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February 28, 2014

Krauthammer: Tea Party Movement Has Been a Very positive influence and powerful and successful and in the Reagan Tradition

Tea Party Patriots Anniversary & Tea Party Movement Influence - Special Report All Star Panel

Wild Thing's comment...........

I especially love what Charles has to say.

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Ted Cruz at Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary (Video)

Ted Cruz Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) got the rock star treatment today at the Tea Party Patriots 5th Year Anniversary Conference in Washington DC.

Cruz told the gathering, “We’ll turn this country around.”

Senators Mike Lee Rand Paul and Representatives Louie Gohmert and Jim Jordan also spoke at the event.
The Politico reported:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told tea party activists on Thursday that he is “filled with the promise that we’re going to turn this country around” after legislative fights over drones, guns and Obamacare last year.

The freshman Republican received a hero’s welcome at a Tea Party Patriots-hosted fifth anniversary event for the movement in Washington, where he discussed the three issues.

“If you listen to the media, if you listen to Democrats — although I repeat myself — they will say the fight to stop Obamacare did not succeed,” said Cruz, who pushed to defund the president’s signature health care law in a fight that led to a government shutdown last fall.

“Really?” Cruz said. “Well, I’m a big believer the proof is in the pudding. Last fall, millions of Americans rose up and said, ‘Stop the disaster that is Obamacare.’ … We elevated the national debate of the incredible harms Obamacare is visiting on millions of Americans.”

Republicans’ poll numbers suffered after the shutdown, but the health care law is still poised to be one of the central issues in this year’s midterm elections. Republicans must net six seats to take back control of the Senate.

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Love this.

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Tea Party In Focus 5 Years After Movement Began - Mark Levin on Neil Cavuto show

Tea Party In Focus 5 Years After Movement Began - Mark Levin on Neil Cavuto show

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We need the tea party movement to continue to stay strong.

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Obviously Guilty as Heck! Lois Lerner Says She Will Testify Only If Granted Immunity Or Under Court Order

Lois Lerner Says She Will Testify Only If Granted Immunity Or Under Court Order

USA Today

WASHINGTON — Former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner will testify about the IRS handling of Tea Party cases only in exchange for an immunity agreement, her lawyer told a congressional committee Wednesday.

Until then, Lerner will not answer questions unless ordered to do so by a federal judge, her attorney said.

The response from attorney William Taylor came the day after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee ordered Lerner to reappear at a hearing next week. When Lerner appeared before the committee last May, she asserted her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

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IMO the only reason a person wants to be granted immunity is when they are guilty..

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February 27, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry Blasts Ruling Striking Down Ban on Same-Sex Marriage: 'It Is Not The Role of The Federal Government To Overturn The Will of Our Citizens'

Gov. Rick Perry Blasts Ruling Striking Down Ban on Same-Sex Marriage: 'It Is Not The Role of The Federal Government To Overturn The Will of Our Citizens'

Rick Perry says that a federal judge who struck the state's gay marriage ban today is going against the will of the people.

'Texans spoke loud and clear by overwhelmingly voting to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman in our Constitution, and it is not the role of the federal government to overturn the will of our citizens,' Perry said in a statement issued after the ruling by federal judge Orlando Garcia.

'The 10th Amendment guarantees Texas voters the freedom to make these decisions, and this is yet another attempt to achieve via the courts what couldn’t be achieved at the ballot box.'

In 2005, Proposition 2, 'The Definition of Marriage Act' passed overwhelmingly in Texas with 76% of the vote

The judge who struck it down, Judge Orlando Luis Garcia was nominated by Bill Clinton in 1993

Wild Thing's comment..............

I am glad Rick Perry spoke out about what has happened.

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GOP Governor Brewer Vetoes SB 1062 (the religious rights bill )

GOP Governor Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

AP report

Brewer said, “The bill was broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences.”

Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday vetoed a Republican bill that set off a national debate over gay rights, religion and discrimination and subjected Arizona to blistering criticism from major corporations and political leaders from both parties.

Loud cheers erupted outside the Capitol building immediately after Brewer made her announcement.

“My agenda is to sign into law legislation that advances Arizona,” Brewer said at a news conference. “I call them like I see them despite the cheers or the boos from the crowd. After weighing all the arguments, I have vetoed Senate Bill 1062 moments ago.”

The Republican governor said she gave the legislation careful deliberation in talking to her lawyers, citizens, businesses and lawmakers on both sides of the debate. Her office said it received more than 40,000 calls and emails on the legislation, with most of them urging a veto.

Brewer said the bill “could divide Arizona in ways we could not even imagine and no one would ever want.” The bill was broadly worded and could result in unintended negative consequences, she added.

Senior Counsel Doug Napier released this statement regarding Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision Wednesday to veto SB 1062:

“Freedom loses when fear overwhelms facts and a good bill is vetoed. Today’s veto enables the foes of faith to more easily suppress the freedom of the people of Arizona. Even though the battle has become more difficult, Alliance Defending Freedom stands ready to defend any Arizonan who suffers the indignity of religious discrimination.”

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She was under tremendous pressure and lots of threats from all kinds of business and sport groups. I would imagine it was not an easy thing to do either way she would have handled this.

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Sen Ted Cruz Weighs In On the State Of The GOP & Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz on Hannity last night. Discusses various subjects and first class all the way.

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I am always impressed at how he handles those that try to hash him , including his response to the write up lately by Thomas Sowell. Sowell's write up mostly said Cruz should pick his fights better and for the first time I can remember I disagree with Thomas Sowell. Criz spoke up for all of us that have been wishing and hoping someone would do just that, speak up loud and clear how we feel about Obamacare and the debt ceiling. I am proud of Ted Cruz for all he has been trying to do.

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February 26, 2014

Threats from Obama's IRS WARNS: Obamacare TAX MUST be Paid with Tax Return

Americans for Tax Reform

Obama’s Internal Revenue Service today quietly released a series of Obamacare “Health Care Tax Tips” warning Americans that they must obtain “qualifying” health insurance – as defined by the federal government – or face a “shared responsibility payment” when filing their tax returns in 2015. The term “shared responsibility payment” refers to the Obamacare individual mandate tax, one of at least seven tax hikes in the healthcare law that directly hit families making less than $250,000 per year.

Your 2014 tax return will ask if you had insurance coverage or qualified for an exemption. If not, you may owe a shared responsibility payment when you file in 2015.

In “The Individual Shared Responsibility Payment- An Overview” the agency warns Americans they must prove they were covered each and every month of the year:

For any month in 2014 that you or any of your dependents don’t maintain coverage and don’t qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your 2014 tax return filed in 2015.

In “IRS Reminds Individuals of Health Care Choices for 2014”the agency details the calculations Americans can look forward to if they are liable for the tax:

If you (or any of your dependents) do not maintain coverage and do not qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your return. In general, the payment amount is either a percentage of your household income or a flat dollar amount, whichever is greater. You will owe 1/12th of the annual payment for each month you (or your dependents) do not have coverage and are not exempt. The annual payment amount for 2014 is the greater of:

-1 percent of your household income that is above the tax return filing threshold for your filing status, such as Married Filing Jointly or single, or

-Your family’s flat dollar amount, which is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, limited to a maximum of $285.

As confirmed by previous IRS testimony to the tax-writing House Committee on Ways and Means, “taxpayers will file their tax returns reporting their health insurance coverage, and/or making a payment”.

Once fully phased in, the Obamacare individual mandate tax will rise steeply, to a maximum of 2.5 percent of Adjusted Gross Income or $2,085 – whichever is higher

Wild Thing's comment..........

No thanks to the traitor Justice Roberts for making this happen and helping Obama destroy our country with socialized medicine.

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Obama tells supporters they are doing 'God's work' - NO it is more like Satan's work!

Obama tells supporters they are doing 'God's work'

Obama on Tuesday told his young supporters they’re doing “God’s work” and urged them to help him raise the minimum wageand boost enrollment in his health care reform law.

“The work you are doing is God’s work,” Obama said at the National Organizing Summit, hosted by Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group formed from the remnants of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign that has helped promote his policies and played a key role in signing up consumers for Obamacare.

“I could not be prouder of the work you’ve done to help Americans get covered,” said Obama.

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No way freak Obama, it is more llined up with the work of Satan you POS!

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Obama's VA found secretly destroying veterans' claims !

VA found secretly destroying veterans' claims

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This is unforgivable to treat our Veterans this way.

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Black Pastor: Obama ‘Has Done More To Hurt The American People Than Any Other President’

Black Pastor: Obama ‘Has Done More To Hurt The American People Than Any Other President’

During a press conference on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., to announce a signature campaign to impeach U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Rev. Bill Owens said President Barack Obama has “hurt the American people.”

“We’re on a downward road,” Owens, who is founder and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), said at the event at the National Press Club. “And this president has done more to hurt the American people than any president, as I see it, in my lifetime and in history.”

Owens cited Holder’s “repeated lawlessness” of disregarding state laws and the Constitution.

“What we have in Attorney General Holder is a man so political in his zeal to redefine marriage that he is willing to run roughshod over the rulings of the Supreme Court, binging federal law, and the United States Constitution along with the constitutions of a majority of states,” Owens said in a statement distributed at the press conference.

As reported, Holder called on states attorneys general to defend laws banning same-sex marriage.

Owens said he wants “good Americans to stand up for what is right” by signing the impeachment petition, with the goal of gathering one million signatures.

Owens also stressed that the petition is meant for all citizens regardless of race or creed.

“Marriage is an institution that benefits all of society; therefore every citizen has an interest in protecting marriage from these brazen attacks,” Owens said.

Wild Thing's comment...........

The Obama IRS will probably start going after this man.

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February 25, 2014

Obama Threatens Gov.'s ...Gov. Rick Perry: “I was troubled today by the tone of the president…” - Obama Met with National Governors Association

Rick Perry admitted today that he was very troubled by Obama’s tone today addressing the National Governors Association:

I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. …For the president of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and to say ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure…’ – that is really troubling.
....there is more on the video above.

The Governors were threatened by our President. Yes, Gov. Rick Perry said he was troubled, in a rather polite take on the meeting, but the details he went into after that rather polite take on the meeting literally chilled me to the bone. According to Gov. Haley's take, he also told them they no longer have a say in how higher education or the National Guard is handled in their state. The a'hole said "you've been asking for cuts, well you got them"

Wild Thing's comment............

This is VERY concerning and scary what could happen.

To threaten 50 Governors, Republican and Democrat has got to be one of the dumbest moves yet. And you can tell that Gov. Perry was couching his words. Gov. Nikki Haley nodding really reinforced the power, and the severeness of his statements.

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Fantastic!! Sen. Ted Cruz reads William Barret Travis' “Victory or Death” letter from the Alamo, written Feb 24, 1836

Sen. Ted Cruz reads William Barret Travis' “Victory or Death” letter from the Alamo, written Feb 24, 1836.

..."I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna — I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man — The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken — I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch — The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country — Victory or Death."

Wild Thing's comment.........

Thank you Senator Cruz.

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The Awesome Trey Gowdy about David Gregory For His Softball Interview of Susan Rice: "'I've Been Asked Tougher Questions in the Bojangles Drive-Thru"

Trey Gowdy about David Gregory For His Softball Interview of Susan Rice on Meet the press: 'I've Been Asked Tougher Questions in the Bojangles Drive-Thru'

I'm about ready to ask Susan Rice some questions under oath, not David Gregory questions about 'what's your favorite color,' but real serious question about why you had so little intellectual curiosity as to question the talking points you were asked to parrot' Gowdy told Greta tonight.

Gowdy hits David Gregory for his interview of Rice. He then blasts the former Ambassador saying, she was 'fabulously wrong' and 'stunningly arrogant'

Wild Thing's comment............

Love Trey Gowdy....he is fantastic.

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VP Dick Cheney rips Obama's proposed defense cuts - Thank you Cheney!!!!!

Cheney rips Obama's proposed defense cuts

Wild Thing's comment..............

God bless Cheney for his comments about this.

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The Incredible Shrinking Military, Obama Admin To Shrink Pre-World War II, the EPA and Obamacare - Bret Baier Special Report

The Incredible Shrinking Military, Obama Admin To Shrink Pre-World War II - Special Report

Wild Thing's comment............

I hate Obama and he is behind all of this.

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February 24, 2014

Oregon Garbage Collector Goes Out of His Way To Respect The American Flag

Oregon Garbage Collector Goes Out of His Way To Respect The American Flag

An Oregon garbage collector was just going through his route when he saw that an American flag had been blown off its pole and scattered across a trash can. While he could have just ignored it, he instead stopped what he was doing, properly folded the flag like he’d learned to do in Boy Scouts, and returned it to its owner.

A neighbor caught the admirable act and notified the trash company. The company happily released the camera footage, which has since gone viral.

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God bless this man.

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Concerned Mommy duck crying for its ducklings gets help from cops!

Mother duck crying for its ducklings gets help from cops!

Wild Thing's comment.........

This is so precious and notice how they all stick so close together once they are reunited.

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George W. Bush Explains Why He Gets Emotional About Helping Vets


George W. Bush Explains Why He Gets Emotional About Helping Vets

Sunday on ABC’s "This Week," former President George W. Bush got emotional explaining his work helping veterans trying to make the difficult transition back into civilian life:

“I obviously get slightly emotional talking about our vets because I’m in there with them," he said.

“But my spirit is also uplifted when I visit with vets. As I say, there is no self-pity, They don’t say, ‘Woe is me.’ They say, ‘What can I do to continue to serve?’”

Wild Thing's comment...............

I love how he has a passion for our Veterans.

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February 23, 2014

Alarming! NY State Steps Up Its Surveillance on… Little Kids

NY State Steps Up Its Surveillance on… Little Kids

New York state authorities are planning to step-up surveillance – this time, on little kids.

The program, which will be launched state-wide, is supposed to gather information on students starting from the age of five. The system contains names, attendance records, disciplinary histories, addresses, test scores and learning disabilities.

The New York Daily News

In an unprecedented move, education officials will hand over personal student data to a new private company to create a national database for businesses that contract with public schools.

Working with the city, state education officials are already uploading private information about students — their names, addresses, test scores, learning disabilities, attendance and disciplinary records — into a $100 million database called inBloom.

Parents are furious that New York is joining eight other states in adopting the model without giving families a chance to opt out of sharing delicate information.

“I’m outraged,” said Karen Sprowal, 52, a stay-at-home mom. Her 9-year-old son is a fourth-grader at Public School 75 in Manhattan.

