40 AM

August 15, 2010

Mosque Controversy Swirls Around Obama

The above image and the wording was taken from Drudge. website. The link behind it takes a person to Politico. ~ Wild Thing



The White House on Saturday struggled to tamp down the controversy over President Barack Obama’s statements about a mosque near Ground Zero — insisting Obama wasn’t backing off remarks Friday night where he offered support for a project that has infuriated some families whose loved ones died in the Sept. 11 attacks.
Obama’s comments placed him in the middle of the controversy over a Muslim group’s plans for a mosque near the site of the 2001 attack — and in turn, transformed an emotion-laden local dispute in New York into a nationwide debate overnight.
Republicans pounced, amid early signs that the issue would seep into some state and congressional contests. “It is divisive and disrespectful to build a mosque next to the site where 3,000 innocent people were murdered at the hands of Islamic extremism,” said Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio. His opponent, Charlie Crist, a Republican turned independent, came out in support of Obama’s comments.
And Democrats — at least some who were willing to comment — could barely contain their frustration over Obama’s remarks, saying he had potentially placed every one of their candidates into the middle of the debate by giving GOP candidates a chance to ask them point-blank: Do you agree with Obama on the mosque, or not?

~ continue 4 page article here ~

Palin to Obama on Ground Zero Mosque: "This Is Not Above Your Pay Grade"

Weekly Standard

Sarah Palin responds to the president's comments on the Ground Zero mosque:

Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people? Please tell us your position. We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they? And, no, this is not above your pay grade. If those who wish to build this Ground Zero mosque are sincerely interested in encouraging positive "cross-cultural engagement" and dialogue to show a moderate and tolerant face of Islam, then why haven't they recognized that the decision to build a mosque at this particular location is doing just the opposite? Mr. President, why aren't you encouraging the mosque developers to accept Governor Paterson's generous offer of assistance in finding a new location for the mosque on state land if they move it away from Ground Zero? Why haven't they jumped at this offer? Why are they apparently so set on building a mosque steps from what you have described, in agreement with me, as "hallowed ground"? I believe these are legitimate questions to ask.


Wild Thing's comment.......

To what Drudge wrote under Obama's photo, I say......Klaatu barada nikto!

Obama is Satan's servant = totally anti-American, anti-Semitic and filled with the spirit of antichrist.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Construction Worker Won't Lift Finger to Build Ground Zero Mosque


Wild Thing's comment.......

I think we will hear more of this happening from the construction workers and others that would have to build this vile thing.

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Charlie Crist Backs Obama On Controversial Islamic Center

Crist backs Obama on controversial Islamic center


Panama City, Florida


In a boost for President Obama on a red-hot controversy, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist told CNN Saturday that he fully supports Obama's decision to back construction of an Islamic center and mosque near New York's ground zero.

"I think he's right - yeah," Crist, who was elected governor as a Republican but is now running for Senate as an independent candidate, told CNN. "We are a country in my view that stands for freedom of religion. You know, respect for others. I know there are sensitivities and I understand that, but I think Mayor Bloomberg is right and I think the President is right."

Crist offered his support in a brief interview as he waited for Obama to arrive at a U.S. Coast Guard station for a presidential visit aimed at boosting tourism in the Gulf region, which has suffered economically as a result of the BP oil spill – the worst in American history.

But the President's message on the Gulf is now at risk of being overshadowed by the controversy over his abrupt decision to enter the fray over a plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near New York's ground zero. Obama weighed in on the topic at a Friday evening event he hosted at the White House to celebrate the breaking of the fast for the Muslim holiday Ramadan.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs in recent weeks had repeatedly said the White House would not comment on the mosque because it was local issue. Administration officials said the President weighed in now because New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has now come out in favor of the project.

But Republicans like Rep. Peter King, R-New York, immediately blasted the President's decision.

"It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero," said King. "While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much. The right and moral thing for President Obama to have done was to urge Muslim leaders to respect the families of those who died and move their mosque away from Ground Zero. Unfortunately the President caved in to political correctness."

But Crist told CNN he completely disagrees with that view.

"This is a place where you're supposed to be able to practice your religion without the government telling you that you can't," said Crist.

Crist has been increasingly alienated from the Republican Party, and his latest comments will only fuel speculation that he may decide to caucus with Senate Democrats in 2011 if he's elected as an independent in November.

Wild Thing's comment........

Good grief, Crist is a total idiot among other things I would call him. I hope everyone in Florida learns about what Crist has said, backing Obama up on his comment. sheesh I can't stand this guy, he has bugged me for a long time. Really sleezy!!!

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Republican vs. Democrat Women


At a book signing, actress Ann-Margret autographed a tattered photo presented to her by an ex-G.I. and thanked him for serving his country.

Richard, (my husband), never really talked a lot about his time in Viet Nam other than he had been shot by a sniper. However, he had a rather grainy, 8 x 10 black & white photo he had taken at a USO show of Ann Margaret with Bob Hope in the background that was one of his treasures.
A few years ago, Ann Margaret was doing a book signing at a local bookstore. Richard wanted to see if he could get her to sign the treasured photo so he arrived at the bookstore at 12 o'clock for the 7:30 signing. When I got there after work, the line went all the way around the bookstore, circled the parking lot, and disappeared behind a parking garage.
Before her appearance, bookstore employees announced that she would sign only her book and no memorabilia would be permitted. Richard was disappointed, but wanted to show her the photo and let her know how much those shows meant to lonely GI's so far from home.
Ann Margaret came out looking as beautiful as ever and, as 2nd in line, it was soon Richard's turn. He presented the book for her signature and then took out the photo. When he did, there were many shouts from the employees that she would not sign it. Richard said, "I understand. I just wanted her to see it".
She took one look at the photo, tears welled up in her eyes and she said, "This is one of my gentlemen from Viet Nam and I most certainly will sign his photo. I know what these men did for their country and I always have time for "my gentlemen". With that, she pulled Richard across the table and planted a big kiss on him.
She then made quite a to do about the bravery of the young men she met over the years, how much she admired them, and how much she appreciated them. There weren't too many dry eyes among those close enough to hear. She then posed for pictures and acted as if he was the only one there.
Later at dinner, Richard was very quiet. When I asked if he'd like to talk about it, my big strong husband broke down in tears. "That's the first time anyone ever thanked me for my time in the Army", he said.
Richard, like many others, came home to people who spit on him and shouted ugly things at him. That night was a turning point for him. He walked a little straighter and, for the first time in years, was proud to have been a Vet.
I'll never forget Ann Margaret for her graciousness and how much that small act of kindness meant to my husband. I now make it a point to say Thank You to every person I come across who served in our Armed Forces.
Freedom does not come cheap and I am grateful for all those who have served their country.
If you'd like to pass on this story, feel free to do so. Perhaps it will help others to become aware of how important it is to acknowledge the contribution our service people make.


Wild Thing's comment.........

I really love our side of the isle, and I am proud to be a conservative and a Republican. I know I posted this video before but it is worth posting again and also this time it was neat to have the story about my friend Ann Margaret with it. Thank you Mark.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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9/11 Families Stunned by Obama's Support of Mosque at Ground Zero

Message from Frank Gaffney: The Center for Security Policy today unveiled a powerful 1-minute video opposing the construction of a 13-story, $100 million mega-mosque near the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center. The Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11 by adherents to the barbaric, supremacist and totalitarian program authoritative Islam calls "Shariah." And the imam who is promoting this mosque has publicly declared that he seeks to "bring Shariah to America."
As the ad makes clear, Shariah's followers have long built mosques on the most sacred sites of those they have conquered -- for example, on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, at Constantinople/Istanbul's St. Sophia Basilica and in Cordoba, Spain, the capital of the occupying Moors' Muslim kingdom.
A growing chorus of New Yorkers and other Americans -- including, notably, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin -- have expressed outrage at the prospect of a similar, permanent beachhead for Shariah being use to defile Ground Zero, and symbolize America's defeat at the hands of her enemies. We say, "No Mosque at Ground Zero."


Debra Burlingame: 9/11 Families Stunned by President’s Support of Mosque at Ground Zero

Statement of Debra Burlingame, Co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, in Response to President Obama’s Remarks about the Ground Zero Mosque

9/11 Families Stunned by Presidents Support of Mosque at Ground Zero

New York, NY, Aug. 14

Barack Obama has abandoned America at the place where America’s heart was broken nine years ago, and where her true values were on display for all to see. Since that dark day, Americans have been asked to bear the burden of defending those values, again and again and again. Now this president declares that the victims of 9/11 and their families must bear another burden. We must stand silent at the last place in America where 9/11 is still remembered with reverence or risk being called religious bigots.

Muslims have worshipped in New York without incident both before and after the attacks of 9/11. This controversy is not about religious freedom. 9/11 was more than a “deeply traumatic event,” it was an act of war. Building a 15-story mosque at Ground Zero is a deliberately provocative act that will precipitate more bloodshed in the name of Allah. Those who continue to target and kill American civilians and U.S. troops will see it as a symbol of their historic progress at the site of their most bloody victory. Demolishing a building that was damaged by wreckage from one of the hijacked planes in order to build a mosque and Islamic Center will further energize those who regard it as a ratification of their violent and divinely ordered mission: the spread of shariah law and its subjugation of all free people, including secular Muslims who come to this country fleeing that medieval ideology, which destroys lives and crushes the human spirit.

We are stunned by the president’s willingness to disregard what Americans should be proud of: our enduring generosity to others on 9/11–a day when human decency triumphed over human depravity. On that day, when 3,000 of our fellow human beings were killed in barbaric act of raw religious intolerance unlike this country had ever seen, Americans did not turn outward with hatred or violence, we turned to each other, armed with nothing more than American flags and countless acts of kindness. In a breathtakingly inappropriate setting, the president has chosen to declare our memories of 9/11 obsolete and the sanctity of Ground Zero finished. No one who has lived this history and felt the sting of our country’s loss that day can truly believe that putting our families through more wrenching heartache can be an act of peace.

We will honor the memory of our loved ones. We will protect our children, whose lives will never be the same. We will not stand silent.

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is evil. And his support of the mosque proves it.

Remember November and vote to destroy the entire traitor Democrat Party and “Hate America” Potus Barack Hussein (Muslim) Obama!!!

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Obama's Federal Land Grab

Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) sounded the alarm on the Obama Administration’s federal land grab on FOX News. The US already owns one out of every three acres in America. The Obama Administration wants to confiscate 15 million more acres.

The great Obama land grab

Washington Examiner

Have you heard of the "Great Outdoors Initiative"? Chances are, you haven't.

But across the country, White House officials have been meeting quietly with environmental groups to map out government plans for acquiring untold millions of acres of both public and private land. It's another stealthy power grab through executive order that promises to radically transform the American way of life.

In April, President Obama issued a memorandum outlining his "21st century strategy for America's great outdoors." It was addressed to the interior secretary, the agriculture secretary, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality.

The memo calls on the officials to conduct "listening and learning sessions" with the public to "identify the places that mean the most to Americans, and leverage the support of the Federal Government" to "protect" outdoor spaces. Eighteen of 25 planned sessions have already been held. But there's much more to the agenda than simply "reconnecting Americans to nature."

The federal government, as the memo boasted, is the nation's "largest land manager." It already owns roughly one of every three acres in the United States.
This is apparently not enough. At a "listening session" in New Hampshire last week, government bureaucrats trained their sights on millions of private forest land throughout the New England region. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack crusaded for "the need for additional attention to the Land and Water Conservation Fund -- and the need to promptly support full funding of that fund."

Property owners have every reason to be worried. The Land and Water Conservation Fund is a pet project of green radicals, who want the decades-old government slush fund for buying up private lands to be freed from congressional appropriations oversight. It's paid for primarily with receipts from the government's offshore oil and gas leases.

Both Senate and House Democrats have included $900 million in full LWCF funding, not subject to congressional approval, in their energy/BP oil spill legislative packages. The Democrats have also included a provision in these packages that would require the federal government to take over energy permitting in state waters, which provoked an outcry from Texas state officials, who sent a letter of protest to Capitol Hill last month:

"In light of federal failures, it is incomprehensible that the United States Congress is entertaining proposals that expand federal authority over oil and gas drilling in state water and lands long regulated by states. ... Given the track record, putting the federal government in charge of energy production on state land and waters not only breaks years of successful precedent and threatens the 10th Amendment to the United Sates Constitution, but it also undermines common sense and threatens the environmental and economy security of our state's citizens."

This power grab, masquerading as a feel-good, all-American recreation program, comes on top of a separate, property-usurping initiative exposed by GOP Rep. Robert Bishop and Sen. Jim DeMint earlier this spring.

According to an internal, 21-page Obama administration memo, 17 energy-rich areas in 11 states have been targeted as potential federal "monuments." The lives of coyotes, deer and prairie dogs would be elevated above states' needs to generate jobs, tourism business and energy solutions.

Take my home state of Colorado. The Obama administration is considering locking up some 380,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land and private land in Colorado under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

The Vermillion Basin and the Alpine Triangle would be shut off to mining, hunting, grazing, oil and gas development, and recreational activities. Alan Foutz, president of the Colorado Farm Bureau, blasted the administration's meddling: "Deer and elk populations are thriving, and we in Colorado don't need help from the federal government in order to manage them effectively."

Indeed, the feds have enough trouble as it is managing the vast amount of land they already control. As the D.C.-based Americans for Limited Government group, which defends private property rights, points out:

"The [National Park Service] claims it would need about $9.5 billion just to clear its backlog of the necessary improvements and repairs. At a time when our existing national parks are suffering, it doesn't make sense for the federal government to grab new lands."

The bureaucrats behind Obama's "Great Outdoors Initiative" plan on wrapping up their public comment solicitation by Nov. 15. The initiative's taxpayer-funded web site ( has been dominated by left-wing environmental activists proposing human population reduction, private property confiscation, and gun bans, hunting bans and vehicle bans in national parks.

It's time for private property owners to send their own loud, clear message to the land-hungry feds: Take a hike.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This plays right into the UN’s Agenda 21’s land grab. Check out the UN’s Agenda 21 for just how much land the gov’t plans on gobbling up.

Posted by Wild Thing at 07:45 AM | Comments (5)

August 14, 2010

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

V-J Day (Victory over Japan day) is on August 15th in memory of the announcement of the surrender of Japan on that day in 1945 to end World War II.

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

This is footage found after sitting for 65 years. It's video taken of VJ day in Honolulu. August 14, 1945.

"65 Years Ago my Dad (Richard Sullivan ) shot this film along Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki capturing spontaneous celebrations that broke out upon first hearing news of the Japanese surrender."


Wild Thing's comment.......

One of my Uncles was stationed in Hawaii when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. My Aunt ( his wife) said she looked out the window and she could see one of the planes go by and the Kamikaze pilots face so close looking toward their house.

Another Aunt took a troop train from NY to SF when she joined the WAVES. She also said at every town they stopped in the townspeople were there cheering them on and providing coffee and treats.

Another of my Uncles was sitting on Okinawa waiting to go in. He took part in the Solomon, Siapan, Iwo Jima, always said he figured he wouldn't of survived Japan he'd used up all his luck.

One other of my Uncles was on a troop train when a man got on the train yelling that the "JAPS QUIT"! NOBODY paid him any mind & the party went ON & ON. But later when the train got to El Paso, another man got on the train with a copy of the EP Daily Sun newspaper stating what happened and then my Uncle said the party abruptly ended and "it was quiet as a mouse for several hours as though it was sinking in. He said everyone sat there looking out the window and no sound was heard. Then loud cheers began to fill the train.

Uncle Sven would have been in the second wave; they expected 95% casualties, that is what they pretty much were told. Till the day he passed away he celebrated August 15, 1945 and was very much in favor that they dropped the bomb.

All the men in my family served in the military in each branch, also three of my Aunts. I wish they all were alive today they would love to see this video. They would love to know each one of you on here as well.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama Forcefully Endorsed Allowing a Mosque Near Ground Zero

Obama Says He Supports Ground Zero Mosque While Celebrating Islamic Holy Month Of Ramadan!

Obama backs mosque near ground zero news


Barack Obama on Friday forcefully endorsed allowing a mosque near ground zero, saying the country's founding principles demanded no less.

"As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country," Obama said, weighing in for the first time on a controversy that has riven New York City and the nation.
"That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances," he said. "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable."

Obama made the comments at an annual dinner in the White House State Dining Room celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The White House had not previously taken a stand on the mosque, which would be part of a $100 million Islamic center two blocks from where nearly 3,000 people perished when hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. Press secretary Robert Gibbs had insisted it was a local matter.

It was already much more than that, sparking debate around the country as top Republicans including Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich announced their opposition. So did the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights group.

Obama elevated it to a presidential issue Friday without equivocation.


Ground Zero Imam Faces More Controversy


Wild Thing's comment..........

Go BACK to Hell where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does all he can to distance himself and the country from Christianity and does all he can to promote Islam.

As Rush pointed out, this isn’t a First Amendment issue.

The Constitution only grants the ability to practice religion—not the right to build a church or a mosque wherever you want. There are a lot of mosques already in NYC for the jihadists to worship in.

In other words Obama wants a victory monument erected praising the death of over Americans.

And I suppose he will be a frequent visitor there later on with intention of performing an Islamic prayer.

Also were his very words saying the call to prayer is “the most beautiful sound on earth”, and I presume there may be some loudspeakers with a daily Manhattan “Call to Islamic prayer”.

If not according to the laws of treason its at the very least totally wrong for a President to condone a foreign nations victory upon US soil.

Obama hates America and his doing his utmost along with the Democrat Party to destroy America. He cares not one bit about all those innocents that died on 9/11/2001, He cares not one iota for the innocents, for the police, for the firemen, for the first responders, for the Whites, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians, scores of foreign people, for the poor souls onboard the doomed aircraft. He cares only for the Muslim suicide pilots that violated and destroyed so many American and Foreign innocent lives.

George W. Bush - 9/11 Bullhorn Speech ....NOTE to Obama and his America hating voters ....NO teleprompter you freakazoid Muslim POS Obama!

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REAL or FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake?

This video is about the government’s wasteful spending. You may be surprised to hear what some of your tax dollars are helping to fund.

Joke-telling robots, expensive walking tunnels, Blackberries for smokers, and training American prostitutes to drink responsibly. What do these things have in common? They're all questionable government spending projects in a time when our economy is struggling and people can't get jobs....or, maybe we just made them up.

Put yourself to the test. See if you can outwit the Rebel Economist before she stumps you. So what is it: REAL or FAKE?


Wild Thing's comment.......

The government is out of control.

What did Dirksen say? A million here, a million there and pretty soon you are talking about real money.

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Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

U.S. Government Considers US Constitution "Terrorist Literature"

The U.S. Government now officially considers people who "make numerous references to the Constitution" to be "potential terrorists"


Source for what is posted below:

Just a little context drawn from the Homeland Security intelligence briefing of April 7, 2009 (The abbreviation U/FOUO means unclassified/for official use only.):

(U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current
Economic and Political Climate Fueling
Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment
7 April 2009

(U) Prepared by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Homeland Environment Threat Analysis
Division. Coordinated with the FBI.

* (U) Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or
rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

— (U//LES) Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first
African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new
members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal
through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.


Wild Thing's comment..........

I wonder what America's founders would think now their beautiful Constitution they left for us to protect citizens from their government has been spit on, raped, dismantled and branded "terrorist literature" .

Communist goals #'s

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture."

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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DSA...Democratic Socialist of America ...The List, Check Out YOUR State For Names

The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.

This admission was recently posted on


DSA-Members: American Socialist Voter - Democratic Socialists of America - 10-1-09

American Socialist Voter–
Q: How many members of the U.S. Congress are also members of the DSA?
A: Seventy

Q: How many of the DSA members sit on the Judiciary Committee?
A: Eleven: John Conyers [Chairman of the Judiciary Committee], Tammy Baldwin, Jerrold Nadler, Luis Gutierrez,
Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Steve Cohen, Barbara Lee, Robert Wexler, Linda Sanchez [there are 23 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of which eleven, almost half, are now members of the DSA].

Q: Who are these members of 111th Congress?
A: See the listing below

Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)
Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

Vice Chairs
Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)
Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)
Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

Senate Members
Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)

House Members
Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)
Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)
Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)
Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)
Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)
Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)

Check out at their website the list of some of the topics I will list below:

Preamble ( just some snipets)

In the United States, the rise of global capitalism has been accompanied by the increasing strength of conservative and corporate elites and the weakening of social movements and trade unions that have historically been the backbone of mass liberalism. As a result, many socialists and progressives have come to question the tactics and policies that have long comprised the political program of the Left.
DSA has been in the forefront of this necessary reevaluation of Left strategy and program. For five years, DSA has been engaged in a thoroughgoing discussion of a renewed mission and vision for today's world. No old assumption has been too sacred to be scrutinized, and no new idea has been too provocative to be easily dismissed. Since DSA is a pluralist organization, no single document can adequately and equally reflect our diverse perspectives. But, at the end of our five year evaluation, we have established a political center of gravity to ground these diverse views. This is where we stand:
We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.
We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources,meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships.

Section 1: Democracy, Liberty and Solidarity

Section 2: Democratic Control of Production and Social Life
The Capitalist Marketplace
Vision of a Socialist Economy
Interactions of Economy and Society

Section 3: The Global Economy, Global Politics and the State
The Global Economy
Global Environment
Global Politics

Section 4: A Strategy for the Next Left
( this section discusses "1.massive redistribution of income "

Section 5: The Role of Electoral Politics

Section 6: The Role of Democratic Socialists


Wild Thing's comment........

This should be run in National ads across America, but of course that won't happen.

I also bet there are more Senate members than are listed.

Don't you just love how they use the term, “honorable” in front of their names. There isn’t anything honorable about these American haters in Congress!

I noticed too how much of their list is exactly what Obama has been doing.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Takeover of Texas Ranch Was Real After All

Mexican drug cartel takeover of Texas ranch was real after all

North Star National

A few weeks ago, the internet was all abuzz with rumors that a Texas ranch had been taken over by the Mexican drug cartel known as Los Zetas. People were claiming it was a hoax just as quickly as someone else could claim it was a legitimate story. While certainly not a difficult scenario to envision given all the violence on the border at the hands of the drug cartels, with repeated staunch refusals by the Laredo Police Department to substantiate the claims, people were quick to assume it was indeed a hoax.

Well, after 16 days of repeated denials by Laredo law enforcement, it would appear that a police blotter confirms not only that this story was indeed legitimate, but also that multiple agencies responded to the threat.

Wow. Color me shocked.

The blotter transcript follows:

“On Friday 7-23-10 Laredo Webb informed that their county SWAT Team is conducting an operation in the Mines Rd. area. According to LT. Garcia with LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) received a call from a ranch owner stating that the Zetas had taken over his ranch. As per the 17 (reporting person) he informed them that they stated La Compania (area name for Zetas) was taking the ranch and no one was permitted on the ranch without permission. SO (Sheriff Office) will have an unmarked green Ford Taurus with two officers stationed at Los Compadres and a white Chevy Tahoe with two officers stationed at Mineral Rd. The LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) will maintain surveillance in the area and advise if action is taken. Susp (suspect) Veh (vehicle) are described as a gray or silver Audi, a BLK (black) Escalade or Navigator and a van truck with a logo of a car wash spot free on the side. Border Patrol also has their response team on scene. Also known info of BMW’s and Corvettes entering and leaving the area. Auth LT Lichtenberger if assistance is requested LPD (Laredo Police Department) will secure the outer perimeter. (07/24/10 07:42:10 NR1873)”

For anyone who is paying attention, it’s obvious that there is a media blackout in place on many subjects, and violence on the border certainly seems to be one of them. Mexican drug cartels invade the borders of our sovereign states, seize control of private property owned by American citizens and the result is a media blackout of the events?

It’s widely known that there is a major media blackout in Mexico on cartel activity because media members are threatened with violence if they report on the subject. Why are American reporters being refused a verification of what is happening when questioning law enforcement? Has Mexican drug cartel intimidation crossed the border and infected our law enforcement agencies?

When this story originally broke, a leader of the San Diego Minutemen, Jeff Scwilk, was quoted as saying that he’d been informed by Laredo police that a standoff was underway between the Zetas, the federal Border Patrol, and other agents. Scwilk continued “I can personally vouch that this info came in late last night from a reliable source inside the Laredo PD. There is currently a stand off between the unknown size Zeta forces and U.S. Border Patrol and local law enforcement on two ranches on our side of the Rio Grande. The source tells us he considers this an ‘act of war’ and that the military is needed on the border now!”

The coverup on this story struck a nerve for John Sakelarides, a recently retired ICE agent.

“What do you call an invasion by foreign nationals who are armed and occupy territory belonging to a sovereign nation? An act of war. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Anyone who is denying this is what has occurred and that it constitutes an act of war is either an idiot or is somehow involved in this act of war.”
He continues: “If they (those covering up the story) are elected representatives or government officials and they are aware that an act of war has been perpetrated against the United States, and refuse to admit it has occurred, much less do anything about it, is violating their oath of office.”

The Los Zetas drug cartel is an offshoot of the elite Mexican military trained in special operations. They formerly served as the “hit men” for the Gulf Cartel. They are led by Heriberto “El Lazca” Lazcano and the mercenary group is said to be comprised of members ranging from corrupt Mexican Federales, to politicians, to drug traffickers. The Los Zetas cartel is considered the most violent paramilitary group in Mexico by the DEA.

Local and national news agencies were hesitant to go forward with the story when it originally broke given the fact that the Laredo Police Department refused to make an official confirmation of the events. However, the U.S. Consulate at Nuevo Laredo felt the threat was imminent enough that they posted a warning to citizens on their website:

“We have received credible reports of widespread violence occurring now between narcotics-trafficking organizations and the Mexican army in Nuevo Laredo,” the Consulate’s website indicated. “The consulate confirmed that fragmentation grenades were used in the attacks and that suspected drug-gang members had blocked several roads, adding that it advised ‘all U.S. citizens in Nuevo Laredo to remain indoors until the security situation improves.”

Now that the events have been corroborated, we’ll see if the mainstream media follows through and reports on what took place. I, for one, am happy to see that the journalist who originally broke this story and received a firestorm of criticism for it has been vindicated.

Seriously, is anyone really surprised that this story was indeed right on target? I’m not. Not in the least. Given all the violence and upheaval that has been taking place on our border for years, it comes as no surprise to me. Nor does it come as any surprise that our government repeatedly rolls out the propaganda machine to tell us “our borders are more secure than they’ve ever been.” I guess if you say it long enough and loud enough you can convince the masses.

Our elected “representatives”, and I use that term very loosely these days, should be ashamed of themselves for refusing to secure our borders and keep our citizens safe. But then I suppose it’s easy too stand behind a teleprompter, poke fun at American citizens, make inappropriate jokes about the illegal immigration issue, and spit out the rhetoric when it’s not your family, friends, and livelihood at stake, Mr. President.


Arizona Sheriff: Border Patrol Forced to Retreat From Parts of Border Because it’s “Too Dangerous,” Upper Management Afraid of “International Incident” if Shooting Breaks out

Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, Ariz., one of four Arizona counties contiguous with the U.S-Mexico border, said Friday that the U.S. Border Patrol has pulled back from parts of the border in his and neighboring counties because manning those areas has become too dangerous.

“And you frankly have Border Patrolmen–and I know this from talking to Border Patrol agents—who will not allow their agents to work on the border because it is too dangerous,” Dever told in a videotaped interview.

“Now what kind of message is that for crying out loud?”

Dever stressed that the Border Patrolmen are ready and willing to perform their mission of securing the border, but that Border Patrol managers had determined that in “some places” the danger was too great and they wanted to avoid the risk of an international incident such as a cross-border firefight.

“Now, I am telling you, the agents, you give them a mission, you tell them what you want them to do, they will go do it,” said Dever. “I mean, these guys for the most part are warriors, they are soldiers.
“Then you have middle management and upper management that says: No, it’s too dangerous right there and we’re going to cause an international incident if there’s shooting across the line, back and forth,” said Dever.
“Well, I say: Come, bring it on. Let’s cause the international incident,” he said.


Wild Thing's comment.......

We talked about this when it happened, all of you and me too felt it was the truth. I am sooo glad this article has been written and we even have more information now then before.

Interesting that this was all happening within days of the Judges decision on AZ.

A country who cannot secure it’s territory is a country whose days are numbered!!

Here is a partial list of Mexican Drug Cartels working in the United States:

Beltrán Leyva Cartel
La Familia Michoacana
Gulf Cartel
Juárez Cartel
Los Negros
Oaxaca Cartel
Sinaloa Cartel
Tijuana Cartel
Los Zetas Cartel
Colima Cartel
Millennium Cartel

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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August 13, 2010

Casual Friday's and Video of "Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good " trailer


Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good is a moving feature-length documentary that transcends genres and celebrates America's heroes. This uplifting film chronicles the journey of Academy Award® Nominated actor, Gary Sinise who since 9/11, has vowed to never to forget those who are willing to give all.

By following Gary and his Lt. Dan Band around the world for nearly two years, including Kuwait and Iraq, we meet many of our brave men and women in uniform, our heroic first responders, their families and the wonderful citizens that support them. In the process, we are inspired ourselves to actively participate in supporting America's finest, and to also never forget.

Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good has an amazing soundtrack and special appearances by numerous celebrities, including Academy Award® Winners Jon Voight and Robert Duvall, as well as John Ratzenberger, Melina Kanakaredes, Raquel Welch, Connie Stevens, Mykelti Williamson, Dale Dye and more.

This powerful and emotional film is produced and directed by Hollywood filmmaker and 82nd Airborne Veteran Jonathan Flora.

Wild Thing's comment........

Gary is such a special man, I am grateful I got to know him when we lived in Caifornia.

Also I wanted to let you know that Rush Limbaugh has a page now at Facebook. He is using it to post photos of his wedding and they are really beautifully done.

Rush Limbaugh at Facebook.

Rush has one photo there I love so much. It is of the Honor Guard that he had at their wedding to honor our troops and Veterans.

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Ilario Pantano ~ Republican for Congress - NC-7

Change of Service


‘I once scraped paint off the floor of this ship,” says Ilario Pantano. He stands inside a cavernous hangar within the USS Intrepid, the decommissioned aircraft carrier that sits in the Hudson River as a floating museum. The floor and walls that he knows so well are covered in a dull industrial gray. But on June 21, Pantano also finds himself surrounded by the red, white, and blue décor of a campaign fundraiser sponsored by Iraq Veterans for Congress, a political-action committee. Pantano, a Republican who fought in Fallujah, is a beneficiary: He’s running for the House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 7th district.

Today, Pantano is one of the GOP’s great hopes for wresting control of the House away from the Democrats. North Carolina’s 7th district, which includes Wilmington and its environs, prefers Republican presidential candidates.

In 2004, Pantano was fighting insurgents in Iraq. Near the town of Mahmudiyah, he shot two men. One of the soldiers in the platoon, possibly disgruntled because Pantano had demoted him, accused his superior officer of murder. The case drew national attention, and Pantano suffered through an agonizing year of accusation and investigation. But all of the charges against him eventually were dropped.

Pantano received his second honorable discharge from the Marines and wrote Warlord, a book about his experiences. Last year, living in North Carolina — his family had settled there because of Camp Lejeune — Pantano became upset when Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a special prosecutor to investigate CIA operatives.

“That was the tipping point for me,” he says. He started to think seriously about running for Congress. On May 4, he became the 7th district’s GOP nominee.


