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August 31, 2011

Obama,White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to ‘Minimize References to Al Qaeda’

White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to ‘Minimize References to Al Qaeda’

The Blaze

The White House has provided guidelines to government officials regarding how to observe and discuss the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. While there are certainly some beneficial recommendations held within, some may interpret the disseminated documents as more agenda-driven than not.

These instructions include information about how to honor the lives lost here in America. Additionally, they call for remembrance of the fact that Al Qaeda and other terror groups have also killed innocent individuals in other localities across the globe. Politico has more:

The guidelines detail what the White House has deemed the important themes that must be discussed, as well as the tone the 9/11 observances should take.

“A chief goal of our communications is to present a positive, forward-looking narrative,” the foreign guidelines state.

Again, these are worthwhile goals and ideals, but they may be viewed as something more sinister by President Obama’s political opponents. The Atlantic writes:

Though rebuilding support for the U.S. abroad is a worthy goal, it seems like these guidelines will fit in neatly with a popular meme on the right, that President Obama goes around the world and apologizes for how awesome America is. “Obama’s apology tour” has been debunked by The Washington Post and other places, but several Republican presidential candidates have made references to Obama’s supposed tendency to play down American specialness abroad. That events commemorating 9/11 will be “not just about us” seems likely to fit into that theme.

The guidelines came in two sections, each aimed at a very different audience. One, which was sent to American embassies and consulates across the globe, is intended to assist overseas allies and foreign citizens. In this document, the guidelines call for agencies to focus upon the global battle against terrorism.

“As we commemorate the citizens of over 90 countries who perished in the 9/11 attacks, we honor all victims of terrorism, in every nation around the world. We honor and celebrate the resilience of individuals, families, and communities on every continent, whether in New York or Nairobi, Bali or Belfast, Mumbai or Manila, or Lahore or London.”

Interestingly, the foreign document states that officials should “minimize references to Al Qaeda.” Within the text, Osama bin Laden’s death is the reason given for this request. In what could be interpreted as somewhat of a political call to arms, the guidelines tell officials to place emphasis on the fact that “Al Qaeda and its adherents have become increasingly irrelevant.”

Additionally, foreign leaders are encouraged to highlight the notion that Al Qaeda played no major roll in the Arab Spring. Further expounding upon this ideal, foreign commemoration ceremonies should focus on the idea that Al Qaeda “represents the past” and that peaceful Arab protests “represent the future.” Clearly, there is a balance here that is intended to bring Arabs on America’s side, rather than being divisive in addressing the issues surrounding the attacks.

The second document, which was sent to federal agencies, is intended for individuals here in America. The guidelines presented within emphasize the need for national service in remembrance of the attacks, while highlighting what the U.S. government has done to prevent another major terror event from taking pace. The single sheet suggests that Americans “draw on the spirit of unity that prevailed in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Lets try “US White House’s 12/7 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to “Minimize References to Japan”. Doesn’t quite fit does it?

Obama is disgusting!!!!!

This is so weak and will make muslim countries laugh at us They NEVER laughed at Bush

19 Muslims!!!
19 trained al queda!!

19 men, full of "learned" hate for Christians and Jews.

19 followers of Allah and Osama.

Osama thanked his STUDENTS profusely.

And they continue to kill and maime and attempt to take over the world.

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Corrupt Obama And His Labor Dept. Signs 'Partnerships' with Foreign Gov’s to Protect Illegal Workers in U.S.

Labor Dept. Signs 'Partnerships' with Foreign Gov’s to Protect Illegal Workers in U.S.


U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis today signed "partnership" agreements with ambassadors from a group of Latin American nations aiming to protect what she described as the labor rights of both legal and illegal migrants working in the United States.

During the signing ceremony hosted at Labor Department headquarters in Washington D.C., Solis said the agreements are aimed at educating migrant workers, regardless of how they got here, about their rights under U.S. law and to help prevent them from being abused in the workplace, either through wages, loss of job, or deportation.

In her address at the signing ceremony, Solis asserted that all migrant workers have a “right to a legal wage”--even though the Labor Department itself states that under U.S. law, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), “employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the United States (i.e., citizens and nationals of the U.S.) and aliens authorized to work in the U.S.”

Continue reading CLICK HERE.........


Wild Thing's comment........

U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis today signed "partnership" agreements with ambassadors from a group of Latin American nationss aiming to protect what she described as the rights of both legal and illegal migrant workers laboring in the United States.

Yeah, who needs that pesky Senate to bind us to treaties with foreign governments?

[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur....

Obama doesn’t give a whit about treaties, laws, the Constitution or the Senate, he does it his way.

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It's Time for Perry ~ GREAT Video


Wild Thing's comment......

Excellent ad and one to share with others.

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Obama's ATF Director Reassigned; U.S. Attorney Out Amid 'Fast and Furious' Uproar

ATF Director Reassigned; U.S. Attorney Out Amid 'Fast and Furious' Uproar

FOX News

Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson has been reassigned to a lesser post in the Justice Department and the U.S. attorney for Arizona is also “out,” sources tell Fox News Tuesday as fallout from Operation Fast and Furious reaches new heights.

Melson’s step down from his role as head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to the position of senior adviser on forensic science in the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Programs is effective by close of business Tuesday, administration officials announced. U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota B. Todd Jones will replace Melson.

U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke, one of the officials closely tied to Fast and Furious, is also a casualty in a shakeup tied to the botched gun-running program. Burke was on the hot seat last week with congressional investigators and, according to several sources, got physically sick during questioning and could not finish his session.


Wild Thing's comment.....

Obstruction of Justice from Obama and the Justice Department, Obama trying to protect his butt in this whole thing.

I remember when Melson refused to resign and said he would NOT be the fall guy and did whistle blow. he has a good case. He “blew the whistle” on July 4th. The gov’t retaliated yesterday. Melson also testified before Congress in secret.

ATF Chief Testifies Before Congress in Secret Over Controversial Gun Program

Which means it took 3 seconds for the testimony to reach Obama instead of 2.

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August 30, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry Speech to National VFW; Gives Special Salute to Heroes of Vietnam - 8/29/11

Gov. Rick Perry Speech to National VFW; Gives Special Salute to Heroes of Vietnam - 8/29/11

From Rick Perry's speech to the VFW:

Rick Perry Wades Into Foreign Policy with Speech to Veterans

ABC News

Texas Governor Rick Perry delved into foreign policy this morning as he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in San Antonio, warning that the United States “cannot concede the moral authority of our nation to multi-lateral debating societies.”

“I do not believe that America should fall subject to a foreign policy of military adventurism. We should only risk shedding American blood and spending American treasure when our vital interests are threatened and we should always look to build coalitions among the nations to protect the mutual interests of freedom loving people,” Perry told thousands of veterans today.

“It’s not our interest to go it alone. We respect our allies, and we must always seek to engage them in military missions. At the same time, we must be willing to act when it is time to act. We cannot concede the moral authority of our nation to multi-lateral debating societies, and when our interests are threatened American soldiers should be led by American commanders.”

Perry pointed to the lessons learned from the Vietnam War as helping leaders make more cautious decisions when engaging in combat.

“A president should never send our sons and daughters into war without a plan to win and the resources to make that possible,” Perry said. “It’s a dangerous world that we live in today. Our enemies often don’t wear uniforms or swear allegiance to a particular flag but instead to an ideology of hatred. As the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 911 approach, we must renew our commitment to taking the fight to the enemy wherever they are before they strike at home.”

Two weeks ago, Perry, who flew C-130s in the Air Force from 1972 to 1977, stated that one of his greatest motivations to run for president was to ensure “every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of this nation respects highly the president of the United States.”

“I think the military men and women respect the commander in chief regardless of who it is. I think they really like to see a person who’s worn the uniform in that office and, you know, I think that’s just a true statement and I wouldn’t back up off of it an inch,” Perry told a group of reporters at the Iowa State Fair earlier this month. “Go ask your veterans if they’d rather see somebody who’s never served as the commander in chief.”

Perry never served in a war but highlighted the dedication and service of his father, who was a tail gunner in World War II, flying 35 missions over Germany in 1944 and 1945.

“He helped liberate millions from tyranny. When he came home he didn’t seek acclaim or credit, he just wanted to live in peace and freedom,” Perry recounted. “His story is not unique. Indeed his story was if anything very representative of our entire generation, the greatest generation who know all about placing country and community ahead of self.”

“I know the credo of survivors of war that only the heroes are the ones who never make it home, but in my eyes you all are heroes every one of you.”

In his speech, Perry announced a new Texas initiative called Housing4TexasHeroes, a three million dollar grant program which will help veterans buy, build, rehabilitate, or rent homes.

“A great nation cannot turn its eye away from wounded warriors. We should honor them with the best healthcare possible, with help transitioning back to civilian life and with jobs,” Perry said. “It anguishes me to see young men and women come home scarred, feeling isolated, unable to cope with what they’ve experienced. these are our precious sons and daughters. They are our nations’ newest generation of heroes. They are our own flesh and blood. We must take care of them, everyone of them.”


Wild Thing's comment........

GO Perry!!!!

Breathing fresh air is getting to be exhilarating again!!

Perry starting to talk about foreign affairs. Key points:

- US should only act militarily when our national interests are at stake or when we are threatened or attacked;
- US should work with allies whenever possible;
- US should not concede our moral authority to act to groups line the UN;
- US troops should only be commanded by US officers;
- Perry announces a Texas initiative to help veterans to buy, build, renovate or rent homes.

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Obama and White House, Media Allies 'declare war on Rick Perry' To Try To Crush Him

White House, media allies 'declare war on Rick Perry'

Spokane Examiner

With each passing day, the so-called "mainstream media" - known here as the "Democrat-media complex" - proves it can no longer be trusted to provide Americans with objective news, especially in the arena of Presidential politics.

Douglas MacKinnon writes of the fear Rick Perry generates among liberal media types:

Not since Ronald Reagan has a Republican candidate for president evoked such outright fear and loathing from the mainstream media and the far-left.
They are flat-out petrified of Perry and are desperately trying to kill off his candidacy before it can take hold. Why?

Simple. As they suspiciously heap praise on the likes of Jon Huntsman and even Mitt Romney, they increasingly worry that Perry has the best chance to defeat their handpicked socialist messiah now occupying the Oval Office.

With exactly that mission in mind, an editor of a major newspaper told me: "We plan to declare war on Rick Perry and do all in our power to crush him."

"Declare war?" Is this the job of a publication whose purpose is to inform the public?

The answer, clearly, is no - but as Newsbusters documents every day, the Democrat-media complex is doing all it can to destroy any GOP candidate before the very first primary in 2012.

MacKinnon continues:

There you have it. No pretense of integrity, professionalism or of unbiased news-gathering. This particular newspaper plans to use its very considerable resources to destroy the Perry campaign before it gains momentum. Period.

The entire complex - print and broadcast divisions alike - have attacked every conservative candidate on practically every front. Perhaps they sense that their guy - Barack Obama - is slipping so badly in the polls that he could give Democrats a Carter-style defeat in 2012.

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center discussed this with Sean Hannity recently on Fox News:

Attacks on Republicans like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Sarah Palin that compare them to the Three Stooges are just a sign that the liberal media is getting worried that their champion Barack Obama stands a good shot of losing next year's election. What's more, any Republican who gets attacked as an intellectual lightweight should "wear it as a badge of honor."

How desperate is the Obama camp?

Todd J. Gilman writes at the Dallas Morning News that in addition to the standard opposition research, the Obama campaign is reaching out to average Texans for their view of Rick Perry:

The Obama campaign team is asking Texans to share complaints about Gov. Rick Perry, and compiling the critiques for possible use in Perry-bashing ads and other material - a sure sign the president's advisers are taking no chances.

"Your feedback will help hold him accountable on the campaign trail, inspire fellow Texans to get involved, and introduce his record -- his actual record -- to voters across the country," Hector Nieto, the campaign's Texas director, told Texas supporters by email blast today. "Your words will remind him that even as he runs, he won't be able to hide -- a lesson he apparently hadn't learned as recently as last week. That's when his campaign explained that the positions he took in the book he wrote just nine months ago, like saying that Social Security is unconstitutional and `a crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal,' no longer represent his views.

"But what other Americans are just starting to learn about -- and, frankly, reject -- Texans have dealt with for more than a decade. It's up to us to make sure he doesn't get to run away from the truth."

A post at the conservative blog Hot Air notes:

Yes, they really do have an online form just for this on Obama’s campaign site. I’m intrigued by the fact that they’re not content to rely on standard oppo research in this case but want man-on-the-street grumbling from Texas liberals instead. Is that because they’re deeply (and understandably) worried about voters being dazzled by Texas’s record on jobs and think that only “eyewitness testimony” from the locals disputing it will be effective? Or is it because Perry has a huge, obvious populist advantage over President Spock such that only fellow salt-of-the-earth southerners might be able to counter it?

Obama's Online Form

The Democrat-media complex is so fearful of an Obama defeat, they are attacking conservative voters in addition to the candidates themselves.

Newsbusters' Clay Waters wrote that Bill Keller, the outgoing executive director for the New York Times, mocked the Christian beliefs held by some of the candidates, and compared it to belief in space aliens. Naturally, to operatives of the complex, anyone who believes in God and questions the theory of evolution is backward and unworthy to participate in American democracy.

Matt Hadro wrote at Newsbusters that CNN's Jack Cafferty slammed conservative supporters of Palin, Bachmann and Perry as being "allergic to brains."

Despite the attacks, Perry presses on, introducing himself to voters.

MacKinnon concludes:

As he tells his story and as he explains his vision, more and more voters are lining up behind him. As that momentum builds, more and more from the left and right try to twist his words, besmirch his reputation and deceive the American people.

Fortunately for all who still cherish traditional values, the voters are wise to these self-serving attacks on Perry. Most are now willing and anxious to hear the Texas governor out.

"The rest," MacKinnon writes, "is up to him."


Wild Thing's comment........

I think Perry can handle the attacks he will get. He knows that we have an enemy within he has experienced it first hand in his dealings with Obama.

If only people would wake up and see what a monster Obama is, besides his agenda, the character of Obama is evil. He could care less about what he does or has done to destroy others.

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Shovel-Ready Jobs We Don’t Need by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Shovel-Ready Jobs We Don’t Need

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Did you ever wish you could fire all the members of Congress and just start over? Well, Tim Cox, founder of the non-partisan organization “Get Out of Our House” wants to do just that. GOOOH (website continues to build a coalition of patriots from all fifty states from which the most qualified will be placed on the 2012 ballot to compete against all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Many of the current House and their brethren in the Senate have systematically destroyed our once great and prosperous nation which took more than 200 years to create through the hard work and sacrifice of free and industrious people. America now finds itself trapped in a self-destructive scheme engineered by radical ideologues for whom financial responsibility means nothing---and that is why our economy continues to crumble in sharp contrast to prior recessions which were soon followed by rapid recoveries driven by the private sector without government interference.

Obama and the socialist Democrat-dominated Senate have for the first time in our history submitted no annual spending budget for more than two years---a convenient way to avoid accountability in spending taxpayer dollars. Fedzilla has placed all of us on an intolerant and unsustainable course to financial insolvency and its accompanying systemic failure. Not counting ‘mandatory’ future obligations of well over 100 trillion dollars, which include social security, Medicare and Medicaid, the government has a current outstanding debt of 14.6 TRILLION dollars most of which has been created by the current anti-American president and his accomplices, the rest at the hands of the socialist Democrats who ran Congress under the prior president.

The largest recent chunks were the initial bank rescue package at a cost of about 800 billion dollars, followed by a misdirected one trillion dollar ‘stimulus’, after which will be another 2.4 trillion dollars at Obama’s request---Congress just gave that to him during the debt ceiling negotiations which accomplished nothing of substance to address Fedzilla’s spending spree.

Don’t expect significant properly targeted spending cuts from the highly partisan ‘super committee’ of twelve which consists of only four members with any background in economics or business (three on the GOP side). The Democrats have appointed several well-known special interest big spenders.

Here are some real numbers to chew on. If the government cuts all of its discretionary spending (currently about 14 percent of the budget) AND allows the ‘Bush tax cuts’ to expire (which only nets an estimated 700 billion dollars over ten years), there is still no way to balance the current budget deficit and pay future obligations. In 1970, the Federal government spent 900 billion dollars, of which 20 percent covered entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, 42 percent for defense, and only 7 percent to cover interest on government debt. Contrast that with last year (2010) when Federal spending was 3.5 trillion dollars ( 4X that of 1970), of which 40 percent covered entitlements, 20 percent for defense, and 6 percent to pay the interest on the debt (kept artificially low by the Federal Reserve which up until recently was buying as much as 90 percent of U.S. Treasury bonds as foreign buyers receded).

If one extrapolates to the year 2040, our annual budget would grow to over 12 trillion dollars, half of which would be consumed by entitlements, THIRTY percent for interest payments on the debt---leaving only 11 percent for defense and reducing discretionary spending to only 7 percent of the entire budget.* America cannot generate enough revenue to fund its obligations and it is unlikely foreigners will loan us enough money to do so. Therefore, America ultimately faces its day of judgment.

There are but two options: government default or inflating our way out of our obligations. Neither option bodes well for America’s future. The point of no return just passed us by. Truly drastic changes must occur at this point and will require a large and painful adjustment in expectations by Americans. By necessity, government must consume an increasing fraction of our GDP to meet existing obligations which decreases what remains for consumption and capital investment by citizens and businesses. In a word, Americans will be poorer.

We are long past the time when honest and educated people of integrity were elected to public office as an mere interlude to their private occupations. Politics has become a profession and many of those elected to office today are driven by power and greed. Worse, those who elect them are either wealthy parasites (off government favors) or dumbed down fools who merely want handouts from the government (paid for by the ever-diminishing number who work and pay taxes). Those in Congress today are paid about four times the amount earned by the average American and that does not include their self-endowed lifelong benefits all paid for by taxpayers.

Don’t forget they have voted themselves a pay raise every year no matter the state of the national economy, which sharply contrasts with the years following the Great Depression when members of Congress took pay cuts of 15 percent.

On top of driving America over a cliff, our anti-American pro-Muslim anti-Judeo-Christian racist president has put us on the road to Marxism. He has appointed three Muslims to his cabinet who are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, well-known for its goal to establish Islamic dominance worldwide---and a number of self-avowed Communists and socialists to his list of Czars and agencies who have been given free rein to spend taxpayer money to accomplish their ideological objectives. For the first time in history we have a president who ignores the rule of law and rules by fiat, protected by socialists who have taken over the Democrat Party.

Dictator Obama has confiscated private assets (at the expense of bond- holders, set into place his unaffordable plan to control our healthcare without Congress so much as reading the details of his plan, prevented America from securing its energy independence, smothered small businesses with more regulations, and as recently as last week instituted ‘backdoor amnesty’ after his proposal (the Dream Act) failed to pass Congress.

In 2008, America for the first time in history elected a narcissistic ideologue with no business or military experience to the highest office in the Land---one who has systematically destroyed our social, religious and economic foundations in order to satisfy his (and his wife’s) deep hatred for the attributes which made America a prosperous and respected nation: the values of liberty, privacy, self-sufficiency and our willingness to fight tyrannical threats to our nation and our allies.

The next elections will be the most important in American history if America is to halt the transformation from a democratic republic to a Marxist regime which destroys the middle class and reduces the overall wealth and productivity of our nation.


Wild Thing's comment......

Good article by the Dr. he is so right about Obama and his goal of a Republic to a Marxist regime.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Gov. Rick Perry Receives Endorsement in Oklahoma from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe and Pledges to Lift Regulations on Oil and Natural Gas Industries

Gov. Rick Perry Receives Endorsement in Oklahoma from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe and Pledges to Lift Regulations on Oil and Natural Gas Industries

Gov. Rick Perry making a stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma this afternoon to receive the endorsement of Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Inhofe for President.

After Inhofe’s endorsement, Perry made brief remarks, saying he intends to lift regulations on drilling for oil in states like Oklahoma that will create jobs and help make America more energy independent.

He also made it clear that if he is elected President, “I will never send our young men and women into places where America’s interests are not clearly defined.”

“Americans don’t believe our country is in decline, but that rather Washington is in decline.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Love it, we have got to have a President that understands how important the Oil drilling is for our country. Obama might understand but he is bent on destroying it.

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President G.W. Bush on 9/11: I Wanted To Give The Presidential Speech from the Oval Office, "I Damn Sure Wasn't Gonna Give It From a Bunker in Nebraska"

Bush on 9/11: I Wanted To Give The Presidential Speech from the Oval Office, "I Damn Sure Wasn't Gonna Give It From a Bunker in Nebraska"

George W. Bush in the National Geographic interview says his decision to return to the White House on September 11Th for the presidential address to the nation was over the objections of just about everybody.

Bush: I made the decision to go back to Washington on the objections of just about everybody else, I'd had it, I said I needed to get home. A lot had developed and it was important to wrap the day up with a presidential speech...I damn sure wasn't gonna give it from a bunker in Nebraska, I wanted to give it from the Oval Office, I didn't want to give the enemy a psychological victory"


Wild Thing's comment.......

Bush did many things right and some things I did not like, and how he handled 9-11 is something I will always respect.

One day we will have another President that loves America and there will be no more Obama in office. I look forward to that day.

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Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama Arrested For Drunk Driving

Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango Obama was arrested for driving drunk.

Washington Times

The Framingham Police Department in Massachusetts just released Onyango Obama’s mugshot photo to The Washington Times Water Cooler. Mr. Obama, President Obama’s uncle, was arrested by Framingham police last week and charged with a DUI. He is being held by ICE authorities, as he is an illegal immigrant from Kenya.

Barack Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, also an illegal immigrant was granted asylum last year.


Obama uncle Onyango Obama arrested for 'drink-driving'


Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango denied that he was driving drunk despite the fact that he failed breathalyser tests at the scene of the crime.

US President Barack Obama’s uncle has been arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving, authorities have said.

Onyango Obama, 67, said he would call the White House to arrange bail, after being stopped on Friday in the US state of Massachusetts, says a police report.

A half-brother of the president’s late father, he is being held without bail, subject to an immigration order.

Police said the Kenya native was arrested after driving through a stop sign and nearly hitting a police car.

Mr Obama has been charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way.


He pleaded not guilty over the incident in the town of Framingham, about 20 miles (32km) outside the city of Boston…

Framingham police officer Val Krishtal said in a written report that when stopped Mr Obama was slurring his speech and argumentative.

"I explained to him that I narrowly avoided striking his vehicle, and he told me that he did not hear my tyres screeching so I was not being accurate," Mr Krishtal wrote in the report.

According to the report, when taken to a police station and asked whether he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange bail, Mr Obama said: "I think I will call the White House."

Mr Krishtal said Mr Obama had failed several breathalyser tests.

In a court document, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it had previously made Onyango Obama the subject of a deportation order.


Wild Thing's comment........

Well I guess it is time for Barack Obama to sit down down and drink a beer and tell the police how wrong they were for arresting his uncle.

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August 29, 2011

DEMOCRAT Labor Day Parade Organizers: No Republicans Allowed In Parade ( Wisconsin)


Labor Day parade organizers: No Republicans allowed in parade ( Wisconsin)

Labor Day parade organizers confirm that no Republicans will be allowed to participate in this year's Labor Day Parade.

Council president Randy Radtke says they choose not to invite elected officials who have "openly attacked worker's rights" or did nothing when state public workers lost most of their right to collectively ba...rgain.

The parade is sponsored by the Marathon County Labor Council. A Wausau city spokeswoman said the city does not contribute any money to the parade.

Rep. Sean Duffy's chief of staff, Brandon Moody, released a statement to Newsline 9:

Newsline 9 has learned Rep. Sean Duffy has been told he is not allowed in this year’s Labor Day parade in Wausau.

Duffy’s office received that news earlier this week from parade organizers. His office was also told no Republicans will be allowed this year.

The parade is sponsored by the Marathon County Labor Council. A Wausau city spokeswoman said the city does not contribute any money to the parade.

Duffy’s chief of staff, Brandon Moody, released a statement to Newsline 9:

“Having walked in this parade in past years, Congressman Duffy was hoping that for a moment, we could set our differences aside and simply have some fun in a family-friendly event.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Disgusting, and I hope everyone finds out about this. People need to know how horrible democrats are and some still don't get it.

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Perry, Romney To Speak In San Antonio This Week For The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention BUT This Is First Time In 112 Year History No One From WH Wants To Be There

Perry, Romney to speak in S.A.

For the first time in 112 years, no one from the White House will appear at the VFW convention.

SA News

Republican presidential hopefuls Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney will be in San Antonio this week for the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention, but for the first time in its 112-year history, no one from the White House has committed to making an appearance.

Officials with the nation's largest combat veterans association said they have about 8,000 registrants, many of whom are battling airport cancellations from Hurricane Irene to make it to the downtown Convention Center for Monday's kickoff.

That's when Perry is scheduled to take the stage. By custom, he was invited as governor of the host state. Conference leaders said they have asked him to appear as state governor — not as a presidential candidate — because his invitation went out before he announced he was seeking the GOP nomination.

On Tuesday, Romney is set to speak. Several months ago, when invitations went out for speakers, the former governor of Massachusetts was at the time the lone presidential candidate to have announced, VFW officials said. The group's policy is to invite only announced presidential candidates.

“No matter what, we take heat for it,” said VFW spokesman Jerry Newberry. “When President Clinton spoke one year, we caught heat from members. When President Bush did, we took heat. Same with President Obama. But we're a diverse organization, and we don't care what party (speakers) come from.”

Adding to the frustration is not having Obama or any of his representatives accept the group's invitation. The organization is noted for its advocacy of veterans' rights, especially health care and military benefits, both of which are on the chopping block in talks about reducing the federal budget.

“When the President is unable to attend, it has always been customary for the White House to choose a high-level administration official as an alternative speaker,” wrote Richard Eubank, the group's national commander, in a statement.

“It is an insult of the highest magnitude that for the first time in the history of the VFW, the White House has apparently decided that this great and iconic organization of combat veterans and all of its members are not worthy of its notice by not at least offering a first-tier speaker from the administration.”

Obama is scheduled to speak to another veterans organization, the American Legion, on Aug. 30 in Minneapolis for its annual national convention. It has an estimated 2.4 million members and is made up of both combat and noncombat veterans.

The VFW's national gathering will last four days, concluding Thursday after a series of seminars and business meetings designed to prioritize issues for its estimated 2 million members.


Wild Thing's comment.....

Obama should not be anywhere near our Veterans or our troops and that is my first reaction.

I do realize how it is something that is supposed to be done and like the article says each time someone is not happy with the president.

My second reaction is what a slap in the face it is for him not to go or send someeone for him.

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Ron Paul Says U.S. Intervention Motivated 9/11 Attacks ~ Nut Case!

Ron Paul says U.S. intervention motivated 9/11 attacks

Des Moines Register

Two weeks away from the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul says that U.S. intervention in the Middle East is a main motivation behind terrorist hostilities toward America, and that Islam is not a threat to the nation.

At a campaign stop on Saturday in Winterset, one man asked Paul how terrorist groups would react if the U.S. removed its military presence in Middle Eastern nations, a move the candidate advocates.

“Which enemy are you worried that will attack our national security?” Paul asked.

“If you’re looking for specifics, I’m talking about Islam. Radical Islam,” the man answered.

“I don’t see Islam as our enemy,” Paul said. “I see that motivation is occupation and those who hate us and would like to kill us, they are motivated by our invasion of their land, the support of their dictators that they hate.”

Regarding 9/11, Paul said that attacks against the U.S. from Middle Eastern groups at home and abroad can be traced to the foreign presence of U.S. troops, as well as America’s relationships with dictator regimes.

Paul referred to a military base in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, as a key motivator in the Sept. 11th attacks. Osama bin Laden viewed it as an American desecration of holy land.

“After 9/11, (people said) ‘Oh yeah, it’s those very bad people who hate us,’ but 15 of (the hijackers) came from Saudi Arabia,” said Paul. “One of the reasons they attacked us, is we propped up this Sharia government and the fundamentalists hated us for it.”

The congressman particularly decried U.S.-led bombings in foreign nations, saying that “almost always those individuals that they are trying to kill did not have any direct relationship” with threats to the U.S.

Wild Thing's comment......

He is nuts. And so are his supporters. And I will go further and say all of them are dangerous and I include Ron Paul in that.

Ron Paul is a sick twisted freak and his supporters are even worse.

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President Bush Recollects Ground Zero: "It Was Like Walking Into Hell"....

Bush Recollects Ground Zero: "It Was Like Walking Into Hell....There Was A Palpable Blood Lust."

Wild Thing's comment.......

God Bless President Bush. Was he perfect? No. But he was a patriot who loved his country and kept us safe. He is a good and decent man who rose to the occasion and provided leadership and steadfastness when the nation needed it.

What a contrast to the golfing, America hating, constantly vacationing parasite who occupies the Oval Office today.

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August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Weather Channel Streaker ~ OMG ...LOL

Weather Channel viewers were blown away when a young fan dropped his shorts during their hurricane coverage.

Wild Thing's comment....

LOL well the guy has a lot of stupid nerve I will give him that.

Hi mom and Dad I am home....oh how was your day son?

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Rick Perry - A Veteran for Veterans

Veterans for Rick Perry seeks to promote the candidacy of Governor Rick Perry as our next Commander-in-Chief. He is a veteran and he stands with veterans.

Texas Governor Rick Perry served in the U.S. Air Force from 1972 to 1977 as a C-130 tactical airlift aircraft pilot in Europe and the Middle East. In his more than 11 years as governor of the second largest state in the nation, Texas has experienced immense economic growth, balanced a $26 billion budget deficit, and maintained a solid economy while most other states were in the red. Additionally, he has led one of the most aggressive border security efforts this country has ever seen, directing more than $230 million toward border security, cutting down on gang violence and providing real-time surveillance and intelligence to law enforcement on the ground.

Of significant importance to veterans, he has promoted a veteran-friendly climate throughout Texas and supports policies that enable the men and women who've served our nation to return home to the support they need to provide for their families through strong mental health programs, educational opportunities and, of course, a vibrant economy.

As Governor, Rick Perry:

* Supported and signed "College Credit for Heroes," SB 1736 (2011), which establishes a pilot project at the Texas Workforce Commission in coordination with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to develop a model for college transfer methods that maximizes academic and workforce education credit awarded to universities to veterans for military experience.

* Signed legislation making it easier for active-duty military to vote while overseas.

* Extended property tax exemptions for fully disabled veterans to their surviving spouses and signed legislation ensuring that property tax exemptions follow disabled veterans to new property if they move.

* In June 2010, Gov. Perry announced a $3 million workforce development initiative through the Texas Workforce Commission to ensure veterans and family members have the resources necessary to receive an education, procure jobs and return to civilian life after their deployments end. The initiative connects the dots between the high-quality training our military offers and college coursework and professional certification standards.

* In November 2009, the governor worked with the Legislature and the Health and Human Services Commission to secure an additional $5 million to supplement the $1.2 million from the state budget to expand mental health treatment ans support programs for veterans and their families.

* The governor also directed the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) and DSHS to establish veteran-to-veteran (V2V) support groups across the state. These V2V groups help veterans by allowing them to share their experiences with fellow veterans.

Our country needs a candidate who will promote the values of freedom, independence, capitalism and free-market enterprise. We believe that Rick Perry is the man for the job.


Wild Thing's comment......

This is the Veterans for Perry website.

And if you are on Facebook they also have a page there.

Veterans for Perry......Facebook page

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Obama corruption Mexican trucks got a million safety violations in U.S

Mario Leal, a U.S. Department of Transportation border inspector, explains his evaluation of a Mexican driver's big rig truck

Obama corruption Mexican trucks got a million safety violations in U.S

National Examiner

by Jim Kouri

Generous Uncle Sam stepped in for the sake of improving air quality on both sides of the border by replacing old mufflers on dozens of Mexican trucks at a cost of $1,600 each. U.S. truck drivers are required to have the type of converters that Mexicans are getting from the government but American truckers must pay for theirs.

Just weeks before the Obama government begins a program that allows Mexican commercial trucks to travel deep into the U.S., the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals that, within the last few years, cargo trucks entering the United States from Mexico had more than 1 million safety violations.

This is hardly earth-shattering news since Mexican trucks have long failed to meet U.S. safety standards. That’s why they aren’t allowed to travel freely throughout the country, but rather in restricted zones within 25 miles of the southern border, according to the non-partisan Judicial Watch.

Even within their limited boundary, they have created a huge risk to Americans’ safety, according to the Transportation Department Inspector General.

"With so much focus in Washington on creating jobs, it's a bit shocking that the administration would pursue a program that can only rob U.S. drivers of their jobs," said Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, in a statement.

During the White House meeting between President Barack Obama and Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, during the Spring, much was discussed regarding drug cartels, illegal aliens, green economy and jobs and U.S. foreign aid to Mexico.

However, the U.S.-Mexico trucking agreement that places no limits on the number of Mexican trucks that would be permitted to enter the U.S. was not discussed openly nor did the reporters even broach the subject during a press conference with the two leaders.

Regardless, the Obama Administration carved out a deal to allow Mexican trucks to travel freely on U.S. highways as part of a 17-year-old international trade pact known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In just a few weeks. Mexican trucks will be allowed to travel into the interior of the United States, even though it could endanger American lives.

The Calderon government has said that a binational commission will be created to track all phases of the new program, designed to end a 20 year trucking dispute between the two North American countries.

Continue article CLICK HERE.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Welcome to Obama's world catering to anything that harms our country and costs we taxes more and more money.


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Rick Perry Speaking in Ottumwa Iowa. Aug. 27, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry speaking in Ottumwa, Iowa today. He talked to an enthusiastic crowd about his own small-town, farm life roots in Texas, where he was raised on a cotton farm.

Perry blasted the Obama Administration for saying “Food Stamps” is a form of economic stimulus. Perry said, “That’s not the solution – that’s the problem, sir. . . Economic freedom comes from work and wages – not from welfare.”

" The American Way is not about empowering government, but about empowering people."

Perry said, if elected, his first act on the first day in office will be to “sign an Executive Order that wipes out this President’s misguided, one-size fits-all Health Care plan called ObamaCare.”


Krauthammer: “Absolutely” Gov. Rick Perry Could be our Next President

Charles Krauthammer this weekend saying, “Absolutely,” Gov. Rick Perry could be our next President. He was asked if he agreed with New York Times Columnist David Brooks who has said it is “time to take Rick Perry seriously,” because he “could be our next President.”

Krauthammer responded:

“Absolutely. Look, it it could be a fluke, a Trump phenomenon, but I think it is deeper than that here. I think Brooks is right in his column. He says he has a simple message, which is: ‘Smaller government, I made it work, I created jobs,’ which is a powerful force in the country today. It’s what powered the Republicans to their astonishing success in 2010. It’s sort of Paul Ryan without the numbers and the nuance. And it’s a message that if he keeps it simple, I think that could be a winning message, in the primary and even in the general election.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

I am so glad he mentioned Obamacare. This is sooooo important to get rid of this nightmare.