“I send my child to school to be educated. I never agreed to have his information shared with private companies or stored in a database.”

Wild Thing's comment...................

The parents better fight back and in any State they try doing this.

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Ted Cruz woos Florida Republicans during Palm Beach event

Ted Cruz woos Florida Republicans during Palm Beach event


He amped up the criticism of President Barack Obama. He dialed down the my-way-or-the-highway zeal that often infuriates his fellow Republicans. And he left Florida political activists pumped up and buzzing over whether he'll run for president.

"Ted Cruz is a wonderful political figure. Smart guy. Knows his stuff," said Margi Helschien, who lives west of Boca Raton and is president of the Independent Conservative Action Network. "He is exciting."

Tom and Vicky Thayer, of Boca Raton, are ready to consider him as a serious presidential possibility after listening to a 34-minute, late evening speech Friday from the Texas senator, who quickly rose to prominence following his 2012 election by becoming a thorn in the side of Democrats — and Republican leaders.

"I loved him. I thought he was terrific. Everything he said I agreed with," she said. Her husband termed Cruz "fantastic."

For his part, the senator avoided discussion of what's widely seen as his presidential ambitions — fueled by travel to states that are critical to winning the Republican presidential nomination. Last week's Florida trip served as a de facto audition for the big political donors who can help finance a campaign and the grass roots activists who are critical to winning the state's 29 electoral votes.

He gave Republicans plenty to savor at the Palm Beach County Lincoln Day dinner, declaring that "these are not ordinary times in politics" and criticizing what he said was an "abuse of power" by the Obama administration and a "pattern of lawlessness" by the president.

"Liberty has never been more under assault than it is today," he said. "It seems like President Obama is trying to go down the Bill of Rights and violate each one of them one at a time."

His special target was the president's signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Last year, in what Cruz called "the battle to stop the train wreck, the disaster that is Obamacare," Cruz was a prime architect of the strategy that resulted in a partial shutdown of the federal government.

The shutdown damaged the party's political standing and angered many establishment, mainstream Republicans. Cruz said it was successful because it alerted the public to shortcomings of the law that they wouldn't otherwise have learned about.

Cruz said the failure of Congress to pass gun restrictions in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre — something polling showed was favored by the public — was a victory that stopped Obama's attempt to "go after the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens."

Florida Democrats were happy that the state's Republicans showcased Cruz over two days. U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said her party would benefit when Republicans "continue to make extreme choices, particularly in who they highlight as leaders of their party."

Anita Mitchell, chairwoman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, dismissed the criticism. "She's a great one to talk about extremism, by the way. So I have one thing to say to her: Game on, lady."

Lynn University political scientist Robert Watson said Florida Republicans showcasing Cruz could play into the Democrats' hands by "paint[ing] the party as more conservative than they would want to be painted."

Public opinion polling shows Florida voters have mixed views of Cruz.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Jan. 31 found just 9 percent of Florida Republicans would vote for him in a presidential primary. Cruz did best with conservative, born again Evangelicals, and tea party members. He did poorly with moderates, people who aren't born again, and non-tea partiers.

Asked if he'd make a good president, 23 percent of voters said yes and 44 percent said no. Notably, 19 percent of Republicans and 21 percent of conservatives and 56 percent of moderates — a pivotal group needed to win a general election and the state's 29 electoral votes — said he wouldn't make a good president.

Cruz didn't get on stage until after 10 p.m. for his Palm Beach speech, which he delivered without notes as he crisscrossed the stage, eschewing the lectern. He kept the sellout crowd of more than 600 engaged, not just with his policy prescriptions, but a constant stream of one-liners, most of which had a political point.

For example, he took a jab at National Security Agency phone call monitoring with this line: "Please leave your cellphones on. I want to make sure President Obama hears every word I have to say tonight."

Referring to his 21-hour talk-a-thon on the Senate floor last year, he said it was "almost as long as it takes to sign up on the Obamacare website."

And, he noted the ornate ballroom at the Donald Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago Club, site of the event, quipping that "it is so great to be welcomed into Donald's modest living room."

Wild Thing's comment.........

He also spoke the other day here in Sarasota and was fantastic.

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Obamacare Named One of Top Scams of 2013

Obamacare Named One of Top Scams of 2013

Wild Thing's comment............

How interesting, so the scammer Obama's Obamacare is being used to scam people. How ironic is that.

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February 22, 2014

Rick Perry: I keep waiting for Obama to call me and say ‘thanks for saving my bacon’

Rick Perry: I keep waiting for Obama to call me and say ‘thanks for saving my bacon’

Rick Perry did an interview with MSNBC where he pointed out how much Texas has contributed to the job growth of the United States, even saying that he’s still waiting for Obama to call him and say ‘thanks for saving my bacon’.

This is the FULL interview.......

Texas Governor Rick Perry unplugged
The Cycle’s Abby Huntsman conducted a wide-ranging one-on-one interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry about 2016, marijuana, the possibility of Texas turning blue, the minimum wage, economic growth in his state, other big name Texas lawmakers, and more.

Wild Thing's comment...........

I love how easy it is to listen to Gov. Perry.

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MARK LEVIN: A look back at the attacks on Reagan, how they are similar to attacks on conservatives today

MARK LEVIN: A look back at the attacks on Reagan, how they are similar to attacks on conservatives today
Mark Levin gives a great history lesson on the attacks aimed at Ronald Reagan by establishment-type Republicans, who called him extreme and said he couldn’t win. Similar attacks are now being leveled at conservatives like Ted Cruz from the same Republican types who were wrong the first time.

Wild Thing;'s comment............

Thank you Mark Levin.

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Federal Communications Commission announced Friday it is putting on hold Government Monitors In Newsrooms

Federal Communications Commission announced Friday it is putting on hold Government Monitors In Newsrooms

FOX news

The Federal Communications Commission announced Friday that it was putting on hold a controversial study of American newsrooms, after complaints from Republican lawmakers and media groups that the project was too intrusive.

FCC spokeswoman Shannon Gilson said Chairman Tom Wheeler agreed with critics that some of the study’s proposed questions for reporters and news directors “may not have been appropriate.”

The agency announced that a proposed pilot study in South Carolina will be shelved, at least until a “new study design” is finalized. But the agency made clear that any future studies will not involve interviews with “media owners, news directors or reporters.”

Wild Thing's comment..........

Good riddance!!

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

February 21, 2014

Krauthammer: Obama's FCC Newsroom Study Latest ‘Trample on What Rights are Remaining’

Krauthammer: FCC Newsroom Study Latest ‘Trample on What Rights are Remaining’

Charles Krauthammer commented on the latest move by the Obama administration to control the media.

“As if the IRS, and the EPA, and NLRB haven’t done enough damage, the FCC now has to trample on what rights are remaining.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

Notice how every single thing that exists in our country Obama wants to take control over and dictate to.

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McDonalds Worker Heather Levia FIRED After Buying Food for FIREFIGHTERS

Wild Thing's comment...........

I can understand how she feels. It would be nice if there was a comp on food for firefighters and police as well. They risk their lives and it would be a wonderful jester by these fast food places to do that. They would not even have to raise prices to pay for the donations, all they have to do is write it off I would think as a donation.

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Steyn: 'Pathetic' John Kerry Talking Like 'Sophomore' in a Dorm Room on Global Warming as Kiev Burns

On Hugh Hewitt’s Thursday radio show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn surveyed the scene in the Ukraine and the U.S. State Department’s response, in particular Secretary of State John Kerry’s response, who has been promoting a U.S. policy on anthropogenic global warming.

“John Kerry, the man who was advertising that he’d be the guy who could get America to pass the global test when he ran for president in 2004 – the world has decided he can’t pass the global test,” Steyn said. “He basically needs remedial work in geopolitics. He’s talking like some sophomore in his dorm room at two in the morning about how the greatest challenge is global warming. I’d love to see him walk around the streets and tell the people who are being gunned down what the biggest challenge the world faces is global warming. This is pathetic and embarrassing.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

It is embarrassing to have Obama and Biden representing our country.

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February 20, 2014

Obama Regime Putting Government Monitors In Newsrooms

Obama Regime Putting Government Monitors In Newsrooms

The Obama Administration’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is poised to place government monitors in newsrooms across the country in an absurdly draconian attempt to intimidate and control the media.

Before you dismiss this assertion as utterly preposterous (we all know how that turned out when the Tea Party complained that it was being targeted by the IRS), this bombshell of an accusation comes from an actual FCC Commissioner.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai reveals a brand new Obama Administration program that he fears could be used in “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.”

As Commissioner Pai explains in the Wall Street Journal:

Last May the FCC proposed an initiative to thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country. With its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” or CIN, the agency plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. A field test in Columbia, S.C., is scheduled to begin this spring.

The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about “the process by which stories are selected” and how often stations cover “critical information needs,” along with “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.”

In fact, the FCC is now expanding the bounds of regulatory powers to include newspapers, which it has absolutely no authority over, in its new government monitoring program.

The FCC has apparently already selected eight categories of “critical information” “that it believes local newscasters should cover.”

That’s right, the Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions.

This poses a monumental danger to constitutionally protected free speech and freedom of the press.

Every major repressive regime of the modern era has begun with an attempt to control and intimidate the press.

As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently said, “our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

he federal government has absolutely no business determining what stories should and should not be run, what is critical for the American public and what is not, whether it perceives a bias, and whose interests are and are not being served by the free press.

It’s an unconscionable assault on our free society.

Imagine a government monitor telling Fox News it needed to cover stories in the same way as MSNBC or Al Jazeera. Imagine an Obama Administration official walking in to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and telling it that the American public would be better served if it is stopped reporting on the IRS scandal or maybe that reporting on ObamaCare “glitches” is driving down enrollment.

It’s hard to imagine anything more brazenly Orwellian than government monitors in newsrooms.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Very concerning, very scary to see this happening. America that we love so much is going away so fast.

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Mom Uses Rifle To Fight Off Armed Home Invaders Who Smash Through Her Door

Mom Uses Rifle To Fight Off Armed Home Invaders Who Smash Through Her Door

A Detroit woman surprised a trio of armed teen thugs when they came to try and rob her house.

You don’t want to mess with this mom!

The Detroit woman surprised a trio of armed teen thugs when they came to try and rob her house.

Instead of sitting back and watching them steal her stuff, she locked and loaded a rifle — and then fired it as she chased them back outside.

The dramatic incident was caught on surveillance camera.

Footage shows the three teens trying to kick down her front door.

But, as they start to make their way inside, the woman pops up with a gun. She starts firing to try and scare them off, and they all run away.

One of the boys, armed with a handgun, tries his luck again and rushes the door.

But he soon scuttles off again after hearing bullets being fired in his direction.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, told WXYZ Detroit she “didn’t have time to get scared” as she rushed to protect her children.

“I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house and they challenged me and said ‘no you don’t have a gun’ so that’s when I shot off the first round,” she said.

“I wasn’t feeling anything at the moment, I got scared afterward,” she added.

No one was hurt in the incident, and cops arrested the three suspects soon after.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Thank God she is OK and good thing she had a weapon.

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Louie Gohmert Has Had It & Plans Defend Tea Party & Conservatives Against Establishment

Louie Gohmert Has Had It & Plans Defend Tea Party & Conservatives Against Establishment ....Defend Those Who Stand For What Is Right!

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God bless him !

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Gov. Rick Perry supports these candidates for Texas Supreme Court

Gov. Rick Perry supports these candidates for Texas Supreme Court

In the 2014 Texas Republican primary, Governor Rick Perry urges Republicans to vote for Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, Justice Jeff Boyd, Justice Jeff Brown and Justice Phil Johnson.

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This is neat how he does this. Voting for Judges is one of the hard things to know which one to pick. No one has to of course, but to at least know where ones Gov. stands on the various people seems to me it would help.

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Fourth Hospital In Georgia Closes Because of Obamacare

Fourth Hospital In Georgia Closes Because of Obamacare

The fourth Georgia hospital in two years is closing its doors due to severe financial difficulties caused by Obamacare’s payment cuts for emergency services.

The Lower Oconee Community Hospital is, for now, a critical access hospital in southeastern Georgia that holds 25 beds. The hospital is suffering from serious cash-flow problems, largely due to the area’s 23 percent uninsured population, and hopes to reopen as “some kind of urgent care center,” CEO Karen O’Neal said.

Many hospitals in the 25 states that rejected the Medicaid expansion are facing similar financial problems. Liberal administration ally Think Progress has already faulted Georgia for not expanding Medicaid as Obamacare envisioned.

But the reality is more complicated. The federal government has historically made payments to hospitals to cover the cost of uninsured patients seeking free medical care in emergency rooms, as federal law mandates that hospitals must care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay.

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More destruction because of Obama and his socialized medicine. FUBO

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February 19, 2014

NJ Gun Grabber Says Gun Magazines Over 10 Rounds Are Only For “Domestic Terrorists And Gangsters”

NJ Gun Grabber Says Gun Magazines Over 10 Rounds Are Only For “Domestic Terrorists And Gangsters”…

The Washington Times

Gun-control advocates frequently use scare tactic to mislead the public into supporting laws that unnecessarily restrict Second Amendment rights.

In New Jersey, the most stringent firearms laws in the country don’t satisfy the rabid activists there. They are pushing to lower the legal magazine size from 15 to 10.

“Our top priority is a 10-round limit on magazine size,” Bryan Miller, executive director of Heeding God’s Call, told on Friday. The group’s sole purpose is pushing for more gun control. Its primary tactic is to hold “prayer vigils” outside firearms stores.

“Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster,” Mr. Miller claimed.

Mr. Miller neglected to mention that virtually all law enforcement uses firearms with more than 10 rounds. And of course, so do millions of law-abiding Americans.

Frank Jack Fiamingo is the president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, a grass-roots gun rights group that opposes the magazine ban.

The firearms industry has been fighting back against these new limits to magazine size that have passed in the past year in states such as New York (seven rounds) and Colorado (15 rounds).

Larry Keane is the general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

“The Justice Department studies of the federal ban on modern sporting rifles — which also restricted magazine capacity — showed that restricting the size of a magazine by an arbitrary number, such as 10, does not reduce crime,” Mr. Keane said, referring to the industry’s preferred term for so-called assault weapons.

“It simply limits the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families.”

In New Jersey, gun-grabber activists have been effective in getting new laws because they have strong allies in the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

It is expected that political pressure will increase to pass more gun-control bills in order to put Gov. Chris Christie in a tight spot. Mr. Christie is considering a run for president as a Republican, which is a nonstarter for someone who is viewed as anti-gun.