If North Carolina’s Pantano wins in November, he will owe his victory in large measure to his identity as a Marine. Pantano’s story is simply remarkable. After attending an expensive New York prep school on scholarship, he astonished his teachers and classmates by deciding to enlist in the Marines rather than go to college. He went to sniper school and took part in the first Gulf War. At the end of his four years in 1993, he enrolled at New York University. After graduation, Pantano took a job at Goldman Sachs and later started his own consulting business. His future looked bright. On the morning of 9/11, however, Pantano was on the streets of Manhattan when the terrorists struck. “I saw the Towers burn,” he says. “I knew we were at war.” Hours later, he went to a barbershop and ordered a “high and tight” — i.e., a military buzz cut. Then, at the age of 30, he rejoined the Marines. This time he went to officer school and received a commission as a second lieutenant.

Fellow American,

It's time to kick the liberals out of Washington and get America back on track.

My name is Ilario Pantano, and I'm a constitutional conservative, combat veteran of 2 wars, and small businessman. I'm running for Congress because I will not sit by idly while the far left destroy the country I was willing to die for.

When you hear my name, you probably have no idea who I am, but my story may be a familiar one. Like so many other patriotic Americans, on September 12, 2001, I went to reenlist with the U.S. Marine Corps, graduated from Officer Candidate School and deployed to Iraq for my second tour of duty.

You remember the chaos and violence of the Iraq war in 2004 when American bodies were strung up from a bridge in Fallujah. Well, I was leading a combat operation in the area when I had to kill two terrorists that tried to attack me. I was praised by my commanders and never second guessed my actions. I continued to lead my platoon and never lost a man. But three months later I learned that a man in my platoon whom I had demoted falsely reported the incident. I was accused of premeditated murder and faced a death sentence if found guilty.

After a thorough investigation the truth prevailed and I was cleared of all charges. The truth has not mattered to many on the left though. Liberal blogs have continually attacked my constitutional conservative campaign and me. They have even called me a "Jack Bauer Republican."

I left the Marine Corps soon after returning home because of death threats my family received from jihadists because of my service. But I am far from finished serving my country, and that's why I'm asking for your support today. The Congressional seat I'm challenging is held by a 7-term incumbent who votes with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time. Back in January, it was considered "Safe Democratic" but now this seat is competitive.

As a Marine Corp officer, I never took men into battle without a winning strategy, and this race is no different. I know I can win, and I have every intention of doing so. But I have no delusions that this fight will be easy, and that's why I'm turning to grassroots conservatives like you.

I've been attacked by liberals and left-wing blogs from across the United States but I have also had the support of conservative bloggers at, National Review, Wizbang Blog and the military bloggers at Blackfive. My campaign needs the resources to fight back and make sure every voter in the district knows who I am, what I stand for and the truth about my opponent's record.

Change happens from the bottom up, so it's time for you and me to take action and restore our conservative values by electing a new set of leaders with fresh ideas about how to return this country to prosperity and our conservative values.

Semper Fi,

Ilario Pantano
Republican for Congress - NC-7

His website

Here is his page at Facebook.....Pantano for Congress


Wild Thing's comment........

I first heard about him back when he was going through his court battle. His mom had a website about it and thousnads of us joined it to show support. His book is excellent and they also did his story in Soldier of Fortune. They should make a movie of his life.

These types of heroes will lead from the front!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Ben Quayle Commercial

Here is his website.

And this is his page at Facebook


Wild Thing's comment.......

This made my day! Outstanding! WOW! A political ad that tells it like it is!

He is running for Congress.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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James Caan Refuses to Be the Typical 'Hollywood Liberal'

James Caan came out last week at a film festival - “I’m an ultra-conservative.”

FOX News

Veteran actor James Caan let people in on a little secret last week. After 46 successful years among Hollywood’s most outspoken liberal stars, he’s speaking up about breaking the mold.

“I’m an ultra conservative,” he said at Moet & Chandon’s 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival Opening Night Celebration in Los Angeles.

“I’m not a G** damn Hollywood liberal, I’m not,” he said, adding he only watches Fox News.

Caan, who was at the event promoting his involvement with the online platform, also added that he doesn’t think Hollywood actors need to comment on every single political issue. When Pop Tarts questioned him on California courts deeming Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage, “unconstitutional,” he preferred to keep his lips sealed.

“I don’t want to comment on that. I’ll let those other geniuses do that – all those actors who like to find a stage to push their agendas,” he said. “They don’t have political science degrees… I certainly don’t. I’ll leave it to Sean Penn or Barbara Streisand to comment on that.”


But, Caan, who starred in the cult mob classic “The Godfather,” had no qualms in expressing his opinion regarding homeland security’s progress in controlling the presence of gangs and the mafia across the United States.

"The mafia has been well cracked down on. In terms of National Security, terrorists are our biggest problem,” the 70-year-old said. “The mafia made money doing the same job the cities were doing – cloning bids, building buildings... They only kill each other, not that I'm condoning it."


Wild Thing's comment........

It is interesting that most of the macho guys in Hollywood are not Democrats. heh heh

LOL I love how he said that about Sean Penn.....hahahhaa

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Democrat Rep. Rangel's Lavish Birthday Party

Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel’s lavish birthday bash last night at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Despite the fact Rangel is face ethics charges in the House of Representatives, there was no attempt to make the party a low-key affair.

Democrats Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Gov. David Patterson were among those who turned out. Also, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg attended to wish Rangel well.


Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL I think this is so funny. Love the remark about people that are not there might be getting a hair cut. hahahaha

Rangel, Cuomo, Schumer, Patterson, and Bloomberg. Looks like they were only missing Anthony Weiner to complete the cast of idiots. So much idiocy and sleaze in one room—remarkable.

If there were any justice left in this country. The FBI would have raided that place and hauled the lot of them out in cuffs.

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Tell The Terminally Ill To 'trust God,' get Yourself Fired

Tell the terminally ill to 'trust God,' get yourself fired

Tribunal affirms town decision to dismiss counselor over remark


The dismissal of a town employee who had an unblemished record of counseling housing clients for 18 years has been affirmed by a job tribunal because he mentioned God to a terminally ill woman.

The startling decision is being reported by the Christian Legal Centre, which argued the case on behalf of Duke Amachree against the decision by the Wandsworth town council.

"We are stunned that the tribunal failed to recognize the draconian way in which Mr. Amachree was treated," said Andrea Minichiello Williams, director of the organization that advocates on behalf of religious rights across the United Kingdom.
"We are dismayed that they found that Mr. Amachree had not been discriminated against on the grounds of his faith. This decision will send yet more shock waves through the Christian community when they realize that a couple of comments encouraging faith in God can lead to a person being dismissed for gross misconduct," Williams said.

Officials said an appeal will be filed in the case, in which Amachree was fired for "gross misconduct for suggesting to a client with an incurable illness not to give up hope and to try putting her faith in God."

Wandsworth fired Amachree, and an employment tribunal now has determined that action was reasonable.

"The tribunal also found that the council had not discriminated against Mr. Amachree on the basis of his religion. In addition, the tribunal took the view that Duke had breached confidentiality by publicizing his case," the report said.

Duke, a committed Christian and father of two, lost the job he'd held for 18 years for the incident. His comments came in one brief visit to a client, and resulted in six months of investigations and three interviews by town officials.

His defense counsel even was told by the city that saying "God bless" would require an investigation if word was brought to officials.

The Christian Legal Centre reported gross misconduct more often covers behavior including violence or theft.

The town had accepted that the motivation for the speech was one of compassion and evidence indicated Amachree never had been told small talk in a housing interview was prohibited.

"I am devastated by the outcome," Amachree said in a statement released by the center. "This is a sad day for Christians who simply want to live out their faith in the workplace without fear."


Wild Thing's comment.......

My gosh it really is like the entire world is upside down.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Air Canada Risks Your Safety, Pandering to Muslims

From the person that posted the video at YouTube:

"Each passenger has to submit their own passport and boarding pass so they can be identified at the last check in point before boarding the aircraft. EXCEPT for muslims!
The first face covered woman walks straight past security as the daddy gives in ALL the passports, then the rest of them, including another face covered woman also walk past without being even looked at by the staff. Yes I did complain, both at the check in desk and also when I was boarding the plane. The security companies and air carriers are scared of being called 'racist' ( yes, I know Islam is not a race) I suppose, so instead they compromise YOUR safety! "


And there is also this story below..........................

I Could Have Been Anyone

The Sun Co.UK

I BREEZED through airport security in a veil that left just my eyes on view.
It beggars belief no one checked my face.

No one tried to properly identify me at Leeds-Bradford airport.

It was only in France that I was asked to lift the veil and have my face checked against my passport photo.

What if I wasn’t who I said I was?

Home Office rules say the eyes, nose and mouth must be clearly visible in passports and that ALL travellers will be asked to lift their veils ? if they wish in a private room in front of a female official.

But that wasn’t the case on my trip.

I wore a niqab ? with just a slit for my eyes ? to test security when I flew from Britain to Paris.

I used to wear a scarf covering my hair but I’d never worn the niqab.

I trooped to the local Islamic shop and bought one.

They are meant to be a symbol of modesty but the only one I could find bore a designer logo ? oh well!

At the airport I held open my passport and the man looked at the picture (no veil in sight and I was lipsticked with hair tied back) and handed it back to me smiling.

I joined the line dreading my turn at the security check. My ten-year-old son went first and I followed.

A female security official patted me. I asked her if I needed to take my veil off but she said it was fine.

I was free to board a plane to Paris.

The final hurdle was the gate before boarding the BMI flight to Charles de Gaulle airport. I was still not asked to lift the veil.

At first I felt pleased airport officials had been so considerate. They’d obviously had their diversity training. But then I thought: “What if someone had stolen my passport?”

Paris was a different story. After a night in the romantic capital, I returned to the airport. I approached the BMI desk and a very courteous woman told me she would have to check my face against my passport.

She asked if I minded going to a more private place with her, the toilets ? and I agreed.

At the next set of security checks another policewoman asked me to again quickly lift my veil. I did not feel threatened ? only vastly reassured.

I had no objections to being checked in Paris and I would feel much happier if Bradford did the same.

Last night aviation expert David Learmount said: “This is an area that can be exploited and has been in the past. In 1994 two Chechen women wearing full Muslim dress were able to board planes out of Moscow with bombs strapped under their clothing. I am sure airport staff in the UK don’t want to wait until two planes are blown out of the sky to get over their embarrassment.”

Tory MP Mike Penning said: “I hope this is an oversight rather than political correctness.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

This is amazing to me. There is human error of course, someone not doing their job. But these two things, one recent and one from a year ago, seem to say it is very lax when it comes to dealing with Muslims. All due to wanting to be PC and that is going to get people killed.

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August 12, 2010

President Bush and Laura Surprised Soldiers Coming Home at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport





Wild Thing's comment.......

It makes me feel good to see a President that respects our troops and is sincere about it. What a huge difference in that and what our troops are stuck with right now.

I thought you might like to see these photos from yesterday. How neat it is that George andn Laura surprised the troops coming home, I love it.

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Barack Obama 'May Be Prepared to Meet Iranian President’

Barack Obama 'may be prepared to meet Iranian president’


Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Gen James Jones, has indicated the President may be prepared to meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if the regime resumed negotiations over its nuclear programme.

The retired general also indicated that the return of three American hikers held in Iran for the past year would be an “important gesture”.

Earlier this month, Mr Ahmadinejad requested face-to-face talks with Mr Obama during the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. The White House had appeared to rule out any meeting.

However, in an interview with CNN, Gen Jones said “the door’s open” if the Iranians agree to resume talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

When asked whether Mr Obama may meet the Iranian leader, Gen Jones said: “Ultimately if we find a convergence of paths all things are possible.
“One thing they might do is return our three hikers. That would be an important gesture. It could lead to better relations.” However, the President’s national security adviser said there would be “no point in a theatrical meeting.” It is unlikely that the Iranians will agree to the American’s demands as the regime has repeatedly circumvented previous attempts to rein in its nuclear programme.

Earlier this month, Mr Ahmadinejad said he was ready for face-to-face talks.

“We are hopefully coming for the UN assembly,” Mr Ahmadinejad said in an address to expatriate Iranians which was broadcast live on state television.
“We are ready to sit down with Mr Obama face-to-face and put the global issues on the table, man-to-man, freely, and in front of the media and see whose solutions are better. We think this is a better approach.”

In the interview, Gen Jones refused to be drawn on whether military action might be considered against Iran if it fails to comply with international demands.

“I’m not going to speculate on that,” he said.


Dictators Mock Obama's Ignorance


Wild Thing's comment........

Why would we expect Iran to want to “negotiate” anything with this wimp of an impostor “president”?

If Obama does meet face to face with him will be BOW first???? Just wondering.

Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Gen James Jones, has indicated the President may be prepared to meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if the regime resumed negotiations over its nuclear programme.

This has quite a ring to it. Now, where has this been heard before ... hmmmmm ... thinking ... hmmmm ... :

"The representative of Prime Minister Chamberlain has indicated the Prime Minister may be prepared to meet Chancellor Hitler if the Reich resumed negotiations over the Sudetenland."

And just like John Kerry begging for funds to go to North Korea to meet with Kim Il -whatever crap his name is
these libs are so freakin’ deluded by their own sense of power. sheesh

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Awesome Sheriff Arpaio fires back; Slams Obama, Sharpton, media

I love this photo of Sheriff Joe, it says don't mess with me big time. heh heh

Sheriff Arpaio fires back; Slams Obama, Sharpton, media

Examiner Tampa Bay

"I cannot compete with the local and national media machines that distort my record and the job I’m doing to protect this country. And, I don’t have the personal resources to defend myself from these vicious attacks." - Sheriff Joe Arpaio
In an effort to bypass the new media's "liberal filter," a mass mailing from the man known as "America's Sheriff" is being circulated to Americans to give them the unadulterated opinions of the lawman's lawman. While the pleas from American citizens in Arizona and other states fell on deaf ears in Washington, DC, the violence and crime at the U.S.-Mexico border continues unabated. And instead of offering support for Arizona's initiatives to combat criminal aliens and their violence, the Obama Justice Department and Democrats in his own state continue to target Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio because of his tough immigration enforcement policy.

Meanwhile, according to, a man who requested anonymity claims his wife received a text message included an international phone number and instructions to pass the message along. The message placed a $1 million bounty on Sheriff Arpaio's head and a $1 thousand incentive to join the drug cartel..

Lisa Allen of the Sheriff's office told that they believe the message originated in Mexico. Although the Sheriff routinely received death threats in the past, they believe this threat is credible because of its timing.

"This is hardly earth-shattering news since Mexico has long represented the single greatest drug trafficking threat to the U.S., despite Uncle Sam's multi billion-dollar effort to halt the northbound flow of narcotics. The costly investment has failed miserably, according to a federal report that reveals Mexican heroin production has actually doubled in the last year," state officials from the public-interest group Judicial Watch.

The legal director of an influential national group La Raza that represents day laborers calls Arizona's immigration law an "unconstitutional, unwise and odious bill" created by “demagogue leaders” who have become folk heroes for “white supremacists” throughout the country.

Well, now Sheriff Joe Arpaio is speaking out to all Americans.

"I cannot compete with the local and national media machines that distort my record and the job I’m doing to protect this country. And, I don’t have the personal resources to defend myself from these vicious attacks," said Arpaio
"You... probably saw that a federal judge blocked the toughest parts of law before it was set to be enacted on July 29th. I still support this law 100%. Even before this law was passed and the judge blocked parts of it, I was the only law enforcement official in this state enforcing all the laws that our federal and state legislatures put in place to combat illegal immigration and human smuggling," said the popular law enforcement official.
"Because I have taken the lead over the years by enforcing existing state and federal laws against illegal immigration, I have become the target of attack by radical, left-wing, open-borders extremists," said Arpaio.
When asked about the people coming to Arizona to oppose immigration law enforcement -- commonly referred to as "carpetbaggers," Arpaio said, "I’ve been sued, picketed, burned in effigy and even had the Reverend Al Sharpton come to Phoenix – TWICE! – to march on my headquarters. Some have even gone so far as to call for my assassination! Now, the Mexican Drug Cartels have issued a “hit” on me."
"One of the local newspapers printed a political cartoon of me and our Governor wearing Nazi uniforms and performing the Nazi salute," he laughed. Showing he gives little credence to the neo-Stalinist tactics of the far-left.
"What these extremists really want is a Sheriff who will look the other way, be silent and allow the charade to continue, while ignoring the laws of our land. That, I promise, will never happen," said Arpaio.
"I won’t back down. I won’t surrender to politicians, thugs or drug dealers!"


Arpaio visits Rancho Bernardo country club in San Diego. Sneaks in the back way but still has to come "meet" with Protesters


Wild Thing's comment.......

People across the nation that have heard the Sheriff Joe story, and know the things he's tried to do for the Phoenix area know that he's a great man trying to do a tough job that's only made tougher by the politically correct BS he has to wade through.

I pray for his safety, this has to be hard on him, even if he is a strong man, things like this can take their toll. America is fortunate to have such a man.

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At Ramadan, Obama Hails Islam As 'Part Of America'

Barack Obama congratulates Muslims on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan ...

At Ramadan, Obama Hails Islam As 'Part Of America'

As opinion polls registered strong opposition to plans for an Islamic center near Ground Zero, President Obama on Wednesday issued a statement marking the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, calling the holiday

"a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country."
Obama said Ramadan is a time "when Muslims around the world reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith, and the responsibility that human beings have to one another, and to God."
He noted Ramadan's call for prayer and sacrifice and almsgiving, and said that along with the gatherings of family and friends at sundown for iftar dinners to break the daily fast, they are reminders "that the world we want to build – and the changes that we want to make – must begin in our own hearts, and our own communities."


Source the White House

For Immediate Release August 11, 2010

Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan....

On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I want to extend our best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world. Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith, and the responsibility that human beings have to one another, and to God. This is a time when families gather, friends host iftars, and meals are shared. But Ramadan is also a time of intense devotion and reflection – a time when Muslims fast during the day and pray during the night; when Muslims provide support to others to advance opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere. For all of us must remember that the world we want to build – and the changes that we want to make – must begin in our own hearts, and our own communities.

These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings. Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality. And here in the United States, Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country. And today, I want to extend my best wishes to the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world – and your families and friends – as you welcome the beginning of Ramadan.

I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.

May God’s peace be upon you.


Wild Thing's comment.......

What contribution is obama talking about? The two airliners flown into the WTC?

He is beyond discription anymore. He is just pure EVIL. Islam isn’t part of America, and neither are you, you festering mongrel.

“a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country.”

OK, what was the name of the Muslim that came over on the Mayflower? Who was the Muslim that signed the Declaration of Independence?

Barfus Maximus! The ONLY part of America Obama should be mentioning is this. The Barbary Pirates. The Marine Corps hymn is a reminder.

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D.C. Reporter Suspended for Accurate Report on BP’s Donations to Obama

A Washington D.C. reporter has been suspended for daring to accurately report the fact that President Barack Obama is the single largest receiver of donations from Oil Company BP. Above is his report.

Details on his suspension. from Big Journalism:

WJLA-TV, a Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate, suspended reporter Doug McKelway following his alleged “partisan” comments at a liberal rally on Capitol Hill marking the three-month anniversary of the Gulf oil spill. Video of the broadcast tells a different story.

Apparently facts are now “partisan.”

McKelway stuck to the truth about BP’s political contributions and pending cap-and-trade legislation, newsworthy subjects given that the event’s organizers were lobbying to “pass legislation to end America’s addiction to oil and urged lawmakers to donate campaign money raised from the oil industry to the clean-up efforts in the Gulf.”

According to the Washington Post, it was McKelway’s supposedly controversial comments on July 20 that led to his suspension. Anonymous sources at the station are now accusing him of “insubordination” in an apparent attempt to fire him.

McKelway’s live report began with a factually correct statement about BP’s donations to President Obama. McKelway accurately noted that Obama received $77,051 from the BP employees, information verified by the Center for Responsive Politics.

When McKelway asked one of the event’s participants to comment on it, Ted Glick of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network acknowledged it was a problem for Obama. The rally was organized by left-wing groups Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Public Citizen.

At the end of the live segment, McKelway talked about the prospect of cap-and-trade legislation in the Senate, a topic related to the rally, which urged lawmakers to “take immediate action to pass climate and energy legislation.”

Nevertheless, the Washington Post, quoting anonymous sources, indicated McKelway’s report crossed the line. The newspaper reported:

According to several of McKelway’s colleagues, the newsman’s reporting may have lapsed into partisan territory when he commented live on the air about the oil industry’s influence in Washington, particularly its contributions to Democratic politicians and legislators.

This is absolutely absurd. The Post’s decision to use anonymous sources to smear McKelway was bad enough, but reporter Paul Farhi also wrote a subjective description of the broadcast instead of simply stating the facts. The newspaper’s own reporters engage in flagrant partisan behavior on a daily basis.

WJLA’s station manager and news director declined to comment on the personnel matter. McKelway isn’t talking either.

Based on what we know — and discounting the questionable and anonymous sources in Farhi’s story — it appears this is a classic case of the mainstream media silencing those who report inconvenient truths about this administration. McKelway is a veteran newsman who has consistently strived for balance in reporting. Unfortunately, in a news environment like Washington, D.C, liberals don’t always like the facts. In this case, McKelway appears to have suffered the consequences.


Wild Thing's comment......

The lilberal media does everything they can to prop him up, and protect him, even as his popularity goes down.

“McKelway’s live report began with a factually correct statement about BP’s donations to President Obama.”

This is one of the few instances when a MSM reporter actually told the truth. Of course, he was immediately suspended and will probably be fired. Disinformation agents are supposed to lie.

So reporting FACTUAL information is now grounds for termination..........unbelievable!

Want to outrage a Conservative? Tell him a lie.

Want to outrage a Liberal? Tell him the truth.

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Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf ~ The Man Behind the Mosque

Sean Hannity looks at Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam behind the plans for a Mosque near Ground Zero. Rauf has refused to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization. He also called the United States “an accessory to the crime” of the September 11 attacks and said that Osama Bin Laden was “made in the USA.”
Hannity reveals at the end that they have been investigating the Imam and will have a “special report” on it tonight.

I found this at Yahoo News so I am putting it with this video above from Hannity's show. ~ Wild Thing


From Yahoo News

Islam's roots in New York City are in the area around the site of the World Trade Center, and they predate the Twin Towers: in the late 19th century, a portion of lower Manhattan was known as Little Syria and was inhabited by Arab immigrants - Muslims and Christians - from the Ottoman Empire

The Kuwaiti-born Rauf, 52, is the imam of a mosque in New York City's Tribeca district.


And this is from Europe News online

Cordoba House Backer Feisal Abdul Rauf Loves Shari'a

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind Cordoba House, the giant mosque and Islamic cultural center planned just two blocks from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, speaks of tolerance. Yet he promotes one of the most intolerant sociopolitical systems on the planet: Shari'a law.

In 2009, Rauf's organization, the Cordoba Initiative, launched a program to measure how closely various nations conform to Shari'a.

Rauf also has spoken of his desire to see Shari'a incorporated more explicitly into Western law. Because British Muslims apparently do not find their "beliefs in individual liberty and the dignity of the individual" sufficiently codified in that benighted country, he supported Archbishop Rowan Williams' 2008 call for adopting aspects of Shari'a. Rauf contends that this is needed to "guarantee more, not fewer, adherents to [the UK's] legal system":

The addition of Shari'a law to "the law of the land," in this case British law, complements, rather than undermines, existing legal frameworks. The archbishop was right. It is time for Britain to integrate aspects of Islamic law.

Whether taqiyya or self-delusion, the bottom line is identical: Rauf loves Shari'a. Added to his claims that U.S. policy provoked 9/11 and Christians invented attacks on civilians, his dubious funding sources, his doubletalk, and so forth, there is reason enough to doubt that Cordoba House will facilitate post-9/11 healing, as he insists — rather than just adding insult to injury.

Yes, the project has momentum. But it is not too late for the mayor and others to hear your voice.


Wild Thing's comment........

I sure hope like it has been said, that construction workers will not work on this and it will be fought each step of the way.

CNN Poll: 68% of American Voters Oppose Ground Zero Mosque Weekly Standard hat tip Dan F

CNN polls registered voters on the Ground Zero mosque:

Poll Question : As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand. Do you favor or oppose this plan?

The response:

Favor 29%
Oppose 68%
No opinion 3%

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August 11, 2010

Students Told to Stop Singing National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C

Students Told to Stop Singing National Anthem in D.C.!

A group of students were taking a monument tour of the nation’s capital when they made a spur-of-the-moment decision to sing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial, but were told to stop by U.S. Park Police.

Police tell students to stop singing national anthem at Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Yes, the one in America!

Students at Lincoln Memorial Told to Stop Singing National Anthem

FOX News

A group of high school students attending a conservative leadership conference in Washington, D.C. said they were ordered by a security guard to stop singing the national anthem during a June 25 visit to the Lincoln Memorial.

“They told them to stop singing,” said Evan Gassman, a spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation. “I was taken aback. You wouldn’t expect a display of national patriotism to be censored."

U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain “completely content neutral.”

“The area they were standing in and singing is an area that is restricted for this type of activity,” said Sgt. David Schlosser. “The United States Park Police is absolutely content-neutral when it comes to any sort of demonstrations in these areas.”

Schlosser explained that performances, regardless of content, are banned to “maintain a contemplative and reverent area for the Lincoln Memorial, for the other guests and visitors.”

The incident occurred on June 25 as students were taking a monument tour of the nation’s capital. The decision to sing the national anthem at the memorial was a spur of the moment event, according to Shawn Balcomb, of Richmond Hill, GA.

“We got maybe two lines in and a police officer came over and he was yelling,” Balcomb said in a telephone interview. “He quieted us down.” Balcomb, 17, said the officer told the group they were being too loud. “I was dumbfounded,” he said.

“I didn’t realize there was something wrong with singing the national anthem.”

Schlosser said the students would have been in compliance had they moved approximately 25 steps from where they were standing.

“It’s not the content of their activity – that being the national anthem – it’s the location,” he said. “A couple steps and it would have been no problem whatsoever.”

Instead of doing as they were instructed, Gassman said the students resumed the song – an impromptu form of civil disobedience.

“If their idea of civil disobedience is singing the national anthem, then so be it,” Gassman said. “Let them disobey.”

YAF posted video reportedly shot just after the alleged encounter with the security officer. It shows students loudly singing the anthem.

“That’s the most offensive thing out of all this,” he said.

“They really did not provide the students a reason,” said Gassman. Balcomb, who is a high school senior, said they didn’t intend on creating a ruckus – they just wanted to show their patriotism.

“It’s not like we sounded great or anything,” he said.

“We just wanted to pay respect to our nation – in our capital.”

Schlosser, who commended the students on their musical ability, said the students were not cited and to his knowledge no report was filed.

“We need to make certain that all other visitors that don’t want to be a part of that or just choose to be tourists are able to do so in the same light that probably President Lincoln wanted – which is completely content neutral,” he said.


Wild Thing's comment........

The “content” is why the memorial is there in the first place!

God forbid you sing America’s National Anthem at a National Memorial in America!

They’re not in a library, or China, for that matter. They’re in America. We have the right to openly express our patriotism in a public place such as this.

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Glenn Beck and Greg Gutfeld Discussing a Possible Gay Bar Next to the Ground Zero Mosque

Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld vowed this week to build a gay Muslim bar next to the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero.

You can let Greg know what you think if you like, here is his email address.

Via Hot Air:

Here’s the Beck segment. It’s disappointing insofar as it devotes more time to funny names for the bar —

“Suspicious Packages” is especially good — than to the point Gutfeld’s trying to make about double standards vis-a-vis cultural sensitivity. But it’s three minutes of airtime with a big audience he wouldn’t otherwise have had, and he did get to read the insanely hypocritical tweet from the Park51 spokesman, so hey.

The Ground Zero mosque spokesman’s response:

“You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog.”

Gutfeld did say he will offer 72 Virgin cocktails.

Wild Thing's comment........

As the saying goes.......“If you build it, they will come.”

This is brilliant, use the PC weapons against the leftists. I don’t think Gutfield will succeed, but this will end up showing the hypocrisy of the left.

A name for an Islamic Gay bar...."The Crescent Moon"

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Charlie Rangel House Floor Speech - "I'm Not Going Away"

Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel told his colleauges that they might want to just “go away,” but declared to them, “I’m not going away,” in the face of 13 ethics charges.

Rangel also asked the House, “What are you going to do me…Are you going to expel me from this body?” He railed against the Ethics Committee for not giving him a fair hearing, and said, “I deserve and demand the right to be heard.” Rangel made it clear he would not resign, as many in his own party – and in the White House – wish he would do. “You’re not going to tell me to resign to make you feel comfortable.”

Rep. Rangel dares House to expel him

The Hill

Embattled Rep. Charles Rangel defended himself on the House floor Tuesday, daring members to expel him.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) maintained that he did not intentionally break any House rules and complained about the investigation and trial process conducted by the House ethics panel, which has brought 13 charges against him.

"It may be stupid, it may be negligent, but it's not corrupt," Rangel said in a meandering speech that lasted more than 30 minutes.

In professing his innocence of all charges, Rangel also invited the ethics panel and House to take its shot at expelling him.

"I'm not asking for leniency, I'm asking for exposure of the facts," Rangel said.
"If I can't get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot at getting me expelled," the 20-term lawmaker said.

Earlier in his speech, Rangel said, "I am not going away. I am here," triggering light applause from some lawmakers.

It takes two-thirds of the House to expel a member.

A Democratic lawmaker who requested anonymity said House Democratic leaders attempted to persuade Rangel not to deliver his speech. The Democratic source called Rangel's address a "train wreck."

The ethics committee nearly reached an agreement with Rangel for the House to reprimand him, but that deal fell apart last month.

"This has to stop sometime. It has to stop," Rangel said, pointing out he requested the ethics probe more than two years ago. "I deserve and demand the right to be heard."

Rangel noted that while other members will be at home this August trying to get reelected, he is facing a Sept. 14 primary with the schedule of his ethics trial still unclear. Polls show Rangel ahead in his primary — however, he indicated the ethics process will still be ongoing when he faces the voters next month.

Hundreds of House members flocked to the floor to hear Rangel. At the end of it, many Democrats applauded, and some of them rose to their feet.

The House broke off its recess to return to Washington on Tuesday to pass a $26 billion state-aid package. Legislators will return to their districts at the end of the day.

Many politically vulnerable Democrats would like the ethics controversies surrounding Rangel and fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to fade away. Upcoming trials for both veteran lawmakers come at a bad time for Democrats; they could begin less than two months before an election in which Democrats are in danger of losing the House.

Rangel acknowledged those worries, but made it clear he would publicly fight the charges and not resign, which would save Democrats the distraction of a trial.

"I know a lot of you might want me to go away," Rangel said. "I am not going away ... I'm here."

That statement was likely directed at the 10 House Democrats who have publicly called on Rangel to step aside.

Rangel said he had been "losing a lot of sleep" over the charges.

"I'm prepared to say, I apologize for any embarrassment that I have caused," he added.

He said that he took the floor against the advice of his lawyers and some of his colleagues and friends.

"But hey, I'm in a position, hey, I'm 80 years old. All my life has been in public service," he said. "Don't leave me swinging in the wind until November."

Playing off the fact that the House returned from recess to approve emergency aid, Rangel asked, "What about me?"

Rangel recently expressed frustration with the president's remark that Rangel should end his career "with dignity," a statement that many viewed as pushing the former Ways and Means Committee chairman toward retirement or resignation.


Wild Thing's comment.........

My prediction?

Nothing will come of this. Maxine will walk too I could be wrong, it is just a guess.

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Newsweek Columnist Says US Funding Mosque Construction ??

Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction

American Thinker

by Lee DeCovnick

Truth, even in the tightly controlled prison of the Obama media complex, occasionally bursts forth like a swordfish cavorting on the waves of a golden August afternoon.

