Theodore's World: Poll Shows Tea Partiers Favor Perry to Bachmann by More Than Double

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August 27, 2011

Poll Shows Tea Partiers Favor Perry to Bachmann by More Than Double

Poll Shows Tea Partiers Favor Perry to Bachmann by More Than Double

While Michele Bachmann founded the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives before she even decided to run for president, Texas Governor Rick Perry, her 2012 rival, is reportedly more popular among Tea Partiers, garnering double the support in a recent Gallup poll.

Tea Party Supporters Backing Perry for GOP NominationPerry leads by 21 percentage points over Romney, Bachmann among this group

The poll, released Friday, shows Perry with 35 percent of Tea Party supporters while Bachmann trails considerably at 14 percent.

Wild Thing's comment......

Always nice to hear good news.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 27, 2011 05:47 AM


Bachmann has not been an executive running a state. She is very fine as far as she goes but one of the biggest Presidential functions is picking personnel and getting them into the right jobs. She may make excellent appointments, we just don’t know about her but we have seen Perry do this well for ten years.
You can be personally immoral in some ways and still do those well. Warren Harding was very good at putting the right people in place including his running mate Calvin Coolidge. The result was to take the Panic of 1920 and turn it into the roaring twenties. This despite that he played poker and drank, both were illegal after prohibition started at the end of the Wilson administration.

Dwight Eisenhower on the other hand was very good personally but did not remove a lot of people who ultimately lied to him to the injury of the nation. He actually appointed the infamous warren court judges who did such violence to the constitution.

Posted by: Avitar at August 27, 2011 08:25 PM