September 15, 2020

White House Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony

White House Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony

White House Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony with President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, UAE's Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Bahrain Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani.

“There’s no more powerful response to the hatred that spawned 9/11 than this agreement,” Trump told reporters at the White House, referring to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks against the United States.

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President Trump signs HISTORIC Peace Deal between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE 9/15/20

President Trump signs HISTORIC Peace Deal between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE 9/15/20

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President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

What a beautiful gift! A huge token of respect and love!

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August 16, 2020

Senior Adviser Jared Kushner says Israel-UAE deal is the culmination of 3 years of diplomacy

Senior Adviser Jared Kushner joins 'Sunday Morning Futures.'.... he says Israel-UAE deal is the culmination of 3 years of diplomacy

Wild Thing's comment......

Kushner, is very bright,a calm manner and so well spoken. A good man.

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August 13, 2020

Jared Kushner talks Middle East peace deal

Jared Kushner talks Middle East peace deal

President Trump has achieved a truly historic result in the Middle East, senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner tells Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier on 'Special Report

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White House announces historic Israel-UAE Peace Dealv

White House announces historic Israel-UAE Peace Deal

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December 07, 2018

Netanyahu talks anniversary of US embassy decision

Netanyahu talks anniversary of US embassy decision

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May 12, 2018

Israel considers naming new Jerusalem train station after President Donald Trump

Israel Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz announced Wednesday his plans to name a new train station near the Western Wall after President Donald Trump

“The Kotel [Western Wall] is the holiest place to the Jewish people, and I have decided to name the train station leading to it after US President Donald Trump, in recognition of his brave and historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” Katz said, according to Ynetnews in Israel, referring to Trump’s recent decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
What’s the story?

If the railway project is approved and built, it would be a two-mile extension of the soon-to-be-opened high-speed railway that runs between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Jewish Press reported. It would include two underground train stations including the City Center station and the Donald John Trump, Western Wall station near the Cardo in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter.

The high-speed railway project connecting the two cities has faced numerous delays and has been under construction since 2001.
What’s the approval process for the project?

The new project Tuesday received preliminary approval Tuesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“This project is now awaiting a discussion in the National Infrastructures Planning Committee,” Transportation Ministry spokesman Avner Ovadia told the Post. “When it is discussed there, it means that it receives priority in its advancement and in carrying out the project.”

It could take up to a year for final approval and at least four or five years to construct, barring any delays, Ovadia said.

The high-speed railway project connecting the two cities has faced numerous delays and has been under construction since 2001.

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February 08, 2017

PM Bibi Netanyahu Meets Chuck Norris

PM Netanyahu Meets Chuck Norris

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December 04, 2015

Trump gets BOOED when he refuses to commit to Jerusalem being the undivided capital of Israel

Trump gets BOOED when he refuses to commit to Jerusalem being the undivided capital of Israel/ Trump was giving a speech to the Jewish Republicans group.

Wild Thing's comment...........

This is only a small part of his speech the rest is just as bad. He made a complete ass of himself at the Republican Jewish event.

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November 16, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism. "

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism. "

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu linked the brutal terror attack in Paris Friday with another in the West Bank, saying Islamic extremism is responsible for both.

It was the second day in a row Netanyahu connected the Paris attack with the lesser known killing — in which two Israelis were murdered at the hands of Palestinian gunman in the West Bank. The prime minister called for the world to "wake up and unite" to combat and defeat the wave of terror.

"In Israel, as in France, terrorism is terrorism and standing behind it is radical Islam and its desire to destroy its victims," Netanyahu said prior to his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday.

"The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism. The time has come for countries to condemn terrorism against us to the same degree that they condemn terrorism everywhere else in the world," he said.

Wild Thing's comment...................

I wish Bibi was our President.

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October 20, 2015

Kerry Urges Israelis Not To Defend Themselves From Relentless Terror Attacks

Kerry Urges Israelis Not To Defend Themselves From Relentless Terror Attacks

Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters today that Israel has a right to defend itself, but discouraged against “self-help” responses to random stabbing attacks from Palestinians.

Israeli authorities have encouraged citizens with gun permits to carry when they’re out and about, as they can possibly stop an attacker before police can get on the scene.

Israel Army Radio reported today that the internal security ministry phone service “collapsed” from citizens inundating the ministry with gun permit requests. They’ve doubled the number of workers at the ministry to field the requests.

Appearing at a press conference in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart, Kerry again used the recent spate of violence in Jerusalem to call for a two-state solution.

“Security and diplomacy go hand in hand. There is not a time for one and then the other, really there is an importance to both. We want to see calm restored and we want to see the violence stop. And I think everybody in Israel and in the region would like to see both of those things happen,” Kerry said.

“We continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence, and Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been, from random acts of violence. But in my conversations with the prime minister, as well as with King Abdullah and the foreign minister of Jordan, they have expressed the desire to try to see this process be able to find a way of making certain that everybody is clear about what is happening with respect to the Temple Mount.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

So Kerry thinks Israeli citizens should not defend themselves but wait for the police or military to show up when someone is trying to cut their throats. Perhaps he should go to Israel and walk around without his ARMED SECURITY. Kerry is an arrogant, egotistical fool.

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Thousands of Israelis apply for weapons permits

Thousands of Israelis apply for weapons permits

Tel Aviv - Thousands of Israelis have applied for permits to carry guns, following an unprecedented wave of Palestinian knife attacks.

Israel's internal security ministry says it has been inundated with requests, including by combatants who have asked to be allowed to carry their weapons off duty, guards, police volunteers and regular civilians, Israel Army Radio reported on Monday.

The ministry's telephone service has collapsed, with citizens saying they are unable to reach anyone.

Citizens say they are also unable to schedule an appointment for an interview, a requirement before a permit is given, via the Internet.

The ministry said it was aware of the problem, it was doing its best to process requests and that it had already doubled the number of employees in the office.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Prayers for Israel.

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October 15, 2015

Good for awesome Netanyahu Slams OBAMA State Dept on Excessive Force Allegations

Good for awesome Netanyahu Slams OBAMA State Dept on Excessive Force Allegations

Wild Thing's comment...........

Thank God for Bibi. I wish he was our president.

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A creature known as a ‘Palestinian’ actually a complete Arab invention

If you think that a creature known as a ‘Palestinian’ actually exists, then watch this video and realize they are a complete Arab invention.

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A lot of people do not know this and it is important. This is an excellent video on the subject.

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October 02, 2015

DISGUSTING! US Delegates Refuse to Applaud Netanyahu at UN – Kerry and US Ambassador Power Skip Speech

US Delegates Refuse to Applaud Netanyahu at UN – Kerry and US Ambassador Power Skip Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the UN General Assembly today in New York City.

At one point the auditorium broke out is applause after Netanyahu’s comments on Iranian threats.

The US delegates refused to applaud.

Netanyahu told the General Assembly:

“Here’s a general rule that I learned and you must have learned in your lifetime. When bad behavior is rewarded it only gets worse.”

Wild Thing's comment...............

These people from our own country that did not applaud Bibi make my blood boil with anger. They are scum, horrible, disgusting people.

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TOTALLY AWESOME Bibi Netanyahu’s at UN full speech that is a MUST WATCH

TOTALLY AWESOME Bibi Netanyahu’s at UN full speech

Wild Thing's comment.............

He is a Leader! GOD Bless Him.Powerful He says what our leaders should say! There is NOT ONE PERSON running for president that has it in them to be the leader that Bibi is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 08, 2015

GOOD!!!! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “We will not allow Israel to be SUBMERGED by a WAVE of illegal migrants and TERRORIST activists”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “We will not allow Israel to be SUBMERGED by a WAVE of illegal migrants and TERRORIST activists”

Germany and Israel find themselves on the opposite sides of the policy spectrum on the sudden surge of Syrian refugees. While Angela Merkel is welcoming them with open arms, Netanyahu is saying this:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he would not allow Israel to be “submerged” by refugees after calls for the Jewish state to take in those fleeing Syria’s war.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu also announced the start of construction of a fence along Israel’s border with Jordan, according to his office.

“We will not allow Israel to be submerged by a wave of illegal migrants and terrorist activists,” Netanyahu said.

“Israel is not indifferent to the human tragedy of Syrian and African refugees… but Israel is a small country — very small — without demographic or geographic depth. That is why we must control our borders.”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Saturday said Israel should take in Syrian refugees, recalling the plight of Jews who sought refuge from past conflicts.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas also called for Israel to allow Palestinians from refugee camps in Syria to travel to the Palestinian territories, whose external borders are controlled by the Jewish state.

There is already hostility in Israel toward asylum-seekers from Africa and a concerted government effort to repatriate them.

Rights groups say thousands of African asylum seekers have been coerced into “voluntary” departures.

Official figures show 45,000 illegal immigrants are in Israel, almost all from Eritrea and Sudan. Most of those not in detention live in poor areas of southern Tel Aviv, where there have been several protests against them.

Wild Thing's comment..............

I agree with BIbi!!!! These people hate Jews and cannot be trusted. I'm sure there are those in the crowd that are true refugees, but a country like Israel cannot take any chances. If the German leadership wants them (I'm sure not every German wants it), let them learn the hard way.

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August 27, 2015

Hollywood actor to auction his rifles to fund Israeli army

Hollywood actor to auction his rifles to fund Israeli army ( PHOTO AT LINK)

Joe Mantegna, star of the CBS television show Criminal Minds, plans to auction off two of his Tavor rifles to fundraise for "Friends of the IDF", a New York City-based organization that lends material support to the Israeli military.

According to a press release from IWI-US, Mantegna will conduct an auction for two Tavor rifles produced by IWI. Gains from the auction will go to "Friends of the IDF".

Interestingly, "Israel Weapon Industries-US" (IWI-US) is co-sponsoring the Sunday event, along-with "Bullets & Bagels", a Jewish gun club in Orange County, California.

Event attendees “will get to shoot the TAVOR at the range and receive basic shooting instruction and assistance from an [National Rifle Association certified] instructor.”

Michael Kassner, IWI-US Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said “IWI is proud to support the Jewish community. ‘Bullets & Bagels’ allows all who love guns, great food and Israel to get together, eat, shoot and shoot the breeze. … Don’t be surprised if you see me there myself. I could always go for some bagels and lox with a side of Tavor.”

Hollywood actors have been long supporting Israeli aggression against Palestinians through various means, such as direct fund-raising events or making movies backing Israeli interpretation and catalyzation of the ongoing unrest in the middle-east.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Good for Joe Mantegna, he really is a good man. He also has been a huge supporter of our Troops and Veterans.

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July 13, 2015

Some Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks about Iran deal

These were taken from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's tweeter account.

PM of Israel

Iran's increasing aggression is more dangerous than that of ISIS, and the true goal of this aggression in the end is to take over the world.
8:42 AM - 8 Jul 2015

As more concessions are given at IranTalksVienna, in Tehran they burn flags & shout “Death to America”

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June 21, 2015

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says Obama has “outed” an active Israeli spy mission in Iran

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says Obama has “outed” an active Israeli spy mission in Iran

" United States Congressman Louie Gohmert revealed Thursday that the Obama administration had “outed” an active Israeli spy mission in Iran. Israel, he said, had infiltrated Israeli spies into mainland Iran via cargo boats.

He dropped the bombshell in a speech at EMET’s 9th annual “Rays of Light in the Darkness” gala dinner.

Rep. Gohmert, who is one Israel’s fiercest and truest friends on Capitol Hill, stated: “We are on the brink of disaster.”

He listed a stream of virulently anti-Israel actions taken by President Obama which included the “outing” of the Israeli spy mission, and the Obama Administration’s disclosing of possible use of Azerbaijani airspace by Israel.

Rep. Gohmert did not elaborate on whether Obama’s disclosure of Israeli covert operations had resulted in the capture or death of any of Israel’s Iranian spies.

Gohmert also related that he is often asked about prophecies of “end-of-days” events, and how they might be tied to the current events. He explained, “I tell everybody, the only way America will be around until the end of days is if America is the best friend Israel ever had.”

However, the plain talking congressman made clear, “the new gas chambers are called nuclear weapons. And, we can’t, can’t allow Iran to kill millions of Jews. They must be stopped!”

Wild Thing's comment............

I pray Israel survives the next 1.5 years until Obama is gone.

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May 18, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the official Jerusalem Day ceremony

Excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the official Jerusalem Day ceremony, marking 48 years since the unification of Jerusalem, at Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site in Jerusalem:

"Islamic fanaticism threatens Jerusalem, the Middle East and the entire world: Sunni fanaticism, such as that of Islamic State, and the Shi'ite extremists led by the Ayatollahs in Tehran. Extremist Sunni and Shi'ites are fighting each other but they have a common enemy – the West and the culture of freedom and progress that it represents. Only last night, after vigorous action by the US against the terrorism of Islamic State, the leader of Iran, Khamenei, attacked the US and said: It is the United States, so said the man who is heading the negotiations between Iran and the major powers, that is causing and supports terrorism. These words were said when Iran still does not have nuclear weapons and it is still not too late to go back on the plan to give Iran a deal that would pave for it a certain path to nuclear weapons. We oppose this deal and we are not the only ones who do so. It is both necessary and possible to achieve a better deal because extremists cannot be allowed to achieve their aims, not in Iran, not in Yemen and not in Jerusalem."

Wild Thing's comment..............

Bibi is so awesome.

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May 14, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu: Nuclear talks continue even as official says Iran has God's approval to destroy Israel

Bibi Netanyahu: Nuclear talks continue even as official says Iran has God's approval to destroy Israel

Jerusalem Post

The historical lesson from World War Two is not to back down from an extremist regime whose platform includes genocide and conquering other states, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, referring to the Iranian regime.

Netanyahu was speaking at a special Victory Day ceremony in the Knesset on Wednesday marking 70 years since the capitulation of the Nazis to the Soviet Union.

“Against the enemies of freedom, enlightenment and progress we need to stand firm and in a timely manner, in order to prevent them from using weapons of mass destruction in order to realize their murderous agendas,” the prime minister said.

Netanyahu quoted a senior Iranian official who he said was quoted in Arab media sources on Wednesday as saying that Iran has God’s permission to liquidate Israel.

“These statements are being heard by the representatives taking part in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, and the talks continue as normal,” Netanyahu said.

“We need to stand firm to prevent the Iranians from using weapons of mass destruction to carry out their will against Israel,” Netanyahu added.

Wild Thing's comment............

I am glad Bibi Netanyahu continues to speak up about this. There are too many that do not want to support Israel, especially Obama and his ilk in our country.

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April 13, 2015

Statement by PM Netanyahu On Iran and Obama's so called deal

Statement by PM Netanyahu

Wild Thing's comment..........

God bless Bibi and Israel.

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March 30, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped”

Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands what is happening with Iran. At a Cabinet Meeting today, Netanyahu made a clear statement that Iran is moving “to take over and conquer the entire Middle East.” He said Iran “needs to be stopped.”

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is acting as Iran’s mouthpiece, while the Mainstream Media is silent.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon also called the emerging deal with Iran “a very bad deal.” Turning Iran into a nuclear threshold state, he said Sunday, “would be nothing less than a tragedy for the moderate regimes in the Middle East and the entire Western world.”

“You don’t need to be an intelligence officer to see Iran is lying barefacedly, and is today the greatest danger to the stability of the Middle East,” he said.

Wild Thing's comment,.............

Freedom, honesty, decency and civilization itself are being betrayed. And for what? What Churchill said of Chamberlain applies equally well to Obama. "He was given a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor and he will have war anyway."

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March 18, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu WINS!!!!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won a stunning victory last night in Israel’s Parliamentary Election!

Netanyahu told a jubilant crowd of Likud supporters early Wednesday morning that "against all odds, we have scored a major victory for the Likud."

"We have scored a major victory for the nationalist camp headed by Likud," Netanyahu said.

"I'm proud of the Israeli people because at the moment of truth they knew to differentiate between challenge and nonsense and they took up the challenge," the prime minister said.

Netanyahu said that his government will work to improve on "the most important things for all of us, which genuine security and socioeconomic welfare."

Wild Thing's comment..........

Against all odds and the Obama political machine, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party have secured re-election!

The world is better off knowing that the Prime Minister will continue to lead our ally Israel for years to come. Congratulations, Bibi!

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Krauthammer: ‘Israelis Wall-to-Wall’ Understand Iran Deal a Disaster for Them

Krauthammer: ‘Israelis Wall-to-Wall’ Understand Iran Deal a Disaster for Them

Wild Thing's comment.........

Good way to put it by Krauthammer.

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March 09, 2015

Netanyahu to White House: 'It’s Useful to Remember Who Your Ally Is and Who Your Enemy Is'

Netanyahu to White House: 'It’s Useful to Remember Who Your Ally Is and Who Your Enemy Is'

Wild Thing's comment...........

I pray one day we have a true leader that loves our country.

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March 04, 2015

A True Leader! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's full speech to Congress

Bibi Netanyahu delivered an address to a Joint Session of Congress that absolutely decimated Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy. Using fact after fact, Netanyahu painted a clear picture of the nature of the radical Islamic regime in Iran, essentially conveying how insane it is for Barack Obama to think he can trust them in any Nuclear deal.

Netanyahu challenged the United States to not give in and make a bad deal with Iran in hopes their tyrannical Islamic regime will change. Instead, he called the United States to keep the pressure on Iran with tough sanctions and refuse to accept an inevitable Nuclear Iran.

What it boils down to is that Benjamin Netanyahu sounded like what the President of the United States OUGHT to sound like. Listening to Netanyahu leaves you wishing America had such a leader. With God’s help, perhaps we will two years from now. In the meantime, we have to try and survive the insanity that is the Obama Presidency.

"Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire. In this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for America or for Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews or Muslims who don't share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom for anyone. So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.". Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to US Congress 3/3/15

"You don't have to read Robert Frost to know. You have to live life to know that the difficult path is usually the one less traveled, but it will make all the difference for the future of my country, the security of the Middle East and the peace of the world, the peace, we all desire. " "The lessons of history have been learned. I can only urge the leaders of the world not to repeat the mistakes of the past.Not to sacrifice the future for the present; not to ignore aggression in the hopes of gaining an illusory peace. " "Facing me right up there in the gallery, overlooking all of us in this (inaudible) chamber is the image of Moses. Moses led our people from slavery to the gates of the Promised Land. And before the people of Israel entered the land of Israel, Moses gave us a message that has steeled our resolve for thousands of years. I leave you with his message today, (SPEAKING IN HEBREW), "Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them." My friends, may Israel and America always stand together, strong and resolute. May we neither fear nor dread the challenges ahead. May we face the future with confidence, strength and hope. May God bless the state of Israel and may God bless the United States of America." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to US Congress 3/3/15

Wild Thing's comment.......

It makes such a difference to have a man like Bibi as leader of a country. How wonderful to have a person that truly loves his country has served his country and wants to protect his country and it's people.

In our country we need protection FROM Obama and his agenda. And he hates our country and our Constitution.

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February 25, 2015

Netanyahu turns down closed-door session with Senate Democrats ~ Good for Bibi!!!!!

Netanyahu turns down closed-door session with Senate Democrats ~ Good for Bibi!!!!!

FOX News

WASHINGTON Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday turned down an invitation to meet privately with Senate Democrats next week during his visit to Washington, saying the session "could compound the misperception of partisanship" surrounding his trip.

Angering the White House and Democrats, Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republican leaders to address a joint meeting of Congress on March 3 and speak about Iran. The GOP leaders did not consult with the Obama administration, which the White House called a breach of protocol.

Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., on Monday invited Netanyahu to meet in a closed-door session with Democrats during his visit. He declined the invitation on Tuesday and expressed regret about the politically fraught tone of his trip.

"I regret that the invitation to address the special joint session of Congress has been perceived by some to be political or partisan," Netanyahu wrote. "I can assure you that my sole intention in accepting it was to voice Israel's grave concerns about a potential nuclear agreement with Iran that could threaten the survival of my country."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Why would he meet with any Democrats when they are the ones (many of them) who are boycotting his speech to congress?

Good for Bibi.

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January 30, 2015

Iran Targets Netanyahu Children for Assassination

Iran Targets Netanyahu Children for Assassination

Washington Free Beacon

Iran is encouraging its terror allies to pursue the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s children by publishing personal information about them, including photographs of the kids lined up in crosshairs, and declaring, “We must await the hunt of Hezbollah.”

The publication of the personal information and biographies of Netanyahu’s children follows an Israeli airstrike last week that killed several key Hezbollah leaders and an Iranian commander affiliated with the country’s hardline Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iranian military leaders affiliated with the IRGC threatened in recent days harsh retaliation for the strike and promised to amp up support for Hezbollah as well as Palestinian terrorist organizations.

The information was originally published in Farsi by an Iranian website affiliated with the IRGC and quickly republished by Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

In addition to biographical details and pictures of Netanyahu’s children, the Iranians provided details about the families of former prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon.

Wild Thing's comment.......

How horrible, and Obama and his pal Valerie Jarrett are all for the Iran government and their hate for Bibi.

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January 24, 2015

New Tension Between U.S. & Israel - Charles Krauthammer - The Kelly File

New Tension Between U.S. & Israel - Charles Krauthammer - The Kelly File

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama is always making threats. He has threatened we the people, other counties and also Bibi. God bless BIbi. Regarding Obama YOU can go to hell.

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January 14, 2015

A Total Disgrace Jimmy Carter: ICC Should Investigate Israel for War Crimes

A Total Disgrace Jimmy Carter: ICC Should Investigate Israel for War Crimes

In a HuffPost Live interview Tuesday, former President Jimmy Carter told host Marc Lamont Hill he supports the International Criminal Court looking into Palestinian accusation of war crimes against Israel, saying the ICC should take “an inquisitive look” at those allegations.

“Not only at what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians, but vice versa,” Carter said. “I’ve been to the places in Israel, for instance, where the Hamas rockets land. I’ve been there and seen the rockets and condemned them on television. There are problems both ways. But I think to expose what has happened to the world in a very careful and judicious way will probably be good for both sides.”

Carter has been involved with politics in the region for quite some time, with the 90-year-old supporting a two-state system. Conversely, President Obama said Monday the U.S. does not support the Palestinians’ bid to join the ICC, arguing that Palestine is not a recognized state and thus has no right to appear in international court.

“About 150 nations recognize Palestine as a nation, as an official state,” Carter said. “Although the United States has always been in lockstep with Israel on these kind of matters, it’s not a common belief all over the world. I don’t believe there’s any doubt that the Palestinians deserve to have a nation of their own, alongside a free and protected state of Israel.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Carter is a truly vile POS.

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January 10, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu met with French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave and made the following remarks at the start of their meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave and made the following remarks at the start of their meeting:

“I wish to send from this place our deepest condolences to President François Hollande, the bereaved families and the people of France. We grieve with our French brothers and sisters. We reaffirm our commitment to work together to defeat the enemies of the democratic values we all cherish.

I know that you're going from here to France, and I want you to take with you the sentiment of every citizen of Israel. We have experienced such attacks, we know the feeling, and we share your grief, but also your resolve, which has been demonstrated in the last few days by so many of France's citizens who gathered to gather and say, we have to fight these enemies of our common civilization.

These terrorists gun down journalists in Paris; they behead aid workers in Syria; they kidnap schoolgirls in Nigeria; they bomb churches in Iraq; they slaughter tourists in Bali; they rocket civilians from Gaza; and they strive to build nuclear weapons in Iran.

They might have different names: ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, al-Shabab, al-Qaida, Hezbollah. But all of them are driven by the same hatred and blood-thirsty fanaticism. And all of them seek to destroy our freedoms and to impose on all of us a violent, medieval tyranny.

This is a global struggle.

Bringing to justice the Paris murderers is just the beginning.

It must be followed by a broad based assault on the forces of radical Islam throughout the world.

This is everybody's battle.

The terrorists have shown that they have the will to crush us, but they don't have the capacity. Now we must show that we have the will to defeat them and crush them.

This is the essence of the battle that we're fighting: Freedom against barbarism. Freedom must win, but to win, we have to stand together and fight together.

This is our message to the people of France, and this is our message to all the citizens of civilized countries.

Well, please convey the message of the people of Israel to the people of France, and our solidarity against all those who wish to extinguish our freedoms.

The root of terrorism is terrorists. The root of terrorism is terrorists who wish to bring back humanity, all of mankind, to a darker age. They don't particularly care about this or that issue. They don't care about political settlements. They want to overrun our societies, our liberties, our way of life. They want to take us back 1,000 years.

This is what drives them. And in order to fight them, we have to understand that they challenge everyone: They challenge their fellow Muslims who don't share their implacable creed, and then they challenge everyone else. Radical Islam is challenging the entire world – the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world alike, but it is radical Islam.

The second point I think you made just now, Ambassador, is a very important one, and that is that the first tactic of terrorists is top impose terror, to create fear. And the first rule in fighting terrorism is to refuse to be afraid. I know that there are many in France who are asking themselves, how can we fight this dreadful fear-imposing barbarism. Should we continue to publish our views? Should we express our opinions? Should we now cut back? And my message, in Paris, In Jerusalem, anywhere, is the first rule in fighting terrorism is to refuse to knuckle down and knuckle under fear and pain of fear, to refuse to be afraid.

And the third most important point is we have to unite to roll back this side of fear. And I think that you can go from here to Paris armed with the knowledge that the people of Israel believe strongly in what I've just said, embrace the people of France as brothers and sisters. We understand we are in a common battle for our values and a common battle for our future, and we refuse to be intimidated.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Bibi is such a wonderful man. I wish he was our president.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to French President François Hollande, in wake of the terrorist attack yesterday in Paris:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to French President François Hollande, in wake of the terrorist attack yesterday in Paris:


"Please accept my most profound condolences following yesterday's savage terrorist attack in Paris.

This attack on France is an attack on us all. Free peoples everywhere must unite to confront radical Islamist terrorism and to protect ourselves against this threat to our common civilization.

The people of Israel stand with the people of France at this difficult time. Please convey our sympathies to the families of the victims and our best wishes for the full and speedy recovery of the injured."

Wild Thing's comment........

God bless Bibi.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:50 AM

December 17, 2014

Canada Strongly Opposes Decision To Convene Anti-Israel Conference In Geneva

Canada Strongly Opposes Decision To Convene Anti-Israel Conference In Geneva

December 16, 2014 – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement regarding the decision to convene a conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions:

“Canada has conveyed its deep concerns and has communicated clearly that it will neither attend this conference nor lend it any credibility.

“Canada is deeply disappointed by the convening of this one-sided and politicized conference, which serves only to single out one country, Israel, for criticism. Canada has complete faith in the strength of the rule of law in Israel, and we believe the Israelis are capable of investigating matters surrounding the events that took place in Gaza in the summer of 2014.

“This conference risks undermining the integrity and credibility of the Geneva Conventions and the neutrality of their application.

“Such a misguided approach will neither serve the cause of peace nor bring the parties closer to a negotiated settlement.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

I wish our country felt the same way Canada does, but nope, instead our POS Obama and John Kerry are all for doing this to Israel.

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December 05, 2014

Evil Obama Considering Placing Sanctions On Israel

Obama Considering Placing Sanctions On Israel....While at the same time trying to stop Congress from passing new sanctions on Iran.

Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel

The Obama administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem.

The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings.

The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel then any previous White House.

At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

One senior congressional aide who works on the issue of Israel expressed shock that a White House could even discuss such action.

“If these reports are true, this would mark a new era of unprecedented hostility from the White House against our strongest ally in the Middle East,” the source said. “It’s impossible not to notice the irony of the administration mulling sanctions on Israel while threatening to veto new sanctions against Iran.”

The aide added: “The president should be forewarned that taking such action against Israel would yield tremendous pushback from Congress.”

Wild Thing's comment.......


Lord, I pray that you serve judgment on this evil administration 1,000 fold!!! And very soon!!!!!!!

Obama is the definition of Diabolical EVIL.

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November 17, 2014

Bibi Netanyahu: Only Reason Why Iran Is Building Long Range ICBMs They Need Them To Hit The United States!

Netanyahu: Only Reason Why Iran Is Building Long Range ICBMs They Need Them To Hit The United States!

On Face the Nation, Israeli PM Netanyahu says there is only reason why Iran is building long range ICBMs and that is to hit the US. They don’t need them to nuke Israel, they the ICBMs to nuke the US. We are only looking at the nukes. In additional to depriving them of the ability to build nukes, we need to deprive Iran of the ability to ICBMs.

“It’s not merely preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons today, it’s to prevent them … from having nuclear weapons tomorrow,” Netanyahu told host Bob Schieffer. “That means that Iran should not be left with the residual capacity to enrich uranium that you need to have an atomic bomb, nor to have the long-range ballistic missiles — the ICBMs, intercontinental ballistic missile — to launch them.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama would never listen to Bibi, he would rather bash him.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:50 AM

November 09, 2014

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador: Obama’s Secret Letter to Tehran “Shows Weakness” – Is His 4TH COMMUNICATION to Iran

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador: Obama’s Secret Letter to Tehran “Shows Weakness” – Is His 4TH COMMUNICATION to Iran

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman blasted Barack Obama today on America’s News HQ. The former Ambassador told Uma Pemmaraju Obama’s letter to Ayatollah Khamenei is shameful and “a letter of appeasement.”

“Israel is very upset and very surprised because that letter is really a letter of appeasement. It’s sleeping with the enemy the morning after sending him a love letter. And, as we know it it not the first time. It is probably the fourth communication between the president and the Iranian leadership. It totally disregards the fact that the recipient of that letter is a terror state which perpetrates, harbors, finances terror all over the world… To do this is a sign of weakness. The message it sends out to its allies, to America’s allies, especially to Israel is a message of weakness, of a weak America. And, the worse thing is the message it sends out to the Iranians is how eager the United States is to that deal. How eager the United States is to this evil, fundamentalist, cruel, extreme, cynical regime in Tehran… Neville Chamberlain… And what it says to America’s allies is they cannot rely on the United States and what it says to America’s enemies is that they can get away with murder… This is very dangerous… I think it’s a sign of desperation…”

Wild Thing's comment.......

I have always liked Dan Gillerman , he truly is oe of the good guys.

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September 11, 2014

I applaud Senator Cruz for standing up for Israel. Cruz was "booed off the stage" at an event hosted by a purportedly Christian organization

Ted Cruz: Hatred, Bigotry, Opposition to Israel Led to Me Leaving Event

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was "booed off the stage" at an event hosted by a purportedly Christian organization.

Cruz, the keynote speaker at the new "In Defense Of Christians" organization's dinner in Washington DC, had offered the crowd--a number of whom were Christians from the Middle East, including Palestinian Christians--public support for Israel. After doing so, some members of the crowd booed at Cruz, and they persisted until he left the stage, noting their hatred and saying he can't stand with them if they don't stand with Israel.

"Tonight, in Washington, should have been a night of unity as we came together for the inaugural event for a group that calls itself 'In Defense of Christians.' Instead, it unfortunately deteriorated into a shameful display of bigotry and hatred," Cruz said in a statement provided to Breitbart News. "When I spoke in strong support of Israel and the Jewish people, who are being persecuted and murdered by the same vicious terrorists who are also slaughtering Christians, many Christians in the audience applauded. But, sadly, a vocal and angry minority of attendees at the conference tried to shout down my expression of solidarity with Israel."

Cruz continued in his statement by noting that detractors "cannot shout down the truth," and the American people "should not shy away from expressing the truth, even in the face of--especially in the face of--ignorance and bigotry."

"I told the attendees that those who hate Israel also hate America," Cruz said. "That those who hate Jews also hate Christians. And that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ. These statements were met with angry boos. I went on to tell the crowd that Christians in the Middle East have no better friend than Israel. That Christians can practice their faith free of persecution in Israel. And that ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, along with their state sponsors in Syria and Iran, are all part of the same cancer, murdering Christians and Jews alike. Hate is hate, and murder is murder."

Cruz said he wanted to speak at this event to highlight the threat of ISIS to Christians and Jews worldwide, and he is disappointed that the people there did not agree with him on that.

"I came to this event tonight to help shine a light on the tragic persecution and slaughter of Christians by ISIS and Islamic radicals throughout the Middle East. American leaders have been far too silent as to this horrific evil," Cruz said. "But bigotry and hatred have no place in this discussion. Antisemitism is a corrosive evil, and it reared its ugly head tonight."

Because of the "bigotry and hatred," Cruz said he had to leave the event.

"After just a few minutes, I had no choice," Cruz said. "I told them that if you will not stand with Israel, if you will not stand with the Jews, then I will not stand with you. And then I walked off the stage."

Wild Thing's comment............

God bless Ted Cruz. What vile horrible people they were at this event. A bunch of phony Christians and their hate for Israel.

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August 15, 2014

Obama and his administration halts shipment of Hellfire aerial anti-armor missiles to Israel

Obama and his administration halts shipment of Hellfire aerial anti-armor missiles to Israel

Obama the anti-Israel president and his administration decided that Israel’s request for Hellfire missiles in July must go through the White House and not just the Pentagon because Obama administration officials were concerned about the appropriateness of their use in the Gaza Strip, according to YNET:

The US administration has halted a shipment of Hellfire aerial anti-armor missiles to Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing government sources.

The sources noted that Israel had requested the transfer of ammunitions directly from the Pentagon, without receiving the approval of the White House or State Department officials.

According to the sources, White House officials were concerned about Israel’s use of artillery, instead of precision-guided munitions in the more densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip.

If that isn’t bad enough, the Obama administration is reported is saying that because of this Gaza offensive, Netanyahu and his National Security team were “both reckless and untrustworthy”:

The paper describes a long line of battles between the administration of US President Barack Obama and the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noting relations between the two countries have reached another low point.

Obama and Netanyahu reportedly had a “particularly combative” phone call on Wednesday.

US officials are quoted by the Journal as saying the current Gaza conflict has “persuaded them that Mr. Netanyahu and his national security team are both reckless and untrustworthy.”

An Israeli official told the newspaper that the rift between Israel and the US has now deepened: “We’ve been there before with a lot of tension with us and Washington. What we have now, on top of that, is mistrust and a collision of different perspectives on the Middle East.”

This proves that this administration is as anti-Israel as we’ve known it to be. To deny weapons to Israel in their battle against a terrorist organization that wants to remove them from the map is unconscionable.

Wild Thing's comment...........

I hope and pray Bibi always knows Obama and his people do not speak for us and how we feel about Israel.

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August 08, 2014

Hannity One-On-One With Netanyahu 8-7-14....Full Interview

Hannity One-On-One With Netanyahu 8-7-14 this video above is part Four, but the interview interview is below...........

Hannity and Bibi FULL Interview

Wild Thing's comment.......

I love to hear Bibi speak, he is such a wonderful leader.

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August 05, 2014

Disgusting anti-Semitic Geraldo Says Israel Defending Itself Is “Appalling”

" I think Israel has only itself to blame. I think the force used has been so grossly disproportionate. They have inflicted civilian casualties in a way that the United States and United Nations Secretary General are correct to call appalling. You don’t use tank shells if you’re trying to make a precision strike.

I’ve covered war for over 40 years. If you want to use a hellfire missile directed by a drone you can put it in a window of a building that you want to. Using a tank shell, in this case the firing that they were receiving was 200 years, 2 football fields away from where those tank shells landed, taking those 10 lives.This is a travesty. It is hurting Israel on the world stage. It is undermining support for the Jewish state."

Wild Thing's comment............

Geraldo is so horrible, I wish Fox would end their contract with him He has repeatedly been a total jerk.

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August 04, 2014

Charles Krauthammer: Kerry is "Clueless" and "Oblivious"

Charles Krauthammer: Kerry is "Clueless" and "Oblivious"

Wild Thing's comment.........

Thank you Charles.

It is shocking to see how many in today's world are against Israel. I have never seen it like this before.

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August 03, 2014

Pro-Israel U.S. Marine Attacked by Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Outside White House

Pro-Israel U.S. Marine Attacked by Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Outside White House

On Saturday, a national march for Gaza took place in front of the White House. A pro-Israeli counter-protester (U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran Manny Vega) was standing on 16th and H Streets with Israeli and American flags. Vega was approached by an Arab who began engaging in a very productive conversation with him. However, as more pro-Palestinian protesters marched by them, some engaged in violent acts against him.

This is where the video begins recording. He was punched, pulled, kicked, and even spat on.

Wild Thing's comment.........

It shocks me to see how people are against Israel and for the terrorists. God bless this Marine for what he did and speaking up like that. I agree he has every right to be there. Israel is our friend and if we do not have the right to show support for our friend then we might as well leave our country.

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Awesome Netanyahu to World Leaders: "Stand With Israel"

Netanyahu to World Leaders: "Stand With Israel"

Wild Thing's comment.........

The world is watcing and we WILL remember those that stood with Israel and those that do not.

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July 29, 2014

MARK LEVIN: God Help Us! This Administration Is 'Pro-Hamas and Despises Israel' (audio)

MARK LEVIN: God Help Us! This Administration Is 'Pro-Hamas' and Despises Israel

Wild Thing's comment.............

Obama has always said he would stand with Muslims above all else.

This is so horrible, I pray that Israel and Bibi know it is Obama and his ilk and NOT all of our country.

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Obama Abandons Israel At U.N. Security Council

Obama Abandons Israel At U.N. Security Council

Despite a history of rocky relations between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Obama administration could largely be counted on to watch Israel’s back in the U.N. Security Council, where it succeeded for more than five years in blocking successive efforts by the Palestinians to gain more of the trappings of an independent state and to get the world body to formally censure Israeli settlement policies.

That changed after the stroke of midnight Sunday when, in the early minutes of Monday, July 28, the U.N. Security Council, with the backing of the United States, issued a formal “presidential statement” demanding that Israel and Hamas implement an “immediate and unconditional” cease-fire to end fighting that has left more than 1,000 Palestinians and 43 Israelis dead. The Palestinians say they will continue to seek Security Council support for a legally enforceable resolution demanding that Israel halt its military offensive in Gaza.

The latest U.N. diplomacy comes during a period of deepening tensions between the United States and Israel over the course of Israel’s military operation in Gaza, which Obama maintains needs to stop now, but which Netanyahu insists must be allowed to continue in order to destroy Hamas’s network of subterranean tunnels used for raids on Israel. “I understand that Israel can’t have a cease-fire in which they are not able to — that somehow the tunnels are never going to be dealt with. The tunnels have to be dealt with. We understand that; we’re working at that,” Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in Paris on Saturday in a press conference with the foreign ministers of Turkey and Qatar. “By the same token, the Palestinians can’t have a cease-fire in which they think the status quo is going to stay and they’re not going to have the ability to be able to begin to live and breathe more freely and move within the crossings and begin to have goods and services that come in from outside.”

Wild Thing's comment..............

The devils president..Obama.

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Obama a Disgrace To All Humanity Is Trying To Force Israel Into Committing Suicide

What Obama Just Did Could Prove He Is Trying To Force Israel Into Committing Suicide

America needs to look at the result of President Obama’s actions..

When international pressure starts to bear on this administration, their true motivation and agenda becomes all too clear. This phenomenon was on display late last week as Israel continued to drive into the Gaza Strip militarily in order to rid the territory of the scores of tunnels that Hamas had dug under Israeli schools and daycare centers, with the intention of murdering children. Thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel with the intention of killing Jewish civilians. Hamas infiltrators have been captured with tranquilizers and handcuffs confirming their desire to kidnap and kill as many Jews as possible, just as they did with the three teenage Israeli boys that started this whole episode.

So what does the Obama administration do when it looks like the Israeli military is being successful in disarming the terrorist organization Hamas? The President of the United States orders Secretary Kerry to draft a cease-fire proposal that directs Israel to stand down while ignoring the militarization of Gaza and the terrorist attempts to kill Jews. In short, the President of the United States, Israel’s biggest ally, tries to force Israel to commit suicide and lay down its arms in the face of overwhelming terrorist attacks.

Over the weekend, President Obama called the Israeli Prime Minister and demanded a cease-fire with Hamas in order to strengthen the Palestinian Authority. This is the same Palestinian leadership that orders its civilians to stay in homes the Israeli military forewarns will be destroyed, in order to provoke civilian casualties. Of course, Netanyahu refused as that would mean Hamas could rearm before Israel destroyed the tunnels that have been built under the border.

John Podhoretz in Commentary says it well:

“He (the president) has really crossed a—do I dare—red line here no other American leader ever has. Obama doesn’t like the pictures he’s seeing, he doesn’t like Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel], he doesn’t like the fact that even Israel’s liberals are in a belligerent frame of mind after weeks of missile attacks against population centers, he isn’t running for reelection, he doesn’t care about donors or Jewish voters, he believes in his heart of hearts that the root cause of regional instability is Israel’s gains in the 1967 war, and in service of all these feelings and beliefs, he’s decided Israel is in the wrong and that Hamas needs to be saved from Israel’s might. In which case, he is personally intervening against an American ally with a legitimately elected and deeply fractious coalition government on behalf of a terrorist organization.”

’ve said it many times before on these pages, America needs to look at the result of President Obama’s actions – or lack thereof. Along with the Islamic State in the Middle East, Iran going nuclear, Christians being slaughtered in Iraq, the Taliban on the move, he decides to protect terrorists rather than America’s strongest ally in the region. What does that tell you?

Wild Thing's comment...........

He is a Muslims, I really believe that. He hates America, hates Israel and would be happy to see both destroyed.

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July 28, 2014

Israeli police stop car carrying explosives near Jerusalem

Israeli police stop car carrying explosives near Jerusalem

Israel resumed its attacks in Gaza on Sunday after Hamas rejected a cease-fire offer. Hamas later offered its own temporary truce. Amid the breakdown of the temporary cease-fire, Israeli police say they stopped a car filled with explosives at a checkpoint near Jerusalem.

Wild Thing's comment............

Hamas's word or promises mean nothing.

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Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken All Cease Fires We Have Agreed To

Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken All Cease Fires We Have Agreed To

Wild Thing's comment.......

God protect Bibi! He is such an awesome leader.

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July 26, 2014

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight Slams Obama, and Kerry At Pro-Israel Rally and Their Betrayal of Israel

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight Slams Obama, and Kerry At Pro-Israel Rally and Their Betrayal of Israel

Wild Thing's comment...........

God bless Jon Voight and God bless Israel.

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July 24, 2014

Ted Cruz Slams Obama For Using FAA To Launch “Economic Boycott” Of Israel

Ted Cruz Slams Obama For Using FAA To Launch “Economic Boycott” Of Israel

he Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday extended its prohibition on U.S. flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport for up to an additional 24 hours, following the ban it announced Tuesday.

The FAA announcement drew immediate criticism from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who said in statement, “President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands.”

The agency said it is “working closely with the Government of Israel to review the significant new information they have provided and determine whether potential risks to U.S. civil aviation are mitigated so the agency can resolve concerns as quickly as possible.”

The FAA imposed its ban after a rocket landed about a mile from the airport Tuesday as intense fighting continued between Israel and Hamas.

Cruz said “no one wants to place civilian travelers in harm’s way,” especially in light of last week’s downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine. But he asked whether the FAA’s announcement was in fact “a political decision driven by the White House.”

The Texas Republican, a potential contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, said that tourism is an $11 billion industry for Israel.

“This FAA flight ban may well represent a crippling blow to a key economic sector [in Israel] through both security concerns and worries that additional bans will down more flights and strand more passengers,” Cruz said. “It hardly matters if or when the ban is lifted. At this point, the damage may already be done.”

He asked, “If the FAA’s decision was based on airline safety, why was Israel singled out, when flights are still permitted into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen?”

Wild Thing's comment.............

So glad Ted Cruz spoke up about this.

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July 21, 2014

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza

Here is Secretary of State John Kerry getting caught in an “uh-oh” moment on “Fox News Sunday.” He was caught in a “hot mic” moment on video telling an aide about Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza, “It’s a hell of a pinprick operation. It’s a hell of a pinprick operation.” Chris Wallace confronted him with tape of the statement, and Kerry tried to essentially say he meant what he did not say!

Wild Thing's comment...........

Chris Wallace did goo and there were a lot of other times as well in his interview of Kerry where Kerry was really upset. I love when the left gets the truth hitting them back.

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July 15, 2014

Israel Attacked On Four Fronts On Same Day For First Time Ever: Sinai, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza

Israel Attacked On Four Fronts On Same Day For First Time Ever: Sinai, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza


Also Monday, rockets were fired at Israel from southern Lebanon, reported Reuters, drawing retaliatory artillery fire from Israeli forces, Lebanese security officials and the Israeli army said, in the third such rocket attack from Lebanon since Friday.

An Israeli police spokeswoman said there was no immediate word of damage or casualties from the rocket fire. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.


A rocket fired from Syria hit an open area on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights on Monday afternoon, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson Unit confirmed in a statement.

The statement said according to initial reports, the launching was “deliberate.” It is still not clear who is responsible for the attack, the Walla news website reported.


A Hamas drone capable of carrying weapons was shot down Monday with a Patriot missile along the southern Israeli coast.

“It was shot to smithereens,” Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli Army, told reporters Monday.

Israeli officials said it was the first time Hamas militants had launched a drone since fighting escalated last week.

Israel reported that its so-called Iron Dome defense system intercepted several rockets fired from Gaza, including one Monday evening over Tel Aviv.


4 lightly injured in recent rocket attack on Eilat.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Prayers for Israel.

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July 13, 2014

Netanyahu: "Israel Has Attacked More Than 1,000 Targets, There is Still More To Go"..."No International Pressure Will Stop Us From Acting With Full Force"

NETANYAHU: "We have so far attacked more than 1,000 targets. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups. There is still more to go." He warned that he is weighing all options including a possible ground war, adding that the opinions of allies won't deter Israel. "No international pressure will stop us from acting with full force."

PM Netanyahu is basically saying that Israel will not be deterred by anybody, they will strike Hamas with full force. These comments are no doubt directed toward the Obama administration.

Wild Thing's comment............

Good for Bibi, don't wait for Obama to give the ok, he is not for Israel.

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July 01, 2014

Israeli Defense Minister on Hamas Killing of Three Israeli Teens: “We Will Eradicate Hamas” – Video

"They were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by animals," Haaretz quoted Netanyahu saying at a hastily arranged security cabinet meeting. "In the name of the whole of Israel, I ask to tell the dear families - to the mothers, the fathers, the grandmothers and the grandfathers, the brothers and sisters - our hearts are bleeding, the whole nation is crying with them."

Israeli Defense Minister on Hamas Killing of Three Israeli Teens: “We Will Eradicate Hamas” – Video 6/30/14

Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister responded to the killing of three Israeli Teenage boys (one American) by Hamas Terrorists by saying,”We will eradicate Hamas. We will not stop until Hamas is completely destroyed.”

JERUSALEM -- The Israeli military found the bodies of three missing teenagers on Monday, just over two weeks after they were abducted in the West Bank, allegedly by Hamas militants. The grisly discovery culminated a feverish search that led to Israel's largest ground operation in the Palestinian territory in nearly a decade and raised fears of renewed fighting with Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed tough action. "Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay," he said in a statement, adding the teenagers "were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by human animals."

Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, a 16-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship, disappeared while hitchhiking home near the West Bank city of Hebron late at night on June 12 and were never heard from again. Despite the dangers, hitchhiking is common among Israelis traveling in and out of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The teens had been studying at Jewish seminaries in the West Bank.

Wild Thing's comment............


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Massive Explosion As Israel Strikes Gaza, IAF Hits 12 Terrorist Targets

The IDF demolished overnight Monday the homes of the two main suspects in the kidnapping and killing of three young Israelis, witnesses told AFP.

The witnesses said the houses of Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu-Eisha in Hevron were blown up, in what a human rights group said was the first punitive demolition since Israel halted the practice in 2005.

Kawasmeh and Abu-Eisha were identified by Israel last week as the two terrorists who kidnapped Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel, whose bodies were discovered earlier on Monday.

Both Kawasmeh and Abu-Eisha have been arrested numerous times and are well known Hamas terrorists in the Hevron area.

Wild Thing's comment........

Bibi Netanyahu, he is a man of his words. Netanyahu vowed that ‘Hamas Will Pay’ For the Murder Of 3 Kidnapped Israeli Teens and it looks like he has done it within several hours.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:50 AM | Comments (3)

Good! Airstrikes target suspect in the killing of three kidnapped Israeli teens

Airstrikes target suspect in the killing of three kidnapped Israeli teens

A lot of people in Israel are posting news of the air strikes going after the targets, this is one of the video's is from the Israeli air strikes in Gaza .

Wild Thing's comment...........

Israel taking Sean Connery's advice:

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June 01, 2014

Netanyahu: Obama Regime Demanded “That Not Even One House Be Built” In Israeli Settlements

Netanyahu: Obama Regime Demanded “That Not Even One House Be Built” In Israeli Settlements

In a meeting this week between Prime Minister Netanyahu and twenty settlement leaders, Netanyahu said that it was the US’s demand to freeze settlements that prevented the meeting of the Department of Planning in the Civil Administration.

Netanyahu said he was the one who gave the order for the department to not meet, but didn’t anticipate the extensive damage that came about as a result, where, even to put up a light post, much less build a needed nursery school, became impossible.

Netanyahu told the leaders that Obama had demanded of him that not even one house be built.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Typical of the Israeli hating Obama.

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April 29, 2014

Krauthammer Agrees With Ted Cruz: John Kerry’s Comparing Israel to “Apartheid” is a “Resigning-Type Statement”

Krauthammer: John Kerry’s Comparing Israel to “Apartheid” is a “Resigning-Type Statement”

Charles Krauthammer reacting to John Kerry’s comparing Israel to an “Apartheid” state. Krauthammer agreed with Sen. Ted Cruz, calling the remark “a resigning-type statement.” Charles pointed out that the remark is so “pernicious” because it will be seized upon by Israel’s enemies to attack them.

Wild Thing's comment............

I am so glad Charles said this.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls on John Kerry to Resign as Secretary of State for Comparing Israel to “Apartheid”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls on John Kerry to Resign as Secretary of State for Comparing Israel to “Apartheid”

Here is Sen. Ted Cruz calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to resign for actually comparing Israel to South Africa’s former “apartheid” state. Kerry made the comments on the eve of “Holocaust Remembrance Day,” trying to pressure Israel to negotiate with the PLO.

Wild Thing's comment...........

I agree, Kerry does not deserve to have his appointment . Also he never should have been allowed to run for any office after what he did to the Vietnam Veterans.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:48 AM

MARK LEVIN: ‘Anti-Semite’ Kerry Should Resign

MARK LEVIN: ‘Anti-Semite’ Kerry Should Resign

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I am so glad Mark also brought up about Kerry and Vietnam. This horrible Kerry has been getting away with his crap for a long time. Mark speak about how there is a patten with Kerry.

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Both Rep. and Some Dems Upset with Kerry ,so He Tries to " walk back" His Horrible Statement

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They nee4d to keep hammering Kerry about this.

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March 22, 2014

Israeli Minister Rips Obama: “U.S. Foreign Policy Is Collapsing All Over The World,” Israel Can No Longer Rely On America

Israeli Minister Rips Obama: “U.S. Foreign Policy Is Collapsing All Over The World,” Israel Can No Longer Rely On America

Another senior minister in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s cabinet sharply criticized American foreign policy Tuesday, anonymously joining the open attack by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Speaking to journalists in the Knesset, the minister said the Americans’ handling of the crisis in Ukraine proved that Israel could no longer rely on the United States. He said it was clear to everyone that the US had never intended to take military action against the Russians.

“The lesson of this crisis screams to the sky,” the minister said. “US foreign policy is collapsing all over the world. America showing weakness in Russia has implications on the Palestinian front. Israel cannot be Ukraine. It is ridiculous to hear about American guarantees for Israeli security, which would at best last a few weeks. When we’re in danger, they won’t be there to defend us. We must be the sole guarantors of Israeli security.”

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God bless Israel and protect her, and God bless Bibi and thank God for his leadership.

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March 19, 2014

Israeli Defense Minister: Obama projects "Weakness"; Israel can't rely on US to deal with Iran

Israeli Defense Minister: Obama projects "Weakness"; Israel can't rely on US to deal with Iran

In a wide-ranging discussion reported in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Israel’s plain-speaking defence minister Moshe Ya’alon said Monday that Tehran has the upper hand in nuclear negotiations, and dismissed the idea of Israeli dependence on the United States to lead an action against Iran’s nuclear program, saying that Israel can only rely on itself.

“We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran [would be] the United States,” said Ya’alon, speaking during an event at Tel Aviv University. “But at some stage the United States entered into negotiations with them, and unhappily, when it comes to negotiating at a Persian bazaar, the Iranians were better.”

If Israel had ever expected the United States to take out Iran’s nuclear weapons capability, that is not about to happen, Ya’alon said: “Therefore, on this matter, we have to behave as though we have nobody to look out for us but ourselves.”

Ya’alon issued a sharp critique of Washington’s attitude toward Iran, suggesting President Barack Obama would prefer to delay any confrontation until it could be passed on to his successor. “People know that Iran cheats,” Ya’alon said. “But comfortable Westerners prefer to put off confrontation – if possible, to next year, or the next president. But in the end, it will blow up.”

Iran went from being “on its knees” due to economic pressure, sanctions, diplomatic isolation, fear of an internal eruption and worry over military threats, to averting all crises through a clever “smile offensive,” Ya’alon said.

“There have been delays in the nuclear program, but the [interim] agreement [signed between Iran and the superpowers in Geneva] is very convenient for the Iranians,” Ya’alon said. “They’re settling down at the threshold and can decide when to make the breakthrough to a nuclear bomb.”

Ya’alon’s criticism of Obama’s foreign policy went beyond Iran. The defence minister alluded several times during his speech to Washington showing weakness in the world. “The moderate Sunni camp in the area expected the United States to support it, and to be firm, like Russia’s support for the Shi’ite axis,” Ya’alon said. “I heard voices of disappointment in the region. I was in Singapore and heard disappointment about China getting stronger and the U.S. getting weaker. Look what’s happening in Ukraine, where the United States is demonstrating weakness, unfortunately.”

An image of “feebleness” and weakness can only damage America’s own national security, Ya’alon said. “If you sit and wait at home, the terrorism will come again,” he said. “Even if you hunker down, it will come,” he added. “I hope the United States comes to its senses. If it doesn’t, it will challenge the world order, and the United States is the one that will suffer.”

Discussing security ties between Israel and the United States, Ya’alon said that U.S. military aid to Israel needs to be seen in context. “It isn’t a favor America is doing, it’s in their interest.” Israel not only takes from Washington, the minister added — it also gives. “They get quality intelligence and technology,” he said. “We invented Iron Dome. The wings of the F-35 stealth fighter – we invented. We invented the Arrow,” an anti-ballistic missile.

Ya’alon spoke as world powers and Iran are set to start a new round of talks Tuesday and Wednesday in Vienna over Iran’s contested nuclear program. On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif predicted that the talks would not produce a final deal.

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Israel has to look out for themselves, I sure can't blame them for the lack of confidence and trust for Obama.

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March 18, 2014

Obama Praises PLO Leader Terrorist Mahmoud Abbas As Someone Who “Consistently Denounced Violence”

Obama Praises PLO Leader Terrorist Mahmoud Abbas As Someone Who “Consistently Denounced Violence”

Obama on Monday praised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as someone who “consistently denounced violence” as the two leaders met in the White House to discuss the Mideast peace process.

Obama hosted Abbas for talks Monday as the U.S. pushes Israel and the Palestinians toward accepting a framework for further peace talks.

“Everyone understands the outlines of what [a] peace deal would look like,” Obama said.

But getting there would require both sides to take “very hard, very challenging, tough political decisions and risks,” he conceded.

Obama added that he would stress the importance of the “rule of law” and “transparency” to Abbas.

“I look forward to productive discussions,” he said.

Abbas thanked Obama for welcoming him to the White House and for the “economic and political support the U.S. is extending to the Palestinian state so it can stand on its own feet.”

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One enemy within Obama backing a terrorist.

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March 04, 2014

Obama Gets Lecture On Peace Talks From Netanyahu In White House Meeting

Obama Gets Lecture On Peace Talks From Netanyahu In White House Meeting

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on Monday, pushing back against pressure from the White House to swiftly cut a deal with the Palestinians as the president warned time was running out for peace.

“Israel has been doing its part, and I regret to say that the Palestinians haven’t,” Netanyahu said to Obama, in front of the press. “The people of Israel know that it’s the case.”

“What we want is peace – not a piece of paper,” he said.

Netanyahu called for a “real peace… based on mutual recognition,” and chided his Palestinian counterparts for promoting “incessant violence” against the Jewish state.

“Israel, the Jewish state, is the realization of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination,” Netanyahu said. “I think it’s about time they recognized a nation state for the Jewish people.

We’ve only been here for about 4,000 years.”

Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister to formally call on the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland – what he has called the “minimal requirement” for peace.

“The only peace that will endure is a peace that we can defend,” he added.

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Good for Bibi!!!!!

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March 03, 2014

Anti-Semitic Obama : US Won’t Be Able to Defend Israel If Peace Talks Fail

This video shows Obama's history with his comments about Israel and how he has NOT been a friend to our friend and ally Israel.

Obama: US Won’t Be Able to Defend Israel If Peace Talks Fail

On Sunday Barack Obama warned Benjamin Netanyahu that the US would not be able to defend Israel if he does not endorse the administration’s framework for peace.

The Times of Israel

Israel can expect to face international isolation and possible sanctions from countries and companies across the world if Benjamin Netanyahu fails to endorse a framework agreement with the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama cautioned on Sunday ahead of a meeting with the Israeli prime minister

In an interview with Bloomberg, Obama stressed that time was running out for Israel to achieve a peace deal, and added that he believed Netanyahu had the capacity to rally Israel’s citizens behind an agreement…

…The president went on to condemn in no uncertain terms Israel’s settlement activities in the West Bank, and said that though his allegiance to the Jewish state was permanent, building settlements across the Green Line was counterproductive and would make it extremely difficult for the US to defend Israel from painful repercussions in the international community.

“If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time — if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited,” Obama said.

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Dictator Obama thinks he is also the dictator over Israel and Bibi.

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Netanyahu vows tough line for White House talks

Netanyahu vows tough line for White House talks


Israel's prime minister headed to Washington on Sunday for a high-stakes meeting with President Barack Obama about U.S.-led Mideast peace efforts, vowing to maintain a tough line in the face of heavy international pressure to begin making concessions to the Palestinians.

Benjamin Netanyahu's defiant tone set the stage for what could be a difficult meeting Monday with Obama. But with the clock ticking toward an April target date for a preliminary agreement, the Israeli leader could soon be forced to begin laying out a clearer vision for a future peace deal with the Palestinians.

Shortly before takeoff, Netanyahu vowed to "stand steadfast" on Israeli interests.

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Good stay strong Bibi. Don't let Obama push you around, he is our enemy too.

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February 06, 2014

Total Jerk! Kerry To Israeli Critics: I’m Not Afraid of You, I’ve Been Attacked By “Real Bullets”

Kerry To Israeli Critics: I’m Not Afraid of You, I’ve Been Attacked By “Real Bullets”

( In Israel they get attacked by bullets and bombs and missiles on a near daily basis. The minister he’s responding to fought against Hezbollah in Lebanon in two different conflicts.)

CNN’s Jake Tapper presented Kerry with an opportunity to respond to Bennett and other Israeli critics during an interview Wednesday. [...]

“My comments need to be properly represented, not distorted. I did not do anything except cite what other people are talking about as a problem,” Kerry said. ”But I also have always opposed boycotts. I have 100 percent voting record in support of Israel for 29 years in the United States Senate. Unfortunately, there are some people in Israel and in Palestine and in the Arab World and around the world that don’t support the peace process.”

“Israel needs to understand we will always stand by its security needs,” he continued. “But no one should distort what we’re doing or saying because they’re opposed to the peace process or don’t like two states or whatever. And, you know, words — I have to tell you, my friend, I’ve been, quote, attacked before by people using real bullets, not words, and I am not going to be intimidated. I am not going to stand down with respect to President Obama’s commitment to trying to find peace in the Middle East.”

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Kerry is such a jerk, a real piece of work....sheesh.

Please Israel know that we are NOT these fools Obama and his people are, we did not vote for them, we do not respect them and we wish they were GONE!

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February 05, 2014

Israeli Settlers Mock Kerry’s Peacemaking With Spoof Video

Israeli Settlers Mock Kerry’s Peacemaking With Spoof Video

Israel’s Yesha [settlers] Council has posted online a deliberately disrespectful spoof depicting America’s top diplomat – played by an actor resembling John Kerry – riding a camel and making a series of preposterous statements that belittle his understanding of the region’s complexities.

At one point, the Mr Kerry character is seen down-playing the importance of the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, in Jerusalem’s old city.

“Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing,” the actor says. “We must realise it is holy to all religions – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and Hobbits. But what I’m saying is: ‘why fight over an old wall?’

I’ll build you a brand new wall, close to the beach.”

A woman with an American accent is then seen telling him: “I think you should go home, where you belong, and stay there.”

Dani Dayan, the Yesha Council’s international envoy, said the video aimed to “highlight the infeasibility of John Kerry’s proposals, which are at best unrealistic and at worst a danger to the State of Israel.”

It was released after several high-ranking Israeli politicians launched apparently coordinated attacks on Mr Kerry for warning at a security conference in Munich last weekend that the Jewish state faced the risk of an economic boycott if no peace deal was reached with the Palestinians.

Naftali Bennett, the industry minister and leader of the far-Right Jewish Home party, accused Mr Kerry of acting as a “mouthpiece for anti-Semitic boycott threats”.

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Kerry deserves to be mocked. I am ashamed of those in our WH and how no awful it is we have to sit here and see them disrespect Israel.

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February 03, 2014

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry: “We Will Not Hold Talks with a Gun to Our Head.”

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry: “We Will Not Hold Talks with a Gun to Our Head.”

Frontpage Magazine

In a short time, John Kerry has managed to make the Israelis and the Arabs hate him almost as much as Americans do. And he did in the traditional way, by saying stupid and ugly things.

“Today’s status quo absolutely, to a certainty, I promise you 100 percent, cannot be maintained. It’s not sustainable. It’s illusionary,” Kerry stated on Saturday night at the Munich Security Conference. “You see for Israel there’s an increasing de-legitimization campaign that has been building up [. . .] there are talk of boycotts and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?”

That same status quo which can’t be maintained to a certainty has been maintained for two decades. But who are you going to believe when it comes to foreign policy; history or Kerry?

Last November, Kerry threatened that Israel would face a “Third Intifada” – or violent uprising – if talks did not end with a “Palestinian state” in Judea and Samaria.

“Failure of the talks will increase Israel’s isolation in the world,” Kerry said then. “The alternative to getting back to the talks is a potential of chaos. I mean, does Israel want a third intifada?”

What’s next, the death of the firstborn?

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki took to Twitter Sunday to defend the remarks of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who threatened Israel with boycotts if peace talks fail.

“Secretary Kerry has a proud record of over 3 decades of staunch support for Israel’s security and well-being, including staunch opposition to boycotts.”

That proud record includes supporting Code Pink.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon responded to Kerry’s threats of boycotts, saying “we respect Secretary of State Kerry but will not hold talks with a gun to our head. Friends don’t put ultimatums on the security of the state of Israel.”

“We will make decisions that guard the interests of the state of Israel,” Danon continued. “If we made choices based on the various forecasts of boycotts, we wouldn’t be here today.”

So that’s the Defense Minister and the Deputy Defense Minister who have both come out against Kerry. Also the Strategic Affairs Minister…

Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said Israel would not negotiate with “a gun pointed at its head,” especially when its vital national interests are at stake.

The traditional US negotiating strategy was to point the gun at the Israeli head in private. Kerry is doing it in public which is the sort of treatment you mete out to enemies you are determined to humiliate.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is not a fair mediator in peace talks because he has “anti-Israel roots,” MK Motti Yogev (Bayit Yehudi) said Thursday.

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is acting under Kerry’s obsessive pressure, which may have anti-Semitic undertones,” Yogev told Israel Radio. “Kerry is not here to reach a compromise. He wants to decrease the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel and create a Palestinian state.”

The Bayit Yehudi MK also pointed out that Kerry ate hummus with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the past and called him a good friend.

America’s enemies are Kerry’s friends. America’s friends are Kerry’s enemies.

At the opening of the Cabinet session, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said international pressure on Israel harms peace efforts because it causes the Palestinians to harden their positions.

“Attempts to impose a boycott on the State of Israel are immoral and unjust,” Netanyahu said, and he said “they will not achieve their goal.”

Kerry clearly thinks that they will. And he has a plan.

Kerry is mulling the option of delivering a speech directly to the Israeli public which would be similar to a “state of the union” address. The secretary has instructed officials in the American embassy to begin examining the logistical and practical aspects of a Kerry speech.

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Both Obama and Kerry hate Israel and there is no way they will ever put the interests of Israel ahead of the Hamas or any other terrorist group.

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December 30, 2013

Anti-Semitic Obama to push Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ To Hamas Terrorists

Obama to push Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to Hamas terrorists

Obama wants to hand over Christian holy sites to the Fatah-Hamas thugs.

The Times of Israel

US Secretary of State John Kerry will offer Israeli and Palestinian negotiators a political trade-off: Israeli recognition of the 1967 lines as a basis for the future Palestinian state, in return for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, Palestinian sources told the Saudi daily Al-Watan on Sunday.

According to the sources, the mutual recognition will constitute the core of a framework agreement to be signed by the end of January, and negotiated in greater detail during the following months.

“The coming weeks will be difficult for the Palestinian and Israeli sides, since they will need to make tough decisions,” a source told Al-Watan. “On the one hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will need to live with a text speaking of the 1967 borders, and the Palestinians, for their part, will need to live with a text speaking of Israel’s Jewishness.”

Kerry is to visit the region later this week and is expected to present the sides with the framework plan, which is meant to keep peace talks alive.

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Evil in every way is one description of Obama.

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December 02, 2013

Anti-Semitic Obama Regime Calls Netanyahu “Desperate And Weak”

Obama Regime Calls Netanyahu “Desperate And Weak”…

Senior officials in the White House have said that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “is desperate and weak,” in reaction to Netanyahu’s remonstrations against the deal struck with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.

Israeli television Channel 10quoted the officials as saying “His pronouncements show a lack of self-confidence,” in an unusually harsh personal attack on Netanyahu. “We are not perturbed by his vocal opposition.”

Netanyahu was also raked over the coals Sunday by the man he replaced in the prime minister’s bureau, Ehud Olmert, who accused him of bringing relations with the US to an “unprecedented” low point. However Netanyahu is showing no sign of flagging in his campaign against thepolicies of the US and the other P5+1 powers.

“As the prime minister of Israel, I warn time and time again of the dangers that are related to the Iranian nuclear program,” he added. “When I see a danger to the citizens of Israel I will not remain silent.”

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Obama and his administration hate Israel.

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November 29, 2013

Dictator Obama to Netanyahu: Pipe Down, Don’t Be So Vocal About Iranian Nuclear Deal

Obama to Netanyahu: Don’t Be So Vocal About Iranian Nuclear Deal

U.S. President Barack Obama has reportedly asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to stop being so vocal with his criticism of the deal reached between Iran and the West, reports The Washington Post.

The newspaper’s columnist David Ignatius wrote on Thursday, “Obama has asked Netanyahu to take a breather from his clamorous criticism and send to Washington a team that can explore with U.S. officials a sound end-state strategy.”

“Perhaps the United States and Israel need a back channel, outside the bombastic pressure campaign by Israeli advocates,” he added in the column, which dealt with Washington’s plans for the next six months, during which the Western powers and Iran are supposed to work out a permanent agreement.

Netanyahu has openly criticized the deal that was reached between Iran and Western powers in talks in Geneva, explaining that it allows Iran to continue its nuclear program while getting sanctions relief.

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This is beyond disgusting that Obama does this. Bibi is a real man unlike the POS Obama, Bibi is a leader and loves his country. Unlike Obama that is NOT a leader and hates the country he is president of plus Obama also hates Israel.

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November 26, 2013

Report: Netanyahu Scolded Obama During Phone Call After Nuke Deal With Iran Reached

Report: Netanyahu Scolded Obama During Phone Call After Nuke Deal With Iran Reached

. . . “I spoke last night with President Obama. We agreed that in the coming days an Israeli team led by the national security adviser, Yossi Cohen, will go out to discuss with the United States the permanent accord with Iran,” the prime minister said.

“This accord must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” he said

Netanyahu added that the interim deal reached with Iran was bad but it would have been worse without Israel’s diplomatic efforts.

A lawmaker from Netanyahu’s Likud faction told an Israeli television station earlier on Monday that the premier rebuked US President Barack Obama over the interim agreement agreed upon by the Western powers and Iran on Sunday.

“The prime minister made it clear to the most powerful man on earth that if he intends to stay the most powerful man on earth, it’s important to make a change in American policy because the practical result of his current policy is liable to lead him to the same failure that the Americans absorbed in North Korea and Pakistan, and Iran could be next in line,” Likud Beytenu MK Tzachi Hanegbi told the Knesset Channel.

Obama called Netanyahu on Sunday from Air Force One to discuss the interim agreement struck between world powers and Iran.

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Good for Bibi, I support him 100%.

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November 25, 2013

Disgusting and Shameful! Obama Calls Netanyahu To Tell Him He Will Consult With Him On Iran Now That The Deal Has Been Made

Obama promises to keep Israel in Iran loop

Obama Calls Netanyahu To Tell Him He Will Consult With Him On Iran Now That The Deal Has Been Made

Obama phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, promising to consult with him on ongoing efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

Obama told Netanyahu that he wanted to begin consultations “immediately” on Iran, after diplomats struck a temporary deal in Geneva to begin placing limits on Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief.

Netanyahu blasted that accord after it was struck, calling it a “horrible mistake.” He added that Israel would not be bound by it.

According to a White House readout of the call, the two “reaffirmed their shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” Obama reiterated that the six-month deal will provide an opportunity to strike a “lasting, peaceful, and comprehensive solution” to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Even as Israel criticized the deal, Obama told Netanyahu that the U.S. “will remain firm in our commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions.”