Newsweek, the Washington Post's former progressive stepchild, published an op-ed by Fareed Zakaria, the in-house lapdog for the Administration, extolling the virtues of building the Ground Zero Mosque. A couple of sentences demand a great deal more explanation.

To that end, early in its tenure the Bush administration began a serious effort to seek out and support moderate Islam. Since then, Washington has funded mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers that are trying to modernize Islam around the world.

We should be encouraging groups like the one behind this project, not demonizing them. Were this mosque being built in a foreign city, chances are that the U.S. government would be funding it.

Perhaps we all missed the memo where US taxpayers are gleefully funding Islamic "mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers" around the globe. Of course, US troops have restored hundreds of schools and community centers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but mosques and Islamic institutes? This seems very difficult to believe.

So, as an enraged and curious taxpaying citizen, I have a few questions for Mr. Zakaria, our Congress and this Administration. What are the locations, costs, and dates of construction of these US taxpayer-funded mosques and Islamic institutes? If some of these mosques were built in the America, didn't anyone contact the ACLU? (I would pay real money to be in "the room" during that discussion.) What particular piece of Congressional legislation authorized US taxpayer dollars to be spent on these mosques and Islamic institutes? Did our government apportion these funds fairly and equally between the Shi'a, Sunni, and Sufi sects of Islam?

The Constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" I'm damn sure spending US taxpayer dollars on constructing mosques was not envisioned by the Founding Fathers nor by the overwhelming majority of American citizens.


US State Dept Sends Mosque Imam to Mideast

FOX News

State Department officials on Monday confirmed Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, will soon be going on a trip of the Middle East and the U.S. government will be picking up the tab.

The planned construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City has set off a contentious national debate over religious freedom in the U.S., drawing impassioned opposition from some families of 9/11 victims.

Rauf has emerged as a controversial figure because of his refusal to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization, which is how the U.S. government classifies the group. The imam also has been quoted as saying U.S. foreign policy was in part responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

“He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley. “We do have a program whereby, through our Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau here at the State Department, we send people from Muslim communities here in this country around the world to help people overseas understand our society and the role of religion within our society.”

Rauf and his partners are preparing to build a $100 million Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero, where on September 11, 2001 two airliners hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists, slammed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 innocents.

The project, known as Park 51, cleared a final hurdle on August 3rd, when decision by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission cleared the way for construction. The tower could span up to 15 stories and will house a mosque, a 500-seat auditorium and a pool.

Wild Thing's comment.......

As I read it, the article said the US was funding mosques in other countries not in the US. Thus, it was not funding the NYC mosque.

Fareed Zakaria is a total jerk, I truly can't stand him. Fareed Zakaria, well known tool of Islamisists.

From what I can tell there is NO proof our tax dollars are paying for this mosque at Ground Zero. But this Fareed creep wants us to. If he knows something we don't and he makes statements he cannot back up he better have proof! If true, this is a serious violation of the Constitution.

Regarding our TAX DOLLARS sending this terrorist Imam to the Mideast.

“It is to foster greater understanding and outreach around the world, among… Muslim- majority communities,” said Crowley.

“He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley.

Oh, I feel much safer now that his credentials have passed muster with the State Dept. and they consider him distinguished. "The better to destroy you". His itinerary has been set and as soon the Air Force One back-up returns with Michelle Obama, he'll be on his way courtesy of the US taxpayer.

We finance our own doom.


.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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No Birth Certificate Among Passport Documents Of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro

Ann Dunham in Indonesia

No birth certificate among passport documents

Conspicuously missing from file stating Obama born in Hawaii


Passport documents for Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro recently released by the State Department did not include any birth-certificate documentation for Barack Obama, despite a memorandum in the file claiming he was born in Honolulu.

The released documents indicate Dunham's husband, Lolo Soetoro, petitioned the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the State Department in 1967 to obtain a waiver to return to the United States to rejoin his wife and her infant son, Barack Obama Jr.

A WND timeline drawn from the State Department's July 29 Freedom of Information Act release of passport documents indicates Lolo Soetoro returned to Indonesia July 20, 1966, after completing his studies at the University of Hawaii. Soetoro was required to complete a mandatory two-year residence requirement in Indonesia before he could be granted a visa to return to the U.S.

In an apparent attempt to establish the nationality of Barack Obama Jr., a person named Mix submitted a poorly typed and difficult-to-decipher memo to the file, dated Sept. 14, 1967, without identifying any official position he or she may have held with State Department at that time.

The memo is written pursuant "to inquiry from Central office regarding the status of the applicants' spouses' child by a former marriage." (sic)

The next paragraph reads:

"The person in question [Barack Obama, Jr.] is a united states citizen by virtue of his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii Aug. 4, 1961. He is living with the applicants' spouse in Honolulu. He is considered the applicants step-child, within the meaning of Sec. 101(b)(1)(B), of the act, by virtue of the marriage of the applicant to the childs' mother on March 15, 1965."

The person writing the document does not reference having examined any birth-certificate document to establish the citizenship of Barack Obama Jr.

Instead, the memorandum suggests it's written as a result of a conversation, possibly with Obama's mother, in which the information was conveyed by her and simply accepted as offered, without documentary verification.

In contrast, various forms in the Freedom of Information Act release clearly indicate when corroborating documents have been presented. For instance, an examining Immigration and Naturalization Service and State Department official filing a particular report had examined the divorce decree between Barack Obama's mother and his father, Barack Obama Sr., to establish that the parents were legally divorced.

In the two separate releases of Freedom of Information Act documents July 29, what should have been a clear opportunity to see a birth certificate for Barack Obama Jr. was lost when the State Department destroyed any and all passport documents that may have existed for Dunham prior to 1968.

The released State Department documents make clear that Barack Obama Jr. was listed on his mother's passport.

However, as WND has previously reported, the State Department claims Dunham's application for her 1965 U.S. Passport No. 777788, issued July 19, 1965, was destroyed at some unspecified time in the 1980s, apparently pursuant to a General Services Administration directive.

Lacking Dunham's application for her 1965 U.S. passport, it is impossible to determine what documentation, if any, she submitted to the State Department to establish her son was a U.S. citizen.

WND has reported that in a passport amendment submitted Aug. 13, 1968, Obama's mother identified her son with an Indonesian surname and asked the State Department to drop him from her U.S. passport, bolstering evidence Barack Obama Jr. became a citizen of Indonesia when he moved to the Southeast Asian nation with his mother and stepfather in the late 1960s.

Since 1961, the Obama family has always maintained that Barack Obama Jr. was born in Hawaii. However, as WND has reported, the family has changed its story about his hospital of birth, first claiming it was Honolulu's Queens Medical Center then changing it to Kapi'olani Medical Center.

What has yet to be produced is a long-form certificate of birth that lists the hospital where Obama was born and the doctor that attended the birth.

In June, WND reported Tim Adams, a senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu in 2008, made the claim that Barack Obama Jr. was definitely not born in Hawaii and that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Obama does not exist in the Aloha State.

WND has reported that the birth address reported in the Honolulu newspapers in 1961 announcing the birth of Barack Obama Jr. was the address where his grandparents lived, suggesting the grandparents may simply have applied at the Hawaii Department of Health for a short-form Certificate of Live Birth.

WND has also reported that newspaper birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers in 1961 did not necessarily indicate a baby was born in the state. Hawaiian law in 1961 allowed "an adult or legal parent of a minor child" to apply to the health department and, upon unspecified proof, be given a birth document in the form that is known as a short-form Certification of Live Birth.

Under Hawaiian law at that time, a family wishing to register the birth of a baby outside Hawaii was permitted by the Hawaii Department of Health to list a family residence in Hawaii as the birth address, even if the mother was residing outside Hawaii at the time the baby was born.

Moreover, WND has reported that being a U.S. citizen does not by itself fulfill the requirement under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution that the president be a "natural born citizen."


Wild Thing's comment........

The democrat party is built on scams and deception. Obama may have pulled off the greatest so far.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Obama Making Habit of Playing Bush Card and Race Card and FAILS At Both

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama's only skill is fingerpointing.

People that have policies that nobody likes have no choice but to bash opponents because they have nothing to tout. In Obama’s case, it is even worse. He has to go back two years. If HopenChange was so good, they would have no problem getting votes.

Bush = 4.6% unemployment
Obama = 10% unemployment


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Dr. Robert Jeffress Of First Baptist Church in Dallas on Islam and the Ground Zero Mosque

Here is video of MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer being schooled by the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas – Dr. Robert Jeffress – on the issue of whether a Mosque should be allowed to be built near Ground Zero. Jeffress compared it to allowing a Shinto Shrine in honor of Emperor Hirohito to be built at Pearl Harbor!

This got Contessa Brewer all worked up and indignant, and she pulled out the Leftist meme that what happened on 9/11 had nothing to do with the religion of Islam – it was about radicals. Jeffress then used her own broadcast against her, pointing out that she had just reported on three stories of violence and death fueled by the religion of Islam. He told her:

Well, Contessa, I’ve just been listening to your broadcast for the last few minutes. You talked about ten Christian relief workers gunned down by Muslim gunmen. You talked about this woman who was beaten to death because she broke Islamic law. You talked about attacks being launched in a German Mosque. I think Americans are beginning to realize these are not in opposition to Islamic teaching. But these followers of Islam are obeying the 35 verses in the Koran that call for radical violence against the infidels.

Brewer spent the rest of broadcast – along with a liberal rabbi – trying to refute what Dr. Jeffress said. He later closed by telling her that this is “not about prejudice. It’s about self-preservation as a country.”


Wild Thing's comment......

These people need to be put in their place! Do these MSM talking heads stop to think what it would be like if Islam ruled here? Crazy people. Brewer is such a moronic tool.

As distasteful as we conservatives find it we’re going to have to be confrontational and very combative when it comes to taking back Congress and the White House, not to mention handling the very real threat that Islam represent to our nation. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Tell it like it is. Don’t people forget the rage they felt on 9/12/01!

It’s time to forget about the possibility as coming off as hateful or biased or whatever. It’s the very life of America as we know it and love it that’s at stake. We’ve tried it the other way and it plain to see where it’s gotten us.

The call needs to be loud and clear to Muslims everywhere, if you don’t stand up and condemn the radical wing of your religion then we have no choice but to assume you agree with them and back their carnage.

......Thank you so much Dap22 for sending this to me.

Major ( RET) Dustoff 22 (Dave)

Dustoff 22

45th Medical Company Fort Bragg to Long Binh
VN (67-68)
Flight Instructor
USArmy Helicopter Training Center

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August 10, 2010

Germany Shuts Down Hamburg Mosque Linked to 9/11

Aug. 9: A passerby is walking in front of the sealed front doors of the Hamburg mosque once frequented by some of the Sept. 11 attackers, and which German authorities said they believed was a meeting-point for Islamic radicals again.

Germany shuts down Hamburg mosque linked to 9/11


Aug 9


German police shut down a mosque in Hamburg on Monday which was once connected to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, saying it had links with armed Islamist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Taiba Mosque in the port city was previously known as the Al-Quds Mosque and was once frequented by Mohammed Atta, the leader of the group that carried out the attack on the World Trade Center in New York for al Qaeda.

Despite the name change, the mosque in Hamburg's St. Georg district remained under close watch by security services since the 9/11 attacks.

"We believe that the mosque has been supporting terrorism for years," Manfred Murck from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, a German domestic intelligence service, told a news conference held by Hamburg state authorities.

About 20 police cordoned off the mosque early on Monday and searched the premises, said the interior minister for Hamburg, Christoph Ahlhaus, adding that the cultural association behind the mosque had been declared a banned organisation.

The mosque was a meeting point for the "jihadist scene" which had in the past sent recruits to take part in the armed Islamist insurgency in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Ahlhaus said.

There was no mention of any arrests being made.

Egyptian-born Atta, who was on board the first of the two planes to hit the World Trade Center, studied at a technical university in Hamburg in the 1990s and frequented the Al-Quds mosque, along with other 9/11 plotters.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Why did it take them nine years to shut it down? deep sigh...well at least they are doing it now.

Hello Bloomberg, can you hear us now?

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Sarah Palin Confronted In Homer, Alaska By A Fraud

Sarah Palin confronted an unhinged leftist in Homer, Alaska who hates her… But wants her as governor. How crazy is that!

H/T Gateway

From the video: Sarah Palin engaged in a back and forth with a protester in the city of Homer, AK. After the first few talking points the protester ran out of ammo and Ms. Palin cleaned up the mess. What began as a confrontational moment ended with the former Alaska Governor telling her detractor “we probably have a lot in common” and the protester agreed.


UPDATE: Apparently, the “lame-stream” media is now commenting on Sarah Palin’s eyebrow movements.

Sarah Palin responded :

The LSM has now decided to use this brief encounter for another one of their spin operations. They claim I – wait for it – “appear to roll my eyes” when the lady tells me she’s a teacher. Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines. (Maybe that’s why Botox is all the rage – if you can’t move your eyebrows, your “eye rolling” can’t be misinterpreted!) If they had checked their facts first, they would have known that I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents were teachers, my father was a teacher, my brother is a teacher, my sister works in Special Needs classrooms, my aunt is a school nurse, my mom worked as a school secretary for much of her professional life, we all volunteer in classrooms, etc., etc., etc. Given that family history, how likely is it that I would “roll my eyes” at someone telling me that they too work in that honorable profession? Stay classy, LSM.

HERE is one of the articles from the liberal media:

Did Sarah Palin Roll Her Eyes at Teaching?

New York News and Features

Sarah Palin was up in Homer, Alaska, recently, fishing with her Discovery Channel crew in tow, when she was met with an unpleasant protest: a giant banner reading "Worst Governor Ever," unfurled nearby by local Kathleen Gustafson. For whatever reason — maybe she wanted to win over a heart and mind — Palin decided to go over and talk to the woman. Part of the conversation was filmed on a camera phone by Billy Sullivan (who owned the property), despite the best efforts of Todd Palin and Palin's security to block his view. The whole exchange is a little uncomfortable to watch — Gustafson tells Palin she sold out and became a celebrity, Palin offers mock gratitude in return. But all in all, it's nothing to write home about — except for one moment (which comes at the 1:10 mark). When Palin asks Gustafson what she does for a living, and Gustafson tells Palin she's a teacher, Palin and her daughter groan and exchange eye rolls as if to say, "Of course, only a teacher would be such a liberal nut." Belittling teachers? Palin really is a maverick.


UPDATE OMG LOOK at this...............................

(HOMER TRIBUNE/Randi Somers) – Director Kathleen Gustafson (left) steps in to provide harmony as Hedwig (Atz Lee Kilcher) polishes up his performance at Pier One on Aug. 28.

Kathleen Guftafson is not a teacher.

Kathleen Gustafson Radio Stunt? ****UPDATE: Singer in a Drag-Queen Band Too?***Much More, this was a Complete Setup that Backfired****UPDATE: Gustafson a “Theater Tech”?
by MacRanger of Macs Mind blog

Been digging around on Mrs Gustafson.

Seems she’s a personality of sorts on KBBI AM 890 Homer Alaska. Far cry from just being a “school teacher” don’t you think?

Wanna bet she set this up as a publicity stunt. It would appear after getting aptly handled by Sarah she should have stayed at home.

UPDATE: Here’s a story about her singing abilities with a drag-queen band. Whoohoo!

UPDATE II: So far no confirmation of Gustafson’s claim to be a school teacher. However she is President, Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK. Figures.

UPDATE II: According to the Alaska Teacher Certification website there is a Kathleen Gustafson registered, but unknown if this is her.

UPDATE III: It’s not unless she lives in Juno.

UPDATE IV: More to come, but this wasn’t at all what it was purported to be. Much of it surrounds Shannyn Moore, whom Palin threaten to sue a while back and who along with a group of bloggers is a member in good standing of the Palin Derangement Syndrome Club.

Want to guess who else is a member of the club?

UPDATE VI: According to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District website there is no Kathleen Gustafson registered as a teacher in the district which includes Homer.

UPDATE VII: Actually there is. A Kathleen Gustafson does appear on this PDF from the district. According to the document she’s not a teacher but a “Theater Tech” at Homer High School. I wonder how the school district would feel about her misstating or more appropriately impersonating a teacher.


Wild Thing's comment........

Sarah Handled this “teacher” VERY WELL! LOL

If you hate your governor and thought this person was terrible wouldn't you be cheering if they left office early? Hahahahaha

This whole thing is just so funny. It’s hilarious that her haters expect her to go “Howard Dean crazy” but she always remains polite and therein she takes control of every confrontation.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Virginia Lawmakers Blast Gates Plan to Cut Major Military Command

Virginia Lawmakers Blast Gates Plan to Cut Major Military Command

FOX News

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday announced a plan to shed a major military command in Virginia as part of his effort to strip billions from the Pentagon budget, drawing heated objections from state lawmakers who call the center essential.

Gates, in a lengthy press conference Monday afternoon, outlined his plan to eliminate Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., and seek deep cuts elsewhere in the budget. He acknowledged the economic impact the closure could have for thousands of workers in the Norfolk region, but stood by his decision as a critical step in bringing defense spending under control.

"I am determined to change the way this department has done business for a long time," Gates said.

Gates estimated that the Virginia command accounts for 2,800 military and civilian positions, as well as 3,000 contractors, at an annual cost of at least $240 million. Though some employees could be reassigned elsewhere, Gates said a "substantial number" of full-time workers would have to find other positions or leave the Defense Department.

Virginia lawmakers slammed the decision, condemning the move with a steady stream of written statements while assembling for a press conference Monday afternoon in Norfolk. Aside from concerns over jobs, they argued that the command could actually help the Pentagon save money.

"I can see no rational basis for dismantling JFCOM since its sole mission is to look for efficiencies and greater cost-savings by forcing more cooperation among sometimes competing military services," Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said in a written statement. "In the business world, you sometimes have to spend money in order to save money."

He vowed to work with the congressional delegation to retain as many jobs connected to the command as possible. Norfolk is one of 10 major U.S. military commands.

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., also called the move a "step backward" and one that could hurt military capability. "I will carefully examine the justifications for this decision as well as its implications for the greater Norfolk community," he said.
Rep. Glenn Nye, D-Va., pledged to do the same, ripping the announcement as "short-sighted and without merit."
"I appreciate the department's attempt to rein in spending, but I have yet to see any substantive analysis to support the assertion that closing JFCOM will yield large savings," he said.

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim agreed with Warner that the command could save money. He told that the station is "valuable" and the congressional delegation has the "leverage" to negotiate with the Pentagon.

"I think we want to resist this," Fraim said. He said the simulations and other exercises conducted at Joint Forces Command are critical and must be performed somewhere.

The mayor said the other installations that have made Norfolk a national military hub will stay regardless of the Joint Forces Command decision.

Gates on Monday also detailed other efforts to reduce waste and duplication, including a plan to cut the Pentagon's use of outside contractors by 10 percent next year and rein in the growth of senior leadership positions. Gates called for a freeze on the number of employees working for his office, defense agencies and combatant commands for the next three years and a cut of at least 50 general and flag officer positions and 150 senior civilian executive positions over the next two years.

Gates declined to say how much money would be saved by shutting down the command, which holds more than a million square feet of real estate in Suffolk and Norfolk. Some savings will be offset by the cost of shifting some jobs and roles elsewhere, he said.

Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, released a statement saying Gates' proposals "appear to efficiently find savings" in the Pentagon budget. He said he would hold a hearing when Congress returns from its August recess.

The Virginia-based command trains troops from different services to fight together.

Joint Forces Command was the largest single cut announced Monday.

Six Virginia lawmakers issued a written statement opposing the cut last month after a board of advisers first proposed the idea. The lawmakers, including Webb and Warner, called the proposal "illogical" and potentially "harmful" to military capability.

The Pentagon has already announced a target of cutting $100 billion over five years. And earlier this year Gates ordered a top-to-bottom paring of the military bureaucracy in search of at least $10 billion in annual savings needed to prevent an erosion of U.S. combat power.

Gates took aim at what he called wasteful business practices and too many generals and admirals, and noted that "overhead" costs chew up as much as 40 percent of the Pentagon's budget.

Big cuts are essential considering the recession and the likelihood that Congress no longer will give the Pentagon the sizable budget increases it has enjoyed since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Gates and other defense leaders have said.

The current defense budget, not counting the cost of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, is $535 billion; the administration is asking for $549 billion for 2011.

Most full combatant commands correspond to regions of the world, such as Pacific Command, but others are organized around a concept or mission rather than geography.

JFCOM lists its mission as training troops from all services to work together for specific missions. It tries to make sure equipment used by different services works together, and looks for gaps in capabilities within military services that could be filled by a specially trained joint force.

The command is headed by a four-star military officer, the highest grade currently in use. Marine Gen. James Mattis was its commander until named last month to replace Army Gen. David Petraeus as head of U.S. Central Command. His replacement will be Gen. Ray Odierno, now the war commander in Iraq. Odierno's job will be to eliminate his own office, officials said.

The plan Gates outlined is similar to one suggested last month by the Defense Business Board, a panel of company executives who advise the Pentagon. The board said Gates should cut the number of civilian employees by at least 15 percent. The panel also identified Joint Forces Command as contributing to much of the contractor bloat because it had more contractors than government employees on its payroll.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Sheesh! The only spending that this bunch of bozos can cut is in the military! ??!! The Kenyan Clown is determined to destroy our military.

Defense is constitutional mandated. It should be the last thing cut.

The ONLY federal employees facing the possibility of job cuts under this administration are Defense Department employees. And Robert Gates, ass-kissing flunky extraordinaire is right out there cutting jobs in the middle of the worst recession in decades. Cutting jobs of the only competent federal workforce there is. Closing the base will mean not just re-assigning the personnel but thousands of civilian jobs will be lost in the community.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Excellent Rick Perry Ad About Democrat Opponent Bill White

This is a video put out by GOP Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign which hammers his Democrat opponent – Bill White – for not showing up to greet his own President Obama today in Texas. The ad says Bill White can “run” but he can’t “hide” from his support of Barack Obama’s liberal policies.

The power of the ad is that it is composed of text superimposed on the fawning and mindless pro-Obama “Yes We Can” video from the 2008 campaign.

National GOP Leaders should take note of this video. There is much that could be done with the “Yes We Can” video in running against Obama in 2012.


Video of Rick Perry greeting Obama at the airport yesterday. Obama and Perry shook hands for several seconds. Obama used his free left hand to give Perry two friendly slaps on the right arm.

When they released their handshake, Perry attempted to hand Obama a white envelope containing his letter on border security. Obama did not respond when Perry first held it forward.

Governor Perry reaches into his coat pocket and grabs a letter, he then hands it to Valerie Jarrett who is behind President Obama.


Obama, Speaking to Austin Democrats, Takes a Swipe at Former President Bush

Dallas Morning News

Obama: "They know that we [Democrats] pulled the country out of the problems we were in, but they figure, 'He’s been in office long enough. ... Maybe they’ll forget"

AUSTIN -- Speaking at a Democratic fund-raiser this afternoon, President Barack Obama slapped at two well-known Texas Republicans without mentioning either by name: George W. Bush, Obama's predecessor in the White House, and Rep. Joe Barton, R-Arlington, who could chair the House energy committee if Republicans regain control of the House.

Obama addressed more than 200 supporters crowded into a ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel. He said tauntingly that only idea Republicans have to fix the economy is to extend Bush-era tax cuts.

“They know they messed up," he said. "And they know that we [Democrats] pulled the country out of the problems we were in. But they figure, 'He’s been in office long enough. ... Maybe they’ll forget that actually, this was the result of our [Republican] economic policies.' ”

He added: “We have spent the last 20 months governing. They have spent the last 20 months politicking. We can politick for three months. They’ve forgotten I can politick pretty good.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Hugo Chavez can hand him a book on the evils of the United States and he won’t accept a personally delivered letter from the governor of Texas about border security.

Rick Perry did everything he could to get the POS Obama to at least acknowledge him, if he wouldn't sit and talk, at least take a letter. sheesh Obama is so arrogant, so rude, so horrible!!!!! He really thinks he is the KING. GRRRRR

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Love This! Second Try at Lemonade Stand Nets Huge Profit

Wild Thing's comment........

I love happy endings and this is one of them.

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New Republican Ad - Author Unknown!!!


Wild Thing's comment.........

Wow! POWERFUL!!! Good job, who ever did this!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Rep. Maxine Waters Charged With THREE Violations

I will never forget this that Maxine Waters did. LOL check out the video. hahaha ~ Wild Thing

( California Democrat, Maxine Waters, gives away the game while grilling John Hofmeister of Shell Oil during the recent Congressional hearings. Representing the 35th district of california.)


Rep. Maxine Waters charged with three violations


The House ethics committee released its formal charges against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Monday, accusing her of three counts of violating the letter and spirit of House rules and federal regulations by assisting a bank in which her husband owned stock.

The 10-page "Statement of Alleged Violation" focuses on the actions of Waters and Mikael Moore, who is the congresswoman's chief of staff and her grandson, and tracks very closely with the year-old findings of the independent Office of Congressional Ethics.

Waters is accused of improperly intervening on behalf of OneUnited, a minority-owned bank in which her husband held stock worth roughly $350,000. The federal government's Sept. 7, 2008, takeover of mortgage-lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac threatened to sink the bank, which was heavily invested in the twin titans of the secondary home-mortgage market.

Waters has denied any wrongdoing and notes her decades of work on behalf of minority-owned businesses. As the highest-ranking black lawmaker on either the House or Senate banking committees, Waters is a natural recipient of requests for help.

But the ethics committee insists she should have stayed away from the matter entirely, given her husband's stake in the company.

Within a month of the takeover, the value of the congresswoman’s husband’s investment in the bank had plummeted to $175,000 — and he was in danger of losing the entire stake had OneUnited failed.

On Sept. 8, 2008, Waters called then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to request a meeting between his aides and officials from the National Bankers Association, a trade group of minority-owned banks in which OneUnited was the most prominent player.

Two OneUnited executives, Robert Cooper and Kevin Cohee, attended a meeting with Treasury officials the next day. Cooper was also the incoming chairman of the National Bankers Association. Neither Paulson nor Waters participated in the meeting.

The bank officials asked Treasury to cut a check for $50 million to OneUnited to cover the anticipated losses from the takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to the ethics committee. Treasury didn’t have the authority to give the money, and OneUnited later asked for a swap of $42 million in exchange for the bank’s $51 million in preferred stock in Freddie and Fannie, according to the earlier OCE report.

Ultimately, smaller banks such as OneUnited were made eligible for funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which did not yet exist when OneUnited officials apparently met with Treasury aides.

After raising $20 million in private capital, OneUnited applied for TARP money and received $12 million.

The first count against Waters states that she broke the rule forcing lawmakers to “behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” The committee charges that Moore, acting in his capacity as Waters’s chief of staff, “was actively involved in assisting OneUnited representatives with their request for capital from Treasury and crafting legislation to authorize Treasury to grant the request.”

The second count involves a breach of the “spirit” of a rule stating that a lawmaker “may not receive compensation and may not permit compensation to accrue to the beneficial interest of such individual from any source, the receipt of which would occur by virtue of influence improperly exerted from the position of such individual in Congress.”

She is also charged with violating the Code of Ethics for Government Service.

“Reasonable persons could construe [Moore’s] continued involvement in assisting OneUnited as the dispensing of special favors or privileges to OneUnited, and accepting the preservation of the value of her husband’s investment in OneUnited as a benefit under circumstances which might influence the performance of [Waters’s] governmental duties,” the ethics committee found.

Like some other minority banks, OneUnited had invested heavily in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stock as the housing market soared, believing the investment in the two "government-sponsored entities" was a safe one.


Wild Thing's comment.......

She's been corrupt for decades, she even got an ambassadorship to the Bahamas out of Bill Clinton for her husband in exchange for defending him during White Water and impeachment. Her husband also got a Mercedes dealership thru some kind of sweetheart political deal she arranged.

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August 09, 2010

GOP To Have Hands Off Texas Rally In Response To Obama's Visit To Texas


Video from myfoxdfw, rally to be held in Dallas Monday with Rush fill-in host Mark Davis, 1,000 expected to attend

FOX News Dallas/Ft.Worth

DALLAS - President Barack Cbama is scheduled to visit Texas on Monday. The fundraising mission includes stops in Dallas and Austin.

The president will attend a private fundraiser at the Highland Park estate of Russell and Dorothy Budd. Mr. Budd is the president and managing shareholder of nationally known plaintiffs' law firm Baron and Bud, PC.

The Budds will host a private fundraising dinner with President Obama as the special guest on Monday. Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at and depart from Dallas Love Field.

Dallas County Republican Party chairman Jonathan Neerman says the local GOP had about a week to put together a response to the President's visit. The party has planned a rally at Franklin Stadium at 10000 Hillcrest Road in Dallas that is scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. Monday.

The Republican Party is expecting approximately 1,000 people to attend the rally. Radio host Mark Davis will serve as the rally's emcee.

The Dallas County Democratic Party does not have any official events scheduled to coincide with President Obamas Dallas visit.

The Hands Off Texas Rally will include remarks by Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and former state solicitor general Ted Cruz, according to the party’s website.

“We are doing a rally to send a message to President Obama and the Democrats that their policies are harmful, they are destructive to the country, and we want them to keep their hands off Texas,” Preston said.


Barack Obama is coming to Texas to raise money for the Democratic Party with stops in Austin and Dallas on Monday, August 9th. Our response? The biggest Hands Off Texas! rally we’ve held yet at the Texas State Capitol to tell him and his Democrat friends to go home and keep their HANDS OFF TEXAS!

WHEN: Monday, August 9th, 5:30 p.m. Rain or shine

WHERE: Texas State Capitol, South Steps Austin, Texas

Featuring: Ted Cruz Former Texas Solicitor General

Chris Covo Director of Young Professionals, Americans for Prosperity

Dr. Donna Campbell GOP Nominee, Congressional District 25

David Porter GOP Nominee, Texas Railroad Commission

Jerry Patterson Texas Land Commissioner

Lisa Fritsch National Radio/Television Commentator

Emcee: Lathan Watts Lewisville City Councilman and TRHC Trustee

Brought to You By

* Texas Republican House Committee * Republican Party of Texas * Victory Texas * Texans for Fiscal Responsibility * Texas Federation of Republican Women * Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association * Travis County Republican Party * Williamson County Republican Party * Hays County Republican Party * Bastrop County Republican Party * Burnet County Republican Party * Blanco County Republican Party * Caldwell County Republican Party * Brazos County Republican Party


From their website that has the petition

Link for signing the petition

TO: The Obama Administration
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
The Democratic National Committee
The Texas Democratic Party

Texas is thriving due to conservative policies implemented over the past decade under Republican leadership that have made Texas one of the greatest states in the nation to live, work and raise a family. Thanks to Republican principles of limited and transparent government, low taxes and predictable regulations, our state is well-positioned for the future and does not need more of the failed liberal agenda the Democrat majority is pushing from Washington.

We respectfully ask that you keep your…

* Hands Off Our Healthcare
* Hands Off Our Jobs
* Hands Off Our Guns
* Hands Off Our Cars
* Hands Off Our Businesses
* Hands Off Our Income
* Hands Off Our Retirement
* Hands Off Our Lives
* Hands Off Our Families
* Hands Off Our Freedom

In short, keep your HANDS OFF TEXAS!

Don’t worry about getting in trouble with the White House. When we present this petition to the DNC we will only give first names and cities so the Obama Team won’t flag you as a member of “the mob”.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Good for Texas. I would love to see every place the Lord of Fly Catcher goes there is a rally, tons of signs and let him know our voice is growing and he can't ignore it.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


Wild Thing's comment.........

