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November 30, 2010

Obama Announced a Two-Year Pay Freeze For Civilian Federal Workers

New York Times

Obama, seeking to address deficit concerns, said sacrifices “must be shared by employees of the federal government.” .

Obama on Monday announced a two-year pay freeze for civilian federal workers as he sought to address concerns over high annual deficits and appealed to Republicans to find a common approach to restoring the nation’s economic and fiscal health.

“The hard truth is that getting this deficit under control is going to require some broad sacrifice, and that sacrifice must be shared by employees of the federal government,” Mr. Obama told reporters. He called federal workers “patriots who love their country” but added, “I’m asking civil servants to do what they’ve always done” for the nation.

The pay freeze amounted to an opening bid as the president and Republican Congressional leaders begin jousting in earnest over tax and spending policy. It also illustrated how Mr. Obama can use his office on occasion to get ahead of newly elected Republicans; they had been talking about making such a move when they assume control of the House and additional Senate seats in January.

That issue and others will be on the agenda on Tuesday when Mr. Obama will host the House and Senate leaders of each party at the White House for the first time since the midterm elections.

Tuesday will also be the last day for emergency federal assistance for about two million Americans who have been unemployed for long periods, and on Friday a temporary measure providing money for government operations will run out.

........READ more HERE.......if you like.....


Rush Limbaugh Talked About this on his show yesterday:

RUSH: So Obama is now gonna ask for a federal pay freeze for two whole years. He's gonna save $2 billion. I mean, big whoop. (interruption) Twenty-eight billion? Yeah, if it lasts that long, that's my point, $28 billion, big whoop. Twenty-eight billion and he's got a deficit run up of one and a half trillion. Twenty-eight billion, we're supposed to be impressed by this? Sorry, not me. Especially since he's locking in pay raises for people, essentially pay raises for all these new hires. If I were one of these new hires and there's all this attention being paid to how bloated the workforce is getting and all of a sudden the president just announces, in effect, not a pay freeze but a guaranteed salary for whoever knows how many years I'd be celebrating. Obama's just hired all these new people and locked 'em in and now he's out there presenting this as some kind of great economic savings day with a two-year pay freeze.

Well, how many of them have been hired? The federal workforce has, what, gone up how many percent since Obama took office? And now with the pay freeze they're locked into a salary that on average is twice what their counterparts in the private sector make, and we're getting the swan song, the violins have been pulled out for them. And then on top of that we're supposed to be impressed after one and a half trillion dollars of debt that we're gonna save two billion.


Wild Thing's comment........

Notice also how the Republicans have this on their agenda but we don't know the details of how they would do it. So Obama jumped the gun and announced HIS own pay freeze before his meeting with the Republicans. LOL He is so easy to see through.

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Democrat Steny Hoyer: Military Should Also See Pay Freeze

The Hill

The second-ranking House Democrat said Monday that President Obama’s move to freeze the pay of civilian federal employees should also be extended to military personnel.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said including the military would have increased savings and add “an element of fairness." He made the comments in a statement about he president’s announcement of a two-year pay freeze.

“While I appreciate that the president reduced the length of his proposed pay freeze from three to two years,” Hoyer said in a statement, “it would have produced significantly more savings had that sacrifice been shared between federal civilian and military personnel — with a strong exception for the members of our military and civilian employees risking their lives on our behalf in Afghanistan, Iraq, and anywhere else they are serving in harm's way.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Give me a freaking break! how dare he even compare the military with federal workers. They deserve all they are getting and more. The men and women in uniform (both past and present) need a pay raise.

How about the Congress stops putting earmarks in the Defense Department budget - earmartks for non-defense items.

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Former UN Ambassador John Bolton : 'This Leak Is an Outrage'

FOX News

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton talking about the huge dump of documents put out by WikiLeaks . Bolton called the release of the documents “an outrage,” and said it is going to cause great damage diplomatically for the United States.

Bolton says WikiLeaks document release will cause 'incalculable damage to American diplomatic efforts'

Bolton called WikiLeaks “an anti-American organization,” and believes any American involved in leaking this information “should be charged with treason.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

God bless John Bolton. He is so good!!

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GOP Rep.Steve Buyer To Acting House Speaker Dem Rep.Laura Richardson And Her Tyrannical Behavior: "This is why the People have Thrown You Out"

This is quite an exchange on the House floor, it is between Republican Steve Buyer and the acting Democratic House Speaker who is playing games with the rules. She will not recognize him and there is no one to object.

Republican Rep. Steve Buyer reading acting House Speaker (Dem Rep. Laura Richardson) the riot act over the power games she was playing by refusing to recognize him to speak even though there was no one else even there to object to him being recognized. As she continued to deny him the right to speak, Buyer even said to her, “This is why the American People have thrown you out of power.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Good for Rep.Steve Buyer and he is right. This attidute from Laura Richardson is one of the big reasons so many reacted at the Townhall meetings and not only Republicans but Democrats that voted for these democrat power hungry jerks.

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Serious Questions about the Obama Administration's Incompetence in the Wikileaks Fiasco

Serious Questions about the Obama Administration's Incompetence in the Wikileaks Fiasco

Assange is an "anti-American operative with blood on his hands"

Sarah Palin from her Facebok notes

We all applaud the successful thwarting of the Christmas-Tree Bomber and hope our government continues to do all it can to keep us safe. However, the latest round of publications of leaked classified U.S. documents through the shady organization called Wikileaks raises serious questions about the Obama administration’s incompetent handling of this whole fiasco.

First and foremost, what steps were taken to stop Wikileaks director Julian Assange from distributing this highly sensitive classified material especially after he had already published material not once but twice in the previous months? Assange is not a “journalist,” any more than the “editor” of al Qaeda’s new English-language magazine Inspire is a “journalist.” He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?

What if any diplomatic pressure was brought to bear on NATO, EU, and other allies to disrupt Wikileaks’ technical infrastructure? Did we use all the cyber tools at our disposal to permanently dismantle Wikileaks? Were individuals working for Wikileaks on these document leaks investigated? Shouldn’t they at least have had their financial assets frozen just as we do to individuals who provide material support for terrorist organizations?

Most importantly, serious questions must also be asked of the U.S. intelligence system. How was it possible that a 22-year-old Private First Class could get unrestricted access to so much highly sensitive information? And how was it possible that he could copy and distribute these files without anyone noticing that security was compromised?

The White House has now issued orders to federal departments and agencies asking them to take immediate steps to ensure that no more leaks like this happen again. It’s of course important that we do all we can to prevent similar massive document leaks in the future. But why did the White House not publish these orders after the first leak back in July? What explains this strange lack of urgency on their part?

We are at war. American soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedoms. They are serious about keeping America safe. It would be great if they could count on their government being equally serious about that vital task.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I agree, there are a lot of questions. And this whole thing should never have gotten this far.

Sarah Palin raises a perfectly reasonable questions so of course the Obamabots will circle the wagons and attack her for it.

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Rush Limbaugh on Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Rush Limbaugh on Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

RUSH: Everybody is freaking out over this WikiLeaks stuff. And, frankly, the WikiLeaks guy bugs me because he looks like a waif. He looks like he ought to be in a Peter Pan stage play rather than on the world stage affecting things. He's a little wuss, Julian Assange. Need to find this guy and string him up. Frankly, I find what's in this stuff interesting. I think it's more interesting than the news the networks come up with each and every day. Give me more of this stuff. For example, we have learned that the Saudis, our friends the Saudis, they're all ticked off at us because we won't go take out Iran. Apparently, prior to the big Cairo speech, Obama went over there, met with King Abdullah, and Obama's going on and on and on about how important it is to find peace with the Palestinians and the Israelis. Apparently King Abdullah couldn't care less about any of that. He's worried about Iran and its nukes, and he wants to hear from Obama what we're gonna do about that.

RUSH: "Back in the old days when men were men and countries were countries, this guy would die from lead poisoning from a bullet in the brain and nobody would know who put it there. We've known this stuff is coming and yet it keeps coming"


Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Speaks ...the video is embedded so I am only able to use the link. Please CLICK ON THE LINK to watch the video.


Wild Thing's comment.....

"Back in the old days when men were men and countries were countries, this guy would die from lead poisoning from a bullet in the brain and nobody would know who put it there."

Heh heh love ya ElRushbo!

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November 29, 2010

Swiss Voters Approve Harsher Deportation Plan

In Switzerland voters were asked to decide whether foreigners who have been found guilty of murder, rape, drugs trafficking and other serious offences should be deported. The proposal came from the conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) – the country’s largest.

Last year the SVP backed a referendum banning the construction of new minarets on mosques in Switzerland.

Supporters of the proposal claim immigrants to Switzerland are disproportionately responsible for crime and should not be allowed to stay in the country.

The proposal is the initiative of the right-wing Swiss People's Party, the party which also masterminded last year's successful campaign to ban the building of minarets in Switzerland.

The People's Party points to the fact that foreigners are overrepresented in Swiss jails - about 70% of the inmates are foreign, while 23% of Switzerland's overall population is foreign.

"We have in Switzerland two kinds of foreigners, the foreigners who want to work and respect our laws, and these foreigners are welcome," said Patrick Freudiger, a member of the youth branch of the People's Party.

"Then we have other foreigners who commit crimes, who don't want to work," he added.

This is their ad, it is two contrasting images.

The first is a rear view of four young women holding hands and standing in the shallows of Lake Zurich.

Swiss voters approved an initiative to automatically expel foreign residents convicted of serious crimes.
Of course, the initiative has been criticized by human rights groups.


Swiss voters have approved a far-right initiative to automatically expel foreign residents convicted of serious crimes, according to poll results.

Swiss national broadcaster SF1 said 52.9 percent of voters backed the initiative in Sunday’s referendum, a plan proposed by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party (SVP).

A counter-proposal put forth by the Swiss government, which would make expulsion dependent on the length of a prison term rather on an arbitrary list of offenses, appears to have been rejected by most voters, according to preliminary results. Currently, decisions to expel foreigners convicted of serious crimes are made on a case-by-case basis.

The initiative, which would apply to foreigners convicted of crimes like murder, rape or trafficking in drugs or people, has been criticized by human rights groups and legal experts, who said it could disregard international anti-discrimination treaties and the free movement of peoples under European Union law.

Almost one in four people living in Switzerland is not actually Swiss, although a great many were actually born in the country.

Switzerland’s naturalisation process is one of the toughest in Europe, and becoming Swiss remains a long, complicated and expensive process.


Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

Excellent video!!!!

Check out the stickers on the back wall of the fathers gun locker.



Wild Thing's comment........

Good for the Swiss to stand up to the Third World scum who trash their nation and refuse to respect Swiss culture and laws. This referendum will not be liked by Liberals and Free Trade Open Borders Globalists....but the Swiss stepped up

Need to do this in America.

What a concept; If your in our country abide by our laws or get thrown out.

I also like their other idea of everyable-bodied citizen having military training and keeping their weapons at home with a full battle load, makes for a polite society. And the government provides the ammo, this is for target practice for the annual shooting festival.

Here is the SIG 556

Here in the States:


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WikiLeaks Should Be A 'Terror Organisation'

WikiLeaks Should Be A 'Terror Organisation'

An American politician has called for WikiLeaks to be designated a terrorist organisation following the release of the latest batch of leaked documents.

New York Republican Peter King said the organisation was a "clear and present danger" to the US.

"WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States," he said.

"I strongly urge you (Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton) to work within the Administration to use every offensive capability of the US government to prevent further damaging releases by WikiLeaks."

The Foreign Office said the actions of WikiLeaks risked British lives and security.

"We condemn any unauthorised release of this classified information, just as we condemn leaks of classified material in the UK," a spokesman said.

"They can damage national security, are not in the national interest and, as the US have said, may put lives at risk."

The White House was also critical of the leak of US cables.

"These cables could compromise private discussions with foreign governments and opposition leaders, and when the substance of private conversations is printed on the front pages of newspapers across the world, it can deeply impact not only US foreign policy interests, but those of our allies and friends around the world," a spokesman said.

"Such disclosures put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals, and people around the world."

Roger Cressey, a former US cyber and counter-terrorism official, said the leaks would have a "devastating" effect on diplomatic relations and on the fight against al Qaeda.

"The essence of our foreign policy is our ability to talk straight and honest with our foreign counterparts and to keep those conversations out of the public domain," he said.

"This massive leak puts that most basic of diplomatic requirements at risk in the future."

He added: "Think of relations with Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan, governments who we need to work with us in defeating al Qaeda.

"This kind of leak will seriously hinder our ability to persuade these governments to support our counterterrorism priorities in the future."

However, Professor Michael Cox, associate fellow of the think-tank Chatham House, said the political fallout had been exaggerated.

"As to whether it's going to cause the kind of seismic collapse of international relations that governments have been talking about, I somehow doubt," he said.

"The really secret information, I would suggest, is still pretty safe and probably won't end up on WikiLeaks."


Wild Thing's comment.........

"WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States," he said.

Absolutely. These people should be arrested, tried and hanged. If that’s not possible, liquidated through a hit squad.

Pfc Brad Manning that they tell us is the one leaking all of this information from day one should be executed asap to stop anyone else that thinks this is acceptable. Treason. Death penalty. Might actually cause some to think hard before doing the same.

Any American assisting in leaking classified information which costs lives is committing treason and is worthy of a date with the hangman.

Any foreigner assisting is engaging in espionage or is an enemy combatant and should be put down for a dirt nap in the most efficient manner possible.

Please someone, please tell me WHY in the HELL hasn't the freakin OBAMA has not come out condemning these actions? I have not heard or seen this POS come on TV and condemn the this little shithead Pfc Brad Manning!! WHY hasn't he ordered a hit or PUT A FREAKIN BOUNTY ON THIS BASTARDS HEAD?? I'm lost at words that our govt would let this A$$hole put AMERICANS lives at risk...WHERE the heck are the bounty hunters!!!

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Lex The Purple Heart Dog - Semper Fi "Always Faithful"

Lex is not the average dog. He's a Marine Corps bomb sniffing dog that was previously stationed in Fallujah. He has won a Purple Heart for his service. In March of 2007, Lex was injured in a granade explosion that took the life of his handler, Corporal Dustin J. Lee. Since then, Lex has suffered a variety of problems related to his injury, including chronic arthritis.

From 2008

Marines Times

Lex will be given a commemorative Purple Heart next month at the Working Dog and Fallen K-9 Handler Tribute.

Eight-year-old Lex was working with Lee when the Marine was killed during a bombing in Iraq last year. The German shepherd was also injured. He has since been retired and lives with Lee’s family in Clarke County, Miss. Lee and Lex had been assigned to the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Ga.

The tribute will be Feb. 16 at the Air Armament Museum, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. Lee’s family is scheduled to be on hand for the event.

In December, the Marine Corps announced Lex could go home to Lee’s family. It is the first time the military has granted a dog early retirement to be adopted by someone other than a former handler.

The military has more than 1,700 dogs that work alongside American troops, including about 260 in the Marines. Their bomb-sniffing skills have been in high demand in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Working Dog Association said dogs have worked with the military beginning with World War II.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is such a great story, it is sad because Corporal Dustin J. Lee was killed. But the good part is that Lex gets to be with the family of Corporal Dustin J. Lee. And they are taking such good care of him and giving him a loving home right where he belongs.

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Checking In With Our Troops ~ They ROCK!

More M1A1 Tanks Arrive in Afghanistan

M1A1 Abrams tanks are staged at the Initial Issue Provisioning lot at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. Five tanks have arrived so far and another dozen or so are expected to arrive over the coming weeks. Marines and contractors will inspect and up-armor the tanks before they are issued to infantry Marines throughout Helmand province. The Tanks will provide coalition forces with superior optics, maneuverability and precision fire power to be used during counter insurgency operations. Produced by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Brofer.

Tanks were last used by the Marine Corps in Al Anbar province, Iraq.


Army Spc. Kathryn Fish coaches a fellow soldier during a leader development program at Camp Taji, Iraq


Chief Warrant Officer Jose Martinez performs dumbbell chest presses in the gymnasium aboard the amphibious dock landing ship Pearl Harbor on Nov. 22. Pearl Harbor is part of the Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group, which is transiting the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility.
MC2 Michael Russell / Navy


Members of 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, fire mortar rounds from their forward operating base at Mian Poshteh, Helmand province, on Tuesday.
Manpreet Romana/Agence France Presse


U.S Army Soldiers with the 10th Mountain Division patrol through the bazaar in Charkh, Afghanistan.

Fresh artillery blasts near a South Korean Island attacked earlier this week apparently came during drill today by North Korea. (Nov. 26)


Wild Thing's comment.......

THANK YOU!!! for all that you do!! For serving our country and for the sacrfices you make every day,
I Pray each day God will keep you safe, and that he will bring you home, VERY, VERY, SOON!!!
GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! AWESOME JOB GUYS!! YOU are what makes are Country so Great!!

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November 28, 2010

Somali-American Mohamed Osman Mohamud Accused Of Plotting To Bomb Oregon Tree-lighting Event

FBI has thwarted an attempted car-bombing in Portland’s “Pioneer Courthouse Square.” The attempted terrorist attack occurred last night, where a large crowd had gathered for a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony.

Reports say that a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia – Mohamed Osman Mohamud – actually went so far as to attach a blasting cap to what he believed to be an explosive device and then tried to detonate it from another location. He was then arrested by the FBI.


A 19-year-old has been arrested in connection with a plot to detonate a vehicle bomb at an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, on Friday evening, the Justice Department announced.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia, was arrested on suspicion of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. He is a resident of Corvallis, Oregon, and a student at Oregon State University, according to the FBI. Mohamud was arrested by the FBI and Portland Police Bureau after he attempted to detonate what he believed to be an explosives-laden van that was parked near the tree-lighting ceremony in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, the Justice Department said in a written statement, but the device was actually inert.

“The threat was very real. Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale,” said Arthur Balizan, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon. “At the same time, I want to reassure the people of this community that, at every turn, we denied him the ability to actually carry out the attack.”

The arrest was the culmination of a long-term undercover operation during which Mohamud had been monitored closely as his alleged bomb plot developed, the Justice Department said. Officials said the public was never in danger from the device.



Wild Thing's comment.......

Islam the death cult again. Can we please start to Profile!!!???

Actually, if you read the story closely in full, this guy had reached out to terrorist types. I think that is what drew him to the attention of the FBI, not profiling. It would be nice indeed if the FBI was profiling Somali immigrants, but I wouldn't cite this story as evidence that they are.

FBI Wabted Terrorists

Usama Bin Laden
Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Al Quso
Husayn Muhammad Al-Umari
Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali
Anas Al-Liby
Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz Al-Turki
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Mughass
Abdul Rahman Yasin
Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim
Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain
Saif Al-Adel
Muhammad Ahmed Al-Munawar
Adam Yahiye Gadahn
Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub
Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi
Mohammed Ali Hamadei
Ali Atwa
Hasan Izz-Al-Din
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah
Daniel Andreas (San Diego eco-terrorist)
Fazul Abdullah Mohammed
Jaber A. Elbaneh
Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie
Abd Al Aziz Awda
Isnilon Totoni Hapilon (Phillipino, member of Abu Sayyaf group)
Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah
Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser
Adnan G. El Shukrijumai

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A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States

A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States

by Sarah Palin

My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come. With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago, we have much to celebrate – from the FBI’s 100 days to the reforms that bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system. We know that countries like Europe are willing to stand with us in our fight to halt the rise of privacy, and Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. And let’s face it, everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma and they end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and ah, a breathalyzer, or an inhalator. I mean, not a breathalyzer, ah, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for that…

Of course, the paragraph above is based on a series of misstatements and verbal gaffes made by Barack Obama (I didn’t have enough time to do one for Joe Biden). YouTube links are provided just in case you doubt the accuracy of these all too human slips-of-the-tongue. If you can’t remember hearing about them, that’s because for the most part the media didn’t consider them newsworthy. I have no complaint about that. Everybody makes the occasional verbal gaffe – even news anchors.

Obviously, I would have been even more impressed if the media showed some consistency on this issue. Unfortunately, it seems they couldn’t resist the temptation to turn a simple one word slip-of-the-tongue of mine into a major political headline. The one word slip occurred yesterday during one of my seven back-to-back interviews wherein I was privileged to speak to the American public about the important, world-changing issues before us.

If the media had bothered to actually listen to all of my remarks on Glenn Beck’s radio show, they would have noticed that I refer to South Korea as our ally throughout, that I corrected myself seconds after my slip-of-the-tongue, and that I made it abundantly clear that pressure should be put on China to restrict energy exports to the North Korean regime. The media could even have done due diligence and checked my previous statements on the subject, which have always been consistent, and in fact even ahead of the curve. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story? (And for that matter, why not just make up stories out of thin air – like the totally false hard news story which has run for three days now reporting that I lobbied the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” to cast a former Senate candidate on their show. That lie is further clear proof that the media completely makes things up without doing even rudimentary fact-checking.)

“Hope springs eternal” as the poet says. Let’s hope that perhaps, just maybe, they might get it right next time. When we the people are effective in holding America’s free press accountable for responsible and truthful reporting, then we shall all have even more to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

- Sarah Palin


Wild Thing's comment.......

You can never, ever let a charge go unanswered, good for Sarah!!!! The left hates to be laughed at. That’s why they despise Rush. Keep laughing Sarah!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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John Kerry: Deck my halls

John Kerry: Deck my halls

Rich Pol urges strapped donors to give

Boston Herald

Battle-weary Bay State Democrats are getting squeezed by U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry this Christmas, as the nation’s richest senator puts the arm on cash-strapped party donors to fill his campaign war chest — even though he’s not up for re-election for another four years.

“I think people feel very tapped-out,” said Phil Johnston, former Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman, who is helping to organize Kerry’s Dec. 13 gala. Johnston, who said he is seeing steady ticket sales, still expects a full house.

“It’s a mea- sure of John Kerry’s strength among Democrats that this event should be hugely successful,” he said.

The state’s senior senator — recently ranked the nation’s richest with $2.7 million in his campaign coffers and an estimated net worth of $239 million — is asking fellow Democrats to open their wallets yet again after they dug deep during a hard-fought election year. His extravaganza at the Boston Symphony — where tickets range from $75 to $4,800 — could be a tough sell as the party’s rank-and-file struggles through another Christmas in a tough economy.

“For Democrats, there’s a bit of fatigue — people have been giving aggressively,” said Democratic consultant Scott M. Ferson, president of the Liberty Square Group. “But we need John Kerry now more than ever. He’s one of the few (Massachusetts) Democrats left in a leadership position.”

Kerry put up $85,000 in campaign cash to rent the 2,000-seat Boston Symphony, where Boston Pops maestro Keith Lockhart, singer James Taylor and actor-director Ben Affleck are expected to appear.

Boston University pol-itical professor Thomas Whalen said the extravagant blowout — meant to celebrate Kerry’s 25 years in the Senate and 45 years of public service — could be a turnoff to struggling Bay Staters.

“The symbolism really works against him, which is typical of Kerry,” Whalen said. “It doesn’t exactly portray him as a man of the people. He could inadvertently tick off a lot of supporters given that a lot of people are going through a tough time.”

State Democrats are coming off a costly year — beginning with the primary for the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s seat, which drew four challengers, including the eventual loser, Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party — which helped Gov. Deval Patrick’s expensive re-election campaign as well as bolstered candidates for open treasurer and auditor seats — raised $4.6 million this year, according to the state’s campaign finance Web site.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Lt. Gov. Tim Murray put the touch on party donors to the tune of $6.6 million, and congressional incumbents had to pump up their campaign coffers as many faced their first serious challengers in years.

Just last month, the CEO of Caritas Christi Health Care, Ralph de la Torre, hosted a $15,000-a-head fund-raiser at his West Newton home that reportedly reaped nearly $1 million for President Obama.

Despite all that giving, Johnston believes loyal Democrats will pony up for Kerry, if only to discourage GOP challengers. Said Johnston: “He needs to replenish his campaign.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Kerry put up $85,000 in campaign cash to rent the 2,000-seat Boston Symphony, where Boston Pops maestro Keith Lockhart, singer James Taylor and actor-director Ben Affleck are expected to appear.
Boston University pol-itical professor Thomas Whalen said the extravagant blowout — meant to celebrate Kerry’s 25 years in the Senate and 45 years of public service — could be a turnoff to struggling Bay Staters.

OMG what a total jerk and worse Hanoi Kerry is.....sheesh. A night of self disgusting.

I bet he still hasn’t paid his taxes for his boat. And it has been 2126 days since Hanoi John Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 and release his military records.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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The Roots of Obama's Rage by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

The Roots of Obama's Rage

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

The thesis of Denish D’Sousa’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” is that Obama is fundamentally anti-colonial, the United States of America is colonial in its international relationships, i.e. Africa (most of it by guilt through association with European colonial empires), Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, and therefore he (Obama), has to “undo the damage” first by apologizing, then by spreading the wealth to countries that the U.S. has ostensibly exploited.

At home, Obama is fundamentally socialist in his approach while touting free market’s, but signing legislation and issuing Executive Orders that are intended to fundamentally transform the U.S. from a market economy to a government run economy; and, he is succeeding. Why, if otherwise did he nationalize the car companies, bail out banks in exchange for major ownership stakes, and cram “so called,” health care reform down the throats of an unwilling populace, all the while claiming that this last was what the American people want.

So, here is a President who is determined to “totally change America” “totally change the economic system,” and here’s one that is not often remembered, “totally change the world.” If he collapses the U.S. economy he will succeed at all three objectives. Unfortunately, should Obama succeed it will be a world that is infinitely worse off than at any time in history. It is notable that no other U.S. President in history has worked so intensely to destroy his own country than Barack Hussein Obama.

One of the Congress’ responsibilities as a separate branch of government is to provide funding ot run the government on the one hand, and to advise and consent to the President’s actions, on the other.

If the Republicans want to do something worthwhile, they will investigate the underlying causes of the economic collapse of ’08, which although complex is not too hard to understand if one devotes even a modicum of thought and analysis to the issues.

The economic collapse did not just happen, succinctly put it was caused by a combination of government mandates which were intended to advance home ownership whether or not mortgages could be paid; banks that saw an opportunity to make huge profits by pushing loans to unqualified borrowers; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s bundling those loans with performing loans then selling them to banks that used them as collateral to borrow money that could then be used to leverage stock transactions; totally out of control stock market speculation, day trading and borderline, as well as over-the-line illegal gaming of the market through insider trading activities; all timed so that speculation in the oil markets would drive gasoline prices to all time highs at precisely the same time that sub-prime mortgages were adjusting upward to normal interest rates.

The overwhelming increase in costs to millions of homeowners caused by gasoline prices and mortgage payments simultaneously doubling caused cascading defaults throughout the entire financial system.

Voila! It all happened co-incidentally, at precisely the moment in the general election campaign to affect the outcome. Soros and Congressional Democrats could not have planned it better!

Further, the Congress should investigate the sources of the hundreds of millions of dollars of contributions to Obama’s campaign that were below the reporting threshold. Since Obama promised to be totally transparent, he should have no problem cooperating in an investigation into the sources of those contributions. We, the American people would like to know even if the contributions were supposedly legal.

Then, all the while working to reopen the nation for business by creating a healthy tax and labor environment, the Congress should rein in Obama’s patently un-Constitutional Executive Orders, for example, the proposed one/ones that would have the EPA issue regulations to effectively impose “Cap and Trade;” and thus drive the cost of heating, cooling and transportation through the roof in the name of controlling carbon emissions and by extension, global warming.

Republicans have an historic opportunity to set this nation back on the right path after having “blown it” leading up to the election of ’06. In fact if they fail the Republican Party will disappear into the ash heap and another more conservative party that is aligned with the majority of Americans will emerge to replace it forever.

Message for the Congress: It’s time to serve the American people, not enact legislation that effectively makes the American people serve the government.

Incidentally, as for the title, America will win.

Semper Fidelis


Wild Thing's comment........

I agree, it is time, long past time, our government listens to we the people. What we saw from the many Townhall meetings shocked me. To see how elected officials treated the people that pay their salaries etc. should have left everyone wide awake as to what has happened and how much we need to fight back for our country.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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November 27, 2010

We Still Hold These Truths

The Heritage Foundation released this 20 minute movie back in September on America’s founding principles .

In a world of moral confusion, and of arbitrary and unlimited government, America's founding principles are our best access to permanent truths and the best ground from which to question the current direction of our nation. Join Matt Spalding, author of We Still Hold These Truths and an authority on American political thought and religious liberty at The Heritage Foundation, as he highlights some everyday Americans on a journey to reclaim our future.

How can we get America back on course?

By returning to the timeless principles and practical wisdom that have been the source of America's monumental success.

By knowing and believing in ten core principles that define us as a nation and inspire us as a people—liberty and equality, natural rights and the consent of the governed, private property and religious freedom, the rule of law and constitutionalism, all culminating in self-government at home and independence in the world.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This gave me goosebumps and tears watching and listening to it. It will touch your soul because you all that come to this blog love America lilke I do. I cherish your love for our country, it means a lot to me. Your comments and input is something I look forward to each day; as you speak from your hearts and share and laugh and rant too about things.

This video by The Heritage Foundation is so good. I love things like this. God bless our beloved country!!!!!

And God bless every person that has fought and served our country to allow me to live in the land of the free. Thank you with all my heart.

We WILL take care of our country and fight back against those wanting to destroy her. I love the story of the Oak tree in the video.

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Obama Hurt Playing Basketball Only Has To Get 12 Stitches



Washington AP

Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his lip after taking an errant elbow during a pickup basketball game Friday with a group of family and friends visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House said.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement that Obama was inadvertently struck by an elbow. The elbow’s owner wasn’t identified.

Obama received the stitches under local anesthesia in the doctor’s office on the ground floor White House after he returned home.

The president had traveled to nearby Fort McNair to indulge in one of his favorite athletic pursuits, basketball. It was a five-on-five contest involving family and friends and including Reggie Love, Obama’s personal assistant who played at Duke University.

Obama emerged from the building after about 90 minutes of play, wearing short-sleeve T-shirt and gym pants, and was seen dabbing at his mouth with what appeared to be a wad of gauze.


Player Who Injured Obama Identified

The White House has identified the person whose elbow injured President Barack Obama during a pickup game of basketball on Friday.

His name is Rey Decerega and he works for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

The White House also released a statement from Decerega, who says he enjoys playing basketball with Obama and is sure the president will be back out on the court again soon.


As the official White House Christmas tree arrived Friday by horse drawn carriage, Barack Obama was seen from a window nursing his lip. The White House says Obama needed 12 stitches after being injured in a basketball game. (Nov. 26)


Wild Thing's comment.......

I do soooo hope this means he will not be sucking up air time on TV for awhile. I am so sick of seeing and hearing him. Can you hear me now Obama????

Unless oh what if, no that would not happen would it? How do you put stitches in a teleprompter?

Amazing no blood from a cut lip that needs 12 stitches caused by an elbow. I don't see any blood in the photos..

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Obama and His Administration Bracing for Court Setbacks to Health Law

Administration Is Bracing for Court Setbacks to Health Law

As the Obama administration presses ahead with the health care law, officials are bracing for the possibility that a federal judge in Virginia will soon reject its central provision as unconstitutional and, in the worst case for the White House, halt its enforcement until higher courts can rule.

The judge, Henry E. Hudson of Federal District Court in Richmond, has promised to rule by the end of the year on the constitutionality of the law’s requirement that most Americans obtain insurance, which does not take effect until 2014.

Although administration officials remain confident that it is constitutionally valid to compel people to obtain health insurance, they also acknowledge that Judge Hudson’s preliminary opinions and comments could presage the first ruling against the law.

“He’s asked a number of questions that express skepticism,” said one administration official who is examining whether a ruling against part of the law would raise questions about whether other provisions would automatically collapse. “We have been trying to think through that set of questions,” said the official, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case freely.

While many newly empowered Republican lawmakers have vowed to repeal the health care law in Congress, a more immediate threat may rest in the federal courts in cases brought by Republican officials in dozens of states. Not only would an adverse ruling confuse Americans and attack the law’s underpinnings, it could frustrate the steps hospitals, insurers and government agencies are taking to carry out the law.

“Any ruling against the act creates another P.R. problem for the Democrats, who need to resell the law to insured Americans,” said Jonathan Oberlander, a University of North Carolina political scientist, who wrote [...] that such a ruling “could add to health care reform’s legitimacy problem.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

The Constitution Strikes Back, but the battle is not won yet.

So these morons fear the court, but couldn’t care less what the electorate thinks. We responded this last November vote and we will again.

Get rid of it!!!!!

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November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Meal Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Thanksgiving Day Meal Aboard Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan (HiDef!)

Marines try to make the most of Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

Stars and Stripes

Afghanistan — If he were back home Thursday, Marine Lance Cpl. Chad Berry would have eaten turkey and ham at the home of one of his sets of grandparents in Tennessee. If it was his father’s side of the family, they’d go deer hunting after dinner, then come home and eat some more.

Back home, Pfc. Ysnardy Torres, 21, would be in New York City, visiting family in three boroughs, eating a lot of shredded turkey and his aunt’s flan, a type of custard dessert.

“I’d be going from house to house, getting food,” he said Thursday morning while training Afghan police recruits at the Adraskan National Training Center in western Afghanistan. “It starts in Brooklyn, to the Bronx, to Queens and then back to Brooklyn. I’d be tearing that (expletive) up.”

If he wasn’t deployed here with 14 other Marines, Lance Cpl. Gordon Sherburne would be at his Uncle Wade’s house in Mesick, Mich., chowing down with 50 other members of the Sherburne clan.

“I’d be watching the Dallas Cowboys play — that’s my wife’s team — and eating some green beans with bacon, ham and stuffing,” 19-year-old Lance Cpl. Mark McCart said of his holiday plans were he back in Fountain, Colo. “And just chill.”

Thoughts inevitably turned to home Thursday for these Marines and the thousands of other U.S. troops overseas on such a family-focused holiday. It’s a day for which it’s difficult to be away.

“It’s even harder than Christmas,” said Berry, 21, of Dunlap, Tenn.

“It (expletive) sucks,” Torres said of holidays far from home, adding that the Internet only makes him realize the good times his loved ones are having back home. “I don’t even go on my Facebook.”

Still, Marines make do. Thursday is a half-day of work here, and everyone’s off Friday, so Thanksgiving synched well with the training schedule.

The contractors in charge of the chow hall pulled out all the stops, and the Marines, Italian and Polish troops were treated to a gut-busting lunch and dinner. There was turkey, discs of a pre-formed sausage and stuffing concoction, as well as mashed potatoes, but there was also grilled lobster and steaks.

Before supper, Army Lt. Col. Mike King, who oversees the base, reiterated the story of the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving in 1621 for the non-Americans in attendance.

“Today we don’t have the venison or the wild fowl, but we do have turkey,” he said before everyone dug in.

Many of the Marines were thankful for the things most people appreciate: family, friends and good health.

Sherburne said he was thankful to be at Adraskan, because, “I’m lucky I got a good deployment.”

And though he was missing the honeyed ham at his grandparents’ house in Alabama, Lance Cpl. Bryant Mitchell, 25, also appreciated Adraskan on this day of giving thanks.

“I’m thankful to be here, actually,” he said. “Just for the experience, doing something most people don’t do.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Fantasitc! God bless our troops!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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We're Americans


Wild Thing's comment......

Great video! God bless America and thank you to all our Veterans and our troops serving.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:50 AM

Giving Thanks In Afghanistan ~ Thank You Troops!

U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visits with Glendon E. Bentley and other members of the Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America Honor Guard at the World Congress and Exposition on Disabilities in Dallas, Nov. 19, 2010. DOD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley


Capt. Woowon Chung dishes out stuffing and mashed potatoes at FOB Tarnek in the Dand district of Kandahar on Thursday for troops with 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, New York. Some of the officers rocked their Stetsons as they served the meal to the enlisted soldiers

U.S. troops in Afghanistan got a little taste of Thanksgiving festivities on Thursday as some leaders dished out the holiday feast for the deployed troops. Like Capt. Woowon Chung, who dishes out stuffing and mashed potatoes at FOB Tarnek in the Dand district of Kandahar on Thursday for troops with 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, New York. Some of the officers rocked their Stetsons as they served the meal to the enlisted soldiers. Meanwhile, with calls of "cup or cone" before soldiers were even through the line getting their Thanksgiving meal, 1st Sgt. Philip Harrison eagerly scooped cookies-and-cream ice cream for the soldiers of 1/71 Cav. The troops walked away with their plates piled high with yams, turkey and mashed potatoes and ice cream dripping down their hands.



Wild Thing's comment.....

No Obama today, let's pretend he does not exist for the day. Poof! OH how I wish. haha

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

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More With Our Troops In Iraq and Afghanistan

Soldiers of the 1BCT 4ID Raider Brigade take a moment to wish their families and friends a Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Afghanistan. Video provided by 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division


B-roll of Thanksgiving Day celebration at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Chief Master Sgt. Dean Roberts volunteered to serve turkey and ham to the troops during the lunch hour.

The 10th Mountain Division band was also on hand to provide music....towards the end of the video


Baghdad.........US soldiers stationed in Baghdad celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Thursday with a meal in a hall of one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces.


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November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To All Of You and Our Troops Nov. 25,2010


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so grateful to each of you that are part of Theodore's World family. You are all very special to me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you to our troops, please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.



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Obama Talks About Himself AGAIN As He Fist Bumps and Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey

While pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey, President Obama says, “It feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November.”



Wild Thing's comment......

LOL Is he giving that turkey a FIST BUMP????

Jive Turkey Seeks Fist Bump, But Left Hangin'


"I'm down with your struggle bro'. We're gunna free your brothers & sisters from slavery to the pigs someday."

....feel free to add your own......

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Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Believe Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor, Thinks Muslims More Persecuted Than Jews

Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Believe Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor, Thinks Muslims More Persecuted Than Jews


Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday demonstrated an absolutely staggering ignorance concerning a variety of subjects.

Appearing on Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor," Goldberg admitted not knowing what a madrasa is, said it wasn't the Japanese that attacked America at Pearl Harbor, and claimed Muslims in America are more persecuted than Jews (video follows with transcript and commentary CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

BILL O'REILLY, Host: Do you believe in the world, we have a Muslim problem?



GOLDBERG: I think we have a terrorist problem.

O'REILLY: OK. So, you don't believe we have a Muslim problem.
Would you agree with me that if all the good Muslims, and I think they overwhelm the bad Muslims, OK? Would cooperate with the West, with the United States and NATO and other countries, that we wouldn't have a terrorist problem? For example, if Pakistan would cooperate with the United States, we wouldn't have the Taliban problem in Afghanistan. We would defeat them.

GOLDBERG: That would all be great if that's how it worked.

O'REILLY: But that's how it works.

GOLDBERG: But it isn't how it works, because, if you recall -- think of it this way, that crazy gentleman, I take that back because that's rude -- the gentleman that said he was going to burn the Koran, that got played all around the world.

O'REILLY: You mean the nut down in Florida?

GOLDBERG: I'm not going to say that.

O'REILLY: OK, I will. But that, you're diverting the attention.

GOLDBERG: No, no, I'm not. Listen to my point.

O'REILLY: All right. Go ahead.

GOLDBERG: So, all the people who are watching around the world saying, boy, America feels like that, so Americans --

O'REILLY: See, but I disagree. I don't think Muslims think that everybody is like that crazy guy. I don't believe that.
But let's get back to Pakistan. Pakistan, if they would help us -

GOLDBERG: No, no. Bill, Bill.

O'REILLY: -- we could win that.

GOLDBERG: Bill, do you think that the people in Pakistan, the people who live in Pakistan, the poor people, the people who don't have any say, you think they don't want help to help the West?

O'REILLY: A lot of them don't. The madrasa -- do you know what a madrasa is?

GOLDBERG: No, I don't.

O'REILLY: OK. Madrasa is a school that teaches Islamic jihad and there are madrasas all over the Muslim world. They teach 4 and 5-year-old kids to hate people.

GOLDBERG: Bill, that may be true --

O'REILLY: It is true.

GOLDBERG: It may be true. I can't prove it. You've clearly been --

O'REILLY: I can.

GOLDBERG: You've clearly been to them and I will take your word for it. But that does not change the fact that when you paint all Muslims with one brush, it's bad.

So, this woman gets to discuss serious matters about religion and terrorism on national television, but she's never heard of a madrasa. But that's just the beginning:

O'REILLY: I'm not painting all Muslims with one brush.

GOLDBERG: But when you say Muslims killed us, when you don't specify. It's like saying whenever I see black men coming down the street, I'm scared. That's the same --

O'REILLY: Do you have a problem in history when you were taught about World War II that Japanese attacked us? Do you have a problem with that?

GOLDBERG: I have a problem with that.

O'REILLY: Do you?


O'REILLY: But they attacked us?

GOLDBERG: The Japanese --

O'REILLY: Attacked us.

GOLDBERG: -- army attacked us.

O'REILLY: The air force did.

GOLDBERG: Sorry, the air force did. You understand my point?

Understand your point? The Japanese air force attacked us on December 7, 1941, NOT the Japanese?

Goldberg apparently has "a problem" saying it was the Japanese because all of that nation's people weren't on the planes that morning!

But there's still more:

O'REILLY: No, I don't, because I think you are cutting the hair so thin. We have a Muslim problem in the world in the sense that 90 percent of the terrorism.

GOLDBERG: Bill, we're going to disagree.

O'REILLY: Come from that area.

GOLDBERG: You know what? What do you mean 90 percent of the terrorists --


GOLDBERG: -- are from everywhere. They are white.

O'REILLY: No, predominantly they are Muslims.

GOLDBERG: Right now.

O'REILLY: Right. That's what we are talking about.

GOLDBERG: Right now, everybody can say the Muslims are the terrorists. Two years ago, it was the white people that were the terrorists.

O'REILLY: What white people?

GOLDBERG: Oh, wasn't it white people that blew up Oklahoma City?

O'REILLY: Yes, two of them. Two of them.

GOLDBERG: What about all the folks


O'REILLY: It's like saying crime is white is black.

GOLDBERG: Bill, we disagree.

O'REILLY: All right. We disagree.

GOLDBERG: We disagree on this.

O'REILLY: But I just want to be clear.

GOLDBERG: And it's OK.

O'REILLY: We have to have these discussions.

GOLDBERG: We must have these discussions.

O'REILLY: Right. But I just want to be clear and I'll give you the last word on this and then we'll get to your book.


O'REILLY: I believe there is a Muslim problem in the world.


O'REILLY: And that's what I was trying to get across to you guys on "The View."


O'REILLY: That 70 percent of Americans believe the way I do. They thought it was inappropriate to make a Muslim community center that close to Ground Zero. That was my point.

GOLDBERG: I understood your point. What did I not understand and I will just reiterate it again because --

O'REILLY: I just left out the word terrorist.

GOLDBERG: Yes. Because in this day and age when kids are getting their butts kicked because they are Muslim, OK?

O'REILLY: Not so much.

GOLDBERG: Bill, are you kidding me?

O'REILLY: New study today, Jews in America are far more likely to be persecuted than Muslims, just came out today.

GOLDBERG: You know what? I'm sure that someone believes that, but I believe that in neighborhoods where they don't want Muslims, they beat up kids.

She's sure someone believes that? Well, I don't know what new report O'Reilly was talking about, but as NewsBusters reported in August, according to the FBI, Jews in 2008 were victims of hate crimes ten times as much as Muslims.

Alas, such facts are unimportant to Goldberg, for she believes anything she wants regardless of all the inconvenient truths out there.

Of course, that is her right. After all, ignorance is bliss.

But that she has a national platform like ABC's "The View," with over 3.5 million viewers on a daily basis, to spread this ignorance is deeply disturbing.


Whoopi Goldberg Lectures O’Reilly: “Two Years Ago it Was the White People Who Were the Terrorists”

The left wing entertainer told Bill O’Reilly that “white people” are just as likely to be terrorists as anyone on the planet.

“What do you mean 90% of the terrorists come out of that region? Terrorists come from everywhere. Right now everyone can say the Muslims are the terrorists. Two years ago it was the white people that were the terrorists.”

Whoopi believes that “white people” are just as likely to be terrorists as Muslim fanatics.

What a shocking display of ignorance.


Wild Thing's comment........

Her stupidity is simply breathtaking.

For the record… Muslim extremists have carried out more than 16,000 deadly attacks since 9-11.

And get this!!! She was on Huckabee's show and he went on and on about what a “good” person she is. Judgment like Huckabee's needs to stay far away from the levers of power.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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USS George Washington en route to South Korea

A US nuclear aircraft carrier is en route to South Korea to carry out scheduled war games in a show of force against Noth Korea.

USS George Washington getting under way and heading to waters off South Korea as part of the U.S. response to North Korea’s artillery attack on South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island yesterday. The attack killed two South Korean Marines and at least two civilians as well. Dozens more were injured in the unprovoked attack.