The political battles have already started.

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What a bunch of baloney.

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Krauthammer: 'The Idea That Obama is Going to 'Pivot' To Climate Change As a Way To Save Senate Seats Is Quite Insane'

Krauthammer: 'The Idea That Obama is Going to 'Pivot' To Climate Change As a Way To Save Senate Seats Is Quite Insane'

They can't run on the economy, they can't run on Obamacare...

This pivot to climate change is not going to help them -Krauthammer

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Global warming aka climate change yesss it is all insane and I agree with Charles about Obama.

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CBO: Raising The Minimum Wage To $10.10 Per Hour From $7.25 Would Eliminate 500,000 Jobs

CBO: Raising The Minimum Wage To $10.10 Per Hour From $7.25 Would Eliminate 500,000 Jobs


"This report confirms what we've long known: While helping some, mandating higher wages has real costs, including fewer people working," said Brendan Buck, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner. "With unemployment Americans' top concern, our focus should be creating - not destroying - jobs for those who need them most."

Raising the U.S. minimum wage would lead to the loss of about half a million jobs by late 2016 but lift almost a million Americans out of poverty, the Congressional Budget Office forecast in a report on Tuesday that reignited debate over one of President Barack Obama's top priorities this year.

Buoyed by polls showing three-quarters of Americans in favor of a minimum wage hike, Obama and his fellow Democrats advocate raising the minimum hourly wage to $10.10 from the current $7.25 in a move to boost the stagnant wages of millions of low-income workers.

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As a past business owner, I had a gift shop and tea room in Malibu. If I had to pay more for minimum wage I would have had to let some people go plus the raises I gave would not have been possible. I loved giving raises for work well done to some awesome employees but under Obama and this wage raise it would have been impossible.

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February 18, 2014

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy: You’re “Blank Right” We are Going to Strip Funding away for Many of Barack Obama’s “Pet Projects”

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy: You’re “Blank Right” We are Going to Strip Funding away for Many of Barack Obama’s “Pet Projects”

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy saying Republicans “will respond” to Barack Obama’s power grab “through the appropriations process.” Gowdy said they will move to strip funding for many of Barack Obama’s “pet projects” such as “Green Energy” projects. Since Obama is going around Congress, violating the U.S. Constitution, Gowdy said they will use the “power of the purse” given to Congress in order to respond to Obama’s overreach.

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Love Trey Gowdy. He is awesome.

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Switzerland Votes to Introduce Immigration Curbs....Good for the Swiss!

Swiss Fault Lines Exposed as Villagers See Risk to Postcard Life

Frida Sommer says her vote to curb immigration into Switzerland wasn’t driven by xenophobia.

“We have no space, and it’s about the principle,” said Sommer, 60, a day-care instructor enjoying a morning croissant and coffee in Appenzell Innerrhoden, a rural canton in the north-east of the country. “We want Switzerland to stay the way it is.”

The country’s surprise vote to introduce immigration curbs has soured relations with the European Union and prompted companies including Nestle SA to warn of a potential effect on their business. The referendum, which passed with fewer than 20,000 votes, has also highlighted fault lines running through Swiss society, between towns and rural areas, and between German and French-speaking regions.

In Appenzell, 63.5 percent of voters favored immigration limits, the highest proportion of any German-speaking canton and second only to the Italian-speaking region of Ticino. The cities of Zurich, Bern and Basel rejected the proposal, as did Francophone cantons in western Switzerland.

“German-speaking Switzerland is more self-focused and needing to affirm its own identity,” said Rene Schwok, political scientist at the University of Geneva.

The vote outcome requires government quotas for all immigrants including European Union nationals. It runs contrary to an EU treaty allowing them free entry and has riled officials across Europe including the foreign ministers of Germany and Belgium. The pact is part of a bigger agreement, meaning a change of immigration rules also threatens trade accords with the EU. As the bloc is Switzerland’s biggest trading partner this in turn may hurt the Swiss economy.

Switzerland voted against joining the EU’s precursor in 1992, preferring to stay a landlocked country surrounded by the bloc. A set of bilateral treaties, touching on topics ranging from market access for goods and services to scientific research, govern its relations.

Switzerland managed to remain largely unscathed from the debt crisis and recession that afflicted the euro area. In 2013, the unemployment rate among Swiss citizens as measured by the International Labour Organization stood at 3.1 percent while among foreigners it was 8.3 percent. For the EU, the jobless rate was 12.1 percent last year. At the same time, Swiss house prices have climbed almost 40 percent in the last 10 years.

To some, that’s evidence Switzerland is better off alone and that immigrants are a burden to society. Adding fuel to the fire, the clampdown by European governments on tax evaders with secret Swiss bank accounts has at times been portrayed by the SVP as Switzerland getting bossed about by the EU.

“The way people like to view their own country is very much like a postcard: neatness and tidiness and natural beauty,” communication consultant Ionescu said. “Anything that doesn’t fit with that image tends to get pushed to the side.”

“Switzerland is doing well, and the EU isn’t,” said Ricardo Teixeira, a crane operator in Appenzell whose parents moved to the country from Portugal when he was a child. “Switzerland can’t take in everybody, or else it’ll be the same here.”

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Good for Switzerland. It's also good for Switzerland that every household has an full-on military assault rifle ready to go at any time, and folks trained to use them.

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Trey Gowdy: Obama's ambassador picks can't even find the equator on a globe

Trey Gowdy: Obama's ambassador picks can't even find the equator on a globe

Trey Gowdy returned to weigh in on the ICE director and the ambassador nominations. All of these positions were bought. All were bundlers and collected huge donations. Gowdy said that those 3 bundlers couldn't find the equator on the globe.

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Good one! He is right, these people Obama has picked are only because they raised big money for his election, they certainly are not qualified.

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National security expert: Obama's naive foreign policy putting America at risk

National security expert: Obama's naive foreign policy putting America at risk

Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, believes the average American has a sounder understanding of security and foreign policy issues than those in government.

In this three-part video interview with The Daily Caller, Roth discusses how President Obama’s policies put American security in jeopardy.

According to Roth, our president’s disengagement policy has “diminished America and its people in the eyes of the world” and “created a vacuum” that other powers are maneuvering to fill.

His organization aims to inform people on all sides on the issues, who, he says, mostly agree on national security issues. Roth disapproves of the previous, more adventurous foreign policy that attempted to impose American values with force, but he also spares no criticism toward this president.

Obama is, according to Roth, in the process of dismantling decades of bipartisan foreign policy consensus aimed at maintaining security for America.

Obama’s policies have made victims of Christians in the Middle East and the American people, according to Roth. Roth says that “the way terrorists are treated in this country, the movement of hardened terrorists out of Guantanamo is not something that doesn’t have consequences. It has huge consequences.”

Roth says that the enduring lesson of Benghazi is that “the American government, from Hillary Clinton to the White House made grievous errors, and in some cases covered up the truth about Benghazi.”

“The message that sends to our enemies is we don’t care about our own people,” he continued.

Beyond embracing a dangerous naiveté, Roth says that the Obama foreign policy team “marches to a different drummer than the average American.”

He continues, “This administration has not only reflects what I would call the immoral beliefs of a lot of the cultural elites, but stokes their agenda, supports their agendas, whether it’s at the United Nations or whether it is at other international institutions. They have in fact encouraged them, given them power, legitimacy of the United States of America. That’s not the American people. That’s the Obama administration.”

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Obama only favors Muslims and not Americans. I bet he never had one sleepless night about the deaths in Benghazi.

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February 17, 2014

Heartwarming Story of ‘A Boy and His Dog’ ... A Must See Video!!

Heartwarming Story of ‘A Boy and His Dog’

Owen Howkins ( 7 years old ) , who has Schwartz-Jamel syndrome, and the bond he shares with his three legged dog Haatchi, who was previously abused.

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I love stories like this so much. Animals are such a wonderful and precious love in our lives and to see others lives touched by their love is a gift to each of us. God bless this sweet precious child and his dog and his parents.

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Remington Arms moving 2,000+ jobs to move from NY to Alabama

Remington Arms moving 2,000+ jobs from NY to Alabama


High level sources have informed Yellowhammer News that Remington, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, will on Monday join Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in announcing that they are bringing over 2,000 jobs to Alabama.

The company is viewing the move into Alabama as an expansion, but it will likely impact their Ilion, NY plant as well. The New York facility currently employees around 1,200 people. It is expected to stay open, but with a reduced workforce.

“The company is making the move as an expansion of capacity, production and research,” a source told Yellowhammer on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “The demand for Remington products has skyrocketed recently, for obvious reasons, so they need to increase their production capacity. They will be expanding their research capabilities with the Alabama plant, too.”

The initial estimated impact on Alabama’s economy will be roughly $87 million.

According to Remington’s website, the company designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturers. Remington is the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. The Company distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries.

Remington first began considering new locations after the New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act in response to the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn. In addition to banning magazines that contain more than seven rounds and requiring instant background checks on ammo purchases, the NY SAFE Act broadened the definition of so-called “assault weapons” to include a wide range of guns, including the Bushmaster, which was being manufactured at Remington’s New York plant.

Almost half the states in the country have made pitches to Remington, included Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. But in the end, the company chose Huntsville, Ala.

The optics could not be worse for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who told WCNY radio host Susan Arbetter about a month ago that “extreme conservatives” who are “right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay,” have “no place in the state of New York.”

Gov. Bentley and Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard both immediately responded to Cuomo’s comments.

“In Alabama we strongly support and uphold our great U.S. Constitution on which our nation and our states were founded,” Bentley told Yellowhammer. “The Constitution serves to protect individual Freedoms. Among them are those guaranteed in the Second Amendment, which protects the right of the people to keep and bear Arms. We will protect the Freedoms of individuals and welcome any one or any company to Alabama to discover as so many have, that we are a pro-business state filled with good, hardworking people.”

“If he doesn’t want hard working pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment people in his state, we will gladly take them here in Alabama,” Speaker Hubbard added.

It looks like that’s exactly what is happening.

Yellowhammer will have full coverage of the announcement on Monday.

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We are seeing more and more of this happening. Weapon companies moving their companies from unfriendly States.

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"Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job" by Star Parker

Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job

by Star Parker

Once again, bitter feelings are being cast in the direction of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

With the House passing the “clean” debt ceiling bill and sending it to the Democrat controlled Senate, it was clear that this was the bill that was going to get passed and sent to the president.

But Cruz didn’t want to let Senate Republicans, including Minority leader Mitch McConnell, off the hook and give President Obama a blank check to once again increase the debt ceiling as we are drowning in red ink. He didn’t want Republicans to simply vote against the bill, hiding behind the Democrat majority who were sure to pass it.

Cruz filibustered and forced some of his Republican colleagues – including Minority Leader McConnell - to vote to break the filibuster so the bill could be taken to the floor for a vote.

Headline in The Atlantic read: Ted Cruz Just Made Life Miserable for Republican Leaders Once Again.

The Wall Street Journal called him “The Minority Maker,” claiming that Cruz’s intemperate behavior dooms the Republican Party to disfavor in the eyes of the public.

I disagree.

What, really, is the whole point of the debt ceiling if it is meaningless as a tool to restrain government spending and debt. If the debt ceiling can be routinely raised simply by the president asking that it be done, why have it at all?

The existence of a debt ceiling has meant nothing as President Obama has added over $6 trillion in national debt since he took office. National debt is now 74 percent of GDP, double what it was when Obama took office.

President George W. Bush added about $6 trillion to the national debt during his eight years in office.

This is all like promising yourself that you’re going to stop smoking until you light up the next time.

The debt ceiling, as a tool for fiscal and debt restraint, is clearly pointless.

So the only reason for it, as far as I can see, is to provide an opportunity to bring public attention to our dismal state of fiscal affairs every time the debt ceiling is up for another increase.

In this sense, Ted Cruz is one of the few who is actually doing his job.

Every time the debt ceiling comes up, Cruz forces the nation to pay attention. This stuff matters, and we should be grateful to him for refusing to quietly roll over as the nation sinks.

Throwing a brick through the window to wake up the nation to the mess that has been created is an act of patriotism.

I am mystified by those who think it’s all a game of psychology.

Cruz’s antics make Republicans look bad, they say.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his party are having a field day with the Republican easy cave-in, passing a condition-free debt ceiling increase.

President Obama said the passage of this condition-free, “clean,” debt ceiling increase takes the “politics of brinksmanship…” off the national debt. New York Senator Chuck Schumer said it meant that Republicans were putting “Tea Party politics in the rear view mirror.”

So while many in his own party are calling Cruz a spoiler, giving his party a bad name, Democrats are advertising what Republicans have done as surrender and a Democratic victory.

This is about arithmetic, not psychology. The Democrats are the party that wants to pretend that it doesn’t matter if the numbers don’t add up. Republicans, the supposed opposition party, aren’t doing their job if they don’t refuse to accept this.

We need elected officials today who care about nothing but telling the truth and leading. Ted Cruz is clearly one of these leaders.

Wild Thing's comment.............

I am proud of Ted Cruz and the stand he has taken to speak for us, to follow in his passion of love for our country and want only the best for it.

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Low Life Obama Now Using Kittens to Push Obamcare


It's Come To This. Selling Obamacare With Kittens.

Cat lovers across the country are expressing their displeasure with the administration’s use of kittens in an advertisement to promote Obamacare signups.

The offending image, found on the website “The Adorable Care Act,” shows four adorable kittens in a supposed Valentine’s Day greeting with the caption: “Treat yourself right this Valentines Day. Get pamPURRED with health care.”

Henrietta Fourpaws of Felix, IL, made the point that the ad was stupid, but also claimed that exploiting young kittens in this fashion was cruel and unjust.

“Just look at their faces,” she said. “They’re bored and unhappy. Wouldn’t you be if you were forced to shill for a total disaster? It’s like putting them in the front seat of an Edsel.”

Gladys Purrdy of Morris, PA, was even more forceful in her denunciation of the ad. “How dare they use such beautiful creatures for a grubby enterprise like Obamacare,” she said. She added, “Besides, the kittens make poor sales critters for Obamacare. Everyone knows that cats are way too independent to obey the individual mandate, plus, they’re far too smart to believe the president after he told us ‘If you like your vet, you can keep your vet. Period.’”

Wild Thing's comment...............

Even snake oil salesmen would be embarrassed for Obama.