LMAO this is just sooooo good. heh heh

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Obama and His Administration Pushing Sharia Law in Kenya

Obama Administration pushing Sharia Law in Kenya

Impeach Obama blog

The Obama administration is now pushing a pro-Sharia constitution in Kenya, over the cries of those in Kenya who see the end of their religious freedom.

This comes as no surprise to those who know of Obama’s connection to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. In 2006, as a U.S. Senator, Obama campaigned for his cousin Odinga.

Obama And his cousin Odinga Exposed. Obama backs radical muslim Kenyan politician who causes genocide.

Odinga, a member of the same tribe as Obama, signed an agreement with Muslims in exchange for their support which promised, among other things:

“Within 6 months re-write the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions.”
“Within one year facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court in every Kenyan divisional headquarters.”
“Popularize Islam, the only true religion, in the Coast and North Eastern Regions by ordering every primary school in Kenya in the regions to conduct daily Madrassa classes.”

Obama Congratulates Kenya for Passing Obama-Backed Constitution

Life Site News


August 6, 2010

On Thursday, President Obama praised Kenya for approving a controversial new constitution that liberalizes abortion laws and that partially implements Muslim Sharia law within Kenya’s borders.

“This was a significant step forward for Kenya’s democracy,” President Obama stated, “and the peaceful nature of the election was a testament to the character of the Kenyan people.”

The new constitution was approved by about 70% of voters. It permits abortion for the sake of the “health” of the mother – a term that opponents of unborn rights admit can be “broadly interpreted when need be” to help bring about abortion on demand.

It also carves out legal space for Muslim khadi courts, which handle family issues in accord with Sharia law. Only about 12% of Kenya is Muslim.

President Obama stated that his administration had been “pleased to support Kenya’s democratic development and the Kenyan people, including through the visit of Vice President Biden earlier this year.”

The Obama administration has spent about $23 million supporting the new constitution, a move that some congressmen have contested violates the Siljander amendment, a statute that prohibits the federal government from lobbying for or against abortion with foreign aid funds.

Marie Smith of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI) has said that other countries have "really [tried] to impose an ideology and an agenda on" Kenya.

President Obama, however, asserted that the large margin by which the constitution was approved reflected Kenyans' desires for "improved governance, greater stability, and increased prosperity."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also congratulated Kenya for the outcome of the referendum.

Human Life International (HLI) spokesman Joseph Meany told OneNewsNow that, as advocates of the constitution said that it would not liberalize abortion laws, pro-life groups have the right to demand that such promises are kept.

"Pro-lifers will be proposing pro-life amendments to say, 'Look - this constitution makes it look like abortion is going to be legalized, so we need to amend that, and everybody here has agreed that there shouldn't be abortion, so let's do it,’” he said.
A majority of Kenyans are pro-life.
Ending his statement, President Obama said that Kenyans "will be able to take advantage of this historic opportunity to move their country forward."
He concluded: "As Kenya’s close friend and partner, the United States will work with the international community to support the implementation process, and to stand with the Kenyan people as they reach for a better future."


Impeachable Offense: Congressman says Obama Admin Illegally Funding Pro-Abortion Kenya Constitution

Impeach Obama Campaign is reporting:

A Congressman says the Obama administration is engaging in illegal funding of Pro-Abortion and Pro-Sharia Kenyan Constitution using taxpayer dollars, in direct conflict with U.S. law. Despite denials by the offices of VP Joe Biden and the U.S. embassy in Kenya, Rep. Chris Smith says there is proof that the White House is funding the Yes Campaign to get the Constitution approved next month.

According to

“There is no doubt that the Obama Administration is funding the ‘yes’ campaign in Kenya,” [Rep. Smith] said. “By funding NGOs charged with obtaining ‘yes’ votes, the Administration has crossed the line."
"Directly supporting efforts to register ‘yes’ voters and ‘get out the yes vote’ means the U.S. government is running a political campaign in Kenya. U.S. taxpayer funds should not be used to support one side or the other," he added.


Wild Thing's comment........

OMG, more of Obama pushing his Muslim agenda and this time in Kenya. And he is spending our taxpayer dollars to help establish Sharia law instead of pushing for individual freedom and also he is pushing abortion there and from what this article says the majority are Pro-Life.

And the fact that Obama helped raise $$(while senator), supported and campaigned for Ralia Odinga is illegal. This information was available before the election but the media never touched it.

Kenya is a Christian majority country. Guess who the sharia types will force it upon.

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Across Texas, 60,000 Babies of Noncitizens Get U.S. Birthright

Across Texas, 60,000 babies of noncitizens get U.S. birthright

Dallas News

As Republican members of Congress press for changes to the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, preventing automatic citizenship for babies born to illegal immigrants, opponents insist the debate is not really about babies.

Instead, they say it is about politics and votes – not fixing the immigration system.

Still, the debate could resonate in Texas, where not only 1.5 million illegal immigrants are estimated to reside but at least 60,000 babies are added to their households annually.

Parkland Memorial Hospital delivers more of those babies than any other hospital in the state. Last year at Parkland, 11,071 babies were born to women who were noncitizens, about 74 percent of total deliveries. Most of these women are believed to be in the country illegally.

State Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-Dallas, accused Republicans of using the births to generate an explosive election issue.

"They're pulling the pin on the immigration grenade," he said. "It's all about the November elections and continuing to use the immigration issue as a wedge to win votes this fall."

But to Republicans, the emerging national debate is long overdue, considering that millions of immigrants have been living illegally in this country for years.

"They're violating our law, and we're giving their children the benefit of U.S. citizenship," said state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, whose 2009 bill in the Legislature would have challenged the birthright of immigrant children.

That bill died in committee, although Berman has vowed to file another version next year that would prohibit the state from issuing birth certificates to the children of "illegal aliens."

"I've checked the Congressional Record for when the 14th Amendment was written, and the author was quoted as saying that it did not apply to foreigners," he said. "There's no question in my mind about it."

Amendment's history

The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868 as a way to block state laws that prevented former slaves from becoming citizens. It also effectively overruled the Dred Scott decision of 1857 in which the U.S. Supreme Court declared that slaves were mere property and could not become citizens.

The amendment offered a broad definition of citizenship in one simple sentence: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States."

Donald Kerwin, a vice president of the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., said he feared that altering the current interpretation of that law "would essentially restore the Dred Scott reasoning and create a hereditary underclass in the United States.
"These children, who didn't break any laws, would have no rights and nowhere to go," he said. "It's a very extreme position."

~ snipet ~

The difference in this year's effort to change the 14th Amendment is that prominent Republicans are offering their support and making public statements demanding a national debate of the issue.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, called Wednesday for a review of "birthright citizenship," after concluding that illegal immigrants had taken advantage of the post-Civil War constitutional provision.
"We need to have hearings," he said. "We need to consult constitutional scholars and study what the implications are."
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he might introduce a constitutional amendment that would repeal the citizenship provision of the amendment.

And both Arizona Republican senators, John McCain and John Kyl, announced that the time was ripe for such a change.

"If both parents are here illegally, should there be a reward for their illegal behavior?" Kyl said recently on a Sunday morning talk show.

Changing the Constitution, however, is not as simple as getting a bill through Congress by majority vote.

16 percent of births

In Texas, between 60,000 to 65,000 babies achieve U.S. citizenship annually by being born in the state's hospitals, according to a tally released by the state's Health and Human Services Commission. Last year, such births represented almost 16 percent of the total births statewide.

Between 2001 and 2009, births to illegal immigrant women totaled 542,152 in Texas alone.

"The next 10 years will be an even more transformative decade demographically for Texas," said Dr. Roberto Calderon, an associate history professor at the University of North Texas and a Latin American expert following the debate.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Actually conservatives want the government to quit making a joke of the 14th amendment and start applying it as it was written. It never allowed for anchor babies of illegals, in fact was written in such a way as to prevent that.

But this is what is happening it seems......

""... and subject to the jurisdiction thereof..." "

Yep .....That's IT in a nutshell!

Kudos to the Dallas Morning News for a good investigative article. I bet their getting flack for revealing the truth.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Obama Administration’s DOJ Denying Our Troops Their Right To Vote ~ Update


Wild Thing's comment.......

This story discounting the value of overseas military votes fits the Eric Holder-geist profile of *subverting* likely non-DEMO voters.

Further confirmation that Libs, Dems, and Obama HATE the military.

I can remember too how Algore did all he could to disqualify Florida military ballots in 2000.

America's enemies are here, and they are in Washington D.C. And Obama and Holder's DOJ are blatantly leading the parade. They are the lowest of the low if they are denying our people in uniform their voting rights. Disgraceful.
Holder and Obama don’t care that the country is watching this Justice Department ignore or flat out break our laws.

To deliberately disenfranchise our troops, who are being killed and maimed while defending America, is so low that it defies description.

The military is the heart of our country and should have every single one of their votes counted!

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Pat Condell Speaks About Mosque Being Built At Ground Zero

Wild Thing's comment.......

The great Pat nails it once again.

It will be Islam's memorial for the 19 jihadists that died that day.

Never in all my life did I ever once think that what’s going on now would ever happen. Nationalized Healthcare? In your face Mosques?

And no one stopping it. No one cares,, honestly if more people, if the numbers of people against this was bigger, even lowlifes like Bloomberg would be terrified to go against the masses. We just don't have the masses making waves about this mosque, they are either too polite, silenced by their own apathy, not wanting to make waves perhaps, who knows. But if our population is some 308 million then imo there should be 200 million sounding off across our land. Can you imagine 200,000,000 people outraged at the exact same thing, it would have these Islam kiss ass people in government shaking in the power of OUR voice.

Sept. 11th Attacks ....Never Forget

"*This video was created by Adam Smith*. Warning this video contains people falling or jumping from the world trade center. Alot of questions been coming in about the man on the phone. Yes he was in tower 2 on the 105 floor top right corner of the video when it falls. Also the Music in this video is Requiem For A Dream by Lux Aterna"

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August 08, 2010

Spanish Police Close Public Beach Per (Imelda) Michelle Obama Demand

Godzilla Michelle Obama's Holiday in Spain ....beach at the Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella


Sun, sea and search: A Spanish police officer inspects the bag of a local bather. Anyone who strayed too close to the Obama party were stopped

Spanish police close public beach for Michelle Obama's £250,000 Spanish holiday

Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day.

The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

And her critics will be further annoyed when they learn that the president's wife had a Spanish beach closed off today so that she, her daughter and their entourage could go for a swim.

( You know I just had to do this heh heh ~ Wild Thing)

Spanish police cleared off a stretch of beach at the Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella after the Obamas had finished a busy day of sightseeing.

Police used palm trees and police tape to mark off the boundaries of a 100-yard expanse for the American delegation. On either side, onlookers gawked - and police occasionally stopped and searched sun lovers if they strayed too close to the private party.

It is unclear whether the police presence was paid for by Spain - or whether a nasty invoice could be landing in the lap of the American taxpayer.

The exact cost of the trip is unclear as Mrs Obama, 46, and her friends are footing personal expenses themselves - which is just as well.

For a start, they will be paying for the 60 rooms booked at the 129-room Hotel Villa Padierna. With basic rooms starting around £380 each, the nightly bill will be no less than £22,800.

Meals will also be picked up by the Obamas and friends.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo detailed the Obamas' dinner on their first night in Spain. The tapas menu for the delegation included sea bass tartare, strawberry gazpacho and sardines, followed by a main course of lobster with seaweed risotto.

The meal cost about £40 a head, according to El Mundo - which means a bill topping £1,600 would have hit the table if all 40 friends dined together.

Stretched over five nights that's £8,000 for dinner alone.

Whether or not the taxpaying American will be paying for meals, they will definitely be footing the bill for the First Lady's 68-strong security detail, her personal staff - and the use of presidential jet Air Force Two.

The per diems for the secret service team runs at around £172 each, which amounts to nearly £60,000 for the length of the summer break.

Use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at £91,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground.

Mrs Obama's personal staff, of which there are an unknown amount and who might cost considerably more per day, also have to be taken into account.

The American public will also cover the cost of the only official part of the holiday, a visit to the Spanish royal family on the island of Majorca.

This will involve transport there and back for the entourage - as well as travel, accommodation, food and expenses for all while on the island.

Conservative estimates already put the total cost at £150,000. With Majorca to come, the bill will be more like £250,000.

Back in the U.S., anger was mounting - especially as it has emerged the First Lady will have enjoyed eight holidays by the end of the summer.

Yesterday New York Daily News columnist and blogger Andrea Tantaros likened the President’s wife to French queen Marie Antoinette, who was famously extravagant with her spending.

Tantaros wrote: ‘To be clear, what the Obamas do with their money is one thing; what they do with ours is another. Transporting and housing the estimated 70 Secret Service agents who will flank the material girl will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.’
She accused the Obamas of hypocrisy for preaching the values of sacrifice and austerity to Americans while seemingly refusing to heed their own advice.
She said: ‘Instead, Michelle Obama seems more like a modern-day Marie Antoinette… than an average mother of two.’

Continue HERE for the rest of the write up


Wild Thing's comment.......

Other than the Secret Service, why are the taxpayers paying for any of this vacation?

When is enough...enough? I am sick of this blob and her husband and I resent their presence in this universe.

And there is this Michelle Obama has had enough of JILL BIDEN's lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

The claws are out in the White House as First Lady Michelle Obama feuds with Vice President Joe Biden's wife Jill, sources say.

"Michelle is furious at Jill for what she sees as her increasing behind-the-scenes lack of respect toward her," a political source in the nation's capital told The ENQUIRER.
"To Michelle, it's insulting that Jill and Joe are always so casual around America's first family.
"Michelle believes Jill doesn't respect her. What's got her seething is that Jill doesn't seem to treat Michelle with the reverence the first lady expects.
"And it drives Michelle crazy!"

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Mayor Bloomberg Sparks Mosque Fray

Mayor Sparks Mosque Fray

The Wall Street Journal

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday he doesn't know where the organizers of the proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero are getting their financing—and that he doesn't believe it should be the government's business.

"People say, 'Well, you know, do they have the money? Can they raise the money? Where does it come from?' I don't know," said the mayor, a staunch defender of the proposed center, on his weekly radio show.
"Do you really want every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in, they run over and say, 'OK, now, you know, where do you come from? Who are your parents? Where did you get this money?' No," he said.

"A handful of people," he concluded, "ought to be ashamed of themselves."

The mayor's comments drew immediate criticism from Republican leaders, including Rep. Pete King of Long Island, the ranking member of the homeland security committee, and former Rep. Rick Lazio, who is running for governor of New York.

The center—planned to rise two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center—is projected to cost upwards of $100 million.

"This is different from your average church, your average temple," Mr. King said in an interview. "The $100 million funding should definitely be investigated."

He said the government would be "acting properly" in conducting a civil investigation of the mosque's funding. Asked to explain the basis of the probe, he said key factors include the large amount of money involved and the controversy with its location. "And, thirdly," he said, "the fact that there's been a pattern, especially in the New York metropolitan area, of mosques being sympathetic to terrorism, or at least having a blind eye when it comes to terrorism."

John Esposito, professor of religion and international affairs and Islamic studies at Georgetown University, denounced Mr. King's remarks as irresponsible. "He operates in a context which sort of says these people are potentially guilty until they're proven innocent," he said.

Mr. Lazio said New Yorkers have a right to know the identity of those funding the project. He called on his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, to launch a probe, which he has so far refused to do.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Daisy Khan, a partner in the building and the wife of the cleric leading the effort, said that none of the money has been raised yet for the center. She wouldn't rule out accepting foreign funding, but said the group would be careful about who it took money from.

The organizers have pledged not to accept money from persons with anti-American views or agendas. Generally speaking, there's no legal requirement for a nonprofit, such as this group, to release a donor list.

On Thursday, Rep. Anthony Weiner, a potential 2013 mayoral candidate, sent a letter praising Mr. Bloomberg for the stirring speech he delivered on religious freedom earlier in the week. He also wrote that he hoped there would be a process moving forward where the "other great hallmarks of democracy are respected—transparency and tolerance of all view points."

He declined repeated requests to clarify his position.

Meanwhile, on Friday, a New Hampshire group sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in federal court, saying the agency has refused to run its bus advertisement in opposition to the proposed mosque.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative sought to run an ad that said "Why There?" and depicted the Twin Towers burning and a plane headed toward them, according to the lawsuit.

An MTA spokesman said, "No decision has been made on this ad."


Unbelievable Censorship: Bloomberg's MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images

Today we filed a lawsuit against the city of New York. Here is the complaint: PDF file of complaint

The city has refused to run my SIOA "Preservation of Ground Zero" bus campaign.

It seems that Mayor Bloomberg invokes certain freedoms when it serves his 2012 agenda. Doing away with term limits wasn't enough (which is why we are still suffering under his no-salt, no-transfat regime). He is now widening his ayatollah-like power grab to imposing blasphemy laws (Islamic sharia laws) on the secular marketplace. Bloomberg's frenzied Ground Zero mosque push may have inspired Al-Azhar clerics to oppose the Ground Zero Mosque, calling it a "a zionist plot."

To read this absolutely horrible thing happening please go to Atlas Shrugs blog this post she did where she has visuals and also the story of what is happening with an ad they are trying to run. It is an outrage this is happening in AMERICA. ~ Wild Thing

Atlas Shrugs blog post on this.


Wild Thing's comment........

This starts at the Whitehouse where the muslim President lives! And Bloomberg and Rep. Anthony Weiner oh my gosh what horrible people!!!!!!!!!!!!

In NYC everything is union built. We shall see if they step up and say no.

This video came from an organization out of Switzerland . It has been put out to educate people and bring awareness. It is simple to follow and very well done. Three surprising things you probably didn't know about Islam.
This subject WILL affect you in the near future, so take the chance to inform yourself now - before it does.

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General Petraeus Reloads Rules of Engagement

Petraeus Issues Updated Tactical Directive: Emphasizes “Disciplined Use of Force”

ISAF Information & Resources

The directive was issued on August 1, 2010, replacing the July 1, 2009 version.

International Security Assistance Force - Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (Aug. 4) – International Security Assistance Force Commander, General David Petraeus has issued his updated Tactical Directive, providing guidance and intent for the use of force by ISAF and USFOR-A units operating in Afghanistan.

The Tactical Directive reinforces the concept of “disciplined use of force” in our partnership with Afghan Security Forces to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan.

The updated directive is classified; unclassified portions of the document are included below.

“This directive applies to all ISAF and US Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) forces operating under operational or tactical control ... Subordinate commanders are not authorized to further restrict this guidance without my approval.
Our counterinsurgency strategy is achieving progress in the face of tough enemies and a number of other challenges. Concentrating our efforts on protecting the population is having a significant effect. We have increased security in some key areas, and we have reduced the number of civilian casualties caused by coalition forces.
The Afghan population is, in a number of areas, increasingly supportive of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and of coalition forces. We have also seen support for the insurgency decrease in various areas as the number of insurgent-caused civilian casualties has risen dramatically. We must build on this momentum.
This effort is a contest of wills. Our enemies will do all that they can to shake our confidence and the confidence of the Afghan people. In turn, we must continue to demonstrate our resolve to the enemy. We will do so through our relentless pursuit of the Taliban and others who mean Afghanistan harm, through our compassion for the Afghan people, and through the example we provide to our Afghan partners.
We must continue – indeed, redouble – our efforts to reduce the loss of innocent civilian life to an absolute minimum. Every Afghan civilian death diminishes our cause. If we use excessive force or operate contrary to our counterinsurgency principles, tactical victories may prove to be strategic setbacks.
We must never forget that the center of gravity in this struggle is the Afghan people; it is they who will ultimately determine the future of Afghanistan ...
Prior to the use of fires, the commander approving the strike must determine that no civilians are present. If unable to assess the risk of civilian presence, fires are prohibited, except under of the following two conditions (specific conditions deleted due to operational security; however, they have to do with the risk to ISAF and Afghan forces).

(NOTE) This directive, as with the previous version, does not prevent commanders from protecting the lives of their men and women as a matter of self-defense where it is determined no other options are available to effectively counter the threat.

... Protecting the Afghan people does require killing, capturing, or turning the insurgents. Indeed, as I noted earlier, we must pursue the Taliban tenaciously. But we must fight with great discipline and tactical patience.
We must balance our pursuit of the enemy with our efforts to minimize loss of innocent civilian life, and with our obligation to protect our troops. Our forces have been striving to do that, and we will continue to do so.
In so doing, however, we must remember that it is a moral imperative both to protect Afghan civilians and to bring all assets to bear to protect our men and women in uniform and the Afghan security forces with whom we are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder when they are in a tough spot.
We must be consistent throughout the force in our application of this directive and our rules of engagement. All commanders must reinforce the right and obligation of self-defense of coalition forces, of our Afghan partners, and of others as authorized by the rules of engagement.
We must train our forces to know and understand the rules of engagement and the intent of the tactical directive. We must give our troopers the confidence to take all necessary actions when it matters most, while understanding the strategic consequences of civilian casualties. Indeed, I expect our troopers to exert their best judgment according to the situation on the ground. Beyond that, every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine has my full support as we take the fight to the enemy.
... Partnering is how we operate. Some civilian casualties result from a misunderstanding or ignorance of local customs and behaviors. No individuals are more attuned to the Afghan culture than our Afghan partners. Accordingly, it is essential that all operations be partnered with an ANSF unit and that our Afghan partners be part of the planning and execution phases. Their presence will ensure greater situational awareness. It will also serve to alleviate anxiety on the part of the local population and build confidence in Afghan security forces.
I expect every operation and patrol to be partnered. If there are operational reasons why partnership is not possible for a particular operation, the CONOP approval authority must be informed ...
Partnership is an essential aspect of our counterinsurgency strategy. It is also an indispensible element of the transition of security responsibility to ANSF.
Again, we need to build on the momentum we are achieving. I expect every trooper and commander to use force judiciously, especially in situations where civilians may be present. At the same time, we must employ all assets to ensure our troopers’ safety, keeping in mind the importance of protecting the Afghan people as we do.
This is a critical challenge at a critical time; but we must and will succeed. I expect that everyone under my command, operational and tactical, will not only adhere to the letter of this directive, but – more importantly – to its intent.
Strategic and operational commanders cannot anticipate every engagement. We have no desire to undermine the judgment of tactical commanders. However, that judgment should always be guided by my intent. Take the fight to the enemy. And protect the Afghan people and help our Afghan partners defeat the insurgency.”


U.S. Army General David H. Petraeus, Commander, International Security Assistance Force, talks with troops of the 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Dvision at Combat Outpost Monti, Aug. 5, 2010, in Eastern Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force Photo By Staff Sgt. Bradley Lail) (released)


Wild Thing's comment........

Victory is more important than pandering to the Taliban's supporters and appeasers. We didn't win World Wars one and two by worrying about how many of the enemy's civillians were killed.

Bin Laden famously said that people will always follow the strong horse. We are that steed. Unfortunately we seem to think that cutting off three of its legs will have no effect.

God bless our country and our awesome warriors, they are in my prayers every day.

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Big Blow Dealt to Obamacare

Federal judge clears way for constitutional challenge that could reach Supreme Court

Ms. McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and author of "Obama Health Law: What It Says and How to Overturn It" (Encounter, 2010).

ObamaCare and the Constitution—An Update (no severability clause in it!)


Last November, a reporter asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if it was constitutional for Congress to require Americans to buy health insurance. Ms. Pelosi responded, "Are you serious?"

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson got serious. He denied Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the state of Virginia challenging the new health law. His ruling stated that it is far from certain Congress has the authority to compel Americans to buy insurance and penalize those who don't.

Judge Hudson's ruling paved the way for a trial to begin on October 18, with possible appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, a lengthy process. Some states will likely delay creating insurance exchanges and slow down other costly preparations for ObamaCare until its constitutionality is determined by this case.

If mandatory insurance is declared unconstitutional, the entire health law could collapse like a house of cards. Most complex legislation states that if one part of the law is struck down, other parts remain enforceable. But authors of ObamaCare chose to omit that clause, suggesting that the health overhaul won't work without mandatory insurance.

Critics say that the requirement tramples the Constitution. Twenty-one states and several individuals are already suing to overturn it. Virginia went one step further, enacting a law that makes it illegal to require any resident to purchase health insurance. The Virginia measure won solid support from both Republican and Democratic state legislators. Despite what Mrs. Pelosi tried to suggest, questioning the constitutionality of ObamaCare is not partisan posturing. A fundamental principle is at stake.

In 1993, the Congressional Budget Office said that the mandatory insurance provision in President Bill Clinton's health plan would be "an unprecedented form of federal action." In 2009, the Congressional Research Service applied a similar caveat to ObamaCare.

Mr. Cuccinelli argued that Congress ignored these warnings. ObamaCare, he said, was "cobbled together in secret, passed by the Senate largely or totally unread, on a party line vote literally in the dead of night on Christmas Eve."

Judge Hudson ruled that the court must do what Congress failed to do—apply the Constitution.

Wild Thing's comment.......

It will come down to Supreme Court votes. You have four auto on the left, four auto on the right, with Kennedy swinging between the two. Kagan would be fairly to the left of Stevens, but will vote no differently than Stevens would have.

Lord, please bless and keep the Conservatives on the court.

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While Obama Preaches Sacrifice, His Family Frolics in Spain

While Obama preaches sacrifice, his family frolics in Spain

AS THE US economy endures high unemployment and a jittery stock market, President Barack Obama has preached sacrifice and fiscal discipline. But the pictures coming out of a sun-splashed Spanish resort may be sending a different message.

First lady Michelle Obama is in the midst of a five-day trip to a luxury resort along with a handful of friends, her younger daughter, aides and Secret Service. Her office said the Obamas would pay for personal expenses, but would not reveal the taxpayer cost for the government employees.

Elected officials - Democrats and Republicans - were reluctant to weigh in, not wanting to appear critical of the President's wife. But the trip provided fodder for television news shows, talk-show hosts and bloggers. Critics portrayed the foreign getaway as tone-deaf to the deep economic anxiety back home. Every first family takes vacations: the criticism aimed at Mrs Obama is that she chose to visit a foreign country rather than remain in the US and support its fragile economy.

Just last month, Mrs Obama flew to the Florida panhandle, a tourist draw hit hard by the oil spill crisis, and delivered the message that for parents ''looking for things to do with their kids this summer … this is a wonderful place to visit''.

The opulence of the European trip also has drawn scrutiny. Mr Obama has urged frugality in lean economic times. He once cautioned that families saving money for college shouldn't ''blow a bunch of cash in Vegas''.

Mrs Obama is staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton resort outside Marbella. It has two golf courses, a spa with Turkish baths, views of the Mediterranean and a restaurant specialising in avant-garde fare. Room rates start at $US400 ($A436.73) and rise to $US6500 for a two-bedroom villa.

The hotel is in the hills above the resort town of Marbella, a haunt for the rich and famous, including members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The Obama group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodging at the 160-room resort, which consists of hotel rooms, suites and separate villas"....


Wild Thing's comment........

She's the First Lady of the United States, not the trophy wife of a corporate CEO! This country is hurting economically, millions are unemployed and she has the nerve to use OUR money to go to Spain and stimulate their economy! If this was Nancy Reagen or Laura Bush the left would be singing like stuck pigs! It looks bad, it is bad and is really indefensible IMO.

Barack and Michelle are anti- America. It's one thing to be a democrat and on the left side of issues, it's a total other thing to be anti-America, anti-Constitutional, anti-Capitalist. But that is exactly what the two of them are.

We need to get this country back to realizing what it means to be America! If I was the Republican Party my agenda would be all about returning to American, capitalist, constitutional values!

I have never heard Barack or Michelle ever say anything positive about our country, they have no pride in it at all, only hate, and resentment.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Iraqi forces officially take over from U.S.



Iraqi security forces officially took over control of combat operations from U.S. military forces Saturday, with the top U.S. commander promising ongoing help.

U.S. Gen. Raymond Odierno and Iraq's defense minister watched as the 4th Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division passed its responsibilities to the 6th Iraqi Army Division, CNN reported.

"We're still very committed to Iraq," Odierno said.
"I think we've come a long way, having been here through the very bad times, the progress that we made is encouraging; the fact that we're getting down to 50,000 [U.S. troops] -- how we've executed that, I think we've executed that extremely well. I think we're set up now to finish the mission here. But for me it's not final, there is still work that has to be done here by those that are to follow me."

President Barack Obama has directed that the current 64,000-strong U.S. presence be reduced to
50,000 by Sept. 1.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I suppose Obama will keep taking credit for Iraq when that is a complete lie. Actually the credit should go to our troops, and to Bush for doing the surge which made such a huge difference too.

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August 07, 2010

I Want Your Money ~ Film About Obama

New Film “I Want Your Money” Due this Fall; Lampoons Obama and Dems Socialist Agenda ( the above video is the trailer )

"I Want Your Money" ....... trailer...

Set against the backdrop of today's headline - 67% of Americans don't approve of Obama's economic policies, the film takes a provocative look at our deeply depressed economy using the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama and shows the marked contrast between Reaganomics and Obamanomics.

The film contrasts two views of the role that the federal government should play in our daily lives using the words and actions of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

Two versions of the American dream now stand in sharp contrast.

One views the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you; the other believes that the elite in Washington know how to best allocate your wealth.

One champions the traditional American dream, which has played out millions of times through generations of Americans, of improving one's lot in life and even daring to dream and build big.

The other holds that there is no end to the "good" the government can do by taking and spending other peoples' money in an ever-burgeoning list of programs.

The documentary film I Want Your Money exposes the high cost in lost freedom and in lost opportunity to support a Leviathan-like bureaucratic state.

Wild Thing's comment........

It is supposd to be released this Fall. HERE is the website for the film and they also have a counter at the top of the National Debt.

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Obama Choppers Six Miles For Economy Comments

Obama Choppers Six Miles For Economy Comments

CBS news

Obama Friday flew Marine One from the White House less than six miles to Northwest D.C.

He choppered to Gelberg Signs, the Washington, D.C.-based company where he'll deliver remarks on the economy and July employment numbers.

According to Google maps, the drive would have taken about 20 minutes from the White House.

By CBS News' Mark Knoller's count, this is the president's 300th flight on Marine One.

As to why the president choppered to a company in D.C., spokesman Bill Burton said, "Probably because it's an easier than a motorcade through the city in the middle of the day."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Meanwhile, Obama and Chewbacca keep spending like Royalty. I detest this elitist, self-centered, trailer trash thug!!!

He can't use the excuse about traffic in D.C. during a busy time of day, because motorcading through the city in the middle of the day has never bothered him when he wants to lunch at a burger joint. He could have made his remarks from the White House lawn.

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Obama Sends US Delegation For The First Time To 65th Year Anniversary of Hiroshima

Obama sent the first U.S. delegation to the annual ceremony to remember the over 100,000 Japanese who lost their lives in the bombing.

CS Monitor

Britain and France also sent representatives for the first time.

While some Japanese hailed the presence of the US and other nuclear powers as a sign of commitment to eventual nuclear disarmament, for others it was too little, too late. Some Japanese still want an apology for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while others complained about the absence of President Obama.

Some of Hiroshima’s hibakusha – as atomic bomb survivors are known – criticized the US ambassador for failing to meet with them, apologize for the bombing, or even offer a floral tribute. Others however, saw his visit as a sign of progress.
On the streets of Tokyo, there were mixed feelings regarding the US delegation’s attendance. “It’s good they’ve come, but why has it taken 65 years?” asked an office worker who was watching the morning’s ceremony from Hiroshima on public broadcast NHK. “And really, Obama should be here after the speeches he’s made about nuclear weapons."

US Ambassador to Japan John Roos was joined by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and delegates from over 70 countries as Prime Minister Naoto Kan implored the world to “accept the Japanese people's hope that nuclear destruction never takes place again."