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Amazing how awful Obama is and a disgrace to how country in every way.

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November 24, 2013

Israeli Official: Bad Iran Deal Makes Military Strike Likelier

Israeli Official: Bad Iran Deal Makes Military Strike Likelier

Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, a member of the inner Security and Diplomacy Cabinet, told Channel Two on Saturday that a “bad deal” by the P5+1 powers will make a military strike on Iran likelier.
Israel National News reported:

Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett delivered one of Israel’s clearest warnings to date Saturday evening, regarding the possibility that the Jewish state would strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities.

Speaking on Channel Two’s Face the Nation, Bennett said that if “a bad deal” is struck with Iran by the P5+1 powers in the Geneva talks, an Israeli strike would become likelier.

If a deal leaves Iran with the ability to “break out” and produce nuclear weapons in a period of six weeks, “we will not be able to sit quietly,” he said.

Bennett heads the Bayit Yehudi party and is a member of the inner Security and Diplomacy Cabinet.

Israel is making increasingly clear that it will strike Iran’s nuclear facilities if it feels that the western powers’ negotiations are not stopping Iran’s advance toward the doomsday weapon.

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Israel is protecting and serving their people, courageous and admirable. Their leadership is just that and they will not lead from behind.

0bama pushing the world towards a nuclear war.

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

-Winston Churchill

"You ask, What is our policy? I will say; 'It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.' You ask, What is our aim? I can answer with one word: VICTORY!—Victory at all costs, Victory in spite of all terror, Victory however long and hard the road may be; for without Victory there is no survival."
-Winston Churchill (as true today as it was in 1940, as it was 10 years ago)

Notice that Obama has never says, "Victory"- only that He, "ended" the war in Iraq...

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November 20, 2013

John Kerry Disses Benjamin Netanyahu Over Iran Dust-up

John Kerry Disses Benjamin Netanyahu Over Iran Dust-up

US News & World Report

Churning up more turmoil in an already tense relationship, Secretary of State John Kerry will not visit Israel Friday, despite a claim by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz says senior Obama administration officials said a visit wouldn’t be until after Thanksgiving and that a final timeline for the visit hadn’t been determined when Netanyahu made his announcement.

The two men have been at odds in recent weeks over the U.S.-led negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program, with Netanyahu harshly criticizing a rumored agreement that would roll back some economic sanctions currently in place against Iran. But Kerry said Monday nothing the U.S. would agree to would put Israel at risk.

“The prime minister should express his concerns and he has every right in the world to publicly state his position and defend what he believes is in his interest,” Kerry said of Netanyahu. “[But] nothing that we are doing here, in my judgment, will put Israel at any additional risk. In fact, let me make this clear, we believe it reduces risk.”

Senior Israeli officials told Haaretz Kerry is likely holding off on his visit to focus on the Iran negotiations, set to restart in Geneva Wednesday. Talks were recently derailed due to discomfort from French officials who opposed weakened sanctions and Iran officials who struggled to get the OK from their leadership.

Wild Thing's comment..............

I pray Bibi know it is NOT all of us that feel this way, only Obama, Kerry and their ilk.

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November 18, 2013

Israel Hater Obama Refusing Calls From Netanyahu Amid Tension Over Iran

Obama Refusing Calls From Netanyahu Amid Tension Over Iran

Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama has been refusing to take phone calls from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of the tension between the two countries over how to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a flat denial, saying, “The report in Al Jarida is wrong.”

The White House also denied the reports.

Al Jarida, which has previously reported information that was later verified about a leak investigation taking place in Netanyahu’s bureau, says that on Friday, Obama refused more than once to speak to Netanyahu on the telephone and had U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry take the call instead. The paper cited a source it says is familiar with the issue.

According to the report, which was written by a reporter in Jerusalem, U.S. Jewish leaders are trying to get the White House to decrease the tension and snag Netanyahu an invitation to meet with Obama in Washington.

Wild Thing's comment...............

Obama is such a total jerk.

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Netanyahu Praises French President’s “Courageous Stance” On Iran, Says Nothing About Obama

Netanyahu Praises French President’s “Courageous Stance” On Iran, Says Nothing About Obama

The Hill

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised French President Francois Hollande’s “courageous stance” against Iran on Sunday, an indirect jab at President Obama’s push for diplomatic talks.

Netanyahu called France a “true friend” of Israel as he greeted Hollande on his first official trip to the country. France demanded last week that a preliminary deal on Iran’s nuclear program be toughened, causing it to be rejected by Iran.

“Zionism was influenced by the values of the French Revolution,” Netanyahu told Hollande, according to Haaretz. “Israel sees France as a true friend. France, like Israel, aspires for a stable Middle East that lives in peace and security.”

He told members of his Cabinet that he hoped Hollande’s visit could stiffen the resolve of other countries negotiating with Iran. Talks with Iran are being led by the permanent members of the Security Council – the U.S., France, Great Britain, China and Russia – plus Germany.

Wild Thing's comment............

Obama can shove it.

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France assures Israel it will stand firm with Netanyahu on Iran deal - Thank you France

France assures Israel it will stand firm with Netanyahu on Iran deal

President Francois Hollande assured Israel on Sunday that France would continue to oppose an easing of economic sanctions against Iran until it was convinced Tehran had ended a pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Hollande's pledge could help underpin an intensive campaign by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convince Israel's main ally, the United States, and other leading powers to toughen terms of a proposed nuclear deal with Iran ahead of negotiations reconvening this week in Geneva.

Differences over how to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons have opened a rift between Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama, whose relationship has long been fraught. France has taken a tough line with Iran, helping Paris forge closer ties with Tehran's foes in Israel and the Gulf.

"France will not give way on nuclear proliferation," Hollande said at a welcoming ceremony at Tel Aviv airport. "So long as we are not certain that Iran has renounced nuclear arms, we will keep in place all our demands and sanctions."

And in America with Obama insulting Bibi and NOT returning his calls........... Four Republican senators have written to Obama expressing deep concern about the negotiations. The legislators cited reports that Iran would obtain up to $20 billion in sanctions relief but not be required to shut down centrifuges, close facilities or get rid of enriched uranium.

Wild Thing's comment............

Thank you France.

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November 09, 2013

'This Is Idiotic': Ralph Peters Sides With Israel, Slams Obama Admin for Talks With Iran

'This Is Idiotic': Peters Sides With Israel, Slams Obama Admin for Talks With Iran

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva for discussions between the U.S., other major powers and Iran on the country's nuclear program.

Kerry said some "important gaps" need to be closed before the sides can come to an agreement on a deal that would seek to end Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has come out forcefully against any agreement that eases sanctions on Iran unless the country completely abandons its nuclear activities. He reiterated that the deals being talked about do not include Israel's participation.

"Israel utterly rejects it and what I am saying is shared by many in the region, whether or not they express that publicly. Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and the security of its people," he said.

Bill Hemmer discussed the new talks with Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters, who believes that the Obama administration is abandoning Israel.

"This is an idiotic deal. Based on the details we know thus far, the Iranians give up nothing. They destroy no centrifuges, they reverse no processes, they take a very brief timeout while we loosen sanctions enough to rescue their collapsing economy," said Peters.

He believes that the ObamaCare launch has gone so badly for the administration, that they want to be able to present a "win" to the American people.

Wild Thing's comment............

Obama does not care what Bibi wants or anyone else.He could care less about Israel.

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November 06, 2013

WOW! Obama Slammed Netanyahu As A “Pain In The Ass”

Obama Slammed Netanyahu As A “Pain In The Ass”

“Double Down,” a book by senior MSNBC correspondents Mark Halperin and John Heilemann was released Tuesday, revealing behind-the-scenes political stories from the American race for presidency in 2012.

In contrast to the attempt to combine Israel in the campaign, the Israeli subject is hardly mentioned in the book, other than one meeting of Obama with his aides a year before the elections to discuss foreign matters in the campaign.

When the Israeli-Palestinian issue came up, Obama referred to Netanyahu, saying: “We all know Bibi Netanyahu is a pain in the ass.” Obama later expressed regret over the exaggerated American involvement in mediating between Israel and the Palestinians.

The US president was very active with his entrance to the White House in January 2009 and one of his first moves was to appoint a special delegate and publicly pressuring Israel to freeze settlement building. A little later he realized he was wrong by using public pressure, and stirred clear of the matter.

Obama acted to improve his ties with Israel, culminating in his decision to visit Israel shortly after he was elected president a second time.

Wild Thing's comment............

Barack Hussein Obama could not behave presidential if his life depended on it. His hate for Bibi is so strong.

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November 02, 2013

Israel ‘furious’ with Obama (White House) for leak on Syria strike

Israel ‘furious’ with Obama (White House) for leak on Syria strike

Jerusalem considers administration’s confirmation of Israeli air attack on missile stores to be ‘scandalous’; TV analyst warns US risks starting ‘major flare-up’

Israel is fuming with the White House for confirming that it was the Israeli Air Force that struck a military base near the Syrian port city of Latakia on Wednesday, hitting weaponry that was set to be transferred to Hezbollah.

Israel has not acknowledged carrying out the strike, one of half a dozen such attacks widely ascribed to Israel in recent months, but an Obama administration official told CNN on Thursday that Israeli warplanes had indeed attacked the Syrian base, and that the target was “missiles and related equipment” set for delivery to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday night quoted Israeli officials branding the American leak as “scandalous.” For Israel’s ally to be acting in this way was “unthinkable,” the officials were quoted as saying.

A second TV report, on Israel’s Channel 2, said the leak “came directly from the White House,” and noted that “this is not the first time” that the administration has compromised Israel by leaking information on such Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian targets.

It said some previous leaks were believed to have come from the Pentagon, and that consideration had been given at one point to establishing a panel to investigate the sources.

Channel 2′s military analyst, Roni Daniel, said the Obama administration’s behavior in leaking the information was unfathomable.

Daniel noted that by keeping silent on whether it carried out such attacks, Israel was maintaining plausible deniability, so that Syria’s President Bashar Assad did not feel pressured to respond to the attacks.

But the US leaks “are pushing Assad closer to the point where he can’t swallow these attacks, and will respond.” This in turn would inevitably draw further Israeli action, Daniel posited, and added bitterly: “Then perhaps the US will clap its hands because it will have started a very major flare-up.”

Channel 2 speculated that the US might have leaked word of Israel’s attack as a warning to Israel to desist from such actions. Alternately, it might be seeking to signal that it was part of the tough policy designed to prevent a flow of sophisticated weaponry to Assad. But these and other possible explanations simply didn’t justify the leak, which the TV report described as “illogical” and “foolish.”

Jerusalem’s reported anger with the White House over the leak coincided with efforts by the Administration to assure Israel that it is holding to a tough line on Syria and in the effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, and is maintaining its robust military partnership with Israel.

Wild Thing's comment.................

Obama cannot be trusted, not by us, not by other politicians on either side of the isle and not by other countries.

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October 31, 2013

Obama and His Administration Condemns Israel For Building New Homes In Jerusalem

Obama admin. Condemns Israel For Building New Homes In Jerusalem…

Imagine if someone condemned us for building homes in Washington, DC?

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki responded Wednesday to Israel’s announcement of building 1,500 units in east Jerusalem saying “We do not consider continued settlement activity or east Jerusalem construction to be steps that create a positive environment for the negotiations.”

At no time in the course of pursuing negotiations toward a two-state solution have we condoned settlement activity or east Jerusalem construction,” she added.

Psaki stressed the importance of the peace talks and the need to resolve the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. She added that releasing prisoners is a difficult but necessary step to guarantee an agreement.

The State Department Spokesperson also addressed prisoner release, saying it "is a difficult but necessary step to help ensure the success of talks. There are steps that have been taken by both sides in that regard. The talks are continuing, and they – both sides remain committed to the nine-month time frame."

She noted that US Secretary of State John Kerry "has expressed his concerns and his issue with settlements and construction in east Jerusalem on many times in the past to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and I'm sure he will in the future, as well. But the reason why we want to have talks and the reason why it's so important they move forward is to resolve these types of issues."

As for the progress of the negotiations, she said there was "certainly is a difference than where we were a couple of years ago."

Wild Thing's comment.............

Obama and his people are all the same, they hate Israel. I sure hope Bibi knows and understands it is not how most of us feel about Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

October 04, 2013

Awesome Netanyahu on whether Israel is Capable of Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Drive: “Don’t Short-Change Israel”

Netanyahu on whether Israel is Capable of Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Drive: “Don’t Short-Change Israel”

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being interviewed by CBS Morning News’ Charlie Rose. Netanyahu is asked if Israel “has the capability” to stop Iran from building Nuclear Weapons? Netanyahu said he would give Rose a “state secret” – that the U.S. Military is stronger than Israel’s. “But,” he added, “Don’t short-change Israel.”

Wild Thing's comment.................

God bless and protect awesome Bibi.

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September 15, 2013

Rand Paul Just Like His Dad Ron Paul...both Hate Israel!

Paul Criticizes Pro-Israel Evangelicals

In an interview with Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins, Kentucky senator Rand Paul criticized “some” Christians who support Israel and the Jews and those Christians’ “overeagerness” to go to war. Adding to sentiments he expressed in a speech earlier this year, Paul told Buzzfeed:

“I think some within the Christian community are such great defenders of the promised land and the chosen people that they think war is always the answer, maybe even preemptive war. And I think it’s hard to square the idea of a preemptive war and, to me, that overeagerness [to go to] war, with Christianity.”

Read the full interview here.

Rand Paul’s father, former Texas congressman Ron Paul, recently spoke at a conference sponsored by a fringe organization whose leader has denied the Holocaust took place.

Wild Thing's comment.............
Sorry to anyone out there that feels Rand Paul is some kind of win for our GOP for President. No way jose. He is not that different then his dad.

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July 11, 2013

Israeli Press Slams John Kerry As “Clueless" - Of course he is, he is an idiot!

Israeli Press Slams John Kerry As “Clueless”…

Israeli media doesn’t have a favorable impression of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his push toward peace in the Middle East, opening one opinion page posting with this title: “Clueless U.S. mediator.”

Ynet News’ Hagai Segal’s angle: Why is Mr. Kerry trying too hard to facilitate a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Liberation Organization Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, when Egypt and Syria are in utter chaos?

Even The New York Times wonders this question, Ynet said. And his work to bring about this deal is only “placing American foreign policy in a ridiculous light,” the Israeli paper opined.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Kerry should never been allowed to run for office in the first place and that was years ago they should have stopped him. He did not earn that right when he protested with Jane Fonda.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:44 AM

April 27, 2013

Bibi Netanyahu: Syrian Rebels “The Worst Islamist Radicals In The World”

Netanyahu: Syrian Rebels “The Worst Islamist Radicals In The World”…

Israel fears end to 40-year peace on Syrian front


Against a vista of green fields and snowcapped mountains, all is silent but for a gusting wind. Then comes a burst of gunfire from the Syrian civil war raging next door, where jihadist rebels are battling Bashar Assad’s troops in a village.

Watching it all unfold from a few kilometers (miles) away are Israeli soldiers atop tanks behind a newly fortified fence, while a large-scale Israeli drill sends off its own explosions in the background.

This is the new reality on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, for 40 years the quietest of Israel’s front lines, a place of hiking trails, bird-watching, skiing and winery tour. The military predicts all that will soon change as it prepares for the worst — a power vacuum in Syria in which rogue groups could get their hands of the country’s large stockpile of chemical weapons. [...]

Israel, which borders southwestern Syria, has thus far been careful to stay on the sidelines of a civil war that has already claimed the lives of more than 70,000.

Assad is a bitter enemy, an ally of Iran and a major backer of Lebanese Hezbollah guerilla attacks against Israel. But like his father whom he succeeded as president, he has faithfully observed U.S.-brokered accords that ended the 1973 war. Israel worries that whoever comes out on top in the civil war will be a much more dangerous adversary.

Chief among Israeli concerns is that Assad’s advanced weaponry could reach the hands of either his ally, the Hezbollah militant group in Lebanon, or Islamic extremist groups among the rebels trying to oust him.

“Syria is not a regular place … it is the biggest warehouse for weapons on earth,” Hirsch warned.

In an interview with BBC TV last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the rebel groups among “the worst Islamist radicals in the world.”

“So obviously we are concerned that weapons that are ground-breaking, that can change the balance of power in the Middle East, would fall into the hands of these terrorists,” he said.

Wild Thing's comment...............

Love Bibi, I wish he was our president instead of the creep Obama.

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March 21, 2013

Jerusalem Post Editor: 'We Can't Figure Out What Obama Is Doing Here'

Jerusalem Post Editor: 'We Can't Figure Out What He's Doing Here'

Caroline Glick, Senior Contributing Editor of the Jerusalem Post said the Israeli people consider President Obama "a hostile president overall," on "Mornings on the Mall" on WMAL-FM in Washington DC.

Appearing with Brian Wilson and myself Wednesday morning, Glick said the Israeli people "can't figure out what he's doing here," when asked about the mood in Jerusalem as the President's plane touched down for the first time in his presidency.

"Essentially his goal is to empower the un-electable, incredibly radical left in Israel to put pressure on the Israeli government for whatever concessions he wants it to make to the PLO," said Glick in evaluating the reasons why Obama will be meeting with university students and members of the Palestinian Government during his visit.

When asked about how the installment of Chuck Hagel as the Secretary of Defense was received by the Israeli people, Glick said, "It's a hostile act."

Wild Thing's comment...................

Obama had 4 years, 4 LONG years to go to Israel and he would not go. So to go now means nothing, plus the way Obama has treated Bibi in the past is disgraceful.

Posted by Wild Thing at 01:47 AM

January 23, 2013

God bless Bibi!! Benjamin Netanyahu Prevails in Israeli Election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory in Israel’s national election, but his his victory is by a narrower margin than expected. Netanyahu’s Party won 31 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, and with his coalition of other parties, he is expected to get to a majority to remain Prime Minister. But the more moderate parties are reportedly expected to have more influence as a result of this election outcome.

Wild Thing's comment................

Thank you God for Bibi win in Israel.

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November 30, 2012

Mark Levin Speaks Out About The Vile UN Recognizing Palestine as a State

The UN recognized Palestine as a freaking State yesterday.

Here is audio of Mark Levin from his show yesterday blasting the United Nations as being filled with “thugs, genocidal maniacs and other freaks” after the world body voted to recognize Palestine as an Observer State – even though the Palestinians still refuse to even recognize Israel’s right to exist. Levin said, “The U.N. is not our friend.”

Wild Thing's comment...................

Thank God for Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh too. We are fortunate to have these people that love our country and love our friend Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:42 AM

Benjamin Netanyahu on U.N. Move to Recognize Palestine as an Observer State

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on U.N. Move to Recognize Palestine as an Observer State:

“No Decision by the U.N. can Break the 4,000 Year-Old Bond between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel” – Video 11/29/12 UPDATED: U.N. Recognizes Palestine as Observer State by 138-9-41 Vote; U.S. Calls Move “Unfortunate” and “Counterproductive”


Freedom's Lighthouse
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Mark Levin Blasts United Nations after Vote Recognizing Palestine as Observer State: “The U.N. is Not our Friend. . . It is Populated Overwhelmingly with Thugs, Genocidal Maniacs and other Freaks” – Audio 11/29/12

Here is audio of Mark Levin tonight blasting the United Nations as being filled with “thugs, genocidal maniacs and other freaks” after the world body voted to recognize Palestine as an Observer State – even though the Palestinians still refuse to even recognize Israel’s right to exist. Levin said, “The U.N. is not our friend.”
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Marco Rubio Proposes Defunding the UN

Florida senator Marco Rubio has issued a press release opposing UN recognition of Palestine. He has also announced that he is co-sponsoring an amendment that would prohibit US taxpayer dollars from funding the U.N. if they proceed with recognizing Palestinine as a non-member state.

Here is the text of Rubio’s statement: “I oppose this unilateral move by the government of president Abbas and regret its reckless endorsement by the United Nations. True peace and international recognition of a Palestinian state can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinian people would be much better served if the Palestinian Authority were to spend its energies in responding to several Israeli calls for direct negotiations. As the Senate debates the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I am proud to be a co-sponsor of an amendment to prohibit U.S. taxpayer funding for the United Nations in the event the organization upgrades Palestine’s status from permanent observer ‘entity’ before a comprehensive peace agreement has been reached with Israel. The Senate should swiftly adopt it.”
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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on U.N. Move to Recognize Palestine as an Observer State: “No Decision by the U.N. can Break the 4,000 Year-Old Bond between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel” – Video 11/29/12 UPDATED: U.N. Recognizes Palestine as Observer State by 138-9-41 Vote; U.S. Calls Move “Unfortunate” and “Counterproductive”

A powerful statement today by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the move by the Palestinians and their allies at the United Nations today to have Palestine recognized by the U.N. as an observer state. The resolution is expected to pass in the General Assembly. The United States has said it will oppose the move.

Netanyahu points out that Palestine should not be recognized as an official state until it officially recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Netanyahu bluntly issued a warning to the United Nations:

“As for the rights of the Jewish people in this land, I have a smiple message for those gathered in the General Assembly today. No decision by the U.N. can break the 4,000 year-old bond between the people of Israel, and the land of Israel.”

Wild Thing's comment....................

God bless Bibi and how horrible what the UN has done, unforgivable.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:40 AM

November 22, 2012

So Much for the Truce....Hamas Cannot Keep their word...Twelve rockets hit Israel after truce

Twelve rockets hit Israel after truce

AFP - Twelve rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit Israel on Wednesday in the first hours that followed a ceasefire agreement ending hostilities in the week-long Gaza conflict, a police spokesman told AFP.

The Israeli spokesman added that the attacks caused no injuries or damage, with the rockets mostly landing in open fields in the south of the Jewish state.

A ceasefire agreement announced in Cairo on Wednesday went into effect at 1900 GMT, requiring both sides to halt fire immediately and for Israel to start opening Gaza's crossings if the truce holds for 24 hours.

The Israeli defence forces said a total of 915 rockets had hit Israel since the start of the conflict on November 14, most of the them landing in southern Israel.

Another 429 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system that Israel acquired from the United States.

The strikes killed five Israelis, including a soldier. At least 155 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli bombardment that came to a halt on Wednesday night.

Wild Thing's comment..................

No way will the Hamas keep their word, they are Muslims and Muslims lie all the time.

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November 21, 2012

Terrorist Bombing Hits Bus in Tel Aviv, Israel; At Least 21 Injured; Hamas Celebrates – Videos

Terrorist Bombing Hits Bus in Tel Aviv, Israel; At Least 21 Injured; Hamas Celebrates – Videos

Posted by Wild Thing at 11:23 AM

October 31, 2012

Former Democratic Delegate Urging Jewish Voters to “Switch Sides” and Vote for Mitt Romney (video)

Former Democratic Delegate Urging Jewish Voters to “Switch Sides” and Vote for Mitt Romney; Cites Obama’s Drive to put “Daylight” between the U.S. and Israel

Here is video of a new “Republican Jewish Coalition” ad featuring a woman named “Bryna” – a former Democratic Delegate – urging Jewish voters to “switch sides” and vote for Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama. She cited Obama’s desire to put “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel as a major reason for her switch.

Bryna Franklin of Jerusalem is a lifelong Democrat and former chair of Democrats Abroad Israel. She voted for a Republican for President for the first time in her 80 years when she voted this year for Mitt Romney.

Bryna, a delegate to the 1992 Democratic National Convention and who served for years as vice chair of the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee in Missouri, explained her decision as stemming from a deep disappointment in President Obama on a range of issues.

Bryna has been an active and committed Democrat her whole life. But this year, like many other Jewish Democrats, she is calling on her fellow Jews across America to support Mitt Romney.


Wild Thing's comment.............

Wake up people or be part of the problem.

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September 28, 2012

Complete Video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dramatic United Nations Speech – Video

Here is this years speech by awesome Bibi.This is a REAL leader, God bless this man, he is a Hero!!

FULL SPEECH: Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu speaks to the UN, draws red line on Iran.

Wild Thing's comment........

I love Bibi, he is always sooo good. His speech is awesome, if you have the time it is well worth watching and hearing his speech.

Obama the disgrace to our country and Bibi an honorable man that loves his country.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:47 AM

September 19, 2012

Mitt Was Right! Palestinians Don’t Want Peace… And They Want Out of Oslo Peace Accords

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wants out of the Oslo Accords.


Palestinian Authority head, Mahmoud Abbas, proposed cancelling the Oslo Accords with Israel at a weekend meeting of the PA leadership, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) told AFP on Tuesday.

PLO Executive Committee member Wassel Abu Yusef said Abbas raised the idea of “cancelling the Oslo agreement as well as the associated economic and security arrangements,” at the meeting on Saturday and Sunday.

Abu Yusef said that “members of the Palestinian leadership had mixed opinions on the issue, and it was decided to postpone any decision until their next meeting,” due to be held after Abbas’s return from the UN General Assembly later this month. “It was the first time the Palestinian leadership put the issue of the Oslo agreement on the table since it was signed in 1993,” Abu Yusef added.

Wild Thing's comment...............

It seems to me anyone that has kept up on what has been happening in Israel over the years would say the same thing. Facts speak louder then what we wish it was that's for sure.

Good for Romney for what he said.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:47 AM

September 17, 2012

Paul Ryan: Israel being “Treated with Indifference Bordering on Contempt by the Obama Administration”

Paul Ryan: Israel being “Treated with Indifference Bordering on Contempt by the Obama Administration” as Iran Moves Closer to Nuclear Weapons

Wild Thing's comment............

Thank you Paul Ryan I agree!!!!! Obama is the enemy of America but he is also the enemy of Israel.

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September 12, 2012

Obama Refused to Meet With Netanyahu, Romney Slammed Obama and Stood With Israel, Then Obama Had To Make Nice and Called Bibi

Obama gives chilly response to proposed Obama-Netanyahu meeting

The White House moved Tuesday to tamp down emerging claims that it had turned down an offer by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with President Obama later this month, as Republicans seized on the reports.

Israeli officials confirmed to Fox News earlier in the day that the White House had indeed brushed off such an offer. A White House spokesman also confirmed that Obama is not expected to meet with Netanyahu, citing scheduling conflicts.

Not until Romney and others spoke out about how disgusting Obama was to do such a thing ....hours later, Obama made a phone call to Bibi. We are to believe they were on the phone for almost an hour.

Wild Thing's comment.................

Romney shamed Obama as well as others telling Obama off. Once again in an important chance to show Israel friendship, Obama sides with the Muslims and against Israel. I doubt seriously the phone call meant as much as it could have if it had happened automatically when first asked.

And what is Obama saying is the reason he will NOT meet with him when Bibi comes to speak here this month??? Obama said he was too busy...... ahem.....too busy....well he is supposed to do a David Letterman show and fund raisers......sheesh.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:47 AM

July 30, 2012

Gov. Mitt Romney Visits the “Western Wall” in Jerusalem and Meets With Netanyahu – Video


Gov. Mitt Romney Visits the “Western Wall” in Jerusalem


Gov. Mitt Romney Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Mitt, I Couldn’t Agree with You More” on Danger Posed by Iran.

Here is raw video of Gov. Mitt Romney visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem and also meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu told Romney in front of the cameras, “Mitt, I couldn’t agree with you more” on his recent warnings about the threat posed by the drive by Iran’s radical Islamic regime to obtain nuclear capability.



Wild Thing's comment...........

It was wonderful to see all of this.

I have had it with the way the jerk in the WH has been treating Israel and Bibi. I will never forgive him....never.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM

Mitt Romney Gives Awesome Speech in Jerusalem

Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney delivering a strong speech in Jerusalem in support of Israel. Romney plainly called out Iran as a threat to the continued existence of Israel, and said “any and all means necessary” should be used to prevent Iran from obtaining Nuclear Weapons. Romney said the U.S. will always stand strong with Israel, and warned Iran is watching to see “who will object and who will look away” from their threats against Israel.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Great speech!!!

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM

July 28, 2012

Krauthammer: No One Who Is Pro-Israel Will Support Obama 'Unless He's Been In A Coma For Three And A Half Years'

Krauthammer: No One Who Is Pro-Israel Will Support Obama 'Unless He's Been In A Coma
For Three And A Half Years'

Charles Krauthammer and the all-star panel discuss the Israeli-U.S. relationship, the bust of Winston Churchill and the Chic-Fil-A controversy.

Wild Thing's comment............

LOL Charles has a way with words and I love it.

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Barack Obama Erroneously Exaggerated Aid To Israel

Obama says '$70 billion' for Israeli missile defense program -- rather than actual $70 million

Barack Obama erroneously exaggerated the amount of money his administration has provided to an Israeli missile defense program Friday while signing a bill meant to boost U.S.-Israeli security ties.

Obama, who has been criticized for weakening the U.S.-Israel alliance, was attempting to tout his administration’s commitment to the Jewish state when he incorrectly stated that Israel will receive “$70 billion dollars” for its missile defense program.

“I’m very pleased that this week we are going to be able to announce $70 million spending…$70 billion, excuse me, in additional spending for Iron Dome,” Obama said, inflating the actual dollar amount incorrectly.


Mark Levin ripped into Barack Obama over the administration’s contempt for all things Israel. This week the administration proved it further by refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mark Levin told his audience,

“Obama hates Israel and he’s demonstrated it time and time again… I never thought I’d be living in a time to hear an administration which wouldn’t even state what the capital of an ally is.”


Wild Thing's comment............

I can't wait till he is gone!!!!!!

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June 25, 2012

Israeli News Blames Barack Obama For Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise to Power

Israeli News Blames Barack Obama For Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise to Power


Israel National News blamed Barack Obama for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This report was published today after Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammed Morsi won the presidential election in Egypt.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued an official reaction to the victory of Islamist Mohammed Mursi in Egypt’s presidential elections Sunday.

“Israel appreciates the democratic process in Egypt and respects its results,” said Netanyahu.

“Israel expects the continuation of the cooperation with the Egyptian regime on the basis of the peace treaty between the two countries, which is an interest of both peoples and contributes to the stability of the region,” he added.

With over 80 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous Arab country and has always been considered Israel’s most formidable neighbor. When Egyptian president Anwar Sadat ended 30 years of formal enmity by recognizing Israel and signing a peace treaty with it, many Israelis saw this as the beginning of the end of the existential threat to Israel from its neighbors. In return for the treaty, Israel handed over the entire Sinai Peninsula, which it had captured from Egypt in the Six Day War.

Sadat was assassinated by Muslim extremists because of the peace treaty and was replaced by Hosni Mubarak, who ruled for 30 years. The friendliness of U.S. President Barack Obama toward the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement formerly considered illegitimate by the West, is now seen as one of the reasons for Mubarak’s downfall and the Brotherhood’s rise to power.

Israelis are now concerned that Egypt may cease to honor its treaty with Israel, and that terror from Sinai and Gaza will increase.

Yesterday, Egyptian secular leaders blasted the Obama administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wild Thing's comment.........

We all know how Obama favors the Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood over Israel. Who knows what will be in the future between Israel and Egypt.

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June 15, 2012

Poll: More Israelis Think Romney Would Be Friendlier Than Obama - You Bet ! Romney Is Pro Israel Unlike Obama!

Poll: More Israelis Think Romney Would Be Friendlier Than Obama

Jerusalem Post

The fact that Israelis have conflicted attitudes toward US President Barack Obama came out loud and clear in a poll released on Thursday.

The survey — commissioned by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, the Bar-Ilan University Center for International Communication and the Anti-Defamation League — found that while 51 percent of Israeli Jews believe Obama is “friendly” or “very friendly” toward Israel, more people think the expected Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, would better promote Israel’s interests.

When detailed questions were asked, a picture emerged of a public that has considerable questions about the president’s Middle East policies.

For instance, when asked whether Romney or Obama would better promote Israel’s interests, 29% said Romney and 22% said Obama. Perhaps most telling was that while Obama had been in office for more than three years, 49% said they did not know or would not answer the question.

Thirty percent of the respondents said US-Israeli ties would improve under a Romney presidency, 26% said they would remain the same and only 6% said they would get worse.

A slim three percentage points separated those who believe Obama when he says he is “steadfast on preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons and will use all means available to achieve this goal” (45%) and those who do not believe him (42%), with another 13% either unsure or not willing to respond.

A higher percentage (36%) said they believed Romney would work “more decisively and steadfastly than Obama against the Iranian nuclear weapons program” than those saying he would not (26%).

Wild Thing's comment...............

Obama hates Israel. I hope this time around those that are for Israel wake up and see how much Obama is NOT for the Jews or for Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

April 09, 2012

Romney And Netanyahu Close Friendship Goes Back To 1976 ~ This is GREAT!

Romney And Netanyahu Close Friendship Goes Back To 1976

NY Times

The two young men had woefully little in common: one was a wealthy Mormon from Michigan, the other a middle-class Jew from Israel.

But in 1976, the lives of Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu intersected, briefly but indelibly, in the 16th-floor offices of the Boston Consulting Group, where both had been recruited as corporate advisers. At the most formative time of their careers, they sized each other up during the firm’s weekly brainstorming sessions, absorbing the same profoundly analytical view of the world.

That shared experience decades ago led to a warm friendship, little known to outsiders, that is now rich with political intrigue. Mr. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is making the case for military action against Iran as Mr. Romney, the likely Republican presidential nominee, is attacking the Obama administration for not supporting Mr. Netanyahu more robustly.

The relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Romney — nurtured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strengthened by a network of mutual friends and heightened by their conservative ideologies — has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics, economics and the Middle East.

When Mr. Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Netanyahu offered him firsthand pointers on how to shrink the size of government. When Mr. Netanyahu wanted to encourage pension funds to divest from businesses tied to Iran, Mr. Romney counseled him on which American officials to meet with. And when Mr. Romney first ran for president, Mr. Netanyahu presciently asked him whether he thought Newt Gingrich would ever jump into the race.

Only a few weeks ago, on Super Tuesday, Mr. Netanyahu delivered a personal briefing by telephone to Mr. Romney about the situation in Iran.

“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Mr. Romney said in an interview. “We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Mr. Netanyahu attributed their “easy communication” to what he called “B.C.G.’s intellectually rigorous boot camp.”

“So despite our very different backgrounds,” he said through an aide, “my sense is that we employ similar methods in analyzing problems and coming up with solutions for them.”

The ties between Mr. Romney and Mr. Netanyahu stand out because there is little precedent for two politicians of their stature to have such a history together that predates their entry into government. And that history could well influence decision-making at a time when the United States may face crucial questions about whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities or support Israel in such an action.

Mr. Romney has suggested that he would not make any significant policy decisions about Israel without consulting Mr. Netanyahu — a level of deference that could raise eyebrows given Mr. Netanyahu’s polarizing reputation, even as it appeals to the neoconservatives and evangelical Christians who are fiercely protective of Israel.

.... CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE..................


Wild Thing's comment..........

I have to say I really love this. God willing we will get Obama out and if Romney is the one we will once again have good relations with Israel the way it should be.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:50 AM

March 30, 2012

Bolton Accuses Obama Administration of Leaking Story on Israeli Plans Along Iran Border

Bolton accuses administration of leaking story on Israeli planning along Iran border

FOX News

Former U.S. diplomat John Bolton alleged Thursday that the Obama administration leaked a story about covert Israeli activity in order to foil potential plans by the country to attack Iran's nuclear program.

Bolton was responding to an article in Foreign Policy magazine that quoted government sources claiming Israel had been granted access to airfields in Azerbaijan -- along Iran's northern border.

The article did not state exactly what the Israelis' intentions were, but it suggested it could point to a possible strike on Iran.

"I think this leak today is part of the administration's campaign against an Israeli attack," Bolton claimed on Fox News.

The White House did not respond to Bolton's claims Thursday.

Bolton, a Fox News contributor, noted that a strike launched from Azerbaijan would be much easier for the Israelis than a strike launched from their own country -- jets could stay over their targets longer and worry less about refueling. But he said tipping the Israelis' hand by revealing "very sensitive, very important information" could frustrate such a plan.

Speaking afterward to, Bolton said he didn't have hard proof that this was an intentional administration leak to halt an Israeli attack.

But he noted widely reported comments from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in February that he thinks the Israelis could strike as early as April. If that's the case, Bolton said, then it would be "entirely consistent" for the administration to try to avoid that impending outcome.

The Foreign Policy article quoted what were identified as "high-level sources ... inside the U.S. government." It specifically mentioned "four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers."

One intelligence officer, who was unnamed, told the magazine that the U.S. was "watching" the activity and was "not happy about it."

The Foreign Policy article did not specify whether any of the information came from the White House, and there is no direct evidence that this was a coordinated leak.

"Clearly, this is an administration-orchestrated leak," Bolton told "This is not a rogue CIA guy saying I think I'll leak this out."

"It's just unprecedented to reveal this kind of information about one of your own allies," Bolton said.

Wild Thing's comment.....

I bellieve Bolton and another time we know Obama and his admin. leaked information was about the Navy Seals that captured Osama bin laden.

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:50 AM | Comments (3)

March 06, 2012

Bibi Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC 2012 (3.5.12 full speech video) ~ This is a TRUE Leader Unlike What We Are Stuck With in America!

Bibi Netanyahu Full Speech at AIPAC last night.

a few snipets from speech:

I’d like to talk to you about a subject no one has been talking about recently….Iran. Every day, I open the papers and read about these red lines and these timelines. I read about what Israel has decided to do or what Israel might do. Well, I’m not going to talk to you about what Israel will do or will not do. I, never talk about that. But I do want to talk to you about the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran. I want to explain why Iran must never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

The Jewish state will not allow those seeking our destruction to possess the means to achieve that goal. A nuclear armed Iran must be stopped. Amazingly, some people refuse to acknowledge that Iran’s goal is to develop nuclear weapons. You see, Iran claims that it’s enriching uranium to develop medical research. Yeah, right. A country that builds underground nuclear facilities, develops intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactures thousands of centrifuges, and absorbs crippling sanctions – is doing all that in order to advance…medical research. So you see, when that Iranian ICBM is flying through the air to a location near you, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s only carrying medical isotopes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it? That’s right, it’s a duck –but this duck is a nuclear duck. And it’s time the world started calling a duck a duck.

We deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries. But when it comes to Israel’s survival, we must always remain the masters of our fate. Israel’s fate is to continue to be the forward position of freedom in the Middle East. The only place where minorities enjoy full civil rights; The only place where Arabs enjoy full civil rights. The only place where Christians are free to practice their faith; The only place where real judges protect the rule of law; And as Prime Minister of Israel, I will never allow anything to threaten Israel’s democratic way of life. And most especially, I will never tolerate any discrimination against women.

We are blessed to live in an age when there is a Jewish state capable of defending the Jewish people. And we are doubly blessed to have so many friends like you, Jews and non-Jews alike, who love the State of Israel and support its right to defend itself. Thank you for your friendship, Thank you for your courage, Thank you for standing up for the one and only Jewish state.

FULL TEXT of his speech


Wild Thing's comment.........

Deep sigh, I wish we had a President like Bibi. I pray one day we have one that loves our country like Bibi loves Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM | Comments (4)

March 04, 2012

New Movie Highlights Obama’s Atrocious Anti-Israel Policies (Video)

This is the entire 30 minute video.

New Movie Highlights Obama’s Atrocious Anti-Israel Policies

This video highlight’s Barack Obama’s shameful and dangerous anti-Israel policies.

One day before the AIPAC conference kicks off in Washington, an anti-Obama pro-Israel group is widening its criticism of President Barack Obama’s record on Israel — while the White House defends its treatment of the relationship.

The video has clips of Obama quotes and outside commentary to put forth the narrative that Obama has made statements and taken actions as president that have put him out of step with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters.

“We believe that that the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines,” Obama is shown saying, a reference to his May, 2011 speech, where he for the first time explicitly defined U.S. policy as supporting the 1967 borders with agreed swaps as the basis for Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

“He didn’t quite have a full grasp of what the full region looks like,” conservative journalist Lee Smith is shown saying in the video. “This is not how you treat an ally.”


Wiild Thing's comment............

This is great I am so glad they made this video.

Posted by Wild Thing at 01:47 AM

February 22, 2012

Israeli Leaders Criticize Obama Administration: You’re Helping Iran… You’re Making War More Likely ~ Good For Israel!!

Megyn Kelly discussed the volatile situation with former UN Ambassador John Bolton

Israeli Leaders Criticize Obama Administration: You’re Helping Iran… You’re Making War More Likely

Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama is totally against Israel. Whatever Bibi decides to do I am all for. He has the best interests of Israel at heart, unlike Obama that only has his own agenda. It sure would be great to have a president that loved our country.

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February 13, 2012

Krauthammer: Israel ‘will strike’ Iran to ‘prevent a second holocaust’

"I cannot imagine the Israelis are going to allow Iran to go nuclear and to hold the Damocles sword over 6 million Jews all over again"

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer doubled down on an assertion he made last week about the inevitability of an Israeli strike on Iran to limit the Islamic republic’s nuclear capabilities.

Daily Caller

“Our own secretary of Defense has said it’s highly likely and he gave a timeframe — April, May, June — which means the Israelis think that the moment, the zone of immunity where they can no longer attack successfully, is approaching,” Krauthammer said.

“I think he is right. I think the Israelis are serious unless happens between now and midyear or even November that will threaten the regime, because it won’t change the policy. I think Israel will strike because it cannot live under the threat of annihilation from Iran.”

Krauthammer also had some strong words about why he thought an attack was likely.

“Unless something intervenes,” Krauthammer replied. “I cannot imagine the Israelis are going to allow Iran to go nuclear and to hold the Damocles sword over 6 million Jews all over again. Israel was established to prevent a second Holocaust, not to invite one.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

Scary times for Israel and the entire world.

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September 24, 2011

Awesome Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's U.N. Address (9.23.11)

Wild Thing's comment.......

This is rthe complete speech.

Netanyahu is an amazing man. Love his speech!!!!

This may be the best speech I’ve ever read on the Israel/Palestine situation.

He speaks the Truth, tempered with God’s wisdom, and filtered through the reality of first-hand experience.

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September 20, 2011

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman Responds To Terrorist Palestinian Pres.Abbas’s Request for Palestine to Be Recognized as Formal State

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Responds to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Request for Palestine to Be Recognized as Formal State

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plans to go before the U.N. and ask for formal recognition as a state. This request creates complications for the United States as it tries to mitigate the contentious relationship between Palestine and Israel.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman predicts this request will accomplish nothing productive and instead hopes for negotiations to begin that would outline a compromise on behalf of Palestine and Israel. Gillerman spoke with Megyn Kelly about the implications of this request on President Obama, and the effects it will have on all parties sitting on the U.N. Security Council, and possibly the General Assembly.

Wild Thing's comment......

I am a huge fan of Fmr. Israeli Ambassador to the U.N.Dan Gillerman. He has always been great and he is once again.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:45 AM | Comments (2)

August 05, 2011

Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects

Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects, Report Finds

FOX News

The Palestinian Authority is spending more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel -- payments that defy congressional rules for U.S. funding to the PA, according to a new report from an Israeli research institute.

Palestinian Media Watch released a report last week that found that all Palestinian and Israeli minority Arabs in Israeli prisons for terror acts have been legally receiving a monthly salary from the PA under a new law passed in April that simply “formalizes what has long been a PA practice.”

“The U.S. funds the PA’s general budget. Through the PA budget, the U.S. is paying the salaries of terrorist murderers in prison and funding the glorification and role modeling of terrorists,” the report reads.

The average salary of a prisoner is greater than Palestinian civil servants – prisoners on average receive $3,200 a month compared with $2,800 for civil servants.

The U.S. government provided nearly $600 million to the PA last year, including $225 million in direct budgetary assistance to the PA, the report stated. But the PA’s new law may violate congressional rules for providing financial aid to the region.

Under a 2010 funding legislation that lays out the rules for supplying money to the West Bank and Gaza, the secretary of state “shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that such assistance is not provided to or through any individual, private or government entity, or educational institution that the secretary knows or has reason to believe advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in, or has engaged in, terrorist activity,” according to the report.

The State Department, which oversees foreign aid, did not return numerous messages seeking comment.

Hussein Ibish, a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, dismissed the report as an “attempt to change the subject by raising a practice that is longstanding and not objected to by the Israeli government.”

Ibish said the Palestinian Authority has been providing stipends to all Palestinians imprisoned by Israel since the administrative organization was founded in 1994.

“That includes some people that I would consider terrorists and some people that I wouldn’t,” Ibish said, explaining that the money largely goes to the families of the prisoners – most of whom are detained for nonviolent offenses -- to fulfill a sense of obligation.

"The PA has taken the implicit position that none of them are terrorists or it doesn’t matter if they are because their families need money,” he said. “It’s a gesture of solidarity not with one particular prisoner but a whole category of prisoners.”

Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch, presented the report to members of the Republican Israel Caucus last week in an effort to persuade U.S. lawmakers to cut the funds off to the PA.

“I cannot support sending millions of American taxpayer dollars to such an organization; especially when they are currently paying salaries to over 5,500 terrorists sitting in Israeli prison,” Rep. Trent Franks said in a statement to

“No American funds to the West Bank were ever to be made available for the purpose of recognizing or otherwise honoring individuals who commit (or have committed) acts of terrorism,” he added. “This disgraceful waste of taxpayer dollars is an affront to freedom and an insult to Israel, the most precious ally America has in the world.”

Marcus told that other members were also upset about the report and that some of them are working on legislation to address the issue.

On the same day that he spoke to the caucus, the Republican-controlled House introduced a foreign aid bill that would restrict President Obama’s authority to provide U.S. funds not only to the Palestinian Authority, but also to Pakistan and Egypt and cuts money for international organizations.

But Marcus said he doesn’t support that bill because he says it gives the false impression that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is not part of the problem. Until Abbas ends the practice of honoring terrorists who kill Israelis with summer camps and school names, Marcus said, there can never be peace.

Wild Thing's comment.......

We should not be giving these terrorists or their families one cent. This is totally insane that this has been happening. Our troops, and the IDF are fighting for their lives and their countries to be safe and then our country goes and gives money to the most evil form of hman beings.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:47 AM | Comments (2)

July 07, 2011

Obama's Administration Says Israel’s Inclusion On Terrorist Watch List Was A " Mistake "

U.S. says Israel’s inclusion on terrorist watch list was a mistake


Israel was included erroneously on a U.S. Department of Homeland Security terrorist watch list, a U.S. official said.

John Morton, the director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the department, said Israel’s recent appearance on a list compiled by the department’s office of the inspector general was a mistake.

“The addition of Israel in the OIG’s list of ICE’s ‘Third-Agency Checks’ (TAC) was based on inaccurate information provided to the OIG during the course of its audit,” Morton said in a statement sent by e-mail to JTA. “The U.S. does not and never has considered Israel to have links to terrorism, but rather they are a partner in our efforts to combat global terrorism. The United States maintains close intelligence-sharing relationships with Israel in order to address security issues within its own borders and in our mutual pursuit of safety and security around the globe.”

The list does not fault government policies and instead recognizes the likelihood that a suspect traveler from that country might have terrorist ties.

If a traveler from one of the countries is detained, the country’s inclusion on the list triggers a special check by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Wild Thing's comment.......

An error ( ????) that happens to coincide with the sitting president's consistent stance toward Israel.

Nice they changed their story - sad that it was after they got caught.

I say it was NO mistake but done on purpose.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM | Comments (2)

June 28, 2011

IDF: Some Flotilla Activists Planning To Kill IDF Soldiers With Chemical Weapons

IDF: Some flotilla activists planning to kill soldiers

Jerusalem Post

IDF sources claimed Monday night that new intelligence information obtained by Israel in recent days shows that participants of the flotilla planning to break Israel’s sea blockade over the Gaza Strip later this week plan to kill IDF soldiers who board their ships.

According to the information obtained by the IDF, some of the participants have prepared a number of sacks with sulfur, which they plan to pour on the soldiers as they board the vessels.

“This is a chemical weapon and if poured on a soldier it can paralyze him,” an IDF source told The Jerusalem Post Monday night. “If the sulfur is then lit on fire, the soldier will light up like a torch.”

The information was obtained from closed meetings held by participants on the ships during which some voiced their intention to “murder Israeli soldiers,” according to the IDF.

Also, despite earlier predictions that members of the Turkish organization IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation would not participate in the flotilla, it now appears that some members will sail with the ships alongside other radical Islamic activists.

The Navy has begun its final preparations to stop the vessels, and the IDF sources said that commandos who board the ships will be prepared for a wide-range of scenarios from no violence at all to extreme and violent resistance from the passengers.

A correspondent for the liberal magazine The Nation is reporting that CNN and CBS have sent camera crews to join the new Gaza flotilla preparing to set sail from Greece in order to break an Israeli navy blockade. He also says he’s heard the New York Times has sent a reporter. The messages came from Joseph Dana, who is in Greece and will be riding along with the flotilla.

Jodie Evans of Code Pink, both Bill Ayers and his wife Dhorn will be on board this time.

Israel is threatening to bar international journalists from the country for years if they board ships attempting to breach the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Maybe the IDF could use this flotilla for target practice! Just a thought.

These horrible people go representing the USA and they do NOT represent me or anyone I know. I have had it with their agenda, their hate for Israel, their hate for my beloved America, their communist beliefs and agenda.

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June 13, 2011

White House Insider: Obama’s Rage Over Netanyahu Meeting: "What the F-ck was that?"

White House Insider: Obama’s Rage Over Netanyahu Meeting: "What the F-ck was that?"


Obama went into a rage after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectured him on his suicide plan for Israel.
NewsFavor reported, via Doug Ross:

Shortly after the photo-op meeting and “working lunch” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the one that saw President Obama openly chastised by the Prime Minister for Obama’s earlier public comments regarding wanting to see Israel return to its 1967 borders, the president verbally “went off” on Richard Daley in the private study area that adjoins the Oval Office. President Obama’s verbal attack was clearly heard by numerous staff up and down the West Wing hallways.

The essence of the president’s rage and embarrassment can best be summed up with him yelling out very loudly, “What the f-ck was that!?” That phrase was apparently repeated a number of times in the span of about five minutes, a time period in which Obama’s voice became “louder and louder” and culminating in Obama exclaiming, “Never again! Do you understand me? Never again!” Any response by Bill Daley back to the president, if given, was not overheard.

Daley was soon after seen walking slowly down the hallway back toward his own office.

He appeared “unconcerned” and was walking alone. His mood was apparently good enough that he took the time to speak briefly with some junior staffers before continuing down the hall. There was no sign of the president, though Valerie Jarrett did make an appearance on her way into the Oval Office. This was viewed as somewhat of a rare thing as Jarrett has apparently not been seen much on the lower levels of the West Wing for the last month or so. Neither she nor the president was seen for some time after that.


Wild Thing's comment......

I hope and pray so much that the rest of the world, ecpecially Israel and Bibi know that obama is NOT what the rest of us feel or believe.

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May 27, 2011

Netanyahu's Popularity Soaring Following Washington Trip

Netanyahu's popularity soaring following Washington trip


Despite tensions in Washington during PM’s visit, Israelis generally don’t believe Obama is hostile to Israel or that U.S.-Israel relations have been harmed, indicating that the public seems to be turning a deaf ear to analysts who criticized Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

It’s doubtful that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his wildest, most optimistic dreams, would have dared to imagine when he set off for the United States last week that Israelis would respond to his six-day trip so enthusiastically: According to a new Haaretz poll, they are giving the visit high marks, considering it an overwhelming success.

The poll, conducted by the Dialog organization, under the supervision of Prof. Camil Fuchs of the Tel Aviv University Statistics Department, showed that 47 percent of the Israeli public believes the U.S. trip was a success, while only 10 percent viewed it as a failure.

Nearly half of the public felt “pride” at seeing Netanyahu address the joint session of Congress on Tuesday, while only 5 percent deemed it a “missed opportunity.” The rest expressed no opinion, while 20 percent of those questioned said they hadn’t watched the speech.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I love it and it sure is well deserved!!!!

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May 26, 2011

Senate Dems Might Join Rebuff Of Obama On Israeli Border Issue

Senate Dems might join rebuff of Obama on Israeli border issue

The Hill

Senate Democrats are expected to support a resolution intended as a rebuff to President Obama’s call for basing Middle East peace talks on the 1967 Israeli-Palestinian borders.

It would be a rare rebuke of the president by the upper chamber and a sign that Democrats are worried about the impact of last week’s speech on the U.S.-Israel relationship and pro-Israel constituents.

Democrats in both chambers are scrambling to fix the damage caused when Obama called for the 1967 borders and land swaps as a basis for peace.

Some Democrats have tried to downplay the rift, but Israel’s strongest supporters in Congress say there’s no denying that Obama made a tactical mistake in handling the relationship.

“I wish that the president had not made the speech on Thursday, particularly not made it — I gather — without much consultation” with Israel, said Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), an Independent who caucuses with Democrats. “So I think it was a tactical mistake.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) rebuked Obama over Israel in a speech to AIPAC on Monday.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) offered a similarly rousing defense of Israel while speaking to AIPAC on Sunday.

Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.) said Tuesday that Obama is "tilting toward Hamas" – a reference to the Palestinian group the United States and Israel consider a terrorist organization. He emphasized that Congress would never base its approach to Israeli aid on such a position.

Wild Thing's comment......

“Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.) said Tuesday that Obama is “tilting toward Hamas”

Tilting. TILTING???!!!!! Obama is more then tilting and has been from the beginning. It only took this genius Robert Andrews ( democrat) three years to figure it out - truly remarkable for a member of congress. Andrews is a socialist RAT (one of the crafters of Obamacare) .

Obama is obsessed with Muslims and Islam. It is almost all he ever talks about. Have you noticed how he is doing it more and more each week that passes?

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:47 AM | Comments (6)

May 24, 2011

Netanyahu Today's Leader of the Free World Spoke before Congress Today! What an incredible leader!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Capitol Hill today meeting with members of Congress and delivered an address to a Joint Meeting of Congress.

How he handled a heckler ( a code pinko I would bet )

Netanyahu paused, took a sip of water, then remarked that this is a true sign of what democracies have in common. That this person is allowed to speak their piece, and that it couldn’t happen in a sham democracy like Syria or Tehran.

Netanyahu’s comeback was met with a standing ovation.


Netanyahu: It's Time for President Abbas to Say 'I Will Accept a Jewish State"


Netanyahu: Israel Will Always Be Pro-American


PLEASE CLICK HERE, CBS does not set it up to share like the others.

Netanyahu: No return to 1967 Israeli borders

Wild Thing's comment.......

Flawless! Delivered like a conversation. There were standing ovations and applause over and over and well deserved.

He is magnificent. Heads above ALL others.

God blessed Israel with Bibi.

As videos come in on his speech I will add them to this post.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 PM | Comments (4)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu A True Leader Speaks At AIPAC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Monday that he will outline a vision for a peace plan when he addresses a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

"I intend to speak the unvarnished truth because now more than ever what we need is peace," he said in a speech to the pro-Israel lobby.

"Thank You For Defending Israel's Right To Defend Itself!" Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu was defiant in his opposition to the position that President Obama's articulated in a speech last Thursday that the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps, should be the basis for future negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

"Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines," he said to roaring applause from the crowd.

“Israel is not what’s wrong with the Middle East. Israel is what is RIGHT with the Middle East.”Netanyahu!

Several times during his speech Netanyahu was interrupted by hecklers from the anti-war group Codepink, who protested Israel's polices in the West Bank and Gaza. via abcnews.

Wild Thing's comment.........

“Israel is not what’s wrong with the Middle East. Israel is what is RIGHT with the Middle East.” Bibi Netanyahu!

I LOVE this man!

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:48 AM | Comments (3)

May 23, 2011

Tel Aviv Protesters To Obama: Israel Won't Commit Suicide

The protesters begged President Obama, “Don’t send us to our death!”

Israeli protesters held a “We Won’t Commit Suicide” rally today in Tel Aviv. Patriot Caroline Glick led the protest in front of the US Embassy

Jerusalem Post

Tal Perry left his Tel Aviv office where he works for a hedge fund to tie a noose around his neck on the city’s boardwalk by the sea.

The black haired smiling 27-year-old wasn’t trying to commit suicide. He was part of a small group of right wing Israelis who wanted to send a simple message to US President Barack Obama: “Do not hang us” by promoting a suicidal policy.

Exactly at the moment that Obama was addressing the American Public Affairs Committee in Washington, the protesters gathered at the boardwalk just outside of the American embassy, where they hung large white and red banners of the gray steel barrier that said: “Israel won’t commit suicide.”

Other smaller signs read: “Israel can’t be divided,” “Obama change your mind,” and “No, to the Auschwitz lines of 1949.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

This all makes me cry I feel so badly what obama is doing.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:50 AM | Comments (5)

"Arafat" Obama at AIPAC: Cut Israel In Half- Create Contiguous Pali State

Obama at AIPAC clarifies Israeli/Palestinian '67 borders

Chicago Sun Times

LINK has entirei transcript of his speech

“I said that the United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine. The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

He really is evil and how those at this get together cannot see it is shocking to me. The audience puts their leftist politics ahead of everything else inculduing our country and sure as heck Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:47 AM | Comments (4)

May 22, 2011

Obama To Use London Visit To Pressure Prime Minister David Cameron To Back Palestinian State With Pre-1967 Borders

Obama wants Cameron to back Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders

US president will use visit to London to keep pressure on Israel for Middle East peace deal

Barack Obama will seek a joint Middle East agreement with David Cameron, insisting that a Palestinian state should be based on pre-1967 borders – a proposal rejected by Israel's prime minister as "unrealistic" and "indefensible".

The issue will be raised in private talks between the two men during the state visit by Obama and his wife to London, only the third by a US president in 100 years. Afghanistan, Libya, relations with Pakistan and the global economy – as well as the vacancy for the top job at the IMF – will also make up the agenda.

Despite the outright rejection by the Israeli premier, Netanyahu, of a Palestinian state based on the borders that existed before the Six Day War, when Israel captured and occupied the West Bank and Gaza, Obama has already secured the political backing of the United Nations, European Union and Russia who, with America, are collectively known as the "quartet".

Signalling his determination to keep up pressure on Israel, Obama will be looking to enlist the public support of the UK prime minister. The aim is, in large part, to persuade the Palestinian leadership not to go to the UN in September seeking symbolic backing for an independent state.

Wild Thing's comment.........

What unbelievable nerve !!!

He was told NO by Bibi yes he keeps pushing for this nightmare plan of his.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:55 AM | Comments (6)

Canada PM Stephen Harper Refuses to Back Obama’s Call For Israel to Withdraw to 1967 Borders

Canada PM Stephen Harper Refuses to Back Obama’s Call For Israel to Withdraw to 1967 Borders

The Globe and Mail

The Harper government is refusing to join the United States in calling for a return to 1967 borders as a starting point for Mideast peace, a position that has drawn sharp criticism from Canada’s staunch ally Israel.

At a briefing ahead of the upcoming G8 summit in France, federal officials said the basis for the negotiations must be mutually agreed upon.

Israel quickly rejected U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposal for the talks to be guided by the 1967 borders, with mutually agreed land swaps.

“What the government of Canada supports is basically a two-state solution that is negotiated,” a senior federal official said. “If it’s border, if it’s others issues, it has to be negotiated, it cannot be unilateral action.”

Pressed by reporters, federal officials said both the Israelis and the Palestinians have to decide on their bottom lines, which the Israelis have said will not include a return to the 1967 border.

“If the two parties are of the view that this is a starting point, that is fine for them,” said the federal official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The Prime Minister’s director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, added that Canada’s position continues to be the search for a two-state solution.

“No solution, ultimately, is possible without both parties sitting down, negotiating and agreeing on what that final outcome will look like,” he said.

Mr. Obama boosted Palestinian hopes for an independent state during a speech by pointedly calling on Israel to regard its 1967 borders as the basis for a neighbouring Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank.

Wild Thing's comment........

Good for PM Stephen Harper .

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:50 AM | Comments (6)

May 21, 2011

Three Chrees and Total Respect For Awesome Benjamin Netanyahu as He Says NO Way to the New Arafat anti-Semitic Obama Put To Shame As He Should Be

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday he was prepared to make compromises to peace but he rejected President Barack Obama’s proposal that Israel return to its 1967 borders.

Obama and Netanyahu met at the White House a day after the U.S. president endorsed a longstanding Palestinian demand on the borders for their future state.

In remarks to reporters in the Oval Office, Obama said he had reiterated the principles he had laid out on Thursday.

Netanyahu flatly rejected any return to the 1967 borders, the basis – along with agreed land swaps – for a deal with the Palestinians as laid out in a speech by Obama the day before.
“While Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines,” Netanyahu said, sitting alongside Obama in the Oval Office. “These lines are indefensible, because they don’t take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground, demographic changes.”

Netanyahu also ruled out any return of Palestinian refugees to Israel proper or that Israel would negotiate with Hamas, branded a terrorist organization by both US and Israel.

“The only peace that will endure is one that is based on reality, on unshakable facts. I think for there to be peace, the Palestinians will have to accept some basic realities. The first is that while Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. Because these lines are indefensible. Because they don’t take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground, demographic changes that have taken place over the last 44 years.

Remember that before 1967, Israel was all of 9 miles wide. It was half the width of the Washington beltway. These were not the boundaries of peace. They were the boundaries of repeated wars because the attack on Israel was so attractive for them. We can’t go back to those indefensible lines and we’re going to have to have a long-term military presence along the Jordan. . . .

We’ve been around for almost four thousand years. We’ve experienced struggle and suffering like no other people. We’ve gone through expulsions, pogroms and massacres and the murder of millions.

But I can say that even at the dearth, even at the nadir of the valley of death, we never lost hope and we never lost our dream of reestablishing a sovereign state in our ancient homeland, the land of Israel.

And now it falls on my shoulders as the Prime Minister of Israel, at a time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the middle east to work with you and fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize it’s survival.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I LOVE when BiBi lectured Obama on Hamas.

Way to go Bibi! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!

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May 20, 2011

"Obama is the new Arafat!",'Obama adopting Arafat’s staged plan for Israel’s end' Says Knesset Members ~ They Are Correct!

'Obama adopting Arafat’s staged plan for Israel’s end'


Knesset members on the Right expressed outrage on Thursday night at US President Barack Obama's call for the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps in an exchange of territory for security.

They called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to reject Obama's plan when he meets with him on Friday in Washington.

"Barack Hussein Obama adopted the staged plan for Israel's destruction of Yasser Arafat, and he is trying to force it on our prime minister," said Likud MK Danny Danon. "All that was new in the speech was that he called for Israel to return to 1967 borders without solving the crisis. Netanyahu has only one option: To tell Obama forget about it."

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari also slammed Obama's speech, calling it "a landmine with pretty wrapping."

Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, who as a minister close to Netanyahu must be more diplomatic, complained on Channel 2 that according to Obama's approach, the Palestinians would receive their demands on borders before negotiations begin.

"Once they have everything from the start, they have no reason to make any concessions,"Erdan said.

But opposition leader Tzipi Livni said Obama's plan was clearly in Israel's interests, while the diplomatic stalemate that she believes was brought on by Netanyahu is not.


Wild Thing's comment.......

First of all I have to say that opposition leader Tzipi Livni , she is a POS. BiBi is a good man and he loves Israel and thank God he won and that Livni did NOT. “clearly in Israel’s interest” ? Wow! This sure shows what a disaster Livni was for Israel. Pathetic. Tzipi Livni is a surrender monkey of the first order. Horrible woman. I remember her from the days before Netanyahu got back into office.

Interesting that obama chose to make this announcement only a few days after the anniversary of Israel, (May 15). Instead of a word of support, he gives this.

In obama's speech, he told Israel to move back to the 1967 borders he effectively gave to the Hamas-Fatah terror alliance.

half of Jerusalem,

the Wailing Wall,.....or simply The Kotel, is a retaining wall in Jerusalem that dates from the time of the Jewish Second Temple (516 BCE – 70 CE). It is sometimes referred to as the Wailing Wall (Arabic: il-Mabka), referring to Jews mourning the destruction of the Temple. The Western Wall is part of the bigger religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem called Har ha-Bayit (the Temple Mount) to Jews and Christians, or Al-Haram al-Qudsi al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) to Muslims. The Western Wall is revered for its proximity to the sacred Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount, which is the Most Holy Place in Judaism. This makes the Western Wall the holiest location in Judaism that is currently generally accessible to the Jewish people for prayer.

The Temple Mount,

Old Jerusalem,

The holiest Christian Church in the world, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre .......The Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Church of the Holy Sepulchre) commemorates the hill of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ’s burial. Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Syrian, Coptic, and Ethiopian Churches celebrate this holy place as the site of the death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Netanyahu Rejects Obama Call for Palestinian State Based on 1967 Borders Calls It 'Indefensible'

Netanyahu Rejects Obama Call for Palestinian State Based on 1967 Borders ('Indefensible')

FOX News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swiftly rejected President Obama's call Thursday for Israel to pull back to the borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War, calling those lines militarily "indefensible."

Obama, in a sweeping address tackling the uprisings in the Middle East and the stalled peace process, stunned Washington and Jerusalem by endorsing Palestinians' demand for their own state based on the pre-1967 borders. The break with longstanding U.S. policy appeared to immediately aggravate the Israelis, who want the borders of any future Palestinian state determined through negotiations.

In a statement released late Thursday, Netanyahu said such a withdrawal would jeopardize Israel's security and leave major West Bank settlements outside Israeli borders.

"Israel appreciates President Obama's commitment to peace," the statement said. "Israel believes that for peace to endure between Israelis and Palestinians, the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the viability of the one and only Jewish state. That is why Prime Minister Netanyahu expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004. ... Among other things, those commitments relate to Israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines."

The U.S. had previously endorsed the concept of a Palestinian state, but not the demand for permanent pre-1967 borders, with mutually agreed land swaps. The declaration comes ahead of a meeting in Washington between Obama and Netanyahu.


Rabbi: 'The President of the United States is Asking for Ethnic Cleansing'


Barack Obama has made an unprecedented demand on Israel, Jewish leaders said today after the president called for Israel to redraw its borders to where they were in 1967 before the Six Day War. One rabbi said Obama was, in essence, asking for “ethnic cleansing” of thousands of Jewish families.

“It’s immoral in that basically the president of the United States is asking that 500,000 people who live, work, and raise families around Jerusalem — Jewish families — that they be uprooted, resettled, deported from their homes, have their families broken,” Rabbi Aryeh Spero, founder of Caucus for America, told

“The president of the United States is asking for ethnic cleansing,” said Rabbi Spero. “It’s ironic that the president, who speaks in humanitarian tones regarding the Palestinians, doesn’t have any humanitarian concerns toward 500,000 Jewish people and families that will be uprooted and deported from their homes.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Thank God for Bibi. I hope Bibi Bibi punches his lights out.

Stand firm Bibi! Let Obama and the world know that Israel will not be thrown to the ravenous wolves at her doorstep.

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Terrorists PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas Spokesman Not Happy With Speech By Barack Hussein ARAFAT Obama

Abbas calls emergency meeting on Obama address

Jerusalem Post

PA president seeks urgent consultations with Arab leaders over address; Hamas spokesmen accuses Obama of "deception," favoritism to Israel.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday called an emergency meeting of the PA leadership to discuss US President Barack Obama’s speech on peace in the Middle East, a PA official in Ramallah said.

Abbas has also decided to hold urgent consultations with a number of Arab leaders on the speech, the official said.

PLO Executive Committee member Saeb Erekat said that Abbas remained committed to fulfilling all Palestinian obligations in accordance with international agreements, especially the road map plan and the 2002 Arab peace initiative.

Erekat said that the PA was hoping that the Israeli government would fulfill its obligations “to give the peace process the chance it deserves.”

Erekat said that Abbas appreciated Obama’s efforts to resume the peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel so as to reach a final solution on the core issues according to an agreed timetable.

“President Abbas affirms his appreciation for President Obama’s declaration regarding people’s right to self-determination, freedom and dignity, as well as ensuring freedom of worship,” Erekat added. “The Palestinians need more than any other people such issues to get rid of occupation.”

Hamas, on the other hand, accused Obama of “deception” and bias in favor of Israel.

Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan told Agence France Press that his movement does not believe in US policies because they are biased in favor of Israel and deny Palestinian rights.


Hamas: Obama speech a complete failure

YNET news

The Hamas movement called US President Barack Obama's Mideast policy speech a "complete failure," saying it was like "throwing sand in the eyes of the public."

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri claimed the speech lacked content, adding that his organization "is opposed to intervention in our internal affairs." Abu Zuhri urged the Palestinian Authority to dismiss the speech, and emphasized the need to "coordinate the stances of Palestinian forces against the American arrogance."

Terrorists unimpressed with Obama’s words: President Barack Obama’s Mideast policy speech Thursday was a “total failure,” Hamas said Thursday evening.

“The (Arab) nation does not need a lesson on democracy from Obama,” said Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, Sami Abu-Zuhri. “Rather, Obama is the one who needs the lesson given his absolute endorsement of Israel’s crimes and his refusal to condemn Israel’s occupation.”

“We will not recognize the Israeli occupation under any circumstances,” the Hamas spokesman said, while adding: “We object to intervention in our internal affairs.”

Abu-Zuhri also urged the Palestinian Authority not to endorse the American president’s speech. He stressed the need to coordinate Palestinian positions in the face of what he referred to as “American-Israeli arrogance.”

Other Hamas sources said the president’s speech was “deceptive.”

Immediately following Obama’s speech, the Palestinian Authority’s leadership met for an urgent session convened by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.


Wild Thing's comment......

Even the terrorists don't like Obama's speech, they don't like that obama didn't throw Israel under the bus far enough. What they really want is the complete complete elimination of Israel. And I bet obama thought the terrorists would be praising him.

obama wet the appetite of the beast and it wants more.