Obama has condemned the attack, and ordered the USS George Washington to head to region where it will join more than 28,000 U.S. Troops stationed in South Korea. The USS George Washington leads a carrier strike group that will take part in naval exercises with South Korea in the Yellow Sea next week.

FOX News

The Pentagon has dispatched the aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS George Washington to the Yellow Sea for naval exercises with South Korea following the exchange of artillery fire between the North and South.

The exercises are likely to anger China which in the past pressed Washington not to send its aircraft carriers to the sea.

The U.S. military command in Seoul announced that the carrier will take part in exercises in “waters west of the Korean peninsula” from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 st.

The aircraft carrier George Washington, which makes its home port in Yokosuka, Japan, and sails with a complete wing of combat aircraft, will lead four other American warships in the joint exercise.

Military officials said the George Washington had been preparing to sail from its home port to participate with the Japanese navy in a joint exercise to begin Dec. 3. Following the artillery exchange between the two Koreas, it was ordered to exercise with the South Korean navy before joining the exercise with the Japanese.


South Korea orders evacuation of the islands near the border with the North Korea

FOX News

The U.S.-South Korean drills scheduled for Sunday and involving the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, although previously scheduled, are sure to infuriate North Korea.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has urged China to rein in its ally North Korea, with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, saying, "We really think it's important for the international community to lead, but in particular China."

Yesterday’s North Korean artillery attack killed two South Korean marines, generated international outrage and ratcheted up fears of a major conflict between the two Koreas.

Around 50 North Korean shells hit a small island near the border, setting houses on fire. South Korea responded with its own artillery attack.

And the government has ordered the evacuation of these islands.
Residents of Yeonpyeong who evacuated the island and began arriving at the South Korean port of Incheon on Wednesday told harrowing tales of fiery destruction and narrow escapes.

Ann Ahe-ja, one of hundreds of exhausted evacuees from Yeonpyeong island arriving in the port of Incheon on a rescue ship, said the artillery barrage that killed four people — two of them civilians — had caught her by surprise.

"Over my head, a pine tree was broken and burning," Ann told AP Television News on Wednesday. "So I thought 'Oh, this is not another exercise. It is a war.' I decided to run. And I did."

About 10 homes suffered direct hits and 30 were destroyed in the midafternoon barrage, according to a local official who spoke by telephone from the island just seven miles (11 kilometers) from the North Korean shore. About 1,700 civilians live on Yeonpyeong alongside South Korean troops stationed there.

It's too dangerous to have people on these small and remote island communities so they're bringing them in via ferry.

Remaining residents to evacuate Yeonpyeong Island


Wild Thing's comment........

So this ship was planned to arrive months ago before current events. Is this posturing by Obama and is there more to this. It is hard to tell from Obama, I don't trust Obama.

I just hope the people of South Korea will be ok. And to add to the mix the UN is of course catering to North Korea.

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Polling Shows Obama Falls to 39%, As Support from Democrats Continues to Slide

Zogby Interactive: Obama Falls to 39%, As Support from Democrats Continues to Slide

Those Saying U.S. on Wrong Track Hits High Under Obama of 69%

UTICA, New York - President Barack Obama's job approval rating has dropped to the lowest point of his Presidency at 39%, and in potential match-ups with Republicans in 2012, he trails Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich and is just one point ahead of Sarah Palin.

The percentage of likely voters saying the U.S. is on the wrong track is now the highest since Obama took office at 69%.


Wild Thing's comment........

The good news is that 61% of Americans must occasionally have a rational thought. The bad news is that there are still 39% or may be less by 2012 are dedicated Progressives /communists. Obama is politically doomed. The only thing Obama has done is use the DOJ to defend terrorists the militant black panthers and spent money on slush funds and campaign payback money. He is a radical that cannot lead his way out of a paper bag. There is a small minority that has hijacked our government but are well backed/organized and deeply progressive communist.

I think this TSA thing is hurting him with many libs as well. I heard that over at the DU he is being slapped around a lot about TSA as well.

Then there are the Die Hards.....NBC's Chris Matthews Calls Saul Alinsky One Of His Heroes (Newsbusters ^12/23/2009)

"I always try to remind myself of Saul Alinsky when I get confused," Matthews told "Hardball" guest Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

Yet Mr. Obama will respond to the Soros Dog Whistle....Go Lefter young man! Throttle your enemies, destroy GB & FOX and the Bloggers, sic the TSA, EPA, FRS, IRS on your enemies and we will make sure you are never defeated.

With Missouri and Texas (and possibly Pennsylvania) attempting laws requiring proof of natural birth to be on the state ballot for a presidential election, Soros only has two years of shelf life to make his puppet cause maximum damage.

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George Washington's Proclamation Delivered By Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: "George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation."

Here it is:

"Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor -- and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me 'to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.'"

RUSH: So, the first paragraph of Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation is essentially thanking God for the Constitution. (interruption) It was! Washington was thanking God for our founding and our Constitution.

"Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be -- That we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks -- for His kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation -- for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of His Providence which we experienced in the tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed -- for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted -- for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which He hath been pleased to confer upon us.

"And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions -- to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually -- to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed -- to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn [sic] kindness onto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord -- To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease [sic] of science among them and us -- and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best. -- Given under my hand at the City of New York, the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789."

RUSH: The Father of our Country. There you have it. That's the first Thanksgiving Proclamation. There's nothing in there about the pilgrims. There's nothing in there about Native Americans. There's nothing in there about a feast. There's nothing in there about communal living and socialism. There's nothing in there about syphilis and starving. There's nothing in there about anything that you think Thanksgiving is about. George Washington.

RUSH: And the number of references to "the Almighty" and to God? Why if a president read that today the ACLU would file suit! A number of other groups would claim oppression over having to listen to it and having it forced upon them. Also, ladies and gentlemen, I must note (before our obscene profit time out) that on the third day of October 1789 A.D. in New York, George Washington gave out not one Butterball turkey.

RUSH: Not one! Zero, zilch, nada Butterball turkeys were given away in New York, including what is now known as Harlem.


Wild Thing's comment........

This was so good, worth saving or sending it to others as well.

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November 24, 2010

Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor ...Oh and We Gave Him Money

KABUL, Afghanistan — For months, the secret talks unfolding between Taliban and Afghan leaders to end the war appeared to be showing promise, if only because of the appearance of a certain insurgent leader at one end of the table: Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, one of the most senior commanders in the Taliban movement.

But now, it turns out, Mr. Mansour was apparently not Mr. Mansour at all. In an episode that could have been lifted from a spy novel, United States and Afghan officials now say the Afghan man was an impostor, and high-level discussions conducted with the assistance of NATO appear to have achieved little.

“It’s not him,” said a Western diplomat in Kabul intimately involved in the discussions. “And we gave him a lot of money.”

American officials confirmed Monday that they had given up hope that the Afghan was Mr. Mansour, or even a member of the Taliban leadership.


On yesterday's Rush show he recounts the story out yesterday that NATO and Afghan Officials have been negotiating in Afghanistan with who they thought was a Taliban Leader from across the border in Pakistan. They even paid the man money. The supposed Taliban Leader had even been ushered into the President’s Palace in Afghanistan to meet with President Hamid Karzai. But it turns out the man was an imposter.

Rush then moved from this story to say sarcastically, How could they possibly let this man get into the Presidential Palace without being properly vetted? “They clearly didn’t ask this guy for his birth certificate?”

“How in the world – how in the world could they trust a leader and even give money to somebody who has not been properly vetted? Ohhh – well, because it happened here in the United States, because we have an imposter – for all intents and purposes – serving in the White House.”


The man pretending to be Mr. Mansour was given diplomatic treatment for his role in the talks, including being flown on NATO aircraft from Pakistan to Kabul and escorted to the presidential palace for three meetings.

FOX News

A man leading the Taliban side of peace talks with the Afghan government was an impersonator, an Afghan close to the negotiations said Tuesday, an embarrassing revelation for Afghan officials who have promoted reconciliation efforts as the best chance for ending the war.

Quickly moving to do damage control, President Hamid Karzai dismissed the reports as “propaganda,” saying neither he nor any other members of his government had ever met with a man named Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour — one of highest ranking members of the Taliban council leading the insurgency.

The report about the impostor first appeared in The New York Times and the Washington Post.

An Afghan familiar with the reconciliation efforts, speaking confirmed that a delegate claiming to be Mansour “was a fraud.” He spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to jeopardize his contacts with both sides.

Karzai denied that anybody named Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was ever brought by NATO to Afghanistan for meetings with him and other officials.

“I did not see Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour and Mullah Mansour did not come to Afghanistan. Don’t accept this news from the foreign press regarding meetings with the elders of the Taliban because most of them are propaganda,” Karzai said.

NATO, which was reportedly deeply involved in the meetings and purportedly flew the impostor to Kabul, did not immediately comment on the reports.

Mansour, a former civil aviation minister during Taliban rule, is a senior member of the Taliban’s ruling council in the Pakistani city of Quetta. That council, or shura, is run by Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

If confirmed, the claims that he was not really involved would be a blow to the Afghan government’s push to find a political resolution to the nine-year-old war. It also raised questions about the credibility of some NATO officials who have said they facilitated contacts between Taliban figures and Afghan officials.

According to the reports, the impostor met with Afghan and NATO officials three times — including once with Karzai — before they discovered he was not Mansour. He was allegedly paid to attend.


Wild Thing's comment.......

God, we are so screwed.

Next time check his birth certificate....oh wait. It takes one to know One.

Both NATO and the White House thought this guy was for real.

John Bolton on The Fake Taliban Leader: "This Has to Be The Most Embarrassing Episode In American National Security Policy in Last 10 Years" Bolton: "It was a mistake to believe we could negotiate with the Taliban at all"

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DHS & TSA: Making A List, Checking It Twice

DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice

Canada Free Press

By Doug Hagmann

Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Indeed, both the terminology and content contained in the document are troubling. The dissemination of the document itself is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release. While the document cannot be posted or published, the more salient points are revealed here.

The memo, which actually takes the form of an administrative directive, appears to be the product of undated but recent high level meetings between Napolitano, John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),and one or more of Obama’s national security advisors. This document officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as “domestic extremists.”

The introductory paragraph of the multi-page document states that it is issued “in response to the growing public backlash against enhanced TSA security screening procedures and the agents conducting the screening process.

” Implicit within the same section is that the recently enhanced security screening procedures implemented at U.S. airports, and the measures to be taken in response to the negative public backlash as detailed [in this directive], have the full support of the President.

In other words, Obama not only endorses the enhanced security screening, but the measures outlined in this directive to be taken in response to public objections.

The terminology contained within the reported memo is indeed troubling. It labels any person who “interferes” with TSA airport security screening procedure protocol and operations by actively objecting to the established screening process, “including but not limited to the anticipated national opt-out day” as a “domestic extremist.”

The label is then broadened to include “any person, group or alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel disruptions at U.S. airports in response to the enhanced security procedures.

For individuals who engaged in such activity at screening points, it instructs TSA operations to obtain the identities of those individuals and other applicable information and submit the same electronically to the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, the Extremism and Radicalization branch of the Office of Intelligence & Analysis (IA) division of the Department of Homeland Security.

For “any person, group or domestic alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel “disruptions” at U.S. airports (as defined above) in response to the enhanced security procedures, the [applicable DHS administrative branch] is instructed to identify and collect information about the persons or entities, and submit such information in the manner outlined [within this directive].

It would appear that the Department of Homeland Security is not only prepared to enforce the enhanced security procedures at airports, but is involved in gathering intelligence about those who don’t. They’re making a list and most certainly will be checking it twice. Meanwhile, legitimate threats to our air travel security (and they DO exist) seem to be taking a back seat to the larger threat of the multitude of non-criminal American citizens who object to having their Constitutional rights violated.

As I have written before, it has nothing to do with security and everything to do with control.


Wild Thing's comment........

Rush has said this, Bobby Jindal has said it and all of you at Theodore's World have said this is about control, and I agree. I believe this is all in response to the election. The American people have risen up and now the dissent needs to be “patted down”

They know that they’re governing against the will of the people. The world sees this as well. Obama is without a mandate, and he knows it. Therefore, he’s without excuse.

This man is an enemy to the United States, and should be tried for treason, and locked up for the rest of his life. He had better be prepared to absolutely crush us.

So the word “Terrorist” to Obama and Janet N. and the rest of them must be the new word for what is actually Constitutional Patriot. Why are terrorists not and anti-gropers terrorists? They are hoping we break first and provoke them. I suspect Obama will break first; he’s weak unlike America!

It’s pure evil. Slavery of a whole country holding freedom hostage. They steal our money with their never ending taxes, take our homes, make us stand naked before thier unholy ways on their route to a one world utopia , but they can never take our spirit. They can never chain our God. Wake up call to Obama, it’s all unraveling, he must move fast now.

Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy of the United States of America. He never was my President & never will be. He's an illegal puppet for a bigger group of plotters!

I really don’t think this man understands how much he is loathed. Well, on second thought, maybe he does, and could care less.

The important thing is, we the people care; and we’re taking notes. Day-by-day, more and more Americans see this guy as the “True enemy” of this great country.

It is our solemn duty, as citizens of these United States, to draw a line in the sand. Since we cannot now, nor ever, forsake the sacrifices of our forefathers. Men and women who shed their blood that we might all be free. To abandon their sacrifice, would be unforgivable.

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Next Step For Body Scanners Could Be Trains, Boats, Metro

Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro

The Hill

The next step in tightened security could be on U.S. public transportation, trains and boats.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists will continue to look for U.S. vulnerabilities, making tighter security standards necessary.

“[Terrorists] are going to continue to probe the system and try to find a way through,” Napolitano said in an interview that aired Monday night on "Charlie Rose."

“I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime. So, what do we need to be doing to strengthen our protections there?”

Napolitano’s comments, made a day before one of the nation’s busiest travel days, come in the wake of a public outcry over newly implemented airport screening measures that have been criticized for being too invasive.

The secretary has defended the new screening methods, which include advanced imaging systems and pat-downs, as necessary to stopping terrorists. During the interview with Rose, Napolitano said her agency is now looking into ways to make other popular means of travel safer for passengers and commuters.

Napolitano isn’t the only one who’s suggested that advanced scanning machines could be used in places beyond airports.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, introduced legislation this past September that would authorize testing of body scanners at some federal buildings.

Napolitano’s comments were in response to the question: “What will they [terrorists] be thinking in the future?” She gave no details about how soon the public could see changes in security or about what additional safety measures the DHS was entertaining.

Lawmakers from both parties have received hundreds of complaints about the new methods — some have likened the pat-downs to groping — and have called on Pistole to address the privacy concerns of their constituents, who were not informed about changes ahead of time.

Many lawmakers say the public should have been informed before the pat-downs and body-imaging techniques were put into practice. As a result, any move to implement new security screening measures for rail or water passengers is likely to be met with tough levels of scrutiny from lawmakers.

Pistole, who spent 26 years with the FBI, told reporters Monday that he rejected the advice of media aides who advised him to publicize the revised security measures before they took effect. Terrorist groups have been known to study the TSA’s screening methods in an attempt to circumvent them, he said.

Napolitano said she hoped the U.S. could get to a place in the future where Americans would not have to be as guarded against terrorist attacks as they are and that she was actively promoting research into the psychology of how a terrorist becomes radicalized.

“The long-term [question] is, how do we get out of this having to have an ever-increasing security apparatus because of terrorists and a terrorist attack?” she said. “I think having a better understanding of what causes someone to become a terrorist will be helpful."

DHS and intelligence officials are not as far along in understanding that process as they would like, Napolitano said, adding that until that goal is reached, steps need to be put in place to ensure the public’s safety.

“We don’t know much,” she said. “If you were to try and devise a template about what connects this terrorist to this terrorist and how they were raised and what schools they went to and their socioeconomic status, or this or that, it’s all over the map.

“I think there’s some important work that’s being done on that but … the Secretary of Homeland Security cannot wait for that.”


Wild Thing's comment......

“We don’t know much,” she said. “If you were to try and devise a template about what connects this terrorist to this terrorist and how they were raised and what schools they went to and their socioeconomic status, or this or that, it’s all over the map. "

How the heck does someone this stupid make it across a street!!!???

Janet....ISLAM you freaking idiot. It has nothing to do with what schools they went to, how they were raised, who came from a loving home or a bad one. OMG .........OMG can you believe this totally insane thinking she has.

I don't care about the psychology of how a terrorist becomes radicalized. I'm only curious about the physiology of how a terrorist becomes dead.

Janet Reno.... and Janet Napolitano. Where do Democrats find these women? Do they have a recruiting office in Hell? In WWII Germany they would have been matrons at women’s concentration camps.

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Sarah Palin: I Will Not Waste My Time With Katie Couric

Palin: I Will Not Waste My Time With Katie Couric

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO......Thank you so much.

Palin: "As for doing an interview with a reporter that who already has such a bias with whatever it is that I would come out and say, why waste my time"

"A reporter that is so bias and will spin and gin up whatever it is that I have to say to create contoversy, I swear to you, I will not waste my time with her"


Wild Thing's comment.......

Good for Palin. She SHOULD ignore the witch.

Part of being a good managers is staying out of ambushes. Or at least learning from your mistakes. Avoiding all interviews is a mistake. However rewarding someone who attacked you is an even bigger mistake. Indicating that someone who pulled a GOTCHA interview will never get another is a way to manage the behavior of future interviewers.

I think there is no doubt she was set up by McCain's people.

I hope that in addition to the Couric smackdown, Sarah and other GOP’ers refuse to have any debates in front of biased lefties...or at least to have an equal representation of conservative questioners/moderators. This should be the new rule for the general, too.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland

This clip above simply must be seen to be believed. The background: Thanks to the power of hopenchange, the United States ( OBAMA ) submitted its first-ever universal periodic review report before the UN's human rights council -- which counts China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia among its members.

From the moment Barack Obama joined the United Nations Human Rights Council, observers knew an international humiliation was coming. Last Friday, the rogue nations of the world and the left-wing dregs of American society provided it before an international audience in Geneva. However, perhaps most disturbing, the team President Obama sent to "defend" the United States themselves accuse the United States of representing an "axis of disobedience" guilty of "illegal actions," while claiming the Khmer Rouge followed "a policy of restraint."

The result was the fiasco of America’s hearings before the UNHRC last week. But those hearings may have a more permanent impact on the United States government than a momentary humiliation.

The US was on the clock for three hours in Geneva, a period which included a listening session wherein delegations from other UN member nations were able to offer "advice" on how the United States might improve its internal human rights policies.

Dozens of delegations lined up -- some reportedly waiting overnight -- to be among the first to take cheap shots at Uncle Sam. The lowlights of the session are compiled below by Eye on the UN, and my goodness, are they ever low.

If you didn't know better, you might understandably mistake this video for a Saturday Night Live sketch spoofing the risible hypocrisy and general unseriousness of the United Nations.

Perhaps the only thing more revolting than the spectacle of one chronic human rights abuser after another scolding America for its supposed shortcomings was the passive response from the Obama administration's US delegation. State Department official Esther Brimmer pronounced herself "honored" to be a present at such an august gathering.

Asst. Secretary of State, Michael Posner (last heard from equating Arizona's immigration law with China's egregious human rights record) told the assembly how "proud" and "humbled" he was to be in attendance. Powerline laid into Posner for his singularly disgraceful performance:

Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner made an appearance to play his designated role demeaning the United States on behalf of the Obama administration.

Posner replied "thanks to very many of the delegations for thoughtful comments and suggestions" shortly after Cuba said the U.S. blockade of Cuba was a "crime of genocide," Iran "condemned and expressed its deep concern over the situation of human rights" in the United States, and North Korea said it was "concerned by systematic widespread violations committed by the United States at home and abroad."


Wild Thing's comment.......

I hate this, I hate that Obama did this and is doing this to our country. Damn him!

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Al Sharpton: Time For FCC To Censor Limbaugh's Speech

Rev. Al Sharpton actually calling for the FCC to take action against stations that carry the Rush Limbaugh program, accusing Rush of having a show with a “race or gender bias format.” Laughably, at the same time, Sharpton says no one wants to block “free speech,” but wants Limbaugh to be shut down on the public airwaves. Specifically, he advocates the FCC pulling the licenses of stations that carry Limbaugh’s program. He believes the FCC should decide what to “permit” on air.

Here’s the transcript:

And part of what I think the FCC needs to do is give the guidelines of what is excusable and what is not. What is permit-able or permitted I should say and what is not because clearly you’re not trying to block free speech.

But, I think that for people to engage in programming shows that will use racial or gender bias as their format, we’ve got a right to say there are standards that the FCC can say that you cannot continue to have licenses to do that. You got to remember that those stations that Rush Limbaugh is on and others are regulated by FCC, granted by FCC. They go back to them to get wavers. They go back to them to get consolidation.

They have the right to set standards that does not impair your right to speak what you believe, but it does say that you are not going to be able to do that to offend groups of Americans based on their race their gender, their sexual status, none of that.

Wild Thing's comment.......

He is so jealous and hates Rush. Rush should sue this jerk for slander. sheesh

Keep up the great work ElRushbo. Tah dah!!

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November 23, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Developers Apply For $5 Million Federal Grant

An artist rendering shows an exterior view of the proposed Park51 community center and mosque.

Looming over the remains of the WTC, this mosque will certainly "enhance" the victory of the world-wide Muslim culture.
The many-storied structure will be sure to attract millions of Allah's international community to make an annual haj-like visit to the mammoth observation windows that peer haughtily down onto the battleground of the defeated: Ground Zero.

Ground Zero mosque developers apply for federal grant

New York Post

Developers of the controversial Park51 Islamic community center and mosque located two blocks from Ground Zero earlier this month applied for roughly $5 million in federal grant money set aside for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11th, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter. The audacious move stands to reignite the embers of a divisive debate that dominated headlines surrounding the ninth anniversary of the attacks this fall, say people vested in the issue.

The application was submitted under a “community and cultural enhancement” grant program administered by the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation (LMDC), which oversaw the $20 billion in federal aid allocated in the wake of 9/11 and is currently doling out millions in remaining taxpayer funds for community development. The redevelopment board declined to comment on the application (as did officials from Park51), citing the still ongoing and confidential process of determining the grant winners.

While news of the application has not previously been made public, developer Sharif El-Gamal outlined it in closed-door meetings, according to two individuals he spoke with directly.

Developer Sharif El-Gamal discussed the grant proposal in recent closed-door meetings, according to The Daily Beast.

The revelation that the developers have asked for this grant could reignite outrage about the mosque's proposed location.

"If Imam Feisal and his retinue want know why they're not trusted, here's yet another reason,” Irshad Manji, author of "The Trouble with Islam" and director of the Moral Courage Project at NYU, told The Daily Beast. “The New Yorkers I speak with have questions about Park51. Requesting money from public coffers without engaging the public shows a staggering lack of empathy—especially from a man who says he's all about dialogue."


Wild Thing's comment........

OMG Great! So we get to pay for their VICTORY mosque! Sheesh! Wow, Muslims destroy the World Trade Center and then use our own money to build a Mosque in honor of the destruction. Unbelievable!!!!

Of course if the Greek church St. Nicholas applied for the same money it would be rejected on “church-state-separation” grounds. Apparently it is OK to combine mosque and state.

Talk about adding salt to the wound. Holy cow!!!

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EDITORIAL: TSA Is A Joke To al Qaeda, Too

EDITORIAL: TSA is a joke to al Qaeda, too

The Washington Times

While the Transportation Security Administration is groping for an answer to air safety, al Qaeda is laughing. This week, the terror group publicly detailed its plans to circumvent the latest government security measures and bleed America to death.

The new edition of al Qaeda's glossy magazine, Inspire, discusses last month's plot to down cargo planes with bombs hidden in printer ink cartridges, and a successful Sept. 3 UPS aircraft bombing in Dubai. These new techniques were born after underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab failed to detonate his explosive on Northwest flight 253 last Christmas. Since then, the terrorists say they "have been experimenting with ways to bring down airplanes. ... We looked into X-ray scanners, full-body scanners, sniffing dogs and other aspects of security."

The magazine includes technical details of how to construct weapons that will avoid X-ray and chemical sniffer detection, enabling other jihadist groups to try them out. An al Qaeda press release stated, "It is our plan to disseminate the idea to the mujahidin worldwide and to expand its deployment onto both civilian aircraft in the West as well as cargo aircraft."

"Operation Hemorrhage" - al Qaeda's name for the ink-cartridge attacks - cost only $4,200, which they claim "will without a doubt cost America and other Western countries billions of dollars in new security measures. That is what we call leverage." The fact that the attacks failed is irrelevant; the underwear bomber didn't detonate his bomb but the Obama administration went off the deep end in response. It is "such a good bargain," al Qaeda explains, "for us to spread fear amongst the enemy and keep him on his toes in exchange of a few months of work and a few thousand bucks."

Al Qaeda has correctly diagnosed that the most effective terror attacks are not "spectaculars" like Sept. 11, 2001, but numerous small-scale strikes that prompt the government to overreact.

"To bring down America we do not need to strike big," they reason. "In such an environment of security phobia that is sweeping America, it is more feasible to stage smaller attacks that involve less players and less time to launch and thus we may circumvent the security barriers America worked so hard to erect." They call this "the strategy of a thousand cuts. The aim is to bleed the enemy to death." The new strategy may show the influence of al Qaeda operations commander Saif al Adel, who until recently had safe haven in Iran, and who has long challenged al Qaeda's orthodoxy favoring "big bang" attacks.

The terrorists feel confident enough in their position to taunt the United States. The ink-cartridge bombs were mailed to synagogues in Chicago, which they call "Obama's city." The names on the packages were based on famous historical enemies of Islam, and one of them contained a copy of the novel "Great Expectations" because they were "very optimistic about the outcome of this operation." Responding to a British government restriction on toner cartridges weighing over 500 grams (only 17.6 ounces), the jihadists asked "Who is the genius who came up with this suggestion? Do you think that we have nothing to send but printers?"

So while the government is overreacting by instituting costly and humiliating full body-checks at airports, al Qaeda chalks up a victory and moves on to other forms of attack. The terrorists say the Western world has two choices: "You either spend billions of dollars to inspect each and every package in the world or you do nothing and we keep trying again." Something to think about the next time a TSA employee is inspecting your package.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Yep, al Qaeda has our government jumping through hoops. This administration's responses are ludicrous at best, and much like something out of Monty Python.

There are any number of things and they can’t all be checked. The Israeli’s know it and that’s why they profile people. We have to start training people to profile like the Israeli’s.

"Operation Hemorrhage" - al Qaeda's name for the ink-cartridge attacks - cost only $4,200, which they claim "will without a doubt cost America and other Western countries billions of dollars in new security measures. That is what we call leverage."

We can't play defense against Muslim terrorists. We have to go to their homes and take them out where they live. There will be no peace in this world until that is done.

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Barack Hussein Obama and His Administration: The Pat-Down Outrage Is Overblown!

Obama Administration: The Pat-Down Outrage Is Overblown!

The White House and the Department of Homeland Security indicated today that they won’t yield to demands to amend new airline passenger screening rules that have been decried as wildly intrusive.

On the contrary, administration officials are quietly and aggressively defending the policies against what they see as a media frenzy of distorted information. For instance, the administration noted that fewer than one half of one percent of the 34 million passengers who traveled on airplanes in or to the U.S. last week were subjected to crotch-area pat-downs.

They also disputed the very notion of a public backlash, even as those words played ubiquitously on news tickers and as video parodies of the Transportation Safety Administration were being emailed around the globe.

Before press coverage of the new rules reached a roar late last week, TSA received only 700 complaints nationwide about its procedures, an administration official said. The official insisted on anonymity because the information was not intended for public release. The issue is sensitive because physical space intrusions are just about the last thing an administration cast by Republicans as prone to governmental overreach needs.


Napolitano Wants Americans to Be Partners With TSA in Their Gropings


Wild Thing's comment.......

WE NEED TO PROFILE! ALL muslims need to be screened since they are the ones who threatened us. Also people from suspicious countries or non citizens and visa carriers.

Once again Obama could care less what the people think.

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Illegal Immigrants with Fake Social Security Numbers Get Tax Refunds

Illegal Immigrants with Fake Social Security Numbers Get Tax Refunds

An advocacy group partially funded by the U.S. government is helping illegal immigrants who work with fake Social Security numbers recover unclaimed income tax refunds.

The New York nonprofit, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project, has so far helped a dozen illegal aliens get back thousands of dollars in state tax refunds, according to a local newspaper report. In some cases the undocumented aliens use bogus Social Security numbers, which is a serious federal offense.

In most instances the illegal immigrants filed taxes using a special identification number that rarely receives scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and allows workers to get federal refunds. However, New York’s tax agency flags employees who provide mismatched information like a Social Security that doesn’t correlate with a name and doesn’t mail refunds to those candidates.

Thanks to the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project, which receives money from city, state and federal government sources, those lawbreakers are getting refunds. After all, the group aims to promote financial justice in New York’s low-income communities and in communities of color. It also strives to eliminate discriminatory economic practices that harm communities and perpetuate inequality and poverty.

What about the injustice in stealing someone’s identity? The group’s associate director claims it’s a harmless crime because most illegal immigrants use Social Security numbers that are made up and not stolen from a real person. Either way, the immigrant advocate reminds that labor laws protect all workers, even the undocumented.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I don't care if they have been paying taxes.

If they are illegal, the taxes they pay should be considered part of the fine for criminally breaking into our country to colonize it for Mexico.

And the Fake ID thing too, Identity theft is at the top of the list of crimes in our country. And that crime should be added to the fact that they are here illegally.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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WikiLeaks Release: WikiLeaks to Release Three Million Secret US Documents

WikiLeaks release: WikiLeaks to release three million secret US documents

The Telegraph

The WikiLeaks website has announced it plans to publish nearly three million more secret US documents in its next mass release of confidential material.

It would be seven times larger than its release last month, when it posted some 400,000 secret documents about the war in Iraq on its site.

“Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. Intense pressure over it for months. Keep us strong,” WikiLeaks said on its Twitter feed, adding a link to a donations website.

“The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined.” it added in a later message.

It would be WikiLeaks’ third mass release of classified documents after it published 77,000 secret US files on the Afghan conflict in July.

The US authorities fear that a substantial amount of the next leak could include cables prepared by ambassadors and diplomats in the Middle East that could prove more damaging than the earlier releases.

The State Department has previously expressed concerns that the material could reveal the “source and methods” used by the US to gather intelligence overseas.

Foreign leaders could be able to read what American diplomats have written about them in secret cables sent to Washington, such as appraisals of their leaders' personalities, competence and honesty.

Earlier this year Bradley Manning, the soldier suspected of providing the material for the first two leaks, boasted about providing 260,000 stolen cables to WikiLeaks, according to a former computer hacker who chatted with him online.

"Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning, and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format, to the public," Manning wrote at the time.

Analysts said the announcement by WikiLeaks, which gave no details of the contents of the documents and said only that the release would be in "coming months", could be designed to relieve pressure on Julian Assange, the website's Australian head. He is wanted in Sweden for questioning related to rape and sexual molestation accusations.

Mr Assange has been in England since leaving Sweden, where the website is based, in August after publicity surrounding the allegations made by two women.

Mark Stephens, a London lawyer working for Mr Assange, said the allegations were "false and without basis". He also said Mr Assange has repeatedly offered to be interviewed by the Swedish authorities.

"All of these offers have been flatly refused by a prosecutor who is abusing her powers by insisting that he return to Sweden at his own expense to be subjected to another media circus that she will orchestrate," he said.

WikiLeaks has defended it earlier releases, saying they have shed light on the two wars.


Wild Thing's comment........

“The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined.” it added in a later message.

What the heck?????

This is an act of terrorism or war and should be responded to in the appropriate fashion.

Is Manning in prison for being a traitor? He leaked the first two set of documents. And if he is still alive WHY???????

Who else is leaking, where the heck are they getting this information from...... Obama?????

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Gov. Bobby Jindal: TSA Needs To Move Away From Political Correctness

The Blaze

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has been in the news in recent weeks for his new book, “Leadership and Crisis,” which delivers an earnest critique of the Obama administration‘s response to last summer’s Gulf oil spill. Jindal also appeared on Meet the Press Sunday and criticized the federal government for playing defense and relying on luck to protect the nation from terrorists.

The federal government has to face the fact the War on Terror is about enemies who hate the U.S. way of life, not about social justice, he said.
“The reality is, this isn‘t about people who don’t have enough jobs, who don’t have enough social aid, this is about fighting an enemy that hates our way of life,” Jindal said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“This is a fundamental clash of cultures. … This isn’t, well, let’s go and figure out a way to apologize for Americans. This isn‘t how we offended them because we’re supporting Israel,” he continued.

On Monday, Jindal phoned into the Glenn Beck Program to weigh in on the ongoing debate surrounding the nation’s airport security. The administration has made two fundamental mistakes, he said. “Number one, they are so focused on treating terrorists like citizens and citizens like suspects. They worry so much about the rights of the terrorists. Where are the rights for the average American? They need to move away from political correctness.”

“They continue to try to respond to this terrorist threat where they befriend impostor. Well, we got lucky with the underwear bomber, we got lucky with the Times Square bomber. We got lucky with the packages. Luck is not a strategy,” Jindal added.

Also...Jindal: Obama told us not to criticize him on TV.......

In an interview yesterday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Bobby Jindal said that at a meeting with the President during the gulf oil spill, that he and the President of Plaquemines Parish were told specifically by Obama not to go on TV and criticize him. Jindal says that it was clear Obama was frustrated with the level of criticism he was getting and goes on to accuse Obama of caring more about perception and politics than actually cutting through the red tape and getting things done.

More double standard and DICTATOR behavior from Obama, since we just finished another election season where Obama lied and smeared Republicans on TV every chance he got. He used that car-in-the-ditch-Slurpee metaphor so much that even the news media was begging for something new.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Jindal is a man of honor. A good man indeed. He is right I like what he said about how we treat the terrorists vs. the citizens.

Jindal went publically on the record several times, ranting against Obama’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon.

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November 22, 2010

'Smart Weapon' Rifle Debuts On Afghanistan's Battlefields

'Smart weapon' rifle debuts on Afghanistan's battlefields


Some U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are using a “smart weapon” rifle that the Army hopes will be a “gamechanger” on the battlefield.

About the size of a regular rifle, the XM25 Counter Defilade Targeting Engagement System has the potential to neutralize an enemy, even when the enemy is hidden behind buildings or other barriers, said Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, project manager for the XM25 with Program Executive Office Soldier.

The weapon can be set so that bullets will explode either on impact, in front or behind an object, depending on the way the weapon is programmed, said Lehner.

A soldier can use it to target and kill an enemy hiding behind walls, in a home, or other barrier from nearly 2,300 feet away, he said.

“In the hands of a soldier trained for only a few minutes, he was able to adjust the systems, get the range of a target, launch it and hit them dead-on,” he said.

“They were hitting a steel target silhouette at 503 meters away. They didn’t even have to be that precise, but the weapon was that precise. And we found they were hitting right center mass, time after time after time.”

The weapon also makes allowances for different outside conditions.

“One of the biggest challenges our soldiers face with our current weapons, at the squad level – they have a hard time determining range with their naked eye and adjusting their aim point off of the range and the wind and atmosphere,” Lehner said.

“Whether it’s cold or hot that day it will fly different. But this fire control system on the XM, takes into consideration all of these things and gives you a crosshair of where to aim.”

The military hopes the precise nature of the weapon will mean less civilian casualties.

“It’s not going to accidentally go to the next house down and mistakenly explode,” Lehner said.

“There are times within the history of small arms and even large arms, that there’s a revolutionary step, there’s a leap ahead,” he said. “When the British premiered their first tanks in World War I the Germans didn’t even know how to defend against them.”

That kind of leap can sometimes be the thing that swings the battle, Lehner said.

“That’s what we’re hoping to do with this weapon.”

Wild Thing's comment........

God bless our troops! I want them to have anything they need, so this is great news.

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Obama's TSA NOT Allowed To Profile!

TSA Chief: We won’t adopt Israel’s security standards because we don’t profile


The chief of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration John Pistole said Sunday airport screening procedures will not be changed despite public outcry.

In this interview with Candy Crowley, TSA Chief John Pistole said it is obligatory that Americans have to suffer through the embarrasment and invasiveness of pat-downs in the airports.

While he admits that these procedures are uncomfortable, he said the government must do this for our own good.

And in a rare time of honesty, when asked why not adopt Israel’s great security procedures, he replied that they don’t profile.

Isn’t that the problem? All of us have to suffer through these ridiculous procedures, so we don’t offend a certain group.

John Pistole said, "We know that we face a determined enemy who has been adept at devising and concealing explosive devices."
He said he was "very attuned" to objections to full-body scams and patdowns, but, "No, we're not changing the policies, because of that, because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat in the stream."

"Very few people actually receive the patdown," Pistole said. "In spite of all the public furor about this, very few people do."

In a moment of honesty, TSA Chief Pistole admitted today that Israel has effective security techniques but that we can’t use those techniques here in the US because “we don’t profile.”


CROWLEY: What’s over the line? What’s over the line?

All those things were fine. You saw a woman whose breasts were being felt. You saw a man whose — you know, had another man’s hand in his crotch. What’s over the line?

PISTOLE: I think that’s for the — the public to help inform that discussion. Clearly, if we are to detect terrorists, who have again proven innovative and creative in their design and implementation of bombs that are going to blow up airplanes and kill people, then we have to do something that prevents that. So it really comes down to the question…

CROWLEY: But the public didn’t have any choice in this. And there is outcry, and they don’t really know — I know that you’ve driven everybody to the TSA website and said, look here. But because you don’t want to reveal to terrorists what’s going to be checked, there’s no way for anybody to look at that website and know where they’re going to be touched and where it’s not allowed to be touched. And so what you seem to be saying is, you can be touched anywhere…

PISTOLE: Well, I think the Israeli model, which a number of people have talked about, uses intelligence in a different way, profiling. And then if in terms of a pat-down, if they suspect you of something, you receive a very thorough pat-down there. That is top-notch security. The question is, do we profile here in the U.S.? No, we don’t. So how then do we use intelligence that informs the decisions and judgments. And given what we saw from last night in terms of this new Web publication that describes in detail how the cargo bombs were done, how the design concealed, and how they are using technology to disguise and defeat the screening mechanisms we have in place, look, it’s a difficult question, Candy.

TSA Chief Pistole admitted that the Israel security procedures are “top-notch” but the US won’t use these techniques because America does not profile.

Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., a longtime TSA critic who will be chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the new Congress, said, "I don't think the rollout was good and the application is even worse. This does need to be refined. But he's saying it's the only tool and I believe that's wrong."

He said a study had found that the private screeners can perform "statistically significantly better" than the TSA.

. HOUR later....... Pistole’s statement to POLITICO modified his vow a few hour earlier on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the procedures were "not going to change.

Airport Security TSA - 500 feet of security line in Chicago November 16, 2010

TSA chief: Screening may evolve


Heeding a sudden furor, John Pistole, administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, said in a Sunday afternoon statement to POLITICO that airport screening procedures “will be adapted as conditions warrant,” in an effort to make them “as minimally invasive as possible, while still providing the security that the American people want and deserve.”

TSA's new flexibility comes as the government gears up for a flood of travel over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Administration officials say any changes are more likely to be in the implementation of the security procedures than in the security measures themselves.

Pistole’s statement to POLITICO modified his vow a few hours earlier on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the procedures were "not going to change."


GOP's Mica: Ditch TSA, Hire Private Contractors


A powerful Florida congressman and longtime critic of the Transportation Security Administration is pushing for airports to ditch TSA agents and hire private contractors to handle the security screening of air passengers.

Federal law allows airports to opt for screeners from the private sector instead of the TSA. (San Francisco International Airport already does.)

As criticism grows of the government's new full-body imaging scanners and the alternative "enhanced" pat-downs, some airports are considering ditching TSA agents altogether.

This month, Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida wrote letters to 100 of the nation's busiest airports asking that they request private security guards instead.

"I think we could use half the personnel and streamline the system," Mica said Wednesday, calling the TSA a bloated bureaucracy.

Private contractors are not a cure-all for passengers aggrieved about taking off their shoes for security checks, passing through full-body scanners or getting hand-frisked. For example, contractors must follow all TSA-mandated security procedures, including hand pat-downs when necessary.

Still, the top executive at the Orlando-area's second-largest airport, Orlando Sanford International Airport, said he plans to begin the process of switching to private screeners in January as long as a few remaining concerns can be met. The airport is within Mica's district, and the congressman wrote his letter after hearing about its experiences.

CEO Larry Dale said members of the board that runs Sanford were impressed after watching private screeners at airports in Rochester, N.Y., and Jackson Hole, Wyo. He said TSA agents could do better at customer service.


Hillary Clinton Would Avoid TSA Pat Down


Wild Thing's comment........

Not allowed to profile but all this other stuff is OK.

As far as his back peddling is a great alternative to “All steam ahead" , I don’t see that anything has changed, just his tone.

The problem here is political correctness and Pistole even admitted to it. If you listen in to his answer about why America is not adopting Israel’s top-notch security searches, Pistole replied, we don’t profile in America. Well isn’t this the problem here? All Americans have to endure this nonsense because the government is so embarrassed and tied up in knots over offending a particular group of people.

I heard on the radio that Doctors are now warning pregnant women not to go through the scanners. I looked it up in Google and found this. It appears that the dosage of radiation received on the skin could be dangerously high.

UCSF letter to Holdren concerning health risks of full body scanner TSA screenings 4-6-2010

I wish that there was profiling of the people who are most likely to be a threat.

And, I wish that there were secret criteria used to evaulate people. For example, I’ve heard that buying a one way ticket, paying cash for a ticket, buying a ticket at the last minute, are all red flags. There may be other red flags too.

If we do go to profiling based on ethnicity/country of origin, etc. the terrorists will adapt. They might recruit more native born Americans. But, whatever the case, there should be some secrets in our arsenal so the bad guys don’t know what’s coming.

When the liberals decided to punish Bush and publicize the details of waterboarding and other techniques, it gave the terrorists valuable information about what we do, and, what the limits of our interrogations were. The fact that they didn’t know what was coming was very valuable to us in those situations. And it could be very valuable with airport screenings too.

I hope that there are some secret evaluations going on now in airports. Secrecy and unpredictability can be valuable allies in any security measures.

Anyone thinking this is crazy talk please educate yourself and research the rise of the Third Reich this is how it started. Hitler started a fire at the Parliament building and blamed the communists in order to gain popularity, once he was victorious he started marginalizing his enemies. Remember Obama referring to us as enemies to the illegal alien crowd?

Then Hitler took away guns, he started removing civil liberties, he sicked his gestapo on Jews, communists, gypsies, basically anyone who he had marginalized (just like Obama marginalizing conservatives as enemies).

Jews were forced to wear golden stars to identify themselves as Jews, the media was completely in bed with Hitler and bashed Jews (just as the media is supporting Obama's TSA Nazism).

Then Jews were arrested, sent to concentration camps and killed.

Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it!!!

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U.S. Sending Tanks To Afghanistan For First Time

M1A1 Abrams tank during a March training session. The U.S. is bringing the tanks to Afghanistan.

U.S. sending tanks to Afghanistan for first time


The United States is beefing up its firepower in Afghanistan by employing heavily armored tanks in Afghanistan for the first time in the nine-year war, a military spokesman said Friday.

The U.S. Marine Corps plans to use a company of M1A1 Abrams tanks in restive Helmand province by early spring, said Marine Maj. Gabrielle Chapin.

The M1A1 tank is the fastest and most deadly ground combat weapons system available. It will allow for more aggressive missions while mitigating risks to U.S. forces, the military said.

U.S. forces used the tanks to battle insurgents successfully in Iraq's Anbar province, Chapin said.

"They bring superior optics, maneuverability and precision firepower that will enable us to isolate insurgent forces from key population centers and provide the ability to project power into insurgent safe havens," he said.

Other coalition forces, including those from Canada, already have used tanks in Afghanistan.

The decision comes as Afghanistan tops the agenda at the NATO summit that starts Friday in Lisbon, Portugal, and amid a public dispute between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and NATO leaders over military strategy.


Wild Thing's comment........

This surprises me, I thought we had tanks there now. So this is news to me.

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Critics Slam Obama Administration for 'Hiding' Massive Saudi Arms Deal


Critics Slam Obama Administration for 'Hiding' Massive Saudi Arms Deal


Largest Arms Deal In U.S. History Pushed While Congress In Recess

The Obama administration has quietly forged ahead with its proposal to sell $60 billion worth of fighter jets and attack helicopters to Saudi Arabia unhampered by Congress, despite questions raised in legislative inquiries and in an internal congressional report about the wisdom of the deal.