U.S. Sends Ambassador to Hiroshima Ceremony:

At 4:55 on the video it cuts to a newsroom and a woman is interviewed and says " the next logical steip is for the U.S. to apologize for dropping the bomb." Then she goes on to say it was a MYTH that the U.S. had to drop the bomb. OMG this is insane to hear this. sheesh

Harry Truman Quotes on the Atomic Bomb:

The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians.
I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb. Its production and its use were not lightly undertaken by this Government. But we knew that our enemies were on the search for it. We know now how close they were to finding it. And we knew the disaster, which would come to this Nation, and to all peace-loving nations, to all civilization, if they had found it first. That is why we felt compelled to undertake the long and uncertain and costly labor of discovery and production. We won the race of discovery against the Germans.
Having found the bomb we have used it. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare. We have used it in order to shorten the agony of war, in order to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young Americans. We shall continue to use it until we completely destroy Japan’s power to make war. Only a Japanese surrender will stop us.

Wild Thing's comment......

What about their apology for Pearl Harbor, the Baatan Death March, the Rape of Nanking, and all of the other atrocities they imposed upon our POWs.

The truth is this: The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved lives. As horrific as the consequences were of the bombs, they actually saved the Japanese from even greater death and destruction. But above all, Truman saved perhaps a million Americans from death and injury.

No apololgy should be forthcoming, ever. It was war, a war We did not want nor start. That was then, this is now. They started the War,and we ended it.

The list of Japanese atrocities during WWII are legion and defy belief; as sadistic, cruel and inhuman as that perpetrated by their allies, the NAZIs, in their combined imperial bid to rule to the world. America has ZERO to apologize for, but there is a mountain of misdeeds that Japan has yet to recognize, much less atone for. Japan lost the war but they are completely unrepentant.

IMO the purpose of war - to destroy the enemy until they either submit or are extinguished. This effort to whitewash history will only cause humanity to repeat the tragedies of the past. And we are seeing this kind of thing with obama and his changing the names of the war we are in now. Not wanting to hear the word Islam connected to the terrorirst, heck not wanting the word terrorists connected with the word Mulslims and the list goes on and on with that limp wristed RESIDENT in the WH.

Obama already bowed to the Japanese Emperor...the 5th son of Hirohito, in whose name tens of thousands of Americans and millions of others were slaughtered. Obama is beyond contempt. You want to meet with the emperor as an American, you do it on equal terms, ALWAYS.

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Injured Marine Returns Home To Tell Remarkable Story

Brian Johnson/AFN Ahwatukee resident and Mountain Pointe graduate Garrett Zeigler, 23, was shot twice - once in the neck - and nearly killed in an ambush on June 12 in Afghanistan. After being treated initially in Germany, Zeigler, a Marine, returned to the U.S. July 19 and is now recovering from his wounds at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. In a recent interview with the AFN, Zeigler said he misses Dixie, his trained Labrador that he worked with in detecting road-side bombs in Afghanistan.

Injured Marine Returns Home To Tell Remarkable Story

By Erica Tiffany Special to AFN

Lance Cpl. Garrett Zeigler has returned home after sustaining injuries during a clash with the Pakistani Taliban in Afghanistan June 12.

Prior to the gunfight Zeigler had spent three months in a town called Laki in Helmand, Afghanistan, sniffing out Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with his black Labrador retriever Dixie.

IEDs are embedded everywhere by the Taliban and Zeigler said that they are a towering threat to the Marines' safety. According to the CBS news video "The Hunt for Roadside Bombs" - which features Zeigler and his dog Dixie - 8,159 IEDs were detonated or found in Afghanistan last year.

IEDs are often linked in "daisy chains" to go off at the same time, making them even more dangerous.

Dixie is one of 13 explosive canines keeping soldiers safe from the homemade bombs in Afghanistan.

"Dogs work 300 to 400 yards ahead of their handler so if they find an IED they can alert the Marines before they get in the danger zone," Terry McCarthy said in the CBS news video.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives website, Dixie had to train for 10 weeks and successfully identify 20 different explosive odors in a blind test before becoming certified.

Zeigler interviewed three times before becoming Dixie's handler and has now formed an inseparable bond with the dog.

"Once your dog saves a Marine's life, everyone loves her," Zeigler said.

Zeigler spent the rest of his time eating meatball marinara MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), laying on his cot watching DVDs on a portable player and fending off ambush attacks at his forward operating base "Karma."

Zeigler was composed, comfortable and even paradoxically charming as he spoke of the day his life almost ended. Using military jargon that was almost indecipherable, Zeigler dove into an unbelievable story of patriotism and valor.

After hearing of a Taliban attack on the police scanner, Zeigler and another soldier quickly discussed what they would do if the other was hit while setting up a defensive gun position on the roof.

The Marines were hit with an L-shape ambush, and after killing six enemies with a SAW (belt-fed machine gun), Zeigler was shot twice, one bullet landing millimeters away from his carotid artery.

Not being able to use his right arm because his humerus was fractured, Zeigler picked up his M4 rifle with his left arm and continued fighting while blood flowed down his flak jacket.

The other soldier picked him up and fled from the roof while still taking fire. Zeigler has nominated him for a Bronze Star, a medal awarded for heroic or meritorious achievement or service.

"Your life is all about the guy next to you, so you have to bond. You have to have a unit cohesion or it will all fall apart," Zeigler said.

Zeigler, with Dixie by his side, was evacuated by medical transport to Germany.

He returned to the states on July 19 and estimates that he has had 30 to 40 doctor appointments over the last month.

Zeigler is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego where he will soon start physical therapy.

A Purple Heart ceremony will be hosted in his honor once he is off convalescent leave.

Dixie and the rest of his Marine unit are scheduled to return in November. "I'm going through withdrawals because my dog is still over there," Zeigler said.

Many of Zeigler's stories about the war involve Taliban manipulation and genocide on its own people to spread hatred of America. He said that most of the people in Afghanistan are merely trying to feed their families, and they join sides with whoever provides for them.

"What makes this war so hard is that you don't know who your enemy is because the Taliban wears no uniform. You could have a farmer right next to a member of the Taliban and you wouldn't even know," Zeigler said, adding that he believes there is no negotiating with the Taliban and that the United States should remain in the war to prevent another attack like 9/11.

His mother, on the other hand, feels differently.

"We have told the leadership in Afghanistan that we are pulling out in 2011, and I hope we are true to that time frame as we have had so many ... casualties in this war," Karen Gladstone said.

The 23-year-old Mountain Point High School alumnus is positive about his future, but reminders of his time in Afghanistan will forever cover his upper body. The Marine-core emblem along with a skull and rifles are tattooed on his arm next to the words "U.S. Marines Anti-Terrorist Operations" and he has healing scars on his jaw and shoulder at the points where the bullets entered and exited.

"I'm going to build a bridge and move on. I'm not going to dwell on it for the rest of my life," Zeigler said.
"The night we talked to Garrett he was happy and jovial. He looks great and is well on his way to recovery. Semper Fi to Garrett, Dixie and all their comrades and family," family friend Pat King said.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Great story and I am so glad he will be OK and also that he will be able to be with Dixie again too.

Prayers for his healing and steady and recovery.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama Message Booed At The Boy Scout National Jamboree 2010

Obama message booed at the boy scout national jamboree 2010

" Every president since bill clinton has made a speech at the national jamboree. Obama decided to skip this one at Fort AP Hill Virginia, for The View. All we got was a lousy recorded message."


Wild Thing's comment.......

There is hope for the future.

He stands for EVERYTHING those organizations oppose, so I don’t think there is any way for him to address them without the stink of hypocrisy on him. Stay away from our military and our Boy Scouts, in fact stay away from AMERICA obama freak we do not want you messing with our country one more second.

From a friend that was there:

"I was at the Jamboree last weekend. The estimates of the crowd size at the large event Saturday night were about 70,000 (although there were many leaders and family members there, so the phrase 35,000 scouts may be about right).There were audible boos from many places in the crowd when the President's videotape message was introduced, although there was also some polite applause. It was far short of the whole crowd booing, but the reception was definitely very chilly. Visiting others in the Boy Scout community during the day leading up to the evening event, nearly everyone present was disgusted that the President would chose to attend a fundraiser in New York over celebrating the 100th anniversery of the Boy Scouts. They played the President's message during the pre-show, when people were still gathering in the big arena, and not during the main 3 hour show. "

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Liberal Extremists And The Supreme Court: Two Strikes In A Row---Liberty Lost On Three

Liberal Extremists And The Supreme Court: Two Strikes In A Row---Liberty Lost On Three

By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

This writer used to regard Glenn Beck as an alarmist, but having listened more closely and followed his presentation of historical facts and logic for the past couple of years, it is evident that Beck is an expert on America’s past and gives an educated and honest appraisal of our future if we continue to tolerate the current ideologues who ignore the rule of law and our founding documents. The events Beck writes in his new book The Overton Window appears to be playing out almost weekly.

This week, the Congress dominated by Socialist Democrats voted to confirm Elena Kagan as Obama’s second appointment to the High Court in a pattern which is easy to understand if one understands his ideology. Obama has shown that he is not race- or gender-blind, having sequentially appointed two women to the Court, neither of whom are Constitutionalists.

Moreover, Ms. Kagan has no judgeship experience. Her writings clearly reflect her personal activist ideology. Notwithstanding her personal socialist views, she has also been dishonest. One blatant example is her intentional alteration of the position of ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) a few years ago with respect to the organization’s opposition to partial birth abortion, in such a way as to try and influence the Supreme Court’s opinion on this heinous act. Such dishonesty on the part of one who now serves a lifetime appointment as a Supreme Court judge should be alarming.

This is only the second time in history that one that has no judgeship experience has been voted to the High Court, the purpose of which is to serve as a check and balance on the Legislative and Executive branches of U.S. government. A closer look will show this appointment is nothing more than another step forward in the Left’s takeover of America by planting ideologues instead of constitutionalists into judgeships.

Americans must demand more of our government. The deck is stacked against our national survival. Four of nine justices recently showed their contempt for Amendment 2 (gun rights) by signing onto a statement that nothing in the Bill of Rights supports private citizens having a firearm for self-defense. Sotomayor voted with the liberal extremist faction of the Court. And one can expect Kagan to do the same.

We The People are now just one judge away from the Left’s tyranny. I encourage you to read The Overton Window if you want to see where we may be headed and why. It is clear there will be a point beyond which Americans will not be able to climb out of the pot of boiling water. What legacy will you leave your children---the rule of tyranny or a nation of liberty? We must make the choice in whatever manner necessary or it will be made for us.

Wild Thing's comment........

Excellent write up. I really think we are at a turning point in our country. This next election and the one after that will decide if our country will survive or not.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Army Gags Officer Challenging Obama Eligibility

There are several articles and videos at this link, too many to post on here so I am putting the link to the page. Tons of information there.

Candidate for Congress: 'Usurper' holds Oval Office

Lt. Col. Lakin Arraignment scheduled for Aug. 6

Army gags officer challenging Obama eligibility
Escorts him from preliminary hearing under guard to prevent communications
August 6th, 2010


A decorated military officer who is challenging – in military court – President Obama's eligibility to be president was taken into custody and escorted under guard back to Walter Reed Army Base today after a hearing, apparently so he could not talk to the press or his attorney about his case, according to his defense attorney.

The Army held a hearing today at Ft. Belvoir, Va., for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who posted a YouTube video challenging the Army to charge him after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan again this spring because of his concerns that Obama is ineligible to be president, and orders under his chain of command then would be suspect.

The hearing was on several charges of disobeying commands and "missing movement," and was held by Col. Denise Lind, who has been assigned to be the military judge in the case.

At the conclusion of the arraignment, Lakin was ordered not to speak with the press and was taken back to Reed under military escort, surprising and disturbing a civilian lawyer who has been working on his case.

"This was completely inappropriate. Col Lakin was brought here and taken away from here as if he was a common criminal. He was prohibited from talking to the press for two minutes; he was prohibited from talking to anybody, even me," Paul Rolf Jenson said.
Jensen said he was not sure how long Lakin was being detained because the Army offered no explanation as to why he needed an escort after the hearing. Jensen did say he thought it was because the Army did not want him talking to the press.

There also now are several hearings scheduled in the case, starting with an Aug. 20 event that will deal with evidence in the dispute.

According to the court, a second hearing on Aug. 27 would be for government "objections" to the evidence, and Jensen said he expects opposition from the White House at that point.

That's because the strategy in the case will include requests for evidence that Obama is, in fact, eligible to be commander-in-chief, evidence that could come through depositions with Hawaii state records holders – who presumably have access to Obama's original birth documentation if he was born there as he has written.

Two other hearings are set Sept. 2 and Sept. 14 in the case before the trial date of Oct. 13.

The 18-year Army veteran, decorated multiple times, is facing court martial where, if convicted, he could get up to four years of hard labor in prison and be dismissed from the military.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama and his legal team(s) have fought tooth and nail to keep his birth certificate sealed. I was just wondering what if they brought Soros in on this. I mean what if Sioros has it, put away in a big old safe.

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August 06, 2010

Obama You Reap What You Sow

From local news channel 8 (

People are refusing food grown on the property of the Dunham House (in Kempton, Indiana) because it's located on President Obama's ancestors land. The veggies grown there are intended to feed the hungry but some people won't take the free food because of the connection to Obama.

Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL I don't blame them, I would not want anything in our home connected to obama. And it goes way beyond that he is a democrat it is because of the agenda he has that even has gone so far left it is off the charts. They should also think of renaming their freaking party instead of democrats to Progressives, because they is what most of them are now anyway. Look at all the indpendents and many of them are democrats ticked off at their party being too left. They are the ones that we have heard at some of the Tea Party events.

LOOK at this......I can't post the video, it is an Eyeblast video and they mess up my code for my blog. But I put the LINK you can click on below.

Jay Leno 'Obama Is 49, Which Is Eight Points Higher Than His Approval Rating

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Ray Stevens New Song ..."God Save Arizona"

Ray's New Song about the problem on our Southwestern borders.

Wild Thing's comment.......

This song is dead serious and will bring tears to your eyes. From the USS Arizona and the Pearl Harbor attack to the attack Arizona faces now from our own government.

God Bless Ray Stevens.

Here is Ray Steven's website for his songs etc.

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Portland Lemonade Stand Runs Into Health Inspectors, Needs $120 License to Operate

Seven-year-old Julie Murphy of Oregon City still smiles about her enterprise despite running afoul of county inspectors for an unlicensed lemonade stand at Last Thursday.

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

It's hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.

So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.

Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at the Last Thursday monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license.

Turns out that kids' lemonade stands -- those constants of summertime -- are supposed to get a permit in Oregon, particularly at big events that happen to be patrolled regularly by county health inspectors.

"I understand the reason behind what they're doing and it's a neighborhood event, and they're trying to generate revenue," said Jon Kawaguchi, environmental health supervisor for the Multnomah County Health Department. "But we still need to put the public's health first."

Julie had become enamored of the idea of having a stand after watching an episode of cartoon pig Olivia running one, said her mother, Maria Fife. The two live in Oregon City, but Fife knew her daughter would get few customers if she set up her stand at home.

Plus, Fife had just attended Last Thursday along Portland's Northeast Alberta Street for the first time and loved the friendly feel and the diversity of the grass-roots event. She put the two things together and promised to take her daughter in July.

The girl worked on a sign, coloring in the letters and decorating it with a drawing of a person saying "Yummy." She made a list of supplies.

Then, with gallons of bottled water and packets of Kool-Aid, they drove up last Thursday with a friend and her daughter. They loaded a wheelbarrow that Julie steered to the corner of Northeast 26th and Alberta and settled into a space between a painter and a couple who sold handmade bags and kids' clothing.

Even before her daughter had finished making the first batch of lemonade, a man walked up to buy a 50-cent cup.

"They wanted to support a little 7-year-old to earn a little extra summer loot," she said. "People know what's going on."
Even so, Julie was careful about making the lemonade, cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer, using a scoop for the bagged ice and keeping everything covered when it wasn't in use, Fife said.

After 20 minutes, a "lady with a clipboard" came over and asked for their license. When Fife explained they didn't have one, the woman told them they would need to leave or possibly face a $500 fine.

Surprised, Fife started to pack up. The people staffing the booths next to them encouraged the two to stay, telling them the inspectors had no right to kick them out of the neighborhood gathering. They also suggested that they give away the lemonade and accept donations instead and one of them made an announcement to the crowd to support the lemonade stand.

That's when business really picked up -- and two inspectors came back, Fife said. Julie started crying, while her mother packed up and others confronted the inspectors. "It was a very big scene," Fife said.
Technically, any lemonade stand -- even one on your front lawn -- must be licensed under state law, said Eric Pippert, the food-borne illness prevention program manager for the state's public health division. But county inspectors are unlikely to go after kids selling lemonade on their front lawn unless, he conceded, their front lawn happens to be on Alberta Street during Last Thursday.
"When you go to a public event and set up shop, you're suddenly engaging in commerce," he said. "The fact that you're small-scale I don't think is relevant."
Kawaguchi, who oversees the two county inspectors involved, said they must be fair and consistent in their monitoring, no matter the age of the person. "Our role is to protect the public," he said.

The county's shutdown of the lemonade stand was publicized by Michael Franklin, the man at the booth next to Fife and her daughter. Franklin contributes to the Bottom Up Radio Network, an online anarchist site, and interviewed Fife for his show.

Franklin is also organizing a "Lemonade Revolt" for Last Thursday in August. He's calling on anarchists, neighbors and others to come early for the event and grab space for lemonade stands on Alberta between Northeast 25th and Northeast 26th.

As for Julie, the 7-year-old still tells her mother "it was a bad day." When she complains about the health inspector, Fife reminds her that the woman was just doing her job. She also promised to help her try again -- at an upcoming neighborhood garage sale.

While Fife said she does see the need for some food safety regulation, she thinks the county went too far in trying to control events as unstructured as Last Thursday.

"As far as Last Thursday is concerned, people know when they are coming there that it's more or less a free-for-all," she said. "It's gotten to the point where they need to be in all of our decisions. They don't trust us to make good choices on our own."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Welcome... to Obamaville. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of any major health concerns stemming from a kid with a lemonade stand. Idiot(money hungry), bureaucrats.

So othey come down hard on an adorable liittle girl about a permit and they can't or won't do anything about ILLEAGALS that is OK so they can go and rape and kill and do what they want in our country. Amazing!!!

Too bad she is not an illegal, then she not only would not need a permit, but heck our government would give her free stuff.

I remember when lots of kids had lemonade stands with no problems, but that was in the early 50s, when America was the USA, not the new USSA.

As I am posting this, they just announced on FOX News on the Fox and friends show that little seven-year-old Julie Murphy will be on their show this morning. If you read this before she comes on you might want to turn it on and see what she has to say.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Texas Ranchers Forced To Hire “Gate Keepers”

NEWSCHANNEL 5 Investigation: The Valley's War Zone

Smugglers run free in quiet brush country

TV video report shows ranchers in Texas having to hire "gate guards".

Secret surveillance cameras show excellent footage.

Hi, My name is Elizabeth Burns and it is my family that is featured in this video. I have a youtube page and I interview the illegals as they sashay by and film all the Border Patrol action. All of the movies are filmed and edited by me. They all take place on our ranch which you see in this report.
It’s a huge disaster. The news feature above aired on the local news last year. I’m glad to see it’s being noticed. For lots of movies from the border – go to my youtube page.

By the way, we decided to move from the ranch for good about 2 weeks ago. My husband told the family he was quitting. It’s too dangerous out there.

My youtube page is

I have a blog and I saw lots of traffic coming from a chatboard that linked back to your blog. That is how I found it. I will check out your other posts Thanks for spreading the word about the border headaches. "

This is statement below is from her blog/website about the video above:

"Here's a news report from Corpus with my husband featured. I think he does a good job. I think he seems more reasonable than I ever will. Finn wants to do it. He thinks being on the news is neat. My other son, Henry, is appalled. He would have a heart attack if he knew I even mentioned his name on my blog. I used to be like Henry. I did not believe in any publicity. But, desperate times call for desperate measures."
By the way, we decided to move from the ranch for good about 2 weeks ago. My husband told the family he was quitting. It’s too dangerous out there.

Here are some sworn affidavits from law enforcement about our ranch….

Wild Thing's comment.......

OMG this is just going too far. We heard about how areas of AZ. have been makred NOT to enter because of ILLEGALS. And the crimes they do to citizens of this country in variouis States and now this, ranchers being basically run off their land.

God help us we have leadership from the top down in our country on all levels that only a few will take a stand and want to uphold the laws of our land.

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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More Proof Of The Illegal Immigrant Crime Epidemic

More proof of the illegal immigrant crime epidemic

Examiner Tampa Bay

Liberals continue to dismiss, downplay and bury all the evidence that there has been a sweeping epidemic of crime in this country for years at the hands of illegal immigrants, but new figures from the border discredit this "see no crime, hear no crime" Democrat propaganda campaign.

As noted by CNS, the U.S. Attorneys’ Annual Statistical Report for Fiscal Year 2009 reveals that, of the 94 federal judicial districts in the United States (plus Guam, the North Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico), the five with the most crime (by far) are the five that make up our Southern border with Mexico.

What an amazing coincidence.

The top ten most crime-ridden judicial districts by criminal defendants (from the CNS article):

1. Southern Texas ---- 8,801
2. Western Texas ---- 8,435
3. Southern California ---- 5,554
4. Arizona ---- 5,155
5. New Mexico ---- 3,769
6. Central California ---- 2,581
7. Southern Florida ---- 2,514
8. Southern New York ---- 1,959
9. Middle Florida ---- 1,780
10. Eastern Virginia ---- 1,485

Notice how sharply the numbers drop off once you get away from the border? There's a reason for that. Contrary to everything we're told, illegal immigrants really are committing rampant crimes against our people.

The report has also revealed that one-third of all federal convictions were immigration related.

Wild Thing's comment.......

What I do not udnerstand about any of this if the laws about immigration are no big deal to some like Obama and others including some rinos's then why are we to respect laws about anything else. I would think they would realize the monster THEY are causing when they sue a State for wanting to follow the laws and how they might even sue the Sheriffs for the same thing. It is shocking to me.

I am so fed up with how our politicians are treating our laws and our Constitution!!!!!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Awesome Sen. Jim DeMint Hits Pelosi, Obama for Ignoring the U.S. Constitution

Kagan was confirmed later by a 63-37 vote.

Sen. Jim DeMint during a Senate Floor speech against the nomination of Elena Kagan, where he he hammered Nancy Pelosi for her willful disregard of the her oath of office to the U.S. Constitution. DeMint cited Pelosi’s answer when asked where the U.S. Constitution gives her the right to mandate that people purchase Health Insurance. She responded, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

DeMint said Pelosi does not see the Constitution as the document that limits what Government can do to the people. Instead, she and Obama have created a “Yes We Can Congress” that does what it pleases, without any regard to what the Constitution says.

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Kagan was confirmed in a vote this afternoon by a 63-37 margin. Only one Democrat voted against Kagan – Ben Nelson, while five Republicans joined the Democrats in confirming Kagan. She will be sworn in on Saturday.

Kagan will undoubtedly be one of the most radically leftist justices to ever sit on the High Court.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Jim DeMint is such a good man. I can think of about a dozen or so that have really stood out these last several years and if we did not have them I hate to think of how it might even be worse for our side, for America's side. To think of having more rino's then we do already I can't even imagine how horrible that would be. Like not even having anyone to stand up for our country.

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August 05, 2010

Let's Hear an OH YESSSS For Pilots

Wild Thing's comment.......

LMAO I love this.

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My Name is Freedom - and I'm Dying... Will You HELP Me??

This was also with the video..................

Hear my cry.


I had a dream the other night I didn't understand.
A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.
His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my bed.
He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low he said:
We fought a revolution to secure our liberty.
We wrote the Consititution as a shield from tyranny.
For future generations, this legacy we gave.
In this, the land of the free and home of the brave.
The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you'd always keep.
But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents were asleep.
Your freedom gone - your courage lost - you're no more then a slave.
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.
You buy permits to travel and permits to own a gun,
Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.
On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent.
Although you have no voice in how the money's spent
Your children must attend a school that doesn't educate.
Your moral values can't be taught, according to the state.
You read about the current 'news' in a very biased press.
You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the IRS.
Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold.
You trade your wealth for paper, so life can be controlled.
You pay for crimes that make our Nation turn from God to shame.
You've taken Satin's number, as you've traded in your name.
You've given government control to those who do you harm.
So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm.
And keep our country deep in debt, put men of God in jail.
Harass your fellow countryman while corrupted courts prevail.
Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oath they've sworn.
Our daughters visit doctors so children won't be born.
Your leaders ship artillery and guns to foreign shores.
And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other peoples wars.
Can you regain your Freedom for which we fought and died.
Or don't you have the courage, or the faith to stand with pride.
Are there no more values for which you'll fight to save?
Or do you wish your children live in fear and be a slave?
Sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand!
Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land!
Preserve our Republic, and each God given right!
And pray to God to keep the words of freedom burning bright!
As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came.
His words were true, we are not free, and we have ourselves to blame.
For even now as tyrants trample each God-given right.
We only watch and tremble- too afraid to stand and fight.
If he stood by your bedside in a dream while you're asleep.
And wonder what remains of your right he fought to keep.
What would be your answer be if he called out from the grave?
Is this still the land of the free and home of the brave?


Wild Thing's comment..........

Great video of how we all feel and we WILL fight back and we are fighting back.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Show Me ObamaCare...I Do Not Lilke This Uncle Sam


Show Me ObamaCare

Despite a voter rebuke, how an obscure mandate will reshape health care.

The Wall Street Journal

The political revolt against ObamaCare came to Missouri Tuesday, with voters casting ballots three to one against the plan in its first direct referendum. This is another resounding health-care rebuke to the White House and Democrats, not that overwhelming public opposition to this expansion of government power ever deterred them before.

Missouri's Proposition C annulled the "individual mandate" within state lines, or the requirement that everyone buy insurance or else pay a tax. Liberals are trying to wave off this embarrassment, but that is hard to do when the split was 71.1% in favor in a state John McCain won by a mere 0.1% margin. The anti-ObamaCare measure carried every county save St. Louis and Kansas City with 668,000 votes, yet just 578,000 Republicans cast a ballot in the concurrent primaries.

If the practical effects of this conflict between state and federal law are likely to be limited, more importantly, Missouri's vote revealed once again that the country is still aghast over President Obama's health-care presumption. Earlier this week, the Congressional Research Service reported that the new bureaucracy the bill created is so complex and indiscriminate that its size is "currently unknowable." Capitol Hill's independent policy arm added that among "the dozens of new governmental organizations or advisory bodies," it is "impossible to know how much influence they will ultimately have."

No wonder Missourians rebelled, as with voters in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia last year. There will be more such what-have-they-done ObamaCare moments. Wait until the public discovers the government is now literally determining what qualifies as "health care" in America.
That isn't a typo. ObamaCare mandates that insurers spend a certain percentage of premium dollars on benefits, but Democrats never got around to writing the fine print of what counts as a benefit. So a handful of regulators are now choosing among the tens of thousands of services that doctors, hospitals and insurers offer. Few other government decisions will do more to shape tomorrow's health market, or what's left of it.

This command-and-control mechanism is the bill's mandate for insurance "medical loss ratios" (MLR) of 85% for large employers and 80% for small businesses and individuals. The MLR is an accounting statistic that measures the share of premiums paid out in patient claims ("losses"). In the individual market, MLRs typically run between 65% and 75%, and Democrats like Jay Rockefeller and Al Franken think this is evidence of excessive profits, executive pay, marketing and other supposedly wasteful overhead.

The same mentality prevails in the Administration, so it may well adopt a narrow definition of medical expenses when it issues final regulations by early fall. The insurance industry is lobbying for a less rigid standard: It will be easier to run a business and turn a profit if more of the costs are considered truly medical in nature.

More notable is that people partial to ObamaCare but largely outside of politics are coming to understand the mess Congress has created. To wit, much of health care's intellectual energy is moving toward a concept called the "accountable care organization," which would replace today's fragmented delivery system of mostly solo practitioners with teams of doctors and hospitals working together. These integrated groups would manage and coordinate care, use more information technology and try to improve treatment quality for chronic disease and complex conditions.

Yet "it isn't easy to draw a bright line, or even a fuzzy line, between traditional health services and some of the more innovative coordinated models," says Mark McClellan of the Brookings Institution and a leading accountable care proponent. The new model would rely on many tools that aren't strictly medical, like, say, a checkup or a CT scan.

For example, how to classify a program to double-check doctors orders to avoid one of the unnecessary surgeries that kill some 12,000 people every year? Or counseling, calls, emails and other types of case management to make sure patients comply with their diabetes regimen? Or investments in electronic medical records? Obviously these programs aren't the same as an O.R. visit, but they still cost money, often a lot of it, and many insurance programs pay or are starting to pay for them.

The possibility that these will be written out of the MLR definition is feeding a growing unease about politics shaping medicine more than it already does. The California Association of Physician Groups, the largest U.S. accountable care trade group, recently protested that a narrow MLR ruling "would create a disincentive for plans to contract with our members and undercut the coordinated care model."

Health Integrated, a respected medical consulting firm, urged regulators "to avoid discouraging or inadvertently extinguishing the successful innovation that (so frequently) arises only from a plan's ability to try new ideas." Even North Dakota's Democratic Rep. Earl Pomeroy, who voted for the bill, argues that tight MLR regulation "could have a chilling effect on future innovative programs."

"The real question is the overall philosophical thrust, which will determine the long-term direction of health care," Mr. McClellan says of the coming definition. The regulatory debate is dominated by Senator Rockefeller and others on the left who are still angry they never got a public option and are trying to use MLR as a proxy for controlling the insurance industry. The irony is that the new health models they claim to favor may be collateral damage, even as insurers take the fall for the problems Congress created.

Another danger concerns the individual market, where a wave of destruction could be imminent. If the MLR definition is so arbitrary that health plans can't cover their claims and expenses, they'll simply withdraw that book of business. Mila Kofman, Maine's insurance superintendent and an ObamaCare supporter, warned that "the federal standard may disrupt our individual health insurance market" and is seeking an exemption. Her protest is all the more notable given that Maine's health regulations closely resemble those that are about to be imposed nationwide.

Ms. Kofman and others are right to worry. In the 1990s, an MLR crackdown in Washington state caused the individual market to collapse in 36 of 39 counties. Too bad for the people with coverage today who were promised they could keep it if they liked it.

This fight over medical loss ratios is an early taste of how a "government takeover" operates in practice. The state insurance commissioners advising the federal government—and who know something about the business—have already missed several deadlines because writing a uniform definition of medicine is "time consuming," while a wrong move would "destabilize the marketplace and significantly limit consumer choices."

We predicted that under ObamaCare politicians and technocrats would dominate medicine, and here they come. Without more Missouri-style revolts—or perhaps in spite of them—the rest of us will soon learn how competent they really are.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Greta said last night that Gibbs, when asked if this meant something, said, “No”.

The arrogance of Washington is breathtaking.

Will there have to be tarring and feathering before they realize the government is subject to the will of the people?

This is the ultimate misunderstanding of the constitution. The primary purpose of the Constitution is to limit government. When the elites do not realize they are LIMITED by this work, they are defying the main premise of this country.

And the twists and turns of the obamacare bill that keep coming out make it worse and worse if that is even possible, but it is.

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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New Cigarette Law Snags Cartons For Troops Too

Due to the PACT act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking), grandfather and retired military man Jack Gray can't send his grandson's -- Lance Cpl. Thomas Gray -- favorite type of cigarettes through the U.S. Postal service to where the 19-year-old is stationed in Afghanistan. (By Matt Stone, The Courier-Journal) Aug. 3, 2010 (CJ)

New cigarette law snags cartons for troops too

Courier Journal - Kentucky

A new federal law intended to make sure mail-order cigarette sellers don’t avoid taxes is frustrating well-meaning people who want to mail smokes, including a Louisville man who can no longer send Marlboro Menthols to his grandson, a Marine serving in Afghanistan.