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May 19, 2011

Pro Terrorist Obama the anti-Semitic Israel Hater Throws Our Friend Israel Under His Bus and Says Palestine Must Be Based In 1967 Borders


Obama says Palestine must be based in 1967 borders


President Barack Obama is endorsing the Palestinians' demand for their future state to be based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, in a move that will likely infuriate Israel. Israel says the borders of a Palestinian state have to be determined through negotiations.

In a speech outlining U.S. policy in the Middle East and North Africa, Obama on Thursday sided with the Palestinians' opening position a day ahead of a visit to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is vehemently opposed to referring to the 1967 borders.

Until Thursday, the U.S. position had been that the Palestinian goal of a state based on the 1967 borders, with agreed land swaps, should be reconciled with Israel's desire for a secure Jewish state through negotiations.


Wild Thing's comment.......

He just sanctioned and legitimized Hamas with a license to kill.

What an evil act of betrayal to Israel.


Posted by Wild Thing at 01:55 PM | Comments (7)

May 18, 2011

Barack Obama Will Call On Israel To Withdraw To The 1967 Borders ~ Pray BiBi Is Strong Against Obama!

Israeli media reveals U.S. president's forthcoming Mideast speech


U.S. President Barack Obama will call on Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders and agree to additional concessions that will enable a resumption of the peace process, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth revealed on Tuesday.

The newspaper claimed to have obtained a draft of Obama’s planned speech at the State Department on Thursday in which he will outline his administration’s Middle East policy, in light of the anti-government protests that have swept the region over the past year.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Sunday that Obama would raise the need for progress in the peace process. However, he did not reveal whether the president planned to present a diplomatic initiative to revive the process, after negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians broke down last September.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Obama will call on Israel to withdraw to the 1967 cease-fire lines with territorial adjustments that will be agreed on in the negotiations with the Palestinian National Authority. The president will label the West Bank settlements as “illegal” and emphasize that Israel must halt their construction.

Obama’s position on the settlement blocs, which Israel slates to remain under its sovereignty in any peace deal, is yet unclear.

The president is also expected to announce his solution regarding the status of Jerusalem and call for its division. The U. S. envisions the city as the shared capital of the two states, Israel and Palestine, side by side in peace.

Such a stand would essentially echo the so-called “Clinton Parameters” offered by then-president Bill Clinton in 2000, which called predominantly Arab neighborhoods to come under the Palestinian sovereignty while Jewish neighborhoods remaining within the Israeli territories.

Yedioth Ahronoth claimed that the contents of Obama's speech were shared with Netanyahu's national security advisor Ya'akov Amidror and his predecessor Uzi Arad in their recent discussions with senior U.S. officials.

Regarding Jerusalem, Netanyahu said the city would remain Israel's "united capital," a position echoed by all Israeli governments since 1967.

The prime minister added that Israel would not be able to strike a peace agreement with a Palestinian government if half of it was comprised of the members of Islamist group Hamas.


Wild Thing's comment.......

BiBi should tell obama to go BACK to Hell.

BiBi and Israel we are praying for you!

I wish the Mossad would go after George Soros for what he did and Obama for what he wants to do.

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May 16, 2011

Rep. Peter King: "Obama Really Hurt Our Relationship With Israel"

Rep. Peter King: "Obama Really Hurt Our Relationship With Israel"

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said Obama really hurt our country’s relationship with Israel, our staunch ally, by his actions since coming into office. In his FOX News interview King said it was damaging for Obama to suggest a moral equivalency between Israel and radical Islamists in the region. King also criticized the president for the way he treated Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“Obama really went out of his way to be rude to Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Rep. Peter King is right, obama has done damage and continues to. I hope and pray the Israeli's know that half of our country does not feel like obama does about Israel.

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April 11, 2011

Awesome Israel Fights Back and The Terrorists Hamas Leader Ghazi Hamad Makes Appeal To Israel To Halt Fighting ( LIAR Hamas Must Be Out Of Bombs and Bullets)

Hamas Makes Rare Appeal to Israel to Halt Fighting

FOX News


A senior member of Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement on Sunday made a rare appeal to the Israeli public for a halt to the escalating cross-border fighting, telling an Israeli radio station in fluent Hebrew that Hamas is ready to stop its rocket fire if Israel ends its attacks on Gaza.

As nightfall approached, Gaza militants had fired about 10 rockets and mortar shells at Israel, police said, but Israel had not hit back.

At a late afternoon meeting of Israel’s Security Cabinet, made up of senior ministers, the military was told to “continue to operate against terrorists in order to stop the (rocket) fire on Israel.”

Hamas’ deputy foreign minister, Ghazi Hamad, delivered the message to state-run Israel Radio.

“We are interested in calm but want the Israeli military to stop its operations,” Hamad said in Hebrew.

Hamas refuses to recognize Israel, but Hamad and other leaders of the Islamic militant group learned Hebrew during time spent in Israeli prisons.

Other Hamas officials said they were in touch with mediators in hopes of restoring calm.

Israeli leaders sent mixed messages Sunday.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said if militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza cease their attacks, so would Israel.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a more combative tack. “If the attacks on Israeli citizens and soldiers continue, the response will be far harsher” than it has been, Netanyahu told his Cabinet

Wild Thing's comment.........

Classic Islam response. When you begin to be beaten back and are in jeopardy of being defeated, cry out for peace so that you can lull your enemies into relaxing while you build up your forces and strike back without warning.

Do not accept this fake overture for peace, Israel. Thank God for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu response!!!!

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April 05, 2011

Senators Send Letter to Hillary Clinton Regarding Israel

Senators Send Letter to Hillary Clinton Regarding Israel, so Why Was Rubio Excluded?

Last week, a group of 27 Republican and Democrat U.S. Senators penned a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging her to outline the steps President Obama and his administration were taking in order to end the recent violence against Israeli citizens by Palestinian based terror groups and their supporters.

The violence has been highlighted by the brutal murder of a young Israeli family and the persistent mortar shelling into Israel from Palestinian positions outside of Israel proper. While many of the Senators named in letter have been solid supporters of Israel, it seems as if several of these Senators were all too eager to get their names on this letter more for PR purposes than simply to be on the right side of this issue.

The one very noticeable name who was not included in the letter and perhaps was purposely excluded is that of Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Rubio is considered one of the staunchest supporters of Israel and its struggle to live free from enemy aggression.

Just two weeks after his historic victory last November 2010, Rubio made it a point to visit Israel. And as Rubio has been a consistent supporter of Israel, he has also expressed his opposition to President Obama’s disgraceful foreign policy towards Israel. And it was Rubio who stepped up on Israel’s behalf when he defied world opinion by openly asserting that he believes that Jerusalem, not Tel-Aviv, is the true capitol of Israel. Rubio’s bona fides on Israel are solid- so the question remains why wasn’t Rubio included in the letter to Secretary Clinton?

Recently, Senator Rubio issued this statement after the latest terrorist bombing in Jerusalem:

“The bombing in Jerusalem is another tragic reminder of the persistent threats to Israel’s security. I condemn this murderous act in the strongest terms and pray for the victims, their families and the entire state of Israel that mourns… As long as terrorists reject Israel’s right to exist and deploy these types of heinous acts, there cannot be lasting peace in the region. America has a responsibility to stand with Israel and support its right to protect the Israeli people. We must also insist that the onus for change to achieve a two-state solution be on rejecting violence and accepting Israel’s existence.”- Senator Marco Rubio

The BiBi Report

Below is the letter with a complete list of signatories:

"Dear Secretary Clinton:

In the wake of this month's brutal terrorist murders of a Jewish family in Itamar and the terrorist bombing of a civilian bus in Jerusalem, we are writing with serious concern over continuing incitement directed against Jews and Israel within the Palestinian media, mosques and schools, and even by individuals or institutions affiliated with the Palestinian Authority (PA). We would like to know what specific steps you are taking to press for an end to this dangerous incitement.

Palestinian incitement includes the glorification of terrorists and jihad, and anti-Semitic stereotypes in the Palestinian media. There are a number of examples of Palestinian incitement over the last year listed in an index established by the Israeli prime minister's office.

On March 9, 2011, PA President Mahmoud Abbas' advisor, Sabri Saidam, delivered a speech in which he emphasized that Palestinian weapons must be turned towards Israel. Saidam reportedly demanded that the Palestinian people be attentive to the living conditions of martyrs' families and said that the anniversary of the death of Dalal Mughrabi (one of the perpetrators of a 1978 coastal highway massacre) should be marked by inaugurating a square in her name in the city of El-Bireh.

On Feb. 9, 2011, the official Palestinian television station broadcast a clip from a campaign entitled "Women as Exemplars," during which Dalal Mughrabi (see above) was extolled. In the summer of 2010, several children's summer camps were named after her.

On Jan. 24, 2011, the governor of Jenin issued a presidential grant worth $2,000 to the family of a Palestinian terrorist, Khaldoun Samoudi, who was killed while trying to detonate two bombs against Israeli soldiers at the Beka'ot Crossing.

On Jan. 2, 2011, Al Hayat Al-Jadida reported that Azzam Al-Ahmed, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, attended a gathering on the 46th anniversary of the establishment of Fatah during which models of settlement buildings were blown up. He reportedly reviewed terrorist attacks perpetrated by Fatah and said that, "Fatah is a mass movement which believed in popular revolution and wrested its right to use all means of resistance in order to achieve its aim."

Although President Abbas has expressed his sorrow over the Itamar massacre, the Palestinian Authority must take unequivocal steps to condemn the incident and stop allowing the incitement that leads to such crimes. Educating people toward peace is critical to establishing the conditions to a secure and lasting peace.

The Itamar massacre was a sobering reminder that words matter, and that Palestinian incitement against Jews and Israel can lead to violence and terror. We urge you to redouble your efforts to impress upon the Palestinian leadership that continuing to condone incitement is not tolerable. We also urge you to consider focusing adequate training and educational programs in the West Bank and Gaza that promote peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Signed by:
Mark Kirk, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Jon Kyl, Robert Menendez, Barbara A. Mikulski, Mary L. Landrieu, James E. Risch, Charles E. Schumer, James M. Inhofe, Ron Wyden, Pat Roberts, Joseph L. Lieberman, Frank R. Lautenberg, Amy Klobuchar, Jerry Moran, Robert P. Casey, Jr., John Ensign, Benjamin L. Cardin, Roger Wicker, Bill Nelson, Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Patrick J. Toomey, Sherrod Brown, John Barrasso, Mike Crapo, Jon Tester
Posted by jacob at 5:52 PM


Wild Thing's comment........

Perhaps there is a good reason, Rubio might have been out of town when they all signed the letter...who knows. But it is very odd that after he has been so consistent on his standing up for Israel they would exclude him. Maybe they think of him like Sarah Palin since he has been very outspoken about Obama not doing the correct thing regarding Israel. There are democrats on the list of names, it might have been their idea to leave Marco off.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:45 AM

March 24, 2011

Islam Follower Bombs Bus Stop In Jerusalem, 1 Killed and 31 Injured ~ Jew Hater Muslim Obama Uses This To Bash Israelis

Bomb Explodes Near Jerusalem Bus Stop; At Least 31 People Injured

Palestinian terrorist blew up a bomb in Jerusalem that killed one and injured thirty.

A terrorist attack has struck the Jerusalem bus station: At least 25 people were hurt and one woman was killed after an explosive device was detonated in a phone booth near the Convention Center.

Statement by obama on Bombing in Jerusalem

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms the bombing in Jerusalem today, as well as the rockets and mortars fired from Gaza in recent days. Together with the American people, I offer my deepest condolences for those injured or killed. There is never any possible justification for terrorism. The United States calls on the groups responsible to end these attacks at once and we underscore that Israel, like all nations, has a right to self-defense. We also express our deepest condolences for the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza yesterday. We stress the importance of calm and urge all parties to do everything in their power to prevent further violence and civilian casualties.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Too angry to say what I am thinking about obama.

Prayers for the Israeli's and I also heard there were some Americans on the bus ( heard that part on the radio news so I have no link for that information.)

NAKBA to all you followers of this death cult Islam.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:50 AM | Comments (6)

Eric Cantor Slams Obama on Response to Jerusalem Terror Attack ~ Thank you Eric Cantor!!!!!

Eric Cantor Slams Obama on Response to Jerusalem Terror Attack

At The Hill, "After bombing, Cantor hits Obama admin. handling of Israel."

Also, at Israel Matzav, "Cantor statement on suicide bombing nails Obama."

And from the Office of Rep. Eric Cantor, "Leader Cantor's Statement on Violence in Israel":

“Today’s bombing in Jerusalem is another chilling reminder of the obstacles Israel faces in its quest to live in peace with its neighbors. Israel is a true friend to the United States and a vital strategic ally in an unstable region. In the face of unremitting terror, Israel can count on the continued support of the United States as exercises its right to defend its people.

“Within the past two weeks, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have launched dozens of unprovoked rocket attacks at innocent Israelis, while in the West Bank a terrorist brutally murdered a family as they slept in their home. These attacks must not be downplayed as mere episodes in a game of tit-for-tat between Israelis and Palestinians. There is absolutely no justification for deliberate and deadly attacks on innocent civilians.

“This kind of violence does not emerge in a vacuum; it is incubated through education and nurtured by popular culture. The sooner the world comes to grips with this reality, the sooner that there will be peace in the region. That’s why we must use the recent attacks to address the root cause of this violence: anti-Israel incitement in Palestinian mosques, schools and media – and the blanket refusal on the part of the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to exist that it has created.

“The Administration has called on Israel to make sweeping concessions that I believe will endanger its security, but it doesn’t seem to demand similar from the Palestinians. That’s why I support bipartisan efforts in the House and Senate that call on the White House to put an end to anti-Israel incitement in the Palestinian territories. No matter how much we desire Mideast peace, it will remain a pipe dream so long as Palestinian culture makes martyrs of terrorists who target innocents.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

Good for Eric!

obama is president of the wrong country. He belongs in some muslim country and I will go further and say NOT as president either. He is NOT a leader, he is a screw up, a distroyer, a divider, a limp wristed racist, that I bet we couldn't even give him away even if we paid someone or some country to take him.....I doubt any country would want him.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:47 AM

March 19, 2011

An Israeli Beach Flash Mob ~ I LOVE it!!


Wild Thing's comment........

Israel is the one beacon of light in the Middle East. May God bless them with long wonderful lives.

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March 18, 2011

Israeli Navy Uncovers Weaponry Intended for Terrorist Organization in the Gaza Strip

Israeli Navy Uncovers Weaponry Intended for Terrorist Organization in the Gaza Strip

March 15th, the Israeli Navy uncovered weaponry intended for terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.
The IDF Channel released video tonight on the incident. The weapons originated in Iran and were on route to terror organizations in Gaza.


Israel’s navy boarded a ship flying a Liberian flag about 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) from its coast that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was carrying weapons intended for “terrorist organizations” in the Gaza Strip.

“The source of the weapons is Iran, which is trying to arm Gaza,” Netanyahu said today in a text message.

Army Spokesman Brigadier General Avi Benayahu said the ship loaded cargo in the Syrian port of Latakia and was carrying three containers of weapons to Egypt to be smuggled into Hamas- controlled Gaza.

“Iran is the source of all evil in this region,” Benayahu said on Army Radio today, noting Iranian ships had docked in Syria two weeks earlier. “It finances, supports, encourages and supplies all the terrorist organizations operating here.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

Good for Israel!!!!!

Israel has a real president. I am so glad they did not ask for permission to do this from anyone especially terrorist loving obama.

God bless BiBi and protect him and prayers for Israel .

Posted by Wild Thing at 07:55 AM | Comments (5)

February 21, 2011

Israel Can No Longer Rely On WH, There Is Lack of Leadership From Obama

Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon

Israel: White House not reliable


Israel can no longer rely on the White House ( OBAMA) and must trust only itself due to a lack of leadership on the part of President Obama, declared a Knesset member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party.

“We have to understand that if, God forbid, we will be in the case of trouble, we can trust only ourselves because we see a lack of leadership coming from the U.S. today,” said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon.

“And we should be worried about it, because we always think, well, we have a friend in the White House, we can call them when we are in need, and we see that is not the case,” said Danon, the deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament.

Danon was speaking in an interview with reporter Aaron Klein in the latter’s investigative program on New York’s WABC Radio.

The Israeli politician took the occasion to slam Obama’s treatment of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Following weeks of unrest targeting Mubarak’s regime, Obama called for the U.S. ally to allow for the immediate transition to democracy, leading to Mubarak’s resignation.

“We don’t see a leadership role of the American president and actually they (the Obama administration) are following what is happening in the Middle East. On the one hand, they support Mubarak; the next day they are against him.”

Danon added, “Frankly speaking, unfortunately we see a lack of leadership coming from Washington. They don’t actually take decisions. They follow, and they look at the news and then they deliver statements to the media.”


Wild Thing's comment........

This man is right about obama, obama is not a leader ( a wanna be dictator yes but not a leader), he has his own agenda and will only follow that. Obama is an enemy of the United States PERIODas well as Israel, and anyone who can’t see that by now is a certified MORON.

Obama is looking to the resurrection of the Caliphate just like every loyal Muslim.

I feel so badly about Israel and how obama has treated them and BiBi. It is terrible.

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January 31, 2011

If The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over in Egypt, IDF Will Face Formidable Enemy

If Brotherhood takes over, IDF will face formidable enemy


The collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt is not yet about Israel but soon will be, depending on his successor.

If the Muslim Brotherhood grabs the reins in the massive Arab country, Israel will face an enemy with one of the largest and strongest militaries around, built on some of the most advanced American-made platforms.

The impact on Israel will be immediate – the IDF will need to undergo major structural changes, new units will need to be created and forces in the South will likely need to be beefed up. Since the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the IDF has not had to worry about two fronts at once. Until now.

The appointment of Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman as the vice president in Egypt is a reassuring sign for Israel.

Suleiman has played a key role in Israeli- Egyptian relations over the years and is considered in charge of the “Israeli Dossier[.]” His office has been responsible for coordinating efforts to stop smuggling via tunnels under the Philadelphi Corridor with Gaza and he is considered something of a moderate in comparison to outgoing Defense Minister Mohamed Tantawi.

In a cable published recently by WikiLeaks, Suleiman told the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2009 that Egypt was stopping Iranian money from making its way through the country to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A new regime in Egypt could change all of that, and the transfer of Iranian funds to Hamas would be the least of Israel’s concerns.

This year is turning into a critical one for Israel, which is finding itself increasingly isolated within the Middle East. Turkey is gone and Egypt appears to be on the way.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Since Obama is in the White House, they forgot to mention that America is gone as well, at least until 2012.
In the event of a conflict between Egypt and Israel, obama will either remain neutral or will side with Egypt. In any event, he will screw Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not want peace. They will make the Taliban look like pikers in comparison.

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January 24, 2011

Congressman Allen West Interviewed and Speaks Out On Israel and Islam~ God Bless Him!

Congressman Allen West interviewed on Shalom Show on TV by Producer Host Richard Peritz, discussing America-Israel relations, Jerusalem. local and international challenges and the hope for security and peace.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I love his direct answers and his stand for our country, for Israel and speaking the truth!

God bless and protect this American hero.

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December 13, 2010

Israel Says It Won't Share Jerusalem ~ GOOD For Israel!!!

Israel says it won't share Jerusalem


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that Israel would not Jerusalem with the Palestinians despite what Defense Minister Ehud Barak spouted off earlier to the press.

Israel’s leader dismissed Sunday a top ally’s call to share the holy city of Jerusalem with the Palestinians, another reminder of the challenges the U.S. faces as it shifts gears on its troubled Mideast peacemaking strategy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reaffirmation of his intention to hold on to east Jerusalem was liable to escalate friction between the two sides and with the Americans. The White House Mideast envoy is scheduled to arrive this week in another attempt to push peace efforts forward.

The conflicting claims to East Jerusalem lie at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The dispute over the area, home to sensitive Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, has derailed past peace talks and spilled into violence.

Addressing the same gathering, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the holy city will have to be shared as part of a future peace deal.

An Israeli official told The Associated Press that Defense Minister Ehud Barak was expressing a personal opinion, not the government’s position.

“Those remarks were not coordinated with the prime minister,” the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because Netanyahu has not responded publicly to Barak’s remarks or to Clinton’s speech.


Wild Thing's comment........

God bless this man and Israel, and keep them safe from all their enemies without and within! (Sadly, including the enemy we share with Israel the current President of the United States!)

Why should the Israelis share the city?God gave them clear title thousands of years ago.

If Israel ever gives an inch on this it will only be a matter of time before they lose all of Jerusalem and, consequently, Israel itself. Jerusalem IS Israel.

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December 07, 2010

Helen Anti-Semitic Thomas Says “Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists”

The former White House Correspondent Helen Thomas speaking at an anti-Arab bias workshop in the Dearborn, Michigan area recently, where she once again attacked Israel and said she believes:

“Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Jimmy Carter is lusting in his heart.

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December 06, 2010

Arab” Youths Arrested for Setting Israeli Fire That Killed 41

Fierce fires rages over Israel

Arab” Youths Arrested for Setting Israeli Fire That Killed 41

Israel National News

The youths arrested yesterday for starting the deadly Israeli fire are “arab” not Druze.
And, apparently there have been a wave of arson incidents by Arab citizens in Israel that are being ignored by the media.

Police and volunteers are manning checkpoints, lookouts and ambushes throughout Israel in an effort to combat a wave of terrorist arson by Arab citizens of Israel. While occasionally reporting some of the arson incidents, most news sources are playing them down considerably, while others cover them up completely.

The IDF has released video footage shot from an IAF aircraft, which shows a vehicle escaping from the scene of an arson attack on the Carmel Mountain. The conversation on the radio, in Hebrew, is between pilots and police. The pilots report that they have received word from a firefighting aircraft that spotted the vehicle leaving the scene of an act of arson, near a spot called the Muhraka. The aircraft follows the vehicle – a Renault Kangoo – until it is stopped by police cars.

Despite this video, news of the wave of arson is seeping into the public consciousness mostly through smaller news sources and by word of mouth.

Police said the main conflagration in the Carmel Mountains was unintentionally caused by a group of youth from Ossafiya. According to a report on Channel 2 news, the youths lit a fire as part of a nocturnal picnic and did not put it out properly before leaving the site. Later reports said that while most of the residents of Ossafiya are Druze, the youths who were arrested are Arabs.

…Channel 2′s website also carries a report that Border Police arrested two Arabs, one an Israeli citizen and the other from the Palestinian Authority, who tried to start a fire near Jerusalem on Saturday night. The two were caught in a ravine near the “tunnels checkpoint” at the entrance to the neighborhood of Gilo.

Citizens who passed through the checkpoint noticed the suspects and reported their activity to security forces. A Border Police team identified the two trying to set a fire, called on them to stop and fired four shots in the air. The suspects tried to escape in a vehicle but were arrested after a short chase.

A short time later, a 34-year-old Arab man was arrested near Dodge Junction close to Nazareth. He was taken to interrogation.


Israeli firefighters watch a devastating fire in the city of Kyriat Karmel, Carmel Forest, near Israel’s northern city of Haifa. 41 people have died in the fires.

Leading Leftist Website Urges Liberals Not to Donate to Israel’s Fire Relief Fund

The Atlantic today is urging liberals to turn their back on Israel:

Don't Give to the Jewish National Fund....this is the title of the article

Inevitably, the Jewish National Fund, which, among other things, plants forests in Israel, is asking for donations from Americans for its “Forest Fire Emergency Campaign,” in response to the massive fire spreading across the Carmel mountains. But I’m not giving.

Israel’s per capita GDP is nearly $30,000. Israel is a rich country. The fact that it doesn’t possess adequate firefighting equipment is its own fault. The fact that the leadership of its fire service is incompetent is its own fault (you can read more about that here). At some point, the good-hearted Diaspora Jews who still think of Israel as a charity case are going to have to tell their cousins to learn to fully-fund basic services like firefighting if they want to be thought of as citizens of an advanced country.


The fires this week that killed 41 people were set by “Arab” youths. It wasn’t the only fire. Israel is battling against a wave of arson attacks set by “Arab” citizens. Israel is under terrorist attack and the left is urging liberals to withhold support.


Wild Thing's comment........

The fires this week that killed 41 people were set by “Arab” youths. It wasn’t the only fire. Israel is battling against a wave of arson attacks set by “Arab” citizens.

The US is. From Bill Gabbert's Wildfire Today Blog:

The United States is sending three at least six C-130 aircraft with Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems (MAFFS) from Wyoming Air National Guard’s 153rd Airlift Wing in Cheyenne, Wyoming; 145th Airlift Wing of the North Carolina Air National Guard in Charlotte, N.C.; the 146th Airlift Wing of the California Air National Guard in Port Hueneme, Calif.; and possibly one or two from an Air Force Reserve unit in Colorado. Two other military planes are ferrying firefighting supplies to Israel.

The United States is also sending Custer’s National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) Team, 45 metric tons of Fire-Trol fire retardant and 12,000 liters of WD881 Class A foam. The fire retardant is being flown to Israel by U.S. military C-130′s and aircraft chartered by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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December 02, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Wishing you and your loved ones happiness and good health this Hanukkah!

From Chrissie aka Wild Thing and everyone at Theodore's World


Cartoon from Dry Bones. Thank you so much for all your cartoons throughout the year.

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November 14, 2010

Again Obama Makes Demands On Israel ~ Israel Please Say NO To Obama

Netanyahu Presents US Demand for 3-Month Freeze


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has convened his top mini-Cabinet of seven ministers for an emergency meeting in which they will vote on the United States demand that Israel re-freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria for another three months.

In exchange, the U.S. promises 20 jet fighters, as well as an automatic veto of any anti-Israel resolution or demand in the United Nations.

The Palestinian Authority has repeatedly demanded that Israel freeze all construction for the 320,000 Jews of Judea and Samaria, as well as for the 300,000 Jews of northern and eastern Jerusalem. In fact, a year ago, Israel froze all construction for ten months, in the hopes that the PA would agree to negotiate with Israel. The PA refused to do so for nine months, but in September, as the freeze was winding down, abruptly agreed to negotiate – but only on condition that Israel extend the freeze

Wild Thing's comment........

The Israelis should tell Hussein Obama that if he plays nice they promise no harm will come to Mecca.

Israel, Jihad obama is NOT your friend amd surely not your cheerleader. Why would you believe anything he says when there is evidence of his lying to the American people”. Jihad obama is a muslim.

Jihad obama is trying to shove Israel into a corner, by threat. damn the Marxist Moselm and his anti-Israel, anti-American, unAmerican regime.

May God shield and protect His chosen people, never again allowing Satans evil to be unleashed upon them.

As Col. Allen West said, “Every time we give them land, they want more…. You’re dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing: a return of the Holocaust.”

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Barack Obama: the Most Anti-Israel President!

Barack Obama: the Most Anti-Israel President!

American Thinker

By Ken Blackwell

With his remarks in Jakarta, Indonesia, President Obama made history once again. Sadly, it's a most unenviable title. I believe he is the most anti-Israel President in U.S. history.

In going to Jakarta, Indonesia, to launch his latest attack, he literally went to the ends of the earth to give voice to his displeasure. He emphasized his opposition to the policies of the elected government of Israel.

He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population. Where? In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious.

He was in Indonesia less than 24 hours. If he had to make such a one-sided and unfair pronouncement, couldn't he at least have waited until he got to South Korea? Touting Indonesia's great tolerance is offensive. We love everyone here in Indonesia, except the Israelis, of course, and except Catholic school girls who get beheaded on their way to school.

What could he have been thinking in traveling to his boyhood home -- in what is widely described as the largest Muslim country in the world -- and sharply criticizing Israel? It's as if he is determined to take an unfriendly stance and to reinforce it with his own biography: This place was a second home to me, and I am telling you, Israel, to knock it off! Those were not his actual words, but how else can we interpret his bizarre sense of time and place?

President Obama's foreign policy puts much greater emphasis on the UN as a world body. He has changed previous policy by bowing to the UN's horrendous Human Rights Council. This is a body that contains Russia, China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia -- those paragons of human rights. It is to this body that the Obama administration finds it necessary to "report." The reports we have submitted essentially apologize to these brutal despots at the UN for not fully implementing more of the Obama legislative agenda at home.

The President has admitted he and his party took a "shellacking" in the midterm elections. So implementation of that agenda looks increasingly problematic. Shellacking it may be, but you cannot put a high-gloss veneer on what happened November 2nd. Voters streamed into the polling places to render a vote of "no confidence" in this administration.

Interestingly, if the United States had a constitutional system similar to the parliamentary social democracies that Mr. Obama and so many of his liberal allies clearly favor, they would all be out of office. None of the leaders he will encounter in his G-20 meeting in South Korea this week would be appearing in the group photo if their parties had been given such a shellacking by the voters in their countries.

President Obama can thank his stars for the fact that under the United States Constitution, he still has a full two years to try to implement what's left of his program. He'll have a hard time doing it with 60+ new members of the House of Representatives who won their seats touting their staunch opposition to Obama policies.

Here's an idea he might suggest that could help build consensus and restore his frayed mandate: President Obama should announce that the U.S. Embassy in Israel will be moved -- to Jerusalem.

By doing that, he could demonstrate that he is not reflexively anti-Israel. Every other U.S. Embassy in the world is in the host nation's capital city. When Germany united twenty years ago, the new government there designated Berlin as their capital. The U.S. Embassy in Bonn obediently packed up and moved to Berlin in 1999.

By moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, he could reassure Israelis -- only 4% of whom think he is a friend of Israel. And he could show "the Muslim world" that he keeps trying to appease that the United States will not abandon its historic alliance with Israel. It's a sad commentary that such a reassurance is increasingly necessary.


Wild Thing's comment.......

"He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population... To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious... Touting Indonesia's great tolerance is offensive. We love everyone here in Indonesia, except the Israelis, of course, and except Catholic school girls who get beheaded on their way to school. What could he have been thinking in traveling to his boyhood home -- in what is widely described as the largest Muslim country in the world -- and sharply criticizing Israel? "

Obama’s hostile behavior towards Israel is contemptible. Obama is a disgrace!! I am so ashamed that he represents our country. I just hope the people of Israel, and the rest of our allies that have been looked down on by this loser, realize that not all Americans feel this way.

This is such a great article by Ken Blackwell.

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October 25, 2010

Jimmy Carter Again: Divide Jerusalem

One Jerusalem

After meeting with anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Freedom leadership of Hamas, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, and other Elders proceeded to Jerusalem to protest Israel's supposed occupation.

Robinson defending meeting with Hamas with words that leave no doubt she should have met with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. People who do not have any moral compass do not make moral decisions. Of course their naivety often leads to the deaths of innocents.

One can be sure that Carter and Robinson did not ask Hamas why they oppress their people by denying them basic human rights. Nor did they demand that Hamas stop calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.

These fools will continue to do their best to legitimize a barbaric terrorist organization at the expense of a free and democratic society: Israel.

Meanwhile in Doha, in response to an anti-Jewish rant by a Palestinian cleric, World Jewish Congress Vice President Rabbi Marc Schneier said:

"Jerusalem represents Jewish hopes and dreams. For millennia, we have prayed toward Jerusalem. We pray at the Western Wall, we mourn the destruction of our Temple 2,000 years ago, and we tell each other 'Next year in Jerusalem'. Jerusalem has always been the capital of the Jewish state, ancient or modern. It is therefore an insult to all of us to accuse us of illegally occupying the city.

"At the same time, we respect that Jerusalem is a holy place for Christians and Muslims as well. We know that the status of Jerusalem is at the forefront of peace talks, but denying the other side's right to be there is wrong and counter-productive," the rabbi added.

While we oppose Jerusalem being on the negotiating table we applaud Rabbi Schneier for his defense of Jerusalem.


Wild Thing's comment........

Carter needs to stay in the middle east that is where his loyalty lies and not with the Jews but with the Hamas and the PLO. Or he can just go directly to hell, I could care less which happens first.

Carter knows exactly what he is doing. He is a hardcore anti-semite who loves selling out the Israelis.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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October 24, 2010

Is U.N. 'declaration' a Palestinian solution?

Is U.N. 'declaration' a Palestinian solution?

Abbas may ask for unilateral creation of new state


BEIRUT, Lebanon

With Middle East "peace talks' stalled, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is considering asking the United Nations Security Council unilaterally to declare a state on Palestinian lands occupied by Israel since 1967, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The approach has grown out of what Abbas regards as frustration with the immediate negotiations that began a month ago but already are bogged down over the issue of Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank.

"Abbas has started to doubt that the path of negotiations will lead to a solution with Israel," according to Palestinian analyst Hani al-Masri. "I think he is almost convinced that the negotiations have failed."

Abbas believes the U.N. route would bypass reliance on Israel ending its own occupation or the U.S. pressuring its closest ally.

"The negotiations with Israel have been ongoing for more than 19 years since the Madrid peace conference in 1991 and until now have not achieved anything," said Mohammad Ashtayeh, a member of the Palestinian negotiating team.

"It makes no sense for the Palestinian people to continue to wait for an Israeli government that wants peace and a U.S. administration that is able to pressure Israel," he said. "Experience has made it clear that is not going to happen."

As a consequence, the Palestinians are considering a more drastic approach of taking the entire issue of Palestinian statehood to the U.N. Security Council.


John Bolton: Obama and the Coming Palestinian State

The Wall Street Journal


Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, for 21 months the centerpiece of Obama administration Middle East policy, are moving inevitably toward collapse. The talks may limp past our Nov. 2 election, but they are doomed to fail.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) fully understands that the talks—and the "two state solution"—will fail. It needs a plan B. Accordingly, several ideas are circulating to skip bothersome negotiations with Israel and move immediately to Palestinian "statehood."

Two different tactical approaches have emerged. In one, the PA would persuade the United States to recognize a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, within the pre-1967 cease-fire lines (often characterized, wrongly, as "borders"). The other option would have the United Nations Security Council call upon U.N. members to recognize "Palestine" within those lines. Critical to this second tactic is a U.S. commitment either to support such a Security Council resolution or, at a minimum, not to veto it.

In many respects, these and related gambits hearken back to the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) 1988 declaration of statehood, which was recognized by dozens of U.N. members, including many in Europe. The PLO then tried capitalizing on the declaration by seeking membership in U.N. agencies like the World Health Organization, which require members to be "states." In this way, the PLO sought to create "facts on the ground" in the international arena that it hadn't been able to establish through force.

Those efforts failed because of Washington's determined opposition within the U.N. system, and the overall effort faded away. The PLO gained no new legitimacy, although it did change its General Assembly nameplate from "Palestine Liberation Organization" to "Palestine," which passes for substance at the U.N.


Wild Thing's comment........

If the Palestinian State is declared, Obama would be the first the recognize it. More opportunity for Mullah Hussein Obama to shape the World by fiat.

The Palestinian suicide state and its Islmacist puppet masters are only interested in a one state solution. And that state is not Israel. The EU and Obama are 100% ready, even eager, to see Israel liquidated.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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October 08, 2010

U.S. Offers Tax Breaks for Terror Funding

George Galloway in Gaza

U.S. Offers Tax Breaks for Terror Funding

Israel National News

The United States government has been allowing citizens to take a tax deduction for donations to Viva Palestina, a group that aids the anti-Israel and anti-America terrorist group Hamas. Now a U.S. Congressman is trying to put a stop to it, as reported by the International Business Times.

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) told the paper that he has written to the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the IRS, informing them that Viva Palestina funds terrorism and is soliciting donations in America. The Patriot Act and other counter-terror laws prohibit soliciting funds for a recognized terrorist organization.

His letters were sent several months ago, but nothing has been done. Sherman said the State Department forwarded his complaint to the Department of Justice, which has yet to respond. The IRS said they would look into the matter, he added. The congressman said he plans to keep pushing the matter until something is done.

Viva Palestina is run by former British MP George Galloway, who openly supports Hamas and has made direct donations to the group. In 2009 Galloway gave Hamas leaders cash and vehicles, and taunted his government, saying, "If you want to take me to court, I promise you there is no jury in all of Britain who will convict me."

Sherman said he has faced difficulty due to the fact that Viva Palestina's branch in the U.S. is partnered with the charity group Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizations (IFCO) and receives money through them.

In addition, Viva Palestina USA claims that it does not give to Hamas. However, Sherman disputes that claim, pointing out that the group openly supports Galloway's "aid convoys" to Gaza. An expert on terrorism, Stephen Landman, was quoted by IBT as saying that Viva Palestina USA "openly used its resources to prop up Hamas' government in the Gaza Strip."

Landman recently addressed the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. He told committee members that there is "overwhelming" evidence that Viva Palestina supports terrorism, and that the group has raised at least $200,000 in America.

Galloway and Viva Palestina are currently planning a flotilla to sail for Gaza, in an attempt to break Israel's naval blockade of Hamas. A previous attempt to break the blockade ended with nine deaths and several injuries after armed passengers attacked IDF soldiers who attempted to redirect their boats, and soldiers opened fire in response.

Wild Thing's comment.......

"If you want to take me to court, I promise you there is no jury in all of Britain who will convict me."

Galloway is probably right that no jury in Britain would convict him of aiding and abetting terrorists. Appeasement and fear of British Muslim citizens is so strong in England.

In the US financing terrorism is a serious concern. But under Obama and his administration they are not going to be going after terrorists like GW Bush did. Obama would never say the axis of evil in regards to any muslim.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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October 02, 2010

LTC Allen West in Support of Israel

At an event commemorating the first full year of weekly rallies in support of Israel held at Broward Boulevard and Northeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale Florida Congressional candidate Allen West details his reasons to support Israel.

“If you want to free Palestine then you give it back to the people who had it in the first place, the Jewish people.”

“It is not time for appeasement, it is not time for negotiation, it is not time for compromise. Every time we give them land they want more." - West.


Wild Thing's comment........

Another great speech by Florida 22nd district candidate Lt Col Allen West, this time in support of Israel. If you live in his district you’re very lucky; make sure you get out and vote for him in November.

A great man Lt. Col. Allen West. America’s finest.

I cannot wait for Col. West to unseat that insufferable leftist Ron Klein.

.....Thank you BobF, for sending this to me.

1973 - 1999

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September 25, 2010

More Threats From Obama As He Warns: Support 'Palestine' or 'More Blood' Will Flow

Obama warns: Support 'Palestine' or 'more blood' will flow

Comment prompts question whether Palestinians distinct from other Arabs


Without world support for establishing an independent Palestine, President Obama warned the United Nations General Assembly today that "more blood will be shed" and "Palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state."

Though couched with references to Israeli security and a "neighbors who are committed to coexistence," Obama's observation prompted a provocative question and little known insight into the Palestinian-Zionist identity conflict from the author of a bold new book about the Nazi links to Islamic jihadists.

"Are the Palestinian Arabs a distinct people apart from other Arabs?," asks Chuck Morse, author of "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj. Amin Al-Husseini."

"The Arab residents of Palestine," he says, "most of whom emigrated there alongside the Jewish emigration and did so in order to take advantage of the increased economic opportunities that accompanied the Jewish immigration, considered themselves to be either part of the emerging Jewish state or as part of a greater Arab state."

The "underreported" role of al-Husseini "reveals volumes" about the confusion and controversy, says Morse. The founder of Arab Palestine, al-Husseini, was appointed as Mufti of Jerusalem and as the head of the Arab Higher Committee by the British in the Palestine Mandate in 1921.

Before the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Morse continued, the region – named Palestine by the British – spent more than four centuries as part of the Ottoman province of Syria.

"Husseini," said Morse, "was a pan-Arabist who viewed the region first as part of Syria and later as part of the Ummah, or the Arab motherland."

During World War II, Husseini stayed in Berlin where "after meeting with Hitler, he was regarded by the Nazis as the exiled head of a future Nazi-Arab state."

Husseini, Morse says, raised "the profile of Jerusalem is a site important to Islam."

"He raised funds in Arab and Islamic countries to gold plate the Dome of the Mosque known today as the Dome of the Rock by claiming that there was a Jewish conspiracy to blow it up," Morse says.

In researching "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism," which reveals the forgotten roots of Islamic radicalism during World War II and documents how Hitler's ideology still impacts the Middle East today, Morse reached some stark conclusions about Islam's "deceptive nature and merciless intents."

Even an ardent critic of Morse's claimed "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism," was a "well-researched and, strangely enough, factually accurate though its conclusions are questionable [since in links] elements of Middle Eastern Islam with the original Nazi Party, and was able to bring the influence forward to the modern day, however questionably."

Interestingly, Morse says, the main holy sites of Islam are Mecca and Medina and the few references to Jerusalem and Israel in the Quran "actually call for the creation of a Jewish state."

Winston Churchill, says Morse, divided the British Mandate of Palestine along the Jordan River into East Palestine – or Trans-Jordan – and West Palestine or Cis-Jordan.

Trans-Jordan, Morse continues, "would be recognized by the U.N. as the Kingdom of Jordan in 1947" and was to be exclusively Arab Palestine, while Cis-Jordan, or Palestine, "would likewise be recognized as Israel by the U.N. in 1947."

From the 1948 Israel war of Independence and until the 1967 Six Day War, the region west of the Jordan River that was occupied by the Kingdom of Jordan was known as West Jordan and the Arabs living there were Jordanian citizens, said Morse.

"Ahmad Shukairi – the founder of the PLO – stated in 1969 that 'Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan,'" said Morse. "PLO member Abu Iyad recounted in his memoir 'Palestinian without a Motherland' that he and other PLO members had been advised by the North Vietnamese to develop the 'two-state' idea in 1973."

So the North Vietnamese, said Morse, actually "advised Iyad to 'stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your terror war into a struggle for human rights. Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand.'"

Soon, he said, the "Soviet-sponsored PLO continued their war against Israel both through terrorism" and through promoting the "diplomatic artifice that has become known as the 'two-state solution.'"

"But always," said Morse, "the movement for Palestinian Arab sovereignty west of the Jordan River remains nothing more than a vanguard movement seeking the eventual destruction of the State of Israel. And President Obama is simply its latest spokesperson."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Unbelievable that less than 10 years after 9/11 this Obama person was able to get elected.

Barack Hussien Obama is destined to be the latest garbage to be foisted on the dunghill of history!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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September 21, 2010

Jew Hater Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Will Never Recognize Israel as a Jewish State, Suggests Israel Call Itself the “Israeli Zionist Jewish Empire"

Jerusalem Post

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a Monday night interview with Palestinian news source Ma’an that “Israel was free to call itself the Israeli Zionist Jewish Empire.”

The PA leader made cynical remarks to Maan shortly after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called upon Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s ruling faction reiterated that it would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf rejected demands that the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state, saying it would violate international law and threaten to sabotage the peace talks.

Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state would mean that “millions of Palestinians would be expelled from their historic homes and lands – and this will never happen,” the Fatah spokesman added.

Assaf’s remarks came as PA negotiators prepared to leave for Washington to attend US sponsored direct talks with Israel.

Abbas also said that Israel's Jewishness is none of his business, but "if Israel wanted Palestinian negotiators to recognize its state, it should also recognize a Palestinian state."

Abbas added that negotiations would only continue under a settlement freeze. If the moratorium was extended for one month, he would remain in peace talks for one month, he said.

Earlier on Monday, in a conference call with US Jewish leaders sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Netanyahu demanded that Abbas recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

"Say yes, just do it," Netanyahu said


Wild Thing's comment........

The whole purpose of “Peace” with the Palestinians is to bring civilization to the lowest common denominator - that squalor which the Palestinians themselves find so appealing.

If every Jew in Israel were to move to another nation tomorrow, the only thing that would change would be the borders of the conflict. They would still attack Jews wherever they found them.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:47 AM

September 01, 2010

Jews Killed Where Obama Demanded Removal of Checkpoints

Jews killed where Obama demanded removal of checkpoints

Anti-terror barriers credited with stopping scores of attacks


August 31, 2010


Today's deadly terror attack that killed four people took place on a road where the Israeli government removed staffed anti-terror checkpoints in line with requests from the Obama administration, WND has learned.

As President Obama was preparing for a Washington summit with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Palestinian terrorists today carried out a shooting attack, killing two Jewish men and two women, one of whom was pregnant.

The attack took place in the West Bank just south of the entrance to Kiryat Arba, near the historic biblical city of Hebron.

Israeli security officials say the terrorist shooting was a coordinated ambush.

Officially, Hamas took responsibility for the terror attack, in which gunmen opened fire at point-blank range on a car carrying the four Israeli civilians.

Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas, confirmed to WND his group was behind the attack.

Abu-Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas' Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, stated today's shooting was "a link in a chain-series of attacks - some have been executed, and others will follow."

The attack took place in the same general area where a gunman opened fire on an Israeli police vehicle just outside Hebron in June. A police officer was killed and two others were wounded in that shooting attack. Israeli security officials say the shooting was a planned ambush similar to today's attack.

Both incidents took place on Route 60, a West Bank road used by Israeli and Palestinian drivers and patrolled by Israel.

In the last year, the Israeli government removed 19 staffed checkpoints in the West Bank. At least 15 of the removed barriers are in the vicinity of Hebron.

A spokeperson for the Israel Defense Forces confirmed to WND that in the last year and a half, all roadblocks have been removed from Route 60.

The checkpoints were dismantled in line with demands from the Palestinian Authority that were passed on to Israel by the Obama administration.

George Mitchell, the White House envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically requested that Israel remove roadblocks and checkpoints as a confidence-building gesture to restart talks with the PA, Israeli officials told WND.

Anti-terror roadblocks and checkpoints impede Palestinian movement, but have been credited with stopping scores of attacks.

Michael Ben-Ari, a Knesset member from Israel's National Union party, slammed the dismantlement of the checkpoints. "The writing was on the wall. Opening roadblocks encourages terror and gives a free hand to terrorists," he said.

Preliminary police reports here show the gunmen today approached the Israeli vehicle and shot the victims multiple times at point-blank range.

The Magen David Adom ambulance authority reported the victims were two men ages 25 and 40 and two women, also ages 25 and 40, one of whom was pregnant.

The victims were all residents of Beit Hagai, a Jewish community in the southern Hebron Hills.

Paramedic Guy Ronen described the shooting scene to the Jerusalem Post: "When we arrived on the scene, all four doors of the car were open and four bodies were strewn on the road. We saw that the vital organs had been struck by a very large number of bullets, and that there was no chance of saving their lives."
"It was a very difficult scene. We had learned to forget scenes like this in recent years," Ronen added.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley, meanwhile, commented on the terrorist attack, stating: "We are cognizant that there could be external events that can have an impact on the environment. We also are cognizant that there may well be actors in the region who are deliberately making these kinds of attacks in order to try to sabotage the process."

The attack occurred just before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plane landed in Washington, where the Israeli leader is set to begin direct negotiations with PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The negotiations are aimed at creating a Palestinian state.

Members of Netanyahu's entourage said the prime minister was briefed on the events and that he instructed Israel's security agencies to prepare for the possibility of further attacks aimed at disrupting the Washington summit.


Wild Thing's comment........

They killed 5 people - one of them unborn.

More blood on Obama's hands. He is getting our troops killed too.

Everything Obama touches goes down the toilet...pray for the Israeli people.

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August 21, 2010

U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

A satellite image taken last September shows construction in a mountain near Qum, Iran, and a major military base.

U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

The Obama administration, citing evidence of continued troubles inside Iran’s nuclear program, has persuaded Israel that it would take roughly a year — and perhaps longer — for Iran to complete what one senior official called a “dash” for a nuclear weapon, according to American officials.

Administration officials said they believe the assessment has dimmed the prospect that Israel would pre-emptively strike against the country’s nuclear facilities within the next year, as Israeli officials have suggested in thinly veiled threats.

For years, Israeli and American officials have debated whether Iran is on an inexorable drive toward a nuclear bomb and, if so, how long it would take to produce one. A critical question has been the time it would take Tehran to convert existing stocks of low-enriched uranium into weapons-grade material, a process commonly known as “breakout.”

Israeli intelligence officials had argued that Iran could complete such a race for the bomb in months, while American intelligence agencies have come to believe in the past year that the timeline is longer.

“We think that they have roughly a year dash time,” said Gary Samore, President Obama’s top adviser on nuclear issues, referring to how long it would take the Iranians to convert nuclear material into a working weapon. “A year is a very long period of time.”

American officials said the United States believed international inspectors would detect an Iranian move toward breakout within weeks, leaving a considerable amount of time for the United States and Israel to consider military strikes.

The American assessments are based on intelligence collected over the past year, as well as reports from international inspectors. It is unclear whether the problems that Iran has had enriching uranium are the result of poor centrifuge design, difficulty obtaining components or accelerated Western efforts to sabotage the nuclear program.

American officials said new intelligence information was being fed into a long-delayed National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program.

....continue with article HERE .........

Wild Thing's comment.......

I say BS, if I was Israel I would not believe any of this bs from Obama and his administration. If Obama is breathing he is telling a lie. Obama has liled to every American, over and over and over. So heads up Israel, be wise. I’d trust Israel’s information more than ours.

Obama is doing everything he can to help with Israel’s destruction. If the world thinks it’ll be bad if Israel hits Iran, wait until Iran gets the nuke and gives it to every middle east country. If we don’t stop this or give our blessing to Israel to stop it, there’s going to be some bad stuff going down.

I think the Mossad is more on top of goings-on in the Iranian nuclear program than the CIA or any other intelligence service. After all, it is Israel who will face extinction first from an Iranian bomb. Therefore I am also certain Bibi and Company filed this information in the circular basket immediately. Just my gut feeling about it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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August 18, 2010

"Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site": John Bolton

Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site: Bolton



Israel has "eight days" to launch a military strike against Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility and stop Tehran from acquiring a functioning atomic plant, a former US envoy to the UN has said.

Iran is to bring online its first nuclear power reactor, built with Russia's help, on August 21, when a shipment of nuclear fuel will be loaded into the plant's core.

At that point, John Bolton warned Monday, it will be too late for Israel to launch a military strike against the facility because any attack would spread radiation and affect Iranian civilians.
"Once that uranium, once those fuel rods are very close to the reactor, certainly once they're in the reactor, attacking it means a release of radiation, no question about it," Bolton told Fox Business Network.
"So if Israel is going to do anything against Bushehr it has to move in the next eight days."
Absent an Israeli strike, Bolton said, "Iran will achieve something that no other opponent of Israel, no other enemy of the United States in the Middle East really has and that is a functioning nuclear reactor."

But when asked whether he expected Israel to actually launch strikes against Iran within the next eight days, Bolton was skeptical.

"I don't think so, I'm afraid that they've lost this opportunity," he said.
The controversial former envoy to the United Nations criticized Russia's role in the development of the plant, saying "the Russians are, as they often do, playing both sides against the middle."
"The idea of being able to stick a thumb in America's eye always figures prominently in Moscow," he added.

Iran dismissed the possibilities of such an attack from its archfoes.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Tuesday that "these threats of attacks had become repetitive and lost their meaning."

"According to international law, installations which have real fuel cannot be attacked because of the humanitarian consequences," he told reporters at a news conference in Tehran.

Iranian officials say Iran has stepped up defensive measures at the Bushehr plant to protect it from any attacks.

Russia has been building the Bushehr plant since the mid-1990s but the project was marred by delays, and the issue is hugely sensitive amid Tehran's standoff with the West and Israel over its nuclear ambitions.

The UN Security Council hit Tehran with a fourth set of sanctions on June 9 over its nuclear programme, and the United States and European Union followed up with tougher punitive measures targeting Iran's banking and energy sectors.

The Bushehr project was first launched by the late shah in the 1970s using contractors from German firm Siemens. But it was shelved when he was deposed in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

It was revived after the death of revolutionary founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989, as Iran's new supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his first president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, backed the project.

In 1995, Iran won the support of Russia which agreed to finish building the plant and fuel it.


Wild Thing's comment........

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .......POOF!

Israel knows what it is doing. , prayers for Israel.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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July 08, 2010

Airline Loses Luggage of Israeli Security Detail; 4 Guns Missing


Airline Loses Luggage of Israeli Security Detail; 4 Guns Missing (Bags lost at JFK; turn up in LA)

American Airlines in New York lost luggage belonging to Israeli security officials traveling to the US for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit. When the luggage was discovered in Los Angeles 4 Glock 9 mm handguns were missing.


American Airlines workers at John F. Kennedy Airport apparently lost luggage belonging to security officials for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, officials said Tuesday.

The lost suitcase -- with weapons inside -- was eventually discovered in Los Angeles. Four Glock 9 mm handguns that were in the bag are now missing and police officials say they believe they were stolen.

The bag was supposed to have been on the flight from JFK to Washington DC where additional Israeli security officers were being assigned to help with the Israeli leader's visit with President Obama at the White House.

Port Authority police at JFK are now investigating whether the guns were stolen in New York or after the errant bag arrived in Los Angeles, a PA spokesman said.

Officials said security protocols require travelers with handguns to pack the weapons and send them via checked luggage.

One source said the bag was inspected by Transportation Security Administration screeners who put a seal over the bag at Kennedy Airport, clearing the weapons for shipment to Washington.

A spokesman for the Israeli Consulate referred all calls about the lost bag and the missing handguns to American Airlines.

"When you have a situation related to security, we allow the appropriate law enforcement agencies to handle the situation and we refrain from commenting publicly, so that we don't hamper an investigation," said Tim Wagner, a spokesman for American Airlines.

American spokesman Tim Wagner declined to comment on what he called "a potential security incident." The TSA declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation. Officials at the Israeli Embassy in Washington deferred comment to U.S. law-enforcement agencies investigating the incident and to American. A spokesman for the Port Authority police declined to comment.

Wild Thing's comment.......

First imo there is no way the Israeli security would turn over all their weapons, just my opinion. They know BiBi is in danger and are there to protect him. I'm just thinking that if the supposedly secure airport can't even assure foreign dignitaries that there security personnel can transport their weapons then we have a problem. The Israelis I've met don't tend to take foreign travel very lightly when it comes to the matter of security.

Why AA and not El Al? Very odd that Israeli security officials were on AA and not El Al – the most secure airline in the world – and Israel’s national carrier.

Why check weapons, wouldn’t you think people on security detail of an ally’s Prime Minister would get some sort of clearance to board with their weapons?

Wouldn’t one think AA, knowing they had security detail of a ally who’d checked a bag with weapons would have taken extra care of that bag?

This is really strange or careless of everyone.

Just saw this to add to the information:

Netanyahu flew on a chartered El Al plane

EXTRA security flew on AA, which is ridiculous. They should have flown El Al too.

According to Carl on Israel Matzav (

“There was a need for extra security for Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington on Tuesday. So a security detail was flown down from New York on American Airlines (it may have been American Eagle from what I know of how they work). The security detail had four Glock 9mm handguns in a suitcase that was sealed with a TSA inspection sticker. I don’t know what the sticker said, but it may have advertised that there were weapons inside. Along the way, the bag with the weapons ended up in Los Angeles, and the weapons are gone.”

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July 07, 2010

Obama Bristles at Reporter's Question on if His "Distancing from Israel" was a Mistake

Obama bristling at a reporter’s question during a joint White House appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama was asked if his policy of “distancing from Israel” and Netanyahu was “a mistake,” and contributes to others in the world feeling emboldened to bash Israel.

Obama said he rejected the “premise of the question,” and claimed there have been no “public statements” during his Presidency to support the idea that he has been “distancing from Israel.” He was clearly defensive about the issue, and did not like the question!

Wild Thing's comment........

President Thin Skin strikes again.LOL

there have been no “public statements


...claimed there have been no “public statements” during his Presidency

Hey BO - actions speak louder than words!

Check out the body language. Zero’s got his legs crossed away from Bibi with his hands covering his privates. Even the way he’s positioned in the chair has him shifted away, almost like he’s trying to turn his back on Bibi. Compare that with the open, confident way Bibi is sitting.

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June 19, 2010

More Evidence: IHH Leader Urges Men to Throw Israelis Overboard 30 May2010

New footage from the Mavi Marmara was released by the Foreign Ministry on Friday afternoon, this time showing IHH head Bülent Yildirim inciting to violence against Israeli commandos hours before the encounter that claimed the lives of nine Turkish passengers.


In this footage, taken on board the Mavi Marmari on 30May2010, IHH leader Bulent Yildirim clearly instructs his followers to throw the Israeli commandos overboard when they land on the ship. His speech was made in Turkish and repeated in Arabic by a translator.

This shows the “peaceful” flotilla crew being instructed hours before the incident to throw the Israeli soldiers “into the sea, Allah willing.”

“They are telling us: ‘We will launch a military fleet, and the soldiers will board the ship!’ If they board the ship we will throw them into the sea, Allah willing!”

Wild Thing's comment......

But of course even with so much evidence showing the truth of what happened. They will still blame Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 08:40 AM

June 15, 2010

Netanyahu Warns: Dark Days Ahead

Netanyahu warns: Dark days ahead


Prime minister says committee probing flotilla raid is Israel's best possible option as it 'strengthens our ability to fight in the international political arena', but also warns against 'surprises', even from allies.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu predicted rough waters ahead for Israel on Monday. "Be prepared for difficult days," he told a Likud faction meeting, in which he also announced the establishment of an inquiry committee to probe the IDF flotilla raid.
"Dark forces from the Middle Ages are raging against us. I have received calls from concerned officials in the Balkans and Eastern Europe who are very worried about these developments."

Earlier, at the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu told ministers to expect "surprises", even from Israel's allies. However he said the committee would work in favor of Israel, and not against it.

"This committee strengthens our ability to fight in the international political arena. If we had done nothing, I assume we would have had worse problems in the world. There is a certain price we are paying, but under the present circumstances it is our best move," he said.
"The flotilla to Gaza was not a one-time thing. We find ourselves in the midst of a difficult and continuous battle against the State of Israel. The flood of hate is being led by Israel's enemies all over the world," Netanyahu added.
"They are trying to pinch us with the metal pinchers of missiles and terror, and revoke Israel's right to defend itself as well as the rights of IDF soldiers to protect their own lives."


Iran Sending Ships to Run Israeli Blockade of Gaza

A man stands in front of an anti-U.S./Israel Banner in Iran as hundreds of protesters nearby took part in a a march against Israel and its allies in Lahore June 13, 2010.

* First ship left Iran Sunday, another leaves this week

* Iran says will continue until Gaza blockade lifted

* 100,000 Iranians volunteer to crew ships - report

Iran is sending aid ships to blockaded Gaza, state radio said on Monday -- a move likely to be considered provocative by Israel which accuses Tehran of arming the Palestinian enclave's Islamist rulers, Hamas.

One ship left port on Sunday and another will depart by Friday, loaded with food, construction material and toys, the report said. The boats would be part of international efforts to break Israel's isolation of the Gaza Strip.

"Until the end of the Gaza blockade, Iran will continue to ship aid," said an official at Iran's Society for the Defence of the Palestinian Nation.

While Israel has long suspected Iran, which rejects the Jewish state's right to exist, of supplying weapons to Hamas, Tehran says it only provides moral support to the group.

Public opinion in Muslim countries was outraged by the killings. An official of the Iranian Red Crescent Society's youth organisation said some 100,000 Iranians had volunteered as potential crew for aid ships, Iran daily reported.

A senior Iranian official said earlier Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards were ready to provide a military escort to aid ships heading to Gaza if Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei so commands.

But the Guards' deputy head, Hossein Salami, said there were no plans to do so. "Such a thing is not on our agenda," he was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency on Monday.

Any such military mobilisation would risk a major confrontation with Israel, which fears Iran's nuclear enrichment programme is aimed at developing atomic bombs.

The Jewish state regards Iran's nuclear ambitions as a mortal threat. Iran says its nuclear programme is meant solely to yield electricity or isotopes for medicine and agriculture.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Bibi’s right.... Anyone paying even remote attention to the current state of the world can see the storm clouds gathering.

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June 13, 2010

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit and Obama

This is about what Egypt Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Nile-TV in regards to Obama confirming he is a Muslim. This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show.


Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

Finally, during the week of 14-18th of January 2010, just on the eve of my winter tour to the US, Rachel picked up a Nile TV broadcast in which Egyptian Foreign Minister Abul Gheit said on the "Round Table Show" that he had had a one on one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda. He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare), that he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel.

This is according to Israel Today here. Here is the passage from the May 2010 issue of "Israel Today." It is on page 3 in an article titled "Obama, a 'Strategic Catastrophe,'" by Aviel Schneider:

The feeling among the Israeli public is that Obama is appeasing the Muslim world at the expense of Israel. “The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim,” said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV.

That could explain why Obama has instructed that the term “Islamic extremism” no longer be used in official government documents and statements. Furthermore, the US is now accusing Israel of harming American interests in the Middle East. General David Petraeus, the head of US Central Command, said Israel’s intransigence on resolving the conflict with the Palestinians is endangering US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even the US Congress considers Obama’s behavior toward Netanyahu humiliating. Three-quarters of the House of Representatives, 337 of 435 members, signed a bipartisan letter to Clinton expressing “deep concern over recent tension” between the two countries, and demanding that it be smoothed over quickly and in private.

“Obama is a real problem for Israel,” a senior official told told Yediot. “He is Israel’s biggest strategic catastrophe.” The newspaper also quoted another official who believes that for the first time Washington has switched sides. “The Obama White House is putting pressure only on Israel but does not expect anything from the Palestinians,” he said. “These American demands are unacceptable.”

Egyptian minister: Obama told me he is a Muslim

This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table shows.

This is the statement recorded:

Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.
Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.

Source: Israeli magazine, Israel today and H/T Bare Naked Islam ....Bare Naked Islam posted this story MAY 5TH. Thank you BNI.
also H/T Atlas Shrugs


There is also this video I have posted before as well as many other blogs have posted this. It goes along with what this post is about and shows just how important Islam is to Obama and how important it is to him to push it on our country. ~ Wild Thing


Wild Thing's comment........

Very scary, very concerning times we are living in.

Add in his statement.......""The Muslim Call to Prayer is one of the Prettiest Sounds on Earth" - said Barack Obama to the New York Times

Obama and his agenda, both Muslim and dictatorship with big government. Then there is also his buddy Van Jones ( and the Progressive groups) calling for “confrontational protests” against those of us who might oppose what is happening.

Anything Obama says, anything he does, anything he has done or will do is a lie. His past is a lie, his future is a lie. His soul is a lie. I absolutely believe that this man is Evil incarnate.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Rabbi Who Exposed Thomas Gets Death Threats


Rabbi David Nesenoff's interview with Helen Thomas revealed the long-time journalist's hateful views on Israeli Jews, who she said should “go back to Poland.” Now, Nesenoff has become the target of anti-Jewish hate, and has received many death threats and thousands of pieces of hate mail.

Nesenoff told the American Fox News channel that he had received emails calling for a Holocaust, and threats against his family. “We've got one specific one saying, 'We're going to kill the Jews, watch your back,'” he said.
"Thomas is just a little cherry on top of this huge, huge sundae of hate in America,” he added.

The rabbi has decided to post the hate mail online, without censoring out vulgarities or threats.

His blog

From his website I see it says he will be interviewed ........Rabbi Nesenoff will be appearing on CNN Reliable Sources on Sunday June 13 at 11 AM.

Shortly after her comments reached the mainstream media, her employer, the Hearst Corporation, announced that the 89-year-old reported would be retiring immediately.

Nesenoff Flooded With Death Threats For Helen Thomas Video

He has gotten quite a few letters of support. But he has gotten a tsunami of hate mail, littered with obscenities and spelling mistakes. His web site is now publishing the hatred that has littered his e mail. Some people tell him to “watch your back”. Others rise to the level of credible death threats. Anyone who hits “send” with Nesenoff as the intended recipient should expect him to cooperate with law enforcement if there is a death threat involved.

Some of the 25,000 hate e mails, which are printed in their uncensored entirety on Nesenoff’s web site read as follows.

Tom Shields writes under the subject line of F… you ! you are a dirty Jew. ” Hittler was right! Time for you to go back into the oven.

The comments on the Youtube videos are not much better

Lionheart1965 wrote. “Hitler should be punished for not COMPLETING his job.

At the top of Nesenoff’s page devoted to hate mail is a picture of Charles Manson with a swasticas tatooed between his eyes. Nesenoff did what any reporter would do. He went to a public event with a video camera and recorded what a public figure had to say. And it has triggered an outpouring of hatred.


Wild Thing's ciomment......

When the IDF soldiers were doing the right thing and getting attacked then fighting back. There was an outrage at the IDF and Israel by people that are anti-Semitic and also hate Israel. To show support for Israel and the IDF, I wore one of my IDF t-shirts I have when I went to the gym and then out to lunch with Nicholas. I have a bunch of them I got over the years that have various quotes on them about the IDF, the Mossad. IDF Special Forces etc.

One of the days I did this, an older couple stopped us as we were leaving the restaurant. The woman wanted to know wasn't I afraid to wear something pro Israel. I told her no, not at all that all I felt was total support for awesome warriors that are fighting the same evil our country is facing. Then she said " I am Jewish and I would be terrified to wear something like that." I told her you don't have to, those of us that support Israel will do it. Sometimes it is easier for someone to defend another then themselves. I told her I feel the same way about our own military, our troops today and our Veterans. That we must never forget their service and sacrifice and support them always.

She and her husband asked some more questions, I gave them a card for Theodore's World so they could check out my blog and I shared with them how I am surrounded by the most wonderful, dedicated patriots, Veterans and friends that are also a part of TW.

Reading this about the attacks on the Rabbi, once again we see how bold the haters are. Just my opinion but we need to be just as bold, just as outspoken and not go silent when we see either our own country being destroyed, our troops being attacked like by Code Pink etc. or our friend Israel and their IDF being lied about and slandered.

So far it has been almost all Republicans have stood front and center to defend Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:40 AM | Comments (2)

June 11, 2010

Mike Pence On Obama and Israel: "Mr. President, Whose Side Are You On?"

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, delivered the following remarks on the House floor yesterday......

Congressman Mike Pence:


“We all grieve the loss of life that occurred last week when a flotilla designed to challenge Israel's effective blockade of Gaza ended in military confrontation. But Israel has a right to defend itself.

“The history is clear in that region; Gaza is controlled by a terrorist organization known as Hamas. Hamas used Gaza as a launching pad for thousands of rockets that killed innocent civilians in Israel. Israel responded with military force and has instituted a blockade that has saved lives in Gaza and in Israel. And there's no humanitarian crisis. Ten thousand tons of food and medical supplies are transferred into Gaza every single week.

“Remarkably, yesterday the president said it was time for Israel to sharply limit its effective blockade in Gaza, saying ‘the situation in Gaza is unsustainable.’

“The truth is, Mr. President, your policy in Israel is unsustainable.

“The American people are on the side of Israel and Israel’s right to defend herself.

“Mr. President, whose side are you on?”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Pence, DeMint, Ryan, Boehner, and we do have several others have really been doing good and I am grateful. If you can let them know we are watching and see they are taking a stand. Even words of encouragement help to give them so they keep it up and don't back down.

Posted by Wild Thing at 08:47 AM

June 10, 2010

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Has Shifted American Sympathies in the Middle East

Barack Obama called the increasingly tense environment in the Mideast "unsustainable" Wednesday and said Israel needs a "better approach" in blockaded Gaza that would satisfy security and humanitarian needs.

Turning his attention to the troubled region as he welcomed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House for talks.

Obama shakes hands with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (L) at the White House in Washington, June 9, 2010. Obama hosted Abbas at the White House on Wednesday seeking to ensure that fallout from Israel’s Gaza flotilla raid does not derail fragile U.S.-led peace efforts. (REUTERS)

Obama would not allow any photos taken of him with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to the White House for a visit in March.


In response to President Obama’s photo-op and handshake with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Charles Krauthammer says, “Obama has shifted and reversed American sympathies in that region.” Krauthammer pointed out that just a few months ago Obama wouldn’t even allow a picture of himself to be taken with the Prime Minister of Israel. Krauthammer called it “an unbelievable contrast.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama bows to Abbas and Islam. No room in the Inn for Israel.

To Obama it is always Israel that needs a "better approach". Obama has made it crystal clear that he expects Israel to commit national suicide.

It is so horrible to have a president that is the enemy of our country and seeks to destroy it.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:47 AM | Comments (4)

Unlike Anti-Semite Barack Obama ~ Rep. Mike Pence Says "America Will Stand with Israel"

Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence speaking on the House Floor where he stated emphatically that “America will stand with Israel.”

Pence said he is troubled by the actions of Turkey in sending flotillas to try and run the Israeli blockade of Gaza that led to the “grievous loss of life.” But Pence said “Israel has a right to defend itself,” and emphasized that though Turkey is an ally, it must understand that America “will stand with Israel in her inviolate right to defend herself.”

Pence also said there is no “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza – as critics of Israel frequently claim. In fact, Pence said the blockade has “saved lives” by preventing weapons from being taken into Gaza to arm Hamas. Pence said Hamas used the Gaza Strip to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. He closed by saying, “Turkey must count the cost,” sending the clear signal that further aggressive behavior against Israel would have dire consequences in terms of relations with the United States.

Wild Thing's comment........

Of course, the problem is, with Obama in the White House, it is unlikely the U.S. will follow the clear statements set forth in these remarks by Pence. Pence said what the President of the United States should have said publicly last week.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:45 AM

June 07, 2010

Jew HATER Helen Thomas Gets Dropped By Agency ~ Good!

Thomas gets dropped by agency

Nine Speakers, the agency that represents Helen Thomas, has dropped her as a client. This comes in the wake of controversial remarks on the Middle East.

The notice, obtained by POLITICO:

It is with a heavy heart that Nine Speakers, Inc. announces its resignation as the agent for Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps.
Ms. Thomas has had an esteemed career as a journalist, and she has been a trailblazer for women, helping others in her profession, and beyond.
However, in light of recent events, Nine Speakers is no longer able to represent Ms. Thomas, nor can we condone her comments on the Middle East.
Nine Speakers will continue to enthusiastically represent all of our other current and future clients.


Wild Thing's comment........

Give a liberal journalist enough time, and they'll show their racist colors.