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More then Executive Orders.a Must Read! Obama Makes Up His Own Rules…The Radical Social Engineering Is Underway

Obama Makes Up His Own Rules…The Radical Social Engineering Is Underway

Last month, President Obama declared he’ll “act on my own,” that he doesn’t need Congress to exercise his power.

We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation. I’ve got a pen . . . and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions,” he asserted. “One of the things that I’m going to be talking to my Cabinet about is how do we use all the tools available to us.”

He’s already made good on his promise to act unilaterally — delaying the ObamaCare mandate on businesses again last week and changing the rules for immigration enforcement.

But what Obama didn’t say is that, behind the scenes, he’s radically increasing the government’s reach. His tools aren’t laws or even executive orders — it’s thousands of new pages of new rules in the Federal Register, the nation’s official book of regulations, controlling everything from home finance to car deals to city zoning.

An unelected, unappointed shadowy network of leftie advocates are rewriting these rules — posing a direct threat to Congress’ legislative authority. Yet alarmingly few lawmakers are aware of its clout. Likewise, few in the private sector know about its unchecked power and influence over business and finance — or even local housing and school policies.

Schools can’t suspend bullies

One troubling new area of regulation: rules for discipline at your children’s schools, so that teachers can no longer kick students who misbehave out of the classroom. They’re relaxing the protocols for punishing even violent kids, compounding fears about classroom safety in a post-Newtown world.

New school-discipline guidelines issued last month by Education Secretary Arne Duncan are based on a “framework” recently formulated by the New York-based Dignity in Schools Campaign.

Following Dignity’s recommendations, the administration is pressuring schools to keep disruptive minority students in the classroom. The new federal guidelines call for a moratorium on suspensions, now demonized as “racist” because they have a “disparate impact” on black students. They also discourage school authorities from bringing police onto campuses even in some violent cases.

Forced integration of the suburbs

The fingerprints of radical social engineers are all over housing policy as well.

Affordable-housing zealots helped craft a sweeping new federal regulation that created a controversial “housing-discrimination database,” which the administration hopes to use to reshape the demographics of every neighborhood in America.

It’s part of an ambitious agenda to eliminate “racial segregation,” ZIP code-by-ZIP code, through the systematic dismantling of “exclusionary” building ordinances across America.

It’s started here in New York’s Westchester County, where HUD is withholding millions of dollars in funding until the area relaxes restrictions on subsidized housing.

But that’s just the beginning of a nationwide campaign to force suburbs to accept Section 8 and other low-income residents.

“The battle for zoning in Westchester County [will be] the battle everywhere,” warned Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. “This is about changing every block, every neighborhood to the viewpoint of federal bureaucrats at HUD.”

The agency’s 34-page “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” mandate, soon to be codified as law in the Federal Register, is the brainchild of the National Fair Housing Alliance, a radical leftist group based in Washington.

Recreating the mortgage crisis

As if that weren’t enough, Obama’s new credit cop, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is out to recreate the conditions that caused the 2008 mortgage collapse by pressuring banks to make loans to people who can’t afford them in the name of racial “fairness.” And it’s happening behind closed doors.

CFPB won’t let private citizens or reporters into meetings with its 25 paid advisers, the Consumer Advisory Board, whose taxpayer-compensated members include trial lawyers who make a living suing banks, former ACORN activists, and even a member of the Democratic National Committee. Some have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant money to ferret out discrimination in housing and lending.

“They want input from liberal activists and Democratic partisans without public scrutiny,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute official John Berlau, who last year represented a Mississippi businessman barred from a Consumer Advisory Board meeting in what Berlau says was a “clear violation” of the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

One influential CFPB adviser, Ellen Seidman, happens to be one of the architects of the disastrous housing policies that caused the mortgage crisis. Seidman encouraged subprime lending in “underserved” communities as a top Clinton bank regulator enforcing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). “Growth in the subprime credit market indicates that credit needs in many low- and moderate-income areas are being met,” she said in 1999. She also cheered the relaxation of credit standards and the development of the subprime securities market.

“Without CRA as an impetus,” Seidman said, “this market would likely not have developed.”

Now Seidman is helping rewrite the rules for home lending. CFPB recently released new mortgage rules that, despite claims of tightening standards, require no minimum credit scores or down payments and even count payments from “government assistance programs” as qualifying income for low-income borrowers.

Radical advisers also have opened up a new “fair lending” front — car loans.

CFPB has sued the nation’s largest car lender, Ally Bank, for $100 million over discrimination charges.

Ally denies the allegations, arguing it prices for risk, not race. Indeed, the administration failed to take credit scores and other key risk factors into account in its investigation — just as it failed to take them into account shaking down almost three dozen mortgage lenders — including Bank of America and Wells Fargo — for a combined $810 million over alleged lending discrimination.

Discriminating against minority borrowers would be a deplorable crime if true. But investigators have no direct evidence it’s occurring. Cases are based exclusively on statistics showing “disparities” in loan outcomes by race. For the first time, federal civil-rights enforcers are relying on stats, rather than actual acts or intent, to prove racism.

They assume “statistically significant” disparities in loan rates between whites and minorities proves lenders are discriminating against minorities. But there’s a fundamental flaw: They’re not comparing whites and minorities with the same credit backgrounds.

They’re missing their credit scores, debt-to-income ratios and other key information that influences lending decisions (like down payments and trade-ins) in their computer screens. In short, they’re making reckless allegations.

Though investigators argue crunching the raw data is sufficient to prove racism if it shows “significant” racial gaps in loan pricing, they won’t define “significant” — despite repeated bipartisan requests by Congress.

Critics complain even the dubious statistical threshold they’re using to trigger discrimination investigations is arbitrary and capricious.

“CFPB refuses to release any sort of analysis or methodology as to how they reached their conclusions,” National Auto Dealers Association spokesman Baily Wood said.

‘Working the system’

In the 1970s, Saul Alinsky, the Chicago socialist, father of community organizing and Obama idol, wrote “Rules for Radicals” as a training manual for stealth “revolution.” He advised activists to cut their hair and clean up their mouths so they could “work in the system” and change it from the “inside.”

Only by operating inside the establishment, he said, could this new “vanguard” of leftists really hope to redistribute power and wealth “from the Haves to the Have-Nots.”

The strategy has worked beyond his wildest dreams.

It took a few decades, but Alinsky’s coat-and-tie radicals are fully deployed inside the power corridors of Washington — including, of course, the West Wing, where Alinsky’s star pupil controls the show. And they’re collaborating with the most militant elements of the nonprofit sector.

Together, both the washed and unwashed of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” gang are now writing the rules regulating industry and society.

Wild Thing's comment............

Evil there is no other word for Obama and his agenda.

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February 16, 2014

Chris Christie Vacations in Puerto Rico as NJ Digs Out From Winter Storm ( Not what leaders do)

Chris Christie Vacations in Puerto Rico as NJ Digs Out From Winter Storm

Not the first time he's done this during a massive winter snowstorm

In 2010, Chris Christie took heat for vacationing at Disneyworld while a blizzard hit Jersey

'Not what leaders do.

And now in 2014..........New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his family escaped the cold and snow left behind by this week's massive snowstorm to enjoy a weekend in sunny Puerto Rico.

The Republican governor was spotted Friday poolside at a San Juan resort, reports CNN, and his spokesman said the state leader is on a brief vacation.

"After the storm had passed, the governor left the state this morning for a long weekend away with his family, and he will return Monday night," said spokesman Colin Reed.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno is running the government business this weekend until Christie comes back from his trip. This isn't Christie's first trip out of state to stay out of a winter blast. In 2010, Democrats roundly criticized the governor for not cutting short a family trip to Florida

Wild Thing's comment............

He is a lot like Obama in that he will do whatever he wants and then if criticized he lashes out and bullies people.

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Doctor: Obamacare MS Patients Could Pay $62,000 for Meds

Doctor: Obamacare MS Patients Could Pay $62,000 for Meds

One of the main arguments President Barack Obama used to ram through Obamacare was that it would provide affordable coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

However, Dr. Daniel Kantor, who treats multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and those suffering from other neurological disorders, told Fox News senior reporter Jim Angle that patients with serious pre-existing conditions like MS and lupus could be facing crippling drug costs under Obamacare due to something known as a "closed drug formulary."

"So it could be that a MS patient could be expected to pay $62,000 just for one medication," said Kantor. "That's a possibility under the new Obamacare going on right now."

Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) says that medicines not included on a pre-approved list receive zero coverage. Worse, drugs for some diseases like MS do not have generic versions available.

"You have to pay completely out of pocket to get that medicine, and the money you spend doesn't count against your deductible, and it doesn't count against your out of pocket limits, so you're basically on your own," explains Gottlieb.

That raises the specter of patients not taking their medications, says Dr. Kantor.

Gottlieb says that outside of Obamacare, specialized drugs would still be expensive, but patients at least get "some co-insurance, meaning the plans will pay some of the cost of that."

According to Angle's report, Obamacare may try to address the drug gap in the future. However, "Additional benefits cost more, though, meaning premiums would have to rise, or the networks of providers would shrink even further."

Obamacare patients with serious illness are already experiencing sticker shock. In a NY Post editorial earlier this month, a Tennessee woman with lupus who voted for Obama, Emilie Lamb, had her original health insurance plan canceled and had to take a second job to pay for her far more expensive Obamacare plan.

"Obamacare has made my life a nightmare," said Lamb. "Obamacare is a health plan that is both unaffordable and uncaring. For a law named 'The Affordable Care Act,' this is both backward and uncaring."

Wild Thing's comment...............

Huge costs that people will be forced to pay out of their own pocket and all because of Obama and his socialized medicine.

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Tension Between NYC Mayor De Blasio and NY Gov. Cuomo Escalates

Tension Between NYC Mayor De Blasio and NY Gov. Cuomo Escalates

Pushing through an agenda so progressive it has made fellow Democrats balk is proving a difficult task for Bill de Blasio. The New York City mayor has already experienced significant resistance to his plan to raise taxes on the rich to fund universal pre-kindergarten, and now his minimum wage plan is in jeopardy in Albany.

According to Fox News, de Blasio's proposed plan to increase the minimum wage is getting as negative a reception as the plan to fund universal pre-K. Author Barnini Chakraborty notes that the latter has run into significant problems as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a state-wide universal pre-K plan that would make de Blasio's tax hike unnecessary--something de Blasio flatly rejected. Fox News notes that Cuomo called the idea of making rich neighborhoods fund themselves separately from the rest of the state "repugnant."

The minimum wage plan might meet a similar fate in Albany. In his State of the City address, de Blasio's minimum wage increase plan featured prominently along the universal pre-K idea and new proposition to give government identification to illegal immigrants, which would allow them to open bank accounts and access other resources in the city. Mayor de Blasio's plan, he explained, would be to urge Albany to allow New York City to raise its own minimum wage without touching the rest of the state. The plan would let de Blasio govern New York as more of a city-state than a mere city. It would necessarily require lawmakers in Albany to give away power to de Blasio, something to which they have already proven resistant. Governor Cuomo put it frankly: "We don't want to cannibalize ourselves."

Mayor de Blasio's tenure, short as it is, already has a defining trait: the push to increasingly distance the city from the rest of the state. He wants to be New York City's Pericles in an era where no American city can be allowed to be its own ancient Athens. (Ancient Athens, for one, had an army.) This is most particularly reflected in how specific de Blasio's demands for the city seem to be next to what lawmakers in Albany seem prepared to yield. Even with a legislature and an executive run by the same party, he appears less interested in achieving things than in the specific method he wants employed to achieve them.

The fact that Cuomo proposed a plan to provide all New Yorkers with a universal pre-K program did not seem to sate de Blasio's thirst for a new tax on the wealthy--a campaign promise he insists on keeping, even though it is much more procedural than substantive and seems to have no political upsides. His other lofty proposals--the illegal immigrant ID cards and the minimum wage hike--are promises no mayor has any business making on the municipal level.

This latest tension with Albany highlights a bad week for the New York City mayor. In his third major snowstorm since taking office, New York City parents railed against city hall's decision to keep schools open, which forced small children to trek through frigid colds and slippery slush-like snow. The New York Post followed up on a narrative about the de Blasio administration first uncovered by Politicker: ideological interests have overridden any desire to logistically achieve things in office. As one anonymous city hall employee comically told Politicker last week, the only direction from above is to "be progressive," prompting the response: "WTF does that mean? What's the fire company going to do to be progressive?”

Wild Thing's comment..........

Idiot Dems voted for these two freaks now they are sorry to find out De Blasio is further to the left then they are.

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ObamaCare patients with serious pre-existing diseases could face expensive drug costs

ObamaCare patients with serious pre-existing diseases could face expensive drug costs

FOX News

People with serious pre-existing diseases, precisely those the president aimed to help with ObamaCare, could find themselves paying for expensive drug treatments with no help from the health care exchanges.

Those with expensive diseases such as lupus or multiple sclerosis face something called a "closed drug formulary."

Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute explains,"if the medicine that you need isn't on that list, it's not covered at all. You have to pay completely out of pocket to get that medicine, and the money you spend doesn't count against your deductible, and it doesn't count against your out of pocket limits, so you're basically on your own."

The plan had claimed it would rescue those with serious pre-existing conditions.

"So it could be that a MS patient could be expected to pay $62,000 just for one medication," says Dr. Daniel Kantor, who treats MS patients and others with neurological conditions near Jacksonville, Florida. "That’s a possiblity under the new ObamaCare going on right now."

In fact, one conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, is running an ad on exactly this subject, featuring a woman with lupus, an auto-immune disease.

She starts by saying, "I voted for Barack Obama for president. I thought ObamaCare was going to be a good thing."

But Emilie Lamb says she later got a letter saying her insurance was canceled because of ObamaCare, pushing her premiums from $52 to $373 a month.

"I'm having to work a second job, to pay for ObamaCare,” she adds. “For somebody with lupus, that's not an easy thing. If I can't afford to continue to pay for ObamaCare, I don't get my medicine. I don't get to see my doctors."

One of the problems is that drugs for some diseases such as MS do not have generic versions. So without cheaper alternatives and no help from ObamaCare, patients could face huge personal out-of-pocket bills, forcing some to skimp on their medications.

Kantor worries that "this may drive more patients" to not buy their medicines, "which we know is dangerous," he says. "We know MS can be a bad disease when you’re not treating it. When you’re treating it, for most people they handle it pretty well, but we know when you don’t treat (it), it’s the kind of disease where people end up in wheel chairs potentially."

In the commercial market, of course, drugs not on a preferred list would also be more expensive.