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August 27, 2011

Golfer Paul Azinger Zings Obama Over Jobs ~ Good For Azinger For Speaking The Truth

Golfer Paul Azinger Zings Obama Over Jobs

FOX News

Pro golfer Paul Azinger thinks President Obama might be hitting the links a bit too hard.

The author, businessman and 12-time PGA Tour winner took to Twitter Thursday to zing the commander-in-chief over his frequent golf outings while on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

"Facts: Potus has played more golf this month than I have: I have created more jobs this month than he has," Azinger wrote.

Obama's advisers say he plans to outline a new jobs plan when he, and Congress, return to Washington. He's been pushing for weeks for new trade deals, a patent law overhaul and an extension of the payroll tax cut -- the president may build on those ideas next month, though he is expected to offset his proposals with further calls for deficit reduction.

But the president's critics say he's had an on-again-off-again commitment to job creation, repeatedly vowing to make it his top priority since 2009 before diverting to something else.

Azinger, winner of the 1993 PGA Championship, has branched out into business since his glory days on the tour. He's written books, one about his battle with cancer, and has developed a golf-oriented iPhone app.

ESPN comments:

“Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field,”

Wild Thing's comment........

ESPN is run by raging lefties.

If Azinger had tweeted something supportive of Obama, and negative to the GOP... nothing would have been said.

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Obama Not Into Working Hard He Hosts Hundreds of Bowlers in May Almost Every Day

White House Hosts Hundreds of Bowlers in May


Jack Tapper

As a candidate in 2008, President Obama pledged to tear out the White House bowling alley and install a basketball court instead.

Just over three years later, the basement bowling alley President Truman installed in 1947 is still there -– and apparently being put to good use.

At least 230 visitors to the White House during May came for the express purpose of bowling, according to visitor logs released today.

In fact, the underground alley was used every day of the month, except five – May 14, 16, 18, 21 and 22.

On two days, May 15 and 23, the visitor entries indicate “bowling party.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL he is turning the WH into his own personal play time.

They found out the total of people in May when Obama finally turned over a few of the visitor logs.

Just thinking about this, I would even bet he might just tell his friends and anyone that wants to sure just come on over the use the WH at your leasure.

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Poll Shows Tea Partiers Favor Perry to Bachmann by More Than Double

Poll Shows Tea Partiers Favor Perry to Bachmann by More Than Double

While Michele Bachmann founded the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives before she even decided to run for president, Texas Governor Rick Perry, her 2012 rival, is reportedly more popular among Tea Partiers, garnering double the support in a recent Gallup poll.

Tea Party Supporters Backing Perry for GOP NominationPerry leads by 21 percentage points over Romney, Bachmann among this group

The poll, released Friday, shows Perry with 35 percent of Tea Party supporters while Bachmann trails considerably at 14 percent.

Wild Thing's comment......

Always nice to hear good news.

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Perry Bills Feds $349M for Incarcerating Illegals and Not Doing Enough To Secure Border Costing Tax Payer Funded Resources

Perry Bills Feds $349M for Incarcerating Illegals and Not Doing Enough To Secure Border Costing Tax Payer Funded Resources

FOX News

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for nearly $350 million to cover the costs he says Texas has incurred incarcerating illegal immigrants in state prisons and county jails.

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Perry reiterated a claim he's often leveled against the federal government: that it's not doing enough to secure the border with Mexico and as a result, has allowed illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. and use taxpayer-funded resources, including the prison system.

The letter was dated Aug. 10, three days before the Republican governor formally announced he is running for president.

Reached after-hours Friday by phone, DHS spokesman Matthew Chandler said he wasn't in position to comment and said he could not confirm that the DHS had even received the letter.

Perry has been criticized by some fellow conservatives as being too lenient on illegal immigration issues. Unlike fellow GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann

In his two-page letter to Napolitano, Perry described the formula used to come up with his $349.2 million bill, including $94.4 million to cover costs incurred by county jails

In his two-page letter to Napolitano, Perry described the formula used to come up with his $349.2 million bill, including $94.4 million to cover costs incurred by county jails.

"During tough economic times, when communities are making difficult decisions about their own budgets, Texas counties are being asked to cover more than $94.4 million in direct costs related to housing illegal immigrants while the state has been left to cover more than $254.8 million in such costs."

He included a memo from Comptroller Susan Combs in which she supports his calculations but warns that the estimates are conservative.

"The longstanding failure of the federal government to secure our border with Mexico continues to burden local communities and resources in Texas," Perry wrote. "Because there are not enough troops on the ground, illegal immigrants are able to penetrate the Texas border every day and use taxpayer-funded resources."

Perry is not the first governor to try to bill the federal government for the costs of incarcerating illegal immigrants. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, sued the DHS in February seeking compensation for incarceration costs, among other things. And Napolitano herself, who preceded Brewer as Arizona governor, regularly sent the Justice Department invoices seeking such reimbursement before she became Homeland Security secretary.

Wild Thing's comment.........

I smiled when I read this today. Good for Texas and Gov. Perry for doing this.

Regarding the fence along the border, many of those living near the border to not want the fence the farmers and rancher there need the Rio Grande for thei rfarms and ranches. That is why Perry wants it taken care of differently and has said so. That is also why he has been attacked with lies making it seem he does not want to do anything about the borders when he does.

One of the things Rick Perry after years battling the Texas legislature Perry finally won on photo id for voting.The purpose is to prevent illegals from voting.

Perry wants a federal government that will POLICE our border with proper manpower, as Perry requests at least annually, and a federal government that will DEPORT illegals, as Perry requests at least annually.

Perry on the Issues

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August 26, 2011

Obama Freaking Out In Fear Gov. Perry Will Win So He Starts Up Site Against Perry ~ More Of Obama Being a Thug

Obama must be worried about Gov. Perry. He has a special link on his website for Perry bashers to post to. Didn't see that about Romney or Bachman. ~ Wild Thing

LOL check it out......HERE IS THE LINK TO OBAMA's website for this at Barack

We Texans who have experienced Gov. Rick Perry's failed policies firsthand have an important story to tell the rest of the country.


Wild Thing's comment......

Obama sure is making history and all bad. He can't campaign without his vile hate squads. I wonder how much of OUR tax dollars are paying for his website.

Of course it will be lies and slander which Obama thrives on.

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U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe Lays Long List of Nation’s Ills At Obama’s Feet ~ Good He Speaks The Truth

Inhofe lays long list of nation’s ills at Obama’s feet

Tulsa World

President Barack Obama alone is to blame for the nation’s budget deficit – and just about everything else, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe told the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

“We now have a president, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, who is destroying these very institutions that made America great,” Inhofe, R-Okla., said.

Inhofe went on to say the Obama administration has “disarmed America,” is solely responsible for the federal budget deficit, mostly responsible for the nation’s dependence on imported oil and suffocating business with regulations.

He also said Obama engineered the House Republicans’ ban on earmarks in order to give himself more control of the budget.

“When they came along with this moratorium, you have to let the president run everything,” Inhofe said. “They conceded that authority to the president of the United States, so that’s why the president was behind the whole earmark thing."

Inhofe said the earmark ban allowed the administration to block a new $10 million control tower scheduled for Tinker Air Force Base.

He said military spending, as a share of gross domestic product, has declined during the Obama administration and criticized unflattering descriptions of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where terror suspects are held, saying, “You know the biggest problem for prisoners when they get to Gitmo? Obesity."

Inhofe said the idea that prisoners have been tortured there was invented by Obama and others “to make you think something bad is happening in America — the same thing he does and others do when they go around talking about how bad America is."

Inhofe said the deficit is Obama’s fault because “it’s the president’s budget. Period. That’s the end of it."
He said the recent debtlimit agreement is a sham that does little or nothing to reduce overall spending. One solution, he continued, would be to repeal the health-care reform law, which he said is an example of “social engineering” designed to make Americans more dependent on the federal government.

Inhofe also cited extended unemployment benefits, saying he saw no reason for them in Oklahoma because the state has “virtually full employment."

Inhofe laid out a long list of regulatory steps he said would cost taxpayers and employers billions of dollars in taxes and lost productivity, and said the country could be “totally independent from the Middle East in a matter of weeks, not years,” if the administration allowed unfettered oil and gas development on public lands.

Noting that he will not be up for re-election until 2014, Inhofe said, “Don’t misunderstand, (nothing) I’m saying now is for political purposes."

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe To Endorse Gov. Perry on Monday


U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Wednesday that he plans to endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president.

"I called Rick Perry a year ago and told him, 'If you're running for president, I'll be the first to endorse you,'" Inhofe said at a State Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Tulsa Press Club.

"I'm going to be that person on Monday."


Wild Thing's comment.....

Good job and all true.

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Faithful Dog Named Hawkeye Stays Near Casket of Fallen Navy SEAL Throughout Funeral Service

Faithful Dog Named Hawkeye Stays Near Casket of Fallen Navy SEAL Throughout Funeral Service

Here is video on the funeral for Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, who died in the chopper crash earlier this month after it was shot down in Afghanistan by Taliban fighters. Petty Officer Tumilson was buried in Iowa this week, and at the funeral, his devoted dog Hawkeye, stayed by his casket throughout the service.

Thank God for brave heroes like Jon Tumilson. His life and service is an example to us all, and we all stand on the shoulders of patriots like him who have literally given their lives for our nation.

Wild Thing's comment........

This made me cry.

With my whole heart I hope our troops and Veterans know how much their sacrifice means to me and how grateful. Not one will be forgotten......Never.

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Gov. Rick Perry Signed Law Exempting Disabled Veterans From Property Taxes ~ FANTASTIC!

Governor Rick Perry with a group of Veterans from the Patriot Guard Riders

Rick Perry Signs Law Exempting Disabled Veterans from Property Taxes


I’ve met Governor Rick Perry on a number of occasions at various Patriot Guard Rider funeral missions. His respect for the fallen Soldier as well as the numerous Veterans who comprise the PGR is evident.

Even when I haven’t agreed with his politics, I’ve always held Rick Perry the man in very high regard — as do most Veterans that I know.

Which makes this latest legislation that he just signed into law just one more reason that I’ll support and vote for him in his re-election bid for Governor:

Under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Perry last month, Trejo and other severely injured veterans are about to get some major financial relief: They will no longer have to pay property taxes on their homes.

Disabled veterans in Texas will qualify for total homestead property tax exemptions if the Department of Veterans Affairs has determined they are unable to work or they are receiving 100 percent disability compensation for physical or psychological problems related to their military service.

Veterans with a 100% service-connected disability will not have to pay property tax. Which is the very least that we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for so many.

This legislation amounts to about an $11m tax break for Veterans. In a state budget of over $180 billion, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

This is a very popular new law.


Wild Thing's comment........

The article is from 2009, but I thought it was so important to know about it and what a truly wonderful thing he did. Fantastic. This should be done everywhere.

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Jon Huntsman: I Wouldn't Hesitate to Call on Rich to Sacrifice

In an interview with the PBS NewsHour, Republican presidential candidate and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman said he would call on all Americans, including the wealthy, to sacrifice in order to address the country's fiscal problems. He sounds a lot like Barack Obama in just about every video clip I've seen. He starts out with "shared sacrifice" in the first sentence

Wild Thing's comment....

LOL to Huntsman, this will not get votoes. Republicans don't want to vote an Obama into office.

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August 25, 2011

Senator Marco Rubio : We Are Facing A Day Of Reckoning , Marco Spoke At The Reagan Library August 23 2011

Senator Rubio at The Reagan Library


Senator Rubio at The Reagan Library Q&A
Marco gives fantastic answers and some humor as well. ~ Wild Thing


Sen. Marco Rubio on Sean Hannity's show

"The fact that America exists is an inspiration to the rest of the world," Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in an interview with Sean Hannity from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

"Ronald Reagan and the things he stood for defined so much of what I experienced growing up and to be here today just brought all that back and to have a chance to talk about the two major issues during Ronald Reagan's presidency.

"One, what would America's role in the world be -- and that, of course, led to the end of the Cold War.

"And the other is what is the role of government and what the role of government should be in America. And he fought that battle to try to get us back to the right place. And because we are not there now, we are facing this day of reckoning. We have basically, the way to understand it is we have a government. America has built for itself a government that not only we, the richest country in the history of the world, can continue to fund," Rubio said.


Wild Thing's comment.....

OMG this man, that America is blessed with is so awesome. Thank you God for his life, his passion and his love for America.

I promise you if you have the time, you will not be disappointed if you can watch the speech at the top video and the Q & A he does especially. I recommend all the videos but I know it takes time.

This is from an email I got from Marco Rubiio.

I was born and raised in Ronald Reagan's America, a time marked by the defeat of communism and the redefinition of the proper role of government.

The debates going on in Washington today are not much different than the challenges Ronald Reagan confronted and overcame. We can overcome them again, but we'll need to start by electing more conservative leaders to the United States Senate.

We're approaching a critical election that won't just decide the balance of power in Washington, but the kind of country we leave to our children and grandchildren.

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The Donkey Whisperer


Wild Thing's comment......

Texas Republican Roger Williams who is running for Congress in the Lone Star State’s 33rd Congressional District, talking to a herd of donkeys, representing, of course, Democrats! The dialogue is outstanding, and so true!

Williams is running for the GOP Nomination in the 33rd District, newly-created as a result of population growth in Texas.

I love it and how clever it is and so true too as he tries to reason with the donkey's hahaha.

I thought you would get a kick out of it too.

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David Limbaugh Tweets Comparison Photo You Might Want To Check Out LOL


David Limbaugh, the conservative author and brother of Rush, tweets an image Rick Perry/Barack Obama comparison


David Limbaugh, the conservative author and brother of Rush, tweets an image you're likely to see again.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner emailed this response: "A picture is worth a thousand words."

As we reported recently, Perry himself also questioned on the stump the fact that Obama had never served in the military.

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77% of Democrats (and Ron Paul) Voted Against Rules Of Engagement That Protect Our Troops

77% of Democrats (and Ron Paul) Voted Against Rules Of Engagement That Protect Our Troops

American Thinker

Florida Republican Congressman John Mica offered the following morally clear Amendment (5/25/2011-H.AMDT.318 (A018) Amends H.R.1540):

Amendment requires that the rules of engagement [ROE] allow any military service personnel assigned to duty in a designated hostile fire area to have rules of engagement that fully protect their right to proactively defend themselves from hostile actions.

The results? (tallied here):

143 out of 185 Democrats present -- 77% -- voted against this amendment; 217 out of 235 Republicans present -- 92% -- voted for it.

As for the two Republicans in Congress running who are Presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann voted for the amendment; Ron Paul against it.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Ron Paul and all those that voted against our troops being able to protect themselves should be air dropped right into the Taliban's hotest areas. And left there!

What horrible people. Let them find out what it is like to have your life on the line every second of every day.

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Judge Says Rule of Law Applies to White House, Too

Judge says rule of law applies to White House, too


A federal judge has ordered the Secret Service to release eight months of White House visitor logs it had previously kept hidden, an estimated "tens of thousands" of records from Obama's first year in office.

U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell – an Obama appointee – earlier this week ruled in favor of the government watchdog organization Judicial Watch, which had argued the Jan. 20-Sept. 15, 2009, visitor logs were agency records subject to public inspection through the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA.

While the Secret Service had argued that being compelled to release visitor logs under FOIA might compromise "national security interests," Judge Howell ruled that the White House already has authority to exempt certain records that might prove sensitive – so long as it provides legal explanation for the exemption – so the adminstration has no excuse for refusing Judicial Watch's FOIA request.

"This is a major victory for open government and an embarrassing defeat for the Obama administration," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, in a statement responding to the ruling. "This administration will now have to release all records of all visitors to the White House – or explain why White House visits should be kept secret under law. It is refreshing to see the court remind this administration that the rule of law applies to it."

In July of 2009, the White House announced a new policy touting its own "transparency" for voluntarily releasing the records from Sept. 15 onward. The first eight months of 2009's logs, however, would only be available to "narrow and specific" requests.

But, Judicial Watch argued, there's a difference between "voluntarily" releasing records and actually being accountable to the people.

"The White House insisted that it could release visitor information at its own discretion, the timing and specifics of which [were] not subject to court review," Fitton wrote in an update on the case. "And despite White House misinformation to the contrary, tens of thousands of visitor logs are being withheld from disclosure by the Obama administration.

"These records," Fitton continued, "are now subject to disclosure under FOIA."

According to court documents from the case, the White House argued that the court's oversight of its record releasing policy could breach the constitutional separation of powers and would pose "a substantial intrusion on the confidentiality necessary for the president and vice president to discharge their constitutional duties."

Furthermore, the administration argued, it would be "virtually impossible" for the Secret Service to process the plaintiff's FOIA request with respect to records created between Jan. 20, 2009, and Sept. 15, 2009, without potentially compromising national security interests.

Howell, however, dismissed the separation-of-powers argument and stated, "To the extent that a visitor record might, if publicly released, disclose confidential presidential communications, the Secret Service has a ready recourse in Exemption 5 [of FOIA]," which exempts privileged documents from disclosure.

"Therefore," Howell continued, "the proper course of action by the Secret Service is duly to process [Judicial Watchs's] FOIA request, disclose all segregable, nonexempt records, and then assert specific FOIA exemptions for all records it seeks to withhold."

The ruling gives the Secret Service 20 days to meet with Judicial Watch to settle upon a plan for releasing the records.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama will refuse to release them just as he does with any court ruling he disagrees with, that is his MO.

Oh oand their was that lie.......

"We will achieve our goal of making this administration the most open and transparent administration in history...Americans have a right to know whose voices are being heard in the policymaking process" - Barack Obama

I would love for Obama to somehow be forced to obey some of these Judges.

....Thank you Darth for sending this to me.

U.S. Airforce
C-5 loadmaster

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“Daily Caller” Survey Finds Gov. Rick Perry the “Top Choice” Among “Politically Active Conservatives”

The Daily Caller

Newly declared presidential candidate Rick Perry is now the undisputed GOP frontrunner, while Michele Bachmann’s star has started to fall, according to the latest Daily Caller/ConservativeHome national presidential primary tracking poll.

Perry now leads the field in all five categories polled this month: first choice, most electable, second choice, best at dealing with the economy, and best at keeping Washington spending under control — often by a large margin.

Perry is the top choice for 29.3 percent of Republicans, handily trouncing Michele Bachmann’s 17.0 percent and Mitt Romney’s 11.1 percent.

But Perry has not just captured the hearts of Republicans; he has also captured the minds of those who are pragmatically looking not just for a nominee they like, but for one who can beat President Barack Obama.

Asked who would do the best job with the economy, Perry is the leader with 27.1 percent of the vote, while Romney is a distant second with 14.5 percent.

The survey was e-mailed to 2,500 participants nationwide who identify as conservative Republicans and are considered likely primary voters. The majority of the panel is politically active, with 70 percent having contributed money to a campaign or worked on a campaign. Thirty-five percent of the members on the panel self-identify as part of the tea party, while 58 percent say they sympathize with the movement.

The results are based on a sample of 726 respondents surveyed from August 18 to August 21.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Interesting that they did this and also the response.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Spending $10m in Public Money on Her Vacations

First Lady Michelle Obama Spending $10m in Public Money on Her Vacations:Expensive Massages, Top Shelf Vodka and Five-star Hotels

Daily Mail.

The Obamas' summer break on Martha's Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers' money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her 'disgusting' and 'a vacation junkie', they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

The 'top source' told the National Enquirer: 'It's disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

'When it's all added up, she's spent more than $10million in taxpayers' money on her vacations.'

The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel.

And the first family's nine-day stay in Martha's Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week.
The source continued: 'Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.

'The vacations are totally Michelle's idea. She's like a junkie. She can't schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next - all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.'

While the President and his wife do pay for some of their personal expenses from their own pocket, the website says that the amount paid by the couple is 'dwarfed by the overall cost to the public'.

The magazine also reported that Mrs Obama, whose fashion choices are widely followed, had been going on 'wild shopping sprees', much to the distress of her husband, who, its sources reveal, is 'absolutely furious' at his wife's 'out-of-control spending'.

The President has already come under fire this week over his decision to take a family vacation while millions of Americans are out of work and countless more are financially strapped.

But the situation sparked further anger after he and his wife elected to fly separately to the Massachusetts retreat - despite travelling on the same day.

Obama left the White House aboard Marine One on his way to Andrews Air Force base to hitch a lift aboard Air Force One - along with First Dog Bo.

After landing at Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station, he then took a final helicopter to his holiday destination to complete the remarkable 500-mile journey.

His wife and daughters, who arrived just four hours earlier, were also travelling from Washington, but took a specially designed military aircraft.

They would also have had their own motorcade from the airport to the vacation residence.



Wild Thing's comment......

They’re partying like the passengers on the Titanic.....

The British press-reporting the stories American reporters simply refuse to cover.

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August 24, 2011

Great Iinterview With Michael Reagan About Rick Perry! A Must Watch!


Wiild Thing's comment......

Michael Reagan spent time with Gov. Perry in person and that adds to more of a first hand impression that he is able to have.

I liked in the interview too how Michael responds to Meygn Kelly asking him about how he feels about Perry using the word treason etc. that has caused such a stir. Michael said a great reply..... I think most of America feels the same way. or something close to that was his response. That was so good and good for Megyn to hear too. Michael did not even pause before giving his response.

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Palin Blasts 2012 Speculation But Applauds

Palin blasts 2012 speculation but applauds


Sarah Palin's political action committee pushed back on rumors she has made a decision about a run for the White House, but offered pointed praise to CNN Political Reporter Peter Hamby for "setting the record straight."

A statement on the website of SarahPAC said predictions about her future are "intended to mislead the American people."

"These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24 hour news cycle and that all Americans will hopefully reject in 2012, and this is more of the 'politics-as-usual' that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career," the Monday night post said.

Karl Rove, former top adviser to President George W. Bush, said Sunday that the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee was likely to run for president in the next election. Rove, who also co-founded the conservative political action committee, Crossroads GPS, cited her travel schedule and recent web video as evidence she will make a run for the White House. Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer predicted "Palin is in" during an appearance on Fox News Monday.

CNN published a story from Hamby Monday that included Palin's recent comments from Iowa, saying "I doubt it" when asked if she would be ready to join the race by Labor Day.

"Kudos to CNN for setting the record straight and including Governor Palin's own words," the SarahPAC post said.

The statement comes after Palin visited Iowa on the same weekend as the high stakes Ames Straw Poll and ahead of her scheduled visit to the first-in-the-nation caucus state September 3 to speak a tea party gathering.

Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of the Iowa-based Tea Party of America, who is sponsoring the September event, told CNN Palin's address will be longer than a typical stump speech.

"We were told a month ago that she will make a major statement at the event," Gruschow said. "Whether it be an announcement to run, not to run, or lay a marker in the sand for other candidates. That is what I am and was referring to."

Wild Thing's comment.......

I am glad they corrected this for Sarah and that CNN did one thing right in doing so. Credit where credit is due. When I post things I try hard not to give the wrong information but one cannot help it if the actual source has misquoted or given the wrong impression so this is all fixed now by Sarah's team and CNN.

Regarding Sarah, I love her, respect her and whatever she does I wish her the best and God's blessing in all things for her. If she runs I wish her the best too. My wish would be a Perry/ Palin ticket would be awesome.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:50 AM

Rick Perry: Macho, Macho Man.... Check Out These Chuck Norris-esque Statements About Perry ~ LOL Love it!


Yes, Rick Perry might seem a little, well, out there with some of his public statements. But the Texas governor has something that our current commanded-in-chief lacks: Overt machismo.

And this cannot be underestimated. Macho men have a long history of winning elections. George W. Bush played the macho guy well, always clearing brush on his Texas ranch and challenging terrorists with tough-guy statements ("Bring 'em on," "Smoke 'em out"). Vladimir Putin is so macho his vacations include tiger hunting, judo tournaments and riding horses. Shirtless. Teddy Roosevelt, one of America's great presidents, was a boxer, big game hunter and war hero.

Remember, it doesn't really matter so much if Perry is actually a tough guy. It matters more if he's perceived as a tough guy.

So, please ignore that stint Perry had in college when he was part of a club that was much too similar to being a male cheerleader. Instead, focus on his youth as an Eagle Scout, his service in the Air Force, his propensity for shooting guns and his A+ rating from the NRA. Focus on how he threatened to treat Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke "ugly" if he comes to Texas and how he's challenging Obama's patriotism for nerver serving in the military.

Evidence of Perry's machismo is surging on the internets. The Twitter feed @RickPerryFacts is a constant stream of Chuck Norris-esque statements about Perry. They're funny, but I also can't help but think they don't speak to a yearning of some part of the human psyche: A basic desire for a strong, tough-guy leader.

Now, this Twitter feed has been active for quite some time, but with Perry's emergence as a top presidential contender, they've stepped it up a notch.

Here are 10 recent tweets from @RickPerryFacts about govenor's machismo:

• Each night before they go to sleep, Barack Obama makes Michelle check under the bed for Rick Perry. #RickPerryFacts
• Popeye opens a can of Rick Perry before a fight. #RickPerryFacts
• Atheists believe in rick perry #RickPerryFacts
• Obama lists him as his emergency contact. #RickPerryFacts
• Rick Perry once played in Texas without having a fiddle in his band. #RickPerryFacts
• Remember how bad Y2K was supposed to be? Remember how nothing bad happened at midnight? Yeah, thank Rick Perry for that one. #RickPerryFacts
• Rick Perry once won the Indianapolis 500 in a rickshaw pulled by a small gerbil. #rickperryfacts #rickperry
• If Rick Perry had starred in the movie "300", the film would have been called "1".
• As President, Rick Perry will protect the Secret Service.

Perry Vaults to Frontrunner Status in South Carolina

Roll Call Politics

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has grabbed frontrunner status in South Carolina, ending several months of what had been a muddled race in this key Republican presidential primary state.

Perry launched his campaign just over a week ago in Charleston, electrifying South Carolina conservatives who have been hungering for a candidate with Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s fire who they also deem electable and experienced. And while Republicans in the Palmetto State caution that Perry has months of vetting ahead of him and that the contest is still up for grabs, there is a general consensus that the late-entering Texas governor has the inside track.

“Perry has definitely been a game-changer,” said Barry Wynn, a Spartanburg businessman and former state GOP chairman who is aligned with Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). “I think voters here had their heads telling them to be for [former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt] Romney but their hearts were somewhere else. Now they can get their head and heart at the same point, and that creates more passion and energy.”

Wild Thing's comment......

LOL I thought you all might get a kick out of the first part of this post. I remember all the Chuck Norris one liners that were being passed around a few years ago. hahaha And now to see this of Perry is so great.

"Each night before they go to sleep, Barack Obama makes Michelle check under the bed for Rick Perry. "

LMAO this one really has me laughing.

And regarding the second part of this post about the polls and the candidates.

After a week and a half we have Perry leading in Iowa, NC, SC, and CO, and also leading by double digits in 2 national polls. We'll see if he can keep this up, but he's off to a great start!

Even with the rash of MSM hit pieces on Perry in the last week. The left is afraid...they know Perry will mop the floor with Obama.

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Gov. Rick Perry For President And Why I Give Him My Support


Wild Thing's comment........

This election has to be about beating Obama and with God's help getting a person that is a conservative and has a buring desire in their heart to take America back.

I have stepped away and reassessed the political scene. I admire Sarah's spunk but now it's Reality Heights time -- sanity test time.

This isn't about her, this is about conservative ascendancy and getting that guy who is destroying our lives, the country and the world shown the exit. 4 more years of Obama is not an option for the Republic.

Rick Perry, will be doing that in 2012. It's great getting behind the person who is already taking it to Obama and driving the Left insane with his surging poll numbers andn speaking the truth.

We have some awesome candidates and yes my favorite of all of them is Gov. Rick Perry. That does not mean I am against Sarah, but I have to move on and forward and time in this election is a precious thing. Each day the enemy of the left will attack and lie and do what they can to mess with the election with their talking points on the political talk shows to bash Republicans.

I pray Sarah stays in the arena in some way she is young and for sure can run later or now too, whatever she wishes. Gosh we are so blessed as a country to have people like beautiful Sarah and Perry, and Bachmann and Cain, Marco Rubio, Allen West , DeMint, Paul Ryan and so many others too that have the true American spirit and love for our country.

So I guess consider this my out and out post for Gov. Perry. BUT also my out and out post that I will always think highly of Sarah and even keep praying she could be the VP on Perry's ticket......that would be awesome.

Gov. Rick Perry:

Pro-10th Amendment? Check
Pro-2nd Amendment? Check
Pro-Life? Check
Pro-business? Check
Pro-domestic drilling? Check
Pro-military? Check
Wants lower federal regulation? Check
Loves America? Check
Pro-death penalty? Check
Pro-cut/cap/balance? Check
Pro-tort reform? Check
Supports ID to vote? Check
Supports lower taxes? Check
Supports a balanced budget amendment? Check
Calls for Feds to uphold its responsibility to secure the border? Check
Wants a repeal of Obamacare? Check

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Getting To Know Beautiful Anita Perry The First Lady Of Texas

Anita Perry, a no-nonsense nurse, overcomes shyness in signing on to win votes for her husband

Dallas Morning News

Their first date was awful, although Anita Perry didn't exactly use that word. But she certainly didn't use whirlwind or enchanted, either.

The facts of the event are what they are, and from that night in September, Rick Perry did have to invest 16 years to get to the day in November 1982 when Mary Anita Thigpen finally married him.

The first lady of Texas is not an embellisher or one to gild a memory. She is still, at her core, a small-town West Texas girl who sees her life with a pragmatic eye and a deadpan humor.

"It wasn't a good date," she said. "Memorable, yes."

Perry, 58, leaned forward over a round oak table in her Capitol office. Her hands occasionally drummed the table. She had just come from a workout and hadn't changed out of her black leotard sweats and sneakers.

Even seated, she is still on the run. Her weeks are a collection of calls, meetings, travel and speeches. Her agenda is preserving county courthouses, sponsoring the Texas Conference for Women, promoting tourism, pushing childhood immunizations and raising money to restore the Governor's Mansion, gutted by arson two years ago.

This is the Anita Perry described by her friends: unadorned, straightforward and as steady as her blue-eyed gaze.

And this is the first lady who has overcome shyness and learned to tell a story, engage her audience. She is gracious, but that didn't come from public duties. It was obvious from that first date.

Awkward first date

She was 14 and a freshman at Haskell High School. He was a junior on the Paint Creek six-man football squad. They'd been acquaintances from neighboring towns, occasionally running into each other, beginning with a piano recital in grade school.

And so he asked her out to the Paint Creek-Moran Saturday night matchup. He had hoped they'd spend some time together since his arm was broken and he knew he wouldn't be playing.

But the coach made Rick Perry ride on the team bus and work the sideline chain. His older sister, Milla, picked up Anita, and she rode with Milla and Rick's parents for the 65-mile trip.

She sat in the stands with Milla. "I think at halftime he came up to say hello," she recalled.

After the game, Anita climbed back into the car with the Perrys to follow the bus home. At some point, the bus stopped and Rick joined the car.

"We dropped them off in Paint Creek - and then he actually drove me home - home!" she said. That was it.

"He said the other day, 'Did I kiss you on that first date?' and I said, 'No,' " Perry recalled. The "no" is of the are-you-kidding variety.

Milla Perry Jones remembers a mature, quiet girl who was friendly and made the most of an awkward situation.

"I mean, who takes her brother's first date to the date?" Jones said with a laugh.

But she remembered something else, too. "When my brother got off of that bus and got into that car, his eyes sparkled. You have to know he was a West Texas boy - he rode horseback and picked cotton in the fields. There was nothing romantic about him. But it was magic with them that night."

Eventually, Rick Perry went off to Texas A&M University and then five years as an Air Force pilot. Anita Perry had her own sights set. She received a nursing degree from West Texas State University and then a master's of science in nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

'Meant to be'

In San Antonio and then as she worked as instructor of nurses at WTSU in Amarillo, she and Rick Perry still saw each other. Through all the years, they stayed connected.

"For 16 years, off and on, she came in and out of our lives," Jones said. "But you knew it was meant to be."

For Anita Perry, it took some cajoling. She loved her job and her profession. But she relented. "His smile always captured me," she said.

To make a serious go of it, at age 28, she moved back home with her parents. "I lived in my bedroom, slept in my twin bed that I grew up in. He was living with his parents. It was a little odd," Perry said.

It took the planets aligning, according to the governor, before they married two years later. She gave birth to their son, Griffin, 42 weeks later.

The baby was 3 months old when her husband, with a new glint in his eye, came running in with the news that Haskell's longtime state representative was retiring. He wanted to try his hand at politics - and he won, running as a Democrat.

Anita Perry had seen herself as a nurse and a mother - roles she had sought. And she managed through the six years he traveled to Austin to serve in the House to play a small role in their community.

But the real jolt came when she left her career and home to help her husband pursue his ambitions. She moved the family, by then including 5-year-old daughter Sydney, to the capital when Rick Perry, who switched to the GOP, became agriculture commissioner in 1991.

"He had friends. He had a job to go to every day. He had receptions. He had events," Perry recalled. "I moved to a neighborhood where I didn't know anyone, coming from a place where I'd known everyone and going to a job I loved every day - nursing," she said.

They were difficult, unhappy days, she said. Gradually, through her children's classmates, she met other women in the neighborhood.

Dr. Melinda McMichaels, who lived down the block, described Perry as "a salt-of-the-earth kind of person" who was fun to be around.

As her world expanded with Rick Perry's leap to lieutenant governor and then governor, Anita Perry took on a new universe of people, but has stayed close with seven or eight friends from the old neighborhood, McMichaels said.

"She was a little reluctant to take on such a public role. To me, she's grown into it beautifully," she said.

Perry said she recognized she had to let go of her natural small-town reserve. "You're thrust into this. It's either you go or not," she said. "Actually, I've come to love it and enjoy it."

Staying centered

The toughest part of her first lady role is the politics. The criticisms, the lobs, the anger heaped on political leaders are hardest on their families, she said. Some critics who recognize her children will approach them and bad-mouth their father.

Part of the tension is the insulated feeling while living life in the public eye. It's hard to find the center, she said.

She tries to help the governor not get too carried away with his own role. "I try to keep him grounded. Sometimes I wonder," she said. When he gets a little too puffed up, "I'm always saying: 'Who told you that you were cute today?' "

Still, she intends to get out on the campaign trail and play a more visible part.

"Not that I'm a vote-changer or a vote-getter or anything like that," she said. "But I'll do whatever I need to do because I think it's important that he get re-elected."