The massive arms deal would be the single largest sale of weapons to a foreign nation in the history of the U.S., outfitting Saudi Arabia with a fully modernized, potent new air force.

"Our six-decade-long security relationship with Saudi Arabia is a primary security pillar in the region," Defense Sec. Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote in a Nov. 16 letter to congress. "This package continues that tradition."

But some critics are questioning the deal, and the stealthy effort by the Obama administration to avoid a more probing congressional review by notifying Congress last month, just as members were headed home for the November elections. Congress had 30 days to raise objections -- a review period that concludes Saturday. With most members leaving Washington today, any significant effort to block the deal appears dead for now, officials said.

"I do not think there will be any action" to hold up the sale, Rep. Howard Berman, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Bloomberg News Thursday.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat, submitted a resolution this week to try and block the deal, and was among those who objected to the way the administration approached the required congressional review.

"Hiding this in a recess announcement is a sign of how unpopular it is," he said. "It's bad policy that now is further tainted by shameful process."

The Obama administration has touted the deal as a boon for American jobs, and as a move to solidify the alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia at a time when American intelligence is dependent on the Islamic nation for help in the war on terror. Earlier this month, it was a tip from Saudi intelligence that helped foil an al Qaeda plot to hide a bomb in a desktop printer aboard a UPS cargo plane.

The arrangement would ship 84 F-15 fighter jets and more than 175 attack helicopters to the Saudis over the next 15 years. The choppers, in particular, would "bolster Saudi Arabia's counterterrorism capabilities," Gates and Clinton wrote in their letter this week to congressional leaders.

Missouri Sen. Kit Bond, a Republican who will soon retire as his party's ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, supports the arms sale, and told ABC News that the Saudis offered ample evidence of the value of the alliance when they provided tracking numbers for the parcels that contained the concealed bombs.

"If any of my colleagues have doubt that they can be friendly, I suppose this would send a strong signal that they can be friendly," Bond said. Gates and Clinton also touted Saudi Arabia's "significant" counterterrorism cooperation in their letter to congressional leaders, specifically citing help in thwarting the cargo bomb plot.

Morris J. Amitay, a former head of the Pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, told ABC News a chief aim of the sale is insuring that Saudi Arabia can serve as another regional military counterweight to Iran.

"It is an attempt to bolster the Saudis at a time when the Iranians are trying to be a hegemonic power for the entire region," he said.

In part for that reason, he said, Israel has not been raising significant objections to the deal, even though he suspects Israel will push hard to insure the aircraft are not equipped with weapons systems as advanced as those held by Israel's own military.

That said, Amitay argued the record-breaking military deal is not without risks.

"As long as Saudi Arabia is stable and considers itself a friend of the United States, there is not that much concern," he said. "The problem is, how stable is a regime run by people in their 80s, with unrest in the south, where neighboring Yemen is harboring al Qaeda?"

The Saudi embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for an interview.

Weiner was among the few to raise vocal alarms.

"Saudi Arabia has not behaved like an ally of the United States," he wrote in one of two letters sent by groups of concerned lawmakers. "Saudi Arabia has a history of financing terrorism, is a nation that teaches hate of Christians and Jews to their school children, and offered no help to the U.S. as gas prices surged during the spike in oil prices. Furthermore, this deal would destabilize the region and undermine the security of Israel, our one true ally in the region."



Wild Thing's comment.......

Where do you suppose these weapons will end up? In Iran? With Hamas? Who knows???

When is this country going to connect all the dots happening almost daily where the Muslim in the White House is efficiently taking care of Muslam interests before those of the U. S.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama’s Refusal To Acknowledge Threat Of Radical Islam By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Obama’s Refusal To Acknowledge Threat Of Radical Islam

By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

A few weeks ago my wife and I traveled to from Florida to Nevada, but when we picked up our suitcases at the baggage claim, I noticed the combination lock on our main piece of luggage was broken and the latch would not function. A second latch irrelevant to entering that suitcase was also broken. I inquired of the airline and they denied any responsibility for damage and blamed TSA. Our luggage was unlocked when we checked it at the ticket counter.

Neither my wife nor I are on any terrorist watch lists and have been loyal law-abiding loyal Americans for more than 50 years. Why would TSA target our suitcase? Why did TSA elect to damage an expensive piece of luggage when it was checked in unlocked to begin with?

The concise answer is that Obama and those in charge of Homeland Security and TSA have at the very least a misguided approach to prevention of terrorism based upon political correctness which prevents the only proven successful solution---profiling those individuals most likely to be terrorists.

Diehard liberals like Obama, Napolitano and TSA Director John Pistole don’t learn by watching those who already know how to do something---like Israeli airport security teams who are crack experts at spotting would-be terrorists primarily by watching human interactions, mannerisms and targeting those who are most likely to promulgate terrorism based upon past history. Instead, liberals have to reinvent a politically correct way to do everything even if it abuses our constitutional rights.

Damage to our luggage was an intentional harmful act without cause for which our government is responsible. I could care less that they were only doing their job by ‘randomly selecting our luggage for screening’ as was written on a card inserted into that suitcase by TSA. They had no reason to enter it or to destroy the locking mechanism. TSA can claim that the luggage was not unlocked but either they are wrong or some baggage handler accidentally spun the combination and locked it prior to some robotic TSA employee selecting our bag for open search.

Meantime, Islamic terrorists think far ahead of TSA which merely reacts. Ironically, Islamic terrorists have only been stopped while already aboard flights by fast-acting passengers who overpower them. They board flights because TSA ignores the reality that both physical and psychological profiling are the key to prevention, whether in an airport or at Fort Hood.

Whether you are from Yemen or Pakistan does not matter to the TSA or to Obama and his czars. In fact, some of the top positions at Homeland Security are Muslims appointed by Obama.

Could illegal search and seizure of citizens at airports be the first test of this Administration as to whether Americans will complacently surrender their constitutional rights? What next?


Wild Thing's comment........

Well done by Dr. Bates.

YSA refuses to employ technology that can help them identify travelers who are more likely to be a threat than others. That technology is profiling. Orders from Obama, Homeland Security and the PC lefties.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Service Dogs Help Veterans With PTSD


Paws For Purple

Paws for Purple Hearts is the first program of its kind to offer therapeutic intervention for our military servicemen and women through training service dogs. Under the guidance of Rick Yount, founder of Paws for Purple Hearts, service dog training provides service members the ability to reintegrate into civilian life. Once training is complete, the service dogs are paired with veterans who have sustained mobility-limiting injuries–thus building on the time-honored tradition of veterans helping veterans.


Wild Thing's comment........

Great idea, animals are wonderful companions. I am so glad they are donig this.

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November 21, 2010

TSA Confiscates Nail Clippers From Soldiers Returning From Afghanistan


A friend of mine sent me this about his TSA experience. He, unlike most of us, was coming back into the country from Afghanistan on a military charter

As the Chalk Leader for my flight home from Afghanistan, I witnessed the following:

When we were on our way back from Afghanistan, we flew out of Baghram Air Field. We went through customs at BAF, full body scanners (no groping), had all of our bags searched, the whole nine yards.

Our first stop was Shannon, Ireland to refuel. After that, we had to stop at Indianapolis, Indiana to drop off about 100 folks from the Indiana National Guard. That’s where the stupid started.

First, everyone was forced to get off the plane–even though the plane wasn’t refueling again. All 330 people got off that plane, rather than let the 100 people from the ING get off. We were filed from the plane to a holding area. No vending machines, no means of escape. Only a male/female latrine.

It’s probably important to mention that we were ALL carrying weapons. Everyone was carrying an M4 Carbine (rifle) and some, like me, were also carrying an M9 pistol. Oh, and our gunners had M-240B machine guns. Of course, the weapons weren’t loaded. And we had been cleared of all ammo well before we even got to customs at Baghram, then AGAIN at customs.

The TSA personnel at the airport seriously considered making us unload all of the baggage from the SECURE cargo hold to have it reinspected. Keep in mind, this cargo had been unpacked, inspected piece by piece by U.S. Customs officials, resealed and had bomb-sniffing dogs give it a one-hour run through. After two hours of sitting in this holding area, the TSA decided not to reinspect our Cargo–just to inspect us again: Soldiers on the way home from war, who had already been inspected, reinspected and kept in a SECURE holding area for 2 hours. Ok, whatever. So we lined up to go through security AGAIN.

This is probably another good time to remind you all that all of us were carrying actual assault rifles, and some of us were also carrying pistols.

So we’re in line, going through one at a time. One of our Soldiers had his Gerber multi-tool. TSA confiscated it. Kind of ridiculous, but it gets better. A few minutes later, a guy empties his pockets and has a pair of nail clippers. Nail clippers. TSA informs the Soldier that they’re going to confiscate his nail clippers. The conversation went something like this:

TSA Guy: You can’t take those on the plane.

Soldier: What? I’ve had them since we left country.

TSA Guy: You’re not suppose to have them.

Soldier: Why?

TSA Guy: They can be used as a weapon.

Soldier: [touches butt stock of the rifle] But this actually is a weapon. And I’m allowed to take it on.

TSA Guy: Yeah but you can’t use it to take over the plane. You don’t have bullets.

Soldier: And I can take over the plane with nail clippers?

TSA Guy: [awkward silence]

Me: Dude, just give him your damn nail clippers so we can get the f**k out of here. I’ll buy you a new set.

Soldier: [hands nail clippers to TSA guy, makes it through security]

This might be a good time to remind everyone that approximately 233 people re-boarded that plane with assault rifles, pistols, and machine guns–but nothing that could have been used as a weapon.


Wild Thing's comment........

To Janet Napilitano, our military returning and vets are the real enemy and terrorists. it’s not supposed to make sense, just control. Rush Limbaugh talked about it too.....Rush: Obama groping flyers to punish them for voting GOP - ‘This is all about control...."Republicans enjoyed a tidal wave of success earlier this month, taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives, winning six U.S. Senate seats and seven governorships. That doesn't include a record 680 seats going to Republicans in state legislatures, and 19 legislatures switching from Democrat to GOP control. Limbaugh says it's because of that political tsunami that Americans are now being subject to radiation scanning that turns flyers into nude avatars, and those who refuse the scan become subjects of patdown searches that involve touching the genitals of men, women and children.

"The American people are the ones who are guilty. The American people are the suspects. The American people are the ones who need to be controlled. Now this is not gonna be contained at airports, folks. Obama and the Department of Homeland Security are promising to start searching subways and buses and trains and people on them.
"And these are the same people trying to force everybody into public transportation. These are liberals. None of this is accidental. None of this is for the betterment of anybody but them. This is all about control and illustrating power to control. That's what this. And when they say, 'If you don't like being patted down, don't fly,' remember that's your government talking to you."

Limbaugh called Americans' backlash against the heightened measures "a miniature revolt," and said, "There's a simple way to stop this stuff. It's called profiling. We're not doing what's simple here. The solutions are simple, they're just hard for some people to stomach."

These Heroes should have been shown respect and they should have been honored.

OBAMA is in charge of the TSA, this is OBAMA’s mess!

This part did have me laughing though at how stupid the TSA are. Gotta love this conversation.

TSA Guy: You can’t take those on the plane (nail clippers).

Soldier: What? I’ve had them since we left country.

TSA Guy: You’re not suppose to have them.

Soldier: Why?

TSA Guy: They can be used as a weapon.

Soldier: [touches butt stock of the rifle] But this actually is a weapon. And I’m allowed to take it on.

TSA Guy: Yeah but you can’t use it to take over the plane. You don’t have bullets.

Soldier: And I can take over the plane with nail clippers?

TSA Guy: [awkward silence]

Me: Dude, just give him your damn nail clippers so we can get the f**k out of here. I’ll buy you a new set.

Soldier: [hands nail clippers to TSA guy, makes it through security]

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TSA Pat -Down Leaves Bladder Cancer Survivor Humiliated and Covered In Urine

Thomas Sawyer, 61, said he was left "humiliated" and covered in urine after undergoing a TSA pat-down.

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

'I was absolutely humiliated,' said bladder cancer survivor

MSNBC Travel News

A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

“I was absolutely humiliated, I couldn’t even speak,” said Thomas D. “Tom” Sawyer, 61, of Lansing, Mich.

Sawyer is a bladder cancer survivor who now wears a urostomy bag, which collects his urine from a stoma, or opening in his stomach. “I have to wear special clothes and in order to mount the bag I have to seal a wafer to my stomach and then attach the bag. If the seal is broken, urine can leak all over my body and clothes.”

On Nov. 7, Sawyer said he went through the security scanner at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. “Evidently the scanner picked up on my urostomy bag, because I was chosen for a pat-down procedure.”

Due to his medical condition, Sawyer asked to be screened in private. “One officer looked at another, rolled his eyes and said that they really didn’t have any place to take me,” said Sawyer. “After I said again that I’d like privacy, they took me to an office.”

Sawyer wears pants two sizes too large in order to accommodate the medical equipment he wears. He’d taken off his belt to go through the scanner and once in the office with security personnel, his pants fell down around his ankles. “I had to ask twice if it was OK to pull up my shorts,” said Sawyer, “And every time I tried to tell them about my medical condition, they said they didn’t need to know about that.”

…“One agent watched as the other used his flat hand to go slowly down my chest. I tried to warn him that he would hit the bag and break the seal on my bag, but he ignored me. Sure enough, the seal was broken and urine started dribbling down my shirt and my leg and into my pants.”

The security officer finished the pat-down, tested the gloves for any trace of explosives and then, Sawyer said, “He told me I could go. They never apologized. They never offered to help. They acted like they hadn’t seen what happened. But I know they saw it because I had a wet mark.”

Humiliated, upset and wet, Sawyer said he had to walk through the airport soaked in urine, board his plane and wait until after takeoff before he could clean up.


Wild Thing's comment......

Another horrible example of ordinary people being humiliated in public by TSA thugs. My heart goes out to this man. God bless this man. Prayers that he soon has better days.

Also these TSA guys are clueless of medical equipment and devices. People wear catheters, colostomy bags, etc. and the TSA evidently haven’t briefed their employees about them.

There’s lots of people with pacemakers, medicine pumps, colostomy bags, urostomy bags, suprapubic catheters, etc. They’re going to spend all their time on the people with medical devices and have no time for “real” terrorists.

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$11,000 Fine, Arrest Possible For Some Who Refuse Airport Scans and Pat Downs

TSA’s New Theme Song, “See Me, Feel Me”


Sun Sentinel

If you don’t want to pass through an airport scanner that allows security agents to see an image of your naked body or to undergo the alternative, a thorough manual search, you may have to find another way to travel this holiday season.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is warning that any would-be commercial airline passenger who enters an airport checkpoint and then refuses to undergo the method of inspection designated by TSA will not be allowed to fly and also will not be permitted to simply leave the airport.

That person will have to remain on the premises to be questioned by the TSA and possibly by local law enforcement.

Anyone refusing faces fines up to $11,000 and possible arrest.

“Once a person submits to the screening process, they can not just decide to leave that process,” says Sari Koshetz, regional TSA spokesperson, based in Miami.

Koshetz said such passengers would be questioned “until it is determined that they don’t pose a threat” to the public.

But Barbera said that if a person is judged to be a possible threat, deputies are legally permitted to detain and search that individual. "The deputies will do it at the airport just as they would do it anywhere else," she said.

Once cleared by the TSA and deputies, the people will be allowed to leave, she said.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union was urging Americans to petition the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA, to change the new policies.

"All of us have a right to travel without such crude invasions of our privacy," the ACLU said in a statement. "Tell DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to put in place security measures that respect passengers' privacy rights. You shouldn't have to check your rights when you check your luggage."

The ACLU outlined ways for citizens to respond to TSA demands at checkpoints and also provided a form letter for filing complaints.

But the TSA stuck to its guns. Testifying before Congress Wednesday, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole said inspectors at the nation's airports would enforce the new policies despite complaints that the search methods are too invasive.

"We have to ensure that each person getting on every flight is secure," Pistole said.

In March, the TSA introduced AIT scanners -- also known as "nude body" or "whole body' scanners -- and now uses them in more than 60 airports.


Wiild Thing's comment........

Yeowie....$11,000 Fine.

Charles Krauthammer said : “Don’t Touch My Junk” is the new “Don’t Tread on Me”

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I Screen Myself (TSA Parody) by Lynda McLaughlin

Video by Lynda McLaughlin, Singer/Sean Hannity producer.

Singer/ Talk Radio Producer Lynda McLaughlin song parody about all the problems with the TSA's Full Body Scans and Enhanced Patdowns

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." ~ Ben Franklin


Wild Thing's comment.......

Very well done! This is really good and something that can be sent to others.

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GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Talks About Bush Tax Cuts For ALL Americans

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Says Obama Believes in "Class Warfare" and "Redistribution"

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan talking about the chances for agreement with the Democrats and President Obama on extending the Bush Tax Cuts for all Americans. Ryan says there are Democrats who have come to the position that we must not raise taxes on anyone during these economic times. But when asked if he believes there is a chance for such agreement with President Obama, Ryan was very skeptical:

“Well, I don’t know about that. Now Alice Rivlin, Erskine Bowles – they are in favor of this lowering the tax rates. But I do believe President Obama does believe more in economic redistribution. He’s clearly a class warfare guy, and so I don’t think he likes the idea of lowering the top tax rates.”


Wild Thing's comment........

I am so sick of the lies from the left about tax cuts. And the stupid people that believe those lies. sheesh.

Obama and the rest on the left that do not want the Bush Tax cuts should be shamed and pointed out how they are the ones destroying our economy.

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Marjah Marine Meets Miley Cyrus

A Marine dancing on a roof in Helmand Province, Afghanistan


Wild Thing's comment......

I love to see things like this with our troops. They truly are awesome and I love their spirit.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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TSA Searching Little Boy

This is what is written in the video description.

Lets get the facts straight first. Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn’t set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn’t complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn’t end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn’t hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Disgusting and shameful for them to do this. My God, he was a little kid !

The poor person with bladder cancer, the woman with a breast THIS?

But they won't allow people to profile and they allow this????

This has nothing to do with terrorism. It is all about conditioning us for government intrusion. Obama said that he lost the election because the people were not accustomed to government intrusion. He is ensuring that we become accustomed to it.

One of Nick's nephews has two adorable children with autism. Can you imagine this happening to them and how it would effect them?? OMG

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November 20, 2010

Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars"


Earlier this week a Wisconsin man shot up his TV and pointed a gun at his wife after watching Bristol compete in the dance competition.

Wisconsin Man Shoots TV, Points Gun at Wife After Seeing Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'

A Wisconsin man shotgun-blasted his television after seeing Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars,' resulting in a 15-hour standoff with police just outside the town of Black Earth.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Steven Cowan, 66, was watching the ABC program with his wife on Monday when he jumped up and began shouting about "the (expletive) politics" when Sarah Palin's daughter appeared. Cowan was drinking and has been receiving care for stress and a mental health issue.

"Cowan went upstairs for about 20 minutes and returned, demanding his pistols, which had been taken by his daughter about a month ago for safety reasons. He was carrying a single-shot shotgun, which he loaded and fired into the television," the Journal reports. "Cowan continued to yell, demanding his pistols. He re-loaded the shotgun and pointed it toward his wife. She left the house and drove to Black Earth, where she called 911. She told police she was afraid for her safety."

Sheriff's deputies showed up at the home and remained outside until 11AM, when Cowan surrendered. A criminal complaint charged Cowan with second-degree reckless endangerment.

According to Cowan's wife, part of his rage came from the fact that he didn't believe Bristol deserved to be on the show given her dancing abilities.


Bristol Palin was threatened yesterday. A letter with white powder was sent to the Dancing With the Stars finalist.

In a breaking story, TMZ is reporting that police officers were dispatched to CBS Television Studios late Friday after a white powder substance was discovered by a member of Dancing With The Stars staff and sources report that Bristol Palin was the intended target with the powder included in a piece of fan mail addressed to Palin.

UPDATE 8:20 PM PT — A rep for the FBI tells TMZ … “The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder received at CBS Studios in Los Angeles.”

UPDATE #2 8:27 PM PT — A rep for ABC tells TMZ the substance was determined to be talcum powder by the LAFD and adds, “Measures were taken to secure the area and ensure the safety of personnel.”

The rep continues, “Initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances but will be transported to a regional lab for further testing. A joint investigation is continuing.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Leftists doing what they do best

The afraid to death of Sarah Palin so much, so they go after her children. We saw this during the presidential campaign and it continues. They have already threatened their lives many times. These “people” and I use the term loosely, are insane.

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Obama and White House Angry at James Carville Over Joke

Obama White House is upset with a joke recently told by Democrat Strategist James Carville. It seems Carville was responding to suggestions that Obama had been too weak in dealing with big banks, to which Carville reportedly said:

“If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two.”

This video shows CNN’s John King talking by phone with Carville about the joke, and the fact the White House is upset. Carville essentially says that Obama’s White House needs to get over themselves by responding:

“If I offended anybody, I am not sorry and I do not apologize.”


James Carville stands firm on Obama testicle bash

Read more:

The Daily Calller

It was clear who James Carville supported during the 2008 Democratic primary, squarely for Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama. So how much has changed? After telling an old campaign joke, ['If Hillary gave him one of her balls, they’d both have two'], Carville went on CNN to reiterate “I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize.”

Last night he called in to CNN, where the host said some were outraged.

Carville told everyone to just chill: “Outraged? It’s a joke. In fact, it was an old joke.

“Of all the things that people say about the President, and I actually support most things the president does, I think this is fairly mild…If I offended anyone I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize.”

Focus groups showed that voters recoiled over claims that the White House ’s economic policies were helping matters, Carville said.

“People would get mad!” Carville said. “Most of the time you have a message that’s not very good; it goes in one ear and out the other. This one went in one ear and went right to the brain.”
If Obama’s resolve to rescue the banks and auto industry was part of a coherent strategy, voters never absorbed that message, Carville said. Instead, voters came away thinking that Washington was merely “throwing money at everything, as opposed to having a strategy to deal with it. Don’t tell them it’s working!” Carville added.


Wild Thing's comment........

LOL hahahaha

I wish Republicans would say this more often: “If I offended anyone I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize.”

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Cancer Surviving Flight Attendant Forced To Remove Prosthetic Breast During Pat-Down

Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic breast during pat-down


A Charlotte-area flight attendant and cancer survivor contacted WBTV after she says she was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a pat-down.

Cathy Bossi lives in south Charlotte and has been a flight attendant for the past 32 years, working the past 28 for U.S. Airways.

In early August Bossie was walking through security when she says she was asked to go through the new full body-scanners at Concourse "D" at Charlotte Douglas International.

She reluctantly agreed. As a 3-year breast cancer survivor she says she didn't want the added radiation through her body. But, Bossi says she did agree.

"The T.S.A. Agent told me to put my I.D. on my back," she said. "When I got out of there she said because my I.D. was on my back, I had to go to a personal screening area."

She says two female Charlotte T.S.A. agents took her to a private room and began what she calls an aggressive pat down. She says they stopped when they got around to feeling her right breast… the one where she'd had surgery.

"She put her full hand on my breast and said, 'What is this?'. And I said, 'It's my prosthesis because I've had breast cancer.' And she said, 'Well, you'll need to show me that'."

Cathy was asked to show her prosthetic breast, removing it from her bra.

"I did not take the name of the person at the time because it was just so horrific of an experience, I couldn't believe someone had done that to me. I'm a flight attendant. I was just trying to get to work."

Since then, Cathy has contacted the Legislative Affairs Team, a group through the flight attendant union. She says she wants to see a crackdown on these personal pat downs.

"There are blowers and there are dogs out there that can sniff out bombs," she says. "There's no reason to have somebody's hands touching your body parts."

A T.S.A. representative says agents aren't supposed to remove any prosthetics, but are allowed to ask to see and touch any passenger's prosthetic.

T.S.A. says it will review this matter.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is insanity and these Bastards have gone too far,They know better than doing this to these people.

Obama's administration pushes hiring these “low income”, affirmative action refugees, pin a tin badge on the jackasses, tell them they’re all powerful, and BAM – their heads swell

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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TSA Criminal Activity and TSA Perverts Abound!

Montage of news reports. Notice the one towards the end of the video the one where the girl gets headslamed and a concussion for having contact lens solution.



Travel/Safety/Security Section -

Thread dedicated to TSA Criminal Activity -


1- Former Orlando TSA officer gets probation in sex-slave case -

2- TSA airport screener arrested for child porn also worked at Catholic school; Questions remain -

3- TSA Agent Arrested at LAX (TSA using drugs at a party)

4- TSA Agent Accused of Harboring Fugitive

5- TSA officer at DIA arrested in connection with luring child online

6- TSA screener arrested for drug theft at Little Rock airport

7- TSA officer charged in boy's kidnap attempt - Police in Idaho say man also possessed documents for 5 separate identities

8- TSA Worker Arrested On Drug, Gun Charges

- Memos Detail TSA Officer's Cocaine Pranks Worker joked about finding drugs in luggage

- TSA screener arrested for beating co-worker

- TSA Agent: "I am god, I'm in charge"

- TSA officer among duo arrested for stealing from fliers' luggage at JFK

- Child rape charge rocks TSA

- TSA Agent arrested for sex crimes

- TSA Employee Steals Over $200,000 in Electronics


Wild Thing's comment........

It is sickening to see all of this. The public has a right to know what we are dealing with.

This harrassment of lawful citizens has been ordered by the same people who raise holy hell if we deprive a known terrorist by any right that is reserved for American citizens only!

They are consisent though! They’re the same people who defend the indefensible (murderers), and don’t want them punished, but who will think nothing of depriving lawful citizens of their 2nd amendment rights.

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Army Sergeant Peter Damon

Damon poses for a photograph while bowling with his two kids. Danny (left) is now 8 years old, and his daughter, Allura (right) is now 13. Courtesy photo.

“The blast severed both my arms and killed my buddy,” said Army Sergeant Peter Damon of a horrific accident in Iraq a little over seven years ago. “At least that’s what I was told when I woke up in the hospital.”

In June of 2003, Damon left his wife and newborn son in Massachusetts to deploy to Iraq with his National Guard unit. He was doing his dream job – performing maintenance on UH-80 Black Hawk helicopters. But one day during a routine inspection of the landing gear, there was an explosion.

I remember being in the back of a humvee, racing to the Combat Support Hospital (21stCSH) in Iraq,begging Sgt Alvini not to let me die .I had lost a lot of blood and I could feel myself slipping away. I prayed to God like never before ,asking him to let me live, to get me back to my wife and kids. But I was dying.

I later learned that when I arrived at the CSH they were going to pronounce me DOA , but for the efforts of some tenacious doctor, I was resuscitated. When I awoke I was informed that my work partner and buddy ,Spc Paul J Beuche was dead. I resolved from that moment on that I would do what ever I could to recover quickly and to live my life to its fullest potential. Paul was very young,only 19, and he had his whole life ahead of him. I wasnt about to squander mine with self pity. It would dishonor him to do so.

So now I look at life from a whole new perspective, and I seek to freeze those everyday magic moments in time through painting, and if I can evoke some small emotional response in someone through art, then I have accomplished something to me that is very worthwhile.

“I don’t remember any of the details from the accident,” said Damon. “I just remember the first thing that really bummed me out was learning that I lost my arms. Strangely, my first thought was how much of a shame it was because I was just getting good at drawing.”

To pass the time in Kuwait, Damon had rekindled and interest in an old hobby – drawing -- and became quite passionate about it. But now he would have to re-learn even the most basic elements of writing from scratch.

After 15 months of recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Damon was fitted with a prosthetic on his left arm first because he still had the elbow on that arm. Unfortunately, he was a righty, which only added to his frustration.

“It was just like elementary school all over again,” said Damon, “where you had to write out a big ‘A’ then a little ‘a’ on the thick-lined paper.
“It took a while to get good, but once I started picking up the pace, I just kept going,” he said. “I realized at that point that if I could write letters, there’s no reason why I can’t still draw.”

The hospital recognized that by then Damon could pretty much take care of himself. So to make room for the influx of new amputees coming in from the battlefield, he was moved into the Malone House, separate quarters in the back of Walter Reed. It was there that drawing and painting quickly became a source of therapy.

“It made me feel like a whole person again,” he said. “It gave me a huge boost of self-confidence and helped me to realize that even though I lost my arms, I could accomplish amazing things if I set my mind to them.”

Damon’s artwork became more than just a morale-booster. It grew into a full-time career. The more he admired the works of Ray Ellis, Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, and local artist Nancy Colella, he began to realize how much talent it takes even an able-bodied artist to paint well.

As he focused day-in and day-out on his art, his works began to attract the attention of local art critics and it wasn’t long before he received his first offer to sell his work.

“One of my favorite pieces that I’m really not even sure I want to sell is called Fishing with Mom,” said Damon. “Sometimes I do ‘open-air’ art, and that day at the park was the day I taught my son how to fish. It was such a great day, that I had to sit right down on the tailgate of my truck and capture the moment.”

In 2006, Damon and his wife, Jenn, opened The Middleborough Art Gallery, where he could display and sell his artwork. Sadly, however, a downturn in the economy forced the Damons to close the doors after three years.

Recently, as an inexpensive alternative to a brick and mortar gallery, he began displaying his artwork online using a blog to interact with fans and critics.

“The blog gives me a reason to keep painting,” said Damon. “I still have pain, depression, and anxiety on occasion, and the painting gives me a reason to get up every day – it drives me to keep moving.

“Maybe I’ll do the gallery thing again some day,” he added, “but the blog is actually more interactive. People from all over the world have the opportunity to weigh in and perhaps even purchase my work.”

Many of his featured pieces have already been sold, but he has been revealing new pieces on his blog every few weeks. And while he may not be able to paint a clear picture of the moment that caused him so much pain, he is more than able to capture on canvas the things that bring him happiness.

View Damon’s gallery on his blog, titled Sgt. Damon’s Art.

Sgt Damon's website


“It gave me a huge boost of self-confidence and helped me to realize that even though I lost my arms, I could accomplish amazing things if I set my mind to them.” -Sgt. Damon

"I am an artist and a severely wounded Iraq war veteran. In October of 2003 I lost parts of both my arms while serving in Iraq as a helicopter mechanic in the military. The accident killed my buddy, SPC. Paul J Bueche 19, of Daphne AL. Since then, art has become a huge source of therapy for me, both physically and mentally. Painting has given me a new perspective on life. I've made a promise to Paul to make the most of it. This website is dedicated to him. "


Army Sergeant Peter Damon (Ret.) stands with his wife and his biggest inspiration, artist Ray Ellis, in front of Edgartown Art Gallery in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Courtesy photo


Wild Thing's comment.......

God bless Peter Damon and his family. His story is inspiring and it is an honor to post about him and his art work.

Posted by Wild Thing at 03:45 AM

President's Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

President's Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The Washington Times

President Obama has engaged in numerous high crimes and misdemeanors. The Democratic majority in Congress is in peril as Americans reject his agenda. Yet more must be done: Mr. Obama should be impeached.

He is slowly - piece by painful piece - erecting a socialist dictatorship. We are not there - yet. But he is putting America on that dangerous path. He is undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances; subverting democratic procedures and the rule of law; presiding over a corrupt, gangster regime; and assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism. Like Venezuela's leftist strongman, Hugo Chavez, Mr. Obama is bent on imposing a revolution from above - one that is polarizing America along racial, political and ideological lines. Mr. Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon. His policies are Balkanizing the country. It's time for him to go.

He has abused his office and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution. His health care overhaul was rammed through Congress. It was - and remains - opposed by a majority of the people. It could only be passed through bribery and political intimidation. The Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, the $5 billion Medicaid set-aside for Florida Sen. Bill Nelson - taxpayer money was used as a virtual slush fund to buy swing votes. Moreover, the law is blatantly unconstitutional: The federal government does not have the right to coerce every citizen to purchase a good or service. This is not in the Constitution, and it represents an unprecedented expansion of power.

Yet Obamacare's most pernicious aspect is its federal funding of abortion. Pro-lifers are now compelled to have their tax dollars used to subsidize insurance plans that allow for the murder of unborn children. This is more than state-sanctioned infanticide. It violates the conscience rights of religious citizens. Traditionalists - evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, Muslims, Orthodox Jews - have been made complicit in an abomination that goes against their deepest religious values. As the law is implemented (as in Pennsylvania) the consequences of the abortion provisions will become increasingly apparent. The result will be a cultural civil war. Pro-lifers will become deeply alienated from society; among many, a secession of the heart is taking place.

Mr. Obama is waging a frontal assault on property rights. The BP oil spill is a case in point. BP clearly is responsible for the spill and its massive economic and environmental damage to the Gulf. There is a legal process for claims to be adjudicated, but Mr. Obama has behaved more like Mr. Chavez or Russia's Vladimir Putin: He has bullied BP into setting up a $20 billion compensation fund administered by an Obama appointee. In other words, the assets of a private company are to be raided to serve a political agenda. Billions will be dispensed arbitrarily in compensation to oil-spill victims - much of it to Democratic constituents. This is cronyism and creeping authoritarianism.

Mr. Obama's multicultural socialism seeks to eradicate traditional America. He has created a command-and-control health care system. He has essentially nationalized the big banks, the financial sector, the automakers and the student loan industry. He next wants to pass "cap-and-trade," which would bring industry and manufacturing under the heel of big government. The state is intervening in every aspect of American life - beyond its constitutionally delegated bounds. Under Mr. Obama, the Constitution has become a meaningless scrap of paper.

To provide the shock troops for his socialist takeover, Mr. Obama calls for "comprehensive immigration reform" - granting amnesty to 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens. This would forge a permanent Democratic electoral majority. It would sound the death knell for our national sovereignty. Amnesty rewards lawlessness and criminal behavior; it signifies the surrender of our porous southern border to a massive illegal invasion. It means the death of American nationhood. We will no longer be a country, but the colony of a global socialist empire.

Rather than defending our homeland, Mr. Obama's Justice Department has sued Arizona for its immigration law. He is siding with criminals against his fellow Americans. His actions desecrate his constitutional oath to protect U.S. citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. He is thus encouraging more illegal immigration as Washington refuses to protect our borders. Mr. Obama's decision on this case is treasonous.

As president, he is supposed to respect the rule of law. Instead, his administration has dropped charges of voter intimidation against members of the New Black Panther Party. This was done even though their menacing behavior was caught on tape: men in military garb brandishing clubs and threatening whites at a polling site. A Justice Department lawyer intimately involved in the case, J. Christian Adams, resigned in protest. Mr. Adams says that under Mr. Obama, there is a new policy: Cases involving black defendants and white victims - no matter how much they cry for justice - are not to be prosecuted. This is more than institutionalized racism. It is an abrogation of civil rights laws. The Justice Department's behavior is illegal. It poses a direct threat to the integrity of our democracy and the sanctity of our electoral process.

Corruption in the administration is rampant. Washington no longer has a government; rather, it has a gangster regime. The Chicago way has become the Washington way. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a political hit man. He is an amoral, ruthless operator. It was Mr. Emanuel who reached out to Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat, offering a high-ranking job in the hopes of persuading Mr. Sestak to pull out of the primary against Sen. Arlen Specter. It was Mr. Emanuel who offered another government position to Andrew Romanoff to do the same in the Colorado Democratic Senate primary. And it was Mr. Emanuel - as the trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has revealed - who acted as the go-between to try to have Valerie Jarrett parachuted into Mr. Obama's former Senate seat. The only question was: What did Mr. Blagojevich want in exchange?

This is not simply sleazy Chicago machine politics. It is the systematic breaking of the law - bribery, attempt to interfere (and manipulate) elections using taxpayer-funded jobs, influence peddling and abuse of power.

The common misperception on the right is that Mr. Obama is another Jimmy Carter: an incompetent liberal whose presidency is being reduced to rubble under the onslaught of repeated failures. The very opposite, however, is true. He is the most consequential president in our lifetime, transforming America into something our Founding Fathers would find not only unrecognizable, but repugnant. Like all radical revolutionaries, he is consumed by the pursuit of power - attaining it, wielding it and maximizing it. Mr. Obama's fledgling thug state must be stopped.

If Republicans win back Congress in November, they should - and likely will - launch formal investigations into this criminal, scandal-ridden administration. Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has promised as much. Mr. Obama has betrayed the American people. Impeachment is the only answer. This usurper must fall.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama has engaged in numerous high crimes and misdemeanors.

Needed to be said again and again.

Washington no longer has a government; rather, it has a gangster regime

The writer of this article is absolutely right!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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November 19, 2010

James Carville: “If Hillary gave him ( Obama ) one of her balls, they’d both have two"

“If Hillary gave him [Obama] one of her balls, they’d both have two,” Democratic strategist James Carville told the Christian Science Monitor at a breakfast on Thursday morning.

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL I thought this was so really funny what he said. And to know it will get back to Obama makes it even better.

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Obama Plans To Pull Back National Guard From Much Of The Border

FOX News.......Inside look at U.S. fight against Mexican drug war


Obama administration plans to pull back National Guard from much of the border

Washington Examiner

The Obama Administration plans to withdraw National Guard troops from the Texas, New Mexico and California borders by the end February under a new Southwest security plan, even as turmoil in Mexican border cities grows, according to documents obtained by The Washington Examiner.

A letter sent to various members of the Texas Congressional delegation from Texas' Gov. Rick Perry's office says, "In February, 2011, the Texas, New Mexico, and California National Guard forces that were deployed to the border in September, 2010, under President's Obama's Southwest Border Augmentation Plan, will have 30 days to complete a total draw down of forces."

The roughly 550 troops will have the month of February to redeploy back to their units, Texas Congressman Ted Poe told The Examiner. Troops would not be pulled off the Arizona border under the plan, and about 100 of the troops would re-deploy there from other states, officials said.

Poe received the letter today. His office confirmed with Department of Homeland Security officials that the plan came from the administration.

"I'm surprised the president would so quickly remove troops from Texas. They're not supposed to leave until July," said Poe.

The congressman recently traveled to Falcon Lake, where the ongoing investigation into the death of American tourist David Hartley's is ongoing. Tiffinay Hartley, 29, reported that her husband had been shot while riding his jet ski.

"It's apparently a plan the Obama administration believes will save money. We don't need fewer National Guard we need more. We need to pass the Border National Guard Border enforcement act that would put 10,000 National Guard on the border," Poe said.

The 286 Texas National Guard covered by the plan have only been fully operational since September and October of this year. They will have spent less than six months conducting operations along the border, an official with the Texas Governor's office said.

Obama's original Southwest border plan would have ended in July, 2011. According to officials familiar with the new initiative the "Administration budgeted only $135 million for the entire deployment."

The funds, which were originally budgeted to those three states, are expected to be reallocated to allow Arizona an additional 100 troops from March through September, 2011 or, "until such time as that money is exhausted," the letter from the governor's office stated.

"This new plan was designed without any input from the States, and without any significant DHS resources being deployed to the border since the beginning of operations," it said.

Poe said there is "no question about it, the federal government should cut back on spending but not national defense."

The letter to Texas lawmakers said, "Even under the new plan their is still no guarantee that Arizona will have their troops until September. In fact, the Administration has made it clear that once the $135 million has been spent, all operations must cease and desist immediately."

The DHS Border and Custom's Protection agency would "restart the ATEP (Alien Transfer and Exit Program) program that brings detained illegal aliens from other states to Del Rio where they will be released to Mexican officials across the border," according to the letter.

Mexican news outlets have documented a sharp rise in violence, including drug related murders, in cities near the U.S. border.

"Border violence is on the rise," Poe said. "And Washington is incorrect when they say the border is secure."


Wild Thing's comment......

When they do this they might as well leave all the weapons so the people can defend themselves. He might as well just declare open borders and get it over with.

Refusing to protect American territory is grounds for Impeachment if Impeachment is to mean anything at all. Problem is Obama has run the gamut on impeachable offenses and so far nothing has been done about it.

Obama spent more $$$ in one day in India than it would cost to protect the border for a year or more!

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Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Push Progressive Agenda

John Podesta, the head of a left-leaning think tank who ran the Obama transition team.

Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Push Progressive Agenda

The Blaze

The liberal Center for American Progress doesn’t believe significant GOP gains in the House and Senate should stop the President from implementing more of his polices. The group released a report Tuesday suggesting ways Obama can bypass Congress to accomplish a progressive agenda, and it cites the president’s power as commander-in-chief to make its point.

“I think most of the conversation since the election has been about how President Obama adjusts to the new situation on Capitol Hill,” Center for American Progress head and former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta told the Daily Caller. “While that’s an important conversation, it simply ignores the president’s ability to use all levels of his power and authority to move the country forward.”

How does one “move the country forward”? In the center’s report, Podesta explains that Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated.”

What exactly does Podesta think the president should use such powers to “accomplish”? Among others, the report suggests “job creation,“ ”quality affordable health care,“ ”sustainable security,“ and ”a clean energy future.”

The report cites specific goals such as mitigating the effects of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, supporting a Palestinian state, and reducing greenhouse gasses by 17 percent by 2020.

“The U.S. Constitution and the laws of our nation grant the president significant authority to make and implement policy,” Podesta writes. ”Congressional gridlock does not mean the federal government stands still.”

The Center for American Progress is funded by liberal billionaire financier George Soros.

Center for American Progress

Statement from John D. Podesta November 15, 2010

In the aftermath of this month’s midterm congressional elections, pundits and politicians across the ideological spectrum are focusing on how difficult it will be for President Barack Obama to advance his policy priorities through Congress. Predictions of stalemate abound. And some debate whether the administration should tack to the left or to the center and compromise with or confront the new House leadership.

As a former White House chief of staff, I believe those to be the wrong preoccupations. President Obama’s ability to govern the country as chief executive presents an opportunity to demonstrate strength, resolve, and a capacity to get things done on a host of pressing challenges of importance to the public and our economy. Progress, not positioning, is what the public wants and deserves.

The U.S. Constitution and the laws of our nation grant the president significant authority to make and implement policy. These authorities can be used to ensure positive progress on many of the key issues facing the country through:

* Executive orders * Rulemaking * Agency management * Convening and creating public-private partnerships * Commanding the armed forces * Diplomacy

The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated. President Bush, for example, faced a divided Congress throughout most of his term in office, yet few can doubt his ability to craft a unique and deeply conservative agenda using every aspect of the policymaking apparatus at his disposal. And, after his party lost control of Congress in 1994, President Clinton used executive authority and convening power to make significant progressive change. For instance, he protected more great spaces in the lower 48 states than any president since Theodore Roosevelt, established for the first time significant protections for Americans’ medical privacy, and urged the creation of the Welfare-to-Work Partnership that enlisted the help of 20,000 businesses in moving more than 1 million welfare recipients into the workforce.

The upshot: Congressional gridlock does not mean the federal government stands still. This administration has a similar opportunity to use available executive authorities while also working with Congress where possible. At the Center for American Progress, we look forward to our nation continuing to make progress.

You can Read the full report (pdf) CLICK HERE


From July 2008......Obama civilian national security force


Wild Thing's comment........

“Seven Days In May” scenario?

Podesta is encouraging Oama to circumvent the Constitution!!

If Obama uses the military, there won’t be a next sitting President.This is more than troubling. Podesta is financed by Soros. Yesterday Soros, said that if this President can’t get it done then we need to start looking for a new figure. This is more than ominous. This is an order for action.

This line sends chills up and down my spine:

How does one “move the country forward”? In the center’s report, Podesta explains that Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated.”

“should not be underestimated.”

“should not be underestimated.”

“should not be underestimated.”

“should not be underestimated.”

That is a direct threat.

Podesta has a lot of pull with Obama and direct from Soros.

This is a post I did April of 2009

John Podesta's Letter Pushing For Judge Jay Bybee To Resign

"My organization, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has collected signatures from approximately 20,000 Americans (see attached) who have expressed their deep-felt and sincere desire to see that Judge Bybee is held to account for authorizing torture. It is unacceptable to allow him to continue to serve in his current role. Judge Bybee should resign, but if he fails to do so, I urge you to begin impeachment proceedings against him."

One last thing and this is on a positive note because we the people are Americans, and we love our FREEDOM and have lived in the best country in all the world. Our military over the years has made this possible for us, not some freaking progressive, not some half assed Kenya POS that hides all his information from our country!

“Americans are not horses, we were not born to have saddles placed on our backs, by anyone, at any time, and for any reason….”-Mike Pence

I’ve liked this guy for a long time.

Remember a few years ago when he headed the “sit-in” in Congress, where the republicans stayed while the democrats grabbed their suitcases and water-wings and ran out the door for “vacation” before some vote? (was it on amnesty?)

This guy’s got a spine.

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House Ethics Committee Recommends "Censure" for Charlie Rangel

House Ethics Committee Chief Council recommending that Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel be “censured” by the full House of Representatives for having been found guilty of eleven ethics violations.

Rangel will be required to go to the well of the House Chamber and face a vote of censure – with the censure resolution being read aloud while he is before his colleagues.