“Why punish a serviceman with this act when he can’t even have a cigarette over there,” Jack Gray said. “That’s not believable.”

It’s an unintended consequence of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act, or PACT Act as it’s known for short, said a spokeswoman for the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Herbert Kohl, D-Wisc.

Besides foiling mail-order sellers that avoid taxes, the law also seeks to prevent minors from circumventing age limits by buying cigarettes through the mail.

In response to the law, which was passed and signed by President Obama in March, the U.S. Postal Service adopted a new policy at the end of June that nearly bans mailing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Most exceptions require they be sent via Express Mail, which allows the post office to confirm the package is delivered to an adult.

But Express Mail isn’t available in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gray found out about the new law recently when he went to mail a package to his grandson, which he does occasionally.

“It was a bolt out of the blue,” Gray said.

“We are working to fix it as soon as possible,” Kohl spokeswoman Dawn Schueller said Tuesday. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, filed a bill July 30 to create an exemption for mailing tobacco to members of the Armed Forces in combat zones. The bill has been referred to a committee.

UPS hasn’t delivered cigarettes to consumers since 2005, spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said, adding that the decision came as various states passed restrictions. She said the postal service was the last major commercial carrier delivering cigarettes to consumers.

A FedEx spokeswoman said the company only ships tobacco products between licensed distributors.
Several national groups such as the American heart and lung associations supported the PACT Act for its restrictions on minors buying cigarettes over the Internet and the crack down on sales that avoid taxes.

But the new law has prompted frustrated discussion on a Website for parents of Marines and led to the creation of a Facebook page calling for the law to be changed.

Gray said his grandson, Lance Cpl. Thomas H. Gray, 20, a 2008 Valley High graduate, has been in Afghanistan since April. Gray said he mailed him cigarettes at least four times before the new policy.

“He can’t get the kind of cigarettes he likes over there,” Gray said, adding that he hasn’t talked to his grandson in a couple weeks, so they haven’t discussed the policy change.

Native Americans in New York, who sell cigarettes by mail-order and otherwise didn’t have to enforce state taxes, are challenging it in federal court.

“But this is not a case of trying to sell cigarettes,” Gray said of his situation. “This is a case of trying to get a cigarette to a guy that’s over there in a combat zone. He’s gonna smoke ‘em. He ain’t gonna sell ‘em.”

The bill included a provision that allows cigarettes to be mailed to individuals “who are not minors for noncommercial purposes.”

“We included that provision specifically to allow care packages to service members,” Kohl spokeswoman Schueller said, acknowledging that the Postal Service used Express Mail to verify the age of the recipient.

“We’re just following the law, said David Walton, a USPS spokesman in Louisville. “The ban is not something that we initiated. It’s a law that’s very exacting.”

As for sending the package without declaring what’s inside, Walton said packages being mailed overseas require a customs form and anyone caught lying about the contents could be prosecuted.

Denra Riley, president of the Fort Campbell Enlisted Spouses’ Club, said she’s aware of complaints about the new law, including from her husband, Sgt. First Class Christopher Riley of the 184th EOD Battalion out of Fort Campbell.

“I can’t help him out any more and it kind of does stink to be a spouse and not be able to send your husband things he” wants, she said.

“We do have a lot of soldiers complaining about it and I have heard a few spouses, myself included, that kind of don’t agree with it,” she said.

Riley said she thinks it would be a bigger issue, but “people are still going to do it. They’re just not going to put it on the forms any longer.”

But Gray said he doesn’t want to do that.

“I don’t advocate breaking the law,” he said. “But it’s just wrong, plain flat out wrong, to punish a Marine over there because of a tax law over here.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

I really don't like it when someone pushes their own agenda on others. When it comes to our troops IMO they should be able to get things they need and or want. Obama and his ilk don't get that being in the military is NOT the same as being a civilian and he keeps wanting to treat the mililtary like some kind of baby sitter in war time instead of warriors highly trained for what they do.

I will also add that I know this will never happen, but I would like to see that those serving would not have to pay for anything. Let them get pay and keep it, do whatever they want with it or blow it on something fun whatever. But they should not have to pay for anything not even toothpaste. I would rather see my tax dollars paying for things our troops need then, taking all that crap Pelosi etc. stuck in the various stimulus packages.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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it Is Us

It is us

We're the ones who allowed anti-Americans to take over America

The Washington Times

by Ted Nugent

Barack Hussein Obama did not sneak into power. An army of clueless, disconnected, ignorant Americans invited him to bring his Marxist, glaringly anti-American jihad into our lives. This president's overtly destructive, clear-and-present-danger agenda is surpassed in transparency only by his ultra-leftist public voting record and overall lifetime conduct of consorting with the enemy as a child and student of Marxism, socialist and racist community organizer, congregant of the blatant America-hating black-theology- and social-justice-spewing Rev. Jeremiah Wright and close personal friend of convicted communist terrorists like Bill Ayers, and by his unflinching appointment of an array of communist czars, including Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunne, et al. So let me get this straight: You claim your intentions were noble because you simply wanted to get your child a puppy but somehow didn't notice that it was foaming at the mouth, and now you're shocked that your child has rabies?

I think not. That is not a mistake. It is negligence -- dangerous, life threatening and, I am convinced, downright criminal negligence.

And the price for such negligence is catastrophic, don't you know.

But it gets worse. For, you see, the blame doesn't fall just on the obvious stupidity of our friends and families who voted for this corrupt, death-wish government in whose stranglehold we find ourselves. Ultimately, it is our fault. It is the failure of those of us who know better but have failed miserably to educate our own. Living our lives with a captive audience of family, friends, co-workers, socialites, fellow worshippers at church and other parents at school -- everyone in our everyday walks of life -- far too many of us have allowed uneducated, history-devoid, denial-riddled, fantasy-driven, anti-gun and anti-hunting, anti-capitalism general ignoramuses to remain so and run amok, when by all thoughtful considerations, it was our duty to educate and upgrade everyone in our lives to truth, logic and the American way.

It is the terminal curse of apathy and disconnect that got us into this shameless mess we find America in today, and in all honesty, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We all saw it coming, but political correctness caused most of us to clam up in the ridiculous mindset that it was more important to avoid hurting feelings than to stand up for what we knew in our hearts was being trampled underfoot. Sadly, America has become a nation of ultra-thin-skinned, whining little girls, afraid of our own shadows and so cowardly as to back away from the simple solution of speaking the truth when we know we are supposed to do so.

I have been damned as being a radical extremist my entire adult life for simply standing up and relentlessly promoting and celebrating self-evident truth, logic and common sense. The devil brigade acting upon the Saul Alinsky deception playbook has made its mark by lying, cheating and attacking with the very hate that it accuses everybody else of harboring. With an overall complicit media to bullhorn the brigade's agenda, a nation of sheep has taken the pill and swallowed it whole.

Welcome to the new fat, soft, cowardly nation of wimps with the perfectly corrupt president and pack of soulless hounds in government that they deserve.

Look at Harry Reid. Charlie Rangel. Listen to Nancy Pelosi. What kind of idiots do they represent? A huge army of idiots who wish to do nothing for their country, but whine for their government to do everything for them. Welcome to France, ladies and gentlemen, only worse.

There always have been bad, ignorant people in the world. But in the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave, the epicenter of rugged individualism founded on the premise of live free or die, where the powerful DNA of defiance got us where we are as the last, best place on Earth, the ultimate violation is that so many hardworking, truly entrepreneurial, independent Americans backed down and failed to stand up when we saw the wimps squawking about all the wrong stuff.

Everything from the New Deal and Great Society on has been a dismal and grossly counterproductive failure, yet we continue to allow corrupt bureaucrats to keep jamming more of the same down our throats with barely a whimper of resistance. How pathetic. How lame. How un-American.

Wild Thing's comment.......

The 'sleeping giant' has been awakened. The Tea Parties are a start. We must follow through on our convictions.

We have the chance in November, 2010 to totally destroy the Democrat Party as an effective political force. Message: Get out, vote on November 2, 2010 and defeat every Democrat that is running for office!!! This may be your last chance!!!!

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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Rhema Marvanne - 'Amazing Grace'

Amazing Grace as sung by Rhema Marvanne

Rhema Marvanne was born 9/15/02, lost her mother, Wendi Marvanne Voraritskul, to ovarian cancer on November 8, 2008. Rhema lives in Carrollton, TX and attends The Branch Church (Vista Ridge Campus)


Wild Thing's comment........

So beautiful, what an adorable little girl with a voice from the angels.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory snapped this X-ray photo of the Sun early in the morning of Sunday, August 1st. The dark arc near the top right edge of the image is a filament of plasma blasting off the surface -- part of the coronal mass ejection. The bright region is an unassociated solar flare.

Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth

FOX News

Earth is bracing for a cosmic tsunami Tuesday night as tons of plasma from a massive solar flare head directly toward the planet.

The Sun's surface erupted early Sunday morning, shooting a wall of ionized atoms directly at Earth, scientists say. It is expected to create a geomagnetic storm and a spectacular light show -- and it could pose a threat to satellites in orbit, as well.

"This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on Aug. 4," said Leon Golub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "It's the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time."

The solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection, was spotted by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which captures high-definition views of the sun at a variety of wavelengths. SDO was launched in February and peers deep into the layers of the sun, investigating the mysteries of its inner workings.

"We got a beautiful view of this eruption," Golub said. "And there might be more beautiful views to come if it triggers aurorae."

Views of aurorae are usually associated with Canada and Alaska, but even skywatchers in the northern U.S. mainland are being told they can look toward the north Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for rippling "curtains" of green and red light.

When a coronal mass ejection reaches Earth, solar particles stream down our planet's magnetic field lines toward the poles. In the process, the particles collide with atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, which then glow, creating an effect similar to miniature neon signs.

The interaction of the solar particles with our planet's magnetic field has the potential to create geomagnetic storms, or disturbances, in Earth's magnetosphere. And while aurorae are normally visible only at high latitudes, they can light up the sky even at lower latitudes during a geomagnetic storm.

Fortunately for Earth-bound observers, the atmosphere filters out nearly all of the radiation from the solar blast. The flare shouldn't pose a health hazard, Golub told

"It's because of our atmosphere," he explained, "which absorbs the radiation, as well as the magnetic field of the Earth, which deflects any magnetic particles produced."

The radiation "almost never" makes it to ground, he noted, though pilots and passengers in airplanes may experience increased radiation levels akin to getting an X-ray.

The solar particles also could affect satellites, though scientists think that possibility is remote. Orbital Sciences Corp. believe a similar blast may have knocked its Galaxy 15 satellite permanently out of action this year.


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Interesting and amazing. I think it is actaully pretty, not wanting to get next to it. haha But still all those colors, oranges, reds, yellow etc.

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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Abbott and Costello Sketch About Being In The Union And Loafing

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LOL I thought since we have had Unioins so much in the news this kind of fit.

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August 04, 2010

Obama Driven By Hate For America and Americans Attacks Americans – Says Those Who Support AZ Law Are “Anti-Immigrant”

Obama Attacks Americans – Says Those Who Support AZ Law Are “Anti-Immigrant”

Nearly two-thirds of American voters support the Arizona immigration law. Less than one-third of voters oppose it including our radical president and his far left administration.

America’s radical open borders president said that those who oppose illegal aliens are “anti-immigrant.” He also told the media that Arizona’s governor supported the state’s new immigration bill for political reasons.

Obama attacks Americans:

“What we can’t do is demogogue the issue. And what we can’t do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states or cities or localities, where anyone who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly say I’m gonna be anti-immigrant and I’m gonna see if we can solve the problem ourselves.”


So it is the freaks birthday today and no way will I wish him a happy birthday. But Gov. Brewer has done something very clever. heh heh Here it is.....................

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is asking others to join her in sending President Obama a cake with a special message for his birthday on Wednesday ( TODAY )

Here is the website she made for this occassion. . LOL

I saw where someone sent one with Hillary's name. hahahaha

Wild Thing's comment.......

Gov. Jan Brewer is using Alinsky’s tactics against Hussien: Isolate, Freeze, Polarize, and Ridicule. heh Jan Brewer Rules!

At the time of doing this post it says at the website...........Total number of cakes sent: 15542

SHERIFF Joe Arpaio Facebook Page

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Yesterday's Election....Missouri Votes to Block Obama's Health Insurance Mandate ~ Thank you!

Missouri Votes to Block Obama's Health Insurance Mandate

FOX News

Looks to me like Prop C is a HELL YEA!!!!

Proposition C

Precincts Reporting 3349 of 3354

Yes 667,214 71.1%
No 270,750 28.9%

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a key provision of President Barack Obama's health care law, sending a clear message of discontent to Washington and Democrats less than 100 days before the midterm elections.

With about 90 percent of the vote counted late Tuesday, nearly three-quarters of voters backed a ballot measure, Proposition C, that would prohibit the government from requiring people to have health insurance or from penalizing them for not having it.

The Missouri law would conflict with a federal requirement that most people have health insurance or face penalties starting in 2014.

Tuesday's vote was seen as largely symbolic because federal law generally trumps state law. But it was also seen as a sign of growing voter disillusionment with federal policies and a show of strength by conservatives and the tea party movement.

"To us, it symbolized everything," said Annette Read, a tea party participant from suburban St. Louis who quit her online retail job to lead a yearlong campaign for the Missouri ballot measure. "The entire frustration in the country ... how our government has misspent, how they haven't listened to the people, this measure in general encompassed all of that."
"I believe that the general public has been duped about the benefits of the health care proposal," said Mike Sampson of Jefferson City, an independent emergency management contractor, who voted for the proposition. "My guess is federal law will in fact supersede state law, but we need to send a message to the folks in Washington, D.C., that people in the hinterlands are not happy."

Legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana and Virginia have passed similar statutes, and voters in Arizona and Oklahoma will vote on such measures as state constitutional amendments in November. But Missouri was the first state to challenge aspects of the federal law in a referendum.

Wild Thing's comment........

Great job, Missouri!!

The biggest election blowout is not about any candidate, unless you want to count Obama. In Missouri, 71 percent of the voters are backing a referendum requiring to state to protect its citizens from Obamacare’s requirement that they purchase health insurance. This is very bad news for Obama.

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Tribute Song "Soldier I Thank You"

Our troops are deployed all over the world and let me stop saying the word "troops", because when I say the word troops it makes them seem like they're somehow different than us. Let me describe these men and women as our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, co-workers, friends, and neighbors. They are the same people who are losing their homes, whose marriages are breaking up, who may have lost an arm or a leg. With our loved ones and families deployed all over the world isn't it a shame that they're sacrifices are not reflected in the music that is heard on the radio? I am all for bringing sexy back and I am also in favor of bringing American Patriotism back.

"What happened to the Red, White and Blue?"

When our troops went overseas, the streets were filled with cars and trucks decorated with red, white and blue. We all were cheering, as if the troops were our favorite sports team. You could see signs across America that read, "Go U.S.A.!" and the American flag was selling out in stores everywhere.
As American citizens, we have to admire the spirit and patriotism that was felt by our service men and women when they made the decision to serve this nation. They are America's finest, and we, as American citizens, are the beneficiaries of their decisions to protect us. We must continue to support them as we did when the war began. These men and women took an oath to be the guardians of some of the greatest words ever written on paper, The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights. In this civilized society, which is governed under a democracy, if we want to bring about change, we simply go to the voting booth. We live in a nation where we can enjoy the freedom and the right to have our voices be heard. This comes at a high price, which so many of our fellow Americans have paid, but we have forgotten?
This is a time of great concern for all Americans. The thoughts and opinions of the American people are split about this war. The fact remains that we are at war, and our armed forces are the brave men and women who have answered the call. Remember, our troops don't have the luxury of choosing the wars they will fight in, so we must not take for granted or misuse the American spirit that lives in them, because it is the same American spirit that lives in all of us.

Soldier I Thank You

Please tell a friend Jordan Leigh pays tribute to our soldiers and her brother fallen soldier Kenny J. Schall in a heartfelt music video Soldier I Thank You


Wild Thing's comment......

This is so wonderful, I love that she did this to pay tribute to her brother and to all that serve our country.

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The Left Pushes START with Blinders On

The Left Pushes START with Blinders On

The Heritage Foundation

By Bethany Murphy

As he did with Obamacare, the President is aiming to pass his most important foreign policy goal, the New START treaty with Russia, at any cost necessary. In this case, the cost of passage is the security of the American people and the sovereignty of the American government.

In April, President Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev signed the treaty, which now requires Senate ratification. To pass, the treaty needs support from a two-thirds majority. And The Heritage Foundation has fought from the beginning of the debate to ensure lawmakers have the facts about how bad New START really is.

Congressional conservatives like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) have come out strongly against the treaty, stating that it is a throw-back to Cold War-era foreign policy, where America's only enemy was the Soviet government. The treaty requires that America reduce its nuclear deterrent, without any verification that the Russians are keeping up their end of the bargain.

In a recent opinion piece in the Washington Examiner, Heritage's James Carafano, a leading foreign policy expert, notes:

A deliberately self-weakened United States will exert little influence on the nuclear inventories and programs of other nations...Rather, potential competitors will feel emboldened. They'll step up their programs. Allies will feel increasingly insecure and take matters more into their own hands.

Obama has told Senate conservatives that the new treaty will not weaken the American strategic position, and has promised increased funding ($100 billion over the next 10 years) for strategic systems. But we've seen a number of promises go stale under the President's watch. And Senators should remember that as they contemplate signing away our national security.


Stop the New START

By Ed Feulner
(Dr. Edwin Feulner is president of The Heritage Foundation, a Gold Partner)

The first major problem with the treaty: It would definitely reduce the number of American weapons, but it wouldn’t necessarily trim the number of Russian ones.

That’s not how the administration sees things, of course. It claims that the new pact would reduce the number of strategic warheads each country could deploy by 30 percent. And yes, if ratified by the U.S. Senate, New START would set a limit of 1,550 deployed strategic warheads, fewer than the 1,700–2,200 allowed under the existing Moscow Treaty.

But there are loopholes large enough to fire an ICBM through.

“If Russia exploits the legal lapses in New START, there is no actual limit in the new treaty on the number of strategic nuclear warheads that can be deployed,” writes the New START Working Group in a recent paper for The Heritage Foundation. “The number of Russia’s strategic nuclear warheads would be limited only by the financial resources it is able to devote to strategic forces, not by New START warhead ceilings -- which would be the case without this new Treaty.”

And the Russians are making no secret of the fact that they won’t cut their forces.

After the pact was signed, Gen. Nikolay Makarov, chief of the Russian General Staff, insisted, “The Strategic Rocket Forces will not be reduced. The Forces will be armed with modern mobile missile launchers.”

Furthermore, under New START, U.S. conventional warheads would be counted toward the treaty’s warhead and launcher limits, but tactical nuclear weapons wouldn’t be counted. That’s a problem, because Russia enjoys a 10-to-1 numeric advantage over the United States in such weapons, according to the 2009 report of the bipartisan Congressional Strategic Posture Commission. So the U.S. could find itself facing an actual nuclear-missile gap.

But we’ll still have something the Russians won’t, right? A tested, effective and expanding missile-defense system? Well, not quite.

As the Working Group explains, “New START contains many provisions relating to missile defense (including legal prohibitions) and could set the stage for further limitations without the advice and consent of the Senate.” That’s certainly how the Russians see things.

Gen. Yevgeniy Buzinskiy says that Russia wouldn’t hesitate to withdraw from the new treaty if the U.S. tries to expand our European missile defenses. “The sides agreed that the present strategic defensive arms are not undermining the viability and effectiveness of their strategic offensives forces. This makes it possible for us, in case the Americans increase their strategic ABM system, to claim that they are not observing [the terms] of the treaty.”

To get the Russians to sign this START, the Obama administration scrapped plans to build missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, sites that the Bush administration had negotiated long and hard to establish. So it’s safe to assume that we won’t be installing any new defensive positions, out of fear that doing so would cause the Russians to pull out of the treaty.

International agreements can help maintain peaceful relations between nations. But there’s no question that maintaining a strong and capable American military is the best way to keep the peace.

New START would take us several steps in the wrong direction. It would make America more vulnerable, not less. When asked to ratify the treaty, Senators should recognize it for what it is -- a non-starter.


Wild Thing's comment.......

There seems to be no end to the treason committed by Obama and his cronies.

This from Big Government blog:

"Senator John Kerry said on Bloomberg TV that Republicans may not be given access to the negotiating agreement, but may be tossed a promise for modernization. Kerry said of the negotiating record “on the negotiating record. And they want assurances with respect to the modernization program on nuclear weapons. They ought to have that and we are willing – you know, I am going to try and get two out of three of those and the third is really up to the administration. The question on the negotiating record is the administration’s decision.” This seems to indicate that Senate Republicans will not be given the negotiating record. This is circumstantial evidence that they have something to hide."

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Perez Threatens Sherriff Joe with Lawsuit

Perez Threatens Sherriff Joe with Lawsuit

Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez said the Justice Department will bring a lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he continues to impede a pending civil rights investigation.

In a letter sent to Arpaio’s counsel Tuesday, Perez gave the top cop, known as “Sheriff Joe,” until Aug. 17 to hand over documents the department requested last year. If Arpaio refuses to comply, Perez said the DOJ “will not hesitate to commence litigation.”

Arpaio has said he believes the investigation is politically motivated and has refused to hand over documents until his office received “appropriate assurances” that the DOJ is not improperly coordinating its investigation with the Department of Homeland Security, according to the letter.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division launched a probe of the self-proclaimed “America’s toughest sheriff” last March to investigate allegations that Arpaio’s office engaged in unlawful searches and seizures, discriminatory police conduct and failed to provide language assistance to individuals with limited English proficiency.

After responding to three of the 51 requests for documentation, the sheriff’s office cut Justice Department officials off. On July 7, 2009, Arpaio held a press conference announcing he would not cooperate with the investigation, provide additional documents or allow the DOJ further access to county facilities or personnel.

The sheriff’s office later submitted a position statement on the operation of Maricopa County jails in June 2010, 15 months after the Justice Department first requested the documents. In the letter Tuesday, Perez said the position statement “falls far short of complying with MCSO’s obligation to cooperate with the investigation.”

Arpaio has a history of public opposition to federal government probes of his activities, and he commonly holds press conferences and crime sweeps to coincide with and highlight his resistance. For example, Arpaio, a vocal opponent of illegal immigration, marched 220 undocumented inmates wearing chains down a public street in Phoenix last fall.

In the letter, Perez said that Maricopa County and the sheriff’s office are contractually obligated to cooperate with the department’s investigation because they accept federal funding.

“MCSO’s refusal to cooperate fully with the Division’s investigation makes it an extreme outlier when compared with other recipients of federal financial assistance, which have uniformly recognized their obligation to cooperate,” Perez wrote.

From Michelle Malkin

Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez, took the lead in prepping the legal brief against Arizona. The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Perez is a far Left lawyer and activist who worked for the late mass illegal alien amnesty champion Teddy Kennedy and served in the Clinton administration DOJ. While holding down a key government position there in which he was entrusted to abide by the rule of law, Perez volunteered for Casa de Maryland – a notorious illegal alien advocacy group funded through a combination of taxpayer-subsidized grants and radical liberal philanthropy, including billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Institute (not to mention more than $1 million showered on the group by Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez’s regime-owned oil company, CITGO).

Perez rose from Casa de Maryland volunteer to president of the group’s board of directors. Under the guise of enhancing the ‘multicultural’ experience, he crusaded for an ever-expanding set of illegal alien benefits from in-state tuition discounts for illegal alien students to driver’s licenses. Casa de Maryland opposes enforcement of deportation orders, has protested post-9/11 coordination of local, state, and national criminal databases, and produced a ‘know your rights’ propaganda pamphlet for illegal alien depicting federal immigration agents as armed bullies making babies cry.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

The US government is against it’s own people. Obama and his Administration are attacking and trying to overthrow the US Constitution. Obama and his demons from Hell are “domestic enemies”, from which the Constitution needs to be protected and defended.

Sheriff Joe should respond by filing a federal complaint against the Attorney General, the President, every member of Congress, and the Justice Department.

They all swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. In that Constitution the President is required by the weight of that document to protect the states from invasion.

Having not complied, having not been held to standard, Congress having taken no action and the Justice Department having not taken action, the whole lot of them are in violation of their oaths of office, and entirely outside the bounds of our Constitution on this matter.

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GOP Rep. Mike Rogers Favors Death Penalty for WikiLeaks Leaker if Convicted of Treason

Congressman Mike Rogers (MI), a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the dangerous leak of classified information by and why these disclosures are an act of treason, putting soldiers' lives at risk and giving aid to the enemy.

“You have to stop the culture of disclosure.” Rogers eloquently argued that the media may find leakers useful, but what they are doing by leaking classified information is that they are putting the lives of our military personnel at risk.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Yes, yes, YES! A nation that doesn’t deal with its traitors ends up electing them to office.

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DEMOCRAT Rep. Pete Stark: ‘The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country’

Congressman Peter Starks takes questions at a town hall meeting in Hayward CA... Pete Stark telling constituents how much power the Federal Government has over us.

"The Federal Government can do most anything in this country"

Wild Thing's comment.........

And also did you catch his sarcastic reply to the woman after she told him that he and others like him were destroying this country? He said, "Well, I'm very glad you're here to save it." He couldn't have cared less about her concerns.

These Democrats in the House and Senate and Obama they all make my skin crawl.

I have to wonder, can we survive the people and the mentality that put this administration into power.

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August 03, 2010

The Boot Campaign To Benefit The Military Veterans Of Our Country

The Boot Girls Photo page

This is Heather, Sherri, Mariae, Ginger and Leigh Ann, and we are known as the Boot Girls. The five of us are currently leading a grassroots initiative called the Boot Campaign, and our newest announcement is that we have been blessed to have caught the attention of the USO.

The Boot Campaign website

The Boot Campaign on Facebook

They personify the grassroots, “let’s make something happen” spirit that is unique to our country. The Boot Girls are five women from across Texas who were inspired by Marcus Luttrell’s best-selling book Lone Survivor, which paints a very stark reality of the war in the Middle East. The Girls understood that our troops returning from war need our help, so they generated awareness by creating the “Boot Campaign” celebrity photo gallery picturing celebrities in combat boots. That effort became an instant success and gave life to the “Get Your Boots On” opportunity for all Americans to buy combat boots to “Give Back” to our military heroes.

The ultimate goal is selling one million of our signature Altama combat boots to benefit the military veterans of our country.



The USO heard about the Boot Campaign as the result of a request for permission to capture in a photograph one of their celebrities on a USO tour in Boots. They were interested in what the Boot Campaign was doing and how they could help fulfill its goals. From there, a great partnership was born, and we are thrilled to be working alongside such a noteworthy and hardworking organization.

The USO’s mission, for almost 70 years, is the same as what is in our hearts. They “support U.S. troops and their families wherever they serve” and “show appreciation and gratitude to men and women who defend us.” We’re proud to have the support of this long-standing, reputable organization in selling our boots. (And we are really excited that we have made an impression on them, too!)

BOOT SHOOT: Marcus Luttrell 2010

Music by: Jordyn Shellhart - "I Won't Give Up On You"

Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and lone survivor of Operation Redwing, Afghanistan June 2005, gets his BOOTS ON in support of our fighting men and women still defending our freedom every day there and all over the world.


Like the USO, the Boot Girls are not politically motivated. We are just five girls who want our friends, our families and everyone we can reach to realize that there are people across the world who are missing their friends and families to keep us free and safe.

The Boot Campaign and the Boot Girls make our national television debut today on Fox & Friends with singer Joe Nichols, and we hope everyone can tune in and find out more information regarding what we’re all about, and how everyone can get involved!

So lose the Redwings, the Nikes and (gasp!) the Manolos and “Get Your Boots On” with us! Let’s show those men and women who protect our freedom that they are the true heroes, earning celebrity status in the hearts of the people they fight for!

Show your support by becoming a fan of the Boot Campaign on Facebook

The Boot Girls are the are five women from across Texas and the creative force behind the Boot Campaign.

Boot Girls MISSION

The Boot Campaign was created to generate American awareness about the needs of our military men and women coming home from combat.
The money raised from boot sales will go to the Lone Survivor Foundation and the USO to support our returning active duty and combat veterans.
Our military heroes volunteered to put themselves in dangerous, life-threatening situations to preserve human freedom. The Boot Campaign motto is simple…“When they come back, we give back.” The Boot Girls want every person within reach of our website to tangibly give back to our troops by buying a pair of combat boots and proudly wearing or displaying them.


Celebrities and their photos wearing the BOOTS

CLICK HERE to see photos

Due to its patriotic appeal, the “Boots” poster campaign was an instant success throughout the State of Texas and soon became a “can’t miss” opportunity for national stars to show their support for our combat veterans. Music industry stars like Gretchen Wilson, Joe Nichols, Heidi Newfield, Randy Houser and Ted Nugent all donned the boots for posters and appearances. Texas Governor Rick Perry, the Detroit Redwings, Houston Astros, Seaworld and the Miss America Pageant also instantly said “yes” to pledge their involvement in the campaign. And most recently,the Dallas Cowboys.

The cast from the TV series "Sons Of Anarchy"

"We were instantly interested in the idea after Boot Girl Sherri discussed the concept with us and recommended the “Lone Survivor” book by Marcus Luttrell. Since then, Luttrell’s account has inspired all of us to continue creating awareness of the current U.S. soldiers and veterans. Some of us have family military background, and even those who don’t were captivated by the initiative. We expect for the Boot Campaign to benefit military veterans by shaping their image as heroes who are worthy of attention and praise."


Boot Campaign Official "Give Back" Boot

Show your support by purchasing the official Boot Campaign "Give Back" Boots. These boots feature rugged construction, the official Boot Campaign logo embossed on the heel, and a tag explaining the entire Boot Campaign story. Plus, $45 from every boot sale will go to support the USO and the Lone Survivor Foundation.


Wild Thing's comment.......

One of my friends at Facebook sent me the link to this. I had never heard of it before. I think it is a wonderful idea so I wanted to show it to you. It alwasy makes my heart so happy when I see legit help for our troops and this one is one of those. They really explain what they do and where the money goes which is important. And that the USO picked up on what they are doing and is working with them as well is an added thing I love about it..

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share the information with all of you.

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Where or When ....Vietnam War tribute

This is a great Dion DiMucci song, Where or When. This video is a tribute to the men who fought and died in the Vietnam War.

The video mostly pictures American soldiers, but there are also combat photos of ARVN, Australian, South Korean, and North Vietnamese troops.

Vietnam War veterans 1956-1975... Thank you.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Really well done video.

Thank you to all our Vietnam Veterans.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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FL-22 GOP Candidate ~ Lt. Col. Allen West. Col. West America's Best!

This is an Ad for FL-22 GOP Candidate, Lt. Col. Allen West

"If it's about the lives of my men and their safety, I'd go through Hell with a gasoline can . . . There is not a person in this room I would not sacrifice my life for." -Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Allen B. West

Wild Thing's comment..........

This is an outstanding web ad for GOP Candidate for the House of Representatives, Lt. Col. Allen West. Col. West is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Rep. Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. I wish he was in my District so I could vote for him.

All the core military virtues are here: Tough on the enemy, protective of his men, honest about his actions.

Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Congress in Florida's 22nd District, and is a prime example of what the Republican Party should be standing up for, and for good reason. This guy is for real and America needs him and men and women like him. He understands the very real threats we face both from within our country, and from outside our borders, and has a clear vision of what we ought to be doing to meet and defeat them.