She probably helped Pharaoh write up the order decreeing the Israelites had to make their bricks with no straw.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM | Comments (5)

Ex-Spokesmen Lead Charge for White House Reporter Helen Thomas to Be Fired

Ex-Spokesmen Lead Charge for White House Reporter Helen Thomas to Be Fired

FOX news

Two former White House spokesmen say it's time for Hearst reporter Helen Thomas to be fired -- or at least have her White House press credentials revoked -- after she told a rabbi that Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine."

Ari Fleischer, President George W. Bush's press secretary, led the call in an e-mail Friday to the Huffington Post saying Thomas' comments amount to "religious cleansing."
"She should lose her job over this," Fleischer reportedly wrote. "As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling."
Lanny Davis, former special counsel to and White House spokesman for President Bill Clinton, issued a statement on Sunday saying Thomas, who he used to consider a close friend, "has showed herself to be an anti-Semitic bigot."
"Her statement that Jews in Israel should leave Israel and go back to Poland or Germany is an ancient and well-known anti-Semitic stereotype of the Alien Jew not belonging in the 'land of Israel' -- one that began 2,600 years with the first tragic and violent diaspora of the Jews at the hands of the Romans," said Davis.

Fleischer and Davis also suggested a double standard for Thomas, the 89-year-old White House Press Corps dean who has covered every president since Dwight Eisenhower.

"If she had asked all blacks to go back to Africa, what would White House Correspondents Association position be as to whether she deserved White House press room credentials -- much less a privileged honorary seat?" Davis asked, adding that those who say Thomas is protected by her right to free speech would likely be less tolerant if she were talking about other minority groups.
"She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs," Fleischer told the Huffington Post.

At a Jewish Heritage Month celebration at the White House last week Thomas, who is of Lebanese descent, said the Palestinian people "are occupied and it's their land" and that Israelis should "go home" to Poland, Germany, America "and everywhere else."

Thomas has a long history of anti-Israel rhetoric at White House press briefings. In 2006, Thomas posed a question to then-Press Secretary Tony Snow that suggested the United States supports "collective punishment for Lebanon and Palestine."

Snow responded, "Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view."

Last week at a briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that followed a flotilla raid by Israeli commandos, Thomas asked the question: "Our initial reaction to this flotilla massacre, deliberate massacre, an international crime, was pitiful. What do you mean you regret when something should be so strongly condemned? And if any other nation in the world had done it, we would have been up in arms. What is the sacrosanct, iron-clad relationship where a country that deliberately kills people and boycotts -- and we aid and abet the boycott?"

In a written statement issued Friday, Thomas apologized for the comment to Rabbi David Nessenoff, saying, she deeply regretted her comments and they "do not reflect" her "heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance."

"May that day come soon," she added.

Thomas is paying for her remarks. Her speaking agency Nine Speakers, Inc., reportedly dropped Thomas on Sunday.

Davis suggested Thomas' apology isn't up to snuff.

"Her apology was not direct and didn't address the merits of her belief in the stereotype that Jews are aliens in Israel and don't belong there. She should be at the least suspended from all privileges in the White House press room since bigots don't merit such privileges. And I believe Hearst should consider a similar suspension of her position as a nationally-syndicated columnist until she owns up to her bigotry and apologizes for it," Davis said.


Wild Thing's comment.......

By their silence...(Hearst, Obama administration, other journalists) they tacitly agree with her!
This is unconscionable!

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June 06, 2010

Hamas Supporter Obama Says Gaza Blockade Unsustainable ~ Hello Helen Thomas and Arafat Happy Now?

Obama now siding with Hamas over Israel. Despite the documented ambush on the Israeli soldiers this week by radical Islamists in the Mediterranean, the White House is pressuring Israel to end its blockade of Gaza essentially undermining Israel’s last wall of defense against the Islamic killers of Hamas.

Obama refused to side with Israel after the attack and told Prime Minister Netanyahu to go back to Israel out of concern that the Israeli Prime Minister would use the White House as his backdrop while discussing the flotilla ambush.


The White House said on Friday Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was unsustainable and urged a Gaza aid vessel sent by pro-Palestinian activists to divert to an Israeli port to reduce the risk of violence.

“We are working urgently with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and other international partners to develop new procedures for delivering more goods and assistance to Gaza,” said Mike Hammer, spokesman for the White House National Security Council.
“The current arrangements are unsustainable and must be changed. For now, we call on all parties to join us in encouraging responsible decisions by all sides to avoid any unnecessary confrontations,” Hammer said in a statement.

Israel was preparing to intercept the Irish-owned ship the Rachel Corrie, bound for Gaza with aid and activists, after its naval operation on Monday in which nine Turkish activists were killed on another ship when it was boarded by Israeli forces.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is on the side of those who hate Israel and the Jews.

Unsustainable?!? By who’s account? I think it’s working just fine thank you – and the IDF doesn’t appear to be the least bit over-extended. So what makes it unsustainable? The opinion of anti-semites the world over? Let them pound sand.

Barack Obama is is unsustainable and needs to be evicted from a power position.

Who does he think he is telling a sovereign country how to protect itself.

He isnt King of the world—————yet.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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June 05, 2010

Anti-Semite Helen Thomas: Jews Should ‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine and Go Back To Germany And Poland’

Helen Thomas: Jews Should ‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine and Go Back To Germany And Poland’

Big Journalism

by Jeff Dumetz

Helen Thomas is as fair and open minded as she is good looking. The most senior (she turns 90 this summer) of White-House correspondents has given up being a real reporter and instead spends her time spewing venom at America’s war on terror and/or anything Israel does. For example during the 2008/09 Israeli battle with Hamas in Gaza, Thomas was interviewed by NPR and compared the IDF action to Nazi Germany

I mean, you can’t remain neutral. I remember the rabbi who spoke at the Martin Luther King march on Washington. Heschel had a cameo appearance, and he said, “The greatest sin of all in the Nazi era was silence.” When you remain silent to the suffering and the incredible aggression against a people, then you are culpable.

Just two days ago Thomas berated Robert Gibbs for America’s initial reaction to the violence created by the Guerrilla Flotilla; she said Israel committed a deliberate massacre, international crime, and called Israel a terrorist state.


I used to attribute Thomas’ venom to the combination of her liberal leanings and Lebanese heritage, but the video below indicates that her intentions are more nefarious than that: Thomas is just not a big fan of the Jewish people.
My friend, Rabbi David Nessenoff, an award winning film-maker, visited the White House for the Jewish Heritage Month Ceremonies. There, he had the chance to meet Helen Thomas and asked her about Israel:

Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany ......."These people are occupied. And it's their land." Rabbi Nesenoff broke this story on Rabbi David F. Nesenoff interviewed Helen Thomas on the White House Lawn on American Jewish Heritage Celebration Day at the White House.

Go back to Germany and Poland?? Why, Ms. Thomas? You do remember the Holocaust right? Heck you’re old enough to remember the Crusades.

There are some people who believe that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. That belief is as ignorant as anti-Semitism itself. There is however, a great deal of crossover between hatred of Israel and hatred of the Jews. To find out what people really mean you need to examine the words they use.

Helen Thomas’ comparing of the IDF to Nazi Germany is nothing but an attempt to water-down the horror of the Holocaust, and to dehumanize Israel. And her advice to the Jews to get the hell out of Palestine, and go back to Poland and Germany is nothing short of anti-Semitism. If Thomas’ comments were directed toward any other group but the Jews, she would have been out of work a very long time ago. Maybe it’s time for Helen’s bosses to retire her to the The Home For Crazy Old Anti-Semites.


Helen Thomas Apologizes for Saying Jews Should 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine'

FOX news

Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas has issued an apology after saying in an interview that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine.”

Thomas, a longtime White House correspondent who now writes a column for Hearst newspapers, made the comments May 27 after a White House Jewish heritage event.

Asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff of if she had “any comments on Israel,” Thomas replied, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.”

Thomas went on to say that the Palestinian people “are occupied and it’s their land” and that Israelis should “go home” -- to Poland, Germany, America “and everywhere else.”

In a written statement issued Friday, Thomas apologized, saying, “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

She said the comments “do not reflect” her “heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.”

“May that day come soon,” she added.


Wild Thing's comment........

I say BS to her apology. She spoke right from her freaking DNA, she hates Jews and made it very clear how she feels about them.

All those that hate Jews will be coming out of the closet now. She/they are emboldened by the Israel hating Muslim loving Obama too.

Contact information to let the WH know how you feel about this FREAK terrorist lover in their WH press pool, Helen Thomas antisemite who publicly advocates the destruction of an ally ISRAEL and the Jews!!

Contact the White House (EMail)

She has no business being there, period!

White House switchboard 202-456-1414

Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121

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Israeli Navy Warned Turkish Ship; Received Anti-Semitic Responses

Here is an audio transmission released by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) that is reportedly from the day they confronted the Mavi Marmara, a Pro-Palestinian ship that attempted to run the blockade on Gaza. In the transmission, you hear the Israeli Navy warn the Mavi Marmara, and the anti-Semitic responses they received from the ship.

YNet News

The IDF released on Friday an audio reproduction of the moments before Monday’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

In it, the soldiers can be heard warning the flotilla that its vessels are nearing an area under naval blockade. They are answered by calls of “Go back to Auschwitz” and “Don’t forget 9/11 guys”.

Wild Thing's comment.......

The Israelis have Laser-guided naval shells. Pinpoint accuracy over-the-horizon with aircraft based Laser designators. If the Turks mess with the Israeli Navy, they are in for a world of hurt.

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June 04, 2010

Flotilla Choir Presents: We Con the World....A Must See Video

From Israeli author and columnist Caroline Glick

Caroline writes:

Her website

This week at Latmathe Hebrew-language media satire website I edit, we decided to do something new. We produced a clip in English. There we feature the Turkish-Hamas “love boat” captain, crew and passengers in a musical explanation of how they con the world.
We think this is an important Israeli contribution to the discussion of recent events and we hope you distribute it far and wide.
All the best, Caroline

The video includes the footage that the “Mainstream Media” and “Islamic and Arab” world wishes you NEVER had the chance to see.

We Con the World
full text:

There comes a time
When we need to make a show
For the world, the Web and CNN
There’s no people dying,
so the best that we can do
Is create the greatest bluff of all

We must go on pretending day by day
That in Gaza, there’s crisis, hunger and plague
Coz the billion bucks in aid won’t buy their basic needs
Like some cheese and missiles for the kids

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa
We are peaceful travelers
With guns and our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV

Ooooh, we’ll stab them at heart
They are soldiers, no one cares
We are small, and we took some pictures with doves
As Allah showed us, for facts there’s no demand
So we will always gain the upper hand

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa
We are peaceful travelers
we’re waving our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV

If Islam and terror brighten up your mood
But you worry that it may not look so good
Well well well well don’t you realize
You just gotta call yourself
An activist for peace and human aid

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa
We are peaceful travelers
We’re waving our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV

We con the world
We con the people
We’ll make them all believe the IDF is Jack the Ripper
We are peaceful travelers
We’re waving our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV
We con the world (Bruce: we con the world…)
We con the people (Bruce: we con the people…)
We’ll make them all believe the IDF is Jack the Ripper
We are peaceful travelers
We’re waving our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV
The truth will never find its way to your TV

Wild Thing's comment........


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June 03, 2010

Flotilla Passenger: "I Want to Be a Shahid (Martyr)"

Flotilla Passenger: "I Want to Be a Shahid (Martyr)"

In footage captured on the Gaza flotilla, a passenger describes how he has attempted in previous convoys to become a martyr and that "with god's luck" he will succeed on this flotilla. While the Gaza flotilla passengers had presented themselves as peace activists who would not act violently towards Israeli forces, this provides further evidence to the contrary.

Wild Thing's comment........

There is so much proof of what the IDF had to deal with How anyone can side with the enemy against Israel is totally unforgivable!

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From The IDF: Global Jihad links on flotilla

Photo of flotilla participants

Despite the fact that the world has now seen video after video of radical Islamists attacking Israeli soldiers with pipes, metal rods. chairs and knives as they boarded the Mavi Marmara, the Obama Admnistration refuses to support Israel. On Tuesday , Obama Administration condemned Israel and sided with the Gaza Flotilla.

Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley and the Obama White House refuse to stand with Israel.

The Arab Media reported that several of the flotilla participants were writing wills, preparing for martyrdom, and determined to reach Gaza or die. ( source )


IDF: Global Jihad links on flotilla

Fifty 'Mavi Marmara' passengers tied to global jihad network

Dozens of passengers who were aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship are suspected of having connections with global jihad-affiliated terrorist organizations, defense officials said on Tuesday, amid growing concerns that Turkish warships would accompany a future flotilla to the Gaza Strip.

According to the defense officials, the IDF has identified about 50 passengers on the ship who could have terrorist connections with global jihad-affiliated groups.

During its searches of the Mavi Marmara on Tuesday, the military also discovered a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks. On Monday morning, at least nine foreign activists were killed during the navy’s takeover of the Mavi Marmara, which was trying to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The group of over 50 passengers with possible terror connections have refused to identify themselves and were not carrying passports. Many of them were carrying envelopes packed with thousands of dollars in cash.

The military is working to identify the passengers and is looking into the possibility that some of them have been involved in terror attacks. Some of them are apparently known Islamic extremists.

“This is the group that was behind the violent lynch against the naval commandos,” a defense official said. “They came on board the ship prepared and after they had trained for the expected navy takeover.”

Late Tuesday, there were reports that Issam al-Budur, Jordan’s consul in Israel, reached an agreement with Israel according to which another group of 124 detained flotilla activists would be taken by bus to Jordan and sent from there to their home countries. The detainees are Jordanian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, Kuwaiti, Pakistani, Indonesian and Syrian.

Meanwhile Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Israel not to test Ankara’s patience.

“Turkey’s hostility is as strong as its friendship is valuable,” he said. “Israel in no way can legitimize this murder, it cannot wash its hand of this blood.”

This comment, officials said, could signify a change in Turkish military posture in the event that another flotilla is dispatched to the Gaza Strip. One official said that the chances that Turkey would send navy ships were slim – due to its membership in NATO – but that the issue was of great concern.

“This is a definite possibility that we need to prepare for,” a senior defense official said.

The flotilla that arrived late on Sunday night comprised six ships, and another two ships, including the Rachel Corrie, are expected to attempt to enter Israeli waters in the coming days.

Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza Movement, which organized the flotilla, said that two vessels, one a cargo ship and another carrying about three dozen passengers, would arrive in the region late this week or early next week.

“This initiative is not going to stop,” she said from the group’s base in Cyprus. “We think eventually Israel will get some kind of common sense. They’re going to have to stop the blockade of Gaza, and one of the ways to do this is for us to continue to send the boats.”

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen described the Rachel Corrie as Irish-owned and said it should be allowed to finish its mission, according to Reuters. The ship was carrying 15 activists, including a northern Irish Nobel Peace laureate.

“The government has formally requested the Israeli government to allow the Irish-owned ship... to be allowed to complete its journey unimpeded and discharge its humanitarian cargo in Gaza,” Cowen told members of parliament in Dublin.

Navy sources said that the ships sailing toward Gaza would be intercepted the same way the flotilla was stopped on Monday morning, although it had yet to be decided if the operation would be carried out by Shayetet 13, the navy’s commando unit.

“We are tracking the ships and are under orders to stop them,” a top navy officer said.

According to the sources, in a future operation, the navy would use more force.

“We boarded the ship [the Mavi Marmara] and were attacked as if it were a war,” one officer said. “That will mean that we will have to come prepared in the future as if it were a war.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

The worldwide bias is amazing. None of the major news outlets seems to mention that the flotilla ships were repeatedly contacted and told to head for Ashdod, where their cargo would be inspected and transported to Gaza. They don’t mention that the ships failed to respond against multiple warnings. What would they prefer Israel do sheesh!!!

Israel has nothing to lose - no matter what they do, their enemies will condemn them. They might as well protect themselves.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Prime Minister Netanyahu's Response To U.N. and Obama "We will never apologize for defending ourselves"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully defending actions taken by Israeli Defense Forces to defend themselves in the face of attacks by passengers aboard a Pro-Palestinian Ship that attempted to run Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Netanyahu said Israel “cannot permit Iran” and others to ship arms at will to Gaza. As a result, Israel will not permit ships to pass uninspected to port.

Netanyahu said Israel “time and again” offered to take any humanitarian aid on to Gaza, but the flotilla rejected the offers.
The Prime Minister said the passengers aboard the “Mavi Marmara” were not “pacifists, peace activists. These were violent supporters of terrorism.” He said Israeli forces acted to defend themselves after being attacked.
Netanyahu said the International Community has once again taken the attitude, “Israel is guilty until proven guilty.” He said it is as if the world wants to tell Israel they have the right to defend themselves, but every time they do so, they are criticized.

Netanyahu said “We will never apologize for defending ourselves. . . . Israel should not be held to a double-standard. . . . The Jewish State has a right to defend itself just like any other state.”

What a great leader Netanyahu is. How refreshing it is to hear a leader speak with force and clarity, instead of with mealy-mouthed diplomatic double-speak.

Wild Thing's comment........

If our country is going to elect someone who wasn’t a natural born citizen, why couldn’t have been this guy?

Israel regrets the loss of life, but we will never apologize for defending ourselves," Netanyahu declared.

Three Cheers for Bibi !! Obama should watch this-it’s what a leader looks like, he doesn't want to be a leader,nope, Obama wants to be a dictator.

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June 02, 2010

Anti-Semitic Obama Supports U.N. Statement that "Condemns" Acts of Israel ~ This is an OUTRAGE Obama Is Doing!!!

Robert Gibbs saying Obama and the U.S. support a U.N. statement which “condemns” acts that led to the loss of life on a Pro-Palestinian ship trying to run an Israeli blockade.

The White House is telling reporters like Jake Tapper of ABC News that the U.S. worked hard to keep the U.N. Statement from being much harsher against Israel, which is why the U.S. supported the more generic watered down statement.

Here is the text of the U.N. Security Council Statement:

The Security Council deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries resulting from the use of force during the Israeli military operation in international waters against the convoy sailing to Gaza. The Council, in this context, condemns those acts which resulted in the loss of at least ten civilians and many wounded, and expresses its condolences to their families.

The Security Council requests the immediate release of the ships as well as the civilians held by Israel. The Council urges Israel to permit full consular access, to allow the countries concerned to retrieve their deceased and wounded immediately, and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance from the convoy to its destination.
The Security Council takes note of the statement of the UN Secretary-General on the need to have a full investigation into the matter and it calls for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards.
The Security Council stresses that the situation in Gaza is not sustainable. The Council re-emphasizes the importance of the full implementation of Resolutions 1850 and 1860. In that context, it reiterates its grave concern at the humanitarian situation in Gaza and stresses the need for sustained and regular flow of goods and people to Gaza as well as unimpeded provision and distribution of humanitarian assistance throughout Gaza.
The Security Council underscores that the only viable solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an agreement negotiated between the parties and re-emphasizes that only a two-State solution, with an independent and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours, could bring peace to the region.
The Security Council expresses support for the proximity talks and voices concern that this incident took place while the proximity talks are underway and urges the parties to act with restraint, avoiding any unilateral and provocative actions, and all international partners to promote an atmosphere of cooperation between the parties and throughout the region.


Hillary Clinton Press Conference on Isreali attack


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is actively working to fulfill muslim objectives! He is the most obscene stain on this countries history.

I keep thinking my anger cannot get any stronger, then it goes to yet another level I have never experienced in my life. I have total comtempt for Obama and he feeds it daily with his actions, agenda and words.

The UN NEVER has condemned the violence the Israelis deal with on a daily basis!

The UN NEVER condemned Osama or Saddam!

We the citizens should declare the U.N. a terrorist org. and remove it from our soil. And Obama with it.

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Obama's Apology This Time PRO Terroist Supporter Turkish Prime Minister About Flotilla Raid

Obama speaks with Turkish prime minister about flotilla raid


Obama spoke by telephone Tuesday with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express condolences for the deaths and injuries from Israel's raid on a Turkish ship that was part of a flotilla hauling relief supplies to blockaded Gaza, the White House said.

"The president told Prime Minister Erdogan that the United States is working in close consultation with Israel to help achieve the release of the passengers, including those deceased and wounded, and the ships themselves," according to the White House statement. "He also affirmed the United States position in support of a credible, impartial and transparent investigation of the facts surrounding this tragedy."
A statement posted on the website of the Turkish prime minister's press office said that in the hour-long conversation, Erdogan called the Israeli attack "an unacceptable act that was illegal and against international practices."
"Israel is about to face the danger of losing its only friend in the region that made the highest contribution to peace in the region," Erdogan said in the conversation, according to the website posting. "The steps that it will take in the coming days will determine its position in the region."

The White House said Obama cited the importance of finding better ways to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza without undermining Israel's security. The president emphasized the continuing U.S. commitment to working with Israel, Turkey and others "with a stake in a more stable and secure Middle East."


Turkish FM: Flotilla affair is 'Turkey's 9/11' ( OMG this man is dangerous and insane! ~ Wild Thing)


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has called the Gaza protest flotilla affair "Turkey's 9/11", Army Radio reported Tuesday.

Davutoglu made the statement Tuesday while expressing his dissatisfaction from the US position on the issue, expecting it to take a harsher stance towards Israel and saying it is not a question of nationality, but of "Right and wrong."

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday sharply criticized Israel for the "bloody massacre" that killed nine people on a Gaza-bound aid vessel and warned Tuesday that no one should test Turkey's diplomatic patience.

Erdogan told lawmakers in the Parliament that the IDF action was an attack "on international law, the conscience of humanity and world peace."

"They have once again showed to the world that they know how good they are at killing people," Erdogan said. "Israel in no way can legitimize this murder, it cannot wash its hand of this blood."

Erdogan said Turkey would continue to support the Palestinian people.

"We will not turn our back on Palestine, Palestinians and Gaza," Erdogan said.

"No one should test Turkey's patience," he added. "Turkey's hostility is as strong as its friendship is valuable."


Wild Thing's comment.......

NOTHING positive can come from Obama take the side agaisnt Israel in any way.

These creeps should be damned glad Israel didn’t do an air strike on those bastards!

They've discarded many of the lessons learned (paid for in blood) from WWII. Feed the children of God to the angry masses is obviously the new policy.

"Obama spoke by telephone Tuesday with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express condolences for the deaths and injuries from Israel's raid on a Turkish ship that was part of a flotilla hauling relief supplies to blockaded Gaza, the White House said."

Another Obama apology! So now he adds Israel along side America that he does his muslim apology's about.

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June 01, 2010

Obama TERRORIST Pals Back Violent Gaza Flotilla

Weapons Found on the Flotilla Ship Mavi Marmara Used by Activists Against IDF Soldiers

IDF Forces Met with Pre-Planned Violence when Attempting to Board Flotilla, 31 May 2010 – The Israel Navy requested the ships to redirect toward Ashdod where they would be able to unload their aid supplies which would then be transferred over land after undergoing security inspections.
During the boarding of the ships, the demonstrators onboard attacked the IDF Naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs. Additionally one of the weapons used was grabbed from an IDF soldier. The demonstrators had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for this specific purpose.
During a search aboard the maritime vessel Mavi Marmara, IDF forces uncovered a cache of weapons including many knives, slingshots, rocks, smoke bombs, metal rods, improvised sharp metal objects, sticks and clubs, 5KG hammers, firebombs and gas masks in case IDF forces fired riot dispersal means at the activists as they violently attacked the soldiers.
These weapons were used against Israeli Navy personnel as they attempted to board the ship. 7 soldiers were injured during the incident, which included activists taking two pistols from the soldiers and firing at them.


The group behind the Gaza flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandos yesterday counts among its top supporters the friends and associates of President Barack Obama, namely the founders of the Weather Underground terrorist organization, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink.

The flotilla was organized by the Free Gaza Movement, a coalition of leftist human rights activists and pro-Palestinian groups engaged in attempts to break a blockade imposed by Israel on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Ayers, Dohrn and Evans’ Code Pink have led several recent Free Gaza Movement initiatives, including attempted marches into the Gaza Strip. Dorhn was in the Middle East just last month on behalf of the movement.
Ayers and Dohrn were close associates for years with President Obama, while Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.


All aboard! Obama pals back violent Gaza flotilla

Activists from president's circle of friends top supporters of anti-Israel protest ships

Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for World Net Daily


The group behind the Gaza flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandoes today counts among its top activists Weather Underground terrorist founders William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink.

Ayers and Dohrn were close associates for years with President Obama, while Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Earlier today, Israeli navy commandos raided the six-ship flotilla, encountering heavy resistance and live fire from the activists. Nine activists were killed and dozens of others were reportedly injured, as were several of the Israeli commandoes.

The flotilla was organized by the Free Gaza Movement, a coalition of leftist human rights activists and pro-Palestinian groups engaged in attempts to break a blockade imposed by Israel on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Ayers, Dohrn and Evans’ Code Pink have led several recent Free Gaza Movement initiatives, including attempted marches into the Gaza Strip. Dorhn was in the Middle East just last month on behalf of the movement.

In January, WND reported Ayers, Dohrn and Evans were involved in provoking chaos on the streets of Egypt in an attempt to enter Gaza with the Free Gaza Movement to join in solidarity with the territory’s population and leadership.

The three helped to stir riots after the Egyptian government refused to allow a large number of protesters to enter neighboring Gaza. Eventually, the protesters accepted an Egyptian offer of allowing about 100 marchers into Gaza. Once in the territory, those marchers were reportedly met on the Gaza side by Hamas’ former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

During the time of the January march, Sen. John Kerry wrote a letter in support of a “humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts” to Gaza.

Members of the Ayers, Dohrn and Evans group documented on their blogs how Kerry’s letter was used at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo while attempting to pressure Egypt to let their group into Gaza,

Images of the letter were posted on the Electronic Intifada website run by Ali Abunimah, who was with Evans group in Egypt. WND previously reported Obama spoke at pro-Palestinian events in the 1990s alongside Abunimah. In one such event, a 1999 fundraiser for Palestinian “refugees,” Abunimah recalls introducing Obama on stage.

Kerry’s office previously met with Code Pink members, WND has learned. Sarah Roche-Mahdi of Code Pink also is a member of the United for Peace and Justice Palestine Task Force, which met with Kerry’s staffers.

Kerry last year became the most senior U.S. politician to visit the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, although at the time he did not meet with Hamas leaders.

Dohrn later wrote on a blog that she was briefly detained at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo following the January protests there by her group.

“Bill and I went to the American Embassy at 10 a.m. and asked to see the Ambassador. We were ushered into a holding pen a block away from the embassy building where we joined 35 people already there, surrounded by Egyptian soldiers,” she wrote.

Deadly clashes

Israeli Naval Forces intercepted the flotilla today attempting to break the maritime closure of the Gaza Strip.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson told WND commandoes boarded the ships after numerous warnings from Israel requested the ships redirect toward the Israeli port of Ashdod where they would be able to unload their aid supplies, which could then be transferred to the Gaza Strip after undergoing security inspections.

During the boarding of one of the ships, the Marmara, activists onboard attacked IDF Naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs, the IDF spokesperson said.

“The demonstrators had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for this specific purpose,” said the spokesperson.

“As a result of this life-threatening and violent activity, naval forces first employed riot dispersal means, followed by live fire,” the spokesperson said.

“IDF naval personnel encountered severe violence, including use of weaponry prepared in advance in order to attack them,” said the IDF spokesperson.

The IDF released a YouTube video clearly showing activists attacking Israeli commandoes, including with live fire.

Close Obama associates

Evans formed Code Pink, a far-left activist organization, in 2002 to protest America’s war in Iraq. The group previously met with Hamas and with leaders of the Taliban. Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Abunimah traveled in some of the same political circles as Obama in the 1990s. Abunimah previously described meeting with Obama at a fundraiser at the home of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, reportedly a former PLO activist. Khalidi was also a close associate of Obama.

“[Obama] came with his wife. That’s where I had a chance to really talk to him,” Abunimah recalled. “It was an intimate setting. He convinced me he was very aware of the issues [and] critical of U.S. bias toward Israel and lack of sensitivity to Arabs. … He was very supportive of U.S. pressure on Israel.

According to quotes obtained by Gulf News, Abunimah recalled a 2004 meeting in a Chicago neighborhood while Obama was running for his Senate seat. Abunimah quoted Obama telling him “warmly” he was sorry that “I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race.”

“I’m hoping when things calm down, I can be more up front,” Abunimah reportedly quoted the senator as saying.

Abunimah said Obama urged him to “keep up the good work” at the Chicago Tribune, where Abunimah contributed guest columns that were highly critical of Israel.

Ayers, meanwhile, became a name in last year’s presidential campaign when it was disclosed the radical worked closely with Obama for years.

Ayers helped launch Obama’s political career with a fundraiser in his home. Obama served on the board of a Chicago nonprofit alongside Ayers. The terrorist later hired Obama to serve as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a job Obama later cited as experience that helped qualify him to run for public office.

While at the CAC, Obama and Ayers both granted funds to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

WND columnist Jack Cashill has produced a series of persuasive arguments that it was Ayers who ghostwrote Obama’s award-winning autobiography, “Dreams from My Father.”

Ayers and Dohrn were two of the main founders of the Weather Underground, which bombed the New York City Police headquarters in 1970, the Capitol in 1971 and the Pentagon in 1972. The group was responsible for some 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the U.S.

Characterizing the Weather Underground as “an American Red Army,” Ayers summed up the organization’s ideology: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.”

“Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon,” Ayers recalled in his 2001 memoir, “Fugitive Days.” “The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”

Ayers brandished his unrepentant radicalism for years to come, as evidenced by his now notorious 2001 interview with the New York Times, published one day after the 9/11 attacks, in which he stated, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Ayers posed for a photograph accompanying the New York Times piece that showed him stepping on an American flag. He said of the U.S.: “What a country. It makes me want to puke.”


AP doesn’t mention that the day before the raid, the “humanitarians” on the jihad flotilla were chanting: “Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!”
Thus when modern-day jihadists invoke Khaybar, they are recalling an aggressive, surprise raid by Muhammad which resulted in the final eradication of the once considerable Jewish presence in Arabia.
To the jihadists, Khaybar means the destruction of the Jews and the seizure of their property by the Muslims.


Wild Thing's comment........

Our country should have arrested and executed these traitorous wastes of skin a long time ago.

Too bad Ayers, Dohrn and Evans weren't on the ship boarded by the IDF.... It is just like them to stir the pot and put others out front to be cannon fodder for their pet causes.

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BiBi Netanyahu Speaks About The Flotilla Attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking from Canada about the Israeli raid on a Turkish ship carrying Pro-Palestinian activists and supplies for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu said Israeli forces boarded six ships to search them for weapons. On five of the ships, Netanyahu said things went smoothly. But on the sixth ship – the largest in the flotilla – a mob of people attacked the Israeli troops with clubs and knives, beating and stabbing several Israeli soldiers. The troops defended themselves, resulting in at least nine people being killed.

The ships were boarded as part of an ongoing blockade of supplies going into the Gaza Strip. Prior to imposing a blockade, pro-Palestinian groups would send rockets and other weapons into Gaza disguised as humanitarian aid.

from YNet

"The soldiers were beat up, stabbed, there were even gunshot sounds, and they were forced to defend themselves. Unfortunately, approximately 10 people were killed during the conflict," Netanyahu said. The prime minister stressed that Israel must maintain the situation which prevents explosive materials from reaching the Gaza Strip.


Turkey threatens action; Israel on alert

IBN live

As predicted Turkey has taken a turn for the worst, and is no true ally of non-Islamic countries. The relationship between Turkey and Israel has been deteriorating, with Turkey recently telling Israel they have to give up their nukes. Now we see how they will stand with their Muslim brothers, no matter what the facts are. Non-Islamic countries need to start banding together, and face the harsh reality of the impending showdown with the Islamic world. A good start would be if Sweden stopped funding Turkey to the tune of 8.5 million euros a year. Since Muslims think that Islam is so great, let them fend for themselves.

Turkey threatens action; Israel on alert

New Delhi: Turkey has threatened Israel with unprecedented action after Israeli forces attacked an aid vessel, killing 10 peace activists headed to Gaza.

Israel said 10 people died while those on the ship said at least 15 were killed.

A shocked world has responded with outrage. Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel and warned of unprecedented and incalculable reprisals.

Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences.

Israel has sounded an alert throughout the country fearing rocket attacks by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Arab League has called an urgent meeting on Tuesday to decide on a common response. Egypt is under pressure to end the blockade of Gaza while Greece has cancelled a military exercise with Isreal.

The world is waiting for the response from Washington, how will President Obama react to the provocation from America’s closest ally.


Wild Thing's comment......

BiBi is so good and he stands strong for his country.

Regarding Turkey the hell with that place. I was there once years ago, and could hardly wait to leave!!!

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May 31, 2010

Israeli Soldiers Attacked By Pro-Gaza Demonstrators With Live Fire, Knives and Clubs


Early this morning, IDF Naval Forces boarded six ships attempting to break the maritime closure of the Gaza Strip. This happened after numerous warnings from Israel and the Israeli Navy that were issued prior to the action. The Israel Navy requested the ships to redirect toward Ashdod where they would be able to unload their aid supplies which would then be transferred over land after undergoing security inspections.

During the boarding of the ships, the demonstrators onboard attacked the IDF Naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs. Additionally one of the weapons used was grabbed from an IDF soldier. The demonstrators had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for this specific purpose.

As a result of this life-threatening and violent activity, naval forces employed riot dispersal means, as well as live fire.

According to initial reports, these events resulted in the deaths of nine demonstrators and seven naval personnel were injured, some from gunfire and some from various other weapons. Two of the soldiers are moderately wounded and the remainder sustained light injuries. All of the injured, Israelis and foreigners have been evacuated by helicopter to hospitals in Israel.
Reports from IDF forces on the scene are that it seems as if part of the participants onboard the ships were planning to lynch the forces.

The interception of the flotilla followed numerous warnings given to the organizers of the flotilla before leaving their ports as well as while sailing towards the Gaza Strip. In these warnings, it was made clear to the organizers that they could dock in the Ashdod sea port and unload the equipment they are carrying in order to deliver it to the Gaza Strip in an orderly manner, following the appropriate security checks. Upon expressing their unwillingness to cooperate and arrive at the port, it was decided to board the ships and lead them to Ashdod.

IDF naval personnel encountered severe violence, including use of weaponry prepared in advance in order to attack and to harm them. The forces operated in adherence with operational commands and took all necessary actions in order to avoid violence, but to no avail.

Early this morning, IDF Naval Forces boarded six ships attempting to break the maritime closure of the Gaza Strip. This happened after numerous warnings from Israel and the Israeli Navy that were issued prior to the action. The Israel Navy requested the ships to redirect toward Ashdod where they would be able to unload their aid supplies which would then be transferred over land after undergoing security inspections.
During the boarding of the ships, the demonstrators onboard attacked the IDF Naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs. Additionally one of the weapons used was grabbed from an IDF soldier. The demonstrators had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for this specific purpose.
As a result of this life-threatening and violent activity, naval forces employed riot dispersal means, as well as live fire.
According to initial reports, these events resulted in the deaths of nine demonstrators and seven naval personnel were injured, some from gunfire and some from various other weapons. Two of the soldiers are moderately wounded and the remainder sustained light injuries. All of the injured, Israelis and foreigners have been evacuated by helicopter to hospitals in Israel.

Reports from IDF forces on the scene are that it seems as if part of the participants onboard the ships were planning to lynch the forces.

The interception of the flotilla followed numerous warnings given to the organizers of the flotilla before leaving their ports as well as while sailing towards the Gaza Strip. In these warnings, it was made clear to the organizers that they could dock in the Ashdod sea port and unload the equipment they are carrying in order to deliver it to the Gaza Strip in an orderly manner, following the appropriate security checks. Upon expressing their unwillingness to cooperate and arrive at the port, it was decided to board the ships and lead them to Ashdod.

IDF naval personnel encountered severe violence, including use of weaponry prepared in advance in order to attack and to harm them. The forces operated in adherence with operational commands and took all necessary actions in order to avoid violence, but to no avail.


Israeli PM Netanyahu Cancels White House Visit; Will Return Home


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will cancel his visit to the White House and return home tomorrow.
YNet News reported, via Free Republic:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to cut short his visit in Canada and move up his return to Israel, the Prime Minister’s Office informed Monday. This, following the violent clash during the IDF’s takeover of the Gaza aid flotilla on Sunday night.

It was further stated that Netanyahu will hold a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper which was scheduled in advance within the next hour.

Netanyahu expressed full backing of the IDF today.


Wild Thing's comment........

BiBi handles a crises the way obamination can only dream of.

Good for Bibi! and Good for the IDF! Good for the Israelis for not backing down.

AP is all over this story and only telling about half of it. Their template is that the Israelis “stormed” the lead ship and randomly opened fire.

Nevermind the fact that IDF soldiers had to be life-flighted to a hospital and specifically omited was the video they show does not show the naval officer telling the “floatilla” they were given safe passage to the open port to unload and verify their cargo.

The response from the lead ship was negative, negative, we will only go to Gaza.

Obama supports lawlessness. He is right at the head of the line. Palestinian teachers and school children were dancing in the streets, when they learned that twin towers were bombed with airplanes in New York City, and nearly 3,000 people were killed. Obama is really a low life. How could Americans be such fools??!!!!

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May 20, 2010

Obama (terrorist sympathizer) Wants to Reach Out to Hezbollah Terrorists


Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan told an audience yesterday that the Obama Adminstration wants to reach out to the “moderate” elements of the Hezbolllah terror group. Hezbollah is funded by Iran and its goal is to destroy Israel. That about tells you right there what the Obama Administration thinks of Israel.


The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up "moderate elements" within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard-liners, a top White House official said on Tuesday.

John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, met with Lebanese leaders during a recent visit.

"Hezbollah is a very interesting organization," Brennan told a Washington conference, citing its evolution from "purely a terrorist organization" to a militia to an organization that now has members within the parliament and the cabinet.
"There is certainly the elements of Hezbollah that are truly a concern to us what they're doing. And what we need to do is to find ways to diminish their influence within the organization and to try to build up the more moderate elements," Brennan said.

He did not spell out how Washington hoped to promote "moderate elements" given that the organization is branded a "foreign terrorist organization" by the United States.


Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam

“I did spend time with classmates at the American University in Cairo in the 1970’s. And, time spent with classmates from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine from around the world who taught me that whatever our differences in nationality, or race, or religion, or language, there are certain aspirations that we all share. To get an education. To provide for our family. To practice our faith freely . To live in peace and security. And in a 25 year career in government, I was privileged to serve in positions across the Middle East… In Saudi Arabia, I saw how our Saudi partners fulfilled their duty as custodians of the two holy mosques at Mecca and Medina. I marveled at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that pilgrimage. And, in all my travels the city I have come to love most is al-Quds, Jerusalem where three great faiths come together.”

John Brennan also calls Jerusalem “Al-Quds,” its Arabic name.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Barack Hussein Obama, terrorist sympathizer!!!!!

“Hezbollah Moderate”

Definition: Beheads you with an ax, not a medieval sword

Obama needs to be impeached and TRIED FOR TREASON!

......Thank you RAC for sending this to me.

RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

13th Combat Aviation Battalion - 1st Aviation Brigade - Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

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May 11, 2010

Former U.S. General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel


Please CLICK HERE to see the Video.... " Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks against Israel"

Gen. Paul Vallely speaks to PJTV exclusively and reveals how Iranian submarines are now equipping Israel's enemies with Scud missiles armed warheads filled with chemical weapons.

Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel

Potential Hezbollah offensive includes chemically armed SCUD missiles with a 450 km range, preemptive strikes on air fields, and a wave of tunnel attacks that cross from Lebanon into Israel.


May 6 ,2010


Major General Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) revealed sobering information regarding possible chemical and nuclear weapon activity by Iran and Hezbollah in an exclusive PJTV video. According to the retired Major General and sitting chairman of Save Our Democracy, Iran is planning a preemptive attack against Israel though its military proxy Hezbollah. A submarine in Beirut unloaded suspicious cargo that signaled the potential presence of chemical weapons. This news comes on the heels of Israel distributing gas masks to its 7.5 million citizens.

"Just in the last week, we have very definitive and confirmed information that Iran is planning a preemptive attack against Israel," said Major General Vallely during the PJTV interview. "The other event we just uncovered news on… is that a submarine docked in Beirut a little over a week ago… Off-loaders had gas masks on and hazmat gear, indicating, to me, that some sort of chemical weapons were being offloaded from the submarine to the control of Hezbollah…. That's why I call the summer of 2010 the tipping point for the Middle East."

PJTV has closely tracked Iran's development of nuclear weapons, critically analyzing the nation's immediate threat to the Middle East region. This new evidence and commentary illuminates the immediacy and reality of the Iranian weapons program growth. During the exclusive interview, Major General Vallely explained he believes Iran already has nuclear weapons. Now, it is simply a matter of figuring out how to load the technology onto the Shahab-3 – an Iranian-designed, medium-range ballistic missile.

The Major General also commented on long range SCUD missiles, tunnels from Lebanon into Israel, and Lebanon's possible use of child soldiers.

"The rearming of Hezbollah with thousands of SCUD missiles shows again the futility of the United Nations and the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli Resolution (1701)," noted Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media. "It's no mystery Iran wants to develop a robust nuclear and chemical weapons program. Israel again may be standing alone this summer from potential attacks by Iran's agents – but this time possible chemical attacks from SCUDS that could reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv raise the stakes to a completely new level."


Wild Thing's comment.........

General Vallely is a very credible source, he also used to be on Fox News as a military analyst. His son died in 2004, while going through Special Forces training.

This is very scary. I pray that the Israelis never face a chemical weapons attack!

If there is a chemical attack on Israel, Bibi WILL show them that he will not hesitate to hit back perhaps even twice as hard. I believe - especially if there is a biological or chemical attack on Israel - the he WILL turn at the LEAST Damascus into a sheet of glass... Perhaps Iran and Lebanon as well. Israel will be backed into a corner so to speak — especially with the pressure upon them from even their allies to disarm — and I don’t think there is anything or anyone on Earth who would be able to stop them from retaliating (nor, IMHO, should anyone try).

Many prayers for the Israelis. I can tell you one thing, the US shoots down ONE Isreali plane and it will be over for the US within hours. Even the rhetoric coming from the US government now and Obamaggedon’s behaviour and speech are poking God directly in the eye. The Bible definitely says that Damascus will be a heap of ruins, never to rise again. One must remember that Damascus is the oldest city on earth. The Isreali’s and more specifically God, are not fooling around anymore.

.....Thank you John G. for sending this to me.

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April 29, 2010

Obama Team Plotting Overthrow Of Israel's Netanyahu ~ Stay Strong BiBi

Bibi be gone: Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel's Netanyahu



The administration of President Barack Obama has launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sources in the administration and Congress asserted that the White House and State Department have sought to destabilize Netanyahu's government by forcing him to agree to an indefinite freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and most of Jerusalem as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2012. They said the campaign sought to replace Netanyahu with opposition leader and former foreign minister Tsipi Livni.

"Bibi is extremely vulnerable to pressure," a source familiar with the White House effort said. "We know this from his first term in office and believe he will collapse this time as well."

The sources said the administration's strategy aimed to de-legitimize Netanyahu in his government and right-wing constituency. They said Obama and his aides have sought to portray Netanyahu as a weak and unstable politician who will destroy relations with Washington as Israel seeks U.S. support for a military option against Iran.

"There seems to be a general belief in the circle around the president that the democratically-elected government in Israel is drunk at the wheel," Steven Rosen, a veteran pro-Israeli lobbyist now with the Middle East Forum, said. "They clearly will use pressure tactics to bring Israel around."

In April 2010, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk began a series of attacks on Netanyahu in the Israeli media. Indyk, a former assistant secretary of state under then-President Bill Clinton, has called for the toppling of Netanyahu while his right-wing partners accept a more pliant prime minister.

"Indyk was sent by Obama and encouraged by his American Jewish supporters, particularly [former Rep.] Robert Wexler, to do this," the source said.

In January 2010, Wexler resigned from Congress to become head of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation. The center was founded by Obama supporter Daniel Abraham and a delegation met Netanyahu in February.

The sources said the administration's campaign has included invitations to Defense Minister Ehud Barak to the White House, where he met with Obama on April 26. Barak has been regarded as the most pro-U.S. minister in Netanyahu's Cabinet and has been lobbying ministers to accept Obama's proposals.

"It's not going to be easy to turn this thing around," Rosen told a briefing on April 21. "Some of my friends in Jerusalem believe this crisis will go on for an extended period."

The anti-Netanyahu fervor has alarmed pro-Israeli members in Congress, particularly from the Democratic Party. Several of the Democrats have reported a sharp drop in funds by Jewish donors for congressional elections in November.

"This [campaign against Netanyahu] is counterproductive and has to stop," Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat who has threatened to issue a condemnation of the White House, said.

Some in the pro-Israeli community detect an anti-Semitic tinge to the White House campaign, despite the involvement of Jewish aides. On April 21, National Security Advisor James Jones stunned an audience at the pro-Israel Washington Institute when he told a joke of a Jewish merchant who tricked a thirsty Taliban fighter into buying a tie.

"I wish that I had not made this off the cuff joke at the top of my remarks," Jones later said. "I apologize to anyone who was offended by it. It also distracted from the larger message I carried that day: That the United States' commitment to Israel's security is sacrosanct."

Former State Department official Aaron Miller said Obama has surrounded himself with aides who blame Netanyahu for the suspension of the Arab-Israeli peace process. Miller said many of the aides had encountered Netanyahu during his first tenure as prime minister from 1996 to 1999.

"They had seen the Benjamin Netanyahu movie before and were determined not to let their chance at Middle East peace end the same way," Miller said in the magazine Foreign Policy. "Confronted with Netanyahu again, Obama and his team needed no encouragement to talk tough on the growing Israeli settlements in the West Bank, an issue that experts inside and outside government were clamoring for Obama to raise as the first step in his renewed push for peace. Fresh from his victory on health care, he's [Obama] king of the world again and in no mood to let the king of Israel frustrate his plans."


Wild Thing's comment.........

A little something about BiBi:

Netanyahu was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv to Zila and professor Benzion Netanyahu, the middle child of three children. He was initially raised and educated in Jerusalem. Between 1956 and 1958, and again in 1963-67, his family lived in the United States in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, where he attended and graduated from the Cheltenham High School and was active in a debate club.

Obama wants someone he can control - someone as leader of Israel who will stand by and do nothing as Barack Obama gives all of the promised land to the Muslims.

Bibi refuses to be a puppet- so Obama is trying to get rid of him and install someone who will not utter a peep while the Muslims steal Jewish land and drive the Jews into the sea.

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April 26, 2010

Thousands In New York Rally Protest Against Obama Threatening Existence Of Israel

Pamela Geller ( Atlas Shrugs blog ) Speaks NYC Pro-Israel rally Against Obama's Anti-Israel Policies



second source

Thousands of Jews and Israel supporters protested in the rain outside of the Israeli Consulate in New York City today against Barack Obama’s anti-Israel policies. Thousands withstood the weather for this historic gathering to shout that we will never again be silent.

Thousands of Jews gathered outside the Israeli Consulate Sunday to protest President Obama’s position towards Israel.

Organizers said the event supports “Israel’s right to build and live in its own country,” as well as its right to unite Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. They are also protesting the Obama Administrations’ alleged disregard of the democratic Jewish state.

“We are outraged that President Obama is scapegoating Israel and wants to expel Jews from their homes in Jerusalem. President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton show more anger about a Jewish family building a home in Jerusalem than Iran building a nuclear bomb,” states Beth Gilinsky of the Jewish Action Alliance. “Vast segments of the Jewish community will not tolerate the President’s continuing attacks on Israel. Grassroots Jewry will not be silent.”

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch addressed participants in a pro-Israel rally as well.

Jewish and Christian protesters will raised large signs : “Jerusalem: Israel’s United and Eternal Capital,” “Hillary Clinton: Pressure Iran, Not Israel!”, “Obama: Stand up for America, Stop Bowing to Saudi Kings!”, and “Obama: Jews Will Not Be Silent.”

The rally-goers are alarmed at how the Obama Administration has been making statements and taking measures that everyone knows give license for the Arab population within Israel and on its borders to renew intifada and rioting that will severely harm the individual Israeli, as is already being done."

"Those attending the protest believe Obama is encouraging other Western countries, as well as Arab countries, to treat Israel as a diplomatic pariah and even question Israel's legitimacy as a state itself. The Obama Administration will hear the disappointment and anger of the Jewish Community."


Wild Thing's comment........

This is great and they had an awesome turn out. Take THAT obama-islam!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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April 25, 2010

Democrat Putz Chuckie Schumer Half Way Slams Obama Policy Toward Israel; Says it "Has to Stop"~ But Obama Hates Israel!

New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer talking to a Jewish radio show - the Nachum Segal Show- where he blasted the Obama Administration's policy toward Israel as "counter-productive," and said it "had to stop."

Schumer said the "kerfuffle" during Biden's visit to Israel over Israeli construction in East Jerusalem "should never have been an issue to begin with" because it was in Israeli territory and only 5 minutes from downtown Jerusalem.

While Schumer said Israel should not have made the announcement while Biden was in Israel, he said Israel apologized for that and that should have been the end of it.

But Hillary Clinton called Netanyahu and "talked tough" to him, and then through a spokesman, they made that public. In fact, Schumer said the spokesman said the U.S.-Israeli "relationship" was dependent on how "negotiations" went. Schumer said that was "terrible," and should never have been said. The U.S.-Israeli relationship is far deeper and stronger than that. he called that statement a "dagger."

Schumer said he called Rahm Emanuel and the White House and told them that if they did not retract that statement by Hillary Clinton's spokesman, "you are going to hear me publicly blast you on this." They retracted the statement.

Schumer said that he and other Jewish members of Congress will soon meet with Obama, and they will tell him "this has to stop." They will push Obama to make it clear to the Palestinians that the U.S. is behind Israel.


Wild Thing's comment........

You bought it, you own it, Chuck, obamaislam is all yours we and Israel do not want him. If he really cares about Israel, then he should be in Obama’s face and tell the empty suit that unless his attitude towards Israel changes, he can forget counting on a Yes vote from Chuckie on his legislative packages. But that will never happen.

I guess Chuck had to take a stand....his numbers must be in the toilet. He is the same feces as the rest of the Liberal anti-Semitic hypocrites.

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April 23, 2010

Netanyahu Rejects US Freeze Demand

Netanyahu rejects US freeze demand

YNet News

Prime Minister's Office confirms Wall Street Journal report stating Netanyahu conveyed to Obama rejection of demand for construction freeze in east Jerusalem .

Israel standing its ground. US administration officials met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aides in Jerusalem, amid American pressure on Israel for gestures and concessions to enable indirect peace talks with the Palestinians.

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that Netanyahu conveyed a message to US President Barak Obama last week according to which Israel rejects the US demand for a full construction freeze in east Jerusalem. Sources from the Prime Minister's Office confirmed the report, which was based on diplomatic sources in Washington.

According to the report, American officials do not believe Netanyahu's stance is the end of negotiations. The sources said the prime minister agreed to discuss nearly a dozen other points that were raised in talks between the parties, including the release of Palestinian prisoners, a lift of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, and the removal of roadblocks in the West Bank.

Netanyahu reportedly also agreed to discuss, in detail, the issue of borders and Jerusalem's status in all direct and indirect negotiations.

On Wednesday, US National Security Council Middle East Senior Director Dan Shapiro and David Hale, a deputy of US Mideast envoy George Mitchell, met with Netanyahu's envoy on the Palestinian matter Yitzhak Molcho.

The PMO said the response conveyed to the Americans is part of a process of "ongoing dialogue aimed at promoting the peace process" and refused to comment on the content of the talks held with the Americans.

However, the sources stressed that Netanyahu's stance, as presented in an interview to ABC earlier this week, has not changed.


Wild Thing's comment........

BiBi Tell Obama to go pound sand!!!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Anti-Semitic Obama Promises Arabs No More Jewish Construction


U.S. promises Arabs no more Jewish construction

Obama administration says 'temporary' Israeli freeze will be extended


JERUSALEM – The Obama administration pledged to the Palestinian Authority it will secure an extension of a freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and a de facto freeze in eastern Jerusalem, a top PA leader told WND.

Under intense U.S. pressure, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in November announced a 10-month halt to all Jewish construction in the West Bank in an attempt to jumpstart talks aimed at creating a PA-led state. Netanyahu had publicly claimed the settlement moratorium was temporary and that new construction would resume after the freeze expires in September.

The Obama administration is also demanding a total halt to all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem as a precondition to jumpstart talks. Netanyahu has refused an official freeze, but almost no new Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem has been approved since last month.

A top PA leader told WND in a phone interview today that Obama administration officials told him they are confident Netanyahu will extend the construction freeze to the West Bank as well as the de facto freeze in eastern Jerusalem beyond the agreed-upon time limits.

Asked whether the PA received a guarantee for the continued Jewish construction freeze, the PA leader replied, "Not a guarantee, but we reached an understanding with the Americans."

The top PA leader boasted that despite Netanyahu's public refusal to freeze Jewish Jerusalem construction, there have been almost no new building projects in eastern Jerusalem for more than a month.

Indeed, Israel's Haaretz newspaper two weeks ago reported staff members of the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee have been instructed by Netanyahu's office to halt their work. The order followed a public spat with the Obama administration after housing was approved for 1,600 new homes in an already-existing Jewish community during Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel in March.

At the time, the White House slammed the construction approval as an "insult" and an impediment to peace.


Wild Thing's comment........

Jews have been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. If they want to build in their own country they can do it. How about demanding a total halt of shooting rockets into Israel and all suicide bombers.
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, always has been the capital of the Jewish kingdom.

The muslims have no claim on it. No part of it.

What should Republicans do to make clear that Obama’s foreign policy is not theirs? Introduce a resolution in the House or Senate? I HATE that Israel might think we the American people agree with this POS Muslim Obamaislam.

God, I despise this man. Please Israel, don’t let him bully you.

This man’s ego is on par with Hitler, no doubt about it.

It’s not like Obama is helping Israel in any way! Not one item has been sold since Obama became president.

Just a few weeks ago, an arrangement was made to sell some arms to Israel and Obama blocked it at the last minute.

Israel has nothing to lose at this point.

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April 21, 2010

Awesome Benjamin Netanyahu On Good Morning America

Photo has nothing to do with interview, this is just because I think he is terrific!!!! heh heh


Bibi Netanyahu sat down with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America
He talks about the concessions Israel has made vs the ones the Palestinian Authority hasn't, the need for crippling sanctions on Iran and whether Israel will go it alone.

VIDEO at at YouTube LINK

Israel Fights Back


After a year of the Obama administration failing to take effective action against Iran's nuclear program and enduring a constant barrage of criticism and political pressure from the Obama administration, the State of Israel seems to have decided to tell its side of the story to the American people and the world.

This morning, the Prime Minister sat for a wide-ranging interview on Good Morning America, yesterday Israel's Finance Minister challenged President Obama to fulfill his promise to stop Iran from going nuclear, and Minister (General) Moshe Ya'alon presented a profound defense of Israel and Zionism in a wide-ranging interview with the Jerusalem Post. (In 2006, Minister Yaalon participated in a One Jerusalem bloggers call.

Minister Ya'alon defends the Jewish State in an intelligent and convincing way. Ya'alon comments on the Palestinian related issues and relations with the United States, as he expresses the deep feeling of all Israelis that the most important issue facing Israel and world is Iran's quest for nuclear weapons.

Minister Ya'alon said, "It is clear to us that the central threat today, and the thing that needs to be the highest priority for the world, is not the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but rather the Iranian one. Even before Iran has nuclear capability, it nourishes terrorism, supports it, and pays for it. It also does this in the US' backyard, in South America. The link between Chavezism and jihadism is crawling, but has now spread to five states.

When it comes to the Iranian nuclear threat, it is clear that what is needed is steadfastness from the west. It is not Israel vs Iran, which unfortunately I see in headlines on CNN. It is America, Western civilization vs Iran.

We think the Iranian government should long ago have had to face this dilemma: the bomb or survival. That is the dilemma, and it should be created before you deploy a military option. But it has to be based on Western determination, Western unity, diplomatic isolation, economic sanctions and in the background a credible military option."

Then when asked if Obama understands the threat of Iran, Minister Ya'alon clearly stated the following, "Something has happened here that we haven't seen in the past. Previously the US led the aggressive line. Today, as I said, the president of France and Prime Minister of Britain are leading a more aggressive line than the president of the US. And then you have Germany and Italy, who join up with the American position.

I don't think there is an actor in the world who wants to see a nuclear Iran"

There are many more compelling insights by Minister Ya'alon on Iran, relations with the United States, relations with the Palestinians, etc. We urge everyone interested in helping the State of Israel to read the whole interview.

If the Obama administration feels that Netanyahu is a man standing alone in the State of Israel they are wrong. Netanyahu's policies reflect the belief and desires of the Israeli people. And Netanyahu has talented dedicated men and women like Minister Ya'alon on his side.


Wild Thing's comment........

God bless and protect BiBi.

Bibi is going around Obama and speaking directly to the American people, his message being - “I understand, and we’ll wait until this d*psh*t is out of office. And thanks for the roses.” Ronald Reagan often did the same thing. So did Lady Thatcher.

Bibi is one good lookin man and he's a wise leader too. We should be so lucky.

Obama on the other hand, doesn't hold a candle to him, not even close. It's down right infuriating and embarrassing. Obama always has that haughty look. Like he's all that and then some. 2012 can't get here fast enough for me.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 20, 2010

New York Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel

The New York Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel

Jewish World Review

By Jonathan Tobin

If there were any lingering doubts in the minds of Democrats who care about Israel that the president they helped elect has fundamentally altered American foreign policy to the Jewish state's disadvantage, they are now gone. The New York Times officially proclaimed the administration's changed attitude in a front-page story last week that ought to send chills down the spine of anyone who believed Barack Obama when he pledged in 2008 that he would be a loyal friend of Israel.

In the view of the paper's Washington correspondents, the moment that signaled what had already been apparent to anyone who was paying attention was the president's declaration at a Tuesday news conference that resolving the Middle East conflict was "a vital national security interest of the United States." Mr. Obama went on to state that the conflict is "costing us significantly in terms of blood and treasure," thus attempting to draw a link between Israel's attempts to defend itself with the safety of American troops who are fighting Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. By claiming the Arab-Israeli conflict to be a "vital national security interest" that must be resolved, the "frustrated" Obama is making it clear that he will push hard to impose a solution on the parties.

The significance of this false argument is that it not only seeks to wrongly put the onus on Israel for the lack of a peace agreement but that it also now attempts to paint any Israeli refusal to accede to Obama's demands as a betrayal in which a selfish Israel is stabbing America in the back. The response from Obama to this will be, the Times predicts, "tougher policies toward Israel," since it is, in this view, ignoring America's interests and even costing American lives.

The problem with this policy is that the basic premise behind it is false. Islamists may hate Israel, but that is not why they are fighting the United States. They are fighting America because they rightly see the West and its culture, values, and belief in democracy as antithetical to their own beliefs and a threat to its survival and growth as they seek to impose their medieval system everywhere they can. Americans are not dying because Israelis want to live in Jerusalem or even the West Bank or even because there is an Israel. If Israel were to disappear tomorrow, that catastrophe would certainly be cheered in the Arab and Islamic world, but it would not end the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, cause Iran to stop its nuclear program, or put al-Qaeda out of business. In fact, a defeat for a country allied with the United States would strengthen Iran and al-Qaeda.

But undeterred by the facts and the experience of a generation of failed peace plans that have always foundered not on Israeli intransigence but rather on the absolute refusal of any Palestinian leader to put his signature on a document that will legitimize a Jewish state within any borders, Obama is pushing ahead. In the view of unnamed administration officials who have helpfully explained Obama's policies to the Times, it is now only a matter of time before the president puts forward his own peace plan. And as the debate on health care illustrated, Obama will attempt to shove his diktat down the throats of the Israelis, whether the vast majority of Americans who support Israel like it or not.

As the Times notes, there is a great irony to Obama's blazing anger at the Israelis and the urgency with which he views the issue. It comes at a time when the overwhelming majority of Israelis have "become disillusioned with the whole idea of resolving the conflict. Mr. Netanyahu's right-wing coalition government has long been skeptical about the benefits of a peace deal with the Palestinians. But skepticism has taken root in the Israeli public as well, particularly after Israel saw little benefit from its traumatic withdrawal from Gaza in 2005." In other words, after countless concessions made to the Arabs at Oslo, and in subsequent accords and after offers from Israel of a state comprising Gaza, the West Bank, and parts of Jerusalem were refused by the Palestinians in 2000 and 2008, most Israelis have finally figured out that the other side doesn't want to end the conflict. And they are baffled as to why Obama and his advisers haven't come to the same all too obvious conclusion.

But with the Obama administration now so passionately committed to hammering Israel even as it apparently neglects to take action to stop Iran's nuclear program, the question remains what will be the response of pro-Israel Democrats. As Obama draws closer to all-out diplomatic war on Israel's government, the obligation for principled Democrats to speak up in open opposition to these policies cannot be avoided. While many Democrats have sought to confuse the issue or avoid conflict with the president, stories such as the one on the front page of the Times makes it clear that sooner or later, pro-Israel Democrats are going to have to decide whether partisan loyalties will trump their support for the Jewish state's survival.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is so sickening!

I might be wrong , but it sure seems like every democrat president has been anti-semitic. Carter sure as heck is and Bill and Hillary were known for their comments they would make to the staff etc. about Jews and Israel......each on being very anti-semitic . Obama is traitorous and despicable and the way he treat Israel is also unforgivable.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 16, 2010

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder Stands Up to Obama

In an unprecedented open letter to President Obama, Ronald Lauder, the President of the World Jewish Congress asks the President to stop his public feud with the State of Israel and start dealing with real issues like a nuclear Iran.

In a letter that will be published tomorrow in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, Mr. Lauder takes the bold step of standing up for Israel and the Jewish people. With tension growing between the Obama White House and the government of Israel, this is the first time the World Jewish Congress has publicly challenged the conduct of American foreign policy toward Israel. The concerns and questions raised in Mr. Lauder's letter represent a respectful, but very troubling, expression of anxiety about the diplomatic confrontation the Obama Administration seems set on seeking with Israel.

The World Jewish Congress' unprecedented decision to "go public" with its concerns about the Obama Administration indicates that growing friction between the Obama Administration and Israel continues to cause real anxiety in the Jewish community. This is in line with the soon to be released McLaughlin poll which shows that among Jews who originally voted for Obama only 42% would vote for him again.

Much media speculation here and in Israel has focused on how strained relations with the Obama Administration will impact politics in Israel.

Full Text of Letter from Ronald S. Lauder to Obama

15 April 2010
Dear President Obama:

I write today as a proud American and a proud Jew.

Jews around the world are concerned today. We are concerned about the
nuclear ambitions of an Iranian regime that brags about its genocidal
intentions against Israel. We are concerned that the Jewish state is being
isolated and delegitimized.

Mr. President, we are concerned about the dramatic deterioration of
diplomatic relations between the United States and Israel.

The Israeli housing bureaucracy made a poorly timed announcement and your
Administration branded it an “insult.” This diplomatic faux pas was over
the fourth stage of a seven stage planning permission process – a plan to
build homes years from now in a Jewish area of Jerusalem that under any
peace agreement would remain an integral part of Israel.

Our concern grows to alarm as we consider some disturbing questions. Why
does the thrust of this Administration’s Middle East rhetoric seem to blame
Israel for the lack of movement on peace talks? After all, it is the
Palestinians, not Israel, who refuse to negotiate.

Israel has made unprecedented concessions. It has enacted the most far
reaching West Bank settlement moratorium in Israeli history.

Israel has publicly declared support for a two-state solution. Conversely,
many Palestinians continue their refusal to even acknowledge Israel’s right
to exist.

The conflict’s root cause has always been the Palestinian refusal to accept
Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Every American President
who has tried to broker a peace agreement has collided with that Palestinian
intransigence, sooner or later. Recall President Clinton’s anguish when his
peace proposals were bluntly rejected by the Palestinians in 2000.
Settlements were not the key issue then.

They are not the key issue now.

Another important question is this: what is the Administration’s position
on Israel’s borders in any final status agreement? Ambiguity on this matter
has provoked a wave of rumors and anxiety. Can it be true that America is
no longer committed to a final status agreement that provides defensible
borders for Israel? Is a new course being charted that would leave Israel
with the indefensible borders that invited invasion prior to 1967?

There are significant moves from the Palestinian side to use those
indefensible borders as the basis for a future unilateral declaration of
independence. How would the United States respond to such a reckless course
of action?

And what are America’s strategic ambitions in the broader Middle East? The
Administration’s desire to improve relations with the Muslim world is well
known. But is friction with Israel part of this new strategy? Is it
assumed worsening relations with Israel can improve relations with Muslims?
History is clear on the matter: appeasement does not work. It can achieve
the opposite of what is intended.

And what about the most dangerous player in the region? Shouldn’t the
United States remain focused on the single biggest threat that confronts the
world today? That threat is a nuclear armed Iran. Israel is not only
America’s closest ally in the Middle East, it is the one most committed to
this Administration’s declared aim of ensuring Iran does not get nuclear

Mr. President, we embrace your sincerity in your quest to seek a lasting
peace. But we urge you to take into consideration the concerns expressed
above. Our great country and the tiny State of Israel have long shared the
core values of freedom and democracy. It is a bond much treasured by the
Jewish people. In that spirit I submit, most respectfully, that it is time
to end our public feud with Israel and to confront the real challenges that
we face together.

Yours sincerely,
Ronald S. Lauder
World Jewish Congress


Wild Thing's comment........

Good for Ronald Lauder.

Lauder has always been a lifelong Republilcan so he has to be especially ticked like all of us are about Obama and what he is donig. He is a well known politically conservative . He has an imporotant voice and Obama had better head what he is being told.

He made a bid to become the mayor of New York City in 1989, losing to Rudy Giuliani in the Republican primary. Michael Massing, writing of this nomination race, notes that politically Lauder “seemed out of step with most American Jews; … he ran to the right of Rudolph Giuliani. And, on Israeli issues, he was a vocal Likudnik, with long-standing ties to Netanyahu.

Also House minority Whip Eric Cantor organized the writing of a statement signed by a few hundred members of Congress to Obama about the disturbing turn of events in lack of support for Israel.

And Ed Koch ( sorry now he voted for Obama ) has written two major article calling pout Obama, and Schumer and Gillibrand for remaining silent. His language is strong, harsh, and to the point.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 14, 2010

Ed Koch On Obama's Attacks On Israel

Former New York City mayor blasts President Obama's treatment of Israel FoxNewsChannel — April 01, 2010

He says he believes Obama is willing to throw Israel under the bus to please the Islmaic nations.


A Dangerous Silence

By Ed Koch

I weep as I witness outrageous verbal attacks on Israel. What makes these verbal assaults and distortions all the more painful is that they are being orchestrated by President Obama.

For me, the situation today recalls what occurred when the Roman emperor Vespasian launched a military campaign against the Jewish nation and its ancient capital of Jerusalem. Ultimately, Masada, a rock plateau in the Judean desert became the last refuge of the Jewish people against the Roman onslaught. I have been to Jerusalem and Masada. From the top of Masada, you can still see the remains of the Roman fortifications and garrisons, and the stones and earth of the Roman siege ramp that was used to reach Masada. The Jews of Masada committed suicide rather than let themselves be taken captive by the Romans.

In Rome itself, I have seen the Arch of Titus with the sculpture showing enslaved Jews and the treasures of the Jewish Temple of Solomon with the Menorah, the symbol of the Jewish state, being carted away as booty during the sacking of Jerusalem.

Oh, you may say, that is a far fetched analogy. Please hear me out.

The most recent sacking of the old city of Jerusalem — its Jewish quarter — took place under the Jordanians in 1948 in the first war between the Jews and the Arabs, with at least five Muslim states — Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq — seeking to destroy the Jewish state. At that time, Jordan conquered East Jerusalem and the West Bank and expelled every Jew living in the Jewish quarter of the old city, destroying every building, including the synagogues in the old quarter and expelling from every part of Judea and Samaria every Jew living there so that for the first time in thousands of years, the old walled city of Jerusalem and the adjacent West Bank were "Judenrein" — a term used by the Nazis to indicate the forced removal or murder of all Jews.

Jews had lived for centuries in Hebron, the city where Abraham, the first Jew, pitched his tent and where he now lies buried, it is believed, in a tomb with his wife, Sarah, as well as other ancient Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs. I have visited that tomb and at the time asked an Israeli soldier guarding it — so that it was open to all pilgrims, Christians, Muslims and Jews — "where is the seventh step leading to the tomb of Abraham and Sarah," which was the furthest entry for Jews when the Muslims were the authority controlling the holy place? He replied, "When we retook and reunited the whole city of Jerusalem and conquered the West Bank in 1967, we removed the steps, so now everyone can enter," whereas when Muslims were in charge of the tomb, no Jew could enter it. And I did.

I am not a religious person. I am comfortable in a synagogue, but generally attend only twice a year, on the high holidays. When I entered the tomb of Abraham and Sarah, as I recall, I felt connected with my past and the traditions of my people. One is a Jew first by birth and then by religion. Those who leave their religion, remain Jews forever by virtue of their birth. If they don't think so, let them ask their neighbors, who will remind them. I recall the words of the columnist Robert Novak, who was for most of his life hostile to the Jewish state of Israel in an interview with a reporter stating that while he had converted to Catholicism, he was still a cultural Jew. I remain with pride a Jew both by religion and culture.

My support for the Jewish state has been long and steadfast. Never have I thought that I would leave the U.S. to go and live in Israel. My loyalty and love is first to the U.S. which has given me, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants, so much. But, I have also long been cognizant of the fact that every night when I went to sleep in peace and safety, there were Jewish communities around the world in danger. And there was one country, Israel, that would give them sanctuary and would send its soldiers to fight for them and deliver them from evil, as Israel did at Entebbe in 1976.

