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September 30, 2006

Gol Jetliner Disappears Over Amazon

Officials: Jetliner disappears over Amazon

The Brazilian air force is searching the densely forested Amazon jungle for a Gol airlines jet that went missing with about 155 people aboard, Brazilian aviation authorities said. Officials said they were uncertain about an earlier report that the incident was caused by a collision with a private jet.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) -- The Brazilian air force continued searching Saturday morning in the densely forested Amazon region for a Gol airlines jet with about 155 people aboard that went missing Friday, Brazilian aviation authorities said.

But authorities said they were no longer certain the disappearance was caused by a collision with a private jet as they earlier maintained.

"During the afternoon there was another incident with a Legacy airplane, made by Embraer," federal aviation authorities said in a statement issued early Saturday morning. "It is impossible to confirm that there is a relation between the incident which caused the (Legacy) crew to perform an emergency landing in Cachimbo and the disappearance of the Gol airplane."

Brazilian airport authority Infraero President Jose Carlos Pereira said Gol flight 1907 left the jungle city of Manaus and disappeared. It had been scheduled to land in Brasilia before heading to Rio de Janeiro's Antonio Jobim International Airport.

Manaus is a major river city in the heart of the Amazon rainforest some 1,700 miles (2700 kilometers) northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

Pereira said five air force planes were searching for the missing Boeing 737 in a densely forested region and would continue to search through the night.

Late Friday evening Gol said in a statement there were 155 people aboard the jet, 149 passengers and six crew members.
Initially, authorities reported the Gol jet struck a Brazilian-made Legacy aircraft near the Serra do Cachimbo, region in Para state. The Legacy plane was able to land at the Cachimbo base in southern Para despite suffering damage.

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a Brazilian-made executive jet that carries up to 16 passengers.

The Estado news agency quoted Col. Ramon Bueno, head of region flight protection in Sao Paulo, as saying Legacy was piloted by an U.S. citizen, who had left from the airport in Sao Jose dos Campos, near Sao Paulo. The Legacy suffered damaged to its wing and tail.

He told the news agency a mid-air collision was "inexplicable."

"The two planes are very modern and have anti-collision systems, which sound an alarm to alert the plane to any obstacle," Buena told Estado.

The Brazilian Aviation agency said in a statement the plane disappear about 130 miles (207 kilometers) south of the city of Cachimbo in the remote south western region of Para state, some 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

On Friday evening, Gol issued a brief statement confirming the plane's disappearance.

"GOL informs that flight 1907, that today left the Manaus airport at 15:35 (Brasilia time) this Friday, and was scheduled to arrive at the Brasilia airport at 18:12, has not had its landing confirmed. ... We are awaiting information from officials of the aviation authorities about the flight," the statement read.

Some 70 family members and friends of the flight's passengers had been moved to a warehouse owned by Gol at the Brasilia airport to await news.

Seven passengers were scheduled to disembark in Rio de Janeiro, where airport officials had put those waiting for the passengers in a separate room, said Wilson Fadul, a spokesman for the national airport authority.

The flight between Manaus and Rio is popular with foreign tourists but there was no immediate word on the nationalities of those aboard.

The Gol flight went missing in the same region where a Varig 737-300 crashed in 1989 with 54 people aboard with 46 survivors.

Bueno told Estado that if there were no survivors it could be the worst air accident ever in Brazil. The worst to date occurred in 1982 when a Vasp 747 crashed in the northeastern city of Fortaleza killing 137 people.

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Cartoons and Fun for Saturday

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie
Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!
What Kind of Cookie Are You?

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Herndon, Va. Woman Accused of Supporting Terror Group

This is the logo for the Mujahedin-e Khalq
A naturalized U.S. citizen from Iran who was found in Iraq was indicted Friday on charges of providing support to a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the Iranian regime, federal prosecutors said.

Zeinab Taleb-Jedi, 51, then a resident of Herndon, Va., went to Iraq in 1999 to attend a training camp run by the Mujahedin-e Khalq, or MEK, the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles said in a statement.

MEK, also known as the People's Mujahedin of Iran, and its affiliates were deemed foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. State Department in 1997. The designations bar anyone in the United States from providing material support.

The group was founded in Iran in the 1960s and moved to Iraq in the early 1980s to base its activities against Iran's government. The group had sided with Iraq in its 1980-88 war against Iran.

The State Department says the MEK groups were funded by Saddam Hussein, supported the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and are responsible for the deaths of Americans in the 1970s.

Taleb-Jedi was discovered by coalition forces at a camp called Ashraf Base about 40 miles northwest of Baghdad, the U.S. attorney's office statement said. It was unclear when.

U.S. forces took control of the camp and sent many members back to Iran on condition that they leave MEK, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the attorney's office.

"An investigation reveals that she played an active role at the camp," Mrozek said.

Taleb-Jedi was indicted by a federal grand jury in New York City on one count of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. She faces up to 15 years in federal prison if convicted.

She was being prosecuted in New York because her plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport on March 31 upon her return from Iraq. The case was handled by Los Angeles-based prosecutors who have been involved in MEK-related investigations since the 1990s.

She was assigned a public defender in New York and released on bond.

Taleb-Jedi immigrated to the United States from Iran in 1978 and became a U.S. citizen in 1996, the government said. Her aliases include Nayer Taleb-Jedi or Nire Taleb-Jedi, according to the two-page indictment.

The attorney's office did not release any information on the woman's occupation.

Some members of Congress in recent years have advocated the group's removal from the terrorism list because of its stance against the Iranian regime and because it doesn't pose a direct threat to the U.S.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Excellent! Just more proof the things we are doing in this war are working.

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September 29, 2006

U.S. Supports "Moderate Muslim" to Head U.N.

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Former Thai Foreign Minister Surin Pitsuwan, a Muslim. He has emerged on Thursday as a possible last-minute candidate to replace Kofi Annan as United Nations Secretary-General.

Reports are that the U.S. is backing Former Thai Foreign Minister Surin Pitsuwan for the post. He also happens to hail from the nation that hosts the international child sex slave trade.

Annan's term is up on December 31, 2006. He won the Nobel Peace Prize even though he presided over the 1994 Rwandan genocide as field leader for the U.N. Peacekeepers, and has sat back and watched the Darfur genocide without taking any action.

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Murtha and the FBI:The Director's Cut ~ Never Seen Before

Article from The American Spectator
For more than 26 years, Congressman John P. "Jack" Murtha (D-Penn.) has not been truthful about his involvement in the ABSCAM corruption sting, court records and the complete video of his meeting with the FBI show.

In recent years, only a 13-second video of Murtha's videotaped meeting with the FBI agents was publicly available. The American Spectator has obtained a copy of the full, original video from a source close to the ABSCAM corruption sting investigation on the condition of anonymity. The court transcript is publicly available at the National Archives.

The video clips of Murtha negotiating with undercover FBI agents that the Spectator presents and analyzes here have never been seen by the public, and were thought to have been destroyed.

( For a transcript of the meeting, click here.) What is important is that this is previously unseen material.

Murtha has repeatedly maintained his innocence in the Abscam sting operation, even as recently as this year. However, his November 20, 1980 testimony in the trial of Congressmen Frank Thompson (D-N.J.) and John Murphy (D-N.Y.) and the FBI's complete undercover video of his January 7, 1980 meeting with its agent and informant reveal a man showcasing his political influence and apparently tempted to take a $50,000 bribe.

On the tape, Murtha appears eager to arrange his own, long-term deal with the supposed representatives of Arab sheiks, and to cut out Thompson and Murphy. His testimony reveals that after his January 7 meeting, he looked into helping the sheiks enter the country, rather than contacting the FBI or the Ethics Committee, of which he was a member.

Through the years, Murtha has maintained that he only met with the FBI agents to discuss investments in his district. His testimony, the video, and the cases of other congressmen snared in ABSCAM suggest that "investments in the district" was a common ABSCAM defense for those accused of bribery.

The rest of the Abscam's Path to Congress report, full article HERE.

Wild Thing's comment........

I watched the entire thing, it takes about 53 minutes and is well worth it. The democrats are and have been a filthy corrupt disaster for decades.

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Iraq Terrorist Calls Scientists To Jihad

Abu Hamza al-Muhajir — also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Al-Qaida in Iraq's leader, in a chilling audiotape released Thursday, called for nuclear scientists to join his group's holy war and urged insurgents to kidnap Westerners so they could be traded for a blind Egyptian sheik who is serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison.

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman

The fugitive terror chief said experts in the fields of "chemistry, physics, electronics, media and all other sciences — especially nuclear scientists and explosives experts" should join his group's jihad, or holy war, against the West.

"We are in dire need of you," said the speaker, who identified himself as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir — also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri. "The field of jihad can satisfy your scientific ambitions, and the large American bases (in Iraq) are good places to test your unconventional weapons, whether biological or dirty, as they call them."

The 20-minute audio was posted to a Web site that frequently airs al-Qaida messages. The voice could not be independently identified, but it was thought to be al-Masri's. He is believed to have succeeded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who died in a U.S. airstrike north of Baghdad in June, as head of the al-Qaida-linked organization.

"I appeal to every holy warrior in the land of Iraq to exert all efforts in this holy month so that God may enable us to capture some of the Western dogs to swap them with our sheik and get him out of his dark prison," said al-Masri, who is also Egyptian.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I am sure you all know who Lynne Stewart is, she needs to be HUNG for the treason she has commited against our country. Well, lawyer Lynne Stewart represented Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. These people really make my blood boil!

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Senate OKs Detainee Interrogation Bill

The Senate on Thursday endorsed President Bush's plans to prosecute and interrogate terror suspects. News

The 65-34 vote means the bill could reach the president's desk by week's end. The House passed nearly identical legislation on Wednesday and was expected to approve the Senate bill on Friday, sending it on to the White House.

The bill would create military commissions to prosecute terrorism suspects. It also would prohibit blatant abuses of detainees but grant the president flexibility to decide what interrogation techniques are legally permissible.

The White House and its supporters have called the measure crucial in the anti-terror fight, but some Democrats said it left the door open to abuse, violating the U.S. Constitution in the name of protecting Americans.

While Democrats warned the bill could open the way for abuse, Republicans said defeating the bill would put the country at risk of another terrorist attack.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 109th Congress - 2nd Session as compiled through Senate

HERE is how they voted.....Names and Yea's and Nay's. Alphabetical by Senator Name.

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September 28, 2006

Turban Durban Speaks for the Terrorists on C-Span2

Durbin preaching for terrorist "rights" on C-Span 2 Yesterday

Durbins plan

Durbin was on C-Span yesterday talking about poor treatment of terrorists, not getting enough rights and U.S. sinking to level of enemy! It was totally insulting and disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

But on the other hand............... These people, every time they speak, demonstrate they have nothing in common with the American voter. Lets just hope they continue this moral outrage right through November. And that includes McCain and his band of merry men also.

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Iran Closing Down Newspaper Over Latest Cartoon

Over the last four years, the Iranian authorities have ordered the closure of more than 100 newspapers associated with the country's reformist camp. This pressure has peaked again in recent weeks, with the issuing of a closure order against the daily Sharq, which is considered the most prominent of the reformist papers remaining in Iran. Sharq was shut down because it published this cartoon on September 7, 2006.

The cartoon shows Iran's and the West's moves on the nuclear issue. The white horse represents the West, while the braying black donkey with the halo is a satirical depiction of Iran. The halo is a reference to the remark made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad following his speech to the U.N. General Assembly in September 2005; Ahmadinejad claimed that during his speech he had felt surrounded by a circle of divine light, symbolizing his messianic message to the world.

Wild Thing's comment.......

This was the post I did about the circle of divine light surrounding Ahmadinejad.

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Egypt Bans European Papers ~ No Truth About Islam Allowed

Egypt bans European papers for comments on Islam


Egypt has banned editions of two French and German newspapers, Le Figaro and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, because of articles deemed insulting to Islam, the state news agency MENA said on Sunday.

Under a decree issued by Information Minister Anas el-Feki, the two editions will not be able to enter the country, it said.

"They published articles which disparaged Islam and claimed that the Islamic religion was spread by the sword and that the Prophet ... was the prophet of evil," it added.

The edition of Le Figaro, dated September 19, contains an opinion piece on Islam and the Prophet Mohammad by French philosopher and high school teacher Robert Redeker.

"Merciless warrior, pillager, murderer of Jews and polygamist -- that is how Mohammad portrays himself in the Koran ... Hatred and violence live in the book by which every Muslim is educated, the Koran," Redeker wrote.

The edition of the German newspaper, dated September 16, contains an article by German historian Egon Flaig looking at how the Prophet Mohammad was a successful military leader.

Flaig presents other arguments supporting the view that Islam has had a violent history.

The Egyptian agency said:

"The minister of information said that he would not allow any publication that insults the Islamic religion or calls for hatred or contempt of any religion to be distributed inside Egypt."

Wild Thing's comment......

Telling the truth about the horror which is *islam*, is most definitely frowned upon. Islam can not stand on it's own merit, so it must prevent it's followers from the truth.

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LOL ~ UN Troops in Lebanon Face Terror Threat ~ DUH!

Belgian U.N. peacekeepers ....note nice little curtains on the windows. Sorry but PLEAZZZZEEEE!

Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon face terror threat

Kuwait Times

UN troops sent to keep the peace in southern Lebanon are taking strong defensive measures against possible suicide attacks - including setting up checkpoints and remote bases - after Al-Qaeda warned they are considered enemies of Islam.

"For us, the protection of the force is the top priority because it could be a target for an attack by Al-Qaeda or another group," French Col. Olivier de Cevins said recently at his temporary headquarters near this Lebanese town, about 20 km from the Israeli border.

France, which is leading the expanded UN force, pulled out of a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon after a suicide truck bombing in Beirut in October 1983 killed 58 French soldiers.

On the same day, 241 US servicemen also died in a similar attack. This time around, the French are taking no chances. They have picked a remote site for one of their main bases in Baraachit, on a high plateau at an altitude of more than 800 m.

UN troops face a difficult mission to prevent a return to hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah and help the Lebanese army re-establish control over the militant group's long-time stronghold in southern Lebanon. Yet despite tensions as Hezbollah faces restrictions on its arms shipments, many of the European peacekeepers do not see it as the primary threat.

"I am more concerned about a group that is foreign to the Lebanese, such as Al-Qaeda, than about Hezbollah," the head of the Spanish military contingent, Col. Luis Melendez, said in an interview last week with the Spanish daily El Pais.
In a video message released on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda's No. 2, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, condemned the presence of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon "who are hostile to Islam."

He also singled out the "French crusaders," announcing a "blessed union" with an Algerian insurgent group to target France. Lebanon's acting Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat, who warned in recent months that Al-Qaeda was attempting to establish itself in Lebanon, told AP that Al-Zawahiri was "trying to profit" from the current instability.

"There is always a risk. We are in a difficult part of the world. That is why we are working together to manage the problem and defend the UN forces," he said.

Although Al-Qaeda has rarely carried out attacks in Lebanon, it is believed to have sympathisers among extremist factions in Palestinian refugee camps. In December, Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for a rocket attack into northern Israel apparently carried out by a radical Palestinian group, and Fatfat said Lebanese authorities had broken up four Al-Qaeda cells this year.

The biggest bust happened in January when police arrested 13 people believed linked to Al-Qaeda - seven Syrians, three Lebanese, one Saudi, a Jordanian and one Palestinian - on suspicion of planning terror attacks. But Lebanese authorities are reluctant to intervene inside the largest Palestinian refugee camp, Ein El-Hilweh, in the south, where Asbat Al-Ansar, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, is believed to have people.

The 15,000 foreign troops who will be deployed in a 30-km-wide strip of territory on Lebanon's southern border with Israel represent a potentially soft target. At the entrance to an access road leading toward the camp housing Spain's 500-strong contingent in Taibe, five Spanish marines with automatic weapons backed up by an armoured personnel carrier stood guard watchfully on one recent day. At a second checkpoint about 500 m away, soldiers gestured urgently for a vehicle to slow down. After radioing headquarters and a 15-minute wait, they took down ID details and the vehicle registration, and allowed the car to proceed with an escort inside. But the UN troops don't want to be seen as occupying forces, so some Spanish troops carry out patrols on foot wearing no body armour or helmets.

The French rear base near Deir Kifa that will house off-duty soldiers lies just off a public road. But French military officials say they don't want to set up checkpoints on the road because that would alienate local people. Rohan Gunaratna, a leading terrorism expert at Singapore's Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, said the UN force faces a significant terror risk.

"I think that the peacekeeping forces must be prepared to suffer casualties. It is the most challenging peacekeeping mission that the international community has embarked on for a long time," he told the AP by telephone from Singapore.

On the other hand, the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah, which was blamed for the 1983 suicide attacks, may not welcome any Sunni Muslim Al-Qaeda incursion into its stronghold. But Gunaratna said it's not inconceivable that Hezbollah's patrons - Syria and Iran - might allow terror strikes by Sunni radicals to pressure the contributing nations to withdraw their peacekeeping soldiers. De Cevins, the French officer, said all possible measures will be taken to minimise risks - in particular, troops will be dispersed rather than housed in a single building as was the case with the Beirut barracks targeted in 1983.

"You will never 100 per cent avoid an attack. But we expect that we wouldn't suffer such big losses if one did happen," he said.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Anyone with half a brain knows that terrorists trying to kill Israelis will not be prevented by UN staff with no authority to kill terrorists. Olmert ( maybe with half a brain to go for this BS ) is an idiot for bowing to this arrangement. I hope Israelis dump him.

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September 27, 2006

"Moderate" Muslims the Hamas LOL Insult and Threaten Non-Muslim Pope

Text: "The Pope and those who live under his cloak" [Al-Risala, September 18, 2006]

Hamas: Pope is Nazi, arrogant, stupid and criminal; Allah will punish Pope in due time

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook- Sept. 25, 2006

A cartoon in the current issue of the official Hamas weekly "Al Risala" features Pope Benedict holding a Swastika while wearing a scarf of US and Danish flags. Meanwhile, on Fatah-controlled PA TV, a Hamas religious leader called the Pope "criminal and arrogant," "ignorant and stupid," and then warned the Pope to await his punishment. Allah doesn't necessarily punish the wicked immediately, but waits "until a day when eyes will stare (in terror)."

From the Friday sermon by Hamas religious leader, Dr. Osama Al-Mazini:

"The second message is for the criminal Benedict the 16th, the Vatican Pope. For this ignorant and stupid Pope, who has no one to attack besides Islam and the Prophet [Muhammad], may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him. He [the Pope] characterized Islam as a cruel religion, and characterized Muhammad, may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him, as a cruel man, spilling blood, who strove to kill. This hostile Pope refuses to apologize to Muslims; and, instead of apologizing he blames the Muslims for not understanding, thereby adding crime upon crime. This arrogant Pope sees the Muslims as too inferior that he should apologize to them. To this arrogant Pope - criminal and arrogant - this message is from Allah the Elevated and the Exalted, as it was said: 'Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but gives them a respite until a day when eyes will stare (in terror).' [Sura14:42]"
[Palestinian Authority TV, September 22, 2006]

Wild Thing's comment.....

Since there is so little difference in terrorists and the so called Moderate Muslims and their silence about the terrorists attacks and verbal be it then I say Hamas aka Moderate Muslims.

Islam really doesn't seem to "get" irony. They make an offensive cartoon after they were so upset over an offensive cartoon, they violently react because they are upset at being called violent. Allah is a figment of Mad Mo's frenzied imagination. Wonder if he ever thought of a higher power when he killed innocents and raped 6-yr.old Ayesha (after he killed her parents in front of her).

It always amazes me how the so-called "moderate muslims" are always missing in action when their fellow religious scum indulge in lies, slander, murder, rape, and mayhem.

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Wictory Wednesday-Max Burns Of Georgia

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Max Burns for the US Congress for the 12th District of Georgia. He is running a tight race against Democratic incumbent John Barrow.

The Israeli war in Lebanon has shown what will happen if we pull out of Iraq the terrorists will claim victory and emerge even stronger and more emboldened. Max Burns understands this and supports the troops to complete their mission. We should live in a society that respects and supports those who risk their lives for our benefit. Sadly, we don't live in that society.

Max Burns understands that immigration doesn't require reform; it requires actually enforcing the laws on the books. Not enforcing the law has led to lawlessness and before any question of guest workers can be introduced, law and order needs to return to that segment of society.

The infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" has shown us that even a GOP lead Congress can still waste money. That is why earmark reform and a line item veto is all the more necessary. When pork can be put into budgets without debate (earmarks), the line item veto allows voters to put the heat on the President to bring sense back to Congressional spending. The GOP has gotten half of the equation right in lowering taxes now they need to cut spending. Max Burns supports this in the form of a balanced budget.

Families waste days and weeks each year trying to figure out their "fair share" of taxes. Not even the IRS can figure out the tax code a book that is over 12 times larger than the Bible! Max Burns supports cleaning up the tax code so that families can clearly understand what the owe and the IRS can even figure it out too.

Please consider donating or volunteering to the Max Burns campaign. Help turn this blue seat red!


This has been a production of the Wictory Wednesday blogburst. If you would like to join Wictory Wednesday, please see this post or contact John Bambenek at jcb (dot) blog [at] gmail {dot} com. The following sites are members of the Wictory Wednesday team:

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Bill Clinton Tried to Kill Santa

Bill Clinton tried to kill Santa

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Ellis Island: The Dream of America

You may also CLICK HERE for something special. ( need volume)

The other day Nick asked if there was a way to find out about his Father and Grandfathers arrival to America at Ellis Island. I told him I bet there was since the Internet is a vast library. I looked it up and this is so cool!

You can go HERE to Ellis

Here is what I did. I typed in the first and last name of each person one at a time. Then the year of birth. Also because I wanted to have a certificate of it and other things I also registered. To register it is FREE so that is great. But you don't have to register to get the information.

They not only give you the day and year of the arrival, but also a ship log, the photo and stats on the ship and other things. I thought it was totally cool. If Nick parents and or my parents were still alive I would get this for them and frame it. Kind of a neat gift for Christmas time.

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Now how should an infidel like myself look upon Ramadan, the death seekers holiday of the Muslims? Today in observance of Ramadan it is Ramadan-Bomob'athon!

RAMADAMADINGDONG! you freakazoids!

Shall we look at just a few of your Quran verses?

Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”
Ishaq:580 “Our strong warriors obey his orders to the letter. By us Allah’s religion is undeniably strong. You would think when our horses gallop with bits in their mouths that the sounds of demons are among them. The day we trod down the unbelievers there was no deviation or turning from the Apostle’s order. During the battle the people heard our exhortations to fight and the smashing of skulls by swords that sent heads flying. We severed necks with a warrior’s blow. Often we have left the slain cut to pieces and a widow crying alas over her mutilated husband. ’Tis Allah, not man we seek to please.”
Tabari IX:69 “He who believes in Allah and His Messenger has protected his life and possessions from us. As for those who disbelieve, we will fight them forever in the Cause of Allah. Killing them is a small matter to us.”
Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

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Car Dealership Pulls Ad

Before CAIR complained

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A car dealership's tongue-in-cheek radio advertisement declaring "a jihad on the automotive market," will not be changed, the company said, despite drawing sharp criticism that the ad's content is offensive to Muslims.

Several stations rejected the spot from Dennis Mitsubishi, which boasts that sales representatives wearing "burqas" - the head-to-toe traditional dress for some Islamic women - will sell vehicles that can "comfortably seat 12 jihadists in the back."

Jihad is a holy war waged by Muslims in defence of Islam.

"We firmly believe the ad does not in any way disrespect any religion or culture, but we feel, I guess, that maybe poking a little fun at radical extremists is fair game," dealership president Keith Dennis said on Saturday. "It was our intention to craft something around some of the buzzwords of the day and give everyone a good chuckle and be a little bit of a tension reliever."

While Dennis defended the ad as a harmless attempt to bring levity to a serious situation, the Columbus chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called it disrespectful.

"Using that as a promotional pitch when so many are dying from the criminal activity of suicide bombers, that's not funny," chapter president Asma Mobin-Uddin said. "I don't think it's appropriate when it causes real pain. It exploits or promotes misunderstanding in terms already misunderstood or misused."
In the ad, Dennis talks about "launching a jihad on the automotive market."
"Our prices are lower than the evil-doers' every day. Just ask the Pope!" the ad says. "Friday is fatwa Friday, with free rubber swords for the kiddies."

A fatwa is a religious edict.

Some radio stations are balking at the dealership's attempt to poke fun at extremists.

"With no disrespect to their creativity or their desire to build business, everything we're about is promoting the values of diversity. To air things of that sort would go against our mission statement," said Jeff Wilson, general manager of three Radio One stations in Columbus.

The dealership claims nothing in the ad is intended to promote a negative stereotype of Islam. A group that previewed the ad didn't raise any objections, although no one from the group was Muslim, Dennis said.

After CAIR complained.

Interview by Tucker Carlson with CAIR representative

Wild Thing's comment.......

CAIR has not protested the murder of the Nun, the threats to the Pope or any of threat made by THEIR people. Whine, whine, whine! You can tell they're liberals by the frequency of their whine. Muslims are the worst. I've never seen anything like it.

These ads were not about disrespect for the victims of the terrorists. It was to make fun of the terrorists themselves and I am all for that. I guess it runs along the same lines as why our troops have to walk on egg shells with the prisoners to get information. AUGH!

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September 26, 2006

Afghan President Thanks U.S. Troops for Liberating Afghanistan

Afghan President Thanks U.S. Troops for Liberating Afghanistan

Karzai says Afghan people must confront narco-trafficking problem

(The Washington File is a product of the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State.)

– Afghan President Hamid Karzai thanked the U.S. military for liberating Afghanistan from the oppressive Taliban regime and for providing security as the country works to rebuild its institutions and infrastructure.

"My message for the American soldiers in Afghanistan is that they have liberated us from tyranny, from terrorism, from oppression, from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity, that is once again the home of all Afghans,” Karzai told reporters September 25 after a meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Karzai said that Afghanistan has been transformed fundamentally by the U.S. intervention. “Afghanistan was not the home of all Afghans,” he said. “Today it is. Everybody's back in that country with a parliament, with a constitution, with a market economy, with a free press, with all that.”

He added that the ongoing effort to fight terrorism in Afghanistan is bolstering the security of the entire world.

The Afghan president acknowledged that Afghanistan’s opium trade continues to threaten the country’s development.

“Narcotics is a menace to Afghanistan. It's also an embarrassment to us as a nation. We are ashamed of that terrible product hurting us and hurting young people around the world,” he said.

Karzai said it is the responsibility of the Afghan people to rid their country of the narcotics trade in the interest of their future prosperity and to ensure their good standing in the international community, but he welcomed foreign assistance in achieving this goal.

Rumsfeld praised Afghanistan’s progress and welcomed NATO’s unprecedented mission to support security operations in Afghanistan. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan is the first major military mission the organization has undertaken outside of Europe.

“The leadership that NATO's providing is important. It's valuable, and it reflects a commitment on the part of those 26 countries to your success and to the success of the Afghan people,” he told Karzai.


Later on September 25, the Afghan president told a group at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars that “reliance on religious radicalism as an instrument of policy” must stop. The use of radicalism began in the fight against the Soviets, but it had turned against the Afghan people, he said.

Making a distinction between genuine madrassas, or schools for Islamic studies, and those that taught violent radicalism, Karzai called for the closure of madrassas that turn boys into suicide bombers.

“Going to the sources of terrorism, where they get trained, where they get motivated, where they get financed, where they get deployed, is necessary,” he said. “There will not be an end to terrorism unless we remove the sources of hatred in madrassas.” He said those who run such schools should be arrested and imprisoned.

Karzai expressed optimism that the Afghan economy could grow once opium poppy cultivation is eradicated. He said that infrastructure had improved: new roads have been built and telecommunications have expanded. Recently, an Afghan-owned Coca-Cola plant was established.

“A lot has happened in Afghanistan,” he said, “And a lot more needs to be done in the coming years.”

Wild Thing's comment.....
Our troops deserve this said bgy Karzai and a whole lot more. With all the pressure on our troops, not only from the enemy but also from the lefties in our government, the media you name it. .....anytime someone says how grateful they are like this it should be headline news.
But wait......according to CNN we are loosing the war. Hey CNN....STFU! You are on the side of the enemy!

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Killer Teddy Bear Leaves 2,500 Fish Dead

MILFORD, N.H. -- A teddy bear has been implicated in 2,500 deaths. Of trout, that is. State officials say a teddy bear dropped into a pool at a Fish and Game Department hatchery earlier this month clogged a drain. The clog blocked the flow of oxygen to the pool and suffocated the fish.

Hatcheries supervisor Robert Fawcett said the bear - who was dressed in yellow raincoat and hat - is believed to be the first stuffed bear to cause fatalities at the facility.

"We've had pipes get clogged, but it's usually with more naturally occurring things like a frog or even a dead muskrat," he said. "This one turned out to be a teddy bear and we don't know how it got there."

The deaths prompted Fawcett to release a written warning:

"RELEASE OF ANY TEDDY BEARS into the fish hatchery water IS NOT PERMITTED."

He said it's not known who dropped the bear, but urged anyone whose bear ends up in a hatchery pool to find a worker to remove it. "They might save your teddy bear, and keep it from becoming a killer," he said.
"It's kind of a cute little teddy bear and people wouldn't think that a cute little teddy bear would be able to kill fish."

Wild Thing's comment per Fletcher bear ......

Where is the sympathy for the teddy bear, he died in this horrible accident. Where is the ACLU fighting for the rights of teddy bears around the world and the prejudice that will come forth against them from this incident?
And why isn't the person that dropped and mistreated the implicated teddy bear given a talking to and taught like our troops had to go through..."training in battlefield ethics and values." Where is the outrage!

Thank you Linda for the email on this.

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Democrats In Panic Mode ~ Smell of Fear in the Air

Democrats failed Tuesday to push the House into an unusual secret session to discuss a classified intelligence analysis on global terrorism that says the Iraq war is nourishing a new generation of extremist operatives.

The proposal from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was denied by a vote of 171-217. Such a session hasn't happened in the House since July 1983, when the chamber went into a closed session to discuss the United States' support for paramilitary operations in Nicaragua.

Democrats: We need full disclosure of these documents to show the Bush Administration lied about terrorism
Bush: OK we'll release them
Democrats: We need a closed session to discuss limiting the full disclosure of these documents.

Pelosi asks for closed House session

WASHINGTON - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi asked her colleagues Tuesday to close the House's doors for a highly unusual secret session to discuss a classified intelligence analysis on global terrorism.

Such a session hasn't happened in the House since July 1983, when the chamber went into a closed session to discuss the United States' support for paramilitary operations in Nicaragua.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pelosi, D-Calif., said the secret session is necessary to allow members to better understand the intelligence community's most recent assessment on global terrorism.

She said she hoped House Republicans would recognize the need for such an internal debate on the document, some of which leaked to the news media over the weekend.

According to the media reports, the intelligence estimate "is the administration's worst nightmare. It is not a corroboration of what the president is saying. It is a contradiction of what the president is saying," she said.

Pelosi's move followed President Bush's announcement that he will declassify the key findings of the intelligence assessment, which he and his top advisers have portrayed as a broad look at trends in terrorism rather than focusing on the impact of Iraq on U.S. national security.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the Republican-controlled House would allow the Democratic effort to shift the chamber's attention to one of the most controversial political issues of the November elections: the Bush administration's policies in the war on terror and its handling of the situation in Iraq.

Pelosi's maneuver required a simple majority of the House to approve.

The National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism is the most recent analysis of the nation's top intelligence analysts who work in 16 different spy agencies. Since its disclosure, the Bush administration has been rebutting suggestions that the analysis finds the U.S. is at greater risk of attack because of the Iraq invasion.

Speaking at a Washington dinner Monday night, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte said the report broadly addressed the global terrorist threat, not just the impact of Iraq. He acknowledged that U.S. analysts believe "the Iraq jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives."
But he said the war in Iraq remains important to the outcome. "Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, and be perceived, to have failed, fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight," he said.

The House has only had five closed sessions since 1812, according to the Congressional Research Service.

In the Senate, any single member can take the chamber into closed session. As a result, the chamber has held several dozen secret sessions since 1929, including one last November called by Democrats who wanted to discuss the intelligence used by President Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Pelosi surprised even most of her fellow Democrats in offering the motion. She said she was not trying to use the closed session for political purposes, but rather to discuss a serious assessment that is relevant to Iraq and U.S. national security. She wants to see the administration declassify the document — without using a selective lens.

"Quite frankly, my view is that any responsible declassification will change the course of this debate on Iraq," she said.

Wild Thing's comment......

Maybe they wanted a closed session so they could spout the most outrageous Bush Lied/Kids Died nonsense and then selectively leak portions of the "classified" transcript to the New York Times. After all, the Times can't be expected to write a balanced story if they only get selective leaks.

They felt Bush were never declassify the transcript but..............he just shocked them. He's declassifying the document, which will expose them as liars. The motion has been denied.

This ploy is all about Pelosi demonstrating that she is a "leader". The rats understand that the general public (the normal family part of the public, at least) is VERY nervous about Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat jack-in-the-box clowns taking over the chairs in congress. So Pelosi (along with Emmanuel, no doubt) came up with this grandstand operation in order to pump herself up and try to look like a serious legislator - - you know, "Be calm, there's nothing to worry about, peoples".

Do the liberal fools ever miss an opportunity to step in it? LOL Dems are in full panic mode! Image what they would do if they had control of the house! Very scary!

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Ted Turner Seeks Meetings With Roh, Kim Jong-il
Ted Turner is pushing for private meetings with the leaders of North and South Korea. Turner visited both Koreas last year. Now he is reportedly seeking meetings with President Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Jong-il. First visiting North Korea, Turner may carry a message when he subsequently travels south.

Last year, Tuner visited with Donald Gregg, a former U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, on a charted plane to both Koreas. At the time, Turner gave US$150,000 to North Korea to aid in the development of farming technology.

The Korean Embassy in the U.S. said, “We understand that Turner is pushing ahead plans to meet President Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Jong-il to ask for the dispatch of a pan-Korean delegation to a peace park project in South Africa.”

The former chairman of CNN established the Turner Foundation to support environmental preservation in 1990 and launched a campaign to protect plants and animals. Since 1997, he has been engaged in the global denuclearization movement. Turner is a member of Responsible Wealth, a group that speaks up for preserving the estate tax, advocates fair taxes, proposes minimum wage hikes and pushes for decreases in the salaries of CEOs.

Wild Thing's comment......

The north cannot feed it's own people so they should invest in a 'peace park' project thousands of miles away? Crazy!

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Go Electric Strawberry!

Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, commanding general, 25th Infantry Division, greets the Iraqi Army division commanders for the first time as he takes charge of Multi-National Division - North at Contingency Operating Base Speicher. Department of Defense photo by Army Spc. Michael Pfaff, 133rd MPAD.

TIKRIT --Following a year marked by noteworthy successes in growing the size and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, rebuilding Iraq and providing security for a vast region of the country, the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division on Wednesday transferred control of Multi-National Division North to the Army’s 25th Infantry Division.

“Our mission here is clear,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, commander of the 25th Infantry Division and Task Force Lightning, during a ceremony to mark the assumption of control. “To provide our Iraqi friends and counterparts the assistance they need to take over their own security and create a safe and secure environment so the Iraqi people can live a free, prosperous and terror-free life.”

The 25th Infantry Division and Task Force Lightning - which include elements from the 82nd Airborne Division, 4th Infantry Division and 2nd Infantry Division - will continue the mission of transitioning areas of operation to the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police and other Iraqi security forces in the region.

Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, and Gen. George Casey, commanding general, Multi National Force - Iraq, attend a Mission Assumption Day ceremony at Contingency Operating Base Speicher. Department of Defense photo by Army Spc. Michael Pfaff, 133rd MPAD.

While Soldiers uncased the Division’s colors, Mixon deviated from his prepared speech to speak “from the heart” to attending Iraqi dignitaries and Iraqi security forces officers. He focused on maintaining the relationship between Coalition forces and continuing efforts to secure the region and its people.

Attending the event were Gen. George Casey, commanding general of Multi-National Force - Iraq, Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, commanding general of Multi-National Corps Iraq, and Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq.

During their year-long tour in Iraq, the 101st Airborne and the Task Force Band of Brothers assisted two Iraqi Army divisions in assuming responsibility for security in their provinces. Two other Iraqi divisions in the region are projected to assume responsibility for security in their provinces over the next three months.

In addition to transitioning security, the 25th Infantry Division will focus on continuing the efforts of the 101st Airborne Division to help rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure and further the democratic process.

Celebrating a job well done, Soldiers of the 101st Airborne will return to Fort Campbell, Ky., in order to prepare for their next “rendezvous with destiny.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

God bless and keep all of our troops safe! A big thank you to all our troops!!

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Salute a Hero....Airman 1st Class Elizabeth Jacobson

On September 28, 2005, Airman 1st Class Elizabeth Jacobson was providing convoy security near Camp Bucca, Iraq, when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by an improvised explosive device.

"We're only on earth for a little while, so live life to the fullest and carry a smile."
-- Airman 1st Class Elizabeth Jacobson

Airman Jacobson was raised in California, but lived here in South Florida before joining the Air Force. The Palm Beach Post tells us:

In Iraq, she was a security guard, surveying military perimeters from elevated guard towers. But relatives say the 21-year-old volunteered for a more risky assignment guarding convoys, a job that would ultimately kill her.

On Wednesday she died outside the Iraqi city of Safwan when a bomb exploded near her convoy, making her the ninth Iraq casualty from Palm Beach County or the Treasure Coast. Her death hit hard with relatives, even as they spoke with pride about her decision to leave behind the relative safety of guard towers for perilous duty on the open Iraqi roads.

"She could have stayed there, but she was trained to do convoy duty and asked to do that," said her stepmother, Alison Jacobson. "I think it speaks to her bravery."

Airman First Class Jacobson was the first female Airman killed in the line of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I didn't know Elizabeth, but I wish that I had. Elizabeth sounds like the kind of person I would have liked to be my friend and I feel the loss of this bright and beautiful young woman who gave her all for her Country, and for my personal freedom.

Her resting place shall be in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, the Master of mercy will care for her under the protection of His wings for all time And bind her soul in the bond of everlasting life. God is her inheritance and she will rest in peace and let us say Amen.

Linda at Something.....and Half of Something, received an email from Elizabeth's Grandmother telling me there will be a Memorial for A1C Elizabeth N. Jacobson at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens on Copans Road in Pompano Beach, FL at 5:30 on Thursday the 28th, 2006. Please attend if you can and if you can't attend, please leave a note for the family at the Elizabeth N. Jacobson Online Memorial. And please, spread the word!

Wild Thing's comment.....
This was a previous post about Elizabeth Jacobson when she was killed.

We toast our hearty comrades who have fallen from the skies, and were gently caught by God's own hand to be with him on High.

To dwell among the soaring clouds they've known so well before. From victory roll to tail chase, at heaven's very door.

As we fly among them there, we're sure to head their plea. To take care my friend, watch your six, and do one more roll for me.

— Commander Jerry Coffee, Hanoi, 1968

* Something......and Half of Something

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Tweedledum and Tweedledummer

Wild Thing's comment.......

Al Gore better be careful or he is going to have more chins than a Chinese phone book. Weird how they both do this.

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September 25, 2006

Helen Thomas ONE Night Only Up Close and Personal

Helen Thomas!!! Live and in person. ONE NIGHT ONLY--TONIGHT, at Ford's Theatre!!

And you thought it was too much to hope for, but you were wrong! That's right, tonight and tonight only, you can spend time in the company of the sassy and inimitable doyenne of the White House press corps.

Here are the details:

Presidential Politics: Pundits, Personalities, and the People

Monday September 25 at 7:00 pm

A Free Panel Discussion offered in conjunction with our fall production STATE OF THE UNION moderated by Bob Schieffer, Host, CBS, Face the Nation with Helen Thomas, White House Correspondent, Hearst Newspaper and other panelists to be announced

Ford’s Theatre
511 Tenth Street, NW

Panel is free, Please RSVP to (202) 347-6262

doors open at 6:30 pm, Discussion at 7:00 pm

Don't miss this rare opportunity to get "up close and personal" with The Great One herself.

"It's a dream come true! She's HOT!" ( heh heh)

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Guard the Borders Blogburst

This week's Blogburst was written by Toni at Bear Creek Ledger.

All of these stories were found in the last couple days posted to Lucianne.

'Border Baby' boom strains S. Texas - There's a picture with the story of an illegal alien who's given birth to her fourth child on American soil at American taxpayer expense who thinks it's owed to her!

Of course the real story is how 'anchor babies' are breaking the backs of South Texas hospitals.

Continue reading Guard the Borders Blogburst

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Bali Bombers Request to Be Beheaded NOT Shot

One of the three bombers wanting to be beheaded.