Ethics chief counsel recommends censure for Rangel

Chief counsel Blake Chisman called for the punishment despite the veteran New York congressman's plea, in a prepared statement in advance of the hearing, for "a drop of fairness and mercy."

If Chisam's recommendation is carried out, it would be the most serious punishment short of expulsion that could be meted out by the House. Chisam and Rangel argued their positions at a public hearing on sanctions, where the 80-year-old congressman acknowledged making mistakes in handling his finances and said he wasn't there to "retry this case."

Rangel spoke calmly without notes as he faced the committee. He repeatedly denied he was corrupt or crooked, sparking a clash with Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.

In the most dramatic clash of the proceeding, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, questioned the assertion of Rangel the former chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee — that he wasn't corrupt.

"Failure to pay taxes for 17 years. What is that?" McCaul asked, referring to Rangel's shortchanging the Internal Revenue Service on rental income from his villa in the Dominican Republic.

McCaul also noted the committee's finding that Rangel solicited donors for the Charles B. Rangel Center at City College of New York from donors who had business before the Ways and Means Committee.

After an investigation that began in summer 2008, Rangel was convicted Tuesday by a jury of his House peers on 11 of 13 charges of rules violations.

He was found to have improperly used official resources — congressional letterheads and staff — to raise funds from businesses and foundations for the Rangel Center. A brochure with some of Rangel's solicitation letters asked for $30 million, or $6 million a year for five years.

He also was found guilty of filing a decade's worth of misleading annual financial disclosure forms that failed to list hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets, and failure to pay taxes on his Dominican unit.

Chisam said donations to the Rangel Center were going poorly, then spiked after Rangel rose to the top of the Ways and Means Committee. He noted the center would benefit minority students and asked, "What kid of example is that of what public service ought to be?"

Chisam asked what a neighbor of Rangel would think after she was evicted from her apartment in Harlem's Lennox Terrace, for violating terms of her lease — and then learning Rangel was allowed to convert a residential-only unit into a campaign office. Others were evicted for similar offenses, the committee found.
"How would that influence her faith in government?" Chisam asked.

And Chisam asked how a waitress struggling to pay her taxes on income and tips would feel about Rangel not paying taxes on rental money from his vacation villa.

Rangel brought in Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, to give a testimonial for the congressman to the panel. Lewis called his colleague "a good and decent man" and said Rangel had worked tirelessly to advance civil rights.

Before Chisam commenced his remarks, Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Ala., told committee colleagues that Rangel needed only to "look in the mirror to know who to blame" for his predicament.


Wild Thing's comment........

His constituents don't care about ethical concerns. If he were a serial rapist they would still vote for him .

My understanding of censure is it is a slap on the wrist and not a real punishment, a condemnation and has no direct effect on the validity of the member, nor are there any other particular legal consequences.


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Obama and Holder Remain Committed To Trying Terrorists In Civilian Courts

U.S. to go ahead with terrorism trials

The acquittal of an embassy bombings suspect on almost all charges shouldn't prompt an end to trying cases in civilian courts, officials say.

Los Angeles Times

The Obama administration remains committed to trying more terrorism suspects in civilian court even though a federal jury acquitted a Tanzanian of all but one charge in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings, senior Justice Department officials said Thursday.

Alleged Al Qaeda accomplice Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, the first Guantanamo Bay prisoner to be tried in civilian court, was convicted Wednesday of one count of conspiracy to damage or destroy U.S. property but cleared of 284 counts of murder and attempted murder.

As Republican lawmakers used the New York verdict to attack the concept of civilian trials, Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “We’re going to continue to review the cases on their merits and decide which forum is the most appropriate.” Justice and Defense department officials use a detailed protocol to determine who will be tried and where, he added.

Miller said announcements are pending on where to try nearly four dozen other terrorism suspects — in U.S. courts or before military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He declined to say who might be tried next in civilian court. “Every day we’re continuing to work on it,” he said.

Conservatives castigated the administration for its position.

"Wrong again on terror trials," said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. The verdict, he said, "is all the proof we need that the administration's approach to prosecuting terrorists has been deeply misguided and indeed potentially harmful as a matter of national security."
"This trial came dangerously close to failure despite Atty. Gen. [Eric J.] Holder's assurance that 'failure is not an option,' '' said Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate. "I hope that the administration heard this wake-up call and will return to the policy of trying these kinds of terrorists in military commissions."

Democrats defended the Obama administration.

"This trial shows our legal system works," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House subcommittee on the Constitution. He added that the verdict calls for continued use of "our criminal justice system to try and convict terrorists."

Liberal critics say the fault lies with government-approved torture of suspects — thus making some evidence inadmissible — not with the federal courts.

"If anyone is unsatisfied with Ghailani's acquittal on [all but one of the] counts, they should blame the CIA agents who tortured him," the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York said in a statement.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama the friend of terroriosts such as William Ayers. And Traitor Holder has defended terrorists his whole life including now.

They forget that all the other terrorists are watching us, and see this kind of thing happening. It is like a green light to them.

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Wikipedia Scrubs Article on Eligibility Challenge

Wikipedia scrubs article on eligibility challenge

Entry on Lt. Col. Lakin's court-martial deleted in 71 minutes


Wikipedia has scrubbed an entry on the court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army officer who has refused orders because he questions the eligibility of the commander in chief.

The popular online encyclopedia redirects a search of Lakin's name to an entry entitled "Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories."

The creator of the entry calls the move "a clear attempt by the Wikipedia community to label inquiries into Barack Obama's eligibility to be president as a 'conspiracy theory."

"While Wikipedia has a process for readers to comment after an article has been nominated for deletion, the time between my article being nominated for deletion, being rescrubbed and then being redirected to the Obama conspiracy theory article was a total of only one hour and 11 minutes," said "Al," who wants to remain anonymous because he fears reprisals from Obama supporters.

Yesterday, WND participated with Al in an hour-long interview on Peter Boyle's Denver radio show on 630 KHOW that focused on the Wikipedia scrubbing.

Al pointed out that the deletion process usually takes much longer on Wikipedia, allowing for a rigorous defense and robust debate over the article in question that can stretch over several days.

Lakin faces a court-martial trial scheduled Dec. 14 because he refused orders to deploy to Afghanistan unless Obama can prove his credentials to be eligible for president under the "natural born Citizen" requirements of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

"Basically, I wanted to copy the structure of a Wikipedia article on General McChrystal, the four-star Army general forced to resign from his command in Afghanistan after making public comments adverse to President Obama's management of the war."

"Everything I put in the Wikipedia article on Lt. Col. Lakin was factually correct," Al told the Peter Boyle audience, "including the mention that the chief judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, ruled opening up the court martial to allow Lakin discovery on President Obama's eligibility to be president could be an 'embarrassment' to the president."

The current version of the Lakin article comes up with a URL reflecting the original Terry Lakin posting, even though the page itself shows up now as "Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories."

The same thing happens after the typing in "Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin" in the Wikipedia search engine:

You can continue with the article.....Wikipedia scrubs article on eligibility challenge ...CLICK HERE


Wild Thing's comment.............

Libs squashing debate, obfuscating, redirecting, and covering up for Obama seems to have no end. If Obama has nothing to hide, why go through all the trouble?

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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November 18, 2010

George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment

George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment


At a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, George Soros, a longtime supporter of progressive causes, voiced blunt criticism of the Obama administration, going so far as to suggest that Democratic donors direct their support somewhere other than the president.

The Hungarian-American financier was speaking to a small side gathering of donors who had convened in Washington D.C. for the annual gathering of the Democracy Alliance -- a formal community of well-funded, progressive-minded individuals and activists.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of his remarks, Soros told those in attendance that he is "used to fighting losing battles but doesn't like to lose without fighting."

"We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line," he said, according to several Democratic sources. "And if this president can't do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else."

Michael Vachon, an adviser to Soros, did not dispute the comment, though he stressed that there was no transcript of a private gathering to check. Vachon also clarified that the longtime progressive giver was not referring to a primary challenge to the president.

"Mr. Soros fully supports the president as the leader of the Democratic Party," said Vachon. "He was not suggesting that we seek another candidate for 2012. His comments were made in a private, informal conversation that was about the need for progressives to be more forceful in promoting their agenda. He was stressing the importance of being heard by elected officials."

Dissatisfaction with the Obama administration was not limited to Soros's private gathering with donors. On Wednesday morning, Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina received several tough questions during his address to the Democracy Alliance. According to a source in the room, he was pressed multiple times as to why the administration has declined to be more combative with Republicans, both in communication and legislative strategy. Another source in the room said the exchange was not entirely contentious as people were simply expressing frustration about the fact that "we just came out of an election where the right wing and the Republicans distorted what was going on."

Requests for comment from the White House were not returned, though a Democratic operative sympathetic to the administration said that Soros's dissatisfaction with the White House was "hardly news." Sources who relayed that and other exchanges insisted on anonymity, citing the strict rules against talking to the press that come with being part of the gathering.

The tone nevertheless was said to be notably different this year than in past years. In 2008, representatives for Obama were received relatively warmly when they pitched the need to shepherd funds to the presidential campaign. Other progressive institutions were left -- somewhat bitterly -- looking for scraps. But, by and large, the donor base felt their investment had been wise, with Democrats regaining control of the White House and padding their majorities in Congress.

This year, following a drubbing in the 2010 elections and some stalling on major legislative items, the dynamics were notably different. As one attendee put it: "It was a sober atmosphere... people are looking for answers but they are not unwilling to do the work."

While Soros's comment gave some attendees the impression that he'd cheer a primary challenge to the president, the point, sources say, was different. Rather, it is time to shuffle funds into a progressive infrastructure that will take on the tasks that the president can't or won't take on.

"People are determined to help build a progressive infrastructure and make sure it is there not just in the months ahead but one that will last in the long term," said Anna Burger, the retired treasury secretary of SEIU. "Instead of being pushed over by this election it has empowered people to stand up in a bigger way."

"There was frustration," said one Democratic operative who attended the meetings. The main concern was about messaging. I think they are frustrated that the president isn't being more direct. But I did not get the sense that anyone's commitment to the progressive movement was wavering... The general consensus is that support has to move beyond being about one person and more about a movement. I don't know if we've moved beyond there."

One of those "movement" ventures is an outside-government arm to match conservatives in the 2012 elections. For several weeks, discussions have been led by Media Matters for America founder David Brock about the need to create a group that will run advertisements, conduct opposition research and perform rapid response functions. Those talks continued this past week, though disputes have begun to emerge about the most effective role for such a group. As one activist who is involved with the Democracy Alliance noted:

"There are a handful of funders committed to the idea of taking on corporate interests in politics... I think the [Supreme Court's] Citizens United decision [allowing unlimited corporate donations in campaigns] intellectually caused a shift to want to deal with corporate money. The election results split the partners in the Democracy Alliance, not down the middle, between those who say let's fight back and those who say we have to change the rules."


Wild Thing's comment........

They are really upset about this last election. It sounds like Obama might not be getting the amount of money he had before when he ran for office.

The important thing is that we get a good conservative to run for office and then WIN and kick Obama out on his butt.

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Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Col. Ralph Peters Speak Out on Ghailani Verdict

Peter King Rips Obama on Ghailani Verdict

Weekly Standard

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani killed 224 people and the Obama administration couldn’t convict him on a single count of murder.

The first civilian trial of a Guantanamo detainee ended yesterday with the stunning acquittal of an alleged Al Qaeda operative on all but a single count.

A federal jury convicted Ahmed Ghailani, 36, of conspiring to destroy U.S. buildings and property in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people, including 12 Americans.

But the jury - after 4 1/2 days of deliberation - cleared Ghailani of more than 280 other counts, including the top charges of murder and murder conspiracy.

Even though the charge he was convicted of carries a mandatory 20-year-to-life sentence, Ghailani appeared relieved, hugging his attorneys after the verdict was read in Manhattan Federal Court.

Peter King rips the Ghailani verdict as a "total miscarriage of justice today in Manhattan’s federal civilian court." He says it demonstrates the "absolute insanity of the Obama Administration’s decision to try al-Qaeda terrorists in civilian courts."

“I am disgusted at the total miscarriage of justice today in Manhattan’s federal civilian court. In a case where Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was facing 285 criminal counts, including hundreds of murder charges, and where Attorney General Eric Holder assured us that ‘failure is not an option,’ the jury found him guilty on only one count and acquitted him of all other counts including every murder charge.

“This tragic verdict demonstrates the absolute insanity of the Obama Administration’s decision to try al-Qaeda terrorists in civilian courts.

“This case was doomed from the beginning when the judge excluded DOJ’s key witness who admitted selling the explosives to Ghailani. Where is the justice for the more than 200 people killed and 4,000 injured in the terrorist bombings of our U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania?

“This is a tragic wake-up call to the Obama Administration to immediately abandon its ill-advised plan to try Guantanamo terrorists like the admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in federal civilian courts. We must treat them as wartime enemies and try them in military commissions at Guantanamo.

“As the next Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, I intend to hold hearings and conduct the necessary oversight on this critical homeland security issue in the 112th Congress.”


Col. Ralph Peters discusses why recent hearings have shown the military tribunal is necessary to try terrorists.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama and Holder got their way... they saved one of theirs.

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Sen. Rockefeller: FCC Should Take FOX News, MSNBC Off Airwaves

SEN. JAY ROCKEFELLER (D-WV): "There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to FOX and to MSNBC: 'Out. Off. End. Goodbye.' It would be a big favor to political discourse; our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and more importantly, in their future."


Wild Thing's comment........

What a total ass he is. IMO this is more reaction from this last election again. The left is freaking out.

It sounds like Rockefeller needs to lay off the recreational drugs for a while. FNC and PMSNBC are not “on the airwaves”. Fox News and MSNBC aren’t on the air, they are on cable, you moron!! They are not subject to FCC regulation!

The Rockefellers are up to their eyeballs with Soros’s tactics and goals. The Rockefeller Foundation is one of the biggest supporters of the Victory Mosque. The Rockefellers and the Rockefeller Foundation are founding members of the Eugenics movement and of abortion.

SEN. JAY ROCKEFELLER (D-WV): "There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to FOX and to MSNBC: 'Out. Off. End. Goodbye.'

There's a name for that "little bug". It's called "dictator".

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Show Birth Certificate, Or Don't Get On Ballot...Eligibility Storm Clouds On Horizon For Obama

Show birth certificate, or don't get on ballot

Eligibility storm clouds on horizon for Obama


A Texas state lawmaker has filed a bill that would require candidates for president or vice president to show their birth certificates to the secretary of state before being allowed on the ballot, and the measure could become effective as early as next year if adopted and signed into law.

The move by Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, renews the threat to a second Oval Office term for Barack Obama that was posed last year when the state House in Arizona actually adopted the requirement, but the session ended before the Senate acted.

Berman's legislation, House Bill 295, is brief and simple:

It would add to the state election code the provision: "The secretary of state may not certify the name of a candidate for president or vice-president unless the candidate has presented the candidate's original birth certificate indicating that the person is a natural-born United States citizen."

It includes an effective date of Sept. 1, 2011, in time for the expected presidential campaigning for 2012.

Berman told WND he's seen neither evidence nor indication that Obama actually qualifies under the Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural-born citizen," a requirement not imposed on most other federal officers.

"If the federal government is not going to vet these people, like they vetted John McCain, we'll do it in our state," he said. He noted the Senate's investigation into McCain because of the Republican senator's birth in Panama to military parents.

Berman also said there will be pressure on any lawmaker who opposes the information plan, since voters would wonder why they wouldn't want such basic data about a president revealed. And he said even if one state adopts the requirement, there will be national implications, because other states would be alerted to a possible problem.

"If Obama is going to run for re-election in 2012, he'll have to show our secretary of state his birth certificate and prove he's a natural-born citizen," he said. "This is going to be significant."

Berman said he's convinced there are problems with Obama's eligibility, or else his handlers would not be so persistent in keeping the information concealed.

You can continue with the article CLICK HERE

Expanding billboard campaign about Obama's birth certificate


.....will the question that's popped up on billboards in dozens of states already, in a move into Arizona, make a difference? Remains to be seen, say officials with the program that posted the newest campaign image along Highway 93 (mile marker 65) near Kingman, Ariz.

And if it seems that there are more and more of these appearing, that's no one's imagination.

"If it seems like we are posting more billboards than ever, the perception is correct," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officers of WND, and the mastermind behind the campaign.

"With a new Congress coming to power and more Americans realizing every day that lingering questions about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility have not been answered, we are making a concerted effort to step up the pressure. Of course, we need continued financial support for this campaign from the American people to keep it up," he said.

Surveys a little more than a year ago revealed barely half of those in America were aware of the questions over Obama's eligibility. But polls as recent as a few weeks ago now show that 6 in 10 Americans doubt Obama's constitutional eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

Other recent billboards have been seen in Alabama and Delaware, officials for the campaign confirm, as well as Florida and Georgia. A long list of sites are being developed.

The campaign was started a little more than a year ago after a poll showed barely half of Americans were even aware of questions about Obama's eligibility.

The result of the sign campaign has been reflected in the poll showing 6 in 10 Americans doubt Obama's eligibility to be president. The campaign also is credited with helping change America's mind about the president.

Previously the sign has appeared in Houston and Dallas.
Other postings were in Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee and San Antonio. The question also has been asked in state and federal courts across the land, even in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Copycat signs also have appeared in locations ranging from Oregon to Denver.

The "Where's The Birth Certificate" question directly challenges Obama's authority to direct programs such as the government takeover of health care, Wall Street and automobile companies.

The Dallas sign was posed on the west side of I-75 visible to traffic on the highway in the area just south of Churchill Way.

San Antonio has also been asked the question by a billboard on Loop 410, near Old Pearsall Road.

And earlier signs were in California, San Antonio, Florida and Tennessee:


60+ Lawmakers 7 States Tell Obama; if you want on 2012 ballot, RELEASE THE RECORDS!

3 more states, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Indiana have joined Arizona in proposing bills requiring proof of Article II Eligibility for Obama.


Wild Thing's comment........

Good news! Way to go Texas! Rush Limbaugh also talked about this. The list is growing!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta First Living Recipient To Receive the Medal of Honor from Iraq and Afghanistan


Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta will become the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

GI to be first living Afghan war Medal of Honor winner

USA Today

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, 25, has become the first living recipient to receive the Medal of Honor from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force that can be given to an individual in the U.S. Army. Although there have been six other Medals of Honor awarded from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, their awards were posthumous.

Sgt. Giunta received the award for his actions in response to an ambush in Afghanistan’s dangerous Korengal Valley on Oct. 25, 2007. Two U.S. soldiers were killed in the ambush and several others were wounded.

Salvatore Giunta was working nights at Subway in Iowa when he saw a commercial on television for the Army. He decided to join. His first posting was in Zabul, Afghanistan with the 173rd and Battle Company. He had signed up for four years. When his tour was up he was stationed in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, located south of the Pech River in the Pech District of Kunar Province in northeastern Afghanistan. He was unable to leave the Army even though his tour was up because of the military’s Stop-Loss policy. Stop-Loss is a term used by the military. It is the involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty service under the enlistment contract in order to retain them beyond their initial end of term of service (ETS) date and up to their contractually agreed end of obligated service (EOS).

Sgt. Giunta was serving at the time as a team leader in Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment when his squad was ambushed by insurgents, according to an account provided by the Army. His rank was specialist at the time. His squad was involved with Operation Rock Avalanche, a multiple-company mission that ran Oct. 19-25 in the Chapa Dara, Korengal, Shuryak and Pech river valleys.

Intense enemy fire from insurgents split Giunta’s team from the rest of his squad. Giunta was knocked down when a bullet hit him in his armored chest plate. He immediately charged straight into enemy fire in order to pull a comrade back to cover. As he attempted to link his team with the rest of the squad, he saw insurgents drag a badly wounded colleague off the battlefield. Tossing hand grenades, Giunta charged the enemy, killing one insurgent and wounding another. He recovered the colleague and immediately began providing first aid. The soldier later died from his wounds.

It was Giunta’s second tour of duty in Afghanistan. He had previously been awarded the Bronze Star.

On Tuesday, November 16, President Obama formally presented Sgt. Giunta with the Medal of Honor. In brief comments after the ceremony, Giunta said that as much of an honor as the medal was, he would give it back in an instant in exchange for the lives of friends who died fighting in Afghanistan.


Wild Thing's comment........

No love greater...... God bless this soldier.

He was on "60 Minutes" last Sunday night.

Staff Sgt. Giunta please CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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Pelosi Says She Is An " effective leader" LMAO

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talking to the Press after being re-elected as Democrat Leader by House Democrats today. She was opposed by Democrat Rep. Heath Shuler, but she prevailed on a 150-43 vote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Republican-funded attacks for her low approval ratings Wednesday, moments after Democrats re-elected her to head the party as minority leader in next year’s Congress.

“How would your ratings be if $75 million were spent against you?” Pelosi said, after being asked about her low approval ratings.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken at the end of October found that only eight percent of independents have a favorable view of Pelosi and just 24 percent of the general population approves of her job as Speaker. In the waning days of the 111th Congress, 73 percent disprove Congress as a whole, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average.

When asked why she decided to run for another term in party leadership despite the low ratings, she replied, “Because I’m an effective leader. Because we got the job done on health care and Wall Street reform and consumer protections. The list goes on. Because they know that I’m the person that can attract the resources both intellectual and otherwise to take us to victory because I have done it before.”

The Democrats are in total denial. They won’t admit that their policies turned the American people against them. Pelosi is the face of those policies in the Congress. The more visible she is, the better it is for Republicans.

Wild Thing's comment.........

LOL her delusion is just stunning.

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Congratulations NEW Speaker of the House John Boehner!

United House Republicans decided unanimously today to elect Rep. John Boehner as the next Speaker of the House. Boehner will take over as Speaker from Nancy Pelosi when the new Congress is sworn in this coming January.


Wild Thing's comment........

I am very happy about him being made speaker. I think he will do a fine job.

Heh heh and Obama does not like him at all .....tra la la... Stay strong John Boehner and you have my support!!

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November 17, 2010

Gitmo Detainees Paid Off

Former Guantánamo Bay detainees, from left, Omar Deghayes, Binyam Mohamed and Martin Mubanga. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images/Reuters/PA

Guantanamo seven 'paid off' to halt legal action against Government

The Telegraph

A group of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who claim they were tortured with the complicity of the British security services have been paid millions of pounds to drop legal action against the Government.

Ministers will announce on Tuesday that a deal has been reached with the men, at least one of whom is expected to receive more than £1 million of taxpayers’ money.

The former terrorism suspects, some of whom were foreign residents claiming asylum in Britain, were suing the Government for damages over their treatment while in custody. The security services are thought to have pushed for the settlement in order to avoid details of their secret activities being disclosed in court.

Both MI5 and MI6 could have been forced to disclose information that could have threatened national security. Already some information from the defence was starting to slip out, causing anxiety among some senior officials.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Al Qaeda directs its terrorists to make claims of "torture" whenever they are caught. Such claims are nearly always false. The fact that most are false, this is even a worse idea to do something like paying the terrorist off. sheesh

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is Considering Giving Exemptions to Muslim Women at Airports


A former assistant TSA administrator admits that airport security checkpoints violate the 4th amendment

TSA agents are now putting their hands down people’s pants.

Prison Planet

The TSA’s invasive new screening measures include officers literally putting their hands down people’s pants if they are wearing baggy clothing in a shocking new elevation of groping procedures that have stoked a nationwide revolt against privacy-busting airport security measures.

TSA goons in San Diego recently, another victim of Big Sis was told by TSA officials that it was now policy to go even further when dealing with people wearing loose pants or shorts.

Going through airport security this past weekend, radio host Owen JJ Stone, known as “OhDoctah,” related how he was told that the rules had been changed and was offered a private screening. When he asked what the procedure entailed, the TSA agent responded, “I have to go in your waistband, I have to put my hand down your pants,” after which he did precisely that.

Stone chose to conduct the search in public in the fear that the TSA worker would be even more aggressive in a private room.

“If you’re wearing sweat pants or baggy clothing, I was wearing sweat pants they’re not baggy, they’re sweat pants,” said Stone, adding that the agent pulled out his waistband before patting his backside and his crotch.


Wild Thing's comment........

A lot happening about this and people are starting to share of their experiences. The worst thing is how they are considering not checking the Muslim women. What is next.....not checking out the Muslim men?????

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Obama---An American Disaster By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Obama---An American Disaster

By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Forbes magazine in September published a very insightful article which explains why Barack Obama is anti-American (1). In a nutshell, Barry Soetoro spent his formative years in Kenya and Indonesia—not in America---and adopted his rogue father’s anti-colonialism philosophy. Anti-colonialism holds that nations which gain independence may do so politically but not economically and therefore still depend on their former captors. Such nations are therefore assumed to be oppressed and their oppressors must be neutralized. Virtually every bit of his behavior can be explained by the belief that America is an oppressor nation whose wealth and success have been at the expense of others in the world and, therefore, America must be neutralized.

Obama over the past two years has initiated a course of destruction of American incentives for education and productivity through which individuals and ultimately the entire nation may enjoy the fruits of our labors rather than becoming government dependents. Historically, America has been a leader in innovation and productivity, which benefits all Americans rich and poor alike as well as the rest of the world. Obama believes that the rewards of one’s success should be distributed by big government to others domestic and abroad who are not so successful for whatever reason. His two-faced approach to the Bush tax-cuts is an illustrative example of this thought process. He believes that there are two classes of people defined by some arbitrary level of income set by him, and that those who earn over a certain income level should be forced by law to pay not only more in absolute number of dollars but as a higher percentage of their earnings to the government for the purpose of wealth redistribution.

This flies in the face of history which shows that Federal tax revenues have been highest when tax rates were lowest. Why? Businesses are able to invest revenues in capital goods and workforce so as to develop profitable products which generate more earnings rather than give their earnings to wasteful and inefficient big government. Imposing punitive taxation on those who earn the most is not only unfair but ignores the real problem of national insolvency---out-of-control, irresponsible spending by big government.

The anti-colonialism ideology of redistribution of wealth does not stop at the domestic level. Obama and a host of other wealthy elites who are exempt from eating their own cooking (Al Gore comes to mind) believe that America must redistribute its national wealth abroad to less wealthy (and usually socialist) countries via such schemes as ‘cap and trade’ as well as outright financial donations of money despite the current state of insolvency in which we find ourselves (thanks to our Federal government’s ‘charity’ and waste). While the Chicago climate exchange closed down recently, those intent on worldwide redistribution of wealth through imposition of energy taxes on Americans and other industrialized nations are still plotting ways to accomplish their objectives.

Fortunately for Americans, other economically powerful and developing nations such as China and India are not interested in such constraints on their economic development based upon the myth of global warming. The greedy socialists in America however will continue to seek ways of profiteering at our expense.

In conclusion, ‘President’ Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) was elected by morons and those with evil intentions to destroy the foundations of this great nation. He is the most dangerous president in the history of America and must be shown the door as soon as possible before more damage is inflicted on our nation. He is the laughing stock of the world and a nightmare for Americans.

(1) Forbes Article


Wild Thing's comment..........

Good article. I agree that there were different reasons why people voted for him too. Either way it all got him elected and to destroy.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Democrats Lash Out at Pelosi in 'Raucous' Closed-Door Meeting

FOX Nation

Dems Lash Out at Pelosi in 'Raucous' Closed-Door Meeting

Disgruntled Democrats finally had a chance to confront Speaker Nancy Pelosi face to face for the first time during a raucous closed-door caucus meeting Tuesday, as defeated Rep. Allen Boyd called her “the face of our defeat.”

“We need new leadership,” Boyd, a Florida Democrat, told his colleagues, according to sources in the room.

His comments were made shortly after Pelosi told Democrats she was targeted in races around the country because she is an effective leader for them. The Democratic gathering was the first gathering of the caucus since the party lost control of the House.

“There is great angst and frustration,” one moderate Democrat told POLITICO. The lawmaker said Pelosi would do well to “support and embrace some of the suggestions” from disaffected Democrats who want to change certain caucus rules to allow more input from rank and file on top party posts.

Nancy Pelosi faces new challenge from Rep. Barbara Lee and Congressional Black Caucus

SF Gate

The Congressional Black Caucus is refusing to endorse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as minority leader, demanding that members get solid evidence that Rep. James Clyburn, the highest ranking African American in the Democratic leadership, will be more than a titular member of the new order.

Pelosi faces a secret-ballot vote tomorrow as she stands for election as House minority leader. She is expected to win with broad support from liberals, despite open rebellion among conservative Blue Dog Democrats and grumbling from some more liberal members who have questioned the rush to reinstall Pelosi after this month's landslide losses.

Clyburn had challenged moderate Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer for the number two post, setting off a struggle just beneath Pelosi. .

Moderates are not convinced, arguing that if Democrats have any hope of regaining power, they have to recruit conservative candidates to win back the swing districts they lost and that Pelosi is a drag on efforts to do so.


Wild Thing's comment........

Nancy the Queen of the closed door meetings. hahaha

Fight Barbara! Fight! Throw stuff! Scream! Riot! Pull her hair! Burn your desk! Loot the congressional convenience store!

heh heh...

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Lisa Murkowski , Democrat in Rino Clothing: "I will tell you I am not one of those who wants Obama to fail"

"I will tell you I am not one of those who wants Obama to fail. If he does well, that means the country's doing well. We don't have time as a nation to spend all of what we do blocking," Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) tells CBS' Katie Couric.

Wild Thing's comment........

Murkowski is an idiot, a traitorous turncoat RINO! She and John McCain exchanging warm embraces.

Lisa Murkowski should be the poster girl for Operation RINO Kill (politically speaking, of course)!

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November 16, 2010

Veterans On Their Bikes Rally To Support Boy's Flag Display

Hundreds ride with Cody!!

13 year old Cody Alicea was escorted to Denair Middle School by veterans and bikers, all proudly flying the American flag on their bikes.


School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said Cody Alicea, 13, was told not to fly the U.S. flag from his bike after complaints from other students to avoid “racial tension.”

DENAIR, Calif. -- A 13-year-old Stanislaus County boy at the center of a flag controversy got a big show of support Monday as many bikers rallied to his side.

Cody Alicea was earlier told by Denair Middle School officials that he could not ride onto campus with a U.S. flag on his bike. The story has gained international attention, from Rush Limbaugh to soldiers in Afghanistan.

The school changed its mind, and now Alicea can display the stars and stripes.

When he rode from his home to school on Monday, he was followed by a parade of people on motorcycles. The group said the Pledge of Allegiance upon arriving at school.

"It means a lot to me," a tearful Alicea said after arriving at school.

Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said the campus recently experienced some racial tension. He said some students got out of hand on Cinco de Mayo. He said some students displayed the Mexican flag, while others displayed American flags.

Alicea said he was surprised at the attention.

"This is big," Alicea said. "I didn't think it'd get this big."


GREAT Video HERE........ I LOVE this!
In this video he also tells about his family having served our country. He wants to go into the Air Force when he grows up and work on planes the news said. Cody’s comments are worth clicking through to watch on this video.


Wild Thing's comment.........

I LOVE this! Those bikers are a beautiful sight. All those Flags and to know Veterans are there with their bikes to support dear Cody and America!

The American Legion Riders, the Patriot Guard Riders, and Rolling Thunder thank you all!!! From the reports these were the American Legion Riders. I love all of them!

God bless this young man Cody, and God bless America. We will be alright so long as we have young people like this, and so long as we stand with together.

Rush talked about this on his show yesterday as well. I am so glad, the more coverage this gets the better. Shame on that school big time. This ia AMERICA!!!!

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'If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested'

'If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested'


"I don't understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying," said 31-year-old John Tyner to a pair of Transportation Security Administration officials insisting on giving him a "groin check" before boarding his plane.

Tyner was scheduled to fly this weekend out of San Diego International Airport when he was pulled from the security line at the metal detectors and told he would be either subjected to one of the TSA's full-body scanners – which reveal a virtually nude image of passengers – or a full-body "pat-down," including an inspection of his inner thigh.

Discomforted by the invasive procedures and the thought of a security officer touching his genitals, Tyner made a joke that has since made him an instant Internet folk hero:

"If you touch my junk, I'm gonna have you arrested."

Tyner's words have since resonated in dozens of online comments and thousands of views on YouTube, for the comment – and the controversial discussion that followed – was recorded by Tyner's cell phone.

Though the phone was with his belongings, and thus only caught audio of his confrontation with TSA officials, the camera's footage is posted on a blog Tyner created detailing the incident and viewable below, with his "touch my junk" comment and ensuing confrontation beginning at roughly the 3:45 mark:

For Tyner, however, his troubles had only begun when he threatened to have the TSA officer arrested.

A female supervisor was called over to handle "issue," and she promptly explained to Tyner that he had two choices: submit to the groin check or be escorted back out of the airport.

"I don't understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying," Tyner objected.

"This is not considered a sexual assault," the supervisor said.

Tyner replied, "It would be if you weren't the government."

According to Tyner's account, he was eventually confronted by more senior TSA administrators and one San Diego police officer before being escorted back out of the security area to the ticket counter. To his amazement, American Airlines then refunded the price of his non-refundable ticket.

Before he could leave the airport, however, Tyner says a TSA employee insisted that if he left the airport, he would be subject to a civil suit and a $10,000 fine.

Nonetheless, Tyner left and then made his story public.

His blog repeats the refrain, "I would not be groped."

Tyner also told his story to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

"People generally are angry about what is going on," said Tyner, "but they don't know how to assert their rights. ... There is a general feeling that TSA is ineffective, out of control, over-reaching."

Though Tyner insists he's not trying to start a "movement," he nonetheless told the newspaper, "It's time to stop treating passengers like criminals and start treating them as assets."

Earlier this week WND reported as dozens of other airline passengers shared their real-life horror stories of close encounters of the TSA kind, including a 70-year-old whose fudge "contraband" was discovered, a Los Angeles passenger who was "groped" four times and a man who was the target of a TSA screaming fit when he chose to opt-out of the "porno scan."

Just a day earlier, WND reported on the growing movement by activists and citizens to push back against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's plans for "enhanced" screening at airport checkpoints.


How the Israelis do airport security

In the wake of the failed Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253, authorities are ramping up air passenger screening, particularly for those flying from 14 nations that the U.S. describes as "state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest."

Hundreds more full body scanning machines are on order for U.S. airports. But some airline security experts say the real answer to greater security is to follow the approach used by Israel's airline, El Al.

Isaac Yeffet, the former head of security for El Al and now an aviation security consultant in New York, said El Al has prevented terrorism in the air by making sure every passenger is interviewed by a well-trained agent before check-in.

"Stop relying only on technology," Yeffet told CNN. "Technology can help the qualified, well-trained human being but cannot replace him."

Yeffet spoke to CNN Friday.

CNN: What do you think we've learned about airport security from the failed bombing in Detroit?

Isaac Yeffet: We learned one thing. We do not have a good security system to be able to prevent tragedies in this country.

After Lockerbie, everyone thought, now we've learned the lesson of how to be proactive instead of being reactive. Unfortunately, September 11 came and we know the result. Thousands of people lost their lives. Security totally failed, not at one airport, at three different airports around the country.

In 2002, we had Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. This man gave the security people all the suspicious signs that any passenger could show. The man got a British passport in Belgium, not in England. Number Two: he flew to Paris, he bought a one-way ticket from Paris to Florida. He paid cash. He came to the airport with no luggage. What else do I need to know that this passenger is suspicious?

What did we learn from this? Just to tell the passenger from now on, you take off your shoes when you come to the airport? This I call a patch on top of a patch.

Now we face the story with [Umar Farouk] AbdulMutallab. We had all the information that we could dream the security people could get. He was on the list of people connected to al Qaeda. I don't need more to understand that when he comes, I am not looking for more evidence. He is suspicious; I have to take care of him.

and other sources:


American Spectator

Israel, which prides itself on airport and airplane security, showed off robots and procedures to keep passengers safe. One method has been condemned in other countries — profiling.

Before approaching the ticket counter, passengers are thoroughly questioned by "selectors" who look for travelers who match a suspicious profile.

"In the U.S., profiling is a bad word," Liss said, but he defended the practice, saying it is done by "intelligent, motivated" university students who served in Israel's military and can identify passengers who could pose a potential risk.

Liss said that heightened screening of passengers and carry-on luggage in international airports has pushed terror organizations to look for other vulnerable areas to attack at airports. He said many of the world's airports do not properly secure their perimeters.

"We need to protect our back door as well," said Liss, offering a look at an advanced technique the Israelis are working on.

The visitors, including experts from the U.S. and Europe, watched as security officers staged a live simulation, stopping three armed "terrorists" who broke through a rear gate.

Then they observed an unmanned vehicle patrolling the airport perimeter by remote control — a technology soon to be introduced at the Israeli airport.

Routine security procedures start far away from the terminal.

Before even entering the airport, all cars are stopped for a security check by armed guards. Cameras scan license plates to match them with a database of suspicious vehicles. Security officials said it's one of the many security filters passengers pass before boarding flights, some of them unknown to the passengers and many others still kept secret.

The Israeli airport's spokesman's unit said the main terminal is equipped with 700 closed-circuit cameras and is fortified against explosions. The large glass wall at the front and even the trash cans inside are bombproof, they said.

Israeli strategy is built on multiple face-to-face contacts between passengers and airport personnel.

A mile or so away, on the road leading to the terminals you encounter a structure that resembles a classic American highway toll plaza. It's actually a checkpoint. A young soldier approaches your vehicle, bends close to the window, peers in, and asks a few questions, innocuous things like "How're you doing? Where are you going today?" The substance of the answers (i.e. "I'm going to Casablanca") is far less important than what psychologists call your "affect" -- your demeanor, whether your gaze is steady or if it ping-pongs around, whether you are sweating heavily, whether your clothes seem appropriate to the surroundings or just

The second screening occurs while you wait on line to check your baggage. You are then approached by a uniformed young person (they are usually Israeli reservists) and "chatted with" again, the same sort of "where are you going?" stuff

The Israelis would be crazy to rely solely on passenger twitchiness, so all kinds of other elements get thrown into the mix.

In 1986 the simple question, "Did you pack your bags yourself?" ended up saving hundreds of lives.

When Richard Reid climbed aboard a trans-Atlantic flight with a British passport issued in Belgium, no luggage, a one-way ticket and a bomb in his shoe, we made everybody take off their shoes. Now that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has gotten past security with no luggage, a one-way ticket and a bomb in his underpants, we're going to check everybody's underpants with body scanners. But no scanner ever invented can look into another person's mind. Only when we start talking to passengers will be able to get into their heads. And that is where the real danger lies.


Wild Thing's comment........

Before he could leave the airport, however, Tyner says a TSA employee insisted that if he left the airport, he would be subject to a civil suit and a $10,000 fine.

I had did not know about this rule or law whatever it is. I guess it means once you start the sceening process, you are their prisoner and you can't leave. So let's say you consent to go through the scanner and it doesn't show a good enough image, they may send you to be patted down and you can't refuse. You can't change you mind and leave the area.

I wish our country would drop the BS about not wanting to profile a person. I mean we all do it every day just walking around. Did that person smile, is she or he having a good day. How nice that person is dressed, or what a cute outfit etc. All kinds of ways we profile even lightly but for safety it should be allowed for sure. Especially since Muslims can be exempt from the scanners in our country.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Obama Gives a Pass: TSA Won’t Touch Muslims’ Junk

Obama Gives a Pass: TSA Won’t Touch Muslims’ Junk has reported that Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which is frequently tied to domestic terror plots — has been guaranteed that TSA officials will only pat down Muslim women in the head and neck area.

CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, including asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.

“Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down.”

Muslim women will likely opt for the not-very-invasive security pat-down, because most consider airports’ high-image body scans a violation of Islamic Shari’a law. CNS News adds, “In February, the Figh Council of North America, a group of Islamic scholars, issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, that full-body scanners violate Islamic law.”

So, Muslim women will not be subject to a full body scan or a pat-down on much of their elaborately concealed bodies. Feeling secure yet?

Add this to the growing proof that political correctness is not merely totalitarian but suicidal. The president made an exception to airline security protocol big enough to drive a jihad through — and applied it only to the adherents of Islam. Roman Catholic nuns can be groped en masse, but Obama rushed to defend the dignity of Muslim women.

Wild Thing's comment........

A man could dress in a burkha and do the same thing. This is ridiculous.

What is it going to take for our country to cure itself of this PC bull that is allowing Muslims to rule our security. The media, most politicians and private citizens not wanting to say the truth about the death cult of Islam for starters. That has got to change. Israel knows the enemy and takes it seriously, as so should our country.

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Authorities Find Body of Missing 5-Year-Old North Carolina Girl ~ She Was Dismembered


Authorities Find Body of Missing 5-Year-Old North Carolina Girl

FOX News

A missing 5-year-old whose mother was accused of offering her for sex was found dead off a heavily wooded road in a rural area Monday, ending a weeklong search, police said.

Searchers found Shaniya Davis' body early Monday afternoon about 100 feet off a road southeast of Sanford, in central North Carolina, Fayetteville Police spokeswoman Theresa Chance said. She declined to comment on a cause of death or the condition of Shaniya's body.

"We've got a lot of people out at the scene right now that are torn up," Chance said. "Detectives have been running off adrenaline to find this little girl and to bring her home alive. You have a lot of people in shock right now."

Two people have been charged in her disappearance, one of them her mother, Antoinette Davis, 25. Police charged Davis with human trafficking and felony child abuse, saying Shaniya was offered for prostitution.

Davis was calm and quiet during a five-minute court appearance in Fayetteville on Monday afternoon. She provided one-word answers to the judge's questions and held her hands in front of her, without handcuffs. She requested a court-appointed attorney and did not enter a plea.

Her sister, Brenda Davis, 20, said outside that she does not believe the charges.

"I don't believe she could hurt her children," said Brenda Davis, who was able to speak to her sister at the jail Sunday.

Authorities also charged Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, with kidnapping after they said surveillance footage from a Sanford hotel showed him carrying Shaniya there. Authorities said McNeill admitted taking the girl, though his attorney said he will plead not guilty.

Davis reported Shaniya missing Tuesday. Authorities first arrested a man named Clarence Coe, but charges against him were dropped a day later when investigators tracked down McNeill after receiving a tip from a hotel employee.

Additional information led investigators to a search site near Sanford on Sunday. They continued searching Monday, scouring miles of landscape, roads, ravines and fields on four-wheelers and with helicopters.

After Shaniya's body was found, a solemn group of searchers met quietly at a nearby fire station to ensure that all volunteers were accounted for.

"We were hoping that someone could carry her home," said Syd Severe, 42, who came from Raleigh to help with the search. "It's just sick."

A cluster of emergency vehicles and law enforcement personnel gathered where Shaniya's body was found, about a quarter mile from N.C. Highway 87. Authorities blocked access to the road, a rural area popular with hunters that is less than a mile from a large lakeside community.

Chance said later Monday that authorities were waiting for an official identification but had called off the search for Shaniya. State investigators were planning to remove her body from the scene.

Shaniya's father, Bradley Lockhart, said he raised his daughter for several years but last month decided to let her stay with her mother. He had pleaded for her safe return.

Lockhart told The Associated Press on Saturday that he and Davis never argued about him raising Shaniya, and Cumberland County courts had no record of a custody dispute. He described his relationship with Davis as a "one-night stand" and said he did not know McNeill.

Davis struggled financially over the years, but she recently obtained a job and her own place, so Lockhart said he decided to give her a chance to raise their daughter.

"I should've never let her go over there," he said Saturday night.

Before Shaniya's body was found, he said on CBS's "The Early Show" Monday that he remained hopeful someone would bring his daughter somewhere safe, such as a police station or hospital.

"They can drop her off at Walmart, I don't care," he said.

A friend at Lockhart's home Monday afternoon said Lockhart did not want to speak with reporters.



Wild Thing's comment.......

Breaks my heart! Just a beautiful, beautiful little girl.

She’d been in the news as a picture of her being carried into a hotel by some creep had been found by video cameras.

She looked so trusting, just an innocent. OMG

This evil, I just can't imagine. so sickening! Absolutely horrifying.

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Obama Sends Warm Wishes As Muslims Hold Death to America, Down with Israel Rally At Their Hajj

Their signs read: Death to America, Down with Israel.

‘Death to America and Israel’ Slogans at Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage

Tens of thousands of Muslims chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” at the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which the Ayatollah of Iran called “a symbol of spirituality.”

The Arab Ahlul Bayt News Agency reported, “The pilgrims chanted anti-US and anti-Zionist slogans during the ceremony, also attended by the Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs, Hojatoleslam Ali Qazi-Asgar.

“God is the Greatest”, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” were among slogans chanted by the masses in unison as they gathered in the Desert of Arafat near Mecca, where more than 2 million Muslims have gathered.