I weep today because my president, Barack Obama, in a few weeks has changed the relationship between the U.S. and Israel from that of closest of allies to one in which there is an absence of trust on both sides. The contrast between how the president and his administration deals with Israel and how it has decided to deal with the Karzai administration in Afghanistan is striking.

The Karzai administration, which operates a corrupt and opium-producing state, refuses to change its corrupt ways — the president's own brother is believed by many to run the drug traffic taking place in Afghanistan — and shows the utmost contempt for the U.S. is being hailed by the Obama administration as an ally and publicly treated with dignity. Karzai recently even threatened to join the Taliban if we don't stop making demands on him. Nevertheless, Karzai is receiving a gracious thank-you letter from President Obama. The New York Times of April 10th reported, "…that Mr. Obama had sent Mr. Karzai a thank-you note expressing gratitude to the Afghan leader for dinner in Kabul. 'It was a respectful letter,' General Jones said."

On the other hand, our closest ally — the one with the special relationship with the U.S., has been demeaned and slandered, held responsible by the administration for our problems in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. The plan I suspect is to so weaken the resolve of the Jewish state and its leaders that it will be much easier to impose on Israel an American plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leaving Israel's needs for security and defensible borders in the lurch.

I believe President Obama's policy is to create a whole new relationship with the Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, and Iraq as a counter to Iran — The Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Muslim world which we are now prepared to see in possession of a nuclear weapon. If throwing Israel under the bus is needed to accomplish this alliance, so be it.

I am shocked by the lack of outrage on the part of Israel's most ardent supporters. The members of AIPAC, the chief pro-Israel lobbying organization in Washington, gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a standing ovation after she had carried out the instructions of President Obama and, in a 43-minute telephone call, angrily hectored Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Members of Congress in both the House and Senate have made pitifully weak statements against Obama's mistreatment of Israel, if they made any at all. The Democratic members, in particular, are weak. They are simply afraid to criticize President Obama.

What bothers me most of all is the shameful silence and lack of action by community leaders — Jew and Christian. Where are they? If this were a civil rights matter, the Jews would be in the mall in Washington protesting with and on behalf of our fellow American citizens. I asked one prominent Jewish leader why no one is preparing a march on Washington similar to the one in 1963 at which I was present and Martin Luther King's memorable speech was given? His reply was "Fifty people might come." Remember the 1930s? Few stood up. They were silent. Remember the most insightful statement of one of our greatest teachers, Rabbi Hillel: "If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?"

We have indeed stood up for everyone else. When will we stand up for our brothers and sisters living in the Jewish state of Israel?

If Obama is seeking to build a siege ramp around Israel, the Jews of modern Israel will not commit suicide. They are willing to negotiate a settlement with the Palestinians, but they will not allow themselves to be bullied into following self-destructive policies.

To those who call me an alarmist, I reply that I'll be happy to apologize if I am proven wrong. But those who stand silently by and watch the Obama administration abandon Israel, to whom will they apologize?


Wild Thing's comment......

Shame on Koch for voting for him, but I am glad he is waking up. Good article Koch has written. Like the old saying, "Too soon old, too late smart.".

Koch went very public during the campaign to convince American Jews that Hussein was “safe” and was a “friend of Israel”.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 12, 2010

Why Netanyahu Canceled His Trip To Washington

Why Netanyahu Canceled His Trip To Washington

Israel's decision to replace Prime Minister Netanyahu as the head of the Israeli delegation to President Obama's nuclear summit in Washington came after United States National Security Adviser Jim Jones called his Israeli counterpart to tell him that the agenda had been modified to give two critics of Israel, Jordan's King and the Prime Minister of Pakistan enhanced speaking roles at the summit. This raised concern that Israel's nuclear program would become a central topic of discussion.

Confirmation that this concern was legitimate came the other night in an interview given by a State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.

When asked why the there is concentration on Iran and N Korea but not Israel which (the interviewer speculated) has nuclear weapons Crowley said:

"President Obama signed with Russia an important agreement of decreasing nuclear weapons that carry a future vision that includes removing the nuclear weapons in the world entirely including a vision of a Middle East empty of nuclear weapons. We shall continue in efforts of implementing this track. This is a matter we discussed, and continue discussing next week in the Defense Summit that will convene in Washington and we shall take further steps starting from the beginning of upcoming May in the UN. Hence we continue with our vision of stabilizing a world that rely less on nuclear weapons and other states share this with us."

Since Israel is the only Middle East nation that may have nuclear weapons, Crowley's statement could easily be interpreted as ridding Israel of nuclear weapons if it has them. Another Obama Administration source did not deny that there may be Arab states that would like to focus on Israel at this conference. He said that the President will do what he can to keep the focus of the conference on the stated agenda.

It appears clear to us if Israel's PM had attended the conference it would have been a mistake.


Israel's Prime Minister’s Office Happy To Get Roses

The Jerusalem Post

The Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday denied a report that a gift of 10,000 roses from the United States to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would be rebuffed, due to concerns that US President Barack Obama would be offended.

Last week, there were reports that Florida-based radio host and author Janet Porter was so incensed by what she thought was Obama’s inappropriate behavior toward Netanyahu during the prime minister’s visit to Washington last month, that she called upon her listeners to give Netanyahu yellow roses to symbolize friendship, with each bouquet costing a symbolic price of $19.48.

The response was overwhelming, and Porter contracted with Beit Shemesh-based florist Richard Kovler to deliver the huge amount of flowers after Pessah. But when Kovler contacted the PMO, he reported being put off by officials there.

In response to media inquiries, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a response, saying it “has not received any formal notification concerning the delivery of flowers from well-wishers for the prime minister and if such a shipment of flowers is indeed sent the PMO would be pleased to receive them, of course in accordance with required security procedures.
“In such a situation, the Prime Minister’s Office would donate the flowers to hospitals in Jerusalem.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

I am glad he is not attending. Prayers for BiBI to stay strong,he really is the man for this hour of our time.

Also I am thrilled about the roses and how many sent them.......famtastic.

This is BiBi's page at Facebook.

Benjamin Netanyahu


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Holocaust Day .....of Remembrance


Holocaust Day, a day of remembrance for six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

There are troubling parallels between the systematic vilification of Jews before the Holocaust and the current vilification of the Jewish people and Israel. Suffice it to note the annual flood of anti-Israel resolutions at the UN.

If remembering Auschwitz should teach us anything, it is that we must all support Israel and the Jewish people
against the vilification and the complicity we are witnessing, knowing where it inevitably leads.

Mark sent me this, thank you Mark.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library:

Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Ha-Shoah)

"The full name of the day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust is “Yom Hashoah Ve-Hagevurah”— literally the "Day of (remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism." It is marked on the 27th day in the month of Nisan — a week after the seventh day of Passover, and a week before Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Israel's fallen soldiers). It marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

The date was selected by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) on April 12, 1951. The full name became formal in a law that was enacted by the Knesset on August 19, 1953. Although the date was established by the Israeli government, it has become a day commemorated by Jewish communities and individuals worldwide."


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 10, 2010

Wise Netanyahu Does Not Attend U.S. Nuclear Summit

Cartoon is from Dry Bones Blog........thank you Yaakov Kirschen!!! ~ Wild Thing


Netanyahu ducks U.S. nuclear summit, fearing censure


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has withdrawn from a nuclear security summit in Washington next week, fearing Muslim delegates will demand Israel give up its assumed atomic arsenal.

Netanyahu, who plans to send a deputy and two senior advisers to the April 12-13 conference instead, canceled "after learning that some countries including Egypt and Turkey plan to say Israel must sign the NPT," an Israeli official said.

Arab diplomats countered that they suspected Netanyahu had canceled mainly to avoid further confrontation with U.S. President Barack Obama over Jewish settlements, and denied having any plans to press Israel on atomic policy.

Netanyahu's attendance at the 47-country summit would have been unprecedented. Israeli premiers long shunned such forums, hoping to dampen foreign scrutiny on their nuclear secrets.

By staying outside the 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Israel has not had to forswear nuclear arms nor admit international inspectors to its Dimona reactor, which experts believe has produced plutonium for between 80 and 200 warheads.

Aides said Netanyahu had agreed to attend the summit after being assured it would focus on efforts to secure fissile materials and shun language challenging Israel's nuclear "ambiguity" policy.

Such coordination between the allies has been clouded by rifts over stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.


But two senior Arab officials accused Netanyahu of trying to evade questions on the Palestinian issue that has lately clouded Israel's ties with its largest U.S. ally.

"We believe that Netanyahu withdrew from the summit because he did not want to face President Obama and is using Egypt and Turkey as an excuse," a senior Egyptian diplomat said.

Another senior Arab diplomat intimately involved in the negotiations said Arab states had no plan to "politicize" the venue and raise the Israeli issue there.

"We are surprised that the Israeli prime minister would use this as a pretext for not attending," the second diplomat told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

But Turkey's Foreign Ministry said Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan would demand at the summit that Israel disarm as part of a nuclear-free Middle East.

The French newspaper Le Monde quoted Erdogan as saying in Paris this week that "Israel is the principal threat to peace in the region today."

"Israel has nuclear weapons but doesn't belong to the NPT. Does that mean that those who don't sign the NPT are in a privileged position?"

The White House welcomed Netanyahu's stand-in, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor, to the summit. Meridor will be accompanied by Israeli National Security Adviser Uzi Arad and Shaul Horev, head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, aides said.

"We obviously would like to have the prime minister but the deputy prime minister will be leading the delegation and it will be a robust Israeli delegation," U.S. National Security Adviser Jim Jones told reporters.

U.S.-Israeli contacts are "ongoing and fine and continuous," he said.

Netanyahu had planned to drum up support at the summit for sanctions against its foe Iran, which the West suspects of seeking nuclear weapons despite denials from Tehran. Neither Iran nor North Korea will be attending.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Sheesh this article is SO slanted against BiBi. It is good to see just how much they write pushing Israel to cave.....know the enemy!!!!! Screw them. BiBi is absolutely right now to go, he sees what is happening and it is his choice not to attend. He loves his country more then he cares about having to kiss up to Israel hating Obama.

Stay strong BiBi. Obama is against everything America has stood for including our friendship with Israel.

God bless BiBi and Obama you can go to hell!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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April 09, 2010

Anti-Semite Obama Doing All He Can To Destory Friendship With Israel

Obama Administration Denies Visas to Israeli Nuclear Scientists......This is a declaration that Israel is an OPPONENT not an ALLY. ~ Wild Thing

translation by Roger L. Simon

For Hebrew speakers, here is original article

The Obama administration is now denying U.S. visas to Israeli scientists who work at that nation’s Dimona nuclear reactor. This startling reversal of traditional policy was reported April 7, 2010, in the Israeli website/newspaper NRG/Maariv .

This could be yet another flashpoint in the increasingly sensitive relations between the administration, the American Jewish community, and Israel. The revelation in Maariv came only a day before the arrival in New York of Tariq Ramadan — controversial grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna — whose visa was reportedly championed by Secretary of State Clinton. Yesterday as well, new rules disavowing the term “Islamic radicalism” were announced by Secretary of Defense Gates.

According to Maariv: “…. workers at the Dimona reactor who submitted VISA requests to visit the United States for ongoing university education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering — have all been rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor. This is a new policy decision of the Obama administration, since there never used to be an issue with the reactor’s workers from study in the USA, and till recently, they received VISAs and studied in the USA.”
Israeli defense officials are stating these workers have no criminal records in the U.S. or Israel and have been singled out purely because of their place of employment. Moreover, nuclear materials for the Dimona reactor apparently do not come from the U.S. Zeev Alfasi — head of nuclear engineering at Israel’s Ben Gurion University — states that “the United States doesn’t sell anything nuclear-related to the Dimona reactor, and that means absolutely nothing. Radiation detectors, for example, have to be purchased now in France because the USA refuses to sell these to Israel.”



The United States is denying summarily all visas for nuclear physicists from Israel, and blocking sales of ALL Nuclear Research hardware and equipment to the Nuclear Research Universities in Israel, including Ben-Gurion, which includes nuclear radiation detection equipment for civilian population protection.

link (in Hebrew) :

Professor Zeev Alfasi, Head of Nuclear Engineering Department at Ben - Gurion, who knows what is going on, describing the deterioration of the American attitude regarding the nuclear reactor. “Some people did not receive visas to the United States because they are employees of Nuclear Research Center,” explained Professor Alfasi, “The United States does not sell anything nuclear to the Nuclear Research Center, which includes everything. Radiation detectors, for example, the Nuclear Research Center in Dimona has buyers in France, that Americans are not knowning about for Nuclear Research Center. “


Unprecedented: U.S. bargaining on behalf of Palestinians


In an unprecedented move, the U.S. has been conducting negotiations with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, according to a senior PA negotiator and sources in the Israeli government.

The U.S. has been calling for the resumption of indirect talks, with Obama administration officials publicly proposing to serve as a go-between to facilitate dialogue between Israel and the PA. Sources in both the PA and Israeli government told WND talks are underway on a number of issues, including future borders and security controls for a Palestinian state.

A senior PA negotiator, speaking on condition of anonymity, said rather than act as an intermediary, the U.S. has been negotiating with Israel on behalf of the PA, assuming all Palestinian positions and bargaining with Israel from the Palestinian side.

The account was confirmed with sources in the Israeli government, who said such behavior by the U.S. government is unprecedented.

Yesterday, Israel's Haaretz newspaper quoted confidants to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stating the Israeli leader told them he would oppose attempts to impose a peace plan on Israel.

The comments follow a Washington Post story that Obama is weighing the possibility of submitting a new U.S. Middle East peace plan by this fall that would include talks between Israel, Jordan, the PA and Syria. The plan would reportedly link Israeli-Palestinian peace to efforts to confront Iran over its nuclear program.

The Palestinian negotiator said the PA is "pleased" with the position taken by the Obama administration on Israeli-Palestinian issues.


Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Obama's Nuclear Summit

FOX news

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his trip to Washington next week for President Obama's global nuclear summit in the wake of escalating tensions between the two nations over Israel's planned housing expansion in East Jerusalem, Fox News has confirmed.

But Netanyahu's cancellation reportedly stems from concern about other Middle Eastern countries, not the United States.

The Israeli government is concerned that some countries, particularly Egypt and Turkey, would seek to turn the summit into an anti-Israel event, one person briefed on the change in Netanyahu's plans told the Associated Press, confirming reports in Israeli media.

Instead, Netanyahu will send Dan Meridor, minister for Intelligence Affairs, as the country's representative to the summit.

Netanyahu got a chilly reception at the White House last month after Israel announced plans to build 1,600 new apartments for Jews in East Jerusalem – the section of the holy city claimed by the Palestinians.


10,000 flowers sent to Netanyahu after White House 'ambush'

'Obama needs to wake up and smell the roses; Americans stand with Israel'sending nearly 10,000 yellow roses to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a sign of friendship following what the effort's organizers are calling "the worst treatment from any president in American history."

As WND reported, following a meeting last month in which President Obama walked out on Netanyahu and the Israeli delegation, WND columnist Janet Porter of Faith2Action organized an The Israel Friendship Project to send roses to the prime minister as a show of American support.

Included in each dozen roses is a card that reads, "Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Be encouraged, Americans stand with you. God bless you."

The cards concludes with the biblical verse, "The Lord builds up Jerusalem," from Psalm 147:2.

Now, Porter is reporting, the response has been overwhelming, with nearly 10,000 flowers ready to be delivered by a Jerusalem florist.

"Americans are showing their support for Israel in a fresh, tangible way," said Porter in a statement. "When this historic delivery fills the offices of the prime minister – with friendship flowers on every desk and in every cubicle, the beautiful aroma of friendship may well spill over to the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and to the people of Israel.
"Soon the Prime Minister and all of Israel will know they are not alone: Israel has a beautiful friendship with people in the United States – who will be here long after this administration is gone," she added.


Look at this photo of Obama and BiBi and how Obama all it says about Obama. GRRRRRRRR what a POS Obama is through and through.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is taking us on the road to hell.

Obama is intentionally destroying all our alliances: Britain, Canada, Israel, Poland, etc.

Obama and his Jew Hating Administration will come to regret their madness.

The US has become an enemy state of Israel and the US government is working hard at becoming an enemy government to the American people.

Prayers going up for Israel, and Bibi.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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March 31, 2010

Lawrence Eagleburger: Obama's Playing With Fire, Playing With Dynamite & Doesn't Learn

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger told Neil Cavuto that Obama is playing with fire and playing with dynamite and doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

“I’ve never seen anyone who is as amateurish in the conduct of his foreign relations as this president… It’s dumb and it’s what he’s done time and time again. He doesn’t seem to learn…”

“Netanyahu is a tough a guy. The fact of the matter is we’re showing our amateurishness every time we do this. And, this president can’t get it through his head that his actions have consequences outside what he thinks they might be…”
“He’s playing with fire here and he’s playing with dynamite and he doesn’t understand it. And, you’d think with almost two years in office he would understand it but he doesn’t.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Thank you Mr.. Eagleburger, but Obama is not amatuerish at all he is quite competent at destroying America, and sticking it to our allies while praising our enemies is one of many tools he has chosen.

Obama is America’s enemy ALL evidence points to that.

B. HUSSEIN Obama is following the playbook perfectly.

To destroy a nation:

1. Destroy its currency
2. Destroy its economy
3. Eliminate God, morality, tradition, and national pride
4. Enrage your enemies
5. Offend and abandon your allies

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March 30, 2010

Serious Threat From The Anti-Semite Obama Against Israel ~ US 'may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem'

An Israeli soldier on leave from his unit passes anti-Barack Obama posters that went up overnight, on June 14, 2009 in Jerusalem, Israel. The posters, credited to an extremist right-wing Jewish organization, call the US President an anti-Semitic Jew-hater.

U.S. To Allow Anti-Israel Resolution at U.N. Security Council?

The United States has a hard time getting a sanctions resolution against Iran through the U.N. Security Council because Iran has two protectors (Russian and China) among the five permanent members with veto power.

Israel has only one reliable veto-wielding friend on the Security Council, the U.S.

That protection may be on the verge of going the way of the special relationship.

There is an article from the BBC.

US 'may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem'


The US is considering abstaining from a possible UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, sources suggest to the BBC.

The possibility surfaced at talks in Paris last week between a senior US official and Qatar's foreign minister.

The official said the US would "seriously consider abstaining" if the issue of Israeli settlements was put to the vote, a diplomat told the BBC.

US officials in Washington have not confirmed the report.

It is likely that the US is considering how to maintain pressure, and a UN resolution would be one way, says BBC state department correspondent Kim Ghattas.

The US usually blocks Security Council resolutions criticising Israel.

If true, this would mark a very dangerous development because U.N. resolutions, even if not containing explicit sanctions, are one of the primary tools for delegitimizing Israel. Depending upon the wording of the resolution, the damage could be severe.

This could be the change Israel's enemies were hoping for.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama the Anti-Semite!

Without a US Veto a UN resolution can/will do a lot of damage to Israel because if they don´t comply this leads to sanctions. And given Israels size and location. Sanctions will definitely harm them.

Hussein Obama is a street thug ....ordering nations around like a dictator with Hillary nodding in agreement.

Three--fourths of the House signed a letter to Secretary Clinton expressing their dismay over the tone and direction of U.S.-Israeli relations.

The US has always been pro-Israel — until Obama got elected, who is very clearly anti-Israel.

Under US law as of 1995, Jerusalem is considered the capital of Israel. There is no reason whatsoever for Israel to seek approval of the Obamanoids or the UN thugs before building houses in its own capital. As BiBi noted, "This is not a "settlement," this is our capital."

The whole deal is just more Jew-hating from Obama and the UN.

Email address of the Israeli Embassy:

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Happy Passover, and God Bless Our Friend and Ally, Israel!

A Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends here at Theodore's World blog.

"Remember this day, on which you went free from Egypt, the house of bondage, how Adonai freed you from it with a mighty hand...." -Exodus 13:3

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March 28, 2010

Lt. Peters on Obama’s Snub of Netanyahu:“It Was Shameful. We Treat Our Enemies With Greater Courtesy”

Lt. Peters on Obama’s Snub of Netanyahu: “It Was Shameful. We Treat Our Enemies With Greater Courtesy”

“It was disgraceful, it was shameful. We treat our enemies with greater courtesy … This is not a peace process, this is not diplomacy. This is something about a chip on the president’s shoulder.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Thank you Lt.Peters you are right!!! Each time I have heard Peters repsond to things he has been good.

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March 26, 2010

Muslim Obama the anti-Semite and Israel Hater Unforgivable Treatment and Demads of Netanyahu



Obama was said to have walked out of the meeting, saying to Mr Netanyahu: 'Let me know if there is anything new'

Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner'


For a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Mr Obama walked out of his meeting with Mr Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a US congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said.

“It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”, poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”.

Left to talk among themselves Mr Netanyahu and his aides retreated to the Roosevelt Room. He spent a further half-hour with Mr Obama and extended his stay for a day of emergency talks to try to restart peace negotiations. However, he left last night with no official statement from either side. He returned to Israel yesterday isolated after what Israeli media have called a White House ambush for which he is largely to blame.

Sources said that Mr Netanyahu failed to impress Mr Obama with a flow chart purporting to show that he was not responsible for the timing of announcements of new settlement projects in east Jerusalem. Mr Obama was said to be livid when such an announcement derailed the visit to Israel by Joe Biden, the Vice-President, this month and his anger towards Israel does not appear to have cooled.

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, cast doubt on minor details in Israeli accounts of the meeting but did not deny claims that it amounted to a dressing down for the Prime Minister, whose refusal to freeze settlements is seen in Washington as the main barrier to resuming peace talks.

The Likud leader has to try to square the rigorous demands of the Obama Administration with his nationalist, ultra-Orthodox coalition partners, who want him to stand up to Washington even though Israel needs US backing in confronting the threat of a nuclear Iran.

“The Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated and altogether weaker than when he came,” the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said.

In their meeting Mr Obama set out expectations that Israel was to satisfy if it wanted to end the crisis, Israeli sources said. These included an extension of the freeze on Jewish settlement growth beyond the ten-month deadline next September, an end to building projects in east Jerusalem and a withdrawal of Israeli forces to positions held before the second intifada in September 2000.

Newspaper reports recounted how Mr Netanyahu looked “excessively concerned and upset” when he pulled out a flow chart to show Mr Obama how Jerusalem planning permission worked and how he could not have known that the announcement that hundreds more homes were to be built would be made when Mr Biden arrived in Jerusalem.

Mr Obama then suggested that Mr Netanyahu and his staff stay at the White House to consider his proposals so that if he changed his mind he could inform the President right away. “I’m still around,” the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot quoted Mr Obama as saying. “Let me know if there is anything new.”

With the atmosphere so soured by the end of the evening, the Israelis decided that they could not trust the telephone line they had been lent for their consultations. Mr Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, his Defence Minister, went to the Israeli Embassy to ensure that the Americans were not listening in.

The meeting came barely a day after Mr Obama’s health reform victory. Israel had calculated that he would be too tied up with domestic issues to focus seriously on the Middle East


Obama "Demands" Netanyahu’s peace answers by Saturday

Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will convene his senior ministers on Friday to discuss the demands made by US President Barack Obama and his overall trip to Washington – a trip that, because of negative atmospherics and amid a paucity of hard information, has been widely characterized as among the most difficult in recent memory.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office continued to throw a blackout on the Netanyahu-Obama meeting, as well as give only very sketchy information about the commitments that the US is demanding of Israel as a precursor to starting the proximity talks with the Palestinians. The US, according to officials, wants these commitments by Saturday so it can take them to the Arab League meeting in Libya and receive that organization's backing for starting proximity talks.

According to a Palestinian Authority official in Ramallah, the US administration on Thursday informed the PA that the Netanyahu meetings in Washington did not produce any agreement on the issue of construction in east Jerusalem.

~snipet ~


The administration’s treatment of Netanyahu during his meeting with Obama created the impression of a deep crisis in relations. As Jackson Diehl wrote in The Washington Post, the White House’s refusal to allow non-official photographers record the Obama-Netanyahu meeting, and the fact that no statement was issued afterward, led to the impression that “Netanyahu is being treated as if he were an unsavory Third World dictator, needed for strategic reasons but conspicuously held at arms length.”

According to various Israeli sources, the Obama administration is asking for Israel to commit to some type of limitation on building in east Jerusalem; to show a willingness to deal with the so-called core issues of borders, refugee and Jerusalem already in the indirect talks; and to agree to a number of confidence building measures, including the release of hundreds of Fatah prisoners.

There were also reports, not confirmed, that the administration had asked for a commitment to extend the moratorium on housing starts in the West Bank settlements beyond the 10-months originally declared.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Don’t give in, Bibi! Bibi, your answer should be bombing Iran. Don’t cave to our pathetic limp wristed Obama.

Obama loves tyrants because HE is one himself. This is just beyond the pale, it just gets worse and worse.

Obama thinks this is going to placate the Muslims, it won’t!

Every single day, just when you think this crass, soulless man couldn’t possibly do anything more to embarrass and ruin this country, which was great before he infested the White Houset, he does something else hateful and beyond the pale.

May God be with Israel, and may they not think we all support this evil Marxist.

Hello Mossad, we don't like him.......just saying.

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The House Republican Study Committee Issues Response To Obama And His Treatment Of Our Ally Israel

The House Republican Study Committee issued the following statement yesterday, as well as the above video today in response to the snub by the White House of America’s close ally Israel.

White House Overreaction Strains U.S.-Israeli Relationship

Washington, Mar 24

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s refusal to let the press photograph or record meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during the latter’s last two official visits to the United States. This action comes on the heels of several troubling reports about the Obama Administration’s posture toward America’s number one ally in the Middle East, including Secretary of State Clinton’s recent remarks about an “Israeli occupation” in the Jewish homeland.
“President Obama’s been filmed shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and Muammar Gaddafi, yet he’s stopped giving the Prime Minister of Israel the same courtesy,” said Chairman Price. “That’s absurd. And it portends a troubling inclination by the President and his Administration to garner popularity abroad by distancing themselves from long-time allies. The White House’s overreaction to the announcement of an Israeli housing project has put needless strain on the close relationship our two countries have long enjoyed. U.S. diplomacy with Israel and in the Middle East is ill-served by coddling nations that eschew freedom and punishing nations that embrace liberty.”


Wild Thing's comment......

Good I am so glad they did this. Obama is a total disgrace to our country in every way on all levels.

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March 24, 2010

Obama An Abomination Not Allowing Photos Taken With BiBi Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exits the West Wing of the White House in Washington, DC, March 23, 2010, following a meeting with US President Barack Obama. Netanyahu met for 90 minutes with President Obama after warning US demands on freezing Jewish settlements could delay Middle East peace talks for a year.

Obama will not take any photos with him or let any press get any photos of them together. This is how he treats our ally. ~ Wild Thing

BiBi Hits The Hill


Among those Netanyahu met with this morning, Jewish members, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the House leadership, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

"The nature of what Bibi said is that it is most important that the U.S. speak with one clear voice ...when it comes to standing up for our ally, Israel," Cantor told POLITICO after he came out of the meeting with Netanyahu Tuesday.
Cantor, the only Jewish Republican member of Congress, portrayed the Hill as basically united across the aisle in leaning to Netanyahu's position on settlements over the Obama White House's one. "None of us believe we ought to go back to the '67 lines," Cantor said. "That brings into question why in the world would some construction in Jerusalem that no one thinks would be part of a Palestinian state would be an issue."

Not all Democrats seemed to think Cantor spoke for them, however.

In the meeting with Jewish members, Netanyahu complained that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is “not a partner, [he] won’t come to the table,” another Democratic Hill staffer summarized. Abbas “puts conditions on everything, he won’t come to the table, … he won’t do direct talks.”

Netanyahu has a meeting and photo op with the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) at 3:15PM. He then is due to meet with Obama tonight at the White House, no photos, no press.


"As the President meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu today, I urge the President to stop all this talk about settlements in Jerusalem and start focusing on isolating a threatening, and menacing and rising nuclear Iran"


Wild Thing's comment.......

It must be insulting to Bibi to have to give 5 minutes to this clown. One good thing, if I were Bibi, I wouldn’t want any photos eithe with this POS Obama.

Back in November Obama also refused public photo ops with Netanyahu.

Obama refuses public photo ops with Netanyahu


November 11, 2009

The White House has not released any official photos of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting this week with President Obama – just one of several signs indicating a rift between the two leaders.

Netanyahu arrived in the U.S. last weekend to address a convention of Jewish leaders. The prime minister's office had for weeks attempted to schedule a meeting with Obama, but no meeting was officially confirmed until Netanyahu was already on a plane on his way to Washington, sources in Netanyahu's office said.
The only photos available to the media so far have been pictures of Netanyahu entering and exiting the White House. Any official photos taken of Obama and Netanyahu have not been released.

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March 23, 2010

Listen Up Israel Hater Barack Obama! Real Men Like Rep. Eric Cantor Speak and Netanyahu Real Statesmen

Netanyahu Reaffirms 'Right To Build' In Jerusalem [Huge Rebuke To Obama, Clinton Threats!]

Netanyahu Reaffirms 'Right To Build' In Jerusalem

Benjamin Netanyahu "Jerusalem is not a settlement; it's our capital"

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asserted Israel's "right to build" in Jerusalem, amid a row with the US over plans for new homes in the city. "Jerusalem is not a settlement, it's our capital," the Israeli prime minister said in Washington.

But he did not mention controversial plans to build 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem in his speech. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier urged Israel to make "difficult but necessary choices" for peace. The Palestinian Authority is furious at Israel's insistence on building on occupied territory.

It sees it as a serious stumbling block to the resumption of talks, which have been stalled for more than a year. In his speech to a convention of the influential pro-Israeli group Aipac (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Mr Netanyahu said building in Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem "in no way precludes the possibility of a two-state solution". He said Israel wanted Palestinians to be "our neighbours, living freely". He also called on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to "come and negotiate peace".

Mr Netanyahu added that said while the US could help resolve the problems with the Palestinians, peace could not be imposed from the outside.


Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) addressed AIPAC today. He gave a tremendous speech in support of Israel:

“Now is not the time to be picking fights with Israel with what seems to be an attempt to curry favor with the Arab World. Now is the time that the US must stand with Israel in the global struggle against the threats posed by radical Islam… We must do all we can to ensure the survival of the State of Israel.”


Hillary lectured the pro-Israel lobby today on the Hamas terror group:

full text of her stupid speech

When a Hamas-controlled municipality glorifies violence and renames a square after a terrorist who murdered innocent Israelis, it insults the families on both sides who have lost loves ones in this conflict. And when instigators deliberately mischaracterize the rededication of a synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s old city and call upon their brethren to “defend” nearby Muslim holy sites from so-called “attacks,” it is purely and simply an act of incitement. These provocations are wrong and must be condemned for needlessly inflaming tensions and imperiling prospects for a comprehensive peace.

Krauthammer on Clinton’s Tough Iran Words: “Rarely Heard Emptier Words Issued With Such Phony Emphasis”
March 22, 2010 ( the VIDEO above)

“Those words we heard from the Secretary of State, I have rarely heard emptier words issued with such phony emphasis. I mean, ‘we have a commitment,’ ‘we will not compromise on our commitment’ – They have done nothing in a year and two months.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Gotta love Netanyahu. Now that is a statesman.

God bless . Eric Cantor and BiBi. Obama wouldn't know what it is to be a real man if his life depneded on it.

Netanyahu is absolutely right. We have no right to tell him how to run Israel. If he wants to build, let him build. Screw the so-called “Palestinians”, and SCREW Obama!

Benjamin Netanyahu "Jerusalem is not a settlement; it's our capital"

We REAL Americans are with you, Bibi.

BiBi loves freedom and he spent more of his childhood in the United States than the *sspipe who currently holds the office. Bibi for POTUS....NOW!!!!

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March 14, 2010

Hillary Clinton Rebukes Israel for Housing Announcement ~ God Bless Netanyahu He Is Right!

Clinton rebukes Israel over East Jerusalem plans, cites damage to bilateral ties

Washington Post

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rebuked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday about the state of the U.S.-Israeli relationship, demanding that Israel take immediate steps to show it is interested in renewing efforts to achieve a Middle East peace agreement.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley described the nearly 45-minute phone conversation in unusually undiplomatic terms, signaling that the close allies are facing their deepest crisis in two decades after the embarrassment suffered by Vice President Biden this week when Israel announced during his visit that it plans to build 1,600 housing units in a disputed area of Jerusalem.

Clinton called Netanyahu "to make clear the United States considered the announcement a deeply negative signal about Israel's approach to the bilateral relationship and counter to the spirit of the vice president's trip," Crowley said. Clinton, he said, emphasized that "this action had undermined trust and confidence in the peace process and in America's interests."

From the start of his tenure, President Obama identified a Middle East peace deal as critical to U.S. national security, but his efforts have been hampered by the administration's missteps and the deep mistrust between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Last fall, he softened his demand for a full freeze on settlement construction, accepting a limited 10-month moratorium that did not include the East Jerusalem area where the construction announced this week is to take place. Clinton at the time hailed the Israeli plan as "unprecedented."

Special envoy George J. Mitchell has struggled to relaunch peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Last week, he got the two sides to agree to indirect talks, with Mitchell shuttling between them, but the Israeli announcement has imperiled that development. Rising Palestinian anger led Israeli forces on Friday to seal off the West Bank and post riot squads around Jerusalem's Old City and Arab neighborhoods.

U.S. officials were especially furious about the announcement because they thought they had reached a private understanding with Netanyahu that even though East Jerusalem was not officially included in the moratorium, he would prevent any provocative actions there. Its release during Biden's trip, intended as a fence-mending mission, was seen as another slap.

"The announcement of the settlements on the very day that the vice president was there was insulting," Clinton told CNN on Friday.

Obama had approved Clinton's call, sitting down with her during their weekly meeting Thursday to determine the language she would use.

"The secretary and the president worked through together the specific points she would be making to Prime Minister Netanyahu," deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said. Biden also called Netanyahu on Friday to reinforce the message, officials said, and Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was summoned to a meeting with Deputy Secretary of State James B. Steinberg.

Some analysts applauded the administration's tough stance, saying it may jar the right-leaning Israeli government into making gestures to the Palestinians. But others said Clinton's call risked emboldening Arab and Palestinian officials to make new demands before talks start, if only so as not to seem softer than the Americans.

In her call, Clinton appeared to link U.S. military support for Israel to the construction in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians view as the site for their future capital. "The secretary said she could not understand how this happened, particularly in light of the United States' strong commitment to Israel's security," Crowley said. "She made clear that the Israeli government needed to demonstrate, not just through words but through specific actions, that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process."

U.S. officials said Clinton made specific requests of Netanyahu to get the peace process back on track and to repair the damage to the relationship. They declined to identify the steps she demanded or to spell out possible consequences. Officials noted the length of the call -- such diplomatic conversations usually last about 10 minutes -- and said Clinton did most of the talking.

"We think the burden is on the Israelis to do something that could restore confidence in the process and to restore confidence in the relationship with the United States," said a senior U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment publicly.

Clinton's blunt message to Netanyahu came three days after Biden condemned the plans while in Israel. Netanyahu has apologized for the timing of the announcement -- he said he did not know it was coming -- but has not taken steps to reverse the action. U.S. officials said they found his response inadequate, which in part prompted Clinton's call.

More of othe article HERE


Wild Thing's comment.......

BS Hillary and Obama and Biden. Unbelievable gall.

I hope that the Mossad has Obama’s real birth cerificate.

Can you imagine any country in the world telling the USA where and we can or can not build houses?

It is NO secret that this administration is pro-”Palestinian” and fervently anti-Israel.

The Israelis sure as hell know it. I bet Netanyahu let the wench (Hillary) rant and rave with his speaker phone on “mute” while he carried on his business. He couldn’t care less what this harpie has to say.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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March 10, 2010

Biden Condems Israel On HIs First Day There ~ Israel PLEASE Ignore Biden and Obama

Israel rebuffs Biden by announcing new settlement construction

Vice President Joe Biden condemned an Israeli plan to build hundreds of homes in disputed east Jerusalem on Tuesday — a disagreement that tarnished a high-profile visit that had been aimed at repairing ties with the Jewish state and kickstarting Mideast peace talks.

Hours after the arrival Tuesday of Vice President Joe Biden to help launch indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israel announced the construction of 1,600 homes in a settlement block in mostly Arab East Jerusalem, an open rebuff that led Biden to issue a sharply worded condemnation.

"I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in east Jerusalem ," Biden said in a statement issued by the White House .
"The substance and timing of the announcement, particularly with the launching of proximity talks, is precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now and runs counter to the constructive discussions that I've had here in Israel ."

The announcement by the Israeli Interior Ministry came during Biden's first day in the region, the highest profile visit by an Obama administration official. It appeared to catch the administration off guard.President Barack Obama repeatedly had demanded a halt in settlement construction in order to revive the moribund peace negotiations.


Wild Thing's comment........

Please Israel... build more, many many many more of these settlements. I applaud Israel for sticking it in the eye of the terrorist coddler...and on the DAY he sends his #1 boob Biden over to talk.

I heard this yesterday on the radio: "“The Obama Administration these days provokes little confidence in its allies, and even less fear in its adversaries.”

Obama's Whitehouse = Washington branch of Hammas

God bless BiBi!!

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:47 AM | Comments (4)

March 04, 2010

US Backs Off Speedy Iran Sanctions Promised Israel

US backs off speedy Iran sanctions promised Israel

DEBKA file

Washington eased the threat of harsh sanctions hanging over Iran's head over its nuclear program at the very moment that it was beginning to take effect and Tehran was showing signs of stress. Tuesday March 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters on her plane to Buenos Aires:

"We are moving expeditiously and thoroughly in the Security Council, I can't give you an exact date, but I would assume some time in the next several months."

This abrupt reversal of US tactics on Iran's nuclear activities took place when Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak was hardly out the door from Washington after receiving assurances from administration officials that a new round of tough sanctions would be in place by the end of March, with or without the Security Council.

Clinton herself assured a Senate panel last week that stiff sanctions would be clamped down on Iran "in the next 30 to 60 days."

Clinton and defense secretary Robert Gates, when they talked to Barak last Thursday, Feb. 25, were so sure of that timeline that they fixed a date for the defense minister to return got Washington for the second time in a month after sanctions were in place.

Iranian sources add that the Islamic Republic's leaders were also convinced last week that the US and likeminded European governments had finally made up their minds to new sanctions in the space of a month. They read the reports leaked to the US media by administration sources about plans to freeze Iran's external banking connections and cripple Revolutionary Guards businesses, and heard that the White House and a number of staunch European Union governments was ready to go ahead and sidestep the slow-moving, hamstrung Security Council.

Tehran's anxiety brought Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad running to Damascus on Feb. 25 to pull his alliance together. Brandishing his fist, he warned that Iran would not knuckle under to sanctions and the Middle East stood at the threshold of a new war.

Iran's war preparations hinged on the assignment of operational tasks to its allies and proxies, including the leaders of eleven Palestinian terrorist organizations based in Syria and Lebanon, who were summoned to Tehran Saturday, Feb. 27. They were given their instructions and treated to the most vicious anti-Israel, anti-Semitic invective from Ahmadinejad heard anywhere since World War II.

In another threat, the deputy Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Salami stressed Sunday, Feb. 28 that Iran controlled 50 percent of the world's fuel reserves and if sanctions were imposed, Europe would be very cold next winter.

The Obama administrations response to these threats has been to buckle.

Suddenly, Secretary Clinton announced sanctions would take a leisurely "several months," so easing Tehran's concerns and enabling its rulers to carry on its dash for a nuclear bomb, even after the new International Atomic Energy Agency director in Vienna Yukiya Amano noted that its peaceful nature could not be confirmed.

The American U-turn has left Israel high and dry with the Iranian nuclear threat looming ever closer.

To mark Washington's change of face, John Kerry, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee landed in Jerusalem this week, to be followed March 8 by Vice President Joe Biden. They are on hand to bulldoze the Obama administration's bid to keep Israel in what Kerry called "alignment" with Washington on the Iranian nuclear threat. They will first have to explain to prime minister Netanyahu and Barak how their previous "alignment "on speedy sanctions suddenly broke down and no effective international action is any longer in play to delay Iran's ambitions.


‘Beware Sweet-Talking Biden,' Says Caroline Glick

Barack Obama is sending Vice President Joe Biden to Israel next week because the president is afraid that the lack of trust in him by the Israeli public “will negatively influence American Jews who support Obama,” journalist and think-tank researcher Caroline Glick told Israeli National News.

Biden is preceding his junket with talks with key American Jewish leaders, and he will deliver a speech next week to Tel Aviv University students and lecturers. Glick said he and Kerry want to make sure that Israel and the United States are on the same page concerning Iran, meaning that a military attack on the Islamic Republic's nuclear sites is not on the table at this time.

Biden's positions on Iran are even more troubling. Over the past decade, since Iran's ballistic missile program and its nuclear program came into full view, Biden has distinguished himself both for his refusal to support tough U.S. diplomatic moves against Iran…. In 1998, Biden was one of only four senators to vote against the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act, a bill that punished foreign companies and other entities that sent Iran sensitive missile technology or expertise.”

The vice president also “was one of just a handful of senators who voted against a Senate resolution calling on the State Department to classify Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organization,” according to Glick.


Wild Thing's comment........

Not sure sweet talking is how I'd characterize The Biden.

Obama and Biden both are haters of Israel that's for sure.

I pray Israel and BiBi will do what they need to do and ignore Obama and band of treasonous jerks John Kerry and Biden.

....Thank you Darth for sending this to me.

U.S. Airforce
C-5 loadmaster

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February 05, 2010

John Kerry Letter Supporting Code Pink’s Hamas-Aid Gaza Freedom March

Sen. John Kerry Letter Supporting Code Pink’s Hamas-Aid Gaza Freedom March

Big Government blog

Massachusetts senior U.S. Senator John Kerry provided a letter on Senate stationery that supported constituents who participated in last December’s anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Gaza Freedom March, led by President Barack Obama ally Code Pink.

Democrat Representative Andre Carson of Indiana’s 7th District also provided a letter of support for participants in the so-called Gaza Freedom March.
Kerry is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was the Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential nominee.

In the letter, Kerry wrote that his staff met with the Massachusetts delegation before they left, and his staff would be briefed about the trip upon their return.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin used Kerry’s letter at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to pressure the Egyptian government to allow 1300 leftists passage into Gaza from Egypt. The leftists gathered in Cairo from around the world to mark the one-year anniversary of Israel’s defense against Hamas’ rocket and mortar attacks.
Images of the letters from Kerry and Carson were posted by the publisher of The Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, on his blog at
Abunimah wrote that he, Benjamin and Kit Kettridge met for over an hour with “three officials, including Gina Cabrera, head of US citizen services, and Gregory D. LoGerfo, First Secretary in the Office of Economic and Political Affairs. The third official, whose name I did not note, identified himself as a ‘regional security’ official.”
Benjamin and Kettridge also met with “the embassy’s Deputy Director Matthew Tuellar, in command while Ambassador Scobey was on leave,” according to Abunimah.

(Margaret Scobey is a career Foreign Service officer who was appointed ambassador to Egypt by President George W. Bush in 2008.)

The Christian Science Monitor mentioned Kerry’s letter in a report from Cairo, but failed to question why the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was supporting the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Gaza Freedom March.
The letter was written on letterhead from Kerry’s Boston office. The name and phone number of staffer Christopher Wyman was included as a point of contact.
Wyman did not return a message left at that number seeking comment by Big Government. The Boston office declined comment, as did Tomeika Bowden, a Kerry spokeswoman on the Foreign Relations Committee.
Rep. Carson’s press office also did not return a message from Big Government seeking comment
An article about Massachusetts residents preparing to travel to Gaza with Code Pink published by a Massachusetts paper, The Reminder, quoted Medea Benjamin saying that Hamas had given Code Pink its guarantee that the terrorist group would keep the marchers safe while they were in Gaza.

The text of Kerry’s letter is below, followed by the text of Carson’s letter.

December 23, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to express my strong support for members of the humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts that will be traveling to Israel and the Palestinian Territories from December 27th to January 15th. The humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts is sponsoring this visit and they plan to meet with non-governmental organizations, assess the health care system and observe human rights and trade union conditions among Israelis and Palestinians.

I respectfully request that every courtesy be given the members of the delegation during their visit. My staff has met with members of the group and is impressed with their ability, dedication and commitment to the peace process. We look forward to seeing them again upon their return and hearing about their visit.

For any questions or concerns please feel to contact Christopher Wyman in my Boston office at 617 565-8522

Thank you for cooperation in this very important matter.

John F. Kerry
United States Senator

December 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I write to recognize the 1100-persons delegation, including some of my constituents, traveling to Gaza on December 29- January 2 to participate in the Gaza Freedom March and meet with NGOs and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The delegation, which is traveling at the invitation of UNRWA, will cross the Egyptian borders at Rafah on December 29th. I hope the Egyptian authorities will facilitate their journey, and that Israeli authorities will respect their non-violent march on December 31.

Families in Gaza, West Bank and Israel have been deeply affected by the violence in the region. I applaud all Americans, such as this group, who are working toward peace for all.

Andre Carson
Member of the Congress

Kerry visited Gaza one year ago, just after Obama took office, but made a point of not meeting with Hamas.
Code Pink has worked as a conduit between Hamas and Obama, delivering a letter from the terrorist group to Obama last June. Jodie Evans met with Obama administration official Buffy Wicks at the White House after Code Pink brought the letter out of Gaza.
Jodie Evans, who was one of Obama’s top funders and donors in the 2007-2008 presidential campaign, gave Kerry $1000 in 2004 for his presidential run.
Code Pink claimed to have delivered tens of thousands of dollars worth of humanitarian aide to Hamas-controlled Gaza. The act was a reprise of the group’s efforts in late 2004 to deliver humanitarian aide to “the other side” in Fallujah, Iraq while U.S. Marines were fighting to clear the terrorist safe-haven of al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and other Sunni terrorists.
That effort was aided by Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Democrat Congressmen Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Henry Waxman of California.

US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding

Israel National News
Published: 01/24/10

by Shimon Cohen and Gil Ronen

( The United States Treasury has taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists, thus enabling funds from the European Union to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza.


Kerry Turns Over Hamas Letter to U.S. Consulate

There were conflicting reports over whether U.S. Sen. John Kerry accepted a letter from Hamas to President Obama while traveling in the Middle East -- but his spokesman now says he has turned over the letter after learning where it came from.

Kerry spokesman Frederick Jones said the Democratic senator was not aware that the letter was from Hamas when he accepted it from a United Nations official, and only heard media reports of its origin, which prompted him to relinquish it.

News that Kerry had given up the letter came after the Israeli embassy and a former Bush adviser on Middle East affairs said Friday that Kerry should not act as mailman for a group labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States.


Wild Thing's comment.......

John Kerry should be hung for being a traitor, he should have been hung years ago when his testimony got more of our troops killed in Vietnam too. Kerry supported the communists in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Supported communist fronts in the US. Supported the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Supported Hussein’s right to exist. And now CODE PINK.

What we didn’t know at the time 2 weeks ago, the White House removed the Hamas members from the terrorist watchlist to provide cover just for European governments to fund Hamas, it was done so American citizens and political allies inside the Obama administration could openly fund Hamas.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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January 03, 2010

Obama Could Learn A Lot From Israel Security At Airports

What Israel Can Teach Us About Security


While North America's airports groan under the weight of another sea-change in security protocols, one word keeps popping out of the mouths of experts: Israelification.

That is, how can we make our airports more like Israel's, which deal with far greater terror threats with far less inconvenience.

"It is mind boggling for us Israelis to look at what happens in North America, because we went through this 50 years ago," said Rafi Sela, the president of AR Challenges, a global transportation security consultancy. He has worked with the RCMP, the U.S. Navy Seals and airports around the world.
"Israelis, unlike Canadians and Americans, don't take s--- from anybody. When the security agency in Israel (the ISA) started to tighten security and we had to wait in line for – not for hours – but 30 or 40 minutes, all hell broke loose here. We said, `We're not going to do this. You're going to find a way that will take care of security without touching the efficiency of the airport.'"

Despite facing dozens of potential threats each day, the security set-up at Israel's largest hub, Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, has not been breached since 2002, when a passenger mistakenly carried a handgun onto a flight. How do they manage that?

The first layer of actual security that greets travellers at Ben Gurion is a roadside check. All drivers are stopped and asked two questions: How are you? Where are you coming from?

"Two benign questions. The questions aren't important. The way people act when they answer them is," Sela said.

Once you've parked your car or gotten off your bus, you pass through the second and third security perimeters.

Armed guards outside the terminal observe passengers as they move toward the doors, again looking for odd behaviour. At Ben Gurion's half-dozen entrances, another layer of security is watching. At this point, some travellers will be randomly taken aside, and their person and their luggage run through a magnometer.

"This is to see that you don't have heavy metals on you or something that looks suspicious," said Sela.

You are now in the terminal. As you approach your airline check-in desk, a trained interviewer takes your passport and ticket. They ask a series of questions: Who packed your luggage? Has it left your side?

"The whole time, they are looking into your eyes – which is very embarrassing. But this is one of the ways they figure out if you are suspicious or not. It takes 20, 25 seconds," said Sela.

Lines are staggered. People are not allowed to bunch up into inviting targets for a bomber who has gotten this far.

At the check-in desk, your luggage is scanned immediately in a purpose-built area. Sela plays devil's advocate – what if you have escaped the attention of the first four layers of security, and now try to pass a bag with a bomb in it?

"I once put this question to Jacques Duchesneau (the former head of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority): say there is a bag with Play-Doh in it and two pens stuck in the Play-Doh. That is `Bombs 101' to a screener. I asked Duchesneau, `What would you do?' And he said, `Evacuate the terminal.' And I said, `Oh. My. God.'
"Take (Toronto's) Pearson (airport). Do you know how many people are in the terminal at all times? Many thousands. Let's say I'm (doing an evacuation) without panic – which will never happen. But let's say this is the case. How long will it take? Nobody thought about it. I said, `Two days.'"

A screener at Ben Gurion has a pair of better options.

First, the screening area is surrounded by contoured, blast-proof glass that can contain the detonation of up to 100 kilos of plastic explosive. Only the few dozen people within the screening area need be removed, and only to a point a few metres away.
Second, all the screening areas contain `bomb boxes.' If a screener spots a suspect bag, he/she is trained to pick it up and place it in the box, which is blast proof. A bomb squad arrives shortly and wheels the box away for further investigation.
"This is a very small, simple example of how we can simply stop a problem that would cripple one of your airports," Sela said.

Five security layers down: you now finally arrive at the only one which Ben Gurion airport shares with Pearson – the body and hand-luggage check.

"But here it is done completely, absolutely 180 degrees differently than it is done in North America," Sela said.
"First, it's fast – there's almost no line. That's because they're not looking for liquids, they're not looking at your shoes. They're not looking for everything they look for in North America. They just look at you," said Sela. "Even today with the heightened security in North America, they will check your items to death. But they will never look at you, at how you behave. They will never look into your eyes ... and that's how you figure out the bad guys from the good guys."
The goal at Ben Gurion is to move fliers from the parking lot to the airport lounge in 25 minutes tops
And then there's intelligence. In Israel, Sela said, a coordinated intelligence gathering operation produces a constantly evolving series of threat analyses and vulnerability studies.
"There is absolutely no intelligence and threat analysis done in Canada or the United States," Sela said. "Absolutely none."

But even without the intelligence, Sela maintains, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – who allegedly tried to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day – would not have gotten past Ben Gurion's behavioural profilers.

So. Eight years after 9/11, why are we still so reactive?

Sela first blames our leaders, and then ourselves.

"You can easily do what we do. You don't have to replace anything. You have to add just a little bit – technology, training," Sela said. "But you have to completely change the way you go about doing airport security. And that is something that the bureaucrats have a problem with. They are very well enclosed in their own concept."

And rather than fear, he suggests outrage would be a far more powerful spur to provoking that change.

"Do you know why Israelis are so calm? We have brutal terror attacks on our civilians and still, life in Israel is pretty good. The reason is that people trust their defence forces, their police, their response teams and the security agencies. They know they're doing a good job. You can't say the same thing about Americans and Canadians. They don't trust anybody," Sela said. "But they say, `So far, so good.' Then if something happens, all hell breaks loose and you've spent eight hours in an airport. Which is ridiculous. Not justifiable."


Wild Thing's comment.........

I realize the amount of air travel in Israel and that in the United States differs. But this article is good as well as the video above. I'm sure that the Israeli's could be consulted as to how to expand and use their security operations to our much busier airports. When the choices are blown-up airplanes with lots of dead people or safety, the answer should be...we will do whatever it takes. But even so we are too PC-ified to take the Israeli approach to airport security.

I think one point that could be taken out of this is that the Israelis TRUST their government to protect them. This simple point is paradoxical to the American experience. It is paradoxical in that we distrust the government to protect us yet that is one of the Federal government’s purposes according to the Constitution.

If airport screening was handled by a competent government with the security of the people being its sole concern and sans unions of any type, I believe America would again be one of the safest places in the world. Sadly, we can’t even stop the flood of immigrants over our southern borders, further jeopardizing our safety.

Israelis feel that they have a stake in this, whereas TSA view it as a job. Of course, the average Israeli
working security is in a different league than the average TSA screener. You can’t train for passion, you can only
screen applicants for it.

And sadly, I don’t see any willingness by our Muslim president to be “schooled” by the Israelis on anything.

Our country looks for weapons, Israel looks for terrorists.

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December 27, 2009

Obama's Jew Hating Anti-semitic Czar Hannah Rosenthal Targets Israel

Anti-Semitism czar's first target is Israel

Obama envoy hails group accused of working against Jewish state


By Aaron Klein


In her first major interview since becoming President Obama's newly appointed anti-Semitism czar last month, Hannah Rosenthal yesterday blasted the Israeli government for its criticism of a lobby group accused of anti-Israel activity.

Rosenthal characterized as "most unfortunate" a decision by Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the United States, to not attend the annual dinner in September of J Street, a lobby group that is mostly led by left-leaning Israelis and that receives funds from Arab and Muslim Americans.

In an interview yesterday from Jerusalem with Israel's Haaretz newspaper, Rosenthal said Oren "would have learned a lot" if he had participated in J Street's conference.

Rosenthal was in Israel as the Obama administration's envoy to the Foreign Ministry's Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism.

"I came away realizing what a generational divide there is and I don't know how it is in Israel. Young people want to be part of the discussion, they feel they have fresh ideas and they feel that we have to end the stalemate," she said, speaking of the J Street dinner.
Rosenthal stated it was important that new and different voices need be heard regarding Israel in the American Jewish community.
"It is not 1939," she said. "We have the state of Israel. We have laws in countries that are holding people accountable."
Regarding a recent U.N. report accusing Israel of war crimes during the Jewish state's defensive war in Gaza last year, Rosenthal told Haaretz, "it is not anti-Semitic to look at a certain policy of Israel and say – I disagree with it. Half of the population in Israel isn't anti-Semitic by not agreeing with policies."

That U.N. report has been blasted as one-sided and as relying largely on Hamas information and Palestinian witnesses.

Continued Rosenthal: "I do believe that some of the criticism against Israel is anti-Semitism but not all of it is. And I think that healthy democracies – and Israel is one – ha[ve] to do self reflection and the world looks at the light unto the nations and says I agree to this policy or I don't agree – that is not anti-Semitism."
Rosenthal serves on the board of J Street, which states on its website it seeks to "promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically."

J Street supports talks with Hamas, a terrorist group whose charter seeks the destruction of Israel. The group opposes sanctions against Iran and is harshly critical of Israeli offensive anti-terror military actions.

Reacting to Rosenthal's remarks yesterday, Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic commented, "the Obama administration official charged with monitoring worldwide anti-Semitism makes her first target... the Israeli ambassador to the United States? I'll be taking bets now on how long Hannah Rosenthal lasts in the job."

The Israeli government, meanwhile, has been distancing itself from J Street. When its ambassador, Oren, refused to attend the annual J Street dinner, Israeli embassy spokesman Yoni Peled told the Jerusalem Post his government has some "concern over certain [J Street] policies that could impair Israel's interests."

Rosenthal was anti-war activist

WND recently reported Rosenthal was a 1960s anti-war activist and community organizer whose husband worked with the founder of a socialist party, of which, according to documentary evidence, Obama was a member.

Hannah Rosenthal, a former Health Department regional director under the Clinton administration, started her position last month as the State Department's special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism. She previously headed the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, an umbrella U.S. Jewish organization.

Rosenthal was a community organizer who became involved in the anti-war and civil-rights movements in the 1960's.

continue with article HERE.


Wild Thing's comment.......

There is a cancer within our government and it’s growing larger, everyday!

Wake Up America!

The appointment of Hannah Rosenthal is more proof of how our Obama is trying to push ahead an anti-Israel agenda.

Check this out as well.........

What is as intersting as this , is the US Consulate convoy of five diplomatic vehicles in Israel which tried to run down an Israeli check point guard after refusing to roll down their windows or identify themselves.

Apparently there was/were (a) Palestinian(s) being smuggled by the Americans under diplomatic immunity.

More Oba-Hussein Chicago style THUGGERY now in Israel, where our Marxist-Islamist misuses diplomatic immunity to move Palstinian terrorists while training their Special (”police”) Forces using an American General to fight and kill Israelis, whom as a Moslem, he detests and wishes ill.

US Consulate car tried to run over checkpoint guard

Israel: U.S. Consulate Car Tried to Run Over Checkpoint Guard

An American diplomatic vehicle allegedly tried to run over an Israeli security guard at a border checkpoint in Israel last month, setting off a diplomatic scuffle that is straining relations between the two nations, the Jerusalem Post reported.

In an episode that was reportedly caught on tape, a five-car U.S. convoy was stopped at the Gilboa border crossing in the northern West Bank on Nov. 13 but refused to identify themselves or open any windows or doors for inspection by Israeli security.
What followed, according to the Post, was recorded in an official report that has kicked up a diplomatic dust storm in Israel.
Drivers in the American convoy blocked the crossing, the report says, tried running over a Defense Ministry security guard and made indecent gestures at female guards, the Jerusalem Post reported.
The incident led to a testy meeting five days later, when U.S. and Israeli officials met in Jerusalem to discuss the case and at least one other involving a Palestinian woman who was found in a U.S. diplomatic car without appropriate documentation.
The U.S. response, the Post noted, further angered Israeli officials: the chief regional security officer reportedly told his Israeli counterparts that "simple guards" had no authority to inspect senior diplomats.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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November 29, 2009

Likudniks Blast 'enemy of the Jews' Obama ~ They Are Correct!

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives to a news conference in his office in Jerusalem November 25, 2009. Israel announced on Wednesday a plan to limit settlement construction for 10 months in a bid to revive peace negotiations with the Palestinians who said the partial moratorium did not meet their terms for talks.

Likudniks blast 'enemy of the Jews' Obama over settlement freeze

Member of Netanyahu's party: Obama regime is 'worst ever' for Israel; Vice PM cancels lecture after rightist protest.

Rank-and-file Likudniks and lawmakers in the ruling Likud party lambasted the Obama administration at a gathering on Saturday, in response to Israel's decision to temporarily freeze construction in West Bank settlements.

MK Dani Danon organized the meeting after Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat (Likud) launched a verbal attack over the matter on U.S. President Barack Obama's administration, which she branded "terrible."

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately distanced himself from her comments, the activists at Saturday's conference leveled further criticism at Obama over the moratorium, which Israel undertook to carry out in the wake of tremendous U.S. pressure.

"The Obama administration is an enemy of the Jews and the worst regime there ever was for the State of Israel," said Yossi Naim, the head of the Beit Aryeh regional council, at the Ra'ana meeting. "I announce to Obama: You won't be able to stop us."
The mayor of the West Bank settlement of Ariel, Ron Nahman, called Netanyahu's announcement of the settlement freeze a disgrace.
Directing his comments to Livnat, he said: "I am proud and happy that you said what you said, because you had the public courage to say what most of the public feels ever since Obama came to power."
Nahman repeatedly referred to the U.S. leader as "Hussein Obama," omitting his first name.

Bibi's bad week ...for complete article

By Caroline B. Glick

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu weakened Israel this week. And he did so for no good reason.

Thursday's headlines told the tale. The day after Netanyahu bowed to US pressure and announced a total freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria for ten months, Yediot Ahronot reported that the Obama administration now wants Israel to release a thousand Fatah terrorists from prison.

The Americans also want Israel to allow US-trained, terror supporting Fatah paramilitary forces to deploy in areas that are currently under Israeli military control. Moreover, the Americans are demanding that Israel surrender land in the strategically crucial Jordan Valley to Fatah.

And these are just American preconditions for starting negotiations with the Palestinians. According to Yediot, if those talks ever begin, the White House will demand that Israel accept a Palestinian state in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza and agree to ethically cleanse all the areas of Jews.

So far from winning American support or at least causing the White House to ease its bullying, US President Barack Obama sees Netanyahu's decision to implement a militarily irrational, bigoted policy of prohibiting Jews from building in Israel's heartland as a drop in the bucket.

~snipet ~

And sure enough, moments after Netanyahu's speech, former senator George Mitchell stood before the cameras in Washington and said that his move is too little to impress the likes of Mitchell and Obama.

Netanyahu's willingness to release murderers from prison also signs the death warrants of countless Israelis.

Even if the current negotiations end in failure, Netanyahu this week made clear that he is willing to conduct a massive release of terrorists in exchange for Israeli hostages. The message has been received by our enemies and they will make us pay for it with interest.

This is the depressing message that Netanyahu and his merry band of ministers have communicated to the world this week. In the hopes of appeasing the unappeasable Obama administration, the government has adopted Obama's anti-Semitic policies against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. To win points with the imbecilic, unaccountable and irresponsible local media, Netanyahu has jeopardized the lives of untold numbers of Israelis by expressing his willingness to free hundreds of terrorist murderers from prison. And to placate the pro-Hizbullah UN, Israel has decided it is willing to further strengthen Hizbullah.

The mind reels at the thought of what next week may bring.

Wild Thing's comment........

The Israeli Right is furious over Netanyahu's betrayal of his voters. It makes my heart hurt to know BiBi did this. He did NOT have to . So what if Obama has been putting pressure on him. Obama is a Muslim and hates Jews. Obama hates America and Israel.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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November 27, 2009

Obama Demanding Release of Additional 1,000 Terrorists

While American families have gathered yesterday for the Thanksgiving holiday, President Obama schemed to release more hardened terrorists on an unsuspecting world. Obama demanding release of additional 1,000 terrorists

Arutz Sheva ( see article below) is reporting that President Obama is demanding that in connection with the terrorists for Gilad trade, which is being made with Hamas, Israel release an additional 1,000 terrorists as a 'gesture' to 'moderate' 'Palestinian'

Lieberman: Barghouti Will Not be Released

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he could “guarantee” that arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti would not be released from prison in any deal to exchange terrorists for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

“We have no intention to free the head of the murderers, a person who has been sentenced to four life terms in prison. There are red lines, and this is one of them,” Lieberman said.
In response to U.S. demands that Israel free an additional 1,000-some terrorists as a “gesture” to Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, Lieberman said that previous releases of Fatah terrorists “have not proven themselves. The Olmert administration did this several times and it did not work, and we do not plan to allow it to happen,” Lieberman said.

And here we go:


Israel has granted pardon to 92 wanted members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing. Some were awarded full pardon while others were granted partial pardon. The most prominent member on the list is a commander in the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in the territories. 908 more to go, if Obama gets his way.


Wild Thing's comment.........

With this Muslim terror apologist in chief it is going to effect our country and Israel and the rest of the world as well.

I am really tired of being forced to live in Obama’s alternate universe.

Obama demands, Obama orders, blah, blah, blah.

Hold your ground, Israel, and tell Obama to go suck on a light post.

Yes the terrorists are so warm and fuzzy and they should all go free. sheesh. Obama! This is not appeasement. Appeasement is something you do with an enemy to try to convince them not to hurt you. This is aiding and abetting an ally, plain and simple. (And no, Israel is not obama’s ally.)

And this from yesterday as well and these happen a lot in Israel:

November 26, 2009
YNET news

Two Israelis, a 49-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman sustained injuries Thursday afternoon after being stabbed by a terrorist near a "Paz" gas station in the West Bank town of Kiryat Arba.
The terrorist, who was armed with a knife and axe, was shot by an IDF soldier a short while later and was critically wounded.

November 26,2009

Large bomb seized near Egyptian border; terrorist escapes
IDF reservists spot man approaching border with rucksack, order him to stop; terrorist gets rid of 15-kilogram bomb, flees scene
"Palestinian terror organizations operating in Gaza, as well as groups affiliated with global jihad will continue trying to establish terror infrastructures with the aim of launching attacks by way of the Egyptian border," an IDF official told Ynet in response to the incident.

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November 20, 2009

Obama's Failure, Netanyahu's Opportunity by Caroline Glick

Obama's failure, Netanyahu's opportunity

by Caroline Glick

Once again, US President Barack Obama has demonstrated his intention of "putting light" between America and Israel. His hostility toward Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during the latter's visit to Washington this week was breathtaking.

It isn't every day that you can see an American president leaving the prime minister of an allied government twisting in the wind for weeks before deciding to grant him an audience at the White House.

It isn't every day that a visiting leader from a strategically vital US ally is brought into the White House in an unmarked van in the middle of the night rather than greeted like a friend at the front door; is forbidden to have his picture taken with the president; is forced to leave the White House alone, through a side exit; and is ordered to keep the contents of his meeting with the president secret.

Ahead of Obama's meeting with Netanyahu, The Wall Street Journal reported that Obama was effectively attempting to blackmail the Israeli premier by conditioning the meeting on Netanyahu's willingness to make tangible concessions to the Palestinians during his speech before the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America.

Although the report was denied by the Obama administration, if it was true, such a move by the White House would be without precedent in the history of US relations with Israel. And if untrue, the very fact that the story rings true is indicative of the wretched state of US relations with Israel since Obama entered office.

Obama's hostility was evident as well during his meeting with 50 Jewish leaders at the White House this week. In an obvious bid to split American Jewry away from Israel, Obama refused to discuss Israel or Iran with the concerned American Jewish leaders. As far as Obama was concerned, all they deserved from him was a primer on the brilliance of his economic policies and the worthiness of his plan to socialize the American healthcare industry. His foreign policy is none of their business.

Obama's meeting with American Jewish leaders was supposed to be a consolation prize for American Jews after Obama canceled his first public address to American Jews since taking office. The White House claimed that he canceled the speech because his visit to the Fort Hood memorial service made it impossible for him to attend. But then the conference was a three-day affair. The organizers would probably have been happy to reschedule.

Instead, as Iran races to the nuclear finish line, America's Jewish leaders were forced to sit through White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel's kitschy Borscht Belt schmooze about his bar mitzva.

The ironic thing about Obama's nastiness toward Netanyahu and his arrogant treatment of the American Jewish community is that while it has made him the first US president to have no credibility among Israelis and has caused a 14 percent drop in his support among American Jews, it has failed utterly to earn him the trust of the Muslim world.

Today the Fatah movement is in disarray. Last week its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, announced his intention to retire and has placed the blame for his decision on the Obama administration as well as on Israel. Key Palestinian spokesmen like Saeb Erekat have declared the death of the peace process and called for the renewal of the jihad against Israel.

As for the larger Muslim world, a report this week in The New York Times stated that the US's key Arab allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, have been perilously weakened since Obama took office. Their diminished influence has been accompanied by the rapid rise of Iran and Syria. Both of these rogue states have been on the receiving end of continuous wooing by Obama administration officials who seem ready to do just about anything to appease them.

In the meantime, Iran's Hizbullah proxy in Lebanon has again managed to regain control over Lebanon's government, despite its defeat in June's parliamentary election. Making full use of the fact that it fields the most powerful army in the country and owing as well to the US's decision to abandon the pro-Western March 14 movement in favor of an approach that makes no distinction between America's friends and foes in Lebanon, Hizbullah strong-armed its way back to the driver's seat in the new Lebanese government.

AS FOR Hizbullah's Iranian bosses, far from convincing them to moderate their policies, the Obama administration's efforts to appease the ayatollahs have emboldened Iran's theocratic leaders to adopt ever-more radical positions against the US. As senior US officials try to make light of the fact that in the past week Iran has thrice rejected their latest offer to have the US, Russia and France enrich uranium for them, the Iranians announced that they will try three hapless American hikers for espionage. The three young Americans were abducted by Iranian security forces along the Iran-Iraq border in Kurdistan four months ago.

The fact that Obama's policies have all failed so spectacularly presents a unique opportunity for Israel to move its policies in a bold new direction. Many commentators and policy-makers have claimed that it falls on Israel to help Obama succeed where he has failed. In their view, Israel must go out of its way to establish a Palestinian state during Obama's term of office or accept the blame for any renewal of the Palestinian terror war against it. Such voices - most strongly represented this week by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman - have tried to blame the failure of Obama's attempt to reinstate negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on Israel's alleged intransigence.

In response to these allegations, this week Netanyahu expressed profound and urgent interest in holding negotiations with Abbas. This move was ill-advised. Although it is true that by proclaiming his devotion to the so-called peace process, Netanyahu was able to deflect some of the White House's attacks against him, the short-term advantage it brought him this week in Washington is eclipsed by the long-term damage such an approach causes the country. In the long-run, Israel is harmed when its leaders promote the fiction that it is possible to reach an accord with the Palestinians that will bring about the formal and peaceful establishment of a Palestinian state.

As Netanyahu prepared to fly off to Washington, Abbas made clear that he will not make any concessions to Israel for peace. Together with his fellow Fatah members, Abbas made clear that like Hamas, Fatah does not recognize Israel's right to exist, does not support peaceful coexistence with Israel, and shares Hamas's dedication to continued war against Israel.