Bali bombers ask for beheading

The three Bali bombers on death row have requested that they are beheaded rather than shot, one of their lawyers has said.

Amrozi, Ali Ghufron alias Mukhlas and Imam Samudra narrowly avoided execution last month when their lawyers announced they would file an appeal over their death sentences, meted out for the 2002 attacks which left 202 people dead.

Lawyer Mahendradatta said the appeal, known formally as a demand for a case review, would be submitted to authorities within the next two weeks.

But he told reporters that another demand would be filed to the constitutional court, asking that they review the procedure of execution used for the men if their sentences are fulfilled.

Executions in Indonesia are carried out by firing squad, typically at a secret time and location.

Mahendradatta said his clients believed execution by gunshot was "torture" and they "asked to be executed the Muslim way, by being beheaded".

The lawyer also distributed copies of a handwritten letter from Imam Samudra, denying reported accusations that he has been coordinating terrorist networks from his cell.

In his letter, Samudra said that "the police are looking for a sensation because they failed to catch Noordin M Top".

Police have said that Samudra had been communicating via a smuggled laptop to other people while in jail. The laptop had been bought with money sent to one of the suspects in separate attacks in Bali in 2005.

But police have said there is no evidence he was involved in planning the 2005 triple suicide bombings, which left 20 bystanders dead.

Noordin, one of the top suspects for both sets of bombings, has repeatedly given Indonesian police the slip, but his partner-in-crime and compatriot Azahari Husin was killed by police at his hideout in November last year.

Wild Thing's comment.....
I am just wondering if beheading would allow them to retain some honor related to their jihadist attack. The government must do its utmost to refuse them any honor and to send a message to anyone tempted to murder in the name of jihad.

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Rules Of Dating A Drill Instructors Daughter

Rules of dating a Drill Instructors daughter

Rule One: If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up.

Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter's body, I will remove them.

Rule Three: I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips. Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots. Still, I want to be fair and open minded about this issue, so I propose his compromise: You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your pants ten sizes too big, and I will not object. However, in order to ensure that your clothes do not, in fact, come off during the course of your date with my daughter, I will take my electric nail gun and fasten your trousers securely in place to your waist.

Rule Four: I'm sure you've been told that in today's world, sex without utilizing a "barrier method" of some kind can kill you. Let me elaborate, when it comes to sex, I am the barrier, and I will kill you.

Rule Five: It is usually understood that in order for us to get to know each other, we should talk about sports, politics, and other issues of the day. Please do not do this. The only information I require from you is an indication of when you expect to have my daughter safely back at my house, and the only word I need from you on this subject is "early."

Rule Six: I have no doubt you are a popular fellow, with many opportunities to date other girls. This is fine with me as long as it is okay with my daughter. Otherwise, once you have gone out with my little girl, you will continue to date no one but her until she is finished with you. If you make her cry, I will make you cry.

Rule Seven: As you stand in my front hallway, waiting for my daughter to appear, and more than an hour goes by, do not sigh and fidget. If you want to be on time for the movie, you should not be dating. My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process that can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of just standing there, why don't you do something useful, like changing the oil in my car?

Rule Eight: The following places are not appropriate for a date with my daughter: Places where there are beds, sofas, or anything softer than a wooden stool. Places where there are no parents, policemen, or nuns within eyesight. Places where there is darkness. Places where there is dancing, holding hands, or happiness. Places where the ambient temperature is warm enough to induce my daughter to wear shorts, tank tops, midriff T-shirts, or anything other than overalls, a sweater, and a goose down parka - zipped up to her throat. Movies with a strong romantic or sexual theme are to be avoided; movies which features chain saws are okay. Hockey games are okay. Old folks homes are better.

Rule Nine: Do not lie to me. On issues relating to my daughter, I am the all-knowing, merciless god of your universe. If I ask you where you are going and with whom, you have one chance to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres behind the house. Do not trifle with me.

Rule Ten: Be afraid. Be very afraid. It takes very little for me to mistake the sound of your car in the driveway for a chopper coming in over a rice paddy near Hanoi. When my Agent Orange starts acting up, the voices in my head frequently tell me to clean the guns as I wait for you to bring my daughter home. As soon as you pull into the driveway you should exit your car with both hands in plain sight. Speak the perimeter password, announce in a clear voice that you have brought my daughter home safely and early, then return to your car - there is no need for you to come inside. The camouflaged face at the window is mine!

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Vote NO on Keith Ellison aka Keith Hakim aka Keith Ellison Muhammad aka Keith X Ellison

"I'm a Muslim. I'm proud to be a Muslim. But I'm not running as a Muslim candidate," Ellison recently said

My religion is a distraction, says Muslim poised to enter Congress

Telegraph Co.UK
Gathering his teenage players around him, the high school basketball coach urged them to take notice. "This is a moment in history," he said. "This is the first Muslim, and the first African-American from Minnesota, to represent you in Congress."

Keith Ellison looked uncomfortable. He is indeed poised to become the first follower of Islam to enter the United States House of Representatives, but he feels that the focus on his religion has become a distraction from what he wants to achieve as a politician.

"I'm not really enamoured with the whole 'first' stuff," he told The Sunday Telegraph. "I'm not making an appeal on the basis of faith. I do hope, though, that people who have felt that they were on the margins, not included in the American body politic, can now feel they can play a greater part."

Mr Ellison's religion, however, has become central to the mid-term congressional race in Minneapolis where, having won the Democratic Party nomination in the primary election this month, he is the overwhelming favourite for the November 7 vote.

In the backlash against their faith after the September 11 attacks, the number of Muslims seeking elected office across America's 50 states plummeted, despite the fact that the Muslim population now stands at an estimated four million.

Some on the Republican Right have sought to make Mr Ellison, a lawyer specialising in representing impoverished blacks, a national election issue. Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, has branded him a "radical Left defender of cop killers" who exposes the Democratic Party as "unacceptably radical at home and weak abroad".

Unabashedly liberal, Mr Ellison rejects President George W Bush's argument that there is a "clash of civilisations" between Islam and the West, insisting that Muslims have the same aspirations as everyone else. "It's dangerous to promote that concept," he said. "Muslims in America mostly want to get an education, start a business, get married, build a mosque, live life."

But he wants Mr Bush to be impeached for going to war based on a "fabricated case" and advocates the immediate withdrawal of American troops from the "quagmire" of Iraq.

Born a Roman Catholic, Mr Ellison, 43, was a 19-year-old economics student when he converted – and became associated with the Nation of Islam, the radical group that promotes black rights and whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, has made racist statements.

Mr Ellison, who previously used the names Keith Hakim, aka Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison Muhammad, insists that he was never a member of the group.

But Alan Fine, his Republican opponent, who is Jewish, denounced Mr Ellison as a liar. "Anyone who joins a hate group during his adulthood, we should question the character of that individual," he said, to boos, at a candidate forum. "The Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi party and the Nation of Islam are not things that are positive."

When Right-wing bloggers exposed the extent of his links with the Nation of Islam, Mr Ellison wrote to the local Jewish Community Relations Council apologising for failing to "adequately scrutinise the positions" of Mr Farrakhan and others. "They were, and are, anti-Semitic and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did."

He has condemned Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups and described "Israel's security needs" as "an absolute rock bottom necessity". Many prominent Jewish Democrats have warmly endorsed him.

Mr Ellison has been a state representative in the -Minnesota legislature for four years, with a constituency where most voters are from ethnic minorities, including many Somali -refugees. But the much larger -congressional district that he hopes will elect him is only 13 per cent black, with an even smaller proportion- of Muslims, so he must also win votes from the majority, white -population.

Imam Markram El-Amin, head of the Masjid An-Nur mosque, where Mr Ellison worships, said: "The time is right. Keith is proud to be a Muslim but he doesn't want to hold the banner so high that people see him only in that light."
Mr El-Amin, who has travelled to the Vatican for a papal audience as well as to Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrimage, said that his parents had been members of the Nation of Islam. "I wouldn't class it as a hate group but I can understand how, for the outsider looking in, it would appear that way.
"It was more about building up the black man than tearing down whites and others. Now it's time to embrace a universal, more open Islam."
"We have a great opportunity and an obligation to play our part as Muslims in America, to show the good face of Islam."
''We believe that America is the greatest nation on earth and the freedoms that we have are greater than many Muslims have in Islamic countries."

And then there is this.........

Ellison has accepted funds and support from several leading CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) personalities, including Nihad Awad, the executive director. Awad donated $2000, and CAIR's Director of Government Affairs, Corey Saylor, also chipped in to Ellison's campaign. Previously, Awad had apparently delivered several checks to Ellison's campaign totaling around $10,000. Not a bad day for Ellison's campaign, but it makes one wonder what CAIR is getting in return for the cash.

Wild Thing's comment......

You mean what you are saying is ....." Don't think about my death cult I belong to that wants to kill you just vote for me."

I am totally 100% against ANY Muslim being in leadership in any way in our government. Muslims if you don't llike it tuff!

Ellison has written under the name of Keith Hakim for the University of Minnesota student newspaper when he was in law school there in 1989 and 1990.

The first article defended Farrakhan against accusations of anti-Semitism. The second called affirmative action a "sneaky" form of compensation for slavery, suggesting instead that white Americans pay reparations to blacks.

Ellison has after being confronted about it, acknowledged that he had worked with the Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for about 18 months to organize the Minnesota contingent to Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March in Washington.

Well let's look at this:

Islam’s “Plan” To Take Over the USA
As reported by Dr.Anis Shorrosh, author of “Islam Revealed”

1. Terminate America 's freedom of speech by replacing it with
statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills

2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan,
Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities who
promote Islam as the religion of African-Americans while insisting
Christianity is for whites only. What they fail to tell African-Americans
is that it was Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves.
In fact, the Arabic word for black and slave is the same, ''Abed.''

3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges,
universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the
virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism
and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable
legislation toward Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting.

5. Take control of as much of Hollywood , the press, TV, radio and the
Internet as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock.

6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of
America – black gold. America ’s economy depends on oil and 41 percent
of it comes from the Middle East .

7. Yell ''foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist,
un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran'' anytime Islam is
criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists
who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire
government positions and get membership in local school boards.
Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research
and pharmaceutical companies. (Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors
in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than
America ?) Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern
restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization
in a discreet way.

9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via
-Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961).
-Use no birth control whatsoever – every baby of Muslim parents is
automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later.
-Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually).
Then divorce them and remarry every five years – since one can't legally
marry four at one time. This is a legal solution in America
-Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants
(so far 2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida worldwide). Only a few
''sleeper cells'' have been captured in Afghanistan and on American soil.

10. Reading , writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational
system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with
dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are currently
300 exclusively Muslim schools in the U.S. which teach loyalty to the Quran,
not the U.S. Constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia ’s Embassy in
Washington mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to
America 's high schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the
U.S. to reciprocate.

11. Provide very sizeable monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in
America to establish ''Centers for Islamic studies'' with Muslim directors to
promote Islam in higher-education institutions.

12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and
national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, when in truth, Islam
hijacked the terrorists

13. Appeal to the historically compassionate and sensitive Americans for
sympathy and tolerance towards Muslims in America who are portrayed
as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries.

14. Nullify America 's sense of security by manipulating the intelligence
community with misinformation. Periodically terrorize Americans with
reports of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports,
apartment buildings and malls.

15. Form riots and demonstrations in the prison system demanding Islamic
Sharia as the way of life, not America 's justice system.

16. Open numerous charities throughout the U.S. , but use the funds to
support Islamic terrorism with American dollars.

17. Raise interest in Islam on America 's campuses by insisting freshman
take at least one course on Islam

18. Unify the numerous Muslim lobbies in Washington , mosques, Islamic
student centers, educational organizations, magazines and papers by
Internet and an annual convention to coordinate plans, propagate the
faith and engender news in the media.

19. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals
who are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them by hook or crook.

20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the U.S. by spotlighting their voting
record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethic groups in America.

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Clinton's Interview On Fox News Sunday

Wallace: "I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me. "

I was delighted to get the chance to interview former President Clinton. This was the first one-on-one sitdown he's ever given "Fox News Sunday" during our 10 years on the air.

The groundrules were simple--15 minutes--to be divided evenly between questions about the Clinton Global Initiative and anything else I wanted to ask.

The President was clearly stung by any suggestion that he had not done everything he could to get bin Laden. He attacked right-wingers--accused me of a "conservative hit job"--and even spun a theory I still don't understand that somehow Fox was trying to cover up the fact that NewsCorp. chief Rupert Murdoch was supporting his Global Initiative. I still have no idea what set him off.
Former President Clinton is a very big man. As he leaned forward--wagging his finger in my face--and then poking the notes I was holding--I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me.

The President said I had a smirk. Actually--it was sheer wonder at what I was witnessing.

Wild Thing's comment.......

How Funny. Dems are in meltdown 6 weeks before election, and Clinton is the one fanning the flames. They cant get this clown off the stage. Its perfect payback for hoisting him on all of us for 8 years!! He is so used to the media kissing is butt that he can't handle tough questions.

All I could think of watching this was Bill Clinton has serious mental problems. Clinton got so carried away he was poking Chris Wallace on his knee. hahaha Amazing how he totally lost it. Guilt, is a terrible thing to waste. heh heh

I wasn't going to bother with this since I already did the other post on it. But I do want to save it to play for some good laughs. Comic relief after the torture of having him in the White House for 8 very long years.

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September 24, 2006

NY Mayor in LOVE with the UN


September 23, 2006
NY Post

-- World leaders can rant all they want at the United Nations - as long as its diplomats continue to spend big bucks here, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

"If the U.N. left, from an economic point of view, it would be a disaster," he said on his weekly WABC radio show.

"Tens of thousands of people would lose their jobs. The trickle-down effect - stores, restaurants, builders, real-estate prices - would be devastating for this city."

The mayor also refused to join the chorus of bipartisan critics of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Wild Thing's comment......
So what, get rid of the UN, put other things there that are money makers for New York. The NY RHINO Mayor is short sited I think. Think of the extra crime they could get rid of too if they got rid of the UN on property in NY. OH well just a thought anyway.

I sure am getting really sick of the RHINO's.

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Islam and Their Hate Filled " Religion" Death Cult

Wild Thing's comment......

A child comes into this world, pure and with no animosity toward anyone or anything.
Islam is pure evil and we know this, but they also are not dumb. They know they have to teach their young the hate of their death cult. How sad it is to see a beautiful young child filled with hate that she only knows from being taught by schools, and her parents.

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September 23, 2006

Mostly Dead or Mostly Alive

Inigo: Hoo hoo hoo! Look who knows so much, heh? Well, it just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Please, open his mouth. Puts the bellows to Westley's mouth, and blows air in. Now, mostly dead is slightly alive. Now, all dead... well, with all dead, there's usually only one thing that you can do.

French paper says bin Laden died in Pakistan

PARIS, Sept 23 (Reuters) - A French regional newspaper quoted a French secret service report on Saturday as saying that Saudi Arabia is convinced that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden died of typhoid in Pakistan last month.

L'Est Republicain printed what it said was a copy of the report dated Sept. 21 and said it was shown to President Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and France's interior and defence ministers on the same day.

"According to a usually reliable source, the Saudi services are now convinced that Osama bin Laden is dead," the document said.

"The information gathered by the Saudis indicates that the head of al Qaeda was a victim while he was in Pakistan on Aug. 23, 2006, of a very serious case of typhoid which led to a partial paralysis of his internal organs."

The report, which was stamped with a "confidential defence" label and the initials of the French secret service, said Saudi Arabia first heard the information on Sept. 4 and that it was waiting for more details before making an official announcement.

Officials contacted by Reuters in Chirac's and Villepin's offices had no immediate comment.

A senior official in Pakistan's interior ministry said: "We have no information about Osama's death."

Wild Thing's comment.....
Not sure if he is dead or not, but it sure is all over in the news. Put a mirror to his face and report back please.

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Bill Clinton Freaks Out ~ Better put some ice on that, Bill.

Ah, but the strawberries! That's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt............CLICK HERE
The Caine Mutiny (Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg)

"At least I tried! That's the difference between me and some, including all the right wingers! They ridicule me for trying. They had eight months to try, they did not try. I tried!"

Wild Thing's comment........

Touchy, touchy are we? I guess he's still steaming about the NBC movie: "The Path to 9/11". He was OFFERED bin Laden and turned him down.

First, Clinton, we have Clinton on tape, IN HIS OWN WORDS, admitting that the Sudan offered bin Laden to him and he TURNED THEM DOWN. Reason given: No legal basis! Even though Bin Laden had already been named in the 1993 WTC bombing case that was ongoing.

Second, he had 8 YEARS. The 9-11 plot took YEARS to put together. So, let's see: 96 months compared to 8 months.

Now about that finger of Clinton's and more of his lies which are abundant. The finger shows up in both of these videos.

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Strikeout For The Troops

Barry's teammates present him with a check for $54,815.00. To benefit Strikeouts For Troops and help our wounded soldiers and their families.

Barry Zito, Oakland A's
Dontrelle Willis , Florida Marlins
Jake Peavy, San Diego Padres
Shawn Estes, San Diego Padres
Curt Schilling, Boston Red Sox
CC Sabathia, Cleveland Indians
Danny Haren, Oakland A's
Matt Miller, Cleveland Indians
Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves
Horacio Ramirez, Atlanta Braves
Chad Cordero, Washington Nationals
Rich Harden, Oakland A's
Kirk Saarloos, Oakland A's
Huston Street, Oakland A's
Joe Blanton, Oakland A's
Justin Duchscherer, Oakland A's
Brad Lidge, Houston Astros
Chad Qualls, Houston Astros
Russ Springer, Houston Astros
Dan Wheeler, Houston Astros
Trevor Miller, Houston Astros
Jason Hirsh, Houston Astros

Minor League Pitchers:
Errol Simonitsch, New Britain Rock Cats
Trevor Bell, Angels Rookie Team

Position players:
Alex Rodriguez , 3B
Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves
Manny Ramirez, LF, Boston Red Sox
Jermaine Dye, RF, Chicago White Sox
Jason Kendall, C, Oakland A's
Nick Swisher, RF, Oakland A's
Mark Kotsay, CF, Oakland A's
Eric Chavez, 3B, Oakland A's
Mark Ellis, 2B, Oakland A's
Eric Byrnes, CF, Arizona Diamondbacks

Wild Thing's comment....

This is great! I wish ALL the ballplayers would sign up for this. I am not sure if the list they have at their website is updated or not.

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September 22, 2006

Annan Denies Claim That He Told Iran to Ignore Uranium Deadline

Annan Denies Claim That He Told Iran to Ignore Uranium Deadline

NEW YORK — U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday was trying to settle a flap over a potentially damaging claim made earlier in the day by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad said Annan had told him Iran could ignore a Security Council resolution requiring the country to cease enriching uranium by Aug. 31 or face economic sanctions. The Security Council sought the resolution in the face of rising fears over Iran's possible moves toward building nuclear weapons: Uranium enrichment is one of the key factors in that process.

But in its most recent report, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, found that Iran had continued enriching uranium through the deadline, bypassing Security Council Resolution 1696.

"We didn't understand and couldn't understand why a resolution was passed in the midst of an examination of a package," Ahmadinejad said. "We think [the Security Council] was probably under pressure by some powers who constantly want to place pressure on countries. The secretary-general told me to disregard what has happened for the time being, resort to diplomacy."

A spokesman for Annan said that was not the case, though, and Annan "did not tell Iran to disregard" the resolution.

If Ahmadinejad's claim holds true, it would run afoul of the U.N. charter, which makes clear that the secretary-general reports to the Security Council. And according to Annan's Web site, his duties include upholding the "values and moral authority of the United Nations."

Annan visited Ahmadinejad in Tehran on Sept. 3. FOX News reported that the visit was being planned Aug. 18, meaning that officials from both offices were in contact some 12 days before the deadline to cease uranium enrichment was set to expire.

Wild Thing's comment......
Ahmadinejad lied? Annan lied? Which liar are we supposed to believe?


Well just this, Kofi is clearly not taking a hard line stance against Iran. Just wondering here.

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Navy Carrier Squadron VAW-116 does the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It”

Wild Thing's comment.......

I love this. I saw it at Beth's and just had to share it here. Nick was in the Navy so he got a big kick out of it too. Plus the song is called Misirlou (originally a Greek folk song), which is also popularly known as one of the songs featured during the opening credits of the film Pulp Fiction.

Black Eyed Peas did the song Misirlou and called it Pump It.