You have to grow thick skin, enjoy people, tackle big projects and, in all of it, keep family as a priority, she said.

The governor has also set his priorities. The staff knows to keep his schedule clear every Sept. 9. That's not his wedding day or an important birthday.

It's the anniversary of their first date.


Age: 58

Hometown: Haskell, Texas

Education: Bachelor's degree in nursing, West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M University), and master's of science degree in nursing, University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio.

Career highlights: Nursing in areas of surgery, pediatrics, intensive care, consulting and administration; helped develop and host the Texas Conference for Women.

Family: Married 28 years next month; mother to Griffin, 27, and Sydney, 24


Amelia Perry(right), mother of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, shows her quilts at a meeting of the Buffalo Gap Republican Woman's Club at Perini Ranch Steakhouse Friday.

Perry called this quilt her "Scarlet O'Hara" quilt, because she made it out of a curtain during a time she was getting cancer treatments and spending most of her time at home.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Love the photo too of Rick Perry's Mom. And she and her husband still live in the little house her husband built near the cotton fields in Paint Creek, Texas.

Rick's wife Anita is grounded and one can tell by the article about her that she helps in keeping Rick that way too. It is cute what happened on their very first date. haha

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Residents At Martha’s Vineyard Tell Obama to “go home”

Factor" producer Jesse Watters heads up to Martha's Vineyard and talks to locals about the president's downtime.

What a difference a few short years and a downgraded economy make…
Residents at Martha’s Vineyard tell Obama to “go home.” “Factor” producer Jesse Watters meandered up to Martha’s Vineyard and chatted with the locals.

Wild Thing's comment......

LOL they don't want him anymore. hahhaa

Neither do we and I hope and pray the rest of America continues to feel the same way.

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August 23, 2011

Four GOP Candidates Sign Up For DeMint Presidential Forum

Four GOP candidates sign up for DeMint presidential forum


Four presidential candidates have accepted invitations to participate in a Labor Day forum in South Carolina being organized by Sen. Jim DeMint, a conservative kingmaker who has yet to pick a horse in the 2012 race.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and businessman Herman Cain have agreed to take part in the Palmetto Freedom Forum, to be held on Sept. 5 at a convention center in downtown Columbia.

Invitations to the event went out to eight candidates Monday, a Republican source told CNN.

Also invited were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, along with two Republicans still flirting with a bid: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

But event organizers - a small group of well-connected DeMint supporters calling themselves the "Keep Your Powder Dry Caucus" as they search for a 2012 candidate to get behind - did not invite to two declared candidates, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.

Organizers said early on that to be invited, a candidate must surpass the 5 percent threshold in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. Santorum and Huntsman have yet to do so.

The forum, officially titled the "American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum," will be fronted by DeMint, Iowa Rep. Steve King and Robert George, a conservative legal scholar and the founder of the American Principles Project.

Candidates will take turns fielding questions from the trio of panelists for roughly 20 minutes at a time.

According to organizers, candidates will be asked to "engage in a thoughtful, substantive discussion of their stances on critical issues facing our country."


Wild Thing's comment.......

Great idea!!

I hope it is on TV....interesting format..NOT a debate..separate 20-30 minute sessions with each candidate.

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Clues Dropped on Potential Palin Run, but Decision Still a Secret

Clues Dropped on Potential Palin Run, but Decision Still a Secret

FOX Nation

The Restoring America Rally with Sarah Palin will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2011. The event is from 11 am to 2 pm at the Indianola Balloon Grounds in Indianola, Iowa.

Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told reporters that Sarah Palin is going to make a major announcement at Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa over Labor Day Weekend.

Sarah Palin is either laying the groundwork for an imminent entry into the presidential race or having a whole lot of fun toying with political analysts.

…She stoked the speculative fire once again on Friday, posting a slickly produced video of her trip on the SarahPAC website. In the video, which included shots of Palin interacting with the crowd interspersed with giddy media commentary, the narrator declared the ex-governor is still “grabbing the attention of Iowans and, yes, the media.”

The real tease came at the end, with a written reminder to Iowans that Palin will “see you again” on Sept. 3. That’s when Palin is expected to deliver a speech at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa.

Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told he doesn’t know what Palin will do at the rally, but that “all we’re being told is that she’s going to make a major announcement.”

Palin has the SarahPAC fundraising machine at her disposal should she decide to run. And the former vice presidential nominee has hardly faded from the GOP electorate's mind. She is still averaging about 10 percent in national polls, according to an average kept by RealClearPolitics. That's ahead of every other contender save for Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- the contest's newest official candidate -- and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

However, a Rasmussen Reports poll out Monday showed that President Obama would slay Palin in a head-to-head matchup if the election were held today. According to the poll, 50 percent would support Obama compared to 33 percent for Palin. Rasmussen notes this is the first time Obama has climbed out of the 40s in a hypothetical match.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I am sure it will get good media coverage and not sure if it will be on C-Span as they do sometimes cover tea Party things.

If I find out I will post more closer to the date.

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Surfing Dog, Ricochet, Helps Disabled Surf

Turning disappointment into joy: From Service Dog to SURFice Dog

Surfing Dog, Ricochet, Helps Disabled Surf

There are dogs who play ball, dogs who chase cats and dogs who catch Frisbees. But near San Diego there is Ricochet, a 3-year-old golden retriever who catches waves and captures hearts.

Ricochet helps teach disabled people how to surf by acting as a canine co-pilot.

"She stabilizes the board," said Sabine Becker, who was born with no arms. "Somehow, she does it so we're not off balance. She is just standing there and just surfs with us."

Surfing isn't even Ricochet's first career. From birth, she was trained to be a service dog, a companion to someone who needed help with everyday tasks. But she is a little mischievous and likes to chase birds, poor traits for a companion who needs to provide constant attention.

Owner Judy Fridono discovered Ricochet had other ways to help.

"I wanted her to make a difference in one life, and she's touched millions and millions now," Fridono told ABC News.

Ricochet started boogie boarding at 8 weeks old and is now a pro on the surfboard. Fridono swears she adjusts her balance and stance depending on the disability of the person she is surfing with.

Ricochet is just as valuable on land: She has raised more than $100,000 for different charities on her Facebook page and her videos have gone viral, garnering more than 3 million views.

She is also a finalist for the annual "Hero Dog Award" from the American Humane Association, where she is up against a guide dog and even a military dog, all amazing animals. And while they all might rate a 10, only Ricochet can hang ten.


Wild Thing's comment......

I love this and stories like this. Animals are so special and really make life better.

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Always Blaming Someone Else....Now Obama Says His VERY Low Rating Shows Unhappiness With Congress

Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress


Barack Obama told CBS yesterday that his low approval numbers are a result of weather… Europe… an earthquake… bad luck… the tea party… the internet… public unhappiness with Congress.

Barack Obama says his low approval rating is a reflection of public unhappiness with Congress.

Obama tells CBS in an interview broadcast Sunday that he’s “impacted,” just like Congress, when people aren’t happy with Washington.

He says he understands that his arguments that the country would have been worse off if he hadn’t taken certain actions don’t resonate with the millions of unemployed people.

The president, who’s vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, says he expects to be judged in November 2012 on whether things have improved.

Recent public opinion polls have shown Obama’s job approval rating at near 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama will never take responsibility for his presidency.

He is a psychopath, and it becomes more evident by the day.

There is plenty of blame to go around but the thing is Obama has yet to even once take it upon himself to be responsible.

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August 22, 2011

Communist Maxine Waters To Tea Party You Can Go Straight to Hell ~ Right back at you Maxi! LOL

Communist Maxine Waters To Tea Party You Can Go Straight to Hell

On Saturday in Inglewood, Calif., Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had some harsh words for the tea party.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” the California congresswoman told constituents in footage that appeared on ABC affiliate KCAL in Los Angeles, not backing down from comments made about President Obama earlier in the week.

“This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the tea party can go straight to hell.”

Wild Thing's comment....

Well and how was your day Maxine.

So the tea party awakening has got her attention now?

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Rebels: Libya Now Under Our Control


Tripoli, Libya


Six months after a ragtag group of poorly trained rebels set out to topple the Libyan regime, the fighters appeared Monday to be on the brink of ending Moammar Gadhafi's 42-year rule.

The holdout now: A barrage of clashes with Gadhafi forces on his home turf, Tripoli.

"A great majority of the capital of Tripoli is under freedom fighters' control," said Guma El-Gamaty, the Britain-based coordinator for the rebels' Transitional National Council.

But Gadhafi's forces remained in control of at least three parts of the city -- a hospital, a military barracks and Rixos hotel where international journalists are staying.

A Libyan government official, who asked not to be named, conceded that the regime had lost control of some parts of the capital.

In Zawiya -- a key coastal city that appeared under rebel control -- residents celebrated by firing guns in the air, setting off fireworks and chanting, "Libya is free!" And in Benghazi, one resident called the rebel gains as joyous as "New Year's Day."

Confident that victory was close, the rebel government began making plans to govern.

Gamaty told CNN Monday that it will take 18 to 20 months to create a political framework for a new Libyan government.


Qaddafi and Two Sons Rumored To Have Fled Libya

Tripoli Post 20/08/2011 21:49:00

Reports from Tripoli say Muammar Gaddafi and two of his sons Hannibal and Mua’atsam have left Libya escaping the advance of the rebels on Tripoli tonight.

The rebels have moved in on Tripoli from the west coming from Zawiya 40 kilometers away

Libya Al Jazeera has learnt that Gaddafi's eldest son Mohammed has surrendered.


Wild Thing's comment......

So I guess they will replace the Gadaffi tyrant with another tyrant.

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White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part Three ~ A Must Read

Obama and his close "friend" Reggie Love. He is always with Obama, on every trip, everywhere.

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part Three


Author’s Note: This interview is the first face to face sit down in months with our longtime D.C. political operative we have come to simply call “Insider”. They offer up a unique perspective and insight based upon their decades-long experience as a D.C. insider working within the highest levels of government– including helping to elect Barack Obama in 2008. Here now are the words of Insider, unedited and published in their entirety per their request. This is part three of the interview. WARNING: Adult Content

Insider: (Pauses)… As far as it takes. We’re preparing for it. I sure as hell hope America is too. Like I told you…this election coming up…Brutal.

Ulsterman: What do you mean by we – we are preparing for it? And are you actually saying that Barack Obama would push for race riots to somehow win a presidential election? That sounds…far fetched. Even for this administration.

Insider: Does it? How so? You need to take step back and see more of what has been happening in this country. It’s why this thing went from a concern about the party to a serious concern about the country. Why aren’t you seeing that?

Ulsterman: Just explain – the race rioting. I don’t see how that would help Obama get re-elected. It doesn’t…I just don’t see how that would work. In fact it seems like just the opposite. If we go from economic chaos to…whatever one would call it – racial chaos…that doesn’t help Obama. So yeah – I don’t see what you are saying there.

Insider: (Leans back – folds arms across chest) You and too many goddamn Americans don’t see it so don’t feel so bad. You know, other world leaders see it. Putin. Sarkozy. Merkel. Harper…Barack Obama is incapable of anything remotely resembling leadership, but he is also quite capable of the kind of dangerous arrogance that the very worst leaders in history possessed. (Pauses) Look, let me try and paint a picture for you – a clearer picture of what Obama really is. If you were to step into the White House and see the man at work, or whatever the hell it is he calls it. It’s not the same as what some of his own people are calling it – I know that for certain. The jokes, the sneers that go on behind the president’s back. You want to see that picture? The real Barack Obama? Maybe then you might understand what the man is capable of – really capable of.

Ulsterman: Go ahead.

Insider: I’m at my desk here right. We’re sitting here having this conversation. How about we take a look at what the president would look like in the same situation. Walk into that room – that office of his on the 2nd floor. He spends less and less time downstairs – that’s Daley’s world now. The president doesn’t like the Oval Office much – he’s made that point repeatedly to more than a few at the White House. He prefers to be upstairs, no suit. No shoes. No joke —

Ulsterman: (Interrupts) —Shoes?

Insider: Yeah – shoes. President Obama, when he is his de facto office upstairs – the one that is closer to Jarrett’s own office, and a short hop over to the residence, he spends his time there often in shorts, or sweats, a t-shirt, and those sandal things…flip-flops. There is a large screen television in there and that’s where hours of his time are spent when he is actually at the White House. Day in and day out. The First Lady rules the residence, and the president heads over to his 2nd floor West Wing study. Starting around last spring, he started to take regular briefings in there. And the instructions that went out on those briefings to the president were that they were to be most importantly – brief. Anything more than about 15 minutes is unacceptable to Obama. So let’s look through the eyes of someone heading into Barack Obama’s upstairs office at the White House to give him a briefing. Maybe it’s on national security. Maybe the economy. Energy policy. Whatever – doesn’t matter. The scenario being played out these days is pretty much the same regardless of the particulars. You knock on the door – it’s always closed. Always. Often you have to knock for some time before being given approval from inside to enter. The big screen will be on – the volume loud. You can easily hear it from outside the door. The sports channels are the ones most commonly playing, though sometimes the channel will be set to music, or Fox News. Sometimes Valerie Jarrett might be there, but most often it is just the president and his personal aide. A large leather chair will be facing the television – it’s well worn. Not part of the White House furnishings but something the president must have brought in from back home. That’s where you’ll most often find the President of the United States – the most powerful man in the free fucking world. He often sits with one leg draped over one of the chair’s arms and the other leg stuck straight onto the floor. Shorts, sweats, a t-shirt, and like I said, no shoes or just those sandal things that so many of the younger people like to wear these days. And that leg that’s draped over an arm of the chair will be bopping up and down, like…like someone with a lot of nervous energy. Like a kid does. And there’s the smell of smoke hanging on the president. The guy never quite smoking – that was all bullshit. I told you that already. In fact, there’s one of those smokeless ash trays on the desk in there. And that desk, it’s a mess. Magazines spread out all over it. Stupid shit too. Real low brow reading material the president is into. People. Rolling Stone. Lots of those tabloid things. The most common thread with this shit is it’s about the president. If it’s about him, he’s gonna read it. Good or bad – doesn’t matter. If somebody is talking about him, he’s reading it. He’s watching it. Whatever. The guy’s self-obsession is off the fucking charts.

So that’s what you first see when you enter the room – the upstairs office, of President Obama. Next you’re gonna notice how small the guy looks. Really thin. He pads his suits up you know. The top end. The shoulders. It became an actual issue during the 2008 campaign – some of his handlers were saying it made his neck look too small. Fact is, it made his neck look just like it is – small. The guy is scrawny. All knees and elbows sitting in that chair. Sometimes he gets up when you come in, sometimes he remains seated and will just turn the volume on the TV down with the remote and say, “What you got?” That foot is bouncing up and down while you give him the briefing, but he rarely looks over at you – always looking at whatever is on the television. If it’s Jarrett in the room, or the personal assistant, one of them is there to keep the time. Your time. Don’t go over that ten minutes. And even if the president doesn’t look like he hears a word you’re saying, they are listening to everything. Every goddamn syllable coming out of your mouth, and if something is said they don’t like, they jot down notes. Been told it’s to use for the end of day summary they give the president – their own version of what is important and what can be ignored…and who might need to be pushed down, or pushed out…or whatever. So you’re looking at the president, this skinny guy, who’s ignoring you, who’s dressed like some kind of fucking frat boy wannabe, with somebody else taking notes on what you’re saying, and then you get up and walk out. The president might acknowledge you on some days, give a little not, maybe even a thank you, but most often he just continues to look at the TV, bounce that foot on the chair, his skin looking off-color, pale, the eyes out of focus, the hair a helleva lot more gray than is shown in public, the wrinkles around the mouth far deeper…and the hands. His fucking hands are so…they are just these thin little stick digits. They are like these long-fingered woman’s hands. And his wrists, you could wrap your own fingers all the way around those wrists – again, so much like a woman’s hands. Almost freakish. Certainly not the strong alpha-male type image that America was given during the 2008 campaign.

That’s who you see in the room – the real Barack Obama. Pretty fucking unsettling. Those world leaders, they sensed this. They saw through the façade and saw who was running the United States of America, and the word went out – “Don’t count on this American president – he doesn’t have a fucking clue.” And they’re right.

Ulsterman: So what? The president is a thin man. He has small hands. What the hell does that have to do with-with…anything? Or anything relevant to the 2012 election, or the scandal, or to—

Insider: (Interrupts)—I’m trying to lay out the psychological foundation of the son-of-a-bitch. You think people might want to know what this man is really like? How everything around him – the whole fucking image…it’s a charade. It’s a lie. He fooled me – he fooled a whole lot of us. And he is frightened every hour of every day that the country will find out. But this realization, this little part of Obama’s self-awareness, it’s getting beat down by the guy’s absolute arrogance and when necessary, willingness to over-reach acceptable executive authority. Yeah, it’s a lot more important than the fact he dresses like a slob when the cameras aren’t on, or that he lies over and over again just because it’s convenient and the media continues to let him get away with it…it’s about how far he will go to keep the charade up, right? How far, and who is he willing to throw under that bus? Who can be sacrificed to keep up the lie that is Barack Obama? To keep the scandals down? To keep people quiet? To keep himself as the tool for the ones really calling the shots?

So will he stir up the race issue if it means guilting or scaring white voters to keep him in the White House? Hell yes he will. He’s been doing that shit his whole damn life! You wanna say so what to that? You wanna see this country torn apart by race because we have a president who sees it as a viable political tool? Don’t answer – let me talk here. I’m laying some things out I’ve been holding back on, so if you wanna hear it, let me talk. Don’t interrupt me with one of your little questions…

The race card, the racial thing – whatever it’s gonna be called, it is the number one asset this administration believes it has to win in 2012. Their own polling data has shown that to be true over and over again. But how far are they willing to push that? Race. The charges of racism? I believe all the way if they have to. And they are gonna get people stirred up. And if Barack Obama doesn’t win re-election, watch them stand back while the riots break out, and watch them mouth the words “Burn baby burn.” I don’t think they are willing to go that far, I know it. If they can’t have America, nobody will. That’s how big – that’s how important this election coming up is. Even the people who pay attention to this stuff…they don’t realize how big this is. How important to the country. We are truly at a fork in the road here. This administration is going to attempt whatever necessary to remain in power. Race. Intimidation. Media attacks. Division – divide and fucking conquer. You notice how divisive the Republican primary campaigns have already started to become? You think that’s all occurring on its own? Hell no. Tens of millions of dollars are already being spent getting conservatives, Republicans, Independents, whatever – get them to attack each other. Get them frustrated and lower their desire to vote for the eventual nominee. You know, Republicans used to be the party that would unite behind the nominee when they were chosen – it frustrated the hell out of us Democrats who were always bitching over this or that right up until the election. That’s not the case anymore, and your Republicans are much weaker because of it. I’ll say this, if Republicans don’t get their shit together and vote for whoever is the nominee – and I mean WHOEVER is the nominee, then it will be another four years of Barack Obama running this country into the fucking dirt and that’s what we deserve. If we are too stupid as a country to fix this mess…then so be it. It’s over. The America we know, the America we knew – it’s over. Done. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

Ulsterman: Allow me one question? I don’t mean to interrupt you, but one question. A last question if you want.

Insider: Fine – needed to catch my breath anyway. Make it the last one. What do you want to know?

Ulsterman: How are you defeating Barack Obama in 2012? Just give me a quick outline so I know what to look for. So people reading this know what to look for. A simple and concise summary of what you are doing – you and those you say are helping.

Insider: I’ve told you already. I’ve—

Ulsterman: (Interrupts)—Summarize it for me. Help me to connect the dots…

Insider: Ok…where to start? Ah…

Ulsterman: Wherever you want – what is your plan to defeat Barack Obama in 2012?

Insider: Remove Eric Holder from the DOJ. That is underway. You know all about that – or at least what I have told you. That is the scandal part of all of this. Initially we tripped up, but now it’s back on track. We need Congress to push it to it’s conclusion. I have no power over that – but it’s there and it’s ready to happen. That is a lot more than I hoped for not so long ago. But this is stuff I’ve told you already—

Ulsterman: That’s fine – just summarize it. The primary means you plan to utilize in defeating Obama.

Insider: Ok – so getting Eric Holder out. That opens up opportunities to bypass the DOJ firewall, and it appears this can take place at a time when the voters are starting to pay attention as we get closer to the 2012 election. I believe that is why Issa and others have been so…cautious on this. There is no real benefit to proceeding quickly – let it play out, build momentum for the rest of the year, and hang it around the president’s neck as he is trying to win re-election in 2012.

Next we are really pushing, and pushing hard, to get a primary challenger against Obama. Hoping to have this in place by the fall. This—

Ulsterman: You think Obama could lose the Democratic nomination?

Insider: Fuck no. Listen. And learn some goddamn history before you ask such a stupid question. No we don’t think the president would lose the nomination. What we know is that historically, a sitting president who faces a primary challenger is much more vulnerable to defeat in the General Election. Got it? Now most people use Jimmy Carter as an example – 1980 and his challenge from Kennedy. That applies to this scenario, but there is a more recent example. Do you know it?

Ulsterman: More recent than Carter? No…are you talking about Ross Perot? A third party—

Insider: No – not Perot. Not him. Right time, wrong example. Perot hurt Bush – absolutely. If there was no Ross Perot 3rd party there would not have been a Bill Clinton victory – we knew that then… but President Bush was damaged before the General Election by a primary challenger. A gentleman who blasted Bush from his own base and helped raise the apathy levels regarding a second Bush term – a strong ideological primary challenger. The kind of challenge we would like to initiate against President Obama in a few months.

Ulsterman: Who was it?

Insider: Buchanan. Pat Buchanan. Buchanan’s primary challenge helped make the Ross Perot movement possible, which in turn led to Bill Clinton’s ability to win the presidential election that year even though he only won 43% of the popular vote. We don’t need a 3rdparty movement to run against President Obama, but we do need a primary challenger – and we are working toward that end. The Obama White House is already aware of this possibility. So be it. I want them to know. If they are losing some sleep over it, all the better. Maybe it’ll make someone walk upstairs and turn off the president’s fucking television.

Ulsterman: Do you have someone in mind? Someone willing – a Democrat willing to engage in a primary challenge against Obama?

Insider: Yes.

Ulsterman: Care to say who?

Insider: No…what I will say is that those are two of the three tactics we are engaging in against Barack Obama’s re-election – continuing to push Eric Holder out of the DOJ, securing a primary challenger, and the other thing…it relates to a staffing issue. The loss of a critical member of the Obama staff. A resignation that will further the growing perception that the Obama White House is a place of internal disarray – which it absolutely is. And this event will also be a signal to those in the Democratic Party that Barack Obama’s re-election is not in their best future interests. It is time we cut our losses and begin the rebuilding process sooner rather than later. And I’m not just talking about the Democratic Party – I’m talking about the country. All of us. All of us need to correct this mistake, and that’s what the election of Barack Obama was. At its core, that’s what it really was – a huge mistake.

…But we’re makin’ it right.


His previous articles and interviews can be found here:

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Wild Thing's comment......

Of the three this is probably the best interview.

After rwading this and seeing how much lately the race card is being played it all comes together. Like connecting the dots.

Obama really is a puppet of Soros and this interview shows even more how this whole thing is way over his head to be president.

This article should be read by everyone, it is huge and so important.

Obama was the perfect pick for Sorors with his background and agenda driven roots against America and Capitalism and hate for our Consitution. All his backers needed was human flesh primed for their purpose. His racist chip on his shoulder, his anger that would flare up and threaten the public so easily if they spoke out against him. He is a loose cannon and the pressure on him now more then ever will make him do more and more public displays of losing it.

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Team Obama Deals The Race Card Against Perry

Team Obama Deals The Race Card Against Perry

Washington Examiner

By: Timothy P. Carney

Any incumbent wants to define his opponent before the opponent defines himself. The Obama campaign seems intent on painting Rick Perry as a Southern white racist -- a tired line of attack that is angering conservatives and inspiring them to rally behind Perry.
Last week, liberal pundits charged Perry with racism, offering no evidence or falsified evidence. While the baseless racism charges surfaced on MSNBC, they might have originated in the Obama campaign.

The MSNBC attacks on Perry were egregious. First, on Monday night, liberal host Ed Schultz ran a clip of Perry in Iowa talking about the national debt. Perry spoke of "that big black cloud that hangs over America -- that debt, that is so monstrous," Perry said. But Schultz cut off the Perry clip before the words "that debt" and asserted flatly, "that black cloud that Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama."

Schultz apologized a day later for his deceptive editing, but he stood by the insinuation Perry is a race-baiter.

Chris Matthews played a similar game Tuesday. Responding to Perry's (occasional) defense of federalism and statement that the Voting Rights Act leads to gerrymandered congressional districts, Matthews said of Perry, "this is going to be Bull Connor with a smile."

In his own half-hearted apology, Matthews asserted that Perry - who appointed Texas's first black Supreme Court Chief justice -- supported school segregation.

This is familiar to the Republican base. Amid the fever swamps of Twitter and Internet message boards, getting called racist for critiquing Obama is the norm. But only after campaign season swung into full force did this tendency become mainstream on the Left.

And this theme of baseless insinuations of racism is emanating from Team Obama and the White House. Obama's press secretary Jay Carney referred to unnamed opponents "who wanted to secede from the union." The words "secede from the union" clearly invoke the Southern states' effort to preserve slavery in 1861.

Politifact has rated Carney's statement as "False," pointing out that Perry once jokingly referred to a supposed right of Texas to secede. He's repeatedly denied actually believing this. That didn't stop Carney. Facts rarely interfere with the Left's effort to tar conservatives as racist.

Robert Gibbs, Carney's predecessor and now an Obama campaign adviser, on TV last Tuesday joked that "Any day now, Rick Perry will ask to see the president's birth certificate."

I could find no record of Perry ever insinuating that Obama wasn't born in the United States. Gibbs was trying to lump Perry in with a racially tinged line of attack on Obama that suggested he was really born in Kenya. By calling Perry a borderline birther, Gibbs was essentially calling Perry a racist.

Rep. Charlie Rangel, a top House Democrat, is on message, too. "The guy from Texas, he's got the highest job accomplishments in the country, Governor Perry, but it's one stage away from slavery, from what I understand the salaries are."

Liberals commonly charge conservative politicians with employing racial "dog-whistle politics": speaking in code to excite white racism while maintaining plausible deniability.

Dog whistles are real -- and Republicans do employ them -- but Carney, Gibbs and Rangel sure look like they are blowing on a dog whistle of their own. Team Obama talks about Perry and birth certificates, secession, and slavery, setting the tone without having to actually charge racism -- they leave that up to the talking heads who hear the whistle.

Obama has not played the race card since 2008, when his stump speech included the assertion that Republican attacks on him would boil down to "and did I mention he's black." But Carney and Gibbs work for Obama, and they're introducing racial ugliness to this race.

Expect a different sort of ugliness if Romney is the nominee. Politico reported that a dozen different Obama officials used the word "weird" to describe the former Massachusetts governor -- it's not a stretch to see this as an anti-Mormon dig.

The irony is that Perry has benefited, in the short term, from this racial politics. Conservatives groan when they see media liberals falsely charging another white conservative with racism. Today, they're rallying behind the Texas governor -- much as Sarah Palin benefited from liberal apoplexy over her that got very personal and unhinged and seemed to focus on her having too many kids.

If we're lucky, Team Obama will decide soon that the race card and the Mormonism card do not make a winning hand.

Wild Thing's comment.....

To all of us this kind of thing we see right through it, just like we all did when they did attacks to Sarah in the last presidential campaign.

I guess we have to expect it to always be like this especially this election since obama is the one pushing it.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:47 AM | Comments (1)

Bozell Discusses Media Perry-Bashing on Hannity

Bozell Discusses Media Perry-Bashing on Hannity

MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on Sean Hannity to discuss the media treatment towards presidential hopeful Rick Perry. (8/18/11)

Wild Thing's comment........

There are so many lies out there it almost makes ones head spin. And as far as I know up to now each one of them has been proven to be a lie.

The left is totally afraid of Perry and little by little people are seeing this for what it is and who is pushing it.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:45 AM

August 21, 2011

Gov. Perry Receives Defender of Jerusalem Award


Gov. Perry Receives Defender of Jerusalem Award

from August 13, 2009

JERUSALEM – Gov. Rick Perry has received the Defender of Jerusalem Award, which is given to public figures who have demonstrated support and commitment to the state of Israel and its capitol, Jerusalem. The governor accepted the award while on his trip to Israel, where he also met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and business and academic leaders.

“I have long supported the right of a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East and firmly believe in the protection and preservation of democratic states in that part of the world,” Gov. Perry said. “After visiting several sacred and historic sites, meeting with business, civic and government leaders and seeing the day-to-day lives of the people on my trips to Israel, I am even more convinced that a safe, secure Israel is an essential part of stability in this part of the world.”

The Defender of Jerusalem Award was created in 2008 by Guma Aguiar, head of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, as a tribute to dignitaries within Israel and around the world who have demonstrated strong support for the people of Jerusalem and Israel. The first award was presented to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Gov. Perry continues to be a staunch supporter of Israel.

After a trip to the area in 2007, the governor supported Texas’ divestment from companies that do business with Iran, a main opponent of Israeli freedom. Additionally, as a result of meetings with Israeli leadership during the governor and first lady’s visit to Israel in 2007, the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce was created to help launch future commercial interests and solidify the strong business and cultural connections between the two states.

Texas is Israel’s fourth largest American trading partner. Texas and Israel’s commercial relationship began with agriculture and natural resources, and has grown in recent years to include a variety of major business sectors, including information and communication technologies, aerospace and defense, medical technologies, homeland security initiatives and renewable energies.

Source for article below:

Besides the lone star that sits boldly on both of their flags, Texas and Israel have much in common, and a sturdy relationship that should continue to grow, according to Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is in the country on a visit aimed at strengthening economic ties between the Jewish State and his own.

“I come from a pro-business, pro-prosperity point of view,” Gov. Perry told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, “And the first goal of this trip was to further some of the economic development that already exists between Texas and Israel, and to recruit some of the Israeli businesses we visited here to expand and come to Texas.”

Perry also recalled the Texas-Israel Exchange - a body that supports the trade of agricultural know-how between Texan and Israeli scientists - which he established in 1991, while serving as the Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

We have a connection that goes back many years,” he said. “And Israel has a lot that we can learn from, especially in the areas of water conservation and semi-arid land - Israeli technology has helped us a lot in dealing with drought.”

“But also,” the governor continued, “when I was here for the first time some 18 years ago and I was touring the country, the comparison between Masada and the Alamo was not lost on me. I mean, we’re talking about two groups of people who were willing to give up their lives for freedom and liberty.” Beyond the comparisons, Gov. Perry said another point of his trip here was to show other people “what was really going on”, with regards to the military threats facing the country, and in particular the IDF’s recent Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

“We went to the border with Gaza and received a briefing from the army there, and we went to Sderot and saw the police station with all the Kassam rockets piled up, we saw playgrounds that had to be covered from rocket fire. It’s a powerful place.” In that vein, the governor said he was also interested in learning more about security aspects while in the country, as Texas has a large, porous border with Mexico, and the recent violence in that country had unnerved many Texans.

“Israel is a leader in security technology, and another reason for our visit to the Gaza border was to see some of the security measures being used there,” said Perry.

“Kassam rockets have killed 28 Israelis over the last eight years. Well, 1,000 people have been killed in Juarez [Mexico, on the border with El Paso , Texas] since the beginning of the year [in drug-related violence]. So we’re trying to find ways to secure that border, because just like it’s important to Israelis to keep heavy security on their border with Gaza, it’s important to citizens of Texas to keep out the illegal activities that are going on with drugs [in Mexico].

Gov. Perry went on to describe his support for Israel from a religious point of view, saying, “I’m a big believer that this country was given to the people of Israel a long time ago, by God, and that’s ordained.”

The Obama administration’s pressure on the Israeli government unnerved the governor, saying he felt that, “Israel does all the giving and the other side does not reciprocate.”

“What I don’t understand, is this administration’s hesitancy to recognize the sovereignty of Israel,” he said.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Fantastic, this award is huge and I love how he feels about Israel.

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On the Nature of the Perry Attacks

On the Nature of the Perry Attacks

by Erick Erickson

Rick Perry once tried to get out of a speeding ticket.

Rick Perry once owned stock in a chain of video stores competing against Blockbuster, some of which also rented adult movies.

Rick Perry once was a Democrat.

The attacks have come fast and furious against him. But most of the attacks take on a peculiar and very telling strain.

A reporter on television or in print will utter a sentence like this, “Privately many Republican consultants suggest Rick Perry may be too Texas or shoot from the hip too much and might turn off necessary independent voters and women.”

It sounds so serious. As Alex Castellanos said on CNN the other night on John King USA, some fear Rick Perry might have “Mad Cowboy Disease.”

Let me sum this all up for you into what Rick Perry’s biggest problem is.

Whether you are talking about Alex (Team Carole Strayhorn 2006) or Karl Rove (Team Kay Bailey Hutchison 2010) or a host of other national Republican consultants, Rick Perry and his Texas team have beaten a significant portion of them.

But they did not just beat them. In many cases, Team Perry then shut the consultants who opposed him out of future business with him.

So there are scores and scores of Republican consultants who have scores to settle with Rick Perry and his team. And for guys like Karl Rove, if Perry were to win the White House, Karl and a few others would see themselves shut out of White House business for at least four years.

Rick Perry may be the only guy in America to have beaten both Karl Rove and also Obama’s own consultant, David Axelrod.

So there’s a lot of score settling in a lot of the attacks. Next time you hear some Republican consultant say Rick Perry can’t win because he is too much of a cowboy, understand that it is probably a national Republican consultant fearful they will be shut out of work if Perry wins and, more importantly, understand that the same dynamics were in place in 1980 with Reagan’s “boys from California” team of consultants and the national consultants back them said the same about Reagan — he’s too much of a cowboy conservative who will alienate key voting blocks.

That’s not to say Perry is Reagan. It is to say the GOP national consultants have been pulling the same stuff since 1980


Wild Thing's comment........

I thought this was so well written and really states what has been happening.

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Poll Taken About Obama Hits New Low


Barack Obama’s approval rating is sinking all across the country. The latest evidence is a Muhlenberg College poll in Pennsylvania, which shows Obama’s approval rating there now at only 35%. Obama won Pennsylvania handily in 2008, and cannot afford to lose it in 2012 and still win re-election:

Obama's jobs tour couldn't stop his approval ratings from hitting a new low in Pennsylvania-a Muhlenburg College poll released on Friday shows that only 35% of voters from that deep blue state approve of the job he is doing. These numbers don't bode well for 2012, in a state that analysts say the president will need to win if he wants a second term:

President Barack Obama, who political experts say will need a win in Pennsylvania to retain the White House, dipped to 35 percent approval among the state's registered voters, according to a Muhlenberg College poll released Friday.