For their part, pro-Palestinian lobbyists Robert Malley and Hussein Agha are now arguing that the two-state solution has failed and that the time has come for a one-state solution in which Israel ceases to exist as a Jewish state by accepting the Palestinians as full citizens in one binational state.

The Israeli Left, as well as the State Department and several European governments, has now embraced the unelected Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayad's plan to unilaterally declare Palestinian independence in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem in two years. The aim of the Fayad plan is to coerce Israel into abandoning all the lands it took control over during the Six Day War, by implicitly threatening to deploy international forces throughout "Palestine" that will be charged with "protecting" the new Palestinian state from the IDF.

BOTH THE Fayad-plan supporters and the one-state solution crowd believe that their plans can indirectly advance the so-called peace process. In their view, frightened of both a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence and of a binational state, Netanyahu will abandon his demand for a demilitarized Palestinian state and for defensible borders for Israel and voluntarily withdraw the IDF and the 250,000 Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria to within the 1949 armistice lines. But the fact is that there is no reason for Netanyahu to fear their plans. Indeed it is high time for Israel to call their bluffs.

The shocking truth is that the demographic threat is an empty threat. The demographic doomsday scenarios for Israel are all based on falsified Palestinian census data from 1997 that inflated the number of Palestinians in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza by 50%. As the independent American-Israel Demographic Research Group demonstrated in early 2005, Israel has no reason to be concerned that by maintaining its control over Judea and Samaria, it will become a majority Arab state. Today, the combined population of Israel and Judea and Samaria leaves Jews with a two-thirds majority. With Jewish immigration and fertility rates rising, negative Arab immigration rates, and decreasing Arab fertility rates, the long-term projections for Israel's demographic viability are all positive.

As Netanyahu knows, there is consensus support among Israelis for his plan to ensure that the country retains defensible borders in perpetuity. This involves establishing permanent Israeli control over the Jordan Valley and the large Jewish population blocs in Judea and Samaria. In light of the well-recognized failure of the two-state solution, Hamas's takeover of Gaza and the disintegration of Fatah accompanied by the shattering of the myth of Fatah moderation, Israel should strike out on a new course and work toward the integration of Judea and Samaria, including its Palestinian population, into Israeli society. In the first instance, this will require the implementation of Israeli law in the Jordan Valley and the large settlement blocs.

Replacing the military government in these areas with Israel's more liberal legal code will also advance Netanyahu's economic peace plan, which envisions expanding the Palestinian economy in Judea and Samaria by among other things reintegrating it into Israel's booming economy. This plan would reward political moderation while marginalizing terrorists in Palestinian society. In so doing, it will advance the cause of peaceful coexistence over the long-term far better than the failed two-state solution. Far from engendering peace, the two-state paradigm empowered the most corrupt and violent actors in Palestinian society, at the expense of its most productive and moderate citizens.

Obama's disgraceful treatment of Israel and, for that matter, his atrocious treatment of the majority of America's allies in the Middle East and throughout the world, has strengthened the hands of America's worst enemies and made the world a much more dangerous place. But his obvious failures provide Israel with an opportunity to take control of events and change the situation for the betterment of Israel and the Palestinians alike.

Applying Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and the major Israeli population blocs in Judea and Samaria will probably not win Netanyahu many friends in the Obama White House. But if we learned anything from Obama's insulting treatment of Netanyahu and American Jews this week, we learned that regardless of what Israel does, the Obama administration has no interest in being his friend.

Wild Thing's comment.........

We need to for Israel even more, these are going to be hard years.

Obama is an enemy of both Israel and of the United States.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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November 17, 2009

Obama Green-lights Arab Land Grab

Obama admits he is a MUSLIM!

Obama green-lights Arab land grab

But Israel threatens retaliation if U.N. approves Palestinian state



A top Palestinian Authority official told WND that the PA reached an understanding with the Obama administration regarding a Palestinian threat to unilaterally ask the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian state outside of negotiations with Israel.

Ahmed Qurei, former PA prime minister and member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization executive committee, said in an interview that the PA "reached an understanding with important elements within the administration" to possibly bring to the U.N. Security Council a resolution to unilaterally create a Palestinian state.
Asked to which "elements" he was referring, Qurei would only say they were from the Obama administration.

A top PA negotiator, speaking on condition of anonymity, named the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, and National Security Council member Samantha Power as among the Obama administration officials who were involved with the Palestinians' U.N. threat.

Despite widespread assumptions the U.S. would veto any such U.N. Security Council resolution, the PA negotiator said that in initial discussions, the Obama administration did not threaten to veto their conceptual unilateral resolution.

"The U.S. told us that they prefer a negotiated settlement with Israel, but if we (Palestinians) insist on a resolution, the Americans will not necessarily reject it," the PA negotiator said.
"The U.S. has a history of never before vetoing any U.N. move to create a new state," the negotiator pointed out.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said yesterday the Palestinians had decided to turn to the U.N. Security Council to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

Separately, the negotiator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the Obama administration is "totally on board" with a plan by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to create a state on the pre-1967 borders within two years.

According to a top PA official, the Obama administration has largely adopted the positions of the Palestinian West Bank leadership to create a Palestinian state within two years based on the pre-1967 borders, meaning Israel would retreat from most of the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

The PA negotiator WND spoke with yesterday said that his authority's primary goal now is to secure a letter of support from the Obama administration affirming the U.S. commitment to a pre-1967 Palestinian state within two years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday hit back at the PA plan to unilaterally declare a state, warning such a move will be met by "one-sided Israeli measures." He did not elaborate.

"There is no substitute for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and any unilateral attempts outside that framework will unravel the existing agreements between us and could entail unilateral steps by Israel," Netanyahu told a high-level gathering of Israeli and American policy makers at the Saban Forum in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu stressed that in order to achieve peace, "negotiations must resume immediately." He affirmed Israel was prepared to begin talks "with a generous spirit."

"I want to stress that we are willing to take steps that will help in advancing the peace process, but it must begin, there is no reason to waste time," said the Israeli leader.
While negotiations were not easy, Netanyahu said, "there is no other way to bring about change."

The official claimed the Obama administration was ready to ultimately consider "sanctions" against Israel if the Netanyahu government rejected negotiations leading to a Palestinian state. The official refused to clarify which sanctions he was referring to or whether he was specifically told by the U.S. government it would consider sanctions.

The PA official claimed Obama can make a "headache" for Netanyahu if the Israeli leader does not conduct negotiations leading within two years to a Palestinian state.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Netanyahu should tell Obama to bug off.

Israel needs to recognize that they can no longer count on the US ( hell—even we can’t), and that they are nothing but pawns for Obama.

If Israel allows Obama to lead them, they will not have peace, but they won’t care........... because they will be dead.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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October 26, 2009

Washington Caught Off Guard by Netanyahu Visit ~ Good For BiBi !


Washington caught off guard by Netanyahu visit


Israel says PM did not consult Obama ahead of trip because meeting on peace process unnecessary.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to visit Washington for the annual UJC General Assembly has surprised many on Capitol Hill and was apparently not coordinated with the Obama administration.

An American source told Ynet Sunday that news of the visit had been received with reserved astonishment.

The Obama administration has not yet responded to questions of whether a meeting with Netanyahu was forthcoming due to their surprise over the unscheduled visit. On the other hand, failure to invite Netanyahu to the White House may be perceived as a diplomatic crisis.

Sources in Jerusalem say Netanyahu did indeed decide to attend the GA without first consulting President Barack Obama, but that since the latter would also be present at the event the two may meet in any case.

The sources say a summit between the two leaders would be superfluous at this point in the peace process, and for this reason an official meeting has not been scheduled.

An official statement regarding Netanyahu's visit is scheduled to be published soon in the US, and an unofficial oral announcement has already been given by the Jewish Federations' leaders. The prime minister's visit is scheduled to take place on November 8-10.

Wild Thing's comment........

Bibi rules! I just love this. I hope he does his meeting and ignores Obama completely! BiBi doesn't have to get permission from freak Obama to come to America.

“Reserved astonishment”

ha ha ho ho heh heh .......Obama discovers that the earth does not revolve around him.

Hussain Obama and his Administration have treated Netanyahu like DIRT ... so what ever Bebe does in return is just ‘jim dandy fine with me’.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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October 18, 2009

Obama National Security Adviser to Speak at Anti-Israel Conference

James Jones, President Obama's National Security Advisor

Obama National Security Adviser to Speak at Anti-Israel Conference

The American Spectator

James Jones, President Obama's National Security Advisor, has agreed to be the keynote speaker at the anti-Israel group J Street's first annual conference in Washington next week.

While the group bills itself as the "pro Israel" and "pro peace" alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in reality it is a liberal organization actively campaigning against Israel's right to defend itself.

As Michael Goldfarb has noted, other speakers at the conference include Eli Pariser, the former director of, and Salam Al-Marayati, who was quoted in the New York Times in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks saying Israel should be considered a prime suspect:

''If we're going to look at suspects, we should look to the groups that benefit the most from these kinds of incidents, and I think we should put the state of Israel on the suspect list because I think this diverts attention from what's happening in the Palestinian territories so that they can go on with their aggression and occupation and apartheid policies.''

The announcement that Jones will speak comes as a growing number of Democratic members of Congress have announced they would drop out of participating in the conference, causing J Street to blame the Weekly Standard for employing a "classic 'swift boat' move" by publishing actual statements made by participants in the conference.

With each passing day, the outright contempt the Obama administration has for Israel becomes more apparent.

Jim Jones to keynote J Street confab

J Street has confirmed that Obama's National Security Adviser Jim Jones will be the keynote speaker at the group's first annual Washington conference next week.

Jones has been raising his profile, speaking on issues with which he has particular familiarity and expertise. (In 2007, Jones was appointed to be the State Department's Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security, helping build up the capabilities of the Palestinian security forces and increase confidence between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.) Last night, Jones was the keynote speaker at the well-attended American Task Force for Palestine gala at the Ritz .

MORE of Obama's HATE for Israel!!!

Official: Obama 'disgusted' with Israel

Says president poised to press for withdrawal from strategic territory


JERUSALEM – U.S. officials in recent days expressed to the Palestinian Authority that President Obama's administration is "disgusted" with Israel, a top aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas told WND in an interview.

Nimr Hamad said the White House was disgusted that Israel is refusing to halt all settlement activity as a precondition for re-starting talks with the PA over the creation of a Palestinian state. "Settlement activity" refers to Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

Hamad repeated that the term "disgusted" was used more than once in recent meetings with U.S. envoys to describe the administration's attitude toward Israel. Hamad did not name the U.S. envoys using the terminology.

George Mitchell, Obama's envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, just this week wrapped up a series of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders over re-starting talks.

Senior PA sources told WND yesterday the Obama administration urged them to begin publicly pressuring Israel, starting in March, to immediately withdraw from key areas in the West Bank and peripheral eastern Jerusalem sections in which the Palestinians currently maintain administrative control.

The sources specified that as a confidence-building measure toward the PA, Israel will be asked by the Obama administration to hand over security control to territories designated in the 1993 Oslo Accords as Area B – referring to cities administered by the PA but largely controlled by Israeli security. The specific section of the Oslo Accords regarding control of Area B was finalized in 1995.

Separately, a top PA source, speaking on condition his name be withheld, told WND two weeks ago the Obama administration largely has adopted the positions of the PA to create a Palestinian state within two years based on the 1967 borders, meaning Israel would retreat from most of the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

The official said Obama also accepted the PA position that Israeli-Palestinian negotiations begin where they left off under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who went further than previous Israeli leaders in his concessions to the Palestinians.

Olmert reportedly offered the PA not only 95 percent of the West Bank and peripheral eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods but also other territories never before offered by any Israeli leader, including parts of the Israeli Negev desert bordering Gaza as well as sections of the Jordan Valley.

The official claimed the Obama administration will still support the announcement of a Palestinian state within two years.

Wild Thing's comment.........

This is so disgusting to see this happening, all of it. Perhaps this will finally wake some people up. I hope so!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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October 13, 2009

The Mindset of the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim Leadership ~ Jews Have No History In Jerusalem

The Real Truth About Israel and Jerusalem

Jews Have No History In Jerusalem

One Jerusalem

This headline is an accurate description of the mindset of the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim leadership around the world. This distortion of history is what fuels the rabid insistence that Jerusalem is a Muslim City and Jews are the occupiers.

Palestinian firebrands like Sheikh Salah and Shamekh Alawneh, and Sheik Tayseer Rajab fills the heads of their people with this deliberately counter-factual message so they will get the young people into the streets of Jerusalem throwing stones and participating in other forms of violence. The de-Judiaizing of Jerusalem is similar to the dehumanizing of Jews by the Nazis. If you effectively and persistently repeat the Big Lie you can distort the truth in the minds of millions.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Bari Weiss points out that the Koran and other Muslim traditions acknowledge an ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem:

The Koran, which references many biblical stories and claims figures like Abraham as Islamic prophets, also acknowledges the existence of the Jewish temples. The historian Karen Armstrong has written that the Koran refers to Solomon's Temple as a "great place of prayer" and that the first Muslims referred to Jerusalem as the "City of the Temple." Martin Kramer, a historian who has combed through Koranic references to the temples in Arabic, notes surra 34, verse 13, which discusses Solomon's building process: "They [jinn/spirits] worked for him as he desired, (making) arches, images, basins large as wells, and (cooking) cauldrons fixed (in their places)."

There is still more recent official Muslim acknowledgment of Jerusalem's Jewish history--a booklet put out in 1924 by the Supreme Muslim Council called "A brief guide to al-haram al-sharif." Al-haram al-sharif, the Arabic name for the Temple Mount, is currently the site of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. It is, according to Islamic tradition, where Muhammad ascended to heaven.
Yet it is also, according to the council's booklet, a site of uncontested importance for the Jews. "The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic) times. Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute." And the booklet quotes the book of Samuel: "This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which 'David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offering and peace offerings.'" Later, the booklet says the underground structure known as King Solomon's Stables probably dates "as far back as the construction of Solomon's Temple." Citing the historian Flavius Josephus, it claims the stables were likely used as a "place of refuge by the Jews at the time of the conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 A.D."

Dr. Gerald Steinberg ends his article "Jerusalem: We win, you lose" in the Jerusalem Post with this important piece of advice to so-called peace-makers and funders of the Palestinians: "As long as the Arab and Muslim position slams the door to block Jewish history, Jerusalem will remain a battleground in which the Jewish nation will no choice but to use force when necessary to defend these rights."

With the recent statement by the Quartet (led by the Obama Administration) that the Palestinians should accelerate the establishment of institutions for governing based on the 1967 borders it is clear that the division of Jerusalem is on the agenda of the United states, Germany, Russia, ..etc. Now, more than ever, there is need to dedicate ourselves to promoting the truth about Jerusalem and its place in Jewish history. We must fight to set the record straight before the lies of Abbas, Arafat, and Muslim clerics become the public record.

In answer to the question, "What can I do?" let us offer a few suggestions. Urge as many people as you know to watch the film that states the facts about Jerusalem.

Wild Thing's comment........

Tons of wishful thinking on their part about Jerusalem. Deny, deny, deny....and continue to make truth your enemy...while embracing the evil that IS Islam. God will correct your errors some day and I wouldn’t want to be in YOUR shoes when that day comes.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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October 01, 2009

From "Why Israel Can't Wait" ~ 'Iran threatens our survival'

Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon


Excerpt: 'Iran threatens our survival'

Jewish state reluctantly preparing military strike – with or without U.S.

By Jerome R. Corsi


"For us, a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat," Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon told the author in a private audio-recorded interview in his Jerusalem office on June 14, 2009. "We have to be ready to defend ourselves."

What I was next told by Yaalon was confirmed to me by virtually all Israeli officials in the Netanyahu government that I interviewed: Iran's nuclear weapons program is an existential threat to the survival of Israel, to the extent that Israel is reluctantly prepared to launch a pre-emptive military strike on Iran, with or without the approval of the United States, as early as the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010, if the United States and the world community fail to stop Iran.

Today, Yaalon is the second highest official in the Israeli government, outranked only by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. President Shimon Peres serves as Israel's ceremonial head-of-state.

Yaalon has the both the military background and experience at the highest levels of the Israeli government needed to judge realistically the threat represented by Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Drafted into the IDF in 1968, he served in the Nahal Paratroop Regiment. In the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Yaalon served as a reservist. Following this, he returned to active duty in the IDF and served in the elite Sayeret Matkal special forces, dedicated to gathering field intelligence and conducting top secret operations, typically behind enemy lines.

Sayeret Matkal is perhaps most famous for conducting the Operation Thunderbolt raid on the Entebee Airport on the night of July 3 and the early morning of July 4, 1976, in which Israel rescued more than 100 Air France airline passengers being held in Uganda by PLO terrorists. In this operation, Sayeret Matkal lost Lt. Col. Yonatan "Yoni" Netanyahu, the younger brother of the prime minister.

Lt.-Gen. Yaalon held several command positions in the IDF Paratroop Brigade and was wounded in the 1982 Lebanon war. He was named head of Military Intelligence in 1995, after which he served as the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces from 2002 to 2005. Vice Prime Minister Yaalon serves as a member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, from Likud, the party of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

When I interviewed Yaalon on June 14 in Jerusalem, he had just returned from an intense week of meetings in Washington.

I asked him whether Israel has a chance to convince the White House of its position in the narrow window of opportunity before Iran had nuclear weapons capability.

"The appeasement road is not going to work with Iran," he replied. "It will be Israel and the reality of the situation that will convince Washington. I cannot see any U.S. administration ready to submit to radical Islamic jihadism. President Obama told Prime Minister Netanyahu at their last meeting that he was committed not to allow a military nuclear Iran, and I hope he will keep his word."

I asked Yaalon directly whether he would like to tell the world in precise and unequivocal words that Israel will not accept an Iran armed with nuclear weapons, even if that involved Israel launching an attack on Iran without the White House giving a green light for a military strike.

He responded equally directly: "As bad as launching a military attack on Iran would be, the only worse choice would be to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. One way or another, Iran must be stopped from developing military weapons. A nuclear Iran represents a clear and present danger to the state of Israel, to the Middle East and to the entire world. Israel expects the international community under the leadership of the United States to take all the necessary steps to halt this grave threat. Although it prefers that the international community prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities, Israel reserves the right to defend itself and protect its citizens."

How much more time does Israeli intelligence estimate that Iran will need to develop nuclear weapons capability?

"In the 1990s when I was in military intelligence, we spoke about a decade," he answered. "Today we are speaking about months, certainly not more that a couple of years.
"Each day, Iran advances its uranium enrichment technology," he explained. "Each day, Iran moves closer to having the quantity of enriched uranium needed to produce one bomb. That's not enough to have a true nuclear weapons capability, but Iran is well along the way."

What is the Iranian strategy?

"The Iranian strategy has always been to have the indigenous capability to produce all components needed for a nuclear-weapons program," he answered. "This involves not just the ability to enrich uranium, but also the missile technology needed to develop a nuclear weapon.
"Today, Iran has the ability to enrich uranium to weapons-grade and to produce missiles that could carry a nuclear weapon. Iran wants ultimately to have missiles that could reach the United States and eventually Iran will possess that capability as well."

Would a nuclear-armed Iran be a threat to the continued existence of Israel?

"For us, a nuclear armed Iran is an existential threat," he stressed. "We live here and we want to live here. We have to be ready to defend our citizens and our country."

From Yaalon's point of view, Iran achieving a nuclear weapons capability is a game changer in the Middle East that Israel cannot afford to tolerate.

And then this from Jerome R. Corsi that did this interview......

In the final analysis, the government of Israel made a decision during my three-week visit: The State of Israel had something to communicate to the world, and the leaders of Israel decided I would be an acceptable if not appropriate messenger.

The message is simple: Israel will not attack Iran unless Israel feels abandoned by the world at the moment Iran is about to have nuclear-weapons capability. Before attacking Iran, Israel will plead with the West and the moderate Islamic world to help disarm Iran's nuclear-weapons capability in a meaningful manner.

In the final analysis, however, the Jewish state of Israel reserves the right of self defense and will exercise that right, with or without the prior approval of the United States of America.


Wild Thing's comment.........

I think it is too late to stop Iran, they do what they want just like the Democrats do in our counrty. Both destoyers!

We know how Obama feels about Israel and it disgusts me in how he has treated BiBi and others that have come to speak with him to try and make him understand.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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September 27, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama Aggressive Lead to Divide Jerusalem

One Jerusalem

On the footsteps of President Obama's speech at the United Nations, the Quartet led by Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated President Obama's call for Israel to stop all building activities in East Jerusalem and the territories. In a joint communique, the Quartet went on to encourage the Palestinians to build institutions of state during the next 24 months. This is an endorsement of the Fayaad plan to declare a Palestinian State in 2 years whether or not Israel and the Palestinians come to a formal agreement.

In the words of the Quartet, "Recalling that transformative change on the ground is integral to peace, the Quartet welcomes the Palestinian Authority's plan for constructing the institutions of the Palestinian state within 24 months as a demonstration of the PA's serious commitment to an independent state that provides opportunity, justice, and security for the Palestinian people and is a responsible neighbor to all states in the region."

In endorsing the Fayaad plan, the Quartet has broken new ground as it follows Obama's aggressive lead. Israel is being iced out of the negotiating process. If Israel does not capitulate to dividing Jerusalem and to retreating to indefensible borders look for Obama and the Quartet to recognize the Palestinian State, and Israel will become an international pariah state.

In dealing with the settlements, the Quartet considers all the West Bank as occupied territory and prohibits even "natural growth" - a growing family adding a bedroom to an existing house or even a porch to a backyard. The sentence dealing with Jerusalem reads,

"The Quartet urges the government of Israel to freeze all settlement activity, including natural growth; and to refrain from provocative actions in East Jerusalem and calls on the Palestinian Authority to continue to make every effort to improve law and order, to fight violent extremism, and to end incitement" While Israel is instructed to give up tangible matter the Palestinians are simply urged to make a good effort.

The communique does not refer to Israel as a Jewish state.

Wild Thing's comment......

Obama doesn't have one sincere bone anywhere in his body.

Jerusalem belongs to Israel and Obama better lay off!

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September 25, 2009

Awesome Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the United Nations

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu slams Ahmadinejad's 'anti-Semitic rants'; warns of Iran regime's intentions



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brandished at the U.N. on Thursday Nazi-era documents on the extermination of Jews, dramatically rebutting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust.

"Yesterday, the man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium," Netanyahu said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly.
"To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you," he said.
"But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency?"
Netanyahu held aloft two documents -- a copy of the minutes of the Wansee Conference, in which Nazi officials planned the Final Solution that led to the killing of six million Jews and the original blueprints of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps.
He received the blueprints, discovered last year, during a visit to Germany in August.
"They contain a signature by Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's deputy himself. Are these plans of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where one million Jews were murdered ... a lie, too?


Wild Thing's comment.......

Here are my notes from watching him give his speech live on FOX.

Speaking from the heart to the swine at the UN. He is so awesome. What a wonderful scene here - an intelligent, brave, civil, honest head of state. I love this man. I wish BiBi was our President.

Give it to them Bibi, don’t back down.

“The UN Human Rights Council would have dragged Roosevelt and Churchill to the docks.”

What a stunning contrast between Bibi and the trash America hating Obama we are stuck with.

He asked the UN if they are going to stand with Israel and he wants to know NOW!

The room is almost totally empty it appears”... Disgusting. He’s absolutely amazing!!

Peru applauded and Canada is there, only a few from the USA.

He was also sending a message to Obama, Who do you stand with Obama? Israel will expose you.

And kudos to Germany for giving him the documents to bring with him.

"These plans I now hold in my hand," he said, as he was showing the worn-out blueprints to the assembly. "They contain a signature by Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's deputy. "Are these plans of the camp where one million Jews were murdered a lie too?" he asked.

The last part he said in Hebrew was: “G-d will bless his people with peace.”

Great speech—shame of he non support of the UN! A very confident man he. Very commanding. This comes from years of doing....not by saying “I’m gonna” or “What I inherited”. BiBi lives it, loves his country and his people.

Compare and Contrast: CNN just started playing parts of the Iranian’s speech from yesterday—Fox is talking about the historic nature of BiBi’s speech.

Does America not realize we have a Terrorist in the Oval Office now? This is just disgusting. 8 Years after 9/11 and this is where our country is at?

The “leader of the free world” now sits in Jerusalem.

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September 23, 2009

Obama at UN U.S. Does Not Recognize 'Legitimacy of Continued Israeli Settlements'

Obama: U.S. Does Not Recognize 'Legitimacy of Continued Israeli Settlements'

Obama's stark declaration, which drew applause, was coupled with a call for Palestinians to end their "incitement of Israel."

FOX News

In declaring that it is time for Middle East peace "without preconditions," President Obama used his speech to the U.N. General Assembly Wednesday to fire a warning at Israel that "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements."

Obama's stark declaration, which drew applause, was coupled with a call for Palestinians to end their "incitement of Israel."

But it was the use of the U.N. forum to carry the settlement message to Israel that drew the most enthusiastic response on the floor -- and incredulous reaction outside its walls.

Obama just put Israel "on the chopping block," said former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.

Obama said he met Tuesday with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was not in attendance at the speech, and agreed that the two have made some progress in both strengthening security and facilitating freedom of movement, which have allowed the economy in the West Bank to grow.

Wild Thing's comment.....

Obama should STFU! This is an outrage! Muslim Radical Communist OBAMA hates Jews.

Obama, you are not an American, and you do not speak for America.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:55 PM

Awesome Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Interview on CNN After Dictator Obama Gets Pushy

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 22: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (R) during a trilateral meeting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel September 22, 2009 in New York City. Obama is meeting with the two leaders in an attempt to restart peace talks

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have been brought together in New York for their first face-to-face meeting since the Gaza war eight months ago.

Obama is keen for the men to discuss ways of achieving Middle East peace but neither the Israeli Prime Minister, nor the Palestinian President appeared to want the meeting at all.

Mr Obama summoned both of them anyway and before the meeting began he made it sound like he was about to bang some heads together.

"We cannot continue the same pattern of taking tentative steps forward and then stepping back," he said.
"Simply put, it is past time to talk about starting negotiations, it is time to move forward. It is time to show the flexibility and common sense and sense of compromise that is necessary to achieve our goals."

All last week, both Mr Netanyahu and Mr Abbas resisted requests by Mr Obama's envoy, George Mitchell, to soften their positions so the talks could restart.

In New York, Mr Obama made it clear he wasn't happy with that.

"And so my message to these two leaders is clear. Despite all the obstacles, despite all the history, despite all the mistrust, we have to find a way forward," he said.

There are those in Washington who believe that Mr Obama should have kept his powder dry until later in the process, and that by acting now he risks significant political damage if it fails to do the job.

But he is using his political capital now and telling both sides that, whether they like it or not, they will start negotiating straight away. He has given them less than a month to show some progress.

"Senator Mitchell will meet with the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators next week," he said.
"I've asked the Prime Minister and the President to continue these intensive discussions by sending their teams back to Washington next week. And I've asked the Secretary of State to report to me on the status of these negotiations in mid October."

This is as tough as an American president has ever talked on this issue, especially with Israel. But already, Mr Netanyahu has shown he is prepared to call the President's bluff.

Last night on Lateline, the former US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, explained why Mr Obama's task will be so tough.

"Obama stands in Israeli public opinion polls at around 6 per cent and falling," he said.

"Netanyahu stands at around 60 per cent and rising and that's a situation in which the President cannot succeed in achieving Middle East peace unless he brings the Israeli people with him."


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu pt.2...he really speaks up to Wolf on this one especially! God bless BiBi.

Wild Thing's comment.......

BiBi did good. He kept repeating over and over no matter how many times Wolf tried to get him to weaken and change his mind.

He had to give some BS about Obama being an OK guy ( augh) but that is expected since BiBi needs to take the high road unlike how the left would do something and just be full out obnixious.

"And so my message to these two leaders is clear. Despite all the obstacles, despite all the history, despite all the mistrust, we have to find a way forward," Obama said.

WTF? Who does this former community organizer think he is. What arrogance. What ignorance.

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September 20, 2009

Obama On Rosh Hashanah Extends Greetings To MUSLIM Holiday

Obama extends greetings on Muslim holiday


President Barack Obama is extending greetings to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr (ayd ahl-FIH'-tur), which marks the end of the holy monthlong fasting time known as Ramadan.

The president on Saturday issued a statement saying he and his wife, Michelle, congratulate Muslims in the U.S. and around on the world on a "blessed day."

Obama said even at this festive occasion, Muslims remember the less fortunate, those suffering in poverty, hunger, conflict and disease.

In her own statement, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the occasion is a reminder that the values of Islam — "charity, community, cooperation, compassion are values which we hold dear as Americans."

Brezinski Calls for Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Jets

Weekly Standard

by Michael Goldfarb

In a little noticed interview with the Daily Beast (presumably little noticed because serious people don't read the Daily Beast), Zbigniew Brzezinski suggests that Barack Obama do more than just refuse to support an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites -- the American president must give the order to shoot down Israeli aircraft as they cross Iraqi airspace:

DB: How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?
Brzezinski: We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?
DB: What if they fly over anyway?
Brzezinski: Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse.

Contrary to Brezinski's half-hearted disclaimer that no one wishes for such an outcome, there are plenty on the left who would delight in a pitched battle between the United States and Israel. Democrats in Congress routinely support resolutions affirming Israel's right to take whatever steps it deems necessary to assure its own national defense. And Obama has at least paid lip service to the concept. But hostility to Israel among the rank and file is very real on the left -- and among "realists."

So conjure the image -- the Obama administration sending U.S. aircraft up to protect Iran's airspace and it's nuclear installations from an attack by a democracy that is one of America's closest allies. Unfortunately, this may not be so hard to imagine in Israel, where the number of people who believe Obama is pro-Israel is at just 4 percent -- and falling. And given Obama's (literally) submissive posture to the Saudis, his indulgence of the Iranians, and his simultaneously hard-line approach to Israel, it seems even some of Obama's supporters can savor the possibility of a "reverse Liberty."


Wild Thing's comment.......

In Obama's Ramadan message he did NOT lecture the Muslims to keep the peace, like he did the Jews in Israel.

And Carter's chief deputy anti-Semite and National Security Adviser, Brzezinski, is heard from.

Obama's already taken more anti-semitic acts than any previous President, and it's the ACTS that count far more than words.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Obama Promised Jewish Homes to Palestinians?

Obama promised Jewish homes to Palestinians?

Official says American president 'fed up' with Israel

By Aaron Klein


Obama is "fed up" with Israel while his administration has given the Palestinians guarantees they will eventually take over Jewish homes and buildings throughout most of the West Bank, a top Palestinian Authority official claimed to WND.

"We heard from the U.S. that no matter what Israel is building in the West Bank, it will not affect a final status agreement to create a Palestinian state," said the PA official, who spoke on condition his name be withheld.
"The Americans told us (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu might construct in the West Bank for now but we (Palestinians) can enjoy these houses later. The evacuated homes will not be destroyed like some were when Israel pulled out of Gaza," the official said.
The official said Obama has adopted the position of PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who presented a plan to create a Palestinian state within two years based largely on the 1967 borders, meaning Israel would retreat from the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

The official said the U.S. would back Israel retaining what are known as main settlement blocs, a reference to certain large Jewish West Bank communities such as Gush Etzion.

The official, however, said the U.S. does not support Israel retaining the E1 area in Jerusalem, referring to Maale Adumim, a Jewish community in eastern Jerusalem.

The issue of Jewish construction is contentious. Obama has demanded Israel halt all settlement activity, or Jewish building projects in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

Obama's Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, is in the region attempting to negotiate a settlement freeze. Talks between Netanyahu and Mitchell, which continued today, failed to reach an agreement. A deal could allow for a tripartite meeting between Obama, Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly next week.

Wild Thing's comment.......

is truly a despicable human being, he is a destroyer.

Excuse me but where is he improving our standing in the world and gaining respect for the nation like he promised

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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September 18, 2009

Rosh Hashanah Happy New Year - Shana Tova To Our Friends In Israel and Here in America

Rosh Hashanah 2009 starts at sundown on September 18. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, and literally translates to "Head of the Year". Rosh Hashanah falls this year on September 18 and 19, and is the first of the High Holy Days, followed by Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), which takes place seven days later.

Rosh Hashanah is a time of newness. New beginnings. New hope. And new chances to pursue our dreams. The foods of Rosh Hashanah help pave the way by symbolizing all the good things to come.

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September 06, 2009

US Fury as Israel Defies Settlement Freeze Call ~ BiBi Tell Obama To SHOVE it!!

US fury as Israel defies settlement freeze call

Times Online

Israeli plans to authorise the construction of hundreds of houses in the occupied West Bank sparked furious protests from American and Palestinian officials yesterday.

In a nod to US requests to suspend all building work at Jewish settlements, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, is offering a freeze on construction at a later date — a peace gambit that did little to mollify those involved in the negotiations leading to a new Middle East peace process.

President Obama had hoped to start formal talks between Palestinians and Israel later this month.

“We regret the reports of Israel’s plans to approve additional settlement construction,” Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, said. “As the President has said before, the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement expansion and we urge it to stop.”

Another US official said: “In the end America will be forced to do what is necessary to bring the Israelis and the Palestinians back to the negotiation table. But the Netanyahu Government has proven difficult to work with.”

Settlement growth has been a key impediment to the peace talks. The Jewish settlements, built on land earmarked for a future Palestinian state, are strongly supported by much of the right-wing constituency that elected Mr Netanyahu.

The new plan, drawn up by Mr Netanyahu and outlined by officials close to him yesterday, seeks to placate the right-wing elements of his coalition, while moving forward on conditions laid down by the Obama Administration.

It proposes that Israel would agree to a freeze of settlement building for up to nine months, excluding 2,500 housing units that are already under construction, and settlement projects in east Jerusalem.

In exchange Mr Netanyahu hopes that Arab states will begin to normalise ties with Israel and allow it to open offices in Arab countries and grant overflight rights for Israeli aircraft. He also plans to approve the construction of approximately 500 additional housing units, bringing the total number to 3,000, aides said.

The proposal infuriated Palestinian negotiators, who accused Israel of posturing for peace while attempting to “worm” more illegal construction into the deal. “What the Israeli Government said [about the planned construction] is not useful. It is unacceptable for us. We want a freeze on all settlement construction,” Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, said. He reiterated that the entire Middle East peace process hinged on a freeze of all Israeli settlement construction.

Mr Abbas is under US pressure to accept Israel’s conditions before a planned summit with Mr Netanyahu and President Obama on the fringes of the UN General Assembly meeting. George Mitchell, Washington’s Middle East envoy, who is due in the region next week, has been pressing Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to reach a basic understanding before the meeting, brokered by the US Administration.

It appeared unlikely, however, that the US knew of Mr Netanyahu’s plan to add an additional 500 homes to those already approved. Kurt Hoyer, a spokesman for the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, said that Washington would be unlikely to accept anything “contrary to the spirit of negotiations they’ve been undertaking”.

American officials have been pushing for a settlement freeze, with a senior State Department official telling the Jerusalem Post newspaper that a nine-month halt to construction would be “long enough to be credible and for negotiations to proceed”.

There has been much speculation over the concessions that Mr Netanyahu is willing to make. In a speech this year he declared for the first time that Palestinians should be granted an independent state.

Nevertheless, construction of settlements in the West Bank has continued, albeit at a slower pace, since he took office. Government figures showed that construction fell by a third in the first half of 2009.

Palestinians hope to make Jerusalem their capital, and the 1967 green line, which roughly demarcates the border upon which the negotiations are being conducted, establishes east Jerusalem as part of a unified Palestinian state.

“Jerusalem is the one issue that Netanyahu will not compromise over,” one MP in the Prime Minister’s Likud party said. Palestinian negotiators have made it clear that no final peace accord will be reached without a Palestinian stake in Jerusalem.

Wild Thing's comment........

"US fury as Israel defies settlement freeze call "...

The fury is limited to the socialist in our White House and others who hate Jews.

“Another US official said: “In the end America will be forced to do what is necessary to bring the Israelis and the Palestinians back to the negotiation table. But the Netanyahu Government has proven difficult to work with.””

Thats the key line. ominous sounding coming from an American administration.

First BiBi has seen children blown up, civilians beheaded and tortured and faces threats of death to his family and himself daily not by ballerinas name Rahm with Napoleonic complexes Obama but by real terrorist that have murdered hundreds.

Secondly the says it all.

Thirdly, Israel can afford to lose only one war. They do not have the benefit of geographic isolation. If they "lose", they end up in the Mediterranean.

So Obama may huff and puff, Little Rahm the ballerina may bow up and act like a thug, but it's nothing the Israelis haven't seen before. ......... if all else fails then they've been know to play with the iron fist...... just ask the men involved in the Munich attack about Mivtza Za'am Ha'El........ oh that's right, they're not alive anymore. Good for Israel!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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August 30, 2009

"The rigged game " by Caroline B. Glick

The rigged game


By Caroline B. Glick

Tuesday the Guardian reported that the Obama administration is now making Israel an offer it can't refuse: In exchange for a government order to freeze construction for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the administration will adopt a "much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program."

Israel should refuse this offer.

What the Guardian account shows is an Obama administration looking to blame Israel for the failure of its policy of attempting to appease the likes of Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Come September, US President Barack Obama is going to have a difficult time of it. Obama set a September deadline for his strategy of diplomatically courting the mullahs. This policy involves deferring further sanctions against Iran and all but openly renouncing the option of using military force to destroy Iran's nuclear installations while waiting politely for the mullahs to sit down for tea with US officials.

Far from accepting Obama's offer, the Iranians have spit on it. Indeed, they have been too busy brutalizing their own people and building bombs and missiles to even respond to him directly. Instead, they have signaled their contempt for Obama by promoting known arch terrorists to high office. For instance Ahmadinejad just appointed Ahmad Vahidi, the suspected mastermind of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people and the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia where 19 US servicemen and women were murdered to serve as Defense Minister.

In support of Obama's appeasement efforts, both the House and the Senate Foreign Relations committees set aside veto-proof bills that would place sanctions on companies exporting refined fuel to Iran. But Congress, now on summer recess, reconvenes in September and members are anxiously awaiting a green light from the White House to put the bills before a vote.

So unless something saves him, Obama will look like quite a fool next month. His appeasement policy has given the mullahs eight precious months of unimpeded work at their nuclear installations. Their uranium enrichment facility at Natanz is now operating some 5,000 centrifuges with another 2,400 centrifuges about to go online. That is an eightfold increase in centrifuge activity from a year ago.

Obama now turns to Israel to avoid embarrassment. If he can convince Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the White House will only get serious about Iran's nuclear weapons program if Netanyahu freezes Jewish building in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, then Obama can present his sudden willingness to sign on to veto-proof Congressional sanctions legislation not as a consequence of his own failure, but as a result of Israeli pressure.

If Obama succeeds in getting Netanyahu on board, the American media discussion of sanctions will focus on the issue of Israeli power over US policy. The so-called Israel lobby will be pummeled as pundits argue about whether Obama was right or wrong to succumb to Israeli pressure to support Congressional sanctions. No one will remember that Obama was forced to support the sanctions because he had no other choice, since next month his engagement policy will become indefensible.

On the other hand, if Israel refuses to play ball and doesn't provide Obama with a concession which he will be "forced" to pay for with a harder line on Iran, then he will still have to adopt a harder line on Iran. In this case however, it will be attributed to the failure of his appeasement policy towards Iran rather than to the success of his Middle East diplomacy against Israel.

Obama's apparent interest in setting Israel up as the fall guy for the failure of his engagement policy is the same policy he will doubtless follow if matters continue on course and Iran acquires nuclear weapons. At that point, Obama can be counted on to claim that it was Israel's recalcitrance in the negotiations with the Palestinians or the Syrians or the Lebanese that forced the mullahs' hands. That is, he will say it is the absence of "progress" in the "peace process" due to whatever imagined Israeli intransigence that made it impossible for the Iranian "moderates" to convince the "hardliners" to give up their nuclear weapons program.

In Obama's defense it should be noted that at least he worries about being embarrassed by the failure of his Iran policy. He knows that the overwhelming majority of Americans consider Iran to be an enemy of their country. In a poll of US voters taken in May, some 80 percent of Americans claimed that a nuclear-armed Iran would constitute a threat to US national security and 57 percent said that Israel would be justified in launching a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear installations.

Things are different on the other side of the Atlantic. Obama's European counterparts do not face a comparable situation. They have no reason to fear being embarrassed when and if Iran emerges as a nuclear power because their constituents view Israel as threat equal to or greater than Iran.

European politics - particularly as they relate to the Middle East- are not informed by rational interests so much as they are defined by attitude. Facts today mean little in Europe. They are easily crushed under the weight of the fantasies that dominate European political discourse.

The main fantasy governing Europe's attitude towards the Middle East is the belief in Israeli militaristic venality, fundamentalist messianism, and territorial greed. It is this fantasy that protects European leaders from the need to account for their six years of failed appeasement towards Iran during which Iran has made its swiftest progress towards completing its nuclear weapons program.

It is the predominance of anti-Israel attitudes throughout the continent that enables European leaders to make light of the Iranian nuclear threat even as ever growing swathes of the continent fall within the range of Iran's ballistic missiles.

A mere glance at the daily Middle East coverage of your standard European newspaper suffices to demonstrate the depths Europe's obsession with hating Israel. The absence of peace is always Israel's fault. The fact that the Arabs have never accepted Israel's right to exist is either whitewashed or justified. So too, Arab terrorism is explained away while every act - small and large - that in any way asserts Israel's right to defend itself is pounced upon as proof of Israel's criminality and brutality.

Case in point is an interview Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor gave to Germany's Der Spiegel's diplomatic correspondent Erich Follath ahead of Netanyahu's visit to the country this week. The entire interview consisted of interchanges like the following:

Follath: You blame Palestinian intransigence [for the absence of peace]. Western leaders are, of course, demanding that the Arab side compromise on some issues. But they are also putting pressure on Israel to make concessions, as well, especially when it comes to its aggressive settlement policy in the West Bank.

Meridor: There is no such policy.

Follath: You don't regard new settlements in the occupied territories as being a major stumbling block in the peace process?

Meridor: That's exactly why we aren't building new settlements. We haven't approved any.

Follath: You are sidestepping the issue. US President Barack Obama wouldn't urge Israel to stop its settlement policies if he didn't have a reason to do so�

Meridor: What you describe is neither the official policy of Prime Minister Netanyahu nor the official policy of the government."

Follath's questions, and his dogged determination to ignore everything that Meridor said reflect this general European propensity to embrace the fantasy of Israeli criminality over the reality of Israeli willingness to do just about anything for peace.

Israel has for years based its public diplomacy regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program on successive governments' assessments that given Iran's global reach and the threat it poses to global security, states will be more willing to act to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons than they are to acknowledge Palestinian terrorism which is employed almost exclusively against Israel. What Israeli leaders - including Netanyahu - have failed to recognize is that the antipathy of Europeans towards Israel is so great that they are willing to explain away Iran's nuclear weapons program because it is aimed first of all against Israel.

Case in point is yet another screed by Follath published in Der Spiegel in June. There he characterized Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad as "twins," who are united in their "apocalyptic religious visions." As he sees it, both are equally responsible for the rising likelihood of war between Israel and Iran that is liable to suck in countries around the region and the world. As far as he - and his loyal readers - are concerned, Israel and Iran deserve each other.

Such views inevitably temper any propensity European leaders may have to act against Iran. This was demonstrated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her appearance with Netanyahu in Berlin on Thursday. Merkel rejected Israel's comparison of Iran's stated aim of destroying Israel to the German Holocaust saying, "There is no comparison between the Holocaust and the Iranian nuclear program."

If there is no comparison, then Germany, which she claimed is duty bound to defend Israel due to the Holocaust, has no obligation to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

But if Merkel is wrong, and as a result of the lackadaisical attitude she, her European colleagues, and the Obama administration have adopted, Iran acquires nuclear weapons and as promised, uses them to commit a new genocide of Jewry, she has no reason to worry. The anti-Israel attitude now rampant in Europe will ensure that she will pay no price, and will not even be embarrassed for her failure to heed the warnings.

Case in point is the newest Swedish media blood libel against Israel, and the numerous blood libels - most prominently France 2's Muhammad al Dura blood libel from September 2000 - that preceded it. Stories like Aftonbladet's fiction of IDF theft of Palestinian organs and France 2's false allegation that the IDF murders Arab children sell newspapers and raise television ratings because the popular animus against Israel is so great that people are willing to buy newspapers and watch television networks that propagate obvious lies that feed this irrational hatred. Indeed, it pays to disseminate such lies.

France 2's Charles Enderlain, the father of the al Dura lie just received France's L�gion d'honneur from President Nicholas Sarkozy. Then too, anti-Israel activist Felicia Langer just received Germany's Federal Cross of Honor, and Israel hater Mary Robinson was just awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The lesson of all of this for Israel is clear. Whether Netanyahu is dealing with Obama or European leaders, the game is rigged against us. Any move that Israel makes towards these leaders will simply facilitate their further castigation of the Jewish state and support their clear intentions to do nothing to prevent Iran from acquiring the means to destroy Israel.

As we have been all too often in our history, today Israel stands alone against our enemies. We can either defeat them, or we can be defeated. The choice is ours.

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama and his Administration will get us all killed.

The option from Obama is that if Israel continues to build homes for it’s people, the US will not impede Iran’s atomic bomb building program. Boy, talk about lose - lose for everyone but Iran.

"the administration will adopt a "much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program."

" alleged" ?????

LOL, you can quit reading right there. A false promise it can't deliver on anyway.

Israel tell Obama to shove it and don't believe a word he says.

I cannot stand Obama!!!!!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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August 26, 2009

Typical Jew Hating IDIOT Palestinian "academic" Denies Jewish Connection to Western Wall

A Palestinian Authority university lecturer is the latest PA academic to rewrite history and deny Jewish history in Jerusalem - in particular, the Jewish people's connection to the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) of the Jewish Temple.

Shamekh Alawneh, a lecturer in modern history at Al-Quds Open University, says the Jews invented the connection to the Wall for political purposes, to convince European Jews and Zionists to come to "Palestine."

"It has no historical roots," he said on a television program called Jerusalem - History and Culture. "This is political terminology to win the hearts and the support of the Zionists in Europe, so they would emigrate and come to Palestine. Nothing more!"

The show's interviewer also refers to the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, and to Jewish plots to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Denying Jewish history in Jerusalem and the existence of the Jewish Temple is a central component of PA political ideology. This denial started with Yasser Arafat and continues to be reiterated by academics, politicians and religious leaders.

PA leaders systematically distort the ancient history of Jerusalem, ignoring the vast historical documentation and thousands of archeological finds related to Jewish history that have been found in Jerusalem.


Wild Thing's comment........

Shamekh Alawneh ......"Al Nakba"! And remember if you have your own country, you have to have traffic lights and garbage trucks and Chambers of Commerce, and, worse, you actually have to figure out some way to make a living. That's no fun. No, they want what all the other Jew-Haters in the region want: Israel.

They also want a lot of dead Jewish people , of course -- that's where the real fun is -- but mostly they want Israel. Why? For one thing, trying to destroy Israel - or "The Zionist Entity" as their textbooks call it -- for the last fifty years has allowed the rulers of Arab countries to divert the attention of their own people away from the fact that they're the blue-ribbon most illiterate, poorest, and tribally backward on God's Earth, and if you've ever been around God's Earth, you know that's really saying something.

It really ticks me off when we here the POS Obama say how wonderful the Muslims are, how they have given soooo much to the world. HA! No freakin way. But Muslim Obama goes on and on about the great history and culture of the Muslim Mideast. Unless I'm missing something, the Arabs haven't given anything to the world since Algebra, and, by the way, thanks a hell of a lot for that one.

Shamekh Alawneh, chew this around and spit it out: Five hundred million Arabs; five million Jews.

Just reverse the numbers. Imagine five hundred million Jews and five million Arabs. I was stunned at the simple brilliance of it. Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshaling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab State into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? Impossible. Or spreading and believing horrible lies about the Arabs baking their bread with the blood of children? Disgusting. No, as you know, left to themselves in a world of peace, the worst Jews would ever do to people is debate them to death.

"Palestinian" LOL more like "Other Arabs Who Can't Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death."

PLO admits Palestinian People is a myth. .......*"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism." ~ PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, March 31, 1977

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian Arab nation . . . Palestine is a name the Romans gave to Eretz Yisrael with the express purpose of infuriating the Jews . . . . Why should we use the spiteful name meant to humiliate us?
"The British chose to call the land they mandated Palestine, and the Arabs picked it up as their nation's supposed ancient name, though they couldn't even pronounce it correctly and turned it into Falastin a fictional entity."
-- Golda Meir quoted by Sarah Honig, Jerusalem Post, 25 November 1995

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August 24, 2009

Obama Planning Israel Ambush at Opening of UN Assembly!

Obama Planning Israel Ambush at Opening of UN Assembly!

One Jerusalem

Several sources have informed One Jerusalem that the Obama Administration is planning to significantly step up the pressure on Israel by announcing a comprehensive plan for Israel and the Palestinians at the opening of the United Nations General in September.

Picture this: The anti-Israel nations of the world surrounding President Obama as he demands that Israel give up sovereignty over Jerusalem, abandon settlements, and recognize a terrorist state on the West Bank.

If this happens, Israel will be isolated from the rest of world in a very dramatic manner.

The first sign that something was up came when Egyptian President Mubarak said that the Obama Administration was ready to propose a plan in September and the White House rushed to dampen expectations by declaring that they are nowhere near to readying a plan.

Our sources confirmed that the Obama administration is contemplating this ambush of Israel at the United Nations.

World Jewish Congress Defends Israel, Takes on Obama

One Jerusalem

In light of a Fatah convention that confirmed that these "moderate Palestinians" will not recognize a Jewish State, and growing evidence that the Obama administration is preparing to launch a full scale diplomatic offense on behalf of the Palestinians, at the expense of Jerusalem and Israel's security -- Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, became the first major Jewish leader to defend Israel against this Obama-driven onslaught.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lauder wrote:

Rule No. 1: Respect the sovereignty of democratic allies. When free people in a democracy express their preferences, the United States should respect their opinions. The current administration should not try to impose ideas on allies like Israel.

Mr. Lauder continued:

The administration would also do well to take heed of the Palestinian Authority's continued refusal to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This is not a trivial matter. A long-term settlement can only be forged on the basis of mutual recognition and respect. To deny the essence of the Zionist project--to rebuild the Jewish people's ancient homeland-- is to call into question the seriousness of one's commitment to peace.

It is a sad statement of the Palestinians' approach to peace-making that denial of the Jewish homeland is not simply contained in the openly anti-Semitic leadership of Hamas. It is a widespread belief across the spectrum of Palestinian opinion. This reality must be confronted.

Mr. Lauder's rousing defense of Israel came on the day that President Obama bestowed the Medal of Freedom on Mary Robinson, who gave birth to Durban I and legitimized anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiments. Obama honored Robinson, despite protests by Jewish and non-Jewish organizations.


Wild Thing's comment.........

The UN will side with Obama if he does try to ambush Isael. They already hate Israel at the UN with all the Muslim countries belonging to the UN.

The anti-Israel apparatus within the UN is of considerable magnitude and that added to the evil of Obama is scary.

Good for Mr. Lauder for speaking out about Obama. The people OBama gave the Medal of Freedom too, every one of them shocked me. Not one deserved the Medal of Freedom.

If there is anything Obama can do that is sick, destructive, against our country and Israel. He will do it!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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August 22, 2009

Et tu, Netanyahu? by Caroline B. Glick

Et tu, Netanyahu?


By Caroline B. Glick

This week we discovered that we have been deceived. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's principled rejection of US President Barack Obama's bigoted demand that Israel bar Jews from building new homes and expanding existing ones in Judea and Samaria does not reflect his actual policy.

Housing and Construction Minister Ariel Attias let the cat out of the bag. Attias said that the government has been barring Jews from building in the areas since it took office four months ago in the hopes that by preemptively capitulating to US demands, the US will treat Israel better.

And that's not all. Today Netanyahu is reportedly working in earnest to reach a deal with the Obama administration that would formalize the government's effective construction ban through 2010. Netanyahu is set to finalize such a deal at his meeting with Obama's Middle East envoy George Mitchell in London next Wednesday.

Unfortunately, far from treating Israel better as a result of Netanyahu's willingness to capitulate on the fundamental right of Jews to live and build homes in the land of Israel, the Obama administration is planning to pocket Israel's concession and then up the ante. Administration officials have stated that their next move will be to set a date for a new international Middle East peace conference that Obama will chair. There, Israel will be isolated and relentlessly attacked as the US, the Arabs, the Europeans, the UN and the Russians all gang up on our representatives and demand that Israel accept the so-called "Arab peace plan."

That deceptively named plan, which Obama has all but adopted as his own, involves Israel committing national suicide in exchange for nothing. The Arab plan -- formerly the "Saudi Plan," and before that, the Tom Friedman "stick it to Israel 'peace' plan" -- calls for Israel to retreat to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines and expel hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. It also involves Israel agreeing to cease being a Jewish state by accepting millions of foreign, hostile Arabs as citizens within its truncated borders. The day an Israeli government accepts the plan - which again will form the basis of the Obama "peace" conference" -- is the day that the State of Israel signs its own death warrant.

Then there is the other Obama plan in the works. Obama also intends to host an international summit on nuclear security for March 2010. Arab states are already pushing for Israel's nuclear program to be placed on the agenda. Together with Obama administration officials' calls for Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty -- which would compel Israel to relinquish its purported nuclear arsenal -- and their stated interest in having Israel sign the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty -- which would arguably force Israel to allow international inspections of its nuclear facility in Dimona -- Obama's planned nuclear conclave will place Israel in an untenable position.

Recognizing the Obama administration's inherent and unprecedented hostility to Israel, Netanyahu sought to deflect its pressure by giving his speech at Bar Ilan University in June. There he gave his conditional acceptance of Obama's most cherished foreign policy goal -- the establishment of a Palestinian state in Israel's heartland.

Netanyahu's conditions -- that the Arabs generally and the Palestinians specifically recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state; that they relinquish their demand that Israel accept millions of hostile Arabs as citizens under the so-called "right of return;" that the Palestinian state be a "demilitarized" state, and that Arab states normalize their relations with Israel were supposed to put a monkey wrench in Obama's policy of pressuring Israel.

Since it is obvious that the Arabs do not accept these eminently reasonable conditions, Netanyahu presumed that Obama would be forced to stand down. What Netanyahu failed to take into consideration was the notion that Obama and the Arabs would not act in good faith -- that they would pretend to accept at least some of his demands in order to force him to accept all of their demands, and so keep US pressure relentlessly focused on Israel. Unfortunately, this is precisely what has happened.

Ahead of Obama's meeting Tuesday with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Al Quds al Arabi, reported that Obama has accepted Netanyahu's call for a demilitarized Palestinian state. Although Netanyahu is touting Obama's new position as evidence of his own diplomatic prowess, the fact is that Obama's new position is both disingenuous and meaningless.

Obama's supposed support for a demilitarized Palestinian state is mendacious on two counts. First, Palestinian society is already one of the most militarized societies in the world. According to the World Bank, 43 percent of wages paid by the Palestinian Authority go to Palestinian militias. Since Obama has never called for any fundamental reordering of Palestinian society or for a reform of the PA's budgetary priorities, it is obvious that he doesn't have a problem with a militarized Palestinian state.

The second reason his statements in support for a demilitarized Palestinian state are not credible is because one of the central pillars of the Obama administration's Palestinian policy is its involvement in training of the Fatah-led Palestinian army. US Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton is overseeing the training of this army in Jordan and pressuring Israel to expand its deployment in Judea and Samaria.

The US claims that the forces it is training will be responsible for counter-terror operations and regular police work, and therefore, it is wrong to say that Dayton is raising a Palestinian army. But even if this is true today, there is no reason not to assume that these forces will form the backbone of a future Palestinian army. After all, the Palestinian militias trained by the CIA in the 1990s were trained in counter-terror tactics. This then enabled them to serve as the commanders of the Palestinian terror apparatus from 2000 until 2004 when Israel finally defeated them. It is the uncertainty about these forces that renders Obama's statement meaningless.

And that gets to the heart of the problem with Netanyahu's conditional support for Palestinian statehood. Far from deflecting pressure on Israel to make further concessions, it trapped Israel into a position that serves none of its vital interests.

For Israel to secure its long-term vital national interests vis-�-vis the Palestinians, it doesn't need for the US and the Palestinians to declare they agree to a demilitarized state or for a Palestinian leader to announce that he recognizes Israel's right to exist or even agrees that Israel doesn't have to commit national suicide by accepting millions of Arab immigrants. For Israel to secure its national interests, Palestinian society needs to be fundamentally reorganized.

As we saw at the Fatah conclave in Bethlehem last week, even if Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas were to accept Netanyahu's conditions, he wouldn't be speaking for anyone but himself. Fatah's conclave -like Hamas's terror state in Gaza - gave Israel every reason to believe that the Palestinians will continue their war against Israel after pocketing their state in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. There is no Palestinian leader with any following that accepts Israel. Consequently, negotiating the establishment of a Palestinian state before Palestinian society is fundamentally changed is a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, even if Netanyahu is right to seek an agreement with Mitchell next week, he showed poor negotiating skill by preemptively freezing Jewish construction. Domestically, Netanyahu has lost credibility now that the public knows that he misled it. And by preemptively capitulating, Netanyahu showed Obama that he is not a serious opponent. Why should Obama take Netanyahu's positions seriously if Netanyahu abandons before them before Obama even begins to seriously challenge him?

Beyond the damage Netanyahu's actions have inflicted on his domestic and international credibility is the damage they have caused to Netanyahu's ability to refocus US attention and resolve where it belongs.

As Netanyahu has repeatedly stated, the Palestinian issue is a side issue. The greatest impediment to Middle East peace and the greatest threat to international security today is Iran's nuclear weapons program. A nuclear armed Iran will all but guarantee that the region will at best be plagued by continuous war, and at worst be destroyed in a nuclear conflagration.

Netanyahu had hoped that his conditional support for Palestinian statehood, and his current willingness to bar Jews from building homes in Judea and Samaria would neutralize US pressure on Israel and facilitate his efforts to convince Obama to recognize and deal rationally with the issue of Iran's nuclear weapons program. But as Ambassador Michael Oren made clear on Sunday, the opposite has occurred.

In an interview with CNN, Oren said that Israel is "far from even contemplating" a military strike against Iran's nuclear installations." He also said, "The government of Israel has supported President Obama in his approach to Iran, initially the engagement, the outreach to Iran."

From this it appears that Israel has not only made no headway in convincing the administration to take Iran seriously. It appears that Jerusalem has joined the administration in accepting a nuclear armed Iran.

It is possible that Oren purposely misrepresented Israel's position. But this too would be a disturbing turn of events. Israel gains nothing from lying. Oren's statement neutralizes domestic pressure on the administration to get serious about Iran. And if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear installations in the coming months, Oren's statement will undoubtedly be used by Israel's detractors to attack the government.

Some critics of Netanyahu from the Right like Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman claim that it may well be time to begin bringing down Netanyahu's government. They are wrong. We have been down this road before. In 1992 the Right brought down Yitzhak Shamir's government and brought the Rabin-Peres government to power and Yassir Arafat to the gates of Jerusalem. In 1999 the Right brought down the first Netanyahu government and gave Israel Camp David and the Palestinian terror war.

There is another way. It is being forged by the likes of Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon on the one hand and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee on the other.

Ya'alon argues that not capitulating to American pressure is a viable policy option forIsrael. There is no reason to reach an agreement with Mitchell on the administration's bigoted demand that Jews not build in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. If the US wants to have a fight with Israel, a fight against American anti-Jewish discrimination is not a bad one for Israel to have.

Ya'alon's argument was borne out by Huckabee's visit this week to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Huckabee's trip showed that the administration is not operating in a policy vacuum. There is plenty of strong American support for an Israeli government that would stand up to the administration on the Palestinian issue and Iran alike.

Netanyahu's policies have taken a wrong turn. But Netanyahu is not Tzipi Livni or Ehud Olmert. He is neither an ideologue nor an opportunist. He understands why what he is doing is wrong. He just needs to be convinced that he has another option.

Wild Thing's comment.........

This is so sad, so horrible. Bibi is a smart man, he has GOT to know Barack Hussein Obama is not Israel’s friend.

I honestly don't know what to say to this, I have liked BiBi for such a long time. He seemed so strong and able to stand up to Obama.

Prayers for Israel and for America.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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August 06, 2009

Obama's Spies Monitoring Jews House-to-House

Obama's spies monitoring Jews house-to-house

'They try to mingle with us to get more information on what we're doing'


by Aaron Klein


The Obama administration has set up an apparatus to closely monitor Jewish construction in Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank to the point of watching Israeli moves house-to-house in certain key neighborhoods, WND has learned.

Obama has called for a complete halt to what he refers to as settlement activity, meaning Jewish construction in eastern Jewish or the West Bank. Obama's edict extends to natural growth, or accommodating for the housing needs of existing local settler population centers. The demand is an apparent abrogation of a deal Israel struck with the Bush administration to allow natural growth.

For the past few months, Obama's Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, has protested to the highest levels of the Israeli government about evidence found of any Jewish housing expansion in those areas, informed Israeli officials said.

The officials, who spoke on condition that their names be withheld, said that last March Mitchell oversaw the establishment of an enhanced apparatus based in the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem that closely monitors the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods, incorporating regular tours of the areas, at times on a daily basis.

Previously, under the Bush administration, the consulate kept a general eye on Jewish Jerusalem and West Bank construction, receiving much of its information from nongovernmental organizations.

"Mitchell's apparatus takes things to a whole new level. They are watching very closely," said an Israeli official.

Jewish leaders in the West Bank said the consulate takes no pains to hide their activities.

"They come out. They tour our communities. They try to interact with our leadership," David Ha'ivri, spokesmen for the Shomron Regional Council in the West Bank, told WND.
"They drive around the towns, check up on what's going on. They try to mingle with us to get more information on what we're up to and what we're doing," he said.

Ha'ivri said the consular officials present themselves as advisers to the U.S. consul-general.

"But we know they are really spies for the Obama administration," he said.

Jerusalem officials affirm the consular staff report to Obama's envoy, Mitchell.

The U.S. the past few weeks has been publicly protesting Israeli actions in Jerusalem on the municipal level, making an international incident out of individual homes. Yesterday, for the second time the past few weeks, the Obama administration summoned Israel's ambassador to Washington to protest Israel asserting its municipal rights in eastern sections of Jerusalem which the Palestinians claim as a future capital.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman summoned Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington, with a message that the Obama administration views the eviction Sunday of two Palestinian families from homes in eastern Jerusalem as "provocative" and "unacceptable."

In the case, Israel last week enforced its own property law in Jerusalem by evicting Arabs from a Jewish housing complex they purportedly had been illegally occupying for almost a century.

Oren reportedly responded today by explaining that the housing complex has been Jewish-owned since before Israel's founding in 1948. Oren explained a court ordered the families' eviction since they had been living there illegally.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week also denounced the evictions, calling them "deeply regrettable" during a joint press conference in Washington with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.


Yesterday marked the second time the past three weeks Israel's ambassador has been summoned by Washington to protest Israeli conduct in eastern Jerusalem. Last month, Oren was summoned by the State Department to demand a Jewish construction project in eastern Jerusalem be immediately halted.

The construction project, financed by Miami Beach philanthropist Irving Moskowitz, is located just yards from Israel's national police headquarters and other government ministries. It is a few blocks from the country's prestigious Hebrew University, underscoring the centrality of the Jewish real estate being condemned by the U.S.

Netanyahu strongly rejected the State Department demand, telling a cabinet meeting Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem was not a matter up for discussion.
"Imagine what would happen if someone were to suggest Jews could not live in or purchase [property] in certain neighborhoods in London, New York, Paris or Rome," he said just after his ambassador was summoned.
"The international community would certainly raise protest. Likewise, we cannot accept such a ruling on eastern Jerusalem," Netanyahu told ministers.

Wild Thing's comment......

Obama sure wants to extend his socialist big brother mentality globally. God bless BiBi for staying strong against despicable Obama.

Our media should be reporting this, shame on them big time!!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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August 04, 2009

Netanyahu to U.S.: Israel will govern itself, thank you ~ Hooray! God Bless BiBi!

Netanyahu to U.S.: Israel will govern itself, thank you


By Aaron Klein

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office today objected to U.S. condemnation of the Israeli government for enforcing property law in Jerusalem by evicting Arabs from a Jewish housing complex they purportedly had been illegally occupying for almost a century.

"The eviction yesterday in Jerusalem was a result of a ruling by our Supreme Court that had to decide in a dispute between two parties over the legal control of a property," Netanyahu's spokesman, Mark Regev, told WND.
Continued Regev: "The Supreme Court ruled for one side and not the other. In all democracies the rulings of the courts must be upheld, and it is incumbent on the executive branch to implement such decisions."
Regev said the Israeli Supreme Court "is renowned internationally for both its independence and its professionalism. There are countless examples of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Palestinians in land disputes."
Washington today condemned the Arab evictions. State Department spokeswoman Megan Mattson said such actions in eastern Jerusalem constitute violations of Israel's obligations under the U.S.-backed "Road Map" peace plan.
"Unilateral actions taken by either party cannot prejudge the outcome of negotiations and will not be recognized by the international community," she said in a statement.

Much of the U.S. and international media the past two days have been reporting on Israel's eviction of Arab families from a house in eastern Jerusalem. Many of the reports failed to provide proper background regarding why the Arabs were kicked out of the home.

The housing complex is located in the Sheik Jarra neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem. The home was originally Jewish, but its Jewish occupants were chased out during countrywide anti-Jewish Arab riots in 1929. Arabs then squatted on the property, with one family, the Hejazi family, becoming the de facto occupants despite never having purchased the property.

Even though documentation shows the complex is owned by Jews and that Arabs have been squatting on it illegally for almost a century, Jewish groups say they still legally re-purchased the property from the Hejazi family.

The eviction of squatting Arabs from a Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem follows recent demands by the Obama administration for Israel to halt all "settlement activity," meaning Jewish construction, in Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank.

Last month, Israel's ambassador to Washington was summoned by the State Department to demand a Jewish construction project in eastern Jerusalem be immediately halted.

The construction project at the center of attention, financed by Miami Beach philanthropist Irving Moskowitz, is located just yards from Israel's national police headquarters and other government ministries. It is a few blocks from the country's prestigious Hebrew University, underscoring the centrality of the Jewish real estate being condemned by the U.S.

Netanyahu strongly rejected the State Department demand, telling a cabinet meeting Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem was not a matter up for discussion.

"Imagine what would happen if someone were to suggest Jews could not live in or purchase [property] in certain neighborhoods in London, New York, Paris or Rome," he said just after his ambassador was summoned.
"The international community would certainly raise protest. Likewise, we cannot accept such a ruling on East Jerusalem," Netanyahu told ministers.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Its about time someone tells this idiot POS Obama we have running our country into the ground, to shut up and sit down and mind his own I wish more would do it, including AMERICANS!!!!

God bless BiBi and the hell with Obama!!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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July 27, 2009

Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem GOOD They Should!


Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem


For the first time in years, the nationalist camp will hold a large scale rally against United States policies vis-à-vis Israel.

The protest will be held in downtown Jerusalem, on Agron St. on Monday evening, and is being organized by the Residents Committees of Binyamin and Samaria, as well as the nationalist umbrella organization Mateh Maamatz, the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities, and Komemiyut.

Knesset Members and others representing various parties, including the Likud, will speak.

“Not since the days of [U.S. Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger has there been such a protest against American policies,” said MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh), chairman of the National Union party. “The pressure that Barack Hussein Obama is exerting against us to simply stop growing and stop living will not work.”

The Obama administration has made it clear that Israel must stop building of all types throughout Judea and Samaria (Yesha), as well as in parts of Israel’s capital city that were liberated during the Six Day War of 1967.

The slogan for Monday’s demonstration, and the message to Obama and his envoys, is, "Yes to Israeli Independence, No to American Dictates!"

In addition, hints have been dropped that American action against Iran depends on a cessation of Israeli construction in Yesha.

Wild Thing's comment......

GOOD. Wish I could be there. I would be honored to stand along side those protesting Obama.

I hope it is on TV in the states..and they show the world what a criminal Obama and the rest of the Washington crowd is

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The anti-Semite Obama: Israel Is The Problem Not The Palestinians

Obama Clarifies: Israel Is The Problem Not The Palestinians

One Jerusalem

Obama invited a very select group of Jewish leaders to the White House. Like all his events, Obama made sure that his supporters dominated the room. Flanked by staffers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, Obama overloaded the guest list with left leaning American Jews. Groups like Peace Now, The National Jewish Democrat Council, and J Street, all of whom oppose the the elected government of Benjamin Netanyahu, were included among the typical "major Jewish organizations." Obama made sure that groups supporting the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu were a distinct minority.

From a few published reports and other sources, One Jerusalem has pieced together a picture of what took place at this meeting. In short, Obama made it clear that he feels Israel must be pushed to make a deal with the Palestinians - which means that Obama is planning to force Israel to compromise on Jerusalem, settlements, the West Bank, and possibly the right of return. He will not be dissuaded by facts on the ground (more on this later), and he sees a moral equivalency between the plight of the Palestinians and the needs of the State of Israel.

Wild Thing's comment........

OBama makes me sick. Our country has been a friend to Israel and now with this freaking Muslim in our White House we have to watch him do all he can to kill off that friendship.

He really favors terrorists over anyone else, such as Israeli's and also Americans.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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July 25, 2009

Obama Sends $200 Million to Aid Palestinians As He Bankrupts USA

Palestinians take part in an anti-Israel rally organized by Islamic Jihad movement in Abasan in the southern Gaza Strip July 24, 2009. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

US transfers $200 million in aid to Palestinians


The United States has transferred $200 million to the Palestinian government to help ease a growing budget deficit, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has been struggling in recent months to keep his government afloat, borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars from commercial banks just to cover the public payroll.