* Beth at MVRWC

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September 21, 2006

*~* Thank you ~*~ Blog Is One Year Old Today *~*

One year ago today I started my Blog. Thank you Linda of Something......and Half of Something is my Blog Mom. Thank you Linda for helping me put it all together and for all the support. I could never have had a Blog if it wasn't for you.

And to my Blog Uncle Vinnie, at Vince aut Morire the best Blog Uncle a girl could ever have.

Thank you to everyone that has entered the door here at this Blog. Your friendship's and kindness have meant so much to me, more then you will ever know. Your comments and input have made a difference in my life and in this Blog. And all of you that have Blogs I love to visit them and have gotten to know you and that has been fantastic too. Our friendships we have made will be forever.

Thank you to those serving now that peek in and see what is going on. Saying hi when you can in emails and comments and seeing how much all of us here support you and all you do.

Thank you to the girls of the Cotillion, you are all so special.

I love you all soooo much!!

Chrissie aka Wild Thing

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London Muslim Complain of Being Picked On

Reid barracked during speech to Muslim parents

Abu Izzadeen interrupts the speech of the home secretary, John Reid, as the latter was urging Muslim parents to look out for the "tell-tale signs" of brainwashing in their children.

The home secretary, John Reid, was today heckled by protesters as he made a speech in east London urging Muslim parents to monitor their children.

The first interruption came from Abu Izadeen, who shouted that Muslims were being subjected to "state terrorism by the British police".

His intervention came as Mr Reid asked Muslim parents to keep a close watch on their children to prevent them from being radicalised by Islamist extremists.

Mr Izadeen, who accused the home secretary of being an "enemy" of Islam, is said to be a former member of the banned Islamist group al-Ghurabaa, a successor organization to Omar Bakri Mohammed's al-Muhajiroun group. He denies membership of the group. He was led from the building by police and stewards.

Also known as Omar Brooks, Mr Izadeen is a Muslim convert from east London. He told the meeting he was "absolutely furious" and asked how Mr Reid could "dare" come to a Muslim area after so many Muslims - "over a thousand" - had been arrested.

"John Reid, Tony Blair and George Bush's crusade can all go to hell," he shouted. "You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims. Shame on all of us for sitting down and listening to him.
"They are going to come in the morning to your house ... they are going to kick your door down when you're in bed with your wife, then drag you from your own bed."

In response, Mr Reid said:

"I was making the very simple point that however sensitive these issues are, we must never allow ourselves to be intimidated or shouted down."

Al-Ghurabaa took credit for organising flag-burning protests outside the Danish embassy in London following worldwide Muslim fury over cartoons of Muhammad.

The group makes no secret of its admiration for Osama bin Laden, and its website espouses the killing of any who insult Muhammad.

Mr Reid continued his speech, saying terrorists were waging a "violent and indiscriminate war". He warned that communities needed to be more aware of signs of terrorist activity.

A second protester interrupted the home secretary a few minutes later. He held up placards saying "John Reid Go To Hell" and shouted: "Enemy of Islam and the Muslims."

The man was ejected a few minutes later and emerged from the venue holding several signs, one of which said: "John Reid, you will pay!"

Mr Reid told the audience in Leytonstone to be vigilant in looking for the "telltale signs" of brainwashing in their children.

The home secretary denied that efforts to tackle Islamist terrorism amounted to a war against Islam.

He said the battle against extremism was not a conflict of religion but one between terrorists and most modern civilised societies, adding that many Muslims had been victims of terrorism.

Mr Reid told the audience that terrorist fanatics were on the hunt for vulnerable young people to recruit to their cause.

"There is no nice way of saying this," he said. "These fanatics are looking to groom and brainwash children, including your children, for suicide bombings. Grooming them to kill themselves in order to murder others.
"Look for the telltale signs now and talk to them before their hatred grows and you risk losing them forever. In protecting our families, we are protecting our community."

Wild Thing's comment.......

And there we have it. The religion of peace in action. If any group of people on this Earth DO NOT have the right to say they are being terrorized, it is the muslimes. Their stock and trade is terrorism. They ARE the terrorists.

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The Latest Two New Democrat Candidates

Here's the church and here's the steeple. Open the doors and here's the people.


"I shall protect you from GWB my little camel monkee!"


Hugo's speech

UNITED NATIONS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal battle with the United States to the floor of the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, calling President Bush "the devil."

"The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said. "He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world."

Wild Thing's comment.....
I am incredibly angry that they we allowed this worthless POS and the Iranian nutjob to even enter our country. He wants the UN to move to another country? That is the only thing he said that I applaud.

* HOT Air ...Thank you for the Video

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Hugo Slapped with Bolton Comment ~ Love it!

US Bolton: Won't Respond To Chavez' 'Comic Strip' Approach


U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Wednesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech at the U.N. calling President George W. Bush "the devil" doesn't deserve a response.

"We're not going to address that kind of comic strip approach to international affairs," Bolton said during a televised press conference.

Chavez, in a speech to the U.N. General Assembly, said, "The devil came here yesterday," referring to Bush's address Tuesday.

"He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world."

The leftist leader, who has joined Iran in opposing U.S. influence, accused Washington of "domination, exploitation and pillage of peoples of the world." Cable News Network reported a White House deputy spokesman saying the remarks by Chavez are "not worthy of comment."

Wild Thing's comment.....

Thank you John Bolton!! I really love how he doesn't bother with the BS from Hugo wanna be important idiot.

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September 20, 2006

Boobs on Bimbos or Brains in Broads

I have not written about this before because of several reasons.

The first reason is that I am new to the blogosphere. Almost a year now but compared to other’s that is a baby. My rants are strong and passionate and my cheers are enthusiastic, but non-the less I am new to all of this.

The second reason is because of my background and my career choice. For 33 years I worked in the entertainment industry as a model, actress, singer and dancer.

When a person has chosen a career where looks are first, talent is second (and if talent does not exist then looks become secondary) and third on importance is tenacity but that would be necessary with anyone wanting to be a success. Brains well they are in there someplace if one is lucky.

Showbiz is a multi career of choices. There is acting, modeling, entertainment (singers, dancers etc.), stunt work, script girls, stand-ins any number of vocations within showbiz.

Yes I know all the anger at showbiz people and I have it as well. I hate how they are a bunch of socialists, communists and loathe our military. I hate how so many of them are total cowards and I would say that to their faces and have. I had a chance to tell Hanoi Jane off and took it.

The Hollywood of years gone by there was still these types in showbiz as I mentioned, but the ones FOR our Military where more in abundance. Such as Jimmy Stewart, Glenn Ford, Humphrey Bogart, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Durning, Lee Marvin, Charlton Heston, Charlie Bronson……… many others.

But today those kind of men are few and hard to find in Hollywood. Those that are anti-war, anti-troops and against wanting to go after the terrorists will pay their own price for their lack of character, their scarcity in real love of our Freedom and their insufficient appreciation to those that have paid the price to keep us Free. As far as I am concerned they live in their own self made hell that I want no part of.

Now to the point of why I have decided to write about this.

Girls being girls and men being men there is still a difference thank God, but there are unwritten rules I will call it. T & A is great and men love it and why not it means they appreciate the difference in men and women and it can be a healthy attitude of the opposite sex. Yep there is that word SEX. Don’t ya just love it!! I would vote for it every time!

But here is the thing it is how it is treated that counts. Rape gets a no, molesting gets a no too. Undressing a woman with a man’s eyes when introduced is uncomfortable for a woman to say the least but it does happen. As for me it never got a yes I will go out with you.

Women too love the male T & A, or let’s call it pec’s , deltoids, biceps and glutes….. hey we are not dead and to see a great looking man and appreciate it is healthy. But we want that man to be able to finish a thought, to be able to carry on a conversation before and after sex…..well most of the time. There was that one time……….. you know when I didn’t care what the heck his favorite color was in the box of crayons, or sports team or hobby was. But hey I was young and not in love and it was just once.

Now on to the Blog world with all this sex stuff. Most of the Blogs are owned by men and I love men especially my very hunkie husband. Their Blogs I go to are awesome and I appreciate their brains and how they think about things. I learn from them and also get affirmation to how I feel in seeing I am not overreacting as a yep you got it…. as a female.

Now let’s jump time wise to Vlogs. Hmmmm interesting and has possibilities for those that want to do this kind of thing. I don’t, I had enough years in front of a camera that now I want to be heard more then seen. Go figure. I love HOT AIR and they do a marvelous job with their Vlogs. Michelle is adorable and smart and the combination works when she does a Vlog. She is wise and knows that filming them they have to be checked for sound interference and other things that enter in to making it impossible to hear what she is saying. That it isn’t just about looking at her but also about what she has to say. It does matter and she knows it! She does her Vlogs with class and at the same time still shows her own unique personality. Thank you Michelle! The same goes for the Vlog that Kathy at RWS did. It was first class all the way. And the same with Mary Katharine Ham. So see there are women bloggers that know the difference and they should be appreciated.

On the other hand and sadly that is not the case with everyone that Vlogs. I am not going to get into a pissing match here about this but I will say ….. The variety is why there are stores like Saks Fifth, Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, compared to the Dollar Store. Class shows up and lasts and is appreciate by many more people then low class and a quick fix. To each his or her own but this is my opinion.

OK now this brings me to this, does a person go to a Blog by a man or a woman because of their looks. Gosh if so then I demand I tell you, that every single male Blogger be a bodybuilder and nothing less. Not a jogger, a cyclist, no! A bodybuilder with bulging muscles and deep cut abs (stomach for those that have never been to a gym). I mean it, nothing less will do. And not only that, they have to be knock out great looking, the kind that turns heads when walking down a sidewalk. Yep that should do it. Then I can bookmark their Blog, list it in my Blog favorites and read daily what that person has to say. Because what they say comes out of nice full lips on a body that won’t quit.

Done giggling yet at how silly this sounds. Sure it would be nice to know that every Blog I visit is owned and run by someone that reaches MY standards of how I wish all men would look. But what about girls that don’t like big muscles, what about girls that only like to look at men that have sinewy arms and legs but can complete a rubick’s cube in a moments notice. And does any of this physical bullshit have to do with a brain, intelligence and how one thinks on the issues. Where their loyalties lie when it comes to America and our troops? Nope, nada, Zippo!

The physical package is just something that delivers what is inside of a person. Hopefully they keep their body healthy but how they think and if they a good person is what counts more then anything. Look at the many online friendships and bonding that have occurred and we all meet a brain in a political forum not what their 8 x 10 looks like.

As for women bloggers they are awesome. They are smart, strong and will use the “take no prisoners” attitude when it is needed to get their opinion out there and expressed. But there too, should how they look be the one and only reason a person saves their Blog to favorites?

Smart men know the difference, men like the ones that frequent this Blog of mine. Everyone of them totally AWESOME! They ADD to my blog, their comments and input are outstanding. And men like my husband. Do you think these men would come back here to comment if all they came for was because they had been to my website, seen me on TV or in magazines? Or even had been in the Vietnam War and we met there when I visited the troops each visit? NO, a resounding NO WAY. Oh they might save my website to their favorites, but soon it would be just a website saved and many others would be there in their favorites list of places they had visited and forgotten about. But for them to comment, and keep coming back to comment, to become a part of this Blog family we have here at Theodore’s World Blog aka PC Free Zone….these men want substance. They read my posts, my rants and cheers and found out I am more then a retired bimbo from showbiz and that I wasn’t ever a bimbo.

So do looks count? Not if weighed up against brains. Looks just wrap around them and keep them from falling out.

This is a quote I disagree with………..

"There's this attitude out there, a perception, that there's something wrong with beautiful women using their looks to draw readers. The idea is supposed to be that it's all about their brains, it's all about their writing, that it's cheap or improper for them to have guys checking out their web pages just to ogle them. That's bullcrap."

It was made by a man named John Hawkins.

Here is what is wrong with that in my opinion. I am a fan of Ann Coulter and so is my husband. I think her looks are ok, my husband has said she is not his type as far as looks. BUT we both like what she says and writes, she is fantastic! Now because her looks are not what Nick (my husband) would call a knock out that should not diminish her intelligence and her gift for writing great books.

Beth at MVRWC IS a knockout. I have met her, my husband has seen her photo and she is also brilliant! But she does not have to flaunt her looks to get others to want to read what she says. Her intelligence is equal to her looks and her personality is passionate and delightful which makes it fun to see how she expresses herself at her Blog. It can really make a persons day sometimes to read her take on something.

SondraK also, once again beautiful and very smart. Linda, Beth at Blue Star Chronicles, Cassandra, Raven, the list goes on and on of beautiful women with brains. If they want to throw in some sexy photos for fun is one thing, but to flaunt it like the quote says, it isn’t going to happen.

And one last comment I want to discuss that John Hawkins made……….

"Long story short, we all have different strengths and weaknesses and life isn't fair. If you're a female blogger and one of your strengths is your looks, there's nothing wrong with trying to look sexy to entice guys over to your page. Nothing. At. All. If you've got it, flaunt it, and enjoy the increased traffic."

Um wait a minute here OK? I agree life is not fair, I am 5’11” and there have been times I would have loved to be referred to as cute and cuddly. But being 5’11” does not bring on that kind of comment. Instead it is “ Legs up to your ass” kind of comment is much more common, so be it. But fair would be to at least once I would get to hear cute and cuddly.

He says if a female Blogger and ONE of our strengths is our looks then we should look sexy and flaunt it, to entice guys to our page (Blog) to increase our traffic. If this man is a Father I sure as heck hope he does not say things like this to his daughter. By doing so he teaches her that what she has to say is second to how she looks. And God help her if she is not a knockout because her voiced opinion will be way down on the list of who gives a shit.

This kind of opinion is misguided and even more has the potential of being abusive. Women should be seen and not heard kind of mentality. Does a pretty face and being busty add to the IQ? What if the woman looked great but had a voice like Susan Estrich. And for men I am a fan of Rush Limbaugh, but his 8 X 10 is not what would attract me to him. It is how he thinks, his opinion, his rants and cheers that draw me back to his radio shows. THAT is a turn on not how he looks.

If a man is brilliant and later in life looses his hair, does that mean he has lost his credibility? Even if he is still a GREAT looking man, heck let’s say if Sean Connery were a conservative and when he decided to stop wearing a hair piece, did his brain go in the trash along with his wig?

Too much, way too much is based on looks and how sad not to use intelligence and what the person believes in as a focal point. Sure throw in some T & A too if a person wants to, but for fun or to make a point. Looks can also be a distraction.

Ever been with someone that was drop jaw gorgeous a man or a woman and you sitting across from them and at the end of the conversation you don’t have a clue what that person said. See it has it’s draw backs too. Or ask a busty girl how many times she is talking with a man and his eyes are locked on her chest. Even her face is oblivious to him. I cannot count the times I have crouched down even for fun to show that man talking to me just to show him what he was doing. It usually ends in some laughs but what does it say about him.

And for you John there is this, if you are actually reading this. I love that men and women BOTH read my Blog. Your comments insulted every “HOT”, great looking, beautiful Blogger and commenter as well. By what you stated you diminished not only the Blogger but also those that frequent blogs.

Seems pretty shallow to me and hurtful as well. So count me with those that would rather be one with brains as a broad then a bimbo with boobs.

Posted by Wild Thing at 05:07 PM | Comments (26)

NBC Interview With Ahmadinejad - Check Out His Lies

This is an interview NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams did with Ahmadinejad

President Bush’s policies in the Middle East are “moving the world toward war,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday, maintaining that Iran was a peaceful nation that merely wanted to be left alone to “stand on its own feet.”
“The U.S. government thinks that it’s still the period after World War II,” Ahmadinejad said in an interview with Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News,” a mindset that led Bush to believe that he “can rule, therefore, over the rest of the world.”
But “the world has changed,” he said. “Nations are awakened now. They want their rights — equal rights, and fair ones. The time for world empires has ended.”

Ahmadinejad, who was to address the United Nations later in the day, did not attend Bush’s address Tuesday afternoon. Bush likewise avoided seeing Ahmadinejad during his New York visit, in line with the U.S. policy not to engage with the Iranian government until Tehran abandoned its attempts to enrich uranium, which Washington believes is the first step toward Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon.

“Why is the U.S. government so against our people?” Ahmadinejad, speaking through a translator, asked in the interview with NBC News. “They speak of war so easily, as if it’s on their daily agenda. We never speak of war.”
“We are against the atomic bomb,” he said. “We believe bombs are used only to kill people. And we are against killing people.”

Wild Thing's comment.......

Put simply he is full of crap. He a very dangerous man who will become more dangerous with this appearance on the world stage. He can never be allowed to control nuclear weapons. Not ever!

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NRA Bracelet

Wild Thing's comment..........
Six Meat Buffet has a bracelet to show us. HAHAHAAHAHA Loving it !

* Six Meat Buffet

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September 19, 2006

Iraq's al-Qaida Treatens To 'destroy the cross' and More

Iraq's al-Qaida threatens to 'destroy the cross'

Jerusalem Post

Al-Qaida operatives in Iraq threatened on Monday to

"destroy the cross and to slash the throats of those who believe in the cross."

The group cautioned Pope Benedict XVI, who sparked anger among Muslims worldwide after making remarks last week about Islam, that they would continue fighting their holy war against the rest of the world's non-believers.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council, an umbrella organization of Sunni Arab extremist groups that includes al-Qaida in Iraq, issued a statement on their Islamic website, warning the pope of their agenda to take over Rome.

"You infidels and despotic, we will continue our jihad (holy war) and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism when God's rule is established governing all people and nations," the statement said.

The group also warned the non-Muslim world that an ultimatum would be given - "conversion to Islam or death by the sword."

Wild Thing's comment...........

They already declared jihad against the West. For them jihad is as central as reason is to us.

So let me get this straight....they say.......

We were going to kill all of you anyway, but now we are REALLY going to kill you.

What will they do if we get them more angry? REALLY, REALLY kill us?

And now the al-Qaeda in Iraq have announced that they will REALLY, REALLY, REALLY are going to kill us.

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Islam's Not For Me!

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Hope and Courage This is America!

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Giving Support To John Bolton

Nearly five years after 9/11, we are well into an epic, generational struggle. A struggle that pits freedom against tyranny ... hope against fear ... democracy against Islamic radicalism. The men and women of our Armed Forces are fighting with heroic resolve ... and they deserve to be supported in their mission by diplomats willing to call evil by its name, able to rally our friends and allies behind the global expansion of freedom and democracy, and unafraid to passionately pursue reform of our dysfunctional international institutions.

That's why we need John Bolton's leadership at the United Nations. Unfortunately, his recess appointment expires in January of 2007 ... so we must act now to confirm him permanently.

This month Senate Republicans will do everything they can to break Democrat obstruction and give John Bolton the fair up-or-down vote that he was denied last year. But we need your help to turn up the heat on the Democrats by flooding their offices with your calls in support of Ambassador Bolton and the President's agenda for reforming the waste and incompetence of the United Nations.

Wild Thing's comment.........

I support for John Bolton, he is the best man for the job and a man who isn't afraid to proudly defend America, our foreign policy and our allies in the War on Terror.

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September 18, 2006

Guard the Borders Blogburst

This week's Blogburst was written by from Darnell at Independent Conservative

If this information is true, it is the most detailed revelation of a planned attack that I have ever seen.

Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States

Urgent news from Abu Dawood, the newly appointed commander of the al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan:

Final preparations have been made for the American Hiroshima, a major attack on the U. S.

Muslims living in the United States should leave the country without further warning.

The attack will be commandeered by Adnan el Shukrijumah (”Jaffer Tayyer” or “Jafer the Pilot”), a naturalized American citizen, who was raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.

The al Qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are awaiting final orders. They remain in place in cities throughout the country. Many are masquerading as Christians and have adopted Christian names.

Al Qaeda and the Taliban will also launch a major strike (known as the “Badar offensive”) against the coalition forces in Afghanistan during the holy month of Ramadan.

The American people will be treated to a final audio message from Osama bin Laden which will be aired within the next two weeks.

Q: What do you mean by another attack in America?

A: Yes a bigger attack than September 11th 2001. Brother Adnan [el Shukrijumah] will lead that attack, Inshallah.

Q:Who is Adnan?

A: He is our old friend. The last time, I met him in early 2004, in Khost. He came to Khost from the North Waziristan. He met his leaders and friends in Khost. He is very well known in Al Qaeda. He is an American and a friend of Muhammad Atta, who led 9/11 attacks five years ago. We call him “Jaffer al Tayyar” [”Jafer the Pilot”]; he is very brave and intelligent. Bush is aware that brother Adnan has smuggled deadly materials inside America from the Mexican border. Bush is silent about him, because he doesn’t want to panic his people.