Qazi-Asgar read a message from the Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, who told Muslims to engage in "struggle and resistance against the aggressions of the United States and the Zionist regime."

"Today the Zionist regime is no more the undefeatable monster of 30 years ago," he said. "The United States and the West are also no more the unquestionable decision-makers of the Middle East that they were two decades ago. Today the arrogant United States, the self-styled commandant of the Islamic region and the real sponsor of the Zionist regime, is bogged down in the quagmire of its own making in Afghanistan."

He began his speech by saying that "the growing wave of Islamic awakening heralds a glorious future for the Muslim community…The enemy's extensive propaganda campaigns to promote Islamophobia are hasty attempts at sowing discord among Islamic faiths and fueling factional prejudices."

Khamenei continued, "No virtue is better than rescuing nations from the demonic clutches of hegemonic powers, and no vice is worse than depending on and serving hegemonic powers," referring to the United States.


In case you can't read what Obama is saying to them:

White House

Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid-ul-Adha to Muslims worldwide and wish safe travels to those performing Hajj. This year, nearly three million pilgrims from more than 160 countries - including the United States - have gathered in Mecca and neighboring sites to perform the Hajj rituals and stand together in prayer.
On Eid, Muslims around the world will commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, and distribute food to those less fortunate - a reminder of the shared values and the common roots of three of the world's major religions.
On behalf of the American people, we extend our best wishes during this Hajj season – Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mabrour.


Wild Thing's comment........

Isn't it just wonderful to have a president support these sickos and their death cult......NOT!

I guess Obama Obama is wishing he could be with his brothers celebrating Hajj.

Jihadis in the open, FIRE FOR EFFECT!

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Democrat Ethics Chair Asks Rangel To Be Seated

Democrat Chair of a House Ethics Subcommittee, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, asking embattled Dem Rep. Charlie Rangel to “be seated” after he rambled extensively following her simple question whether there was any objection to the committee counsel’s motion to introduce evidence against Rangel.

After letting him ramble for awhile, Lofgren asked Rangel to “be seated.”

After demanding that his ethics trial be delayed, Rangel left the hearing abruptly, stating that he was not given enough time to hire a legal team for himself.

Of course, Rangel's claim is simply a lie, as his legal team quit two months ago after a debate over strategy. Most likely, the team realized how corrupt Rangel was and wanted to go one way. The corrupt Rangel wanted to go another, and his lawyers just quit.

This meant that today, at the beginning of Rangel's legal hearings, that he had no legal representation. Of course, since his lawyers quit two months ago, he had plenty of time to assemble more people. Either Rangel could not get anyone to accept his case or he intentionally did not hire anyone in hopes that the court would delay the hearing. They did not, so Rangel walked out.

In court, Rangel faces a tremendous amount of counts against him, including over one dozen charges of financial and fundraising misconduct.


Wild Thing's comment........

Book’im Dannoh!

His tax evasion alone would get anyone else a prison term.

But since he is a democrat he will probably only get a slap on the hand.

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Democrat Politician Michael Wolfensohn Calls Cops on Kids Selling Cupcakes

New Castle councilman calls cops on boys' cupcake sale


When Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff, two 13-year-olds from Chappaqua's Seven Bridges Middle School, set up shop at Gedney Park on a fall weekend last month, they were expecting a tidy profit.

Instead, the two wannabe entrepreneurs selling cupcakes, cookies, brownies and Rice Krispie treats baked by them for $1 apiece got a taste of cold, hard bureaucracy .

New Castle Councilman Michael Wolfensohn came upon the sale and called the cops on the kids for operating without a license.

The boys' parents are incensed and can't believe a Town Board member would handle the situation that way.

"I am shocked and sad for the boys. It was such a great idea, and they worked hard at it," said Laura Graff, Kevin's mother. "But then some Town Board member decided to get on his high horse and wreck their dreams."

DeMarchis and Graff, along with two other classmates, Zachary Bass and Daniel Katz, had a simple, if half-baked, business plan: sell their treats at Gedney Park for a couple of years and save up enough to open a restaurant.

Their first day was wildly successful, the boys said. They netted $120, of which they invested $60 to buy a cart from Target and added water and Gatorade to their offerings on their second day, the next Saturday, Oct. 9.

After about an hour of brisk business , during which DeMarchis and Graff — Bass and Katz were not with them — said they made $30, police arrived at their stand and asked them to shut it down.

"The police officer was extremely pleasant. He said he was sorry to have to do this, but that he was following up on a report filed over the phone by a Town Board member," said Suzanne DeMarchis, Andrew's mother, who was called to the scene. "Kevin was so upset, he was crying all the whole way home. He was worried if he was going to get arrested or have a criminal record."

The boys, all of whom had bar mitzvahs this year, had done projects to benefit charities in the community, their parents said. The projects included collecting books for Maria Fareri Children's Hospital and raising money for Haiti earthquake victims.

"These are good kids who haven't once gone to the principal's office," said Laura Graff, Kevin's mother. "This was a very scary experience for them."

More please CLICK HERE


Wild Thing's comment........

More about Democrats taking away the American Dream, I am so sick of this crap from the left. GRRRRRRRR!!

Talk about overreaching government...sheesh.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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GOP Welcomes Freshman Republican Senators

GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell welcoming the 13 new Republican Senator-elects to Washington D.C. for their orientation. McConnell described what a contrast today was with 2006 and 2008 when he welcomed one, and two freshman Senators respectively! Sitting around McConnell were the 13 GOP Freshman Senators, including Marco Rubio, Roy Blunt, Rand Paul, and Mark Kirk.

The newly elected members are:
• Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte(N.H.)
• Senator-elect Roy Blunt(Mo.)
• Senator-elect John Boozman(Ark.)
• Senator-elect Dan Coats(Ind.)
• Senator-elect John Hoeven(N.D.)
• Senator-elect Ron Johnson(Wis.)
• Senator-elect Mark Kirk(Ill.)
• Senator-elect Mike Lee(Utah)
• Senator-elect Jerry Moran(Kan.)
• Senator-elect Rand Paul(Ky.)
• Senator-elect Rob Portman(Ohio)
• Senator-elect Marco Rubio(Fla.)
• Senator-elect Pat Toomey(Pa.)


Wild Thing's comment........

God bless America and all the best to the conservatives on the list to be strong and keep their love for our country burning in their hearts as they set out each day to work for we the people.

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November 15, 2010

Democrat Pollsters Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell Write Op-ed: Obama Should Decide NOT to Seek Re-election

Democrat Pollsters Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell have written an op-ed appearing in today’s Washington Post arguing that President Obama should decide NOT to seek re-election in 2012:

One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012

The Washington Post

By Douglas E. Schoen and Patrick H. Caddell

Obama must decide now how he wants to govern in the two years leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

In recent days, he has offered differing visions of how he might approach the country’s problems. At one point, he spoke of the need for “mid-course corrections.” At another, he expressed a desire to take ideas from both sides of the aisle. And before this month’s midterm elections, he said he believed that the next two years would involve “hand-to-hand combat” with Republicans, whom he also referred to as “enemies.”

It is clear that the president is still trying to reach a resolution in his own mind as to what he should do and how he should do it.

This is a critical moment for the country. From the faltering economy to the burdensome deficit to our foreign policy struggles, America is suffering a widespread sense of crisis and anxiety about the future. Under these circumstances, Obama has the opportunity to seize the high ground and the imagination of the nation once again, and to galvanize the public for the hard decisions that must be made. The only way he can do so, though, is by putting national interests ahead of personal or political ones.

To that end, we believe Obama should announce immediately that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2012.

~ snipet ~

We do not come to this conclusion lightly. But it is clear, we believe, that the president has largely lost the consent of the governed. The midterm elections were effectively a referendum on the Obama presidency. And even if it was not an endorsement of a Republican vision for America, the drubbing the Democrats took was certainly a vote of no confidence in Obama and his party. The president has almost no credibility left with Republicans and little with independents.

The best way for him to address both our national challenges and the serious threats to his credibility and stature is to make clear that, for the next two years, he will focus exclusively on the problems we face as Americans, rather than the politics of the moment - or of the 2012 campaign.

~ snipet ~

It is no secret that we have been openly critical of the president in recent days, but we make this proposal with the deepest sincerity and hope for him and for the country.

We have both advised presidents facing great national crises and have seen challenges from inside the Oval Office. We are convinced that if Obama immediately declares his intention not to run for reelection, he will be able to unite the country, provide national and international leadership, escape the hold of the left, isolate the right and achieve results that would be otherwise unachievable.


Wild Thing's comment........

Pat Caddell has been publically BLASTING Obama for several months, now, in print and on TV. Not sure what is up with these two pollsters doing this article, but one thing for sure Obama probably won't like it at all.

Actually both Pat and Doug have been very critical of the Obama Team regarding strategy, policy and public relations for awhile now. Doug and Pat need to wake up, smell the coffee and realize that the Democrat Party they once knew no longer exists.

Obama will never admit he’s blown it. He can't understand that America most of us anyway do not want a socialist, communist thrid world America.

Jihad Obama has nothing but contempt for Americans, and I hope our rejection of him on 2 Nov is eating at him like acid, however little value he places on our opinion. He deserves to suffer for the suffering his policies have inflicted on us.

Do you think this is some kind of game plan though, writing this article??? One has to wonder when democrats are involved.

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Obama to Redouble Effort on Core Principles ( On His Agenda To Destroy America!)

Obama to Redouble Effort on Core Principles


by Jake Tapper

En route back to Washington after a 10-day trip overseas, President Obama was introspective about his first two years in office. The president told reporters aboard Air Force One that he had an “obsessive focus” on policy and he will now “redouble” efforts to get back to his core principles.

Obama said he “neglected” things that matter a lot to Americans in his rush to get major legislation passed. He explained those things as maintaining a bipartisan tone, dealing with earmarks, making sure that policy decisions are fully debated and shaping public opinion. He can better focus on these principals now, the president explained, because the economy is more stable.

The president plans to meet with Congressional leadership this week and said he expects that even though his party lost badly in the midterm election, Republicans will work with him to get things done.

“I am very confident that the American people were not issuing a mandate for gridlock,” Obama said. “They want to see us make progress.”

Obama repeated his belief that the country can’t afford to extend the Bush tax cuts for people earning more than $250,000 a year.

“I believe it is a mistake for us to borrow $700 billion to make tax cuts permanent for millionaires and billionaires,” he said.

Reflecting on his stop in Asia, the president said he leaves with the impression that America will need to step up its game because countries across the Asian continent are working to better educate their workforces, rebuild their economies and enter into new markets around the world.


Obama: Just-Say-No is Over

NY Daily News

Sunday Nov. 14, 2010

Ahead of his meeting with the Republican leaders this week, President Obama today warned them the era of just-say-no is over.

The GOP opposed nearly every initiative Obama and the Democrats offered — and sometimes passed — over the last two years.

The were so successful at casting those policies as job-killing bailouts that were deadly to the economy that voters on election day still believed — by a two-to-one margin — that the economy was shrinking, bailouts were ongoing and their taxes were going up — even though the opposite was true.

With the GOP gaining greater say in the Senate and taking over the House, Obama thinks they’ll have to play the game differently over the next two years.

“Campaigning is different than governing,” Obama told reporters as he flew home from his 10-day Asia trip this afternoon, suggesting Republicans will walk back some of their more adamant rhetoric in coming days as they take stock of reality.
“They are flush with victory after a campaign of just saying no,” Obama said. “But I’m sure the American people did not vote for more gridlock.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Holy crap! Where do I begin?

“maintaining a bipartisan tone”

Maintain? When has that ever happened?

making sure that policy decisions are fully debated and shaping public opinion

Debated? You mean like before when the Republicans were locked out of discussions and then accused of being the party of “NO”?

Shape public opinion?

You mean by appearing daily on radio, tv, etc. repeating your faux talking points over and over and when Americans don’t swallow what you’re selling you call them stupid?

the economy is more stable

More stable? Like more stable than Cuba or Greece?

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American Ingenuity ~ The Ford Model T


Wild Thing's comment........

This was just GREAT!!!! WONDERFUL!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Among voters, Dems No. 3!

Among voters, Dems No. 3!

55% like GOP, 51% like tea party, and then ...


Whatever else President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done over the past two years, they have raised the profile of the Democrat Party – in a negative way. In fact, a new WND/Wenzel Poll reveals that voters like the GOP, take to the tea party just a little less, and end up putting the Democrat Party in third.

Fritz Wenzel conducted the poll Nov. 5-7 with an automated technology calling a random sampling of listed telephone numbers nationwide. It contacted 1,656 people, has a confidence interval of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.37 percentage points.

He said the results show "why Republicans made big gains in the congressional elections just past, as they held a historically unusual double-digit advantage over their Democratic Party counterparts."

The survey also shows that the tea party movement holds a favorable image among a majority of Americans, revealing why a cadre of high-profile candidates supported by the movement fared well on election day," he said.

Of those polled, 55 percent held a favorable view of the Republican Party, 51 percent had a favorable opinion of the tea party movement, and only 43 percent had a favorable opinion of Democrats.

"For Democrats, a problem has been among their own base – 15 percent of Democrats said they had a negative opinion of their own party, compared to just 9 percent of Republicans who said the same thing. In an election cycle where small margins made a big difference, this GOP advantage may have meant the flip of several 'blue dog' Democratic seats into GOP hands," Wenzel's analysis said.
"But there is no question that the underlying power of this election was the energy brought by the tea party movement, and even among Democrats, 24 percent said they held a favorable opinion of the movement. Combine that with the fact that 49 percent of independents had a positive view of the movement … and you begin to understand the historic advantage Republican candidates had," he said.

The results show regarding the Democrat Party, 44.7 percent of voters held a very unfavorable opinion, and 10.2 percent were somewhat unfavorable. The numbers for the GOP included 27.7 percent very unfavorable and 15 percent somewhat unfavorable. Even among Democrats, 23 percent held a favorable view of the GOP.

Regarding the tea party, 49 percent of independents held a favorable opinion and 24 percent of Democrats held a favorable opinion.

"While this tea party movement enjoys an overall favorable image, it is notable that the advantage is not overwhelming – which could easily explain why some Republican challengers in Democratic Party strongholds were disappointed on election day, including high-profile GOP candidates in Delaware, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state," Wenzel said.
"Men had a significantly more positive attitude toward the tea party movement than did women – 58 percent of men had a favorable view, while 47 percent of women felt the same way."

In related questions in the poll, voters preferred former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich to challenge Obama in 2012, with support from 24 percent of Republicans and independents. Mitt Romney is second at 18 percent and Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin are tied at 16 percent.

Among Republicans only, Gingrich holds the support of 30 percent, Romney has 23 percent, Pawlenty has 17 percent and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann moved into fourth place with 14 percent.

Palin was the far-and-away favorite among independents, with 28 percent, followed by Gingrich and Pawlenty with 16 percent each.

"This represents something of a conundrum for potential Republican candidates in that they will have to appeal to Republicans to win the nomination, but they will have to win a substantial percentage of independent voters to defeat Obama in the general election of 2012. With such a split between the preferences of Republicans and independents, this could be the biggest challenge facing the GOP presidential field," Wenzel said.

He reported among Republicans and independents, 55 percent said it was most important that their next presidential candidate agree with them on issues, while 45 percent said it was most important that the next nominee be able to defeat Obama.


Wild Thing's comment.......

This is good news, at least for this election people finally started to wake up. I hope it continues into the next election big time.

There have to be a lot of democrats that never wanted their party to go so far to the left as it has been doing. Just as there were so many of us that did not like our own GOP catering to rino’s.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Obama To (Nov 3) No Compromise: Hopenchange Will Continue For 6 More Years

This is a conversation Obama had with Moveon. the day after getting smacked silly in the mid-terms

Big Journalism

If Obama does not get it after this election, he never will. If the media does not get it after this election, it never will.

Now, you could easily argue that Obama absolutely gets it and he is doing exactly what he wants done in this country. He is a Cold Hearted Social Engineer and he thrives only by forcing others to obey him by fiat. I would be in that camp, have been for a long time. How could the most brilliant leader in the history of the world not know exactly what he is doing?

Change? He has never explained what he means by the word change. The media has never asked him, the media has never pinned him down on this, so, I will take it that they do not want to pin him down on this. They worship his Vagueness.

Wild Thing's comment........

What a horrible person. He truly is a dictator!!!!

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November 14, 2010

Racist Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Won't Allow A Black Man To Be Second In Command Of New Minoirty in House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) in the backseat today. The failed Speaker averted a messy battle between Clyburn and Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) by creating a new pretend role for the South Carolina liberal. It looks like he’ll take it.

House Dems Avert Leadership Battle

FOX News

House Democrats averted a messy leadership struggle, clearing the way for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to become second in command of their new minority without a challenge from South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn.

Under an arrangement worked out in private, officials said late Friday that Clyburn would instead receive a new position, title unknown and duties undescribed, explicitly labeled the third-ranking post in leadership.

The maneuvering was described by Democratic officials after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., issued a vaguely worded statement saying she intends to nominate Clyburn to a new No. 3 post. The statement made no mention of Hoyer, and officials who filled in the details did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not permitted to speak publicly about the matter.


Wild Thing's comment........

I guess it was either the back of the bus, or under the bus.

The real surprise will come when a majority of black folks finally realize the DemocRats are running a plantation party. When they realize they are being used for votes and they stop voting for them that will be the real surprise. I would have thought that knowing how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed would have been enough, but I guess not.

This is so obvious what they are doing, not even a name for his position, nothing, just a way for Pelosi to push her way to what she wants. It sickens me to see this happening and then they the democrats scream and I do mean scream out that Tea Parties are racists when they are NOT.

Yes we can USE Pelosi in her has assed take over for her hungry for power position and we damn well better make use of it because their actions on the left keep setting our country back to putting blacks back on the plantation.

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Navy's Newest Destroyer USS Jason Dunham Enters the Fleet



Corporal Jason L. Dunham, 22, of Scio, N.Y. selflessly sacrificed his life in Iraq on April 14, 2004.


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a Rifle Squad Leader, 4th Platoon, Company K, Third Battalion, Seventh Marines (Reinforced), Regimental Combat Team 7, First Marine Division (Reinforced), on 14 April 2004. Corporal Dunham's squad was conducting a reconnaissance mission in the town of Karabilah, Iraq, when they heard rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire erupt approximately two kilometers to the west. Corporal Dunham led his Combined Anti-Armor Team towards the engagement to provide fire support to their Battalion Commander's convoy, which had been ambushed as it was traveling to Camp Husaybah.

As Corporal Dunham and his Marines advanced, they quickly began to receive enemy fire. Corporal Dunham ordered his squad to dismount their vehicles and led one of his fire teams on foot several blocks south of the ambushed convoy. Discovering seven Iraqi vehicles in a column attempting to depart, Corporal Dunham and his team stopped the vehicles to search them for weapons. As they approached the vehicles, an insurgent leaped out and attacked Corporal Dunham. Corporal Dunham wrestled the insurgent to the ground and in the ensuing struggle saw the insurgent release a grenade. Corporal Dunham immediately alerted his fellow Marines to the threat. Aware of the imminent danger and without hesitation, Corporal Dunham covered the grenade with his helmet and body, bearing the brunt of the explosion and shielding his Marines from the blast. In an ultimate and selfless act of bravery in which he was mortally wounded, he saved the lives of at least two fellow Marines. By his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty, Corporal Dunham gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.



Navy's Newest Destroyer USS Jason Dunham Enters the Fleet

Under blue skies and the Florida sun, the Navy's newest Arleigh Burke Class Aegis Guided Missile Destroyer the USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) was commissioned today in Port Everglades, entering full status as a ship of the United States Navy.

Deb Dunham, ship sponsor and mother of Marine Corps Corporal Jason Dunham, stood on deck as she gave the command to “Man the Ship and Bring Her to Life!” Dan Dunham, father of Corporal Dunham, set the first watch and passed the long glass to LTJG Andrew Gray. The watch, which will now continue for the entire period of time the ship is in service, will ensure the safety and security of the ship and its crew.

Six weeks earlier, Deb and Dan stood on the bridge of the ship on a cloudy overcast day as it left Bath Iron Works, Maine where the ship was constructed to begin its journey to Port Everglades. Today the ship and her crew stand ready to continue to fulfill Corporal Jason Dunham’s mission of protecting the United States.

Keynote speaker General James F. Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps, stated “Dan and Deb Dunham, none of this would have been possible without you. You have borne the heaviest burden – the sacrifice of a son. But Jason’s actions will not be forgotten. Your son – honored through this ship – stands together with the greatest men and women in our Nation’s history. Thank you for all you have given and all you continue to give. You embody all that is great in our American Family.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Godspeed to our brave aboard this ship. And bless the Dunham family for their incredible sacrifice and my heart-felt prayers to the Dunham family.

Corporal Jason L. Dunham, 22, of Scio, N.Y.

We remember our heroes! Rest In Peace.

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DOJ Gave Millions to Illegal Immigrant 'Sanctuaries,' Report Finds

Nov. 1: Natalia Garcia Pasmanick yells at a protest of Arizona's new immigration law while Raymond Herrera, rear, holds up an Arizona flag in support of its immigration law outside of a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals building in San Francisco, a sanctuary county and city that received $754,853 in SCAAP grant money in 2010. (AP Photo)

DOJ Gave Millions to Illegal Immigrant 'Sanctuaries,' Report Finds


The Department of Justice has spent tens of millions of dollars this year to compensate more than two dozen states, counties and cities for their costs of jailing illegal immigrants -- even though those communities have adopted policies that obstruct immigration enforcement, according to a recently released report.

"Subsidizing Sanctuaries: The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program," a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, found that the federal grant program commonly known as SCAAP allocated $62.2 million -- more than 15 percent of its $400 million total -- to 27 jurisdictions that are widely considered to be "sanctuary communities."

Some of those jurisdictions -- including San Francisco, Chicago and California's Santa Clara County -- are even trying to opt-out of Secure Communities, a program that automatically alerts Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials when criminal illegal immigrants are booked into jail, according to the report.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies and a co-author of the report, said that the grant system as currently structured makes little sense.

"Basically, the federal government is subsidizing through this grant program jurisdictions that on the one hand are complaining about the cost of illegal immigration and demanding reimbursement from the federal government, while at the same time they have policies in place that make their locality a magnet for illegal aliens," Vaughan told

"And that's just illogical," she said.

According to Department of Justice figures cited in the report, five of the top 10 SCAAP grants to localities and two of the top 10 grants to states went to jurisdictions that are considered sanctuaries. That includes $14.2 million to Los Angeles County, $13.4 million to New York City and $88 million to the state of California.

Rather than award SCAAP grants to jurisdictions that incur costs of incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens, Vaughan said federal officials should use the grant program as an incentive for communities to participate in immigration enforcement programs like Secure Communities or the 287(g) program, which trains deputies to check the immigration status of individuals they arrest and has identified more than 180,000 illegal immigrants for deportation nationwide since 2006.

In a statement obtained by, U.S. Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif., said he disagreed with funding sanctuary cities using SCAAP grants and called on the Obama administration to take action.

"In its lawsuit challenging the Arizona immigration law, the Obama administration claims that the law creates a patchwork of immigration enforcement," Miller's statement read. "If this is the case, then the Obama administration should also sue sanctuary cities, for their policies are arguably a 'patchwork' of immigration enforcement as well. It is time for the administration to end its double standard."

To that end, Miller has authored legislation -- the Loophole Elimination and Verification Enforcement Act, or LEAVE -- that would prohibit sanctuary communities from receiving both Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security funds.

"I hope the next Congress will take up this commonsense proposal and penalize sanctuary cities for their irresponsible policies," Miller's statement concluded.

In a statement to, the Department of Justice said it administers the SCAAP grants in accordance with legislation authorizing the program and passed by Congress.

"Funding under this program is provided to any eligible jurisdiction that incurs costs associated with detaining criminal aliens," the statement read. "SCAAP does not inhibit, but rather supports the accountability process by reimbursing local agency costs for detaining illegal aliens who commit crimes."

The statement continued, "Making any jurisdiction ineligible for these funds could have an unintended consequence -- creating a disincentive to detain criminals who are greater flight risks and pose a danger to our communities. The Department of Justice is committed to providing support to our state and local partners to protect the safety of communities."

Bob Dane, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, suggested that the number of sanctuary communities would reduce significantly if the DOJ grants were discontinued.

"One of the best fixes is to deny state and federal funding to the places that harbor illegal aliens," Dane said. "The entire country is slowly but surely moving from a sanctuary mentality to a 'fix it' mentality, but you've got these remaining pockets of resistance, many of them in big cities."

Dane continued, "You hit 'em where it hurts, in the wallet, and maybe they'll get it. We're reimbursing cities for a problem of their own making."


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama administration is giving the American people the finger again. This time via the DOJ sheesh! The DOJ is supposed to uphold our laws nor usurp them. There is no Justice Department, only Obama’s Gestapo and it’s leader Heinrich Holder.

I would love new Republican majority in House to inform all those “sanctuary” cities that unless policy is immediately rescinded, no federal monies. Period.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers- Hides It on Website

The Obama Administration recently handed out 111 Obamacare waivers to US companies… And, they're hiding this from the American public. It takes 6 clicks to find out this information on the government's health care website.

Unfortunately, if you're a small business or you don't have the right connections you can't get a waiver for your company.

That's the new reality under the Obama-Pelosi regime.

FOX News contributor Tracy Byrnes said it best:

“The bottom line here is that they gave out waivers is an admission of guilt. Basically they’re saying, “You’re right. We screwed up.” That’s the bottom line here. They did not create a law that benefits all of us.”

Wild Thing's comment........

They know what they are doing, that are not wanting to make things better for America. I agree it is an admission of guilt but only by the deed not because of any remorse.

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Again Obama Makes Demands On Israel ~ Israel Please Say NO To Obama

Netanyahu Presents US Demand for 3-Month Freeze


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has convened his top mini-Cabinet of seven ministers for an emergency meeting in which they will vote on the United States demand that Israel re-freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria for another three months.

In exchange, the U.S. promises 20 jet fighters, as well as an automatic veto of any anti-Israel resolution or demand in the United Nations.

The Palestinian Authority has repeatedly demanded that Israel freeze all construction for the 320,000 Jews of Judea and Samaria, as well as for the 300,000 Jews of northern and eastern Jerusalem. In fact, a year ago, Israel froze all construction for ten months, in the hopes that the PA would agree to negotiate with Israel. The PA refused to do so for nine months, but in September, as the freeze was winding down, abruptly agreed to negotiate – but only on condition that Israel extend the freeze

Wild Thing's comment........

The Israelis should tell Hussein Obama that if he plays nice they promise no harm will come to Mecca.

Israel, Jihad obama is NOT your friend amd surely not your cheerleader. Why would you believe anything he says when there is evidence of his lying to the American people”. Jihad obama is a muslim.

Jihad obama is trying to shove Israel into a corner, by threat. damn the Marxist Moselm and his anti-Israel, anti-American, unAmerican regime.

May God shield and protect His chosen people, never again allowing Satans evil to be unleashed upon them.

As Col. Allen West said, “Every time we give them land, they want more…. You’re dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing: a return of the Holocaust.”

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Barack Obama: the Most Anti-Israel President!

Barack Obama: the Most Anti-Israel President!

American Thinker

By Ken Blackwell

With his remarks in Jakarta, Indonesia, President Obama made history once again. Sadly, it's a most unenviable title. I believe he is the most anti-Israel President in U.S. history.

In going to Jakarta, Indonesia, to launch his latest attack, he literally went to the ends of the earth to give voice to his displeasure. He emphasized his opposition to the policies of the elected government of Israel.

He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population. Where? In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious.

He was in Indonesia less than 24 hours. If he had to make such a one-sided and unfair pronouncement, couldn't he at least have waited until he got to South Korea? Touting Indonesia's great tolerance is offensive. We love everyone here in Indonesia, except the Israelis, of course, and except Catholic school girls who get beheaded on their way to school.

What could he have been thinking in traveling to his boyhood home -- in what is widely described as the largest Muslim country in the world -- and sharply criticizing Israel? It's as if he is determined to take an unfriendly stance and to reinforce it with his own biography: This place was a second home to me, and I am telling you, Israel, to knock it off! Those were not his actual words, but how else can we interpret his bizarre sense of time and place?

President Obama's foreign policy puts much greater emphasis on the UN as a world body. He has changed previous policy by bowing to the UN's horrendous Human Rights Council. This is a body that contains Russia, China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia -- those paragons of human rights. It is to this body that the Obama administration finds it necessary to "report." The reports we have submitted essentially apologize to these brutal despots at the UN for not fully implementing more of the Obama legislative agenda at home.

The President has admitted he and his party took a "shellacking" in the midterm elections. So implementation of that agenda looks increasingly problematic. Shellacking it may be, but you cannot put a high-gloss veneer on what happened November 2nd. Voters streamed into the polling places to render a vote of "no confidence" in this administration.

Interestingly, if the United States had a constitutional system similar to the parliamentary social democracies that Mr. Obama and so many of his liberal allies clearly favor, they would all be out of office. None of the leaders he will encounter in his G-20 meeting in South Korea this week would be appearing in the group photo if their parties had been given such a shellacking by the voters in their countries.

President Obama can thank his stars for the fact that under the United States Constitution, he still has a full two years to try to implement what's left of his program. He'll have a hard time doing it with 60+ new members of the House of Representatives who won their seats touting their staunch opposition to Obama policies.

Here's an idea he might suggest that could help build consensus and restore his frayed mandate: President Obama should announce that the U.S. Embassy in Israel will be moved -- to Jerusalem.

By doing that, he could demonstrate that he is not reflexively anti-Israel. Every other U.S. Embassy in the world is in the host nation's capital city. When Germany united twenty years ago, the new government there designated Berlin as their capital. The U.S. Embassy in Bonn obediently packed up and moved to Berlin in 1999.

By moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, he could reassure Israelis -- only 4% of whom think he is a friend of Israel. And he could show "the Muslim world" that he keeps trying to appease that the United States will not abandon its historic alliance with Israel. It's a sad commentary that such a reassurance is increasingly necessary.


Wild Thing's comment.......

"He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population... To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious... Touting Indonesia's great tolerance is offensive. We love everyone here in Indonesia, except the Israelis, of course, and except Catholic school girls who get beheaded on their way to school. What could he have been thinking in traveling to his boyhood home -- in what is widely described as the largest Muslim country in the world -- and sharply criticizing Israel? "

Obama’s hostile behavior towards Israel is contemptible. Obama is a disgrace!! I am so ashamed that he represents our country. I just hope the people of Israel, and the rest of our allies that have been looked down on by this loser, realize that not all Americans feel this way.

This is such a great article by Ken Blackwell.

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November 13, 2010

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: Top Democrats Have All Told Me That Obama "Has No Idea What He’s Doing"

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claims that he has been told by all of the top Democrats in the Senate that Obama “has no idea what he’s doing.”

“I wish I could give their names because democrats in Washington have been horrified with this president’s handling of things for a year and a half now. Just look at the chart. The top democrats in the United States Senate have all told me he has no idea what he’s doing… That is what the top Democratic senators are saying”


Wild Thing's comment......

Au, contraire, President Cloward-Piven knows EXACTLY what he's doing, and it's going EXACTLY as planned.

If those “top democratic senators” are saying this gosh I thought he took great presidential command of that elementary school audience with his teleprompters. My guess is they are only saying this because they don't want to admit Obama was big time hurt to their elections and are concerned for the future ones coming up. Just my guess of course. Or what these senators mean is “People have found out what he’s doing and they don’t like it or him.”

And the lying scum running the Democrap party know what he’s doing too, and they are willing enablers. I think he does know what he is doing. There were probably a few moments when, enamored with the power that comes with the presidency, he probably let down his Cloward-Piven community activist persona and genuinely tried to work within the system. But now that he has been given "the shellacking" I fully expect him to revert to type and work even harder to sow the seeds of the destruction of America.

I belileve Obama and his master Soros both know. I am not saying OBama is smart, I honestly don't think he is smart at all!! I do think however that he has an agenda run by hate that is a driving force with him and that alone is what Soros and others wanted for their use to destroy our country.

When it comes to essential managerial tasks (including organization, setting priorities, delegation, leadership and personal skills) and a breadth of policy/issue knowledge, Obama is clearly out of his depth, and by that I mean standing in the deep end when he is better suited to a kiddie pool.

But: that's not what he sees as his job. Obama's role is to support a radical transformation of America: domestically, by acting to permanently reorder the relationship between individual and state, and internationally, to promote a sublimation of our sovereignty to the will of transnational and non-governmental organizations. In these respects, he has been largely effective because he knows what he is doing, and why.

One good thing about this kind of conversation in the media is that it will increase Obama’s paranoia. LOL

Obama is a traitor who intends to destroy the U.S.

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Pelosi: “We Didn’t Lose Because of Me.”

Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats did not lose the election because of her, instead she blames the high unemployment rate. Pelosi claims she was targeted by Republicans because of her effectiveness in fighting “special interest in Washington DC.”

“The reason the election results are what they are is because we have nine and a half percent unemployment in our country. We didn’t lose the election because of me.”


Pelosi: “We Didn’t Lose Because of Me.”

The Wall Street Journal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has the “overwhelming support” of fellow Democrats in her bid to become minority leader in the next Congress, and says she’s not to blame for the Democrats’ mid-term debacle.

“We didn’t lose the election because of me,” Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

Instead, the California Democrat attributes the loss of at least 60 seats to high unemployment and “$100 million of outside, unidentified funding.”

“Any party that cannot turn (9.5% unemployment) into political gains should hang up the gloves,” she said.

The NPR interview is one of the first Ms. Pelosi has granted since a small-but-growing number of Democrats began publicly lamenting her decision to seek the top job in the minority. That list even includes some loyal allies, such as Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

Among those rooting for Ms. Pelosi to stick around are Republicans

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL Just keep talking like that Nancy.

This shows how in denial and out of touch these liberal Democrats really are.

And since they are so misunderstanding the real reasons for the election results, they won’t make the changes they should to compete in 2012.


It isn't just a river in Egypt!

Heh heh

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The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton ( a MUST see Video)

Against the background of a darkening sky, all of the past Presidents of the United States gather before the White House, as if to commemorate some great event. In the left hand corner of the painting sits a man. That man, with his head bowed appears distraught and hopeless as he contemplates his future. Some of the past Presidents try to console him while looking in the direction of the modern Presidents as if to say, "What have you done?" Many of these modern Presidents, seemingly oblivious to anything other than themselves, appear to be congratulating each other on their great accomplishments.

In front of the man, paper trash is blowing in the wind. Crumpled dollar bills, legislative documents, and, like a whisper—the U.S. Constitution beneath the foot of Barack Obama.

The Constitution is a document which spells out a government of limited, enumerated powers. America’s Founding Fathers knew, first hand, just how dangerous excessive power could become and they labored to ensure that no one person would get too much, unchecked power.

The website about this painting can be found here at the artist..........Jon McNaughton

Jon is also on Facebook

And also here at Seth Adam Smith website

Seth has an amazing write up about the painting!


Wild Thing's comment.........

Jon McNaughton is an amazing artist, I love his work. In the past I have posted his work and about him. I had not seen this one before.

God bless America she is the best country in the world and worth every bit of energy we have to keep her safe and secure from the enemy within and without.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

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How Congress Was Prepped To Dismiss 'birthers'

How Congress was prepped to dismiss 'birthers'


By Jerome R. Corsi

The Congressional Research Service issued a memo to prepare members of Congress to rebut and defuse questions constituents were asking regarding Barack Obama's presidential eligibility under the "natural born citizen" requirement of the Constitution.

CRS staff member Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group, confirmed to WND that he authored the June 5, 2009, CRS memo entitled "Qualifications of Barack Obama to Be President of the United States."

Attached to the memo was an attack piece published by to dismiss claims that Obama's short-form Certification of Live Birth, or COLB, originally published during the 2008 presidential campaign by, was a forgery.

The memo was addressed to Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., and sent to Jeffrey Post, a staff member in the congressman's office.

Attached to the memo were copies of four articles from the Internet aimed at debunking and dismissing arguments questioning Obama's eligibility.

The CRS memo surfaced with a fax cover sheet sent by staffer Jeffrey Post from Bilbray's Washington, D.C., office June 8, 2009, three days after Mansfield authored the memo and compiled the Internet attachments.

The CRS is a public policy research arm of the United States Congress that is organized as a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress. It works exclusively for members of Congress, congressional committees and congressional staff in an advisory capacity, answering questions.

Bilbray's office did not respond to repeated WND requests for comment. Jeffrey Post in Bilbray's office told WND he was not authorized to speak with the press.

In the CRS memo, Mansfield writes: "Per your request we are enclosing several articles that address concerns about the birth certificate of President Obama, his place of birth and how questions surrounding it were ultimately resolved."

In the second sentence, Mansfield suggests that questions raised about Obama's eligibility have been conclusively dismissed as Internet falsehoods that are taking on mythical proportions: "Also included are a lengthy piece prepared by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania [] and an article that points out that the Internet includes falsehoods and they can live forever."

Mansfield told WND that he had written the memo to provide responses Bilbray could give to constituents who were peppering his congressional office for a response to eligibility challenges.

WND has reported that Bilbray is on the record saying there is no need for the president to have been born in the United States – or to have two parents who are U.S. citizens – to be a "natural born citizen" and be eligible for the Oval Office.

The controversy over Bilbray's comments developed when a video was posted. In the video of a television interview on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," Bilbray said, "It's just like people thinking that you gotta be born in the United States to be president. You don't have to be. That's a legend. We got to clarify that."

Mansfield said he "did not conduct any investigation."

"I merely responded to a request from a congressional office to answer a constituent," he said.

Asked why he did not balance his memo with published articles questioning Obama's eligibility, Mansfield responded, "I reported what Hawaii Department of Health officials said because they were official statements made by government employees. There has been nothing official said by any official of government, so far as I know, supporting questions raised about Obama's eligibility. So, there is no issue here."

When WND asked Mansfield if it was his job, in writing the memo, to draw a conclusion for Bilbray, he objected.

"The attachments were articles in print," he said. "I was simply trying to pass on what is in the press."

Mansfield was reluctant to talk to the press, and he ended the call abruptly saying, "I am getting contacted by irate people over this memo. It was meant as an advisory to a member of Congress. It was never meant to be released to the public"

The attachment from was a posting on Aug. 21, 2008, entitled "The truth about Obama's birth certificate."

The first paragraph makes clear the piece was aimed at refuting the claim that the COLB was "fake."

To refute the claim, cited a statement by Hawaii Department of Health official Chiyome Fukino asserting she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, had verified that the health department holds "Obama's original birth certificate."

Fukino issued a carefully worded statement on Hawaii DOH stationary Oct. 31, 2008, giving the impression that the agency possessed Obama's "original birth certificate," even though that is not precisely what she said.

Here is the press release in question:

What Fukino said was that she had "personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

The key phrase was the qualification "in accordance with state policies and procedures."

Fukino did not explicitly say she had seen Obama's original birth certificate or his long-form hospital-generated birth certificate.

WND has reported that the Hawaii Department of Health in 1961 would issue a Certification of Live Birth on the basis of family testimony, without any additional proof the child was actually born in Hawaii.

WND has also reported that the Hawaii Department of Health has refused to substantiate the claim made by and other Obama supporters that the short-form COLB is an authentic document issued by the Hawaii DOH.

The article, updated Nov. 1, 2008, included a mention of Fukino's carefully worded statement issued Oct. 31, 2008, claiming the statement "confirmed … Obama was born in Honolulu," even though Fukino made no such direct claim.

Nor did Mansfield point out in his CRS memo to Bilbray that the Annenberg Public Policy Center that finances also financed Barack Obama who served as the Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995. At that time the CAC made a $482,662 grant to a workshop project headed by Mike Klonsky, a former top communist activist who is an associate of former Weather Underground terrorist leader William Ayers, as documented by WND reporter Aaron Klein.

The three other Internet pieces Mansfield attached to his CRS memo to Bilbray were:

A story from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Nov. 1, 2008, entitled "Officials verify birth certificate of Obama," reporting on Fukino's Oct. 31, 2008, press release;

An editorial published in the McClatchy-Tribune Business News Dec. 9, 2008, entitled "Obama birth certificate gets a pass from the Supreme Court," in which the litigation brought by Leo Donofrio in the case Donofrio v. Wells was described by the newspaper as "wacky" and "specious";

A story by Tim Jones published in the McClatchy-Tribune Business News Dec. 8, 2008, entitled "Internet drives Barack Obama birth-certificate battle: Web allows opinions to 'live forever,' expert says," in which WND was characterized as "a popular, political right-leaning site" that has chronicled "the campaign challenging the legitimacy of Obama's 1961 birth certificate or the legality of his taking office."

Mansfield attached to his CRS memo to Bilbray no articles published on the Internet by WND or any other source examining critically the Obama eligibility issue.

As WND reported a CRS memorandum authored by Jack Maskell, the Legislative Attorney in the American Law Division, April 3, 2008, admits openly that no one – not Congress, not the states and not election officials – ever bothered to check Obama's eligibility to be president.


Wild Thing's comment.........

This tells us that this issue did not come right out of the blue to their total surprise.

They knew full well that he was not eligible even before he was elected illegally, so ? during, and after the election they set up a massive disinformation infrastructure campaign to attack this head on with the people who are asking him to release his documents to prove that he is eligible.

Just this one fact alone means it was premeditate and they knew full well what was happening....
The fix was in even before the election

I believe the Annenberg Foundation is a sponsor for some programs on NPR. And George Soros recently gave money to them.

Also William Ayers, The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and Obama’s COLB, there are all connected all together somehow. If you go to the web page of FACTCHECK.ORG.... right under it says... ( A project of the Annenberg Policy Center ).....

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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George Soros and Barack Obama

by Glenn Beck

- In December 2006, Soros met with presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Soros’ New York office. Soros had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during his 2004 campaign for the Senate.

- On January 16, 2007, Obama announce the creation of a presidential exploratory committee and within hours Soros sent a contribution of $2,100, the maximum allowable under campaign finance laws.

- Days after Obama was elected in November of 2008, Soros said in an interview “I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets – because they are not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be in the 300 to 600 billion dollar range.” Since then, Congress passed a $787 billion stimulus and Obama very recently introduced a $50 billion plan to improve the country’s transportation program, saying “I want America to have the best infrastructure in the world.”

- In that same interview, Soros called for cap & trade: “I think this is a great opportunity to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence. The US needs a cap and trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions rights. I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new, environmentally friendly energy policy. That would be yet another federal program that could help us to overcome the current stagnation.” Since then, Congress has introduced cap & trade legislation. (More info in “going green” section)

- Also in that interview, Soros said “In 2010, the Bush tax cuts will expire and we should not extend them.” Since then, Obama expressed his opposition to the Bush tax cuts in an interview with ABC on September 9th: “All those middle class folks who need tax relief hostage right now in order to provide tax breaks for the top two percent wealthiest Americans, who don't need a tax break, aren't asking for a tax break. And you know, if we could afford it, it'd be one thing. But we know that's gonna cost $700 billion over ten years. And so, that is not a smart thing to do for the economy”

- Soros is also on board with Obama’s proposals to reform the banking system. In an interview with the BBC: Interviewer: Now President Obama last week announced some quite radical proposals to reform the banking system. He wants them out of what he calls "proprietary trading", using their capital to speculate on their own account, and also he wants a limit on their size. Are these constructive measures in your view?
Soros: Very much so these are the right … it goes in the right direction. In my opinion, it doesn't actually go far enough because it still leaves the problem of too big to fail. In other words, if you let's say now again Goldman Sachs gives up its banking license, it becomes then an investment bank … January 2010,

- Since Obama’s been in office, Soros has made four visits to the White House

- ALSO IN HIS 2008 INTERVIEW: Soros: “I think this is a great opportunity to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence. The US needs a cap and trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions rights. I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new, environmentally friendly energy policy. That would be yet another federal program that could help us to overcome the current stagnation.
SPIEGEL: Your proposal would be dismissed on Wall Street as "big government." Republicans might call it European-style "socialism."
Soros: That is exactly what we need now. I am against market fundamentalism. I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful -- but also very harmful to our society.
SPIEGEL: Would you advise the new president to say that publicly? Soros: He has already spoken about changing the political discourse. I think it is better to have a government that wants to provide good government than a government that doesn't believe in government.


- Also during that election: “This is the most important election of my lifetime. These aren’t normal times. The ends justify every legal means possible.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Last year in a post I did about Soros and Obama, Tom said Soros was like the shadow president. I agree, he is in everything backing it with money in all his various groups and organizations that touch our politics, our government etc. His hand is there and dangerous to our great country.