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I am scared of Obamacare and if I was a person that had to take medicine like this article says, costly medicine I would be terrified.

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February 15, 2014

LOL Love it! ...Rep. Trey Gowdy Calls Nancy Pelosi 'Mind-Numbingly Stupid' ( video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy Calls Nancy Pelosi 'Mind-Numbingly Stupid'

If Democrats would wake up and realize what Rep. Trey Gowdy is saying is true, then we can begin to move the ball in the right direction.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Hahahaha priceless and I bet he wanted to say even more. heh heh

This has made my week. Priceless.

Some one will have to draw Pelosi a picture so that she can understand what he meant.

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Statement by Gov. Perry on Occidental Petroleum relocating headquarters to Texas

Statement by Gov. Perry on Occidental Petroleum relocating headquarters to Texas

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement on Occidental Petroleum Corporation moving its corporate headquarters from Los Angeles, California to Houston:

“Occidental Petroleum is the largest oil producer in Texas and one of the largest in the nation, so it seems only fitting the company would locate its headquarters in Houston, the Energy Capital of the World,” Gov. Perry said. “Oxy ranks 125 on the Fortune 500 list, and the company’s move is further evidence Texas has built the most dynamic, pro-growth economy in the nation.”

Wild Thing's comment............

Can you imagine if every State had a man like Rick Perry for Gov.!!!!

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Because of Obamacare 25 million people, out of the 60 million in small group plans, get dropped in 2014

25 million people, out of the 60 million in small group plans, get dropped in 2014

Another 25 million ObamaCare victims

By Betsy McCaughey

January 14, 2014

It now looks like ObamaCare will hurt twice as many people as it helps — because the law isn’t nearly done with canceling people’s insurance.

The 5 million-plus Americans who’ve seen their health plans canceled thanks to ObamaCare will be joined by millions more this year — because the Affordable Care Act makes their employer-provided policies illegal, as well.

ObamaCare defenders are trying to minimize the coming pain. Jonathan Gruber, an architect of the law, told The Washington Post that the number of “losers” who will have to pay more for the same or inferior coverage will be “very, very small.” Nonsense. ObamaCare exchange plans — the only option for most people who lose on-the-job coverage — are a raw deal.

Yet millions will get dropped from employer-provided coverage over the course of this year and be stuck with that alternative.

Effective Jan. 1 of this year, the Affordable Care Act requires small-group plans to provide 10 “essential benefits.” Many employers renewed their plans late last year to avoid that costly requirement as long as possible. But as the months pass, these plans

And those dropped employees will be stuck with ObamaCare-exchange plans or no insurance at all.

Yet an exchange plan is a ripoff compared with what they’re losing.

On average, US workers with on-the-job individual coverage contribute $999 a year in pre-tax dollars and have a deductible of $1,135, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. On ObamaCare exchanges, all but the lowest earners will pay more (even after subsidies), pay with after-tax dollars, face deductibles of $3,000 to $5,000 for silver and bronze plans and lose access to many doctors and hospitals they’re covered for now.

How many people will this change clobber? Well, about 60 million Americans now get employer-provided insurance via small-group plans. Law firms and other high-end businesses are unlikely to drop coverage, but companies with lots of salespeople, receptionists and other lower-paid workers will say they can’t afford Washington’s “one size fits all” requirement — which, the Heritage Foundation reports, adds an estimated $1.79 an hour to the cost of a 40-hour worker (and more than $2 an hour in states like New York and New Jersey, where health care is more expensive).

Even the chance that ObamaCare’s “employer mandate” will go into effect in 2015 isn’t apt to deter employers from dropping coverage. The penalty for not complying with the mandate would add only 98 cents an hour for a 40-hour worker — a bargain compared with the $1.79 cost of providing coverage plus the enormous amount of red tape, reporting requirements and fees that ObamaCare piles on employers who provide coverage. In truth, the law discourages employers from insuring their workers, making it far easier and cheaper to send them to the exchanges.

That’s why the management consultants at McKinsey & Co. warned in 2011 that nearly a third of employers surveyed already were considering dropping coverage, with the figure rising among those familiar with the law’s requirements.

So a conservative estimate is that 25 million people, out of the 60 million in small group plans, get dropped in 2014. Add that to the 5 million or so whose individual-market already canceled on Jan. 1, and you have a lot of losers.

Indeed, it looks like ObamaCare will create twice as many losers as winners in 2014. The Congressional Budget Office projects that 16 million will gain coverage via the law’s Medicaid expansion (9 million) and subsidized exchange plans (7 million) — and even that’s rosier than the enrollment figures we’ve seen so far.

Thirty million losing insurance; 16 million gaining it. It’ll be hard for Democrats running for election this fall to defend a law that hurts twice as many people as it helps.

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Destroy Obamacare asap any way possible.

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February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day To Each One of You

Valentines Day is here, and hundreds of thousands of United States soldiers will be far away from their loved ones, unable to share an affectionate embrace, a romantic candlelight dinner, a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

Valentines Day is about showing the ones you love just how much they mean to you, and no one knows this better than friends and families of troops overseas.

So to all our Military, and their families, to all the Veterans, and to all of you that are friends of Theodore's World blog........ Angry Old Salt and I wish you all a special Valentines Day! Thank you for being in our lives and to the troops, thank you for all you do and for serving our country. Thank you for our freedom!

And Happy Valentines Day to each one of you that are such an important part of Theodore's World blog.

You are the song in my heart.


Chrissie aka Wild Thing

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Michelle Malkin Goes Off on Benghazi : Lies Lies Lies, They Are Going To Get You, Hillary! - (Hannity Show) - Thank you Michelle!

Michelle Malkin Goes Off on Benghazi : Lies Lies Lies, They Are Going To Get You, Hillary! - (Hannity Show)

Wild Thing's comment...........

It has been far too long for this to come to justice for the lives lost. Far too long for those to get away with what they did not do to take care of what needed to be done. I agree lies lies lies lies.

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Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens To American people

Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens To American people

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday evening that establishment GOP politicians will “never” listen to the American people.

“If we wait on the entrenched politicians in Washington, hell will freeze over before that happens,” Cruz answered when Levin asked whether Republicans will ever listen. “This is nothing new. The answers come from America, from millions of people standing up and holding elected officials accountable.”

Cruz, who coined the Twitter hashtag #MakeDCListen during the government shutdown episode, has often returned to a theme of forcing Washington D.C. insiders to listen to the public.

He noted that in the prelude to the shutdown, many Republicans preferred to push for spending cuts with the debt ceiling as leverage.

“A few months ago, when we were fighting trying to stop the disaster that is Obamacare, where a lot of Washington gray beards said, ‘we are going to fight on the debt ceiling. That’s where the fight will be,’” Cruz said. “It’s like they think the American people are a bunch of rubes, we don’t remember what they say.”

Wednesday, Cruz forced a procedural roll call requiring a 60-vote majority on the "clean" debt ceiling bill, despite Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's forceful urging he allow the legislation to go through with only a bare-majority vote. Cruz said Republicans should have united against the cloture motion, preventing the debt ceiling from being raised.

“If 41 Republicans had stood together and just voted no, the clean debt ceiling, the blank check for President Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want would have been denied,” Cruz said. “And for all of them who say I am just a crazy rebel, the last 55 times the debt ceiling has been increased, Congress has attached meaningful conditions to it 28 of those times. It's the only leverage point that has ever been effective.”

Cruz said earlier in the interview that many Republicans in the U.S. Congress wanted to increase the debt ceiling. “Make no mistake about it,” Cruz said. “This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling. But, they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish gullible constituents that they didn’t do it, and they’re mad because by my refusing to consent to [a bare-majority vote] they had to come out in the open and admit to that.”

Cruz's move to force the 60-vote procedural tally forced a dramatic, hour-long vote in which McConnell and GOP Whip John Cornyn scrambled to find enough Republicans to join Democrats and invoke cloture. During the vote, the clerk abstained from a decades-long practice of announcing each vote into a microphone as it was cast, preventing the public from knowing who had already voted and thus, who was switching their votes. McConnell and Cornyn ultimately joined in voting for cloture, after which six of their GOP colleagues switched to join them, providing additional political cover.

Wild Thing's comment........

Cruz is right and the proof in how true this is can be seen in the years we have experienced on supporting a candidate and then they get to Washington and it is as though they only want to hear from us is for donations.
Seldom they do not respond to emails and how often when we call their offices are we treated like second rate citizens.

If the Republican Party, had stayed true to its conservative roots, its conservative platform and remained the "party of Reagan" we would not be in our current difficulties

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Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act


On Thursday, U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced S. 2024, the State Marriage Defense Act, which allows states to set their own standards as to what defines marriage and protects the states from having the federal government encroach on that territory.

Thirty-three states define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

Sens. Ted Cruz stated:
I support traditional marriage. Under President Obama, the federal government has tried to re-define marriage and to undermine the constitutional authority of each state to define marriage consistent with the values of its citizens. The Obama Administration should not be trying to force gay marriage on all 50 states. We should respect the states, and the definition of marriage should be left to democratically elected legislatures, not dictated from Washington. This bill will safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for [their] residents.

Sen. Mike Lee echoed:
How a state should define marriage should be left up to the citizens of each state. It is clear the Obama administration finds the principles of federalism inconvenient in its effort to force states to redefine the institution of marriage. The State Marriage Defense Act provides an important protection for states, respecting the right to choose for themselves how each will treat the institution of marriage under the law.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Thank you, I wish more politicians would take a stand on this.

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February 13, 2014

Pathetic and Seriously Deranged Rep. Peter King Calls Conservative Republicans “Morons”

Rep. Peter King Calls Conservative Republicans “Morons”

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) defended Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday after the House passed a clean debt-limit bill that raised the ire of conservatives.

King branded as “morons” many conservatives in the GOP caucus who consistently oppose any effort to pass the debt limit, asserting they are the same faction that led to the government shutdown last year.

“This is the same group that back in September and October went into a government shutdown that everybody knew was a disaster,” King said on MSNBC. “They ended up looking like morons following Ted Cruz over the cliff.”

King had been one of the most vocal critics of the strategy that led to the government shutdown last year. He said the Speaker tried everything to get appease his members Tuesday.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Too fed up with this phony to put here what I would love to happen to him.

Peter King's offices

Washington, DC Office
phone: (202) 225-7896
fax: (202) 226-2279

Massapequa Park District Office
phone: (516) 541-4225
fax: (516) 541-6602

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Krauthammer: Obama Wakes Up in the Morning And Decides What the Law is Going To Be"

"This 'Law of the Land' Exists in Obama's Head...He Wakes Up in the Morning And Decides What the Law is Going To Be"

'It's whatever he thinks'

KRAUTHAMMER: Remember how Democrats were complaining that when Republicans were trying to overturn Obamacare, it was somehow unpatriotic because it was an attack on the law of the land. This law of the land doesn’t even exist; it exists in Obama’s head. It’s whatever he thinks, he wakes up in the morning and decides what the law is going to be. That is an understatement, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. And we had an editorial in The Washington Post of all places, not exactly a right-wing rag, saying that Obama has really overstepped the lines arbitrarily, changing the law, and usurped what Congress is supposed to do.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Charles is absolutely right about this. Obama thinks he is above our laws, and also he does not have to go by any part of our Constitution.

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February 12, 2014

List of 28 Republicans who voted for the debt ceiling increase

The following Republicans voted Tuesday to raise the government's borrowing limit:

FOX News

John Boehner, R-Ohio.
Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy,R-Calif.
Chief Deputy Whip Pete Roskam, R-Ill.
Ken Calvert, R-Calif.
Dave Camp, R-Mich.
Michael Grimm, R-N.Y.
Richard Hanna, R-N.Y.
Doc Hastings, R-Wash.
Darrell Issa, R-Calif.
Devin Nunes, R-Calif.
Hal Rogers, R-Ky.
Dave Reichert, R-Wash.
Chris Collins, R-N.Y.
Howard Coble, R-N.C.
Charlie Dent, R-Pa.
Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa.
Pete King, R-N.Y.
Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J.
Buck McKeon, R-Calif.
Patrick Meehan, R-Pa.
Gary Miller, R-Calif.
Ed Royce, R-Calif.
John Runyan, R-N.J.
John Shimkus, R-Ill.
Chris Smith, R-N.J.
David Valadao, R-Calif.
Frank Wolf, R-Va.

The House of Representatives passed a one-year extension of federal borrowing without any conditions today.
Only 28 Republicans, including GOP leadership, voted for the extension. 193 Democrats voted for the bill.
Reuters reported:

The House of Representatives narrowly approved a one-year extension of federal borrowing authority on Tuesday after Republicans caved into President Barack Obama’s demands to allow a debt limit increase without any conditions.

The 221-201 vote, carried mainly by Democrats, marked a dramatic shift from the confrontational fiscal tactics House Republicans have used over the past three years, culminating in last October’s 16-day government shutdown.

It came after House Republicans repudiated House Speaker John Boehner’s latest plan to link an increase in the $17.2 trillion borrowing cap to a repeal of planned cuts to military pensions.

Although Boehner called his decision to advance a “clean” debt limit a “disappointing moment,” it sets aside a difficult and divisive issue until after the 2014 congressional elections in November, allowing Republicans to focus their campaign efforts on the rocky launch of Obama’s health care reform law.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Shame on them. And thank you for those that voted No.

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Krauthammer Doubles Down on Obama’s Latest ACA Delay: “Banana Republic Is an Understatement”

Krauthammer Doubles Down on Obama’s Latest ACA Delay: “Banana Republic Is an Understatement”

Charles Krauthammer responded last night to the latest Obamacare delay announced by the president yesterday. Krauthammer corrected himself. Yesterday Sir Charles said the president’s action were “like the stuff you do in a banana republic.”

And last night Charles doubled down:

Bill O’Reilly: Last night you said this was a banana republic reaction. Isn’t that a bit harsh?

Charles Krauthammer: Oh, I think it’s an understatement. At least in a banana republic the caudillo dictates with class. He gets out there on the presidential balcony with Evita at his side. He spreads out trinkets for the crowd as he makes his announcements. Here it’s done in the Federal Register. And, what we’re getting is the same thing. This is the 27th time that Obama has unilaterally amended a law that has already passed Congress. You’re not allowed to do that.”

Wild Thing's comment............

Love Charles!

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Mark Levin Goes Speaks On 28 House Republicans Passing ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Bill (important video)

Mark Levin Goes Off On 28 House Republicans Passing ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Bill

Wild Thing's comment...........

Mark is so good, big thank you for speaking for so many of us.