Read it all, read it all, read it all…

Back in 2004 there was news of Al Qaeda trying to bring a nuke over the US Southern border. Lately I’ve been reading numerous reports, that a dirty nuke was carried over the US Southern border and an attack is close.

Bush has done little to close the southern US border and if the aforementioned takes place on his watch, it would only be right to impeach him for failing to do what was necessary to protect the American people. We knew for a long time that Islamic nuts would try and attack the WTC again after 1993, and now we’ve heard many times they want to set off a nuke. Bush can’t say he didn’t know if it happens, because even we are reading about it ourselves. If such an attack is carried out, after such brazen and open announcements, the talk of “we knew we’d be hit again” is not going to be enough to shield Bush and Chertoff from efforts to remove them, for not defending our porous southern border.

And this raises another issue. Often there is talk of US forces playing it “soft” during Ramadan, so Muslims are not offended. I say if the enemy takes a break for a month, all the more opportunity to kill them. The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1941, because the enemy (then Japan) knew we would be vulnerable then. We had to end that mess with Japan by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We showed the enemy we would not play nice then. It’s time to show this enemy we don’t take chances when it comes to our security and that we won’t capitulate to their customs, because they desire to kill us.


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrives in New York

Iran leader arrives for New York showdown

Iran's radical anti-American president arrives in New York today to face his western enemies in what is expected to be a fiery showdown over his country's nuclear ambitions.

In his second trip to the land Teheran calls "the Great Satan" since he was elected in 2004, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to come under heavy international pressure to halt key elements of Iran's suspected nuclear weapons programme at the United Nations annual meeting.

Western powers are pressing for further security council action against the Iranian regime after its decision to ignore an Aug 31 deadline to halt uranium enrichment. advertisement

But as he met leaders of 118 "non-aligned" countries gathered in Cuba at the weekend, Mr Ahmadinejad, 50, challenged America's right to nuclear weapons.

"Why should people live under the nuclear threat of the United States?'" he asked the so-called Anti-Bush summit, attended by countries including India, Pakistan, North Korea, China and South Africa. "What is the UN security council waiting for to react to those threats?" He went on to question American and British permanent membership of the 15-nation council.

Wild Thing's comment......
Is this nuts or what!!??!! What's the betting line that Carter wants first in line for a photo op and to shake his hand.
I can't believe we are letting this hostage taking terrorist into our country and letting him bash us on our own soil. I can't believe we let the pervious President in a week or so ago. He also came to bash America to the max. It is SICK how weak our leaders are that allow this shit to happen!

The UN needs to be burned down to the ground with all of them in it.

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Adnan G. El Shukrijumah

Adnan G. El Shukrijumah

There’s a $5-million bounty on the head of El Shukrijumah, who is being sought by the FBI and CIA in connection with a plot to detonate a dirty bomb--a conventional explosive laced with radioactive material. El Shukrijumah has been described as "the next Mohammad Atta" by American authorities. He is considered extremely dangerous and there are now at least two different sources who claim he will carry out a nuclear attack within the United States soon!

Aliases: Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah, Abu Arif, Ja’far Al-Tayar, Jaffar Al-Tayyar, Jafar Tayar, Jaafar Al-Tayyar

Date of Birth Used: August 4, 1975
Hair: Black
Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia
Eyes: Black
Height: 5′3″ to 5′6″
Sex: Male
Weight: 132 pounds
Complexion: Dark, Mediterranean
Build: Average
Remarks: El Shukrijumah occasionally wears a beard. He has a pronounced nose and is asthmatic. El Shukrijumah speaks English and carries a Guyanese passport, but may attempt to enter the United States with a Saudi, Canadian, or Trinidadian passport.

If you think you see him contact the FBI

TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Wild Thing's comment......

This is the man mentioned in the post below. I hope they find this person before he has a chance to do anything. I think they will we have awesome people working to find him and the word is out more then ever before on blogs too.

He was born in 1975 in Saudi Arabia, Adnan Shukrijumah has lived in the US for 15 years.

A fluent English speaker, he is alleged to have been involved in terrorist planning with al-Qaeda leaders overseas and scouted sites across the US which might be vulnerable to attack. He has been sought by the FBI since the interrogation last year of al-Qaeda senior planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

He carries a passport of Guyana, where his father was born, has many aliases and may be carrying Saudi, Trinidadian and Canadian documents as well. He has a pronounced nose and is asthmatic.


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Allah Fubar! Hey Muslims You are To Leave the USA asap!


"We have a different plan for the next attack. You will see. Americans will hardly find out any Muslim names, after the next attack. Most of our brothers are living in Western countries, with Jewish and Christian names, with passports of Western countries. This time, someone with the name of Muhammad Atta will not attack inside America, it would be some David, Richard or Peter."--Abu Dawood

Exclusive to the Northeast Intelligence Network & CanadaFree

By Dr. Paul L. Williams & David Dastych

Urgent news from Abu Dawood, the newly appointed commander of the al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan:

* Final preparations have been made for the American Hiroshima, a major attack on the U. S.

* Muslims living in the United States should leave the country without further warning.

Adnan el Shukrijumah

* The attack will be commandeered by Adnan el Shukrijumah (“Jaffer Tayyer” or “Jafer the Pilot”), a naturalized American citizen, who was raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.

* The al Qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are awaiting final orders. They remain in place in cities throughout the country. Many are masquerading as Christians and have adopted Christian names.

* Al Qaeda and the Taliban will also launch a major strike (known as the “Badar offensive” against the coalition forces in Afghanistan during the holy month of Ramadan.

* The American people will be treated to a final audio message from Osama bin Laden which will be aired within the next two weeks.

The announcements from Abu Dawood were obtained by Hamid Mir, the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the wake of 9/11. Mir earlier reports regarding the resurgence of the Taliban with support from Iran and an unofficial truce between President Pervez Musharraf and al Qaeda have been panned out by the press in recent months.

Mr. Mir interviewed Dawood on September 12 at the tomb of Sultan Mehmud Ghaznawi on the outskirts of Kabul. Dawood and the al Qaeda leaders who accompanied him were clean-shaven and dressed as Western reporters. The al Qaeda commandeer had contacted Mir by cell-phone to arrange the meeting. The contents of the encounter are as follows:

Q: How did you have my local mobile number?

A: We watched you on Geo TV walking in the mountains near Kabul with British troops. You were embedded with our enemies. We were sure that you are staying in one of the few hotels or guest houses in Kabul. We were looking for you in Serena and Intercontinental hotels, but then some Taliban friends informed us that they had your phone number and you might visit them in Zabul [an Afghani province]. We got your number from Commander [Muhsen] Khayber. [Khayber was responsible for a homicide bombing in Casablanca that killed 32 people]. Don’t worry about that. We will not make any harm to you. We just want to warn you that you better don’t take any rides in the tanks and humvis of the Western Forces; they are not safe for any journalist in Afghanistan.

Q: Thanks for your concern; can I know your name?

A: Yes my name is Abu Dawood, if you remember, we have already met in Kunar two years ago, but at that time I had a long beard, now I have a small one. You were there in the mountains, close to Asadaabad [a small village in the Kunar province of eastern Afghanistan] and you met some Al Qaeda fighters. I was among them.

Q: OK. I just want to say that I am a journalist, I have to speak to both sides of a conflict, for getting an objective view and that is why I was traveling with the British troops; now I am sitting with you and that is my real job. I have interviewed Osama bin Laden as well as Condoleezza Rice, General Pervez Musharraf and President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. I hope you will appreciate my objective approach?

A: You have claimed to be objective, but you and your TV channel have always given much time to the propaganda of our enemies. Anyhow, it was our moral responsibility to warn you that you better try to avoid traveling with the British, American, Canadian, French, Spanish and Italian troops in Afghanistan, we will target all of them, we don’t want that people like you suffer by our attacks, it is not good for you, and at least you should not be killed with the enemies of Islam. I am sure, brother Khayber have informed you that the Taliban will launch a big operation against the Crusader Forces, in the holy month of Ramadan; don’t come to Afghanistan in Ramadan. You will see a lot of fadaee amalyat [“suicide bombings”] in coming days, Kabul will become a graveyard of NATO and ISAF.

Q: Yes Khayber told me about the “Badar operation” in Ramadan. I think you are an Afghani but you are not a Talib, are you a member of Al Qaeda?

A: You are right. But we are with the Taliban, just helping them, fighting under their command. Every Al Qaeda fighter can become a Talib, but every Talib cannot become Al Qaeda.

Q: So where is Sheikh Osama bin Laden?

A: I don’t know exactly, but he is still in command of Al Qaeda, and he is in contact with his Mujaheddin all over the world.

Q: Why there was no new video statement from him, in last two years?

A: Because the CIA can feed his fresh picture to the computers fitted on their Predator planes, and these planes can get him, like Nek Muhammad or Akbar Bugti. But he has released many audio messages this year. Listen to him carefully. Don’t underestimate his warnings. America is playing with the security of Muslims all over the world, now it is our turn again. Our brothers are ready to attack inside America. We will breach their security again. There is no timeframe for our attack inside America; we can do it any time.

Q: What do you mean by another attack in America?

A: Yes a bigger attack than September 11th 2001. Brother Adnan [el Shukrijumah] will lead that attack, Inshallah.

Q:Who is Adnan?

A: He is our old friend. The last time, I met him in early 2004, in Khost. He came to Khost from the North Waziristan. He met his leaders and friends in Khost. He is very well known in Al Qaeda. He is an American and a friend of Muhammad Atta, who led 9/11 attacks five years ago. We call him “Jaffer al Tayyar” [“Jafer the Pilot”]; he is very brave and intelligent. Bush is aware that brother Adnan has smuggled deadly materials inside America from the Mexican border. Bush is silent about him, because he doesn’t want to panic his people. Sheikh Osama bin Laden has completed his cycle of warnings. You know, he is man of his words, he is not a politician; he always does what he says. If he said it many times that Americans will see new attacks, they will definitely see new attacks. He is a real Mujahid. Americans will not win this war, which they have started against Muslims. Americans are the biggest supporters of the biggest terrorist in the world, which is Israel. You have witnessed the brutality of the Israelis in the recent 34-day war against Lebanese civilians. 9/11 was a revenge of Palestinian children, killed by the US-made weapons, supplied to Israel. The next attack on America would be a revenge of Lebanese children killed by US-made cluster bombs. Bush and Blair are the Crusaders, and Muslim leaders, like Musharraf and [Afghani President Hamid] Karzai are their collaborators, we will teach a lesson to all of them. We are also not happy with some religious parties in Pakistan and Egypt, they got votes in the name of Mujaheddin, and then, they collaborated with Musharraf and [Egyptian President] Hosni Mubarak. Now look at all of them, Musharraf and Karzai don’t trust each other, the CIA and ISI don’t trust each other, all the hypocrites and enemies of Mujaheddin are suspecting each other; this help to us is coming from Heavens. Allah is with us.

Q: But if you attack inside America again, then Muslims living in America will face lot of problems, why would you like to create new problems for your brothers and sisters?

A: Muslims should leave America. We cannot stop our attack just because of the American Muslims; they must realize that American forces are killing innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq; we have the right to respond back, in the same manner, in the enemy’s homeland. The American Muslims are like a human shield for our enemy; they must leave New York and Washington.

Q: But your fighters are also using the American Muslims as their shield, if there are no Muslims in America, then there would be no Al Qaeda, may be the Americans would feel safer?

A: No, not at all. We have a different plan for the next attack. You will see. Americans will hardly find out any Muslim names, after the next attack. Most of our brothers are living in Western countries, with Jewish and Christian names, with passports of Western countries. This time, someone with the name of Muhammad Atta will not attack inside America, it would be some David, Richard or Peter.

Q: So you will not attack America, until Muslims are there?

A: I am not saying that, I am saying that Muslims must leave America, but we can attack America anytime. Our cycle of warnings has been completed, now we have fresh edicts from some prominent Muslim scholars to destroy our enemy, this is our defending of Jihad; the enemy has entered in our homes and we have the right to enter in their homes, they are killing us, we will kill them.

Wild Thing's comment.......
Is this for real? Are they planning this or not? Who knows, they are taught to lie according to the Quran, you know to be a good warm and fuzzy Muslim's and all. So this could just be more of their lies.

But they are also taught to behead and kill and destory so let's just say that one thing for sure, these things will happen in their dreams and fantasties. And if they could do more horrible things in the world and in the USA they will. They will at least try we just don't know the who, what, where or when.

But of course people like Harry Reid that make speeches about stopping the Patriot Act only encourage the Muslims to attack the USA.

* Linda at Something.....and Half of Something (thank you Linda for sending this to the Cotillion email)

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CAIR Up Close and Personal and With Whom

Let's take a little peek at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). If we want to do this war right, we need to do something about the enemy within. CAIR should be rounded up and tried for treason. Same deal for any D.C. insiders who have in any way supported them or benefitted from them.

We know they favor the teroriorts, and we know they are anti America.

"If you choose to live here (in America) ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam," he said. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."- Omar Ahmad, the Co-founder of the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

And then there is from Nihad Awad...........

Executive Director Former Public Relations Director for the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP). A Palestinian born in Jordan and now a U.S. citizen........ "I am in support of the Hamas movement."

We also know this...........

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks CAIR was caught misdirecting funds they were allegedly gathering for 9/11 relief to Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, a group that later had its funds frozen by the Treasury Department because the group was funding Hamas. Later, in 2004, the Holy Land Foundation was indicted for conspiracy, providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, tax evasion and money laundering (a case that is still in the works).

And of course this as well...............

this year CAIR was pressuring schools to white wash the events of 9/11 in school textbooks in order to avoid giving students a bad impression of Islam.

And this from The Islamic States of America? by Daniel Pipes

"The hardest thing for Westerners to understand is not that a war with militant Islam is underway but that the nature of the enemy's ultimate goal. That goal is to apply the Islamic law (the Shari‘a) globally. In U.S. terms, it intends to replace the Constitution with the Qur'an.

This aspiration is so remote and far-fetched to many non-Muslims, it elicits more guffaws than apprehension. Of course, that used to be the same reaction in Europe, and now it's become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis' words, "Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century..."

But how about taking a look at the Representatives in the House who "support the interests" of CAIR as ranked by the organization itself.

If you go HERE to Say Anything and scroll down just a tad there is a list of the Representatives in the House who "support the interests" of CAIR as ranked by the organization itself (Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right.

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September 17, 2006

NAM the Movement Of Dictators and Terrorists Declaration

Nonaligned Movement's Final Declaration

Some highlights from the Nonaligned Movement summit's final declaration:


Denounces the brutalization of peoples under foreign occupation as the gravest form of terrorism. Asks that terrorism not be associated with any religion, nationality or ethnic group and that it be recognized that the struggle of peoples under colonial or alien domination does not constitute terrorism.


Strongly condemns "the relentless Israeli aggression launched against Lebanon." Promotes a revival of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Supports the Palestinian people's "inalienable right to self-determination in their independent and sovereign State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital."


Defends the right of all countries to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes. Declares even the threat of attack against peaceful nuclear facilities to be "a great danger to human beings and the environment." Recognizes the International Atomic Energy Agency as the sole authority on nuclear verification. Encourages Iran to cooperate actively and fully with the IAEA to promote confidence and a peaceful resolution of the issue." Calls for a "nuclear-weapon-free zone" in the Middle East, including Israel.


Calls for more equitable representation in the United Nations by increasing the size of the Security Council and curtailing or eliminating the veto power of the five permanent Security Council members. Suggests allowing council vetoes to be overruled by a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly.


Reiterates that democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political economic, social and cultural systems. Reaffirms that while all democracies share common features, there is no single model of democracy, that it does not belong to any country or region, and that sovereignty and the right to self-determination should be respected.

Wild Thing's comment....

Did Jimmy Carter attend the conference? Did the Democrat Party send a delegation? Just asking...

The NAM's membership includes 53 countries in Africa, 38 in Asia, 24 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and one in Europe, Belarus

The Non-Aligned Movement: Member States

Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso

Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Congo, DPR of
Cote d'Ivoire

Dominican Republic

Equatorial Guinea

Iran, Islamic Rep of


Korea, DPR of

Lao People's DR
Libyan Arab Jamahirya



Papua New Guinea


Saint Lucia
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Syrian Arab Republic

Tanzania, United Rep of
Trinidad and Tobago

United Arab Emirates

Viet Nam

*Yugoslavia (* Suspended New York Ministerial 1992)


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Somali Cleric Calls For Pope's Death

Somali cleric calls for pope's death

HARDLINE cleric linked to Somalia's powerful Islamist movement has called for Muslims to "hunt down" and kill Pope Benedict XVI for his controversial comments about Islam.

Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin urged Muslims to find the pontiff and punish him for insulting the Prophet Mohammed and Allah in a speech that he said was as offensive as author Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses.

"We urge you Muslims wherever you are to hunt down the Pope for his barbaric statements as you have pursued Salman Rushdie, the enemy of Allah who offended our religion," he said in Friday evening prayers.
"Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim," Malin, a prominent cleric in the Somali capital, told worshippers at a mosque in southern Mogadishu.
"We call on all Islamic Communities across the world to take revenge on the baseless critic called the pope," he said.

Reached by telephone on Saturday, Malin confirmed making the remarks that were echoed in less strident form by other senior clerics in the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia (SICS).

Another SICS executive member, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullahi, vented similar anger at the pope's "barbarous criticism" but stopped short of calling for his murder.

"He must apologise because he has offended the most honorable person who ever lived in the world," Abdullahi said.

The German-born leader of the Roman Catholic Church has been condemned in the Muslim world for comments he made at a Tuesday lecture, in which he implicitly denounced links between Islam and violence, particularly with reference to jihad, or "holy war."

The pope also quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who said innovations introduced by the Prophet Mohammed were "evil and inhuman."

Somalia, a Horn of Africa nation of some 10 million mainly moderate Muslims, has been wracked by instability for the past 16 years but has recently seen the rise of fundamentalist Islamists who seized the capital in June.

Wild Thing's comment.....

More of Muslims doing and saying what is natual to them. Anyone hear a Muslim say anything about how their fellow Muslims are behaving? Hmmmmmmmm me either.

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September 16, 2006

Hey Muslims Kiss My American Infidel Ass!


Well the little Muslims are upset yet again. This time it is not the Cartoons.


This time it's not about Piglet of the Winnie The Pooh fame.


And it's not about the Danish Pasties this time either.


No, this time it is about Pope Benedict.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I am not a Catholic but this demanding the Pope to make an apology is stupid. The Pope quoted someone....simple as that. Someone that lived a long time ago. It does not matter who it was, nor what it was about it was a freaking quote for pete's sake!
The Muslims lay in wait for any chance they can make something out of nothing. BUT when an attack happens like September 11th, 2001 or any of the countless other attacks BY MUSLIMS in the world. We hear zippo from the so called moderate Muslims. Know why?
Because they is no such animal!
They're peaceful they tell us, and they'll kill us to prove it. Well they can all get together and have a group hug with their suicide belts on. That will take care of the problem in one shot!
Actually this is just another day at the office for the Muslim world. Muslims are always out of control when someone says anything about Islam that they don't agree with. They are dumber than dirt. They are also demonic creatures lead by their demonic Mohammad, worshiping their moon god Allah, and they all came from the bowels of hell.

I'm glad they keep doing things like this because maybe just maybe it will open the eyes of the countries and people around the world who still don't understand what Islam is all about.

I am so sick of so called "Muslim Rage"..they can all kiss my American ass!

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Bob Seger Has New Album


Click image and turn up the volume.













Wild Thing's comment......

Sit back, put your feet up, dance around if you like and enjoy the music.



Something and Half of Something



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Say What? Did The Pig Fly? Did Hell Freeze over?

Amnesty accuses Hezbollah of war crimes against Israel

LONDON — Hezbollah militants broke international humanitarian law by firing thousands of rockets into Israel and killing dozens of civilians during the recent conflict, an Amnesty International report charges.

The human rights group called for a United Nations inquiry into war crimes possibly committed by both Israel and Hezbollah, but their report focused on the actions of the Lebanese militants during the 34-day conflict.

Hezbollah launched nearly 4,000 rockets into northern Israel in July and August, killing at least 39 civilians.

The firing of rockets into urban areas in northern Israel violated international laws that call for distinction between civilian and military targets, Amnesty said.

"Targeting civilians is a war crime. There's no gray area," said Larry Cox, Amnesty's executive director in the United States.