The reasons for the shortfall include Israel's restrictions on the Palestinian economy, the border blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and the failure of some donor countries to make good on their aid pledges, Fayyad said Friday, in a video conference with Clinton.

With Friday's aid transfer, donor countries have given the Palestinian government $606 million in budget support this year, covering only about one-third of the estimated deficit of $1.45 billion for 2009, Fayyad said.

"We have received aid, but not enough to deal with our needs, and we faced sharp economic difficulties throughout the last months," Fayyad told reporters.

Senior Member of Palestinian Ruling Party:No Recognition of Israel – EVER !

Traditionally there has been only one difference between Hamas the terrorist group that control's Gaza, and Fatah, the terrorist group that controls Judea and Samaria. Hamas is open about it terrorist goals, Fatah (controlled by Palestinian President Abbas) tries to maintain a public shroud of "moderation."

Fatah may be changing its strategy and allowing honesty to shine through. Since Bibi Netanyahu Made his speech offering to sit down and have talks with the Palestinians with no preconditions, there has been no movement toward talks. You see, the Palestinians refuse to talk unless Israel agrees to give them everything they want before negotiations. That doesn't sound like moderation.

It gets worse. Yesterday a Senior Member of Fatah, the supposedly moderate party run by Palestinian Authority President Abbas, has denied that the party has recognized Israel. He's right,take a look at these items from the Fatah Constitution:

* Article 7 defines Israel— "the Zionist entity"—as "racial, colonial and aggressive in ideology, goals, organisation and method."

* Article 12 calls for the "complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence" through violence....

.. Article 22 puts forth Fatah’s opposition to "any political solution offered as an alternative to demolishing the Zionist occupation in Palestine, as well as any project intended to liquidate the Palestinian case or impose any international mandate on its people.

The senior Fatah member Rafik Natsheh, a good friend of President Abbas, also says that the party will NEVER recognize Israel or give up terrorism.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Everytime Obama demands anything from BiBi, then BiBi should send this back as his reply......"The senior Fatah member Rafik Natsheh, a good friend of President Abbas, also says that the party will NEVER recognize Israel or give up terrorism. "

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July 21, 2009

Jerusalem The Eternal City of Israel ~ Petition

I have mentioned several times that I wish there was a way to let BiBi know I support his decisions and not to cave in to Obama.

A dear friend of mine that has an awesome blog Bare Naked Islam sent me a Petition that One Jerusalem has, that calls for maintaining a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.
Also be sure to check out her blog, she has tons of information about what Islamics our "peaceful" enemy is up to.
I signed the Petition and wanted to share it here with all of you. ~ Wild Thing

Here is what the Petition says:

United Jerusalem Petition can be found HERE..... One Jerusalem blog


Friends of Jerusalem and Israel know that we are facing the greatest challenge of our lives.

Israel's enemies are emboldened by the conciliatory policies of the Obama Administration and by its antagonistic attitude toward the elected government of the State of Israel.

We have mobilized over 100,000 defenders of Jerusalem and Israel. As a community, we share information that is often not reported by the Media, we promote pro-Israel ideas and people. We bring to the public's attention actions they can take to help our cause.

By signing this petition, you will join our growing and vibrant community. Join today. We need your assistance!

I support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, to ensure free and open access for all people.

I support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, as an expression of the unique relationship between the Jewish People and its eternal capital.

I support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, so as never to return to the dark period of 1947-67, when Arab control over an artificially divided Jerusalem meant religious persecution, desecration of holy sites, and wanton destruction.

I support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, according to the current municipal boundaries, set in the wake of Israel’s defensive 1967 Six Day War.

I support a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, where Jews may enjoy the right to pray on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in the Jewish world.

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July 20, 2009

Good For BiBi Netanyahu For Standing Up To Barack Obama


** In his early years, Bibi served as a captain in the Sayeret Matkal reconnaissance unit of the Israeli Defense Force.

** In his early years, Obama says he did marijuana, cocaine and booze.

** Bibi’s brother, Yoni, (who attended Harvard) was wounded in the 1967 War and later killed during the raid on Entebbe.

** Obama’s brother, George, lives in a shack in Nairobi. In January he was arrested for drug possession.

** Bibi attended MIT, and later received a Masters from the Sloane School of Management.

** Obama attended Occidental College and Columbia, deciding five years after graduating to attend Harvard Law School. During the years in between he was a community organizer in Chicago. ( there are NO records of any schooling that I know of, last I heard they were sealed so no one could see them. And we have not heard much if anything from the people that he worked with when he was a community organizer either. Almost total silence and sealed duct taped past)

** Bibi has been elected to serve in the Israeli Knesset since 1988, and was elected Prime Minister in 1996, and again in 2009. He has also served as head of the Likud party for much of the time since 1993 and as Finance minister.

** Obama was a state senator before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2005. Three years later he ran for, and was elected president of the United States.

** Benyamin Netanyahu is fluent in English and Hebrew and he is considered a powerful speaker and he has an awesome voice..

** Barack Hussein Obama, who is also considered a powerful and influential speaker ( he is NOT) , says he’s embarrassed that Americans don’t know a foreign language and he says, “I don’t speak a foreign language. It’s embarrassing!” Interesting he would say that since he lived in Indonesia and speaks some knows Arabic .OH yess it would not be foreign to him since he well er all did live there or was born there......who knows.

** On occasion, Bibi, who is Jewish, will include Biblical quotes in his speeches, like: “G-d will give might to His people, G-d will bless His people with peace.” (Psalm 29)

** Obama, who says he is not muslim and that Jeramiah Wright is not his pastor, will include quotes from what he calls the “holy Koran” like: “"Be conscious of God and speak always the truth."

** Netanyahu’s father was a Professor of Jewish History at Cornell University

** Obama’s father was a drunk and a man that fathered children by different women, and did not take care of them and a communist.

** BiBi is a hero to his country and countrymen.

** Obama has been an embarassment, and a disgrace to our country and what it has stood for all my life. He is the enemy within and the most dangerous man in our country. He is NOT loved. He might have been worshiped by the left and he was, but not loved. Love has more meat in it, more depth then the feeling of worshp which can fad in the wind. Obama does not love Amercia and it shows, in his actions and words.

Netanyahu tight-lipped about imminent Iran attack

Israeli warships cross Red Sea in apparent signal to Tehran



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office refused to respond to a report today purporting to quote an Israeli defense official stating the recent deployment of warships across the Red Sea should be seen as serious preparation for an attack on Iran.

"It is not our policy to comment on such reports," Mark Regev, Netanyahu's spokesman, told WND.

Earlier this week, two Israel Navy gunboats openly sailed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea with permission from Egypt.

"This is preparation that should be taken seriously. Israel is investing time in preparing itself for the complexity of an attack on Iran. These maneuvers are a message to Iran that Israel will follow up on its threats," the Times of London today quoted what it said was an Israeli defense official as saying.

The warship movements follow the passage last month of an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine through the canal, later returning the same way.

According to Israeli defense officials speaking to WND, the Dolphin was carrying out test drills. The officials said the submarine passed through the canal with permission from Egypt, even though the Egyptian government denied any permission was granted.

The Times today quoted an Israeli diplomat explaining the Jewish state has been bolstering its ties with certain Arab nations that are also threatened by Iran. The diplomat cited a "shared mutual distrust of Iran" between Israel and Egypt.

In a report denied by Netanyahu's office, the Times of London two weeks ago claimed Saudi Arabia would turn a blind eye to Israeli warplanes flying over the kingdom in any raid on Iran's nuclear sites.

The Times said Mossad director Meir Dagan had held secret talks with Saudi officials to discuss the possibility.

"The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israeli air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia," the newspaper quoted a diplomatic source as saying.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Ours, Not Up for Debate

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a sharp response Sunday to United States pressure to stop Jews from building in parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority. Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem is “not up for debate,” Netanyahu said, and Jews are permitted to build in any part of the capital city, as are Arabs.
Netanyahu implied that the U.S. request was racist, saying before the weekly Cabinet meeting, “Imagine what would happen if Jews were forbidden to live or to buy apartments in certain parts of London, New York, Paris or Rome. There would be an international outcry."
"All the more, we cannot to a decree like this regarding Jerusalem,” he said.

Over the weekend, the U.S. State Department summoned Israeli envoy Michael Oren and demanded that Israel halt construction of Jewish homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, near the ancient grave of Shimon HaTzaddik (Simon the Just). The property on which the homes are to be built has been owned by Jewish activist Dr. Irving Moskowitz for more than 20 years.

Oren told U.S. officials that Israel would not agree to stop building in the area.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Go Bibi! Stay strong Israel!!!! Pay no attention to the Obama administration,they want to destroy you’re country just like they are doing to ours! God bless BiBi and the hell with Obama.

It is so OUTRAGEOUS that Obama and company think they can tell Israel where to build in their own city. Man it is awful for the U.S. to be represented by madman #$%&@* It turns my stomach. Give em hell Bibi!

Barack Obama has failed in his domestic and foreign policies. Everything he touches is ruined!!!

Thank you to Cinnamon Girl and I saved several of the photos of BiBi for later on.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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July 16, 2009

Iran Closer to Having Nuclear Bomb

'Germany believes Iran could have nuclear bomb within 6 months'

Iran is capable of assembling an atomic bomb within six months, German intelligence analysts told the German weekly newsmagazine Stern.

"If they want to, they will be able to set off a uranium bomb within six months," an analyst with Germany's intelligence service, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), told the magazine.
German intelligence officials told Stern believe Iran has "mastered" every stage of uranium enrichment and that they have activated enough centrifuges to produce sufficient quantities of weapons-grade uranium for at least one atomic bomb.
"Nobody would have thought this possible some years ago," an intelligence official told Stern.

The UN Security Council has imposed three sets of sanctions on Tehran for defying its demands to suspend uranium enrichment.

Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran


Two Israeli missile class warships have sailed through the Suez Canal ten days after a submarine capable of launching a nuclear missile strike, in preparation for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The deployment into the Red Sea, confirmed by Israeli officials, was a clear signal that Israel was able to put its strike force within range of Iran at short notice. It came before long-range exercises by the Israeli air force in America later this month and the test of a missile defence shield at a US missile range in the Pacific Ocean.

Israel has strengthened ties with Arab nations who also fear a nuclear-armed Iran. In particular, relations with Egypt have grown increasingly strong this year over the “shared mutual distrust of Iran”, according to one Israeli diplomat. Israeli naval vessels would likely pass through the Suez Canal for an Iranian strike.

“This is preparation that should be taken seriously. Israel is investing time in preparing itself for the complexity of an attack on Iran. These manoeuvres are a message to Iran that Israel will follow up on its threats,” an Israeli defence official said.

It is believed that Israel’s missile-equipped submarines, and its fleet of advanced aircraft, could be used to strike at in excess of a dozen nuclear-related targets more than 800 miles from Israel.

“It is not by chance that Israel is drilling long-range manoeuvres in a public way. This is not a secret operation. This is something that has been published and which will showcase Israel’s abilities,” said an Israeli defence official.

He added that in the past, Israel had run a number of covert long-range drills. A year ago, Israeli jets flew over Greece in one such drill, while in May, reports surfaced that Israeli air force aircraft were staging exercises over Gibraltar. An Israeli attack on a weapons convoy in Sudan bound for militants in the Gaza Strip earlier this year was also seen as a rehearsal for hitting moving convoys.

The exercises come at a time when Western diplomats are offering support for an Israeli strike on Iran in return for Israeli concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state.

If agreed it would make an Israeli strike on Iran realistic “within the year” said one British official.

Diplomats said that Israel had offered concessions on settlement policy, Palestinian land claims and issues with neighboring Arab states, to facilitate a possible strike on Iran.

“Israel has chosen to place the Iranian threat over its settlements,” said a senior European diplomat.

Iran: Online newspaper says 100s of slain protesters are in morgues

The on-line Farsi-language newspaper, Nooroz, reports that hundreds of unidentified dead bodies are being held in Tehran's morgues. One of the few official organs providing information on the detainees is the office of unidentified dead persons, which has summoned some families to various morgues around the city to determine whether their loved ones are among the dead. Nooroz newspaper reports that those families, who find their sons or daughters among the countless corpses, are threatened and pressured into signing statements attesting that their family members died in car crashes or as a result of other ordinary, run of the mill accidents. Unless the families sign these statements, the cherished bodies of their loved ones are withheld from them.

One person who reportedly visited the morgue in south-west Tehran [which in the past had been used only for the storage of fruits and dairy products]reports to Nooroz that she was presented with an album containing hundreds of pictures of the dead and was told to try and find her child among these images. This woman reports that, as she was leaving the morgue, she saw hundreds of dead bodies piled on top of one another.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama will say go ahead. I cannot believe the times we are living in. It is frightening.

This might sound crazy but just in case something does happen with Israel and Iran, fill the gas tanks and don't forget to have a survival kit packed and ready. You just don't know what is going to blow; it could be volcanoes, quakes, power shortages, or bad weather....because if it is nuclear is what I am thinking about.

It’s only a matter of time. Another article said that Israel has it that Egypt is cooperating, and Saudi Arabia has given Israel a Red Sea base from which to launch an attack, and overflight rights over Saudi territory into the Persian Gulf. This would allow Israel to avoid having to ask Obama for overflight permission in Iraq — which he would never grant.

There is also this:

Preparations for Attack on Iran Almost Complete

Israel has decided to go ahead. Taking into account political, geopolitical, military preparedness, and climatic conditions, there are two windows: between July 21 and 24 and between August 6 and 8. Advance teams comprised of Mossad agents and military personnel are already on the ground in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq (including in the Kurdish lands, adjacent to Turkey).


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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June 30, 2009

Israeli Navy Takes Control of Aid Boat Headed for Gaza (Cynthia McKinney AGAIN!)

Small ferry carrying medical supplies that set sail from Cyprus Monday with 21 peace activists, medical supplies intercepted off Strip's shore; passengers say army jammed boat's radio signals.

At around noon Tuesday the Israeli Navy intercepted and took control of a boat that had set sail for the Gaza Strip with three tons of medical supplies, Palestinian sources said, adding that the Navy jammed the boat's radio signals.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office confirmed the report. Israeli military sources said there was no violence after the small ferry, sailing from Cyprus with activists from the US-based Free Gaza Movement, was intercepted off Gaza.

"The vessel, which was sailing under a Greek flag, left Larnaca, Cyprus on Monday en route to Gaza. After it was made clear that the boat was headed for Gaza's shore, it was told that Gaza was under a naval blockade. In light of this and the security hazards in the region, its entrance to Gaza was forbidden," the army said in a statement.
The army stressed that despite the warnings, the boat continued sailing toward the Strip. "The Navy vessel's crew took control of the boat and led it to the Ashdod port," said the military.

The boat is also carrying 21 peace activists, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia Ann McKinney (D-GA) and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire.

Activist Luvana Masarwa, a 30-year-old east Jerusalem resident, said Monday that passengers "are excited about the possibility of contributing to breaking the siege."

"We want to show the Palestinian people in Gaza that they are not alone, and call on the international community to take a more active role in resolving the situation," she said.

Navy Boards Activists’ Ship: Ex-US Legislator: Call off the Dogs

Israel National News

As the navy surrounded the activists’ boat, McKinney said by phone from the vessel, "I am extremely angry. We demand that the Israeli government call off their attack dogs.”

The IDF made contact and told the boat it would not be allowed to approach because of security risks and a blockade which Israel has imposed to prevent terrorists and weapons from arriving, according to the IDF. “Despite warnings, they crossed into coastal waters and as a result of this, a naval force intercepted it and boarded it, with the intention of directing it to Ashdod port in Israel.”

Wild Thing's comment.....

Cynthia McKinney is the kind of “person” that you could throw to the sharks and they’d suddenly become vegetarians.

Free Gaza is a pro-arab pro-muslim fascist pro-hamas pro-hezbolla outfit. Rather than deport these fine folks, the Israelis should incarcerate them for a time. This might be something that would discourage these idiot psuedo-peaceniks.

Obama and Cynthia McKinney are very similar:

weekly standard

She is a Democrat, in 1992, she became the first black woman elected to Congress from Georgia.
Appearing in print just months after the September 11 attacks, McKinney's charges couldn't be excused. Nor could her list of campaign donors, which included both terrorist sympathizers like Abdurahman Alamoudi, the former executive director of the American Muslim Council, and apparent actual terrorists like former college professor Sami Al-Arian. Nor could her October 12, 2001, letter to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which she rebuked New York mayor Rudy Giuliani for returning the prince's post-9/11 “gift” of $10 million and urged bin Talal to donate the funds to “charities outside the mayor's control,” especially those that dealt with “poor blacks who sleep on the street in the shadows of our nation's Capitol.” Giuliani had returned the Saudi’s money because it came with the implicit condition that America “address some of the issues that led to such a criminal [9/11] attack,” among them “its policies in the Middle East,” where “our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Israelis while the world turns the other cheek.” To Giuliani, such a statement made excuses for terrorism. This wasn't a problem for McKinney.

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Obama To Israeli Jews Stop Building Homes and Where To Live!

From Dry Bones .....Obama as Mr. Spock the Vulcan from Star Trek.

Obama tells Jews to stop building homes – in Israel!

'The positions of the U.S. and Palestinian Authority are closer than ever'



The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority the "golden era" of Israeli construction in sections of Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank will soon come to an end, a top PA negotiator told WND.

"The U.S. assured us that for the first time since 1967, we are going into a period where there will not be allowed a single construction effort on the part of the Israelis in the settlements, including in Gush Etzion, Maale Adumum and eastern Jerusalem," said the negotiator, speaking from Ramallah on condition his name be withheld.

Maale Adumim is located in eastern Jerusalem. Israel reunited the eastern and western sections of Jerusalem and the West Bank during the 1967 Six Day War. Eastern Jerusalem, claimed by the PA for a future state, includes the Temple Mount.

The negotiator told WND the positions of the PA and U.S. regarding ongoing Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem "are closer than ever."
"The U.S. used to differentiate between natural grown and adding new communities. Not anymore. No construction will be allowed, not even natural growth," the PA negotiator said.
"Natural growth" means adding additional housing to existing communities to accommodate the needs of a growing population.

The negotiator spoke yesterday just before Defense Minister Ehud Barak took off for Washington, D.C., for meetings with the Obama administration.

The negotiator claimed that while Barak might reach an understanding with the U.S. regarding possible West Bank movements, such a deal would be for Israeli political purposes and wouldn't translate into actual Jewish construction on the ground.

The Obama administration recently demanded Israel halt all settlement activity, including natural growth, in apparent abrogation of a deal made by President Bush to allow for natural growth.

Obama tells Jews where they can live

Barack Obama is taking what he and his administration refer to as "a more balanced approach to Middle East policy."

Let me explain what that literally means in real terms.

It means the U.S. government is now using its clout with Israel to insist Jews, not Israelis, mind you, but Jews, be disallowed from living in East Jerusalem and the historically Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria, often referred to as the West Bank.

I want you to try to imagine the outrage, the horror, the outcry, the clamoring, the gnashing of teeth that would ensue if Arabs or Muslims were told they could no longer live in certain parts of Israel – let alone their own country.

It's the 1930s all over again. This time, it's the enlightened liberal voices of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who are telling Jews where they can live, how they can live and how far they must bend if they want to live at all.

I know you haven't heard it put like this before. I don't really understand why. There is simply no other accurate way to explain the machinations behind the latest demands on Israel from the West and the rest of the world.

Israel is being reduced to "Auschwitz borders." Jews have already been told they can no longer live in the Gaza Strip. Now they are being told they can no longer choose to live in any of the areas being set aside by international elites for a future Palestinian state.

Again, I ask, "Why would internationalists seek to create, by definition, a racist, anti-Jewish state that doesn't even tolerate the mere presence of Jews?"

Can anyone answer that question for me?

Obama and Clinton – and, thus, by definition, you and me, the taxpayers of the United States – have determined they will yield to the racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic demands of the Palestinian Authority that no Jews be allowed to live in their new state.

I like to think that in any other part of the world, this kind of effort at ethnically cleansing a region would be roundly condemned by all civilized people. Yet, because most people simply don't understand the clear, official plan by the Arab leaders to force out all Jews from the new Palestinian state, the policies of capitulation retain a degree of sympathy, even political support, from much of the world.

Think about what I am saying: It is the official policy of the Palestinian Authority that all Jews must get off the land! Why is the United States supporting the creation of a new, racist, anti-Semitic hate state? Why is the civilized world viewing this as a prescription for peace in the region? Why is this considered an acceptable idea?

Is there any other place in the world where that kind of official policy of racism and ethnic cleansing is tolerated – even condoned?

Why are the rules different in the Middle East? Why are the rules different for Arabs? Why are the rules different for Muslims?

Why are U.S. tax dollars supporting the racist, anti-Semitic entity known as the Palestinian Authority?

That's what we do when we forbid "settlement construction," repairs, natural growth, additions to existing communities

This is "balance"? Are there any impositions upon the Arabs and Muslims suggesting they can no longer move to Israel? No. Are there any impositions on Arabs and Muslims suggesting they cannot buy homes in Israel? No. Are there any impositions on Arabs and Muslim suggesting they cannot repair their existing homes in Israel? No. Are there any impositions on Arabs or Muslims suggesting the cannot build settlements anywhere they like? No.

I say, "No more ethnic cleansing. No more official anti-Semitism accepted. No more Jew-bashing. No more telling Jews where they can live, how they can – and if they can live."

Wild Thing's comment.......

If I were the Israelis I’d tell Obama to take a flying leap. Obama might as well come out and just admit that he is anti-semite because everything he does with Israel proves it.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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June 17, 2009

Carter Never Met a Terrorist He Did Not Like

Earlier Tuesday, Hamas said it foiled an attempt by Palestinian terrorists to assassinate former US president Jimmy Carter during his visit to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, Palestinian sources told news agencies.

According to Palestinian sources, terrorists linked with al Qaida hid a number of improved explosive devices along a road that Carter's convoy was scheduled to travel on inside Gaza. Hamas forces reportedly uncovered the IEDs and destroyed them.

Ismail Shahwan, spokesman for the Hamas Ministry of the Interior, denied that an al Qaeda-linked group had planned to assassinate Carter.

Shawan said no explosives were discovered near the Erez border crossing. He said that the visit went according to the plan.

Earlier, Carter had been quoted as saying he was holding back tears when surveying the "deliberate destruction" in Gaza following Israel's Operation Cast Lead earlier this year, Israel Radio reported.

FOX News

Former President Jimmy Carter will urge the Obama administration to remove Hamas from the terrorist list, FOX News has learned.

Carter, a chief defender of the U.S.-designated terror group, said Tuesday he will meet with officials in the Obama administration in two days to discuss his latest trip to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, two Palestinian sources told FOX News that the group had discovered two roadside bombs planted near a crossing between Israel and Gaza on a path Carter's convoy took to meet with the group's leaders.

Carter was granted special waivers by the U.S. Secret Service allowing him to enter Gaza. Employees of the U.S. executive branch are not allowed into the strip since a roadside bomb killed three U.S. security personnel in 2003.

Carter was visiting with Hamas leaders to try to persuade them to accept the international community's conditions for ending its boycott of the Islamic militant group.

The international community has asked Hamas to recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept previous peace deals as part of ongoing efforts for Palestinians overall to acquire their own country. Hamas has refused.
Carter said he feels personally responsible that American weapons were used to fight in Gaza Strip last year, when Israeli Defense Forces entered the strip to stop the launch of rockets from there into Israel....

Wild Thing's comment........

Why would any radical Islamic group try to kill Jimmah? He’s on THEIR side, after all.

Carter wants Hamas off the terrorist list???? What the heck is going on in this world!!!!

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June 16, 2009

Obama told us don't take Netanyahu seriously'

'U.S. told us don't take Netanyahu seriously'

Senior Palestinian official declares Obama's promises are 'what counts'


By Aaron Klein

The Palestinian Authority has received signs from the U.S. that it should not take seriously Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent major address, according to a top PA official speaking to WND.

Nimer Hamad, senior political adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, also said the PA is not concerned about Netanyahu's policies since Abbas relies on American support for key Palestinian demands.

During Netanyahu's speech Sunday, the Israeli leader called for a demilitarized Palestinian state and said Jerusalem would always be united under Jewish sovereignty.

Hamad countered: "No matter what is the position of the Israeli government and no matter what are the statements of Netanyahu, what counts is what was promised to us by Obama, which is totally the opposite of Netanyahu's positions."
"We received encouraging signs from the Americans that we should not take seriously into consideration Netanyahu's speech," Hamad said.
Hamad said the Obama administration holds views that strongly differ from Netanyahu's.
The U.S. is committed to the evacuation of settlements (in the West Bank)," he said. "We know from what we understand that also Jerusalem will be determined in the final negotiations that will take place on the basis of an international community that doesn't recognize eastern Jerusalem as part of the state of Israel."
The Abbas adviser claimed the Obama administration "understands that the Israeli policy is dangerous not only for the region but also for the U.S."
Hamad said Netanyahu's speech was "destructive for the peace process."
He surmised the Israeli leader's statements were "in the first level directed to his partners in the government and the radicals in Israel."

Separately, a top PA official, speaking to WND from Ramallah on condition his name be withheld, said the Palestinians "never felt strong like we are feeling now."

That PA official claimed the Palestinians "never felt like we had a sympathetic administration like there is now in Washington"


Wild Thing's comment.......

OMG unbelievable! : First Imam Obama al-Husseini!!!

"what counts is what was promised to us by Obama, which is totally the opposite of Netanyahu's positions."

Oh ok then I guess that is all settled. Their "religion" of Islam teaches them to lie, that it is ok to lile.. So let's see they are Muslims, Obama is a Muslim......that just make it hard when making a business deal or promise like Obama has promiised his Muslim brothers so many things.

What a difference, I remember my Dad telling about how he made a lot of business dealings with just a handshake, that a man's word was who that man was and how important it was.

LOL Obama would not know about that knid of honor.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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June 15, 2009

Posters In Israel of Obama Weaing Arab Headdress ~ A Picture Worth A Thousand Words !

A Poster depicting US President Barack Obama wearing a traditional Arab headdress is seen in Jerusalem, Sunday, June 14, 2009


I did a screen capture of the page at FOX news online, I wanted you to see this and just in case they change it. This is the LINK WHERE I GOT IT FROM............

hahahaa Notice the small image of Barack Hussein Obama ............ LOL .........See below:



A protester stands next to a poster showing US President Barack Obama wearing an Arab headdress outside the venue where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech at Bar Ilan University, near Tel Aviv,

An armed Israeli settler sits next to a poster depicting President Barack Obama wearing a traditional Arab headdress, as he waits for transport near the settlement of Ma'on, south of the West Bank city of Hebron

An Israeli settler stands next to a poster, hung by an extremist right wing group, depicting President Barack Obama wearing a traditional Arab headdress, near the settlement of Karmel, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, Sunday, June 14, 2009.

A Palestinian youth watches as a Jewish settler (L) looks at posters hung up by far right Israeli activists depicting U.S. President Barack Obama, near the West Bank settlement of Efrat June 14, 2009

Posters condemning US President Barack Obama on display in Jerusalem

An Israeli man takes a snapshot of his friend next to posters

Israeli women gesture to anti-Barack Obama posters calling him an anti-Semitic Jew hater.

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Speech Was Brilliant

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu realizes what he is dealing with in Obama and just as VP Dick Cheney does. Both of these men love their countries. Bibi Netanyahu is giving him the same look Cheney gave him at the Inauguration. ~ Wild Thing

H/T * The Dry Bones Blog

Wild Thing's comment..........

A week after President Barack Obama's address to the Muslim world , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under U.S. pressure from Barack Hussein Obama, Netanyahu gave an awesome speech and as you
will see below the conditions.

I read several write ups about his speech and they all had the slant on it of being pro the so called Palestinian’s. So I would prefer to post this actual speech and that way we have the absolute truth of what BiBi said.

The West Bank-based Palestinian government dismissed the proposal.

"Netanyahu's speech closed the door to permanent status negotiations," senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said. "We ask the world not to be fooled by his use of the term Palestinian state because he qualified it. He declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, said refugees would not be negotiated and that settlements would remain."

Netanyahu, in an address seen as his response to Obama, refused to heed the U.S. call for an immediate freeze of construction on lands Palestinians claim for their future state. He also said the holy city of Jerusalem must remain under Israeli sovereignty.

As Netanyahu spoke, two small groups of protesters demonstrated at the university's entrance.

Several dozen hard-liners held up posters showing Obama wearing an Arab headdress and shouted slogans against giving up West Bank territory. Across from them, a few dozen dovish Israelis and foreign backers chanted slogans including "two states for two peoples" and "stop the occupation."

Police kept the two groups apart.

Nabil Abu Rdeneh, another Palestinian official, called on the U.S. to challenge Netanyahu "to prevent more deterioration in the region."

In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the speech "racist" and called on Arab nations "form stronger opposition" toward Israel. Hamas ideology does not recognize a Jewish state in an Islamic Middle East and the group has sent dozens of suicide bombers into Israel.

Netanyahu went on the offense by changing the way the "game is being played. BiBi's speech was a smack in the face to Muslim loving community organizer B.Hussein Obama.

Bibi drove the knife in as he demanded the P-State recognize the right to exist of a JEWISH State in Israel.

Obama was mentioned in passing, not in respect. Bibi set up a scenario that the U.S. is being unreasonable to be pushing Israel to make "concessions" when the arabs DO NOT RECOGNIZE the state of ISRAEL. His conditions: the so-called palestinians can have their own area IF they recognize the state of ISRAEL and IF they are demilitarized. Neither of those things has ever happened. Therefore, Bibi has made it clear that the U.S.'s demands on Israel are unreasonable.

Bibi understands that the First Imam, Obama Al-Husseini, is a Manchurian Candidate who snuck into power using an economic pretext, and will eventually be exposed and defeated.



Below is the full transcript of Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech at the Begin-Sadat Center at Bar-Ilan University

Honored guests, citizens of Israel.

Peace has always been our people’s most ardent desire. Our prophets gave the world the vision of peace, we greet one another with wishes of peace, and our prayers conclude with the word peace.

We are gathered this evening in an institution named for two pioneers of peace, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, and we share in their vision.

Two and half months ago, I took the oath of office as the Prime Minister of Israel. I pledged to establish a national unity government – and I did. I believed and I still believe that unity was essential for us now more than ever as we face three immense challenges – the Iranian threat, the economic crisis, and the advancement of peace.

The Iranian threat looms large before us, as was further demonstrated yesterday. The greatest danger confronting Israel, the Middle East, the entire world and human race, is the nexus between radical Islam and nuclear weapons. I discussed this issue with President Obama during my recent visit to Washington, and I will raise it again in my meetings next week with European leaders. For years, I have been working tirelessly to forge an international alliance to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Confronting a global economic crisis, the government acted swiftly to stabilize Israel’s economy. We passed a two year budget in the government – and the Knesset will soon approve it.

And the third challenge, so exceedingly important, is the advancement of peace. I also spoke about this with President Obama, and I fully support the idea of a regional peace that he is leading.

I share the President’s desire to bring about a new era of reconciliation in our region. To this end, I met with President Mubarak in Egypt, and King Abdullah in Jordan, to elicit the support of these leaders in expanding the circle of peace in our region.

I turn to all Arab leaders tonight and I say: “Let us meet. Let us speak of peace and let us make peace. I am ready to meet with you at any time. I am willing to go to Damascus, to Riyadh, to Beirut, to any place- including Jerusalem.
I call on the Arab countries to cooperate with the Palestinians and with us to advance an economic peace. An economic peace is not a substitute for a political peace, but an important element to achieving it. Together, we can undertake projects to overcome the scarcities of our region, like water desalination or to maximize its advantages, like developing solar energy, or laying gas and petroleum lines, and transportation links between Asia, Africa and Europe.

The economic success of the Gulf States has impressed us all and it has impressed me. I call on the talented entrepreneurs of the Arab world to come and invest here and to assist the Palestinians – and us – in spurring the economy.

Together, we can develop industrial areas that will generate thousands of jobs and create tourist sites that will attract millions of visitors eager to walk in the footsteps of history – in Nazareth and in Bethlehem, around the walls of Jericho and the walls of Jerusalem, on the banks of the Sea of Galilee and the baptismal site of the Jordan.
There is an enormous potential for archeological tourism, if we can only learn to cooperate and to develop it.

I turn to you, our Palestinian neighbors, led by the Palestinian Authority, and I say: Let’s begin
negotiations immediately without preconditions.

Israel is obligated by its international commitments and expects all parties to keep their commitments.

We want to live with you in peace, as good neighbors. We want our children and your children to never again experience war: that parents, brothers and sisters will never again know the agony of losing loved ones in battle; that our children will be able to dream of a better future and realize that dream; and that together we will invest our energies in plowshares and pruning hooks, not swords and spears.

I know the face of war. I have experienced battle. I lost close friends, I lost a brother. I have seen the pain of bereaved families. I do not want war. No one in Israel wants war.

If we join hands and work together for peace, there is no limit to the development and prosperity we can achieve for our two peoples – in the economy, agriculture, trade, tourism and education - most importantly, in providing our youth a better world in which to live, a life full of tranquility, creativity, opportunity and hope.

If the advantages of peace are so evident, we must ask ourselves why peace remains so remote, even as our hand remains outstretched to peace? Why has this conflict continued for more than sixty years?

In order to bring an end to the conflict, we must give an honest and forthright answer to the question: What is the root of the conflict?

In his speech to the first Zionist Conference in Basel, the founder of the Zionist movement, Theodore Herzl, said about the Jewish national home “This idea is so big that we must speak of it only in the simplest terms.” Today, I will speak about the immense challenge of peace in the simplest words possible.

Even as we look toward the horizon, we must be firmly connected to reality, to the truth. And the simple truth is that the root of the conflict was, and remains, the refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own, in their historic homeland.

In 1947, when the United Nations proposed the partition plan of a Jewish state and an Arab state, the entire Arab world rejected the resolution. The Jewish community, by contrast, welcomed it by dancing and rejoicing.

The Arabs rejected any Jewish state, in any borders.

Those who think that the continued enmity toward Israel is a product of our presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is confusing cause and consequence.

The attacks against us began in the 1920s, escalated into a comprehensive attack in 1948 with the declaration of Israel’s independence, continued with the fedayeen attacks in the 1950s, and climaxed in 1967, on the eve of the six-day war, in an attempt to tighten a noose around the neck of the State of Israel.

All this occurred during the fifty years before a single Israeli soldier ever set foot in Judea and Samaria .

Fortunately, Egypt and Jordan left this circle of enmity. The signing of peace treaties have brought about an end to their claims against Israel, an end to the conflict. But to our regret, this is not the case with the Palestinians. The closer we get to an agreement with them, the further they retreat and raise demands that are inconsistent with a true desire to end the conflict.

Many good people have told us that withdrawal from territories is the key to peace with the Palestinians. Well, we withdrew. But the fact is that every withdrawal was met with massive waves of terror, by suicide bombers and thousands of missiles.

We tried to withdraw with an agreement and without an agreement. We tried a partial withdrawal and a full withdrawal. In 2000 and again last year, Israel proposed an almost total withdrawal in exchange for an end to the conflict, and twice our offers were rejected.

We evacuated every last inch of the Gaza strip, we uprooted tens of settlements and evicted thousands of Israelis from their homes, and in response, we received a hail of missiles on our cities, towns and children.

The claim that territorial withdrawals will bring peace with the Palestinians, or at least advance peace, has up till now not stood the test of reality.

In addition to this, Hamas in the south, like Hezbollah in the north, repeatedly proclaims their commitment to “liberate” the Israeli cities of Ashkelon, Beersheba, Acre and Haifa.

Territorial withdrawals have not lessened the hatred, and to our regret, Palestinian moderates are not yet ready to say the simple words: Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, and it will stay that way.

Achieving peace will require courage and candor from both sides, and not only from the Israeli side.

The Palestinian leadership must arise and say: “Enough of this conflict. We recognize the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own in this land, and we are prepared to live beside you in true peace.”

I am yearning for that moment, for when Palestinian leaders say those words to our people and to their people, then a path will be opened to resolving all the problems between our peoples, no matter how complex they may be.

Therefore, a fundamental prerequisite for ending the conflict is a public, binding and unequivocal Palestinian recognition of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

To vest this declaration with practical meaning, there must also be a clear understanding that the Palestinian refugee problem will be resolved outside Israel’s borders. For it is clear that any demand for resettling Palestinian refugees within Israel undermines Israel’s continued existence as the state of the Jewish people.

The Palestinian refugee problem must be solved, and it can be solved, as we ourselves proved in a similar situation. Tiny Israel successfully absorbed tens of thousands of Jewish refugees who left their homes and belongings in Arab countries.

Therefore, justice and logic demand that the Palestinian refugee problem be solved outside Israel’s borders. On this point, there is a broad national consensus. I believe that with goodwill and international investment, this humanitarian problem can be permanently resolved.

So far I have spoken about the need for Palestinians to recognize our rights. In a moment, I will speak openly about our need to recognize their rights.

But let me first say that the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel has lasted for more than 3500 years. Judea and Samaria, the places where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, David and Solomon, and Isaiah and Jeremiah lived, are not alien to us. This is the land of our forefathers.

The right of the Jewish people to a state in the land of Israel does not derive from the catastrophes that have plagued our people. True, for 2000 years the Jewish people suffered expulsions, pogroms, blood libels, and massacres which culminated in a Holocaust - a suffering which has no parallel in human history.
There are those who say that if the Holocaust had not occurred, the state of Israel would never have been established. But I say that if the state of Israel would have been established earlier, the Holocaust would not have occured.

This tragic history of powerlessness explains why the Jewish people need a sovereign power of self-defense.
But our right to build our sovereign state here, in the land of Israel, arises from one simple fact: this is the homeland of the Jewish people, this is where our identity was forged.

As Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion proclaimed in Israel’s Declaration of Independence: “The Jewish people arose in the land of Israel and it was here that its spiritual, religious and political character was shaped. Here they attained their sovereignty, and here they bequeathed to the world their national and cultural treasures, and the most eternal of books.”

But we must also tell the truth in its entirety: within this homeland lives a large Palestinian community. We do not want to rule over them, we do not want to govern their lives, we do not want to impose either our flag or our culture on them.

In my vision of peace, in this small land of ours, two peoples live freely, side-by-side, in amity and mutual respect. Each will have its own flag, its own national anthem, its own government. Neither will threaten the security or survival of the other.

These two realities – our connection to the land of Israel, and the Palestinian population living within it – have created deep divisions in Israeli society. But the truth is that we have much more that unites us than divides us.
I have come tonight to give expression to that unity, and to the principles of peace and security on which there is broad agreement within Israeli society. These are the principles that guide our policy.

This policy must take into account the international situation that has recently developed. We must recognize this reality and at the same time stand firmly on those principles essential for Israel.

I have already stressed the first principle – recognition. Palestinians must clearly and unambiguously recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. The second principle is: demilitarization. The territory under Palestinian control must be demilitarized with ironclad security provisions for Israel.

Without these two conditions, there is a real danger that an armed Palestinian state would emerge that would become another terrorist base against the Jewish state, such as the one in Gaza.

We don’t want Kassam rockets on Petach Tikva, Grad rockets on Tel Aviv, or missiles on Ben-Gurion airport. We want peace.

In order to achieve peace, we must ensure that Palestinians will not be able to import missiles into their territory, to field an army, to close their airspace to us, or to make pacts with the likes of Hezbollah and Iran. On this point as well, there is wide consensus within Israel.

It is impossible to expect us to agree in advance to the principle of a Palestinian state without assurances that this state will be demilitarized.

On a matter so critical to the existence of Israel, we must first have our security needs addressed.

Therefore, today we ask our friends in the international community, led by the United States, for what is critical to the security of Israel: Clear commitments that in a future peace agreement, the territory controlled by the Palestinians will be demilitarized: namely, without an army, without control of its airspace, and with effective security measures to prevent weapons smuggling into the territory – real monitoring, and not what occurs in Gaza today. And obviously, the Palestinians will not be able to forge military pacts.

Without this, sooner or later, these territories will become another Hamastan. And that we cannot accept.

I told President Obama when I was in Washington that if we could agree on the substance, then the terminology would not pose a problem.

And here is the substance that I now state clearly:

If we receive this guarantee regarding demilitirization and Israel’s security needs, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people, then we will be ready in a future peace agreement to reach a solution where a demilitarized Palestinian state exists alongside the Jewish state.

Regarding the remaining important issues that will be discussed as part of the final settlement, my positions are known: Israel needs defensible borders, and Jerusalem must remain the united capital of Israel with continued religious freedom for all faiths.

The territorial question will be discussed as part of the final peace agreement. In the meantime, we have no intention of building new settlements or of expropriating additional land for existing settlements.

But there is a need to enable the residents to live normal lives, to allow mothers and fathers to raise their children like families elsewhere. The settlers are neither the enemies of the people nor the enemies of peace. Rather, they are an integral part of our people, a principled, pioneering and Zionist public.

Unity among us is essential and will help us achieve reconciliation with our neighbors. That reconciliation must already begin by altering existing realities. I believe that a strong Palestinian economy will strengthen peace.

If the Palestinians turn toward peace – in fighting terror, in strengthening governance and the rule of law, in educating their children for peace and in stopping incitement against Israel - we will do our part in making every effort to facilitate freedom of movement and access, and to enable them to develop their economy. All of this will help us advance a peace treaty between us.

Above all else, the Palestinians must decide between the path of peace and the path of Hamas. The Palestinian Authority will have to establish the rule of law in Gaza and overcome Hamas. Israel will not sit at the negotiating table with terrorists who seek their destruction.

Hamas will not even allow the Red Cross to visit our kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who has spent three years in captivity, cut off from his parents, his family and his people. We are committed to bringing him home, healthy and safe.

With a Palestinian leadership committed to peace, with the active participation of the Arab world, and the support of the United States and the international community, there is no reason why we cannot achieve a breakthrough to peace.

Our people have already proven that we can do the impossible. Over the past 61 years, while constantly defending our existence, we have performed wonders.

Our microchips are powering the world’s computers. Our medicines are treating diseases once considered incurable. Our drip irrigation is bringing arid lands back to life across the globe. And Israeli scientists are expanding the boundaries of human knowledge.

If only our neighbors would respond to our call – peace too will be in our reach.

I call on the leaders of the Arab world and on the Palestinian leadership, let us continue together on the path of Menahem Begin and Anwar Sadat, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein. Let us realize the vision of the prophet Isaiah, who in Jerusalem 2700 years ago said: “nations shall not lift up sword against nation, and they shall learn war no more.”

With God’s help, we will know no more war. We will know peace.

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Carter Warns US and Israel On Collision Course

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter speaks during a press conference after meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad at al-Shaab presidential palace, in Damascus, Syria.

Carter, who is on a Mideast peacemaking trip to promote constructive dialogue on the Israeli-Arab conflict, held talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad.(AP Photo/Bassem Tellawi)

Carter warns US and Israel on collision course


Israel is headed for a clash with main ally the United States over the issue of Jewish settlements, former US president Jimmy Carter said in an interview on Sunday.

Asked by the liberal Haaretz newspaper whether the Jewish state was looking at a "head-on collision" with the United States if it doesn't comply with Washington's demands, Carter said "Yes."

Obama's efforts to push forward the peace process has raised fears in Israel that Washington may ease its support of the Jewish state as it tries to improve relations with the Muslim world.

Carter is also due to visit the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Tuesday as part of a regional visit.

Wild Thing's comment........

Yo Carter, islamic terrorists who target innocent Israeli civilians are the "biggest hurdle" to peace in the Mideast, not settlements.

As usual,Jimmah is absolutely,positively,1000% wrong. Where does this guy get off talking on foreign policy? He had his chance. He was a colossal failure.

Carter is one of this country's most noted anti-Semites, I bet the next thing will be he will attack BiBi.

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Palestinians and Hamas Both Terrorists Groups Say No To Netanyahu

Hamas: Netanyahu speech a 'slap in the face' to Palestinians

Gaza City

The radical Islamist Hamas movement ruling Gaza rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Sunday night policy address, calling it a "slap in the face" for all moderate supporters of negotiations with Israel. In his speech, he ... erased the Palestinian refugees' right of return," said Ismail Radwan, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, adding he also failed to "recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the independent Palestinian state."

Radwan also rejected Netanyahu's demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel's Jewish character.

"His speech is a slap on the face of all those who bet on the choice of negotiations with Israel," he said. Hamas rejects a two- state solution to the conflict with Israel and opposes negotiations with Israel.
"What is needed now to be done immediately, is to stop immediately all ties with Israel," said the Hamas leader.


Palestinians dismiss Israel plan


Palestinians have rejected the Israeli prime minister's conditions for a two-state solution, saying he has "paralysed" the peace process.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's spokesman said his comments challenged Palestinian, Arab and US positions.

But the US said Mr Netanyahu's stance was an "important step forward".

In a landmark speech, weeks after US President Barack Obama urged him to agree a two-state plan, Mr Netanyahu said the Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish state.

He said a Palestinian state must have no army, no control of its air space and no way of smuggling in weapons.

His speech provoked anger among Palestinian officials.

Mr Abbas's spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah said: "Netanyahu's remarks have sabotaged all initiatives, paralysed all efforts being made and challenges the Palestinian, Arab and American positions," Reuters news agency reported.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the speech "closed the door to permanent status negotiations".

"We ask the world not to be fooled by his use of the term Palestinian state because he qualified it.

"He declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, said refugees would not be negotiated and that settlements would remain."

Wild Thing's comment..........

How'd you know when a Pallies lying, their lips move.
There is nothing that Bibi could have said to placate them because their stated aim has never waivered or changed ... from the river to the sea.

There is nothing that they will accept short of the destruction of the state of Israel.

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June 13, 2009

Jew-hating Jimmy Carter Honored by Palestinians

Carter honored by Palestinians


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was honored by the Palestinian government Saturday and pledged to support the Palestinians' campaign for independence to the end of his days.

In his acceptance speech, Carter urged the Palestinians to end their internal divisions and stop persecuting their rivals.

He was referring to the growing rift between the Islamic militant Hamas group, which controls Gaza, and Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in charge of the West Bank. Each side has been cracking down on the other's supporters, particularly since Hamas violently overran Gaza two years ago.

Carter met with Hamas' exiled leadership in Syria on Thursday and is to head to Gaza on Sunday, after meeting with Israeli officials. Carter has said peace between Israel and the Palestinians is impossible without involving Hamas, but reiterated in Syria that he was not representing the Obama administration.

Hamas is being shunned by most of the international community, including the U.S., for refusing to recognize Israel or renounce violence, though Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has said repeatedly in recent weeks that his group wants to be part of a Mideast solution.

In the West Bank, Carter was awarded the Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity. Previous recipients included two former international envoys, James Wolfensohn and Peter Hansen.

Carter brokered the Israeli-Egypt peace accord of 1979 and several years ago wrote a book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," that is sharply critical of Israeli policies in the occupied territories.
"I have been in love with the Palestinian people for many years," he said Saturday, adding that this is a feeling shared by members of his family.
"I have two great-grandsons that are rapidly learning about the people here and the anguish and suffering and deprivation of human rights that you have experienced ever since 1948," he said.
Referring to President Barack Obama's call for an Israeli settlement freeze, Carter said that "in the future, I am sure, he will call for the dismantling of the settlements that exist."

But he noted that Obama also called for an end to violence against Israelis and for Arab acceptance of Israelis' right to their own nation. Carter said such acceptance is painful for displaced Palestinians, but that "there has to be an accommodation in the political world."

Carter, 85, pledged his "assistance, as long as I live, to win your freedom, your independence, your sovereignty and a good life."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Honor him by keeping him there. We don't want him back. In fact, please take his 1/2 black, muslim protege too.

Palestinians will always honor useful idiots and traitors to the United States. And the most despicable part of all this is that Jimmah is *proud* to have received this award.

Kahane Tzodeik”: Kahane Was Right

"Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity." - Rabbi Meir Kahane

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June 12, 2009

Obama Making Threats To Our Friend Israel?

Obama speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A bit of Resolute’s history

“The ship was purchased, fitted out and sent to England as a gift to HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA by the PRESIDENT AND PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES as a token of goodwill & friendship. This desk was made from her timbers when she was broken up, and presented by the QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in 1880, Rutherford B. Hayes, as a memorial of the courtesy and loving kindness which dictated the offer of the gift of the HMS RESOLUTE.”

Not only does Obama disrespect our National Treasures but cannot seem to preclude himself from insulting the Israelis in the process with his casual approach to volatile life and death situations in the Middle East.

“Israeli TV newscasters Tuesday night interpreted a photo taken Monday in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an “insult” to Israel.

It is considered an insult in the Arab world to show the sole of your shoe to someone. It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too.

Israel's Channel One TV reported that Netanyahu was told Tuesday by an "American official" in Jerusalem that, "We are going to change the world. Please, don't interfere." The report said Netanyahu's aides interpreted this as a "threat."

Netanyahu Believes that Obama is Picking Fight with Israel Just To Make Arabs Happy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that U.S. President Barack Obama wants a confrontation with Israel, based on Obama's speech in Cairo last week, Netanyahu's confidants say.

In Netanyahu's opinion, the Americans believe an open controversy with Israel would serve the Obama administration's main objective of improving U.S. relations with the Arab world, the aides say.

In his speech, Obama called for a "new beginning" in relations between America and Islam, and spoke at length about the Israeli-Arab conflict.

By telephone yesterday, Netanyahu told Obama of his intention to give a key policy speech on Sunday, in which he would outline his policy to achieve peace and security. Obama promised to listen to the address closely, and the two "agreed to maintain open and continuous contact," the Prime Minister's Bureau said.

Wild Thing's comment........

I say YES that is a threat and imagine Obama saying that to some other countries we know about. Others that would not count to 10 first before reacting and starting a war.

His attitude is one where he feels he is better then anyone else, above all mankind, he has shown us he does not have to answer for things, be held responsible for things even though out of one side of his ugly mouth he says he will be. It is all an act from him when he tries to come off as sincere. Just like his lie, his huge lie about transparency. LOL That is truly laughable but scary too.

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June 10, 2009

B.Hussein Obama Taking Marching Orders From Fellow Muslims??

Egypt, Saudis threaten to rescind Arab peace plan


Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been pressuring U.S. President Barack Obama to set a two-year deadline for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, and threatening to rescind the Arab peace initiative, Egyptian sources said Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the London-based Arabic-language daily A-Sharq al-Awsat reported that Obama had presented to Egypt and Israel a plan for a two-state solution to be finalized within two years.

According to Egyptian sources, however, it was actually Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit and the country's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman who imposed the two-year deadline on Obama. They said that the Egyptians told Obama that the Arab peace initiative, which calls for normalized relations with the Arab world in return for territorial concessions, would crumble unless some real progress was made before the two-year deadline.

The initiative won't wait until your next term," the Egyptian officials warned Obama, and demanded results by the two year deadline.
Saudi King Abdullah communicated the same message to Obama on the eve of the American president's Cairo speech June 4, only using harsher tone and more explicit language than the Egyptian officials.
Though A-Sharq al-Awsat presented the two-year deadline idea as Obama's, the Egyptian officials revealed to Haaretz that it was the Arab side that came up with the time-frame, and that Obama adopted it and then "transferred the ball into [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu's court."

Wild Thing's comment...........

Obama, a man who was a community organizer, then in the senate for only a few years before becoming the leader of the free world, is now taking marching orders from the muslims....maybe. But my guess is he is all for it. He has really shown he hates Israel. One can feel it in his body language when he met with BiBi vs. how he was with his meeting with the various Muslims.

Meanwhile, Bibi, a man who has been a leader for many years, who graduated from MIT and speaks beautifully in English and Hebrew, is despised and disrespected. Bibi came away from their recent meeting unhappy and it is becoming more and more apparent why.

I would love to know who paid for Obama's education? Could it be the reason his papers etc. for his schooling here are sealed is because he was brought and paid for by the Saudi's VIA Soros???? Just curious. I would not think this way if Obama was as transparent as he LIES that he is.

Rememebr how I posted the photos and story of the PLO working and campaigning for him during the election. Also how he was getting funds for his campaign from souces more like money laundering from the Saudi's? Many blogs posted about that as well.

They have bought him off and it’s payoff time. This is why it is important to know where all that campaign cash came from.....all those foreign donations to his campaign.

Every president since Nixon has thought they could solve the middle east, and every president has failed. So will Obama. The only thing we can hope is he won’t make things worse= for Israel. Hussein Obama’s conduct will threaten Israel like no other President !

Israel needs to tell Obama in a very public way to go pound sand. If North Korea with a Middle Ages economy, a broken down military and one or two nukes with doubtful launchers can hold the entire Pacific rim hostage, then Israel with a 1st world economy, the best conventional military in the Middle East, and several hundred nukes with a first rate delivery system doesn't have to take abuse from Obama. And they need to publicly remind him of that.

Look at this, it is really pathetic! Beyond words pathetic!!!

Obama Stumped When Asked About Iran and North Korea....and watch Sarkozy next to him, it is almost too painful to watch. LOL I can't help but laugh. Sarkosy, rolls his eyes, looks around, twitches from having to sit there through this boreing and stupid response from Obama.

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June 06, 2009

Welcome to Israel's Reality

Israel stages biggest-ever war drill

Israel started its biggest emergency drill in the nation's history Sunday to prepare civilians, soldiers and rescue crews for the possibility of war, the defense force said in a statement.
The five-day drill, nicknamed Turning Point 3, comes amid the nation's rising tensions with Iran.
It will be conducted in public facilities, including schools, military bases and government offices. Students, soldiers and other civilians will practice how to gather at protected places during an emergency.
Officials said the drill will include simulated rockets, air raids and other attacks on infrastructure and essential facilities, and use of weapons on civilians.
Everyone is expected to go to a protected place at the sound of sirens, the defense force said, adding that more instructions will be broadcast on a public channel.
"It is of great importance that every civilian, institute and workplace will seriously practice in order to improve our preparedness and national resilience," Maj. Gen. Yair Golan of the Home Front Command said in a news statement.
The move comes amid tension between Israel and Tehran.

Welcome to our reality

The Jerusalem Post

Say you live in any one of these cities: Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, London, Stockholm or Washington, and at 11 a.m. today the war siren goes off. You've been told it's just a drill - your city isn't being attacked by ballistic missiles or long-range rockets. Your country neither plans to attack anyone, nor is there intelligence indicating it is the target of imminent attack.

Still, the wailing siren - a curiously anachronistic instrument for the 21st century - is upsetting. You do as you're told and seek out a nearby bomb shelter, or enter the reinforced-concrete room common in homes built since the 1990s.

At work, there is some gallows humor as colleagues file into the bomb shelter. At school, your children will head into the shelters with their teachers. It may strike you that the authorities were imprudent in collecting for refurbishment those cardboard boxes with their plastic shoulder-straps containing gas masks and a chemical-warfare antidote.

Of course, if you do live in any of the above-mentioned capitals, this scenario is beyond far-fetched. There are no shelters. No safe rooms. No gas masks.

No one is threatening to wipe Sweden, Germany or Scotland - or any of the others - off the map. There are no Sajil II ballistic missiles aimed your way. Your country didn't absorb 5,000 rocket hits in the course of a single summer. It doesn't share a border with a country that deploys Scud D missiles. And the notion that missiles laden with WMDs could explode over your head is simply beyond imagination.

Though Muslim extremists struck in Spain, Britain and the United States, the sense that any further danger looms is not widespread. That's why no one undergoes a security check to enter a supermarket, department store or cinema. And why armed guards are not posted outside schools.

WE ISRAELIS live in a very different reality.

That truth was brought home in remarks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made at Sunday's cabinet meeting regarding Turning Point 3 - the week-long nationwide emergency drill.

The exercise is "routine," something the country does annually, he said, adding that it "reflects the special way in which we lead our lives - which, upon reflection, is not all that routine."

Want to understand the Israeli psyche? Consider that when our country was born, those with whom we sought to share this land rejected our right to exist. Though we have created a technologically advanced, Western-oriented country, and made peace with Egypt and Jordan, our "normality" still demands that a high-school graduate head not to university or for a gap year, but to basic training.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s (when there were no settlements and no "occupation") our homeland was under attack anyway. A single example: On March 17, 1954, gunmen ambushed an Eilat-Tel Aviv commuter bus. First they murdered the driver, then they proceeded to shoot the passengers, one by one.

In the 1970s, we fought off a surprise attack on our most solemn holy day - after having withstood a war of attrition. In the 1980s, we fought bitter wars in Lebanon to fend off attacks against our northern border.

In the 1990s, we signed the Oslo Accords with the Palestinian leadership. And since then? More Israelis have been murdered by terrorists than ever before.

Efforts to reach an accommodation with a violently fragmented Palestinian polity have thus far proven fruitless. The "moderates" appear no less unyielding than the fanatics.

We caught the Syrians, to our north, building a clandestine nuclear facility under North Korean tutelage. They make no secret about hosting Hamas's politburo, pressuring it to resist even a tactical timeout in its anti-Israel belligerency.

Hizbullah dominates Lebanese affairs and provides Iran with shock-troops along our border.

Then there is Iran, which may have enriched enough uranium to manufacture a nuclear bomb by year's end. Even as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens our obliteration, he insists that the Nazis did not systematically destroy European Jewry. Yet he is feted at UN forums, while Europeans shamelessly subsidize trade with his country.

That is our reality. It's the one many of us will be contemplating at 11 a.m. today, when the siren sounds.


Wild Thing's comment.........

I am so sorry Israel, we don''t want Obama for president either. He has meesed with Israel enough! And he is making matters worse every day!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama: I Will Speak the Truth, as the Koran Says


Masked Palestinian militants from the Popular Resistance Committee watch the televised speech of US President Barack Obama in Gaza City, Thursday, June 4, 2009. Quoting from the Quran for emphasis, President Barack Obama called for a 'new beginning between the United States and Muslims' Thursday and said together, they could confront violent extremism across the globe and advance the timeless search for peace in the Middle East

Obama: I Will Speak the Truth, as the Koran Says

Obama opened the speech with the Islamic greeting, “Peace unto you” in Arabic and reminded his listeners of his Muslim background. He quoted the Koran several times in his Cairo speech, stating that the Muslim holy book states, “Be conscious of G-d and speak always the truth."

He told 3,000 guests at Cairo University that he will put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to stop terror and on Israel to cease a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria. He did not specifically state whether Jerusalem neighborhoods are part of the “occupation” that he said must end.

The focus of his speech was a list of six sources of conflict that he said must be confronted in order to reach peace -- extremism, the Palestinian Authority-Israel dispute, nuclear weapons, democracy, religious tolerance, women’s rights and economic growth and development.

Concerning Israel, he made it perfectly clear that will personally pressure for an end to the "occupation” that he said has caused displacement to the Arab population in Israel for 60 years.

Wild Thing's comment.......

"Obama: I Will Speak the Truth, as the Koran Says"

Pssssst Obama, just a little reminder for you the Koran says it’s OK for Muslims to lie and deceive in pursuit of
destroying the Infidels.

"the Palestinian Authority to stop terror and on Israel to cease a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria."

ROFLMAO! Is this guy serious?

"You guys stop being mean and YOU guys give up your land"

I hope the Israelis tell him to pound sand!

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June 05, 2009

U.S. to send military team to Syria

U.S. to send military team to Syria


In a sign of improving relations between Washington and Damascus, the United States is sending a military delegation to Syria in the coming weeks to discuss Iraq, U.S. and Syrian officials said on Wednesday.

Separately, the Obama administration's Middle East envoy George Mitchell will go to Damascus, possibly next week, to assess whether the time is right to revive talks between Israel and Syria, a U.S. official said.

The official, who asked not to be named as he was not authorized to speak on the issue, said the diplomatic moves followed a telephone call on Sunday between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley confirmed Clinton had talked about the possibility of upcoming trips by officials to Syria but said he had nothing to announce. "We want to be engaged with Syria. We want to see what is possible," he said.

Ahmed Salkini, press secretary at Syria's embassy in Washington, said Syria had agreed to host a military team from U.S. Central Command but details still had to be worked out.

Crowley said Iraq was a key issue in talks with Syria. The United States has accused Damascus of letting insurgents use Syrian territory to cross over into Iraq. Syria rejects accusations that it is meddling in Iraq.
"Syria is an important country in the Middle East. It can act constructively if it chooses. At times in the recent past, it has chosen to act less than constructively," he said.

Part of the U.S. strategy in pursuing better relations with Syria is to weaken its ties to Iran, with which Washington is also seeking dialogue despite decades of isolation.

Syria and Iran are the main backers of Hezbollah, a Shi'ite Muslim political and guerrilla group that fought a war against Israel in 2006 and has representatives in the Lebanese government and parliament.

The United States has also been putting pressure on Syria not to interfere in this weekend's election in neighboring Lebanon, where Hezbollah and its Christian allies are expected to gain a slim advantage.

The Obama administration is eager to get indirect Syria-Israel talks back on track after they were suspended following Israel's three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip that ended in mid-January.


Wild Thing's comment......

What the hell is going on here, I don't like this at all. Obama being a Manchurian Muslim is coming back fast and strong.

It’s not a sign of improved relations. It’s a sign of our muslim president kissing the terrorists asses. If America ever needed God to bless us and protect us from this extremely dangerous man Barack Hussein Obama, it’s now.

Israel attacks Syria a year ago. Obama gives American support to Syria, today?

Is this a way to warn Israel not to fly over Syrian, to attack Iran? Israel is SO screwed!

If I wasn’t watching all this, I wouldn’t believe it. I mean I seriously wouldn’t even buy it for a bad Hollywood movie.

I still say I feel like I’m walking around amongst zombies with some sandwich sign that says “The end is near” and everyone is looking at me as if I’m the crazy one and they can’t see it!!

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Obama Said To Be Cultivating Netanyahu Opponents

Thank you To Dry Bones for the cartoon for this.

Obama administration said to be cultivating Netanyahu opponents

World Tribune

The White House has concluded that an agreement with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a fast-track program to establish a Palestinian state is unlikely to happen.

U.S. sources, including those close to the Obama administration, said such cooperation would be greater by an Israeli government led by the opposition Kadima Party, chaired by former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

"It may be that the Obama administration has concluded that they cannot achieve the two-state solution with the Netanyahu government and perhaps want another Israeli prime minister," Aaron Miller, a former State Department official and regarded as a consultant to the administration, told the Saudi-owned A-Sharq Al Awsat.
"And the best way to do this is to make Netanyahu appear incapable of managing Israel's most important relations in the world, which is its relations with the United States."

The sources said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior administration officials have been in steady contact with Ms. Livni, whose Kadima Party won the most seats in Knesset elections in 2009 but failed to form a coalition majority. They said the administration also envisions any post-Netanyahu government as retaining Ehud Barak as defense minister.

The sources said Obama regarded a freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank as a leading U.S. challenge in relations with Israel. They said Mitchell, scheduled to arrive in Israel on June 8, was tracking developments in the West Bank on a daily basis, sending teams to monitor Jewish construction in Jerusalem and consulting with Israeli opposition groups that have encouraged the White House to topple Netanyahu.

"I think there have been times where we are not as honest as we should be about the fact that the current direction, the current trajectory, in the region is profoundly negative, not only for Israeli interests but also U.S. interests," Obama said. "That's part of a new dialogue that I'd like to see encouraged in the region."

The White House has warned Israel that the United States would maintain pressure until the end of all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank as well as the demolition of unauthorized communities. The message was also relayed by key members of Congress who visited Israel in late May.


Wild Thing's comment........

The Jerk Obama has a knack for doing the exact opposite of what will work!!

Obama: “I don’t like this Prime Minister at all. Bring me another one post haste!”

If Obama tries to create friction in Bibi’s house by pimping Livni, it will backfire on him because BiBi will gladly replace Kadima with Avoda and Shas.

Can anyone here imagine if the Israeli government so nakedly expressed its discontent for any American adminstration, and so obviously was looking to replace it? There would be - and rightfully so - a firestorm of indignation and anger directed against Israel.

Further, as mentioned above, turnabout is fair play - meaning that such arrogant interference breeds a counter reaction, and from more than just the target. This will come back to hurt this country.

But the press and media here still have their heads so far up Fauxbama’s arse that they can’t see this.

I never thought I would want a foreign leader to tell an American president to go f*ck himself...but never say never. I hate him.

If I remember right when Clinton was President, Clinton sent Carville to shape the campaign of Ehud Barak to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu. It was Carville, Begala and the whole Clinton team got Ehud Barak elected. We can hope the Israelis aren’t as dedicated to their country’s suicide as some Americans.

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Activists Tell Obama: 'Hands Off Israel'



This was a poster someone had at the protest I found it at There is also a video there as well.

Activists Tell Obama: 'Hands Off Israel'


As United States President Barack Obama prepared to address the Muslim world in Cairo, Jewish activists gathered in Jerusalem Wednesday to tell him, “Obama: Hands off the land of Israel.” Hundreds of people turned out for the rally, held opposite the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem.

"We came to declare: Barack Hussein Obama! Hands off the land of Israel! You cannot appease the Islamic lust for conquest by selling down the Jews and their Biblical homeland,” organizers said in a press release.
One speaker, young MaiNoah Katz of Neve Daniel in Judea, spoke of the historic Jewish connection to the land of Israel. “Now President Obama wants to tell me that this is not my home? That I'm a stranger and a foreigner here” the eighth-grader asked. “If I don't belong here – where do I belong?”

Wild Thing's comment........

I love this one especially that they had. Love the Star of David Gadsden flag.

God bless these people!!!!!

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June 03, 2009

Israel and the Axis of Evil

by Caroline Glick

North Korea is half a world away from Israel. Yet the nuclear test it conducted on Monday has the Israeli defense establishment up in arms and its Iranian nemesis smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Understanding why this is the case is key to understanding the danger posed by what someone once impolitely referred to as the Axis of Evil.

Less than two years ago, on September 6, 2007, the IAF destroyed a North Korean-built plutonium production facility at Kibar, Syria. The destroyed installation was a virtual clone of North Korea's Yongbyon plutonium production facility.

This past March the Swiss daily Neue Zuercher Zeitung reported that Iranian defector Ali Reza Asghari, who before his March 2007 defection to the US served as a general in Iran's Revolutionary Guards and as deputy defense minister, divulged that Iran paid for the North Korean facility. Teheran viewed the installation in Syria as an extension of its own nuclear program. According to Israeli estimates, Teheran spent between $1 billion and $2b. for the project.

It can be assumed that Iranian personnel were present in North Korea during Monday's test. Over the past several years, Iranian nuclear officials have been on hand for all of North Korea's major tests including its first nuclear test and its intercontinental ballistic missile test in 2006.

Moreover, it wouldn't be far-fetched to think that North Korea conducted some level of coordination with Iran regarding the timing of its nuclear bomb and ballistic missile tests this week. It is hard to imagine that it is mere coincidence that North Korea's actions came just a week after Iran tested its solid fuel Sejil-2 missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers.

Aside from their chronological proximity, the main reason it makes sense to assume that Iran and North Korea coordinated their tests is because North Korea has played a central role in Iran's missile program. Although Western observers claim that Iran's Sejil-2 is based on Chinese technology transferred to Iran through Pakistan, the fact is that Iran owes much of its ballistic missile capacity to North Korea. The Shihab-3 missile, for instance, which forms the backbone of Iran's strategic arm threatening Israel and its Arab neighbors, is simply an Iranian adaptation of North Korea's Nodong missile technology. Since at least the early 1990s, North Korea has been only too happy to proliferate that technology to whoever wants it. Like Iran, Syria owes much of its own massive missile arsenal to North Korean proliferation.

Responding Monday to North Korea's nuclear test, US President Barack Obama said, "North Korea's behavior increases tensions and undermines stability in Northeast Asia."

While true, North Korea's intimate ties with Iran and Syria show that North Korea's nuclear program, with its warhead, missile and technological components, is not a distant threat, limited in scope to faraway East Asia. It is a multilateral program shared on various levels with Iran and Syria. Consequently, it endangers not just the likes of Japan and South Korea, but all nations whose territory and interests are within range of Iranian and Syrian missiles.

Beyond its impact on Iran's technological and hardware capabilities, North Korea's nuclear program has had a singular influence on Iran's political strategy for advancing its nuclear program diplomatically. North Korea has been a trailblazer in its utilization of a mix of diplomatic aggression and seeming accommodation to alternately intimidate and persuade its enemies to take no action against its nuclear program. Iran has followed Pyongyang's model assiduously. Moreover, Iran has used the international - and particularly the American - response to various North Korean provocations over the years to determine how to position itself at any given moment in order to advance its nuclear program.

For instance, when the US reacted to North Korea's 2006 nuclear and ICBM tests by reinstating the six-party talks in the hopes of appeasing Pyongyang, Iran learned that by exhibiting an interest in engaging the US on its uranium enrichment program it could gain valuable time. Just as North Korea was able to dissipate Washington's resolve to act against it while buying time to advance its program still further through the six-party talks, so Iran, by seemingly agreeing to a framework for discussing its uranium enrichment program, has been able to keep the US and Europe at bay for the past several years.

THE OBAMA administration's impotent response to Pyongyang's ICBM test last month and its similarly stuttering reaction to North Korea's nuclear test on Monday have shown Teheran that it no longer needs to even pretend to have an interest in negotiating aspects of its nuclear program with Washington or its European counterparts.

Whereas appearing interested in reaching an accommodation with Washington made sense during the Bush presidency, when hawks and doves were competing for the president's ear, today, with the Obama administration populated solely by doves, Iran, like North Korea, believes it has nothing to gain by pretending to care about accommodating Washington.

This point was brought home clearly by both Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's immediate verbal response to the North Korean nuclear test on Monday and by Iran's provocative launch of warships in the Gulf of Aden the same day. As Ahmadinejad said, as far the Iranian regime is concerned, "Iran's nuclear issue is over."