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Heroism in Ambush May Yield Top Valor Awards

From left to right: Gunnery Sgt. Aaron Kenefick, 1st Lt. Michael Johnson, Cpl. Dakota Meyer and Hospitalman 3rd Class James Layton

Heroism in ambush may yield top valor awards

By Dan Lamothe

With no air or artillery support, the Marines of Embedded Training Team 2-8 were trapped deep in a kill zone in eastern Afghanistan. Their radios worked only sporadically, and dozens of insurgents fired on them repeatedly from three sides.

“We’re surrounded!” Gunnery Sgt. Edwin Johnson yelled into his radio in the early-morning hours of Sept. 8, 2009. “They’re moving in on us!”

At least twice, a two-man team attempted to rescue their buddies, using an armored vehicle mounted with a .50-caliber machine gun to fight their way toward them. They were forced back each time by a hail of bullets, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. An enemy bullet hit the vehicle’s gun turret, piercing then-Cpl. Dakota Meyer’s elbow with shrapnel. He shook it off, refusing to tell the staff sergeant with him because he didn’t want to make the situation worse, according to U.S. Army documents outlining a military investigation of the ambush.

What he did next will live on in Marine Corps lore — and, some say, should earn him consideration for the Medal of Honor.

After helicopter pilots called on to respond said fighting was too fierce for them to land, Meyer, then 21, charged into the kill zone on foot to find his friends. Under heavy fire, he reached a trench where the pilots had spotted the Marines, by then considered missing.

He found Johnson, 31; Staff Sgt. Aaron Kenefick, 30; 1st Lt. Michael Johnson, 25; Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class James Layton, 22; and an Afghan soldier they were training — all dead and bloody from gunshot wounds. They were spread out in the ditch, their weapons and radios stolen.

“I checked them all for a pulse. There [sic] bodies were already stiff,” Meyer said in a sworn statement he was asked to provide military investigators. “I found SSgt Kenefick facedown in the trench w/ his GPS in his hand. His face appeared as if he was screaming. He had been shot in the head.”

Rather than give up, Meyer, of Greensburg, Ky., fought to bring his buddies back home. Bleeding from his shrapnel wound and still under fire, he carried their bodies back to a Humvee with the help of Afghan troops, and escorted them to nearby Forward Operating Base Joyce, about a mile to the northeast of Ganjgal.

Meyer’s five-page, handwritten statement to investigators is part of a 300-plus page report compiled by Combined Joint Task Force 82, then based at Bagram Air Base, in the days following the ambush. The military has declined repeatedly to release the full report, but Marine Corps Times obtained a declassified version that not only outlines heroism on the battlefield by numerous troops, but raises new questions about the mission’s failure, the Army officers in charge and why repeated, frantic pleas for air and artillery support from troops on the ground were ignored.

Meyer’s name was redacted from the report, but parents of the fallen Marines said he is responsible for retrieving their sons from the battlefield. Reached for comment July 15, Meyer declined to discuss the battle, and said he has avoided reading media coverage of it.

Then an infantry rifleman with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, out of Marine Corps Base Hawaii, he worked closely with Layton, Lt. Johnson and Kenefick, who was posthumously promoted to gunnery sergeant, in a four-man training team based at FOB Monti in Kunar province. He considered them close friends, he said. He left the Corps in June, after his four-year active-duty commitment expired.

“The main thing that we need to get from that day is that those guys died heroes, and they are greatly missed,” he said. “This isn’t about me. If anything comes out of it for me, it’s for those guys.”

A Medal of Honor?

The Marines weren’t the only ones killed that day. Some of the Afghan soldiers present fought alongside U.S. forces bravely, but nearly a dozen of them were cut down by gunfire, many after failing to heed the instruction of U.S. forces to keep down, according to witness statements. A 10-man squad working with the pinned down Marine trainers was initially identified as missing, but it was later determined that it was due to a scattering of Afghan forces after their leadership took heavy losses.

Thirteen U.S. military trainers, 60 Afghan soldiers and 20 Afghan border police officers were outside the wire that day to meet with village elders, according to a report by a McClatchy News journalist traveling with the unit when it was ambushed. At least eight Afghan troops and an Afghan interpreter were killed while fighting about 150 insurgents, and a U.S. soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth Westbrook, died Oct. 7 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington from wounds sustained in the attack.

Army officials announced in February that “negligent” leadership at the battalion level contributed “directly to the loss of life which ensued” by refusing repeated pleas for artillery support from U.S. forces on the ground and failing to notify higher commands that they had troops in trouble. Three unidentified officers — likely captains or majors — were recommended for letters of reprimand, potential career killers, but no additional punishment is expected.

Two investigations were conducted, with the first headed by an Army major in the first few days after the ambush and the second, focusing primarily on command post failure, overseen by Army Col. Richard Hooker and Marine Col. James Werth in November, said Marine Lt. Col. Joseph Kloppel, a spokesman for Marine Corps Forces Central Command, out of Tampa, Fla.

In February, the military released a five-page summary report of its investigation, void of many details, including which units were involved. With first-person statements from more than 35 U.S. troops, the full report covers much more ground, and describes in grisly detail chaos on the battlefield and in the operations center, based at FOB Joyce and overseen by Task Force Chosin, an Army unit comprising soldiers from 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, out of Fort Drum, N.Y.

The battalion, then commanded by Army Lt. Col. Mark O’Donnell, was not disclosed in the summary report. It said an acting battalion commander was in charge at the time of the attack.

The full report describes in great detail Meyer’s heroism and that of several other U.S. troops trapped in the middle of a violent maelstrom.

Investigating officers said at least two service members in the field that day “stand out as extraordinary examples of heroism worthy of the highest recognition.” The names of the troops cited for bravery were redacted from the report, and it is unclear if Meyer or another service member may be under consideration for the Medal of Honor or another high-level award.

Susan Price, Kenefick’s mother, said Marine officials have told her it is likely her son and the other casualties will receive at least a Bronze Star with V device for their bravery under fire. No Marine has received an award for valor related to the battle yet, and the process has been stalled while the Corps researches possible high-level awards, Price said she believes. She can handle that: Meyer deserves consideration for the nation’s highest honor, she said.

“He risked his life to bring back the bodies of our heroes,” she said. “In my heart of hearts, I believe he deserves it. He had to have said, ‘I have to go in and get them, and whatever happens, happens.’ ”

Another possible contender for a high-level award could be Layton. He rushed to the lieutenant’s side to provide medical treatment to a gunshot wound in the right shoulder, putting himself in harm’s way in the process, according to several witness statements. Layton was shot in the face with an AK47 burst, while Gunnery Sgt. Johnson was hit in the right side, face and chest, Meyer said in his statement.

“His arms were up as if he had seen the enemy there,” Meyer said of the gunny. The body armor and gear for the five troops was “spread out through the trench,” although it is believed they all kept their protective equipment on, suggesting the enemy removed it. Investigators also determined it is unlikely they were executed at close range.
Doug Sterner, a Vietnam veteran consulted frequently by Congress as an expert on combat valor issues, said Meyer’s actions sound worthy of Medal of Honor consideration, while Layton’s sounds worthy of consideration for the Navy Cross or Silver Star, the nation’s second- and third-highest awards for valor.
“I would think this action is certainly something where his commander should consider submitting him for the Medal of Honor,” he said of Meyer’s actions. Sterner said he is hopeful they will consider him for it despite the fact that when he found his buddies, they were already dead.
“To me, that’s a moot point,” Sterner said. “We don’t leave anybody behind, and we go to extreme lengths to recover their remains.”

Neither the commandant’s office nor the Marine Corps Awards Branch comments on possible combat awards, spokespersons for each said. MARCENT is reviewing Meyer’s actions for possible awards, Kloppel said. A recommendation will eventually be made to Marine Corps headquarters, which can either authorize an award or push it up to a higher command — which would be necessary for the Medal of Honor or the Navy Cross.

‘They knew we were coming’

The full report reveals a variety of other details not previously disclosed by the military in its five-page summary — including actions that potentially contributed directly to U.S. deaths.

One example: In the five-page summary released early this year, investigating officers said the mission called for a meeting with Ganjgal village elders. That’s true, but the situation was far more complicated than acknowledged publicly.

In fact, the mission in Ganjgal was a follow-up to another operation in the region, and included not only meeting with village elders, but clearing the area of the enemy, according to witness statements. On Sept. 3, a joint force composed of Afghan National Army soldiers, Afghan border police, and U.S. embedded trainers and mentoring teams conducted a mission in Dam Dara village, about a mile from Ganjgal. The troops were met “with a cordial response” from the villagers, but ambushed by a three- to five-man insurgent team wielding small arms on a ridge south of Ganjgal while leaving the area.

Following the attack, tribal elders in Ganjgal met with Afghan troops and renounced the Taliban. The elders invited the Afghan troops to return to discuss renovation plans for a mosque and conduct a census of military-age males. Afghan forces began planning their return to Ganjgal for Sept. 7, but decided to delay it a day due to “competing mission requirements” for the border police, the investigative report says.

No designated air support was available for the Ganjgal mission on Sept. 8, but Afghan military leadership, in conjunction with U.S. trainers, decided artillery support would be sufficient, especially because they were promised that helicopter gunships designated for another Sept. 8 operation in the nearby Shuryak Valley by a sister Army battalion — Task Force Lethal, comprising soldiers in Kunar province with 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th BCT, 4th ID, out of Fort Carson, Colo. — could be redirected to assist Chosin in Ganjgal, if necessary.

Before the mission, military leadership learned that Taliban leaders met in Ganjgal on Sept. 7 to plan an ambush of U.S. forces. Twenty fighters were in Ganjgal that day, with at least 20 more expected to come.

Despite the potential danger, U.S. and Afghan forces didn’t wave off on the mission the following day. Leadership decided that delaying the mission “would be perceived as stifling” the Afghan troops’ initiative. In a witness statement, an intelligence and operations officer for the Marine training team said they didn’t want to delay the mission out of concern for the village elders’ lives.

In retrospect, it backfired.

“The mission was definitely compromised,” an Army staff sergeant and scout squad leader on the battlefield with Task Force Chosin said in a sworn statement. “The elders/police could have easily tipped the enemy off. They knew what day we were coming. All I know is that they were already in position and waiting and they had a ton of ammo.”

The incident has been used as an example for officers in Afghanistan on how things can go wrong. It also has resulted in tightened requirements meant to ensure leadership stays involved in an operation from pre-mission planning through execution — a downfall in Ganjgal, where senior battalion leadership was not fully involved.

Army and Marine officials said investigations into what went wrong are now complete. It is unclear if the Army officers cited in the five U.S. deaths ever received the letters of reprimand.


Wild Thing's comment..........

What really burns me is a piece of garbage like Kerry gets himself a Silver Star, no less, for doing nothing. Yet these real heroes still have not been awarded anything yet, while they try to determine what awards to hand out.

I also found this to go with this write up, it is from the same author as above and a blog for notes from those that were there:

More comments from grunts in the infamous Ganjgal ambush

Marine Times
Posted by Dan Lamothe

Today, Marine Corps Times published online my story outlining the heroism of Cpl. Dakota Meyer, a rifleman and scout sniper who found himself in the middle of horrific ambush in eastern Afghanistan last year that ultimately claimed the life of five U.S. troops.

To get that story, I relied heavily on more than 300 pages of sworn witness statements and other documents compiled by Combined Joint Task Force 82, which conducted the investigation in Afghanistan in the days following the Sept. 8, 2009, attack in Ganjgal, a remote village in Kunar province. Even though the documents were already redacted when I received them from an outside source, the military has repeatedly declined to release them despite a Freedom of Information Act request that has been pending for months.

The statements of Meyer and a few other troops made it into the story, but given the gravity of the situation, it seemed relevant to share additional comments from some of the other troops who survived here. All names were redacted from the documents I obtained. The statements here are published with acronyms spelled out in brackets on first reference for our civilian readers. I’ve left spelling and punctuation as it was in the reports.

From an Army sergeant sniper with 10th Mountain Division who watched the ambush from an observation position above the valley:

"… Multiple requests for air [support] were made and it kept getting pushed back. We were told multiple times through an hour that air will be there in [redacted] min. Fire missions were repeatedly called up by ground troops and ourselves and many were denied… Repeatedly assets were requested for support but no asset urgency was shown."

From an Army staff sergeant scout squad leader with 10th Mountain Division, on how officers back at the tactical operations center responded to repeated requests for support from artillery, helicopters or a ground quick reaction force:

"They ask for indirect [fire] and in return get 20 questions. The people in the TOC need to let the [redacted] do his thing and trust what he is asking for. Also when [redacted] asked for help to retrieve bodies nobody helped. They called [redacted]. Why should you have to call [redacted] in a situation like that. It should be just go. There was U.S. out there. It doesn’t matter if its [redacted] or Marine. … Also, they wanted a plan of action to find the missing Marines. Well, they were looking for them. That’s all you can do. All in all just butt out and the information will get passed up when it does. So many times [redacted] asked crazy questions. The fight was long and heavy and I assure anyone, he was doing everything he could. My feeling is that the Marines and [redacted], [Afghan National Army], [Afghan Border Police] were left out to dry. It’s a horrible feeling but that’s how I feel about it. QRF? Air? Nothing but endless questions."

From an intelligence officer with the Marine training team, on the carnage he saw:

"I don’t think [personal protective equipment] really matter around there because everybody was getting shot. It had to be at least an hour since they were missing, since we lost them on the radio… Everything was soaked, my book was soaked in blood. Like my notepad that I was writing stuff on everything would fallout of my pockets. I had magazines in my cargo pocket, like empty magazines. I had to grab magazines from the [major] so I could get more ammo."

Compare the details in those remarks to the five-page summary report released in February by the International Security Assistance Force on behalf of Combined Joint Task Force 82 in February. A bit sanitized, perhaps?


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Arizona Sheriff Babeu : Arizona Sheriff: 'Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy'

Arizona Sheriff Babeu on Team Obama: “They Don’t Want to Achieve Border Security”

Sheriff Paul Babeu responded to Team Obama tonight:

“What I can tell you is that the president has looked at this purely from a political concern rather than a public safety concern… The president only four months ago said that border is secure with Janet Napolitano. And, then begrudgingly because the eyes of America were on this issue then they said, “Well, we’ll give you 1,200 armed soldiers but you’ve got to split them between four border states.” Well that’s not going to work because it’s a half-hearted measure designed for failure. Because they don’t want to achieve border security. Whether it’s purely for political reasons because they’re setting us up because they just put up this sign for our citizens to stay out. They dragged us into court at a time when we need help and partnered with the ACLU.“

Sheriff Babeu received death threats from the Mexican mafia in early July for cracking down on illegal immigration.


Obama Targetting Law Enforcement Officials

Arizona Sheriff: 'Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy'

Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

Babeu told ...................that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel.

“What’s very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU,” Babeu said.

The sheriff was referring to the law suits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Department of Justice challenging the state’s new immigration law.

“So who has partnered with the ACLU?” Babeu said in a telephone interview with “It’s the president and (Attorney General) Eric Holder himself. And that’s simply outrageous.”
“Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help,” Babeu said.

Babeu and Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County Ariz., spoke by phone with last week about the May 17 ACLU class-action lawsuit, which charges the law uses racial profiling and named the county attorneys and sheriffs in all 15 Arizona counties as defendants. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on July 6, charging the Arizona law preempted the federal government’s sole right to enforce immigration law.

“If the president would do his job and secure the border; send 3,000 armed soldiers to the Arizona border and stop the illegal immigration and the drug smuggling and the violence, we wouldn’t even be in this position and where we’re forced to take matters into our own hands,” Babeu said.

Dever said the federal government’s failure to secure the border and its current thwarting of Arizona’s effort to control illegal immigration within its borders has implications for the entire country.

“The bigger picture is while what’s going on in Arizona is critically important, what comes out of this and happens here will affect our entire nation in terms of our ability to protect our citizenry from a very serious homeland security threat,” Dever said. “People who are coming across the border in my county aren’t staying there. They’re going everywhere USA and a lot of them are bad, bad people.”

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), about 250,000 people were detained in Arizona in the last 12 months for being in the country illegally. Babeu said that that number only reflects the number of people detained and that thousands more enter the country illegally each year.

The CBP also reports that 17 percent of those detained already have a criminal record in the United States.

Both Babeu and Dever said they want to remain involved in the legal battle over the law, which many experts predict will end up being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dever has hired an independent attorney to represent him in the ACLU case and his attorney has already filed a motion of intervention in the DOJ lawsuit so the “(Dever) will have a seat at the table.”


And this as well that was posted yesterday. .......

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

$1M offered for Arpaio, $1K to join cartel

FOX News

On the day parts of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, went into effect, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news for another reason: there's a price on his head - allegedly offered by a Mexican drug cartel.

The audio message in Spanish is a bit garbled, but the text is clear.

It's offering $1 million for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head and $10,000 for anyone who wants to join the Mexican cartel.

A man who wants to remain anonymous says his wife received the text message Tuesday evening. It also included an international phone number and instructions to pass the message along.

"She showed it to me..I was kind of disgusted..I reported it to the Sheriff's department yesterday..they said they were going to direct the threat squad on it."

Lisa Allen of the Sheriff's office says they believe the message originated in Mexico.

Although the Sheriff has received numerous death threats in the past, they believe this threat is credible because of its timing.


Fox News' Griff Jenkins gets an up-close look at how police are upholding Arizona's law now that it's in effect


Wild Thing's comment........

Go get ‘em, Sheriff! And if you see a metrosexual, “mongrel” (to use his own words), jug-earred nerd travelling through you county licking an ice cream cone like an 11-year old girl, please ask for his papers.

Our government is supposed to be Of the people and by the people of the USA..not some other country.

Obama's government is the enemy of the “Bill of Rights”
Obama's government is the enemy of the US Constitution.
Obama's government is the enemy of the 50 (not 57) States.
Obama's government is the enemy of border security.
Obama's government is the enemy of the truth.
Obama's government is the enemy of privacy rights.
Obama's government is the enemy of property rights.
Obama's government is the enemy of equality.

Most importantly, this government is my enemy.

However, this government is the friend of Mudslimes.

That makes both Sheriff's have a price on their heads and for what....for wanting to obey our laws and protect and to serve. BUT NOT Obama. He does NOT want to obey our laws.

“We are not going to just shoot the bastards, we’re going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks; we’re going to murder the lousy bastards by the bushel.” Gen. Patton Speech; 3rd Army Speech - England; 31 MAY 1944 - 6th Armored Division

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Disgrace: DOJ Fails to Protect Military Voting Rights

Disgrace: DOJ Fails to Protect Military Voting Rights

In 2008, some 17,000 servicemen and servicewomen mailed home completed ballots that were never counted. The DOJ barely lifted a finger to prevent or prosecute this travesty. What will happen in 2010?

In the 2008 presidential election, 17,000 soldiers, sailors, and Marines mailed home completed ballots that were never counted.

Usually these ballots didn’t get home in time, mostly because they weren’t sent overseas early enough. One cause of this catastrophe is the Keystone Cops routine the Department of Justice Voting Section uses to enforce federal laws protecting the rights of military voters. Unfortunately, all signs point to a comic sequel in the upcoming November elections.

Congress tried to fix the problem last year by mandating that all ballots must be sent overseas at least 45 days before the election. But Military Voter Protection Project Director M. Eric Eversole has accused Justice Department officials of encouraging states to seek an exemption to the law. The law indeed grants states the right to ask the Pentagon to opt out of the law. Even worse, Eversole says the Department is telegraphing to states that it doesn’t want to pursue litigation to enforce the law.

Some voting rights are more important than others, it seems. Where have we heard this before?

Exemptions to the 45-day mailing mandate were supposed to be rare, and granted only for the most extreme emergencies. States had plenty of time to amend their laws to comply with the new 45-day window. Many states did nothing. Instead of aggressively enforcing the new protections, Justice has told states that the waiver provisions are ambiguous and encouraged waivers in numerous ways.

Senator John Cornyn, upon learning of the DOJ’s wobbly view of the new law, made it clear to the Pentagon in a recent meeting with Undersecretary Clifford Stanley that the Pentagon — which has the power to grant waivers — calls the shots. Cornyn’s message was the Pentagon should ignore any milquetoast attitudes emanating out of the Voting Section at Justice. Expect Senator Cornyn’s office to watch this issue like a hawk, which thankfully he is when it comes to military voting.

But Senator Cornyn has more reasons to worry than he knows. The investigative methods used by Justice in military voting matters are wholly inadequate. And even when the bureaucracy stumbles across violations, the Voting Section is timorous, and reluctant to aggressively litigate disenfranchisement of military voting rights.

One need only look at 2008 for proof. That year the Justice Department set up no telephone hotline for military voters to complain if they didn’t receive their ballot in time. No email address for the armed services was in use either. No outreach via military email, such as the daily “Early Bird,” took place. In fact, on the DOJ webpage devoted to military voting, all complaints are referred to the Pentagon. Naturally, after being detoured to the Pentagon, the aggrieved solider will learn the Pentagon has no enforcement power at all! Justice does.

DOJ should set up a well-publicized telephone hotline and email inbox to funnel complaints directly to litigation attorneys familiar with overseas voting. One Justice Voting Section attorney formerly served in Iraq and as a naval voting assistance officer. Others attorneys there are vets, or in the reserves. When someone in uniform from Iraq or Korea or Germany calls DOJ for help getting their ballot in time, the phones should ring on the desks of these specific military veterans at the Voting Section. It is a disgrace that DOJ refers them to the Pentagon, a bureaucracy without enforcement teeth.

But the problems at DOJ are even worse. Despite the fact we know that 17,000 uniformed personnel had their votes essentially thrown away in 2008, the DOJ didn’t bring a single case during the entire election season. Not one. Obviously there were problems with compliance with federal law. Seventeen thousand wasted votes scream that something is wrong. But apparently the DOJ didn’t have the imagination or investigative acumen to detect problems before the catastrophe had come to pass.

Bureaucracies tend to atrophy. Doing things the way you always do leads to 17,000 soldiers, sailors, and Marines losing their voice.

In 2008, the McCain campaign learned that the Commonwealth of Virginia was sending ballots out far too late for them to ever be successfully returned before the election. The campaign responded by immediately commencing a lawsuit.

Think about that: the very day before a historic election, a presidential campaign — with the distracting whirlwind of activity and bustle — was able to do what the bureaucrats at DOJ are paid to do, and didn’t: figure out Virginia was breaking federal law and file a lawsuit.

An affidavit of Voting Section attorney Lema Bashir in the case tells you all you need to know about how ineffective the DOJ investigative methods are during election season. It can be read here.

I must note that Ms. Bashir is not at fault, and she is a dedicated and committed lawyer. She didn’t develop this inept investigative methodology; her superiors did. It is the same plan used every two years at DOJ. In 2008 we know it cost our nation about 17,000 wasted military votes. There is no way to calculate how many thousands of military votes were wasted in previous elections because of the investigative shortcomings.

“On September 30, 2008,” Bashir notes, “I spoke with Vickie Williams” at the Virginia State Board of Elections. Williams was in charge of monitoring the mailing of military ballots. You’ll note this conversation occurred only 35 days before the election.

Until Congress stepped in last year, the statute set no mailing deadline, and DOJ was only requiring ballots to be mailed 30 days in advance. The Military Postal Service Agency had recommended 60 days, but bureaucrats inside DOJ were stuck in their ways and refused to budge from the 30-day tradition despite calls from all quarters to do so. In a rebuke to the bureaucrats, the new law now requires 45 days.

And what was the extent of the DOJ’s efforts to figure out if the thousands of Virginians serving overseas had their ballots mailed in time? On September 30, “Ms. Williams assured me that all of Virginia’s localities had sent absentee ballots to all UOCAVA voters who had requested an absentee ballot up until that date. She told me that she would send a follow-up email to [the Pentagon] with the specific dates when each locality had mailed such ballots,” the affidavit states.

Ms. Williams assured that all was well. Except it wasn’t. Actually, many ballots in Virginia were mailed overseas just a couple of weeks before the election. There was no chance they would ever be returned in time to be counted.

On Halloween 2008, the DOJ learned they had gotten a trick courtesy of the Virginia State Board of Elections when Ms. Williams called back with some bad news. She told the DOJ that her system never really could “provide the information requested” such as “the specific dates when each locality in Virginia had mailed such ballots.” Nobody actually knew what was going on — not Virginia, and obviously not the Justice Department either. The election was just four days away and the witches brew of electoral catastrophe was boiling.

One wonders what was happening from September 30 until October 31. Will the DOJ use this same broken system again in 2010? I’d suggest the DOJ look outside the bureaucracy, to the private sector, where experts on systems management exist that can fix this mess and prevent it from happening again. Turning inward to the bureaucracy for answers is likely to yield the same sorry results. But I’ll bet virtually nothing changes because a bureaucrat’s first instinct is to deny that a problem exists.

On November 3, the day before the election, the McCain campaign — unable to convince the DOJ it needed to act, and fast — filed a lawsuit to protect military voters. And not until November 14, 2008, did the DOJ do what it should have done weeks before — file papers in court to protect Virginia voters serving overseas in the military. Eventually the United States took the place of the McCain campaign and litigated the case.

Remember, this same mess played out all over the country, but the whip-smart investigative methods of the DOJ never could detect it. Seventeen thousand trashed military ballots prove it.

Amazingly, the Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) is continuing to advocate positions in the ongoing (yes, ongoing) litigation which are hostile to military voting rights. Those responsible for these disgraceful positions should be removed, or Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli should be allowed to assume management of the defense. Cuccinelli does not suffer fools gladly, particularly ones seeking to make it harder for soldiers and sailors to vote. No doubt he would settle the case immediately and agree to protect our servicemembers fully.

But the single Bashir affidavit, filed in the single military voting case arising out of the 2008 election where 17,000 military votes were trashed, tells you everything you need to know.

While our soldiers patrol dangerous frontiers in Korea and south Asia, looking hard for any signs of danger, the DOJ has a very different approach when it comes to detecting compliance by states with federal law. Airmen glued to radar screens and sailors listening hard to the sounds from towed sonar arrays have a right to expect better from bureaucrats in Washington. They put their lives on the line for us. The DOJ should do more than take the word of Vickie Williams at the Virginia SBE that all is well, all is quiet, no problems to report. And the DOJ should respond with overwhelming force when signs appear that states aren’t ready to comply with the new federal 45-day mailing mandate. Requests for waivers from the 45-day mandate should be denied. In fact, requests for waivers should trigger a DOJ investigation.

We owe these heroes no less.


Holder puts felons over soldiers--The Justice Department obstructs military voting rights

Washington Times

Obama Justice Department outrages never cease. The politically charged gang led by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is more interested in helping felons vote than in helping the military to vote. Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, has put a legislative hold on the already troubled nomination of James M. Cole to be deputy attorney general until the attorney general ensures full protection for voting rights of our military (and associated civilian personnel) stationed abroad. The senator is right to raise a ruckus.
Mr. Cornyn co-authored a 2009 law mandating that states mail absentee ballots to military voters at least 45 days before the election. Yet, as former Justice Department lawyer Eric Eversole first reported in The Washington Times last week, the department seems to be encouraging states to apply for waivers so they won't have to follow that law. More than 17,000 Americans serving overseas were denied the vote in 2008 - but, presumably because military personnel are thought to lean conservative, the liberal Obama administration is in no hurry to correct the situation.
The Justice Department is so unenthusiastic about military voting that its website still lists the old requirement for a shorter 30-day military voting window, rather than the current law mandating 45 days. On the other hand, the Justice Department has no legislative mandate whatsoever to involve itself with helping felons to vote, but its website devotes a large section - 2,314 words - to advising felons how to regain voting privileges.


Wild Thing's comment.......

What is especially revolting about this is that in some states (Minnesota), it was proven that a number of felons voted in 2008. So felons get to vote (and illegals, if Libs had their way), but men and women putting their lives on the line protecting us are disenfranchised.

Never forget the concerted effort by the Democrats in Florida in 2000 to throw out military absentee ballots—that nearly caused Gore to win the election.

It’s just one thing after another with this bunch. All they care about is controlling everyone and everything and they literally do no care how many lives or nations are destroyed in order to get absolute power.

Holder hates American soldiers but loves communist terrorists (FALN, Weather Underground/May19th Communist Organization).

Urge anyone you know that is stationed overseas or who will be gone during this voting season to go to this website:

It’s fairly good at explaining the process, though it assumes you’ll receive the state absentee ballot in time to mail it back, so it requires some thinking ahead (ie, register for the absentee ballot, then send in the FWAB in a timely manner).

This is a national disgrace! Especially in view of the DOJ’s herculean efforts to bestow unearned rights to illegal aliens!

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Michelle (not proud of America) Obama Loses Third High-Level Staffer

Michelle Obama Loses Third High-Level Staffer


Government and corporate officials know the best way to bury bad news, is to release it late on Friday. It's been called "The Dump"--- bad news that ends up in the weekend news abyss and often goes unnoticed. We'll revive some of those stories here on Monday so you can know - what they didn't want you to know.

Michelle Obama's Communications Director Jumps Ship:

Friday afternoon the White House announced that Michelle Obama's Director of Communications, Camille Johnston, would be leaving her post for a job in the private sector.

"Her dedication, calming presence and expertise have been invaluable. She will be missed, but we wish her all the best.," said First Lady Michelle Obama in a White House statement.

The White House was mum on where Johnston would be going, but tech giant Siemens Corporation announced late Friday that Johnston will join the company as Vice President, Corporate Affairs, effective September 7.

Johnston, who has worked for Mrs. Obama since the beginning of the administration, is the third high-level employee to leave the First Lady's staff. Mrs. Obama's first chief of staff, Jackie Norris left in June 2009, and her first Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers, departed in February following the state dinner "gate crashing" debacle.

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL I don't blame anyone that wants to leave being around Michelle or Barack Obama.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:40 AM

August 02, 2010

Supporters of Illegals Desecrate US Flag During National Anthem

This happened at the Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona.

Illegal supporters bussed in from California. desecrate US and AZ flag in front of Arizona State Capitol during the singing of the National Anthem at a pro SB 1070 Rally

Wild Thing's comment.......

What horrible people they are! They don't even get it that they are absuing the very freedom that is allowing them to trash our Flag.

I know one thing, there is no way I would keep my cool if I saw something like this happening.I would have to say something up close and personal in her America hating face.

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Short Take On WikiLeak's Leaks

Liz Cheney: Wikileaks Founder Has Blood On His Hands


Short Take On WikiLeak's Leaks

by Henry Mark Holzer

Saturday's newspaper brought an AP story headlined "White House urges halt to spilling of war secrets," the first paragraph of which says: "The Obama administration on Friday implored [my emphasis] the website WikiLeaks to stop posting secret Afghanistan war documents . . . ."


To implore means to plead.

The most powerful nation in the world is pleading with geekniks around the world to cease jeopardizing American national security and violating our criminal laws.

As to the former, there is ample justification for special operators or others to simply take out WikiLeaks installations wherever they can be found if that is feasible covertly.

As to the latter, non-citizens associated with the WikiLeaks enterprise can be charged with violating American criminal laws, including the Espionage Act, aiding and abetting, and conspiracy. American citizens can be similarly charged.

And citizens can also be charged with treason: giving "aid and comfort" to the enemies of the United States.

Or, alternatively, Obama and Gates can continue to plead, perhaps as Johnson and Nixon might have done with Americans--Fonda, Zinn, Spock, Hayden and others--who aided and comforted the Viet Cong, North Vietnamese, Chinese, Cubans and Soviets who were killing Americans in Southeast Asia.

That would have worked as well as it's going to work for our craven president.


The United States of America?!

I was about to ask rhetorically, "what have we come to?"

But, sadly, I know the answer.