Hezbollah fired inaccurate rockets packed with thousands of metal ball bearings that sprayed out to maximize harm to civilians, Amnesty said.

The report is Amnesty's most extensive condemnation of Hezbollah since the conflict began in July, and comes after Amnesty accused Israel of violating international law with indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon. The human rights group previously called on the Lebanese militia to release two kidnapped Israeli soldiers and abstain from targeting civilians.

Violence erupted between Israel and Hezbollah after the Shiite militia kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid on July 12. Ensuing fighting left more than 1,000 people dead, mostly Lebanese civilians about a third of them children, UNICEF said.

Israel launched a large-scale military offensive with aerial bombardment and ground troops, and Hezbollah fired rockets deep into Israel.

A U.N.-brokered cease-fire in August quelled the violence and Israel and Hezbollah have mostly complied with the order, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said this week.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said he had no doubt that the Islamic militia fired rockets in a premeditated way to kill a maximum number of civilians.

"It is also important to remember that the leaders of Hezbollah have spoken on many occasions about their desire to destroy the state of Israel," Regev said. "(Hezbollah leader Hassan) Nasrallah used the word 'obliterate,' and I think a call to this sort of genocide is problematic and must also be considered a fundamental breach of international norms and international law."

Amnesty plans to publish additional reports studying whether Hezbollah contributed to civilian deaths in Lebanon by purposely hiding among civilians, said Nicole Choueiry, a spokesman for Amnesty in Britain.

Whether either group of combatants will see the inside of a courtroom remains to be seen. Israel and Lebanon reject the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, making prosecution there unlikely.

Groups seeking prosecution might take the route of preparing a dossier of evidence that could be tailored for different countries' legal systems.

Suspected war criminals have been prosecuted under the judicial principle of "universal jurisdiction," which says that every country has the obligation to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity, wherever they are committed.

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Oriana Fallaci Has Passed Away

Oriana Fallaci, a former Resistance fighter and war correspondent, writer, journalist, and warrior passed away. She is a Hero to those seeking the truth.

Oriana Fallaci was one of the few journalists in the world who dared to attack Islam and the fact that Europe had surrendered to terror, wrote a passage in her book Apocalypse that is appropriate for the struggle against the Arab enemy.

"Resignation leads to apathy. Apathy leads to inertia. Inertia leads to indifference. Indifference paralyzes the instinct for self-defense, that is, the instinct to fight back."

“But we cannot escape.
We can confront the monster with honor, with courage; and by remembering the
words that Churchill said to the English when he went to war against Hitler’s Nazism. He said “We will pour out tears and blood.” Oh, yes: we too will pour out tears and blood. We are at war: do we or do we not want to get this through our heads !
And in war, you cry ! Period."

"The Italians, in fact, could get free of Mussolini because in 1945 the Allies had conquered almost four-fifths of Italy. In other words, because the Second World War had taken place. A war without which we would have kept Mussolini (and Hitler) forever. A war during which the allies had pitilessly bombed us and we had died like mosquitoes."

"Can anybody guess how many cemeteries of Allied soldiers there are in Italy? More than sixty. And the largest, the most crowded, are the American ones. At Nettuno, 10,950 graves. At Falciani, near Florence, 5,811. Each time I pass in front of it and see that lake of crosses, I shiver with grief and gratitude."

You will be missed Oriana more then words can say.God gave us an angel warrior and we are grateful.

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September 15, 2006

VP of CAIR Tells Students " Jesus would have been a Muslim"

The Vice President of CAIR, Eric Meek, who told students, “If Jesus were here, he’d be a Muslim” at the University of North Texas. It was the Saudi-Wahhabi front group known as the Muslim Student Association that held an event.

In the spirit of promoting understanding across religious denomination lines, the Muslim Student Association hosted a lecture clarifying some of its religious beliefs.

“Christ in Islam,” held at 4 p. m. Wednesday in Wooten Hall, aimed to show NT students that contrary to popular opinion, Muslim beliefs could align to Christian ones, event organizers said.

Eric Meek, NT alumnus and vice president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, was invited to speak to students on Islamic beliefs, especially those relating to Jesus Christ. “I think education will help everyone,” Meek said.

Meek, a self-proclaimed Muslim for the past 16 years, said his interest in Islam began when he was studying to become a Baptist preacher. He said he began wondering if Muslims were “confused Christians” or whether Christians were the ones who were confused. Meek said he was unsure of how to confirm his beliefs. “I started from the prospective that I wanted to study the Bible to convince people that it’s true,” he said.

As he started studying the history of the text, he said he began doubting the truth of the Bible. Meek said he compared the two religions and decided on Islam. “It’s more compelling, more attractive to me,” he said.

He now works as the president of the Islamic Association in Lewisville and said he enjoys speaking on the topic of religion. “Islam is totally more convincing,” he said.

Muslims affirm that all people are born Muslim, and they can either choose to embrace the teachings of their creator, Allah, or convert to a different religion, Meek said.

“If Jesus were here, he’d be a Muslim, and he’d say what I’m saying,” he said.

Wild Thing's comments.......

OK listen up you Muslims that read this blog everyday. Your Allah was nothing but a moon god. Got that? !
And your Mohammad = terrorist, rapist, pervert, pedophile etc.

From what Meeks said, it sure shows how desperte Muslims are to try and enlist people in their cult.

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Robert DeNiro on Terrorists

This is so funny!

Robert De Niro playing Craig Fenson, a Homeland Security spokeman on Saturday Night Live.

On the lookout for suspected gas terrorist Hous Bin Pharteen.

Click HERE for Robert DeNiro VIDEO

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The Best Military In The World!

This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helo rescue mission. The pilot is a PA Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life.

Can you imagine just how many people in this world could set the ass end of a chopper down on the roof top of a shack on a steep mountain cliff and hold it there while soldiers load wounded men in the rear??? Our Troops ROCK!

It gives me the chills, I love it! God Bless our military!!!!!

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National POW/MIA Recognition Day~Sept. 15th

National POW/MIA Recognition Day, 2006

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

As a Nation, we look to our service men and women as examples of courage and sacrifice. When our country and the world have needed brave Americans to advance the cause of freedom, our men and women in uniform have proudly stepped forward and selflessly endured hardships to defend liberty. We are grateful to all who have served, and on National POW/MIA Recognition Day, we give special honor to the extraordinary patriots who have been prisoners of war and to those who are still missing in action. We take inspiration from their valor and loyalty and will not rest until we have accounted for them all.

On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, the National League of Families POW/MIA flag is flown over the White House, the Capitol, the Departments of State, Defense, and Veterans Affairs, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, World War II Memorial, U.S. military installations, national cemeteries, and other locations across our country. The POW/MIA flag is a symbol of our Nation's resolve never to forget the service and great sacrifice of the heroes who have carried out liberty's urgent and noble mission, even at the cost of their own freedom. On this day, we express our deep appreciation to each of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and our enduring commitment to achieve the fullest possible accounting for all of our men and women in uniform who have been prisoners of war or are missing in action.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States do hereby proclaim Friday, September 15, 2006, as National POW/MIA Recognition Day. I call upon the people of the United States to join me in paying solemn tribute to all former American prisoners of war and those missing in action who valiantly served our great country. I call upon Federal, State, and local government officials and private organizations to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-first.


Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace, U. S. Marine Corps, will host the Pentagon ceremony for National POW/MIA Recognition Day at the Mall Entrance Parade Field on Friday, Sept. 15, 2006, at 11 a.m. EDT. Congressman Rob Simmons, Chairman of the Homeland Security Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment subcommittee, will be the guest speaker

Louis T. Dechert,
National President, KWVA/US

Wild Thing's comment......

According to a July 13, 2005 DPMO report, the total number of remains that had not been accounted for totaled 8,114. Still a long way to go. Meanwhile, the families wait!

You are invited to visit my POW MIA page at my website. You can also click on each of the names on that page to read about them. Turn up the volume if you lilke as well.

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Swift Boat Leader Responds to Kerry

Swift Boat Leader Responds to Kerry
Human Events

John Kerry recently volunteered that he was prepared to “kick [the Swift Boat Veterans’] ass from one end of America to the other” and that he would “demolish” us. He ought to take a Christmas cruise to Cambodia to calm down. Maybe he could take a side trip to tour “Genghis Khan” ruins.

It is a little difficult to imagine Kerry (“I voted for it before I voted against it”) kicking the most decorated living serviceman, Bud Day, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, or our salty commander, Adm. Roy Hoffman, anywhere. Perhaps Kerry had in mind using a “Rice Fanny Grenade” as he did by mistake on himself shortly before leaving Vietnam. If so, based on the record, he is in far more danger than anyone else.

Kerry and his friends certainly seem to show much greater anger and hatred toward us than toward the murderous al Qaeda terrorists. This is actually a positive thing. Based on his record of switching to adopt the North Vietnamese position in 1971 and (after voting to send our kids to Iraq) proposing to cut and run in Iraq, it is likely that Kerry will be endorsing our positions by 2008 and (in his words) “Swift Boating” himself. If not, it is OK. After living for 34 years with his claim that our comrades, living and dead, were like the army of Genghis Khan, we will always remember and be grateful for the support of the American people in 2004. Nothing he will ever say can demolish that or will speak nearly so loudly.

Mr. O'Neill is a Houston attorney who clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist during the Supreme Court's October 1974 term. He authored the New York Times No. 1 bestseller, "Unfit for Command" in 2004.

Wild Thing's comment......

John O'Neill has my undying admiration. Words cannot express the gratitude that should be given to the Swiftees.

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Coward's In Our Senate Favor Terrorists Over Doing What Has To Be Done

Senators Defy Bush On Terror Measure
Washington Post

A Senate committee rebuffed the personal entreaties of President Bush yesterday, rejecting his proposed strategies for interrogating and trying enemy combatants and approving alternative legislation that he has strenuously opposed.

The bipartisan vote sets up a legislative showdown on an issue that GOP strategists had hoped would unite their party and serve as a cudgel against Democrats in the Nov. 7 elections. Instead, Bush and congressional Republican leaders are at loggerheads with a dissident group led by Sen. John McCain (R), who says the president's approach would jeopardize the safety of U.S. troops and intelligence operatives.

Despite heavy lobbying by Bush, who visited the Capitol yesterday, and Vice President Cheney, who was there Tuesday, McCain and his allies held fast. Even former secretary of state Colin L. Powell weighed in on McCain's side.

Moments after the Armed Services Committee voted 15 to 9 to endorse McCain's alternative bill, the Arizona senator lashed out at CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, who had also lobbied lawmakers personally.

McCain told reporters that Hayden wants Congress to give the CIA a virtually free hand to treat detainees as it wishes so that he and his agents will be immunized against accusations of unlawful conduct. "He's trying to protect his reputation at the risk of America's reputation," McCain said. The senator noted that other nations would be more likely to abuse U.S. captives if Americans appeared to sanction such conduct.

Complete article HERE

Wild Thing's comment......

My blood is boiling about this! God help any RHINO or Dem. that comes within 500 feet of me right now. LOCK and LOAD!

This is totally MADDNESS!! If someone finds the America I know and love please let me know!! Do RHINO's multiply faster then true Conservatives? Do MRI's need to be done on every politician to see if they have a freakin brain????

Are people from the Democrat (socialist, communist, cowards, kiss ass to terrorists) party registering as Republican's..........then running for office as fakes as a plan to destroy America????

And check this out too at Hot Air



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Next Time We'll Know Not To Take Prisoners

US Outraged As Pakistan Frees Taliban Fighters

Pakistan's credibility as a leading ally in the war on terrorism was called into question last night when it emerged that President Pervez Musharraf's government had authorised the release from jail of thousands of Taliban fighters caught fighting coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Five years after American-led coalition forces overthrew the Taliban during Operation Enduring Freedom, United States officials have been horrified to discover that thousands of foreign fighters detained by Pakistan after fleeing the battleground in Afghanistan have been quietly released and allowed to return to their home countries.

Pakistani lawyers acting for the militants claim they have freed 2,500 foreigners who were originally held on suspicion of having links to al-Qa'eda or the Taliban over the past four years.

The mass release of the prisoners has provoked a stern rebuke to the Musharraf regime from the American government. "We have repeatedly warned Pakistan over arresting and then releasing suspects," said a US diplomat in Islamabad. "We are monitoring their response with great concern."

The Daily Telegraph tracked down and interviewed several former fighters who were part of a batch of eight foreign prisoners released last month. Burhan Ahmad, a 32-year-old Bangladeshi who has an American degree in engineering, admitted helping the Taliban against US-led forces in Afghanistan five years ago.

He was arrested by Pakistani security agents as he passed back over the frontier in 2003. Last month he was released from jail, where he spent three years without facing trial.

Like thousands of other Taliban and al-Qa'eda suspects who have been rounded up in Pakistan, Ahmad is now being fed and sheltered by an Islamic welfare group as he waits while a travel agency that specialises in repatriating jihadis prepares his identity papers and air ticket.

He was handed over to the al-Khidmat Foundation, a welfare organisation run by the hard-line Islamist party Jamaat-i-Islami, by a local court in Peshawar.

"I was arrested on the very same day that I arrived in Pakistan as I crossed from Khost to South Waziristan," said Ahmad who then spent 28 months in the custody of one of Pakistan's intelligence agencies before being transferred to a jail where he was imprisoned for three months. "The situation has become too difficult in Afghanistan and so I wanted to go home. I felt I had played my part."

In the hands of al-Khidmat Ahmad was more concerned with worldly goods than attaining a martyr's end in jihad. He produced a list of his personal items that he wanted back from the security agency: socks, a laptop, a thermal vest and some money.

His lawyer, Fida Gul, said:

"He is no problem. He will go to Bangladesh. He is not a criminal and he has been cleared by the security forces. His arrest was illegal."

One of those who spoke to this newspaper was a young Tajik who entered Pakistan last year to study, he claimed, at a madrassa in Peshawar. He was shot in the side by Pakistani police as he tried to escape when the madrassa was raided.

A third former prisoner, a 37-year-old Algerian, had come to fight the Russian-backed government in Afghanistan in the early 1990s. He married a Pakistani woman and claimed to have settled down and worked in the honey business when he was arrested last year.

"I am going home to Algeria as I want to take advantage of an amnesty offered by the government," he said. "I know I will be arrested on arrival and interrogated as this happened to several of my Algerian brothers. But then I will be released as I have done nothing wrong."

On the question of whether released militants would return to jihad, Hazrat Aman, a field officer of the al-Khidmat Foundation, said: "If they react like that it is a natural phenomenon. Some of these people spent two to three years in jail. Some of them will live peacefully and others will join jihad again."

Wild Thing's comment.......
Between this and our Senate fools, I hope our troops just forget about taking any prisoners and......well you know. Kill the bad guys right off the bat instead.

" His lawyer, Fida Gul, said: "He is no problem. He will go to Bangladesh. He is not a criminal and he has been cleared by the security forces. His arrest was illegal."

The only thing worse than a criminal defense lawyer is an Islamic criminal defense lawyer.

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September 14, 2006

Hyde Tells The Dems Off and I love it!

Hyde Comments on Democratic Attack on the President’s Foreign Policy


U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IL), Chairman of the House Committee on International Relations, released the following statement after Democratic lawmakers and former Carter and Clinton administration officials criticized President Bush’s policies in the Middle East:

It strains the limit of humor to hear the foreign policy elite of the Democratic Party attempt to blame George W. Bush for enabling Iran to become a global menace. For it was a Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, who presided over the seizure of power in Tehran by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, with a mixture of ineptitude and admiration. And it was Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who oversaw this disastrous foreign policy.

Instead of the improved relations the Carter Administration predicted, the Iranians seized our diplomats, who were forced to endure 444 days of captivity. They were only released after the Carter Administration negotiated a considerable ransom, when Ronald Reagan was about to be inaugurated.

When the next Democratic Administration took office, the pattern continued. Secretary of State Albright appeared at a pro-Iranian banquet to apologize for past American behavior, proposing "better relations." But the Iranians, who declared us their mortal enemies upon seizing power, would have none of it. Indeed, as the world knows all too well, the secret Iranian nuclear program was in full force during the Clinton years, as was Iranian support for Hezbollah and al-Qaeda terrorists.

Under the Bush Administration, in contrast, the world community is now mobilized to put an end to the Iranian nuclear program, and this country is finally on record in support of the Iranian people's legitimate desire to be free. The Democrats sought an accommodation with the Iranian tyrants, while President Bush is moving to spread freedom. When it comes to foreign policy, at least the Democrats have the virtue of consistency. Unfortunately, they have been consistently wrong for as long as I can remember.

Wild Thing's comment.....

This is SO good! Really hitting back against the Dems and their weak policies. Good for Chairman Hyde for giving condemnation where condemnation is due!

The Democrats are the enemy within. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for the enemy.

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Stop The ACLU Blogburst

ACLU Claims Victory: Attorneys Not Required to Sign Terrorism Oaths

Crossposted from: Stop The ACLU


Today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that attorneys seeking to represent indigent clients are no longer required to sign documents swearing that they are not terrorists and have no involvement with terrorist groups. The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio had challenged the provision, which is part of the Ohio Patriot Act, calling the requirement unnecessary red tape that will do nothing to prevent terrorism. "We are pleased the court recognized that attorneys should not be forced to sign these ineffective and offensive pledges," said ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link. "The Ohio Patriot Act is an assault on the fundamental liberties of all Ohioans. Hopefully, this decision is a stepping stone to reining in this overreaching and flawed law."

I have only one question here. Why does the ACLU of Ohio have a problem giving an oath that they are not terrorists and are not involved with terrorist groups? What the law is attempting to do is ensure people have not supported terrorist organizations.

The law requires applicants under final consideration for a government job, contract or license to complete and sign questionnaires to determine if they have supported organizations on a federal list of terrorists.

Actually this isn't suprising.

In October of 2004, the ACLU turned down $1.15 million in funding from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations because they objected to promising that none of the funds would be used to engage in any activity that promotes violence, terrorism, bigotry, or the destruction of any state. They got the provision scrapped after a long and vigorous fight, then accepted the funds.

The American Civil Liberties Union and 12 other national non-profit organizations today said they have successfully challenged Office of Personnel Management's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) requirements that all participating charities check their employees and expenditures against several government watch lists for "terrorist activities" and that organizations certify that they do not contribute funds to organizations on those lists.

So what was it in this that the ACLU objected to? Here's what the CFC letter said.

"I certify that as of (date), the organization in this application does not knowingly employ individuals or contribute funds to organizations found on the following terrorist related lists promulgated by the U.S. Government, the United Nations, or the European Union. Presently these lists include the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals List, the Department of Justice's Terrorist Exclusion List, and the list annexed to Executive Order 13224. Should any change of circumstances occur during the year OPM will be notified within 15 days of such change."

Obviously the ACLU had a problem ensuring the exlusion of terrorists from its funds and employment. What a shame.

It isn't difficult to understand why the ACLU would object to such terms, after all they have defended numerous terrorists, including an individual that participated in a 15-year conspiracy to finance the group Hamas, laundering millions of dollars, some of which went to buy weapons. With the help of CAIR, they also defended an admitted agent of Al Qaeda that has confessed to attending jihad camps in Afghanistan, and is being charged with lying to the FBI about his terror ties and activities. Palestinian terrorists have also found a friend in the ACLU.

I don't see what the problem is. The State doesn't want its money going to individuals that might support terror. What problem does the ACLU have with not supporting terror? Why don't they just come out and say that they do support it? What is absurd is that no one is investigating the ACLU for terror ties. Start out with one or two of its employees, and go from there.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at or Gribbit at You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 blogs already onboard.

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Blair Attacks Europe's "Mad Anti-Americans"

LONDON (Reuters Yahoo News) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair launched a withering attack on Thursday on what he called "mad anti-Americanism" among European politicians.

Blair, U.S. President George W. Bush's closest ally in the so-called war on terror, said the world urgently needs the United States to help tackle the globe's most pressing problems.

"The danger is if they decide to pull up the drawbridge and disengage. We need them involved," Blair said, spelling out his political vision in a pamphlet published by The Foreign Policy Center think-tank.
"The strain of, frankly, anti-American feeling in parts of European politics is madness when set against the long-term interests of the world we believe in," he said.

Blair, accused by critics of being Bush's poodle who slavishly follows Washington's line, sought to stifle a revolt in his ruling Labour Party last week by promising to quit within a year after almost 10 years in office.