There is no reason to talk anymore. Just as Obama made clear that he intends to do nothing in response to North Korea's nuclear test, so Iran believes that the president will do nothing to impede its nuclear program.

Of course it is not simply the administration's policy toward North Korea that is signaling to Iran that it has no reason to be concerned that the US will challenge its nuclear aspirations. The US's general Middle East policy, which conditions US action against Iran's nuclear weapons program on the prior implementation of an impossible-to-achieve Israel-Palestinian peace agreement makes it obvious to Teheran that the US will take no action whatsoever to prevent it from following in North Korea's footsteps and becoming a nuclear power.

During his press briefing with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last Monday, Obama said the US would reassess its commitment to appeasing Iran at year's end. And early this week it was reported that Obama has instructed the Defense Department to prepare plans for attacking Iran. Moreover, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen, has made several recent statements warning of the danger a nuclear-armed Iran will pose to global security - and by extension, to US national security.

On the surface, all of this seems to indicate that the Obama administration may be willing to actually do something to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Unfortunately, though, due to the timeline Obama has set, it is clear that before he will be ready to lift a finger against Iran, the mullocracy will have already become a nuclear power.

Israel assesses that Iran will have a sufficient quantity of enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb by the end of the year. The US believes that it could take until mid-2010. At his press briefing last week Obama said that if the negotiations are deemed a failure, the next step for the US will be to expand international sanctions against Iran. It can be assumed that here, too, Obama will allow this policy to continue for at least six months before he will be willing to reconsider it. By that point, in all likelihood, Iran will already be in possession of a nuclear arsenal.

Beyond Obama's timeline, over the past week, two other developments made it apparent that regardless of what Iran does, the Obama administration will not revise its policy of placing its Middle East emphasis on weakening Israel rather than on stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

First, last Friday, Yediot Aharonot reported that at a recent lecture in Washington, US Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, that took place in the middle of May, Dayton who is responsible for training Palestinian military forces in Jordan, indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria within two years, the Palestinian forces he and his fellow American officers are now training at a cost of more than $300 million could begin killing Israelis.

Assuming the veracity of Yediot's report, even more unsettling than Dayton's certainty that within a short period of time these US-trained forces could commence murdering Israelis, is his seeming equanimity in the face of the known consequences of his actions. The prospect of US-trained Palestinian military forces slaughtering Jews does not cause Dayton to have a second thought about the wisdom of the US's commitment to building and training a Palestinian army.

Dayton's statement laid bare the disturbing fact that even though the administration is fully aware of the costs of its approach to the Palestinian conflict with Israel, it is still unwilling to reconsider it. Defense Secretary Robert Gates just extended Dayton's tour of duty for an additional two years and gave him the added responsibility of serving as Obama's Middle East mediator George Mitchell's deputy.

FOUR DAYS after Dayton's remarks were published, senior American and Israeli officials met in London. The reported purpose of the high-level meeting was to discuss how Israel will abide by the administration's demand that it prohibit all construction inside Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

What was most notable about the meeting was its timing. By holding the meeting the day after North Korea tested its bomb and after Iran's announcement that it rejects the US's offer to negotiate about its nuclear program, the administration demonstrated that regardless of what Iran does, Washington's commitment to putting the screws on Israel is not subject to change.

All of this of course is music to the mullahs' ears. Between America's impotence against their North Korean allies and its unshakable commitment to keeping Israel on the hot seat, the Iranians know that they have no reason to worry about Uncle Sam.

As for Israel, it is a good thing that the IDF has scheduled the largest civil defense drill in the country's history for next week. Between North Korea's nuclear test, Iran's brazen bellicosity and America's betrayal, it is clear that the government can do nothing to impact Washington's policies toward Iran. No destruction of Jewish communities will convince Obama to act against Iran.

Today Israel stands alone against the mullahs and their bomb. And this, like the US's decision to stand down against the Axis of Evil, is not subject to change.


Wild Thing's comment......

Our country helps train the enemy, and now with Obama and his weak leadership and siding with the Muslims, I just don't see how Israel has a chance to convience Obama to do the right thing. I hate this, I hate seeing Israel and the USA not standing side by side as friends fighting the same enemy.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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June 02, 2009

Obama VS. Israel

How Barack Obama is severing a 60 year U.S. policy of support for Israel even as the mortal threat of Iranian nuclear weapons loom and how Hillary Clinton is helping to implement his Arabist policies.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Dick Morris is good on this, he explains it clearly and easy to undertsnad.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Ways Obama is Looking to Punish Israel

U.S. Weighs Tactics on Israeli Settlement

The New York Times


As President Obama prepares to head to the Middle East this week, administration officials are debating how to toughen their stance against any expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The measures under discussion — all largely symbolic — include stepping back from America’s near-uniform support for Israel in the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not agree to a settlement freeze, administration officials said.
Other measures include refraining from the instant Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit to criticize the settlements, officials said. Placing conditions on loan guarantees to Israel, as the first President Bush did nearly 20 years ago, is not under discussion, officials said.
Still, talk of even symbolic actions that would publicly show the United States’ ire with Israel, its longtime ally, would be a sharp departure from the previous administration, which limited its distaste with Israel’s settlement expansions to carefully worded diplomatic statements that called them “unhelpful.”
Mr. Obama is to give a much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world from Egypt on Thursday. “There are things that could get the attention of the Israeli public,” a senior administration official said, touching on the widespread belief within the administration that any Israeli prime minister risks political peril if the Israeli electorate views him as endangering the country’s relationship with the United States.
But, the official added, “Israel is a critical United States ally, and no one in this administration expects that not to continue.” He spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly.
White House officials said Mr. Obama would not make the Cairo speech entirely about the Arab-Israeli conflict, but would instead seek to engage Muslims on the panoply of issues facing Islam and the West, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.
But the core issue, administration officials said, is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “I want to use the occasion to deliver a broader message about how the United States can change for the better its relationship with the Muslim world,” Mr. Obama told reporters last week. “But certainly, the issue of Middle East peace is something that is going to need to be addressed. It is a critical factor in the minds of many Arabs in countries throughout the region and beyond the region.”


Wild Thing's comment........

“...White House officials said they wanted greater Arab acceptance of Mr. Obama’s peace plans.....”

Terrorists and there is an oxy-moron! Come on, this is total BS...terrorists listen to one thing only....power!

I hope Isreal is tenacious and ruthless in their defense, which I suspect they will be.

Bottom line is that if Obama wins, Israel will lose!

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June 01, 2009

Israel: We Won't Bow to U.S. Settlement Requests

Photo of Sara and BiBI......JERUSALEM - MAY 31: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) convenes the weekly cabinet meeting May 31, 2009 in Jerusalem, Israel. Netanyahu said today that Israel would not relent on the blockade of Gaza.

FOX News

Israel: We Won't Bow to U.S. Settlement Requests

Israel will not agree to U.S. demands to freeze all settlement activity in the West Bank, the AFP reported an official close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying.

"I want to say in a crystal clear manner that the current Israeli government will not accept in any fashion that legal settlement activity in Judea and Samaria be frozen," Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said, using the Israeli term for the West Bank. "The government will defend the vital interests of the state of Israel."

It was the first high-level reaction to President Obama's call Thursday during a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Israel stop settlement activity, a key hurdle in Mideast peace talks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said last Sunday Israel will continue to build homes in existing West Bank settlements, but would not allow any new settlements to be created.
"We will not build new settlements," he said, according to remarks released by his office. "But it is not fair not to provide a solution to natural growth."

Obama met Thursday with Abbas and challenged Israelis and Palestinians to be fair brokers in the quest for peace, calling on Israel to stop settlement construction in the West Bank.

"We can't continue with the drift, with the increased fear and resentment on both sides, the sense of hopelessness around the situation that we've seen for many years now," Obama said, referring to the idea of Palestinians and Israelis living peacefully as neighbors. "We need to get this thing back on track."
"I am confident that we can move this process forward," Obama said after meeting with Abbas at the White House. The president said that means both sides must "meet the obligations that they've already committed to" -- an element of the peace effort that has proved elusive for years.

Abbas told The Associated Press after the session with Obama that no meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are on the horizon. He said there are no preconditions for such a meeting but "obligations" on Israel through the so-called road map for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Abbas said he is meeting his commitments under the road map and that Israel should do the same. He cited continued settlement construction as a commitment Israel is not meeting.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Bibi knows who and what he’s dealing with in Obama. And I’m all for Bibi telling that jerk Obama off big time.

Obama is a monster and he is created something worse then what existed before. Nothing good will come from what Obama wants to be done.

They are really going after BiBI and putting ALL the pressure on him and on Israel.

from Dry Bones - Thank you

Netanyahu: "What the hell do they want from me?"
Thu, 05/28/2009

Last night, shortly after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told journalists that the Obama administration "wants to see a stop to settlements -- not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a confidant. Referring to Clinton's call for a settlement freeze, Netanyahu groused, "What the hell do they want from me?" according to his associate, who added, "I gathered that he heard some bad vibes in his meetings with U.S. congressional delegations this week."
In the 10 days since Netanyahu and President Barack Obama held a meeting at the White House, the Obama administration has made clear in public and private meetings with Israeli officials that it intends to hold a firm line on Obama's call to stop Israeli settlements.

Netanyahu: “What the hell do they want from me?”

Like all lib scumbags, they want your death and destruction, sir. Resist them. Spit in their faces and defend your great nation. God bless Israel. America’s (real) Christians stand with you and your people.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Obama Promises Arabs Jerusalem Will Be Theirs

Palestinians celebrating the fall of the twin towers on 911

Official: President said Palestinian state with holy city capital 'in American interest'



President Obama and his administration told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during a meeting last week the U.S. foresees the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, according to a top PA official speaking to WND.

"The American administration was very friendly to the position of the PA," said Nimer Hamad, Abbas' senior political adviser.
"Abu Mazen (Abbas) heard from Obama and his administration in a very categorical way that a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is in the American national and security interest," Hamad said.

Also in Cairo today, Abbas met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, where the Palestinian leader briefed Egypt's president on his recent trip to Washington, saying the U.S. was committed to bringing about an end to Israeli construction in the West Bank.

Hamad's comments about Jerusalem today come as controversy abounded regarding the U.S. position on Israel's capital city.

Last week, the State Department refuted a speech in which Netanyahu said Jerusalem never will be divided.

"Jerusalem is Israel's capital," Netanyahu said at an event marking Jerusalem's reunification. "Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided."

In response, the State Department released a statement that Jerusalem "is a final status issue."

"Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resolve its status during negotiations. We will support their efforts to reach agreements on all final status issues," the statement said.

Also last week, a top Palestinian Authority official claimed in a WND interview that the Obama administration told the PA that Jerusalem will never be united under Israeli sovereignty.

"Americans said an open Jerusalem – yes. But a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty – no," Hatem Abdel Khader, the PA's minister for Jerusalem affairs, said in comments to both WND and Israel's Ynetnews website.

"(The Obama administration) has made clear that Jerusalem must be accessible to everyone – but not united under Israel's rule," Khader said.

Khader claimed the U.S. is cooperating with the PA to "thwart Israel's plans in Jerusalem."

"When they collaborate with us in Israeli courts against home demolitions or the confiscation of land we see their attitude," he said.
Khader told WND, "The Americans are very present on the ground, and they are making pressure over Israeli authorities and even municipalities."
"They are acting according to the concept that the failure to establish a Palestinian state would jeopardize U.S. national security interests – and without Jerusalem there is no Palestinian state," he said.

U.S. helps Palestinians live illegally near Temple Mount

Khader's claim the U.S. is helping the Palestinians gain a foothold in Jerusalem is accurate. In April, WND reported that under intense American pressure and following a nearly unprecedented behind-the-scenes U.S. campaign, the Netanyahu government has decided not to bulldoze Palestinian homes built illegally on Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem.

The issue is critical since the 80 homes in question are located in Silwan, an eastern Jerusalem neighborhood close to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem's Old City that the Palestinians claim as a future capital. Jewish groups have been working to fortify the community's Jewish presence. Silwan is adjacent to the City of David, a massive archeological dig just outside the Temple Mount that is constantly turning up Temple artifacts.

Like tens of thousands of other Arab housing projects throughout eastern Jerusalem, the Palestinian homes in Silwan were illegally constructed on property long ago purchased by Jews. The Israeli government ordered the structures' legal demolition.

But during a visit here in early March, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly protested the planned bulldozing.

"Clearly this kind of activity is unhelpful and not in keeping with the obligations entered into under the Road Map," she said. "It is an issue that we intend to raise with the government of Israel and the government at the municipal level in Jerusalem."

The Road Map calls for Israel to freeze Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank but does not bar Israel from dismantling illegally constructed Palestinian homes in Jerusalem.

WND learned that in the weeks since Clinton's visit here, the U.S. mounted an intensive campaign lobbying the Israeli government against tearing down the illegal Palestinian homes in Silwan. The campaign included letters from the Middle East section of the State Department addressed to various Jerusalem municipalities, with copies of the letters sent to the offices of Israel's prime minister and foreign minister. The letters called on Israel to allow the illegal Palestinian homes in Silwan to remain and stated any demolitions would not foster an atmosphere of peace.

Also, in a follow-up visit here, State Department officials made it clear to their Israeli counterparts the U.S. opposes the Silwan bulldozing.

According to sources in the Israeli government, including in Netanyahu's administration, a decision has been made not to bulldoze the illegal Palestinian homes. The sources said the issue of the homes may be raised again in the future, but for the time being the houses will remain intact.

The sources attributed the decision against the bulldozing – which has not yet been announced – to the intense American campaign against the house demolitions.

Said one source in Netanyahu's administration, "This was very frustrating to us. Can you imagine if a foreign government came in and told a city office in the U.S. not to tear down a house that was illegally constructed on someone else's property?"

While Clinton opposed the Palestinian house demolitions, informed Israeli officials said the Obama administration is carefully monitoring Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and has already protested to the highest levels of Israeli government about evidence of housing expansion in those areas.

The officials, who spoke on condition that their names be withheld, said that last month Obama's Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, oversaw the establishment of an apparatus based in the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem that closely monitors eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods, incorporating regular tours on a daily basis.

The officials said that in recent meetings Mitchell strongly protested Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem. Mitchell also condemned the work of nationalist Jewish groups to purchase property in Jerusalem's Old City, including in areas intimately tied to Judaism.

Israel recaptured eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site – during the 1967 Six Day War.

The Palestinians, however, have claimed eastern Jerusalem as a future capital. About 244,000 Arabs live in Jerusalem, mostly in eastern neighborhoods, out of a total population of 724,000, the majority Jewish.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama shouldn’t promise things that aren’t his to give away. That and Abbas is an empty suit who couldn’t deliver a cold pizza. And besides GOD didn’t promise that and Obama is NOT God.

"The American administration was very friendly to the position of the PA,"

As a reminder to some. These are the people during 9/11, on the live news feeds, that were jumping up and down, throwing candy around celebrating.

Netanyahu has already “promised” that Jerusalem WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED. I will sider with Israel and Bibi!! There will be a helluva lot of dead bodies, but the majority of them won't be Israelis.

If our Kenyan Idiot keeps messing with Isreal, maybe Massad will settle matters.

“Kahane Tzodeik”: Kahane Was Right

"Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity." - Rabbi Meir Kahane


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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May 29, 2009

Abbas Expects US Pressure to Push Out Netanyahu

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas expects US pressure to push out Netanyahu

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will not resume negotiations with Israel unless the Netanyahu government agrees to a complete settlement freeze and publicly accepts a two-state solution, Abbas has told the Washington Post in an interview.
And since he does not believe Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will lift his opposition on these issues, Abbas and his leadership expect American pressure to gradually force Netanyahu out of office, the paper reported on Friday. "It will take a couple of years," it quoted one of Abbas's officials as saying.
Abbas was interviewed the day before his Thursday meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama.
Setting out what the newspaper called "a hardline position," the Palestinian leader conditioned a resumption of talks with Israel on Netanyahu's agreement to a halt in all settlement building - a demand being repeatedly stressed by Obama, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other senior US officials - and formal Israeli government acceptance of Palestinian statehood.


Wild Thing's comment.........

First the most noticable thing is the photo, see how friendly Obama is with Abbas, he sure as heck was not like that with BiBi. Nope not even close.

It is so sad, but Israel is on it's own. I wish so mcuh, pray so much that we would continue to be a friend to
Israel. Obama is a traitor to our country and to Israel's friendship.

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May 25, 2009

The Death of Israel

The Death of Israel

By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann

From Caroline Glick, deputy editor and op-ed writer for the Jerusalem Post, comes alarming news. An expert on Arab-Israeli relations with excellent sources deep inside Netanyahu’s government, she reports that CIA chief Leon Panetta, who recently took time out from his day job (feuding with Nancy Pelosi) to travel to Israel “read the riot act” to the government warning against an attack on Iran.

More ominously, Glick reports (likely from sources high up in the Israeli government) that the Obama administration has all but accepted as irreversible and unavoidable fact that Iran will soon develop nuclear weapons. She writes, “…we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran’s nuclear aspirations. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the US will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed mullocracy.”

She goes on to write that the Obama administration is desperate to stop Israel from attacking Iran writing that “as far as the [Obama] administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran’s nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself.” She notes that American officials would regard any harm to American interests that flowed from an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as Israel’s doing, not Iran’s.

In classic Stockholm Syndrome fashion, the Obama administration is empathizing more with the Iranian leaders who are holding Israel hostage than with the nation that may be wiped off the map if Iran acquires the bomb.

Obama’s end-of-the-year deadline for Iranian talks aimed at stopping its progress toward nuclear weapons is just window dressing without the threat of military action. As Metternich wrote “diplomacy without force is like music without instruments.” By warning only of possible strengthening of economic sanctions if the talks do not progress, Obama is making an empty threat. The sanctions will likely have no effect because Russia and China will not let the United Nations act as it must if it is to deter Iranian nuclear weapons.

All this means is that Israel’s life is in danger. If Iran gets the bomb, it will use it to kill six million Jews. No threat of retaliation will make the slightest difference. One cannot deter a suicide bomber with the threat of death. Nor can one deter a theocracy bent on meriting admission to heaven and its virgins by one glorious act of violence. Iran would probably not launch the bomb itself, anyway, but would give it to its puppet terrorists to send to Israel so it could deny responsibility. Obama, bent on appeasement, would likely not retaliate with nuclear weapons. And Israel will be dead and gone.

Those sunshine Jewish patriots who voted for Obama must realize that we, as Jews, are witnessing the possible end of Israel. We are in the same moral position as our ancestors were as they watched Hitler rise but did nothing to pressure their favorite liberal Democratic president, FDR, to take any real action to save them or even to let Jewish refugees into the country. If we remain complacent, we will have the same anguish at watching the destruction of Israel that our forebears had in witnessing the Holocaust.

Because one thing is increasingly clear: Barack Obama is not about to lift a finger to stop Iran from developing the bomb. And neither is Hillary Clinton.

Obama may have held the first White House seder, but he’s not planning to spend next year in Jerusalem.

Strip away the smiles from the Obama-Bibi press conference and we are Left with obsessive, delusional behavior


By Caroline B. Glick

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit with US President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday was baptism of fire for Israel's new premier. What emerged from the meeting is that Obama's priorities regarding Iran, Israel and the Arab world are diametrically opposed to Israel's priorities. During his ad-hoc press conference with Netanyahu, Obama made clear that he will not lift a finger to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

And acting as Obama's surrogate, for the past two weeks CIA Director Leon Panetta has made clear that Obama expects Israel to also sit on its thumbs as Iran develops the means to destroy it.

* Obama set a non-binding timetable of seven months for his policy of appeasement and engagement of the ayatollahs to work. That policy, he explained will only be implemented after next month's Iranian presidential elections. And those direct US-Iranian talks must be given at least six months to show results before they can be assessed as successful or failed.

But Israel's military intelligence has assessed that six months may be too long to wait. By the end of the year, Iran's nuclear program may be unstoppable.

* Then there is Obama's "or else." Obama made clear that in the event that in December or January he concludes that the Iranians are not negotiating in good faith, the most radical step he will be willing to take will be to consider escalating international sanctions against Teheran.

* Finally there was Obama's contention that the best way for the US to convince Iran to give up its nuclear program is by convincing Israel to give away more land to the Palestinians. As Obama put it, "To the extent that we can make peace with the Palestinians -- between the Palestinians and the Israelis, then I actually think it strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with a potential Iranian threat."

This statement encapsulates the basic lack of seriousness and fundamental mendacity of Obama's approach to "dealing with a potential Iranian threat." Iran has made clear that it wants Israel destroyed. The mullahs don't care how big Israel is. Their missiles are pointing at Tel Aviv not Beit El.

As for the international community, the Russians and Chinese have not been assisting Iran's nuclear and missile programs for the past fifteen years because there is no Palestinian state. They have been assisting Iran because they think a strong Iran weakens the US. And they are right.

The Arab states, for their part are already openly siding with Israel against Iran. The establishment of a Palestinian state will not make their support for action to prevent Iran from acquiring the means to dominate the region any more profound.

Obama's intention to unveil his Middle East peace plan in the course of his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo on June 4, like his decision to opt out of visiting Israel in favor of visiting a Nazi death camp, make clear that he does not perceive Israel as either a vital ally or even as a partner in the peace process he wishes to initiate. Israeli officials were not consulted about his plan. Then too, from the emerging contours of his plan, it is clear that he will be offering something that no Israeli government can accept.

According to media reports, Obama's plan will require Israel to withdraw its citizens and its military to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines. It will provide for the free immigration of millions of Israel-hating Arabs to the Palestinian state. And it seeks to represent all of this as in accord with Israel's interests by claiming that after Israel renders itself indefensible, all 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (including Iran) will "normalize" their relations with Israel. In short, Obama is using his peace plan to castigate the Netanyahu government as the chief destabilizing force in the region.

During his meeting with Obama, Netanyahu succeeded in evading the policy traps Obama set for him. Netanyahu reserved Israel's right to act independently against Iran and he conceded nothing substantive on the Palestinian issue. While itself no small achievement, Netanyahu's successful deflection of Obama's provocations are not a sustainable strategy. Already on Tuesday the administration began coercing Israel to toe its line on Iran and the Palestinians by engaging it in joint "working groups."

So what must Netanyahu do? What would a strategy to contain the Obama administration's pressure and maintain international attention on Iran look like?

Netanyahu government's best bet is to introduce its own peace plan to mitigate the impact of Obama's plan. To blunt the impact of Obama's speech in Cairo, Netanyahu should present his peace plan before June 4.


Wild Thing's comment........

NONE of this is good, this is so horrible what Obama is doing to our friend, Israel. Bibi will do the right thing to save his country. He can no longer count the United States as an ally.

It is extreme arrogance on the part of the Obama administration to read the "riot" act to Israel.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Netanyahu Rejects Obama's Call to Fly UN Flag Over Western Wall

Netanyahu rejects Obama's call to fly UN flag over Western Wall

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed at the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem Thursday night that the Israeli flag will continue to fly over the Western Wall (Kotel). The first prime minister in years to appear at the venerable yeshiva on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), he ignored U.S. President Barack Obama’s apparent trial balloon that he wants to see the United Nations flag fly over the Old City holy sites.

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared, "The flag that flies over the Kotel is the Israeli flag... Our holy places, the Temple Mount -- will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever.”

Between 1949 and 1967, the religious sites in the City, as well as all of Judea and Samaria, had been under the control of Jordan, which forbid entry of Jews to the Western Wall (Kotel) and other holy places, as well as barring Christians from churches. Israel immediately opened all holy sites to all religions after the entire city was re-united in 1967, returning the Old City to Israeli sovereignty after nearly 2,000 years


Wild Thing's comment........

The NERVE this took or insanity or hate, yessss it has to be out right hate Obama has for Israel. This is really disgusting!!!!!!

Could B. Hussein Obama be any more of a terrorist supporter? Can you imagine someone from another country telling us NOT to fly our Flag over our White House and to replace it with the UN flag? No Way!

Obama is not a friend of Israel or America.

God bless BiBi, he is really being put through a lot. There is a LOT of pressure on him right now from many sides.

* Something.....and Half of Something ( Linda's blog)

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Thank You BiBi! ~ "Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze"

This adorable little girl lived in Gush Katif when she and her family had to evacuate.

Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

* Netanyahu rejects full freeze to settlement growth

* Obama wants halt to settlement activity

* Palestinians see settlements as threat to statehood



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rebuffed U.S. calls to impose a freeze on all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank, setting the stage for friction with President Barack Obama.

"We do not intend to build any new settlements, but it wouldn't be fair to ban construction to meet the needs of natural growth or for there to be an outright construction ban," Netanyahu told his cabinet, according to officials.

The note of defiance came less than a week after Netanyahu held talks in Washington with Obama, who wants Israel to halt all settlement activity, including natural growth, as called for under a long-stalled peace "road map".

Netanyahu's comments reaffirmed a position he took in his bid for the premiership in a February election. By natural growth, Israel refers to construction within the boundaries of existing settlements to accommodate growing families.

Obama was expected to prod Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resume long-stalled peace talks during a major speech in Cairo early next month.

Abbas has ruled out restarting those talks until Netanyahu, whose right-leaning government took office on March 31, commits to a two-state solution and halts settlement expansion.

Obama has surprised Israel with his activism on the settlement issue, but it is unclear how much pressure he will put on Netanyahu to freeze construction entirely, Israeli and Western officials said. Former President George W. Bush called for a freeze but building continued largely unchecked, Israeli anti-settlement advocacy groups say.

Half a million Jews live in settlement blocs and smaller outposts built in the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem, all territory captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East War.

The World Court says all are illegal. The United States and European Union regard them as obstacles to peace.

Palestinians see the settlements as a land grab meant to deny them a state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Mark Regev, a spokesman for Netanyahu, said the fate of existing settlements should be decided in negotiations with the Palestinians. "In the interim period, we have to allow normal life in those communities to continue," he said.

Netanyahu has so far balked at committing to entering negotiations with the Palestinians on territorial issues.

A senior Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Netanyahu's government hoped to sidestep U.S. pressure by committing to uproot smaller hilltop outposts built without official authorisation, a step also set by the road map.

"Moving on outposts is relatively easy" compared to freezing growth of larger settlements, which Israel wants to keep as part of any future peace deal, the Israeli official said.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Welcome BiBi!! I would suppose after this that Netanyahu is most likely added to the Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s terrorist list. heh heh Well if he is he would be in the grandest company of all ......our Veterans and Spouses.

"...Obama, who wants Israel to halt all settlement activity, including natural growth,..."

Natural growth = births , this is about population control of Jews. Anytime we see these words natural growth that is what they are talking about. (Gore/Obama/Pelosi etc. all have been pushing population control and using this phrasing "Natural Growth")

Not very hard to see whose side commiebama is on...that would be Iran and the other enemies of Israel. No doubt when Kenya breath Hussein Obama bowed to the prince he kissed his ring and promised to "take care of the Israel problem".

I've noticed a common phrasing in many stories out now, and it is "Obama wants...". Well, the only saying is, he can want in one hand and...well you know the rest.

No doubt the grandma he threw under the bus doted on him to relieve her guilt and he got his way a lot - you can see that when someone defies him and he gets in one of his snits.

The only difference is, now that he has "power", it's not "What little Barry wants, he gets." Now it's "What the Kenyan wants, he TAKES."

The “settlement policy” is a huge, stinking pile of bullsh*t.

It’s all part of the same, Big Lie, that “Jews stole land from Palestinians.” You know, the same peaceful “Palestinians” who occupy Israel and who danced in the street on 9/11? The same ones who shouted, “Death to Jews” in this country, in New York City, San Francisco, and Ft Lauderdale.

There is no such place as Palestine. There has never been an independent nation or state known as Palestine. “Palestinians” are Arabs and not a distinct group of people. There are no “Palestinian lands.” Ninety percent of the Arabs living in the West Bank and Jerusalem came there AFTER Israel became a state.

PLO admits Palestinian People is a myth.

"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism." PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, March 31, 1977

There already is an independent “Palestinian” state called, Jordan, which consists of 80% of the land mandated by the League of Nations/United Nations to be the Jewish Homeland.

Jews have lived continuously in the West Bank for over 3,000 years. Jewish settlements are not illegal and never were.

No other nation in the history of the world has ever had to give back land it captured while fighting a DEFENSIVE WAR — especially NOT the land that belonged to them in the first place.

There are, however, hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ARAB SETTLEMENTS throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem. These are Arab squatters on Jewish land and have no right to be there. It is the Arabs who are making the land grabs, not the Jews.

Look at the world map, in its 60 year history, Israel has not even expanded out to its original borders that existed 2,000 years before the myth of “Palestine and the Palestinians” was created in 1964 by Yassir Arafat and the terrorist PLO.

In the same period, Muslims have waged a bloody, worldwide conquest of non-Muslim countries extending from Eurasia to Africa to Eastern Europe, and onto Western Europe.

Muslims insist that Spain belongs to them because they briefly captured it during their first worldwide conquest of foreign land: a Muslim Empire that began in the 7th Century and ended in the early part of the 20th with the defeat of the Ottomans. Why not force Spain to give up their land?

Muslims believe that if they once occupied a piece of land, even for a day, it is theirs for eternity.

They’ll be coming for our land next if we as a country don’t wake up to the real danger we face.

As Israel goes, so goes America.

There are things in life worth fighting, and dying for. Giving over our own property, freedom, and God given rights for the sake of "just getting along" with an unreasonable neighbor, is not living: it's simply existing in horrible bondage.

Our founding fathers understood this all too well, and they made a stand. Many of them lost everything they had, including their lives for it. But they passed on a heritage in this country which has been the greatest force for good ever known to civilization, our military fought to keep it so, and up until a few months ago, you and I have been benefiting in more ways that we may never even realize until our individual freedoms are gone.

"I will plant them [the Jewish people] in their land, and they will not again be rooted out from their land which I have given them..." - Amos 9:15

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:45 AM

May 20, 2009

Say What???? US Training Palestinian Armed Forces

US Admits Training Palestinian Armed Forces While PA Negotiates With Hamas

The Bulletin ( Philadelphia Newspaper )


The American military now openly admits providing military training to Palestinian military forces.

A U.S. military official, Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, assigned by the United States to be a “security coordinator,” has been appointed to train 1,500 Palestinian military personnel. They will be available for “immediate deployment” in the area between Jenin and Nablus, less than an hour from Israel’s populated coastal plain.

He discussed his mission at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies last week.

Lt. Gen. Dayton said: “We also have something in our pocket called the West Bank Training Initiative where we have plans to continue a series of courses in the West Bank on logistics, leadership, first aid, maintenance, English language, battalion staff training and driver education. These are led by our British and Turkish officers with an eye to eventually turning this over to the Palestinians themselves.”

The premise behind American military aid to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) military forces is the hope the American-trained Palestinian personnel will fight Hamas.

However, the training of Palestinian military units by U.S. advisers is taking place at the same time the PA is negotiating to join forces with the Hamas terrorist organization, which rules Gaza.

All indications show the PA is making every effort to co-opt and include Hamas in its military forces for joint operations against Israel.

Were that to happen, American military advisers and their Palestinian trainees would be placed into direct confrontation with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and with the Israeli population.

Despite assurances to the contrary, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the parent organization of the PA, remains in a state of war with Israel.

To reassure the Washington Institute, Lt. Gen. Dayton downplayed the dangers of the training that the Americans are providing the Palestinians, by saying that “Our equipping is all nonlethal ...”


The Dreyfuss Report

Last Thursday, in what was billed as his very first on-the-record address, Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, U.S. security coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, spoke to the 2009 Soref Symposium organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. WINEP, of course, is the chief thinktank for the Washington-based Israel lobby.

Most of the work he's done, Dayton said, occurred in the West Bank after the June, 2007, Hamas takeover in Gaza. "What we have created are 'new men,'" he added.

Now for the warning. Recognizing that by organizing and training thousands of Palestinian troops, professionally led, he is creating in effect a nationalist army, Dayton warned the 500 or so WINEP listeners that the troops can only be strung along for just so long. "With big expectations, come big risks," said Dayton. "There is perhaps a two-year shelf life on being told that you're creating a state, when you're not." To my ears, at least, his subtle warning is that if concrete progress isn't made toward a Palestinian state, the very troops Dayton is assembling could rebel.

Wild Thing's comment........

It sure looks like our policy is to eliminate Israel. And under Obama it is 1000% stronger to get rid of Israel.

Bush made a decision which was wrong of course, in thinking that the Palestinian Authority would be going up against the Hamas and so he did this to help them. But.....BUT. NO NO NO both Hamas and the PLO are terrorists and they ALL are against Israel.

I just don't get it at all.

Sounds like Valentine’s Day for the arms dealers. They get to sell to both sides of the escalation.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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May 19, 2009

Obama Seeks Favor With Palestinians in Talk with Netanyahu


Obama prods Netanyahu, Iran in Mideast foray


Netanyahu said he was ready to resume peace talks with the Palestinians immediately but he also said any agreement depended on their acceptance of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. It was not immediately clear in the way he phrased the response whether Netanyahu was demanding that as a precondition for talks.
"There's never been a time when Arabs and Israelis see a common threat the way we see it today," Netanyahu said, speaking of a sense of urgency felt throughout the Arab world about Iran's nuclear program.

The Israeli leader did not respond publicly to Obama's demand on an end to the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and refused again to say he was ready to negotiate a so-called two-state solution to the nearly 60-year dispute with the Palestinians. The plan, endorsed by the United States and other parties pushing for peace between the historic foes, calls for establishment of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel.

Palestinians offered praise for Obama but expressed disappointment with Netanyahu's remarks.

Netanyahu "did not mention a commitment to a two-state solution, and we need to see American action against this policy," said Nabil Abu Rdeneh, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who visits the White House on May 28.

Saeb Erekat, the top Palestinian negotiator, issue a similar assessment:

"Mr. Netanyahu failed to mention the two-state solution, signed agreements and the commitment to stop settlement activity. He said he wants the Palestinians to govern themselves. The question to Mr. Netanyahu is, 'How can I govern myself while your occupation continues everywhere in the West Bank and Gaza, and how can I govern myself under your wall, roadblocks and settlement activities?'


Iran Welcomes Obama “Realistic Comments”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said Monday that American practices were the main yardstick to judge real change in Washington’s policy towards Tehran. The Iranian official welcomed President Barack Obama’s recent statement in an interview with the NewsWeek that Washington had adopted a wrong approach vis-à-vis Iran during the past three decades.

Qashqavi referred to President Obama’s assessment as “realistic comments” and stressed that Iran was to give a chance to the US new administration to correct its previous mistakes towards Iran and create “practical changes.”
Asked what kind of changes Iran expects from Washington, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “We are not to prejudge. The US officials have to decide whether to make a real, strategic or tactical change regarding Iran and we just wait and see.”

Meanwhile, Qashqavi suggested the White House to avoid being influenced by propaganda of the US-based Zionist lobby. Referring to the current visit to US by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, The Iranian spokesman called on American officials to take into consideration their own national interests in their talks with him.


Wild Thing's comment........

I really love BiBi's voice. And there is augh, the jerk Obama in the White House that can barely get his thoughts out.

MUSLIMS = Iran wants is for us is to throw Israel under the bus.

MUSLIMS= Palestinian's call for establishment of a Palestinian state and no more occupation from the Israeli's.


ISLAM = death cultL, destruction

The Israel-must-do-more argument is dishonest.

Already it has done plenty. It pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, soon found itself facing 10,000 terrorist rockets and mortars, and in 2006 was forced into war with Hezbollah. In 2000, Israel offered the most generous terms imaginable to create a Palestinian state, and in return got a suicide-bomb campaign aimed at civilians. In 2005, Israel shut down all settlements in the Gaza Strip and pulled out, only to be confronted with a Hamas terrorist statelet and more warfare.

Where are bold moves by the Arabs? They point to the "Saudi peace initiative." That offers peace if Israel gives up everything it won in the 1967 defensive, existential war -- and more. It demands "a right of return" for Palestinians who fled their homes, often at the urging of invading Arab armies, in 1948. That demand includes descendants of the refugees -- millions of people who weren't born in 1948.

So the only ones that have done anything to try and get along, the only ones that have kept their word for cease fire till they had to fight back, the only ones that can or should be trusted are the Jews, the Israeli's......certainly NOT the Muslims, not the followers of Islam!

Note how many attacks around the world since 9-11. All done by ISLAM, by Muslims.

Once again there are demands on Israel and not the Palestinians ( Muslims).

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM | Comments (4)

May 18, 2009

Obama Wants Statehood and Netanyahu says Palestinians must accept Israel

Netanyahu says Palestinians must accept Israel


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he is ready to resume peace talks with the Palestinians immediately, but any agreement is contingent on their acceptance of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
Netanyahu and President Barack Obama met for more than two hours at the White House and focused on Mideast peace talks, Iran's nuclear program and the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Obama said he expects a positive response from his diplomatic outreach to Iran on stopping its nuclear program by the end of the year.

The president said the United States wanted to bring Iran into the world community, but declared "we're not going to have talks forever."

At the same time, Obama said bluntly that it was important that Netanyahu, a hard-liner on peace negotiations with the Palestinians, get back to the negotiating table.

While his language was gentle, Obama's words were notable nonetheless for being made in public.

"We have seen progress stalled on this front, and I suggested to the prime minister that he has a historic opportunity to get a serious movement on this issue during his tenure," Obama said. "That means that all the parties involved have to take seriously obligations that they have previously agreed to."

Added Obama: "I think that there is no reason why we should not seize this opportunity and this moment."


Obama: U.S. backs Palestinian statehood


Barack Obama voiced support for creation of a Palestinian state in talks on Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who held back from endorsing the main cornerstone of Washington's Mideast policy.

With Israeli leaders mostly skeptical of Obama's efforts to engage Iran diplomatically, Netanyahu had planned to stress Israel's growing concerns about Tehran's nuclear ambitions, Israeli officials said before the talks.

Obama, speaking along with Netanyahu to reporters in the Oval Office, said after the two-hour meeting that he saw no reason to set an artificial deadline for diplomacy with Iran, but the U.S. would like to see progress with Tehran by the end of the year.

Obama also reminded Israel of its commitment, under a 2003 U.S.-backed peace road map agreement to cease settlement activity in the West Bank.

"We talked about restarting serious negotiations on issues of Israel and the Palestinians," Obama said, adding that it was in the interests of both sides "to achieve a two-state solution."
Netanyahu, in his remarks, reiterated that he supported self-government for the Palestinians but made no mention of a state, a position underscoring a rare rift in U.S.-Israeli relations.
"We don't want to govern the Palestinians. We want them to govern themselves," Netanyahu said, echoing statements he has made in the past.


Wild Thing's comment......

Listening to Bibi and Obama on FOX now. Bibi doesn’t look happy. I can't blame him he knows how Obama has bowed to Saudi and favors the Hamas and Palestinians .

Netanyahu has already agreed to the formula, started in the Oslo Accords, for giving the Palestinians their own country. That’s what the whole thing was about, and Netanyahu has already said that he and Israel will abide by their agreements (from Oslo forward).

Neither Netanyahu or Israel wants a “one-state solution” where Israel has all the land and all the Palestinians that go with the land. And they are not going to set up an “Apartheid State” either, so that will never work.

A one-state solution would be national suicide for Israel.

I hate that Netanyahu even had to sit down and discuss life and death issues for Israel with this incompetant community organizer. I don’t think he is buying what the Neville Chamberlain of our times is saying. There was no confrontation and no blowup but the US and Israel have clear differences. That much is obvious from the end result of today's talks between the leaders of the two countries at the White House. God Help the USA! God Help Israel!

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NO To Two State Solution For Israel and NO to Funding Terrorists

Dry Bones Blog

As the time nears for PM Netanyahu’s May 18 visit to the U.S., there are worrisome signs that the U.S. administration will pressure Israel to make dangerous, premature concessions.

Israel must have the right to define its security needs and to ensure its survival.

Israel wants peace and an agreement with the Palestinians. But a lasting solution cannot be rushed, unconditional, or externally imposed.

Premature withdrawal from the West Bank may gravely risk Israeli lives, society and economy.

* The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to host terrorist cells within a few kilometers of Israel’s major cities. With independent freedom of movement and air space, they will be in a position to easily attack Israelis.

* Terrorist operations, including suicide bomb plans, have been launched from the PA jurisdiction without detection or restraint from Abbas’s PA government.

* The PA government has proven unable or unwilling to block the influx of arms from Iran and other rogue states.

* A Palestinian state, under today’s conditions, would likely become an Iranian proxy, just as southern Lebanon did. Iran openly seeks a genocidal military campaign to “wipe Israel off the earth” and funds and arms anti-Israel terror groups in the Palestinian areas and southern Lebanon.

* Hamas could easily take over the West Bank, where Fatah is unpopular and weak. The heart of Israel’s population, economic centers, and Ben Gurion airport would be in direct, short-rocket range from key West Bank heights like Baal Hazor.


Obama’s Supplemental Bill Passes, Gives Billions to Enemies?

from Creepingi Sharia

Barack Obama’s 2009 Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Pandemic Flu was revised and “passed by the full committee”. Not sure what the next step is, but based on the summary, it gives billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to countries and entities that support sharia law and/or harbor, hide and support those who want to destroy the U.S. and our allies.

From David Obey’s (D-WI) office: This is a PDF file

* 3.6 billion, matching the request, to expand and improve capabilities of the Afghan security forces

$400 million, as requested, to build the counterinsurgency capabilities of the Pakistani security forces

Afghanistan: $1.52 billion, $86 million above the request

West Bank and Gaza: $665 million in bilateral economic, humanitarian, and security assistance for the West Bank and Gaza

Jordan: $250 million, $250 million above the request, including $100 million for economic and $150 million for security assistance

Egypt: $360 million, $310 million above the request, including $50 million for economic assistance, $50 million for border security, and $260 million for security assistance

Pakistan: $1.9 billion, $591 million above the request

Iraq: $968 million, $336 million above the request

Oversight: $20 million, $13 million above the request, to expand oversight capacity of the State Department, USAID, and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan to review programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq

Israel: $555 million of the $2.8 billion 2010 request for security assistance, $555 million above the supplemental request. (Note: that means Obama’s original request did not include any money for Israel in 2009)

Lebanon: $74 million

International Food Assistance: $500 million, $200 million above the request, for PL 480 international food assistance to alleviate suffering during the global economic crisis

Refugee Assistance: $343 million, $50 million above the request, …including humanitarian assistance for Gaza. Funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency programs in the West Bank and Gaza is limited to $119 million (Note: Gaza = Hamas)

Disaster Assistance: $200 million to avert famines and provide life-saving assistance during natural disasters and for internally displaced people around the world, including Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, the Middle East and South Asia

Peacekeeping: $837 million for United Nations peacekeeping operations, including an expanded mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a new mission in Chad and the Central African Republic

HIV/AIDS: $100 million, $100 million above the request, for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to address a funding shortfall for grants in key countries such as Haiti, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Afghanistan. (Note: That means Obama’s original request didn’t include any money for AIDs)

Africa: $151 million, $18 million above the request, for economic and security assistance for Kenya, Somalia, Southern Sudan, and Zimbabwe

* Mexico: $470 million, $404 million above the request, to address growing violence along the United States-Mexico border by supporting the Government of Mexico’s war against organized crime and drug-trafficking

Georgia: $242 million to fulfill the United States commitment to the people of Georgia

Global Financial Crisis: $300 million, $148 million below the request, to address the global financial crisis in developing countries

Nuclear Non-Proliferation: $55 million, $34.5 million below the request, for the National Nuclear Security Administration to safeguard nuclear material in Russia and other sites world-wide

Department of Justice: $17 million, matching the request, for counter-terrorism activities and to provide training and assistance for the Iraqi criminal justice system


There's an online "SAY NO TO U.S. PRESSURE ON ISRAEL" Petition.

It's been put up by the Stand With Us people. It opposes "U.S. pressure on Israel for premature concessions that will put Israeli security at risk".

To see the petition click here.


And there is also this........ Friends of Israel Communities

Wonderful video , please click HERE


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama favors Islam over Israel. It is insane to be giving money to countries that harbor terrorists and help them in anyway. Last month on Obama's trip he said " we are strengthening our hand by reaching out to enemies of the United States ".

I agree witih KNOW your enemy, but to reach out to our enemy, hmmmmm I don't think so.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama’s U.N. Mistake ~ America On Collision Course With Israel

Obama’s U.N. Mistake

America is now on a collision course with Israel.

National Review

By Anne Bayefsky

In advance of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States on Monday, President Obama unveiled a new strategy for throwing Israel to the wolves. It takes the form of enthusiasm for the United Nations and international interlopers of all kinds.

Instead of ensuring strong American control over the course of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations or the Arab-Israeli peace process, the Obama administration is busy inserting an international mob between the U.S. and Israel. The thinking goes: If Israel doesn’t fall into an American line, Obama will step out of the way, claim his hands are tied, and let the U.N. and other international gangsters have at their prey.

It began this past Monday with the adoption of a so-called presidential statement by the U.N. Security Council. Such statements are not law, but they must be adopted unanimously — meaning that U.S. approval was essential and at any time Obama could have stopped its adoption. Instead, he agreed to this: “The Security Council supports the proposal of the Russian Federation to convene, in consultation with the Quartet and the parties, an international conference on the Middle East peace process in Moscow in 2009.”

This move is several steps beyond what the Bush administration did in approving Security Council resolutions in December and January — which said only that “The Security Council welcomes the Quartet’s consideration, in consultation with the parties, of an international meeting in Moscow in 2009.” Apparently Obama prefers a playing field with 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, 22 members of the Arab League — most of whom don’t recognize the right of Israel to exist — and one Jewish state. A great idea — if the purpose is to ensure Israel comes begging for American protection.

The U.N. presidential statement also makes laudatory references to another third-party venture, the 2002 Arab “Peace” Initiative. That’s a Saudi plan to force Israel to retreat to indefensible borders in advance of what most Arab states still believe will be a final putsch down the road. America’s U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice, announced to the Security Council that “we intend to integrate the Arab Peace Initiative into our own approach.”

Make no mistake: This U.N. move, made with U.S. approval, sets America on a well-calculated collision course with Israel. U.S. collusion on this presidential statement was directly at odds with Israel’s wishes and well-founded concerns about the U.N.’s bona fides on anything related to Israel. Israeli U.N. ambassador Gabriella Shalev issued a statement of Israel’s position: “Israel does not believe that the involvement of the Security Council contributes to the political process in the Middle East. This process should be bilateral and left to the parties themselves. Furthermore, the timing of this Security Council meeting is inappropriate as the Israeli government is in the midst of conducting a policy review, prior to next week's visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the United States. . . . Israel shared its position with members of the Security Council.”

By contrast, Rice told reporters: “We had a very useful and constructive meeting thus far of the Council. We welcome Foreign Minister Lavrov’s initiative to convene the Council, and we’re very pleased with the constructive and comprehensive statement that will be issued by the president of the Council on the Council’s behalf. This was a product of really collaborative, good-faith efforts by all members of the Council, and we’re pleased with the outcome.”

The Obama administration’s total disregard of Israel’s obvious interest in keeping the U.N. on the sidelines was striking. Instead of reiterating the obvious — that peace will not come if bigots and autocrats are permitted to ram an international “solution” down the throat of the only democracy at the table — Rice told the Council: “The United States cannot be left to do all the heavy lifting by itself, and other countries . . . must do all that they can to shore up our common efforts.” In a break with decades of U.S. policy, the Obama strategy is to energize a U.N. bad cop so that the U.S. might assume the role of good cop — for a price.

On Tuesday the Obama administration did it again: It ran for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council. As expected, the administration won election to represent the Council’s Western European and Others Group — it was a three-state contest for three spaces.

The Council is most famous, not for protecting human rights, but for its obsession with Israel. In its three-year history it has:

* adopted more resolutions and decisions condemning Israel than condemning the 191 other U.N. members combined;

* entrenched an agenda with only ten items, one permanently reserved for condemning Israel and another for condemning any other U.N. state that might “require the Council’s attention”;

* held ten regular sessions on human rights, and five special sessions to condemn only Israel;

* insisted on an investigator with an open-ended mandate to condemn Israel, while all other investigators must be regularly renewed;

* spawned constant investigations on Israel, and abolished human-rights investigations (launched by its predecessor, the Commission on Human Rights) into Belarus, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Moreover, every morning before the Human Rights Council starts, all states — and even observers like the Palestinians — get together in their regional blocs for an hour to negotiate, share information, and determine positions. All, that is, except Israel. The Western European and Others Group refuses to give Israel full membership. Now the U.S. will be complicit in this injustice.

Joining the Council has one immediate effect on U.S.-Israel relations: It gives the Obama administration a new stick to use against Israel. Having legitimized the forum through its membership and participation, the U.S. can now attempt to extract concessions from Israel in return for American objections to the Council’s constant anti-Israel barrage.

Obama administration officials may believe they can put the lid back on Pandora’s box after having invited the U.N., Russia, the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to jump into the process of manufacturing a Palestinian state while Israel is literally under fire. They have badly miscalculated. By making his bed with countries that have no serious interest in democratic values, the president has made our world a much more dangerous place.


Wild Thing's comment..........

This is a really good article.

Notice how clever our Mellifluous leader once again dis's an old friend of America's without ever getting his own hands dirty. Vintage Obama. But you and I know it is all OBAMA, he could have said no like Bush did to the UN!

My heart goes out to Israel. I hope they know that we citizens do NOT agree with him.

Israel is an outpost of democracy and western civilization on the edge of a savage region which has major security implications for all of us. I am afraid that the traditional ties with Israel as an ally are about to end. We have been a good team and even more since we have been fighting the same enemy.

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May 17, 2009

Obama to Bibi: No Surprises On Iran

When Bibi Meets Obama by Dry Bones


Obama to Bibi: No surprises on Iran

American Thinker

Rick Moran

It may be indicative just how low US-Israel relations have sunk that Barack Obama is warning Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu not to make any military moves against Iran without telling him.

Aluf Benn of Haaretz reports:

"Barack Obama has sent a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that Israel not surprise the U.S. with an Israeli military operation against Iran. The message was conveyed by a senior American official who met in Israel with Netanyahu, ministers and other senior officials. Earlier, Netanyahu's envoy visited Washington and met with National Security Adviser James Jones and with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and discussed the dialogue Obama has initiated with Tehran.
The message from the American envoy to the prime minister reveals U.S. concern that Israel could lose patience and act against Iran. It is important to the Americans that they not be caught off guard and find themselves facing facts on the ground at the last minute.
Obama did not wait for his White House meeting with Netanyahu, scheduled for next Monday, to deliver his message, but rather sent it ahead of time with his envoy."

The likelihood of an Israeli strike without US knowledge just became a dead certainty.

No doubt if the Israelis informed the Obama White House in advance, news of the attack would leak. And Netanyahu must have figured out by now that Obama is more concerned with pursuing his "Grand Bargain" with Iran that with the security of Israel.

What's worrisome about this is that it calls into question just what steps an Obama administration would take to "punish" Israel if they attacked Iran. Given the hostility towards the Jewish state exhibited by several of his advisors, nothing would be unthinkable as a reaction by Obama.

Wouldn't you love to be in that room next week when Bibi sits down with our naive president?


Obama puts Israel at risk

As Obama and Netanyahu prepare to meet, US-Israeli relations are sinking toward an all-time low.

The White House seems to be intentionally slighting Israel in advance of the summit, even as it raises the stakes. Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones appear to have linked US willingness to stop Iran’s nuclear program to receiving Israeli concessions regarding the two-state solution.

This is both immoral and counterproductive. Immoral, because it is dangerously close to blackmailing the Jewish state with a nuclear holocaust, planned by the Holocaust denier-in-chief, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Counterproductive, because potential Iranian nukes would threaten American interests and allies in the Middle East, including the oil-producing Gulf states.

The Obama administration is advocating steps that would jeopardize Israeli security.

There is concern that it might approve an Arab-backed plan that could compel Israel to withdraw to indefensible 1967 cease-fire lines. The late, dovish Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban, called these lines “the borders of Auschwitz.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

If Netanyahu even wanted to tell Obama, Israel better not trust Obama nor Obama’s Administration. Obama would somehow make sure Iran found out ahead of time. Our moronic administration shouldn’t be trusted with anything.

Unfortunately, US intelligance will have a head’s up about an hour before the jets take off. On the bright side, it’ll take Obama hours to get his act together to try and figure out what to do next. Just as he held off being leader a good president during the Capatins hostage we witnessed for days , 5 days it went on.

God bless the IDF, the Mossad , BiBi and our troops as they know what these terrorists are about unlike the jerk in our Oval Office that favors the enemy.

This is going to all get very interesting - very rapidly - hoping that Bibi stands up to Obama, and informs him that Israel will do whatever is in their collective best interests .

At the Battle of the Bulge, Gen McAuliffe gave the Germans a four letter reply...”NUTS” I suspect that Bibi will also give Obama a four letter reply...”PUTZ”


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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May 12, 2009

Has Obama Cut Off Information To Israel?

Lack of communication 'not normal practice'



Unlike the Bush administration, the staff of President Obama is not coordinating its policy on Iran or the greater Middle East with Israel and has not been informing the Jewish state of its plans or recent diplomatic developments in the Mideast, according to sources in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

The silence extends to U.S. talks with the Palestinians, the sources said.

"Our intention and our hope as we go to Washington is to establish close intimate cooperative relationships on these sensitive matters," a top Netanyahu official told WND yesterday.

The official was speaking about Netanyahu's May 18 visit to the White House.

According to other sources in the prime minister's office, Israel has been obtaining the vast majority of its information regarding U.S. plans and advances for the Middle East from third parties, mostly European diplomats.

This is in stark contrast to Bush's eight-year presidency, during which the White House and State Department routinely briefed Israeli counterparts on Middle East affairs to the extent that the majority of official U.S. and Israeli statements on various policy issues were heavily coordinated.

A recent example of the Obama administration leaving Israel in the dark was information received by Jerusalem officials of a U.S. deadline of October for Iran to show progress in talks over their nuclear program. That deadline was apparently set by Obama's Middle East envoy Dennis Ross.

The information of the deadline – first reported by Haaretz yesterday and confirmed by WND – was discovered in Jerusalem not via U.S. sources but from third party European diplomats who were briefed on the matter.

"Right now there is next to no communication coming to us from the White House," said a source in Netanyahu's office.

The source warned against interpreting the matter as evidencing an anti-Israel bias from the Obama administration.

"Look, there is a new administration in the U.S. and a new one here (in Israel)," the source said. "There hasn't been so much time yet to establish channels."
Still, the source noted the extent of the blackout on information from the U.S. was "not usual practice."

A second source said the lack of communication between Israel and America extends to Israeli-Palestinian affairs. That source described a meeting last month between Netanyahu and another of Obama's Middle East envoys, George Mitchell. The source said the meeting largely was a one-way street, with the prime minister sharing his intended approach to Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said Mitchell outlined Obama's overall strategy for the region but did not update Netanyahu on any talks with the Palestinians or specifics of Obama's intentions.

"Other than the Mitchell meeting, basically there wasn't much other communication at all, period," said the second source. "And we were not informed beforehand of policy statements that were made by Obama or his administration regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including statements Obama made after meeting Jordan's King Abdullah (last month)."

Obama trumpets 'anti-Israel' Arab plan

One thing Mitchell did convey to Netanyahu was Obama's alleged plan to help create a Palestinian state in hopes of normalizing relations between Israel and the Arab world in line with the "Arab Peace Initiative." The source said Mitchell relayed that Obama's Middle East strategy would be based on the concept of the "initiative" but with security guarantees for Israel.

Following scores of denials he would trumpet the plan, Obama in January hailed the Arab initiative, which offers normalization of ties with the Jewish state in exchange for extreme Israeli concessions.

"Well, here's what I think is important. Look at the proposal that was put forth by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. ... I might not agree with every aspect of the proposal, but it took great courage to put forward something that is as significant as that. I think that there are ideas across the region of how we might pursue peace. I do think that it is impossible for us to think only in terms of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and not think in terms of what's happening with Syria or Iran or Lebanon or Afghanistan and Pakistan."


Netanyahu: Israel ready to renew peace talks

May 11, 2009



Benjamin Netanyahu told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that Israel plans to renew peace talks with the Palestinians soon.

Israel's prime minister met with Mubarak in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheik Monday morning after greeting Pope Benedict XVI at Ben Gurion International Airport upon his arrival in Israel.

"We want, as soon as possible, to resume the peace talks with the Palestinians and I hope they will indeed resume in the coming weeks," Netanyahu told a joint news conference following the meeting.

Netanyahu said Israel's peace with Egypt "withstood all the tests of time, and as far as we're concerned, and I know that for Egypt, too, it is a strategic asset, a cornerstone of the stability and hope in the region."

Mubarak added that the three-decade peace between the two countries has "proven that peace is not impossible."

Mubarak said he and Netanyahu raised important issues during their talks, "including the settlements and the threat they pose to peace. We also spoke of the need for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state that will exist alongside Israel in peace and security."

Mubarak told reporters that the leaders also discussed strengthening the Israel-Hamas cease-fire and opening up the Gaza border crossings, which he said would lead to a prisoner exchange to bring home kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.


Key UN nations call for Palestinian state

Russia, the US and key UN nations are urging stepped-up efforts to create a Palestinian state that would exist peacefully alongside Israel and an overall Mideast peace settlement.

Speakers at Monday's meeting of the UN Security Council noted the challenges ahead but warned of renewed violence unless sustained efforts are made to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, reconcile the divided Palestinian factions, and renew talks between Israel and Syria.


Wild Thing's comment........

The whole world turning against Israel, they are in for a rude awakening from Almighty God.

The arabs are scared of Bibi, they know they can’t push him around.

When Bibi comes to see Obama next week, I think Bibi’s going to tell Obama how the world REALLY works, outside of Academia, and he’s not going to like it.

Obama was a member of the Chicago New Party and the Chicago DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and to no one’s surprise the Chicago New Party is not exactly a pro-israel party. In actuality it is a party profoundly hostile to Israel.

There is the DSA’s resolution on the conflict which calls for an end to all US military aid to Israel

Finally, pro-peace forces in both Palestine and Israel cannot succeed without the aid of the international community. Therefore, DSA calls upon the United States immediately to abide by its stated policy of ending all military aid to Israel used directly for purposes of the occupation. Furthermore, the United States should cut off all military aid if Israel al refuses to end all settlement activity and withdraw from the occupied territories as an integral part of the peace process.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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May 11, 2009

Sheikh Attacks Israel and the Pope Walks Out!


The Jerusalem Post

A leading Palestinian cleric commandeered an evening devoted to interfaith dialogue with Pope Benedict XVI on Monday to rant against Israel for "killing Gaza's children," "bulldozing Palestinian homes" and "destroying mosques."

In an impromptu speech, delivered in Arabic at the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute in Jerusalem, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, chief Islamic judge in the Palestinian Authority, launched a 10-minute tirade against the State of Israel for confiscating Palestinians' land and carrying out war crimes against the residents of Gaza.

He also called for the immediate return of all Palestinian refugees, and called on Christians and Muslims to unite against Israel.

Following the diatribe and before the meeting was officially over, the pope exited the premises. Army Radio reported that the pope shook Tamimi's hand before walking out.

He was visibly uncomfortable with the tone of Tamimi's discourse. Even those who did not understand his Arabic quickly understood that the Muslim cleric was giving a militant speech.

When Tamimi finished, applause could be heard from a few dozen in an audience of a few hundred.


And this from Atlas Shrugs blog

Minutes after the embarrassing occurrence, Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See press office, released a response to the incident.

"The intervention of Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi was not previewed by the organizers of the interreligious meeting that took place at Notre Dame Centre in Jerusalem," the message read. "In a meeting dedicated to dialogue, this intervention was a direct negation of what [it] should be," it continued.

"We hope that such an incident will not damage the mission of the Holy Father aiming at promoting peace and interreligious dialogue, as he has clearly affirmed in many occasions in this pilgrimage," Father Lombardi added.

"We hope also that interreligious dialogue in the Holy Land will not be damaged by this incident," the message concluded.

The Tourism Ministry and the Foreign Ministry both denounced Tamimi's remarks.


Wild Thing's comment........

Just one question, why shake the terrorists hand while he was leaving. I would not have done that. But then I am not the Pope. I am glad he walked out though.

If I could tell the Pope something it would be to learn what Islam is about, he is not going to change the hearts of these people. In the Old Testament God told the Jews to destroy the sons of Ishmael and for a reason. The Pope needs to read more of the Old Testament. Sometimes Mr. Pope a person just has to walk away or let the good armies take the trash out like the IDF, Mossad and our military are doing.

And what the heck is this about interreligious dialogue. There is NO way to have interreligious dialogue with the CULT OF ISLAM the DEATH CULT. Sorry about yelliing there but sometimes the stupidy amazes me.

If it was Obama, he would have just sat there an smiled and would have rec’d a book on jihad as a gift.

Kahane Was Right

"Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity." - Rabbi Meir Kahane

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May 09, 2009

Sultan Knish: Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel

Sultan Knish

( Daniel Greenfield is a New York City based writer and freelance commentator. “Daniel comments on political affairs with a special focus on the War on Terror and the rising threat to Western Civilization. He maintains a blog at

Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel

If there’s one thing that the Carter Administration can be given credit for, it’s creating the new wave of Islamist terrorism, both Sunni, operating out of Afghanistan, and Shiite, operating out of Iran. The Carter Administration cracked down on Israel and put its “faith” in Muslim terrorists, who then went on to wage war on America, even while Carter was in office.

28 years after Carter was removed from office, we’re in reruns again with the Obama Administration, which is not only following the Carter line, but whose plans greatly exceed it. 28 years ago, Wahhabi Sunni and Shiite terrorists were generally an afterthought when compared to the standard USSR backed Marxist terrorist groups, such as the PLO.

Today, thanks in part to the Carter Administration, they control several countries and have designs on several more. From Pakistan to Afghanistan, from Gaza to Lebanon, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, the threat is very real and bigger than ever particularly as the race by both Sunni and Shiite groups to build and deploy nuclear weapons continues.

Like Carter before him, Obama has chosen to cut backdoor deals with the Mullahs in Iran, offering them power over Iraq and Afghanistan, in exchange for quieting things down enough to let him hang up a Mission Accomplished banner and pull the troops out. “Peace with honor”, preferably before the next election. The rape law for Shiites in Afghanistan, the push for a US funded Hamas/Fatah Unity government in the territories and the rising expansion of the Taliban are all fruits of this arrangement.

If Iran is to be our new best friend under this arrangement, Israel is to be our new best enemy.

Obama stacked the deck by deploying Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in a position that gave her an important title, but absolutely no power to go with it, while stacking the National Security Council and even the Pentagon with oil appointees in the pockets of the Saudis or his own left wing radical friends.

Israel electing a conservative government really put the ball into play, freeing up even more resources for attacking Israel. The strategy runs something like this.

The Obama Administration has broken down the Israel problem into two subsections, Israel itself, and American Jews.

Obama’s people have studied the problem and understand where Carter went wrong. Obama does not want to have the same image problems as Carter in the Jewish community. Should that happen, the Beloved Leader and his lapdog press are fully prepared to unleash a Chavez style hate-on targeting American Jews. But that would be inconvenient and messy. Even with the changing face of America, there are significant differences between the average American and European or Venezuelan, and what kind of ugliness they are willing to tolerate. So Obama’s people have split their attention in handling the two factors as two different problems.

American Jews - Obama has been clever about putting his Jewish appointees front and center. Like many minorities, some American Jews suffer from self-esteem problems that are soothed when they see a seeming acceptance. Of course what they fail to realize is that exploitation is not acceptance. And that Obama’s appointees are creatures of his backers, Nazi collaborators like Soros, who have nothing but contempt for Jews, individually or collectively.

While outwardly courting Jews, Obama’s people have also been quietly shoving Jewish organizations and their leaders into a corner. Within the Jewish organizational world there has been a silent but deadly takeover of major Jewish groups by left wing radicals. Former alumni of the far left wing and anti-Israel groups like Breira or Coname in the 70’s have been elevated to key positions in such organizations as the UJA Federation. Behind the scenes any Jewish leaders who expressed even doubts about Obama during the primaries were intimidated and silenced.

Much as with conservatives, a list has been drawn up of those figures who can be won over, and those who cannot. The ones who can be won over are described as “moderates”, the ones who cannot be won over are described as “extremists” .

Meanwhile a bevvy of left wing Jewish In Name Only groups have been organized to play their part. Key among them is the Soros funded J Street, a group created as an anti-Israel lobby meant to eventually replace AIPAC. Meanwhile AIPAC itself has been kept on the ropes with such things as the well timed Harman leak. The message once again is fairly clear, cooperate and keep quiet, or we’ll destroy you.

The multi-layered approach to American Jews can then be summed up as follows;

1.) Co-opt existing Jewish organizations and swing them to the left using old school 70’s leftists.

2.) Create new “progressive” organizations to appeal to a younger generation of ethnically Jewish youth detached from any actual identity. Have these organizations generate attacks on the Israeli government and pro-Israel Jews, while creating phony polls indicating that most American Jews are behind them and Obama.

3.) Silence and intimidate remaining Jewish organizations and leaders behind the scenes.

The overall idea is to keep a happy face pasted on American Jewry while the knives are out in the dark.

Israel - The basic understanding in the Obama Administration is that Israel Must Go. In the worldview of the more moderate Obama appointees, Israel is a destabilizing factor in the Middle East. To the more left wing Obama advisors, Israel is a Western imperialist colonialist state that must be destroyed in the name of revolutionary justice. To the Islamist mindset, Israel is a Kufir state that has no right to exist in the Dar Al Islam.

While intractably hostile to Israel, the Obama Administration wants to avoid the kind of public confrontations that marked the Carter and Bush Sr administrations. Instead they would much rather model the way that the Clinton Administration waged a quiet war against Israel, removing one government, and forcing extensive concessions to terrorists, all the while keeping a happy face pasted on the whole affair.

On the one hand that means avoiding harsh public attacks on Israel, but keeping the pressure up for Israel to make extensive far reaching one sided concessions, to accept Saudi and Arab League “peace plans”, to legitimize Hamas as the new government of the Palestinian Authority, and to insure that Israel does not reply to any rocket or terrorist attacks.

There are two forms of quiet leverage that the United States has on Israel, the first is financial and the second is military.

On the financial side, the goal will be to bring down the Netanyahu government coalition by destabilizing Israel economically. This is the surest and most direct path to bringing down Israel’s conservative government and replacing it with a left of center coalition. The Obama Administration has a wide variety of tactics at its disposal for doing so, from the overt, such as targeting Israeli exports and imports, to the covert, that would involve targeting the Shekel. Additionally fundraising in the US could be investigated and groups such as the Jewish National Fund, prevented from raising money in the US. All of these have been in play before at one time or another.

On the military side, Obama’s people will make their non-existent efforts to stop Iran’s nukes conditional on more concessions to terrorists. Since Israel will never be able to make enough concessions and since Obama is working with Iran, rather than working to stop Iran’s nukes, this is a hollow charade.

Furthermore while Israel has already been locked out of the military technology pipeline for anything cutting edge, it still remains dependent on US military equipment for parts and supplies. The decades of US foreign aid have also served to create dependency. Unlike many other countries, including even Sweden, Israel does not have its own jet fighter. Israel’s Air Force is heavily dependent on US weapons, parts and equipment. Cutting Israel off, would leave the Israeli military dangerously vulnerable in the case of a war. This is an effective chokehold that has been used before to prevent Israel from attacking Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, as well as preventing Israel from carrying out a preemptive strike against its enemies before the Yom Kippur War.

The overall Obama policy will be to push Israel to the brink, using financial and military blackmail against the Netanyahu government, while maintaining control over American Jews to prevent any protests or backtalk.

The more Israel will offer, the more the Obama Administration will tighten the screws. No offer will be good enough, and Israel will be blamed for every breakdown in talks and every bit of violence that takes place. The media will portray Israel and particularly Netanyahu as extremist and intransigent. Hamas will be slowly whitewashed in the media, the same way that Arafat’s goons were, (assuming that they prove more willing to cooperate in creating a positive media image of themselves than Ahmadinejad is.)

The plan is to destroy Israel, and to do it by pushing Israel to the edge of the cliff and then over the cliff. Israel’s enemies will be getting top of the line US military equipment. Israel will not. Israel will be squeezed economically until the Netanyahu government collapses, leaving a weak left wing leader like Livni in charge of Israel, and in charge of acceding to the new Pharaoh’s demands.

Meanwhile so-called American Jewish groups will support Obama all the way, some because they were created precisely for that purpose, e.g. J-Street, and others because they have been hijacked, cowed or subverted.

That is the game plan and some of it’s coming. The rest is already here.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Excellent analysis of Obama's final solution for Israel.

This is very sad!

He's right on. Some of us see it clearly. Some don't want to see. Most are drinking KoolAid and won't see until it's too late. God help Israel. God help America.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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May 08, 2009

Jew Hatered at UC Irvine


Photos Taken May 6, 2009, Campus at West Peltason. OC Independent Task Force on anti-Semitism (all rights reserved).


a) The name "University of California" is the property of the state. No person shall, without the permission of the Regents of the University of California, use this name, or any abbreviation of it or any name of which these words are a part, in any of the following ways:

(1) To designate any business, social, political, religious, or other organization, including, but not limited to, any corporation, firm, partnership, association, group, activity, or enterprise.

(2) To imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that any such organization, or any product or service of such organization is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored, or supported by, or is opposed by the University of California

(3) To display, advertise, or announce this name publicly at, or in connection with, any meeting, assembly, or demonstration, or any propaganda, advertising, or promotional activity of any kind which has for its20purpose or any part of its purpose the support, endorsement, advancement, opposition, or defeat of any strike, lockout, or boycott or of any political, religious, sociological, or economic movement, activity, or program....."

These are the tools of Islamic jihad: