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July 31, 2006

Arming the Hezbollah

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Guard the Borders Blogburst

This weeks post was written by Heidi of Euphoric Reality blog

The North American Union, SPP, and NASCO: Erasing America’s Borders
By Heidi at Euphoric Reality

Our government has undertaken some monumental legislation that fully impacts the American way of life, our freedom, and our sovereignty. The purpose of such legislation is to homogenize Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a North American Union - and we're all going to sleep through it.

Have you heard of a little-known program called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? This tri-lateral partnership was signed by President Bush last year without Congressional oversight or public approval. Opponents of the SPP have called it NAFTA on steroids - and we all know how disastrous NAFTA has been for everyone except Mexico. It also appears to be modeled on the ineffective and highly unpopular European Union (unpopular with the people, that is).

* Euphoric Reallity

I went to the website,, to begin my research. There are, indeed, no boundaries between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. when it comes to the cooperation of financial, trade, and foreign affair departments. Though some of the PR language on the website sounds fairly benign, the commissions are picking up momentum. And you know what happens when bureaucrats start grasping at influence and power! Except that now we don't have to just worry about our own greedy bureaucrats - but Canada's and Mexico's too.

This is not some weird and obscure conspiracy website, it is our government's plan to literally give away or sell our national sovereignty. What is most galling is that we will share responsibility for security across North America. It is very conceivable that we could see our troops deployed to secure the southern border of Mexico. Yes, you read that right - not OUR unsecured warzone of a southern border - but Mexico's border with Belize and Guatemala. That is the conclusion of an investigative report done by Lou Dobbs on CNN:

Robert B. Murray

President George W. Bush, President Vicente Fox of Mexico, and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin agreed in March 2005 to create this union by executive regulations and agreements rather than by treaty to bypass Congress. Twenty working groups were formed and are well on their way to establishing a super-government for North America that will not be bound by our Constitution. The web site for this new bureaucracy—located at—provides a look at their plans and accomplishments thus far. The plan is to have this arrangement implemented by 2010.

Behind its innocuous title, the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” the United States will surrender its Constitution. According to Jerome R. Corsi, an author and political commentator, our nation-state prerogatives would be superseded by the authority of a North American court and parliamentary body and our dollar would become the “Amero.”

Possibly the strongest leg of the SPP is NASCO - North America's SuperCorridor Coalition - otherwise known as the NAFTA Superhighway. Airily dismissed by some public officials as internet rumors and hype and completely unaffordable, NASCO has quietly been amassing funding and already begun preliminary construction in Texas.

NASCO Superhighway.jpg
...already underway is the plan for a NAFTA Superhighway: 1,200 feet wide, stretching from Lazaro Cardenas on the west coast of Mexico, entering the United States at Laredo, Texas, and continuing straight north to Winnipeg, Canada, with another route to Kansas City thence north easterly to Detroit and Montreal.

Containerized goods from Asia will be offloaded onto Mexican trucks, with Mexican drivers, and distributed throughout the economic system. Go to to view the plan and progress. There will be no internal boundaries to restrict the flow of people, goods or services.

In fact, the first customs stop on the Superhighway will be in the heart of America - Kansas City! Along the way, primary U.S. labor unions will be by-passed in favor of Mexican labor, including the Longshoremen’s Union, the railroad United Transportation Union, and the Teamsters.

How will such a massive flow of goods and foreign traffic be monitored? According to author Jerome Corsi,

"Across the NAFTA Super-Highways will flow millions more Mexicans, now armed with North American border passes and biometric identification, as defined by the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America working groups organized within the Department of Commerce."

Similar toll systems snaking their way from the southern and northern borders cutting through major American cities will force American citizens to submit to having RFID enabled identification cards which contain an ever-increasing array of information about their personal lives.

Illegal aliens with cloned RFID transponders will enjoy streamlined access to the US while Americans labor under the financial burden of tolls that go directly to foreign corporations and restrictions that take the right of free travel out of their hands. This and more is occurring without Congressional oversight, but is naturally funded with our state and federal tax dollars.

But our public officials are saying this could never happen, if only because it's completely unaffordable! Not so, since foreign investment will cover any gaps that taxing the American people leaves. Additionally, the Bush administration has embarked on a policy of selling off key US infrastructure to the highest bidder - in most cases foreign owned corporations.

[K]ey players, including the investment bankers and the worldwide capital investment funds, have a plan to address these fiscal shortcomings with their own resources. On April 30, 1992, President George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order No. 12803 on infrastructure privatization, a move that cleared the way for private capital to invest in U.S. infrastructure projects, including highways.

For instance, the Indiana Toll Road, Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway, a Texas toll road from Austin to Sequin and The Chicago Skyway have all been sold or leased for 99 years to foreign companies who will all enjoy billions in profits from American citizens forced to pay the tolls. And now the New Jersey Turnpike and the Ohio Turnpike are also under the hammer with foreign interests at the forefront of the negotiations.

An earlier Corsi article cites government websites which carry full planning details of the Super Highway. Its construction has already begun in Texas with no congressional oversight whatsoever. The Trans-Texas Corridor is being overseen by The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the contract is owned by the Cintra corporation which in turn is owned by the King of Spain Juan Carlos. The project is being financed by the implementation of a toll that will be collected by means of GPS tracking devices installed in all vehicles and also envelops many connecting roads to the highway. (Toll road info summarized by Paul Watson)

Watson further adds this dire prediction, "To even be allowed to use major roads and highways, US citizens will be subject to a criminal background check and the government will have the ability to pinpoint their particular RFID signal and remotely block it from central computer mainframes - effectively abolishing freedom of mobility in America."

President Ronald Reagan once said, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” While we’ve been looking elsewhere, our own government has implemented a comprehensive plan to erase our borders with Canada and Mexico. The NAFTA Superhighway will allow vehicles, people and goods to travel from Mexico, into the American heartland, and up to Canada with little impediment, making America's borders obsolete. Coupled with Bush's blanket amnesty program, the new North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway (NASCO) will fully expedite the wholesale dismantling of American sovereignty. It would seem that the while the rest of the world is already lining up to get their piece of the American pie, Americans will be the last to know. It is happening quietly and behind our backs, while our attention is fully engaged by the War on Terror, the upcoming elections, and our personal lives.


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

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Obsession ~ Teen To Adult Should See This Film

Please click below for the entrie film called Obsession.

Wild Thing's comment......

Here are some comments about the film:

Rush Limbaugh: Oh, it's chilling. It is chilling. You know, I had not really seen the Hezbollah leader much on mainstream media. He's all over Obsession. He's all over your film, and some things he says -- I don't specifically remember everything, but I mean it's amazing how he's portrayed as he is in the American media and what he's really telling his own people and inspiring them to do or poisoning their minds to do. It's shocking. It's stunning to see it.

Michael Medved (Nationally Syndicated Radio Host) ...."Obsession" is one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've seen this year. This courageous, utterly gripping expose' deserves the attention of every American -- and merits serious consideration for the Academy Award for Best Feature Length Documentary."

Mary Matalin, Former Assistant to the President, Counselor to Vice President & Political Strategist and Commentator .... "Obsession is a superbly made documentary that should propel every American into action. For those people who don't understand the threat posed by Radical Islam, and especially for those people who do understand the threat – Obsession demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that we must stand up and defend our way of life. Obsession is a landmark film that impacts in a way that speeches, books and editorials are just not breaking through to a nation in denial."

Jerry Gordon, Former U.S. Military Intelligence officer....."It is a brilliant assemblage of archival footage of radical Islamic barbarities perpetrated across the globe, sermons of radical Imams from 24/7 satellite TV and undercover footage from Lebanon, the Palestine disputed territories, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, London and New York.
Obsession is indeed a wake up message to a sleeping American public cowed by fear and menace by radical Islamists in our midst. And yes, the film is distressing that such hate, incitement and barbarity flourishes in the 21st century. But the film rouses the American public into concerted action then it will have served a vital and important purpose."

* Something....and Half of Something ....thank you Linda for the film.

* Obsession the website for the film. You can also find more information here.

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IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike

IDF warns Lebanese citizens to evacuate villages (July 25):
"To all citizens south of the Litani River

Due to the terror activities being carried out against the State of Israel from within your villages and homes, the IDF is forced to respond immediately against these activities, even within your villages. For your safety! We call upon you to evacuate your villages and move north of the Litani River."

IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike
IDF is continuing to check difficult incident at Qana village, and attempting to account for strange gap between time of the strike on the building – midnight – and eight in the morning, when the building collapsed.

An IDF investigation has found that the building in Qana struck by the Air Force fell around eight hours after being hit by the IDF.

"The attack on the structure in the Qana village took place between midnight and one in the morning. The gap between the timing of the collapse of the building and the time of the strike on it is unclear," Brigadier General Amir Eshel, Head of the Air Force Headquarters told journalists at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, following the incidents at Qana.

Eshel and the head of the IDF's Operational Branch, Major General Gadi Eisnkot said the structure was not being attacked when it collapsed, at around 8:00 in the morning.

The IDF believes that Hizbullah explosives in the building were behind the explosion that caused the collapse.

Residents were warned days in advance that this area would be targeted by the IDF due to its use by Hizbullah in ongoing terror attacks on Israeli civilian centers.

Video proof of Hizbullah's blatant use of Lebanese civilian centers to launch rockets

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

This morning, July 30, 2006, the IAF attacked missile launch sites in the area of the village of Qana, an area from which hundreds of missiles were launched towards the city of Nahariya and the communities in the western Galilee.

The IDF will defend the citizens of Israel from attacks by the Hizbullah and the responsibility for any civilian casualties rests with the Hizbullah who have turned the suburbs of Lebanon into a war front by firing missiles from within civilian areas.

Residents in this region and specifically the residents of Qana were warned several days in advance to leave the village. Eighteen Israeli civilians have been killed and over 400 have been wounded by these rocket attacks which have disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of Israeli citizens.

The IDF regrets any harm to uninvolved civilians, but this is the result of Hizbullah terrorist organization's contemptible use of Lebanese civilians as human shields.

UPDATE:.....July 31st, 2006
U. S. To Block U.N. Denunciation of Israel
22:06 Jul 30, '06 / 5 Av 5766

( The United States is expected to block a United Nations Security Council resolution denouncing Israel for the killing of about 60 civilians in the Lebanese village of Kana Sunday morning. Israel has said that the explosion in the building that caused the deaths may have been caused by stockpiles of Hizbullah weapons and not by the Israeli attack.

The Council is taking a recess at this hour and will resume its meeting in two hours.

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Lebanon's PM Very Much Pro Hezbollah

Lebanon's PM thanks Hezbollah

LEBANESE Prime Minister Fouad Siniora thanked Hezbollah for its "sacrifices" in its war against Israel.

"We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Mr Siniora said when asked about a statement by Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the Government to take advantage of Hezbollah's steadfastness against Israeli military might.

"I also thank all those who sacrifice their lives for the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon," he said.

Mr Siniora, a member of Lebanon's anti-Syrian coalition, has often been at odds with the Syrian-backed Hezbollah, but the 19-day-old conflict appears to have brought the two sides closer together.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I watched this jerk on the Sunday morning political talk shows. He is totally PRO Hezbollah.

And also this quote from Meet The Press ( Sunday July 30th 2006)

MR. FUAD SINIORA: We scream out to our fellow Lebanese and to other Arab brothers and to the whole world to stand united in the face of the Israeli war criminals.

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July 30, 2006

yalla ya Nasrallah - song from Israel & English Subtitles

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Smelly Nasrallah on Hezbollah TV Station Al-Manar

Image from the Hezbollah television station Al -Manar aired Saturday July 29, 2006 shows Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah who in his statement threatened to attack more Israeli cities in central Israel. He also claims Israel suffered 'serious defeat' in ground fighting around a border town. At least 448 Lebanese have been killed in the fighting that broke out after Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others in a cross-border raid. Most casualties have been civilians, and some estimates range as high as 600 dead. Thirty-three Israeli soldiers have died in fighting, and Hezbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel have killed 19 civilians, the Israeli army said. (AP Photo/ Aal-Manar)

Hezbollah Chief threatens rocket attacks

By ZEINA KARAM - Associated Press Writer

July 29, 2006

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah's leader on Saturday threatened more attacks on central Israeli cities, a day after guerrillas for the first time fired a rocket powerful enough to reach the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, speaking on Hezbollah's TV station, said he supported Lebanon's efforts to negotiate a peace deal, but suggested tentative promises for the guerrillas to disarm would be off if conditions aren't met.

Nasrallah also dismissed a new diplomatic effort by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to bring about cease-fire, saying the United States wants fighting to continue. His statement came as Rice arrived in the Mideast to visit Israel; a possible Lebanon stop has not been announced.

The bearded Shiite Muslim cleric, wearing his trademark black headdress, insisted Hezbollah fighters were winning the battle with Israel, now in its 18th day. Israel has not made a "single military accomplishment" in its offensive on Lebanon, he said, speaking on the group's Al-Manar television.

He claimed Israel suffered a "serious defeat" in ground fighting around a Lebanese border town after Israeli troops pulled back Saturday afternoon. Israel said they left Bint Jbail because they accomplished their mission of wearing down Hezbollah fighters after a week of heavy battles.

On Friday, a Hezbollah rocket hit outside the Israeli town of Afula, the farthest strike yet. Hezbollah said it targeted an Israeli military base, but the rockets fell in an empty field.

"The bombardment of Afula and its military base is the beginning ..., Nasrallah said. "Many cities in the center (of Israel) will be targeted in the 'beyond Haifa' stage if the savage aggression continues on our country, people and villages."

He was referring to his earlier threat to attack deeper into Israel than Haifa, which has been hit repeatedly in the recent conflict.

Nasrallah said Hezbollah was willing to cooperate with the Lebanese government. He did not mention a Lebanese peace plan calling for guerrilla disarmament specifically, but suggested Hezbollah would not disarm if the government backs away from conditions outlined in its proposal.

Most notably, the proposals demand a prisoner swap with Israel and the resolution of Lebanese claims on border land that Israel controls. Israel has ruled out a prisoner swap but has not said whether it would be willing to reconsider its hold on the Chebaa farms area.

The speech was Nasrallah's fourth taped TV appearance since fighting began, sparked by Hezbollah's capture of two Israeli soldiers July 12.

In Beirut, drivers stopped their cars and pedestrians stood in front of shops and cafes to watch the address. Fireworks erupted in the southern neighborhoods of Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold, after Nasrallah finished.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Nasrallah: put me on TV I want to be famous, I am Nasrallah. I did not serve in Vietnam but I am still famous.

Wild Thing: No you are not famous you are infamous and there is a difference. When do you wash your smelly hair under that thing?

Nasrallah: Wash my hair? Praise Allah he tells me when to do such things Praise Allah. Did I tell you I did not serve in Vietnam but that I am still famous. Now where do I look to speak to the camera? Praise Allah

Wild Thing: Vietnam? You are a coward Nasrallah and wear skirts and smell bad. This was your 4th taped appearance Nasrallah since Israel began to fight back 18 days ago, don't you think you are showing the world you are a glutten for attention? You know a glutten like a pig feeding in a pig pen!

Nasrallah: Allah Akbar never say PIG to me. Just because I did not serve in Vietnam you have no right to speak to me of such things as P-I-G-S!

Wild Thing: well Nasrallah our time has run out and the camera is ready for your close up. You need to do something about that green thing on your front teeth before the camera man calls "action".

Nasrallah: Now you attack my teeth?! How dare you, I have the finest rotten teeth in all of Islamhood. And my breath is sweeter then a camels in the morning. Praise Allah! In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful!
I am ready for my close up, Praise Allah.

Call for "action, camera rolling....."

Nasrallah:Praise Allah....... I tell you this I may not have served in Vietnam but I am the voice of the Hezbollah.............. Praise Allah...... In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful! I am ready for my close up, Praise Allah.

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This Is So SICK!

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Hezbollah Video Dating Service

Thank you Linda for this video.

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July 29, 2006

Gloom and Doom

A dear friend of mine Beth ...MVRWC....wrote this email. In the wonderful group I am honored to be a part of called the Cotillion we do a lot of sharing and conversation by email, and I want to share this email that Beth wrote with you.

I seriously need to snap the fuck out of this funk. I don’t wanna blog, I hate the blogosphere because of stupid moonbats and Hezbollah supporters (I know, same thing) and because of idiotic vlogging. I’d much rather be reading the good blogs and not bothering with my own right now. I’m incredibly frustrated with what seems like a pointless exercise, because there’s never any effect. You still have lying moonbats, America-haters, Israel/Jew haters, BDS loons, and all that shit. I’m bored and frustrated with all of it, and I’m starting to stress out about there being no real end in sight re: Israel OR the overall war on Islamofascism. I know it’s not supposed to be quick, but everyone else’s impatience, ignorance, and ideology is making me lose the last bit of optimism I have, and that’s tough to do. I usually think “this is America, we’ll survive and prevail anyway,” but dammit, I’m not so sure that’s even true. Not with Iranians going nuclear, at least. I can’t bear to think about Iran nuking Israel, but I almost see it as inevitable. That and them possibly nuking Iraq, or at least getting directly and openly involved there. And the news just keeps piling on, like with this shit in Somalia.

I really think liberalism has doomed us all. We aren’t supposed to be for our own interests, we aren’t supposed to make value/moral judgments, we aren’t supposed to have a strong military or fight for/defend our interests abroad. We’re supposed to let the “brown people” (fucking stupid moonbat phrase) do whatever they want because we’re “better” and benevolent, and when they fuck up because they’re evil or brutal or incompetent, we’re supposed to bail them out (see “palestinians,” Africa, etc.) and lead by example, whatever the hell that means on the world stage. Because they’re all human and therefore can’t be “evil,” just “different.”

Meanwhile, evil will continue to roll and we’ll send aid to the starving and/or dead.

If things had been like they are today during WWII, we’d have been doomed then. Instead, I’m afraid that we are now. It may not happen in MY lifetime, but I really do worry about what the world’s going to be like for my daughter. No place seems safe anymore. I think, we could live in Australia, but they’re no safer than we are–if anything, less so. I never thought I’d EVER think this, but maybe 50 years from now–wait for it–Russia? (!) You never know what the world’s going to be like in 50 years. Maybe at least they’ll have a strong country, even if it’s a dictatorship, even if it’s Communist again (!), it’s better than Islamist. I’m just sick about the future for my daughter.

I want to believe that America is stronger than Islamism, but if 9/11 didn’t wake these stupid fucking people up, I don’t know what will. How anyone can seriously look at the world today and NOT see the worldwide evil that is Islam, I don’t know. And the “liberals” (not) will hand the world to them on a silver platter. They think the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance is a police state? Shit, it’s going to take a lot more than THAT to eradicate the problem if they don’t wake the fuck up, and I’d welcome it. I never read In Defense of Internment, but damn, we can’t even “intern” un-uniformed combatants at Gitmo. I’d like to see a hell of a lot more Muslims interned than just those, but the blind moonbats think “fascism” is a reality, and anyone who wants to defeat Islamism is a “fascist.” (Nevermind the fact that we survived the same “fascism” of the WWII years in America.)
Gloom and doom

Beth has also posted it at her Blog.....My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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To The Royal Court: BITE ME...... from, Israel









--MORE 1625 Local Time 1325 GMT

Wild Thing's comment.......

I apologize for all the caps, that is how the announcement is stated at the site the Saudi Press Agency...HERE.

OK so maybe the Saudi's are just doing the…. we need to say something thang’, you know for the people to hear. Or maybe they are serious, but I just can't see them wanting to be at the receiving end of the power of the IDF.

I am not sure if they want to risk themselves over the Palestinians, who they've never given a damn about except as props. The Saudis pay others to do their work.

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Shiite Sheehan Will Go To Jordan For Peace Talks ~ Gag Me!

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan cancels Vermont visit

Published: Friday, July 28, 2006

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan has canceled her visit to Vermont because she plans a trip to Jordan for peace talks there, organizers announced today.

Sheehan was to have attended a rally Sunday at Montpelier's Unitarian Church.

The rally will still be held, with Vermont organizers planning to address renewed efforts to end the war in Iraq and pursue impeachment of the Bush administration.

The event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. and is free and public.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Isn't this against the law to do this during war time I mean????

Can we just not let her back in after she leave?

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Kerry and Bolton In A "Who's on First" Routine

This is the entrie transcript of Kerry and Bolton....................

Senator Kerry?

KERRY: Thank you. I know all the comments have been made about the flood here, so I won't make any more.

I apologize for being delayed. We had a mark-up in the Small Business Committee, and as ranking member, I had to be there.

I heard a few of the questions from my office, and obviously I don't want to go over territory that's been well-covered, Mr. Ambassador, so I want to just have a chance to be able to pursue a few things with you.

I did hear in answer to one question from somebody, I think it was from the chair, that your views about the U.N. itself have not changed.

And so I'd just be curious to sort of -- what are those views at this point? I mean there was a lot of debate here, if you'll recall, about what those views were, and I'd just be curious to know what conclusions you've drawn about the U.N. at this point in time.

BOLTON: I think his question was what did I find at the U.N. that I had not expected. And I think my response was "very little," because I have studied and worked in U.N. matters for 25 years.

And I'm sure there are things I don't know, but I've worked in the area for a long time.

My views are, as I said in my opening statement in April of last year, that we are committed to a strong and effective United Nations. To do that, it requires substantial reform. That it can be an effective adjunct of American foreign policy; I think it's been demonstrated in a variety of areas that we've discussed here today in the context of Lebanon, North Korea and Iran. And that that's why we're exerting the efforts that we are within the Security Council on a variety of substantive policy matters and on the question of U.N. reform.

KERRY: You say that to be effective it requires reform. What is the principal reform that is required for the U.N. itself to be effective with respect to Iran or with respect to North Korea or Resolution 1559 in Lebanon? What reform would make a difference to that effectiveness?

BOLTON: I'm not sure that reform as such would have a difference there. That is more a question in the Security Council of reaching policy agreement among the 15 members of the council and particularly the PERM 5.

KERRY: And isn't it fair to say that we're sort of the odd person out on most of those policies?

BOLTON: I wouldn't say that, no.

KERRY: Well, with respect to North Korea, let's look at that for a minute. Russia and the South Koreans were unwilling to join us, isn't that correct, with respect to the sanction effort?

BOLTON: That's clearly not correct, because they did. And in fact, we worked very closely with the Russians in the negotiation, 11 days of very intense negotiation to get Resolution 1695, and worked very closely with the Republic of Korea's mission to the U.N. to get their agreement to the resolution, as well.

KERRY: I beg to differ with you, Mr. Ambassador.

They didn't get on board a tough Chapter 7 resolution, did they? That was our position.

BOLTON: They got on board a resolution which is binding, as our judgment is binding under Chapter 7, that's correct.

KERRY: They didn't get on a tough resolution 7, did they -- Chapter 7?

BOLTON: Yes, they did.

KERRY: They did?

BOLTON: We believe this resolution is binding under Chapter 7. It does not contain the words "Chapter 7," but our conclusion is based on the entire wording of the resolution that it imposes binding constraints on North Korea. Other member governments -- that's the interpretation of Britain, France and Japan and the other four cosponsors as well.

KERRY: Prior to the adoption, speaking to reporters on July 6th, you said, quote, "I think it's important that the Security Council speak under Chapter 7 to make a binding resolution." Is that correct?

BOLTON: That's correct.

KERRY: Then on July 14th, just a day before they acted, you said you continued to insist on a resolution under Chapter 7 which would make any sanctions mandatory.

KERRY: You stressed the importance of a, quote, "clear, binding Chapter 7 resolution. That remains our view and the view of Japan." You went so far as to warn that if there's to be a veto, there comes a time when countries have to go into that chamber and raise their hand.

That's not what happened, is it?

BOLTON: As I said before, it's our judgment this is a mandatory resolution.

KERRY: But the judgment -- but it's not the way it's viewed by the other parties.

BOLTON: It's viewed that way by Japan, England and France.

KERRY: Well, the Russians certainly aren't prepared to join in it, nor are the...

BOLTON: They voted for it.

KERRY: But not in its clarity.

I mean, Assistant Secretary Hill's testimony before this committee last week said that the administration's strategy on North Korea is shifting from failed negotiations to sanctions.

And since you don't have Russia, you don't have China and you don't have South Korea on the binding resolution, how are you going to do that?

BOLTON: I think we do.

You know, what the resolution says, Senator, is the Security Council demands -- that includes Russia and China -- the Security Council demands that the DPRK suspend all activity related to its ballistic missile programs -- demands.

And you know what North Korea did? You know what they thought of that resolution? They sat there in the council chamber and, after we voted to adopt it, they rejected it and got up and walked out of the council chamber.

I think that resolution had a clear effect on North Korea.

KERRY: What was the effect?

BOLTON: That they understand how isolated they are. And you'll note that, as reported in the papers the other day, the government of China has begun to take steps with respect to North Korean banking, which is consistent with operative paragraphs 3 and 4 of the resolution that require -- "require" is the word we use -- the Security Council requires that all U.N. member-governments cease their procurement from or supply to any of North Korea's programs relating to ballistic missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

KERRY: Well, let's come back to be precise, because this is a precise world we live in. It is accurate -- I have the resolution right in front of me. It says, "demands that the DPRK suspend all activities related to its ballistic missile program," but it doesn't impose Chapter 7 sanctions.

BOLTON: We didn't seek to impose Chapter 7 sanctions.

KERRY: Well, how are you going to achieve this if you're not going to have sanctions if you don't have the other countries prepared to have the sanctions? The reason you don't have sanctions...

BOLTON: Because the first...

KERRY: ... is they weren't prepared to do it; isn't that correct?

BOLTON: No, because that was not part of our original resolution. The first step here was to pass this resolution which says...

KERRY: You're telling me they would be prepared to impose sanctions?

BOLTON: You know, Senator, we had consultations with Japan and the United Kingdom and France about how to approach this resolution. And as I mentioned earlier today, there were a variety of different steps that we could have taken. It was our judgment that the best way to proceed was along the lines that are now embodied in Resolution 1695.

That is certainly not to say that the council might not take other steps in the future. But the steps we sought to take we have now taken, unanimously.

KERRY: Well, you're losing me a little bit because, I mean, North Korea defied the world's request not to test an intercontinental missile. If ever there was a moment -- you are the ones who said you wanted sanctions but were unable to get Russia and others to sign onto that concept.

BOLTON: Senator, we said we wanted what we got.

KERRY: Well, the most that you seem to want is to go back to a six-party talk that isn't in existence.

BOLTON: No, no, quite the contrary. We said expressly...

KERRY: Are you prepared to go to bilateral talks?

BOLTON: Quite the contrary. We said expressly that what we wanted from North Korea was not simply a return to the six-party talks, but an implementation of the September 2005 joint statement from the six-party talks which would mean their dismantlement of their nuclear weapons program.

KERRY: But this has been going on for five years, Mr. Ambassador.

BOLTON: It's the nature of multilateral negotiations, Senator.

KERRY: Why not engage in a bilateral one and get the job done? That's what the Clinton administration did.

BOLTON: Very poorly, since the North Koreans violated the agreed framework almost from the time it was signed. And I would also say, Senator, that we do have the opportunity for bilateral negotiations with North Korea in the context of the six-party talks, if North Korea would come back to them.

KERRY: Mr. Ambassador, at the time -- Secretary Perry has testified before this committee, as well as others -- they knew that there would be the probability they would try to do something outside of the specificity of the agreement.

But the specificity of the agreement was with respect to the rods and the inspections and the television cameras and the reactor itself.

BOLTON: Senator, the agreed framework requires North Korea and South Korea to comply with the joint North-South denuclearization agreement, which in turn provides no nuclear weapons programs on the Korean Peninsula.

So it was not limited only to the plutonium reprocessing program.

KERRY: Mr. Ambassador, the bottom line is that no plutonium was reprocessed under that agreement. No plutonium was reprocessed until the cameras were kicked out, the inspectors were kicked out, the rods were taken out, and now they have four times the nuclear weapons they had when you came on watch.

BOLTON: Because the North Koreans...

KERRY: The question here is -- I mean, a whole host of people have testified before this committee and others.

I mean, my objection is that if you look at the policies across the board, and we're not going to resolve it here now, obviously, I understand that.


KERRY: But here's another good reason to think about this.

It's hard to pick up the newspaper today, it's hard to talk to any leader anywhere in the world, it's hard to travel abroad as a senator and not run headlong into the isolation of the United States and the divisions that exist between us and our allies on any number of different issues.

Now, it is very hard to sit here and say that the six-party talks have been a success.

BOLTON: I don't believe I've said that.

KERRY: I know. I didn't suggest you have. But what I'm trying to get at is the policy foundation itself -- why insist on a six-party talk process which, it seems to me, never joins the fundamental issues between the United States and North Korea, which go back a long, long time, over Republican and Democratic administrations?

BOLTON: I think the reason for that is that the disagreement is not fundamentally a bilateral disagreement between North Korea and the United States. It's a disagreement between North Korea and everybody else about their pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

And the aspect of the six-party talks that we think was most important was not negotiating over the head of South Korea, which was the consequence of the agreed framework, but bringing in all of the regional partners, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China, to address this question collectively, since it was in all of our interests to do so.

KERRY: Most of the people that I've talked to spent a lot of time in various thoughtful institutions thinking about these issues -- a career -- believe that what North Korea wants more than anything is an assurance that the United States of America wasn't going to have a strategy similar to Iraq directed at them.

And I think the assurance most people have suggested that if there were to be some kind of bilateral discussion to get at the issues between the two of us, you'd have far more opportunity to get at the nuclear issue than you do through these stand-off, nonexistent six-party talks that have produced nothing over five and a half years.


KERRY: Why is the administration so unwilling to talk to Syria, talk to even pursue these issues? It doesn't seem as though this nontalk approach is getting you very far.

BOLTON: First, the six-party talks have not been going on for five and a half years.

Second, one of the principal...

KERRY: No, because no talks were going on for the first couple of years, and then the six-party talks were a cover for not dealing with bilateral talks. I understand.

BOLTON: The principal reason that we haven't had six-party talks in 10 months is because North Korea won't accept China's invitation to come to the talks. But we have made it clear to them repeatedly that they could have and they have had bilateral conversations with the United States in the context of the six-party talks.

BOLTON: So the question as to why the six-party talks have not proceeded here, I think lies squarely in Pyongyang.

KERRY: Well, the world and North Korea are getting more dangerous, as you resist the notion of engaging in any kind of bilateral effort as an administration -- not you, personally, I guess, but...

BOLTON: Senator, really, it's hard to understand how you can't look at the notion of conducting the bilateral conversations in the six-party talks and not say that North Korea has an opportunity to make its case to us.

KERRY: Sir, with all due respect, I mean, you know -- what I've seen work and not work over the course of the years I've been here depends on what kind of deal you're willing to make or not make and what your fundamental policies are.

If you're a leader in North Korea, looking at the United States, and you've seen the United States attack Iraq on presumptions of weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist, if you announce a preemptive strategy of regime change, if you are pursuing your own new nuclear weapons, bunker busting nuclear weapons, and you're sitting in another country, you would have a perception of threat that makes you make a certain set of decisions.

And historically throughout the Cold War, that drove the United States and the then-Soviet Union to escalate and escalate. And first one did and then the other.

In fact -- in fact -- in every single case, we were the first, with the exception of two particular weapons systems to develop a nuclear breakthrough first. They followed -- until ultimately, President Reagan, a conservative president, and President Gorbachev said we're going to come down in Reykjavik to no weapons.

So we reversed 50 years of spending money and chasing this thing.

I would respectfully suggest to you that North Korea is sitting there making a set of presumptions. And unless you begin to alter some of the underlying foundation of those presumptions, you're stuck.

The problem is, we're stuck too, as a consequence. And a lot of us feel very, very deeply that the six-party talks have never been real and never been a way of achieving this goal. And as long as we're on this course, we're stuck.

COLEMAN: The chair would note that it's been extremely generous.


KERRY: Maybe you can respond to that, Mr. Ambassador?

BOLTON: Well, I think that the effort that has been made is to give North Korea the opportunity to make the choice, to come out of its isolation, to give up its nuclear weapons programs and to enjoy the kind of life that the people in South Korea enjoy.

BOLTON: There's a great map, Senator -- I'm sure you've seen a copy of it -- of the Korean Peninsula at night. And South Korea is filled with light; North Korea is black. It looks like South Korea is an island. That's what that regime has done to its people.

We could...

KERRY: Sir, I know what a terrible regime it is. I understand that.

BOLTON: We have tried to give them the chance, through the six- party talks, to end that isolation. And as I say, for 10 months, they haven't even been willing to go back to Beijing.

KERRY: I have to tell you something. About three years ago or four years ago, I can't remember precisely when, the North Koreans were casting about here in Washington, asking people who do we talk to? They were looking for a deal. And the administration just blanked them. There was no willingness to do this.

This is pre going to the six-party talks. Then we get to the six-party talks, and we've gone through a series of evolutions since then.

So with all due respect, a lot of folks think there's a different course. You don't. The administration doesn't. But I think it's important to talk about it, and I think it's important to lay it out there.

And we have, similarly, on 1559, which called for the disarmament of Hezbollah. That was not a priority for the last year, and we are where we are.

BOLTON: I would disagree it was not a priority, but I'm not sure...

KERRY: Can you tell me what you did at the U.N. that has put it on the front-burner agenda?

BOLTON: I think really at this point I'd just refer you to my earlier testimony where I talked about a number of resolutions and presidential statements that we had adopted to put more pressure on Syria, both with respect to 1559 and 1595, which I think is another quite important resolution pursuing the Hariri assassination.

And I think that in fact, the issue of Lebanon generally is probably the best example of U.S. cooperation with France in a matter in the Security Council that we've had in recent years.

KERRY: Well, again, we can debate, and we're not going to here, so I'll let that go.


COLEMAN: Thank you, Senator Kerry. The Senate does have a tradition of unlimited debate. We will bring this hearing to a close.

Ambassador, diplomats have to operate in all sorts of environments, all sorts of conditions. You've done that through your career and obviously demonstrated the capacity to do it today.

We will keep the record open until the close of business Friday the 28th.

With that, this hearing is now adjourned.


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July 28, 2006

UN Ambulance Picking Up Fighters In Gaza Strip

Please see the UPDATE further down in this post - thank you

You will see in this Video a UN Ambulance assisting and picking up terrorists to get them out of harms way in the Gaza Strip. Also they are not taking the UN Ambulance hostage, they are being aided by the UN Ambulance driver. The video was shot by Reuters on May 11, 2004.

And note the two flags togerther. The UN Flag and the Hezbollah Flag.

Annan Charges Israel Deliberately Killed 4 at U.N. Post
05:16 Jul 26, '06 / 1 Av 5766

( United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan charged early Wednesday morning that Israel deliberately targeted a United Nations post in Lebanon late Tuesday night, killing four UNIFIL members.

They were part of the international body's peace keeping force in Lebanon that was created in 1978 after the beginning of the Peace for Galilee Campaign, Dan Gillerman, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations said he was "shocked" by Annan's accusations and demanded an apology.

* Thank you Linda for the video......Something.......and Half of Something.

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler....has a great graphic for just this about the UN and Kofi Annan


This is an update from Linda at Something......and Half of Something about this video.

CLARIFICATION....from Linda: .....Thank you Linda.

In response to the many inquiries I've had concerning this video, following is a clarification of the event caught on film. This was stored on my old hard drive (what a pain to hook it up but worth it). I don't know who wrote most of this, the links were not there in my notes, I just touched it up a bit and posted it. There is no plagiarism intended, I just don't know who to credit:

As I indicated above, the video shot by a Reuters cameraman on May 11, 2004. The film documents two ambulances with flashing lights entering a street in Southern Gaza. Shots ring out accompanied by shouts in arabic, including the ever popular allah akbar. The terrorists make their escape in the ambulances, which are clearly marked with the UN logo and which are flying the UN flag.

What the video does not show is the result of the terrorist raid. The terrorists you see in the film murdered six Israeli soldiers that night, aided and abetted by paid employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). That's your tax dollars at work!

Rueters declined to show the footage to American viewers and it was, a nonprofit global news monitoring service, who originally posted the video on its Web approximately one month after it was filmed. Not a single U.S. television news station has ever expressed interest in showing the footage to American viewers.

UNRWA denies the incident and denies other similar documented incidents as well. UNRWA claims that their drivers were forced to cooperate in terrorist attacks despite the fact that one of its senior employees, Nahed Rashid Ahmed Attalah, has confessed to using his official U.N. vehicle to bypass security and smuggle arms, explosives, and terrorists to and from attacks, while he was supposed to be distributing food supplies to Palestinian refugees. Hamas terrorist Nidal 'Abd al-Fataah 'Abdallah Nizal worked as an UNRWA ambulance driver and freely admits he has used an emergency vehicle to transport munitions to terrorists.

But the UN isn't the only humanitarian organization to assist terrorists in Israel. An intensive care ambulance carrying the acronym of the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was used to deliver an explosive belt found underneath a stretcher on which a sick child was lying in spring 2002. Female suicide bomber Wafa Idris, who blew herself up in a 2002 attack in Jerusalem, was a medical secretary for the PRCS.

UNRWA has long been suspected of providing aid and comfort to terrorists. Rep. Eric Cantor (R.-Va.), chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, documented how "buildings and warehouses under UNRWA supervision are allegedly being used as storage areas for Palestinian ammunition and counterfeit currency factories."

Cantor's 2002 report also noted that UNRWA hosts summer camps in martyrdom for young terrorists-in-training. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ.) has also lobbied for increased scrutiny of UNRWA funding, which has been used to publish anti-Semitic textbooks and posters in schools that "glorify homicide bombers and the slaughter of innocents."

Moreover, according to Smith, a UNRWA school hosted a Hamas rally by a key Hamas leader in 2001 and another UNRWA employee praised homicide bombers, proclaiming: "The road to Palestine passes through the blood of the fallen, and these fallen have written history with parts of their flesh and their bodies."

While jihadists gain shelter in its emergency vehicles, the U.N. continues to lambaste the U.S. for assorted wartime "atrocities." Not one more American dime should go to fund the bloody self-righteousness of the world's most generous terrorist relief organization.

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Iran Students Leave For Lebanon To Fight Israel

Thursday, 27 July, 2006, 01:08 PM Doha Time

A group of Iranian students left for Lebanon yesterday pledging to help Hezbollah fight Israeli forces there, witnesses said.

Iranian hardliners have made great public show of recruiting volunteers for “martyrdom-seeking operations” in recent years, but there is no record of any of these Iranian volunteers taking part in attacks in Iraq, or against Israel.

“The Prophet Muhammad’s army is on its way to fight against the Zionists,” chanted some 50 volunteers at Tehran’s Behesht-e Zahra cemetery, where a large tree-lined area is dedicated to Iran’s ‘martyrs’ killed in the 1980-88 war with Iraq.
“A group of 200 volunteer students will be dispatched to Lebanon via Turkey. We are leaving Tehran today by bus,” said Amir Jalili, a spokesman for the group.
“We hope Turkey will let us pass the border and go to Syria. If not we will come back to Tehran.”

Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the Jewish state to be “wiped off the map”. But while Israel accuses Iran of arming Hezbollah, Tehran says it only gives the Lebanese group moral support.

The volunteers stressed theirs was a private initiative, not backed by state authorities. The group, calling itself the Justice-Seeking Movement of Students, said they had no military training. Some 50 students boarded buses from Tehran, but more were to join them from other cities at the border, they said.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said such groups have no official sanction and say they can operate only “as long as their ideas are limited to theory.”

“We are an independent group. We want to help our Shia brothers,” said Hadi, a 23-year-old French literature student, carrying pictures of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who has vowed to take the war deeper into Israel.
“We want to fulfil our religious duty. If officials ban us from going to Lebanon, we will obey,” said another spokesman Morteza Assadi before getting on the bus to go to the border.

Members of the hardline Basij militia at the cemetery said they had no intention of taking action against Israel without the green light from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has the last word on all matters in Iran.

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Iran Mullahs' Aim

By: Amil Imani
Amil Imani is an Iranian born American citizen and pro-democracy activist who resides in the United States of America.

The world is presently at its most wicked. It is beyond human help. It requires only a nudge to implode and prepare for the divine ruler, the Saheb-ul-Zaman (the Mahdi, the Lord of the Age) to come and set it aright. It is the sacred duty and privilege of every Muslim to do all he can to hasten the death of the old world and the birth of the global Islamic Ummeh. Thus goes the thinking of Iran’s ruling mullahs and their hand-picked president Mahmood Ahmadinejad.

It seems like the old millennialism thinking, a belief held, in one version or another by major religions. Indeed it is, with one terribly alarming difference. This time around, a group of believers with tremendous resources are intent upon forcing the issue, making the conditions so dire that it leaves the reluctant Saheb-ul-Zaman no choice but to appear and assume his universal reign.

The belief in supernatural intervention to set the world aright is scriptural to major religions, including Islam. The Jews have been earnestly supplicating the Lord for the Messiah to come; the Christians are impatiently awaiting the second coming of Christ; and, the Zoroastrians are convinced that Saoshayant is the one who shall come, defeat the trouble-making Ahriman—Satan—and make the creatures again pure.

Up to this point millennialism was a belief and a hope. No one ever aspired to or had the means of making the anticipated events come about. The matter was in the hands of God. The Muslims’ perennial prayer recited every day, posted in mosques and even on bumpers of vehicles has been, “O, Saheb-ul-Zaman, hasten your coming.” The prayer for the advent, thus far, has been limited to passive supplications of the faithful.

It is a well-established fact that beliefs are potent impetus to action. If you believe your home is about to be burglarized, you secure the house and take other precautions. If you, under the influence of cocaine, believe that a bug is burrowing into your skin, you may take a knife to your own body and try to dig the imaginary bug out.

Hence, it is shortsighted to dismiss the mullahs as a bunch of lunatics who are out of touch with reality and that they have no intention of doing catastrophic mischief to compel the Mahdi’s coming. Maybe some arming of the Iraqi Shiites, a little support for Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine—but no, no major idiocy. After all, they are rational people and in touch with reality. Any large scale troublemaking spells their doom as well. Thus goes the rationalization—the greatest risky tranquilizer of the mind.

Rationalization, compounded by complacency and denial, can be deadly, particularly when the adversaries have different realities. To the fanatic mullahs ruling Iran Sahaeb-ul-Zaman is an absolute reality and his promised advent is irrevocably ordained. This is their reality and their belief and they have every intention of leading their life according to them.

It is foolish for the non-Muslims to dismiss the mullahs and the Bin Ladens as a bunch of fringe lunatics who are going to go away simply by wishing it. The Islamist reality is that the non-Muslims are the ones who deserve to be done away with; they are the ones who have refused to submit to the summons of Allah for much too long; and, it is time for the faithful to get rid of them. This makes for a lopsided contest. The non-Muslims are passively wishing that the nightmarish surge of Islamism is only a temporary fringe phenomenon doomed to die on its own, while the other side is marshalling its huge destructive power to accomplish its aim by eradicating the non-Muslims.

The cabal of fanatical mullahs ruling Iran has lost its patience, not only with the unbelievers, but also with the Mahdi as well. They aim to force his arrival. The mullahs believe they have the means to make it impossible for the Mahdi to tarry any longer by causing unprecedented death and destruction—conditions deemed essential for his coming. The world must hit the very bottom, before the Savior of the world comes to the rescue, so they firmly believe.

The question is: What does prudence demand? Clearly wishing the problem to go away is not a very effective solution in the same way that wishing for the Saheb-ul-Zaman to come has not been. Reasoning and negotiating with the mullahs and their ilk hold very little, if any, lasting promise. There are always the easy ways of denial and appeasement. We are very good at both practices. No, the Muslims have been around for ages. They make some troubles from time to time. But they really are not all that bad and dangerous. We’ll get along. If we have too, we’ll even let them live by the Sharia—their stone-age laws— in our midst. We’ll be reasonable and they will come around. We’ll just have to get along. So goes the line.

One problem: The other side doesn’t think this way. The Islamofascists don’t believe in the notion of “Live and let live.” They believe that the earth is Allah’s and it has been sullied by the heathens, the unbelievers and the kafir for far too long. Now that they have the means, they aim to make the world to their design and bring about the final solution—a nasty reminder of not too long ago Nazism.

Is this alarmist, or even hatemongering? You don’t believe Muslims can be that intolerant and hostile toward non-Muslims and that they’ll never go to the extremes? You know Muslims personally in your neighborhood or your work place and they are nice people? The nice Muslims you personally know are presently small minorities in alien lands. They have to be nice, and they may indeed be nice. Yet, when the main force of Islam surges forward, these nice folks will either have to join it or be swept aside like the rest of the resisters.

The concern is not with individual Muslims who live as solid citizens in democratic societies. They may have developed a taste for the freedom democracy bestows or have simply learned to tolerate it.

Our concern is with the gathering Islamic storm from the heart of Islamdom. To truly appreciate Islam, you must experience firsthand Islam in power. Take a quick trip to the lands of the Muslims and find out for yourself how horribly they treat the non-Muslims, even the, “People of the book,” Jews and Christians. Try to have a Bible study group or build a church in Saudi Arabia and discover the benevolence of Islamic rule.
The world is a laboratory where the experiment with Islam shows irrefutable results. To the extent that Islam rules any society, that society is stagnant, backward thinking, repressive and violent. The Islamic Republic of Iran represents the cutting edge for the newly petrodollar invigorated Islam. It is determined to complete its task of ending the world of “Dar-ul-Harb”—the non-Muslim world to be warred upon—and establishing the “Dar-ul-Solh,” or “Dar-ul-Salam”—the Muslim world of the Ummeh under the rule of the Mahdi. If achieving this aim hinges on the conflagration of the Third World War, the mullahs are happy to make it happen.

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Hezbollah Flag Installation in Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Distribution and installation of Hezbollah flag in the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran Press News

Wild Thing's comment......

I find this interesting, the fact that it is new for this to happen. I had thought that their representation would have already been prominent.

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U.S. Could Face A Showdown With al-Sadr

The Mahdi Army, a Shiite militia led by Iraqi radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has re-emerged as a key force in Iraqi politics. Sunnis believe his militia is responsible for the kidnapping and killing of thousands of Sunnis over the past few months. Now a plan to shift more U.S. troops to Baghdad to deal with the worsening violence there is seen as putting the American military on a crash course with al-Sadr, shown here in an Aug. 9, 2004, file photo. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban, File)

Montery Herald

Al-Sadr's black-clad followers insist they simply protect Shiite communities that have suffered horrific losses at the hands of Sunni insurgents and religious extremists such as al-Qaida in Iraq since the collapse of Saddam Hussein's Sunni-dominated regime in 2003.
To put an end to the sectarian killings, President Bush on Tuesday approved a new plan to increase U.S. and Iraqi forces in Baghdad.
"Obviously the violence in Baghdad is still terrible and therefore there needs to be more troops," Bush said at a White House press conference with al-Maliki.
That will inevitably mean a showdown with al-Sadr and his followers - believed to be the largest and most active Shiite militia in Iraq.
"If you don't do this, you end up with a situation like you have in Lebanon, where the militia becomes a state within a state," the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, Gen. John Abizaid, said in an interview this week with National Public Radio.
"It makes the state impotent to be able to deal with security challenges," he said.
Coalition forces already have begun moving against the Mahdi Army. In the last month, British troops have arrested the Mahdi commander in the southern city of Basra. And American soldiers killed 15 militiamen in a gunfight 40 miles south of the capital last weekend.
U.S. and Iraqi forces have staged at least two major raids this month in Sadr City, the Mahdi Army's Baghdad stronghold.
Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, the al-Sadr movement runs social services ranging from caring for widows and orphans to burying unclaimed bodies in Baghdad and other cities.
The parallels with Hezbollah reflect the network of clerical-led Shiite groups throughout the Middle East, which have been gaining strength due to the rise of both Iran and the Shiite community in Iraq.
Al-Maliki's opposition to Israel's attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon is a sign of the network's influence in a changing Middle East.

Wild Thing's comment.......
I think the US forces would welcome a showdown with al-Sadr since every time they take on a group of his terrorists, they crush them.
Sadr runs an insurgency out of a Mosque. It's time to obliterate this citadel with a MOAB. Why waste American deaths on this animal by assaulting with foot soldiers in the false belief that we don't want to offend Shia Muslims. We should offend them with unbelievable force.

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Cheney Re-Enlists Wounded Soldier At Rally For Troops

Vice President Dick Cheney swears Cpl. Jerrod Fields as he re-enlists in the Army Friday, July 21, 2006, at Fort Stewart, Ga., as his wife, Kirra Fields, watches. Fields was wounded by an improvised explosive device in 2005 while he was serving in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division. (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)

FORT STEWART, Ga. - During a rally for more than 8,000 Georgia troops, Vice President Dick Cheney administered the re-enlistment oath Friday to a 24-year-old Army gunner determined to remain in the ranks after losing his left leg last year to a bomb blast in Iraq.

Flanked by risers crowded with his fellow 3rd Infantry Division troops, Cpl. Jerrod Fields of Chicago raised his right hand before Cheney and pledged to serve another four years. The Army approved Fields to remain in his cavalry unit after he passed his physical fitness test with flying colors, including running 2 miles in 14 minutes, 9 seconds with a prosthetic leg.

"I wasn't going to let the bad guys, the enemy, affect a decision I'd already made," said Fields, who was wounded by a roadside bomb while driving a Bradley armored vehicle near Rustamayah, Iraq, in February 2005.

Fields opted to have his leg amputated below the knee to improve his chances of returning to active duty. He said Cheney offered words of personal praise offstage.

"He just told me job well done," Fields said. "He was happy that I decided to stay in and said just to keep pushing."

Cheney traveled to Fort Stewart, about 40 miles southwest of Savannah, to thank Army troops of the 3rd Infantry and the 48th Infantry Brigade of the Georgia National Guard for their service in Iraq.

The 19,000 soldiers of the 3rd Infantry finished their second combat tour in December. The 48th Brigade returned in May after deploying more than 4,500 citizen-soldiers to Iraq for a year. It was the largest deployment of Georgia guardsmen since World War II.

Cheney promised the troops the U.S. will keep fighting in Iraq until it can declare victory, and urged Americans not to become complacent nearly five years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

`We have only two options in Iraq: victory or defeat. And I want you to know, as members of the United States military, the American people do not support a policy of retreat of defeatism," Cheney said. "We want to complete the mission, get it done right and return with honor."

The soldiers cheered raucously for Cheney after waiting two hours on the Fort Stewart parade grounds, where the July sun pushed temperatures past 90 degrees. Troops dabbed sweat from brows topped with black berets. And Cheney quickly shed his dark suit coat after taking the outdoor stage.

Fields, who has returned to the field training with his unit, said he was "amazed" to be re-enlisted by the vice president.

But the 3rd Infantry's commander, Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, said the young soldier had earned it.

"He's gone through eight legs because he's so difficult and demanding on that artificial leg," Lynch said. "I've got to tell you, I'm inspired by him as an individual and I'm inspired by him as a soldier."

Wild Thing's comment........

Thank you, Cpl. Fields! Prayers for all our troops and keep them all safe.

All the men in my family have served our country. They have represented every branch of the service. One of my Uncles was injured in the Battle of the Bulge and had to have one of his legs amputated. Some of our soldiers have reactions to this in that there is an irritation over the years from the prosthesis they use, my Uncle Ed was one of them. Medicine has changed a lot since back then and when I see a wonderful story like this one about Cpl. Fields I am not only proud of him, and proud to be an American but also grateful to God that he is doing so great.

The courage that all of our soldiers have is something that fills my heart with such pride and gratitude. Letting them know what their service means to us, to America and even to the world. The troops today as in past wars are making history, they are living it every second of the day.

What a wonderful country we have, there is nothing like it on this earth and we owe it to our Veterans and our troops today.

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July 27, 2006

In Country ~ Thank You Troops

Sgt. Antonio Montes and fellow Soldiers from the 506th Regimental Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, patrol the neighborhood of Adhamiya in east Baghdad. This photo appeared on

U.S. Marines prepare their small unit riverine watercrafts for a patrol on the Euphrates River near Hadithah, Iraq.

While most U.S. and Iraqi military forces operate in Iraq’s cities and towns, the dozens of U.S. Marines who make up the security unit at Hadithah Dam in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province spend their days patrolling the waterways to search for insurgent activity and keep Iraq’s waterways secure near Hadithah Dam. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Roe F. Seigle

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Taliban Goes For Cash

Financial Times (UK) / July 26, 2006

The Taliban has found a way to recruit fighters that is less about winning hearts and minds and more about the enduring appeal of cold hard cash.

They are paying fighters up to $12 (£6.50) a day to fight the fledgling Afghan National Army, which pays only $4 a day to its soldiers in the field, according to military officials.

"The Taliban are supported by Pakistan and they get money from the drugs trade, so they get more pay than our soldiers," said Colonel Myuddin Ghouri of the national army's 205 Corp.

While the ANA has the advantage of superior equipment and the same medical treatment as UK troops, its soldiers often have to risk their lives far from home.

"If you were a lad in the hills and you were offered $12 to stay local or you could take $4 and fight miles away from home, which would you do?" said Lieutenant Colonel David Hammond, an officer with 7 Para who is training Afghan officers in the southern province of Helmand as part of a mentoring scheme.

The pay difference is making it harder to recruit soldiers to the 38,000-strong ANA, which has faced a much better equipped and funded insurgency sinceJanuary.

Western officials have estimated that the Taliban's forces have risen from 2,000 last year to 6,000 this year. The Taliban claims to have 12,000 men.

Afghan defence ministry officials believe funds for the insurgency are flowing over the border from Pakistan and possibly from Arab countries.

The multi-ethnic Afghan National Army has been one of the success stories of the post-September 11 era and is hugely popular with most Afghans.

However, Afghan officials in Kabul say the pay of Afghan soldiers will remain a problem.

"Basic pay of $70 a month was a lot of money three years ago, but it's harder to recruit people to fight in a bitter insurgency now," said one Afghan official.

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UK Company Mr Modchips Takes The Terrorist Side

An Israeli customer had ordered some computer chips from a company in
the UK called MrModChips.........the following is the true story...................

Asaf Linden decided to order some computer chips for his games console from a company with a UK web site. He put in his credit card number, got a confirmation e-mail and waited. Little did he know that he was now marked as a war criminal.

After a few days he checked in with the site and found that his transaction was now "VOID". So he wrote a perfectly reasonable e-mail to ask why.

I've ordered a Qoobchip Pro and the order's status is currently VOID, why is that?

Imagine his surprise to get the following reply:

You are viewed as a fraud risk and it is company policy not to support people whos government kill innocent civilians and children. Thank You

Asaf didn't pull his punches with his reply:

1. I never killed anyone in my life. 2. I am a British passport holder (and would be happy to send you a photocopy of my passport). 3. If we are being political, I seem to remember a few children dying in Iraq and the United Kingdom fighting there. Right? 4. Israel was attacked first by Lebanon but I don't seem to recall when the UK was last attacked by Iraq or am I forgetting something?

Mixing your business with politics is not a good idea, I presume you made a mistake and regret that but if not, tell me about it and I will pass your comments to the British Department of Trade and Industry.

Ma'ariv have tried to contact the company, which is actually in Thailand but to no avail.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Here is their email addres if you would like to email the company.

* Seawitch ......thank you for the heads up on this

* Friends of Micronesia

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The Salute That Spoke Volumes

"The photo was taken at the Armed Forces Day Parade in Torrance, California on May 20, 2006. My Father Darron S., Vietnam Veteran, was sitting on the curb enjoying the parade. As the young solider came upon us I noticed him looking at my Father's Vietnam Veteran hat. He silently stopped in front of my Father and stood there deadlocked on his eyes and stiffened into a salute. My Father immediately jumped up and forwarded this young soldier the same. They both held the salute for what seemed like a solid minute. There were no words spoken when my Father broke the salute."

Thank you Tom for sending this to me.

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July 26, 2006

"Two Men Go In, One Man Comes Out"

Let's recall that the British mandate for partition in '48 sprang from the League of Nations in 1923. The area at that time was populated by indigenous Jews, who were purhasing land from Arabs across the region. Willingly sold, too.

"Palestine" then consisted of Gaza, the place now called Israel, The West Bank and Jordan. The Balfour Declaration contemplated all of it for Israel, but Trans Jordan was taken away.

In short, the Jews accepted, the Arabs didn't, and they went to war with Israel in '48, '56, '67 and '73, and continually in various ways since then. I haven't researched this, but it's claimed that Israel represents less than 1/500th of Arab territory, a matchbook on an area of 9,400 square feet.

I find it interesting that the Arab view of the necessary cosmic purity of Muslim land is moored to the most barbaric, backward, exploitative and vicious regimes on the planet. The Islamist view of The Law, and its realization in death and martyrdom, is the reverse of the progressive, search for the undisclosed in the Judaeo-Christian world.

In that way, we have found our perfect enemy, the perfect antithesis to The West, which even in its secularism, is convinced of the essential value and possibilities of life as the condition for revelation rather than death.

In my view, this war will be "two men go in, one man come out". We will tremble at the awfulness of it but we will not be defeated. In their gross ignorance and fury, they are pushing us into a corner. Israel will suffer a great deal, I'm afraid, but she'll live and her enemies will die.

Posted by Rhod at 11:55 AM | Comments (8)

In Country Troops Talk About IED Attack

Thank you to Pat Dollard for the video.

Posted by Wild Thing at 01:47 AM | Comments (4)

Hezbollah Says Israeli Response a Surprise

Hezbollah Says Israeli Response a Surprise

A senior Hezbollah official said Tuesday the guerrilla group did not expect Israel to react so strongly to its capture of two Israeli soldiers.

Mahmoud Komati, deputy chief of Hezbollah's political arm, also told The Associated Press in an interview that his group will not lay down arms.

The truth is _ let me say this clearly _ we didn't even expect (this) response.... that (Israel) would exploit this operation for this big war against us," said Komati.

He said Hezbollah had expected "the usual, limited response" from Israel to the July 12 cross-border raid, in which three Israelis were killed.

In the past, he said, Israeli responses to Hezbollah actions included sending commandos into Lebanon to seize Hezbollah officials or briefly targeting specific Hezbollah strongholds.

He said the Shiite group had anticipated there would be negotiations on exchanging the Israeli soldiers for three Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails, with Germany acting as a mediator as it did before.

Wild Thing's comment......

OH pleazzzzee! Israel has put up with sooooo much and for so long! The Hamas and Hezbollah are just used to Israel being patient, and showing restraint.

Thank God Israel is fighting back.

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In Country Our Troops In Iraq

A picture released by the US Army shows a US soldier patrolling the market center in the town of Bayji, north of Iraq. The US military plans to maintain US forces in Iraq at current levels even as it concentrates more troops in Baghdad to deal with rising violence, a Pentagon spokesman said. (AFP/US ARMY/HO/Staff Sgt. Russell Lee Klika)

And this........

Iraqi Forces Nab Eight Insurgents in Early-Morning Raids

WASHINGTON, July 25, 2006 – Iraqi security forces conducted early-morning raids in two areas today, netting eight insurgent fighters.

Iraq forces captured two targeted insurgents, one of whom was a local insurgent cell leader, in a raid in a rural area northeast of Fallujah. Coalition force advisers looked on as Iraqi forces raided a targeted house and captured both insurgents.

The cell leader allegedly coordinated and directed makeshift bomb attacks against coalition convoys, mortar attacks against coalition bases, and ran an insurgent training camp near Samarra. His accomplice, a member of his cell, is believed to have conducted bomb and mortar attacks against coalition forces in the Fallujah area.

Iraqi forces also seized one AK-47 assault rifle. No Iraqi or coalition forces were injured during the operation.

In a separate pre-dawn raid, Iraqi army forces captured six insurgents in Baghdad. The captured individuals are believed to have been involved in "death squad" activities, according to U.S. officials.

As coalition force advisers looked on, Iraqi forces raided four buildings and captured the cell leader and five other key members of an insurgent "punishment committee." Iraqi forces also seized two AK-47 assault rifles, one pistol, and one set of body armor.

No Iraqi or coalition forces were injured in the raids.

In other news from Iraq, soldiers from Multinational Division Baghdad's 4th Brigade Combat team, 101st Airborne Division, detained five terrorist suspects and seized their weapons at around 12:30 a.m. July 23 after receiving a tip from an Iraqi citizen of a possible weapons cache. Soldiers entered the house and detained the five terrorists, along with two rocket-propelled grenades, a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher and a 9 mm pistol.

In another incident, Iraqi soldiers from 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, and U.S. soldiers from 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Multinational Division Baghdad, were in patrol in Adhamiyah shortly before 1 a.m. July 23 when they were attacked by terrorists using small-arms fire. The soldiers returned fire and detained two terrorists.

As they were returning to base, they observed another individual running from a house carrying an AK-47 rifle. Soldiers stopped the man, confiscated his weapon and detained him. Upon searching the house from which the man fled and a vehicle nearby, soldiers found a mortar tube and a 60 mm round, three additional AK-47s, two bandoliers of ammunition, and six grenades.

Marines with 1st Platoon, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment discover underground room. An extension cord snakes through the air vents of a hidden spider hole south of Fallujah. The underground chamber held three Iraqi government hostages for a month before they were freed by Marines

Inside ithe room under the ground

Thank you Troops

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM

Thank You To Our Veterans and Troops

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

I just wanted to post this about Freedom. - Wild Thing

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July 25, 2006

Ungrateful Arabs Want to Sue U.S. Government

Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee attorney Nabih H. Ayad (L) and Executive Director Imad Hamad talk to the media outside the District Court after filing a lawsuit against U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for failing to protect U.S. citizens in Lebanon in Detroit, Michigan July 24, 2006. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (UNITED STATES)

Arab Group to Sue U.S. Government Over Lebanon Evacuation

DETROIT -- The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee says it will sue the U.S. Government, claiming that it failed to protect American citizens from the fighting in Lebanon.

The lawsuit, which was to be filed Monday on behalf of about 30 American citizens, alleges that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld did not take all possible steps to secure the safety and well being of U.S. citizens when fighting erupted between Israel and Hezbollah guerillas.

The committee is asking the U.S. District Court in Detroit to order the American government to request a cease fire and to stop shipments of weapons or any other military support to Israel during the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Lebanon.

"We just feel the U.S. government has put its citizens at risk by supplying missiles when many U.S. citizens are still there," said Nabih Ayad, lawyer for committee and the citizens who were all in Lebanon. Ayad said a few included in the lawsuit are still trying to leave the country.
"We’re not trying to interfere with the war, we just want to protect our U.S. citizens and try to bring them back," Ayad said.

U.S. Consul William Gill said most Americans who wanted to leave Lebanon had done so by Sunday and U.S. evacuation efforts were nearly complete. He also urged anyone considering leaving to make up their minds quickly as fighting between Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah guerrillas showed no sign of waning.

About 12,000 Americans have been evacuated from Lebanon, officials said. Some 25,000 U.S. citizens were believed to be in Lebanon at the start of hostilities.

Wild Thing's comment.......
As I understand it, the State Dept. has issued 4 warnings in the last two years to U.S. citizens living/working in Lebanon. At one point, American airlines would not even fly into Lebananon. This is just from memory I have no link on this, but I do seem to remember this happening.

How about an extensive backround checks on these thirty "American citizens" and see what we find.

What a pile of bunk! They make up some lame brain excuse to whine and sue our country, these so called Americans, so they can say they want a cease fire.

These a$$ clowns should be sent back to the Middle East where their petty blather is hailed as high discourse.

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ACLU Sides With Troops Haters and America Haters

ACLU Sues for Anti-Gay Group That Pickets at Troops' Burials

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas church group that protests at military funerals nationwide filed suit in federal court, saying a Missouri law banning such picketing infringes on religious freedom and free speech.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit Friday in the U.S. District Court in Jefferson City, Mo., on behalf of the fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church, which has outraged mourning communities by picketing service members' funerals with signs condemning homosexuality.

The church and the Rev. Fred Phelps say God is allowing troops, coal miners and others to be killed because the United States tolerates gay men and lesbians.

Missouri lawmakers were spurred to action after members of the church protested in St. Joseph, Mo., last August at the funeral of Army Spec. Edward L. Myers.

The law bans picketing and protests "in front of or about" any location where a funeral is held, from an hour before it begins until an hour after it ends. Offenders can face fines and jail time.

A number of other state laws and a federal law, signed in May by President Bush, bar such protests within a certain distance of a cemetery or funeral.

In the lawsuit, the ACLU says the Missouri law tries to limit protesters' free speech based on the content of their message. It is asking the court to declare the ban unconstitutional and to issue an injunction to keep it from being enforced, which would allow the group to resume picketing.

"I told the nation, as each state went after these laws, that if the day came that they got in our way, that we would sue them," said Phelps's daughter Shirley L. Phelps-Roper, a spokeswoman for the church in Topeka, Kan. "At this hour, the wrath of God is pouring out on this country."
Scott Holste, a spokesman for Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon, said, "We're not going to acquiesce to anything that they're asking for in this lawsuit."

The suit names Nixon, Gov. Matt Blunt (R) and others as defendants.

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July 24, 2006

Defend Hizballah Rally in Boston

David Rolde, Secretary and Administrative Committee member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

This last Friday, the Muslim American Society held a protest, the "Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest" at Boston's City Hall Plaza. Seva Brodsky was there with his camera, and the results are posted at Solomonia blog.

There are many photos and video of what took place.

Just an example of how vile these Hezbollah supporters are:

More people joined the melee, shouting and threatening me. Unfortunately, by this point my camera was off, so I did not capture what had transpired then. One man told me that the police would not help me, as they were going to hunt me down and kill me (he can be heard on the video repeatedly commanding me not to take pictures)

Please go HERE, and read what happened. Thank you....Wild Thing

Wild Thing's comment......
I love our freedom of speech, our Veterans served and fought to make it possible. Our troops today are fighting to make sure we stay the land of the free.
But I don't think that freedom of speech means to threaten our security, to defend and promote those planning on destroying this Nations citizens, our way of life and as the terrrorists have repeatedly said....."Islam will dominate the world".
When people that are enjoying the freedoms we have and then set out to take the side of the enemy it should be a cause for great concern. To our government and to all that live in America.

The Muslims have been given chance after chance yep chance after chance to show us they are outraged, and that they want to be loyal Americans. But they can't, it is impossible and it will never happen. IMO, Muslims belong only to Islam and it does not matter where the heck they live. The cult of Islam is their country and they will never really understand what America is about.

Time and time again we hear their whine of their dislike for profiling, how they are being picked on, how we as a country put them in the same category as the ones that attacked on 9-11. Wel DUH! They are! Prove us wrong then freakazoids! But you can't and won't!

* Something....and Half of Something

* Solomonia Blog

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IDF Uncover Weapons in Mervachin, Lebanon

Weapon Recovery
During an IDF forces' activity tonight in the village of Mervachin in southern Lebanon, the forces uncovered anti-tank missile launcher, a number of anti-tank missiles, a machine gun, a Kalashnikov gun, and a large number of bullets. The weapons were confiscated.
Photo: Aviv Divon, IDF Spokesperson

Weapon Recovery
IDF forces destroyed a vehicle in the village of Mervachin, in southern Lebanon, in which many anti-tank missiles were found. A missile stockpile was found in the basement of the village mosque.
Photo: Aviv Divon, IDF Spokepserson

Wild Thing's comment.......

These mosques are not some Holy place to followers of Isalm. How often have we read and learned that the terrorists USE the mosques to hide in, to store weapons there etc. They do it in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

I am proud of the IDF for what they are doing and the things they are finding. There will be less death because of it. And the same thing for our troops. Because of our military and the IDF, terrorists around the world will know we have had enough of their killing, hate and desire to "domintate the world" as they keep telling us.

We have mosques in the USA too, they should be shut down. They teach the hate of Islam and one day we are going to regret allowing them to have their mosques here on our land.

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Kerry..." If I were President".....

Kerry knocks Bush on handling of Mideast conflict

U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass., who was in town Sunday to help Gov. Jennifer Granholm campaign for her re-election bid, took time to take a jab at the Bush administration for its lack of leadership in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict.

"If I was president, this wouldn't have happened," said Kerry during a noon stop at Honest John's bar and grill in Detroit's Cass Corridor.
Bush has been so concentrated on the war in Iraq that other Middle East tension arose as a result, he said.
"The president has been so absent on diplomacy when it comes to issues affecting the Middle East," Kerry said. "We're going to have a lot of ground to make up (in 2008) because of it."

Kerry plans to seek the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008.

"Hezbollah guerillas should have been targeted with other terrorist organizations, such as al-Qaida and the Taliban, which operate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Kerry said. However, Bush, has focused military strength on Iraq."
"This is about American security and Bush has failed. He has made it so much worse because of his lack of reality in going into Iraq.…We have to destroy Hezbollah," he said.

Wild Thing's comment......

Hey Kerry exactly WOULD YOU have done to prevent this? Get the U.N. to actually uphold and enforce the resolution for Hezbollah to be disarmed?

Victor Hanson calls the UN peace keeping forces "uniformed bystanders " I love that guy.

When Israel gave up a whole lot of land to the rock throwers and homicide bombers and anytime Israel has given in the towelheads see it as a "win" and then try to take more.

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Neil Boortz 1 - Muslim 0

Wild Thing's comment........
This is soooo good! Thank you Jack for sending it to me. And thank you Delftsman for your post about this.

* Emigre with a Digital Cluebat - Delftsman
* Conservative Insurgent - Jack

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July 23, 2006

Al-Manar TV Websites and Their Friends the Hezbollah and Hamas

Hizballah has concentrated their web assets and related services with Alabanza, Inc., Baltimore, MD USA, and FastServers, Inc., Chicago, IL USA.

As it says here.....

al-Manar's website: down in India, up in the United States Keep in mind that not only is Hizballah a designated Terrorist entity in the USA, but al-Manar TV is also.

Laws, however, are useless if they are not enforced:

Status: active
Registrar: eNom Inc. Bellevue, WA USA
Datacenter: DataPipe, Hoboken, NJ USA
Webhost: Self, Beirut LB
DNS Provider: eNom Inc. Bellevue, WA USA

Domain replaces the currently offline and domains.

Identified and described by Hizballah as: Al-Manar TV - Site of a Satellite TV station specialized in religious and cultural programs as well as news and operations of the resistance

Domain Name Whois (summary):
Al-Manar Television
Abed Al-Nour Street, Haret Hreik

There are others: Name: Status: active Address: Registrar: .LB Domain Registry, Beirut, LB Datacenter: VSNL, Mumbai, IN Webhost:, Noida (U.P.) IN DNS Provider:, Noida (U.P.) IN

Official site of Hizballah satellite TV station Al Manar.

Name: Status: active Address: Registrar: .LB Domain Registry, Beirut, LB Datacenter: VSNL, Mumbai, IN Webhost:, Noida (U.P.) IN DNS Provider:, Noida (U.P.) IN

Status: active
Registrar: Network Solutions, Herndon, VA USA
Datacenter: FastServers, Inc., Chicago, IL USA.
Webhost: Self, LB
DNS Provider: Network Solutions, Herndon, VA USA

As of 21 July 2006, and in the context of war between Hizballah and Israel, this domain was elevated to the position of primary web site of Hizballah.

Domain Name Whois (summary):
Ghalib info
ATTN: GHALIBOUN.NET c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447 USA

Status: active
Registrar: Bulkregister, LLC. Baltimore, MD USA
Datacenter: Alabanza Corporation, 10 E. Baltimore St., 10th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 USA
Webhost: Alabanza Corporation, 10 E. Baltimore St., 10th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 USA
DNS Provider: Alabanza Corporation dba DEDICATEDNS.COM, 10 E. Baltimore St., 10th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 USA

Site currently forwards to

On or about 19 July 2006, this domain of Hizballah was elevated to the position of premier website for the organization in the context of war between Israel and Hizballah, and the consequent shutting down of the previous number one Hizballah site at the time,

Status: active
Registrar: Bulkregister, LLC. Baltimore, MD USA
Datacenter: FastServers, Inc., Chicago, IL USA.
Webhost: FastServers, Inc., Chicago, IL USA.DNS Provider: Alabanza Corporation dba DEDICATEDNS.COM, 10 E. Baltimore St., 10th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 US

Domain now forwards to

For a time this was the official site of Hizballah and Hizballah's Secretary General Nassrallah.

Name: Status: active Address: Registrar: Inc. New York, NY, USA Datacenter: Inc. New York, NY, USA Webhost: Inc. New York, NY, USA DNS Provider: Inc. New York, NY, USA

Note: currently loads content from

The Home Page Of The Representative Of The Imam Khamenii In Lebanon. In a 1998 speech by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of the Shi'ite 'Ashoura holiday. Nasrallah regretted that the holiday fell "on the 50th anniversary of the bitter and distressing historical catastrophe of the establishment of the state of the grandsons of apes and pigs - the Zionist Jews - on the land of Palestine and Jerusalem."
He closed his speech with these words: "... We reaffirm the slogan of the struggle against the Great Satan and call, like last year: 'Death to America. To the murderers of the prophets, the grandsons of apes and pigs,' we say: ... 'Death to Israel...'"

Wild Thing's comment.....

Every so often I post website's that the terrorists have. Many of them do not stay active very long, others do. There are tons of these sites, far too many to post at least in one post. THIS LINK will show you more of them and it is also where I got these above sites information.

Past posts:
Know Thy Enemy

Hamas Video Tells The World They Want To Drink The Blood of Jews..... from a Hamas website

NYC Muslim Group Warns U.S. 'Your Days are Numbered'......and they have a website

Which Way's The Wind Blowing, Abdul?" ..........Hamas website

Al-Qaeda Undercover Soldier Makes Threats..........

Al-Jazeera Network Plans American Station

Hamas Says Islam Will Conqur The West and The World

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Iran and NY Times ~ Sunday Notes and Cartoons

Once again the New York Times has provided evidence that they are supporters of the terrorist. If they say they are not they are liars. The Justice Dept needs to get busy and put these leakers and editors in prison.

Look at this........

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday.

The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others because of the appearance that the United States is actively aiding the Israeli bombing campaign in a way that could be compared to Iran’s efforts to arm and resupply Hezbollah.


Top Iranian cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Friday hailed Lebanon’s Hezbollah as “heroes”. “The Hezbollah forces have done a great job and have resisted well. They and their leader, our dear brother Hassan Nasrallah, are heroes,” the influential cleric and former president said in his Friday prayer sermon in Tehran.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:55 AM

~~Happy Birthday Sierrahome ~~

Sierrahome, I know this is a kind of sick looking cake. LMAO............ But it is the only one I could find that had a Martini with it. heh heh

Have a wonderful birthday and many, many more.

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July 22, 2006

Iran TV Urges Boycott of 'Zionist' Products

Iran TV urges boycott of 'Zionist' products

TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran has launched a major campaign urging consumers to stop buying "Zionist" products, ranging from Coca-Cola and Pepsi soft drinks, to Calvin Klein clothing and Nestle food products.

"Pepsi stands for 'Pay Each Penny to Save Israel", viewers in the Islamic republic have been warned in an oft-repeated three-minute infomercial on state television, prompted by Israel's ongoing assault against the Palestinian territories and Lebanon.

"Zionists are the biggest shareholders in the soft drinks industry, and each year they make billions of dollars for their colonialist aims," consumers with a thirst for fizz have been told.

Coca-Cola is also not left unscathed by the new twist to the cola wars.

"This firm openly supports Israel and has even said that it is ready to allocate great deal of money to topple the Islamic republic," state television said.

Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola have factories in Iran, although state television gave no indication over whether their operations would be affected.

A popular British high-street retailer, as well as a number of multinational firms, were also singled out for their links to the alleged international Jewish conspiracy to control the world.
"Marks and Spencer has very close relations with the Israeli regime and one its primary aims is to help the development of the Israeli economy," the infomercial claimed.
"Nestle is a Swiss food processing firm which in 2000 announced that it will invest millions of dollars in Israel to build a factory there," it added, while neglecting to mention that Nestle also has a factory in Iran.
The world's largest chip maker Intel was also branded as "one of Israel's biggest supporters".
"Its first overseas branch was set up in Haifa in 1974. In 2000 it employed more that 4,000 Israelis. Its top managers have said that they are going to invest 6.5 billion dollars in Israel," would-be Intel customers have been told.
"McDonalds, Timberland, Revlon, Garnier, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and L'Oreal are only some of the firms which belong to the Zionist regime," state television said, before taking a swipe at what it said were less vigilant Arab nations.
"Unfortunately most of the streets of Arab nations are filled with commercials which advertise Israeli products. For each purchase, the money is converted into bullets piercing the chests of the Lebanese and Palestinian kids," it fumed.

Iran's hardline Islamic leadership fiercely objects to the very existence of Israel, with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map" or moved elsewhere on the planet.

The head of Iran's parliament, Gholam Ali Hadad-Adel, on Tuesday also branded Israel a "filthy tumor in the body of the Islamic world".

Tehran has also been accused of providing financial and military support to its fellow Shiites in Lebanon's Hezbollah as well as the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

But the regime continues to insists that it only gives "moral" support, and has in recent days decorated Tehran's streets with huge posters of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

"The Islamic republic of Iran has never interfered in Syrian and Lebanese internal affairs. Our support is only moral," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi repeated to the ISNA news agency Wednesday.

State television meanwhile announced Iran's Red Crescent was sending its first consignment of humanitarian aid to Lebanon -- a 60-tonne consignment of rice, sugar, beans, date, tents and sleeping bags.

Wild Thing's comment.......

So while I sit here enjoying my Diet Coke, as I finish my yummy hamburger from McDonalds….I try hard not to spill any ketchup on my Calvin Klein jeans and Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt, being sure to re-apply my ever soooo smooth and silky L'Oreal lip gloss and Revlon lipstick when I am done. I will thank God that all these things were invented and that I don't live in Iran where I would have to wear a Burka over my Victoria Secret lingerie to really look devote, and Nick would be sitting around with a towell on his head holding the channel changer in one hand and an RPG in the other.

Whew! That was a mouth full heh heh

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Pakistani Protesters Using Foot Voodoo on Bush Doll

A Pakistani Muslim protester puts his foot on an effigy of U.S. president, Bush with the word 'dog' written on it before setting it on fire at a rally after Friday prayers, July 21, 2006, in Karachi, Pakistan to condemn ongoing Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine territories. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil)

Pakistani Shii'ite Muslim hold portraits of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, (L) and Hizbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah , (R) as they chant anti-Israel and US slogans during an anti-Israel protest rally in Islamabad July 21, 2006. Imamia Students Organisation, organised the rally to condemn Israel's air strikes on Lebenon and Gaza, as part of country-wide protests. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed (PAKISTAN)

Holding an RPG, a member of the radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army marches in a protest denouncing the Israeli attacks on Lebanon after prayers, Friday, July 21, 2006, in the Sadr City area of Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

Wild Thing's comment.......
You mean you hate us? You really, really hate us? I just have one question though, what the hell is that Shiite cleric doing with his tongue???? Is he trying to figure out how to stick his tongue out at us or is that his impression of looking mean and dangerous. Good grief!

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:07 AM | Comments (7)

~~ Happy Birthday BobF ~~

Have a wonderful birthday Bob and many, many more. Wild Thing

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July 21, 2006

CAIR Takes It's Usual Terrorist Hugging Low Road

Here are some lowlights from CAIR's article...........

Israel's Dangerous Pursuit of Total Security
By Alaa Bayoumi
Alaa Bayoumi is director of Arabic affairs for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

The Bush administration's one-sided support for Israel's governments has ended the peace process. We have supported Israel's unilateral withdrawal form the Gaza strip, its refusal to negotiate with any Palestinian partner, and its brutal siege on the Palestinian civilian population. Today, our core Arab allies, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are shying away from even talking about the peace process.

More dangerously, the current Israeli government under Ehud Olmert, a shadow of Sharon who is trying to build an image among his people and in the Middle East as a tough military leader, is pursuing a strategy of total security that could lead to an open multi-national war in the Middle East.

Israel, the only nuclear power in the Middle East and the owner of the most powerful conventional military in the region, has launched an all-out war on two peoples in response to the kidnapping of a handful of its own soldiers. Israel itself holds thousands of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese people, men women and children who have been in Israeli jails for many years.

If our government does not act to stop Israel's aggressive actions, America will lose the support of the great majority of the Arab peoples and governments.

What we need now is an immediate cease-fire and an international conference to which all major parties to the conflict and world powers should be invited. This conference should work on establishing a new security system for the Middle East.

Wild Thing's comment......
I don't know if I should laugh or be angry. Laugh I think HAHAHAHA
Poor CAIR they just can't stand for Israel to have total security. Well total anything is almost impossible but Israel certainly has the right to try to have security and so does the USA.

Our Veterans fought for our freedom and security, our troops today are doing that as well. But apparently God forbid Israel fights back for their freedom and security of their country. And to make all efforts at getting their soldiers back from the terrorists. For shame! (NOT)

CAIR once again shows the world who's side they are on, the side of the enemy of America, Israel and the world.

Every time CAIR has a chance to show the world there are so called moderate Muslims they prove those of us right that moderate Muslims simply do not exist.

And for you CAIR.....IF there was such a thing as a moderate Muslim, let's say the ones living in America. I need to hear how outraged they are at what has been happening to the Jews in Israel and their soldiers, how you are fed up with the attacks on Israel who has done everything they could do follow the peace agreements and the pulling back, leaving Gaza etc.

I am waiting........... or should I say.........Bueller?????...............................
Still waiting...................Bueller???.....................

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Iran Giving $100 Million to Hezbollah

Israel: Iran Giving $100 Million to Hezbollah

Israel's United Nations ambassador Dan Gillerman claims his government is in possession of documents that reveal Iran is funding the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah to the amount of $100 million yearly.

Gillerman made his accusations at U.N. headquarters where he was conferring with Security Council diplomats about the latest developments in the war-torn region.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who returned to New York City last night, briefed Council members on the latest developments of his Mideast negotiating team.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to have dinner with Annan Thursday evening in New York and meet members of the U.N. Mideast negotiating team Friday.

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Tehran Says Here Hezbollah Have Some Suicide Bombers

Iranian Suicide Bombers Join Hezollah in Lebanon
adnkronos International

Tehran, 20 July (AKI) - A spokesman for an Iranian militant group which claims to have 55,000 would-be suicide bombers among its members said on Thursday that 27 of its men have joined Hezbollah militias in Lebanon to fight against Israel. "The first two groups of esteshhadioun (volunteers of martyrdom) have already reached Lebanon," Mohammad Ali Samadi told Adnkronos International (AKI). Speaking on the phone from the organization's headquarters in Tehran, Samadi said the militants reached Lebanon through Syria.

The spokesman for the Headquarters for the Glory of Martyrs of the International Movement said its militants in Lebanon were:

"27 people selected from the 55,000 members who spoke fluent Arabic and have received adequate training to fight beside their Lebanese brothers against the Zionist enemy."

The spokesman however said the militants would not engage in combat but would "identify Zionist targets and then attack them with actions of martyrdom."

Wild Thing's comment.......
In a war zone, if some jackass is running at me hoping to explode a bullet proof vest, I'm going to shoot him in the head well before he gets there. Suicide bombers do not work as well in a war zone. And suicide bombers haven't been too effective against jets dropping bombs.

So this is the 'superiority' of the Muslims?? HAHAHA

This is Muslim technology?!? HAHAHA

This is the fierce warriors of Islam?? HAHAHA

Couldn't organize some sort of mass martyrdom for the 54,973 suicide bombers that don't get to go Paradise, that are staying back at home in Iran?

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July 20, 2006

Broncos Cheerleaders Rally Troops in Iraq

Kelsey Vernon, a Denver Broncos Cheerleader, leads the way into a packed auditorium of soldiers July 18 at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, near Tikrit, Iraq. Photo by Sgt. Waine D. Haley, USA

By Sgt. Waine D. Haley, USA
Special to American Forces Press Service

TIKRIT, Iraq, July 20, 2006 – The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders came halfway around the globe to show that the troops mean the world to them. The cheerleaders performed for hundreds of soldiers July 18 at Contingency Operating Base Speicher here.

"I think the fact that you have red, white and blue pumping through your veins is awesome," said Keela Harris, a Broncos cheerleader.

Another Broncos cheerleader, Kelsey Vernon, added that the troops deserve so much more, but the squad was glad to offer what they could.

The 12 ladies performed for two hours wearing different themed outfits and performing many energetic dance routines and skits for the appreciative troops.

"This is wonderful for them to come and perform for us. To let us know that people care, that's what it's all about," said Colorado native Army Sgt. William Rodgers, 501st Special Troops Battalion, 101st Airborne Division.

Vernon said this is the cheerleaders' fourth show of 10 scheduled as part of the group's Middle East tour. They have already performed twice in Kuwait and twice in Iraq. The tour in Iraq will continue throughout July.

(Army Sgt. Waine D. Haley is assigned to the 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.)

Wild Thing's comment.....
I LOVE my Broncos! And when I saw this news......well TWO favorite teams.....US Troops all Branches of the service and the Bronco's cheerleaders. Now how perfect is that!

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House Overwhelmingly Backs Israel In Vote

House Overwhelmingly Backs Israel In Vote

WASHINGTON - The House, displaying a foreign affairs solidarity lacking on issues like Iraq, voted overwhelmingly Thursday to support Israel in its confrontation with Hezbollah guerrillas.

The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.

House Republican leader John Boehner cited Israel's "unique relationship" with the United States as a reason for his colleagues to swiftly go on record supporting Israel in the latest flare-up of violence in the Mideast.

Little of the political divisiveness in Congress on other national security issues was evident as lawmakers embraced the Bush administration's position.

So strong was the momentum for the resolution that it was steamrolling efforts by a small group of House members who argued that Congress's pro-Israel stance goes too far.

The nonbinding resolution is similar to one the Senate passed Tuesday. It harshly condemns Israel's enemies and says Syria and Iran should be held accountable for providing Hezbollah with money and missile technology used to attack Israel.

"I certainly sympathize with the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government," Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), R-Ariz., told CBS' "The Early Show" on Thursday. But, he said, if Hezbollah is "going to launch attacks from the Lebanese territory, then tragically the Lebanese government and people pay a price for that."

"I'm just sick in the stomach, to put it mildly," said Rep. Nick J. Rahall, D-W.Va., who is of Lebanese descent.

Rahall joined other Arab-American lawmakers in drafting an alternative resolution that would have omitted language holding Lebanon responsible for Hezbollah's actions and called for restraint from all sides. Rahall said that proposal was "politely swept under the rug," a political reality he and others say reflects the influence Israel has in Congress.

An AIPAC spokeswoman said Congress's overwhelming support for Israel reflects the support of U.S. voters and not any pressure applied by lobbyists. "The American people overwhelming support Israel's war on terrorism and understand that we must stand by our closest ally in this time of crisis," said Jennifer Cannata.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Click here to see who voted YES and who voted NO and those voting "Present" which is just a very wimpy-whiny way of voting "NO" without actually committing to a "NO" vote:

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Truly Evil Annan Says Aggressor Israel Must Stop

The crooked filthy anti-Semite speaks again.

Kofi Annan is on TV this morning,:

Yes there he was blaming Israel for the war in Lebanon and demanding that aggressor Israel withdraw so that the brave UN troops can bring peace to Lebanon, a country that was at peace before Israel's dastardly invasion, which has hurt thousands of civilians. Israel's use of "excessive force" is to be condemned. The International Red Cross (which refuses to recognize the existance of Israel, by the way) must be allowed to come in and take control along side the brave Blue Helmets. And this too...... Hezbollah must be scolded for sending rockets into Israeli cities, but it should not be punished or disarmed.

Kofi Annan Emperor-of-Terrorists, Rapists, Slavers and Murderers:
I never cared when Islamic missiles murdered Israeli women and children. Who cares?
I never cared when Islamic terrorists murdered people in America, England, Spain, France or India. Who cares?
I never cared when UN personel raped little girls in Africa. Who cares?
I never cared when Islamic terrorists enslaved hundreds of thousands of children in Africa or anywhere else. Who cares?
I never cared about slavery, rape by my officers, or any form of corruption.
Why? Because without terrorism, slavery, rape and graft and my trophy wife, I am nothing.

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Jihad Pat Buchanan Is Going To Hell

Buchanan doesn't even try to hide his anti-semitism any longer.

Jihad Pat makes it sound like all the widdle ayrabs did was capture 2 Israeli soldiers. But, what about the withdrawal from Gaza and land for peace? What about the missiles from Lebanon and Gaza when it rained down on civilians? What about the eight soldiers ambushed and killed by Hezbollah coming across the border as a clear act of war? Pat is flying the crescent flag outside his window!!!!

Pat did not reproach Hezbollah for the kidnappings and murder of hundreds of Americans back in the 80s. True Christians as well as Jews, understand that Hezbully Islam is Iran Incorporated.

Hey Pat, the blood is on your hands of the 9th Century knuckledraggers,not the Israelis. But then, I doubt you're capable of understanding this.

Pat Al-Buchanan ought to defect to Iran so he can be a speech-writer for Ahmadinajad.

Pat you can burn in hell and I would light the match!

Where are the Christians?....Pat's latest HUG for the terrorists....article Here

Pat defends foreign aid to Hamas.....article

'Comrade Wolf' and the mullahs....article Here

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In Country With Our Troops

"It’s hot again this week. It had cooled down a little to the 107-109 range, but now it’s routinely getting into the 115-117 range. Yes, you can actually tell a difference. I would have thought that once it gets hot enough you stop being able to discern a difference in comfort, but I haven’t found that to be true, yet. Up to 110 is bearable without a lot of discomfort. After 115 walks outside are fairly uncomfortable. The couple times it’s reached 119 it was almost painful when the hot wind would blow against my skin. I can’t comment on any temps greater than that. Sunday it’s supposed to be 119 again."- soldier ion Baghdad

Flying in Nontraditional Role, F-16 Thwarts Terrorist Activity DOD

SOUTHWEST ASIA, July 19, 2006 – A U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter, providing nontraditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support to coalition ground forces, killed a member of an improvised explosive device cell and identified an IED emplacement yesterday near Baqubah, Iraq, U.S. Central Command Air Forces officials reported today.

The F-16 identified three possible IED emplacers and passed the information to ground forces. Ground unit personnel positively identified the terrorists and requested the F-16 engage the hostile forces. The F-16 strafed the terrorists, killing one and ending the engagement.

Coalition aircraft, operationally controlled by U.S. Central Command Air Forces from Southwest Asia bases, provide a constant air umbrella over Iraq, providing for the safety and security of the Iraqi people and coalition ground forces, officials said.

"Our message is clear to those who continue to harm innocent civilians and attack coalition forces: if terrorists continue their activities, we will identify, track and take appropriate action to stop them," said Air Force Brig. Gen. Anthony Haynes, Combined Air Operations Center director. "More than 30,000 deployed airmen are hard at work, in the air and on the ground, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, striving to improve the safety and quality of life for local citizens," he said.

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UN Loves the Hezbollah

Solana: No sufficient data to include Hizbullah in terror organizations' list

Yasser Arafat’s old pal Javier Solana, now working for the United Nations, says the UN is unable to determine whether Hizballah is a terrorist organization:
YNet News

The United Nations High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) Javier Solana said during a press conference with Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni that the UN has no sufficient data to determine whether the Hizbullah can be included in the list of terror organizations. He also added that the issue at hand is legal, not ethical. (Ronny Sofer)

Just a few samples of major Hezbollah Acts of Terrorism and Violence:
* Bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killing 19 U.S. servicemen (1996)
* Bombing of Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires killing 96 (1994)
* Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29 (1992)
* Abduction, torture and death of CIA Station Chief in Lebanon (1985)
* Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 killing one U.S. Navy diver (1985)
* Bombing outside U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut killing 24 (1984)
* Car bombing of U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut killing 241 U.S. servicemen (1983)
* Car bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut killing 63 people, including 17 Americans (1983)
* Car bombing of French military barracks in Beirut killing 58 French paratroopers (1983)

Hezbollah Television: Hezbollah maintains its own television station, al-Manar ("the beacon"), which broadcasts Hezbollah's messages of hate and violence worldwide. Hezbollah owns and operates the station, staffing it with members of Hezbollah and directing its programming and communications. Founded in 1991 and funded by Iran, Shi'ite communities abroad, and, reportedly, Muslim communities in Europe, the United States and Canada, the station is now a major satellite network transmitting in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hezbollah in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Hezbollah has developed a well-entrenched presence in the West Bank and Gaza. It is believed that Iran and Hezbollah officials in Lebanon began to recruit Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and Israeli Arabs following Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

Iran and Hezbollah are accomplishing these goals by sending money, weapons, weapons technology and expertise to the area and by providing Palestinian terrorists with access to Hezbollah terrorist training camps in Iran and southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah in South America
established presence in the lawless, corrupt, drug-ridden triple border region of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Hezbollah uses the area as a key locale for raising and laundering money, drug trafficking, weapons and people smuggling and document and currency fraud.

Fundraising for Hezbollah is done through legitimate businesses, charities and shake-downs. U.S. officials believe that at least $100 million is funneled through the tri-border region each year, with Hezbollah receiving a large share of the funds.

Hezbollah in Canada
According to Canadian intelligence, Hezbollah raises money, recruits terrorists, purchases military supplies, and forges travel documents in Canada. Money is raised through credit card scams and counterfeit rings. In two cases, alleged Hezbollah agents wanted for terrorist activities overseas were found hiding in Canada. Hezbollah theft rings have stolen luxury cars in Canada and sent them to Lebanon for use by senior Hezbollah officials.

The North Carolina Hezbollah terror cell was part of a larger Hezbollah network that raised funds and procured dual-use technologies for Hezbollah. The Canadian part of the network was allegedly run by Mohammed Hassan Dbouk and his brother-in-law Ali Adham Amhaz, who allegedly received money from Hezbollah officials in Lebanon and engaged in credit card and banking scams in Canada in order to finance the purchase in Canada and the U.S. of military items which were then smuggled into Lebanon.

Hezbollah in Europe
Hezbollah is known to maintain terror cells and a terror infrastructure throughout Europe. In particular, the organization uses Europe as an operational launching pad for Hezbollah operatives to enter Israel in order to conduct attacks, assist other operatives already there, or conduct surveillance and collect intelligence on Israeli targets. Operationally, traveling from Europe provides Hezbollah operatives with "cover" and a European logistical support cell provides operatives with information and resources for travel, including fraudulent travel documents.

Germany has been identified as Hezbollah's main fund raising center in Europe.

Hezbollah in the United States
Hezbollah maintains agents and sleeper cells in the U.S. ready to attempt terrorist attacks should this become an objective of the group. The organization is considered to have an operational capacity in the U.S. similar to that of AI Qaeda. Detroit has been cited as the main center of Hezbollah's fundraising activity in the U.S.

"Hezbollah demonstrated twice in Argentina that it has global reach and can turn so-called support cells into action cells to carry out its trademark catastrophic bombings," said Tom Diaz, co-author of the forthcoming Lightning Out of Lebanon: Hezbollah Terrorists on American Soil. "It is absolutely clear that Hezbollah has similar cells in the United States right now. It is fully capable of making those cells operational if and when Hezbollah's or Iran's leaders decide to flip the switch."

The U.S. designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997 and listed it as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) in 2001. Three members of Hezbollah - Imad Mughniyeh, Hasan Izz-al-Din, and Ali Atwa - are on the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorists" list for their role in the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847 during which a U.S. Navy diver was brutally murdered.

Yep that;s right, I just don't get it.
OH I get that the UN and this terrorist lover Javier Solana will stand by their terrorists.

But what I don’t get is……. with all the facts out there for anyone that wants to search for them, and all we know because we might have all our crayons in the box, unlike the Democrats/leftists that are missing almost everyone crayon, how does this Solana even have the nerve for such outrageous lies, blatant lies that others SHOULD laugh him right out of the room and into orbit. How did anyone in the room sit there with a straight face, how did a person here this trash piece of flesh Solana and not meet him out in the parking lot and a-hem set him straight like the boys with no necks and smashed noses might do. You know what about stepping hard on his toes while you tell him he is full of it and why doesn’t he go live with his sand flea infested Hezbollah????? (shaking my head)

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Newt Gingrich On Israel and The War

Now isn't the time for restraint

By Newt Gingrich
Imagine that this morning 50 missiles were launched from Cuba and exploded in Miami. In addition to buildings and homes being destroyed, scores of Americans were being killed. Now imagine our allies responded by saying publicly that we must not be too aggressive in protecting our citizens and that America must use the utmost restraint.
Our history shows us that we, as Americans, would reject such bad advice. After all, we have never reacted to a direct attack on our soil with any restraint. Every time America has been attacked by an enemy, we set about defeating it and ending the threat.

This was true of Pearl Harbor in World War II, after which we replaced the imperial Japanese government. The regimes of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy met the same demise. Without actually being attacked, President Kennedy risked nuclear war to eliminate the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba. After the 9/11 attacks, we replaced the Taliban in Afghanistan once it became known that they were providing refuge for the al-Qaeda terrorists responsible for the attack. This is our history as Americans. We believe that our government has a duty to protect us.

When compared with U.S. history lessons, the advice of the Group of Eight industrial nations to Israel is wrong. The communiqué says the No. 1 priority is a cease-fire that would effectively leave Hezbollah in possession of all its rockets. We'd never accept such advice for ourselves. The Israelis should not accept it for the same reasons: It would not end the threat.

Israel, a fellow democracy, has the same duty and right to protect its citizens from enemy attack. It is doing so while making every effort to avoid civilian casualties. The Israeli response is wholly justified based on a history where Israeli concessions to the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas terrorist alliance have consistently resulted in their enemies preparing for the next attack. The terrorists have been attacking with increased capability, brutality and violence aimed at civilians. This is only the latest cycle in an ongoing 58-year campaign to destroy Israel.

In 2000, the Israelis withdrew from southern Lebanon, creating an opportunity for peace. Instead of peace, for six years Iran, Syria and Hezbollah moved more than 10,000 missiles into the vacated area. More recently, the Israelis withdrew from Gaza to provide another circumstance for peace and an opportunity for a self-governing Palestinian people to work toward creating a place of prosperity, but instead Hamas created a place of terror. Now Israel is the target of more than 1,000 missiles from both Gaza and southern Lebanon in the past week alone.

Iranian involvement is not in question. There are at least 100 Iranian guards in southern Lebanon. Apparently, it was an Iranian missile fired with Iranian know-how that hit an Israeli warship. Because Hezbollah and Hamas are waging war against Israel as proxies for Syria and Iran, the United States should announce that we support Israel's effort to remove every one of the thousands of missiles in southern Lebanon, and that we will decisively stop any effort by Syria and Iran to intervene.

United Nations Resolution 1559, supported by the European Union, called for Hezbollah to be disarmed. If not now, when? If not by the Israelis, who? The G8 advice, if taken, would only guarantee the cycle of violence. The terrorist alliance must be destroyed or it will be rebuilt with more dangerous capabilities. The appeals for an Israeli cease-fire, if heeded, will enable Israel's enemies to re-lay the groundwork for yet another violent campaign for what has been a nearly six-decade episode with the sole objective of destroying Israel.

The key steps to ending the violence in Lebanon first requires recognizing that Hezbollah in its military form must be eliminated, that the 100-plus Iranian guard in southern Lebanon must be removed and that the allowing of the Syrian and Iranian dictatorships to supply, train and equip the terrorists must be stopped.

To do that, the United States should offer to help strengthen the Lebanese government so that it has the ability to re-establish itself in all of Lebanon and defeat the military wing of Hezbollah. We should encourage the Israelis to work with the Lebanese government to eliminate the thousands of missiles within its borders that threaten Israel. Finally, Iran and Syria must be forced to cease their support of Hezbollah and Hamas by the United States communicating to them such dire consequences that they could not sustain the relationships. And then we should be prepared, if necessary, to impose those consequences.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America.

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Stop The ACLU Blogburst

Crossposted from Stop The ACLU

ACLU Website:

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -- A United Nations human rights body expressed grave concerns today about the record of human rights in the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union with a delegation of 10 and working with a broad coalition of other groups is in Geneva to monitor the examination of the United States the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC).

In a two-day session that concluded today, the committee members pressured the United States for answers on the following issues:

The sentencing of children to life without parole and the disproportionate incarceration of minorities;
The militarization of the border;
The failure to prevent human rights violations and respond in a non discriminatory manner to Hurricane Katrina;
The failure to end racial profiling practices, specifically the profiling of South Asian convenience store employees in Georgia;
Warrantless spying on ordinary Americans;
The abuse of women in prison; and
The indefinite detention, rendition and torture of non-citizens.

"The U.S. should be ashamed of itself," said Ann Beeson, Director of the ACLU's Human Rights Program. "The review by the Human Rights Committee was a stark and all too accurate condemnation of the state of rights in America."

No, the ACLU should be ashamed of itself. The review by the Human Rights Committee which includes member states Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China ,and ensures that violaters are included, is a joke and nowhere near accurate.

Jim Hoft has covered this well.
Religious persecutors, Womens Rights violators, Communist Regimes, and illegal organ harvesters will make up the new UN Human Rights Council.

And this is the organization that the ACLU want to hold the U.S. accountable to? The ACLU, and the U.N. are the two most dangerous organizations in the world. They are both seeking to destroy America's credibility and soverignty. The U.N. are a corrupt joke when it comes to human rights, and they have absolutely zero credibility to make any judgement on America in that area.

The ACLU, who provided the list called "Dimming the Beacon of Freedom", to this corrupt organization that can't even clean up its own human rights violations are an embarrassement to this great nation. It is shameful that their list included our efforts to spy on the enemy, protect our borders, and several other accusations without evidence. I also wonder if their accusation to "abuse" of women in prison would be not providing them with abortions at the expense of taxpayers.

Besides the issues within our own judicial system and its decay, the ACLU is also turning to international sources to undermine our nation's sovereignty and national security.

For instance, the ACLU filed a formal complaint with the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention against the United States, stating that the United States violated international law when it detained 765 Arab Americans and Muslims for security reasons after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on our nation. Eventually, 478 were deported. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said, "With today's action, we are sending a strong message of solidarity to advocates in other countries who have decried the impact of U.S. policies on the human rights of their citizens. We are filing this complaint before the United Nations to ensure that U.S. policies and practices reflect not just domestic constitutional standards, but accepted international human rights principles regarding liberty and its deprivations." Source

Romero, of course, makes the United States sound like some rogue nation with no regard for human rights, not the beacon of liberty that so many have come to escaping from tyranny and the bonds of oppression.

All of this should concern you. You may think that it doesn't directly affect you in your everyday life, but it will eventually. The ACLU's embrace of international law seeks to hypocritically do the opposite of what the ACLU claim to protect, and the Constitution forbids; prohibit the free exercise of religion.

In spring 2003, a group from the United Nations Human Rights Commission, of which former ACLU officials Paul Hoffman and John Shattuck are a part, met and discussed a resolution to add "sexual orientation" to the UNHRC's discrimination list. Homosexual activists at the meeting called for a "showdown with religion," clearly intending to use international law to silence religious speech that does not affirm homosexual behavior. Source

The ACLU's actions are a direct threat to our very freedom of speech, religious exercise, security, and soverignity. In some countries, laws are being pushed, and in some cases, enacted that essentially criminalize forms of religious speech and activity that does not affirm homosexual behavior.

If we are going to turn the interpretation of our laws to international jurisprudence, and decisions of foreign courts, judges, and legislatures, the question begs...why did we fight a war of independence? If the ACLU are successful in their agenda for international law, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution will eventually become irrelevant documents. More and more of America's freedoms, and our very soverignty will be sacrificed for international law. Our freedoms will vanish. The ACLU's vision of freedom that includes the public sale of child pornography, the silencing of churchs and ministries, and unlimited abortion and euthanasia will replace them. To many Americans, these sound more like human rights violations than anything on the ACLU's list.

On October 27, 1787, Alexander Hamilton predicted that a "dangerous ambition" would one day tyrannize the gangling young American Republic, all the while lurking "behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people." It could almost be said that Hamilton had a prophecy of the ACLU.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 blogs already on-board.

* Stop the ACLU

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July 19, 2006

Fun Facts About Hezbollah

Know Thy Enemy: Hezbollah Written by Frank J


* Hezbollah is a political party in Lebanon. Their main platform: Kill the Jews.

* That may seem like a horrible platform, but at least they're for something... unlike the Democrats.

* Translated from Arabic, Hezbollah means either "Goat-Enthusiast" or "Goat-Lover" considering the scholar you ask.

* Either way, they have sex with goats. That's pretty much their whole day: plotting to kill Jews and hot, steamy goat sex.

* Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and the U.S., while the E.U. consider Hezbollah "delightfully eccentric".

* Come on; if you were going to list every organization that wants to kill Jews as terrorists, then that going to be a pretty big list and I know I ain't keeping it updated.

* Hezbollah, like many nations in the Middle East, doesn't recognize Israel due to, I guess, far-sightedness that infects many of the region. I mean, they recognize the U.S. and we're a couple continents away.

* Many suspect that Syria and Iran support Hezbollah in their terrorist attacks. Those Syrians and Iranians - they're almost as meddlesome as the Jews!

* Members of Hezbollah tend to be Islamic. Have you noticed that so many terrorists these days are Muslims? Terrorism really is one area that could use more religious diversity.

* Hezbollah is situated in southern Lebanon at the border with Israel. If they hate Jews so much, you'd think they wouldn't live so close.

* Hey, maybe their attacks on Israel are just Hezbollah's immature way of showing they have a crush.

* Not that Israel shouldn't slaughter the lot of them; I'm just suggesting another way of looking at all this.

* If you think you see a member of Hezbollah, contact your nearest shotgun.

* If you are surrounded by Hezbollians, just remember that they are more scared of Jew than Jew are of them.

* The diet of the Hezbollians consists of ham and bacon. If you need to feed someone from Hezbollah, give him lots of ham and bacon.

* No! Still more ham and bacon! Don’t listen to him when he says, “No more!” That’s just him trying to be polite.

* The main weakness of Hezbollah is a deadly allergy to air-to-land missiles.

* Hezbollah, much like the fresh-water carp, does not have a long history of genius and invention.

* In a fight between Aquaman and Hezbollah, Hezbollah would point their guns at Aquaman and Aquaman would just laugh and pull out his sword and cut the heads off some of them. Then he'd start gasping because the current Aquaman can't stay out of water very long. So he'd head back to the water, and you'd think he'd call sharks to attack Hezbollah, but I haven't seen that this Aquaman even knows how to talk to fish. So he'd just wait in the water for Hezbollah to follow so he could cut them with his sword... but he could be waiting a while.

* The U.S. Department of State accuses Hezbollah of killing up to 300 American citizens, but Hezbollah denies this. What they don't realize is it isn't the murder that makes us so angry, it's that they just won't admit to it when we know they did it.

* Wait, the murders do make me angry. Kill Hezbollah!

* The terrorist part of Hezbollah is estimated to be several thousand supporters and a few hundred terrorist operatives. That doesn't seem like a very large group to take on millions of angry Jews.

* Then again, I'm not a murderous Muslim, so how can I judge? Frankly, if I lived in the Middle East, I'd think I'd spend my time making an internet business to sell gullible Americans sand, but that's just me.

* IMAO - Frank J

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Armed Palestinian Women Paraded At Gaza Strip

Armed Palestinian women, members of the popular resistant committee, protest against Israeli
attacks in Gaza Strip and Lebanon, during a demonstration in Gaza city, July 18, 2006.
The protest on Tuesday was the first time the female TERRORISTS paraded at Gaza strip.

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Iran's Death Seeking Hezbollah Offers More Yadda Yadda

Agents seized at border, while Iranians ID targets to 'end Anglo-Saxon civilization'

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah

WASHINGTON – The Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization Hezbollah' threats to attack U.S. interests around the world are being taken seriously by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials who say the group's agents have attempted illegal entry into the country through the southern border and have staked out 20 potential sensitive targets that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted could "end Anglo-Saxon civilization".

We have 2,000 volunteers who have registered since last year," Hezbollah spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli told Reuters yesterday. "They have been trained and they can become fully armed. We are ready to dispatch them to every corner of the world to jeopardize Israel and America's interests. We are only waiting for the supreme leader's green light to take action. If America wants to ignite World War III … we welcome it."

The "supreme leader" is Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei.

Hezbollah and Iranian officials are known for their hyperbolic rhetoric, but U.S. officials say it would be a mistake to dismiss them categorically.

FBI Director Robert Mueller confirmed earlier this spring that Hezbollah agents were caught trying to enter the country illegally through the Mexican border.

Likewise, James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February that "Ahmadinejad who is close to Hezbollah, says that he knows of the 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and the West, which he has spied out and is ready to attack in order to, quote: 'End Anglo-Saxon civilization."

In May – long before the recent escalation of conflict with Israel – more than 100 "martyrdom-seeking volunteers" affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps gathered to warn the U.S. they would blow up American interests around the world if their country's nuclear installations came under attack.

Mohammad-Ali Samadi, spokesman for a government-orchestrated campaign to recruit suicide bombers, said more than 55,000 volunteers had been registered, according to Iran Focus.

The group – called the Headquarters to Commemorate the Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement – was established in 2004 to carry out suicide attacks against three targets: "The infidels occupying Iraq," Israel and author Salman Rushdie.

In February, it launched a new recruitment drive to fight "global blasphemy."

Iran estimated then that Israel would strike Tehran's nuclear facilities within a year and has been planning retaliatory attacks against Israeli, American and British interests, according to senior Lebanese political sources.

Wild Thing's comment........

"We are only waiting. "If America wants to ignite World War Three ... we welcome it," he said.

If WE want to ignite it?!! Oh, baby, it's already lit. Your wish is our command, oh foolish one. A whopping NAKBA to you oh Islam cult of death and destruction.

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Heinz Kerry-Funded Web Site Praises Hezbollah

A Web site partially funded by Teresa Heinz Kerry offers a report glorifying Hezbollah (Hizbullah) suicide bombers as "deified in paradise and venerated on earth for fighting Israel" - and praises the terrorist group's support network for women widowed by their husband's "martyrdom" attacks.

Women's still features the September 2003 report, written by Sarah Smiles, who's identified as a "WeNews correspondent."

Smiles interviewed a number of Lebanese women who were widowed after their husbands decided to join in the cause of killing Israelis and Americans.

At the end of her screed, the Web site notes:

"Women's eNews is supported by our readers; reprints and licensing fees; and the Fund for the City of New York, the Teresa and H. John Heinz III fund of the Heinz Family Foundations, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund, The Helena Rubinstein Foundation, the Sister Fund, the Starry Night Fund."

First noted yesterday by, the Heinz Kerry-funded report reads like a recruiting brochure for suicide bombers. Here are some highlights:

"Hizbullah has built up an impenetrable support network for the women. Through the Hizbullah martyrs' wives association some 2500 families in Lebanon receive a monthly salary, free health care and schooling for their children – to the tune of $1,200 each a month.

"'We do everything in our power to make them feel they are not missing anything,' says Mohsan Shaheen, a spokesperson for the association. 'Anything a martyr's wife wants, we will give it to her, basically, because her husband sacrificed himself. The only thing we can't provide for her is to bring him back.'
"On top of sending their children to the best schools and universities abroad if they choose, the association runs vocational training classes and seminars for the woman and offers a dating service to help them remarry if they wish. ..."

Comments from Hezbollah suicide widows:

"A staunch, pious woman veiled completely in black, Naji shows little regret about her ultimately fateful marriage.
"'When I married him, I knew he followed the party. I knew I had a martyr at home,' she says. Leaning closer, she confesses her ambitions for her sons, the youngest of whom was a nursling when Aboud died.
"'When my sons tell me: "I hope to become a martyr one day," I say: "I hope so too. I hope God chooses you as a martyr.'"
"'Although a mother doesn't need to tell the son of a martyr to do it,' she says, 'she may guide him towards it, but really, it's innate. He automatically has a feeling that he must follow his father.' ...

Pregnant when her husband Ahmed Fadlallah was killed in a Hizbullah operation in 1999, Zoorgoof has struggled to come to terms with the loss.

"'I tell my daughter: "your father is a hero." I take her to his grave. But this feeling of loneliness and despair ...' she says, her voice growing distant.
"Since Fadlallah's death, Zoorgoof has relied heavily on the Hizbullah martyrs' wives association, which is helping her buy a house and pays for her to go to university, where she is studying Arabic literature.
"'Hizbullah is like a family. It takes care of us, provides for us,' she says."

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July 18, 2006

Snow To Thomas: “Thank You For The Hezbollah View”

This is just soooo good! ROTFLMAO

Love ya Tony Snow!

This is an exchange between Helen Thomas and Tony Snow.

Please click HERE to watch the Video....thank you.

* Outside The Beltway

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Just For Fun

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Palestinian Terrorists Burn and Stomp on American and Israeli Flags

Palestinian terrorists burn Israeli and American flags during a demonstration outside the Palestinian parliament in Gaza City July 17, 2007.

Palestinian terrorists steps over an American flag during a demonstration outside the Palestinian parliament in Gaza City July 17

In Damascus, Syria, Syrians wave the flags of their Lebanese Hizb'allah Party

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Israeli Children Inscribing 155mm Artillery Shells

Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006.

Wild Thing's comment......

When your lives are threatened and your homeland marked for annihilation, you grow up fast. If the United States were attacked with rockets, like Israel is being attacked, our children would grow up quickly as well. Pray that never happens.

Unlike the Palestinians these children are sending the bombs off with words, not strapping them to their waists. Israeli children are the preferred targets of Islam wherever they can find them, schools, buses, kindergartens, discotechs, to inflict as much terror as humanly possible by killing the most innocent of victims.

It's time we recognized the nature of the conflict. It's total war and we are all involved. Nobody on our side is exempted because of age, gender, or handicap. Islam has stolen childhood from the world.

Prayers for the children of Israel and the world that Islam will be stopped. Yes I do mean Islam, we are at war with Islam, the terrorists are just those that deliever it. A death cult that needs to be wiped out.

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Supporters Of Israel Outside The UN ~ I Wish I Could Have Been There

Supporters show an Israeli flag at a rally to show U.S. solidarity with Israel in the conflict with Hizbollah near the headquarters of the United Nations in New York July 17, 2006. REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky (UNITED STATES)

A woman holds a picture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, currently held by Hizbollah, at a rally to show U.S. solidarity with Israel near the headquarters of the United Nations in New York July 17, 2006. REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

A man walks to a rally to show U.S. support for Israel near the headquarters of the United Nations in New York July 17, 2006. REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman speaks at a rally to show U.S. solidarity with Israel in the conflict with Hizbollah near the headquarters of the United Nations in New York July 17, 2006. REUTERS

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On June 9th [2004], the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council about the export of Iraqi WMD, missile and nuclear components shipped out of Iraq before, during and after the invasion. As reported by MENL news service, UNMOVIC acting executive chairman Demetrius Perricos told the Council:

"The removal of these materials from Iraq raises concerns with regard to proliferation risks," and said inspectors found Iraqi WMD and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags.

The World Tribune reported on Perricos's briefing.

"He said the Iraqi facilities were dismantled and sent both to Europe and around the Middle East at the rate of about 1,000 tons of metal a month... The Baghdad missile site contained a range of WMD and dual-use components, UN officials said. They included missile components, reactor vessel and fermenters ... required for the production of chemical and biological warheads. 'It raises the question of what happened to the dual-use equipment, where is it now and what is it being used for,' Perricos's spokesman, said. 'You can make all kinds of pharmaceutical and medicinal products with a fermenter. You can also use it to breed anthrax.'"


Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, head of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, said "vehicle traffic photographed by U.S. spy satellites indicated that material and documents related to the arms programs were shipped to Syria."


"Last month Moshe Yaalon, who was Israel's top general at the time, said Iraq transported WMD to Syria six weeks before Operation Iraqi Freedom began.

Last March, John A. Shaw, a former U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security, said Russian Spetsnaz units moved WMD to Syria and Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

"While in Iraq I received information from several sources naming the exact Russian units, what they took and where they took both WMD materials and conventional explosives," Mr. Shaw told NewsMax reporter Charles Smith.
Retired Marine Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong was deputy commander of Central Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In September 2004, he told WABC radio that "I do know for a fact that some of those weapons went into Syria, Lebanon and Iran."

In January 2004, David Kay, the first head of the Iraq Survey Group which conducted the search for Saddam's WMD, told a British newspaper there was evidence unspecified materials had been moved to Syria from Iraq shortly before the war.

"We know from some of the interrogations of former Iraqi officials that a lot of material went to Syria before the war, including some components of Saddam's WMD program," Mr. Kay told the Sunday Telegraph.

Also that month, Nizar Nayuf, a Syrian journalist who defected to an undisclosed European country, told a Dutch newspaper he knew of three sites where Iraq's WMD was being kept. They were the town of al Baida near the city of Hama in northern Syria; the Syrian air force base near the village of Tal Snan, and the city of Sjinsar on the border with Lebanon.

In an addendum to his final report last April, Charles Duelfer, who succeeded David Kay as head of the Iraq Survey Group, said he couldn't rule out a transfer of WMD from Iraq to Syria.

"There was evidence of a discussion of possible WMD collaboration initiated by a Syrian security officer, and ISG received information about movement of material out of Iraq, including the possibility that WMD was involved. In the judgment of the working group, these reports were sufficiently credible to merit further investigation," Mr. Duelfer said."


"The short answer to the question of where the WMD Saddam bought from the Russians went was that they went to Syria and Lebanon," former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John A. Shaw told an audience Saturday at a privately sponsored "Intelligence Summit" in Alexandria, Va. (


"We are not talking about a large stockpile of weapons," he said. "But we know from some of the interrogations of former Iraqi officials that a lot of material went to Syria before the war, including some components of Saddam's WMD programme. Precisely what went to Syria, and what has happened to it, is a major issue that needs to be resolved."


"Two days before the war, on March 17th, we saw through multiple intelligence channels - both human intelligence and technical (satellite,eavesdrop) intelligence - large caravans of people and things, including some of the top 55 Iraqis, going to Syria."

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Olmert: We'll fight on until attacks end, soldiers returned!

Olmert: We'll fight on until attacks end, soldiers returned By Haaretz Service Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reiterated his conditions for an end to the military operation in Lebanon on Monday evening, saying that only when those three demands are met will Israel consider a cease-fire.

In his first public address since the start of Israel's offensive in Lebanon last week, Olmert said a cease-fire would first require the return of the two soldiers whose abduction sparked the current conflict, an end to Hezbollah rocket attacks and the deployment of the Lebanese army along the shared border.

"Citizens of Israel, there are moments in the life of a nation, when it is compelled to look directly into the face of reality and say: no more," he said.
"And I say to everyone: no more. Israel will not be held hostage - not by terror gangs or by a terrorist authority or by any sovereign state,"
"There is nothing we want more than peace on all of our borders," Olmert told the Knesset. But he said, "Israel will not agree to live with rockets fired on its citizens, he added. "Only a nation that can protect its freedom deserves it," he stated.

And this as well........

PM Olmert: Enough! Israel Will Eliminate Hizbullah and Hamas

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressed the Knesset and the world Monday evening, saying “Enough!” and promising to fight until the threats of Hamas and Hizbullah are removed from the region.

Olmert began the speech by offering condolences to families of the soldiers and civilians killed in the last six days of war. “I want to offer a big hug to the families of the kidnapped and to the sons themselves.”

The prime minister went on to say that Israel has been threatened on its borders and though the Jewish State did not request these battles, it will not back down from fighting them.

“We stand at a national moment of truth. Will we agree to live under this evil threat or will we fight…There is no more just struggle than that we are now engaged in,” Olmert said.
“Our enemies were mistaken to think that our desire to show restraint was a sign of weakness,” Olmert boomed.

In a reiteration of his refusal to negotiate with Hizbullah or Hamas prior to the release of the kidnapped soldiers, Olmert said:

“It is of regional and international interest to control and dismantle the terror organizations and remove this threat from the Middle East. We intend to do so.”
Olmert explicitly pointed the finger at Iran and Syria, saying Hizbullah and Hamas “are nothing but emissaries, sent and supplied by enemies of peace in Tehran and Damascus.”

He also said that even if Lebanon had no involvement in last Wednesday’s attack on an IDF patrol along the northern border, which killed eight soldiers and resulted in the kidnapping of two others:

“it holds full responsibility for the attack launched from its sovereign territory and the same goes for the PA with regard to the Kerem Shalom attack.
“Opposite the Palestinians we will fight until terrorism ceases, Gilad Shalit is brought home and the Kassam rockets stop,” Olmert said. We will attack every terrorist staging area, destroy every terrorist base and liquidate members of the terror groups. Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of the threat of missiles and rockets on its citizens
“Our position in the north was backed up by the G8 yesterday,” he continued. “We demand a complete end to hostilities, the return of the two kidnapped soldiers and the compliance with the relevant UN resolutions…We withdrew to recognized borders according to the entire international community.”

Olmert recited the mishebeirach, the prayer for Divine protection for the IDF during his speech from the Knesset podium.

“I am more proud today than any other day in my life to be a citizen of the State of Israel,” Olmert concluded. “We will not surrender and we will not back down.”

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July 17, 2006

Bush: 'get Hezbollah to stop this s***'

I LOVE it! Thank you Bush!

President Bush was in no mood for diplomatic niceties at the G8 summit, judging by remarks made to Tony Blair as the leaders of the world's most powerful industrial democracies sat down to lunch today.

Unaware that a microphone at the summit was switched on, Mr Bush, chomping a piece of bread, used the opportunity to suggest a way out of the latest criss in the Middle East.

"See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s***," he said.

Mr Bush also hinted that Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, would take a bigger role, and appeared to express frustration about UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Click HERE to Watch the Video of Bush

Wild Thing's comment.......
They say what President Bush said is going to make a few waves. Well wave this you freaking terrorists. I want waves, waves of support for Israel, waves of standing tall and NO more PC bullcrap. Soooooo to you Hezbollah and Hamas and the rest of you terrorists...........WAVE THIS!

And I thank you President Bush for what you said!

* Michelle Malkin ( thank you for the link to the video of this)

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Al Jazeera Crew Members Assist The Hezbollah

Police detain Al Jazeera crew members for third time

Police detained Al Jazeera crew members three times in twenty-four hours, the last being on Monday. The official cause for the brief arrests was suspicions against the crewmembers of reporting on the location of rocket hits in order to assist Hezbollah.

Other TV networks, including Israeli news services, made similar reports without suffering from police intervention.

On Monday police detained Al Jazeera manager Walid al-Omri for reporting of rocket hits in the Upper Galilee village of Kfar Yasif. Al-Omri was also detained late on Sunday.

Also on Sunday police detained for questioning Al Jazeera correspondent Elias Karam and the team working with him in Acre. The team was released after an hour of questioning.

Wild Thing's comment.......
Don't you just know the NY Times greatly regrets that they were unable to publish that information first. Kick the Al-Jazeera crew members the hell out of Israel and heck out of America too.

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Iran and Hezbollah Openly Reveal Their Weakness

The Hizbullah fighters expect and "yearn" for a ground conflict with the Zionist ground forces.

Iran Warns Israel Of 'unimaginable losses' If Syria Hit

Iran warned its arch-enemy Israel of "unimaginable losses" if it attacks Syria and vowed that it was standing by the Syrian people.
"We hope the Zionist regime does not make the mistake of attacking Syria, because extending the front would definitely make the Zionist regime face unimaginable losses," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters.
Iran is standing by the Syrian people," he said of the Islamic republic's sole regional ally.
"We have offered and will offer Syria and Lebanon spiritual and humanitarian support," Asefi insisted, reiterating Iran's denial that it is providing military and financial assistance to the Hezbollah movement.

The Israeli army has said Hezbollah militants had used an Iranian-built radar-guided anti-ship missile in an attack on Friday on an Israeli warship off Lebanon's coast.

An Israeli military intelligence official has also alleged that around 100 members of Iran's powerful ideological army the elite Revolutionary Guards were in Lebanon, acting as military advisors to Hezbollah.

Iran is a major backer of Hezbollah, but regularly insists that it only gives "moral support" to the Shiite movement.

"We have no Guards there. It is not true that we have sent missiles. Hezbollah is capable enough. The Zionist regime is under pressure," Asefi said, repeating Iran's denial of any connection to the attack.

He also hit out at the United States after President George W. Bush said Israel had "every right to defend itself".

"The United States has had a destructive role by vetoing resolutions and hence encouraging the Israeli crimes," Asefi said, referring to Washington's use of its veto in the UN Security Council Thursday to block a resolution calling for a halt to an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.
"The United States should reconsider its policies and correct its wrong attitude of supporting the Zionist regime."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted that Israel was not powerful enough to take on Iran and also warned against an attack against Syria.

"Thanks be to God, despite its criminal and savage nature, the Zionist regime and its supporters in the West do not have the power to look in the same way towards Iran," the fiercely anti-Israeli president said.
"If Israel commits another act of idiocy and aggresses Syria, this will be the same as an aggression against the entire Islamic world and it will receive a stinging response," Ahmadinejad said in a telephone conversation with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad.

The hardline president, who has calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map" or moved as far away as Alaska, has also compared Israel's military strikes on Gaza and Lebanon to tactics used by Nazi Germany's leader Adolf Hitler.

"Their methods resemble Hitler's. When Hitler wanted to launch an attack, he came up with a pretext," Ahmadinejad said Saturday.
"Zionists say they are Hitler's victims, but they have the same nature as Hitler," said Ahmadinejad, who has previously described the Holocaust of six million Jews in wartime Europe as "a myth."
"We have two solutions for the crisis. One of them, which is a logical one, is that as you (Western nations) who imposed this regime by fabricating stories, you put an end to it and take it with you," he said.

And then there is this freak, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah:
Nasrallah: ‘We Yearn for Ground Conflict’

( Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah spoke on the terrorist organization’s television station, al-Manar on Sunday evening, his first appearance since the beginning of the Re-engagement War last week.

“The Israeli intelligence could not penetrate our organizations,” taunted Nasrallah in remarks aimed at the IDF and Israeli security services. “They say that we have only dozens of missiles, but if you believe this and plan your moves accordingly, you will fail.”
Nasrallah said he looked forward to ground operations, and told the Lebanese public that it was in a historic phase which “has many hopes for saving the entire Islamic nation.”
Addressing his remarks to the IDF leadership, he added, “The Hizbullah fighters expect and yearn for a ground conflict with the Zionist ground forces. In this conflict the Israelis will be defeated.”

Wild Thing's comment.......
Iran...STFU! You need to worry about GWB ripping your diaper off your nasty head!

The terrorist's and I include this twit President of Iran and Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah and all THEIR ground (suicide bombers etc.) are like betting on a replay of a game and then losing.

Iran has already promised to wipe Israel off the map. They have promised to nuke Israel, several times….. the threat has been made not only by Ahmadinejad but also by others, which means that it makes no difference if Israel goes into Syria. Iran is coming for them. (or so they say)

Bully pulpit, attention seeking, goat-loving sandflea, and yes loather of all things human (human being any NON Muslim) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just keeps making his threats.

And as for you smelly towel head Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah, the more grandiose the rhetoric, the more desperate the enemy.

“The Hizbullah fighters expect and yearn for a ground conflict with the Zionist ground forces. ".........................
isn't the word “Yearn” kind of Gay for a guy. And when the ground offensive does come, they will be the first to run to the UN whimpering about how weak they are.

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Guard The Borders Blogburst

Wild Thing's comment.......
This week's blogburst was written by Linda at Right as Usual blog.

A Clarification on my Position on Immigration

Written By Linda at Right as Usual
In talking to some readers, I realized that they were under the impression that I disliked immigrants.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

My maiden name sounded distinctly "ethnic" and unusual. As a result, most people assumed that I was one of the many displaced people that arrived in the Cleveland area after WWII, including the recently arrived.

I, not being the brightest bulb in the pack, just thought they were interested in fascinating me when they eagerly initiated conversations. I didn't realize at the time they were hoping to talk to a fellow "newbie".

Continue reading "Guard the Borders Blogburst"

This resulted in my acquiring friendships with people from:

* Estonia * Germany * Brazil * Lebanon * Syria * India * Taiwan * Japan * Hong Kong * Pakistan * Vietnam * England * Greece * Jordan * Romania * Hungary * Poland * Spain * Peru
* Korea * Austria * Liberia * Yugoslavia * Mexico ...just to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

With the exception of one person from Mexico, they all had something in common - they LEGALLY immigrated.

And that's the crux of my "problem" with immigration. I simply think it's unfair to keep allowing people to flow over the border without going through channels. Some want to think of themselves as compassionate people, who gladly accept the "poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free".

Yeah, right. By allowing those who ignore inconvenient laws to escape retribution, our country is denying law-abiding foreigners to claim their rightful spot in the queue. Folks, we can't accept everybody. The world holds over 6 billion people. At what point would you like us to stop taking everyone in?

When our economy breaks down under the strain of taking in under-educated, under-skilled workers? Many of them don't contribute to Social Security and taxes - they are paid under the table.

When our schools no longer have the ability to educate our children? It costs money to provide ESL services, folks.

When the illegals outnumber the natives? And vote against democracy? See last week's Blogburst articles for examples of THAT.

Any discussion of immigration has to begin with a recognition that we can't take in a flood of people without documentation, who started that journey by breaking the law, and who largely don't speak much English and have little education or skills. To do so jeopardizes the very structure of our society. We can bring in SOME, we can adjust to helping them assimilate, we just can't manage the process with this many at once.

Yeah, I know they just want to work. The question to ask is, would you give up YOUR job to help the immigrant? Would you take them into YOUR house? Would you work a second job to pay for educating their kids?

If not, then you haven't the right to expect the rest of the country to do what you won't do.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It is syndicated by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration in our country, join the Blogburst! Send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

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Joao Silva and NY Times Work Together To Kill Our Soldiers

Joao Silva for The New York Times A terrorist sniper loyal to Shiite terrorist Moqtada al Sadr fires towards U.S. positions in the cemetery in Najaf, Iraq while being admired by Joao Silva of the treasonous The New York Times. Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company

Joao Silva also with the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division on the outskirts of Hibhib, Iraq, June 10, 2006 prior to his sharing US intel to New York Times readers/terrorists working to murder Americans for Moqtada al Sadr and the New York Times while photographing them attempting to snipe Americans.

The picture featured by the Times is just one of many being shown here as a photo compilation titled "In the Company of God" by New York Times photographer, Joao Silva.

Wild Thing's comment.......
So Joao Silva and the New York Times working together to kill our American soldiers. How much more are we supposed to allow this to go on? When is something going to be done. Joao Silva's pictorial tribute to Iraqi terrorists killing American soldiers to pure treason and nothing less. And so is the New York Times.

How ANYONE can stand by and watch a terrorist aim at one of our soldiers just to get a good photo is unforgivable. I mean this I will cheer and make a special toast when Joao Silva dies.

* Blackfive
* The Real Ugly American

And a special thank you for a dear friend, John5 (VN69-70) for his email on this.

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A Mystery of Leaks, Lies, And The CIA

Wilson (CIA leaker and braggart):
I will sue anyone and everyone for not stopping ME from telling Novak, 'Who's who', the French Embassy, and anyone else who might have been remotely interested about my wife. They should have stopped me. And now I need the money for her Armani dresses.

Novak's original article and others mentioned that Joe Wilson's visit actually bolstered the Bush administration's claim that Iraq was trying to purchase uranium.

Privately, Wilson admitted that Iraq WAS trying to buy uranium. Publicly, he lied.

The Bipartisan Senate Report about this matter so discredited Wilson that Kerry dropped him from his presidential campaign staff.

That report stated that Wilson had to actually bolstered the Bush administration's case about Iraq trying to buy uranium. Privately, Wilson confirmed what Bush said.

But publicly, Wilson told another story altogether.

Clearly, Wilson is a liar and the entire reason for this made up outrage about Valerie was to take away attention to the fact that Wilson was caught lying about a very important reason why we went to war in Iraq.

Back up to links that Wilson lied about whether Iraq was trying to purchase uranium (they were).

This whole episode was cooked up as an attempt by an anti-Bush elements within the CIA to discredit Bush's case for war with Iraq. This anti-Bush cabal included Plame. She was the one that recommended her husband for the "mission" to Niger. The intent of the mission was for Wilson to come back and claim no evidence for the yellow cake story. He never had any intention of doing any real investigating at all.The whole trip was bogus from the beginning.

When Wilsons claims were quickly dismissed and the story failed to hold water the anti Bush cabal came up with a plan B as it were. They changed the focus from Wilson to his wife and went all out with the alleged "outing" of an undercover officer who we now know was never deep cover at all.

The lazy anti Bush Washington press corp ate it up with a spoon without ever doing any real digging. The enitre CIA needs to be cleaned out post haste.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM

July 15, 2006

Syria Says Supports Hizbollah Against Israel....But We Say.....

Map of of Israeli & Hezbllah air strikes

Syria Says Supports Hizbollah Against IsraelDAMASCUS (Reuters) -

Syria will support its allies Hizbollah and Lebanon against Israel's attacks on the country, the ruling Baath Party said on Friday. "The Syrian people are ready to extend full support to the Lebanese people and their heroic resistance to remain steadfast and confront the barbaric Israeli aggression and its crimes," a communiqu issued by the party's national command said.

Syria and Iran told to rein in Hizbollah

Syria and Iran came under growing pressure on Friday to restrain the Lebanese Hizbollah and Palestinian Hamas groups as Israel intensified its military offensive against Lebanon.

Israeli warplanes attacked the home and office of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader, and struck Beirut airport and the main highway linking the city and Damascus, tightening a blockade over the country.

But Hizbollah was defiant, striking a warship in Lebanese waters and raining rockets on northern Israel. “You wanted an open war and we are ready for open war,” Mr Nasrallah said on the organisation’s TV station.

The US warned Damascus and Tehran that they would be held accountable for their role in the crisis and insisted that Israel had the right to defend itself.

In New York, where the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session, John Bolton, the US ambassador to the UN, accused Syria of providing a safe haven to the militant wing of Hamas and giving material support to Hizbollah.

Wild Thing's comment........
Thank you John Bolton and thank you Bush for saying the right thing. Please now stick to your guns on this!
Israel Ambassador Dan Gillerman was awesome! I want our leaders on this to be awesome too!

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Syrian Ambassador Walks Out On TV Interview

Syrian Ambassador Imad Mustafa walks out of MSNBC studio to avoid joint TV appearance with Israeli counterpart Danny Ayalon. ‘We used to sit next to each other in the makeup room and chat. Now he runs away from me like from fire,’ Ayalon says.

WASHINGTON - Syrian Ambassador to the United States, Imad Mustafa, walked out of an MSNBC studio in Washington Friday after Israel Ambassador Danny Ayalon suggested the two appear together on a news broadcast. “The man ran away,” producers of the interview program informed, chuckling.

Mustafa may have been concerned that he would lose his position, considering an incident Wednesday when Lebanese Ambassador to Washington, Farid Abboud, was recalled to Lebanon after expressing support for Hizbullah during an interview with CNN, contrary to the Lebanese government’s official position.

Ayalon and his Syrian counterpart have been running from one TV studio to the next in recent days, waging “public relations battles.” The two have appeared in no less than 12 consecutive TV interviews over the past few days. With that, Mustafa has made sure not to sit next to the Israeli diplomat in the studios, nor even in the makeup rooms.

Ayalon said that “In the past, we used to sit next to each other in the makeup room and chat. Mustafa is a professor, a member of the scientific academy in Damascus, an educated and well mannered man, a personal friend and appointment of President Basher Assad. We used to shake hands and talk. This time he is surrounded by people from the Syrian embassy and runs away from me like from fire,” he said.

The Israeli ambassador, who appeared in a live interview on NBC, asked the interviewer why he and the Syrian ambassador were being filmed in two separate studios.

“Ask him if he will sit in the same studio as me,” Ayalon added. The interviewer passed the balled into Mustafa’s court on live TV, and he mumbled embarrassedly that innocent people were being killed in Lebanon.
During the commercial break, the interviewer asked Ayalon if he would appear in the same studio as his Syrian counterpart and he agreed. However, shortly afterwards, the show’s producers informed him that the Syrian ambassador, when he was asked to come into the common studio, responded, “No, no, no,” and hurriedly walked out of the studio.

The two ambassadors were scheduled to appear in their 13th interview on CNN Larry King Live.

Wild Thing's comment.......
LMAO Oh I love it, what a coward he is.

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Ramadi Mission at Turning Point, U.S. Commander Says

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2006 – Anti-insurgent efforts in the Iraqi city of Ramadi are beginning to bear fruit, a senior U.S. military officer said today. "We're in a transition point in the fight for Ramadi.

There's still a lot to do, but we're on the right track," Army Col. Sean B. MacFarland said from his headquarters in Ramadi during a satellite teleconference with Pentagon reporters.

MacFarland is the commander of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division. The 1st Brigade assists Iraqi soldiers and police in defeating insurgents within the unit's area of operations, he said. Ramadi is the capital of Anbar province and is located west of Baghdad. The 1st BCT contains members from all of the U.S. armed services, MacFarland said.

The 1st BCT was initially deployed to the Tal Afar area in western Ninevah province in January, MacFarland said. The unit moved and took up anti-insurgent operations in Anbar on June 11, he said.
MacFarland said his troops work in partnership with Iraqi soldiers and police in the area.
Ramadi was known as a hotbed of insurgent activity. But today, "we're beginning to take the city back from the insurgents," MacFarland said. "And, now, it's important for us to hold what we've got and to begin to build where we hold."
The efforts of Iraqi police and soldiers are the key to ultimately securing Ramadi, MacFarland said. "And, they're make good progress, and we're committed to helping them get to where they need to be."
Ramadi's residents are historically known for their recalcitrant views in regard to authority, MacFarland said. This situation likely accounts for some of the insurgent activity in the area.
"Al Qaeda used violence -- including murder -- to cow Ramadi citizens to stay at home and away from their jobs," MacFarland said.
"Iraqi soldiers and police are taking an increasing role in conducting security operations in Ramadi", the colonel said. "This is a development that's paramount to achieve victory against the insurgents, "he said. "Multiple control points established around the city also are helping to disrupt insurgent activities", MacFarland said.
"We are beginning to reintroduce the Iraqi security forces back into the city and establish the secure conditions for people to come back out of their homes and begin productive employment," he said. "The tide is beginning to shift."

Wild Thing's comment.....

I am so proud of our troops! God bless them all and keep them safe!

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July 14, 2006

Prayers and Support For the IDF and Israel Our Friend Forever!

Israel's longtime enemy, and its enemy today, is of the very same terror that was launched on us on Sept.11,2001.... but, if less confounding, more routine and more tolerated. It is the world's acceptance of the routineization of this killing of Jews that has so affronted Israel, its allies, and others like myself .It is time to show that Jewish blood is NOT cheap and those who shed it will pay a tremendous price ! ----- Wild Thing

IDF Mission
To defend the existence, territorial integrity
and sovereignty of the State of Israel.
To protect the inhabitants of Israel and to
combat all forms of terrorism which threaten daily life.

He who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, may He bless the soldiers of Israel who stand guard on our country and the cities of our God. From Lebanon until the deserts of Egypt, from the Mediterranean Sea until the Plains of Jordan - on dry land, in the air and sea. May God afflict the enemies that rise against them before them. The Holy One, Blessed is He, should protect and save our soldiers from any misfortune or calamity, and from any sickenss or disease. May he send blessing and success in all their handiwork, destroy their enemies below them, and crown them with the crown of redemption and the crown of victory. And the verse "For God walks among you, to wage war for you with your enemies, to save you" should be fulfilled, and let us say, Amen.

Tehillim - Chapter 121
A song for ascents. I shall raise my eyes to the mountains, from where will my help come?
My help is from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not allow your foot to falter; Your Guardian will not slumber.
Behold the Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is your Guardian; the Lord is your shadow; [He is] by your right hand.
By day, the sun will not smite you, nor will the moon at night.
The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will guard your soul.
The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from now and to eternity.

You are also invited to visit my Israel page at my website.

* Something....and Half of Something.....thank you Linda for the prayers for Israel and the IDF.

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Iran President: Attack on Syria Is an Attack on Islam

Iran President: Attack on Syria Is an Attack on Islam

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's president warned Israel against extending its offensive in Lebanon to neighboring Syria, saying such a move would be regarded as an attack on the whole Islamic world and be met with a "crushing response," the official Iranian news agency said Friday.

Israel has intensified its attacks on Lebanon to put pressure on the government and force Hezbollah to free the two Israeli soldiers it captured Wednesday. Syria and Iran are the top backers of the Shiite Hezbollah guerrilla group in Lebanon.

"If the occupying regime of Jerusalem attacks Syria, it will be equivalent to an attack on the whole Islamic world and the regime (Israel) will face a crushing response" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by IRNA.

Ahmadinejad made the comments in a telephone conversation with Syrian President Bashar Assad to assure him of his support, the agency said.

The Iranian leader called on Muslim countries to create a united front against Israel.

"The Islamic world, especially countries in this region, need more unity and integrity, particularly in the context of Lebanon and Palestine," Ahmadinejad said.

Separately, the spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, Hamid Reza Asefi, denied Israeli allegations that the captured Israeli soldiers were being transferred to Iran.

On Thursday, Israel said it had information that Hezbollah guerrillas were trying to transfer the soldiers to Iran, apparently to prevent Israeli troops from rescuing them.

"These sort of accusations are simply nonsense," Asefi said, according to IRNA.

Wild Thing's comment.......
"Attack on Syria Is an Attack on Islam" ........ Hey Ahmadinejad, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Well I say, Remove Islam at all costs!

* BIG DOG's blog... he has a great post about Israel.

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Israeli UN Ambassador's Letter to UN Kofi Annan

Israeli UN Ambassador's Letter to UN Secy.-Gen. Annan


It is with a great sense of urgency and grave concern that I write to you this letter of strong protest about the grave events occurring today on Israel's northern border with Lebanon. This morning, Hizbullah terrorists unleashed a barrage of heavy artillery and rockets into Israel, causing a number of deaths. In the midst of this horrific and unprovoked act, the terrorists infiltrated Israel and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, taking them into Lebanon.

Responsibility for this belligerent act of war lies with the government of Lebanon, from whose territory these acts have been launched into Israel. Responsibility also lies with the governments of Iran and Syria, who support and embrace those who carried out this attack.

These acts pose a grave threat not just to Israel's northern border, but also to the region and the entire world. The ineptitude and inaction of the government of Lebanon has led to a situation in which it has not exercised jurisdiction over its own territory for many years. The Security Council has addressed this situation time and time again in its debates and resolutions. Let me remind you also that Israel has repeatedly warned the international community about this dangerous and potentially volatile situation. In this vacuum festers the Axis of Terror: Hizbullah and the terrorist states of Iran and Syria, which have today opened another chapter in their war of terror.

Today's act is a clear Declaration of War, and is in blatant violation of the "Blue Line," United Nations Security Council resolutions 425, 1559, 1680, and all other relevant resolutions of the United Nations since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

Israel thus reserves the right to act in accordance with United Nations Charter Article 51, and exercise its right of self-defence when an armed attack is launched against a member of the United Nations. The State of Israel will take the appropriate actions to secure the release of the kidnapped soldiers and bring an end to the shelling that terrorizes our citizens. I would be grateful if you would arrange to have the text of this letter circulated as an official document of the sixtieth session of the General Assembly, under agenda items 108, "Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism," and 14, "The Situation in the Middle East." An identical letter has been submitted to H.E. Mr. Jean-Marc de La Sablière, President of the Security Council.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Yours truly, Ambassador Dan Gillerman Permanent Representative of Israel

Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations 800 Second Avenue New York, NY 10017 Ph: (212) 499-5510

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In Country With Our Troops

Sgt. James Bostick and fellow Soldiers from the 506th Regimental Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, demonstrate close-quarters battle tactics to Iraqi security forces in eastern Baghdad. (Photo by by Petty Officer 1st Class Bart A. Bauer

Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division fire training mortar rounds from Forward Operating Base Sharana, Afghanistan. (DVIDS Photo)

July 13, 2006
This is a joint statement by Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Gen. George Casey on the transfer of security responsibility in the Muthanna Province of Iraq.

BAGHDAD – Iraq witnessed a historic event today with the transfer of security responsibility in Muthanna Province from the Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I) to the Provincial Governor and civilian-controlled Iraqi Security Forces. The handover represents a milestone in the successful development of Iraq’s capability to govern and protect itself as a sovereign and democratic nation. Muthanna is the first of Iraq’s 18 provinces to be designated for such a transition.

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July 13, 2006

House Democrats Use Image Of Soldiers Coffins In Campaign Video...

Click.....HERE is the Video showing the Democrats using the image of soldiers coffins in Campaign Video

Wild Thing's comment.......

The entire Democratic party is full of morons, psychopaths, communists, and perverts.

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I'd Have Sent Them Elsewhere...But I'm No Diplomat.

Hey Ahmadinejad, ole pal, remember money talks........You are such a whore Kofi, you F#$%ing Infidel !

Frustrated world powers send Iran to U.N.
PARIS - Frustrated world powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran before the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the Iranians had given no sign they would bargain in earnest over their disputed nuclear program.

The move amounted to calling Iran's bluff. Diplomats said recent meetings with Iran's nuclear negotiator have gone nowhere and it was clear Tehran hoped to play for time or exploit potential divisions among the six powers that have offered new talks.

The United States and other nations wanted Iran to say by Wednesday whether it would meet terms to begin negotiations on a package of economic and energy incentives in exchange for at least a short-term end to Tehran's program to enrich uranium.

The Security Council's permanent members said Iranian leaders had had long enough to respond.

"The Iranians have given no indication at all that they are ready to engage seriously on the substance of our proposals," French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said on behalf of the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China, the five permanent Security Council members, plus Germany and European Union.

More of article HERE

Wild Thing's comment.......
Oh no! Not the UN! I'm sure Iran is quaking in their turbans. I can't imagine feeling the pressure of being sent before the UN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Koffi is already arranging the payouts to the usual culprits (Russia, China, France) so that Iran knows how much money to bring along.

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Lebanese Hail Hezbollah

MANY Lebanese celebrated with gunfire and candy after Hezbollah militiamen captured two Israeli soldiers and killed another seven in attacks yesterday, but the country was bracing for a harsh response from its southern neighbour.

After the initial euphoria, the streets of southern Lebanon were deserted as fearful residents rushed home. Fears also grew after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the abduction amounted to an act of war, and ordered strikes which left two Lebanese civilians dead, 23 wounded and a number of bridges destroyed in the south.

"We support Hezbollah which wants to secure the release of Lebanese prisoners held in Israel, but we are afraid that this operation will make us live in the dark by again bombing our power stations and infrastructure," said one resident.

As soon as news of the capture was announced on Hezbollah's Al-Manar television, celebratory gunfire filled the air in Beirut's southern suburbs where cheerful residents distributed sweets to motorists across the crowded streets of the Hezbollah stronghold.

Cars roamed the streets of Beirut and the suburbs, waving yellow Hezbollah flags and announcing on loud speakers the "heroic" capture of the soldiers.

"Long live Hezbollah, death to Israel," chanted youths.

Palestinians from Beirut's refugee camp of Burj Barajneh also drove on nearby main roads, honking and cheering in sign of celebration.

"The Israelis do not want to exchange the soldier kidnapped (by Palestinian militants) in Gaza against Palestinian prisoners. Now, Hezbollah has helped the negotiating position of our mujahedeen (fighters)," Palestinian student Hussam Jibril said.

Youths also distributed candies at the entrances of the main southern coastal cities of Sidon and Tyre while celebratory gunfire was also heard in towns in the Bekaa valley where Hezbollah maintains strongholds.

Some mosques in Tyre also announced the capture of the soldiers on loud speakers.

Story continued HERE

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Stop The ACLU Blogburst

One of the purposes of the Constitution is to ensure domestic tranquility. Due process, the Fifth Amendment right, is a procedural right, one that defines the methods that can properly be used to ensure domestic tranquility. Without both, there can be no liberty. Domestic tranquility can easily be achieved without respect for due process, as dictatorships throughout history have shown. It is also quite possible to have a society where due process is respected-even considered sacrosanct-and still lack for domestic tranquility. The latter predicament more closely resembles the situation in the United States today.Source

The ACLU's skewed views toward crime can also be seen in its approach toward crime victims. The ACLU has shown very little interest in the rights of crime victims. When it comes down to it, the rights of criminals seem to always override the rights of the victims. For example, the ACLU opposes the use of a crime victim impact statement in capital sentencing because it "unconstitutionally requires consideration of factors which have no bearing on the defendant's responsibility or guilt." Of course the courts have ruled otherwise.

The ACLU's approach to crime, its prevention, and punishment clearly are not in the mainstream opinion of most Americans. The organization has consistently been an adversary of law enforcement. The Union's perspective is almost entirely focused on the criminal which makes many people conclude that rather being a defender of civil liberties, the ACLU is actually the champion of criminal liberties.

The ACLU's pandering to criminals, lack of interest in true victims, and opposition to law enforcement are not solutions to society's burden with crime. I advise everyone to use common sense, and not to follow the extreme positions of the ACLU when it comes to preventing and punishing crime.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 blogs already on-board.

I encouorage you to go to Stop the ACLU for the complete article for todays blogburst. Thank you.

* Stop the ACLU

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July 12, 2006

Israel Declares Attack by Lebanon An Act of War

In the Zahrani region, on the Mediterranean coast, southern Lebanon.

Seventeen days after IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in Gaza, a second front was opened on Israel's northern border Wednesday morning as Hizbullah, under cover of a barrage of Katyusha rockets and mortar shells, kidnapped two more army troops.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared the attack as an "act of war" and not terror. During a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Wednesday afternoon, he called it an unprovoked assault by a sovereign nation and held Lebanon, where Hizbullah has a minister in the government, fully responsible.

"Israel's response will be restrained but very, very, very painful," Olmert added.

The Defense Ministry confirmed early Wednesday afternoon that two IDF soldiers had been kidnapped by Hizbullah. IDF ground troops had been sent into Lebanon to search for the two. IAF jets, helicopters and UAVs were also flying above Lebanon searching for the soldiers. Several jets were flying patterns above Beirut, Channel 10 reported. Simultaneously, Navy gunboats and artillery along the border were shelling Hizbullah targets in Lebanon.

The army has destroyed 17 targets as well as Hizbullah outposts and three bridges since the beginning of the operation.

Hizbullah's Al Manar TV broadcast earlier Wednesday that the organization had kidnapped the two soldiers. A senior Hizbullah official said that at least one of the allegedly kidnapped soldiers was still alive. A senior IDF officer landed Wednesday afternoon in the northern Druse village of Kfar Yanuh apparently to inform a family there that their son had been kidnapped.

Hizbullah launched a heavy barrage of Katyusha rockets and mortar shells at IDF positions and communities along the northern frontier on Wednesday morning starting about 9:15 a.m. One rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Shtula. Magen David Adom said they had treated six people so far. Both soldiers and civilians have been wounded. The wounded were being evacuated to Nahariya hospital.

IDF Northern Command officers were in touch with UN and Red Cross officials in Lebanon to try and conduct negotiations through those organizations with the Lebanese government in an effort to retrieve the captured soldiers diplomatically. According to IDF estimations, military campaigns in Lebanon had little chance of retrieving the soldiers.

Meanwhile, police all over the country have gone on high alert to prevent terror attacks.

According to Channel 10, Hizbullah has offered to exchange the two soldiers and Cpl. Gilad Shalit for thousands of security prisoners.

IDF sources estimated that the attack was a Hizbullah response to Israel's early Wednesday attempted strike on top Hamas terrorist Mohammad Deif in Gaza.

Residents of the Western Galilee entered their shelters, and in the community of Shlomi, residents were asked to enter fortified rooms early Wednesday.

The northern border has been on high alert since Operation Summer rains began.

By Jerusalem Post STAFF
According to the IDF's latest evaluation of the battle on the northern border, the kidnappers of the two IDF soldiers have most likely succeeded in moving them deeper into Lebanese territory, reducing the chances of rescuing them.

The IDF predicted it was headed toward a full-blown confrontation with Hizbullah.

Listen Live to Israeli Radio ( it is in English)

And this from Dutch Blog Israel

Israel can and should respond massively, attack all possible targets
linked to Hizbullah and to every Lebanese and Syrian element that
supports that organization. Civilian targets should be avoided, of
course, but if Lebanese ( or Syrian ) civilians get hurt that should
not stop Israel from achieving its objectives. This is a classic
example of a war of choice, chosen by Hizbullah, by its Iranian and
Syrian puppet masters and by its Lebanese landlords. Each of those will
have to be held accountable. Israel's government and the IDF have to
make sure that all our neigbors will know again that provoking Israel
just isn't worth it. I am sorry for the innocent Palestinians and
Lebanese who will pay for this with their lives and with their misery.
Also, I am sure that the UN and many other international bodies will
condemn Israel's actions, but if they are unable to do their job in
Southern Lebanon properly and unwilling to acknowledge that Israel has
the right and even more the duty to defend its citizens - civilians and
soldiers - then, well, $#$@%">$#$@% them.

US: Israel Must Do Whatever Necessary to Protect Itself
17:45 Jul 12, '06 / 16 Tammuz 5766

The Bush administration said Wednesday afternoon that “Israel must do whatever necessary to protect itself.”

And of course this communist hater of Jews Kof Annan.....
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called Wednesday for the immediate release of kidnapped Israeli soldiers and condemned Israel’s immediate retaliation. “I condemn without reservations the attack in southern Lebanon, and demand that Israeli troops be released immediately,”

Wild Things' comment.......

I hope Israel strikes Lebanon so hard and fast that the Lebanese won't know what hit them! Crush them to a pulp!
May God Bless the IDF and Israel!

Koffi can "KISS MY BUTT!" With his calls that Israeli attacks on Lebanon an act of terrorism.

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Allah Fubar In The News


Saudi textbooks preach intolerance, hate

Despite post-9/11 policy change, children still taught to wage jihad

WASHINGTON - In the classroom and across Saudi society, Saudi officials insist their message has changed dramatically. The land that produced 15 of the 9/11 hijackers now officially preaches religious tolerance and moderation.

In numerous statements, senior Saudi officials have specifically claimed that the kingdom has cleaned up all school textbooks.

"We eliminated what might be perceived as intolerance from old textbooks that were in our system," says Prince Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.

There has been progress. However, a new study found examples of intolerance, even hate, in multiple Saudi textbooks now used in grades 1-12.

Nina Shea's group — the Center for Religious Freedom — examined textbooks used during the past school year, and found the following teachings, which were verified by NBC News:

* Jews and Christians are "enemies" of Muslims.
* Every religion other than Islam is "false."
* "The hour [of Judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them."

"It's taught that Christians and Jews are the enemy of the Muslim," says Shea. "And that the Muslim must wage jihad in order to spread the faith in battle against the infidel."

What's more, an eighth grade text equates Jews with "apes" and Christian infidels with "swine." A tenth grade text

teaches that the life of a Muslim is worth twice that of a non-Muslim.

"This is the ideological foundation for building tomorrows' terrorists," says Shea.

And it's not just textbooks. In Canada, moderate Muslims like Tarek Fatah charge that militant literature provided by the Saudis is radicalizing some young Muslims, like the 17 men arrested there last month for planning bombings in Canada.


Following are excerpts from a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which aired on the Iranian News Channel (IRINN) on July 11, 2006.
Memri TV

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Today, it has been proven that the Zionists are not opposed only to Islam and the Muslims. They are opposed to humanity as a whole. They want to dominate the entire world. They would even sacrifice the Western regimes for their own sake. I have said in Tehran, and I say it again here - I say to the leaders of some Western countries: Stop supporting these corrupt people. Behold, the rage of the Muslim peoples is accumulating. The rage of the Muslim peoples may soon reach the point of explosion. If that day comes, they must know that the waves of this explosion will not be restricted to the boundaries of our region. They will definitely reach the corrupt forces that support this fake regime.

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar.


Special Dispatch Series-Jihad and Terrorism Studies, July 12, 2006
Exiled British Islamist Sheikh Omar bin Bakri in Beirut: We Will See the Banner of Islam ‘Flying Over Big Ben and the British Parliament’

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Venezuelan News Reports Then Retracts Death of Castro

El nacional (Venezualan Newspaper) Internacionales Agencia internacional desmintió información de supuesta muerte de Fidel Castro

La agencia internacional de noticias EFE desmintió haber divulgado información relacionada con la supuesta muerte del presidente de Cuba Fidel Castro.

En horas de la mañana una emisora de noticias venezolana dijo citando a la agencia que el mandatario había fallecido. Es por ello, que EFE informó que en ningún momento ha difundido ese hecho.

La agencia dijo haber presentado su reclamo a la emisora que reconoció publicamente su error.

google translate.......

International agency denied information of supposed death of Fidel Castro The international agency of the news EFE denied to have disclosed information related to the supposed death of the president of Cuba Fidel Castro. In hours in the morning a Venezuelan transmitter of the news said mentioning the agency that the agent chief executive had passed away. It is for that reason, that EFE informed that at no moment it has spread that fact. The agency said to have presented/displayed its reclamation to the transmitter that recognized publicly its error.

Wild Thing's comment.......

He's not dead???? Then he just smells really bad. Well maybe, just maybe they're pulling a "Weekend at Bernie's" with Castro. heh heh

Thank you razOr for the story on this.

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July 11, 2006

Satellite Photos Detect Activity at N Korea Missile Bases

Satellite photos detect activity at N Korea missile bases
Tuesday July 11,2006

Satellite photos detect activity at N Korea missile bases: report

TOKYO (AFP) - North Korea could be preparing for new launches of mid-range missiles following last week's tests, with activity detected at its bases, a report has said citing Japanese government sources.

US and Japanese satellite photos show that mid-range Rodong missiles had been set up on launch pads at a base in southeastern North Korea, but were later removed, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported.

Fuel tanks could be seen near the launch pads, the report said.

The report said the satellite photos were taken after last week's tests of seven missiles, but did not give a specific date.

"We think North Korea can launch missiles whenever it wishes," the top-selling daily quoted a government source as saying.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso on Sunday suggested Tokyo would have the right to launch a pre-emptive strike to protect its citizens from a missile launch by Pyongyang.

He said there were "visible signs" of activity at a North Korean missile base from which North Korea launched a Rodong missile last week.

Japan submitted a draft binding resolution in the United Nations Security Council that would impose sanctions on North Korea over the missile tests.

But on Monday, the Security Council put off a vote on the resolution to allow more time for Chinese diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis.

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Just For Fun How Is Cindy's Fast Going?

Troops Home Fast: Day 6 - Cindy Sheehan
By Cindy Sheehan

I find traveling out of the country very challenging being on a fast. When I was on a layover in Madrid on my way to Venice, Italy yesterday, the closest thing I could find to a smoothie to get a little protein was a coffee with vanilla ice cream in it. Traveling for 22 hours is very taxing under normal circumstances--but then again, when have we had normal circumstances since the 2000 and 2004 successful coup attempts that have brought BushCo into power?

I traveled from Venice to the frontier of Italy to the province of Udine which is right at the foot of the pre-Alps. I am here for a huge youth festival which includes many elements of social justice and peace work. It is beautiful and the air feels different from other places that I have travelled. It is strangely soft and gentle as is the natural light. However, there is not a Jamba Juice on every corner, so blended juice drinks with protein powder are impossible to find.

I have also received so many emails from worried, wonderful, and well-meaning friends and supporters in the US who are concerned about me and all of the others who are fasting. I don't like being on this fast, trust me, but 3 Marines were killed in Iraq today---3 unsuspecting families are about to head into a tailspin of senseless grief and we won't ever get an accurate count of the Iraqis who were killed today. It is going to be 112 degrees in Baghdad tomorrow. The occupiers and the occupied are suffering terribly.

It is important to keep our focus on saving the people of Iraq and our soldiers.

It is important to keep our focus on ending the war crime in Iraq.

The Troops Home Fast is a moral response to an immoral act. We can, and must be, morally strong so we can feast on the day that the last troop is brought home from the war crime in Iraq.

Then our focus can change to holding BushCo responsible for the war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace and focus on never allowing this to happen again.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Cindy you jerk that is not fasting. Soon to be a medical miracle by being the first person ever to actually gain weight while fasting. Next week it will be porterhouse frappacinos and mash potato milkshakes.

Listen to her whine of how she cannot get her proper protein drinks, good grief.

First, it was a hunger strike.
Then it was a fast.
Now it is a diet.
Tomorrow it will be a feast.

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July 10, 2006

Guard The Borders Blogburst

By Heidi at Euphoric Reality

This past weekend, the White House sent the Presidential advisor and Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to participate in the National Council of The Race (La Raza) - the largest Hispanic entitlement advocacy group in the nation. In order to fully understand the influence of La Raza, it's important first to understand their agenda, and this Human Events exclusive by Rep. Charlie Norwood (R, GA) is as good a place to start as any:

Behind the respectable front of the National Council of La Raza lies the real agenda of the La Raza movement, the agenda that led to those thousands of illegal immigrants in the streets of American cities, waving Mexican flags, brazenly defying our laws, and demanding concessions.

Key among the secondary organizations is the radical racist group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA), one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.

Rep. Norwood goes into further detail about La Raza, MEChA, and the Spiritual Plan for Aztlan, which we've covered in the Blogburst previously, but the most chilling section is excerpted below:

"For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada."

That closing two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all. It says: "For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing."

If these morally sickening MEChA quotes were coming from some fringe website, Americans could at least console themselves that it was just a small group of nuts behind it. Nearly every racial and ethnic group has some shady characters and positions in its past and some unbalanced individuals today claiming racial superiority and demanding separatism. But this is coming straight from the official MEChA sites at Georgetown University, the University of Texas, UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Colorado, University of Oregon, and many other colleges and universities around the country.

MEChA was in fact reported to be one of the main organizers of those street demonstrations we witnessed over the past [months]. That helps explain why those hordes of illegal immigrants weren't asking for amnesty -- they were demanding an end to U.S. law, period. Unlike past waves of immigrants who sought to become responsible members of American society, these protesters reject American society altogether, because they have been taught that America rightfully belongs to them.

MEChA and the La Raza movement teach that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as "Aztlan" -- a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America. As such, it belongs to the followers of MEChA. These are all areas America should surrender to "La Raza" once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority, as in Los Angeles. The current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished.

This plan is what is referred to as the "Reconquista" or re-conquest, of the Western U.S.

But it won't end with territorial occupation and secession. The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of "Aztlan."

As Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge's MEChA chapter has been quoted as saying: "The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled -- opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power."

Ethnic cleansing, espoused by one of the largest and most influential student groups supported by La Raza - the same La Raza that Bill Clinton and Karl Rove are dallying with. Lest you still think this is a "fringe" group, despite all the evidence to the contrary, you should know that they are implementing their plans, in the face of mainstream America's somnolent tolerance. For instance, Art Olivier is a Libertarian running for Governor in California, and recently reported the following:

"My campaign headquarters received a package in the mail today from an unknown sender, where the return address should be, was a sticker of the Mexican flag. Inside was a Mexican flag and three pages of propaganda. The first page said the whites will soon go back to Europe, the blacks must go back to Africa and scribbled on the bottom was 'and f*** Asians too. We will take our land back through RECONQUISTA!'

The next two pages are El Plan de Aztlan. It starts off 'be warned Gringos' and goes into how the La Raza de Bronze will drive out the exploiters and declares independence of their mestizo nation. Under their economy goals is 'Land and realty ownership will be acquired by the community for the people's welfare.'

This movement is without a doubt racist and communist. Is this the same La Raza that Bill Clinton & Karl Rove spoke at?"

-Art Olivier.

The Alamo Alliance was able to reproduce the exact documents for public viewing.

(Click on the thumbnails to view)

El_Plan_Cover.jpg Cover Page: Whites and blacks are invaders. Whites must return to Europe, and blacks to Africa. F*** the Asians. Take back the land through Reconquista!

El_Plan_1.jpgPage 1 of the Plan for Aztlan: Mission, organizational goals, declaration of independence for the mestizo nation, nationalism.

El_Plan_2.jpgPage 2 of the Plan for Aztlan: Communization of public assets. Six point call to action. Call to arms in self-defense against the "exploiter" and to drive out the non-Chicanos.

And those rallies that were so popular this spring? Well, you probably didn’t see or hear about this. View a racist card that was popularly circulated among the participants at all the Latino rallies and protest:

Aztlan card front.jpg

Aztlan card back.jpg

On September 16th, the day of Mexican independence, La Raza de Bronze, and all its affiliates, plans to stage yet more Chicano walk-outs of all schools and universities, and hope to sustain it to force a complete revision of the educational system. Considering that their much-touted "Day Without Latinos" was a total bust, it's unlikely that they can sustain such an activity for any length of time - though we can hope.

Wake up, Americans. This problem is not losing momentum, nor going away. In fact, it is rapidly gaining in credence and legitimacy, thanks to the White House's apparent endorsement of their activities.

Does this pesky Reconquista problem only affect the Southwestern United States? No, of course not. Consider that the two largest engines driving the entire American economy are California and Texas. Consider further that there is an open empathy between Reconquistas and Islamists. Visit the Voice of Aztlan to see for yourself how they rejoice in American deaths at the hands of terrorists worldwide, since it furthers their own cause of re-conquest. You can bet that La Raza's seditious activities will impact your wallet at the very least, and your entire way of life. Stay awake.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

* Euphoric Reality

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Tehran Bans Senior U.N. Inspector

Tehran bans senior U.N. inspector from Iran: diplomat

When Chris Charlier arrived in Iran in April of this year, he was received the same way as had always been the case in each of over 20 visits to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Wherever we went, whatever we did, they always followed us, monitoring us with video cameras and capturing every single one of our conversations. Never letting us out of their sight for a second, watching everything over our shoulder."

"How the devil were we supposed to rationally do our work" comments the 64-year old Belgian.

"I haven't been allowed to travel to Iran since April," he was quoted as saying. "Since April, I have had no more contact with the Iranian nuclear file."

For the first time a Viennese based inspector speaks openly and under his own name about the conditions under which UN inspectors try to bring to light the darkness surrounding the Iranian nuclear program.

The reason for his outspoken comments is because since April of this year he is for all practical purposes unemployed. Responsible for this is his Vienna based direct superior, Mohammad El-Baradei.

When Baradei went to Tehran in April for consultations, the chief negotiator of the Shiite theocracy, Ali Larijani gave him an ultimatum to fire Chris Charlier

Tehran denies pursuing atomic weapons but refuses to temporarily halt its enrichment program as demanded by Germany and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

Charlier was also quoted as saying he believed Iran was probably still hiding things from the IAEA.

"It is very probable that Tehran is doing things in the nuclear field that to this day we have no clue about," he said.

Wild Thing's comment.......
But of course, would we expect nothing less from a terrorist President of Iran.
After seeing the incompetent Blix letting Saddam get away with anything he wanted, Iran simply wants to play the same game as well. Continue to request a change until they get someone as stupid as Blix, or should I say as corrupt, and they'll be home free.

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Arabs Whine of Maids (slaves) Leaving

Translator and driver Mohamed Sakoor shares a rooftop room with three men. Seven men share a bathroom and kitchen in their sponsor's building.

Govt Doing Little to Protect Us From Abusive Maids, Employers Say
Arab News
JEDDAH, 8 July 2006

Cases of Asian maids running away and leaving their employers in desperate situations seem to be a growing phenomenon. We tend to hear many cases of maids being abused by their employers but at the same time there are multiple cases of families themselves being abused and treated inappropriately by their maids. Recently, having only been in the Kingdom for two days an Asian maid ran away from her sponsor’s home. In another case one maid demanded her employers send her back to her home country saying working, as a maid, was not befitting her and in a third case a maid left her sponsor’s house at a critical time when the lady of the house had given birth just a few days earlier.

According to Al-Watan newspaper, many Saudis complain that the Ministry of Labor is doing very little to protect their rights as more and more maids run away. Employers say that they end up losing considerable amounts of money when the housemaids flee and are never compensated. It seems that as soon as the workload increases and maids are asked to rub some extra elbow grease into their work then the women bail out and abort ship.

In his search for a suitable trustworthy, polite and hardworking maid, Rashed Abdul Rahman went abroad with his family. He thought he could find a maid and also have a short break away from home. While on holiday they met a potential housemaid who they employed for a month to see how she worked. Rashed and his family found the woman well behaved, hard working and displaying good manners but as soon as the family brought the woman to Riyadh she vanished into thin air.

Rashed was left heartbroken and upset. “She tricked us, she had it all planned,” he said.

A short time later the family received a call from the police saying that the maid had been caught in Jeddah working as a housemaid in an illegal network involving other runaway Asian housemaids. It turned out that the ringleader was a man for whom the maid had worked in a brief stint a while ago.

In a similar case, Muna Sulaiman, a working woman and mother of a three-year-old, complained of her housemaid who ran away a week after her brother’s maid disappeared leaving her in a desperate situation of having to juggle household chores with work and children.

One Saudi mother, called Um Abdullah, said one day she found her four-month-old daughter’s head swollen and noticed the baby was having problems breathing.

Um Abdullah and her husband became worried. They took the baby to hospital to be told by a doctor that the girl had been hit in the head. Um Abdullah’s husband was furious and rushed home to reprimand the maid only to find that she was missing.

Many maids enter the Kingdom legally and then run away to work in lucrative illegal networks to be paid up to SR1,200 a month.

Fawzieh Al-Bakr, a lecturer at King Saud University in Riyadh, said the phenomenon of housemaids running away is dangerous to the community, government and security resources. Fawzieh believes there is a sinister network behind the phenomenon of maids running away. She says that three years ago she herself was put in a difficult situation when her maid ran away.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and police deal with the responsibility of runaway maids at the Center for Maids Affairs. The center employs receptionists to follow up complaints and a number of female workers supervise detained maids and ensure the women are given food and shelter.

Most runaway maids are deported after all fines and payments that maids are responsible for are paid in full. However, many employers complain that they are never compensated for the financial losses they incur in bringing maids into the Kingdom.

According to the ministry most maids that the center deals with are women who have fled within their first three months in the Kingdom. Many of the maids complain that the living standards are poor in their sponsors’ home; some claim they have been mistreated and others say they are not paid regularly.

With maids running away and many Saudis having to face the brunt of financial losses it is perhaps time the government did something to maintain the rights of Saudi employers who are abused by their dishonest maids.

Wild Thing's comment.......

OH Dahling the horrors of it all, you mean you might have to pick up after yourselves, you damn Arabs! How dreadful! What must these poor abused Saudis put up with? I'm curious as to why they want indentured servants from Asia. Are there no Saudi women that will work as maids? Why go to the time and expense of importing them?

Unbelievable that a government would have an official Center for Maids Affairs. And they call us decadent and infidels.

Substitute "slave" for "maid" and the article makes more sense from the Saudi perspective. This Saudi crisis, of maids refusing to be used as slaves, is much more upsetting to their society and government than the fact that they are a breeding ground for murderous fanatics who are the scourge of the planet.

Although this is very funny with the whinning of the freaking Arab's. It is sad because we know how they are mistreated and abused and killed.

Nineteen-thousand runaway maids in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi Arabian official says that more than nineteen-thousand foreign maids ran away from their employers last year. Most of the maids are from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philipines.

An official in the Ministry of Labour Awad al-Radadi said the maids leave their employers for a variety of reasons, including non-payment of wages and maltreatment by family members. He said that the maids were housed in shelters run by the ministry until the disputes were resolved.

It's estimated that more than one-million foreigners are employed as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia

Migrant rights and women’s rights organizations in Jakarta were stunned and outraged when Saudi authorities secretly beheaded an Indonesian domestic worker, Warni Samiran Audi, in June 2000. ( Saeed Albayyat, “Indonesia to ban maids for Kingdom,” Saudi Gazette, February 23, 2003)

Many of Saudi Arabia's 6-million foreign workers labor under conditions that are sometimes compared to "modern-day slavery.''

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Aussies Take On Precher From Hell Phred Phelps

Flirting with a Westboro Church man

Wild Thing's comment.......
This is hilarious! I approve of anyone that goes after vile Phelps! Thanks guys, this is great!

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
* Vox Poplar

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Joking Muslim Cleric Mocks Victims of London Blasts

Joking Muslim cleric mocks victims of London blasts

Joking Muslim cleric mocks victims of London blasts A SPEECH by an extremist Muslim cleric praising the London bombers and mocking victims of suicide attacks has been broadcast on the internet to coincide with the anniversary of the July 7 attacks.