His popularity has tumbled in opinion polls after government scandals over sleaze and mismanagement were compounded by controversy over the wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

As he did during the Iraq War, he sided squarely with Washington over the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas, angering Arab nations and European allies by refusing to call for an immediate ceasefire.

Responding to those who have criticized the White House, Blair said in his pamphlet:

"The danger with America today is not that they are too much involved."
"We want them engaged. The reality is that none of the problems that press in on us can be resolved or even contemplated without them," he added.

Laying out his vision for countering extremists, he said:

"We need to construct an alliance of moderation that paints a future in which Muslim, Jew and Christian, Arab and Western, wealthy and developing nations can make progress in peace and harmony with each other."

Blair, returning from a trip to the Middle East, said the stand-off between Israel and the Palestinians remains "a -- perhaps the -- genuine source of anger in the Arab and Muslim world, going far beyond anti-Western feeling."

"The issue of even-handedness rankles deeply," he acknowledged.
Blair pledged to making Middle East "an absolute priority for the rest of my time in office."

Wild Thing's comment.......

Blair did great as he spoke out about the anti-Americanism in Europe. That's something that should be attacked. But the more dangerous one is the anti-Americanism in America.

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Good Example From The Past Of Dems Hate For Our Military

Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, takes the floor on November 18, 2005 to say "cowards cut and run, Marines Never Do", and then the floor and the Dems went ballistic.

Never Forget

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September 13, 2006

This is your chance to raise your voice and be heard!

The fifth anniversary of September 11 has come and gone. Many of us relived the horror of that day 5 years ago when 2,996 people were slaughtered in the name of the death cult known as islam. We vowed never to forget.

We should include the first attack on the World Trade Center in that same vow, we should never forget.

A rare and unique opportunity is here now, for America to help punish the enemy amongst us who aided and abetted the islamic terrorists responsible for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

Please, pick up your pen now, while the horror of five years ago is fresh in your mind. Pick up your pen and help lock up those amongst us who would aid terrorists in their quest to destroy us.

Please, pick up your pen and help send a message that America will not tolerate traitors amongst us! If you think you can't make a difference, you can! If you think you can't help punish those who would plot with our enemies against us, you can. But you have to do it now.


Throughout her legal career, Lynne Stewart has represented terrorists, both domestic and international. From the notorious Weatherman of the 1960s to the islamic terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in the 1990s, Lynne Stewart has made a career out of representing and supporting those who are sworn to destroy our Country.

On February 10, 2005, Lynne Stewart was convicted of helping terrorists by smuggling messages of violence from one of her imprisoned clients -- a radical Egyptian sheik -- to his terrorist disciples on the outside.

Lynne Stewart was convicted of providing material support, through a press conference and allowing access by her translator, to a terrorist conspiracy to kill persons outside of the United States and conspiring to defraud the U.S. government when acting as counsel to Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who was convicted in 1996 of plotting terrorist attacks against various sites in the New York City area. Finally caught in the snares of justice, Lynne Stewart is now facing sentencing for her crimes, and your help is needed to be sure she receives the maximum sentence allowable by law.

Lynn was recorded bragging about her skills as an actress which she used to fool the prison guards into believing she was a lawyer instead of a terrorist, saying, "I can get an award for it" which was translated to the Sheikh: "She is saying, Your Eminence, that she can get an award for acting (all three laugh).

"The September 11 terrorist attacks on America were an "armed struggle" like Hiroshima and Dresden. I have a lot of trouble figuring out why that is wrong, especially when people are placed in a position of having no other way."
Lynne Stewart
"I don't have any problem with Mao or Stalin or the Vietnamese leaders or certainly Fidel locking up people they see as dangerous. Because so often, dissidence has been used by the greater powers to undermine a people's revolution."
Lynne Stewart

"I don’t believe in anarchistic violence, but in directed violence. That would be violence directed at the institutions which perpetuate capitalism, racism, and sexism, and the people who are the appointed guardians of those institutions, and accompanied by popular support."

Lynne Stewart



The sentencing is now set for October 16, 2006 and we can help lock Lynne up for life by writing the Judge and asking him to show no leniency to Lynne Stewart for her crimes and asking him to impose the maximum sentence allowed for plotting with terrorists.


The Judge's address is:

Honorable John G. Koeltl United States District Judge Southern District of New York United States Courthouse 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007

Tell the Judge why you believe she should be made an example of, and not given any leniency whatsoever. Feel free to remind the Judge of who she is by using the quotes above.

Send a copy of your letter to the lawyers who prosecuted Lynn, so they can present them all to the Judge at sentencing time, they will have the maximum impact as he considers the matter:

Joseph E. Bianco, Esq. Christopher T. Morvillo, Esq. Assistant United States Attorneys Southern District of New York United States Attorney's Office One St. Andrews Plaza New York, NY 10007

Wild Thing's comment.....

This woman is evil, pure evil from the pits of hell. She needs to be sent back where she came from, I pray that Justice will be done, that being the ultimate punishment if possible. If not the death penalty then at least lock her up, throw away the key.

* Something....and Half of Something

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Rosie O’Donnell Says Radical Christians Just as Bad as Radical Islam

God Help Us That People Like This Exist!

Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Radical Christianity is Just as Threatening as Radical Islam’

Full story at NewsBusters

Wild Thing's comment......

Rosie O'Donnell says "radical" Christians in America are just as much of a threat as the followers of radical Islam who piloted hijacked jetliners into New York's Twin Towers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. This is freaking unbeliveable to be not only this stupid! DAMN HER! And her other comments too that we "INvaded" two countries. FUCK this BItch!

And of course Barbara Walters says nothing but then why would she. Barbara Walters said the day after 9-11 that she would NOT wear a Flag pin because it would be taking sides.

* Mary Katharine Ham at Townhall

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Paroled TWA Hijacker Returns to Lebanon and Hezbollah

Mohammed Ali Hamadi, circa 2005

Terrorist Ali Hamadi Rejoins Hezbollah Following Release From Prison

WASHINGTON — One of the most infamous terrorists of the 1980s has rejoined Hezbollah following his release from a German prison and deportation to his native Lebanon in December 2005, a senior Bush administration official told FOX News.

Mohammed Ali Hamadi was released despite strong U.S. objections, FOX News learned. Those objections were raised in phone calls to German authorities by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller, as well as by top-level State Department and administration counter-terrorism officials.

"The Germans ignored us and didn't give us enough time to pursue it through legal action," an official told FOX News on the condition of anonymity. "They gave us very short notice."

U.S. officials said they "can't rule out" the possibility that Germany deported Hamadi, after he had served 19 years of a life sentence, in exchange for the release of Susanne Osthoff, a German archeologist taken hostage in Iraq and freed four days after Hamadi's deportation. German authorities have denied any such deal was made.

In June 1985, Hamadi was one of four Islamic militants who commandeered TWA Flight 847 — en route from Athens to Rome — and hijacked it to Beirut. The ensuing hostage ordeal lasted 17 days, with the plane shuttling among various Mediterranean airports.

On the second day of the hijacking, Hamadi and his accomplices learned that U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was on board. Hamadi and his co-conspirators beat Stethem unconscious, then shot him to death and dumped his body on the tarmac of the Beirut airport. The hijackers later escaped.

In 1987, Hamadi was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany, for carrying explosives in his bag at the airport. He was convicted both on that charge and of Stethem's murder and sentenced to life in prison. Late last year he was paroled by the German authorities and deported to Lebanon.

On Dec. 21, 2005, shortly after Hamadi's return to Lebanon, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters:

"I think what I can assure anybody who's listening, including Mr. Hamadi, is that we will track him down, we will find him and we will bring him to justice in the United States for what he's done."
"We will make every effort, working with the Lebanese authorities or whomever else, to see that he faces trial for the murder of Mr. Stethem."

September 12th 2006 , a press briefing Tuesday, State Department spokesperson Tom Casey confirmed that contact had been made with the Lebanese government regarding Hamadi, and that the case remains active.

"The United States still believes that he and anyone else who is responsible for such heinous acts should face justice," Casey said. "And we do continue to wish to see him be brought to the United States to face trial here."

Hamadi's alleged accomplices — Hassan Izz-Al-Din, Ali Atwa and Imad Mughniyeh — were never captured.

Mughniyeh is also believed to be responsible for the 1983 barracks bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines in Lebanon and for the 1984 torture and murder of William Buckley, the CIA Station Chief in Beirut.

Mughniyeh, who is believed to have undergone extensive plastic surgery to make himself unrecognizable, has been described in the media as "probably the world's most wanted outlaw."

Upon hearing news of Hamadi's release in 2005, Stethem's family members said they would keep pressuring the U.S. government to seek extradition from Lebanon.

"We'll be after him," Stethem's mother, Patricia, said of Hamadi. "We won't let it rest."

Wild Thing's comment....
We all knew this would happen, it was just a matter of time for him to rejoin the Hezbollah after his release from Germany. UGH!

We should kill any terrorist we find, immediately. Meanwhile, the media and the Democrats want to treat the terrorists as if they were just guilty of vehicular homicide, car theft, DUI, or perjury. People too dumb to understand what it will mean if a terrorist organization plants a nuclear device in NYC or DC, or detonates one in the air over the United States, or plants a biological weapon on the subway, etc. The media and the Democrats act like they are allies of the terrorists. Maybe they are.

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China Looks to the Middle East

China Looks to the Middle East--Beijing's evolving bid to become a superpower

In late July, Qiushi, a state-controlled publication and recognized mouthpiece of the ruling Chinese communist party, released an essay stating that China should strengthen its military to safeguard against “instability and threats to national security.”

More important for China’s neighbors, the essay said, “At present, the political and military environment on China’s periphery is quite complex, and unpredictable factors are clearly rising.”

The Pentagon’s most recent Quadrennial Defense Review, a military forecast delivered to Congress, confirmed Beijing’s change in thinking, saying....

“China’s military modernization has taken on an “extra-regional” capability, which will allow Beijing to project military power far beyond its immediate perimeter.”

As China’s needs have evolved, so too has its foreign policy. Although still critical to Beijing, the country’s foreign policy is no longer based entirely on Taiwan reunification. Rather, Beijing’s foreign policy has become more complex and increasingly global in nature, driven primarily by the country’s insatiable need for energy to fuel its economic and military expansion.

With a 2.3 million-man standing army, the world’s largest, and a defense budget estimated to be US $90 billion by most Pentagon experts, China is rapidly positioning itself to address not only the unresolved issue of Taiwan, but also energy security issues located far beyond its borders in the Middle East. Today, 58% of China's oil imports come from the Middle East region. By 2015, that figure will stand at 70%.

A recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that by 2030, Chinese oil imports will equal imports by the U.S. Unless dramatic changes are made by Beijing in the areas of conservation, energy exploration and hybrid technologies, China’s future will rest beneath the sands of the Middle East.

Beijing recently increased its presence in energy-rich Iran, where a joint agreement was announced in July to develop the Khustan province, home to 90 percent of Iran’s strategic oil reserves and a border province with Iraq. In early August, Tehran announced a US$2.7 billion oil refinery deal with China’s state-controlled Sinopec that will help the Tehran regime expand its rationed gasoline supply. China has also increased its energy and defense relations with U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

Make no mistake; Chinese President Hu Jintao and the country’s communist leadership would like nothing more than to divest themselves entirely from Middle East energy and the uncomfortable dependence it creates. But like the US and its Western allies, Beijing remains heavily dependent on Middle East oil for its survival.

To address the issue of Middle East energy dependence, Beijing has agreed to cooperate with countries in Africa, North America and South America regarding production, exploration and pipeline projects. But in many cases, hopes for a quick remedy have been dashed, with state-owned energy conglomerates meeting organized resistance from local populations who view China as an energy “exploiter,” not energy “explorer.”

Indeed, the likelihood of a U.S.-China confrontation in the Middle East over energy is increasing. To meet this challenge, the Bush administration should broaden the ongoing “China threat” discussion to include more than just Taiwan. Previous statements by U.S. national security experts dismissing China as merely a “regional threat unable to project power beyond Asia,” are shortsighted.

In addition, the belief that economic empowerment alone will eventually force Beijing to embrace democratization, thus eliminating the growing China threat, is based on wishful thinking, not fact. Ironically, economic empowerment has had the opposite effect, giving Beijing a means to project economic, political and military influence well beyond Asia.

While recent U.S. naval exercises to improve rapid response capabilities in the Pacific are prudent at this time, they should be made in conjunction with an upgrade of Middle East military forces. Of course, selling this idea to the American public and Congress will be no easy task.

The development of a bifurcated China threat strategy focusing not only on the Pacific, but also on other areas such as the Middle East will require a revolution in U.S. foreign policy. Under such a scenario, China would be identified not only as a regional threat, but a global threat as well.

The Bush administration needs to revise its “Taiwan-centric” foreign policy strategy and identify other emerging threats to U.S. national security, namely, China’s increasing presence and influence in the volatile Middle East.

An emerging China presents profound challenges for the world. It is Washington’s responsibility to recognize this changing environment and prepare, otherwise, the result could be catastrophic for future generations of Americans.

Wild Thing's comment.....

During Clinton's reign of terror as President, he did everything he could to help China become a superpower. We can never forget that, I know I won't.
China needs to be watching like a hawk!

And there was always this from a past article in 2003:

Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat. The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China.

U.S. intelligence sources stated that the newly released documents illustrate the extent to which the Clinton White House placed trade – and trade with China specifically – above national security.

"In all likelihood we will be glowing in the dark before we discover the true extent of the Clinton decade of betrayal," stated Rick Fisher, Asian Security Fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

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September 12, 2006

Prisoners At Abu Ghraib Wishing Americans Were Back ~ LOL

Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib
By Ali Saber in Baghdad and Gethin Chamberlain

The notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad is at the centre of fresh abuse allegations just a week after it was handed over to Iraqi authorities, with claims that inmates are being tortured by their new captors.

Staff at the jail say the Iraqi authorities have moved dozens of terrorist suspects into Abu Ghraib from the controversial Interior Ministry detention centre in Jadriyah, where United States troops last year discovered 169 prisoners who had been tortured and starved.

An independent witness who went into Abu Ghraib this week told The Sunday Telegraph that screams were coming from the cell blocks housing the terrorist suspects. Prisoners released from the jail this week spoke of routine torture of terrorism suspects and on Wednesday, 27 prisoners were hanged in the first mass execution since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Conditions in the rest of the jail were grim, with an overwhelming stench of excrement, prisoners crammed into cells for all but 20 minutes a day, food rations cut to just rice and water and no air conditioning.

Some of the small number of prisoners who remained in the jail after the Americans left said they had pleaded to go with their departing captors, rather than be left in the hands of Iraqi guards.

"The Americans were better than the Iraqis. They treated us better," said Khalid Alaani, who was held on suspicion of involvement in Sunni terrorism.

Abu Ghraib became synonymous with abuse after shocking pictures were published in 2004 showing prisoners being tortured and humiliated, galvanising opposition to the US presence in Iraq.

The witness gained access to the prison just days after the Americans formally handed over control to the Iraqi authorities on Sept 1.

Inside the 100-yard long cell block the smell of excrement was overpowering. Four to six prisoners shared each of the 12ft by 15ft cells along either side and the walls were smeared with filth. The cell block was patrolled by guards who carried long batons and shouted angrily at the prisoners to stand up.

Access to the part of the prison containing terrorism suspects was denied, but from that block came the sound of screaming. The screaming continued for a long time.

"I am sure someone was being beaten, they were screaming like they were being hit," the witness reported. "I felt scared, I was asking what was happening in the terrorist section.
"I heard shouting, like someone had a hot iron on their body, screams. The officer said they were just screaming by themselves. I was hearing the screams throughout the visit."

The witness said that even in the thieves' section prisoners were being treated badly.

"Someone was shouting 'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back'," he said.

Prisoners interviewed in the presence of their jailers said they were frightened for their safety. They complained that chicken and milk had been cut from their rations, leaving them on rice and water. They also complained about the oppressive heat.

Outside the prison, relatives of some of the inmates said they were being tortured by their captors. One woman, who gave her name as Omsaad, said:

"My son Saad [who was arrested in Fallujah as a suspected insurgent] said he is being tortured by the Iraqis to confess the name of his leader. I met my son and he told me they were being treated badly by the Iraqis."

Haleem Aleulami, who was released from the jail last week, three weeks after being arrested in Ramadi for carrying a pistol in his car, said the Americans had treated him better when they ran the jail. He claimed that visits from the International Red Cross staff had dried up and accused local human rights workers of being members of Shia groups who turned a blind eye to problems in the jail.

"The people are Iraqis and they are members of the Sciri and al Dawa parties. They have a good relationship with the leaders of the jail and they keep quiet," he said. The guards swore at the ordinary prisoners, he said, but those in the terrorist section were treated more brutally.
"The guards were swearing at us, but in the terrorist section they were beating them. I heard it all the time. Everyone knows what is happening."

And Khalid Alaani, who was also picked up in Ramadi suspected of involvement in Sunni terrorism, said: "We preferred the Americans. We asked to move with them to Baghdad airport because we knew the treatment would be changed because we know what the Iraqis are. When the Americans left everything changed."

Staff at the jail said that the prisoners were allowed out from their cells for only 15 to 20 minutes a day because of the danger from the regular mortar attacks. They are no longer allowed access to the main hall where the Americans had allowed them to watch television and the room is now reserved for the use of officers and guards. Staff explained that the air conditioning in the cell blocks had broken, although it was working in their quarters.

One officer, Capt Ali Abdelzaher, said: "We have a problem with the financing for the food, not like the Americans, and there is a technical problem with the air conditioning."

Capt Abdelzaher also confirmed that a number of inmates had been transferred from the Jadriyah detention centre, along with their guards and interrogators.

Graphic stories of abuse at that previously secret facility emerged after US soldiers found 169 prisoners showing signs of torture last November.

Most of the prisoners held by the Americans at Abu Ghraib were either released in recent months or transferred to a new £32 million detention centre at Camp Cropper near Baghdad International Airport.

Wild Thing's comment..........

ROTFLMAO I love this, this will keep me laughing for years!!! Well cry me a river! Now who will Kofi Annan deride? Both sides are muslim, no evil Americanos involved. Hahahaha

Hey terroriosts............Careful what you ask for - you wanted the Americans out, well.........! Allah Aardvark.

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It's For The Children

On tank from a young age (Photo courtesy of Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)

Hizbullah trains thousands for children's suicide corps

Lebanese sources said Hizbullah has recruited more than 2,000 children to serve in its military wing. The youngsters are 10 to 15 years old and have received weapons and bomb training. The sources said the children are recruited at Hizbullah-sponsored schools and youth clubs in southern and eastern Lebanon. Fathers sign a waiver for their children to attend the Mahdi Scout camps and begin indoctrination and training. "They are literally sacrificed by their fathers.

Alongside weapons, rockets and explosives found by IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon, troops also discover booklets containing questions for children on terror group, its struggle. Goal: Conveying messages to youth, who will later become organization's future terrorists

Material collected by Israel Defense Forces soldiers in southern Lebanon – alongside the weapons, rockets and explosives – reveals a complex and rare picture of Hizbullah's contents and activities among children and youth, mainly in southern Lebanon villages which are considered its stronghold.

The kit was produced by the "aid authority for the Islamic resistance." Alongside the questions presented to the infants in southern Lebanon, there are also quizzes presented as a multiple-choice test. Alongside answers to questions like "the Risk game, Playstation or Atari," one can find answers like "Nissim Nasser, Samir Kuntar or Yahya Sahef" (the three prisoners which Hizbullah wants to see released).

Questionnaire for Hizbullah children (Photo courtesy of Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)

The document writers say that through a "simple" quiz, Hizbullah is assimilating its messages among the youth, in order to recruit its future terrorists. The quiz stresses a series of messages: The importance of the struggle against the Israeli enemy based on Hizbullah's "war heritage"; commemorating the Abbas Mussawi and suicide terrorist Asad Baru; the importance of the organization's political demands which legitimize its struggle against Israel and its refusal to disarm; and the demand to release prisoners, particularly Samir Kuntar, and "free the Shebaa Farms."

Wild Thing's comment......
Israeli soldiers take training in how to defuse bombs. Lebanese children take training in how to be bombs. So where are the UN and Amnesty international letters of outrage and condemnation??? Not a word!!

Islam is pure Satan. They do not love any living thing or being. I just cannot even imagine how a parent can want their child to be taught these things and also how they could ever want them to be suicide bombers.

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What Classic Movie Are You?

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by

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March of the Emporers

Remember the movie March of the Penquins?

Now there’s March of the Emporers......just CLICK HERE.