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Krauthammer: Obamacare Delays are 'Completely Lawless'

Krauthammer: Obamacare Delays are 'Completely Lawless'

'When Republicans tried to change the law legally and constitutionally in Congress they were accused of being terrorists and taking the country hostage'

Wild Thing's comment............

Charles I agree, and it continues what Obama wants Obama gets one way or the other.

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February 11, 2014

Petraeus: Hillary Clinton Would Be A "Tremendous President" - Lt Col Ralph Peters Weighs In

Petraeus: Hillary Clinton Would Be A "Tremendous President" - Lt Col Ralph Peters Weighs In

Wild Thing's comment...........

Disappointing to say the least.

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During Tour of Monticello with French President, Obama Says, “As President, I can Do Whatever I Want”

During Tour of Monticello with French President, Obama Says, “As President, I can Do Whatever I Want” – Video 2/10/14

He really believes, “I can do whatever I want.” Not bound by the Constitution, or anything else. That’s why we are in the mess we are in as a nation right now. The “I can do whatever I want” President is destroying the greatest health care system in the world right before our eyes. Just because he wants to.

“At 4:45 POTUS and president Hollande walked out from a portico and strolled in Front of your pool with Leslie Bowman, president of the Monticello Foundation. Looking at a terrace she said that Jefferson loved to admire the landscape from there. POTUS said that he’d like to take a look and seemed delighted to “break the protocol”.
“That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want” he quipped, walking to the terrace with his guest and Ms. Bowman. Pool now in the mansion as the leaders will come and visit Jefferson’s study.”

The comment came around the time the White House announced it would be delaying the Obamacare mandate for some businesses unilaterally.

Wild Thing's comment...........

As a country we have never imagined there would be a piece of flesh in our WH like Obama. I sure never did.

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Major Stupid Thinking! ..Dem Rep. Gwen Moore Sets The Bar As Low As It Can Go For Obama’s Second Term: “He’s Getting An ‘A’ To Just Occupy The Spot”

Dem Rep. Gwen Moore Sets The Bar As Low As It Can Go For Obama’s Second Term: “He’s Getting An ‘A’ To Just Occupy The Spot”

Speaking with reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last month, Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) said she was “so relieved when [Obama] won,” and would give Obama an ‘A’ in his second term if he would “just occupy the spot.”

When asked by a reporter to give a progress report on Obama’s second term and to grade him, Moore declined to at first saying, “I’m not going to give Obama a grade. I’m glad he’s there. A Grade compared to what? Compared to Mitt Romney being there?” [...]

“No, no, he’s getting an ‘A’ then. He’s getting an ‘A’ compared to—I was so relieved when he won. Just occupy the spot. If he did that, that would be an ‘A,’ versus what I would be expecting if we were to have Mitt Romney in there now. Right now, we’d be dismantling the Affordable Care Act. We’d be breaching protections under the Social Security Act. We’d be undoing environmental protections, and on and on and on.”

Wild Thing's comment.............

Totally stupid remark. Plus she does not even realize how it makes her dictator look to only have to exist in the WH. A rock would be as functional. hahahhaa

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Obama Rewrites Obamacare Law Again and and Directly Violates Text of Obamacare

Obama Obama Rewrites Obamacare Again and Directly Violates Text of Affordable Care Act

Obama’s New Delay of Employer Mandate Violates Plain Language of Law

Barack Obama’s Treasury Department issued a new regulation today that for the second time directly violates the plain and unambiguous text of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by allowing some businesses to avoid the law’s Dec. 31, 2013 deadline to provide health insurance coverage to their employees.

Initially, on July 2, 2013, the administration unilaterally delayed the deadline for the employer mandate until 2015. Now, the administration is unilaterally delaying it for some businesses until 2016.

To continue reading PLEASE CLICK HERE........

Wild Thing's comment............

What gets me about all of this is how easily he gets away with all he is doing.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM

Communist Bill De Blasio To Issue City Identification Cards To Illegal Immigrants

Bill De Blasio To Issue City Identification Cards To Illegal Immigrants

“If you are a non citizen, fear not – you don’t have to live in the shadows any longer, this is also your city now too” – Bill De Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio in his first State of the City address Monday outlined initiatives designed to bridge the income inequality gap, protect undocumented immigrants and usher in universal prekindergarten.

He said he will ask Albany for the authority to raise the city’s minimum wage and will expand, through an executive order and City Council cooperation, the number of workers eligible for “living wages.”

The new mayor also advocated for municipal IDs “regardless of immigration status,” assuring undocumented residents that New York is their home, too.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Well of course it is, why not just hand them a key to the city. sheesh.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

February 10, 2014

Huge Disappointment To Her Voters! Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) : We Can’t Trust Obama But Let’s Do Amnesty Anyway

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) says she agrees that Republicans can’t trust President Obama to enforce the law, but they should immediately move forward on comprehensive immigration reform, anyway.

“Here’s the deal: The status quo is totally unacceptable,” Ayotte said on CBS News’ Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer on Sunday.

Ayotte, who rode the Tea Party wave in 2010 to her election to the Senate but has emerged as one of the upper chamber’s more liberal Republicans, conceded there is a “trust deficit” with Obama.

“There’s a trust deficit that the Speaker is facing right now and it’s related to ObamaCare and the disastrous rollout,” she said. “Because, let’s think about it, immigration means doing a lot of complex things well. And in addition to that, the administration keeps issuing executive orders to change the law, very frequently.”

Wild Thing's comment..........

Get lost Kelly, many of us have had it with you and others like you. People worked hard to get you elected and then you turn around and betray them.

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Terrorist Bill Ayers:How The Left Will Grow Its Power in America's Schools

How The Left Will Grow Its Power in America's Schools

In 2012, terrorist and activist Chicago professor Bill Ayers told his followers that the left had “absolute access to the community, the school… the classroom,” and that is where it should do its “movement-building.”

In October of 2009, when speculation had arisen that Ayers had been the real author of Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father, the activist was in Washington D.C. to present a keynote address at a conference sponsored by the Renaissance Group. Also speaking at the conference was Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Nevin Brown of Achieve, Inc., who spoke about the “Common Core State Standards” initiative, in the development of which his organization was playing an integral role in at the time.

As Dr. Mary Grabar wrote later on in September of 2012 at Accuracy in Academia:

It is shocking that Obama Education Department officials would appear at a conference that also featured someone like Ayers. On the other hand, their boss, President Obama, worked with Ayers in Chicago, and this kind of collaboration is not entirely surprising. We are left, however, wondering about the precise nature of the role that Ayers is playing in the development of this federal education plan. But his participation in this conference clearly suggests he is playing a role of some kind.

Though leftist indoctrination of principles such as social and economic justice and income redistribution through governmental action has been occurring mainly in public schools for decades, more Americans are seeing the methods of indoctrination as the Common Core standards are increasingly exposed.

However, it is not just children who attend public schools who are affected by Common Core. With the new nationalized standards having been accepted in some Catholic schools; with college entrance tests such as the ACT and SAT, and even the GED, being aligned with Common Core; and with the Obama administration’s decision to use Race To The Top funding to lure states into funding universal preschool, more students will be exposed to the social indoctrination than ever before.

Continue reading CLICK HERE.....

Wild Thing's comment............

This Common Core is dangerous to our country and it's future generations. They are being brainwashed with far left propaganda.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:50 AM | Comments (2)

February 09, 2014

Because of Obama.....Iran Sends Warships to US Atlantic Coast

Iran Sends Warships to US Coast

he Iranian regime dispatched several warships recently to the Atlantic Ocean near the US coast.


Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time, a senior Iranian naval commander said Saturday.

The commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said the vessels have already entered the Atlantic Ocean via waters near South Africa, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The fleet, consisting of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying supply ship, began its voyage last month from the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. The ships, carrying some 30 navy academy cadets for training along with their regular crews, are on a three-month mission.

The voyage comes amid an ongoing push by Iran to demonstrate its ability to project power across the Middle East and beyond.

IRNA quoted Haddad as saying the fleet is approaching U.S. maritime borders for the first time. The Islamic Republic considers the move as a response to U.S. naval deployments near its own coastlines. The U.S. Navy's 5th fleet is based in Bahrain, just across the Persian Gulf.

Wild Thing's comment..............

Scary stuff.

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Eric Holder Applies Gay Marriage Ruling to Justice Dept

Holder Applies Gay Marriage Ruling to Justice Dept.

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday that the Justice Department will use a landmark Supreme Court ruling to apply sweeping changes to the way the government treats same-sex marriages in the courtroom.

In an assertion of same-sex marriage rights, Attorney General Eric Holder is applying a landmark Supreme Court ruling to the Justice Department, announcing Saturday that same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, should be eligible to file for bankruptcy jointly and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as federal prison inmates in opposite-sex marriages.

The Justice Department runs a number of benefits programs, and Holder says same-sex couples will qualify for them. They include the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and benefits to surviving spouses of public safety officers who suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries in the line of duty.

“In every courthouse, in every proceeding and in every place where a member of the Department of Justice stands on behalf of the United States, they will strive to ensure that same-sex marriages receive the same privileges, protections and rights as opposite-sex marriages under federal law,” Holder said in prepared remarks to the Human Rights Campaign in New York. The advocacy group works on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.

Just as in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the stakes in the current generation over same-sex marriage rights “could not be higher,” said Holder.

“The Justice Department’s role in confronting discrimination must be as aggressive today as it was in Robert Kennedy’s time,” Holder said of the attorney general who played a leadership role in advancing civil rights.

On Monday, the Justice Department will issue a policy memo to its employees instructing them to give lawful same-sex marriages full and equal recognition, to the greatest extent possible under the law.

Holder’s address is the latest application of a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a provision in the Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The decision applies to legally married same-sex couples seeking federal benefits.

After the Supreme Court decision last June, the Treasury Department and the IRS said that all legally married gay couples may file joint federal tax returns, even if they reside in states that do not recognize same-sex marriages. The Defense Department said it would grant military spousal benefits to same-sex couples. The Health and Human Services Department said the Defense of Marriage Act is no longer a bar to states recognizing same-sex marriages under state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management said it is now able to extend benefits to legally married same-sex spouses of federal employees and annuitants.

Wild Thing's comment...........

I will just say that God has something to say about this in the Bible.

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February 08, 2014

Good Grief!!! Obama's Strategy To End The War Against Al-Qaeda: Stop Adding Terror Group’s Leaders To Kill List And Declare Victory

Obama's Strategy To End The War Against Al-Qaeda: Stop Adding Terror Group’s Leaders To Kill List And Declare Victory

If you want to ‘end the war’ against al Qaeda, one good way would be to declare that all of the global terror group’s leaders are dead, and declare victory. And this seems to be exactly what the Obama administration is doing. And pretty much doing it at the behest of our ‘friends’ in Pakistan. The same Pakistani friends who insisted for 10 years that Osama bin Laden wasn’t in Pakistan, until he was killed by US SEALs in a raid just outside Pakistan’s version of West Point.

Read this report at The Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt, emphasis is mine:

The CIA has long added new targets to a longer “kill list” on a rolling basis as old targets are hit.

Now, U.S. officials say, the “kill list” is not self-replenishing, a change long sought by Islamabad. “By taking one off, we’re not automatically putting one on,” a senior U.S. official said. As a result, the number of targets on the list are decreasing as the CIA’s drones focus on a more limited number of high-level targets that “will enable us to conclude the program,” the official said.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Say what?? This is so insane I had to read it twice.

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Phony Republican Colin Powell Smears Conservatives As Racists - Powell is a disgrace!

Colin Powell Smears Conservatives As Racists

He endorsed Obama twice and has never advanced the ball one yard on the Republican side is again giving the GOP advice

Colin Powell is on MSNBC saying the GOP demonizes people who don't look like them.

This is the same person who said there's a dark vain of intolerance in the Republican party. That's funny, if it weren't for Republican presidents, nobody would know who Colin Powell was today. Powell was made National Security Adviser under Ronald Reagan, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs under George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State under Bush 43. Today, he's a hardcore Obama supporter who goes on cable news and tells the GOP how to correct the error of their ways. This is the last person Republicans should listen to.

Speaking with Mitchell about the need for immigration reform, Powell said that reforming the system was critical. “We are an immigrant nation,” Powell said. “People wonder if we’re still the great country that we pretend to be, or we present ourselves to be. The answer is yes.” [...]

“There are certain elements of the party who go out of their way to demonize people who don’t look like the way they’d like them to look like or came from some other place,” Powell said. “I think the party has to deal with this.”

Wild Thing's comment............

Go to hell Powell. YOU are the racist and the world knows it. I wish the GOO would kick his ass out of our party. Why do they allow this traitor to remain.

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Unlike Obama pushing his Gay agenda on the world....Toronto Mayor Orders Rainbow Flag Flying At City Hall Taken Down, “The Olympics Is About Being Patriotic… Not About Someone’s Sexual Preference”

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Orders Rainbow Flag Flying At City Hall Taken Down, “The Olympics Is About Being Patriotic… Not About Someone’s Sexual Preference”…

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Friday ordered a rainbow flag flying at City Hall to be removed, saying that that the Sochi Olympics were “not about someone’s sexual preference.”

According to CBC, the rainbow flag had been raised outside City Hall to show solidarity with the LGBT community because of Russia’s laws outlawing homosexual “propaganda.”

When reporters asked Ford to confirm reports that he had banned the rainbow flag on Friday, he quipped that he had put a Canadian flag in his office window.

“I’m going to go look at it now,” he said. “This is about Olympics, this is about being patriotic to your country, this is not about someone’s sexual preference.”

“No, I do not agree with putting the rainbow flag up.”

“They put up the flag in opposition to what’s been happening in Russia,” one reporter pointed out.

“Let Russia do what they want, we’re Canadians here,” Ford replied while walking to get a salad for lunch. “I support the Canadian Olympics.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

I have had it with Obama and the rest of the left constantly pushing the gay, and LGBT agenda on us, on our country and not only that they push it on other countries as well.

Obama has been told by other countries to NOT go there in his speeches when he visits other countries and yet he keeps doing it.

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February 07, 2014

Brian Terry's Brother Rips Holder on Fast and Furious: 'Where Is the Accountability?'

Brian Terry's Brother Rips Holder on Fast and Furious: 'Where Is the Accountability?'

In a blistering letter to Attorney General Eric Holder delivered Wednesday, Kent Terry – the brother of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry
– questioned why, years later, the Terry family still does not have the truth about Operation Fast and Furious.