Soldier accused of leaks arrives at U.S. brig

The Army says a soldier charged with leaking U.S. war secrets to the Wikileaks website would be tried at a military installation in the Washington area if a general court-martial is ordered.

A spokesman for the Military District of Washington says Pfc. Bradley Manning was being processed Friday into the brig at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in northern Virginia after arriving overnight from pretrial confinement in Kuwait.

The 22-year-old intelligence analyst is charged with leaking more than 50 diplomatic cables, plus classified helicopter cockpit video of a 2007 firefight in Baghdad that left a Reuters photographer and his driver dead.

Manning also is suspected of leaking tens of thousands of secret Afghanistan war logs that Wikileaks recently posted on the Internet.

Wild Thing's comoment.......

Obama is a traitor to our country, he could care less about these leaks, he could care less if it puts our troops in more danger.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Happy Birthday To Rhod and Your Wife M.

Happy Birthday Rhod to you and your wife. Thank you for being a part of Team Theodore.

Have a wonderful birthday and many more.

from all of us here at Theodore's World

~ Chrissie

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Palin: Obama Lacks 'the cojones' To Tackle Immigration ~ She's Right!

Palin: Jan Brewer Has the Cajones the President Does'n't Have to Secure Our Borders

Sarah Palin tells Fox News’ Chris Wallace, “Jan Brewer has the cajones that our President does not have to look out for all Americans, not just Arizonans, but all Americans, in this desire of ours to secure our borders…if our own president will not enforce the federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.”

Palin: Obama lacks 'the cojones' to tackle immigration

Sarah Palin said Sunday that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has "the cojones" that President Obama "does not have" to take on illegal immigration. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Palin blasted Obama for suing Arizona to block the state's controversial new law without addressing "sanctuary cities" -- in which local law enforcement are prohibited from asking people about their immigration status.

The former governor said the president and congressional Democrats "are all wet" on plans to allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire.

"It's idiotic to think about increasing taxes at a time like this," Palin said. She added that her "palm isn't large enough" to write all her notes down and she proceeded to read prepared notes about tax policy from a sheet of paper
Palin declined to address "fickle" polls showing that she remains unpopular with independents. "I don't blame people for not knowing what I stand for," Palin said. "If I believed everything I read in the media, I wouldn't like me either."
Finally, Palin said her family has been avoiding their front yard and "certain angles" in their home after an investigative reporter moved in next door. She said her family has changed its behavior as a result and accused the reporter, Joe McGinniss, of infringing their privacy and trying to "hamper some of our freedom."
"Some people need to get a life," Palin said.

Update: This may be the most high-profile political use of the word "cojones" by an American woman since then-U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright famously said in 1996 that Cuba's shooting down of planes flown by anti-Castro exiles was "not cojones" but "cowardice."


Wild Thing's comment........

I APPLAUDED in complete agreement with, go suck an egg.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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"Runaway Slave" - with Pastor C.L. Bryant ~ "Run away from the slavery of tyranny toward the blessings of liberty!"

Runaway Slave - The Documentary, with Pastor C.L. Bryant. An honest discussion about black conservatives in America. RUN WITH US..

"Run away from the slavery of tyranny toward the blessings of liberty!"

Bryant, a former NAACP radical who is now a pastor and Tea Party activist has a message for America and in particular, the African-American community.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This former NAACP chapter President turned conservative activist says it all. Thank you Pastor Bryant.

.....Thank you Cuchieddie for sending this to me.

4/23rd 25th Infantry Division ( Stryker)
2nd Tour Huey door gunner with the Robin Hoods

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Armed Escorts to Accompany New Mexico Livestock Inspectors

Armed Escorts to Accompany New Mexico Livestock Inspectors

FOX News

When inspectors in New Mexico begin surveying 32 livestock scales along the increasingly dangerous Mexican border later this month, they'll have armed escorts at their sides.

It will mark the first time armed deputies will travel with New Mexico Department of Agriculture inspectors, who certify the scales used to weigh livestock, Luna County Sheriff Raymond Cobos said.

"These scales that the ranchers use to ship their cattle are in isolated areas," Cobos told "And the administration decided since those inspectors and personnel are not armed, they wanted to be able to concentrate on their work without worrying about their security."

Cobos said that beginning on July 26, deputies will accompany inspectors to the scales in a corridor that stretches southwest from Interstate 10 at Las Cruces to the New Mexico-Arizona border, along Luna, Hidalgo and Grant counties.

"It also helps the deputies become more familiar with the ranches and their particular layouts," Cobos said. "It's a benefit to all of us."

Cobos, who will coordinate deputies from the three counties, said the deputies will work overtime to accompany the inspectors and will be paid via federal assistance from Operation Stonegarden, a Department of Homeland Security program that gives 14 states along the border flexibility to use grant funding to enhance coordination among state and federal law enforcement agencies.

“It’s a safe way of providing their personnel with protection so they don’t encounter a situation that would imperil the equipment or their lives,” Cobos said. “It’s a relatively small cost to prevent a tragedy.”

~ snipet ~

Meanwhile, Judy Keller, who owns a 27,000-acre ranch in Luna County just five miles from the border, said she welcomed the added layer of protection, but she questioned what she saw as mixed messages from state and federal authorities.

“I don’t think you can be too careful, but I think it’s a little hypocritical,” Keller told “In Washington, D.C., the Obama administration is telling us the border is more secure than it’s ever been, yet the state agencies feel the need for more protection to come down here. So, it is safe or isn’t it safe?”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Napolitano, who last year kicked off the immigration debate by saying the border was secure enough and it was time to turn to legalization, said Tuesday there’s still more work to be done.

“It is as safe and secure as it’s ever been, but it can be more safe and more secure,” she said at a joint event with Mexico’s interior minister at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

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Fox News to Move to Front-row Briefing Room Seat

Fox News to move to ( Helen ) Thomas' front-row briefing room seat

The Hill

The White House Correspondents Association voted unanimously Sunday afternoon to move Fox News to the front row of the White House briefing room.

The seating change was prompted by the resignation of veteran UPI reporter Helen Thomas.

According to Ed Henry, the senior White House correspondent for CNN and member of the WHCA board, the Associated Press will move to the front-row middle seat formerly occupied by Thomas.

Fox News will replace the AP in its former seat, also in the front row, and NPR, which lobbied for Thomas' seat along with Fox and Bloomberg News, will take Fox's former seat in the second row.

The 2010-2011 WHCA board includes representatives from USA Today, Reuters, C-SPAN, the New York Times, Politico, Time Magazine, NPR and the DC Examiner.

Liberal groups had lobbied for NPR's placement in the front row over Fox, which one petition called a "right-wing propaganda outlet."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Congrats, Fox! They should have been there a long time ago.

Now we will see what will happen next because occupying a seat doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be called upon to ask questions.

This is going to drive the left heh heh.

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Dictator in Chief Obama Complies With Agenda 21 and Expands Federal Power

Obama complies with Agenda 21 and expands federal power


Obama’s Executive Order 13547 issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals, and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says:

“Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas….”

The National Ocean Council created by the Executive Order creates this mechanism - and much more.

The genius of the American system of governance created by the U.S. Constitution is the delicate balance of power between the federal government, state and local governments, and the people. The founders recognized the people as the source of power; the people came first. It was the people who organized states. The states created a federal government and through the Constitution, limited the power of the new government to those specific powers set forth in Article 1, Section 8. All unspecified powers were explicitly retained by the states or the people.

In the first 200 years, the United States of America produced greater wealth and prosperity than the rest of the world had produced in 2000 years. Why? Because individuals were free to pursue their own individual happiness.

Throughout its entire history, however, there have been those who believe that government is, or should be, the source of power; that the people are, or should be, subjects of the state. Since the 1970s, these people have used “environmental protection” as an excuse to expand the power of government. They argued that free people, in their pursuit of personal happiness, were polluting the environment. Therefore, government had to restrain free people in order to save the earth.

Their arguments prevailed in Congress, in the schools, and throughout society. The result has been ever- expanding government power that continually diminishes individual freedom, which results in less investment in the pursuit of individual happiness and a gradual slowdown in the growth of prosperity for everyone.

Once, Americans could do whatever they could conceive, restrained only by the possible consequences of infringing their neighbors’ right to do the same. Now, Americans must get permission from multiple layers of government to do anything that produces income, pay multiple taxes on whatever income is generated, and comply with expensive regulations that govern every activity that might be pursued. Consequently, the individual entrepreneurial spirit is steadily being replaced by the ever-expanding reach of government’s ambition to manage society.

President Obama’s most recent Executive Order is another example of government’s ever-expanding reach. First, Obama created an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force in June of 2009. This group worked a year to produce a report that recommends how government can better protect the environment relating to the oceans and the Great Lakes. The Executive Order essentially adopts the recommendations in the report as national policy, and creates a new bureaucracy called the National Ocean Council to implement all the recommendations in the report.

Controlling activities on land that affects the ocean, and ratification of the Convention on the Law of the Sea
The two most egregious recommendations are: controlling activities on land that affects the ocean, and ratification of the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Before America became a nanny- state subject to the tyrannical decrees of the federal government, people were subject to laws that forced polluters to make whole anyone who was harmed. People who used their own property in the pursuit of their own individual happiness who inadvertently, through negligence, or deliberately polluted water that harmed a neighbor could be brought to court and forced to pay damages.

Now, the federal government ignores private property rights by requiring government approval of any proposed use of private property, payment of fees for the privilege, and payment of penalties for any infraction of a myriad of rules that govern the activities that government may allow.

The trampling of private property rights is not as bad, however, as the subjugation that would result from the ratification of the Convention on the Law of the Sea. This treaty was rejected by Ronald Reagan in 1982. Despite the so-called improvements to the treaty boasted by the Clinton administration, the U.S. Senate rejected it in 2000. President Bush tried to have it ratified, but the Senate rejected it again in 2004. Now Obama is trying again to force this horrible treaty down America’s throat.

This treaty would give the U.N. power to regulate activity within our territorial seas (Article 2, (3)); it would give the U.N. the power to levy taxes in the form of application fees ($250,000) and royalties; it provides no benefits that the United States does not already enjoy. Yet, the Obama administration has set up this new National Ocean Council to convince the Senate to ratify the treaty.

This treaty is another expansion of global governance, which is defined by the U.N. to be that “framework of rules, institutions, and practices that limits the behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies” (U.N. Development Report, 1999, p. 34).

Obama’s expansion of government is taking the nation in the wrong direction. The federal government should be reduced in size, scope, and function. The federal government should be pushed back inside the bottle of those limited powers defined in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. States and individuals should reclaim the power given to them by the Constitution and guaranteed by the 10th Amendment. No elected official – including President Obama – is immune to the power of the ballot box. Those in power who support Obama’s brand of foolishness should be forced to find a new career path next November.


Wild Thing's comment.......

How much more damage is this freak going to do?

Here is the link that verifies that he did sign the Executive Order on July 19, 2010.

WASHINGTON, DC, July 20, 2010 (ENS) - President Barack Obama has established a national ocean policy that will for the first time create a coordinated system for managing America's oceans, coasts and Great Lakes.

In an Executive Order issued Monday, President Obama adopted the final recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force that has been gathering facts and drafting the policy since June 2009.

The order creates a National Ocean Council to implement the new policy.

Everyday we get kicked in the face like theirs no tomorrow,it will take years to change all this crap . It’s going to take 2 terms for a Republican president to unwind all the crap being done now that Obama has done in 2 years. And I wish when we do take our country back we could punish to the most extreme measure those guilty of destroying our country, starting with Barack Hussein Obama.

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August 01, 2010

Obama Stops National Guard From Going To Arizona and Other Updates

Guard troops border deployment delayed


Arizona National Guard troops won't be in position to enforce U.S. border laws by Aug. 1, guard officials said.

The department of Homeland Security and Defense announced 10 days ago more than 500 troops would help with border interdiction by Aug 1.

It isn't known when any troops will be deployed to enforce border security, a National Guard spokesman told The Arizona Republic.

"We won't have any units deployed by Aug. 1," said Lt. Valentine Castillo, a public affairs officer. "We don't yet know when troops will actually arrive."

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano previously wrote in a guest column for the newspaper that 524 Arizona National Guard troops would be assigned to the area.

A spokesman at the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Va., told the newspaper statements previously released about the deployment were "over-interpreted."

Court denies request for expedited hearing on Arizona immigration law


A federal appeals court has denied Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's request for an expedited hearing on the state's controversial immigration law. Instead, the case has been scheduled for a hearing during the first week in November.

Brewer had wanted public oral arguments in the case for mid-September. The Justice Department had urged a slower schedule, and the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals agreed in a brief order issued Friday evening.

Arizona filed its appeal Thursday, asking the court to lift U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton's preliminary injunction on the immigration law.

State Sen. Russell Pearce, author of the law, said he foresaw a protracted legal fight from the beginning.

"I wrote it to go to the Supreme Court," he said before the ruling came down. "I'm begging for that fistfight at the Supreme Court. We will win in a 5-4 decision and finally settle this problem."
He added, "My message to the judge, is uphold the Constitution. Uphold states' rights. This is a battle of epic proportions. This is the states versus the central government."


Wild Thing's comment.......

So, the Feds won't protect the border -as promised- but yet they don't want civilians to act to protect the border and their own private property! What's wrong with this picture? This tyranny has got to stop!

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Explosive New Evidence Shows Ruling of AZ Judge Illegal

SB1070 Protesters With Mexican and Che Guevara Flags Outside Maricopa Jail

Astroturf union thugs and illegals bussed into Phoenix try and rush the Maricopa Jail, while screaming obsenities, waving Mexican flags and a Cuban flag overlayed with 'revolutionary' murderer Che Guevara.

Arizona Sheriff Not Relenting after Court Ruling

Phoenix FOX News

"It's my job," said Arpaio, standing beside a sheriff's truck that has a number for an immigration hot line written on its side. "I have two state (immigration) laws that I am enforcing. It's not federal, it's state."

Joe Arpaio on Facebook


Ariz. governor considers changing immigration law


Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the law and appealed a ruling blocking its most controversial sections, said Friday she would consider changes to "tweak" the law to respond to the parts U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton faulted.

"Basically we believe (the law) is constitutional but she obviously pointed out faults that can possibly be fixed, and that's what we would do," Brewer told The Associated Press. She said she's talking to legislative leaders about the possibility of a special session, but said no specific changes had been identified.

Explosive new evidence shows ruling of AZ judge illegal

Examiner Tampa Bay

In a stunning development that could potentially send the nation into a Constitutional crisis, an astute attorney who is well-versed in Constitutional law states that the ruling against the state of Arizona by Judge Susan Bolton concerning its new immigration law is illegal.

The attorney in question submitted her assertion in a special article in the Canada Free Press. Her argument states in part,

"Does anyone read the U.S. Constitution these days? American lawyers don’t read it. Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton apparently has never read it. Same goes for our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder. But this lawyer has read it and she is going to show you something in Our Constitution which is as plain as the nose on your face.

"Article III, Sec. 2, clause 2 says:

"In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction."

In other words, the Judge in the Arizona case has absolutely no Constitutional jurisdiction over the matter upon which she ruled. As the Constitution makes abundantly clear, only the U.S. Supreme Court can issue rulings that involve a state.

This means that neither Judge Bolton nor the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, to which the case is being appealed, have any legal standing whatsoever to rule on the issue.

Thus, U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder filed the federal government's lawsuit against the state of Arizona in a court that has no authority to hear the case.

The attorney whose heads-up thinking concerning the Constitution provides the legal remedy for dealing with this blatant disregard for Constitutional law in the article at Canada Free Press, which can be accessed at the link above.

In a related development, another explosive discovery was made by those who actually take the Constitution seriously. The Constitution specifically allows an individual state to wage war against a neighboring country in the event of an invasion, should there be a dangerous delay or inaction on the part of the federal government. This information was cited by United Patriots of America.

From Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, we find these words: "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

No one who is actually familiar with the crisis at the southern border can deny that Arizona is endangered by the relentless assault of lawless Mexican invaders who ignore our laws, inundate our schools and medical facilities with unpaid bills, and even endanger the very lives of citizens with criminal drug cartels that engage in kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, and other mayhem, including aiming missile and grenade launchers directly at U.S. border cities from just across the Mexican border.

This is every bit as much of an invasion as the nation of Iran sending in a fleet of warships to the Port of Charleston.

The Constitution that forms the basis of the rule of law in this country says that Arizona has legal right to protect itself in the case of inaction or delay on the part of the federal government, including waging war in its self-defense.

This, when coupled with the clear Constitutional mandate that only the Supreme Court hear cases involving the states, should be ample legal basis for attorneys representing Arizona to go after the federal government with a vengeance.

Governor Jan Brewer and the stalwart members of the Arizona legislature have ample legal reason to stand firm against the illegal bullying of an arrogant, lawless federal government.

Wild Thing's comment.......

When those protesters started massing right in front of the Maricopa jail, Sheriff Joe sent out a press release thanking the protesters for helping his deputies "save on gas"! (23 people were arrested in front of the jail and put in pink underwear). God bless 'America's Sheriff'. In total, 71 people were arrested during the Thursday protests, officials said Friday.

Regarding the ruling being against the Constitution. It amazes me how many Judges and lawyers that should know the ins and outs of our Constitution turn it into something twisted so they can push their agenda.

And Gov. Brewer....... Noooooooo!!! Don't change it enforce it!! If they “tweak” to the “judges” contentment, they are letting the “judge” write the law. Maybe, just maybe she is using the Dem tactic that we saw with the Health Care disaster. The law is already passed, change it slightly to use different wording and enforce it anyway because it passed.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Immigration Law Protesters Interrupt Mets Game

A Citi Field security guard tries to tackle a young man carrying a Mexican flag who ran onto the field in the seventh inning of the New York Mets vs the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game at Citi Field in New York, Friday, July 30, 2010.

Immigration Law Protesters Interrupt Mets Game

CBS News

Two men carrying Mexican flags in protest of Arizona's immigration law ran into the outfield during the seventh inning of the New York Mets' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night at Citi Field.

The men were apprehended by security fairly quickly without much incident.

Prior to the game, about 40 people across the street from the ballpark chanted "Oppose racism!" and "Boycott Arizona!"

Others stationed closer to the subway exit handed out leaflets that requested Major League Baseball move next year's All-Star game out of Phoenix.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Viva La Taser!

Funny how those commies streak with Mexican flags...Gee that’s really going to help your cause.

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'Undead Zombie Option' Resurrected in Congress

'Undead Zombie Option' resurrected in Congress

Can anything permanently slay monster Americans don't want?


Like the gauze-wrapped creatures who just won't stay dead in those late-night movies you're too tired to turn off, the "public option" has returned to Washington.

An analysis by Investor's Business Daily, which called it the "Zombie Option," said the idea – rejected in debate over the health-care plan signed into law earlier this year – is being promoted yet again as a way to save the government money.

Democratic Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Pete Stark of California and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois have joined to put together the newest proposal, called the "public option act."

It was only a few days ago when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told a Las Vegas convention, "We're going to have a public option. It's' a question of when," according to IBD.

The plan by that time already was propsed on paper, and it now has 128 House Democratic Party co-sponsors, the report said.

The proposal states: "For years beginning with 2014, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (in this subtitle referred to as the 'Secretary') shall provide for the offering through Exchanges established under this title of a health benefits plan (in this Act referred to as the 'public health insurance option') that ensures choice, competition, and stability of affordable, high-quality coverage throughout the United States in accordance with this section. In designing the option, the Secretary's primary responsibility is to create a low-cost plan without compromising quality or access to care."

IBD's commentary said Schakowsky claims it would be a cost-saving measure, just like Medicare.

"Is that the same Medicare that in 1966 was only supposed to cost $3 billion, and that the House Ways and Means Committee once assured the country would only cost $12 billion by 1990? Is it the same program that really ended up costing $600 billion by 2008," the IBD commentary wondered.

IBD noted Obamacare itself is a "stepping stone" to the format of a public option.

"As Kathryn Nix of the Heritage Foundation's Center for Health Policy Studies noted Wednesday, the Office of Personnel Management will be authorized to administer health plans," the commentary said. "'OPM would set benefits, premiums and medical-loss ratios for these plans, and there's nothing on the books to stop the agency from modeling the plans after a public option. Worse yet,' she adds, ObamaCare 'says nothing about any solvency requirements for the OPM-run plans.'"


Wild Thing's comment.......

Massive non-compliance is about to hit all these schemes. Democrats believe you just make a law and things happen the way they think they are so much smarter than we are. Well, they are counting on the stupidity and gullibility of the voting public. They have been right-on so far.

We are headed for a massive train wreck.

They’re establishing the structure for the coming socialist America in every 2,000-page bill enacted in Congress.

Wasn’t it one of their mass-murdering heroes, Mao, who said something to the effect of “Three steps forward, one step back...”

They do indeed know what they’re doing...the same thing socialists the world over have always done...Wrecking an established, functioning society. They are driven, determined, well-funded, and basically insane.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Spreading Our Wealth - Obama Socialist / Communist / Marxist / Maoist


Wild Thing's comment........

Well done video! This is well worth sharing with others, it brings up a lot of things that we are all upset about and others need to learn and wake up to.

This is from Commie Blaster blog.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM

Christian or Muslim? by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Christian or Muslim?

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

This is to those who blindly accept Islam/Muslims as a healthy contributing part of American society, including Barack Hussein Obama, who some argue convincingly, is a Muslim. The media, mainly CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and to a lesser extent FOX, are willing dupes in the hoax that Islam/Muslims are peaceful; perhaps within a very narrow context may be minutely, partially true.

However, in the aggregate, there is nothing peaceful about Islam, that is, except in the context of PAX Islam. Yet, even where Islam is the dominant religion there are divisions within Islam i.e. Sunni vs. Shiite that are sufficient to sustain eight years of conflict between Iraq and Iran not to mention the ongoing Sunni/Shiite conflict in Iraq which is far from over notwithstanding claims to the contrary by the Obama Administration.

What liberal westerners, in particular those whose life experience is as deep as a plate do not desire to understand is that historical as well as contemporary Islam, unlike contemporary Christianity has not distanced itself from violence and conquest as a religious body. Further, those same liberals do not want to comprehend or accept that Islam is a system of governance and lifestyle that emphasizes total mind, soul and body control (and yet, the claim is that 4 out of 5 new converts to Islam are women. Imagine that.)

Islam in the macro context is a: religious/moral, political, educational, economic, and legal system. Everything is focused on submission to Allah with the ultimate reward of 72 virgins who await martyrs (although evidently there is not counterpart for those females who blow themselves up). There are no doubt humanitarian aspects of Islam, most if not all of which pertain and apply to fellow Muslims somewhat like Mormons who take care of their own; or, who are afflicted with gang loyalties that are irresistibly attractive to some in this country.

In the U.S., Islam is protected by the U.S. Constitution, and for those with a chip on their shoulders for whatever the reason, Islam legitimizes the hatred they harbor toward their fellow Americans who may not be of the same cultural mindset, ethnicity or faith. Consider the racist, hate filled remarks of Louis Farrakhan and other hate purveyors/ Islam-o-files towards Jews and Christians.

Travel to any nation that is dominated by Islam such as Saudi Arabia and try to openly practice a different faith or recruit anyone to join in one’s different faith system and see what happens. Allow a bit of edification: one would as a minimum be arrested and expelled if not arrested, imprisoned and/or beheaded.

Obama’s words while he visited Turkey where he stated that we Americans

“do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Muslim nation, but rather, a nation of citizens who are, uh, bound by a set of values.”

Yet in an interview with a French news agency on the same trip he stated notwithstanding his error in fact:

“And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

So, while diminishing America’s Christian heritage Obama dismisses and replaces it with Muslim heritage/achievement.

Obama’s personal direction to NASA Chief, Charles Bolden, in Bolden’s words:

“When I became the NASA administrator -- or before I became the NASA administrator -- he (ed., Obama) charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering.”

Americans are constantly bombarded with the notion that Christians are hypocrites, and if one observes many who claim that title, the charge is on point. That is because most who claim it do so out of ignorance of its substance which is the love, forgiveness, mercy and grace of God as manifest through the life, teachings, death and resurrection of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Note: To become a Christian is both simple and free, in fact it cannot be purchased at any price: for those who do not know, repent of one’s evil ways, ask God for forgiveness, and live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ as contained in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Christianity frees from evil and guilt and promises (and unlike Obama, God keeps His promises) personal contentment and peace, and eternal life; it is a freely exercised lifestyle without forcible imposition by or upon others and stands in stark contrast to the intimidation, weight and legalism of Islam.

“Choose you this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Semper Fidclis

Wild Thing's comment.........

Obama's actions and his words have shown us he is a Muslim. About a week ago Glenn Beck did one of his shows about Rev. Wrights church and what they belileve in and of course as well Obama believes in as well. How obama uses the term collective Christianity and the thing is there is no such thing. Not one mention of that in the Bible. It is all political with him, with Wright and his church, the whole thing.

Taqiyya allows Muslims to do anything they want to - if they’re doing it to convince others that they are not Muslim so they can further the Muslim agenda. Taquiya (deceit to advance islam) is allowed for jihad. He is considered advancing islam therefore, he can say whatever he likes. He does use “code” meaningful to practicing muslims, his pronunciation of arabic words, etc. Very precise, very deceitful.

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Obama's Mean Streak

Obama's Mean Streak

American Thinker

By Ed Lasky

Barack Obama seems to have a pattern of using ceremonial or stately events as opportunities to ambush and humiliate people. This behavior is unpresidential and reveals a vindictive streak that makes Richard Nixon look like Mister Rogers.

A few examples of Obama's taking pleasure in administering public pain to others:

During the State of the Union Address, he chose to direct his ire at the justices of the Supreme Court, located in the front rows. After the Supreme Court issued a ruling in favor of the First Amendment regarding political speech, Barack Obama famously chose to dress down the black-clad justices before the entire nation -- miscomprehending the law and the ruling in a fit of (un)presidential petulance. The embarrassing spectacle was prompted by a view that the court's ruling may make it easier for opponents of the president and Democrats to make their views known to the public.

Regardless of Obama's pique, it was wrong on so many levels that it earned a rebuke from the Supreme Court historian, who had enthusiastically voted for him. The noted historian said it "was really unusual in my mind to see the President going after the Supreme Court in such a forum." That is change for you. He predicted that justices may refuse to attend in the future because "you don't go to be insulted. I can't see the Justices wanting to be there and be insulted by the President."

Their appearance was a mark of respect for the government of the United States, broken into three branches but united in the goal of helping fellow Americans. Barack Obama did not reciprocate the respect -- and demeaned himself (though his narcissism and his cheering section entourage would shield him from such self-reflection) and the dignity of the office by needlessly ambushing the most august institution of the land.

He seems to have a penchant for ambushing financial executives, too -- or people he calls "fat cats" -- after he cashes their campaign checks. But he does like to tag people with labels.

While purportedly holding a meeting to work with financial executives to help stabilize financial markets, Barack Obama could not resist taunting them with the threat that "I'm the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks." That was not why they came to a meeting supposedly called to work together to resolve problems in the financial sector.

He did the same with doctors, though. He co-opted the American Medical Association to get them on board for ObamaCare and then blasted doctors for, among other sins, taking kids' tonsils out because doctors are greedy.

While meeting with a Democrat wavering on casting a yes vote on ObamaCare, he chose not to engage him with reasons, but instead belittled him in front of others by telling him, "Don't think we're not keeping score, brother." Was this form of public emasculation really necessary? No...but Obama has the itch, and it must be scratched.

He chose to snub a variety of foreign leaders, including then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, with whom he denied a diplomatic meeting during a visit (a snub that may have hurt Brown politically at home). Also, Obama walked out of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to have dinner with his family -- and refused a photo-op, joint news conference, or proper welcome, to boot. Both were democratic leaders, yet Obama bows to dictators such as the Saudi King and has a hug for the thug from Caracas. The ambushing of Netanyahu may have had a goal of also hurting him with voters in Israel, who treasure their relationship with America. The ambush did not work. Israelis don't like being ambushed -- they have had plenty of experience with such treatment. The public rallied to Netanyahu after the disgraceful treatment meted out to him by Barack Obama.

Can we forget the lack of graciousness when Obama told John McCain during the health care summit that he convened, supposedly in the spirit of comity, that "the election is over"?

Was it necessary to allude that racism led Boston policemen to confront Obama's friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, over what appeared to be a breaking and entering? For all the nation to see, he slurred Boston policemen as racists. Why?

In the hands of this president, the bully pulpit is used not to persuade and convince, but to bully into a public pulp those he considers his foes. At a groundbreaking for a car battery plant funded by "stimulus money" that was located in the district of Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra (who opposed the stimulus), Obama could not resist the urge to try to humiliate Hoekstra, who also was at the opening.

There are some folks who want to go back -- who think we should return to the policies that helped to lead to this recession," Obama said later in his comments honoring a new advanced battery factory being built by the company LG Chem. "Some made the political calculation that it's better to obstruct than lend a hand. They said no to the tax cuts, they said no to small business loans, they said no to clean energy projects. It doesn't stop them from coming to ribbon cuttings -- but that's OK."

This was not the first time he chose to turn a celebration into an ambush, a party into a shooting gallery.

The president was flying to Peoria to appear with the CEO of Caterpillar at a plant. Obama told reporters that he had spoken to the CEO, who he said assured him that he was going to rehire laid off employees as soon as the stimulus bill was passed. This was a surprise to the CEO, who, after the Obama appearance at the plant was over, was asked by the reporters about this so-called pledge. He stumbled over the issue -- who wants to publicly call the president a liar? But the CEO said that Obama's statement was not true, and there were no plans to rehire people. He was ambushed by Barack Obama.

So was Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, whose district encompassed the plant. Obama invited Schock along on Air Force One for the trip. In his speech, Obama singled out Schock for another Obama ambush, telling his audience to visit with Schock and encourage him "to do the right thing for the people of Illinois." In this case, Obama's ambush killed two birds with one stone -- a rare sign of efficiency on the part of our competency-challenged President.

The body count of Obama's ambushes will grow in the years ahead. How does this help to bring about the civility that Obama preaches should be part of our civic discourse? Of course, it doesn't. Hypocrisy is Obama's trademark. His style of ambushing and humiliating people is a sign of something deeper and darker in Obama's psyche, in his emotional makeup. He is vindictive and enjoys the spectacle of belittling people in front of others and in front of cameras.

The milk of human kindness does not flow in this man's veins, but rather something bitterer -- a type of personal poison that he enjoys spraying on others.

This does not dignify the office or the man. But he doesn't seem to care, and the courtier press that covers him with glory doesn't, either.

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One they missed I feel in the write up which is really well done ...would be his remark during his Inaugural address when he dissed the Bush administration. This was unprecedented and kicked off his ongoing ‘blame Bush’ campaign.

This is how many Muslim leaders are in the Middle East when you read about their conferences.

Obama would fit right in there with that bloodthirsty crowd. Obama is a muslim. He is bursting with hate

Faced with challenges, he reacts personally rather than professionially.

In matters of state, he has repeatedly stumbled and inflicted forseeable damage on our relations with close allies, while handing enemies and ambivalent states victory after victory, encouraging those who would align against the U.S. to become more daring and provocative.

He has acted as a spoiled child would act when given power -- arrogantly, focusing on immediate personal gratification without consideration for long-term consequences.

The rule of law has become increasingly irrelevant -- ruling elites engage in scandalous conduct without fear of punishment or censure, enriching themselves and securing their seats at the expense of the U.S. citizen and taxpayer, and 0 condones, and even leads, the behavior while using puffery and feigned indignation to mask his true allegiances.

It is hard to describe how much I am disgusted by him, not only as a pres. but as a human being. The fact that there are people in this country that think he is a good person really is scary.

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