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“Obama’s Economic View Is Rejected On World Stage”

“Obama’s Economic View Is Rejected On World Stage”

David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog

by Joseph Klein

The title of this post is not mine. It is the lead headline on the front page of today’s New York Times. Frankly, I never thought I would live to see the day when at least a flicker of journalistic integrity appeared in the Times newsroom, if not on its editorial page.

It took three New York Times reporters – Sewell Chan, Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David E. Sanger - to do the heavy lifting on this story of President Barack Obama’s monumental failures during his current Asian journey.

They begin their article as follows:

President Obama’s hopes of emerging from his Asia trip with the twin victories of a free trade agreement with South Korea and a unified approach to spurring economic growth around the world ran into resistance on all fronts on Thursday, putting Mr. Obama at odds with his key allies and largest trading partners.

Obama was unable to use his charm offensive to nail down the long-delayed free trade agreement with South Korea, first negotiated by the Bush administration. It seems that South Korea’s definition of free trade is largely one-way – to help its economy at the expense of American workers.

At the G-20 economic summit in Seoul, South Korea, our major allies and trading partners rejected key elements of Obama’s economic stimulus strategy of wild deficit spending and support for the Federal Reserve’s monetization of our nation’s federal debt.

The criticism coming from China and Brazil is no surprise. China, in particular, has followed a deliberate policy of manipulating its currency for its own advantage and has been a major contributor to current global economic imbalances.

However, when traditional allies like Great Britain and Germany join the chorus of critics, you know there is a serious problem. While Great Britain is just beginning on the course of budget-cutting under its Conservative Party Prime Minister David Cameron, Germany can already show proof that budget austerity is not incompatible with economic growth. Chancellor Angela Merkel has managed to avoid spending heavily on stimulus programs while still producing the most successful recovery in Europe.

This means, of course, that the same reckless economic stiumulus policies that got Obama into so much trouble politically at home are now embarrassing him – and, by extension, our country – abroad.

As reported by the Times:

Mr. Obama repeatedly found himself on the defensive

Add to this Obama’s bumbling performance during the earlier portion of this foreign trip. Most notable was his non-answer to a straight-forward question about jihad posed to him by a student in India.

In response to the question, “What is your opinion of Jihad?” Obama said:

Well, the phrase Jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam, and is subject to a lot of different interpretations. But I will say that, first, Islam is one of the world’s great religions. And more than a billion people who practice Islam, the overwhelming majority view their obligations to their religion as ones that reaffirm peace and justice and fairness and tolerance. I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified.

Obama was responding to a questioner in Mumbai, the scene of a horrific attack by Islamic jihadists. One would think that he would have used the opportunity to call on all peace-loving Muslims to rise up and reject the meaning of “jihad” that is associated with radical Islamic ideology - that killing the infidel in the name of Islam is justified under sharia law.

It looks like the only “achievement” that Barack Obama will have on his current trip to Asia is another attempt to placate the Muslim world by whitewashing the rougher edges of Islamic ideology. This leader of the Free World has once again embarrassed his country.

Joseph Klein is the author of a new book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam


Wild Thing's comment........

George W Bush literally set up a trade deal with Korea. It was all set to go. Then Jihad Obama came along and messed with it causing them to reject it.

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November 12, 2010

"Hit the Road Barack” ~ Rush Limbaugh Parody on Obama Overseas Trip


Wild Thing's commnet.......

I always love the parody's on Rush's show. hahahahaha

Paul Shanklin does them and he is so talented.

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Obama 'glad' to Meet Indian Communists

The Left may have staged protests during his visit but US President Barack Obama was “glad” to meet an Indian communist leader last evening.

“I am glad to meet an Indian communist. I am told that communists have been part of the (Indian) political mainstream,” Obama told CPM Politburo member Sitaram Yechury at the Rashtrapati Bhawan banquet as they were introduced and both shook hands.


Obama was "glad" to have met communist politicians on his trip to India, according to Indian news media accounts of the U.S. leader's visit to the Asian nation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hosted a state dinner Monday night with Obama and dozens of Indian politicians. According to media reports, the dinner consisted of 12 tables named after Americans with an Indian connection.

At the table with Obama was Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, India's minister for external affairs.

The Times of India reports Obama asked Mukherjee about the entry of communists in India into the parliamentary system.

Mukherjee reportedly pointed out that Indian communists were part of the mainstream in the country's political arena, like social democrats.

At the state dinner, Obama also reportedly shook hands with Sitaram Yechury, senior member of the Communist Party of India, or CPI.

According to India's Economic Times, Obama told Yechury he was "glad" to have met an Indian communist.

While the Indian communist met with Obama, he later criticized the U.S. president to the Indian media.

Yechury told reporters that Obama's address to Indian parliament contained "nothing tangible."


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama thinks this is a good thing and should be the case here. Of course one could argue since his election, it already is.

Communists have no business being part of the American mainstream no matter how hard Obama and his minions try mold themselves into the system.

Imagine if a couple of week ago you went to a Tea Party rally with a sign that read: “Obama is glad to meet foreign Communists”.

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Pelosi Says Obama Must Be ‘Perfect’ to Win Again

Pelosi Says Obama Must Be ‘Perfect’ to Win Again

Roll Call

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic leaders Wednesday afternoon that President Barack Obama has to be “perfect” to win a second term, several senior Democratic aides told Roll Call.

Pelosi told leaders on a conference call that Obama will have problems running for re-election because of the loss of governorships in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states, several aides said. The soon-to-be-ex-Speaker also said House Democrats have many opportunities to take back 25 House seats and win back the majority, aides said.

According to one aide, Pelosi also said she wasn’t sure whether the White House is prepared to deal with a Republican House. A leadership aide denied that Pelosi made such a statement.

Pelosi’s spokesman said Wednesday that the Speaker believes Obama will win.

“The call was about the lame-duck session, and the Speaker believes that the president will be re-elected in 2012 and has said so on numerous occasions,” spokesman Nadeam Elshami said.


Wild Thing's comment........

LOL deluded Nancy Pelosi.

I guess the perfection continued yesterday when South Korea told him to go to hell and the ChiComs chastised him for our government ( Obama and his lefties ) reckless spending. Spending Veteran’s day on foreign soil getting lectured to by our Chinese overlords probably isn’t the dictionary definition of “perfect”.

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Without Veterans there Would be no U.S.A. by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired


Without Veterans there Would be no U.S.A.

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

“Thank you” to the thousands of readers of these essays who heeded the exortations and voted for a return to sanity. Not, the Washington Mall “Return to sanity” sponsored by Stewart and Colbert, but a return to sanity by the vast center of the country who understand that Obama and Congressional Democrats have spent at nearly twice the rate of revenues and have increased the national debt to the point where like it or not Americans will be forced to pay confiscatory taxes as part of Obama’s “spreading the wealth around.”

The reckless spending action during these past two years by Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration is the most serious security threat that this nation faces. The great unwashed, flyover country, ordinary Americans got it, and now hopefully the Congress and Administration will too. Thanks for electing officials who for the most part have promised to adhere to sane policies and legislation that will bring the nation’s fiscal posture back into reasonable balance and stop in its tracks the Obama agenda to “totally change America.”

When Democrats have heretofore gone on their spending binges, it was they alone. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration and Republican Congress followed the classic Democrat model evidently hoping perhaps that it would buy them career status and a fat pension at the end. They broke the traditional fiscally conservative mold and tried to out-democrat the democrats rather than reign in spending so that the economy could catch up. This time the house of cards erected by both parties collapsed and the American people have been left holding the bag. We’ll see how the new Congress proceeds. More on this later.

With that noted, there are about 26 million U.S. Military Veterans, about nine percent of the total census. The bulk of that number are no longer WWII era Veterans, the most celebrated heroes, rather there are the approximately 8 million Vietnam era Veterans who are sadly the most maligned military in U.S. history. Fortunately, the nation as a whole has learned a lesson about its military Veterans and at the least nowadays thanks them for their service. Veterans never make the decision to go to war, no one consults the ones who do the fighting and they may not even agree with the decision, but they go, they fight and some die in the interest of what political leaders declare to be the vital national interests.

Republicans generally get it right, but the political left has never embraced the reality that they would not have a platform from which to spew their vicious venom if it were not for the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who defend the Nation that makes their leftist blather possible. And, shamefully, the Congress has not always stood by the Nation’s Veterans, despite finding both time and funds for snail darter research, helium storage, the study of sexual arousal in anesthetized female rats, not to mention a complete litany of mind boggling wasteful spending.

Despite a rocky start with its consideration of legislation that would require Veterans to individually procure private insurance for medical treatment, the Obama Administration has improved the lot of Veterans spurred by retired Army General Shinseki as the head of the VA, who have suffered psychological injuries with significant initiatives involving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other disability programs that are more in keeping with Veterans’ sacrifices.

Today, the United States owes more to its Veterans than it is capable of rendering, most find that a hard pill to swallow considering obvious waste, but they understand and carry the burden imposed on them silently and largely without complaint.

A nation’s greatness is reflected by the manner in which it cares for its Veterans, for it is to them that the nation owes that greatness. From everything one reads America is in decline, not that it has to be that way because that can be changed. Perhaps it is in part because of its long term failure to its Veterans. On this Veterans Day, it is appropriate that Americans pause to reconsider its values, change it priorities and properly honor its long line of active and retired Veterans.

Semper Fidelis


Wild Thing's comment...........

God bless Col. Pappas, I love to read his writings. Well said Col and thank you. If you ever see we post your articles know we are grateful for your service and for your continued sharing of yourself in your articles.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Obama Bid To Pick Iraq Leader Spurned

Obama bid to pick Iraq leader spurned

The Washington Times

Obama called staunch American ally and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and asked him to resign last weekend. This didn’t go over well with the Iraqis. Today the Iraqis will announce a new government in which Mr. Talabani remains president.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, one of America’s closest allies in the country, has rebuffed the personal request of President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to relinquish his post as Iraqis form a new government in Baghdad.

Iraqi leaders are expected to announce Thursday a new government in which Mr. Talabani remains president, Nouri al-Maliki remains prime minister and Iyad Allawi’s Iraqiya party, which won the most votes in March’s election, will control the speakership of Parliament and the presidency of the National Security Council, according to Iraqi and U.S. officials familiar with negotiations that ended Wednesday in Baghdad between Iraq’s major parties.

Last Saturday, Mr. Obama phoned Mr. Talabani and asked him to give up the seat he has held since 2005 so that Mr. Allawi could be Iraq’s president, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials familiar with the diplomacy. Mr. Obama on Saturday also urged the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to accept Mr. Allawi in the role of the presidency.

Since late summer, U.S. officials had been trying to get Mr. al-Maliki and Mr. Allawi to share power in the government because neither man’s party won the majority of votes. But Mr. al-Maliki’s Rule of Law party ultimately formed an alliance with the Kurds and another Shiite bloc with ties to Iran known as the Iraqi National Alliance.

Mr. Talabani, however, said the pressure on his father to resign was reigniting old fears for many Iraqis.

"The Kurds have been the strongest ally and partner of the United States since before the liberation and certainly during it," he said. "And for the United States to be leaning on us, as they are now, in effect handpicking the new leaders of Iraq, is not respectful of Iraq's parliamentary system and touches on all of the insecurities of the Kurds, that the United States will once again betray us."

Kurds consider the first U.S. betrayal to have occurred in 1975, when the U.S. and the Shah of Iran agreed to end all support for the Kurdish rebellion in Iraq in exchange for Iraqi concessions on water rights over the Shatt al Arab waterway between Iraq and Iran.


President George W. Bush welcomes Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to the Oval Office, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008, where the two leaders heralded the improved security situation and quality of life for the citizens of Iraq. (White House photo by Eric Draper)


"Well, Mr. President, thank you very much for giving me the honor of meeting you again. I think it’s clear that we are in Iraq looking to you as a hero of liberation of Iraq from worst kind of dictatorship. And now we are working with your — with you, Mr. President, for finalizing the strategic framework agreement between United States and Iraq. "

"And also, we are always getting benefit from your views about how to secure Iraq. I think you know very well that you and we in Iraq achieved very good successes on terrorism. Now I can say all parts of Iraq liberated from terrorist control and activities. It’s true that some groups remain hiding themselves from here or there, but there’s no place, no inch of Iraqi land under the control of terrorist activities. There are some terrorist — still groups working — hiding themself, and thanks to you and sacrifice of your brave army and to Iraqi people, now we can live in peace and security."


Talabani Elected Iraqi President, Asks Maliki To Form Government

Iraq moved a step closer to a new era of democracy as a key parliamentary session elected incumbent President Jalal Talabani for a second term, who in turn reappointed Nouri al-Maliki as Prime Minister and asked him to form a Cabinet within 30 days.

A parliamentary session that finally convened on Thursday night.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama did not want Iraq to alienate Sunni Arabs when he asked his request. But I have to wonder if it had more to do with that GW Bush is the hero to President Jalal Talabani.

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November 11, 2010

Veterans Day ~ A Very Special Thank You To ALL Who Serve, or Have Served, Our Beloverd USA!




Freedom Isn't Free - Veterans Day 2010


The Best on Earth

A Veteran's Day Tribute

If someone has done military service,
They earn the title "veteran," and more;
They earn our deep respect and admiration;
That they are special no one can ignore.

They sacrificed the comforts we enjoy;
The list is long of all the things they gave.
Our veterans are extraordinary people;
They’re loyal, dedicated, true and brave.

When terror and invasion were real threats,
They showed us they could handle any storm.
We owe our freedoms and our very lives
To our veterans, who served in uniform.

Our veterans should be celebrities;
They’re exceptional; no other group compares.
We’re grateful for the many things they’ve done;
They’re always in our hearts and in our prayers.

We owe our veterans support and friendship;
Let no one ever question what they’re worth.
These men and women served us and our country,
Our veterans--the very best on earth.



Veterans Day Discounts.....Please CLICK HERE for list.


Wild Thing's comment........

I have posted this before, and it is so good I wanted to post it again.

We would never of had our FREEDOM if it were not for each one of you that have served our country, and all our Veterans and our troops today. Thank you with all my heart!

Thanks is such a small word. I have a long history of family members serving or served in the military. And not one second of any day goes by without me being completely grateful and honored that they chose to fight for our freedom. God Bless America!!

If it were not for those who serve this great nation none of us would have life as we know it.

Our debt can never be repaid. I feel so inadequate in my humble honor of these men and women and all of you here that have served our country, all who have sacrificed SO MUCH for my safety and freedom! They are worthy of so much more than I have to give.

Prayers lifted for our fallen heroes.

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Obama Visits Indonesia’s Grand Mosque

Several brief video clips showing Barack Obama and wife Michelle in Indonesia, where they made a visit to the Istiqlal Grand Mosque in Jakarta. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Michelle Obama is seen wearing a head covering at the Mosque compound.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama lauds Indonesia as a model of religious tolerance. Hello Obama, you need to read more and or learn a few things.

They martyred or subjugated thousands of Christians during and after as series of brutal jihads beginning in 1999. About 10,000 Christians were killed in Indonesia between 1998 and 2003 and about 1,000 churches were burnt down by Muslim mobs. ( from various places online)

Besides being a Marxist, Muslim thug, Obama is George Soros’s creature. He should be impeached asap.

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Awesome John Boehner Says Boehner: No Private Jet Trips Home

Boehner: No private jet trips home

The Hill

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), the presumptive Speaker-elect of the House, will not use a private jet as Speaker for trips back and forth to his home district, he said Wednesday.

“Over the last 20 years, I have flown back and forth to my district on commercial aircraft, and I’m going to continue to do that,” Boehner told reporters at a press conference.

The statement signals the first time since 2001 that a House Speaker has traveled commerically between Washington and their home district.

Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Speaker of the House, third in line to the presidency, was assigned a designated Air Force jet to shuttle them back and forth to their home districts on weekends.

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) used the jet, as does Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). In 2007, Pelosi requested, and received, a larger jet than Hastert had used — this one capable of flying between Washington and California without stopping to refuel.

A spokesman for Boehner said the Minority Leader had already spoken to security officials about his desire to travel commercially on the weekends, and that he would still use military transport for certain types of trips, like those to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Speaker Pelosi liked to fly in style. She racked up an expensive booze and food tab on her flights across the country.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Good for Boehner.

They should pull all of Pelosi’s perks and force her to take the bus. heh heh

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America, the Rock; and U.S. Marines by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired


America, the Rock; and U.S. Marines

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Currently there is a Department of Defense (DoD) review underway whose general purpose is to analyze and make recommendations regarding the role and missions of the U.S. Marine Corps. One supposes that such a review is conducted for each of the services and that is a good thing. As one, privileged to bear the name, Marine, a natural defensiveness wells up whenever the suggestion of a challenge to its merit arises. So, if this comes across as defensive, so be it.

Like so many Marines who have gone before I had a share of combat, hardships, separation and heartache; and yes, Marines heart. The Marines Hymn spells out the glories of the Corps better than anything one could write, Toys for Tots exemplifies the tenderness, and recruiting material captures the allure, but nothing comes close to the experience.

As a Major assigned to work at the Pentagon, a “giant” expressed being a Marine better than anything I had heard it up until that time. Then Colonel (later Major General) Dennis Murphy characterized it as “owning a piece of the rock.” Owning a piece of the rock (America) is many things, events, places and people. Owning a piece of it is religious experience of sorts animated by young Marines who do the grinding hard work that keeps America free. Marines learn commitment and doing it right the first time better than anyone else on earth. Marines lead in military matters, science, industry, education, and even in government where they stand as a bulwark against shifting values in an increasingly valueless society.

Marines may not agree on everything, but they have the courage of their convictions, express them without hesitation or apology and stand ready to defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They have variously been referred to as Devil Dogs, American Spartans, Leathernecks, Soldiers of the Sea, and characterized by a wide variety slogans and slang expressions most of which are “colorful;” and understated.

There is no occupation on earth that offers the challenges, dangers, opportunities, hardships and satisfaction comparable to the Corps. There, one can accomplish and achieve ones highest aspirations but lest one think that it’s a cake walk, there are unimaginable challenges that only personal experience can explain and the most eloquent words fail to describe.

The U.S. Defense Budget for 2010 ranges somewhere between $880 Billion and $1 Trillion dollars. A significant amount of that is devoted to “Overseas Contingency Operations.” The Marine Corps portion is approximately $30 Billion dollars or about three percent of the DoD Budget. Marines derive the benefit of Army, Air Force and Navy Development programs, and the Corps even has its own Combat Development Center; but those are sunk costs and even the pro-rata portion of the other services’ would be small. Dollar for dollar and person for person the Corps is the best value in the U.S. Military Arsenal; for that matter it is the best value the Federal Government has to offer, bar none!

The U.S. Marine Corps has the only credible forcible entry capability in the world, and everybody knows it. So, when some tin horned dictator gets too big for his britches or a threat arises to vital U.S. interests, a fleet of Navy ships moving in that direction with a U.S. Marine Battalion Landing Team aboard gives pause to most. So, if some brilliant analyst and/or politician gets the unsavory notion that there is money to be saved by eliminating or drastically cutting the Marine Corps, think again. If there wasn’t a U.S. Marine Corps, one would have to be invented; and as long as there is a U.S. Marine Corps there will be a United States of America!

Happy 235th Birthday Marines; and Semper Fidelis, America!

Semper Fidelis


Wild Thing's comment.........

Thank you Colonel Bob Pappas and Happy Birthday Marine!

Excellent write up!

God bless our Marines and all our branches of services on this special Veterans Day.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Lou Dobbs Signs With FOX Business Network



Former CNN anchor and current radio talk show host Lou Dobbs is joining the Fox Business Network.

The network said Wednesday that Dobbs will host a new daily program that will start in the first three months of next year. He‘ll also provide analysis and commentary on business news throughout the network’s day.

Dobbs hosted a popular business-oriented program on CNN for many years that gradually changed into an opinionated general news program.

His campaign against illegal immigration made him a focus of political controversy. He tried to tone things down at CNN’s request but quit a year ago, concluding that it was no longer a good fit.

Since then, he has hosted a weekday syndicated radio show and has contemplated running for political office.

Wild Thing's comment......

Good I am glad. Lou did a lot of good, getting the word out about illegals and other things. His show was missed so this is very good news that he will be back on TV again.

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November 10, 2010

Opera Company of Philadelphia "Hallelujah!" Random Act of Culture

Macy’s in Philly two Saturdays ago when the Halleluljah Chorus broke out, sung by SIX HUNDRED FIFTY PEOPLE

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, the Opera Company of Philadelphia brought together over 650 choristers from 28 participating organizations to perform one of the Knight Foundation's "Random Acts of Culture" at Macy's in Center City Philadelphia. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ - the world's largest pipe organ - the OCP Chorus and throngs of singers from the community infiltrated the store as shoppers, and burst into a pop-up rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah" at 12 noon, to the delight of surprised shoppers.

The initiative transports the classical arts out of the concert halls and opera houses and into communities to enrich everyday lives.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I love this, how awesome! It really warms the heart to see this happen and see the people join in and look at their faces as they sing along. Amazing and very special to be sure!!!

Thank you Amanda for sending this to me.

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Happy Birthday Marines!! ~ United States Marine Corps Birthday Message

Celebrating the 235th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps

Join Marines and their supporters worldwide as they wish the Marine Corps a
Happy 235th Birthday on November 10, 2010.


US Army General John "Black Jack" Pershing, once stated, "The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle!” As our nation continues fighting into its ninth year of war (Oct 2009) our sons and daughters continue to rise to the occasion of our nation’s calling. Of these select and privileged few there remain a group these “deadliest weapons”, whom I am not one of, who are simply called, Marines. They are what our national leaders deploy to problem areas of the world when they need to send a clear signal that we mean business and will fight to a decisive win. Since 9-11 these Marines have faced the toughest and cruelest enemy forces, under the toughest of conditions, and in every case have met and beat them on their own turf. Their actions and contributions to our nation’s security are legendary.



A Marine’s Creed
I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness should I fail. I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear, and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment’s love. But most of all I have lived times others would say werebest forgotten. At least some day I will be able to say,
I was proud of what I was and always well be …
A United States Marine


The Marines Prayer
Almighty Father , whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marines, my loved ones and Thee without shame or fear.
Protect my family. Give me the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Make me considerate of those committed to my leadership. Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions
which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again.
Guide me with the light of truth and grant me wisdom by which I may understand the answer to my prayer.




USMC Marines Hymn Marine Corps Band Halls of Montezuma


Thank you Marines and Happy Birthday!!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Soros Group Wants Obama To Rule By Executive Order

Soros group wants Obama to rule by executive order



It was progressives who won the mid-term elections, particularly incumbents in a socialist-founded congressional caucus that emerged from last week's ballots virtually unscathed, boasted an article published by the George Soros-funded Institute for Policy Studies, a Marxist-oriented think-tank in Washington, D.C.

The article recommends that President Obama govern from executive order to push through a progressive agenda.

"Progressives won in the 2010 mid-term elections," wrote Karen Dolan, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, or IPS, and director of the Cities for Progress and Cities for Peace projects based at the radical organization.

"The Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus in the House Democratic Caucus at over 80 members, emerged virtually unscathed, losing only three members," she wrote, in the piece published on the IPS website.

"By contrast, the conservative Blue Dog Democratic caucus was more than sliced in half from 54 members to only 26. Further, of the 34 conservative Dems who voted against Obama's Healthcare Reform, a mere 12 won re-election," she wrote.

Dolan declared that "our work is now finally beginning."

"The veil of a happy Democratic governing majority is finally lifted. We didn't have it then; We don't have it now. But what we do have now is a more solidly progressive bunch of Dems in Congress and a president presumably less encumbered by the false illusion that playing nice will get him a date with the other team."

She went on to recommend that progressives "throw our support unabashedly behind the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and let's push Obama to finally do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him."

WND reported the Congressional Progressive Caucus was founded by the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA.

Caucus member Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kirkpatrick, D-Mich., was defeated in her primary, and just three others lost in the general election, Reps. Alan Grayson of Florida, John Hall of New York and Phil Hare of Illinois. Hall and Hare are two-term incumbents while Grayson is a freshman.

Hare drew national attention earlier this year when he was captured on video by a constituent (link: admitting that when it comes to health care reform, he doesn't "worry about the Constitution."

Working within Democratic Party

Demonstrating the close relationship between the DSA and the Progressive Caucus, two weeks ago WND reported the Democratic chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee was caught on tape meeting with DSA leaders to discuss how the group can cooperate to strengthen President Obama and advance their "one-world" plans.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who has a long history with the DSA, was recorded promoting a "one-world" government while asking the socialist group to organize against the war in Afghanistan and in support of Obama's policies.

Conyers was a special guest at a two-day convention in Detroit in March 1982 that resulted in the formation of DSA.

Conyers has spoken at numerous DSA events, including at the socialist group's national dinner in 2008, where he was the keynote.

Conyers was one of 13 founders of Congressional Black Caucus, which long has promoted far-left causes. He is the most prominent lawmaker lobbying to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, the convicted murderer of a Philadelphia police officer. He has advocated on behalf of the Marxist Nicaraguan Sandinista dictatorship and has called for the U.S. to end its sanctions against Fidel Castro's communist regime.

As WND was first to report, the DSA has been linked closely to the Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus.

Until November 2002, the website of the Progressive Caucus was hosted by the DSA. Following news reports that drew attention to the congressional website being hosted by the socialist organization, the list of CPC names was moved to the website of Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., an avowed socialist, and eventually to its own site.

The Democratic Socialists of America's chief organizing goal is to work within the Democratic Party and remove the stigma attached to "socialism" in the eyes of most Americans.

"Stress our Democratic Party strategy and electoral work," explains an organizing document of the DSA. "The Democratic Party is something the public understands, and association with it takes the edge off. Stressing our Democratic Party work will establish some distance from the radical subculture and help integrate you to the milieu of the young liberals."

Nevertheless, as WND reported, the goal of the DSA never has been deeply hidden. Prior to the cleanup of its website in 1999, the DSA included a song list featuring "The Internationale," the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism.

Another song on the site was "Red Revolution," sung to the tune of "Red Robin." The lyrics went: "When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there'll be no more lootin' when we start shootin' that Wall Street throng."

Another song removed after WND's expose was "Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie?" The lyrics went: "Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie. And when the revolution comes, we'll kill you all with knives and guns, Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie."

Obama connected to socialist group

Top Democratic Socialists of America members have been closely linked for years to Obama.

Obama himself spoke at a forum organized by the group at the University of Chicago in early 1996 called "Employment and Survival in Urban America."

Quentin Young, considered the father of the U.S. single-payer health-care movement, is a longtime Democratic Socialists of America activist. Young has had a relationship with Obama, particularly in the 1990s, when he reportedly advised Obama on health care.

Young reportedly was present at a 1995 meeting at the home of former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, who was said to have launched Obama's political career.

Young has been active in Chicago socialist circles and was previously accused of membership in a communist group. In 1992, Chicago's branch of the Democratic Socialists of America awarded Young, a member, with their highest honor – the Debs Award.

In a 2008 article in the official Communist Party USA magazine, Young noted Obama previously expressed support for a single-payer universal health-care program, although he later waffled when asked about his position.

As an Illinois state senator representing a mostly black district on the South Side of Chicago, Obama publicly supported universal health care. He also co-sponsored the Bernardin Amendment, which did not pass but would have amended the Illinois State Constitution to add health care to the list of basic rights for residents.

Meanwhile, Obama spoke at the March 29, 1998, memorial service for Chicago Democratic Socialists of America member Saul Mendelson.

Timuel Black, a member activist, mediated political disputes on behalf of Obama in the 1990s and was reportedly involved in Obama's campaign committee during his successful 2004 Senate race.

Longtime member and activist Arnold Wolf was a member of "Rabbis for Obama" and has held fundraisers in his home for Obama, including a function in 1995 that was aimed at introducing Obama to the Hyde Park activist community.

Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, has been honored by Democratic Socialists of America. During the most recent presidential campaign, Medina served on Obama's National Latino Advisory Council.

WND reported Medina, speaking at a 2009 Washington, D.C., conference, declared granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens would expand the progressive electorate and help ensure a progressive governing coalition for the long term.

Here is a list of the members:

Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07); won re-election

Lynn Woolsey (CA-06); won re-election

Diane Watson (CA-33); Replaced by Democrat Karen Bass

Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18); won re-election

Mazie Hirono (HI-02); won re-election

Dennis Kucinich (OH-10); won re-election

Neil Abercrombie (HI-01); chose not to run; replaced by Democrat Colleen Hanabusi

Tammy Baldwin (WI-02); won re-election

Xavier Becerra (CA-31); won re-election

Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL); won re-election

Robert Brady (PA-01); won re-election

Corrine Brown (FL-03); won re-election

Michael Capuano (MA-08); won re-election

André Carson (IN-07); won re-election

Yvette Clarke (NY-11); won re-election

William "Lacy" Clay (MO-01); won re-election

Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05); won re-election

Steve Cohen (TN-09); won re-election

John Conyers (MI-14); won re-election

Elijah Cummings (MD-07); won re-election

Danny Davis (IL-07); replaced by Democrat Andre Carson

Peter DeFazio (OR-04); won re-election

Rosa DeLauro (CT-03); won re-election

Donna F. Edwards (MD-04); won re-election

Keith Ellison (MN-05); won re-election

Sam Farr (CA-17); won re-election

Chaka Fattah (PA-02); won re-election

Bob Filner (CA-51); won re-election

Barney Frank (MA-04); won re-election

Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11); won re-election

Alan Grayson (FL-08), lost to Republican Daniel Webster

Luis Gutierrez (IL-04); won re-election

John Hall (NY-19), lost to Republican Nan Hayward

Phil Hare (IL-17); lost to Republican Roger Schilling

Maurice Hinchey (NY-22); won re-election

Michael Honda (CA-15); won re-election

Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02); won re-election

Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30); won re-election

Hank Johnson (GA-04); won re-election

Marcy Kaptur (OH-09); won re-election

Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13); replaced by Democrat Hansen Carter

Barbara Lee (CA-09); won re-election

John Lewis (GA-05); won re-election

David Loebsack (IA-02); won re-election

Ben R. Lujan (NM-3); won re-election

Carolyn Maloney (NY-14); won re-election

Ed Markey (MA-07); won re-election

Jim McDermott (WA-07); won re-election

James McGovern (MA-03); won re-election

George Miller (CA-07); won re-election

Gwen Moore (WI-04); won re-election

Jerrold Nadler (NY-08); won re-election

John Olver (MA-01); won re-election

Ed Pastor (AZ-04); won re-election

Donald Payne (NJ-10); won re-election

Chellie Pingree (ME-01); won re-election

Charles Rangel (NY-15); won re-election

Laura Richardson (CA-37); won re-election

Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34); won re-election

Bobby Rush (IL-01); won re-election

Linda Sánchez (CA-47); won re-election

Jan Schakowsky (IL-09); won re-election

José Serrano (NY-16); won re-election

Louise Slaughter (NY-28); won re-election

Pete Stark (CA-13); won re-election

Bennie Thompson (MS-02); won re-election

John Tierney (MA-06); won re-election

Nydia Velazquez (NY-12); won re-election

Maxine Waters (CA-35); won re-election

Mel Watt (NC-12); won re-election

Henry Waxman (CA-30); won re-election

Peter Welch (VT-AL); won re-election

Robert Wexler (FL-19); replaced by Democrat Tee Deutsch


Wild Thing's comment.......

I was watching Glenn Beck on FOX yesterday and he spent the hour on Soros and will continue the rest tonight. It was very informative, some things I knew already but a lot of it I had not heard about before. Beck’s show was frightening. Prayers for his safety.

Soros is the puppet master of Obama.

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Rep. Bachmann: Obama Blames Voters for Election

Rep. Bachmann: Obama Blames Voters for Election

Barack Obama is "blaming the people" rather than taking responsibility for voters' rejection of his big-government programs, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann alleges.

Obama told "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft on Sunday that he had to take drastic action to save the American economy, which may have left voters with the misimpression that he supports big-government panaceas.

In an exclusive interview Monday evening, Bachmann, R-Minn., tells Newsmax.TV: "He said the problem was not his policies last Tuesday night at the polls. It's the fact that the people didn't understand what he was trying to do with those policies."

"So in other words, the president was blaming the people," she says. "I think the people were very intelligent when they went to the polls, and they clearly rejected the Obama policies.

"They understand big government when they see it. It's just unfortunate that the president has so misread the election results."

As for the president's recent mea culpa that Democrats lost because he failed to effectively communicate with voters, Bachmann says she isn't buying it. "This president has had more press conferences, and more media opportunities, than anyone can imagine," she says. "He's been on everything from 'The View' to Jon Stewart's show, to late-night TV. He's communicated. It is the policies of the president that the American people are rejecting, and I think the president just doesn't want to hear what the American people are saying."

Bachmann recently announced that she is running for the No. 4 GOP leadership position in the House, to chair the Republican Conference. Her rival for that job is Texas GOP Rep. Jeb Hensarling, an establishment favorite closely aligned with the tea party who has been endorsed by House Republican Whip Eric Cantor.

The Democratic Party and its supporters poured millions into the effort to defeat the outspoken Bachmann's bid for re-election. Yet she defeated Democratic opponent Tarryl L. Clark, a Minnesota state senator, by an impressive 53 percent to 40 percent margin.

Other key points Bachmann makes during the exclusive interview:

•She agrees with Cantor's statement on Sunday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to remain in a leadership position even after the midterm debacle indicates Democrats just "don't get" the message that voters have been trying to send.

•The tea parties were "pivotal" to the GOP surge. "They were central to this election, because the tea party was the rejection of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda," Bachmann says, adding, "we can't underestimate what their role influence was in this historic election."

•For the first time since 1982, women cast the majority of their votes for Republicans out of concern over "pocketbook issues," Bachmann says, adding: "We need to make sure that we focus on getting America's financial house back in order, and I trust we will."

•Extending the Bush-era tax cuts is "the first and most important issue" that Congress must address, says Bachmann, a former federal tax litigation attorney.

•She would like to see federal spending rolled back to 2006 levels and "at minimum" to the 2008 level.

•She would like the new House majority to pass a bill repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

•The GOP House should pass a bill to enhance border control, and must remain vigilant to block any EPA effort to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Bachmann also tells Newsmax that she favors a proposal by conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh for the House to pass its repeal of the president's healthcare reforms over and over again to drive home a message. "I think that would be great because we need to send a signal that the American people have sent to us that they want to see this bill repealed," Bachmann says. "Quite frankly, it is causing everyone's health insurance premiums to jack up all across this country.

"In order to bring stability and certainty back into the marketplace, we need to send a signal in no uncertain terms that we are serious about 100 percent full repeal of Obamacare."

Video ....CLICK HERE ( article does not use YouTube and I could not post it on here)


Wild Thing's comment.........

Obama will blame everyone else but himself. It would be funny if anyone ever counted just how many times Obama has blamed Bush. It has to be in the hundreds.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Soros Exposed: Research on the Progressive Puppet Master

Soros Exposed: Research on the Progressive Puppet Master

by Glenn Beck

For months, Glenn has been pulling back the structure progressives have worked decades to put in place. Beneath every layer lies one common thread: George Soros. Tonight on TV, Glenn presents an in-depth look at the Puppet Master, billionaire financier George Soros, one of the most powerful forces in the Progressive Movement. But don’t just take Glenn’s word for it. Read. Analyze. Do your own homework and come to your own conclusions - read below to fact check all the sources used on tonight's show.


"Messianic Fantasies”

- “It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out,” (The Independent, June 3, 1993)

- “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance –to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein,” (The Alchemy of Finance, George Soros)

- According to friend Byron Wien (now with the Blackstone Group), “You must understand he thinks he’s been anointed by God to solve insoluble problems. The proof is that he has been so successful at making so much. He therefore thinks he has a responsibility to give money away,” (Time Magazine, Sept 1, 1997)

- “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin. But when I made my way in the world I wanted to indulge myself in my fantasies to the extent that I could afford.”

- George Soros 60 Minutes Interview - 12/20/98 / Transcript:

KROFT: Are you religious?
Mr. SOROS: No.
KROFT: Do you believe in God?
Mr. SOROS: No.
KROFT: (Voiceover) Soros told us he believes God was created by man, not the other way around, which may be why he thinks he can smooth out the world's imperfections.

In a 1998 interview with Steve Kroft, Soros was asked if he felt guilty about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager. He responded, “No.”

- "I don't deny the Jews their right to a national existence--but I don't want to be part of it." That experience notwithstanding, Soros has chosen to exclude Israel and Jewish causes, by and large, from his massive philanthropy-a decision that has caused comment among one of his colleagues in the financial community, particularly those who are strong supporters of Israel. In Hungary, Soros has been subject to anti-Semitic attacks. Referring to being a target, Soros, in his book "Underwriting Democracy," wrote, "I am ready to stand up and be counted." When I mentioned that rather suggestive line to Soros during one of several extended interviews with him, he responded quickly, "Right. It took me a long time."

He continued, "My mother was quite anti-Semitic, and ashamed of being Jewish. Given the culture in which one lived, being Jewish was a clear-cut stigma, disadvantage, a handicap-and, therefore, there was always the desire to transcend it, to escape it." He confirmed what someone had told me-that his family name had long ago been changed from Schwartz. "So the assimilationist Jews of Hungary had a deep sense of inferiority and it took me a long time to work through that," he said, adding, however, that he succeeded in doing so many years ago… "I am escaping the particular. I think I am doing exactly that by espousing this universal concept"-of open society. "In other words, I don't think that you can ever overcome anti-Semitism if you behave as a tribe… the only way you can overcome it is if you give up the tribalness."

Source: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SOROS by CONNIE BRUC, The New Yorker, January 23, 1995,)

- “As I looked around me for a worthy cause. I ran into difficulties. I did not belong to any community. As a Hungarian Jew I had never quite become an American. I had left Hungary behind and my Jewishness did not express itself in a sense of tribal loyalty that would have led me to support Israel,”


Here is a partial transcript from an interview done by Steve Kroft for CBS' 60 Minutes George Soros on December 20, 1998:

On Dec. 20, 1998, in the midst of his murderous speculative rampage against the currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and other targeted Asian nations, George Soros appeared on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes,” to explain and defend his behavior. Confronted by interviewer Steve Kroft about his experiences as a youth in Hungary, under the Nazi occupation, Soros freely admitted that he posed as the “adopted godson” of an official of the Nazi-occupation government, and helped in the confiscation of Jewish properties.

Soros life as a youth in Nazi occupied Hungary when he assisted in identifying fellow Jews for his Gestapo “mentor” and confiscating their property before they were sent off to the gas chambers. Soros described that period as one of the happiest of his life.

When the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944, George Soros' father was a successful lawyer. He lived on an island in the Danube and liked to commute to work in a rowboat. But knowing there were problems ahead for the Jews, he decided to split his family up. He bought them forged papers and he bribed a government official to take 14-year-old George Soros in and swear that he was his Christian godson. But survival carried a heavy price tag. While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.

(Vintage footage of Jews walking in line; man dragging little boy in line)

KROFT: (Voiceover) These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors.

(Vintage footage of women and men with bags over their shoulders walking; crowd by a train)

KROFT: (Voiceover) You're a Hungarian Jew…

Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Mm-hmm.

KROFT: (Voiceover) …who escaped the Holocaust…

(Vintage footage of women walking by train)

Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Mm-hmm.

(Vintage footage of people getting on train)

KROFT: (Voiceover) …by–by posing as a Christian.

Mr. SOROS: (Voiceover) Right.

(Vintage footage of women helping each other get on train; train door closing with people in boxcar)

KROFT: (Voiceover) And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.

Mr. SOROS: Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that's when my character was made.

KROFT: In what way?

Mr. SOROS: That one should think ahead. One should understand and–and anticipate events and when–when one is threatened. It was a tremendous threat of evil. I mean, it was a–a very personal experience of evil.

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that's–that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. SOROS: Not–not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't–you don't see the connection. But it was–it created no–no problem at all.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. SOROS: No.

KROFT: For example that, 'I'm Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.' None of that?

Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was–well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets–that if I weren't there–of course, I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would–would–would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.



- “As September 15 wore on, George Soros’s confidence that Britain would pull the pound out of the ERM was growing. It had been Stanley Druckenmiller who had thought the time ripe for making a bet against the sterling. He talked to Soros about doing something. Soros gave him the green light but urged his head trader to bet an even larger sum than Druckenmiller had in mind. And so Druckenmiller, acting for Soros, sold $10 billion worth of sterling… The next morning at 7:00, the phone rang at Soros’s home. It was Stan Druckenmiller with news… While George Soros had slept, he racked a profit $958 million. When Soros’s gains from other positions he took during the ERM crisis were tallied, he racked up close to $2 billion… It was this bet, this single act of placing $10 billion on the fact that Britain would have to devalue the pound, that made George Soros world famous,” (SOROS THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY, pgs 5-6).

- “He famously shorted the British pound in 1992, wagering $10 billion on a drop in its value. In a desperate bid to keep its currency afloat, the Bank of England tried to buy up pounds as fast as Soros could dump them. However, as more and more investors followed Soros’ lead and joined his efforts, the Bank of England eventually gave up. The British pound was devalued, launching a tsunami of financial turmoil from Tokyo to Rome. When it was over, millions of hardworking Britons confronted their diminished savings, while Soros counted his gains. He had personally made nearly $2 billion on the catastrophe,” (The Shadow Party, pg. 4).

- Soros has said of this event: “I had no platform, so I deliberately [did] the sterling thing to create a platform. Obviously people care about the man who made a lot of money…my influence has continued to grow and I do have access to,”(Time Magazine, Sept 1, 1997)

- In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, the then Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohamad, accused him of bringing down the Malaysian currency, the ringgit, through his trading activities. In Thailand he was branded an “economic war criminal” who “sucks the blood from the people”.


- “Just write that the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire,” (The New Republic, Jan 1994)

- “I am acting out a fantasy and so is Eastern Europe. A psychiatrist once told me how dangerous it is to act out fantasies and I am beginning to see what he meant,”


- Born in Hungary in 1930, Mr. Soros began life as George Schwartz. His father, Tivadar, was from humble origins; his mother, Erzebet, from money. Both were Jews, but nonobservant (she eventually converted to Catholicism). Once married, Tivadar had to work just two hours a day managing some of his wife's family property, which provided a handsome living for them and their two sons, Paul and George. At some point during the boys' childhood, the parents decided to change the family name and chose the Hungarian-sounding but in fact obscure Soros. It means "soar" (in the future tense) in Esperanto, the made-up trans-European language promoted by those who dreamed of a world free of nationality. Tivadar was among its leading proponents. (Source: The Mind of George Soros; Meet the Esperanto enthusiast who wants to save the world from President Bush, 2 March 2004, The Wall Street Journal)

- Before the end of the war, however, Soros' upper-middle-class world had inverted. The family posed as Christians and separated to hide from the Germans. They changed their name from Schwartz (considered too Jewish-sounding) to Soros (more reflective of the family's Hungarian roots and because his father liked the palindrome). (The elusive billionaire: An author tries valiantly to capture the essence of philanthropist George Soros, Vancouver Sun, 20 April 2002)


- Soros has long been calling for increased globalization. In "The Crisis of Global Capitalism," 1998 he writes: “To stabilize and regulate a truly global economy, we need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy. A global society does not mean a global state. To abolish the existence of states is neither feasible nor desirable; but insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions. Interestingly, the greatest opposition to this idea is coming from the United States. But there has never been a time when a strong lead from the U.S. and other like-minded countries could achieve such powerful and benign results. With the right sense of leadership and with clarity of purpose, the U.S. and its allies could help to stabilize the global economic system and to extend and uphold universal human values. The opportunity is waiting to be grasped.” (Source: The Crisis of Global Capitalism.(book excerpt), George Soros, 7 December 1998, Newsweek)

- During this year he called for greater authority to institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and for an International Credit Insurance Corp. to establish some kind of supervision over national supervisory authorities and stated, “At the same time, there remains the urgent need for Congress to authorise an increase in the capital of the IMF." He admitted that such "radical ideas" could not even be considered until Congress "changes its attitude toward international institutions in general and the IMF in particular."
(Source: Soros calls for global credit insurance agency, 15 September 1998, Reuters News)

- Soros has said that the United States would cease to be the world's undisputed dominant force. "The veto power that we have in the International Monetary Fund will disappear. We will be downsized. At the same time, hopefully, we will have a better working system and opponents will be more downsized than we will."
(Source: BOSTON, Oct. 29 -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology press release via Factiva)

- “The Bubble of American Supremacy,”: “The disparity between private goods and public goods manifests itself in a number of ways. First, there is a growing inequality between rich and poor, both within countries and among countries. Admittedly, globalisation is not a zero-sum game: its benefits exceed the costs in the sense that the increased wealth produced by globalisation could be used to make up for the inequities and other shortcomings of globalisation and there would still be some extra wealth left over.