“Mr. Holder I am going to get right to the point of this letter,” he wrote. “I am not pleased with your behavior as America's Attorney General. Simply denying that you had no knowledge about Operation Fast and Furious is troubling in itself, but for you to not comply with Congress is even more troubling. It is shocking to know that the Attorney General of the United States had no knowledge or was not made aware of Fast and Furious until after the death of my brother, Brian Terry.”

Terry continued his letter by writing that he questions why – if Holder really did not know about Fast and Furious – he has not held anybody in the Department of Justice or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives accountable for the scandal.

“For you Mr. Holder to be so ill served by your own advisers on your watch is unbelievable,” he wrote. “If that is the case, then you would think there would be accountability to your so called advisers who did not inform you," Terry wrote, adding, "Where is the accountability Mr. Holder?”

In 2009, at the beginning of the Obama administration, ATF agents employed a strategy in which they allowed about 2,000 AK-47s and other high-powered rifles to be smuggled to Mexican drug cartels. The controversial law enforcement tactic used in Fast and Furious – known as "gunwalking" – involved allowing guns suspected to be purchased for smuggling to escape law enforcement surveillance.

At Terry’s murder scene in Peck Canyon in Arizona, about 17 miles inside the U.S. border with Mexico, law enforcement officials recovered two rifles connected to the operation. Fast and Furious was also connected to the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer Jaime Zapata in Mexico, and numerous other murders of innocent civilians throughout that country.

After Terry was murdered in late 2010, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) special agent John Dodson stepped forward as a whistleblower. Dodson testified before Congress and has since published a book on his experiences.

His testimony sparked a congressional investigation that has lasted since early 2011. Initially, the DOJ denied the allegations from Dodson and other whistleblowers in a Feb. 4, 2011, letter to Senator Chuck Grassley, but was ultimately forced to withdraw it. Holder himself failed to comply with a series of subpoenas from Issa’s committee, which resulted in a claim of executive privilege from President Barack Obama himself, and criminal and civil contempt of Congress votes censuring Holder. The civil contempt vote launched a still-ongoing House lawsuit against the administration’s failure to comply with the subpoena and Obama’s executive privilege claim. More than a hundred members of Congress called for Holder's resignation over the matter leading up to the 2012 elections.

In the next parts of his letter, Terry cites the investigations from the House Committee on Oversight and Government and the DOJ’s own Inspector General to note that “more than a dozen officials” at ATF and DOJ were responsible for Fast and Furious, many of whom have seen no level of accountability whatsoever for their actions.

“Mr. Holder, answer me this, why are ATF agents and other agencies that were involved in Operation Fast and Furious still actively holding jobs and actively working?” Terry wrote. “Why are they allowed to carry a gun and a badge? Why are these Agents that were originally involved still making decisions on behalf of the American people which can put Americans in harm’s way?”

Terry then cited the oath of office that government officials, including Holder, take before they take office – that they “do solemnly swear” they will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” and so on. Terry argued that Holder’s refusal to comply with the congressional investigation is a violation of that oath.

“Mr. Holder, why not [abide] by this?” Terry asked about the oath. “Why hide behind executive privilege? It's your job to uphold the law and hold those accountable for such an illegal crime as Operation Fast and Furious. You need to release the documents to show who is responsible for such an act that led to the deaths of two federal agents who gave their all to their country. They were both brave and protected their country with honor and integrity. What has their country given them in return? Is this really your all Mr. Holder?”

Terry continued by calling Holder a “coward of an attorney general” and questioning his integrity.

“Somewhere deep inside you must have some conscience; do the honorable thing and have some integrity as an attorney general,” Terry wrote. “You have children, wouldn't you want... justice for your children? Of course you would. These guns will continue to show up at murder scenes in the future, and I am sure you don't want more blood on your hands. So I ask you: stop misleading my family and the American people. Stop obstruction of justice. My family has been through enough grief with the loss of my brother, and to have no answers for why [his blood was spilled] on this soil is upsetting to me and my family; our lives are shattered for the rest of our lives and will never be the same.”

Wild Thing's comment..............

All of these things Obama and Hillary and Holder are connected to are very upsetting especially to see them get away with their corruptions and crimes.

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Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings Sent Three Threatening Letters to Conservative Activist Using Committee Letterhead

Dem Rep. Sent Three Threatening Letters to Conservative Activist Using Committee Letterhead

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Elijah Cummings alleging the Congressmen intimidated her and and her group.

Rep. Elijah Cummings on three separate occasions sent letters from the House Oversight and Government Reform, stating that he had concerns and felt it necessary to open an investigation on True the Vote.

The Congressman also smeared True the Vote in several cable news interviews in 2012. In the hearing today, Cummings accused True the Vote of racism saying that they were trying to suppress the vote.

Catherine Engelbrecht was on with Megyn Kelly last night.

“Franky, Megyn, the thought of having to sit before my accuser and be silent in the face of what we did was unconscionable… He filed over a period of months in 2012, he filed three letters that he sent to me asserting that he was opening an investigation. He sent this on House Oversight and Government Reform letterhead.”

Wild Thing's comment.............

The left has got to learn they cannot get away with their actions and threats and the horrible vile comments we have been seeing from them. The name calling has been ober the top, from all of them, such as Pelosi, Reid and Obama etc.

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At What Point Do People Scream 'Enough'? - by David Limbaugh

At What Point Do People Scream 'Enough'?

by David Limbaugh

Obama must believe he's politically untouchable at this point, given his seeming indifference to the multitude of scandals, failures and other outrages for which he is directly responsible.

I intended to write this column solely on the devastating Congressional Budget Office report putting the final nail in the Obamacare coffin -- or at least it would be the final nail in a sane world -- but everywhere I turn in the news, I'm bombarded with evidence of equally troubling nightmares. So, in fairness to balance and diversity, I decided not to dwell on CBO-gate alone but to share with you the smorgasbord of disasters.

Let's begin with CBO-gate, which does deserve its own column but will now have to accept but a few paragraphs here. I'm not so sure what's more outrageous, the egregious news itself or the administration's and the Democratic Party's disgracefully deceitful spinning in denying it.

There are just no two ways about it. On Tuesday, the CBO released a report forecasting that the laughably titled Affordable Care Act will cause the equivalent of more than 2 million full-time employees leaving the U.S. workforce in the next decade. Note that the nonpartisan CBO didn't say the law will initially cause unemployment and then later recover.

An administration that cared about the American people wouldn't have spent the next 48 hours trying to distort this information into a pretzelized news nugget that is less damaging to the administration. The White House and Democrats came out of the woodwork trying to turn this spoiled, rancid, inedible lemon into lemon meringue pie with dollops of whipped cream. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spun this as a positive development because it lets Americans be "free agents." House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brags that people "are no longer job-blocked."

Continue article.........CLICK HERE........

Wild Thing's comment..........

Good article.

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February 06, 2014

Total Jerk! Kerry To Israeli Critics: I’m Not Afraid of You, I’ve Been Attacked By “Real Bullets”

Kerry To Israeli Critics: I’m Not Afraid of You, I’ve Been Attacked By “Real Bullets”

( In Israel they get attacked by bullets and bombs and missiles on a near daily basis. The minister he’s responding to fought against Hezbollah in Lebanon in two different conflicts.)

CNN’s Jake Tapper presented Kerry with an opportunity to respond to Bennett and other Israeli critics during an interview Wednesday. [...]

“My comments need to be properly represented, not distorted. I did not do anything except cite what other people are talking about as a problem,” Kerry said. ”But I also have always opposed boycotts. I have 100 percent voting record in support of Israel for 29 years in the United States Senate. Unfortunately, there are some people in Israel and in Palestine and in the Arab World and around the world that don’t support the peace process.”

“Israel needs to understand we will always stand by its security needs,” he continued. “But no one should distort what we’re doing or saying because they’re opposed to the peace process or don’t like two states or whatever. And, you know, words — I have to tell you, my friend, I’ve been, quote, attacked before by people using real bullets, not words, and I am not going to be intimidated. I am not going to stand down with respect to President Obama’s commitment to trying to find peace in the Middle East.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

Kerry is such a jerk, a real piece of work....sheesh.

Please Israel know that we are NOT these fools Obama and his people are, we did not vote for them, we do not respect them and we wish they were GONE!

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Veteran a Marine and fought in the Battle of Fallujah...GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter Blasts Obama’s Complete Failure on Iraq: “Iraq is Gone. There is No Getting this Back.”

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter Blasts Obama’s Complete Failure on Iraq: “Iraq is Gone. There is No Getting this Back.”

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter telling it like it is on Iraq. He’s a veteran of the Battle of Fallujah, and he says very bluntly here that the Obama Presidency has “failed” when it comes to Iraq. “Iraq is gone.” That’s because Obama left no residual force in Iraq, but pulled out completely, essentially just giving back all the hard-fought gains made by U.S. Troops. Al-Qaeda is on the rise in Iraq, and have regained control of Fallujah and other cities.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Thank you for your service Rep. Duncan Hunter,and thank you for your input about this.

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Olympic Threat: US Warns Airlines About Toothpaste Tube Bomb

Olympic Threat: US Warns Airlines About Toothpaste Tube Bomb

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning to U.S. and some foreign airlines traveling to Russia for the Olympic Games to be on the lookout for toothpaste containers, which some intelligence indicates may actually hold ingredients that could be used to construct a bomb aboard a plane, a senior U.S. official told ABC News.

The official did not provide further details about the warning or the intelligence that prompted it, but an official with the Department of Homeland Security, while declining to discuss the specific warning, said the department "regularly shares relevant information with domestic and international partners, including those associated with international events such as the Sochi Olympics."

"While we are not aware of a specific threat to the homeland at this time, this routine communication is an important part of our commitment to making sure we meet that priority," the official said. "As always, our security apparatus includes a number of measures, both seen and unseen, and DHS will continue to adjust security measures to fit an ever evolving threat environment."

A federal law enforcement source said the information is largely intended for foreign carriers and the generic threat is not directed at the U.S. homeland. The Russian government has been informed, the source said.

Still, Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee's Sub-Committee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, said he has been briefed on the threat and said it should be taken seriously by American travelers, the airlines and officials at the Olympic Games.

"Any type of explosive, concealed explosive, can be extremely damaging," King, R-N.Y., told CNN. "It could be enough to bring down a plane… This is the type of threat that we're very concerned about."

Another federal source familiar with the intelligence said it was also linked to the arrests of two women in France, reported by international media Tuesday. The women, reportedly 23- and 30-years-old, were of Chechen descent.

Security in Sochi, Russia, where the Olympics are scheduled to start Friday, has been high for months due to the threat posed to the Games by Islamic militants in the region. Last month Russian authorities announced no liquids would be allowed on planes to Sochi.

Sochi lies on the Black Sea, just 300 miles away from the heartland of an Islamic militancy in the North Caucasus. Doku Umarov, the leader of the insurgents known to some as Russia's Osama bin Laden, told his followers last summer they should do what they can to disrupt the Games, which he called a "satanic dance" on the bones of their ancestors.

In the past three months, Russia has suffered three suicide bombings in southern cities attributed to the militants. In January the U.S. State Department urged its citizens traveling to Sochi to be "vigilant and exercise good judgment" during the Games because of the terror threat.

In the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration allows small containers of toothpaste, 3.4 ounces or less, in travelers' checked luggage.

Wild Thing's comment............

I feel so badly for our athletes. The conditions there are so horrible and then add this warning to all the other things it so all so horrid. Prayers they will be safe.

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United Nations Scolds Vatican and says: Support Abortion, Gay Rights and Contraception

United Nations Scolds Vatican: Support Abortion, Gay Rights and Contraception

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child called on the Catholic Church to support abortion, gay rights and contraception. The committee also urged Russia to repeal its “gay propaganda” law.

A United Nations committee is coming under fire today from a British pro-life group that says it is attacking the Catholic Church and pressuring it to support abortion.

Officials with the England-based Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) say the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child overstepped its mandate in its pro-abortion attack on the Catholic Church. SPUC is recognised officially by the UN as a non-governmental organization (NGO), and provides most of the pro-life lobbying efforts at the UN institutions in New York and Geneva.

SPUC was responding to a report published today by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child which attacked the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion under the guise of a critique of the Church’s handling of child sex abuse cases. As SPUC informed LifeNews by email, the UN report, among similar things, recommends that the Catholic Church identify “circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted” (section 55) and “overcome[s] all the barriers and taboos surrounding adolescent sexuality that hinder their access to sexual and reproductive information, including on family planning and contraceptives” (section 57a).

Vatican blasted back at the UN committee.

FOX News

The Vatican blasted back at a UN-authored Rights of Children report, saying its criticism of the church’s stand on homosexuality is driven by critics of the church’s “non-negotiable” teachings.

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, whose members have included such nations as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Uganda and Thailand,accused the Vatican Wednesday of “systematically” adopting policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades, and urged it to open its files on pedophiles and bishops who concealed their crimes.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the head of the Holy See’s delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, told Vatican Radio that non-governmental organizations which favor gay marriage probably influenced the committee to reinforce an “ideological line” in the report. He did not note the irony of nations like Syria, which has used poison gas on children, Uganda, where kids have been forced to fight, kill and die in wars and Thailand, which has long been accused of tolerating a child sex trade, having served on the committee, which currently consists of representatives from 18 nations.

The UN report also severely criticized the Holy See for its attitudes toward homosexuality, contraception and abortion and said it should change its own canon law to ensure children’s rights and their access to health care are guaranteed.

Wild Thing's comment..........


Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

February 05, 2014

Sheila Jackson Lee Wants To Assist Obama to Rule by Decree: "“We’ll Give President Obama A Number of Executive Orders To Sign"

“We’ll Give President Obama A Number of Executive Orders” To Sign

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) says that the newly launched Congressional Full Employment Caucus will “give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign.”

Jackson Lee made the statement while gathered with Democrats on January 29th to announce the establishment of the Full Employment Caucus.

“We will be answering the call of all of America because people need work and we’re not doing right by them by creating work,” Jackson Lee said. “I believe this caucus will put us on the right path and we’ll give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign with pride and strength.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

LOL what a total idiot!

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Israeli Settlers Mock Kerry’s Peacemaking With Spoof Video

Israeli Settlers Mock Kerry’s Peacemaking With Spoof Video

Israel’s Yesha [settlers] Council has posted online a deliberately disrespectful spoof depicting America’s top diplomat – played by an actor resembling John Kerry – riding a camel and making a series of preposterous statements that belittle his understanding of the region’s complexities.