The results come on the heels of a bad week in polls for Obama that showed him first dropping to 39 percent nationwide in Gallup's daily tracking poll. Then another set of Gallup results Thursday showed only 26 percent of Americans approve of how Obama is handling the economy.

These numbers are a huge blow to Obama who won the state handily in 2008, and a significant drop in just a few weeks from when Quinnipiac University polled Pennsylvania voters and found the president with 43 percent job approval.

Some other notable numbers from the poll: 23% say that Obama's policies have helped the economy, 41% say they have hurt, and 32% say his policies haven't impacted the economy.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is good news for America, people getting fed up with Obama. BUT still not enough, how even ONE person could think he is doing OK is beyond me.

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Gov. Rick Perry: Obama "Either Doesn't Care or is Highly Inept" on Border Security

"Either Doesn't Care or is Highly Inept" on Border Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry talking with South Carolina voters yesterday where he said the Obama Administration “either doesn’t care or is highly inept – maybe both” when it comes to securing the U.S. Border with Mexico.

Perry said Texas has spent $400 million trying to put “boots on the ground” along the border, but said it is really a Federal responsibility to secure the border.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Perry on immigration

Perry adds immigration issues to lawmaker session

Perry wants passage of a measure requiring every person arrested to be run through the federal immigration databases as part of the Secure Communities program. He also wants to provide the state Department of Public Safety with the authority to make sure someone is in the U.S. legally before issuing a driver’s license.

These measures, along with a ban on sanctuary cities, would “provide a clear message that Texas will not turn a blind eye to those breaking our laws,” Perry said in a statement.
“Texas owes it to the brave law enforcement officials, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and communities, to give them the discretion they need to adequately do their jobs,” Perry said.

Gov. Perry has made numerous requests of the federal govt. to enforce the border in Texas including handing President Obama a letter in person when he landed in Dallas last year.(Obama insulted governor Perry when he turned away and Perry had to hand the letter on the illegals issue to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. Obama declined to personally accept it.)

Gov. Perry refuses to meet/greet Obama in May 2011 at El Paso during his Texas tour.
Perry later declared, “If he wanted to meet, I was in Austin.
Perry signed into law photo ID required before voting.


I had no idea what Sarah thinks about the illegal immiration so I used Google and found this. I hope it helps, we need to know how all the candidates think on this.

If you want to see what Sarah Palin has said about immigration Please click HERE.

Here is what she said:

Supports a path to citizenship, but no amnesty for illegals

Q: Should undocumented immigrants all should be deported?

A: There is no way that in the US we would roundup every illegal immigrant - there are about 12 million of the illegal immigrants - not only economically is that just an impossibility but that's not a humane way anyway to deal with the issue.

Q: Do you then favor an amnesty for the 12 million undocumented immigrants?

A: No, I do not. Not total amnesty. You know, people have got to follow the rules. We have got to make sure that there is equal opportunity and those who are here legally should be first in line for services being provided and those opportunities that this great country provides.

Q: So you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

A: I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.

Source: Univision Interview with Sarah Palin, by Jorge Ramos Oct 26, 2008

from Wild Thing....... I think we are going to find that most of our candidates are close or similar and some have done more to fight illegals then others. This is not meant to be against Sarah in any way, just a comparison and as it states at the link for her Alaska has different circumstances with Canada being their border State.

I just wanted to point all this out because some conservatives have been bashing Perry about the border and it is not right what they are doing.

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GOP Candidate Herman Cain: "If ObamaCare had been Implemented when I got Cancer, I'd be Dead"

GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain speaking in South Carolina where he said “if ObamaCare had been fully implemented when i caught cancer, I’d be dead.” Cain explained that his cancer was growing so rapidly that if he had had to wait for months to get needed tests and treatment – as is often true in nations with socialized medicine – he would not have survived. Cain has been in complete remission now for years.

This single issue – the need to repeal ObamaCare – is enough of a reason to vote Obama out of office before we all are forced to live that nightmare.

Wild Thing's comment......

Thank you God othat he is OK now. Cain is wonderful.

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August 20, 2011

Dictator Obama ByPasses Congress And Does A Massive Amnesty By Decree Also Makes Illegals Eligible For Work Permits

Mark Levin on Obama's Actions: "Is That The Act of a Dictator?"

Backdoor amnesty, DOMA, S&P investigation by Justice, Dept. of HHS (Health and Human Services) supporting Obamacare, EPA and cap and trade.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. said, “We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.”

Florida Rep. Allen West jumped into the fray, too, calling for a House investigation into the guidelines. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, he accused Obama of “shredding the Constitution” with the new guidelines. “It is a form of amnesty and it does go against our Constitution and it very much concerns me because now we are rewarding people for an illegal activity,” he said.

“Think about the strain that is going to come on the types of services and things that we have to provide,” West added, saying aliens are getting a free pass.


Dictator Obama ByPasses Congress And Does A Massive Amnesty By Decree Also Makes Illegals Eligible For Work Permits

Obama Amnesty Begins: Halts Deportations for 300,000 Illegal Aliens; Offers ‘Work Permits’

Stand With Arizona

amnesty-by-decree for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, whose deportations will be “indefinitely delayed”. In addition, Obama finally announced a jobs program – but for ILLEGAL ALIENS, not citizens – as those 300,000 illegals will also become eligible for “work permits“.

This action represents an administrative end-run around Congress, which twice rejected the ‘DREAM Act’ in 2010. As disgraceful as is this usurpation of Congressional authority, this announcement is even worse than is being reported.

Our analysis reveals that – despite media focus of this action limited to so-called “Dreamer” illegal students, this new policy, coupled with the criteria established by the June 2011 “Morton Memos” which set up a joint “DHS and DOJ working group” could expand this “indefinite delay” of deportation to potentially MILLIONS of illegals – creating a new, massive amnesty entirely by fiat, bypassing Congress.


This guy is totally insane! ~ Wild Thing

Mayor Bloomberg says immigration is ‘single biggest’ way to create jobs

The Hill

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) said Friday that the “single biggest” thing President Obama can do right now to spur job creation in the United States is to allow more immigration.

“Most importantly, we want to get immigrants from around the world to come to America,” Bloomberg said in an interview with the “CBS Early Show.”

“That’s the single biggest thing that the president could do with Congress, is open up the borders to those that will create jobs here.”

He told CBS that immigrants “don’t take away jobs” but rather they create jobs for people already living in the United States.


Wild Thing's comment........

Welcome to the new Dictatorship of America.

Obama is in direct defiance of the law and needs to be arrested for treason!!!

Obama did this while Congress was not in session. He thinks he can avoid the blowback.

We have got to get someone elected that willl change all these things back and beat Obama....BEAT HIM in the next election!

Thanks to Rep. Allen West!

Bloomberg is an idiot, oh my gosh. Open the borders and just let everyone in. sheesh!!

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SarahPAC Releases New Palin Video that Has the Feel of a Presidential Campaign

Wild Thing's comment........

A video like that is a campaign video. It wouldn't be made unless one was running for office. She will enter the race.

It is a fantastic video and I love the bear at the end.

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Rick Perry: Time to Get America Working Again

Wild Thing's comment.........

Excellent ad for Perry! Love his ad.

What a difference our party is compared to the left. The left is always putting down America and a real negative feeling from them. Then our side ( not the nut cases like Ron Paul and Huntsman) but the rest all love America, one can tell and their messages are positive.

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August 19, 2011

Farmer Tells Obama, “Please Don’t Challenge Us with More Rules and Regulations”; Condescending Obama Tells the Man, “Call the USDA”

Farmer Tells Obama, “Please Don’t Challenge Us with More Rules and Regulations”; Obama Tells the Man, “Call the USDA”

The Corner

At Wednesday’s town hall in Atkinson, Ill., a local farmer who said he grows corn and soybeans expressed his concerns to President Obama about “more rules and regulations” – including those concerning dust, noise and water runoff -- that he heard would negatively affect his business.

An Illinois farmer gets called on, and he tells Obama that he is a farmer who enjoys growing “corn and soybeans.”

“Mother Nature has really challenged us this growing season – moisture, drought, whatever. Please don’t challenge us with more rules and regulations from Washington D.C. that hinder us from doing that. We would prefer to start our day in a tractor cab or combine cab rather than filling out forms and permits to do what we like to do.”

He had barely gotten the words out of his mouth before Obama was shouting that “we have the Secretary of Agriculture here,” and then proceeded to tell the farmer not to “believe everything you hear.”

The president, on day three of his Midwest bus tour, replied: “If you hear something is happening, but it hasn’t happened, don’t always believe what you hear.”

When the room broke into soft laughter, the president added, “No -- and I’m serious about that.”

Obama's advice: “Don’t always believe what you hear…Contact USDA. Talk to them directly…My suspicion is, a lot of times, they’re going to be able to answer your questions and it will turn out that some of your fears are unfounded.”

The farmer is concerned about the ridiculous burdensome regulations from USDA, the EPA, the Agriculture Department, etc. Obama then had the audacity (he has a lot of that) to tell the farmer to “call the USDA” if he has concerns.

Are you kidding? Obama talked right past the man. He did not hear what the farmer was really saying with his statement: “Leave us the heck alone and let us do our job and live our lives without interference from the Government!!”

When this POLITICO reporter decided to take the president's advice and call USDA for an answer to the Atkinson town hall attendee's question, I found myself in a bureaucratic equivalent of hot potato -- getting bounced from the feds to Illinois state agriculture officials to the state farm bureau.

So Politico reporter MJ Lee decided to do just that, and see how easy it was for average citizens to “contact USDA” and get their questions answers and fears alleviated. The entire account is worth a read, but Lee’s success (or lack thereof) at finding information about the specific regulations mentioned by the farmer in the clip can be summed up by this response from the USDA’s office in Washington, received after an entire day’s worth of phone calls and red tape that most (but maybe not the president) would expect from a gargantuan government bureaucracy:

Secretary [of Agriculture Tom] Vilsack continues to work closely with members of the Cabinet to help them engage with the agricultural community to ensure that we are separating fact from fiction on regulations because the administration is committed to providing greater certainty for farmers and ranchers. Because the question that was posed did not fall within USDA jurisdiction, it does not provide a fair representation of USDA’s robust efforts to get the right information to our producers throughout the country.

No help at all!!!!!


Wild Thing's comment......

If you hear something is happening, but it hasn’t happened, don’t always believe what you hear.”

Things Yogi Berra might say .

Interesting that liberal Politico did this. So little by little some of the media is getting fed up and questioning Obama and what he says.

And what a horrible way Obama treated the farmer. A real NON answer to be sure.

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Sarah Palin Interviewed On The Following Shows: Lour Dobbs, Greta and Meygn Kelly ~ Videos

Palin Talks Economy, 2012 on Lou Dobbs

Sarah Palin yesterday discussed the economy and the 2012 Presidential race on Lou Dobbs from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska.


Sarah Palin on Great 's show on FOX from last night.

She discuses how people in the Tea Party movement should ease up on Orin Hatch who has been rising up and been strong to fight back on things. Greta had asked her about how the Tea party sometimes act ( in her words) like the dems and rep.'s do in Washington D.C.

They also talked about Hillary Clinton and how she has done things instead of Obama doing those things like dealing with Syria.


Sarah Palin of Fox News " America Live" with Megyn Kelly PART 1

Sarah Palin of Fox News " America Live" with Megyn Kelly PART 2


Wild Thing's comment......

Every one of these interviews was good, some had similar things in them but that has to be expected when they all ask Sarh some of the same questions.

Great interviews though and Sarah did fantastic.

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Rick Perry: “And if I hurt the president’s feelings, well, with all due respect, I love my country and I love future generations more than I care about his feelings"

“And if I hurt the president’s feelings, well, with all due respect, I love my country and I love future generations more than I care about his feelings,” the 61-year-old governor added.

The Boston Herald

The rhetoric will probably get heated. I’m going to be outspoken, I’m going to be passionate, I’m going to be calling it like I see it,” Perry told the Herald in a one-on-one interview, as he shrugged off Obama’s recent scolding that he should be “more careful” about what he says.

“And if I hurt the president’s feelings, well, with all due respect, I love my country and I love future generations more than I care about his feelings,” the 61-year-old governor added.

Perry, who embraced the Tea Party even before GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, also brushed off Democratic attempts to paint him as a marginal candidate.

“It’s the height of hypocrisy for this president to call anyone a marginal performer. If anyone is a marginal performer, it’s him. He has downgraded the good name and credit of this country,” Perry said. “Talk about someone who has marginalized America.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Great response, I really like what he said. Heh heh love the with all due respect haha then he slams him.

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" Come and Take It "

"Come and Take It" reads the white-on-black lettering across the top of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's boots, a slogan ostensibly about the 1835 Texas War of Independence but one that could easily apply to his 2010 Republican primary challenge from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

More about 'Come and Take it':

“Come and take it” was a slogan used in the Texas Revolution in 1835. In March 1831, Lt. Juan Gomez of the Mexican army gave a small bronze cannon to the colony of San Antonio. It was later transported to Gonzales. There it was used during the minor skirmish known as the Battle of Gonzales, when a small group of Texans resisted Mexican forces who had orders to take back the cannon. As a symbol of defiance, the Texans hastily fashioned a flag with a black star and an image of the cannon along with the taunt “Come and take it!”

Wikipedia claims the slogan and symbol has also been adopted by modern day gun rights' advocates.



Wild Thing's comment......

LOL I love it.

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Gov. Rick Perry says Obama is hell bent on making America socialist ~ Perry Is Absolutely Correct!!!

This is from November of 2009

Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of punishing Texas and being hell-bent on turning the United States into a socialist country.

Speaking at a luncheon for a Midland County Republican Womens group, Perry said that this is an administration hell-bent toward taking American towards a socialist country. And we all dont need to be afraid to say that because thats what it is.

Perry praised the tea party movement to the Republican activists in attendance, crediting the grassroots groups with discouraging some Democrats in Washington from pushing for a public option in the health care bill.

If you all think those tea parties didnt work, then let me tell you something, Perry said. When they all came home in August for those town hall meetings, they got an earful. Then they went back to Washington, D.C. and the Senate voted that public option down in committee with a majority of Democrats in the Senate.

Perry also accused the Obama administration of intentionally dumping illegal immigrants from other western states in Texas, recalling a conversation he had with local officials notifying him that illegal aliens that were caught in Nogales, Arizona were being dropped off by federal authorities in Presidio, Texas.

Friday a week ago, I got not a phone call from Washington, not a letter from Washington and as a matter of fact, I dont think any member of our congressional delegation was even notified. The first time we were contacted was by the superintendent of the school and the county judge of Presidio County, Perry said.

They said, do you all know whats fixin to happen? I said, well, no. Whats going on? They said the government has just called us and said for us to get ready for an influx of illegal aliens who were captured illegally crossing the border.

Its called the alien transfer-and-exit program, Perry told the crowd, trucking them from Nogales, past El Paso down to our western border in Presidio.

The Texas governor said he sees the action as punishing this state and urged the assembled Republicans to stand up to Washington.

I say its time to make tea parties twice as big as what they were, Perry declared. I think its time for us to stand up and say to Washington, D.C. that we are no longer going to accept that kind of stuff sitting down and being quiet.


Wild Thing's comment......

Fantastic speech !

I love it so much how Perry hits and hits hard and speaks the truth.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:45 AM

AZ. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Promises Obama-Eligibility Probe

From left to right, Jerome Corsi, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Surprise, Ariz. Tea Party

Read more: Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe

Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe

Lawman responds to request from local tea-party leaders


At the request of tea party leaders in Arizona, famed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has promised to investigate the validity of Barack Obama's purported long-form birth certificate in a determination of the president's eligibility for the county's 2012 election ballot.

Tea party leaders in Surprise, Ariz., met with Arpaio and WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi Thursday morning to express concern that a fake birth certificate would be used to document the president's eligibility to run in Maricopa County, where Arpaio is the chief law enforcement officer.

Arpaio's tough crackdown on illegal immigration has made him a national figure.

At a one-hour meeting in Arpaio's office, the tea party leaders presented the sheriff with a petition that was drafted after a speech by Corsi the previous night. Corsi, author of a best-selling book challenging Obama's eligibility, "Where's the Birth Certificate?", presented evidence from numerous computer-imaging specialists who believe the document presented by the White House April 27 is not authentic.

At the gathering Wednesday night of more than 325 people, sponsored by the Surprise Tea Party Patriots of Surprise, Ariz., and the Liberty Through Action organization, 242 signatures were gathered on the petition, which requested that Arpaio begin a criminal investigation.

The petition calls for the sheriff to investigate the possibility that a crime has been committed against the Arizona secretary of state, who must decide whether to put Obama's name on the ballot

Arpaio told the tea party leaders the complaint is within his jurisdiction, and he will be forced to investigate. He said he expects political pressure, but he pointed out that as the chief law enforcement officer of Maricopa County, he's taken an oath to respond to citizens who approach him about enforcing the law.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Lt. Justin Griffin confirmed to WND that Arpaio is "waiting to receive all the documentation and all the investigative material from Dr. Jerry Corsi, and then he will look into the matter and compare it to the Arizona revised statutes."

The petition states:

We the undersigned citizens are respectfully requesting that you initiate a criminal investigation under the authority of A.R.S. 13-2407 A-C, Into the alleged Certificate of Live Birth, File Number 151 61 10641, State of Hawaii, for Barack H. Obama II. The document was released on April 27, 2011, by the White House to the press and posted on the White House website and distributed and downloaded by computer throughout the nation, including within Maricopa County. Reportedly, several experts have declared the document to be a forgery. Reportedly, the file number may be out of sequence; "THE" appears to be misspelled as "TXE" in the State Registrar's stamp; there appears to be a "smiley face" in the "A" in the Alvin T. Onaka, State Registrar stamp; reportedly the document has computer generated, multiple layers and is not a copy of a single layered document; font types appear to vary throughout the document, reportedly, not possible with a vintage 1961 mechanical typewriter. We urge you to continue to support the Rule of Law and to investigate and determine whether the alleged Certificate of Live Birth, for Barack H. Obama II, File Number 151 61 10641, is a forgery or an authentic document. A.R.S. 13-2407 A-C, declares that tampering with a public record is a class 6 felony.

"I think what we've seen is history created today," said Surprise tea party leader Brian Reilly. "This is probably the first time in this country that citizens have gone to a sheriff over a national issue."

Reilly said he's "extremely grateful" that Arpaio will look into the matter is "hopeful that this will achieve what we're expecting to achieve on this issue, which is the truth."

"We're trying to get to the truth," he emphasized.


Wild Thing's comment........

Love Sheriff Joe!!

Obama and his administration have done a lot of BAD to Sheriff Joe, I would love to see Joe arresting Obama and making him wear one of those pink outfits his other criminals wear.

Sheriff Joe represents everything that law enforcement and justice should represent. God bless him and his integrity in efforts to bring forth answers to questions that should have been asked and given acceptable response long ago.

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August 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Will Talk to Megyn Kelly This Afternoon and Will Be On Greta's Show Tonight

Source : Motivation Truth blog Thanks to my friend Adrienne Ross, it is her blog. ~ Wild Thing

Megyn Kelly tweets that Governor Palin will join her on America Live today:

@SarahPalinUSA joins me on AMERICA LIVE today at 2:15pm EST, don't miss!


Thursday, for Governor Sarah Palin at 10pm eastern, ON THE RECORD.

Greta Wire

Wild Thing's comment.......

Maybe she will say a date that would be her deadline for her decision. But either way I did want to let you know she will be on these two shows today.

God bless you Sarah we love you.

Posted by Wild Thing at 01:33 PM

Obama's Bus Looks More Like a Gigantic Hearse



New York Post


President Obama is barnstorming the heartland to boost US jobs in a taxpayer-financed luxury bus the government had custom built -- in Canada, The Post has learned.

The $1.1 million vehicle, one of two that Quebec-based Prevost sold the government, has been tricked out by the Secret Service with state-of-the-art security features and creature comforts.

It's a VIP H3-45 model, the company's top of the line, and is used by major traveling rock bands.

"That's the more luxurious model," Christine Garant of Prevost told The Post.

"When we have the Country Music Awards, we sometimes see a lot of them," she said, noting that Kid Rock, David Lee Roth and Kenny Rogers also have owned them.

Obama's new ride is equipped to carry all the baggage a president needs -- including the "football" that allows him to remotely control US nuclear weapons.

There's electronic equipment allowing Obama to communicate and teleconference worldwide.

Like his GM-built limousine, nicknamed "The Beast," the bus has armored doors.

The president also has large flat-screen TV sets and comfortable couches.

There's a bathroom, but unlike on Air Force One, no sleeping area.

The bus was ordered by the Secret Service in July 2010 and delivered two months ago.

The feds bought the two coaches for $2.2 million from Hemphill Brothers Coach, based in Tennessee. It installed custom interior upgrades into the Prevost shell, which accounted for about half the cost.

The contract lists the country of origin as Canada and place of manufacture as "outside U.S. - Trade Agreements," a possible reference to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Hemphill wouldn't comment on the bus. But an ad on its Web site for a similar bus costing $100,000 less than what has been dubbed "Greyhound One" boasts: "This coach is appointed with the finest materials and the latest in high tech electronics and was built for a top entertainer to travel efficiently without losing the luxuries of home.

The Secret Service says the buses will be available to other protectees who travel by bus, which could include the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.


Rep. Allen West discusses the big black bus as he calls it and how Obama is NOT going into the black communities on this bus tour. Blacks are very upset with Obama.

Allen West: “Well I think Laura when you look at what is happening, the laughable hypocrisy is that the big black bus is not going into the black communities. When you have unemployment in the black community, 16.3% in July and it dropped down to 15.9% in the month of August, that’s not in the right direction. So you have this 21st Century plantation where the democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted and you have established certain black leaders are nothing more than the overseers of the plantation. And, now the people on that plantation are upset because they’ve been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about. So I’m here as the modern day Harriet Tubman to kinda lead people on the underground railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.”


Socialists/communists getting fed up with Obama hahahaha oh really.

During a sometimes-raucous session of what’s being called the “For the People” Jobs Initiative tour, a key member of the Congressional Black Caucus told an audience in Detroit Tuesday that the CBC doesn’t put pressure on President Obama because he is loved by black voters. But at the same time, Rep. Maxine Waters said, members of the CBC are becoming increasingly tired and frustrated by Obama’s performance on the issue of jobs. Even as she expressed support for the president, Waters virtually invited the crowd to “unleash us” to pressure Obama for action.

“We don’t put pressure on the president,” Waters told the audience at Wayne County Community College. “Let me tell you why. We don’t put pressure on the president because ya’ll love the president. You love the president. You’re very proud to have a black man — first time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us.”

The problem, Waters said, is that Obama is not paying enough attention to the problems of some black Americans. The unemployment rate for African-Americans nationally is a little over 16 percent, and almost twice that in Detroit. And yet, Waters said, the president is on a jobs-promotion trip through the Midwest that does not include any stops in black communities.


Wild Thing's comment........

Allen West is so good!

So much for Obama's ' listening ' tour, it is almost finished and he has not heard one word anyone has said. Except for the people that were planted in his audience where they stood up and praised him. That is so obvious and so sickening to see happen. AUGH

LOL I love it when Maxine Waters says we will give the president time... and someone yells out in the audience..... How long!

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Perry Tells N.H. Audience He's a Global-Warming Skeptic ~ He Is Correct!!!

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry told New Hampshire voters Wednesday that he does not believe in manmade global warming

Perry Tells N.H. Audience He's a Global-Warming Skeptic

National Journal

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday told a New Hampshire business crowd that he harbors major doubts about human contributions to global warming, questioning the motives of scientists who have warned about accelerating climate change and arguing against expensive “anti-carbon programs.”

Fielding audience questions after brief remarks that dwelled largely on fiscal and economic issues, Perry encountered one skeptic who said he was quoting from Perry’s 2010 book, Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America From Washington, then asked whether misgivings about climate science fueled distrust of federal research in general.

“I do believe that the issue of global warming has been politicized,” Perry answered. “I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects. I think we’re seeing it almost weekly or even daily, scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change. Yes, our climates change. They’ve been changing ever since the earth was formed.”

Pegging the global cost of implementing “anti-carbon programs” in the billions or trillions of dollars, Perry said, “I don’t think from my perspective that I want America to be engaged in spending that much money on [what is] still a scientific theory that has not been proven, and from my perspective, is more and more being put into question.”

Perry’s skepticism on modernity’s role in evolving weather patterns is of a piece with his strongly anti-regulation message, and fits with the tea party’s push for limited government. And he is not alone in the GOP field in doubting scientific assertions. But it puts him at odds with his top rival for the GOP nomination.

In June, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told a New Hampshire audience that humans had played a part in global warming.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Some of those giving their opinions in the video are idiots. One man sais Perry sounds like Bush about global warming. But the thing is anyone that says it is man made will sound like anyone else that says it is man made it sure as heck does not mean we nor Perry are not thinking for ourselves. sheesh.

Perry did good and I am so glad he is not in agreement with Mitt Romney or anyone else that want to kiss up to the fake global warming baloney.

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Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Says Fort Hood Shooter Not a Terrorist; Calls U.S. Soldiers “Terrorists”

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Says Fort Hood Shooter Not a Terrorist; Calls U.S. Soldiers “Terrorists”

Louis Farrakhan speaking in Harlem recently where he said Fort Hood mass shooter Nidal Malik Hasan is “not a terrorist,” but instead accused U.S. Soldiers of being murderers, rapists and “terrorists.” Farrakhan actually said Hasan was just a good Muslim striking back at “terrorists” he debriefed – meaning the U.S. Military.

Wild Thing's comment.......

What a vile person!!!!

I know we have freedom of speech but some things cross the line and this freak sure has big time.

How do Americans reward those who refuse to pledge allegiance to this country and its flag? Up to and including making such a person president, it seems.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:47 AM | Comments (4)

Rick Perry Admits Mistake on Gardasil-HPV Vaccine Decision ~ Name Even One Other Politician That Admits He was Wrong! God Bless Perry!

Rick Perry Admits Mistake on Gardasil-HPV Vaccine Decision

Life News

On his first day on the campaign trail, Texas Gov. Rick Perry admitted he made a mistake on the sole issue some pro-life advocates bring up as a concern despite his sterling pro-life record.
Perry, in a conversation with a New Hampshire voter, walked back his decision to mandate the vaccine Gardasil to 11-year old girls. According to a Politico report, a voter confronted him on the issue — explaining his remorse for the decision and indicating he put an opt-out provision in place allowing parents to decide not to have their young girls receive the vaccine.

Perry explained that, in his zeal to protect children, he went too far.

“I signed an executive order that allowed for an opt-out, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t do my research well enough to understand that we needed to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry,” he said. “I hate cancer. Let me tell you, as a son who has a mother and father who are both cancer survivors.”

“I hate cancer. And this HPV, we were seeing young ladies die at the early age. What we should have done was a program that frankly should have allowed them to opt in, or some type of program like that, but here’s what I learned — when you get too far out in front of the parade they will let you know. And that’s exactly what our legislature did.”

UPDATE: “I made a mistake on that,” Perry told Iowa Radio later in the day Monday, calling it “an error in not having a conversation with the people of the state of Texas.”

“I agreed with their decision. I don’t always get it right, but I darn sure listen,” he said of the legislature responding to his decision.

“One of the things I do pride myself on, I listen. When the electorate says, ‘Hey, that’s not what we want to do,’” Perry told Houston’s ABC affiliate on Monday. “We backed up, took a look at what we did. I understand I work for the people, not the other way around. There was a better way to do that, I realize that now.”


UNFORTUNATELY that is not enough for the likes of Michelle Malkin and her ilk. So Michelle wrote a hit piece, beyond over the top about Perry. I will only be posting the link of it as I do not want her trash writing at my blog. ~ Wild Thing


Rick Perry’s bad, Obama-style medicine by Michelle Malkin


Wild Thing's comment.........

Has Romney admitted he made a mistake with Romneycare. NO Have any other politicans admitted they made a mistake about anything? Not that I can remember. BUT Perry has admitted he made a mistake.

Let me point out one other thing about the individual that wrote the POISON Pen article. Malkin December 2008 wrote a scathing article called " Truthers to the left of me, truthers to the right". It was a hit piece attacking those of us that are called "birthers" and Malkin said we were the same as the Truthers.

But she was not done with her horrible rant and comparison, no, she had to bring it up again in April of this year with yet another article titled " The birth certificate circus". That was written because Obama showed his FAKE birth certificate and Malkin felt the fake was enough and should satisfy the 'Birthers". Now she writes a hit piece about Perry and knowing all along that he has said he made a mistake.

Very disappointing indeed to see this happening.

And they say Democrats eat their own! Eat your own much Michelle???

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Conservatives Need to Stop The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Nonsense

Conservatives Need to Stop The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Nonsense

Texas Fred

By: Gregg Hilton

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) spoke to the 2007 Bilderberg Conference about energy security and policies which resulted in his state being responsible for 37% of all private sector job growth in America. The Governor is not a traitor, he is not controlled by the Bilderbergers, and has done nothing to jeopardize America’s sovereignty.

The three day annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group is now being held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Today’s Alex Jones radio program denounced the gathering for attempting to destroy America’s sovereignty and plotting to create a single global currency.

Similar to most accusations made by Jones, the claims have no merit and there is no evidence to support them. Since 1945 the world has had a single reserve currency, and it is the American dollar.

An article today on claims Bill Clinton “is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg. Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.”

It goes on to say Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX):

"is another pawn. . . Veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker wrote last week about Perry’s likely entry into the 2012 field, pointing out that he may be Bilderberg’s ‘Ace in the Hole’ . . . Perry keeps pushing himself as a Bilderberg wild card. . . Bilderberg, true to form, wants the U.S. recession to continue throughout 2012 and for oil prices to remain high and increase further.”

This is complete nonsense and it makes conservatives appear foolish. I sent four messages to Mary Borrego yesterday when she said “George Bush is a traitor!!!!!” and went on to praise Ron Paul who wants America to give up its veto power in the UN Security Council. As I told her, the Bilderberg Group is not an advocacy organization and does not take official positions on any issue. They have never reached a conclusion on any subject, nor have they attempted to do so.

In 57 years they have never issued a policy statement or resolution. They have never taken a vote on any issue. The guests are both liberals and conservatives, and every gathering features debates. In 2004, there was a debate between then Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) and Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition. No one accused them of working together.

Bilderberg primarily serves as a networking group for the well connected. The motivation in forming the organization in 1954 was to stop anti-American sentiments in Europe.

Most of the nonsense surrounding Bilderberg comes from the John Birch Society, Alex Jones, Infowars, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and other radical libertarians. Cuban leader Fidel Castro agrees with their conspiracy claims. An episode of Jesse Ventura’s TV program “Conspiracy Theory” was devoted to the Bilderberg Group.

George W. Bush, UK Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative Party, former Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Richard Perle are not traitors. They did not participate in any plot to steal America’s sovereignty. Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) attended a 2007 Bilderberg Conference and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said he should be investigated for a criminal violation of the Logan Act which prevents our foreign policy from being undermined. Congressman Paul said Perry’s attendance was “A sign that he’s involved in the international conspiracy.” Other comments about the Bilderberg Conference include:

● Ann Liber of Prosper, Texas said Perry “Gets his marching orders from the Bilderbergers. He is a huge globalist and supports the North American Union (NAU).” Not only does the Governor disagree with her, but a NAU has never existed and no lawmaker has ever proposed it.

● Jeffrey Wimmer of Biloxi, Mississippi says “Gov. Perry has issues with conservatives like myself . .I’m very wary of guys the Bilderbergers pull into their New World Order circle.”

● Deb Stickley of Lexington, Kentucky: “They are developing a one world government. Don’t let anyone kid you on this one.”

● Ted Day of Tenino, Washington believes the Bilderbergers “are the true enemy, the rest are diversions.”

● Libertarian Mark Hamilton of Clifton, Virginia says “These meetings are where the billionaires purchase politicians.”

● Sally Linderman of Washington, D.C. says “They are meeting to totally collapse world economies and create a new currency under the New World Order.”

● Caroline Cowan Conger believes “They are about control, greed, power, and America’s breakdown as the country as we knew and loved.”

● Torey Dawn Hodges of Las Vegas is the only person I agreed with: “I think it’s another boondoggle conference that select people attend. Do I think it’s some nefarious conspiracy–heck no. I think the New World Order people have built this strange case around central bankers, Jews, the Council of Foreign Relations, Jews, Bilderberg, Jews, the Federal Reserve, Jews, etc. They don’t come out and say Jews, but start talking with them and Israel always emerges as a central planner of the New World Order. Seriously, I think Bilderberg is an event. It’s an intellectual exchange of ideas; likely a lot of stupid ideas. I don’t think the group has much influence.”

Congressman Paul is again seeking the GOP presidential nomination but continues to say there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats. In a 2009 interview the lawmaker said:

"The people who surround Obama or Bush generally come from the same philosophic viewpoint and they have their organizations – the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers, and they’ve been around a long time. My biggest concern is what they preach: Keynesian economics and interventionism and world planning.”

These organizations do not pick presidents or other world leaders, they had nothing to with the creation of the European Union or any military action, and they have never called for a New World Order or a global currency.

They are similar to numerous think tanks, and the only difference is that the attendees are high profile. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission have both opened their proceedings to public scrutiny, maintain websites and have long listed their members.

If the Bilderberg Group is trying to establish a new currency or a one world government, then for 57 years they have been spectacular failures.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I thought this was an excellent write up and for those that might not have known a lot about the Bilderberg's and what it is and what they do. It is also a good article to forward to anyone that has questions about Perry regarding this.

So that should be it. The only complaints I have seen have been about this topic and the Gardasil injections. Both as you can see from the various posting on here pretty much debunk them.

No politican is going to be perfect, some are worse then others.But to accuse a person of something that has been answered or is not true then we are doing the work of the DNC and they do enough bashing and lies ias it is.

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August 17, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry Refuses To Back Down On Bernanke Comment ~ Thank You Gov.!!!

Perry Refuses To Back Down On Bernanke Comment: “I’m Passionate About The Issue, I Stand By What I Said"

The Washington Post

Twelve hours removed from a controversy about his suggestion that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was engaging in “treasonous” behavior Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign didn’t try to walk back the remark. In fact, they doubled down on it.

“I am passionate about the issue but I stand by what I said,” Perry told reporters in Iowa today.

Although Perry’s campaign is only a few days old, the episode provides a telling insight into the Texas governor: he is brash, bold and unapologetic about being so.

And that just might make him a perfect fit for the current Republican primary electorate who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

A look back across Perry’s rhetorical history suggests that this latest controversy is nothing new.

