Theodore's World: Israel Can No Longer Rely On WH, There Is Lack of Leadership From Obama

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February 21, 2011

Israel Can No Longer Rely On WH, There Is Lack of Leadership From Obama

Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon

Israel: White House not reliable


Israel can no longer rely on the White House ( OBAMA) and must trust only itself due to a lack of leadership on the part of President Obama, declared a Knesset member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party.

“We have to understand that if, God forbid, we will be in the case of trouble, we can trust only ourselves because we see a lack of leadership coming from the U.S. today,” said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon.

“And we should be worried about it, because we always think, well, we have a friend in the White House, we can call them when we are in need, and we see that is not the case,” said Danon, the deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament.

Danon was speaking in an interview with reporter Aaron Klein in the latter’s investigative program on New York’s WABC Radio.

The Israeli politician took the occasion to slam Obama’s treatment of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Following weeks of unrest targeting Mubarak’s regime, Obama called for the U.S. ally to allow for the immediate transition to democracy, leading to Mubarak’s resignation.

“We don’t see a leadership role of the American president and actually they (the Obama administration) are following what is happening in the Middle East. On the one hand, they support Mubarak; the next day they are against him.”

Danon added, “Frankly speaking, unfortunately we see a lack of leadership coming from Washington. They don’t actually take decisions. They follow, and they look at the news and then they deliver statements to the media.”


Wild Thing's comment........

This man is right about obama, obama is not a leader ( a wanna be dictator yes but not a leader), he has his own agenda and will only follow that. Obama is an enemy of the United States PERIODas well as Israel, and anyone who can’t see that by now is a certified MORON.

Obama is looking to the resurrection of the Caliphate just like every loyal Muslim.

I feel so badly about Israel and how obama has treated them and BiBi. It is terrible.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 21, 2011 04:48 AM


Obama has no clue what it is to be a leader. He has zero leadership ability.

Posted by: BobF at February 21, 2011 08:54 AM

Excellent post WT. Agree completely BobF. He is the single biggest threat to peace in the mideast. He is the single biggest threat to our nation.

Posted by: Bob A at February 21, 2011 09:06 AM

obama is a muslim. He hates Israel. He will do what he can get away with to destroy Israel. obama's hatred along with his ignorance and clumsiness puts the world in a much more dangerous situation.

Posted by: TomR at February 21, 2011 10:37 AM

Well I want to know what took Israel so long to wake up. obama has been stabbing them in the back since his immaculation. The Israeli in the street in Jerusalem has known this for two years. What surprisesme is Netanyahu. Here he is making one concession after another and getting screwed in the process. After obama's grovelling speech in Egypt to the ragheads it was obvious to the Israeli people what side of the street obama was going to work. Finally the Government has awakened. At least lets hope so.

Posted by: Mark at February 21, 2011 11:49 AM

What is taking so long for this muzlum anti-American poser to be impeached?

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at February 21, 2011 04:12 PM

Thank you so much all of you.

Mark, I agree, I know countries are supposed to be diplomatic, but the thing is obama has been outragous toward several of them and especially Israel he has been horrid. BiBi and all of them need to stand firm and not cater to obama even in their speaking and press conferences.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 22, 2011 12:33 AM