The trouble is that the winners do not compensate the losers either within states or between states. The welfare state as we know it has become unsustainable and international income redistribution is practically nonexistent. Total international assistance amounted to $US56.5 billion ($74.4 billion) in 2002. This amount represents only 0.18 per cent of global GDP. As a result, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow.”

(Source: Edited extract from The Bubble of American Supremacy by George Soros via The Sydney Morning Herald, February 4, 2004)


- Soros has also supported Van Jones – Originally through the Open Society Institute which gave the Ella Baker Center $151,800 in 2006 and $140,000 in 2007. Van Jones was head of the Ella Baker Center during those years. OSI also funded Green for All in 2008 -- they received a grant in the amount of $75,000 to “integrate the Civic Justice Corps into Green For All's campaign to create a national Clean Energy Corps.” while Van Jones was running it. Van Jones later appeared as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. Additionally, OSI helped fund TIDES which then started the Apollo Alliance (where Van Jones sat on the board).



- Soros is also a huge proponent of cap and trade. The sot below sounds very similar to VAN JONES’ “We’renot going to put a new battery in a broken system.”

SOROS: “work on a better world order where we work together to resolve problems that confront humanity like global warming. And I think that dealing with global warming will require a lot of investment.
SOROS: You see, for the last 25 years the world economy, the motor of the world economy that has been driving it was consumption by the American consumer who has been spending more than he has been saving, all right? Than he’s been producing. So that motor is now switched off. It’s finished. It’s run out of — can’t continue. You need a new motor. And we have a big problem. Global warming. It requires big investment. And that could be the motor of the world economy in the years to come…Instead of consuming, building an electricity grid, saving on energy, rewiring the houses, adjusting your lifestyle where energy has got to cost more until it you introduce those new things. So it will be painful. But at least we will survive and not cook.

MOYERS: You’re talking about this being the end of an era and needing to create a whole new paradigm for the economic model of the country, of the world, right?



- In 2009, Soros announced the formation of the Climate Policy Initiative to address global warming, and said he would fund it with $10 million a year over 10 years

- Friends of the Earth is another group that receives Soros money.

- Soros started Open Society in 1993
- Soros has given away over $7 billion to “support human rights, freedom of expression, and access to public health and education in 70 countries.”
- Up to $425 million donated annually
- Aryeh Neier is the president of the Open Society Institute and Soros foundations network. “Neier personally created the radical group Students for a Democratic Society in 1959… He worked for the American Civil Liberties Union for fifteen years,” (The Shadow Party, pg 23).

- Open Society Foundations recently pledged its largest donation ever to Human Rights Watch in the amount of $100 million to be distributed over 10 years

- Richard Poe writes, “Through his global web of Open Society Institutes and Open Society Foundations, Soros has spent 25 years recruiting, training, indoctrinating and installing a network of loyal operatives in 50 countries, placing them in positions of influence and power in media, government, finance and academia.”

- Some organizations that have received support from OSI:

Center for American Progress
Tides Foundation
Campaign for America’s Future
National Council of La Raza
Apollo Alliance
Center for Community Change
Free Press

- Top 20 grant recipients in 2008 (the most recent OSI filing)

International Crisis Group $5,000,000
Ministry of Education Republic of Liberia $4,250,000
Drug Policy Alliance $4,000,000
Media Development Loan Fund $3,900,000
Bard College $3,094,539
Proteus Fund Inc $3,000,000
The Revenue Watch Institute $3,000,000
The Tides Foundation $2,875,000
The Mayors Fund to Advance New York City $2,512,415
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities $2,107,000
Public Interest Projects $1,700,000
The Tides Center $1,396,681
Center for Community Change $1,362,500
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights education $1,320,000
Fund for the European University $1,100,000
Center for New York City Neighborhoods $1,050,000
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation $1,000,000
Center for American Progress $1,000,000
Foundation to Promote Open Society $1,000,000
Link Media Inc $1,000,000


- Early in 2003, Soros pledged $3 Million over 3 years to the think tank

- He awarded $1 Million in grants to Center for American Progress for 2008/2009

- The group was largely set up to prevent Bush from gaining re-election in 2004. Soros told the Washington Post: “I have made rejection of the Bush doctrine the central project of my life… America, under Bush, is a danger to the world. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is."

- The organization is headed by John Podesta

- Van Jones is currently a senior fellow

- In its first year, CAP took in more than $10 million

- In 2006, CAP launched a network of liberal religious leaders called Faith in Public Life to “fuel this burgeoning faith movement with cutting edge strategies and capacity-building resources”

- CAP’s campus Progress, with a staff of 15 and a large network of student advisers, offers money and guidance to help college activists launch initiatives and newspapers

- CAP has a congressional outreach staff and aides dedicated to booking its experts on talk shows. It has a studio that offers daily taped segments and talking points for radio hosts, and it broadcasts liberal radio host Ed Schultz's show when he's in town.

and additional information click here


Wild Thing's comment........

Beck’s show yesterday and the next part about Soros will be on tonight was very informative and to my knowledge no one has ever done this extensive reporting about him. I am proud of Glenn Beck for taking this stand and the information he is telling the world about. All of this needs to be said and especially we Americans need to know the monster (the enemy) of our country and his pal Obama.

Beck is playing with a lot of fire here with his safety and I am not trying to be an alarmist, just experience in what we have seen from the left over the years. I would have food tasters and security teams around the clock. He is unleashing pure straight no b.s. and today’s show was enough to shake you to the core.

Glenn Beck is pealing George Soros like an onion, and revealing who/what George Soros is, and George, we understand, is NOT pleased.

Beck said he got a gift from Soros, a DVD film, “A Face In The Crowd”, given to him by George Soros...a film by a communist, starring another leftie, Andy Griffith. Soros was trying to say by sending him the film . It was spooky the way Beck presented the “Movie for Beck from Soros” and then Beck telling Soros it will not end in Beck committing suicide like the “movie”. I think that DVD was a warning to Glenn.
Beck also told about how the Soros people came to FOX to discuss Beck. They met with a FOX exec and told FOX to take Beck off the air.

I wonder if they would ever start up The House Un-American Affairs Committee again. Because of Soros, Maurice Strong who is another Soros and of course Obama and his many CZAR's.

Obama’s on a mission, and he’ll use all means to achieve it.

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Florida Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi :Majority of States Will Join Suit Against Obamacare

Florida Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi told Greta that a majority of states are now joining the suit against Obamacare. At least 26 states will sign on to the suit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. 28 states may join the suit. Only 43 states elect an attorney general.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Good and it will grow too. Florida Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi is a conservative and the Tea Party movement backed her. She will keep fighting against obamacare. I was worried a little during the election that we would get people that would stop this fighting back and getting rid of obamacare. But for Florida it worked out so well.

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November 09, 2010

Obama: " I Might Not be President of the United States were it not for Gandhi "

Obama in India: I Might Not be President of the United States were it not for Gandhi

Obama speaking in India today, where he praised the influence of Mahatma Gandhi. Obama recounted how Gandhi had influenced Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to resist discrimination with non-violence. Obama went further and said:

“Throughout my life, including my work as a young man on behalf of the urban poor, I have always found inspiration in the life of Gandhiji and in his simple and profound lesson to be the change we seek in the world. . . . .I am mindful that I might not be standing before you today as president of the United States had it not been for Gandhi and the message he shared with America and the world.”


Obama Speaks about decline of US dominance

The Times of India

Implicitly acknowledging the decline of American dominance, Barack Obama on Sunday said the US was no longer in a position to “meet the rest of the world economically on our terms”.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Mumbai, he said,

“I do think that one of the challenges that we are going face in the US, at a time when we are still recovering from the financial crisis is, how do we respond to some of the challenges of globalisation? The fact of the matter is that for most of my lifetime and I’ll turn 50 next year – the US was such an enormously dominant economic power, we were such a large market, our industry, our technology, our manufacturing was so significant that we always met the rest of the world economically on our terms. And now because of the incredible rise of India and China and Brazil and other countries, the US remains the largest economy and the largest market, but there is real competition.”

“This will keep America on its toes. America is going to have to compete. There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see globalisation as a threat and those who accept we live in a open integrated world, which has challenges and opportunities.”


Barack Obama semi bows and makes a greeting to the audience beside India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after delivering a speech at Parliament House in New Delhi, November 8, 2010. (REUTERS/Jim Young)


Wild Thing's comment........

“Throughout my life, including my work as a young man on behalf of the urban poor, I have always found inspiration in the life of Gandhiji and in his simple and profound lesson to be the change we seek in the world.”

He credits Gandhi ???? Good grief!

Gandhi was a supporter of Hitler and a guy who slept with 9 year old naked girls He actually said:

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

"Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs. As it is, they succumbed anyway in their millions."

"Obama acknowledges decline of US dominance"

Obama's statement is confirming what our enemies want to believe that the US is a paper tiger, and even if it is true (it is not true) statements like this encourage armed attacks on Americans. It is a very dangerous and reckless statement to make and should have not been said! While on foreign soil the bastard Obama assails our history and insults every American “patriot”. Now he further minimizes our country’s status in the eyes of world and in doing so, he emboldens our enemies and undermines our security, finding even more ways to describe us as a Paper Tiger.

Can anyone imagine President Reagan uttering such words, painting us so weak and venerable, and frankly, so worthless?

American hating piece of filth! He hates this country.

America will rise again! But Obama's rule will one day end!!!

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Nancy Pelosi to Throw Reception to Celebrate 'accomplishments' of Dem Congress

Pelosi to throw reception to celebrate 'accomplishments' of Dem Congress

The Hill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will host a reception Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill to celebrate “The accomplishments of the 111th Congress,” according to an invitation sent out Monday.

The event will offer congressional Democrats, many of whom will not be returning to Congress next January, an opportunity to reflect on the party’s legislative victories over the past two years. These have included the passage of major healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, and climate and energy legislation.

Not likely to be lost on attendees, however, is thatthe unpopularity of many of these “accomplishments” among voters went far to contribute to a wave of Democratic losses in last week’s mid-term elections, in which Democrats lost control of the House and their majority in the Senate was weakened.

There may also be a secondary motive for the timing of such an event: Pelosi has announced her intention to seek the position of minority leader in the 112th Congress, which she will likely win.



Wild Thing's comment........

LOL oh my hahahaha oh OK go ahead and celebrate Republicans win.

I suppose we taxpayers are picking up this tab under her “entertainment expense account” or some garbage such as that.

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Residents of Missouri Town Block Protesters From Picketing Soldier's Funeral

** There is a Video at this link with FOX news

Residents of Missouri Town Block Protesters From Picketing Soldier's Funeral

FOX News

Members of a small Missouri town banded together Saturday to block a controversial pastor and members of his Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funeral of a fallen U.S. soldier, reports.

Hundreds of residents in Weston, Mo. -- as well as people as far away as California and Australia -- rallied in support of Sgt. First Class C.J. Sadell, who died from injuries suffered during a surprise attack in Afghanistan.

The residents sought to block Fred Phelps, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., and his followers from picketing Sadell’s funeral, according to the station.

Phelps' church has been the subject of intense criticism for holding more than 44,000 pickets at funerals and other events – including the services of fallen service members.

Citing their First Amendment right to protest, Phelps' followers say they use funerals as an “available public platform” to “deliver the message that there is a consequence for sin.” Phelps is openly opposed to homosexuality and all government policies they he says supports homosexuals.

"We got everybody here early so we could take up all the parking spots," Rebecca Rooney of Weston, Mo., told "We did that so Mr. Phelps wouldn't have a contingency that was really close."

"I'm glad they left, but I'm sad they came," she said.

Sadell, who leaves behind a wife and two sons, was stationed in the Arif Kala region of Afghanistan when his unit was ambushed on Oct. 5. Five soldiers were killed in the attack and Sadell was badly injured.

The 34-year-old died from his injuries on Oct. 24.


Wild Thing's comment..........

This is what should be done all the time. They claim to have a first amendment right to protest, well, the rest of America has a first amendment right to protest THEM.

We all need to do this when these creeps come to our towns. The Patriot Guard Riders do this and it is so good to see when the citizens of the town join in.

God rest the souls of our Fallen Hereos .

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Al Gore Sued By Over 30.000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud ... John Coleman


Wild Thing's comment........

John Coleman, is the founder of the Weather Channel.

This video is from 2009, I am glad Mark sent this to me. I wonder how the lawsuit is coming along.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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November 08, 2010

Obama's Security Dog Named 'Khan' Has Ticked Off Muslims In India

India Abroad weekly

Muslims in Mumbai are up in arms against a United States military sniffer dog allegedly with name tag of ‘Khan’ that has landed in the city as part of President Barack Obama security arrangements.

On Tuesday, the German Shepherd arrived in the Mumbai airport from a Hercules C130 transport plane. The German Shepherd allegedly had a tag around its neck which read ‘MWD Khan.’ MWD stands for Military Working Dog. Khan is alleged to be the name of the dog.

Angry Muslims in the city and the state are threatening to protest this ‘insult’ to the community.

The issue became a rage when a tabloid had reported the incident and quoted veteran actor Raza Murad objecting to the dog being named ‘Khan.’

Maharashtra Samajwadi Party leader MLA Abu Asim Azmi also threatened to undertake a protest. He said that the US deliberately wants to incite the Muslims through such acts and the party would stage a protest on the issue.

Prominent Muslim religious heads have expressed anger and dismay on the information of a US dog being named 'Khan.' Maulana Syed Athar Ali said that it is a known fact that Muslims detest pigs and dogs

"To name a dog a Muslim name by US security agencies is to deliberately incite the Muslim community. We would be meeting soon and devise a strategy to protest and seek apology from the US," said Maulana Athar Ali.

Wild Thing's comment........

‘Muslims Up In Arms’. WHAT a surprise!

I wonder what Muslims think of “Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan”?

Heh heh just know I have to say it...........


Okay I got all out of my system

OK so change its name to Muhammed..No that might put the dog in danger but some madman Islamic.

I would value the life of that dog over the lives of every dirtbag POS fan of baby raping Muhammad in Mumbai.

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Keith Olbermann To Return Tuesday to MSNBC


"After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night"


Wild Thing's comment........

Fox: Fair and Balanced

MSNBC: Unbalanced and Insane

A publicity stunt, to try and drive up ratings. MSNBC’s ratings are in the toilet and will do anything to attract viewers.

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Obama Asks About India’s Communists

President Barack Obama speaks during a town hall meeting with students at St. Xavier College in Mumbai on November 7, 2010. (AFP/Tim Sloan)



US President Barack Obama with First Lady Michelle Obama listening to the guide during their tour of Humayun's Tomb in New Dehli

The Times of India

A large open marquee, 12 tables named after Americans with an Indian connection, 60 prominent Indians — drawn from Bollywood to the IT sector to sports — Diwali diyas and a band playing, ‘O meri zohra zabeen’… The Obamas were treated to a slice of emerging India as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hosted a private dinner on the lawns of 7 RCR on Sunday

The high table had the PM, Gursharan Kaur, the Obamas and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul Gandhi. The only other person at the table was UPA-2’s chief trouble shooter Pranab Mukherjee whose presence only cements his status of being more than a few notches above the rest of his ministerial colleagues.

Obama is learn’t to have asked Mukherjee about the entry of communists in India into the parliamentary system in India. Mukherjee is understood to have pointed out that Indian communists were part of the mainstream and like social democrats.

Sonia sat next to the PM while Obama was seated beside her. Next was Michelle and then Rahul while Mukherjee completed the circle. The conversation did not flag with Rahul proving to be a keen listener and nodding frequently to what Obama and the PM had to say.

Wild Thing's comment......

Isn't it wonderful that obama asked that about communists in India. Maybe he is thinking of going there to live when he retires.


One other thing, why can't he wear a jacket. I mean he is President of the United States and more and more he dresses in just his shirt and trousers, has anyone else noticed that????? I guess it is because he does not respect the office of the president. It is not life and death important, just an observation. Same thing with Michelle.

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Barack Obama Joined Muslim Prayers At School, Teacher Says

Barack Obama joined Muslim prayers at school, teacher says

The Australian Times

AS a schoolboy in Jakarta, Barack Obama attended Muslim prayer sessions with his classmates against the wishes of his mother.

The US President’s former grade three teacher said that Mr Obama – who was known as “Barry” when he attended the Menteng One school in Jakarta – studied the Koran and went to classes on Islam, despite the objections of Anne Dunham, a Roman Catholic.

The teacher’s recollections will add to speculation about Mr Obama’s links to Islam during his much-anticipated visit to Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, as part of his ten-day tour of Asia.

His middle name, Hussein, and the fact that his stepfather was a Muslim, have combined to perpetuate rumours about Mr Obama’s religious leanings. The number of Americans who think that he is a Muslim has grown since his inauguration to one in five.

Mr Obama moved to Indonesia with his mother and Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, when he was 6, and lived there for four years. In his memoirs he recalled his time in the country as the “bounty of a young man’s life” and there is affection and pride among Indonesians for the boy who ended up as President of the United States.

The teacher, Effendi, who taught at Menteng One for 29 years, remembers Mr Obama as a “fat, curly-haired, curious boy”. The school had an international mix of pupils, including Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims.

Mr Obama attended classes on Islam while the Christians attended classes on Christianity, said Effendi. Barry, he said, was alone among the pupils in that he insisted on attending both.

“His mother did not like him learning Islam, although his father was a Muslim. Sometimes she came to the school; she was angry with the religious teacher and said ‘Why did you teach him the Koran?’” said Effendi.

“But he kept going to the classes because he was interested in Islam. He would also join the other pupils for Muslim prayers.”

Both Barack Obama’s father and step-father were Muslim.


Wild Thing's comment.......

If she objected, it wasn't because she was a Roman Catholic, it was because she was an atheist. ( according to articles that have written about this )

His mom's parents were communists and his mom Ann was a Communist with a habit of marrying Muslims.

And if you go to a Muslim country and marry a Muslim, then you are expected to be a Muslim yourself, at least superficially.

I thought everyone knew this, it came into the news during the election. The writer of this article is obviously very uninformed.

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November 07, 2010

Obama Does Mumbai

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama step off Air Force One in Mumbai November 6, 2010. Obama flew into India's commercial capital on Saturday aiming to boost ties and seal big-ticket business deals to secure jobs and exports days after voters punished his Democrats in mid-term elections. REUTERS/Jason Reed

NOTE wjhat Reuters says about the election we had ...I marked it with bold. ~ Wild Thing


the view the 26/11 memorial at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, site of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, November 6, 2010.


Watching the news from the India link I posted yesterday, Obama appears to be reading/stumbling over written notes, but he is still turning his head first left, and right as he speaks, as through there were prompters.

He is speaking about the tragedy of the terrorist attack, with absolutely no feeling, as if he were reading the Mumbai phone book.


NOTE: In the captured image above the word WEAK" Obama. That is what their news put on their screen. ~ Wild Thing

On their news they are saying they are VERY upset with obama, because obama did not mention the Islamic Pakistani terrorists who attacked the Taj Hotel—every time I check back on the India tv channel, they’re talking about it!

They are having a discussion similar to the Fox News show with Bret. They are discussing the India/Kasmir and US/Pakistan issues and whether India should handle its own problems.



Michelle Obama dances with underprivileged children at the Mumbai University in Mumbai, India, Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010





In India, Obama Faces Tough Questions From Students

The New York Times

MUMBAI, India – President Obama defended his administration’s stance toward Pakistan during a visit to a college Sunday, telling students that the United States is committed to working “with the Pakistani government in order to eradicate this extremism that we consider a cancer within the country.”

The president’s remarks came in response to a question about why the United States has not labeled Pakistan “ a terrorist state.” It was one of a series of tough questions Mr. Obama faced from students at St. Xavier’s College, a 140-year-old Jesuit institution in Mumbai.

The topic of terrorism is a delicate one in India, and Mr. Obama drew some criticism in the media on Saturday, the first day of his trip, for failing to mention neighboring Pakistan by name as a terrorist threat to India. The first question Mr. Obama took – “What do you think about jihad” – seemed to hint at the issue in a roundabout way, and Mr. Obama’s reply was delicate.

“Well, the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations,” he said, going on in a lengthy discourse to say, “All of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence toward innocent people that is never justified. So, I think, one of the challenges that we face is how do we isolate those who have these distorted notions of religious war.”

~ snipet ~

Indians followed the American elections closely, said Father Lawrie Ferrao, director of the institute of communications at the college. But he said people in India are even more interested in another election – the one Mr. Obama himself ran in 2008.

As to the outcome of the midterms, he gave an explanation Mr. Obama himself might have offered: “He was given an economy which was unsustainable.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Just a reminder: When Bush visited India, he made a stop in Afghanistan first to visit our troops. What a difference a President makes!!

In his response about Jihad has me thinking about this from the past . In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” I think he meant that.

Interestingly, Obama made no mention of the Fort Hood Terror attack that occurred one year ago yesterday (November 5, 2009) at Fort Hood, Texas, in which Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people. Records indicate Hasan had been in email contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, the main force behind Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula. As he committed the shootings, Hasan reportedly yelled, “Allahu Akhbar.”

The fact Obama issued no statement (as far as I can find) yesterday indicates he continues to be unwilling to call the Fort Hood Attack an act of Terrorism. The attacks in India, and the attack at Fort Hood were committed by people ...followers of Islam.

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The Reaper by General Atomics in San Diego




"The airplane is the size of a jet fighter, powered by a turboprop engine, able to fly at 300 mph and reach 50,000 feet. It is outfitted with infrared, laser and radar targeting, and with a ton and a half of guided bombs and missiles.

The Reaper is loaded, but there is no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq will sit at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada .

The arrival of these outsized U.S. "hunter-killer" drones, in aviation history's first robot attack squadron, will be a watershed moment even in an Iraq that has seen too many innovative ways to hunt and kill.

That moment, one the Air Force will likely low-key, is expected "soon," says the regional U.S. air commander. How soon? "We're still working that," Lt. Gen. Gary North said in an interview.

The Reaper's first combat deployment is expected in Afghanistan, and senior Air Force officers estimate it will land in Iraq sometime between this fall and next spring. They look forward to it.

"With more Reapers, I could send manned airplanes home," North said.

The Associated Press has learned that the Air Force is building a 400,000-square-foot expansion of the concrete ramp area now used for Predator drones here at Balad, the biggest U.S. air base in Iraq , 50 miles north of Baghdad . That new staging area could be turned over to Reapers.

It is another sign that the Air Force is planning for an extended stay in Iraq , supporting Iraqi government forces in any continuing conflict, even if U.S. ground troops are drawn down in the coming years.

The estimated two dozen or more unmanned MQ-1 Predators now doing surveillance over Iraq, as the 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, have become mainstays of the U.S. war effort, offering round-the-clock airborne "eyes" watching over road convoys, tracking nighttime insurgent movements via infrared sensors, and occasionally unleashing one of their two Hellfire missiles on a target.

From about 36,000 flying hours in 2005, the Predators are expected to log 66,000 hours this year over Iraq and Afghanistan .

The MQ-9 Reaper, when compared with the 1995-vintage Predator, represents a major evolution of the unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV.

At five tons gross weight, the Reaper is four times heavier than the Predator. Its size "36 feet long, with a 66-foot wingspan" is comparable to the profile of the Air Force's workhorse A-10 attack plane. It can fly twice as fast and twice as high as the Predator. Most significantly, it carries many more weapons.

UNDER THE RADAR: Air Force ramps up in Iraq

While the Predator is armed with two Hellfire missiles, the Reaper can carry 14 of the air-to-ground weapons, or four Hellfires and two 500-pound bombs.

"It's not a recon squadron," Col. Joe Guasella, operations chief for the Central Command's air component, said of the Reapers. "It's an attack squadron, with a lot more kinetic ability."

"Kinetic"" Pentagon argot for destructive power" is what the Air Force had in mind when it christened its newest robot plane with a name associated with death.

"The name Reaper captures the lethal nature of this new weapon system," Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Air Force chief of staff, said in announcing the name last September.

General Atomics of San Diego has built at least nine of the MQ-9s thus far, at a cost of $69 million per set of four aircraft, with ground equipment.

The Air Force's 432nd Wing, a UAV unit formally established on May 1, is to eventually fly 60 Reapers and 160 Predators. The numbers to be assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan will be classified..

The Reaper is expected to be flown as the Predator is by a two-member team of pilot and sensor operator who work at computer control stations and video screens that display what the UAV "sees." Teams at Balad, housed in a hangar beside the runways, perform the takeoffs and landings, and similar teams at Nevada 's Creech Air Force Base, linked to the aircraft via satellite, take over for the long hours of overflying the Iraqi landscape.

American ground troops, equipped with laptops that can download real-time video from UAVs overhead, "want more and more of it," said Maj. Chris Snodgrass, the Predator squadron commander here.

The Reaper's speed will help. "Our problem is speed," Snodgrass said of the 140-mph Predator. "If there are troops in contact, we may not get there fast enough. The Reaper will be faster and fly farther."

The new robot plane is expected to be able to stay aloft for 14 hours fully armed, watching an area and waiting for targets to emerge.

"It's going to bring us flexibility, range, speed and persistence," said regional commander North, "such that I will be able to work lots of areas for a long, long time."

The British also are impressed with the Reaper, and are buying three for deployment in Afghanistan later this year. The Royal Air Force version will stick to the "recon" mission, however no weapons on board.


General Atomics gets $51.5 million Predator contract

San Diego Sign On

The Defense Department has awarded General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in Poway $51.5 million for spare parts, deployment readiness packages and ground support equipment for the MQ-9 Reaper, an unmanned aerial vehicle that’s also known as the Predator B drone.

The company designs and develops the Reaper at its plants in Poway and Sabre Springs. The drone is heavily used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The new contract will be carried out behalf of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Wow awesome. I love technology that helps our troops.

....Thank you Tom for sending this to me.

US Army Aviation
Vietnam 1966-68
US Army Special Forces

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Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R-FL) Delivers The Weekly GOP Address Nov.6th,2010

Senator-Elect Marco Rubio delivering this week’s GOP Weekly Address. Rubio spoke about the “unique exceptionalism” of America, which he called “the greatest nation on earth.”

Here’s the transcript:

“Hi, I’m Marco Rubio.

“With Election Day now behind us, it’s an honor to talk to you about the opportunity before us – an opportunity to put America back on track.

“For too long, Washington has taken our country in the wrong direction: bigger government, reckless spending, and run away debt. And though I’m a proud Republican, here’s the truth, both parties have been to blame.

“This election the American people said enough is enough. That message was loud and clear. We Republicans would be mistaken if we misread these results as simply an embrace of the Republican party. This Election is a second chance. A second chance for Republicans to be what we said we were going to be.

“America is the single greatest nation on earth, a place without equal in the history of all mankind. A place built on free enterprise, where the employee can become the employer. Where small businesses are started every day in a spare bedroom and where someone like me, the son of a bartender and a maid, can become a United States Senator.

“I know about the unique exceptionalism of our country. Not because I read about it in a book, I’ve seen it through my own eyes. You see, I was raised in a community of exiles, by people who lost their country, people who once had dreams like we do today, but had to come to a foreign shore to find them.

“For some their dreams were answered here in America, but many others found a new dream. To leave their children with the kinds of opportunities they themselves never had. And that is what we must do as a nation. To fulfill our sacred obligation to leave the next generation of Americans a better America than the one we inherited. And that is what this election was about.

“In the past two years, Republicans listened to the American people and what they said is that it was time for a course correction.

“The past two years provided a frightening glimpse at what could become of our great nation if we continue down the current path: wasteful spending, a growing debt and a government reaching ever further into our lives, even into our health care decisions.

“It is nothing short of a path to ruin, a path that threatens to diminish us as a nation and a people. One that makes America not exceptional, not unique, but more like the rest of the world.

“As Republicans, here is what our commitment should be to you. Our focus must not be simply winning elections. It must be to ensure the next generation inherits a strong, free and prosperous America.

“We will govern as public servants who understand that re-election is simply a byproduct of good public service and good ideas. And most importantly, we will stand up and offer an alternative to the policies coming out of Washington for the past two years.

“The challenges are too great, too generational in scope for us to be merely opponents of bad policies. Instead, we will put forward bold ideas and have the courage to fight for them. This means preventing a massive tax increase scheduled to hit every American taxpayer at the end of the year. It means repealing and replacing the disastrous health care bill. It means simplifying our tax code, and tackling a debt that is pushing us to the brink of our own Greece-like day of reckoning.

“For many of us coming to Washington for the first time and others returning to serve, it’s a long way from home. A long way from the people whose eyes we looked into at town halls, at diners or roundtables, and promised that this time it would be different. That if you elected Republicans to office again, we would not squander the chance you gave us, and we must not. Because nothing less than the identity of our country and what kind of future we will leave our children is at stake.

“That is our commitment and from you we ask this: hold us accountable to the ideas and principles we campaigned on.

“This is our second chance to get this right. To make the right decisions and the tough calls and to leave our children what they deserve – the freest and most exceptional society in all of human history.

“Thank you for listening, God bless you and your family, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Could not have been said better! Marco Rubio can really communicate the conservative vision in a powerful way.

It feels so good to hear speeches from a person that loves our country.

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Moderate Dems Line Up in Opposition to Pelosi's Bid for Minority Leader

Moderate Dems Line Up in Opposition to Pelosi's Bid for Minority Leader

FOX News

In the wake of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stunning announcement on Friday that she will seek to remain as leader of the diminished House Democrats, moderate members of the party are beginning to line up in opposition.

Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., said he was “disappointed that Speaker Pelosi is going to seek the position of Minority Leader.” North Carolina Rep. Larry Kissell’s office said he hopes Pelosi “will change her mind and step aside.”

Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma told Fox News that voters sent a message Tuesday that they want the Democratic Party to move in a new direction.

“They want someone to lead the party who is going to be bipartisan,” he said. “This is very disappointing for a lot of us in the center.”

But even some longtime supporters of Pelosi said she needed to step aside as the party leader. “I voted for everything she asked me to vote for,” said Rep. Albio Sires, D-N.J. “You know, sometimes in this business it’s difficult to know when to move on.”

“With all the losses that we had with governors and all the redistricting that’s going to be done, we don’t need the target,” Sires said, referring to the once-a-decade House redistricting process about to begin nationwide.

Several Democratic lawmakers in conservative districts had vowed to oppose Pelosi as speaker, but some of them lost their re-election bids all the same, making her bid to stay on as leader all the more likely.

Wild Thing's comment........

I was just wondering if these moderate dems have their obama's approval to say no to Pelosi. Just curious.

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Democrat Alex Sink Blames White House and Obama For Her Election Loss

Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink pointed an accusatory finger Friday at what she called a “tone-deaf” Obama White House to explain why she narrowly lost her campaign.

In an interview with POLITICO, Sink said the administration mishandled the response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, doesn’t appreciate the political damage done by healthcare reform and argued that her GOP opponent’s strategy of tying her to the president did grave damage to her candidacy in the state’s conservative Panhandle.

“They got a huge wake-up call two days ago, but unfortunately they took a lot of Democrats down with them,” said Sink of the White House.

She added: “They just need to be better listeners and be better at reaching out to people who are on the ground to hear about the realities of their policies as well as politics.”

White House aides and Democratic National Committee officials, however, say that without the involvement of the national party and Obama’s political arm, Organizing for America, Sink would have fared worse.

Read more:


Wild Thing's comment........

The thing is she is not being honest about what she did no her own. When she first started to campaign here in Florida, she stodd there in the ad bragging abouit how obama was doing such a good job and how she was all for what he was doing.

Now she is blaming the very people she bragged about agreeing with.

Thank God she did not win.

The interesting thing about all of this is I don't remember democrats blaming their own president as to why they were not elected or asking their president not to show up at their campaign rallies. I might be wonrg but it seems like this is the first time in my lifetime this has happened.

That is telling on how bad obama is too. He is toxic even for his own party.

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November 06, 2010

Coconuts Removed From Trees In Preparation For Barack Obama's India Trip

Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama's India trip


Mr Obama will arrive in India on Saturday for the first leg of an Asian tour.

But as well as the usual security measures that come with welcoming a a visiting dignitary, Indian authorities have decided to go one step further, by removing all natural threats to the president as well. All coconuts around the city's Gandhi museum, one of Mr Obama's stops in the city, are being taken down.

Mani Bhavan, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his freedom struggle against the British, is among five places the US president is visiting in Mumbai.

"We told the authorities to remove the dry coconuts from trees near the building. Why take a chance?" Mani Bhavan's executive secretary, Meghshyam Ajgaonkar, told the BBC. Obama will arrive in India on Saturday for the first leg of an Asian tour.

But as well as the usual security measures that come with welcoming a a visiting dignitary, Indian authorities have decided to go one step further, by removing all natural threats to the president as well. Last week American security officers inspected Mani Bhavan and its surroundings along with other places the president is likely to visit.

Every year in India people are injured or even killed by falling coconuts.

Mr Obama, still smarting from heavy losses in the midterm elections, will visit India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and China on the 10-day tour


Live Coverage - Obama in Mumbai



Taj Hotel caters to Obama's sweet tooth

NDTV India

Mumbai: The management at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is leaving no stone unturned to make US President Barack Obama's stay in the city 'sweet' and special.

Sources said chefs have been working for almost 24 hours to prepare an exclusive chocolate box for the president and his entourage. Interestingly, the box itself will be made of chocolate.

The chefs want to ensure the president has the choicest assortment of desserts in his suite.

"The chefs are working day and night to complete preparations before the president arrives in the hotel today.

The hotel is doing everything possible to give him a warm welcome," said the source on condition of anonymity.

"The boxes will be kept in all the VIP rooms and to give a distinct touch to the president's chocolate box, it will be embellished with the picture of the US national flag," he said.

The source said the boxes would not melt, as the entire hotel was centrally air-conditioned.


About 3,000 people are supposed to join the president. The source revealed that all the 506 rooms have been booked. "Though the president will be eating food cooked by his own chef, the hotel is preparing Indian, continental, and Chinese buffet for the fleet."


A list of imported liquor has been included in the bar to give enough variety for the guests to choose from. The bar has been stocked with Glenfiddich 40-Year-Old Rare Collection and Dom Perignon Rose Champagne from France. "Wine, whisky and champagne will be stocked in the bar. The bar will not only cater to Obama's demands, but also to those of his wife Michelle.


Employees have been issued hotel and police entry pass to enter the area. "Nobody will be allowed in the area without police pass, whereas no staff will be given entry without the hotel pass. The management has instructed the staff not to loiter in the lobby when the president is in the hotel. No staff will be allowed to go out of the hotel during working hours," said the source.


More cars have been booked for the US fleet. "Earlier 150 cars were booked which has now been increased to 225. The company which has been given the responsibility of logistics has been running from pillar to post to get more cars," said a source.

NDTV news from India also on Facebook


Wild Thing's comment........

Well, that’s a comfort. I was worried that he might get brained by a coconut.

Actually at many resorts they do take the coconuts down from the trees near where the tourists at the hotels might be walking around. But I could care less if Obama gets hit on the head with one. hahahaha

Falling coconuts should be the last thing they worry about. Al Queda ring a bell Iindia????

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

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Mayor Bloomberg Says Obama the Most "Arrogant" Man He Ever Met

Barack Obama, left, and Washington power broker Vernon Jordan, right, chat with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, center, while playing golf at Vineyard Golf Club, in Edgartown, Mass. , on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Friday, Aug. 27, 2010.

Mayor Bloomberg Called President Obama the Most "Arrogant" Man He Ever Met


by Jack Tapper

You may recall that during President Obama’s vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, on August 27 he took in a round of golf at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown, playing golf with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Democratic lawyer, business man and éminence grise Vernon Jordan; and White House trip director (and former golf pro) Marvin Nicholson.

The pool report at the time said that “We are told Bloomberg and Obama talked in the clubhouse for about 15 mins about the economy. They then went to the driving range.”

Apparently – at least from a second-hand report – the Obama-Bloomberg convo could have gone better.

In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, conservative media magnate Rupert Murdoch says ”Bloomberg said it was a pleasant day. In conversation he put a few ideas … He said it was like verbal ping pong.”

Bloomberg, according to Murdoch, “came back and said ‘I never met in my life such an arrogant man’.”

A spokesman for Bloomberg did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Wild Thing's comment.......

It takes one to know one.

Coming from the Megalomaniac Bloomer that’s a real testament to the degree of the Obummer’s mental disease.

LOL Obama is making a lot of enemies.......GOOD. Because he is the enemy of our country.

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Nancy Pelosi to Run for House Minority Leader



In the wake of Tuesday's shellacking, outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, has been widely expected to step down as the Democratic leader and leave Congress.

Not so fast.

High-level Democratic sources in the House tell ABC News Pelosi is seriously considering staying in Congress and running for the position of minority leader.

Pelosi is methodically calling every Democratic House member who won on Tuesday, as well as many who lost, sources tell ABC News. In the process, she is weighing her options and gauging her support.

Some of Pelosi's closest allies are encouraging her to stay and to lead the Democratic effort to win back their majority. Those encouraging her are arguing, in part, that she can unify the progressives in the caucus, and more importantly, that nobody in the House can raise money for the next campaign better than Pelosi.


Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama and Nancy are both apparently vying for the Queen of Denial.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid are the unholy Democrat trinity. Obamacare, socialism and raising your taxes.

Power is a drug and an addiction to some. Perhaps a disease like alcoholism. Harry Truman called it "Potomac Fever."

Besides Obama, Pelosi is also the person the not as left dems ( not as left as obama and pelosi ) in their party wanted to try and sound more middle of the road during the election. hahahaha

Thinking right now about that plane she insisted on, she has to say good bye to that now too.

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Strip Joe Biden of His Motorcade? by Daniel Freedman

Strip Joe Biden of His Motorcade?

by Daniel Freedman

Since the Obama administration announced a series of measures in October last year to put an end to distracted driving, including an executive order directed at federal employees, Vice-President Joe Biden’s motorcade has been involved in at least five crashes. That’s an unusually high number for such a motorcade.

In August, after Mr. Biden met New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion, two New York City police motorcycles escorting the Vice-President were involved in an accident. That followed a high profile crash in February, in which figure skating Olympic gold medalist Peggy Fleming and former bobsled champion Vonetta Flowers were injured. The two athletes were riding in the Vice-President’s motorcade at the Vancouver Olympics when the rear vehicle of the motorcade hit the back of a second vehicle, knocking it into a third car.

Last November, while Mr. Biden was on his way to appear on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, a police car escorting him collided with a cab, injuring officers and occupants of the other car. (While the Vice-President didn’t mention the crash during his appearance, he did joke that having roads cleared for him was a big perk. “Hell, I’ve never driven in New York with no traffic before,” he told Mr. Stewart.)

That November, cars from Mr. Biden’s motorcade were also involved in two other reported accidents: A Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy escorting the motorcade was injured in a collision; and in Maryland two cars that were part of the Vice-President’s security detail hit (and killed) a pedestrian. These five incidents are just the reported ones; it’s possible that there are others as well.

While it’s not uncommon for presidential and vice-presidential motorcades to be involved in crashes, it is rare. There are usually just one or two reported incidents in eight years in office. So what’s worrying about Mr. Biden is the high number of incidents his motorcade has already had, still less than two years into the job.

How motorcades operate (and the number of cars involved) depend on the location and an evaluation of potential threats. Local police are brought in to help map out routes, and in complex situations motorcycle cops are directed to ride ahead to block traffic. (In less risky situations, it’s just a series of cars, although the president usually always travels with a counterassault team, decoys, and an ambulance.)

Accidents are normally rare because while the motorcades do move at fast speeds, the drivers and riders assigned to them are the very best available. They are trained to operate at high speeds through traffic, and are known to be calm, professional, and safe. Sources familiar with presidential motorcades say that if an accident happens it’s probably because the riders are distracted, or because someone – whether the principal or staff – are urging them to speed up and not be late.

Distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was the cause of nearly 5,500 deaths and 450,000 injuries last year. And officials believe that the actual figure is higher as police reports often don’t document whether distracted driving was a factor. So it’s commendable that the Obama administration has been battling distracted driving, including telling federal employees to lead by example. (The president’s executive order instructed the country’s four million federal employees not to text message while driving in government cars or while conducting government business.)

The campaign against distracted driving has also gained celebrity endorsements. The Jonas Brothers have been involved in a no-texting-while-driving campaign, and Oprah Winfrey has launched a “no phone pledge,” receiving the support of fellow celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld, and the cast of Glee.

When President Obama signed the executive order, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared:

“This order sends a very clear signal to the American public that distracted driving is dangerous and unacceptable. It shows that the federal government is leading by example.”

Whether distracted driving or something else is causing the high number of incidents involving Mr. Biden’s motorcade, it’s still dangerous and unacceptable – and it’s setting the wrong example.


Wild Thing's comment.........

My gosh, I wonder if Biden is doing the driving.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Keith Olbermann Has Been Suspended Indefinitely Without Pay

Keith Olbermann suspended after donating to Democrats

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely without pay after POLITICO reported that he made three campaign contributions to Democratic candidates.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement Friday: “I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."

Olbermann made campaign contributions to two Arizona members of Congress and failed Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Olbermann, who acknowledged the contributions in a statement to POLITICO, made the maximum legal donations of $2,400 apiece to Conway and to Arizona Reps. Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords. He donated to the Arizona pair on Oct. 28 — the same day that Grijalva appeared as a guest on Olbermann’s “Countdown” show.

NBC has a rule against employees contributing to political campaigns, and a wide range of news organizations prohibit political contributions — considering it a breach of journalistic independence to contribute to the candidates they cover.

In his statement to POLITICO, Olbermann said he wasn’t using his influence to solicit any donations for the candidates.

“I did not privately or publicly encourage anyone else to donate to these campaigns, nor to any others in this election or any previous ones, nor have I previously donated to any political campaign at any level,” Olbermann said.

Inside MSNBC, employees were shocked at the news of Olbermann’s suspension. Despite a reputation for a prickly personality off-air, Olbermann was given wide berth inside the network because of his stature – and his ratings.

Insiders were stunned that Griffin moved so swiftly to yank one of the network’s true stars off the air, and some suspected that the recent tensions with NBC News, which has grown increasingly uneasy with its sister network’s more ideological stance, contributed to the swift decision. Some have even speculated that Comcast’s coming merger with NBC Universal has heightened sensitivities about MSNBC’s ideological profile.


Wild Thing's comment........

It’s ironic that he was suspended for spending a few thousand dollars confirming the bias that everybody knows he has, but has used millions of dollars worth of air time to campaign for Democrats without any repurcussions.

LoL! The new Comcast management can’t stomach the village idiot Olberfuermann? heh heh

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Rep. Mike Pence: Americans Want Republicans to Get Things Undone

The video was done before the election and the quote below is taken from after the election.

PENCE: “I’m going to ensure that Republicans come out of the gate and seize this moment, we’ve really been given a second chance at a first impression and I’m going to tell them that we have to rise to the challenge with principle and conviction and not with this attitude that you saw coming from the White House yesterday and from some other quarters on the establishment left in Washington which was that somehow the message of the election was that they want Democrats and Republicans to work better together, to get along — good heavens… Tuesday wasn’t about getting things done, it was about getting things undone”


Wild Thing's comment........

Rep. Mike Pence is another one of the good guys that has been strong all along. He lead the Drill Now with many other Republicans and has taken a stand against obamacare and other things on obama's agenda as well.

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November 05, 2010

GOP Picks Up 680 State Legislature Seats

GOP Picks Up 680 State Legislature Seats

While the Republican gains in the House and Senate are grabbing the most headlines, the most significant results on Tuesday came in state legislatures where Republicans wiped the floor with Democrats.

Republicans picked up 680 seats in state legislatures, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures -- the most in the modern era. To put that number in perspective: In the 1994 GOP wave, Republicans picked up 472 seats. The previous record was in the post-Watergate election of 1974, when Democrats picked up 628 seats.

The GOP gained majorities in at least 14 state house chambers. They now have unified control -- meaning both chambers -- of 26 state legislatures.

That control is a particularly bad sign for Democrats as they go into the redistricting process. If the GOP is effective in gerrymandering districts in many of these states, it could eventually lead to the GOP actually expanding its majority in 2012.

Republicans now hold the redistricting "trifecta" -- both chambers of the state legislature and the governorship -- in 15 states. They also control the Nebraska governorship and the unicameral legislature, taking the number up to 16. And in North Carolina -- probably the state most gerrymandered to benefit Democrats -- Republicans hold both chambers of the state legislature and the Democratic governor does not have veto power over redistricting proposals.

The GOP holds the redistricting trifecta in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Ohio - plus, as noted earlier, Nebraska and North Carolina.

Of those, South Carolina, Utah, Georgia and Texas are projected to gain seats after the census. Florida is also slated to gain, but the state just passed a ballot referendum seeking to take control of redistricting process away from the state legislature.

Ohio and Michigan are also important because they are projected to lose at least one seat, making the redistricting lines all the more important.