Perry famously floated the idea of Texas seceding from the United States if the federal government kept trampling on states’ rights in 2009

Obama: Perry “Needs To Be More Careful” What He Says


The White House denounced Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry on Tuesday for his threatening remarks toward the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve that represented some of the most inflammatory rhetoric of the 2012 election campaign.

At a campaign event on Monday, Perry was asked if Obama loved the country, and replied, “You need to ask him.”
Campaigning in Iowa on Monday, the Texas governor said he would consider it "treasonous" if Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke "prints more money between now and the election" in November 2012 -- a fresh sign of the political heat the central bank faces as it tries to right the stumbling U.S. economy.

"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all will do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas," Perry said to laughter from supporters in Iowa.

"Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, treasonous in my opinion," he said.

Asked whether Perry’s remarks were disrespectful, Obama said he would “cut him some slack” as a new candidate.

“Everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn’t like running for governor or running for senator or running for Congress, and you’ve got to be a little more careful about what you say,” Obama said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”


Wild Thing's comment......

This all reminds me soooo much of the last presidential campaign. When Sarah Palin was speaking the truth about Obama, things about William Ayers, about his other associations, so many things. And she was attacked for it, BUT not by any of us, we cheered her on as did all the other conservatives that wanted people to know the truth about Obama. She did not back down either. Only RINO MCCain was running around saying Obama was a man of honor....BARF!

Thank God that Perry stands his ground on what he said. IMO conservatives should all be very glad about this.

And what arrogance Obama has once again to even give a warning to Perry sheesh!

Read my lips Obama. Perry is right and I will add that YOU Obama are treasonous to our country. With your socialized medicine and the rest of your agenda.

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Governor Rick Perry and Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell

Governor Rick Perry and Marcus Luttrell

Texas Custom Choppers

Texas Navy SEAL nabs 2 in dog killing

Governor Rick Perry and Marcus Luttrell are a couple of friends that frequent our shop and ride with us on a regular basis. If you are not familiar with Marcus Luttrell, please read on;

Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell was born in Huntsville, Texas in 1975. A graduate of BUD/S Class 228, he was the only survivor of the fateful events of June 28, 2005 in Afghanistan. Luttrell and three teammates from SEAL Team TEN were assigned to a reconnaissance mission, operation RED WING, in the Hindu-Kush mountain region of Afghanistan. Their objective was to gather intelligence on Taliban movement in the area. Luttrell’s team was eventually discovered and outnumbered by over 200 Taliban fighters.

Petty Officer Luttrell was the only one to survive enemy contact. In the rescue mission that ensued, 16 Special Forces personnel, including 8 SEALs, died when their helicopter was shot down by Taliban fighters. It was the largest single-day loss of life in the SEALs’ history. In 2006, Petty Officer Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross for combat heroism.

His full story is documented in his heroic account of the operation, entitled: Lone Survivor.

When Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's dog was taken and shot and Marcus tracked them down . The police arrested the punks and the next day Marcus Luttrell went to stay with Gov. Perry and Anita's home.

Perry said that Luttrell came to stay with him and his wife, Anita, the next day to decompress.

"He is doing fine, he has lost his best friend, but he processed that it was just some totally irresponsible punks that have no understanding of principles or values," Perry said.


Wild Thing's comment......

Special story and special friends, Veterans and both love our counrtry.

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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Apologizes for Liberal Hit Job and Editing of Gov. Rick Perry’s “Black Cloud” Remarks As MSNBC Tried To Make Perry Look Racist

For the liberal media desperate to protect Barack Obama, it’s open season on Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Here is video showing how MSNBC appears to have clipped remarks by Rick Perry to make it look like he was making a racist remark. Perry actually was saying the huge debt hanging over America is like a “big-black cloud” hanging over the economy. Actually, the term “big-black cloud” is often used for something bad or menacing. But Schultz explicitly said Rick Perry was referring to Barack Obama.

But found the more complete video of Perry’s remarks, which clearly show he identified the “big-black cloud” – both before and after his use of the phrase – as the nation’s debt, and NOT Barack Obama. MSNBC apparently forgot to include both of those mentions in their video clip.


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz apologizing for the editing they did to Rick Perry’s comments yesterday, where he said the nation’s debt was a “black cloud hanging over the country.” Tonight, Schultz did not mention that he had used the deceptive editing to accuse Perry of racism, saying directly that by “black cloud,” Perry was referring to Obama. He should have apologized for using the deceptive edit to call Perry a racist.


Wild Thing's comment........

Like I said....Don't Mess With Texas!

God bless Rick Perry.

Meanwhile here is the latest polling: Tah dah!!!

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Ryan's Office Denies Report He's Considering Presidential Bid

Ryan's Office Denies Report He's Considering Presidential Bid

National Journal

Rep. Paul Ryan’s office is denying a report by the Weekly Standard that the Wisconsin Republican is seriously reconsidering a presidential campaign.

“While grateful for the continued support and encouragement, Chairman Ryan has not changed his mind," Ryan spokesman Kevin Seifert said.

The Weekly Standard, whose editors have been encouraging a Ryan candidacy, quoted an anonymous Republican source saying he was “coming around” and that he currently was on vacation in Colorado mulling over a presidential bid and its effect on his family.

Ryan has previously disavowed any interest in the White House, saying, "My ego isn't big enough, and my children aren't old enough."

Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has represented Wisconsin's First District since 1999. He's emerged as a polarizing figure this year, after unveiling a controversial budget proposal that revamps Medicare. But he remains very popular with conservatives, who applaud his efforts to reform longstanding entitlement programs.

Wild Thing's comment........

Ryan has an amazing ability to see all angles of a problem and then come up with ways to solve it . This ability isn’t limited to economics so maybe one day he will run for President, it would be historical. It is my understanding that Congressmen don’t ever become President. In all our years as a country only one won and that was in the 18th century. The same with Michele Bachmann, but she is doing really well o who knows.

I really like and respect Paul Ryan.He was absolutely awesome when he took on Obama about his obamacare and he did it all with facts. Awesome!

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Sarah Palin Stops Bus Tour To Go Back To Alaska For Start Of School Year


In a note posted on her Facebook page Monday, Palin said she’s headed “back to Alaska for the start of the school year.”

“While kids crack open their school books, I look forward to continuing my own writing and research on strategies and plans to help move our country forward,” she wrote.

Palin noted that she’ll be back on the road before long – she’s scheduled to keynote a Sept. 3 tea party rally in Waukee, Iowa, near Des Moines.

Her Facebook note didn’t mention it, but she’s also scheduled to headline an Oct. 7 rally with Glenn Beck in St. Charles, Mo., according to a local conservative talk-radio station’s announcement Monday.

The leg of Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour that’s now ending lasted four days, beginning midday Friday, when Palin appeared at the Iowa State Fair.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This election is the most important one in my lifetime. Maybe in all of our countries history. I am in no rush to dedicate my support to any one person yet. I am impressed with Gov. Perry and will continue to post things about him. I am impressed with Sarah Palin and when and if there is news about her ( even as a non candidate) that will get posted too.

Also right now Perry is making a difference, he is speaking out and we so need that. He is getting the left upset and I like that too. His speech when he entered was awesome and impressed me a lot. His speech so far of all those that actually have entered is the only one that stands out, that made tears come to my eyes of how I want my candidate to speak of our country.

Someone at Facebook posted that the latest date Sarah can enter (or anyone else that is thinking about it ) and be on a primary ballot in every state is November 22, 2011.

Ronald Reagan did not announce until November 13th in 1979.

The reason conventional wisdom states one has to get in early enough is normally:

1) They have to garner name recognition.

2) They have to get the signatures to qualify for state ballots.

3) They have to have dedicated supporters in all states to get out the drive to collect those signatures.

4) They have to have an on the ground game organization.

5) They have to have the money to propel them forward in the primary.

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August 16, 2011

Obama On His NOT Listening Bus Tour Bashes Congress

Obama in Minnesota: Hopefully When Congress Gets Back In September, They're Gonna Have a New Attitude

Wild Thing's comment......

It is NEVER Obama's fault, he never takes the blame, or the responsbility for things he does wrong.

I know it would never happen, but oh how wonderful it would be if when Congress comes back they line up and each one of them on both sides of the isle punch him out. After all he has blamed them as a whole, not only Republiccans. hahaha Teach them NOT to vote for anything he wants and to join together against this POS Obama.

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Excellent Interview Of Gov. Rick Perry ~ Video

Gov. Perry..."Perry I hope I'm Obama's worst nightmare "

This is an excellent interview and well worth watching..

Wild Thing's comment......

I liked this interview, it felt natural and easy.

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Obama Won't Say Biden Was Wrong To Say "Tea Party Terrorists".... Check Out His Reason Why

Obama Won’t Condemn Biden For Calling Conservatives “Tea Party Terrorists” Because People Have Said He’s A Socialist.


Then Obama also did this..............................

Tea party activists confronted Barack Obama in Decorah, Iowa yesterday during one of the stops on his Magical Misery Tour. The tea party activists asked Obama about Joe Biden’s comments that tea partiers were “terrorists.” Obama said it didn’t happen.

Obama got into a heated back and forth with a Tea Party activist who demanded to know at the end of a town hall meeting here whether or not Vice President Biden had called members of the Tea Party “terrorists” during the debt ceiling debate.

In public, Obama did not directly answer the question from Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes about Biden.

Obama did say he would discuss the matter further with Rhodes, founder of the Iowa Tea Party, after the event. And the duo was spotted in an animated conversation a few moments later.

In an interview later with Fox News, Rhodes claimed that the President insisted that Biden had not made the original comment.


Wild Thing's comment........

What a pathetici human being Obama is to the core of his being. He has never taken the high road on anything, it is foreign to him just as what America is about is foreign to him.

Satan himself must be proud of his BOY Obama, we know Soros paid a pretty penny for him.

And regardingi the tea party person that questioned Obama, I love how he did not back down.

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RNC Ad Obama's Debt-End Bus Tour

Wild Thing's comment......

I sure do hope they show these ads on TV. The RNC needs to realize there are even today a lot of people that either do not use a computer or seldom use one and if they do it is not to seek out political news.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:45 AM

August 15, 2011

First Responders Not Invited To 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony

First Responders Not Invited To 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony

First responders who were called to the World Trade Center site in the days and weeks following 9/11 will be on the outside looking in at next month's anniversary ceremony.

Organizers say police officers, firefighters and rescue workers will not be invited to take part in the primary 10th anniversary ceremony activities.

Instead, they will be asked back at the site another day for a separate ceremony.

Officials cite security and a lack of room as the reasoning behind the decision.

In addition to President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush, thousands of family members will also be on hand.

It's estimated as many as 91,000 people took part in the initial search and rescue at the World Trader Center site.

Wild Thing's comment........

Any one who survived should attend, anyone who risked there lives should be able to attend. It's not right.

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D-Day Vets: Wind Turbines Off Normandy Beaches A ‘desecration’

D-Day vets: Wind turbines off Normandy beaches a ‘desecration’

'It will change the entire seascape, destroying a view which evokes memories of the most astonishing invasion in military history.This is sacred ground, and the French should not be allowed to alter its character'

The Daily Caller

American D-Day veterans are crying foul over a French initiative, approved last month by President Nicolas Sarkozy, to construct over one hundred 525-feet wind turbines just off the Normandy landing grounds.

Gérard Lecornu, president of the Port Winston Churchill Association of Arromanches, says the giant structures, expected to be built seven miles offshore, will be visible from the Normandy battleground beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

“Three million tourists come from the world over to the landing beaches. The first thing they do is look at the line of horizon from where the landings came,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “D-Day is in our collective memory. To touch this is a very grave attack on that memory.”

American veterans are weighing in with opposition and dismay. Bob Sales, the only survivor from his landing craft on D-Day, and Omaha beach veteran Bob Slaughter told The Daily Caller that the beaches are “sacred ground” and expressed their strong opposition to the building of the turbines.

Hal Baumgarten, who was wounded five times on Omaha beach, added that he considers the beaches a “shrine” to those who died and said that constructing windmills off the coast would be a “desecration.”

“I landed with the first wave on Omaha beach,” said Baumgarten. “Of course it is hallowed ground. I have been going back for the last 15 years straight — except I missed last year and this year … When I look at it I see all the bodies — we lost a lot of people on D-Day, especially on my beach where we couldn’t get any reinforcements.”

“[The windmills] will take away from the scene” Baumgarten added. “People that I know who have gone there for the first time and they are standing at the beach at low tide — even the generals — Ernie Pyle put [it like this] in his book: ‘If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.’”

The need for renewable energy is not lost on these veterans. They readily acknowledge the need to find and harness new forms of energy, but the beaches of Normandy, they say, should not be tampered with.

“Obviously the need for renewable energy is an important consideration in these times,” Tim Holbert, executive director of the American Veterans Center, told TheDC. “However, that need must be balanced against the need to preserve history that was made sacred by the sacrifices of thousands of Allied men on D-Day. We owe it to them to treat their legacy with the respect it deserves.”

Military historian Paul Stillwell explained that the steadfast opposition by surviving D-Day veterans is more than understandable.

“In effect that has become sacred ground and it is a huge intrusion to put some kind of distraction like that nearby,” Stillwell said. “You could compare it to the Battle of Gettysburg. Some years ago an entrepreneur put up a large observation tower [on the Gettysburg battleground], which was considered a desecration and public opinion was such that it was finally demolished.”

“Obviously the world needs to find alternative sources of energy, but I do not think that is the place,” he added.

“I think it’s a disgusting affair,” Jack Martin, a Canadian who was among the soldiers on Juno Beach, weighed in on CTV Edmonton in Canada. “I saw so many of my buddies and friends die on Juno Beach that I figure it is very hallowed grounds.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

I hate things anyway and to find out they are wanting to do this makes me sick. There is something seriously wrong with the people that even thought of this.

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Gov. Perry Speaks About Wanting To Restore Military Respect

by Ben Smith ( Ben is a LIBERAL ~ Wild Thing)


Rick Perry strayed from a tribute to military service to tell an audience in Waterloo, Iowa, that he’s running in part to restore the respect of the military to its civilian leaders.

“One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States,” he said.

The line is a reversal of the usual pledges of respect for the military from politicians, and Perry seemed to suggest that Obama lacks the qualities of a commander-in-chief in being able to command the troops.

The line could be taken either as a slur on the military — they’re pretty much obligated to respect the president, or at least the presidency; or as a sort of validation of military doubts about civilian leadership, which isn’t exactly standard issue politics in the developed world.

But if the line is close to the edge, it may also resonate, capturing discontent with Obama that’s common among soldiers, and serving as a reminder that Perry’s the only leading Republican to have served.

From DECEMBER 2008

President Elect Barack Obama gets no respect as the incoming Commander in Chief from a poll conducted by The Army Times. 6 out of 10 active-duty service members say they are uncertain or pessimistic, according to a Military Times survey.

A lance corporal who asked not to be identified said, “Being that the Marine Corps can be sent anywhere in the world with the snap of his fingers, nobody has confidence in this guy as commander in chief,”

During Christmas, Obama visited Marines in Pearl Harbor, while they were eating their Christmas dinner.

Anecdotal reports say Obama was not greeted with any enthusiastic applause in fact it was pretty silent.


Wild Thing's comment.....

Rick Perry is a veteran and his reference was with regards to the military personnel who are having to serve under a President they do not respect. Loose lips sink ships and if our current administration had not outed Seal Team 6 those brave young soldiers would still be alive today.

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Obama's Taxpayer-funded No Hope Bus Tour Begins



Barack Obama hits the road on Monday for a Midwestern bus tour that he hopes will leave doubts over his leadership behind in Washington.

But the three-day trip through Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois — three states seen as vital to his 2012 re-election campaign — could put him in front of voters who, polls show, are furious about political gridlock in the U.S. capital.

Iowa, which launched Obama’s historic journey to the White House in 2008, has recently been playing host to Republican presidential hopefuls who have aggressively slammed his record as they criss-cross the state.

The White House says the president is on listening tour to hear from Americans about the economy and to talk about how to boost jobs and hiring. There are no plans for a major policy speech to roll out new initiatives for growth.

The unmistakable campaign style of the trip will help Obama, a Democrat, test his organization and grassroots support as the Republican presidential field begins to take shape.


Wild Thing's comment......

Why anyone would turn out to see this horrible person is something I will never understand.

That is what his bus looks like in case anyone sees it on the road. I would probably honk and then give them the middle finger salute. heh heh

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August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), an Iowa native, won the Iowa Republican Straw Poll today in Ames, Iowa. Ron Paul was second and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty placed third.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won a test vote of Iowans on Saturday, a show of popularity and organizational strength for the tea party favorite five months before the state’s caucuses kick off the GOP presidential nominating season.

The result is the first indication of what Iowans think of the field of Republicans competing for the chance to challenge President Barack Obama next fall. But it’s hardly predictive of who will win the winter Iowa contest, much less the party nod or the White House.

Rather, Saturday’s outcome suggests that Bachmann has a certain level of support and, perhaps even more important, the strongest get-out-the-vote operation and widest volunteer base in a state whose caucuses require those elements.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished a close second while former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty placed a distant third.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Congratulations and well deserved. She has worked very hard in Iowa.

I like Michele, I just don't think she can get enough support to get Obama out of office. If she would keep with facts too is important. Her love for America is great and I will always remember how she took on Geithner about the Dollar that time.

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Perry Wins Straw Poll … In Alabama

The Daily Caller

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the winner of today’s Alabama — that’s Alabama – straw poll, according to party officials there.

Perry, who announced his candidacy for president as a Republican on Saturday, won with 46 percent of the vote. He was the keynote speaker at state GOP party’s annual summer dinner this weekend.

Herman Cain placed second with 21 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who attracted 16 percent of the vote, according to a release.

New GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry wins Alabama straw poll

FOX News

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who announced Saturday his intention to run for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, was selected the winner of a presidential preference straw poll held Saturday by the Alabama Republican Party.

The party, in a statement Saturday to FOX6 News, said 46 percent of the state GOP executive committee picked Perry as a write-in candidate during their meeting at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

"Let me be clear that this is not an endorsement by the Alabama Republican Party," said Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, in the statement. "We were interested to see how the current field stands with Republican voters in Alabama. We are thankful for all of the candidates who participated by submitting videos and campaign materials for us to review."

Businessman Herman Cain received 21% and former Governor Mitt Romney received 16% of the vote. All declared candidates who had received at least 2% in three national polls were included. Listed on the ballot were Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The only names receiving write-in votes were Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.

Perry was in Birmingham Friday night and spoke to Republicans.

"The entire weekend was a rousing success. We had 1,500 activists at our Annual Summer Dinner on Friday night to hear Texas Governor Rick Perry," continued Armistead. "Governor Perry gave a stirring, conservative speech that obviously resonated very well with the attendees."

The vote comes on the same day as the far better-publicized Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa.

Perry: 101
Cain: 47
Romney: 36
Gingrich: 11
Bachmann, Paul, Pawlenty, Santorum, Johnson, Palin: All in single digits

Wild Thing's comment......

I never knew about this before.

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Pawlenty Drops 2012 Presidential Bid

FOX News

Tim Pawlenty announced an end to his presidential candidacy Sunday after what he called a “disappointing” third place finish in the Ames, Iowa, straw poll.

The former Minnesota governor said he had hoped to get a jolt from the preference poll that is an early indicator of a candidate’s potential strength in the primary season.

“I’m ending my campaign for president,” Pawlenty told ABC’s “This Week,” noting that he wished the scenario had been different but voters were looking for something else.

The message Pawlenty was offering "didn't get the kind of traction or lift that we needed and hoped for coming into the and out of the Ames straw poll. We needed to get some lift to continue on and to have a pathway forward. That didn't happen," he said.

"Obviously, we had some success raising money, but we needed to continue that, and Ames was a benchmark for that. And if we didn't do well in Ames, we weren't going to have the fuel to keep the car going down the road," he added.

Pawlenty received 13 percent of the vote in the Saturday poll, which is not generally a marker of the future presidential nominee. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann received 28 percent of the nearly 17,000 votes cast followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who earned 27 percent. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum earned 9 percent and businessman Herman Cain received 8 percent.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Did anyone notice that yesterday in Iowa he was generally unable to look anyone in the eye while greeting them?
Kind of odd especially if a person wants to connect with the other person.

I am glad, Pawlenty has a way about him that rubs me the wrong way. Something in his personality that seems angry and a chip on his shoulder.

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Palin Visits Reagan Boyhood Home

Palin visits Reagan Boyhood Home

Sauk news

DIXON – Outside President Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home, a small crowd began to form.

With no public announcement and no fanfare, Sarah Palin's flashy "One Nation" tour bus pulled into town and parked on "Ronald Reagan Way."

On board were the former Republican vice presidential candidate, her husband, Todd, her daughter, Piper, and a niece, McKinley, both 10.

They all toured the home of the most beloved GOP president, in the town he always called home, during Reagan Trail Days, the town's annual 5-day festival celebrating its native son, and during the centennial year of his birth.

Many in the crowd, needless to say, were thrilled.

For her part, Palin seemed to enjoy the tour.

"I think the home was absolutely beautiful and so appreciative, speaking on behalf of I think a lot of Americans, that this town has put such effort into the restoration of this," Palin said afterward.

"These volunteers are amazing. This is beautiful."

Dressed in a tan skirt and white button-up shirt with a red, white and blue pin in the shape of a cross, Palin signed autographs and posed for cellphone pictures before getting back on bus and heading to Eureka College.

The visit wasn't a total surprise. Ann Lewis, chairwoman of the Dixon Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission, was honored on Friday night at the Trail Days Reagan Gala. A short time later, around 10:45 p.m., she got a phone call from a Palin representative.

"People at Eureka College had given them my number," Lewis said. "They wanted someone to act as a guide."

Lewis agreed to show Palin around – and also to keep the visit under wraps, she said Saturday.

After visiting the Boyhood Home, Lewis took the group to historic Lowell Park, where a handsome Ronnie Reagan was a lifeguard back in his teens and early 20s, and where he reportedly fished 77 people – many of them young women – out of the Rock River.

To complete the local tour, the bus made its way back through Dixon along Ronald Reagan Way.

"We drove from the river all the way up," Lewis said. "She was very gracious. She was answering questions. She signed pictures."

Lewis said Palin's next stop Saturday was Eureka College, Reagan's alma mater.

Anne Brousil was among who met Palin on her stop in Dixon.

"I live down the street, and the neighbor told me that Sarah Palin's bus just pulled up, and we're Republicans and I thought we would just come on down and say hello," Brousil said.

Brousil grabbed her copy of Runner's World magazine – the one in which Palin appeared – before she dashed out the door.

Palin autographed the mag, and the two even chatted about Brousil's preparation for an upcoming triathlon.

She's "very personable, friendly and interested in the people that she's talking with," Brousil said.

Lee Murray told Palin that the next time he sees her, he hopes it's when she's in the White House.

The 93-year-old thinks the potential candidate is "pretty honest."

"She means well. I think she's a good American," Murray said.

He said he was surprised to see Palin in Dixon, where he's lived since 1945. He was so excited that he planned to tell his family about meeting Palin even before returning home, he said.

Two years ago, Sally Campbell didn't get Palin's autograph when the two were in The Villages in Florida at the same time, she said.

"My friend called me this morning and said, 'Sally, Sarah Palin's up at the Reagan house,' so what did I do? I hopped in the car," Campbell said.

"I think she's absolutely down-to-earth, and she's got it."

Campbell and her friends Donna Misner and Janey Coffey, all of Dixon, each got Palin's autograph.

Misner said she had no idea she would be meeting Palin on Saturday. "It's exciting," she said.

Coffey called Palin a "delightful, real person."

Palin hasn't said if she'll be running for president in 2012; her bus tour across the country is one of her ways of testing the waters.

She and her reps have steadfastly refused to divulge a "One Nation" itinerary, instead sending people to for information.

The former Alaska governor also attended the Iowa State Fair Friday, also unannounced, in advance of Saturday's Iowa Republican Party Presidential Straw Poll in Ames.

Palin wasn't the only celebrity to visit Reagan's hometown this week.

Reagan's oldest son, Micheal Reagan, paid a visit to the Boyhood Home on Monday, on a trip that included throwing out the first ball at the Cubs/Cardinals game last Saturday, on Reagan Day at Wrigley Field.

"Michael Reagan on Monday and Sarah Palin on Saturday," Lewis said. "What a week for Dixon."


Wild Thing's comment......

I love that she went to his childhood home.

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Site Back and Thank You For Your Patience

Sorry I am late today. My site was down and as of 06:30 this morning it would not load for me.
Everything else with my computer worked great it was only my blog I could not get into. When all else fails that I tried to make it happen, one has to just go to sleep and also I emailed the company that Hosts my site and they fixed it.

Thank you for your patience.

Wild Thing

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August 13, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry Announces 2012 Bid for President of United States ~ FULL SPEECH Videos

Rick Perry "I Declare My Candidacy For President Of The United States" PART 1

Texas Governor Rick Perry Announces 2012 Bid for President of United States


Rick Perry "I Declare My Candidacy For President Of The United States" pt.2

In a rousing speech in Charleston, South Carolina today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared his candidacy for President of the United States.

Governor Perry asks for a moment of silence to honor the members of our Armed Forces who bravely put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.

"America is not broken, Washington is broken"

"The change we seek will never emanate out of Washington. It will come from the windswept prairies of middle America; the farms and factories across this great land; the hearts and minds of God-fearing Americans -- who will not accept a future that is less than our past, who will not be consigned a fate of LESS freedom in exchange for MORE government. We do not have to accept our current circumstances. We will change them. We're Americans. That's what we do. WE roll up our sleeves, WE get to work, WE make things better."

“I will work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your lives as I can.”

“Revitalizing the economy is our country’s most urgent need. Stopping the generational theft posed by record debt is our long-term mission.”

“It’s time to get America working again. It’s time to give a pink slip to the current residents of the White House.”

“We don’t need a President who apologizes for America.”

“Our President has insulted our friends.”....... yes like Israel, our greatest friend in the Middle East.~ Wild Thing

“At age 8, I was blessed to meet my future wife, Anita Thigpen, at a piano recital. We had our first date eight years later. And she finally agreed to marry me 16 years after that I'm persistent.”

“I am also the product of a place called Paint Creek, a community too small to be called a town along the rolling plains of West Texas.”

"It's time to get America working again," Perry said, arguing that "Recovery is a meaningless word if the bank has foreclosed on your home."

While Perry spent some of his speech discussing his own record, he spent most of his time attacking the current occupant of the White House. He criticized Mr. Obama's "unbridled fixation" on spending and suggested the president's economic policies have "prolonged our national misery, not alleviated it."

"You cannot win the future by selling America off to foreign creditors," he said. "We cannot afford four more years of this rudderless leadership." The time had come, he added, to "stop the generational theft."

Change in America, Perry said, begins not with Washington but with the American people, "patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government."

He said people object to an administration “that sees its role as spending our children’s inheritance on failed economic theories that have given us record debt and left far too many unemployed, threatening not only our economy, but our security. Our reliance on foreign creditors and sources of energy not only compromises our national sovereignty, but jeopardizes our national future.”

"We are indignant about leaders that do not listen and spend money faster than they can print it," Perry said, complaining of "central planners" who "downgrade our future and micromanage our lives."

"I'll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can," he added.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Presidential Website has gone “Live” this morning, with a written message from Perry explaining why he is running for President of the United States. Perry will speak shortly in South Carolina and announce he’s in the race:

Wild Thing's comment......

I love it when Sarah does this and in Gov. Perry's speech he did it too. He really took Obama Obama to the woodshed. In fact he also took Obama's entire administration to task.

Perry like Sarah has charisma and that is also what Reagan had. IMO that is important during a campaign and as President. Obama never had that and never will, he had a media as his bride, the bride of frankenstein and they promoted himi as a Mesiah that was supposed to be a great speaker. WE ALL KNOW he was NOT and could not even rate being a good speaker, he only read his teleprompter that is not being a good speaker. He only had passion in his hate for our country and his hate for all things American.

One of Gov. Perry's biggest endorsement is from my Texas brother and his wife who are dyed in the wool Democrats. They are fed up with “No-bama” (their words) .

I love texas as you all know. One of the many things about Texas is Texans never get just pissed...they fight back.
Perry will give payback in spades. Remember G.W. Bush after 9-11 he went after the terrorists, unlike what Clinton did after the first attack on the Towers during his presidency.

We have a few awesome people running now. And I will only be counting those that have put their hat in the ring. That have stepped forward.

Here are my favorites;

Gov. Rick Perry gets a yes from me.

Herman Cain is nothing less then awesome. I LOVE to hear him speak. Reality says he cannot win, but gosh I would love for him to be in a Republican administration maybe something dealing with the Treasury or something. He should not be pushed aside when he has soooo much to offer. He too has has charisma and I love his personality, his smile lights up a room.

Michele Bachmann is good but too much of the time she misquotes information that can so easily be checked out. Not only facts but also about other candidates. I wish she would stop doing that, it makes it hard to trust a person that does this kind of thing. Argue with the other candidates is fine, but use actual facts about that person that are true not made up along the way. I am NO fan of Pawlenty at all not even a little and Michele said some things about his bills he passed or was for that were not true.

Romney no way, Romney care etc.

Pawlenty no thank you very much.

Santorum he won't win, a good man and a conservative to be sure but he would make an awesome Senator if he would only do that instead.

Ron Paul forgetabout it. ( said with best Mafia accent ) haha

Newt, no thanks.

Huntsman, nope for many reasons.

FULL Transcript of his speech.......... CONTINUE HERE

It’s sure good to be back in the Palmetto State, in South Carolina. I enjoy coming to places where people elect folks like Nikki Haley, true conservatives. And also where they love the greatest fighting force on the face of the earth…the United States Military.

And I want to take a moment and ask you to just take a silence, think about those young Navy SEALs and the other special operators who gave it all in the service of their country. Just take a moment to say Thank you, Lord, that we have those kind of selfless, sacrificial men and women. Their sacrifice was immeasurable, their dedication profound, and we will never, ever forget them.

I stand before you today as the governor of Texas. But I also stand before you the son of two tenant farmers, Ray Perry, who came home after 35 bombing missions over Europe to work his little corner of land out there, and Amelia who made sure my sister Milla and I had everything that we needed, including hand-sewing my clothes until I went off to college.

I am also the product of a place called Paint Creek. Doesn’t have a zip code. It’s too small to be called a town along the rolling plains of Texas. We grew dryland cotton and wheat, and when I wasn’t farming or attending Paint Creek Rural School, I was generally over at Troop 48 working on my Eagle Scout award.

Around the age of 8, I was blessed – didn’t realize it, but I was blessed to meet my future wife, Anita Thigpen, at a piano recital. We had our first date eight years later. And she finally agreed to marry me 16 years after that. Nobody says I am not persistent.

There is no greater way to live life than with someone you love, and my first love is with us today, my lovely wife Anita. We’re also blessed to have two incredible children, Griffin and Sydney, and they are also with us today, and our wonderful daughter-in-law Meredith. I’d just like to introduce those two. Thank you.

What I learned growing up on the farm was a way of life that was centered on hard work, and on faith and on thrift. Those values have stuck with me my whole life. But it wasn’t until I graduated from Texas A&M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130’s all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, I realized that the United States of America really is the last great hope of mankind. What I saw was systems of government that elevated rulers at the expense of the people. Socialist systems cloaked maybe in good intentions but were delivering misery and stagnation. And I learned that not everyone values life like we do in America, or the rights that are endowed to every human being by a loving God.

You see, as Americans we’re not defined by class, and we will never be told our place. What makes our nation exceptional is that anyone, from any background, can climb the highest of heights. As Americans, we don’t see the role of government as guaranteeing outcomes, but allowing free men and women to flourish based on their own vision, their hard work and their personal responsibility. And as Americans, we realize there is no taxpayer money that wasn’t first earned by the sweat and toil of one of our citizens.

That’s why we reject this President’s unbridled fixation on taking more money out of the wallets and pocketbooks of American families and employers and giving it to a central government. “Spreading the wealth” punishes success while setting America on course to greater dependency on government. Washington’s insatiable desire to spend our children’s inheritance on failed “stimulus” plans and other misguided economic theories have given us record debt and left us with far too many unemployed.

But of course, now we’re told we are in recovery. Yeah.

But this sure doesn’t feel like a recovery to more than nine percent of Americans out there who are unemployed, or the sixteen percent of African Americans and 11 percent of Hispanics in the same position, or the millions more who can only find part-time work, or those who have stopped even looking for a job.

One in six work-eligible Americans cannot find a full-time job. That is not a recovery. That is an economic disaster.

If you think about it, for those Americans who do have full-time jobs, they aren’t experiencing economic recovery with the rising fuel costs and the food prices that are going up. Recovery is a meaningless word if the bank has foreclosed on your home, if you are under water on your mortgage, or if you are up to the max on your credit card debt. Those Americans know that this President and his big-spending, big-government policies have prolonged our national misery, not alleviated it.

And what do we say to our children? Y’all figure it out? Don’t worry, Washington’s created 17 debt and entitlement commissions in 30 years, but the fact of the matter is they just didn’t have the courage to make the decisions to allow you to have the future that you actually deserve? That Washington wouldn’t even make modest entitlement program reforms in this last debate? And the President even refused to lay out a plan, for fear of the next election? How can the wealthiest nation in the history of civilization fail so miserably to pay its bills? How does that happen?

Well, Mr. President, let us tell you something: you can’t win the future by selling America off to foreign creditors.

We cannot afford four more years of this rudderless leadership. Last week, that leadership failed, and the tax and spend and borrow agenda of this President led to the first ever downgrade of the credit rating of the United States of America.

In reality though, this is just the most recent downgrade. The fact is for nearly three years President Obama has been downgrading American jobs. He’s been downgrading our standing in the world. He’s been downgrading our financial stability. He’s been downgrading our confidence, and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. That’s a fact.

His policies are not only a threat to this economy, so are his appointees – a threat. You see he stacked the National Labor Relations Board with anti-business cronies who want to dictate to a private company, Boeing, where they can build a plant. No president, no president should kill jobs in South Carolina, or any other state for that matter, simply because they choose to go to a right-to-work state.

You see, when the Obama Administration is not stifling economic growth with over-regulation, they are achieving the same through their reckless spending. Debt is not only a threat to our economy, but also to our security.

America’s standing in the world is in peril, not only because of disastrous economic policies, but from the incoherent muddle that they call foreign policy. Our president has insulted our friends and he’s encouraged our enemies, thumbing his nose at traditional allies like Israel. He seeks to dictate new borders for the Middle East and the oldest democracy there, Israel, while he is an abject failure in his constitutional duty to protect our borders in the United States.

His foreign policy seems to be based on alienating our traditional allies, while basing our domestic agenda on importing those failed Western European social values. We don’t need a president who apologizes for America. We need a president who protects and projects those values.