The audience laughs as Omar Brooks, a British Muslim convert who also uses the name Abu Izzadeen, makes fun of non-Muslims as “animals” and “cowards”.

Brooks — who has previously described the London bombers as “completely praiseworthy” — identifies with the views of Mohammad Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the London attacks.

He contrasts the supposed bravery of Khan’s suicide to the “kuffar” (non-Muslims) who are characterised as debauched binge-drinkers who vomit and urinate in the street.

The speech is peppered with jokes that bring laughter from his audience at the Small Heath youth and community centre in Birmingham, where it was filmed last Sunday.

At one point he announces dramatically that the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center “changed many people’s lives”. After a pause, he brings the house down by adding: “Especially those inside.”
His comments were condemned by Rachel North, a survivor of the King’s Cross bomb. “It’s clearly calculated to upset people and is pretty disgusting. I would imagine these statements are something that the police would be interested in because they might encourage other people to get involved in terrorism.”
She disclosed that she had received abuse from supporters of the terrorists. “I’ve had abusive e-mails from people saying that I am part of a government conspiracy, that it’s a shame I didn’t die in the bombings. It’s pretty low, but I have chosen not to publish these e-mails because I don’t want to give them publicity.”

Brooks, 31, a former electrician who was born into a Christian family of Jamaican origin in east London, is already under police investigation.

Police submitted a file on his activities to the Crown Prosecution Service last month after an undercover investigation by The Sunday Times last July tape-recorded him imploring Muslims to “instil terror into the hearts of the kuffar”.
On that occasion he told an audience of teenagers and young families that he did not want to go to Allah while sleeping in his bed “like an old woman”. Instead, he said: “I want to be blown into pieces with my hands in one place and my feet in another.”

He has continued to speak out publicly despite the government’s attempt to crack down on the “preachers of hate”.

His latest speech was at an event entitled “How can we prevent another 7/7?” and organised by a little known umbrella group called the Islamic Research Forum. It includes members of Al-Ghurabaa and the Saviour Sect, both formed from the break-up of Al-Muhajiroun, the Islamic organisation that described the September 11 terrorists as the “Magnificent 19”.

Last August Tony Blair announced that he would ban “the successor organisation of Al-Muhajiroun”, but this is one of a number of anti-terror proposals that have proved difficult to implement.

Omar Bakri, former leader of Al-Muhajiroun, fled Britain last year amid fears of a crackdown on radical preachers. He is said to have been replaced as the leader of the Saviour Sect by Brooks.

The video of last Sunday’s speech was posted on the Al-Ghurabaa website ahead of Friday’s memorial service for the 52 people who were killed by the four suicide bombers.

Brooks is dismissive of calls for reconciliation. “I know as Friday approaches there will be many epitaphs and speeches and sermons, and maybe the archbishop of somewhere or other is going to come out and say, you know, we’ll call for peace around the world blah, blah, blah.

“But if we took the time to read Mohammad Sidique Khan’s will the video confession broadcast after the attacks, we will see the answer for our problems.”
Khan, whose bomb killed six people on a Tube at Edgware Road, is held up as an example by Brooks because he didn’t fear death. “We’re talking about people who want to die the way you like to live,” he said.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Personally I think every one of these people that makes such statements should be quietly executed wherever they are. No leads, no clues, just dead. This type of speech kills - and it should go both ways. Then let the next brave "cleric" speak.

Interesting segment on Fox recently. They had a British journalist on, a woman. She said if the UK couldn't bring itself to call the enemy by its name, the UK would lose. She also said the enemy was Islam and Muslims, and that so called moderate Muslims who don't speak out against Jihad enable homicide bombers. Finally, a bit of common sense!

I agree our enemy IS Islam. As others as well, here at Theodore’s World have posted, we are at war with Islam and there are no moderate Muslims.

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July 09, 2006

In Country Video of Our Troops! I love These Guys!

Wild Thing's comment.......
Thank you Pat Dollard for your work taping these videos of our troops.

* Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

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Great Video of Our Troops Called ~ We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Wild Thing's comment.......

This is a fantastic video. It has one of my favorite songs in it.." We're Not Going to Take It Anymore" and at the end of the video another song I never heard before but it is a good one too. GREAT video! God bless our Troops!!!!

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July 08, 2006

Missing Child: Reachelle Marie Smith

Last night I received an email from a friend of mine. A friend of hers has a friend who's daughter has been missing.
The information is below.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give in finding her.

Please be looking out for this beautiful little three-year-old girl. She’s been missing since May under suspicious circumstances.


MINOT, N.D. - A man who police thought was with a missing 3-year-old girl was found dead in a van at a wildlife refuge Tuesday, but authorities said there was no sign of the girl.

Police Capt. Al Hanson said the body of Leigh Cowen, 22, was found inside the van on a gravel road at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge northwest of Minot early Tuesday afternoon. The body was sent to the state medical examiner in Bismarck to determine a cause of death, but Hanson said Cowen appeared to have killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hanson said authorities searched the area for 3-year-old Reachelle Smith, who was last seen the night of May 16.

"At this point, there's no indication that the girl was around that area," he said.

Authorities had thought Reachelle was with Cowen, a man who had been living with her aunt, the child's legal guardian. Hanson said authorities were looking for evidence at the site where Cowen's body was found to see if the girl had been with him.

Thank you for helping me get the word out and for posting about it at your blog.

* Merri Musings
* Alabama Improper
* Conservative Insurgent

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CAIR Cries In Their Falafel Over Their Hamas Being Picked On

Hamas Gunmen fire on the I.D.F. while hiding in a crowd of children

CAIR Says Targeting of Gaza Infrastructure a 'War Crime'

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today said Israel's targeting of the Palestinian civilian infrastructure is a "war crime" that should be condemned by the Bush administration.

Following a Palestinian attack on a military post, Israeli warplanes fired missiles at the Gaza Strip's only power station, cutting electricity to most of Gaza. Israel also targeted three Gaza Strip bridges. Palestinian officials say the cut in power will impact water supplies and health services.

In reaction to the Israeli strikes, a White House spokesman said: "In any actions the government of Israel may undertake, the United States urges that it ensures that innocent civilians are not harmed, and also that it avoid the unnecessary destruction of property and infrastructure."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a statement released today: "Mild rebukes for the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure in Gaza will not stop Israeli missiles. The Bush administration should condemn these war crimes and demand that Israel stop using American taxpayer- funded weapons to carry out attacks that will only serve to intensify the humanitarian crisis in Gaza."

Wild Thing's comment.......

What the WH spokesman should've said was, "To the IAF pilots who fired the weapons: nice shooting." The Israelis are actually exercising restraint in their target selection.

By the way, they (CAIR) still refuses to denounce bin Laden. At a time, in 1998, CAIR explained bombings of American embassies in Africa as a "misunderstanding of both sides."

CAIR calls Sudanese Islamic government's enslavement of black Christians as "intertribal hostage taking."

CAIR calls for replacing the American government with a caliphate, and warns that America will crumble unless it "accepts the Islamic agenda."

Shut up, CAIR. Americans don't need the opinions of a terrorist front group like you.

So much for CAIR and their goals:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth"
--Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), San Ramon Valley Herald, July 1998

Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

Hey CAIR, you've yet to apologise or condemn the attacks of 9/11, and you haven't even mentioned the latest kidnappings and murders of innocent Israelis by your friends in Gaza.

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July 07, 2006

New U.S. F-35 Fighter Dubbed "Lightning II"

New US Fighter Lightning 11

The stealthy F-35 Joint Strike Fighter being developed by the United States and eight other countries is to be named the "Lightning II," in homage to two earlier fighters.

The supersonic F-35 is being built by a team led by Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) at a cost of $276 billion. It is the costliest U.S. weapons program ever.

"The F-35 Lightning II will be the centerpiece of airpower in the 21st century for America and our allies," Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England said in a statement on Friday.

Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed is the prime contractor developing three variants of the single-engine plane.

U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley announced the name at Lockheed's Fort Worth, Texas plant, saying it represented the fruit of over a hundred years of flight and aerial combat.

The F-35's name echoes that of the sleek World War Two-era Lockheed P-38 Lightning, which scored the most aerial victories of any U.S. fighter in the Pacific. Designed as a high-altitude interceptor, the twin-propellor P-38 was also used for dive bombing, level bombing, ground strafing and photo reconnaissance.

English Electric, which later become BAE Systems (BA.L: Quote, Profile, Research), built a supersonic twin-engined jet in the mid-1950s that was also called Lightning. It could reach speeds of 1,500 miles per hour and remained in service until 1988.

"The F-35 Lightning II will carry on the legacy of two of the greatest and most capable fighter aircraft of all time," said Ralph Heath, president of Lockheed's aeronautics unit.

Britain's BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman Corp. (NOC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) are Lockheed's key subcontractors on the F-35 program.

Partner countries on the new fighter are Britain, which has committed $2 billion to the effort, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, Norway, Denmark and Canada.

The United States and its partners last month agreed in principle to a long-term plan for how many fighters they would buy, but they are still working out details of a technology-transfer plan crucial to completion of the deal.

The draft pact includes statements of intent by the non-U.S. countries to buy a total 710 planes. The United States plans to buy 2,443, the first of which is due to be delivered to the U.S. Air Force in 2009.

The F-35 is designed to replace a wide range of existing aircraft, including the AV-8B Harriers, A-10s, F-16s, F/A-18 Hornets and Britain's Harrier GR.7s. The first F-35 is due to have its inaugural flight later this year.

From my email from the US Dept. of Defense

The name also remembers the Lightning jet the British developed in the mid-1950s. The aircraft was the first British aircraft to pass Mach 2, and it remained in the inventory until the late 1980s. Britain has been part of the Joint Strike Fighter program since the beginning.

The Lightning II is designed to meet the needs of the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The F-35A version is designed for conventional takeoffs and landings, and will be used by the Air Force. It will replace the F-15, F-16 and A-10. The B variant has vertical lift capability, and will be used by the Marines as a replacement for the AV-8B Harrier. The C variant will be for carrier launches and will ultimately replace the Navy's F-18s.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England congratulated the team that built the stealth-technology fighter, and said the aircraft will serve far into the future. "The F-35 Lightning II will be the centerpiece of airpower in the 21st century for America and our allies," England said.

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Terrorists Plot Foiled NY Times Deeply Saddened

Plotters sought to bomb NY tunnel:

Jul 7, 2006 — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A plot to bomb New York's Holland Tunnel in an effort to flood the Wall Street financial district has been uncovered by the FBI, with a suspect arrested in Lebanon, New York's Daily News reported on Friday.

The newspaper, quoting unidentified counterterrorism sources, said the investigation involved what officials considered a "serious plot" to detonate enough explosives inside the landmark tunnel to destroy it and send devastating floodwaters through lower Manhattan.

The 79-year-old tunnel runs under the Hudson River between New Jersey and Manhattan and carried almost 34 million vehicles in 2005.

This is a photo released by Lebanese police of Lebanese suspect Assem Hammoud, seen in this picture taken in Beirut, Lebanon, a day after his arrest, April 28, 2006. The detained al-Qaida operative has confessed to plotting to attack New York City tunnels later this year and says he was acting on Osama bin Laden's orders, Lebanese officials say. The operative is a Lebanese man from Beirut whom police arrested on April 27 acting on information from the FBI, a senior security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The suspect uses the alias Amir Andalousli, but his real name is Assem Hammoud. (AP Photo / Lebanese Police , HO)

And there is this ....paper trail:

Plotters sought to bomb NY tunnel: paper
The Daily News quoted a counterterrorism source as saying officials were alarmed because the plotters allegedly got a pledge of financial and tactical support from Jordanian associates of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq before he was killed last month in a U.S. air strike."

The Daily News said authorities in Beirut, at the request of U.S. officials, arrested one of the suspected conspirators, identified as Amir Andalousli, in recent months and that agents were seeking other suspects around the world.

The newspaper said the FBI and New York police officials declined comment on the investigation, which it quoted a source as describing as "ongoing."

The Daily News quoted a counterterrorism source as saying officials were alarmed because the plotters allegedly got a pledge of financial and tactical support from Jordanian associates of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq before he was killed last month in a U.S. air strike. The paper said it was not clear if any cash or assistance was delivered.

Lebanon's government had been asked by the United States to hold off on announcing the arrest while operations to disrupt the plot were continuing, the Daily News quoted sources as saying.

It said New York officials, according to sources, believed the plan could conceivably work with enough explosives placed in the middle of the tunnel.

But it added that some experts did not consider the plan feasible because the tunnel was protected by concrete and cast-iron steel and that even if the tunnel cracked, the Wall Street district would not flood because it was above the level of the river.

FBI disrupts New York transportation plot
Associated Press Writer
33 minutes ago

For most of the year, we have been focusing on a group of al-Qaida followers who have targeted the Hudson River tubes," FBI Assistant Director Mark J. Mershon said Friday. "We believe we intercepted this group early in their plotting and, in fact, the plan has largely been disrupted."

Mershon confirmed that one suspect, Assem Hammoud, was in custody in Lebanon and facing criminal charges.

Lebanese authorities, working with U.S. law enforcement agencies, last month arrested Hammoud, a Beirut native and al-Qaida operative who admitted to plotting a terror attack in New York City, a senior Lebanese security official said Friday. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

New York's transportation system has emerged as a potential terrorist threat in several recent cases. A June book by journalist Ron Suskind highlighted a reported plot by al-Qaida terrorists to kill thousands of New Yorkers by spreading cyanide gas in the subway. In May, a man was convicted of plotting to blow up a subway station.

In the latest case, a federal official said FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms used by extremists learned of the plot in recent months and determined that tunnels were possibly being targeted after investigators pieced together code words from their conversations.

The official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said terrorists were looking at Lower Manhattan but there was no specific target mentioned. Federal officials indicated that there was a difference of opinion among investigators as to what the actual target was, the official said.

The case has apparently been under investigation for about a year, and authorities believe there were multiple conspirators.

"At this time we have no indication of any imminent threat to the New York transportation system, or anywhere else in the U.S.," Richard Kolko, Washington-based FBI special agent, said in a statement to Associated Press Radio.

One U.S. official called the plot "largely aspirational" and described the Internet conversations as mostly extremists discussing and conceptualizing the plot. The official said no money had been transferred, nor had other similar operational steps been taken.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, speaking Friday at U.S. Coast Guard Change of Command Ceremonies, said authorities focused efforts on "where the risk is the greatest, mass transit systems that have a significant amount of track mileage underground — and under the water."
"We cannot guarantee perfect security, but we are going to do everything in our power to minimize the risk and reduce the threat from terrorism to all those who ride our trains, travel our highways," Chertoff said.

Details of the plot emerged on the one-year anniversary of the attacks on the London transportation system that killed 52 people.

"This is one instance where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase," said Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record), D-N.Y.

A U.S. counterterrorism official said Friday that investigators had found no evidence that the Holland Tunnel was part of the plot. The New York Daily News had reported Friday that the plotters wanted to blow up the tunnel, the southernmost link between Manhattan and New Jersey, in the hopes of flooding New York's financial district.

In its statement, Homeland Security and the FBI said, the investigation was ongoing.

"We know al-Qaida continues to have an interest in attacking the United States," it added. "At this point in time, there is no specific or credible information that al-Qaida is planning an attack on U.S. soil."

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In Country with Our Troops ~ Cleaning Out The Rats

Anti-Iraqi forces attempt to flee capture by 1st Sqdn., 61st Cab. Regt. BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Soldiers from the weapons platoon, Company C, 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, captured two suspected terrorists Wednesday during a planned cordon and search at the Zaara Gas station in Jisr Diyala.

During the operation, Soldiers from Co. C were moving in on their targets when the terrorists attempted to escape from the back door of the gas station.

The suspects are alleged to be involved with the kidnapping and murders of multiple local nationals, including a local district advisory counsel member and small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenade attack against Soldiers from 3rd Platoon, Troop A, 1st Sqdn., 61st Cav. June 10.

The terrorists were taken to a secure site for further questioning.

By 1st Lt. Georginia Bradshaw - 4th BCT PAO, 101st Abn. Div.

Baghdad raid uncovers suspected car-bomb production site
Friday, July 7, 2006
BAGHDAD — U.S. soldiers from the Baumholder, Germany-based 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, along with Iraqi police from the 2nd Battalion, 7th Brigade, 2nd National Police Division, arrested two suspected insurgents and uncovered what they believe is a car-bomb production site in Baghdad.

The 2-6 Infantry is assigned to the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division while in Iraq. The discovery was made in Baya’a Car Market in the Rasheed district of Baghdad, U.S. officials said Thursday.

The raid was intended to “disrupt the production of [bombs] in the region, which is in an area historically high in the occurrence of terrorist attacks,” a U.S. military news release read.

“During the search of the market, the forces discovered a large cache that consisted of various bomb-making materials. Among the munitions and materials captured were 1,000 7.62 mm sniper rounds, 300 7.62 mm AK-47 rounds, 200 7.62 mm shell casings, 3.5 pounds of explosive compound, a rocket-propelled grenade, two 10-inch mortar rounds, two pipe bombs, a 75 mm rocket and various other bomb-making materials and gear.”

Nine Terrorists Detained in Iraq; Multiple Weapons Caches Found Coalition and Iraqi forces have detained nine suspected terrorists and discovered numerous weapons caches over the past several days, U.S. military officials reported.

Iraqi police from 8th Brigade, 2nd National Police Division, along with soldiers from Multinational Division Baghdad's 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, detained seven suspected terrorists and discovered three weapons caches during a search in Baghdad's Doura neighborhood today.

The caches included rifles, ammunition, 82 mm mortar rounds, blasting caps, suicide bomber propaganda, a 122 mm artillery round, a rocket-propelled grenade, grenade rockets, unknown rockets, plastic explosives, various other bomb-making materials, and cell-phones, one rigged as a timing device.

A video camera and tapes also were discovered. The tapes contained video of tortures and mortars being launched.

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(POS) Vietnam-era Draft Dodgers Reunite in B.C.

CASTLEGAR, B.C. -- For U.S. draft resister Craig Wiester, fleeing his country to avoid the Vietnam War meant losing a country, a way of life -- and a father.

He grew up in a small town in Ohio and his father was a Second World War veteran.

"I think he would rather have had me come home in a body bag from the jungle than see me go to Canada."

Whatever father and son bond there may have been was strained for many years afterwards.

His father, when it became clear that Wiester was going to resist the draft, called the FBI and the local draft board and told them everything.

"He worked with the local draft board to move as quickly as possible against me."

The son didn't wait around for the consequences and decided to go to Montreal, where he lived for eight years.

Wiester was among what organizers expect will be several hundreds draft resisters and veterans who will take part in numerous workshops and panels over four days at Selkirk College and the nearby Brilliant Cultural Centre.

"For the resisters you see some who lost their families, lost their friendships," Klein said during a break. "Many people disowned them."

I decided this was important for me. This was a way of validating that experience."

Wiester hopes that his experience here can answer at least one question for him.

"The question is why are we dishonoured still in American society?"

Almost 50,000 Americans of draft age avoided the call in the late 1960s and early '70s by going to Canada, where for the most part they were welcomed.

Many returned after President Jimmy Carter granted an amnesty in 1977. It's believed that about half the original number chose to remain in Canada.

One highlight of the reunion is a weekend speech by former U.S. senator George McGovern, the Democratic presidential candidate in 1972 who lost to Richard Nixon.

McGovern, 83, is part of a long list of well-known peace activists who will speak or take part in various panels. Tom Hayden, a student leader in the 1960s, a civil rights activist and former California senator is also attending.

The draft resisters are being honoured at the reunion in this small city, near the Slocan Valley, Nelson and other communities, where hundreds settled about 600 kilometres east of Vancouver.

The four-day event is also intended to pay homage to Canadians who assisted the draft dodgers.

A note from the past:

"I am in great sympathy with those who are not willing to fight, kill, and maybe die for their country (i.e. the particular policy of a particular government) right or wrong. Two of my friends at Oxford are conscientious objectors. One of my roommates is a draft resister who is possibly under indictment and may never be able to go home again. He is one of the bravest, best men I know. His country needs more men like him more than they know. That he is considered a criminal is an obscenity." --- From Bill Clinton's letter to Col Eugene Holmes Dec 3 1969

Wild Thing's comment.......

Carter pardoned the Vietnam draft dodgers on January 21, 1977 (the day after he took office). Damn he just could hardly wait.

Draft dodger Bill Clinton really should go don't you think? I hate him by the way. An he could make the keynote speech, then add in traitor Kerry too.

Wiester said he wonders why they were dishonoured still in American society???? How about this you are a worthless POS that's not deserving of the least bit of respect. I hope they ALL rot in hell, right along side Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Hanoi Jane. Because you ducked your duty while thousands of others stepped up to the line. Because you've spent your life TAKING from this society but ran like a scalded dog the first time it asked you to GIVE anything in return. Because at heart you're a coward who wants to hide his weakness behind some billowy rhetoric!

This made me think of Wallace's quote in Braveheart: "Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live, at least for awhile. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing, to take all the days from this day till then, to come back here and tell our enemies, they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"

These cowards are now wallowing in their guilt, and I feel nothing for them but disgust. They have to go and do this event seem accepted again. IMO I wouldn't let them on my property, not one of them. Not alive anyway!

I know it would be probably be unrealistic to do this, but I wished that some investigative reporter could have found out what happened to the the guy who got drafted to take Clinton's slot. (that is, the next guy in line that actually answered the call maybe in the county that Clinton was in when he did his artful dodging.)

Here's his email address:

I sent him a little Wild Thing email. Hope it makes his day.

Hey draft dodgers go here ( my Tribute to Vietnam Veterans) and weep from your very souls that you will never be a man! Never have my respect, not ever!

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Islam and Its' Love For Killing People

A recent article in the UK Telegraph offered insights into the many ways that Islamists in Baghdad are making life, by increments, miserable for citizens of the city.

Ice producers, crucial in helping people survive in Iraq’s 115 degree summer heat, have recently suffered several murders from their ranks. The reason: Their product was not available during the time of Mohammed.

Street venders who sell the popular Middle Eastern food falafel have also lost two of their own in the past few weeks, with other venders now closing their stalls. The same reason is offered by the Islamists, namely, that falafels did not exist at the beginning of Islam. Those who laughed off the warnings are now lying in Baghdad cemeteries.

Islamists have also warned Baghdad residents who wear goatees to shave or else. That prohibition, subject to a visit from a vigilante death squad, is due to the fact that goatees originate from a “Jewish facial hairstyle.” The article states that barbers have been busier than usual, after a 17 year old was murdered the other month for ignoring the no-goatee warning.

Mayonnaise is also in the sights of the self-appointed morality police. Like goatees, mayonnaise has a Jewish connection. Mayonnaise is made in Israel. Therefore, it, too, joins the long list of things haraam, forbidden to Muslims, according to the Islamists’ playbook. Needless to say, most restaurants are holding the mayonnaise, with or without the customer’s request.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Ice? What about all those mountains they have there and it does snow and thus there must be ice as well. I think that is BS about the ICE, just an excuse to kill someone probably.

How 'bout knives? I'll bet they're made in Israel, too. Gonna quit whacking throats?

So is oxygen, it comes from trees roots in Jewish soil and watered with Jewish water. I suggest that if this offends you that you stop breathing now.

Hmmmm here are some other things that were not around during their freakazoid Muhammad's time:

airplanes eg: Boeing 757 and 767
the internet
modern medicine
cell phones
nuclear weapons

I guess that leaves: camels and swords.

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UN Terror Supporting Network Gunning for Israel

Thank you Dry Bones for the perfect cartoon for this.

UN panel says Israel's operation in Gaza violates human rights laws

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday deplored Israel's military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as breaching international humanitarian law.

By a vote of 29-11 with five abstentions, the council approved the resolution proposed by the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference after it was amended to suggest the Palestinians also had a responsibility to refrain from violence against civilians.

"It is absolutely unacceptable" that the resolution only names Israel, Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Levanon told The Associated Press.

Switzerland said Thursday that armed Palestinian groups should be called to account in a proposed UN resolution blaming Israel for violence against civilians.

Earlier in the week, Switzerland said that Israel has been violating international law in its Gaza offensive by heavy destruction and endangering civilians in acts of collective punishment banned under the Geneva conventions on the conduct of warfare.

Switzerland proposed the amendments in an emergency session of the UN body, which decided last week as one of its first acts to make it a priority to examine Israel's human rights practices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The emergency session, which began Wednesday, had to be carried over until Thursday after reservations arose about the Muslim states' proposal, which singled out Israel for breaches "of international humanitarian law and human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory."

Israel's ambassador to the UN's European headquarters in Geneva called the session "a planned and premeditated" attack on his country, and said it continued the anti-Israel bias set by the discredited U.N. Human Rights Commission, which was phased out this year.

This bull is incomprehensible! Israel has shown unbelievable restraint.

Wild Thing's comment.......
First I have to say that I HATE the UN. And I resent that it is on our land and that we have anything to do with it. I totally resent it!!!!!!!!!

Apparently they don't feel that firing rockets into Israeli schools or suicide bombers blowing themselves up in pizza parlors are a "breach of humanitarian law". The U.N. won't be happy until Israel is destroyed and the Jewish race is wiped out. How else can you explain this absurdity? And I will add also that the U.N. is an enemy of the United States, Israel, and freedom lovers the world over.

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July 06, 2006

In Country With Our Awesome Troops

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Egyptian Islamic Cleric - Hey Kids Join the Jihad

Egypt primes children for jihad

Egyptian cleric tells children's TV show: Come on to the jihad, encourages child-soldiers to join holy war
Yaakov Lappin

An Egyptian Islamic cleric working for the state ministry of religious endowment has used a children's television program to encourage young children to strive for holy war.

During program, made available by the Arabic translation service MEMRI , the cleric told a story about Muslim children in history keen to "sacrifice" themselves and kill "infidels" for the cause of Islam.

"Let's listen to a very beautiful story to learn about the courage of a child, and how, when a child is brought up in a good home, and receives proper education in faith, he loves martyrdom, which becomes like an instinct for him. He can never give it up," Sheik Muhammad Nassar told children on the program, which aired on the Al-Nas television channel.
"This story, my friends, is a beautiful story. Abu Qudama was the commander of the army of the Muslims, when they fought the Byzantines. The Byzantines had a very, very large army, whereas the Muslims did not have many fighters. So Abu Qudama walked down the alleys and streets, among the poor, calling: 'Come join the Jihad,' 'Come join the Jihad,'" Nassar said.

'Take my boy to the jihad'

He continued: "A woman said to him: 'Abu Qudama, I have a boy. I will give him to you. Take him with you to war.' He asked: 'Is he still a boy?' She said: 'He is 15 years old, and his father was martyred in the previous war. Since his father's martyrdom, he sits day and night, praying that Allah grant him martyrdom.'"

The Muslim commander is described as "praising Allah" for receiving the child-soldier from his mother.

Describing the participation of children in jihad, Nassar said: " Sa'id shot the first arrow, killing one (infidel). With the second arrow, he killed another infidel, and with the third, he killed a third. Then he was hit by an arrow, and fell to the ground as a martyr. He achieved the martyrdom for which he yearned. A little later, he drew his last breath. Sa'id, the 15-year-old child, was martyred for the sake of Allah. He died happy."
On a previous broadcast on Egyptian television in 2002, a three and a half year-old girl was asked to describe Jews. "They are apes and pigs… our God said so," was her reply. The girl's answer was enthusiastically received by the program's host. "Allah be praised. May our God bless her. No one could wish for a more devout girl. May God bless her and her parents," the host said.

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July 05, 2006

Ultimatum Expires and Hamas Pulls Out of Talks

Palestinian militant factions behind the kidnap of an Israel Defense Forces soldier pulled out of negotiations for his release after Israel rejected their 6 A.M. ultimatum, a Hamas leader in Gaza said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Israel said Tuesday that its refusal to negotiate with the militants holding Shalit remained unchanged, despite the expiration of the deadline.

"The militant groups withdrew their representative from the talks with the Egyptian mediators," Hamas' Osama al-Muzaini said.

The groups had given Israel until 6 A.M. Tuesday to agree to the release of 1,000 Palestinians in its jails in exchange for Corporal Gilad Shalit, seized in a cross-border attack nine days ago that left two of his comrades dead.

"They the militant factions may kill him, take him to another country or may hide him. All options are open," al-Muzaini said.

Olmert: No one attacking Israel will be immune.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert again ruled out negotiations with Shalit's kidnappers Tuesday, warning that the IDF would target all militants involved in his abduction.

"We will strike all terror elements and all those who strike the State of Israel will not be immune," Olmert told a business conference in the Negev.

"We will operate with all our might, but we won't give in to blackmail," Olmert said. "We won't negotiate with terror elements and we won't let anyone believe that kidnapping is a tool to bring Israel to its knees."

Olmert told the conference that he had instructed the IDF to continue with its ground offensive in Gaza and urged the public to be patient:

"We need to know how to purse our lips and how to deal a winning strike," he said. "We will do both of these, we will prevail and we will bring Gilad Shalit back to his parents, his family, to those who love him."