Rush Limbaugh: The American People Gave Obama the “Middle Finger” Scratch in Midterms – Audio

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday summing up the results of the 2010 Midterm Elections as the American People using their “middle finger” to scratch at Obama. Limbaugh was referencing Obama’s passive-aggressive habit of using his middle finger during speeches to scratch his nose or face at the very moment he is mentioning political opponents. Rush says: “Barack Obama is not the only person who can scratch his nose with his middle finger.”


Wild Thing's comment........

Awesome stuff. People are getting involved and running. And winning. And we need to keep this up and not stop. There will be more to give our suppot to in the next election. This was a HUGE step and I am thrilled. The next election will be another huge step.

The message is clear, indelible and overwhelming.

If Liberals want to continue in their usual state of denial, hysteria and self-induced myopia, that’s fine.

They can take the voting results, manipulate them, make excuses, or slice and dice them any way they want… it comes out the same. THEY are going in a direction VERY FEW Americans want to follow-and Americans have been CLEAR on this. Take no prisoners! Show them no quarter!

Obama will never on his own admit his agenda is NOT wanted. His trip to India is a major FU to us.


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Six Republican Iraq and Afghan War Veterans Elected to Congress

The New Victory Caucus in Congress


On Tuesday, six Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were elected to Congress (and possibly seven, if Jesse Kelly pulls out his race in Arizona’s 8th district). All six (seven) of them support victory on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan and a hawkish national-security posture overall. The impressive list of warriors can be found at the bottom of this post, and also at Vets for Freedom’s website.

These warriors — and the two pro-victory Iraq veterans already in Congress (Duncan Hunter and Mike Coffman) — constitute a formidable new Victory caucus in the House. All eight (or nine) Iraq and Afghanistan veterans — an infantry-squad-sized element of Republicans — speak with special authority on very important issues facing the next Congress, especially winning the war in Afghanistan, winning the peace in Iraq, preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, and ensuring that the Pentagon has adequate resources to project American power and preserve American interests around the world.

But that’s not the only good news. Tuesday also brought losses for every single anti-war Iraq and Afghanistan veteran running for Congress — including the only two anti-war Iraq war incumbents in Congress (Patrick “the surge can’t work” Murphy in PA-8 and John Boccieri in OH-16). The group most undermined by this trouncing is VoteVets, the blatantly partisan anti-war “veterans” group that came up empty on Election Night (and has already removed all the candidates from its website).

All of this taken together means that every single Iraq and Afghanistan veteran in Congress today is pro-victory. The true voice of our warrior generation will soon be heard on Capitol Hill, and the anti-war movement no longer has a veteran to prop up in defense of its reckless policies. This is all great news for America, and motivation for her warriors. The list of new Iraq/Afghanistan vets in Congress is:

The list of new Iraq/Afghanistan vets in Congress is:

– Lt. Col. Allen West (FL-22) – Iraq, Afghanistan, & Gulf war

– Lt. Col. Steve Stivers (OH-15) — Iraq war

– Capt. Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) — Iraq & Afghanistan wars

– Col. Joe Heck (NV-3) — Iraq war

– Maj. Tim Griffin (AR-2) — Iraq war

– Col. Chris Gibson (NY-20) — Iraq war (4 tours)


Wild Thing's comment.......

I LOVE this......FANTASTIC!!!

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John Boehner: 'We Are Going to Repeal Obamacare'

Rep. John Boehner – likely to be the next Speaker of the House – talking with Fox News’ Bret Baier today, where he said very directly, “We are going to repeal ObamaCare.”

Boehner said Republicans are likely to have a “whale of a fight” with Obama over the issues of taxes and spending. He refused to give any indication Republicans would compromise on extending the Bush Tax Cuts to ALL Americans. “We don’t want to raise taxes on any American.”

Once Republicans take control of the House in January, Boehner said you can look for them to “follow the will of the American people” and “go on offense” to make that happen.

“This Health Care Bill will ruin the best Health Care System in the world, and bankrupt our country. We are going to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of Health Insurance. . . . . We are going to do everything we can to stop this bill from being implemented, and to make sure it never happens. Frankly, if we are successful, this will become the number one issue in the Presidential Election of 2012.”

"I believe that the healthcare bill that was enacted by the current Congress will kill jobs in America, ruin the best healthcare system in the world, and bankrupt our country," Boehner, an Ohio Republican, told a news conference. "That means we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health care.


Wild Thing's comment........

I love hearing talk like this......thank you John Boehner. I think we will be hearing a lot of strong talk now from many of the Republicans. They know we are dead on serious and a take no prisoner inner strength to take our country back so they have to be strong with us or get out of the way and that will be done with votes and they know it.

Also I don't care how they do it, either repeal it, not fund it, whatever it takes. But I want obamacare DEAD, finished and thrown in the garbage.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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Questions That Were Asked At Of Obama At Presser ...A Must See Video

Obama HAMMERED at midterm election press conference !!

This is a YouTube of all of the questions that were asked of Obama at the presser .

This doesn't show the follow-ups, which were just as pointed. His answers were rambling filibusters that made no point and never answered the questions. What he kept saying was that people weren't upset with his agenda, only with the fact that they weren't seeing the results yet. In other words: MORE COWBELL. Elections and the will of the people to Obama (who he intrinsically despises) are meaningless to him at best, and fuels his inner rage at worst.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Ah, so Mr. "I won" and "ram obamacare down your throats" we do not respect you, like you or your agenda. We never drank your freaking kool-aid and to you there will always be punishment for TREASON to our country lurking and breathing down your ugly neck.

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India on 200 Million Dollars a Day by the Obamas

Obama will be leaving 2 days after the election to tour around India...

The trip will cost taxpayers 200 million a day for 10 days.

The Taj Mahal hotel was the scene of a three-day battle between Indian commandos and terrorists who stormed the luxurious Mumbai landmark as part of their deadly rampage through the city in November 2008

On the first day of his visit, Obama will pay homage to the victims of 26/11 Mumbai attacks at Hotel Taj where he is expected to make a statement on terrorism.

- obama is to visit Mani Bhavan where a Mahatma Gandhi Museum stands...

- some of the volunteers at Mani Bhavan have expressed displeasure over heightened security arrangements.

"Mani Bhavan is the place associated with Gandhi who promoted non-violence. But every day people from White House and US security agencies are coming with guns and sniffer dogs"

Criticism is sure to come as the trip approaches and it should, when unemployment stands at near 10%, and families struggle to make ends meet.

OMG check this out! ~ Wild Thing

Tunnel for Obama near Mani Bhavan


Barack Obama’s planned visit to Mani Bhavan —the Gandhi museum — on November 6, soon after he reaches Mumbai. On Monday, US secret agents visited the museum to plan Obama’s security detail.

They were accompanied by officers of Mumbai Police and civic officials of the D ward (where Mani Bhavan is located). While inspecting the route and the buildings lining up the route to the museum, the Americans detected a skyscraper near Peddar road and also found the area to be highly populated.

Since it is difficult to monitor such a congested area, they came up with a quick solution which left the Indians accompanying them amazed: A bomb-proof over-ground tunnel — to be installed by US military engineers in just an hour.

The tunnel would be a kilometre long and measure 12ft by 12ft — enough to let Obama’s cavalcade pass through. The tunnel would be centrally air-conditioned, fitted with close-circuit television cameras, and will be heavily guarded at every point, including, of course, its entry and exit.

Details about when exactly the tunnel would be made were not forthcoming. But officials said that the structure would be dismantled immediately after Obama leaves the area.


Wild Thing's comment......

It sure is expensive having a freaking DICTATOR in our WH.

To the Americans that have lost their homes ....... Obama feels your pain.

Notice ....We can build a mile long security tunnel in one hour, but we can’t seem to build a security fence along our border, no matter how much time we have.

Also Senior Citizens...he feels your pain.......(Sorry, no cost of living raise for you)

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San Francisco Bans Happy Meals ..."agenda of food justice" ~ INSANE In San Fran!

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals

Los Angeles Times

The city's board of supervisors votes to forbid restaurants from giving away toys with meals that have high levels of calories, sugar and fat.

San Francisco's board of supervisors has voted, by a veto-proof margin, to ban most of McDonald's Happy Meals as they are now served in the restaurants.

The measure will make San Francisco the first major city in the country to forbid restaurants from offering a free toy with meals that contain more than set levels of calories, sugar and fat.

The ordinance would also require restaurants to provide fruits and vegetables with all meals for children that come with toys.

"We're part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice," said Supervisor Eric Mar, who sponsored the measure. "From San Francisco to New York City, the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is making our kids sick, particularly kids from low income neighborhoods, at an alarming rate. It's a survival issue and a day-to-day issue."

Just after the vote, McDonald's spokeswoman Danya Proud said, "We are extremely disappointed with today's decision. It's not what our customers want, nor is it something they asked for."

The ban, already enacted in a similar measure by Santa Clara County, was opposed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who was vying to be lieutenant governor in Tuesday's election. But because the measure was passed by eight votes — one more than needed to override a veto — his opposition doesn't matter unless one of the supervisors changes his or her mind after the promised veto.

Under the ordinance, scheduled to take effect in December 2011, restaurants may include a toy with a meal if the food and drink combined contain fewer than 600 calories, and if less than 35% of the calories come from fat.

Over the last few weeks, the proposed ban caused a stir online and on cable television, with supporters arguing that it would help protect children from obesity, and opponents seeing it as the latest example of the nanny state gone wild.

For the rest of the article just CLICK HERE.......


Wild Thing's comment........

More attacks on our FREEDOM from the left. What a bunch of left wing control freaks! They are totally insane!!!

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. "— C.S. Lewis

“Food justice”


I suppose if they had Village People action figures instead of the fun and cute toys that have had it would be OK in San Fran.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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You think ’10 was tough? Check out ’12

You think ’10 was tough? Check out ’12

The Hill

For the first time in two cycles, Democrats will have more seats up for grabs than the Republicans, and the party could see its shrunken majority erased altogether.

Several of the senators up for reelection came in on the 2006 Democratic wave, when the party picked up six GOP seats and won control of the chamber.

Sens. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Jim Webb (D-Va.) defeated GOP incumbents that year but will have to win reelection in 2012.

And two senators who won special elections Tuesday, Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), will face voters again in two years.

Democrats lost at least six Senate seats Tuesday, with results in Washington and Alaska undetermined as of press time, but they retained control.

That could change in two years, when Democrats have 21 seats up for grabs, compared to only 10 for Republicans. Also up for reelection are Sens. Joe Lieberman (Conn.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.), the two Independents who caucus with Democrats — meaning the party has a total of 23 seats to defend.

“The numbers are really working against them, no question about it,” said Jennifer Duffy, a senior Senate analyst at The Cook Political Report. “It will come down to what it always comes down to: retirements and recruiting.”

Many of those Democratic seats up next cycle are in purple or red states, including those of McCaskill, Manchin, Tester, Webb and Sens. Kent Conrad (N.D.), Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Bill Nelson (Fla.).

Webb saw several House Democrats in his state lose reelection Tuesday, and McCaskill saw her party lose a Senate pickup opportunity when Roy Blunt (R) won retiring Sen. Kit Bond’s (R-Mo.) seat.

Some senators could opt to retire in 2012. Among those observers will be watching are Ben Nelson and Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.).Nelson is expected to face a difficult race, and Kohl saw his home-state colleague, Sen. Russ Feingold (D), lose on Tuesday.

Casey and Conrad also saw Democratic colleagues lose in their home states on Tuesday. And Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who’s up in 2012, watched fellow California Democrat Barbara Boxer fend off a tough challenge from the GOP.

“It is certainly true that the landscape will be tilted in 2012 in terms of the seats at risk,” said Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of The Rothenberg Political Report. “[Democrats] will be defending more seats, so they could have more losses. On the other hand, it depends on the mood of the public.”

The other Democratic incumbents up next cycle are Daniel Akaka (Hawaii), Tom Carper (Del.), Jeff Bingaman (N.M.), Maria Cantwell (Wash.), Ben Cardin (Md.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), Robert Menendez (N.J.) and Debbie Stabenow (Mich.).

The 10 GOP senators facing reelection are John Barrasso (Wyo.), Scott Brown (Mass.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), John Ensign (Nev.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Richard Lugar (Ind.), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and Roger Wicker (Miss.).

Of that list, the only senator who could be considered in a “dangerous” position is Brown, who represents Massachusetts, a blue state.

Hutchison could retire. She ran for Texas governor in 2010 but lost in the GOP primary. At the time, Hutchison hinted she could resign her seat; she never committed to running again in 2012.

Ensign could leave the Senate if he faces charges stemming from the fallout of an affair he had with a former staffer.

An unknown factor for the Republicans is the Tea Party. The grassroots movement took down several party favorites in GOP primaries this year and has threatened to do the same next cycle.

Already, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a Tea Party favorite, has said he’d consider challenging Hatch in the 2012 GOP primary.


Wild Thing's comment.......

The article does a good break down of what is coming up in the future.

The Democrats went into the 2010 elections with 40 seats in the U.S. Senate that weren't even up for election, while the Republicans only had 23. This meant that the GOP had to defend a lot more seats, which made it that much more unlikely that they'd have the money and resources to win more than a few seats currently held by Democrats. The deck was very much stacked in the Democrats' favor this year simply because of the way the rotating six-year terms came up in this cycle.

2012 will be a whole different story, as this article demonstrates. In that cycle, the number of seats up for election will be overwhelmingly held by sitting Democrats, which makes their job that much harder -- especially if the economy is still in poor shape by then and Obama is a very unpopular figure.

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November 04, 2010

GOP Leaves A Gift at Democratic HQ

Prank! GOP leaves a gift at Democratic HQ

The Hill

In 1992, a life sized donkey was placed at the front door of the Republican National Committee offices. It was a fitting prank in a year when Democrats took the White House and retained majorities in the House and Senate.

Last night, Republicans got payback.

That same donkey, shown here, was delivered after midnight to the steps of the DNC, covered in logo gear from the GOP’s successful 2010 campaign to take back a majority in the House.

Wild Thing's comment........


Posted by Wild Thing at 06:55 AM

Obama To (Nov 3): Hopenchange Will Continue For 6 More Years!

This is Obama putting in a call yesterday to the fringe at He says the "American people are frustrating and they still want change."

Obama To (Nov 3): Hopenchange Will Continue For 6 More Years!

from Greg Hengler:

My quick 2 cents on the hour-long Obama presser: He finally sensed his tone was not connecting with the press so he dropped it down a couple notches, took longer pauses and deeper breaths, donned that distant/empty gaze of reflection in his eyes, and confessed that he took a "shellacking." Voila! The press bought it and many Americans bought it--again. Academy Award-winning performance if you ask me. A short time will tell. In fact, just a few hours after today's presser, Obama held a conference call with the boys and girls over at You tell me, does his tone sound conciliatory? What I hear is the man I knew before his election, and a President who has lived up to my bad expectations. His hopenchange agenda is locked and loaded in his tunnel vision-set sites, and he plans on shooting that target for the next six years! Buyer beware.


Wild Thing's comment........

GRRRRRRR he is true to his agenda to destroy our country. I wish they would play this video on FOX.

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Obama Says He Won’t Allow Republicans to Repeal Obamacare

Obama Says He Won’t Allow Republicans to Repeal Obamacare


Wild Thing's comment........

Oh really Obama??? Well nearly 60% of voters want the law repealed. What a total jerk!!!!

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Darrell Issa Signals Restraint in Obama Oversight ~ Darrell You Are Wrong

Darrell Issa signals restraint in Obama oversight


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who will have far-ranging subpoena power in the new Congress as a result of Tuesday’s election, is going out of his way to dispel perceptions that he’s a partisan bombthrower who plans to use his newfound authority to paralyze President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I want to prove the pundits wrong. My job is not to bring down the president. My job is to make the president a success,” Issa said on a midnight conference call with reporters, just after House Minority Leader John Boehner’s victory speech.

Issa took a restrained view of his likely new post as chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, saying that on many issues his panel would play second fiddle to other Congressional committees.

“Our jurisdiction is narrow,” Issa said. “I’m going to stick to my knitting, which is waste, fraud and abuse, whenever possible.”

Issa was so eager to put forward an image of a nuts-and-bolts government reformer that he stressed his desire to explore such unsexy subjects as the Postal Service’s financial troubles.

“Is it high profile? No [but] that’s billions of dollars we’ve got to pay attention to,” he said.

However, Issa signaled that he would continue to pursue some issues he has been outspoken on in recent months, possibly including his claim that the Obama administration violated the law by offering an administration job to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) in a failed effort to head off his primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.). (The Republican candidate, Pat Toomey, defeated Sestak Tuesday.)

Without elaborating, Issa said he would insist that the Obama administration respond to all the outstanding inquiries from the committee’s Republican staff that have accumulated during the current Congress.

“First and foremost, we’re going to ask that all the letters we’ve sent, that are our Constitutional responsibility being met — that we get answers to them. And I suspect many of them will have information coming to us well before we — I get sworn in in January,” Issa said.

Issa struck a similarly modest tone when discussing the import of the sweeping victories Republicans enjoyed Tuesday. He claimed no broad mandate for GOP policies and seemed to agree that the election results primarily signaled dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and his administration.

“We’ve been hired to take America back to the middle,” Issa said. He struck a bipartisan tone, promising to work with Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) on food safety, for example, and with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform.

Issa rejected the idea that he’s softening his tone on how aggressive his committee will be because of pushback from other committee chairmen-in-waiting who are eager to get a piece of the investigative pie.

“I’ve had great support from all the other ranking members,” he said. “I expect to let them do their job, to let the primary committees of jurisdiction do their job.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

He should have never said his job to make the president look good or help him with his agenda...dense. had to cover his stupid remark at the beginning...Rush gave him an earful on his program...and went to a break, without this guy coming back on...

He said the wrong thing on Rush's show last week and Rush went off on him big time. Issa has been really good, so it was a surprise. We just have to keep an eye on all of these elected people and keep letting them know voting works both ways, being elected and being out of a job.

This part ia good, I do like this handgrenade:

“First and foremost, we’re going to ask that all the letters we’ve sent, that are our Constitutional responsibility being met — that we get answers to them. And I suspect many of them will have information coming to us well before we — I get sworn in in January,” Issa said.

One of the problems Rush had with him was that he started talking Washingtonian...about holding the democrats feet to the fire, changing the laws in the house to be more transparent etc...Rush stopped him and said the country doesn't care about the rules in house etc, they care about the country, and where its headed. The want the spending stopped, Obamacare etc...

In other words, be a conservative and not just a go along to get along type of guy (my paraphrasing) I personally don't care about the house rules as much as I care about stopping the spending, destroying the medical care etc.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Sorry Excuse For An American Representative Jim Moran Refuses Murray's Concession Call

Radical far left Democrat Jim Moran refused to take Republican Patrick Murray‘s call last night after Moran won reelection in Virginia.

FOX News

The same congressman who refused to accept military service as public service has also refused a concession call from his opponent he previously insulted.

A senior aide to Republican House candidate Patrick Murray in Virginia’s eighth congressional district, told Fox News that when Murray called Democratic incumbent Jim Moran to concede, the Moran camp refused to take his call.

Representative Jim Moran dismissed military service as public service, though his congressional opponent, Colonel Patrick Murray served 24 years in the military, including tours in Iraq. Moran, [referring to Murray's Republican run] told a democratic meeting in early October, “What they do is that they find candidates..usually stealth candidates that haven’t been in office, haven’t served or performed in any public service. My opponent is typical, frankly. And of course for 24 years he’s taken a government check, because of course, the military is still part of the federal government, and yet his principle platform is to cut government spending.”

Tonight, Virginia’s eighth district voted the incumbent Democrat Congressman, Jim Moran, back in.

Just a reminder… Radical leftist Jim Moran is the same thug who called our troops war criminals.


Wild Thing's comment......

This guy is truly not worth the air he breaths.

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Rush Limbaugh’s Reaction To The Results Of The 2010 Midterm Election – “Wipe Out!”

Rush played, “Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead,” in honor of the end of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

“This was a total rejection of the Obama Agenda. This was a total rejection of the Democrat Party.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

“Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”


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November 03, 2010

GOP Wins Control of the U.S. House of Representatives

A GREAT day to be an American.

John Boehner victory speech in Ohio. Obama would never ever speak like this, even if hell froze over.

A Very Emotional John Boehner: "Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves!" If you get a chance to listen to his speech it is well worth it. I loved when he spoke about the American Dream and got chocked up ( at 5:35 ) as he spoke from his heart. ~ Wild Thing


Marco Rubio Victory Speech


GOP Wins Control of the U.S. House of Representatives with Massive Gains

Our voices have been heard and they know we will be watching and silent no longer. This was all great and it is the beginning and a good one, VERY exciting. In 2012, it will be time to change control of the Senate and the White House, and begin the hard work of undoing the damage done by Obama and the Democrats.

Vietnam liar Dick Blumenthal won in Connecticut.

Conservative Christine O’Donnell carried the tea party voters. She bested the bearded Marxist with independents.
But, she did not carry enough REPUBLICANS to win in Delaware .

Rand Paul Wins Kentucky, Dan Coats Wins Indiana, Jim DeMint Wins in South Carolina


Allen West's great speech.

Allen West Declares Victory Over Incumbent Congressman Ron Klein

"We will go to Washington and turn this ship around," West said. "It is never, nor shall it ever, be about me. I will go to Washington, D.C., to be your representative ... to be your voice."


Florida's 8th: Republican Daniel Webster Defeats vile Democrat Alan Grayson

Illinois.....Congressman Mark Kirk will become Senator Mark Kirk -- immediately. Tonight's contest was not only a general election, but a simultaneous special election to replace rent-a-senator Roland Burris. Kirk is already pledging to help block any lame duck nonsense from Democrats. The symbolism of this win is profound. The GOP has won Barack Obama's old Senate seat. Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias is also a loathsome character, and it's a great thing that he has been denied a US Senate seat.

Kasich Defeats Strickland For Ohio Governor . The victory in the Buckeye state is a big one for Republicans.

Pennsylvania on Fire
Pat Toomey has won the Pennsylvania Senate race, after a dizzying series of returns that had him down, then up, then up some more.


Classic: Bachmann Asks Matthews How His Leg Thrill Is--Matthews Give History Of "The Thrill" LOL.....And check out the sign roaming over Bachmann's head.


Russ Feingold Loses
Tea Party candidate and businessman Ron Johnson, has defeated liberal Senator Russ Feingold -- a huge pick-up for Senate Republicans..

Nikki Haley has won the Republican nomination for governor of South Carolina

Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle won in AZ. 3rd Congressional District: Republican Rep. Ben Quayle . Remember the ad Quayle ran and he accused Obama of being the worst president in US history.Soooo true and I am thrilled Quayle won.

GOP takes control of NC state Legislature for the FIRST time in 100 YEARS
RALEIGH, N.C. — Riding a nationwide wave of voter discontent, state Republican leaders said Tuesday that the party had seized control of the state General Assembly for the first time in more than a century. Many races remained too close to call late Tuesday, but GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer predicted that Republicans would pick up 14 to 16 House seats and 10 Senate seats.

GOP blowout in Texas House: 99 of 150 seats
The dimensions of a staggering GOP victory in the Texas House are now clear: Republicans posted a net gain of 22 seats -- far, far more than anyone I know predicted. Labor and liberals are cringing because if the GOP caucus holds together, it's just one vote shy of the two thirds needed to pass constitutional amendments. Pretty big stuff. Not one Republican incumbent went down to defeat

GOP takes full control of Pennsylvania Statehouse
HARRISBURG - Republicans riding the wave of anti-incumbent sentiment took control of both chambers of the legislature on Tuesday. Retaining its grip on the Senate and unseating enough Democrats to get a majority in the House, the GOP could look forward to ruling the General Assembly as well as the governor's office, soon to be occupied by Tom Corbett.

ALASKA .......Teams of Joe Miller lawyers to watch Senate write-in count
Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller's campaign is gearing up for a legal fight over write-in ballots in the hotly contested race with Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski mounted a write-in bid after losing the GOP primary to Miller in August. Unofficial returns Tuesday night showed write-in ballots with a lead over Miller. But it's not clear how many of those are votes for Murkowski; she was one of 160 candidates qualified to be written-in. Miller campaign manager Robert Campbell says the overall results are disappointing; Miller had hoped to win the race outright Tuesday night.


Harry Reid won.........augh!

FL – Governor’s race still too close to call – Dem Candidate Alex Sink refuses to concede.

AP : California rejects legalizing marijuana.

“Call Me Ma’am” Boxer and Moonbeam Jerry Brown both win.

99+% of the vote is in, Rick Scott has a 72,000 vote lead over Alex STINK
But no one will call the race. What gives? Are we still waiting for "discovered" boxes of ballots in Palm Beach?
I hope Scott and GOP are watching the ballot handling and counting like hawks. Palm Beach county is the hold up. And yep, that was the infamous county that screwed up the 2000 election. That county is a JOKE! Would not surprise me if they are trying to cook the books in those last few dozen precincts that they are taking forever to count.

Republican Scott says he's Florida's next governor

(Reuters) - Republican Rick Scott declared victory in the Florida governor's race on Wednesday, saying he beat Democrat Alex Sink in a close and bruising contest that flooded the airwaves with attack advertisements.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the Miami Herald and other Florida newspapers said Scott appeared to have won with a wafer-thin 1 percentage point edge over Sink in the electoral swing state.

"Based on the numbers we're seeing, after all the votes are counted, I'm absolutely confident I will be the next governor," Scott told supporters early on Wednesday at his election night headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.

"We look forward to finishing the count. We know we're going to win. We have won and we look forward to getting this state back to work."

There was no immediate response from Sink but she had declined to concede hours earlier, telling her own supporters the race was too close to call.

"It's coming down to the wire in what looks to be a dead-even race," she said shortly after midnight, as Scott clung to the narrow but persistent lead he held since the polls closed on Tuesday evening.

"We're Floridians, so we know what it means to count every single vote," Sink said.

She was referring to the state's well-known reputation for electoral controversies and the so-called "Butterfly Ballot" and "Hanging Chad" mayhem that erupted during the 2000 presidential vote count.

After 3 a.m. EDT, there was still no word on when the final official results would be made public. It was also unclear whether an automatic recount might be triggered, if results are within half of 1 percentage point.

With more than 5 million ballots counted, the difference between Scott and Sink was just 54,260 votes.


Pelosi Statement on Midterms: Nothing on Future Plans, No Congratulations to GOP
FOX News

"Over the last four years, the Democratic Majority in the House took courageous action on behalf of America's middle class to create jobs and save the country from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. "Our Members and candidates ran remarkable campaigns led by the superb leadership of DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen. "The outcome of the election does not diminish the work we have done for the American people. We must all strive to find common ground to support the middle class, create jobs, reduce the deficit and move our nation forward."

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Obama To Spend $200 Million Tax Dollars A Day On His Mumbai Visit

Rush Weighs In On Obama's 200 Million A Day Trip To India

RUSH: We had a caller with a good question regarding Obama's trip to India: "Is he coming back or fleeing to exile?" I have a different theory. I don't know what are the policy reasons that Obama's going to India. I have no idea. But the idea that you're going to take 3,000 people and you're booking over 500 rooms in a hotel and you're taking 40 airplanes, what that tells me is that you have a guy and a family who thinks this nation owes 'em. And while they're in a position to, they are going to live off of this country as much as they can. They are gonna get theirs. That's what this tells me. No president has ever anywhere close to 40 airplanes, 3,000 people, 500 rooms in one hotel. And that's just one hotel, for a ten-day trip, $200 million a day. It's never been done before. This is somebody that says, "It's my turn. My turn, our turn to get what has been denied us all these years," that's what I think.


US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

The US would be spending a whopping $200 million per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.

"The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

"Except for personnel providing immediate security to the President, the US officials may not be allowed to carry weapons. The state police is competent to take care of the security measures and they would be piloting the Presidential convoy," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Navy and Air Force has been asked by the state government to intensify patrolling along the Mumbai coastline and its airspace during Obama's stay. The city's airspace will be closed half-an-hour before the President's arrival for all aircraft barring those carrying the US delegation.

The personnel from SRPF, Force One, besides the NSG contingent stationed here would be roped in for the President's security, the official said.

The area from Hotel Taj, where Obama and his wife Michelle would stay, to Shikra helipad in Colaba would be cordoned off completely during the movement of the President.


Wild Thing's comment........

This is so disgusting how he is doing this and the money he is spending that is all from our tax dollars. If he wants to do this go ahead but pay for it yourself jerk.

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Sly Stallone About Voting

This is from Nov. 2nd, yesterdayit is a Tweet from Sly Stallone: Vote to Get ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Out of Driver’s Seat.

BIG Hollywood


This video is from awhile back, but it is such a good interview with Sly about his film.

Wild Thing's comment........

Love the tweet that Sly did yesterday hahahaha good one.

I have not seen the movie yet, but I wanted to show you Sly's responses to Bill O'Reilly questions. LOL Sly is funny when he talks about how he would be with a date his daughter would have. hahaha

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November 02, 2010

Is Chris Matthews Trying To Jump Ship About His “Leg-tingle-boy” Obama

MSNBC's Chris Matthews trashes the teleprompter and comments on President Obama's shortcomings. "I think the biggest mistake he has made is using Chicago-style politics," Matthews said.

Chris Matthews says Obama is not "their president" but he is only President to himself

Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL Andrea was even trying to steer Chris Matthews away from bashing Obama but he wasn’t having it! Will wonders never cease! He is still a jerk, but it is very funny to hear him go off on his idol obama. hahaha

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Justice Department to Protect Illegal Voters?

Justice Department to Protect Illegal Voters?

The Justice Department is sending a small pack of election observers to Arizona as Hispanic groups sound the alarm over an anti-illegal immigration group's mass e-mail seeking to recruit Election Day volunteers to help block illegal immigrants from voting.

Hispanic voting rights groups say the e-mail is just an attempt to intimidate minority voters. But election fraud monitors say that there are hundreds of examples of duplicate registrations, wrong information and past unregistered voters getting ballots.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I read the article and the way that it reads it sure sounds like DOJ officials will be there to ensure illegals CAN vote.

This is nuts. This is breaking a federal law. The DOJ is breaking a federal law.

“The Justice Department is sending a small pack of election observers to Arizona as Hispanic groups sound the alarm over an anti-illegal immigration group’s mass e-mail seeking to recruit Election Day volunteers to help block illegal immigrants from voting.”

The sentance says it all- they are protecting ILLEAGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTING. Obama's sending them there to enforce the illegal alien "right" to vote.

I'd like to see some conservative Arizonans show up wherever these people "poll watch". Hopefully they will and videotape any actions by the DOJ to document their interference with the state election process. Get right in their face and make them explain what they are doing there.

Reporting Voter Fraud
The Republican Party has set up a National Hotline, which will be staffed with Attorneys to handle polling issues as well as possible voter fraud or intimidation.

1 - 888 - 775 - 8117. IF you even SUSPECT this is happening, PLEASE call for their free advice.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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End of the Pelosi Era of Irresponsibility


Nancy Pelosi’s numbers among independents according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll are almost unbelievably bad–8% favorable, 61% unfavorable.

End of the Pelosi Era of Irresponsibility

by Lurita Doan

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, the close of the 111th congress punctuates Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as, arguably, the worst Speaker of the House in the history of the United States. No other Speaker has eroded American competitiveness as thoroughly, practiced such a vile and bitter partisanship where friends and allies in Unions and other left-wing causes were rewarded at the expense of others, all while deliberately encouraging Americans to become increasingly dependent upon government.

What a sad spectacle.

Repairing the damage should be the first task of the 112th Congress, and the first order of business is to stop the madness of unrestricted spending. Speaker Pelosi has boasted of the $5 trillion increase in the national debt and the punitive, legislative warfare that she championed through Congress that has squandered our treasury and left us the greatest debtor nation on earth. Restoring some level of fiscal sanity will not be easy, but it is the most urgent task. Fiscal discipline will require a line-by-line review of the budget, a practice that elected officials love to discuss but rarely execute.

Americans cannot continue the Pelosi madness of borrowing money from China to redistribute to union activists and favorite left wing causes. Nor can our nation, once again, extend unemployment benefits for additional years after making payments for the already mandated two years.

Another of Speaker Pelosi’s damaging legacies is the coarsening of our politics. We can no longer afford the incivility that has become the norm in political discourse. During her tenure, Pelosi has overseen multiple pieces of legislation shoved through the House using arm twisting, veiled threats and “bribes” that take the form of political pork. The various pieces of legislation involve tens of thousands of pages of gibberish which neither the Speaker, nor many who allegedly drafted the legislation, has read.

Small businesses have endured their own special hell as a result of Pelosi’s complete lack of understanding of what it takes to create the kinds of jobs that grow the economy. Pelosi, with no business experience to fall back upon, has not allowed her colossal ignorance to stand in the way of making intrusive, destructive, confiscatory policies that have crushed small businesses across the nation. This, too, will take time to repair.

Perhaps most egregious of all, Nancy Pelosi has opened a Pandora’s box of double-speak, often achieving a level of incoherence, that has masked her hostile intent and determination to effect a wealth transfer from those who have worked hardest to those who have hardly worked at all. Prudent Americans that were careful to live within their means, buy houses that they could actually afford, and save their own money have been punished for these sins during Speaker Pelosi’s term.

Instead, an elaborate wealth redistribution system has been established to confiscate money from the hard-working to reward many that were most irresponsible. In Pelosi’s world, it’s okay to reward a homeowner who unwisely bought a house he knowingly could not afford and who then fails even to make interest payments for months on end. In Pelosi’s world, it’s okay to support bail outs for failed companies, especially those with huge union representation, by raising taxes on smaller companies. Pelosi has promoted mediocre Democrat statesmen from obscurity to prominence.

For example, Pelosi has followed her septuagenarian friend, Henry Waxman, down the rabbit hole into a wilderness where there are no limits to the amount of bureaucracy embraced by Congress and the Obama Administration. Waxman has proposed, and Pelosi endorsed, a system where all national issues and challenges are solved by an ever expanding amount of government oversight. Of course, according to this view, no amount of oversight, and no amount of cost for the oversight, is too much. Chaos and disruption to our energy production, power generation and healthcare delivery system were viewed as less consequential if the primary goal of inserting more governmental bureaucracy, oversight, and control over the private sector could be achieved.

Our nation now faces a dismal truth: Speaker Pelosi has been a disaster. Should Republicans take back the House, as is widely expected, a new and, let us hope more competent Speaker will assume responsibility for re-exerting American power, economic vitality, and civic health.

So it is time for goodbyes. Americans should wish Mrs. Pelosi well as she exits the national leadership. Her place in history, as the first female Speaker of the House, is secure. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pelosi will likely be recorded as the most irresponsible Speaker of the House that left the nation, in every way, worse off than when she first took over the gavel. It’s time for her to go.


Wild Thing's comment........

I wish it could be that easy to get rid of her and restore sanity in government but this is only the beginning and we must continue to elect conservatives.

It is astonishing that this woman actually thinks she did a fine job as speaker.

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Judge Questions Justice Department's Lawsuit Against Arizona Immigration Law

Judge questions Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona immigration law

Washington Post

A federal appellate judge expressed deep skepticism Monday about a Justice Department lawsuit challenging Arizona's new immigration law, leaving uncertain the Obama administration's chances of stopping the law from taking effect.

Judge John T. Noonan Jr. grilled administration lawyers at a hearing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. He took aim at the core of the Justice Department's argument: that the Arizona statute is "preempted" by federal law and is especially troublesome because it requires mandatory immigration status checks in certain circumstances.

"I've read your brief, I've read the District Court opinion, I've heard your interchange with my two colleagues, and I don't understand your argument," Noonan told deputy solicitor general Edwin S. Kneedler. "We are dependent as a court on counsel being responsive. . . . You keep saying the problem is that a state officer is told to do something. That's not a matter of preemption. . . . I would think the proper thing to do is to concede that this is a point where you don't have an argument."

"With respect, I do believe we have an argument," said Kneedler, who asserts that the Arizona law is unconstitutional and threatens civil liberties by subjecting lawful immigrants to "interrogation and police surveillance.''

The exchange came at a hearing on efforts by the Justice Department to overturn the Arizona law, which empowers police to question people they suspect are in the country illegally and has triggered a fierce national debate. A federal judge in Phoenix issued a July injunction blocking the law's most contested provisions from taking effect. Arizona appealed, leading to the Monday hearing.

With Noonan, an appointee of President Ronald Reagan, so bluntly stating his views, legal experts said the government's chances of having the injunction upheld may rest with the other two judges on Monday's panel: Carlos T. Bea and Richard A. Paez.

Bea is also a Republican appointee and tends to vote with the court's conservative wing, which could help Arizona's chances. Paez is a Democratic appointee.

But Bea and Paez are Hispanic, and it is Hispanics who are most upset about the Arizona law. "Perhaps this is one area where Bea might not vote as a so-called conservative because he himself is an immigrant,'' said Arthur Hellman, a University of Pittsburgh law professor and an expert on the 9th Circuit.

Bea did not make his position clear during Monday's argument, but he sharply questioned Arizona's attorneys. "Your argument that a state can take a look at whether the federal government is not enforcing its laws. . . . You can enforce laws for the federal government?" he asked. "If I don't pay my (federal) income taxes, can California sue me?''

Whatever the result, the panel's decision is the first step on a long road: legal experts expect the case to reach the Supreme Court. It is unclear when the panel will rule.

Wild Thing's comment........

"I've read your brief, I've read the District Court opinion, I've heard your interchange with my two colleagues, and I don't understand your argument," Noonan told deputy solicitor general Edwin S. Kneedler.

And that's the POLITE way of putting it.

This whole lawsuit business against Arizona was a political move to gin up latino support for Obama and the dems. As a legal case, all I can say is OBAMA/HOLDER FAIL.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
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As She Smiled and Offered a Hand In Friendship a Muslim Woman Stabbed MP Twice in the Stomach Over Iraq War

Victim: Mr Timms was stabbed after warmly greeting his attacked with the words “Hello, I’m sorry for the wait.”

'Smiling' woman 'stabbed MP twice in stomach after confronting him about Iraq war'


A Muslim woman tried to kill a Labour MP by stabbing him in the stomach ‘in revenge’ for him voting for the Iraq War, a court heard today.

Roshonara Choudhry, 21, is accused of knifing Stephen Timms twice in a shock attack during a constituency surgery meeting after she greeted the MP with a smile and offered him the hand of friendship.

Roshonara Choudhary is accused of stabbing MP Stephen Timms

A second later the fanatic allegedly lunged forward, repeatedly plunging a three inch kitchen knife into his stomach, sending the MP ‘reeling and staggering’ backwards, before staff jumped in to wrestle the blade from her grasp.

The Old Bailey heard how the young Muslim woman had plotted for weeks to kill her local MP, buying two knives in case one ‘broke’ when she enacted her ‘punishment’ for him voting in Parliament to invade Iraq in March 2003.

After the attack, she coolly told police: ”I just pushed it (the knife) in like how it is if you punch someone.

‘I was trying to kill him because he wanted to invade Iraq.

‘I was not going to stop (stabbing him) until someone made me.

‘I wanted to kill him. I was hoping to get revenge for the people in Iraq.’

Wild Thing's comment.......

Islam is an extremist religion and “moderate Islam” is its Trojan Horse.

I would never trust a muslim.

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November 01, 2010

Obama and Biden Speak to Half-Full Arena in Cleveland

Notice NO presidential seal and no Flags in the audience or on the little stage Obama and Biden are on. ~ Wild Thing


CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 31: Protestors shout while U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speak during the president's 'Moving America Forward' rally October 31, 2010 at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Obama has been traveling the country campaigning for Democratic candidates leading up to Tuesday's crutial midterm election. Source for photo and write up of photo


Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaign Rally

New York Times


Obama wrapped up a weekend of last-minute campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, addressing Democrats in an indoor arena that, in a sign of the “enthusiasm gap” that the president is working so hard to close, was little more than half full.

About 8,000 people attended the Democratic National Committee’s Moving America Forward’ rally at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, a hall where the capacity is 13,000. The rafters were largely empty.

Obama was in Ohio to give a final push to Gov. Ted Strickland, who is in a tight race for re-election. Lee Fisher, the lieutenant governor and Democratic Senate candidate, also attended, and Mr. Obama gave a pitch for him as well, though he is trailing badly behind his Republican opponent.

“We’ve got to get Cleveland out to vote!” Mr. Obama said. “We’ve got to get everybody in Ohio out to vote.’’

He made a pitch for early voting: “There is early voting just a few blocks from here, so you can go right after this rally if you haven’t voted. Because if everyone who fought for change in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win this election, I’m confident that we will.’’


Wild Thing's comment........

I really can't stand obama, I wish he was not allowed to use the Presidential seal when he’s campaigning.

BWAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAA! Couldn't happen to a more deserving pair of buffoons!

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Alaska KTVA a CBS Affiliate : We Stand By Our “Corrupt Bastards”

Alaska KTVA Defends Their "Corrupt Bastards" Who Conspired Against Joe Miller

Alaska CBS affiliate KTVA defended their “corrupt bastards” on staff who conspired against Republican Joe Miller. The reporters were caught on tape planning to report scandalous stories against Joe Miller. The audio of their conversation displayed the shocking level of bias and corruption in this Alaska media outlet.


Reporters from a CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, allegedly left a voicemail by mistake at the campaign of the state's Republican nominee for Senate, Joe Miller, in which the journalists can be heard plotting to "find" a "child molester" among the politician's supporters.

The reporters are also overheard hoping for violence against Miller so they can "send out a tweet" and Facebook alert that "Miller got punched" at a rally he held four days ago.

The apparent accidental voicemail message was left on the cell phone of Miller's spokesperson, Randy DeSoto.

In the recording, the assignment editor for the CBS Anchorage affiliate, KTVA, Nick McDermott, along with other reporters, can be heard openly discussing concocting the two stories about Miller.

DeSoto says the voicemail message was later authenticated by McDermott himself, who sent a text to the Miller spokesman stating, "D--- iPhone … I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry."

"Frankly, when I first heard this I was shocked," said DeSoto. "Though a bit garbled at times, there are disturbing comments in this conservation that never should have occurred."

According to the Miller campaign, another voice in the message was that of KTVA's news director.



Megyn Kelly's continued show on this and added information:

A press release issued Saturday October 30, 2010, by the Joe Miller campaign claims that KTVA personnel, “openly discuss creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller.” KTVA General Manager Jerry Bever says, “It’s unfortunate that this recording has happened. It’s unfortunate because it does not accurately reflect the journalistic standards of our newsroom and the garbled context will no doubt leave more questions than answers. The Miller campaign’s analysis of the recording is incorrect in many material ways ranging from personnel involved in the conversation, the interpretation of conversation snippets and the reported transcript of the perceived garbled conversation.”

“While the recording is real, the allegations are untrue,” said Bever. “The recording was the result of a cell phone not being hung up after a call was placed to Randy DeSoto, Joe Miller campaign spokesperson, Thursday afternoon to discuss Joe Miller’s appearance on that evening’s newscast. That phone call was placed near the end of a coverage planning meeting in our newsroom regarding that evening’s Miller rally in downtown Anchorage. The group of KTVA news personnel was reviewing potential “what-if” scenarios, discussing the likelihood of events at the rally and how KTVA might logistically disseminate any breaking news.”

Bever continues, “The perception that this garbled, out of context recording may leave is unfortunate, but to allege that our staff was discussing or planning to create or fabricate stories regarding candidate Miller is absurd. The complete conversation was about what others might be able to do to cause disruption within the Miller campaign, not what KTVA could do.”

While Bever would not discuss any personnel issues linked with the recording, Bever says “Have we had internal discussions about the level of professionalism we need to bring to our conversations, internally and externally? Of course we have, this is a lesson to learn from.”


Big Government has the transcript:


Wild Thing's comment........

Rush taught us this in the early 1990′s. the media gets a template then goes out to make it true. Clearly the reporters were conspiring to set up some type of smear of Joe Miller.

I think Sarah Palin described it correctly.

I am passing this along to you from the Patriotic Resistnet:

The Republican Party has set up a National Hotline, which will be staffed with Attorneys to handle polling issues as well as possible voter fraud or intimidation. 1 - 888 - 775 - 8117.

IF you even SUSPECT this is happening, PLEASE call for their free advice.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan at Game 4 of the World Series


Here is video from the World Series tonight – Game 4 in Arlington, Texas – where former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch with Texas Rangers’ President Nolan Ryan serving as the catcher. Bush 43 actually did the honors of throwing the pitch, with his Dad – Bush 41 -standing by. Bush got the pitch to home plate in good shape with Ryan catching the ball. The crowd roared for both of the former Presidents!

VIDEO link below......

This was an awesome moment, just a really feel good thing.

Laura Bush and Barbara Bush were also there and Barbara was scoring the game.

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