Look, it’s pretty simple: we’re going to stand with those who stand with us, and we will vigorously defend our interests. And those who threaten our interests, harm our citizens – we will simply not be scolding you, we will defeat you.

Our nation cannot and it must not endure four more years of aimless foreign policy. We cannot and must not endure four more years of rising unemployment, rising taxes, rising debt, rising energy dependence on nations that intend us harm.

It is time to get America working again. To get citizens – to get our citizens working in good jobs and getting the government to working for the people again.

Page one of any economic plan to get America working is to give a pink slip to the current resident in the White House.

Listen, we just got to get back to the basic truths of economic success. As Governor, I’ve had to deal with the consequences of this national recession. In 2003, and again this year, my state faced billions of dollars in budget shortfalls. But we worked hard, we made tough decisions, we balanced our budget. Not by raising taxes, but by setting priorities and cutting government spending. It can and it must be done in Washington, DC.

Dr. Schwertner (State Representative, R-Williamson County, TX), we have led Texas based on some just really pretty simple guiding principles. One is don’t spend all of the money. Two is keeping the taxes low and under control. Three is you have your regulatory climate fair and predictable. Four is reform the legal system so frivolous lawsuits don’t paralyze employers that are trying to create jobs.

Over the years, we have followed this recipe to produce the strongest economy in the nation. Since June of 2009, Texas is responsible for more than 40 percent of all of the new jobs created in America.

Now think about that. We’re home to less than 10 percent of the population in America, but forty percent of all the new jobs were created in that state.

I’ve cut taxes. I have delivered historic property tax reductions. I was the first governor since World War II to cut general revenue spending in our state budget. We passed lawsuit reform, including just this last session a “loser pays” law to stop the frivolous lawsuits that were happening.

And I know I’ve talked a lot about Texas here in the last little bit. I’m a Texan and proud of it. But first, and foremost, I’m an incredibly proud American.

And I know something: America is not broken. Washington, D.C., is broken!

We need balanced budgets. We need lower taxes. We need less regulation. And we need civil justice reform – those same four principles. Our country’s most urgent need is to revitalize our economy, stop the generational theft that is going on with this record debt.

I come to South Carolina because I will not sit back and accept the path that America is on. Because a great country requires a better direction. Because a renewed nation needs a new president.

It is time to get America working again. And that’s why, with the support of my family, and an unwavering belief in the goodness of America, I declare to you today as a candidate for President of the United States.

It’s time for America to believe again. It’s time to believe that the promise of our future is far greater than even our best days behind us. It’s time to believe again in the potential of private enterprise, set free from the shackles of overbearing federal government. And it’s time to truly restore our standing in the world, and renew our faith in freedom as the best hope for peace in this world that’s beset with strife.

The change we seek will never emanate out of Washington, D.C. It will come from the windswept prairies of Middle America, the farms and factories across this great land, from the hearts and minds of the goodhearted Americans who will accept not a future that is less than our past, patriots – patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government.

We do not have to accept our current circumstances. We will change them. We are Americans. That’s what we do. We roll up our sleeves. We go to work. We fix things.

We stand up and proudly proclaim that Washington is not our caretaker and we reject the state that, in Margaret Thatcher’s words, she said a state that takes too much from us in order to do too much for us. We will not stand for that any longer.

We’re dismayed at the injustice that nearly half of all Americans don’t even pay any income tax. And you know the liberals out there are saying that we need to pay more. We are indignant about leaders who do not listen and spend money faster than they can print it.

In America, the people are not subjects of government. The government is subject to the people. And it is up to us, to this present generation of Americans, to take a stand for freedom, to send a message to Washington that we’re taking our future back from the grips of central planners who would control our healthcare, who would spend our treasure, who downgrade our future and micro-manage our lives.

It is time to limit and simplify the taxes in this country. We have to quit spending money we don’t have. We need to get our fiscal house in order and restore our good credit. And we will repeal this President’s misguided, one-size-fits-all government healthcare plan immediately.

We’ll create jobs. We’ll get America working again. We’ll create jobs and we’ll build wealth, we’ll truly educate and innovate in science, and in technology, engineering and math. We’ll create the jobs and the progress needed to get America working again.

And I’ll promise you this: I’ll work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can. And at the same time, we’ll be freeing our families and small businesses and states from the burdensome and costly federal government so those groups can create, innovate and succeed.

I believe in America. I believe in Her purpose and Her promise. I believe Her best days have not yet been lived. I believe Her greatest deeds are reserved for the generations to come. With the help and the courage of the American people, we will get our country working again. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

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Sarah Palin on 'Hannity' “I am still considering a run,” said Palin to thunderous applause and cheering. ~ Videos of Full Interview!!

Sarah Palin on 'Hannity' Part 1


Sarah Palin on 'Hannity' Part 2


Hannity asked about Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll and where Governor Palin was on her decision about 2012: “I am still considering a run,” said Palin to thunderous applause and cheering. “I think the good folks here in Iowa believe it’s time this country is put back on the right track and they are ready for some positive change that will allow that!” Palin said to more crowd applause and cheering.

Regarding last night’s debate, Palin said, “I’m thankful some folks took of some gloves [Newt Gingrich], people deserve candidates that are passionate.”

Hannity continued, “You’ve been beaten up and you bounce back, how do you do it?”

Palin said, “It’s human nature, we make a choice how we react. We can become bitter or better. We’re used to being beaten up and we chose to be better.”

When asked if what we see what is going on around the world in Europe and various other countries; could come to America, Palin said, “Absolutely. We should not be naive enough to put our head in sand… if we repeat the mistakes they have made, the out of control government spending, we are naive to think that we are not going to end up the same way. We know the solutions it’s just a matter of applying them.” Palin continued, “Even the 10 year deal we just passed, we’re not going to solve problem… we’re not digging to the root of problem.”

When asked about the newly elected subcommittee, Palin responded, “I agree with some of the candidates last night, it’s a stupid idea. More government bureaucrats… I’ll bet you can go out here (pointing to the crowd) and find 10 members… find 10 farmers and they can tell you what can we do to make cuts to get the economic engine up and running and going and thriving and they can give you a better idea than those 10 members [on the subcommittee]. These [subcommittee] members have been part of the problem not the solution— with all do respect— no more of the same… no more politics as usual!” The crowd cheered.

On the debt downgrade, and out of control government spending, Palin said, “[During the debt debate] the American public told them what to do… cut the spending, cap the budget and balance the budget, now we are saying cut the crap and balance!”

Hannity asked Governor Palin if she didn’t see a candidate emerging whom she could support, would she jump in the race, Palin said, “I’ve described the passion as a fire in the belly and it’s not just me… that passion is real sincere, I love this country, these folks love this country and we want to make sure we hand the next generation blessings of liberty.”

When asked on what specifically a President Palin would do to turn around the country, Palin said, “Cut back all spending… there is so much the state governments could be doing… department of education [for instance] states should have control of a curriculum… that applies to every area in respect to the 10th amendment. Let state rights shine through and empower people of America.”

Palin continued, on the fundamental problem of DC, “No faith in the American people… (pointing to the crowd) YOU know how to spend your money better than DC!” Palin said to more applause and cheering.

When asked how to breakthrough all the propaganda and lies the democrats spew, Palin responded, “That’s your job and my job. To bust through the lies and hold them accountable and make sure they are not getting away with telling people that government is the answer, government is the problem— look what’s happening around world, let’s not repeat what’s on going around the world.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

She said in another write up that she will make the final decision by September as a deadline.

Very exciting and keep praying, especially for our beloved country.

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Sarah and Todd Palin Greeting Fair Goers At Iowa State Fair

Sarah Palin and husband Todd, greet fair goers during a visit to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa,

The Politico

Sarah Palin outlasted most of the few dozen reporters, photographers, and camerapeople who mobbed her on a visit to the Iowa State Fair that seemed aimed first of all at meeting the national press.

By the time she trudged up a dirt parking lot to the fair’s VIP area, only ten or so reporters were left, and we’d run out of questions. She looked up, seeming a bit startled by the silence, and drew a few more.

Then she vanished to shake hands with the Fair’s sponsors and other worthies. Her staff, though, returned with corn dogs for the press.



Wild Thing's comment........

Good idea too how her staff fed the press. Obama would have charged them and we know Biden would have since he charges his security for their rent.

Also please check out the many photos at this page. Some really great photos of her time there.

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Chris Matthews Blast Entire State of Texas as Ignorant , Full Of BS, Calls Perry A Clown

Chris Matthews Blast Entire State of Texas as Ignorant , Full Of BS, Calls Perry A Clown


Wild Thing's comment.....

These lefties cannot speak in a complete sentence unless they LIE or slander or bash a person on the right. I really thing they have a mental disorder.

Hey Chris you need to learn NOT to mess with TEXAS!

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RACIST CNN's Lemon Asks Herman Cain If He 'Stands a Chance' With 'Mostly-White Party In a Mostly-White State'

CNN's Lemon Asks Herman Cain If He 'Stands a Chance' With 'Mostly-White Party In a Mostly-White State'


At the Iowa State Fair, CNN's Don Lemon asked Republican presidential nominee Herman Cain if he could win the Iowa vote for the Republican nomination and for president, given that Cain belongs to a "mostly-white party" and is campaigning in a "mostly-white state."

Lemon had said the two had a "passionate conversation" prior to going on air, where he asked Cain "do you think in a party – in a mostly-white party in a mostly-white state, did you really stand a chance, not only of a nomination, of becoming President?"

A partial transcript of the interview, which aired on August 12 at 12:02 p.m. EDT, is as follows:

DON LEMON: Speaking over on the soapbox, and really giving some interesting – and straightforward talk. And we had a – let's say a passionate conversation afterwards. And the reason we did is because you said you were an against-all-odds person, and quite honestly I said to you do you think in a party – in a mostly-white party in a mostly-white state, did you really stand a chance, not only of a nomination, of becoming President?

HERMAN CAIN, GOP presidential candidate: I really think that I have a chance of – getting the nomination, becoming President, because my experience from 2004, when I ran for the United States Senate, and I've traveled to all 159 counties in Georgia, color didn't matter. It wasn't about color.

LEMON: You will be up against someone who has a majority of the African-American vote, and who has – will have, probably, the majority of the liberal vote.

CAIN: Let's just say he temporarily has the majority of the African-American vote. Based upon my experience of being on the radio for five years, I know that is changing. And so I don't believe he's going to capture the majority of the African-American vote if I – when I get the nomination.


Wild Thing's comment......

IMO that is a horrible racist question. And this CNN jerk knows it too and so does CNN. They also know that the Tea Party movement has many, many blacks in it and many that gave a speech at the various rallies. Plus they fail to remember that Republicans backed and supported Clarence Thomas, JD Watts, Allen West and others. And what did the left call each one of these fine men???? Uncle Toms and all kinds of things.

The LEFT only things a black man is OK if he is a DEMOCRAT.

I am so sick of this race card BS from the left.

And Herman Cain is a good man, an honorable man, I have a lot of respect for him. He also has a great personality and one that just listening to him speak makes a person feel better.

He was on wirth Sean Hannity last night too and he even broke into a song. I looked all over for the video of it but there isn't one yet.

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Un-presidential As Usual Obama Takes A Jab At Republicans During The Green Bay Packers Visit At WH

Obama took a swipe at Republicans during the Green Bay Packers visit to the White House yesterday.

Delayed by the lengthy lock-out, the traditional White House visit came roughly half a year after the team's Super Bowl victory.

Obama welcomed the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers to the White House on Friday, telling the team and its fans, “This hurts a little bit.” Obama is a Bears fan.

“It doesn’t hurt as much as the NFC championship game, but it still hurts,” Obama said. “You guys coming into my house to rub it in. What are you going to do, go to Ditka’s house next?”

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama is unbelievably un-presidential!!! He assumes that everyone there agrees with his politics but I would bet that many of those players aren’t crazy about his class warfare since they are going to see their taxes go way up if he has his way!!!

It is one thing to joke like Herman Cain said during the debate. But this was more of an Obama whine and put down when it was NOT necessary or called for and certainly had nothing to do with football.

And don't you just love how he refers to the WH the people house as HIS house. sheesh!

Posted by Wild Thing at 01:45 AM

August 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich Tells Off Fox News’ Chris Wallace for “Mickey Mouse” Gotcha Questions

Newt Gingrich Slams Fox News’ Chris Wallace for “Mickey Mouse” Gotcha Questions During GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa

Newt Gingrich gave a fiery response to a “gotcha” question from Fox News’ Chris Wallace about his campaign difficulties. Gingrich lowered the boom on him.


Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL he really let Chris have it.

Also here are the names Pelosi added to the list for the Super Committee.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi named three Democrats to the new deficit-cutting committee on Thursday, finalizing the list of 12 lawmakers who will try this fall to find ways to reduce the budget deficit by at least $1.2 trillion.

Ms. Pelosi (D., Calif.) tapped three lawmakers known for protecting entitlement programs: Reps. Xavier Becerra (D., Calif.), Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.), and James Clyburn (D., S.C.).

"We must achieve a 'grand bargain' that reduces the deficit by addressing our entire budget, while strengthening Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security," Ms. Pelosi said in a statement. The group should "make decisions regarding investments, cuts and revenues and their timing to stimulate growth while reducing the deficit."

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U.S. Attorney's Office Rejects Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent as Crime Victims

U.S. Attorney's Office Rejects Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent as Crime Victims

By William La Jeunesse

FOX News

In a surprise move in a controversial case, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona is opposing a routine motion by the family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry to qualify as crime victims in the eyes of the court.

The family asked to intervene as victims in the case against Jamie Avila, the 23-year-old Phoenix man who purchased the guns allegedly used to kill Terry. Such motions are routinely approved by prosecutors, but may be opposed by defense attorneys.

Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, was killed on Dec. 14 near Rio Rico, Ariz., according to a statement released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. (FNC)

However in this case, U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke argues because the family was not "directly or proximately harmed" by the illegal purchase of the murder weapon, it does not meet the definition of "crime victim" in the Avila case. Burke claims the victim of the Avila's gun purchases, "is not any particular person, but society in general."

Prominent litigator and the former U.S. Attorney in Florida, Kendall Coffey disagrees.

"The government apparently is saying they're not victims, even though it was a federal crime that put the murder weapon in the hands of the killer of Brian Terry," says Coffey. "They are simply rights of respect, rights of communication and the right to be heard.".

The government leaders responsible for the tragic mistakes of Operation Fast and Furious have a lot of explaining to do before Congress. But at the same time, they still have a duty under federal law to give answers, to consult and extend respect to the family," said Coffey.

Under the federal Crime Victims Rights Act, the Terry family would have the right to confer with prosecutors and speak at Avila's sentencing. Some speculate that the U.S. Attorney's Office may cut a deal with Avila in exchange for information to be used against his associates. That deal could mean little or no jail time, and a controversial sentencing day in the courtroom. Having the Terry family fight that deal, could further embarrass and complicate Burke's case.

Wild Thing's comment......


Wild Thing's comment........

They are trying to rid of the “victim”.

Having a victim is the first step towards prosecuting the perpetrator, who, in this case, is the chain of command above the ATF, which, of course, ends at the WH.

Incredibly morally wrong, but not surprising.

The Executive Branch is under the control of commu-islamo-nwo-fascist infiltrators.

Never, never, NEVER underestimate the slime of the Cretin-in-Chief and “his people”.

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Obama Urges Voters to Scold Republicans ~ More Bashing From Obama

Obama says he is frustrated with Congress

Obama toured a battery-maker in Holland, Mich., where he expressed exasperation with Congressional Republicans.

Obama Urges Voters to Scold Republicans

The New York Times


In the seven days since Standard & Poor’s downgraded the country’s credit rating, political observers and frustrated Americans alike have asked this same question: Why doesn’t President Obama haul lawmakers back to Washington to deal with the worsening economic woes?

On Thursday, Mr. Obama gave his answer. “The last thing we need is Congress spending more time arguing in D.C.,” he said in an angry speech before workers and executives at a battery plant here.

Rather, the president said, echoing what his aides have been saying privately for days, “What I figure is, they need to spend more time out here, listening to you, and hearing how fed up you are.”

It is a sign, perhaps, of the White House’s desperate search for a way forward that Mr. Obama is hoping that American voters — who are deeply disgusted with Congress, but not exactly thrilled with him either, according to recent polls — will somehow rise en masse and make their representatives see the error of their ways.

“If they’re listening hard enough,” he said, “maybe they’ll come back ready to compromise, ready to do what you sent them there to do.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Urging the voters to chide the Republicans? How about the voters kick his butt!

The Liar-In-Chief seems to believe that compromise only goes one direction. The GOP must come to their senses and compromise with the RAT party. The RAT party is never asked to compromise with the GOP. Reid wouldn’t even let the CUT, CAP, and BALANCE come to a vote.

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Obama Gives Small Business Admin's Cold Shoulder About Pressure He Has Put On Them With EPA

White House, EPA ignore Small Business Admin’s report that new coal regulations will kill jobs, economy

The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama is ignoring heated concerns from within his own administration that new Environmental Protection Agency coal industry regulations will be economically devastating.

The EPA is plowing forward with new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) mandates. The regulations would force coal energy plants to install giant scrubber-like materials inside smokestacks to capture and cleanse carbon particles before their atmospheric release.

The upgrade cost would fall on company employees and coal miners in the form of layoffs, as well as on businesses, which could expect to pay more for energy.

In a lengthy letter to EPA Director Lisa Jackson, Obama’s Small Business Administration advocacy office wrote the EPA “may have significantly understated” the economic “burden this rulemaking would impose on small entities.”

One Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce vice president, Tonya Fischer, told The Daily Caller the entire state of Indiana would be “devastated” by these regulations. “We are definitely in opposition to [the MACT regulations] because it would be devastating for the state of Indiana.” She adds that local businesses, which are struggling with the tough economy already, would be forced to pick up the extra energy production costs Obama’s EPA is pushing. “We get 95 percent of our electricity from coal.”

“The cost to convert those facilities would be passed on to the small business owners, or basically shut them [the coal energy producing facilities] down altogether,” Fischer said. “It would become cost-prohibitive for them [local businesses] to continue paying their electricity bills.”

If the EPA regulations aren’t halted, Fischer expects unemployment numbers in Indiana to skyrocket. “This has got to affect tens of thousands of jobs in the area because, not only would you lose the employees from the coal facilities, the plants themselves would become more streamlined so you’d lose jobs there and, of course, the small and local businesses.”

Tom Borelli, the director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project, said the EPA’s issues with the FERC and the SBA are “huge.”

Borelli said that if Obama cared about fixing the economy and jobs, he would stop Jackson and the EPA from promulgating more regulations onto energy companies. But, he said, like how Obamacare was rushed into law, the Obama administration and the EPA is “going as fast as they can” to get these new politically motivated regulations in place. “Common sense would dictate that in a bad economy, you don’t want to add any more uncertainty to the business environment and you certainly don’t want to make energy prices go higher,” Borelli said. “But, that’s exactly what this agenda is doing.”

Wild Thing's comment........

The EPA is now a legislative body. No oversight and they do what they want to do. Obama gave them more power then ever before.

I remember the candidate Obama telling us before he was so ignorantly elected that electricity prices would have to skyrocket.

And they voted for him anyway.

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August 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Bus Tour To Roll Into Iowa

Palin bus tour to roll into Iowa


After a nearly three-month hiatus, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is planning to crash the presidential party once again with a heartland-themed re-launch of her "One Nation" bus tour this week in Iowa, according to a Palin fundraising email obtained by CNN.

Palin is bringing her Constitution-themed bus to the Iowa State Fair, just 30 miles south of where the Republican presidential field will take the stage on Thursday for a presidential debate in Ames.

It's not yet clear which day the tour will begin, but her surprise arrival in Iowa will happen before the closely watched Ames straw poll. Palin is not on the straw poll ballot.

According to a video link included the fundraising email for Palin's political action committee, it appears the bus will also take Palin to Missouri and Illinois to visit the respective hometowns of former presidents Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.

"The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation's heart, history, and founding principles," Palin writes in the email.

Tim Crawford, the treasurer, confirmed the authenticity of the email but would not provide more the details about the tour.

Mike Ditka Thinks Sarah Palin Is A Great Lady

Mike Ditka is an old-school type of guy. Sarah Palin built her reputation on being an old-school type of woman. So it makes sense that the iconic former leader of Da Bears might harbor a fondness for the former Alaska governor/vice presidential candidate, and during a recent address in Illinois (as part of a speaker series that previously featured Palin), Ditka confirmed it for all to hear:

While speaking at the Washington Area Community Center’s Lessons for Leaders (Washington, IL) on August 6, Coach Mike Ditka lambasted the mainstream media (MSM) and heaped praise on Gov. Sarah Palin. Said Ditka:

“I understand Sarah Palin spoke here last year. I admire her. She’s a great lady, mother and wife, and that’s more important than the [bull****] the media spreads about her.”

Ditka has offered up a strong defense of Palin before. For instance, in 2010, during an interview on Fox and Friends, he said “Sarah Palin is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”

When he stumped for Palin/McCain in 2008, Ditka said Palin “epitomizes all the good qualities of this country.” He also called on audience members to put party affiliation and anything else that divided them aside long enough “put Country First” for a change. (Ditka lead by example by unashamedly admitting he was a Republican and a conservative, and most importantly, he said, “I am an American.”)


Wild Thing's comment........

"Sarah Palin is planning to crash the presidential party once again "

Notice the way CNN does their story about Sarah. Sheesh they don't slant their news much do they. GRRRRRRR

What jerks they are!

We love you Sarah!!!!

Here is the actual email that CNN was to cheap and slanted to put in their article.

SarahPAC sent out the following email:

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

We are very happy to jump back on the bus for another leg of our “One Nation Tour”! We accept with gratefulness an invitation to meet folks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines this week. The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by hig...hlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles... Let’s stay committed to the worthy cause – restoring all that is good and strong and free in America!

Thank you sincerely,

Sarah Palin

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Fox News Confirms 8 Candidates In Aug. 11th Iowa Debate TONIGHT


Fox News confirms 8 candidates in Aug. 11th Iowa debate

Election Central

CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames, Iowa

Eight Republicans will be part of Fox News' debate Thursday in advance of Saturday's Iowa straw poll, but U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Livonia won't be among them.

Michael Clemente, vice president of news, said this evening that McCotter didn’t meet the 1% support in the polls threshold the network and other sponsors required to be included.

By that criteria, the eight presidential hopefuls selected were Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Participants: Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich

Date/Time: Thursday, August 11th – 9pm EST / 8pm CST on the Fox News Channel


From Bret Baier:

We will be doing Special Report from Iowa starting tomorrow and the debate is on Thursday. We also have a special Iowa Straw Poll show on Saturday so be sure to stay tuned to FNC! Thank you for watching and if YOU have a question for the candidates we want to hear from you.

This video below is Bret and his son, and I thought you might like to see it. Bret is such a good man and I love his show on FOX. ~ Wild Thing


Wild Thing's comment.....

I am so glad FOX is the one doing this debate.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:50 AM

Charles Krauthammer: The Markets Show Obama is the Anti-E.F. Hutton, When He Speaks No One Listens

And he wasn't done, he pounded Obama for record deficits and the report that came out today that said 2011 already has a $1 trillion deficit with 2 months to go in the fiscal year. He ended by saying Obama's "clueless and for now irrelevant.


Wild Thing's comment......

LOL I love what he said. God bless Charles.

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Republican Picks For The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (Super Committee)

Speaker Boehner Announces Appointments to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

The Speaker's Official Website

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced his intent to appoint the following three lawmakers to represent House Republicans on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction:

House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX)

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI)

House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI)

Speaker Boehner has tapped Chairman Hensarling to serve as a co-chair of the joint select committee. Boehner issued the following statement regarding the appointments of Chairmen Hensarling, Camp, and Upton:

“Our debt and deficits are a threat to our economy, and America cannot achieve long-term job growth until we take action to address this crisis. In the weeks ahead, a serious, bipartisan committee of lawmakers will begin the hard but necessary work of making the tough choices needed to rein in mandatory and entitlement spending, which are the drivers of our debt. The lawmakers I have appointed to serve on this joint committee are proven leaders who have earned the trust and confidence of their colleagues and constituents. They understand the gravity of our debt crisis and I appreciate their willingness to serve on this panel.

“The two parties have fundamental differences about government and its proper role in our society. Where we've been able to agree, we have acted, and in a way consistent with the American people’s desire for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. Still, the differences remain, and so does the urgent work of returning our economy to creating jobs and lifting the crushing burden of debt that threatens our children’s future. This joint committee presents an opportunity for both parties to bring to the table their best ideas, debate them on the merits, and ultimately come together to do what’s best for our country. With all that’s at stake, I expect that the joint select committee will conduct its work in the open and transparent manner the American people deserve.”

McConnell Appoints Kyl, Toomey, Portman, to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

Mitch McConnel's Official Website

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Wednesday announced his appointments to the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction tasked with reducing the deficit by $1.5 trillion more than the cuts already identified in the Budget Control Act. McConnell appointed Sens. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), and Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

Sen. Jon Kyl was elected unanimously by his colleagues in 2008 to serve as Republican Whip, the second highest position in Senate Republican leadership. He is a senior member of the Finance Committee and a leading advocate of pro-growth tax policies. Kyl is in his third term in the Senate after serving four terms in the House of Representatives. He was the Senate Republicans’ lead negotiator in the deficit reduction talks led by the Vice President over the summer.

Sen. Pat Toomey is a member of the Budget, Banking, Commerce and Joint Economic Committees and has been a leader on economic, financial services, and budgetary issues. Toomey is in his first term in the Senate after serving three terms in the House of Representatives. Sen. Toomey has run a small business and served as the president of The Club for Growth.

Sen. Rob Portman will be the only former Director of the Office of Management and Budget on the Joint Committee. He is a member of the Budget Committee and serves on the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management (Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee). Sen. Portman is in his first term in the Senate. He served in the House of Representatives from 1993 to 2005 when he became the U.S. Trade Representative. While serving in the House of Representatives, he served as Vice Chair of the House Budget Committee and as a member of the House Ways & Means Committee. In 1997, Portman co-chaired the National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service with Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska.


Wild Thing's comment....

I wish I could be excited about othis committee, but it just makes the pit of my tummy feel sick and very concerned. I just hope and pray the Republicans that will be on it will not cave to the dems.

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August 10, 2011

Democrats Murray, Baucus, Kerry on Super Committee ~ Could Not Be Worse!

Senator Max Baucus Drunk / Intoxicated on Senate Floor


Democrats Murray, Baucus, Kerry on Super Committee

National Journal

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will appoint Democratic Sens. Patty Murray of Washington, Max Baucus of Montana, and John Kerry of Massachusetts to the new super committee tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in additional deficit reduction by November 23, according to a senior Democratic aide familiar with Reid’s decision, which is expected to be made public as early as Wednesday.

Additionally, Murray is expected to co-chair the committee, officially named the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, along with a still unnamed House Republican. A spokesman for Reid did not respond to a request for comment.

Reid’s decision to tap Murray will likely be met with scrutiny, as she is also chairing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 2012 election cycle. But she is also a member of leadership, a senior member of the Budget Committee, and a woman on what is likely to be a male-dominated committee.

Baucus is chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee with jurisdiction over many areas, including entitlement programs, that the committee is expected to examine. Kerry, meanwhile, was selected for his stature and Senate tenure.

The remaining nine lawmakers have yet to be announced. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., each must name three members to the panel by August 16.

The panel will need at least seven of the 12 lawmakers to vote on a final proposal by Thanksgiving in order to fast-track it through both chambers and send it to President Obama by December 23. If the panel deadlocks along partisan lines, it would trigger across-the-board cuts for both defense and non-defense spending.

Wild Thing's comment........

So here we have the stupidest woman in the Senate, joined with a two-faced backstabber of epic proportions, and a commie who denounced the US Army and the men in it.

This Super Committee is a sick, disgusting, abomination.

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Eight Things You Ought To Know Before You Start Writing Stories About Rick Perry

Eight things you ought to know before you start writing stories about Rick Perry.

Texas Monthly

Here we go again. As you know, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, is contemplating a presidential run, which means that any day now, your boss will be sending you down here to take the measure of the man. Though he managed to avoid the 2012 spotlight longer than any other candidate, Perry, the nation’s longest-serving governor, has lately become, in the words of a recent NPR report, “the eight-hundred-pound gorilla on the sidelines of this race.” The trickle of stories about him has become a stream, and the minute Perry declares his candidacy, that stream will become a flood, a flood that will carry you straight to Austin. I am writing you this note in the hope that it will help you avoid the political and sociological clichés that Texas is subjected to every time one of our politicians seeks the national stage.

It’s an experience we’re all too familiar with. A Texan has occupied the White House in 17 of the past 48 years—just over a third of the time. Texas has become an incubator for presidents, as Virginia and Ohio were in America’s distant past. I’ll grant you that the presidents we have sent to Washington, from LBJ to 
George W. Bush, have not always served as the best advertisements for Texas. Nevertheless, we have endured a disproportionate amount of bad writing about our state from journalists who don’t know very much about the place, and I for one can’t bear to suffer through another campaign of it.

So please, heed this advice. Rick Perry, as you have no doubt already discovered, is not the easiest man to write about. He is secretive and leery of the media (sometimes to the point of hostility), and he has a strategically valuable knack for being underestimated by his critics. I have been writing about him since the eighties, when he began his career in the Texas Legislature. Along the way I have learned a few things, which I have arranged in this handy list of Eight Points to Keep in Mind When Writing About Rick Perry.

1. Perry is not George Bush. Don’t assume that because Bush and Perry served together in the Capitol, or because they’re both Republican Texans who wear boots, the two men have a lot in common. They don’t. As governor, Bush positioned himself as “a uniter, not a divider,” championing education as one of his main priorities. Perry has been the opposite kind of chief executive: dismissive of Democrats and fond of political maneuvers that put the heat on moderates within his own party. And in the legislative session that just wrapped up, he presided over a budget that cut $4 billion from public schools. The cultural differences are striking too. Perry, the son of a Big Country cotton farmer, is at ease with a populist tea party message; W., the scion of a political dynasty, always seemed more comfortable with the country club set. They have followed starkly different paths. When W. began his political career, he had a famous name, access to his father’s huge national fund-raising base, and the backing of the establishment wing of the Republican party. As a late arrival in the Republican ranks, Perry had no fund-raising base and little name identification. He had no choice but to gravitate to the conservative wing of the GOP, where he could prove up his conservative bona fides. Nor is there any love lost between the two men. When Perry ran for lieutenant governor, in 1998, Bush’s camp wanted everyone on the ticket to run positive races; the Perry team defied the order, and ever since, relations have been frosty. There is one other critical difference. Bush lost his first race, for Congress. Perry has won every race he’s ever run.

2. It’s not a big deal that Perry was once a Democrat. To suggest otherwise will make you look foolish. When Perry was elected to the statehouse, in 1985, conservative Democrats ran the Legislature. In 1989, realizing that a conservative had little future in the party, Perry switched to the GOP. He has been a rock-solid Republican ever since and has driven the state party further to the right. Only twice has he made strategic errors that brought him into conflict with his hard-right base. One was an edict that twelve-year-old girls be inoculated against cervical cancer (it was quickly overturned); another was his promotion of a giant system of toll roads called the Trans-Texas Corridor, which stirred up significant opposition from landowners. These two bobbles aside, Perry has a genius for sensing where his base is on any given issue.

3. Perry is cannier than you think he is. Perry revels in political plays that are initially misunderstood by the press and his critics. Take his secession “gaffe” on tax day 2009, when he responded to a TV reporter’s question with an acknowledgment that if the federal government continued to interfere with Texas, the state might have to leave the union someday. His response may have repelled Democrats and independents, but it hit a nerve among conservatives and led to his shellacking of Kay Bailey Hutchison in the 2010 Republican primary for governor.

4. Texas is not a “weak governor” state. A common misconception. It used to be true, but during his historic governorship, Perry has reinvented the office as a power center. This may be his greatest accomplishment. Yes, our state constitution, written the year before Reconstruction ended, created a weak governor’s office (as did most constitutions of the states of the former Confederacy). We had two-year terms (the Legislature changed it to four-year terms beginning with the 1974 election) and a fragmented executive department with power divided among the governor, the lieutenant governor, the comptroller, the land and agriculture commissioners, the attorney general, and the railroad commission. But Perry has used his appointment power to install political allies in every state agency, effectively establishing a Cabinet form of government and making him vastly more powerful than any of his predecessors. In this regard, the Texas politician he most resembles is LBJ, who, Robert Caro reports, once told an assistant, “I do understand power, whatever else may be said about me. I know where to look for it and how to use it.” Rick Perry, to a tee.

5. Perry is not a male hair model. The late Molly Ivins coined the nickname Governor Goodhair, and it has stuck, especially with ­liberals and journalists from up north. It is true that Perry has a much-remarked-upon coif, but don’t let this lead you to assume that he’s soft, or feckless, like that other recent walking shampoo ad, John Edwards. Perry is a hard man. He is the kind of politician who would rather be feared than loved—or respected. And he has gotten his wish. Perry does not have many friends in the ­Legislature.

6. Perry is from the middle of nowhere. The first place you need to go to understand Perry is Paint Creek, where he grew up. Paint Creek is not a town. It’s a watercourse that runs through the cotton fields of southern Haskell County. Perry’s parents were tenant farmers, and not just tenant farmers but dryland farmers, which is as hard as farming gets. In a June 2010 interview with TEXAS MONTHLY editor Jake Silverstein, Perry described an incident involving a new couch that his parents, who “rarely ever bought anything,” had just purchased. “There were places in our house that you could see outside through the cracks by the windows,” the governor recalled, “and this dust storm came in and there was a layer of dust all over that new couch. And it just, you know, kind of—it was a hard life for them.” In the interview, Perry also described taking baths in the number two washtub and using an outhouse until his father built indoor plumbing in his early years. “We were rich,” Perry said, “but not in material things. I had miles and miles of pasture, a Shetland pony, and a dog. . . . I spent a lot of time just alone with my dog. A lot.”

7. Perry is an Aggie. Like many Texans with rural roots and sympathies, Perry attended Texas A&M University. This is the other place you need to go to understand him. Of course, it has changed dramatically, so you’ll have to envision it as it was when Perry was there, around 1970. A&M was uncompromising in those days. There was a saying, regarding the road to College Station, that was directed at students who resisted the A&M military culture: “Highway 6 runs both ways.” You either bought into the school’s traditions or you didn’t. Perry bought all the way in, becoming a yell leader. To this day, Perry’s style on the stump is that of the Aggie yell leader (“Are you fired up?”).