At one point, the Mr Kerry character is seen down-playing the importance of the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, in Jerusalem’s old city.

“Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing,” the actor says. “We must realise it is holy to all religions – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and Hobbits. But what I’m saying is: ‘why fight over an old wall?’

I’ll build you a brand new wall, close to the beach.”

A woman with an American accent is then seen telling him: “I think you should go home, where you belong, and stay there.”

Dani Dayan, the Yesha Council’s international envoy, said the video aimed to “highlight the infeasibility of John Kerry’s proposals, which are at best unrealistic and at worst a danger to the State of Israel.”

It was released after several high-ranking Israeli politicians launched apparently coordinated attacks on Mr Kerry for warning at a security conference in Munich last weekend that the Jewish state faced the risk of an economic boycott if no peace deal was reached with the Palestinians.

Naftali Bennett, the industry minister and leader of the far-Right Jewish Home party, accused Mr Kerry of acting as a “mouthpiece for anti-Semitic boycott threats”.

Wild Thing's comment............

Kerry deserves to be mocked. I am ashamed of those in our WH and how no awful it is we have to sit here and see them disrespect Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:50 AM

Report: Former CIA Director Edited Benghazi Talking Points To Benefit Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

Report: Former CIA Director Edited Benghazi Talking Points To Benefit Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

Former CIA Director Mike Morell may have altered the Benghazi talking points to benefit the Obama administration during the 2012 election, Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports.

On September 15 one day before Susan Rice made her infamous appearances on various Sunday shows, according to the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report Morell received an email from the CIA station chief in Libya indicating the Benghazi attacks were “not/not an escalation of protests.” The report does not indicate when Morell read the email, but that same day Morell cut the word “Islamic” from the talking points and left the word “demonstration.”

On September 16, Morell emailed embassy staff in Tripoli asking for more information. The FBI and CIA reviewed the closed circuit footage on September 18 showing there were no protests. Yet, President Obama still employed the “demonstration” verbiage just days later.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) said Morell accompanied Susan Rice in a closed November meeting to discuss the attack. According to Graham, Morell defended Rice and tried to emphasize there was confusion about what happened in Benghazi.

Wild Thing's comment............

Soooo typical of anyone connected to Obama and those on the left.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM

Obamacare Law is a Job Killer' -Darrell Issa

Obamacare Law is a Job Killer' -Darrell Issa

"2,400 pages get thrown together in the last minute....The CBO was able to do now is look at the law as it is and find out it's very different than what then-Speaker Pelosi said was going to happen. There were lots of things they said would happen that won't happen. And quite frankly, there's other surprises to come"

Wild Thing's comment............

It is socialism and needs to be eliminated completely.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:45 AM

February 04, 2014

Proving Our Point!! DNC’s Donna Brazile: Reform Immigration So Illegals Can Vote Democrat

DNC’s Donna Brazile: Reform Immigration So Illegals Can Vote Democrat


During the February 2 airing of This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Democratic National Committee vice chairwoman Donna Brazile stressed that Obama cannot stop short of full citizenship on immigration reform because citizenship will allow current illegals to vote.

As other commentators stressed that support from House Speaker John Boenher (R-OH) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) allows Obama to sit back and watch immigration reform-minus-citizenship pass, Brazile said reform-minus-citizenship is not enough.

Brazile said: “I don’t think you can create two classes of citizens in this society, one with legal status and the right to vote, and one without.”

Wild Thing's comment.................

Well at least she is telling the truth for once. haha And she proves all of us right in what w3e have been saying.

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Obama's DOJ Won’t Allow Lead IRS Scandal Investigator To Testify Before Congress

DOJ Won’t Allow Lead IRS Scandal Investigator To Testify Before Congress

The attorney leading the investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) targeting of tea party groups will not be allowed to testify at an oversight hearing Thursday after being requested by a congressman, according to reports.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Justice attorney Barbara Bosserman to appear on Feb. 6, 2014. Rep. Jordan received a response from Deputy Attorney General James Cole saying she would not be appearing.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Like a true communist, using this kind of tactic.

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Kirsten Powers Obama Adm Can't Tell the Truth

Wild Thing's comment..............

I am glad this came from her, it has more effect in a way when it comes from a democrat.

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February 03, 2014

A Must Read.....‘I will not comply’: Doctor slams Obamacare, sends must-read breakup letter to Aetna

‘I will not comply’: Doctor slams Obamacare, sends must-read breakup letter to Aetna

Kris Held is a doctor “on a mission to get government out of medicine.” Here’s part of her bio:

I have read The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), tweeted it and studied it. I will not implement, comply with it or let my patients live or die by it. Co-Founder

And she meant every word.

Here’s the letter she sent to Aetna when she discovered the insurer was “selling plans for which I am a provider-effectively selling my services without even asking, much less informing me that my services would be sold on such a site, under the auspices of new terms with which I will not comply.”

Notification of Termination to Aetna

January 30, 2014

Dear Mr. Bertolini,

With a deep sense of sadness, I must inform you that I will no longer serve as a physician for Aetna patients under the terms of our contractual agreement, which you most recently unilaterally changed.

I have been privileged and honored to care for thousands of patients covered by Aetna policies since the 1990’s. I have devoted my life to providing the very best, state-of-the-art care to these individuals. We have formed a patient-doctor relationship, which I hope many will chose to continue in spite of my severing ties with Aetna. You see, health insurance has evolved such that insurers and government have inserted themselves smack-dab in the middle of the once sacred patient-doctor relationship. I am called a provider- not a doctor. My patient is now yours- not mine. What I can do as a physician now has strangulating strings and nonsensical numbers attached- to you and government and money-not the best interests of the patients.

Obamacare, the “law of the land”, contains ever-changing-at-the-whim-of-HHS, politically-expedient mandates, rewards, penalties, rules and regulations with which I cannot rationally or morally treat my patients and run a practice, much-less interpret, implement, or comply.

Millions of Americans have lost coverage because of the healthcare law and must now shop on a defective, insecure government website and sign up for more expensive policies through Federal and State exchanges. Only by logging in as a prospective patient did my office manager and I discover that Aetna was selling plans for which I am a provider-effectively selling my services without even asking, much less informing me that my services would be sold on such a site, under the auspices of new terms with which I will not comply.

Then, after the fact, I received a form letter informing me of Aetna’s “new allowables”. I will not sell my services under such terms. While treated as such, patients and doctors are not commodities worthy of such impersonal, inconsiderate, and cavalier treatment. We choose dignity and personal service over disrespect and form letters.

So here we are, you are getting new business offering health insurance plans featuring my services without my consent under terms which are unacceptable to me. Accept this as my official written notice that the changes that you have unilaterally made to our contract are unacceptable to me and make our contract null and void. You must explain this to your patients. You must tell them that they have purchased a product that was misrepresented to them and that you cannot deliver. It saddens me to think of the decreased access to care from actual physicians and the shockingly increased costs Aetna patients will now experience because of your choice to collude with big government rather than collaborate with patients and physicians.

Kristin S. Held, MD

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Here is more information about her from her blog.........

Constitution-defending Conservative Christian Texan Physician Patient Survivor Mother of 4 daughters Small business owner on a mission to get government out of medicine. I have read The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), tweeted it and studied it. I will not implement, comply with it or let my patients live or die by it. Co-Founder

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Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry: “We Will Not Hold Talks with a Gun to Our Head.”

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry: “We Will Not Hold Talks with a Gun to Our Head.”

Frontpage Magazine

In a short time, John Kerry has managed to make the Israelis and the Arabs hate him almost as much as Americans do. And he did in the traditional way, by saying stupid and ugly things.

“Today’s status quo absolutely, to a certainty, I promise you 100 percent, cannot be maintained. It’s not sustainable. It’s illusionary,” Kerry stated on Saturday night at the Munich Security Conference. “You see for Israel there’s an increasing de-legitimization campaign that has been building up [. . .] there are talk of boycotts and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?”

That same status quo which can’t be maintained to a certainty has been maintained for two decades. But who are you going to believe when it comes to foreign policy; history or Kerry?

Last November, Kerry threatened that Israel would face a “Third Intifada” – or violent uprising – if talks did not end with a “Palestinian state” in Judea and Samaria.

“Failure of the talks will increase Israel’s isolation in the world,” Kerry said then. “The alternative to getting back to the talks is a potential of chaos. I mean, does Israel want a third intifada?”

What’s next, the death of the firstborn?

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki took to Twitter Sunday to defend the remarks of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who threatened Israel with boycotts if peace talks fail.

“Secretary Kerry has a proud record of over 3 decades of staunch support for Israel’s security and well-being, including staunch opposition to boycotts.”

That proud record includes supporting Code Pink.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon responded to Kerry’s threats of boycotts, saying “we respect Secretary of State Kerry but will not hold talks with a gun to our head. Friends don’t put ultimatums on the security of the state of Israel.”

“We will make decisions that guard the interests of the state of Israel,” Danon continued. “If we made choices based on the various forecasts of boycotts, we wouldn’t be here today.”

So that’s the Defense Minister and the Deputy Defense Minister who have both come out against Kerry. Also the Strategic Affairs Minister…

Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said Israel would not negotiate with “a gun pointed at its head,” especially when its vital national interests are at stake.

The traditional US negotiating strategy was to point the gun at the Israeli head in private. Kerry is doing it in public which is the sort of treatment you mete out to enemies you are determined to humiliate.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is not a fair mediator in peace talks because he has “anti-Israel roots,” MK Motti Yogev (Bayit Yehudi) said Thursday.

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is acting under Kerry’s obsessive pressure, which may have anti-Semitic undertones,” Yogev told Israel Radio. “Kerry is not here to reach a compromise. He wants to decrease the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel and create a Palestinian state.”

The Bayit Yehudi MK also pointed out that Kerry ate hummus with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the past and called him a good friend.

America’s enemies are Kerry’s friends. America’s friends are Kerry’s enemies.

At the opening of the Cabinet session, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said international pressure on Israel harms peace efforts because it causes the Palestinians to harden their positions.

“Attempts to impose a boycott on the State of Israel are immoral and unjust,” Netanyahu said, and he said “they will not achieve their goal.”

Kerry clearly thinks that they will. And he has a plan.

Kerry is mulling the option of delivering a speech directly to the Israeli public which would be similar to a “state of the union” address. The secretary has instructed officials in the American embassy to begin examining the logistical and practical aspects of a Kerry speech.

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Both Obama and Kerry hate Israel and there is no way they will ever put the interests of Israel ahead of the Hamas or any other terrorist group.

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As Usual Obama Blames Fox News For His Scandals

Here is the full interview that the jerk O'Reilly did with the even bigger jerk Obama. I did not watch it and so I prefer to just use the clips or write ups from it. I can't listen to either one of these ego maniacs. augh!

Obama Blames Fox News For His Scandals

Things turned tense quickly today between President Obama and Bill O’Reilly in their Super Bowlpregame interview. “OK, Bill, you’ve got a long list of my mistakes,” said Obama today to The O’Reilly Factor host near the start of their 10-minute live interview. That remark in response to a question from O’Reilly if it was the biggest mistake of Obama’s Presidency when he told Americans that no one would lose their healthcare under Obamacare was but one of a number of points the two butted heads on. The duo were sparring almost from the beginning in the interview O’Reilly did today with the President live from the White House this afternoon as a part of Fox’s Super Bowl XLVIII pregame show.

Obama also took on Fox News Channel itself when O’Reilly asked him about reports the IRS was investigating Tea Party-related groups for political reasons. “These kind of things keep resurfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” the President said. “When you look there have been multiple hearings.” Obama denied any corruption just some “boneheaded decisions.”

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He is so evil!!

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February 02, 2014

The USO and NFL work together to make sure as many troops as possible won't miss it!

The USO and NFL work together to make sure as many troops as possible won't miss it!

The USO and the National Football League have been partners for nearly 50 years, and NFL players and coaches have been visiting troops around the world since the Vietnam War. In mid-November, the NFL will celebrate is annual Salute to Service with promotions that benefit the USO and other organizations serving troops and veterans. This year, the NFL offered NFL Game Pass for free to USO locations overseas, giving troops from Japan to Afghanistan the opportunity to watch their favorite teams in action, just like they would back at home.

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Thank you USO and a huge thank you to our troops.

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Super Bowl 2014, Broncos vs. Seahawks and their Cheerleaders

Oddsmakers are calling Super Bowl XLVIII one of the most evenly matched games ever.

Super Bowl Sunday will take place on February 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, NJ. Broncos vs. Seahawks kicks off at 6:25 EST/5:25 CST and will be televised on FOX.

The 48th Super Bowl in NFL history marks the first time the game will ever be held outdoors in a cold city atmosphere.

2014 Super Bowl Cheerleaders Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders Sea Gals

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Have a great day everyone!

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Shout Out to Troops From NFL Super Bowl Athletes

Shout Out to Troops From NFL Super Bowl Athletes

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I will always love it when people thank our awesome troops and Veterans.

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February 01, 2014

Jay Cuddles Lion Cub - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jay Cuddles Lion Cub - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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LOL so cute. Jay Leno loves cats and has a wonderful domestic cat, a black and white one that he sometimes has in funny skits he does.

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Gov. Perry Honors Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars

Gov. Perry Honors Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars

1/31/2014 - AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today thanked veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice for our nation at the 2014 Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Mid-Winter Conference. The governor also highlighted steps Texas has taken to ensure veterans and their families have access to the services they need and deserve when they return to civilian life.

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I love his speech. God bless you Gov. Perry and God bless our Veterans.

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Dinesh D'Souza Speaks Out on Federal Indictment on Hannity Show

Dinesh D’Souza was on with Sean Hannity last night in his first interview since he was indicted on federal charges of violating campaign finance laws by using straw donors to funnel money to a U.S. Senate candidate.

Dinesh said it’s been quite a week” since the politically charged indictment.

Dinesh wouldn’t talk about the case but did say this:

“Well, I will say that the film “2016″ was a film that does seem to have gotten under President Obama’s skin. And the reason for this is it wasn’t just a critique of Obamacare or policies but I, in a sense, went into Obama’s world and also into Obama’s mind. There I was at the Obama family homestead in Kenya. I interviewed his brother. And, of course, we advanced a thesis that here is a traumatized and somewhat of a messed up guy who is haunted by the dreams of his father, the topic of his own autobiography. There was a rant against the film on Obama’s own website which is So, we know the film rattled him. We know the film upset him. And whether this is a kind of payback remains to be seen.“

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I am glad Sean had him on his show.

One thing for sure Obama truly is a thug.

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