Interior Minister Roni Bar-On on Tuesday warned the Hamas-led Palestinian government that the "sky would fall on them" if they harmed Shalit.

"Hamas well understands ... that the sky will fall on them if they harm Gilad Shalit," Bar-On said.

"Nothing has changed from our standpoint," Justice Minister Haim Ramon told Army Radio on Tuesday. "The right thing is not to give a prize to terror, not to give in to terror, but the opposite."

Wild Thing's comment.......
The release of 1000 for 1 soldier? Nope, not gonna happen. Good for you Israel, I am proud of you!

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New Leftist Hollyweird Diet ~ The Democrat Aider and Abettors Diet

An anti-war activist dressed as the Grim Reaper demonstrates in front of the White House in Washington July 3, 2006. Activist Cindy Sheehan and 'CODEPINK' launched 'Troops Home Fast,' a hunger strike to protest the war.


Wild Thing's comment......Are you feeling bloated, a little overweight?

Is it getting harder and harder to do the antiwar peacenik walks and the long hours of standing on the road near the President's home in Texas?

Is your CODE Pink t-shirt more snug then it was when you first bought it with your money from welfare?

Are all those fast food meals that George Soros buys for you to keep you holding up your "hate the troops" signs, adding on those extra pounds?

Have no fear........Hollyweird has the is the new and improved Diet for socialists, communists and traitors to America. ( Democrats)

The old version, established by Dick Gregory, (has been comedian and whatever the hell he was) that came out during the Vietnam war has been upgraded. It no longer comes with your own LSD. Nor is it delivered by a flower painted beat up van, and shower deprived drivers with burned out brain dead sidekicks passing out daises along the route.

This new and improved diet is the Aider and Abettors Diet manufactured by Democrats and advertised for free by the Media. You didn’t think a Democrat would pay for anything did you?

But wait it gets better…….the organizers are calling for a "rolling fast." This is when "fasters" take turns "fasting." Secondly, one of the touted supporters is sponsoring a picnic on the day the "fast" begins with a picnic called the Willie Picnic (after Willie Nelson).

US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike

Star Hollywood actor-activists including Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon and anti-war campaigners led by bereaved mother Cindy Sheehan plan to launch a hunger strike, demanding the immediate return of US troops from Iraq.

As Americans get set to fire up barbeques in patriotic celebration of US Independence Day on July 4, anti-war protestors planned to savour a last meal outside the White House, before embarking on a 'Troops Home Fast' at midnight.

"We've marched, held vigils, lobbied Congress, camped out at Bush's ranch, we've even gone to jail, now it's time to do more," said Sheehan, who emerged as an anti-war icon after losing her 24-year-old son Casey in Iraq.

The hunger strike was the latest bid by the US anti-war movement to grab hold of American public opinion, after numerous marches, vigils and political campaigns.

Despite polls which show the Iraq war is unpopular and many Americans are skeptical of President George W. Bush's wartime leadership, peace protests have not hit the opinion-swaying critical mass seen during Vietnam War.

"We have been continually sheltered from the actual cost of war from the beginning," said Meredith Dearborn, of human rights group Global Exchange, explaining how anti-Iraq war protests have stuttered.

While 2,526 US soldiers have died since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to an AFP tally based on Pentagon figures, the impact of the deaths has rarely dominated headlines.

While it is not unusual to see an Iraq-war veteran or amputee in an airport for instance, or newspaper features on horrific injuries inflicted by roadside bombs in Iraq, the United States hardly feels like a nation at war.

Some protestors and experts in public opinion put that down to the absence of the Vietnam War style conscription draft, which means only professional soldiers or reservists can be sent off to war.

"We have done everything we could think of to end this war, we have protested, held marches, vigils ... lobbied, written letters to Congress," said Dearborn.
"Now it is time to bring the pain and suffering of war home. We are putting our bodies on the line for peace."

Perhaps the only time the anti-Iraq war movement captured lasting coverage was in August 2005, when Sheehan and supporters pitched camp outside Bush's Texas ranch, where the president habitually stays in high summer.

Even then, the fiercely partisan debate unleashed may have harmed Sheehan, who faced fierce fire from conservative groups and radio talk show hosts, as much as it hurt the Bush administration's image over Iraq.

The hunger strike will see at least four activists, Sheehan, veteran comedian and peace campaigner Dick Gregory, former army colonel Ann Wright and environmental campaigner Diane Wilson launch serious, long-term fasts.

"I don't know how long I can fast, but I am making this open-ended," said Wilson.

Other supporters, including Penn, Sarandon, novelist Alice Walker and actor Danny Glover will join a 'rolling" fast, a relay in which 2,700 activists pledge to refuse food for at least 24 hours, and then hand over to a comrade.

So far the lastest doing this are: Fasters now include Cindy Sheehan; actress Susan Sarandon, environmentalist Diane Wilson; comedian Dick Gregory; singer Willie Nelson; Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches; Dr. E. Faye Williams, National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women; Colonel Ann Wright; Iraq veteran Geoffrey Millard; Kim Gandy, President of the National Organization for Women; and CODEPINK cofounders Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans and Gael Murphy.

Here is the nice little list of fasters, you will see many familiar names and please note the ones that serve in our governement............ lmao!

Other Faster's:

Cindy Sheehan
Dick Gregory
Willie Nelson
Alice Walker
Danny Glover
Dolores Huerta
Susan Sarandon
Sean Penn
Ed Asner
Michael Franti
Eve Ensler
Graham Nash, singer/songwriter
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
British MP George Galloway
Canadian MP Libby Davis
Michael Berg, Father of Nicolas Berg, who was killed in Iraq
Ann Wright, colonel and former US diplomat
Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon whistleblower
Ray McGovern, former CIA Analyst
Lt. Ehren Watada, Iraq war resister
Carolyn Ho, Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada
Jeff Key, Iraq Veteran
Fernando Suarez del Solar, Guerrerro Azteca
Michael McPherson, Veterans for Peace
Geoffrey Millard, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Dede Miller, Gold Star Families for Peace
Jane Bright, Gold Star Families for Peace
Joe Colgan, Gold Star Families for Peace
Brian Willson, Vietnam Vet
John McNamer, Vietnam Vet
Paul Kangas, Veterans for Peace
Andy Shallal, Iraqi Americans for Peaceful Alternatives
Samina Faheem, American Muslim Voice
Raed Jarrar, Iraqi analyst, Global Exchange
Rev. Bob Edgar, National Council of Churches
Rev. Joan Campbell
Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Lennox Yearwood
Arun Gandhi, President, Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence
Rev. Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational Church
Rev. Noemi Mena, Hispanic Ministries
Rev. Tony Campolo
Fr. Louie Vitale, Franciscan priest
Karen Dolan, Cities for Progress
John Cavanagh, Marcus Raskin, Phyllis Bennis – Institute for Policy Studies
Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender
Renee Saucedo, Immigrant Rights Lawyer
Jim Hightower, Writer
Howard Zinn, Author
Greg Palast, Author
Vandana Shiva, Author
Marianne Williamson, Author
Diane Wilson, environmentalist/author
Julia Butterfly Hill, environmentalist
Paul Hawkins, environmentalist
Pratap Chatterjee, CorpWatch
Rae Abileah, CODEPINK
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange and CODEPINK co-founder
Tiffany Burns, CODEPINK
Jodie Evans, CODEPINK co-founder
Katie Heald, CODEPINK
Nancy L. Mancias, CODEPINK
Gael Murphy, CODEPINK co-founder
Farida Sheralam, CODEPINK
Maggie Rose, CODEPINK Charlotte Mecklenburg
Maggie LeBlanc, CODEPINK Wichita
Kim Gandy, National Organization for Women
Olga Vives, Executive Vice President, NOW
Dr. E. Faye Williams, National Congress of Black Women
Laura Flanders, Air America talk show host
Gabby Hoffman, actress
Miyumi Ota, artist
Kathy Engel, Poet
Peter Yarrow, Musician
Rae Goddess, Artist
Francisco Herrera, singer/songwriter
Will Durst, Political comic, talk show host
Patch Adams, Peace Doctor
Jonathon Tasini, U.S. Senate candidate, New York challenging Hillary Clinton
Kevin Zeese, U.S. Senate candidate, Maryland

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Madeline Albright's Chia Pet Launches Missiles

"Missile blow up. Me so sad..."

North Korea fired Taepodong missile which failed
Tue Jul 4, 2006 5:12pm ET
By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea launched a long-range Taepodong-2 missile and two small Scud-type missiles within a two-hour period, but the long-range missile appears to have failed, a diplomatic source told Reuters on Tuesday.

CNN also reported that a Taepodong had been fired.

The Taepodong 2 missile, which had been under intense scrutiny by the United States and other western powers, appeared to have failed in flight, the diplomatic source said.

A Pentagon official told Reuters North Korea appeared also to have launched at least two small Scud-type missiles, but not the intercontinental ballistic missile that has been a focus of international concern.

"This appears not to be the launch of the missile that's been so widely reported of late," said the official, who asked not to named. He referred to the small missiles as "lesser variety" Scud types.

The official spoke before reports that the third, long-range Taepodong missile firing had been reported.

Japan's NHK TV reported the first of the two smaller missiles landed in the Sea of Japan about 375 miles from Japan.

A Japanese government official confirmed the launch but said it was unclear if it was a Taepodong ballistic missile.

Japan's Defense Minister reported separately that a second missile had been fired, according to NHK.

An Air Force facility protecting the nerve center of U.S. homeland defense at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, had been on heightened alert, the U.S. military said, amid persistent reports that North Korea may be set to test-fire the long-range missile.

The commander of U.S. Northern Command ordered the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, which rings the bunkered operations center, to take "necessary security precautions commensurate with its missions," said Michael Kucharek, a spokesman for the U.S. Northern Command.

Wild Thing's comment......

The Clinton Administration allowed North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons, so these former Clinton airheads should just shut up.

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July 04, 2006

Fireworks Could Be Even More Special...heh heh

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Thank You To Some of Our Friends That Know The Walk

Sierrahome has made a video, a gift to all that have served. These are many of our friends, we know them from this blog and other blogs like Sondra K's, and Beth at MVWRC and Vinnie at Vince aut Morire.

The people in this video are special people that have served our country and continue to serve today as they have still want to make things right for America. Just as all of you that are Veterans do and have done as well.

Thank you Sierrahome and thank you to all our Veterans and those serving now.

Sierrahome has kindly said I could save the video to my storage place and post the link here for all of you to visit.

Just CLICK HERE to Watch the Video.

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Happy Independence Day ~ July 4th 2006

Thank you U.S. Armed Forces You Keep the Flag Flying Proudly


Wild Thing's comment.......Below is something special a Vietnam Veteran friend of mine sent to me. He has been fighting Agent Orange but wanted to share this and thanks each of you for your service to our country.Thank you my dear friend.

"Little Stitches"
by NamVet3 tours

When I was a kid, I used to walk to the movie house. I'd look at the flag in the courthouse square. I always will remember how good it made me feel. My feelings actually went beyond just a good, warm feeling, the sight of that flag made me feel safe, and loved. That flag has always made me feel that way.

The sight of that flag always made me think that I could do anything, and so many times it proved my feeling right. I used to take the flag down at our house when I was a kid. I remember feeling the stitches and thinking that it is a piece of many cloths, sewn together by delicate thread. But, when it was all together it was a symbol of the greatest love, and the greatest strength this world has ever seen.I remember thinking that as long as I could see that flag I would always be home.

When I was a young lad of 19 years I went half way around the world to fight a war for that flag, and all it stood for. I was scared, and I was lonely, till I saw that flag, then I was home. I was eating dinner with my family, I was kissing my girl goodnight, I was looking at the stars in my backyard. As we left base camp for a 3 week patrol I would stand, silent and still, for a moment looking at the flag. A tear would come to my eye, and a prayer on my lips..."God, make me good enough to die for my country if I must, and make me good enough to live for it if I can".

Well, He must of had a higher purpose for me, because here I am, typing this. Today I raised that flag, just after dawn. I took it in my hands and I looked at those little stitches that hold together those pieces of cloth. I had a shudder of life run up my spine, and a tear came to my eye. A great banner of many cloths held together by those little stitches. That flag protects me, and my family. It makes us feel safe, it brings us home, it gives us comfort, it binds us together and makes us one. Those little stitches holding together those pieces of varied cloth, they bring me home and protect me.

As my flag took it's first breath of the morning breeze it snapped and started flying, proudly in that breeze. I felt so safe standing there under it. It was shouting it's defiance against enemies, it was waving it's call of unity and freedom for all Americans. It reminded me that I was a part of the greatest thing that mankind has ever done. I could almost hear those little stitches say..."We'll hold these pieces of cloth together, and we'll do it as long as it takes. When we are done, and we can't do it anymore there will be more of us to do this thing again, and again, and again".

These are the little stitches that keep our nation together. They are you and I, they are your neighbor, and your crazy cousin. They are the comments and posters at Theodore's World , and all the "faithful". We're all little stitches that hold together the pieces of cloth that make up our nation. When we see it, we feel safe, and we walk home, unafraid.


I invite you to watch this Video of our troops in Iraq and the Charlie Daniels Band.

Please click
on photo above to watch the very special Video

- Thank you

"Simply by living in their presence
I've seen true goodness,
I've been in the company of angels."
- Bruce Kay Brown
Charlie Daniels Band

From Wild Thing

4 July is not just a day to party, cook out,
go to the beach, or recreate in a myriad of ways.

4 July has a much more profound meaning.

4 July is all about: Belleau Woods,
Inchon, Khe Sahn, Guadalcanal, Kuwait,
Tarawa, Chosin Reservoir, Grenada,
Bougainville, Hue City, Panama, Iwo Jima,
Somalia, Beirut, Peleilu, and many
other places where the price of freedom came due.

4 July is a day of celebration in our nation
precisely because of what so many unsung
heroes were willing to do
in order to make it so.

4 July comes and goes every year,
overshadowed often by summer vacations
and busy schedules.

4 July, however, brings to the forefront
in many hearts, the knowledge of what America might be
if not for the courage, sacrifice,
and dedication of the finest of her sons and daughters.

4 July is a day for every Veteran,
and those serving, to receive the recognition
that should come from a people,
who owe the precious gift of freedom to these gallant warriors
and servants of our Constitution..

4 July is a day in which we,
the "protected," stand and salute you.
Your efforts often go unrewarded and unrecognized
in a manner befitting you.

4 July is a day for at least myself
and those like me to attempt
to honor these men and women properly
and to say, "Thank You."

What you have done, and continue to do
every day, makes it possible
us to celebrate on 4 July,
and to live in "The Land Of The Free."

We can never repay you sufficiently for this privilege.

May God bless each of you!

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
* Michelle Malkin
* Mudville Gazette
* Stop the ACLU

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July

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July 03, 2006

Who Are They?

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Supreme Court Blocks Bush, Gitmo War Trials

Hamdan Wins

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The ruling, a rebuke to the administration and its aggressive anti- terror policies, was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, who said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and Geneva conventions.

The case focused on Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni who worked as a bodyguard and driver for Osama bin Laden. Hamdan, 36, has spent four years in the U.S. prison in Cuba. He faces a single count of conspiring against U.S. citizens from 1996 to November 2001.

Two years ago, the court rejected Bush's claim to have the authority to seize and detain terrorism suspects and indefinitely deny them access to courts or lawyers. In this followup case, the justices focused solely on the issue of trials for some of the men.

The vote was split 5-3, with moderate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy joining the court's liberal members in ruling against the Bush administration. Chief Justice John Roberts, named to the lead the court last September by Bush, was sidelined in the case because as an appeals court judge he had backed the government over Hamdan.

Thursday's ruling overturned that decision.

Wild Thing's comment...

Oh, the response to this is easy: find the guys on the battlefield; ask them the questions we need to ask; and them shoot the ones who don't answer. No trials. No fuss, no muss.
Since when does the Geneva convention apply to terrorists, who wear no uniforms, belong to the military of no country, have no authority for their actions, and do not observe the rules of war? Or am I wrong here does anyone know what the true deal is on this?

I am very disappointed in the S.O.B. Kennedy, who is once more showing his true colors. Scalia, Alito and Thomas voted our way. Roberts had to recuse himself because he already had ruled on the case as an appeals court judge. The rest sided with the terrorists. It doesn't help to have our court system, half of our politicians, and most of the media on the side of the enemy.

Message to soldiers, dead terrorists don't speak to the ACLU. It is celebration time for the left, as Al Qaeda terrorists now have ‘protections’ via the Geneva Conventions thanks to the US Supreme Court.

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July 02, 2006

Take the handcuffs off our soldiers

In our newspaper today in the Opinion section there was a marvelous letter. Nick saw it and showed it to me. I just had to post it. It is written by a Veteran Paratrooper as he says from the Vietnam era.

Take the handcuffs off our soldiers

I really find it annoying to read in newspapers and to observe on television what one could interpret as hatred of our armed forces by way too many liberal organizations in the country -- Amnesty International and the Democratic Party (or at least 50 percent of it).

I can't believe that so many people want the terrorists held at Guantanamo and other centers released, given that it's been reported that at least one who was released went back to being a terrorist. And yet, these same organizations are the first to virtually convict our troops, giving them absolutely no benefit of the doubt. When some Iraqi or insurgent files an allegation, it is immediately accepted as fact, to the point that the U.S. media virtually convict our soldiers in the news.

The fathers of a couple of inmates at Gitmo who recently hung themselves in their cells have said that there is absolutely no way their sons would commit suicide, because it's one of the worst sins a Muslim can commit. Gosh, then what the heck is it when these lowlifes strap on explosives and blow up busloads of children? A polka?

I'm a veteran paratrooper of the Vietnam era and was involved in air assault, so I know that to do nothing means our soldiers will die. If we want victories in the war on terror, we must call our politicos and demand that they let our warriors be warriors. Let them use their training, out from under the media-and-peace-activist microscope, and we'll see a quick and decisive victory. The vision of defeat will be burned into the memories of every terrorist.

Until then, I would still take up a protective position in front of anyone's family, even if its members think compassion will stop a rabid fanatic.

Robert V. White

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In Country with Our Troops

Sgt Daniel Cassiday and his sniffer dog Bad search for a weapons cache in Iskandariyah, Iraqi. Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Katrina Beeler.

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A BIG Thank You To The IDF

"The IDF will continue to use all means at its disposal against terrorists, the terror leadership, terror infrastructure, and those who provide safe harbor for terrorists, with the aim of returning abducted soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit to Israel quickly and safely."- IDF

From the IDF site
Security Forces conducted a number of arrests of Hamas terrorist organization leadership members in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria last night, Wednesday 28/06/06. "The Hamas government stands at the head of the Palestinian authority with a very clear objective to destroy the State of Israel," said Southern Command Commander Major General Yoav Gallant.

The Israeli Security Forces conducted a line of arrests of Hamas leadership in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Among those arrested are ministers in the Hamas government, members of the Hamas legislative council, and several senior operatives who are active in the terror organization and commit terror acts within its framework.

"The Hamas government stands at the head of the Palestinian authority with a very clear objective to destroy the State of Israel. Recently this organization began launching operations to harm IDF soldiers and the citizens of Israel, while holding the position of control over the Palestinian authorities," said yesterday Southern Command Commander, Major General Yoav Gallant.

The arrested will be investigated and will be tried by a judge during the following time period in order to lengthen their arrest. With the ending of the investigation, and according to its findings and the evidence collected, indictments will be filed against them.

Among the Hamas leaders arrested are:

- Mahmad Bargoti- born in 1958, a citizen of the village Kover, north of Ramallah. He serves as a minister in the Hamas government, and belongs to the generation of the founders of the organization in the Ramllah area. Bargoti was arrested following updated information collected by GSS investigations which linked him to operations executed by the military branch in Ramallah. At the head of this branch stood until recently Avrahim Hamed, a senior wanted Hamas terrorist in the Judea and Samaria area. Bargoti was discovered to be in contact with Hamed.
- Abad Al Gaber Fukah- born in 1966, a member of the legislative council. He has an extensive past in the Hamas military branch in Judea and Samaria and also collaborated with the Avadalah brothers, Mohi A-Din Sarif and Hassan Salama during the time period in which they executed terror attacks in 1996.
- Naif Rajub- born in 1956, a minister in the Hamas government, and an official of the organization in the area of the villages of Hebron. He has been arrested several times before due to his activities in the Hamas organization. He is known as an extremist Hamas activist who delivered speeches to incite Palestinians against Israel, and to encourage terror attacks and military activity to harm the Israeli state.
- Haled Abu Arfa- born in 1951, a minister of matters concerning the city of Jerusalem in the Palestinian government. He is a resident of Jerusalem, and a senior Hamas organization activist in the city. He was arrested several times due to his activities.
- Adnan Atzpor- born in 1962, a resident of Nablus. He is one of the prominent Hamas activists in the city, and has been arrested several times before; after each arrest Atzpor returned to full activity in the organization. He was appointed the Hamas spokesperson in Nablus, and gave speeches at assemblies in the name of the Hamas organization. He was also responsible for recruiting activists into the organization infrastructure in the city.
- Vagia Nezal- born in 1966, a prominent Hamas operative in Judea and Samaria, who serves as the mayor of Kalkilya. Nazel has been arretsde several times before, and was only released from his latest arrest in April 2006. Nazel was in close contact with imprisoned and Hamas officials inside as well as outside of Kalkilya, and took part in Hamas demonstrations and parades. Nazel was part of the Hamas infrastructure in Kalkilya, which was responsible for deathly terror attacks in Israel and for the execution of the suicide bombing at the dolphinarium in Tel Aviv five years ago.

Security forces will operate against all terror organizations and their members. Those arrested during the night on the grounds of their suspected involvement in terror are not immune, despite their seniority.
The IDF will continue to act with determination and to employ all means at its disposal to combat terrorists and their infrastructure, in order to defend the citizens of Israel.

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Air Strike On Palestinian PM's HQ


While the rest of the interior ministry building was untouched, the office of Mr Siyam, nominally in control of Palestinian armed forces, was destroyed........its a real candygram moment!

BBC News

Israel has attacked the Palestinian prime minister's Gaza City office as it ratchets up the pressure over its captured soldier. The HQ was left in flames by the latest in a string of air raids and incursions carried out by Israel since Wednesday.

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert was meeting his cabinet on Sunday to decide what steps to take next in the crisis.

Israel says the military action will go on until Cpl Gilad Shalit, captured by militants a week ago, is freed.

"We will strike and will continue to strike at [Hamas's] institutions," said Interior Minister Roni Bar-On.
"They have to understand that we will not continue to let them run amok."

Jerusalem Post

The three groups believed to be holding Cpl Shalit have demanded the release of 1,000 prisoners held in Israeli prisons, and an end to the Israeli offensive. Israel has rejected the demands.

Egyptian mediators have so far failed to secure the soldier's release.

Cpl Shalit, a tank gunner, was seized in a raid on his border post last Sunday in which two other soldiers and two of the attackers died.

Speaking at a news conference in Ramallah, Ziad Abu Aen cited unidentified "mediators" as telling him that Shalit, abducted during a raid last Sunday on his IDF outpost near the Kerem Shalom crossing, was injured during the incident.

"He has three wounds," Abu Aen said. "I guess shrapnel wounds." He did not give further details.

Channel 1, citing a senior Israeli security official, reported Friday that a Palestinian doctor treated Shalit for minor shoulder and stomach wounds, and that the soldier was in good condition.

A Palestinian report likewise indicated that Shalit was alive and well, quoting the doctor who visited Shalit as saying that his condition was good and that he was wounded in his stomach and shoulder, Israel Radio reported late Friday.

The doctor's visit, which apparently took place on Thursday, came after pressure from Egypt led Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to approve the checkup. The kidnappers had originally refused to allow a visit.

Wild Thing's comment.......
Just being sarcastic for a moment...........This story can not be true. Hamas does not recognize Israel, therefore the assault must be coming from somewhere else. If there is no Israel, then Israel can not possibly be the attackers. Let's hope that Syria doesn't attack Israel with their hidden stash of Saddam's WMDs, which don't exist, or things are going to get really confusing.

Now no sacrasim.........OK Hamas, so now you are saying Israel is recognized?

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2,996 Voices…

2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11

On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11. Each person will pay tribute to a single victim.

We will honor them by remembering their lives, and not by remembering their murderers.

If you would like to help out, either by pledging to post a tribute on your own blog, or by offering your services to promote this cause, just leave a comment here and I’ll email you the name of a victim.

Then, on 9/11/2006, you will post a tribute to that victim on your blog.

But, and this is critical, the tributes should celebrate the lives of these people–kind of like a wake. Over the last 5 years we’ve heard the names of the killers, and all about the victim’s deaths. This is a chance to learn about and celebrate those who died. Forget the murderers, they don’t deserve to be remembered. But some people who died that day deserve to be remembered–2,996 people.

Thank you,

D.Challener Roe

Wild Thing's comment.......Thank you Mr. Roe for this very touching and meaningful event to pay tribute to those no longer with us. To celebrate their lives and giving us a chance to join in.

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July 01, 2006

An Invitation from Hamas

Another great one from Dry Bones

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New York Times Is Home Grown Terror

Beware of travel feature stories posing as invitations to terror.

"The New York Times points cranks, radicals, al-Qaida operatives and would-be assassins to the summer homes of V.P. Cheney and [Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld" writes FrontPage Magazine's David Horowitz, who sees the June 30 Times feature article as an apparent retaliation for administration "criticism of the Times' disclosure of classified intelligence to America's enemies."

In the "Escapes" section of the June 30 edition, the N.Y. Times printed huge color photos of the vacation residences of Cheney and Rumsfeld, "identifying the small Maryland town where they live, showing their front driveways and, in Rumsfeld's case, actually pointing out the hidden security camera in case any hostile intruders should get careless," Horowitz writes.

Times Travel section writer Peter Kilborn even makes sure enemies of the two men will know such details as where Mrs. Rumsfeld shops in the eastern shore town of St. Michaels, Md. where the two administration officials have weekend retreats.

He even lets the curious know what street the Cheneys and Rumsfelds have to use to get to their own road.

It's all part of the war against President Bush, Horowitz charges.

"Make no mistake about it, there is a war going on in this country," Horowitz advises, noting that the aggressors in this war "are Democrats, liberals and leftists who began a scorched earth campaign against President Bush before the initiation of hostilities in Iraq."

One of the most prevalent weapons in this war, according to Horowitz, is the New York Times.


Hot Air put together a short film focusing particularly on the hypocrisy of the New York Times when it comes to fighting the War on Terror.


N.Y.Times Retaliates Against Cheney, Rumsfeld

US Traitors Keller and Pinch Sulzberger in the "Escapes" section of the June 30 N.Y. Times have printed huge color photos of the vacation residences of Cheney and Rumsfeld, identifying where they live, showing their front driveways and, conveniently in SoD Rumsfeld's case, actually pointing out the hidden security camera.

It's title and here it is................
Weekends With the President's Men

PLEASE NOTE under the photo you will see where the New York Times has added this.................

There is a lens in the birdhouse at the driveway of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's home at St. Michaels, Md.

Wild Thing's comment.....

The New York Times is a national security threat! This is more than just an ideological war between the White House and the NYT. The NYT is almost calling for a strike on VP Cheney and Rummy.

The liberals like to talk about how they are the ones who care for individual humans. They do NOT! Time after time they have show a propensity to infringe on individuals rights. Any idiot would know not to publish this private information as part of the "public's right to know." when you have terrorists deployed worldwide looking for a target for publicity.

Bill Keller and others at the New York Times need to be prosecuted. Tokyo Rose would be proud.

* Hot Air

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New York Times ~ Terrorists Favorite Newspaper

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Petition for Oriana Fallaci

ORIANA FALLACI is renowned for her great bravery of claiming her own opinions. She represents the dying species of journalists who dare to have their say regardless of the political correctness, public opinion and common stereotypes. The most widely commented nowadays are her books and articles presenting strong criticism towards Islam and Arab world.

Judge Armando Grasso of Bergamo acknowledged a suit against Oriana Fallaci filed by the president of Muslim Union of Italy.

This is from a website that is taking a stand for Oriana Fallaci.

On June 6th the trial against a journalist and a publicist over insult of Islam by statements made in her book "The force of reason" will start. We want to express our concern about the decision made by the judge of Bergamo, since such practices can lead to restrictions of freedom of speech in the realm of European democracy with human rights being its largest achievement.

We believe that freedom of speech is a universal value and should not fall within political, cultural or religious interests. Oriana Fallaci has been fighting for the freedom of expression in her work as a journalist throughout her whole life. As we intend to protect the freedom of speech we want to express our solidarity with Oriana Fallaci. Being aware of contentiousness of her latest statements, we still stand against the trial which is infringing the freedom of expression.

Wild Thing's comment....
I signed the petition and wanted to post it here in case anyone else would also like to sign.

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