8. Don’t discount the luck factor. It is uncanny how often good fortune has been in ­Perry’s corner throughout his political career. His opponents self-destruct, as Jim High­­tower did in 1990, when Perry, a big underdog, won his first statewide race, for agriculture commissioner, and as Kay Bailey Hutchison did in 2010. In 2006, when he was at his most vulnerable, Hutchison opted not to challenge him. Perry got only 39 percent of the vote, but because there were four major candidates in the race, he won with a plurality. This spring, he lost two top aides to the Gingrich-for-president campaign, only to see Gingrich self-destruct and the aides return with national campaign experience. The list goes on and on. If you look at Perry’s career, it seems that fate is always arranging the universe so that its favorite son will be in the right place at the right time.

So there you have it. In closing, I would like to request that you please do your best to avoid tin-ear clichés about barbecue, cattle, oil, football, and the Alamo. Remember, this is an urban state of 25 million people. We don’t go to sleep at night dreaming of William Barret Travis drawing a line in the sand. We do admire our rural history, as this month’s cover attests, but our vitality is in the cities. Enjoy your visit, best of luck, and please get it right this time.

Yours truly,

Paul Burka


Wild Thing's comment........

I thought this was a really good write up about Gov. Rick Perry and has a ton of information in it that I did not know before.

We know a lot about Sarah and I thought it would be good to learn more about Gov. Perry.

We will see if they both run for President or only one of them. As of today neither Sarah nor Rick Perry has entered.

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Obama’s Path To Marxist Transformation Gets Another 2.4 Trillion Dollars---From Congress

Obama’s Path To Marxist Transformation Gets Another 2.4 Trillion Dollars---From Congress

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Over protests from patriots, your Congress gave Obama his birthday wish (literally)---more money to help fund his transformation of America to a Marxist regime while simultaneously further weakening America’s economic foundation which helps him to achieve that goal. More funny money can now be printed for the Administration’s perverse purposes, and the door was left open for tax increases on the half of American households which already support the other half who pay no income taxes. Businesses will face less incentive to create jobs, and without jobs Obama can destroy the middle class by driving them into government-dependent poverty.

Obama is fulfilling his ideological goal of Marxism, a movement with which he has been involved since 1992 when he served as the lead organizer for Project Vote---one of three main arms of the American Marxist movement whose strategy was devised by two Columbia University Marxist professors in 1966---Richard Cloward and Francis Piven. These two men published their plan for Marxist transformation in Nation magazine, a leftwing publication which had long supported communism.

Their plan was to create social and economic crises nationwide in order to dismantle the American private enterprise system and engineer a socialist redistribution of wealth. They formed the ‘National Welfare Rights Movement’ with over 500 chapters nationwide which was funded by the federal ‘War on Poverty’, accomplishing more than a doubling of one-parent welfare-dependent households nationwide by the early 1970s. This led to the bankruptcy of New York City as tax revenues fell short of those necessary to support expanded welfare rolls. As revenues were exhausted, the organization fell apart, soon to be replaced by the avowed anti-capitalist organization ACORN---Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now---which expanded to include over 400,000 members in more than 100 U.S. cities. ACORN is where Barack Obama got his start as an active participant in the movement to redistribute America’s wealth through transformation of the democratic republic to a Marxist regime.

Followers of Cloward and Piven then founded Project Vote, the purpose of which was to massively expand the number of government-dependent voters across the nation by enlisting anyone who appeared on any government roster---including convicted felons, welfare recipients, driver license applicants (the Motor Voter Law) and even dead/missing people. The objective was to build an electoral base which would (some unknowingly) vote Marxists like Obama into public office. Cloward and Piven themselves founded a third organization known as Human SERVE which teamed up with ACORN and Project Vote to accomplish their goals.

Subsequent high points of the Marxist movement include the Community Reinvestment Act (1977) the goal of which was purportedly to achieve ‘racial equality’, initially by intimidating lending institutions to give loans to those who could not afford them, and ultimately with the help of President Clinton in 1995 through expansion of this program by pushing subprime loans onto the books of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The CEOs of those two entities were paid massive salaries at taxpayer expense some of which would be funneled back to Democrat politicians to ensure their re-election. We all know how this ended in 2008 when the financial system imploded only to be rescued by an 800 billion dollar bailout during the transition from the Bush to the Obama administrations.

After his election, Obama took immediate steps to further his ideological goals. His administration had banks where he wanted them. He then took over Chrysler Corporation and GM, informing bondholders their bonds were worthless while assigning major ownership interests to the labor unions (confiscation of assets). He signed Obamacare into law without Congress as much as reading it before voting. He spent another 2 trillion dollars after TARP to ‘rescue’ Fannie and Freddie, a process which continues by using taxpayer money to buy properties facing foreclosure, and to purportedly ‘create jobs’----a process which appears invisible as unemployment continues to soar. Not counting the initial TARP bailout, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the national debt which is unsustainable and will crush our children---and Obama just keeps spending like there is no tomorrow!

Congress last week gave him another 2.4 trillion to spend before the 2012 election increasing America’s debt to 17 trillion dollars which exceeds the size of our 14 trillion dollar economy and does not even include more than 115 trillion dollars in unfunded future government liabilities which can never be paid. Obama is consciously destroying America’s private enterprise economy through reckless spending coupled with enactment of numerous burdensome regulations on private sector businesses.

Obama is so dangerous to our country that one has to wonder why the Congress won’t stop him. The Democrat majority in the Senate is his accomplice. He shrugs off concern about lack of economic recovery as a ‘bump in the road’, but his policies are largely responsible. He would rather travel on the taxpayers’ dime campaigning for re-election while still running up the national credit card even despite warnings from abroad. He is said to have already raised at least one billion dollars much of which will be diverted to Project Vote in an all-out attempt to ensure his re-election with the help of massive voting fraud and bribery of labor unions.

This transformation to Marxism can only be stopped by patriots who value freedom, self-sufficiency and the principles upon which America was founded.


Wild Thing's comment........

Good one by the Dr. I too wish Congress would stop him.

We are seeing such a huge rush to desrtruction and somehow it has to be stopped asap. I worry that the longer he is in office and gets his agenda put through the harder it will be to get rid of it. Look at ObamaDEATHcare, will we ever see it gone??? Dear God I pray we see that day!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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20 Year-Old Noor Almaleki Was Run Over And Killed By Her Islamic Father iIn An Honor Killing ~ So Where Are The So Called "Moderate" Muslims Protesting This!

A newly released taped phone call between Noor alMaleki's family and police.

On October 20, 2009, 20 year-old Noor Almaleki was run over and killed by her Islamic father in an honor killing because she had become to westernized. Police have now released taped conversations with Noor’s mother who apparently agreed with her Husband that Noor needed to die:

Background from this last January

FrontPage Magazine

The honor killing trial begins in Phoenix today (Monday, Jan.24) of Faleh Hassan Almaleki, an Iraqi Muslim immigrant who killed his 20-year-old daughter, Noor Almaleki, on October 20, 2009, because she had become too Westernized.

Almaleki had crashed his jeep into Noor and her boyfriend’s mother in a parking lot of a state Department of Economic Security office in Peoria, a Phoenix suburb. The mother survived, but Noor went into a coma for two weeks and then died from her injuries.

After killing his daughter, Almaleki himself boasted that he had to take Noor’s life because she had dishonored his family by her “Western” behavior. Evidence reveals that Almaleki had tried to impose strict Islamic codes on Noor and that he had attempted to force her into an arranged marriage when she was 17.

These efforts at enslavement failed, as Noor fought to be a free human being and to establish her own personal sovereignty; she ended up moving into her own apartment, finding a boyfriend and working in a fast-food restaurant.

Almaleki was trained from birth to see the world through the lens of Islamic misogyny, where women are the property of men. Under the vicious and sadistic system of Islamic gender apartheid, women’s autonomy must be suffocated on all levels. With this pathological mindset, Almaleki became enraged seeing his daughter practice her own individual agency and he concluded that he must take her life. After Almaleki hit his daughter and her boyfriend’s mother with his jeep, he fled the country, but was caught in London and returned to Phoenix.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Where are the Muslims condemning this? This is what proves, in every act of violence and terrorism that these people (meaning those who are in the Islamic cult) condone this behavior and encourage it.

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Democrat Wanna Be Redundant John McCain "Not Sorry" For Saying "Tea Party Hobbits" On Senate Floor

McCain "Not Sorry" For Saying "Tea Party Hobbits" On Senate Floor

A member of The Greater Phoenix Tea Party politely Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to apologize for calling Tea Party members in the House and Senate "hobbits." McCain, who was quoting the Wall Street Journal, made his comments on the Senate floor.

"I am sorry if it was misunderstood. I am not sorry for what I said," McCain said to a heated audience.

"I mean, why should I when it’s the facts," Senator McCain added.

Wild Thing's comment......

There was no misunderstanding what you said, and your non-apology is noted.

And the people of AZ. had every good chance to turn THAT jackass out of office. And whaaaaaat did the good and most wise people of Arizona do?

They returned the RINO to office. I don't mean all the people at this Townhall meeting ithey held but there must have been some there that DID put McCain back in office.

McCain is an ass but what we also see is what has to be called Arizonans having buyers remorse...again.

What ticks me off about all of this is that it is one thing to elect someone that has no effect on my life, say a Mayor of a citry in another State. But my gosh a Senator that effects our entire country when they vote on things. sheesh

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August 09, 2011

CNBC's Rick Santelli: ‘If It Wasn’t for the Tea Party We Would Have Been Rated BBB!’

CNBC's Rick Santelli: ‘If It Wasn’t for the Tea Party We Would Have Been Rated BBB!’

CNBC’s Rick Santelli gives a fiery reaction to Obama and the Democrats’ attempts to blame the U.S. credit downgrade on the Tea Party:

Rick Santelli reacts to President Obama's blame game when it comes to the downgrade of the United States of America's credit rating. Santelli says that if it wasn't for the tea party movement, America's credit would have been downgraded to BBB.

He also responds to the argument that we have a revenue problem by comparing it to if his wife spending 30% more money then telling him to get 2 more jobs.

“Blame the Tea Party? Geez, no wonder Kerry did so well in an election. If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, they would have passed the debt ceiling thumbs up. We would have been rated triple B!”

Wild Thing's comment......

LOL I LOVE Santelli and his passion, he is awesome!

May GOD BLESS RICK SANTELLI!!! He has been a True American Hero!

If this were the days of the American Revolution I bet the liberal Dems would be supporting and feeling sorry for old King George. They would be ranting and blaming the discontents for the sufferings of the war fought to make us free from the bondage of serfdom and taxation. And, after our success they would be faulting the Revolutionary Army and George Washington for having saved this country from tyranny and freeing it for our people, our independence, our growth, and our future.

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Small Business Owner Says Obama Should Apologize for Economy ~ A Must See Video!

From Neil Cavuto's program on FoxNews

"The definition of confidence means, 'I can rely'. I can't rely on anything. Everything so far has been a myriad of lies and manipulation and none of it's been true. This is what the business community has been saying for over a year."

Cavuto asks, what are small businesses going to do?: "Why (as a small businessperson) should I take the risk when no one else is taking the risk?...We pay most of the taxes, and you call us what? Why not a 'thank you' note. You want me to hire, you want me to take more risk, you want me to go farther into debt...why should I do that?"

Cavuto asks, what should Obama say if he were to address the nation?: "I apologize! I apologize because I did not lead this country to success. He's the first (president) that I known of to have this (downgrade). He's not going to be known as the first black president. He's going to be known as the president who had a downgrade."

Cavuto says, Obama would argue that he inherited a mess: "He did. Doesn't matter. I inhireit a mess every day as the CEO of a company! That is my job title: to fix problems and get people to work in harmony for one common goal...the common goal is that this country be a safe and secure country...this is the American Dream! What are you doing...get people together, not vacation!"

Wild Thing's comment.......

Fantastic and a huge thank you to this woman for speaking out.

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Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Reaction to Credit Rating Downgrade: Obama appeared “weak, plaintive, and small”

From last night on FOX

Charles Krauthammer, where he said President Obama appeared “weak, plaintive, and small” today as he finally made a statement reacting to the Standard & Poors downgrade of the nation’s credit rating. When Obama made his speech, the Dow was down 400 points. After he finished, it closed down more than 600 points.

He reminded everyone that it was Obama who threatened to veto any debt limit deal that did not get him through his re-election attempt. He got that, but the downgrade of the U.S. Credit Rating took place anyway. It had nothing to do with the Tea Party, and everything to do with the huge debt run up by Obama, and his obvious unwillingness to deal with the source of the problem – spending.


Wild Thing's comment......

Love how CK puts it about Obama.

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Rush Limbaugh: "As Far As 2012 Goes, Obama Is Now Debt Man Walking"

"You may not want to admit that this is being done on purpose, but if you sit down and spend just 15 minutes analysing what has happened in the last 2 1/2 years, I don't know how you can come to any other conclusion...As far as 2012 goes, Obama is debt-man walking"

The rest of what he said is here in the COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT:

Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now! Bam is "Debt Man Walking" in 2012


RUSH: Does anybody now doubt that this is on purpose? I mean, after all, Barack Obama inherits a AAA credit rating from George W. Bush, and look what he does to it. Obama is always running around complaining and whining and moaning about all that he inherited from George W. Bush. Well, he inherited a AAA credit rating, an unemployment rate of 5.7%. Does anybody doubt that this is on purpose? Well, look, my credit rating doesn't suck. There are a lot of individual Americans whose credit ratings aren't in trouble. The United States has never been in this position -- and the next thing that's gonna happen is that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and others are going to be downgraded.

What are the Democrats doing? Blaming the referees! Blaming Standard & Poor's! That always changes the outcome, doesn't it? Blame the refs. You people in Seattle? The Seahawks, Super Bowl, 2005, Steelers? Blame the refs. Last time I looked the Steelers still won the game. So go ahead and blame Standard & Poor's all you want, Democrats. Now they're blaming the military! Barney Frank's blaming the military. Rumsfeld was on our DC affiliate this morning, WMAL. You know our military spending is 4% of GDP right now? Military spending is 4% of GDP. During the Eisenhower administration in the fifties, post WWII, defense spending was 10% of GDP. Today it's 4% of GDP, and Barney Frank and the Democrats are trying to say it's the military's fault that we've been downgraded.

This is the fault of the Democrat Party. Greetings, my friends, I am Rush Limbaugh: America's Anchorman fighting the rising forces of socialism. They want us to believe now that France is better than we are? And of course you can talk about S&P all you want, folks, but the real problem that we've got and the real referee we're dealing with are the loan sharks, and that's the ChiComs. The ChiComs are dictating the terms of this. They are our number one lender; and, you know, ask the banks about what happened when Trump was having trouble paying them back. What did they have to do? If Trump went down, they went down. Well, the ChiComs are in much the similar situation.

This is just so outrageous. Even my old buddy Pete Wehner who worked for Rove in the White House and who has been reluctant... Pete's the epitome of fairness and evenhandedness and so forth. Even Pete, at his Commentary magazine blog today, said this: "It reinforces, perhaps, like nothing else has the impression that Obama is overseeing -- and some respects engineering -- the decline of the American republic." There can be no doubt! It now just takes the courage to admit it. This is why I said, "I hope he fails," because I didn't want to see this happen to our country. I am mad and I am depressed at the same time over what happened to the SEALs in Afghanistan.

Folks, this is not who we are.

This country today, as constituted, is not who we are. Now, sometimes that phrase is incorporated when some actor or Hollywood type will get caught in an embarrassing situation, and while being caught in the act of whatever it is, say, "This is not who I am." Yes, it is who you are. You were doing it! Well, this is not who we are. This legitimately is not who we are. We are not, we were never intended to be a nation in decline. We have a president that's overseeing -- and Pete's right here: Engineering -- the decline of the American republic. I'm glad that somebody is finally starting to echo this. Just like... Snerdley, what year did I do my April Fool's thing, "tax the poor"? That was 1990 some odd, right?

It was the early 1990s, and the whole point -- even though it was an April Fool's joke, the whole point of it -- was that a rising percentage of Americans were not paying taxes, not just the poor, and now we're up to 48% of the American people have no skin in the game, not paying taxes. In 1993, 1994, I, El Rushbo, got the ball rolling with this whole notion of tax the poor -- and even though I did it on April Fool's and as a partial April Fool's joke, of course people fell for it. It was almost as effective as when I endorsed Bill Clinton that day for ten minutes, and then denied it to every caller thereafter. I said, "No, I didn't endorse Clinton." "I just heard you!" "That was in my youth. You can't hold me accountable for things I did in my youth," to try to illustrate what a liar the guy was.

So I'm simply trying to point out here that this is all being done on purpose, and it's tragic, and it just ticks me off. When Barney Frank sits over there and starts talking about how we need to cut defense, he is singing from the ChiCom hymnal. They want us to cut our defense spending, too! Now, contrary to what the Democrats are saying, Standard & Poor's is not saying we're not taxed enough; they're saying we're spending too much -- and I'll tell you something else, and I have written this to a bunch of people over the weekend. Another thing I'm ticked off about is this stupid debt deal. Remember last week on Wednesday, after Obama received the new spending authority in that debt deal we spent $259 billion in one day.

We went $259 billion in debt in one day which was more than the cuts over ten years are gonna end up being in the debt deal. Now, before the debt deal started, before it was signed, I told you the Republicans were operating out of fear.We were told that if we did not sign that debt deal, what? What were we told? Let me ask you. We were told that our credit would be downgraded, that we might go into default, and that the Republicans would be blamed for it. Okay, so we did the debt deal. What happened? Our credit has been downgraded, we haven't gone into default, but the Republicans are being blamed for it, and the military is being blamed for it! So an opportunity to sit there and do the right thing, once again, was squandered because of fear. George Patton wrote a poem in 1945 entitled, "(I am) Fear."

I have it here, and at some point during the program today I'm gonna read it to you as only I, America's Anchorman, can. He was paid $250 by Cosmopolitan magazine, I think it was, to write this poem -- 250 bucks back in the forties -- and it is perfect. Tax the Poor was April 1st, 1991. That's what being on the cutting edge of societal evolution is all about. Taxing the poor. I suggested it in April 1st of 1991, and of course the whole point of it was that a rising tide of Americans were not paying for what they were getting. And of course I was castigated from coast to coast for it. And here we are 20 years later. (interruption) It did make the news! Oh, yeah, it made the national news. Taxing the poor made national news, of course it did.

Now, 20 years comes along and goes by and I understand there are other people out there claiming they are responsible for all the attention to do it now. Fine and dandy, but folks, (long sigh) I can't tell you as a proud, patriotic, heartfelt, God-do-I-love-this-country American, how mad I am at what is being done while everybody sits around and watches it. You may not want to admit that this is being done on purpose, but if you sit down and you spend just 15 minutes analyzing what has happened in the last two and a half years, I don't know how you can come to any other conclusion. In the last two and a half years we've had plenty of time to assess what hasn't been working and change it. Instead, we have doubled down in what hasn't been working.

We have doubled and tripled what hasn't been working. We piled what doesn't work on top of what doesn't work, on top of what doesn't work. The old definition of "insanity" is "doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result." We've got it! We have insanity at the upper levels of our government. So now we know what Obama got for his birthday: A downgrade of our credit rating, probably exactly what he wanted in his heart of hearts. Has he said anything about it? No. What's the market today? Ha! We're down just a measly 304 today. The futures last night had us down 290 at the opening bell. So we're down a measly 304.

So Democrats, let me ask you: Are you happy now? You've finally got your hope and change. I said that I hoped he would fail, and this is exactly what I meant. But, from your perspective, from Obama's perspective, he hasn't failed. He's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams -- and now look where we are. How many of you saw the movie Planet of the Apes? Do you remember how that movie ended? Colonel George Taylor on a beach, Statue of Liberty halfway buried. New York City doesn't exist. Charlton Heston is Colonel George Taylor, "You did it. You finally did it! Damn you all to hell, you did it." That's how I feel today. That's how I felt all weekend long.

Damn it to hell, they did it!

Obamageddon. That's what we have witnessed since Friday. Obamageddon. Barackalypse Now. The only silver lining I can find is that as far as 2012 goes, Obama's a "Debt Man Walking." Anybody want to tell me he's not landslidable now? Let me repeat this as the Media Tweak of the Day: "What we have witnessed since Friday is Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now; and the only silver lining out there is that as far as 2012 goes, Obama's now Debt Man Walking." What's he gonna say? He's gonna make a speech at one o'clock. "We gotta all work together! Construction workers, go out there and rebuild America." Balanced approach? Yeah, balanced approach: Tax increases!

Where has Obama been hiding over the weekend? I know he's been playing golf. Our problem is he hasn't been playing enough golf as it turns out. But how come he's refusing to go on TV and talk about this? Shouldn't he be talking about it, maybe taking a victory lap, spiking the ball in the end zone? The NFL's back; he said he was hoping that would happen. Well, go out there. Go to some team's training camp and spike the ball in the end zone. Obama's managed to accomplish something else that's completely "unprecedented," which is one of his favorite words. This is unprecedented. Our credit rating started in 1917.

This is unprecedented. Instead, the White House is saying Obama won't dignify S&P's downgrade with a response, which just means they haven't been able to come up with one. Christina Romer has, though. She said we've been intercoursed. Our economy's intercoursed. Christina Romer, yeah. I got the sound bite. Grab audio sound bite number five. This Friday night, HBO's Real Time, that idiot, Bill Maher, talking to former chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors Christina Romer about the economy, and Bill Maher says, "How intercoursed are we? I mean, right before the show S&P downgraded our credit rating."

ROMER: Pretty darn (bleep).


AUDIENCE: (applause and laughter)

ROMER: I've been hanging around Tim Geithner too long.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

MAHER: Why? Does he swear like a sailor?

ROMER: Oh, like a seventh grade boy.

RUSH: So our former head of the Council of Economic Advisors is going on a comedy show on
HBO to talk about how our economy is now "intercoursed," and she was one of the former economic team that helped introduce policies that led us to the point where now we're intercoursed. (interruption) What did...? (interruption) Who, Biden did? (interruption) Gore? Oh, I said Gore over the edge? I haven't heard anything about what Gore did, haven't paid any... (interruption) What did Gore do? Cursed us out? Cursed...? (interruption) Who? Cursed us, when you say...? (interruption) Oh, oh, that. Oh, that, oh, that. He's ticked off because we can't talk about the G-D climate anymore. Yeah, well, we beat that back. That's one moment of progress. We've had a AAA credit rating since 1917, all the way through World War I. The Great Depression, we had a AAA credit rating.

World War II, we had a AAA credit rating, and we lose it now, and for what? For what great purpose did we lose it? Except an ideological hatred of American capitalism and a love of class warfare, what did we lose our AAA rating for? A naked effort to get still more and more money to buy votes. A never-ending quest for power, that's why we lost our AAA credit rating. Think about it: Obama's finally managed another major accomplishment on that list he told us he had, that list that he said he'd only done about 70% so far. At long last, Obama and his fellow Democrats have finally been able to convince the world that we are just another country, after all. There's nothing exceptional about us or our economy. For crying out loud, France has a higher credit rating than we do. France! They produce cheese and perfume, for crying out loud.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Rush was on fire. After this horrible weekend of so much happening I was really looking forward to what he had to say about all of this.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:47 AM

August 08, 2011

50 Minutes Late Obama FINALLY Speaks About S&P,He Takes NO Responsibility More Lecturing and Blames Congress!

Barack Obama says the U.S. always is and always has been a triple-A country, despite its rating agency downgrade.

He said also the U.S. didn’t need a rating agency to tell it that it’s political system was having trouble functioning.

Speaking at the White House on the Standard & Poor’s downgrade, Obama renewed a plea to Congress to take action in September of help create jobs and cushion Americans from a still weak economy.

Obama said financial markets around the world “still believe our credit is triple-A. I and the world’s investor’s agree.”


Barney Frank Blames Military Spending for Downgrade


Wild Thing's comment........

He is a COWARD for not taking questions!

Market tanked as he spoke.

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George Soros's Drives New Liberal Catch Phrase: ‘Tea party downgrade’ drives new liberal catch phrase: ‘Tea party downgrade’


The left-wing activist group picked up the new liberal slogan bashing conservatives for Standard & Poor’s U.S. credit rating downgrade: “Tea Party downgrade.” President Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry both used the phrase on Sunday talk shows.

In a Sunday afternoon email to supporters, accused tea partiers of being responsible for the first-ever credit downgrade in U.S. history. “This ‘tea party downgrade’ is a shameful blow to our nation’s honor and risks throwing us right back into recession,”


Wild Thing's comment......

The marching orders have gone out for The Big Lie of the Day.

Expect this Big Lie to be repeated endlessly by most corrupt elements of the Regime Media at CNN, NBC, Washington Post, ad nauseum. is populated by socialist/Marxist big government plantation zombies and other assorted idiots.

Obama and the Democrats spent the U.S. into near-bankruptcy then just added another 7 trillion in debt. TEA party activists in congress tried to thwart this but failed. Some just caved, full of oh-so reasonable excuses. Now, the left is attempting to blame the TEA party for the S&P downgrade? How absurd! Obviously, their meme will be that the downgrade came because the debt ceiling deal didn't include more taxes and even more spending. TEA party Representatives and Senators must fight back on this gigantic lie from the left.

The T.E.A. Party did not spend money it did not have!
The T.E.A. Party is not respondible for:
The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.95 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

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Barack Hussein Obama MIA and Incompetent Treasury Secretary Geithner Says He Will Stay On


Geithner To Remain Through 2012 Election

FOX Houston


Tim Geithner has told President Barack Obama that he will remain in his post as Treasury secretary through the presidential campaign in 2012, the US Treasury Department announced in a statement Sunday.

"Secretary Geithner has let the President know that he plans to stay on in his position at Treasury," Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Jenni LeCompte said in the statement. "He looks forward to the important work ahead on the challenges facing our great country."

Geithner had previously said he would remain at Treasury for the "foreseeable future," although he declined to be more specific about that timeframe.

Geithner had reportedly considered leaving his post after the Obama administration reached a deal with Congress to raise the nation's $14.29 trillion debt limit.

The New York Times reported last week that White House officials pressured him to stay in his position to offer continuity in the tough economic climate and to avoid a contentious Senate confirmation fight over his successor


Wild Thing's comment......

It has been over 48 hours now since Standard and Poors downgraded the US credit rating.

No statement from Obama or one of his TV appearance to speek to the Nation. MIA

After the largest single loss of life ever for SEAL Team Six.

Does Obama make a TV appearance to speak to the Nation and to the families and other troops about this horror that happened..... MIA ( we all know Bush and Reagan would have made a public statement about this and not just a press release like Obama did of his few sentences and nothing about the terrorists)

BUT when does he demand to be heard and seen?? When he wants to slander, bash, attack and talk down to American citizens. Look how many times just a week ago he demanded to he on TV just to throw his whine around and bitch and moan and lie.

And regarding Geithner, how on earth anyone would be allowed to have his job that as we found out had not paid his taxes. That alone should send signals how bad our country has gone down the drain. What the hell is wrong with people that they do not care about this. Obviously people that voted for Obama are law breakers and criminals every one of them or certainly condone it.

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Senator Marco Rubio: "This Debate Will Continue."

Wild Thing's comment......

Marco Rubio offers his parting thoughts before the Senate’s August recess. He insists this debate of the last few weeks has just begun. It’s about nine minutes long, but worth every second.

Notice how Marco can speak so beautifully, so emotionally while barely referring to notes, but our Commander In Chief, once called the greatest speaker of all time, can’t get through a sentence without his Teleprompter?

Rubio is scheduled to speak at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California during the recess.

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Desperate NOT To Be Blamed Even As History Proves Dems At Fault! Democrat New Mantra "The Tea Party Downgrade’

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod on CBS' "Face the Nation" lead a new propaganda push against the Tea Party movement.

First they were "astro-turf", then racist, then stupid, then violent, then dangerous, then terrorists, and now they're responsible for the S & P downgrade even though the Tea Party was pushing for the exact entitlement reforms that would have avoided the downgrade.

It's obvious that the White House is fearful that the president will be blamed for the unprecedented downgrade of America's bond rating.

Democrats in four years under Pelosi and two years under Obama increase federal outlays by 44% and the federal debt by 65%, Obama produces a budget that is so deep in the red that even Democrats in the Senate vote it down, the House Republicans produce two plans that would probably have averted the downgrade only to see them ignored by Democrats in the Senate, Obama never specifies details of his Grand Bargain, and the Democrats require that the cuts in the compromise be back end loaded, and its a Tea Party downgrade?????????????

Wild Thing's comment......

Blaming Bush was wearing thin...not that they won’t still use that. But the new blame is Tea Party, Sarah Palin, anything but themselves. The hell with John effin and the horseface he rode in on.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:45 AM | Comments (2)

August 07, 2011

S&P Warns Of A Second Downgrade For USA

Michele Bachmann on Fox News on FOX with Neil Cavuto. Both Neil and Bachmann point out that Obama hasn't said a word about the S&P downgrade. Bachmann says he needs to come back from Camp David.

As Neil points out at the beginning of the video.....Obama did not even mention the downgrad by S&P in his Sat. address on TV. ~ Wild Thing


S&P warns of a second downgrade


Standard & Poor’s warned Saturday that the US government could face a second downgrade if government fails to make real cuts to the debt.

One day after lowering the nation’s platinum triple-A credit rating, Standard & Poor’s analysts warned Saturday that the U.S. government could face a second downgrade if the economy continues to struggle and the government fails to make the cuts outlined in the debt ceiling agreement.

The ratings agency on Friday downgraded the nation to AA+ for the first time in history, saying partisanship in Washington is preventing dramatic deficit reduction.

S&P managing director John Chambers told reporters on a Saturday conference call that the toxic mix of a listless economy and political infighting will cause government debt to grow.

“Compared to some other highly rated governments, the U.S. government does not have the proactive ability to put public finances on a firm footing,” Chambers said.

His colleague David Beers said the partisan discord increases the risk that Washington will not achieve effective policy remedies.

“For that reason, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future debt burden,” Beers said.

S&P: U.S. Faces Further Downgrade Beyond AA+

FOX Business News

The U.S.’s new double A+ rating “could go down more in a time frame of six months to 24 months,” to double-A, depending on government action to cut the deficit, John Chambers, managing director and chairman of Standard & Poor’s sovereign ratings committee tells FOX Business senior vice president and anchor Neil Cavuto in an interview on FOX News Saturday.

That means the U.S. government effectively has until at least February to find additional cuts to meet S&P's demand for at least $4 trillion in total deficit reductions over the next decade.

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Wild Thing's comment........

If they would get rid of ObamaDEATHcare that would save millions!.....Start There! And get rid of Obama - that will save trillions !!

The S&P guy responsible for the ruling was interviewed yesterday by Niel Cavuto. He was not apologetic and stood up strong for the down grade.

Niel asked if other nations had been down graded before. He answered yes.

Neil asked how long it generally took to have the rating reverted to AAA.

He answered..... well, about 9 to 18 years!

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25 U.S. Navy SEALs Among the 31 U.S. Forces Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan; Taliban Takes Credit

Afghan president Hamid Karzai said 31 U.S. Special Forces and 7 Afghan soldiers were killed in one of the deadliest single attacks for U.S. troops in nearly 10 years of war in Afghanistan.

U.S. Special Forces Chinook Helicopter crashed after being hit by a Taliban-fired RPG. CNN reports the Pentagon says they were on a rescue mission to assist U.S. Forces who were pinned down in a firefight. Twenty-two of the Special Forces were Navy SEALs from SEAL Team 6 – the same unit that killed Osama Bin Laden.

From FOX News: Fox News said they were told by Defense Department Officials that the SEALs killed in the Helicopter Crash were NOT the same soldiers who actually raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound and killed him. They were members of the same SEAL team – SEAL Team 6.

Wild Thing's comment......

I am sick about this.

Obama issued a statement saying “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families”. Big deal. He should be saying we will make those responsible pay. I hate that man more than I ever imagined I could hate someone.

God bless the fallen and their families. This is awful.

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Communist China Demands OBAMA and His Government Spending Frenzy and Taxing Craze ‘live within its means’

China criticized the US today after the S&P downgrade saying the good old days of borrowing are over. The the largest foreign holder of United States debt said the US had to “cure its addiction to debt.”

Barack Obama and Democrats added over One Trillion Dollars to the annual federal budget in the last 3 years alone.

That’s at least a 30% increase in federal spending in just 3 years. And, democrats have no intention cutting spending.


Global leaders on Saturday arranged a round of emergency calls to discuss the twin debt crises in Europe and the United States that are causing turmoil in financial markets.

~ snipet~

China bluntly criticized the United States after the S&P ratings cut to AA-plus, saying Washington had only itself to blame and calling for a new stable global reserve currency.

“The U.S. government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone,” China’s official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary.

Xinhua scorned the United States for a "debt addiction" and "short sighted" political wrangling. China, it said, "has every right now to demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China's dollar assets."

After a week which saw $2.5 trillion wiped off global markets, the S&P move deepened fears of an impending recession in the United States as euro zone countries struggle with a debt crisis of their own.

S&P blamed the downgrade in part on gridlock in Washington, saying politics was preventing steps to address the debt and deficit problems. Amid a vitriolic fight between Democrats and Republicans, U.S. lawmakers reached a last-minute debt deal last week to avoid an unprecedented default by the government.

President Barack Obama urged lawmakers to set aside partisan politics, saying they must work to put the nation’s fiscal house in order and stimulate the stagnant economy. He called on Congress to give tax relief to the middle class, extend jobless benefits and pass long-delayed trade pacts.


LA Times: China demands U.S. 'live within its means'

Los Angeles Times

The largest foreign holder of U.S. treasuries responds to the S&P downgrading by calling for decreases in U.S. military outlays and social spending.

Beijing — China called on the United States to "cure its addiction to debts" and "learn to live within its means" in a searing commentary published Saturday by the official New China News Agency in response to Standard & Poor's historic downgrading of the U.S. government's credit rating a day earlier.

China, the largest foreign holder of U.S. federal debt, blamed "short-sighted political wrangling in Washington" for creating the current financial morass that now threatens to undermine the global economy.

"China, the largest creditor of the world's sole superpower, has every right now to demand the United States to address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China's dollar assets," the commentary said.

"If no substantial cuts were made to the U.S. gigantic military expenditure and bloated social welfare costs, the downgrade would prove to be only a prelude to more devastating credit rating cuts, which will further roil the global financial markets all along the way," it continued.


Wild Thing's comment.......

The U.S. has "lost face." Any respect that other countries once had toward us is disappearing. This president has made us the laughing stock of the world.

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S&P Says It Favors Spending Cuts Over Tax Hikes To Fix Credit Rating ~ Are You Listening Obama????

S&P Says It Favors Spending Cuts Over Tax Hikes To Fix Credit Rating

The Hill

Standard & Poor’s laments the possibility cuts to entitlement programs won’t materialize and the decreasing likelihood of new tax revenues.

The decision by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the U.S. credit rating to “AA+” at once laments the possibility that cuts to entitlement programs will not materialize and the decreasing likelihood of new tax revenues. But it appears to give more weight to the need for more spending cuts, as it warns that a further credit rating downgrade is in the cards if the U.S. does not trim spending.

In contrast, while the report indicates that new tax revenues would help mitigate the debt crisis, failing to find these revenues does not immediately put the U.S. at risk of another downgrade.

Specifically, the report warns directly that a further downgrade to “AA” status could occur within the next two years if there is “less reduction in spending” than what was agreed in the debt ceiling agreement. S&P said one factor that could lead to this second downgrade is if the minimum $1.2 trillion in spending cuts under the debt ceiling agreement does not occur.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama owns this, after they passed the first bill .."Cut,Cap, Balance" .....and then IF the Senate and Obama would have signed that one this would not be happening.

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August 06, 2011

Obama Has Now Caused This:The United States Has Lost Its Sterling Credit Rating

Michele Bachmann reacted to the news tonight that S&P downgraded the US credit rating. Bachmann was on with Greta Van Susteren.

“This president has destroyed the credit rating of the United States through failed economic policies and his inability to control government spending… President Obama is destroying the foundation’s of our economy one beam at a time. I call on the president to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and to submit a plan with his list of cuts to balance the budget this year, turn the economy around and put our people back to work.”



Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner back in April where he was asked point blank if there was any danger the U.S. could lose its AAA Credit Rating.

His answer: “No risk of that.” He cited the “leadership of the President of the United States of America” and a key reason why it could not happen. Geithner further said, “Absolutely” the U.S. would keep its AAA Credit Rating.


Standard & Poors downgraded the U.S. Credit Rating from AAA to AA+, the first time such a downgrade has ever happened to the U.S.

August 5, 2011

FOX News

The United States has lost its sterling credit rating.

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's on Friday lowered the nation's AAA rating for the first time since granting it in 1917. The move came less than a week after a gridlocked Congress finally agreed to spending cuts that would reduce the debt by more than $2 trillion -- a tumultuous process that contributed to convulsions in financial markets. The promised cuts were not enough to satisfy S&P.

The drop in the rating by one notch to AA-plus was telegraphed as a possibility back in April. The three main credit agencies, which also include Moody's Investor Service and Fitch, had warned during the budget fight that if Congress did not cut spending far enough, the country faced a downgrade. Moody's said it was keeping its AAA rating on the nation's debt, but that it might still lower it.

Speaker John Boehner issued a statement saying that the downgrade is "the latest consequence of overspending by Washington."

One of the biggest questions after the downgrade was what impact it would have on already nervous investors. While the downgrade was not a surprise, some selling is expected when stock trading resumes Monday morning. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 699 points this week, the biggest weekly point drop since October 2008.

"I think we will have a knee-jerk reaction on Monday," said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank.

But any losses might be short-lived. The threat of a downgrade is likely already reflected in the plunge in stocks this week, said Harvey Neiman, a portfolio manager of the Neiman Large Cap Value Fund.

"The market's already been shaken out," Neiman said. "It knew it was coming."

One fear in the market has been that a downgrade would scare buyers away from U.S. debt. If that were to happen, the interest rate paid on U.S. bonds, notes and bills would have to rise to attract buyers. And that could lead to higher borrowing rates for consumers, since the rates on mortgages and other loans are pegged to the yield on Treasury securities.

Wild Thing's comment.........

God help us and our country.

Unprecedented! This is NOT a good thing.

Stop blaming the Tea Party movement. The media needs to quit spreading blatant lies! Do they think they and their families are immune from the consequences of destroying the US economy?

Obama has deliberately put this country on a road to ruin, with his debt bomb.

Obama should be tried for treason in our Courts and hung! Let it be strong lesson to any other aspiring POS dictators.

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Christina Romer the Former Obama Economic Adviser on Downgrade: We're 'Pretty Darn F--ked'

Obama's Former Obama Economic Adviser on Downgrade: We're 'Pretty Darn F--ked'


Christina Romer, the former chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers on Friday offered a rather strong opinion concerning the announcement by Standard & Poor's that the credit rating agency downgraded America's debt to AA+.

Appearing on HBO's "Real Time," Romer said we're "pretty darn f--ked" (below is transcript)

BILL MAHER, HOST: So, excuse my language, but we used to do a segment on this show called “How F—ked Are We?”


MAHER: I didn’t expect that there. This, just before we went on the air they said our rating got downgraded.


[Laughter and applause]


ROMER: I’ve been hanging around Tim Geithner too long.


MAHER: Why, does he swear like a sailor?

ROMER: Oh, like a seventh grade boy.

Wild Thing's comment......

And this from a women who planned and pushed through the crazy, irresponsible, and ineffective spending explosion thus is also to blame along with Obama and the rest of his people is responsible for America's destruction.

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John Kerry Tells Media to Not Give Equal Time to Conservatives

John Kerry advocating that the media needs to stop giving equal time to conservative ideas and positions on issues! Kerry made the comments as part of his attack on the Tea Party Movement and fiscal conservatives in general for refusing to give President Obama a blank check with no strings attached in the recent Debt Ceiling debate.

“And what we had was a group of people who are completely unaware or didn’t care about the consequences of their actions. They were actually arguing for a default which would have been even more catastrophic with respect to what’s happening in Europe and what’s happening here at home now.

So we have to break that, and I have to tell you, I say this to you politely: the media in America has a bigger responsibility than it’s exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual, it doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do.

And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of, of what’s real, of who’s accountable, of who is not accountable, of who’s real, who isn’t, who’s serious, who isn’t?”


Wild Thing's comment.......

While we're at it, what other subject matter would you like for the media to censor?

Using the truth as always, we are hurting them and the hysteria simply proves it. This is what happens when liberals get full control.....censorship, history re-written, suppression of any opposition.

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Besides His Destruction Of America Obama Proving His Low IQ As He Says "Extending Unemployment Insurance will create jobs "

Extending Unemployment Insurance will create jobs

Wild Thing's comment.....

I swear this has to be the reason they have hiden his schooling information. It has to be beyond bad. No one can say what Obama has about unemployment creating jobs and have any lights turned on in his brain.

Obama needs to learn that we Americans other then the kool-aid drinkers that IMO are a waste of good air. We the people are NOT stupid, we pay attention and this constant BS from Obama and the left in their excuses does not only tick us off, it is INSULTING!!!

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August 05, 2011

Corrupt Obama’s ‘Job Creation Bus Tour’ on Tax Payers’ Dime: Not Campaign Event According to White House ~ Total LIES!

Obama’s ‘Job Creation Bus Tour’ on Tax Payers’ Dime: Not Campaign Event According to White House

The bus tour will be from August 15th through the 17th across the Midwest.

White House spokesman Jay Carney confessed to reporters today that taxpayers will end up paying for Obama’s bus tour across the battleground states this month promoting jobs.


Wild Thing's comment......

Notice how they were quick to rename this event!!!

So Obama LIES about this bus tour of his just so he can make it where our taxes pay for it instead of his campaign money.


This illegitimate occupant of the White House long passed my last nerve, and this little display of arrogance puts me into a whole new realm of ticked off.

We are paying for this ignorant ass to go touring around. The security alone will be outrageous.

The Marxist bastard not only tramples our Constitution, he also tramples the laws of the country

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Stocks Crater On Jobless Fears and ABC's Jake Tapper Asks: What Exactly is Obama Doing?

Check out this video: ABC's Jake Tapper Asks: What Exactly is Obama Doing?


Stocks crater on jobless fears

New York Post

It was a nightmare day on Wall Street today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging more than 500 points – the 10th worst drop on record, and the worst day since the day Barack Obama was inaugurated as President in 2009.

Stocks thudded lower on Thursday as Wall Street tore a rapid retreat down a wall of economic worry rooted in the nation’s lingering employment weakness.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 513 points, or 4 percent, sinking well below 11,500. The Nasdaq was off 137 points, or 5 percent, at 2,556, and the S&P 500 tumbled 60 points, or 5 percent, to 1,200.

Traders also fled from crude oil, sending the commodity down 5.8 percent lower to $86.63 a barrel, its lowest settlement since mid-February.

“We’re just worrying ourselves to death,” said Bruce McCain, chief investment strategist at Key Private Bank. “How do you get out of this roller coaster of the relentless onslaught of bad news?”

European stocks fell sharply on worries that Italy or Spain might require help from the European Union.

“The one thing this perhaps does do, it effectively dispels the myth that the US could achieve a self -sustaining recovery all on its own. Longer term, we’re going to have to be a lot more careful monitoring what is going on in Europe and emerging markets,” said McCain, noting the implications for US exports.


This is a new web ad put out by GOP House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s Office that asks a simple question: “Mr. President, Where are the Jobs?”

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) released the following video : "Mr. President, Where are the Jobs?" There have been a lot of nice speeches about jobs. Now it's time for speeches to stop and actions to begin. The President said it would be the "Recovery Summer" last year, but when you look at entrepreneurship over the last twelve months it's been the lowest in a decade. It's time to read the data, stop the speeches, and take action that creates jobs, empowers entrepreneurs and gets this country working again. Now is a time for action, not political posturing.

Wild Thing's comment......

Soros and Obama keep up their agenda of taking America down. Pure evil both of them and we need someone really strong to win thie next election and to take back our country.

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Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects

Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects, Report Finds

FOX News

The Palestinian Authority is spending more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel -- payments that defy congressional rules for U.S. funding to the PA, according to a new report from an Israeli research institute.

Palestinian Media Watch released a report last week that found that all Palestinian and Israeli minority Arabs in Israeli prisons for terror acts have been legally receiving a monthly salary from the PA under a new law passed in April that simply “formalizes what has long been a PA practice.”

“The U.S. funds the PA’s general budget. Through the PA budget, the U.S. is paying the salaries of terrorist murderers in prison and funding the glorification and role modeling of terrorists,” the report reads.

The average salary of a prisoner is greater than Palestinian civil servants – prisoners on average receive $3,200 a month compared with $2,800 for civil servants.

The U.S. government provided nearly $600 million to the PA last year, including $225 million in direct budgetary assistance to the PA, the report stated. But the PA’s new law may violate congressional rules for providing financial aid to the region.

Under a 2010 funding legislation that lays out the rules for supplying money to the West Bank and Gaza, the secretary of state “shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that such assistance is not provided to or through any individual, private or government entity, or educational institution that the secretary knows or has reason to believe advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in, or has engaged in, terrorist activity,” according to the report.

The State Department, which oversees foreign aid, did not return numerous messages seeking comment.

Hussein Ibish, a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, dismissed the report as an “attempt to change the subject by raising a practice that is longstanding and not objected to by the Israeli government.”

Ibish said the Palestinian Authority has been providing stipends to all Palestinians imprisoned by Israel since the administrative organization was founded in 1994.

“That includes some people that I would consider terrorists and some people that I wouldn’t,” Ibish said, explaining that the money largely goes to the families of the prisoners – most of whom are detained for nonviolent offenses -- to fulfill a sense of obligation.

"The PA has taken the implicit position that none of them are terrorists or it doesn’t matter if they are because their families need money,” he said. “It’s a gesture of solidarity not with one particular prisoner but a whole category of prisoners.”

Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch, presented the report to members of the Republican Israel Caucus last week in an effort to persuade U.S. lawmakers to cut the funds off to the PA.

“I cannot support sending millions of American taxpayer dollars to such an organization; especially when they are currently paying salaries to over 5,500 terrorists sitting in Israeli prison,” Rep. Trent Franks said in a statement to

“No American funds to the West Bank were ever to be made available for the purpose of recognizing or otherwise honoring individuals who commit (or have committed) acts of terrorism,” he added. “This disgraceful waste of taxpayer dollars is an affront to freedom and an insult to Israel, the most precious ally America has in the world.”

Marcus told that other members were also upset about the report and that some of them are working on legislation to address the issue.

On the same day that he spoke to the caucus, the Republican-controlled House introduced a foreign aid bill that would restrict President Obama’s authority to provide U.S. funds not only to the Palestinian Authority, but also to Pakistan and Egypt and cuts money for international organizations.

But Marcus said he doesn’t support that bill because he says it gives the false impression that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is not part of the problem. Until Abbas ends the practice of honoring terrorists who kill Israelis with summer camps and school names, Marcus said, there can never be peace.

Wild Thing's comment.......

We should not be giving these terrorists or their families one cent. This is totally insane that this has been happening. Our troops, and the IDF are fighting for their lives and their countries to be safe and then our country goes and gives money to the most evil form of hman beings.

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Nancy Pelosi Once Again Turning To Lies Instead Of The Truth ~ Pathetic Hag!

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Republicans were not interested in deficit reduction. Pelosi asserted that the purpose of the GOP obsession with deficits is to destroy government, or “the public space.”

Wild Thing's comment........

It is still early in the campaign and what we have been seeing from those on the left shows this will be the most vile election of all in my lifetime.

More lies and distorting the truth and we better be geared up for it. I bet you are all as sick of this crap as I am.

She lies and attacks, she gets to be called a hag. So Nancy lay off and then and only then I will ease up. But I will NOT stand by and just take your bs.

Posted by Wild Thing at 04:45 AM

August 04, 2011

WORST President In History Obama: "We're Not Even Halfway There Yet"

Obama: "We're Not Even Halfway There Yet"

”It’s been a long, tough journey. But we have made some incredible strides together. Yes, we have. But the thing that we all ought to remember is that as much as good as we have done, precisely because the challenges were so daunting, precisely because we we were inheriting so many challenges, that we’re not even halfway there yet. When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn’t say ‘change we could believe in tomorrow.’ Not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy,” President Obama said at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday night.

For Video of this .... Please CLICK HERE.


Wild Thing's comment........

Please, God, make him leave office as soon as is possible.

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Charles Krauthammer Slams Tea Party Attackers’ ‘lack of intelligence’

Krauthammer Slams Tea Party Attackers’ ‘lack of intelligence’

The Daily Caller

He said instead it was a show of their “lack of intelligence” and “lack of originality.”

“Well, it certainly is a spitting and the sputtering of people who are, who’ve been deeply defeated,” Krauthammer said. “I mean, they were routed. They were up against a small minority of one half of one-third of the Congress and they got — they lost everything. They got routed. Look, this was their Agincourt, you know, Henry V outnumbered by the French, three to one. The opposition, the liberals, hold the Senate. They hold the White House. They hold the media, which had been leaking and parroting the White House line all the way through, and they still got defeated.

“I think this is sort of a pathetic response. If you have no arguments, what do you do? Ad hominems. You attack, you throw names out. But I have one slight disagreement with you [about this] being a conspiracy. I don’t think these people have the wherewithal to orchestrate a three-car motorcade. The reason for the repetition is lack of intelligence and lack of originality. These are people who are slothful.”

Despite Krauthammer’s low regard for the Tea Party’s left-wing detractors, O’Reilly insisted talking points were still circulating, which suggested a concerted effort. Krauthammer dismissed that notion.

“Look, what it means to me is you’ve got people with no intelligence, no originality, no imagination,” he said. “They are sputtering. They have lost. No arguments. What do they do? They want ad hominems. They want epithets. So, somebody uses it on the air — ‘Ah ha, that’s a good one. I’ll use it.’ I don’t credit them [with] the intelligence or the sort of, what it takes to put together a conspiracy.”

O’Reilly alluded to early attacks on the Tea Party which suggested its activism was rooted in racism. But that didn’t stick, and Krauthammer said the argument’s failure contradicted O’Reilly’s point. Instead, he said, there was a degree of absurdity to the left’s entire effort. Krauthammer cited the reaction of one member of the House of Representatives.

“But as you just said, Bill — you just said earlier that if you repeat the lie often enough, it will work,” Krauthammer said. “You just said with racism it didn’t work. This is transparently silly. You had one congressman, I wrote it down — Mike Doyle in the meeting with the vice president yesterday actually said, ‘We have negotiated with terrorists. The small group of terrorists has made it impossible for us to spend any money.’ Well, that’s a hell of a definition of terrorism. Normally a terrorist says, ‘I want you to convert. I want your daughter, I want your money, I want your submission.’ This guy says a bunch of terrorists in Congress have stopped us from spending money we don’t have. You think that’s an argument that will carry with the American people? I think not.”

The Washington Post columnist chalked the debt deal up to representative democracy in action.

“[I]n the democracy folks speak,” Krauthammer said. “How do they speak on Election Day? What’s the result? They elect representatives who speak on their behalf and those representatives in the House, some of them a rather small minority, prevailed over a majority. Why? Because they have conviction and they have the argument and they have reality and truth on their side. This country is headed over a cliff economically. Everybody understands that, including the ratings agencies, which are rather neutral on this — objective observers and they say you don’t get your house in order we’re going to make you lose your AAA [credit rating]. Everybody understands that. But it was these people, expressed through their representatives, who made the case and won the day.”


Wild Thing's comment......

Charles is so good. When he is on target I love the way he keeps on track. O'Reilly continues to be the host that interrupts every guest, it is disgusting!! Charles handles it well, and does not back down.

Charles refusing to give the left credentials. He is infact, using the isolate and ridicule tactic and refusing to give them any power. Let's see how they like having the rules for radicals reversed on them...I think not so much. O'Reilly set it up and got the facts out there, but Krauthammer knocked them out of the park.

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Congressman McClintock on Fox Business Freedom Watch Speaks About The Budget Control Act of 2011

Congressman McClintock speaks about the Budget Control Act of 2011 and how the bill "opens up a $2.5 trillion line of credit for the most spendthrift administration in the history of the country to continue to spend at unsustainable rates."


Wild Thing's comment......

This is all sickening what is happening to our great country.

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August 03, 2011

Security Breach At White House ~ Obama Voter ???


An unidentified man jumped the White House fence in an apparent security breach but was quickly stopped by the US Secret Service.

Two Secret Service agents on Tuesday cautiously approached the dark-skinned man, who could not immediately be identified, their rifles pointed at him as he lay face down on the North Lawn of the White House.

He was swiftly arrested.

Several police vehicles were parked outside the White House gates with their lights flashing, and security personnel could be seen patrolling the compound, including two with body armor and automatic weapons.

Reporters were asked to leave the White House lawn and the platform where television journalists stand for their live shots.

Protests are routinely held outside the White House gates and had taken place earlier in the day, but it was not clear whether the man had been a participant.

Wild Thing's comment......

LOL I could care less. Hey you guys ( Secret Service) it might be an Obama voter, you might want to give him some kool-aid or something.

OH and just one more ever so meaningful thing. An UNhappy birthday to YOU obama and NO good wishes for you.May you have a miserable birthday!

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Obama and WH Say With New Super Committee EVERYTHING Will Be On The Table...EVERYTHING!

This video above is VERY important to see! ~ Wild Thing

Starting August 2nd, 2011, the power of the United States Congress will be superceded by a new, unconsitutional "joint committee", AKA Super Congress, when it comes to decisions regarding taxes and spending.


White House Ready To Reconsider Tax Increases

White House Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Monday. "Everything is on the table for that committee, everything, including both entitlement reform and tax reform. Let's be clear: The president thinks, as you know, that the biggest possible overall accomplishment in terms of deficit reduction is a desirable goal, as long as it's balanced. He looks forward to, by the process set up by that committee, to having that debate about what our priorities are."

National Examiner

Senate Democrats are exploring ways of giving the proposed "super Congress" even greater super powers, according to multiple news reports and congressional aides with knowledge of the plan.

Under the new proposal, if the new legislative body, made up of six Democrats and six Republicans from both chambers, doesn't come up with a bill that cuts at least $1.5 trillion by Thanksgiving, entitlement programs will automatically be slashed.

Under the reported framework, legislation the new congressional committee writes would be fast-tracked through Congress and could not be filibustered or amended.

Wild Thing's comment........

Don't you just love how they use the word EVERYTHING is on the table. There is such a dictator attitude with Obama and his people. They truly believe we the people including his own voters are nothing, we are only to be used to get tax money from and votes when they run for office. Other then that we are to stay silent and take their crap they hand out and accept their control over us. sheesh

I am really concerned about this "Super Committee ". I don't trust it and I agree that is is unConstitutional.

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Debt Deal Could Cut Defense $900B Over Next Decade ~ Hater Of Our Military Obama Must Be Thrilled!

Spc. John “Rocky” Montoya, squad automatic weapon gunner attached to Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team, talks to the convoy commander about the security situation in the area during a quality assurance and inspection mission Aug. 1, 2011 in the Qharghyee District.


Debt deal could cut defense $900B over next decade

USA Today

Cuts to defense spending in the debt reduction bill could total nearly $1 trillion over 10 years — more than double what President Obama had proposed earlier this year — and sap American military might worldwide, say analysts and members of Congress.

Budget cutters may have to consider slashing costly defense systems like the U.S. military’s replacement fighter jet or increase health-care premiums for working-age military retirees to comply with a debt reduction deal that may cut as much as $900 billion from the U.S. military over 10 years.

“They could do this responsibly,” said Todd Harrison, a budget expert at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “The reality is that it will be very difficult.”

Thomas Donnelly, a military analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said the Pentagon cuts won’t require “long knives so much as chain saws.”

Harrison estimates the reductions in defense spending could rise to $900 billion over 10 years.

The proposed cuts would force critical weapons systems to be trimmed or eliminated along with reductions in military personnel and training while at war, Donnelly said.

Wild Thing's comment......

Satan in Chief must be so excited about this, he must be dancing in the hallway of the WH.

How about laying off ALL his Secret Service people to cut back on expense then for starters. Just a thought.

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August 02, 2011

Vile Remarks By Joe Biden As He Says Tea Party Republicans Have “Acted Like Terrorists” in Debt Limit Battle

Joe Biden Says Tea Party Republicans Have “Acted Like Terrorists” in Debt Limit Battle


Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having “acted like terrorists” in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit.

Biden was agreeing with a line of argument made by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting.

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

Biden, driven by his Democratic allies’ misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: “They have acted like terrorists,” according to several sources in the room.

Biden’s office declined to comment about what the vice president said inside the closed-door session.

Earlier in the day, Biden told Senate Democrats that Republican leaders have “guns to their heads” in trying to negotiate deals.

Biden told Democratic lawmakers that the deal would take away the tea party’s “weapon of mass destruction” — the threat of a default on U.S. debt obligations.


Sarah Palin's 8/01/2011 interview with Greta Van Susteren about oJoe Biden's remarks

We’re getting kinda used to being called names. Racists and inciters of violence, and being accused of things that we have nothing to do with. But, I suppose it is a bit more appalling to have been called acting like terrorists by he who is second in command of the most powerful office in the world. It’s quite appalling and certainly proves how out of touch this White House is when it comes to realizing what the silent majority of Americans are seeing and feeling… To being called terrorists by the Vice President is quite appalling. It’s quite vile.


RNC chief 'demands' Biden apologize for 'terrorist' swipe at Tea Party

The Hill

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Vice President Biden should apologize for reportedly calling Tea Party members “terrorists.” Biden is said to have made the remarks Monday during a closed-door meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Priebus said on Twitter:

.@VP more than crossed a line today when he called fiscal conservatives “terrorists”. I demand an apology.

Wild Thing's comoment........

The left hate the Tea Party movement, they hate Sarah Palin, Allen West, Michele Bachmann, Marco Rubiio and anyone else that stands for America.

Interesting how the left will not refer to the actual terrorists as terrorists, they do all they can not to, but they call good Americans terrorists so easily.

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U.S. House Passes Debt Limit Agreement as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Enters Chamber

U.S. House of Representatives passing the Debt Limit Agreement today by a 269-161 margin.

As the final votes were being cast, spontaneous applause began to echo through the House Chamber as members realized Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had entered to cast her vote. Giffords was casting her first vote on the floor since being shot by an assailant in January. The Debt Limit Agreement now moves to the U.S. Senate for a vote tomorrow, August 2, 2011, at 12 Noon ET.

Joe Biden told reporters he joked with shooting victim about “cracked heads.” Vice President Joe Biden, with a big smile on his face, walked to the House floor and said, “I came to see Gabby, that’s why I’m here.” …When Biden was asked about what he spoke with Giffords about, he joked, “She’s now a member of the cracked head club like me.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is remarkable, how she has been on the road to recovery.

It is amazing how Biden just had to say the wrong thing. He was NOT shot in the head. To compare what he had to what happened to this woman, the two are apples and oranges.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:50 AM

Mexican Drug Cartel Leader "had 1,500 people murdered"

Mexican drug cartel leader "had 1,500 people murdered"

Police said Mexican drug cartel leader confessed to ordering deaths of 1,500 people in Ciudad Juarez, including murders of a U.S. consulate worker and her husband.

Global Post

A suspected Mexican drug cartel leader has been captured and confessed to ordering the deaths of 1,500 people in the northern Mexico crime hotspot of Ciudad Juarez, police say.

Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, 33, is also suspected of planning the March 2010 killings of a U.S. consulate worker and her husband.

Mexican police say that Acosta Hernandez, also known as El Diego, is the leader of the La Linea gang, whose members work as hired killers for the notoriously violent Juarez cartel, which controls the main drug smuggling routes from Mexico into the United States.

According to police, he admitted to having masterminded scores of targeted killings in northern Chihuahua state, the BBC reports.

The Mexican government had offered 15 million pesos ($1,275,000) for information leading to Acosta Hernandez's arrest.

Mexican authorities say they worked with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to capture him, CNN reports.

U.S. prosecutors have said they want to try him in the case of the horrific 2010 killing of U.S. consulate employee Lesley Enriquez, her husband Arthur Redelfs, and the husband of another consular worker, Jorge Alberto Salcedo.

They were gunned down in their SUV after leaving a birthday party in Juarez, which shares a border with El Paso, Texas.

Enriquez, 35, was four months pregnant when she was killed. The couple's baby daughter survived the attack and was found crying in the back seat, the BBC says.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon, on his Twitter account, called Acosta Hernandez's arrest on Saturday “the biggest blow” to the Juarez drug cartels since he sent thousands of police officers to Ciudad Juárez last year after a spree of high-profile killings there, The New York Times reports.

Wild Thing's comment......

This is really a bad guy, I hope if they do send him here to the US as it says in the article ...."U.S. prosecutors have said they want to try him"......that Holder will not just let him go. Holder loves to take the side of the terrorists and killers as Holders history shows us.

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August 01, 2011

Classless and Cheapo Joe Biden Charging HIS Secret Service For Cottage Rental

Biden charging Secret Service for cottage rental

The Washington Times

The U.S. Secret Service does more than protect Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — the agency also pays him rent.

Since April, Mr. Biden has collected more than $13,000 from the agency charged with protecting him and his family for use of a rental cottage adjacent to the waterfront home he owns in a Wilmington, Del., suburb.

Mr. Biden, listed not as vice president in federal purchasing documents but as a “vendor,” is eligible for up to $66,000 by the time the government contract expires in the fall of 2013, the records show.

Officials say the arrangement came about when a previous tenant moved out of the cottage and the Secret Service moved in.

Edwin M. Donovan, special agent in charge at the Secret Service's Office of Government and Public Affairs in Washington, said the agency pays $2,200 in rent per-month, the same amount a previous tenant had paid before moving out.

He said the close location provides a level of security for the Biden family the agency might not have had otherwise. Asked if the Secret Service typically pays rent to the people it protects, he said, “It’s a rental property so we pay rent there.”

Taxpayer watchdogs say the Secret Service should do everything it can to protect Mr. Biden, but they wonder whether he should be collecting rent from the agency while it’s doing its job.

“He should be afforded every single protection available to him and his family, as should every vice president and president,” said Leslie Paige, spokeswoman for the Washington-based Citizens Against Government Waste.

“But this arrangement seems bizarre to me,” she added. “You’d think the vice president, who shepherded the deficit committee, would think twice about charging the Secret Service rent. Why would he need the money? I don’t get it.”

According to Mr. Biden’s office, the vice president’s mother lived in the cottage until she died in January 2010. At that time, the Secret Service had been renting properties in the Wilmington area for agents who were providing a protective presence at Mr. Biden’s personal residence.

Mr. Biden later asked the Secret Service if the agency wanted to rent the cottage property, but the Secret Service declined and Mr. Biden rented it instead to a private tenant, according to the vice president's office. But almost a year later, when that tenant moved out, the Secret Service approached Mr. Biden about renting the cottage.

“The cottage was an existing rental property at the time the Secret Service signed its lease,” said Kendra Barkoff, a spokeswoman for Mr. Biden.

Last year, Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill, reported earning $379,178, including $11,000 in income from the cottage, according to the Bidens’ tax return. The Bidens did not list any rental income for 2009.

The Secret Service was the contracting agency on the two purchase orders so far that have paid Mr. Biden $13,200 combined for use of his cottage.

The first purchase order to Mr. Biden, for $2,200, was signed April 1, and the second, for $11,000, was signed June 2. The records both list Mr. Biden by name as the vendor under a section of the purchase order called “contractor information.” The purchase order describes Mr. Biden as a sole proprietor with no employees and no annual revenue.


Wild Thing's comment......

This is what DEMOCRATS do, I think it stinks to high heaven. Bill Clinton did the same thing. There was a question at the end of his presidency about how he was going to pay for his house in Chappaqua, NY with its $10,000 mortgage payment due each month. Clinton, you remember, never owned a home and had always lived off the taxpayer during his years of service in Arkansas. Enter Terry McAuliffe who financed the house for Clinton. Clinton then turned around and charged the Secret Service $10,000 a month rent for the use of a small gatehouse at the entrance to his property.

If I was the VP or a President and I have a gust house or cottage near our home I would want the SS to live close by and NO way would they be charged. I would be glad I had a place close by that would be perfect for them to be comfortable. Heck I would have special events at my property like family picnics etc. they could bring their families to be with them at times their duties kept them away too long.

But Democrats, they would have charged Mother Teresa the occasional crust of bread!! The turn around and say she had no bread because the Republicans would not give her any.

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Another Day At The Debt Ceiling Drama

Obama announced on Sunday that Democrats and Republicans leaders have reached an agreement to reduce the U.S. deficit and avoid default.

Obama said the agreement will cut about $1 trillion over 10 years.

The bipartisan plan will be presented to Congress on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

"Leaders from both parties and in both chambers will present this agreement to our caucuses tomorrow," Reid said on the Senate floor.


The Wall Street Journal

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) appears to be balking at the debt ceiling deal that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has signed. Mr. Boehner is concerned about provisions in the deal that could lead to sharp cuts in military spending, say people familiar with the situation. House aides have warned that just because Mr. Reid has signed off on the deal doesn’t mean the deal is done.

House Dems 'May Not Be Able to Support' Deal : Pelosi

International Business Times

A deal to raise the federal debt ceiling and avoid the first ever U.S. default is "very close," but House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday there is a chance they may not pass it.

"We all may not be able to support it, or none us may be able to support it," Pelosi told reporters late Sunday night.

Pelosi has scheduled a Democratic caucus meeting for Monday. Both that meeting and the GOP’s noon confab will be crucial for both parties to gauge the support of their members.

“I look forward to reviewing the legislation with my caucus to see what level of support we can provide,” Pelosi said in a Sunday night statement.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver , current leader of the Black Caucus, says the debt deal is a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”

Roll Call

Barack Obama’s rightward lurch to reach a $3 trillion deficit reduction deal with no guarantee of additional revenues had liberals fuming and Republicans all but declaring victory Sunday afternoon.

With time running out to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling before Tuesday’s default deadline, Obama moved dramatically in the direction of the GOP, according to Senators and aides in both parties…

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said early reports of the new deal appeared to be “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.” The Missouri Democrat said the CBC hadn’t yet made a formal declaration that the group would oppose it, “but this is a shady bill.”


Wild Thing's comment........

What a soap opera this all has been and continues to be.

Can you imagine if everyone of the elected politican in both parties, everyone of them loved our country, was NOT a socialist, communist, Marxist, racist you name it like so many we know are to the would be a breeze to get this all done. It would not have happened in the first place.

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The Insanity Of ‘Blockade Harry’ Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

The Insanity Of ‘Blockade Harry’

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

The House has twice come forward with two common sense plans to CUT out-of-control federal spending, CAP the amount which can be spent annually by linking that to a percentage of GDP, and proposed a BALANCED BUDGET amendment to the Constitution. Harry Reid and his fellow addicts have not allowed either House proposal to come before the Senate for discussion; and neither Reid nor Obama has sent a written plan to the House as the artificial ‘August 2nd deadline’ approaches.

Meanwhile, the fear-mongering socialist-controlled pimp street media are trying to create hysteria amongst the American public in support of continuing Fedzilla’s spending addiction. Reid’s only ‘plan’ as scored by the CBO contains no true attempt to curb spending and balance the Federal budget and is therefore not a solution.

So whose fault is the failure to set limits on Federal spending by the artificial deadline? Consequences which arise from Fedzilla’s failure to meet this artificial deadline for ‘raising the debt ceiling’ will sit squarely on the shoulders of Reid and Obama and their dishonest media friends. Socialist Democrats have demonstrated their insanity by refusal to seek addiction treatment despite risking America’s financial solvency. Obama is even asking for another couple of trillion dollars to spend before his term is over! Here are a few facts for readers:

Fact 1: The United States has future financial obligations on the order of 114 trillion dollars to its own citizens in the form of entitlements as well as to its debtors which cannot be met no matter what happens regarding the ‘debt ceiling’.

Fact 2: The U.S. government pays out roughly 10% of its revenues to satisfy debt obligations and therefore is nowhere near a “default on the national debt” as Obama, the Democrats and the pimp street media hysterically report in order to create fear in the minds of average Americans in order to garner support for their spending addiction.

Fact 3: The current president has spent more money than the sum of all prior presidents combined. Obama and the Democrats have had no annual federal budget (which is required by law) for the past 2 years. Having no budget is blatantly irresponsible and just helps them to continue their spending spree.

Fact 4: Senate minority leader McConnell approached Obama in January this year warning that something must be done to avoid a default on Federal government obligations. Obama ignored that warning.

Fact 5: The debt rating services missed the subprime mortgage debacle and the 1.5 trillion dollar government bailout which should have led to debt downgrades. Only at this late hour do they threaten a downgrade which WILL happen regardless of the debt ceiling outcome because of reckless spending by the socialist Democrats and Obama. The only way to avoid a downgrade is to REDUCE SPENDING which the Democrats and Obama are resisting.

So far, only the Republicans, inspired by fiscally responsible ‘Tea Party’ members, elected last Fall, have been willing to treat Fedzilla’s spending addiction which has been accelerating towards insolvency and economic collapse. ‘Blockade Harry’ is doing Obama’s dirty work and they both need to get out of the way or We the People will do it for them!


Wild Thing's comment..........

Good write up.

I have also noticed how Reid even more the Pelois will name drop that he has spoken with "The President". LOL It is so funny once you notice this to count how often he does this, it begins to stand out even more.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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