* And Rightly So

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Tribute to Our Troops

Great Pictures, Music is from Remember the Titans

This is a wonderful Tribute to our troops.

Please click HERE

Thank you John 5 (VN69/70)

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A Humvee Becomes A Tribute to Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason

( March 2, 2006)

Karla Comfort received a lot of looks and even some salutes from people when she drove from Benton, Ark., to Camp Pendleton, Calif., in her newly-painted, custom Hummer H3 March 2. The vehicle is adorned with the likeness of her son, 20-year-old Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason, and nine other Marines with F Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division who where all killed by the same improvised explosive device blast in Fallujah, Iraq, in December 2005.

For Karla Comfort, having the vehicle air brushed with the image of the 10 Marines was a way to pay homage to her hero and his fellow comrades who fell on Iraq's urban battlefield.

"I wanted to let people know (Marines) are doing their jobs honorably, and some of them die," said the 39-year-old from Portland, OR "I don't want people to forget the sacrifices that my son and the other Marines made."

Leading up to her son's death, Karla Comfort had received several letters from him prior to his return. He had been deployed for five months, and Comfort "worried everyday he was gone until she got the letters and found out the date he was coming home," she said.

Marines knocked on the front door of her home in Farmington, Mich., at 3 am with the dreadful news.

"I let my guard down when I found out he was coming home," she said. "There are times that I still cannot believe it happened. It's very hard to deal with."

Karla Comfort came up with the idea for the rolling memorial when she and her two other sons attended John's funeral in Portland, Ore.

"I saw a Vietnam (War) memorial on a car, and I said to my son Josh, 'we should do something like that for John,' she recalled. "He loved Hummers."

She purchased the vehicle in January and immediately took it to AirbrushGuy & Co. in Benton, Ark., where artist Robert Powell went to work on changing the plain, black vehicle into a decorative, mobile, art piece.

"I only had the vehicle for two days before we took it in," she joked.

Two hundred and fifty man-hours later, Powell had completed the vehicle. The custom job would have cost $25,000. Out of respect for Karla Comfort's loss and the sacrifices the Marines made, AirbrushGuy & Co. did it for free. Comfort only had to purchase the paint, which cost $3,000.

"I love it," she said. "I'm really impressed with it, and I think John would be happy with the vehicle. He would have a big smile on his face because he loved Hummers."

Karla Comfort gave Powell basic instructions on what to include in the paint job. But in addition to the image of her son in Dress Blues and the faces of the nine other Marines, there were several surprises. "He put a lot more on than I expected," she said. "I think my favorite part is the heaven scene."

On the left side of the vehicle, a detail of Marines are depicted carrying their fallen comrades through the clouds to their final resting place. The American flag drapes across the hood, the words, "Semper Fi" crown the front windshield and the spare tire cover carries the same Eagle Globe and Anchor design that her son had tattooed on his back.

"All the support I have been getting is wonderful," she said.

Karla Comfort decided to move back to her hometown of Portland, and making the cross-country trip from Arkansas was a way for her to share her son's story. It's also her way of coping with the loss.

"Along the way I got nothing but positive feedback from people," she said. "What got to me was when people would salute the guys (Marines). It's hard to look at his picture. I still cry and try to get used to the idea, but it's hard to grasp the idea that he's really gone."

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September 11, 2006

Magnificent Fire Chief's Last Call to Duty

This post will
stay at the top until after midnight of

September 11th

I joined the 2996 Call For Bloggers- to honor a victim of the September 11 attacks. I would like to share with you about a wonderful man and Hero.

Raymond Downey Deputy Chief Special Operations Command Laid to rest on May 20, 2002

After serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in the Middle East, Chief Downey was appointed to the FDNY on April 7, 1962.

Raymond M. Downey, as Deputy Chief for the Fire Department of the City of New York will always be the person recognized as the "Father" of modern Urban Search and Rescue techniques.

In March 1998, Chief Downey testified before Congress about the first attack on the World Trade Center. Requesting additional funding for Urban Search and Rescue, at that hearing he said:

…"We, the fire service, are no better prepared then we were back in 1995. Why? The training that has been given with federal funding is not being directed to the "first responder," and the lack of providing funding for the necessary equipment for these responders is directly related to the lack of our preparedness.

…The first responders, the firefighters...performed heroic actions only because they were able to be on the scene within minutes and were properly trained and equipped. "

In August of 2001, he was placed in charge of all SOC (Special Operations Command) operations - Rescue, Squad, Haz Mat and Marine - and promoted to Deputy Chief.

Chief Downey's phenomenal 39-year career with the FDNY was built upon success after success and rescue after rescue. Downey became one of the city's most decorated firefighters and achieved almost mythical status among them for his steely resolve in the face of disaster. Chief Downey received five individual medals for valor and 16 unit citations. Additionally, he was awarded the Administration Medal in 1995 for his efforts on the Bunker Gear Program and interim quartermaster system.

Among the elite rescue firefighters who served under him, Ray Downey was held in awe for his uncanny ability to arrive at a major disaster and size up the mayhem with little more than a glance. In a quiet voice, with no discussion, he would start doling out instructions and assignments and call for equipment no one had thought of. Somehow, miraculously, the chaos would transform itself into a smooth and orderly rescue operation.

That’s why his fellow New York City firefighters called him “God.”

Downey was sitting in his office at the Special Operation Division on Randalls Island, surrounded by photos and mementos of the World Trade Center and Oklahoman City bombings and a long ago blast at a plumbing supply store in Brooklyn.

He harkened back to a blaze he had fought when he was a new member of that big family. A woman had cried out as he and his comrades dashed into the flame and smoke.

"She said, 'You firemen are crazy. You're running in when we're all running out,'" Downey remembered.

He since had become the world's leading expert in responding to terrorist attacks. He spoke of his work as a member of the Gilmore Commission, a congressional advisory panel that last year issued a report called "Toward a National Strategy for Combating Terrorism." The group had briefed Vice President Cheney in May, recommending a greater priority on intelligence and preventing terrorist attacks before they occur.

Downey helped pioneer a national network of eight search and rescue teams under the federal Emergency Management Agency. Many of the members of the eight FEMA teams that searched for him were his trainees. And in his spare time, he traveled across the country preaching the need to prepare for terrorism.

Downey also helped teach some of his techniques to senior commanders of the Marine Corps and the Navy, running combat scenarios in high-rise buildings and sewers, some of them in the trade center neighborhood, in 1997.

"Unfortunately, it's not a question of if, but when the next one comes," he said.
“The general consensus in the current atmosphere is that the next war we fight will be in an urban area,” Downey told Newsday in 1997.

The commission was meeting as Downey sat in his office. He called them to explain he was occupied with the aftermath of an explosion triggered when two kids spilled some gasoline whose fumes were then ignited by the pilot light of a water heater in the basement of a hardware store.

Downey said he had arrived at the scene to find two firefighters dead in the street and a third one trapped. He had employed the same strategy as at Oklahoma City.

"Basically what I do is size it up," he said. "I find out where he was last seen and picture in my mind the force of the explosion."

The rescuers had reached the firefighter too late, and now there would be three funerals. The third found Downey wearing and hurting, but unshaken in his resolve.

"Everybody will just go back to work," he said. "They are aware of the dangers we get involved in, but they will go out the door again. It's just not going to stop them."

Even so, three funerals in two days seemed almost too much for even him to bear.

"We always say, hopefully, that's the end of it," Downey said.
"He approached a fire straight on," said Lee Ielpi, a recently retired firefighter from Rescue 2. "The easy thing to do would be to unscrew your head at a major incident. But he knew exactly what had to be done."

Downey also made frequent trips to Washington, serving on a congressional advisory panel on domestic terrorism and lobbying politicians to give local firefighters more money. In an interview with Newsday in 1997, Downey warned that the next war would be fought in an urban setting.

His knowledge of how buildings fall apart was so legendary that at national firefighting conferences, whole rooms would go quiet when he walked in.

"He was kind of like a rock star. He was idolized," said Hal Bruno, chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

In New York at 8:48 A.M., a Boeing 767 jetliner crashed into the North Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. A mission that was planned and carried out by followers of Islam.

The first plane had no sooner struck the World Trade Center on Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001, than Downey was on his way. Then, the second tower. Flames and smoke erupt from # 2 World Trade Center. As the second Boeing 767 jetliner crashes from left to right into the 110- story tower, heavy smoke was visible venting from several floors of #1 World Trade Center.

That morning there was more action than anyone could have foreseen or wanted. Downey's unit was among the first to be called in when the World Trade Center Towers were attacked. Downey went to lead his men. When the towers fell, he was leading the evacuation.

"He had been warning everyone of this for years," said Joe Allbaugh, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. For Downey, "it wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when."

Exactly what transpired is still not clear, but according to one version, Hatton and Brown were inside the first tower when it collapsed. This account has Downey moving up the tower and toward where he hoped some of those trapped could be rescued.

An Air Force F-16 banked overhead, the engine's roar echoing off the surviving buildings, a sound of power and impotence as the rescuers searched for life in the smoking ruins they call the pile.

Firefighters, cops, paramedics and construction workers labored together as they had after the first World Trade Center attack and the bombing at Oklahoma City, only the horror was magnified a thousand fold and the magnificent Fire Chief Ray Downey was not in command.

This time, Downey was himself one of the victims. He had, as always, been right there with his men, once again trying to will away the mortal danger.

"You say to yourself, 'Not me,'" he said three months earlier. "But, when the unexpected happens there's nothing you can do about it."

He paused.

"I guess that's the fate we all live with."

Chief Downey's body has not been found.

On Friday, October 22nd, 2004, the United States Marine Corps Chemical Biological Incident Response Force Command (CBIRF) dedicated their Training Facility in memory of Deputy Chief Raymond M. Downey. The dedication was at the CBIRF Training Facility in Stumpneck, Maryland.

Congress unanimously approved to name the Deer Park, Long Island, post office after New York Fire Chief Raymond Downey.

John Barbagallo worked in Rescue 2 with Downey…."He was the best fire officer I've ever known," Barbagallo said. "And when you have a good leader, you'd follow him into hell."
"He approached a fire straight on," said Lee Ielpi, a recently retired firefighter from Rescue 2. "The easy thing to do would be to unscrew your head at a major incident. But he knew exactly what had to be done."

To his five children - fire Lt. Chuck Downey of Commack, fire Capt. Joseph Downey of West Islip, Ray Downey Jr. of Babylon, Marie Tortorici of Deer Park and Kathy Ugalde of Deer Park….. Downey was a strict yet loving father who kept his work separate from his family life and encouraged them to channel their energy into sports. When they were growing up, Downey would sometimes work longer shifts just so he could make it to a son's wrestling match or a daughter's soccer game.

"He always had that Marine attitude - that tough exterior," said his son Ray, a physical-education teacher. "But once you got behind that, he really was a softie."

It may seem darkly ironic that a man who achieved international acclaim for his familiarity with rubbled disasters would himself die in one.

To his family and friends, it makes perfect sense. When a situation turned deadly, Downey would often order his men out just as he was running in.

Some things you learn about people only after they've gone. For the family of Raymond Downey, the manila folder was like that.

He never boasted about his accomplishments to his family, never reveled in the praise that seemed to follow him wherever he went.

Except for the manila folder he carried in his briefcase, that is. It was the only indulgence Downey allowed himself; He stuffed it with letters and accolades from a 39-year career and gave it a label in a small, tidy script: "That A Boys."

His wife, Rosalie, found the folder after Downey, 63, was lost in the World Trade Center attack. "He never complimented himself," she said. "He always just did what he had to do."

Sometimes, Rosalie Downey says, she still talks to her husband, a man she met more than 40 years ago when they flirted through a glass partition in a Manhattan bank. She asks him why he didn't stay out when he led other firefighters to safety that day.

But, she says, she knows better than that. "Then I tell myself, Ray would have never lived with himself."

OUR ANGEL By Kathy Downey Ugalde

On that dreadful day
We huddled in prayer
Hearts joined in sorrow
Pain difficult to bear

Our angels climbed up
As they helped others down
The towers may have fallen
Never touched the ground

They kept soaring up
To that heavenly cloud
Shining strength down on us
We are grateful & proud

So please say a prayer
As a tribute to those
Whose love never faltered
And eternally grows

Wild Thing's additional comment.............
One of my nephews is a firefighter in New York. He was there that morning, as all of them were. He lost 11 of his fellow firefighters including 2 Chiefs. I was honored to meet 4 of his friends that lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. They were in our home and they will never be forgotten, just as Chief Raymond M. Downey will never be forgotten.

And this is my tribute at my website, to all the lives lost that day when Islam rode into our world on planes destined to destroy us, but Islam did not know what Americans are about. They never will, but they do know our response to their evil....and that part I can smile about.

* Basil's Blog

* Big Dog's Blog

* Stop the ACLU

You can read Chief Raymond M. Downey's speech to the Federal Response to Domestic Terrorism Involving WMD Training for First Responders Witness Statement ...........

Federal Response to Domestic Terrorism Involving WMD Training for First Responders Witness Statement

By Chief Raymond M. Downey, SOC, FDNY, (New York, NY), 03/21/98

Good morning Mr. Chairman and committee members. My name is Ray Downey and I'm the Chief of Rescue Operations for the Fire Department in the City of New York. First I would like to thank you for holding this hearing today. The Fire Service greatly appreciates the fact that your committee has concerns regarding WMD. The fire service is greatly concerned being first responders that will eventually have to deal with the issues of WMD.

My intent today is to speak not only as a member of the FDNY, but for the entire Fire Service. I have had the unique experience to respond to incidents of WMD both as a first responder and as a federal asset that arrived on the scene some twelve hours after the incident. This is one of many concerns that the fire service has about the training and expectations of both the fire service and federal support that is being promised in the event of an incident involving WMD.

During the World Trade Center bombing I was on the scene immediately after the bombing had taken place. Unless you have been their; you cannot fully appreciate what firefighters face during an incident of WMD terrorism. The fire service has always been respected by the public for their immediate response capability to the calls of those in danger. With that response comes the dedication and fearless courage displayed by these firefighters. It wasn't any different at the World Trade Center. As a result of this terrorism incident, firefighters that operated at this incident still question what would have happened had that bomb been a "dirty" bomb. Would we take the same actions today, if a major bombilic, were to occur in our response district? Five years later, we are better prepared, have more knowledge about WMD, but still see many short falls in the area of First Responder capabilities for dealing with and mitigating incidents of WMD. The fear of Chemical or Biological terrorism is foremost in the minds of every firefigther. What we read and hear about regarding the nations preparations and training for these incidents does not go far enough.

During the World Trade Center bombing firefighters not only faced a difficult fire operation, but had to evacuate almost 50,000 occupants from the Trade Center complex. More than 500 victims were treated for various injuries, while another 600 responded to hospitals on their own. What would have happened if they had been contaminated by a chemical agent? In 1993 not a fire department in the United States could have handled an incident involving a chemical agent affecting this many victims. Can the fire service handle the same potential incident in 1998 after five years of additional preparation and training? The answer in most cases is a "NO". Why? Lack of sufficient funding and training for WMD.

Two years after the Oklahoma City bombing 9 Chief Gary Marrs of the Oklahoma Fire Department providing witness testimony stated that we, the fire service, are no better prepared than we were back in 1995. Why? The training that has been given with federal funding is not being directed to the "First responder", and the lack of providing funding for the necessary equipment for these responders is directly related to the lack of our preparedness, My experience of working for sixteen (16) days as the Operations Chief for the Urban Search and Rescue Teams in Oklahoma City only reinforces my feelings about the needs of the first responders. The Oklahoma City Fire Department has not received the real credit they deserve for the heroic actions they took during those first few hours before any help or support arrived from outside their jurisdiction. As was the case in the rescue effort during the World Trade Center bombing, the same results occurred during the Oklahoma City bombing. Not one victim in either incident died as a result of awaiting rescue by the firefighters after the bombing. The first responders, AKA, the firefighters in both cases performed these heroic actions only because they were able to-be on the scene within minutes and were properly trained and equipped. But, what if that bomb had an additional chemical agent dispersed with the explosion. Would the success rate been the same" Not likely. What would happen if it occurred today? Would we be prepared? Some fire departments have increased their capabilities, but the majority of the country is still not prepared for these type incidents.

In Atlanta the experience gained by the fire service after the bombing of the Family Planning Center, undoubtedly saved lives of firefighters and other emergency personnel that responded to the bombing of the Gay and Lesbian Nite Club. They had learned their lessons from the previous incidents. We have not had this opportunity when dealing with chemical, biological or nuclear terrorist incidents. What is it that the fire service needs to be prepared for these type incidents'? The preparation, training and equipment requirements should be approached from a bottom up planning process. Permit the first responders to get involved with the many various agencies at the Federal level that are preparing terrorism training programs that will ultimately affect them. This can be accomplished by reaching out to the first responder and finding out exactly what the needs of the fire service are. The federal government needs to provide assistance and funding, for training, detection equipment, personal protective equipment and mass decontamination capabilities. The realization by the federal government that the resources that they will supply to local jurisdictions during a WMD incident will be of support role and work under the direction of the local incident commander. If these goals can be reached the fire service will be much more capable of dealing with WMD incidents.

I want to thank you again for this opportunity to appear as a witness before you today and express to you on behalf of the entire fire service our sincere gratitude for the all the work and accomplishments that have benefited the fire service through your efforts. It is the first responder that will be facing the challenges that WMD presents, they are the ones that need the funding and assistance that the Federal Government can provide.

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Raw Footage of WTC on September 11th, 2001

The media won't do it. This is the unvarnished, undramatized truth of 9/11.

There is no sound with this video, it is raw footage.

Thank you Vinnie for sending this to me.

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September 10, 2006

The Clips From "The Path to 9/11" That Clinton Does Not Want You To See

View the ABC footage

that Bill Clinton

Does NOT want you to see

Please click HERE to go to the site that has the clips.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Draft dodger, commie, socialist, coward, murderer, chia pet hair Bill Clinton not only loathes our military, but America as well. He thinks we don't know these things about him. For him to get his blood pressure up about these clips is not only stupid but shows how he thinks of john Q. public.

We know he lies, he wagged his finger in our faces and told us all he did not have sex with that woman. Oh but that is not the only lie, he is unable to tell the truth about almost everything that comes out of his vile mouth.

He thinks if he keeps clips from being in a film that have to do with him and also his administration he will get off scott free. But why not, he never paid the price for any of his "gates" ( many crimes) except for his impeachment that was hard fought for but only a slap on the hand to him in his mind. He wears his impeachment like a badge of fake honor of how he was picked on my Republicans. waaa waaa waaa What a total asshole Clinton is and we were stuck with him for 8 freakin long years. Because there were enough idiots out there that also didn't care about having a draft dodger for President for one thing.

The Internet will see to it that millions see the banned segments regardless. They might as well go get angry at Al Gore, since he invented it. heh heh

Why my goodness look at this..... giggle you stinker Berger with your pockets full of documents. Berger forgot about the internet too.

Berger rejected four plans to kill or capture bin Laden....from 2004

President Clinton's national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger, rejected four plans to kill or capture Osama bin Laden, worrying once that if the plans failed and al Qaeda launched a counterattack, "we're blamed."
According to the September 11 commission's 567-page report, released Thursday, Mr. Berger was told in June 1999 that U.S. intelligence agents were confident about bin Laden's presence in a terrorist training camp called Tarnak Farms in Afghanistan.

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UK designers engage in blatant Jew-hatred

A UK-based group of design professionals has petitioned the organizers of an architecture exhibition in Venice to withdraw an Israeli entry, expressing "dismay and concern" that the prestigious event has agreed to host Israelis.

In the petition, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine (APJP) called on the organizers of Biennale Architettura, which begins Sunday and runs until November 19, to withdraw Israel's entry. They said, "We request that the Biennale committee consider withdrawing the Israeli entry as being provocative and counterproductive to the aims of the Biennale, and particularly distasteful in the context of the aftermath of an ugly and unnecessary war in neighboring Lebanon, and a continuing one-sided war in Gaza."

Wild Thing's comment......

Being anti-semitic is alive and well, unfortunately. Their evil people that feel like this and make me sick.

* Darleen's Place

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"Cut and Run"....The Rallying Cry Of The American Left

Kerry calls for Dems to rally around pulling troops out of Iraq

Boston Herald

Sen. John Kerry is calling on Democrats to rally around his plan to pull U.S. combat troops out of Iraq by next July and redeploy some to Afghanistan.

The Massachusetts Democrat gave a speech this morning at Boston’s Faneuil Hall.

On the eve of Congressional mid-term elections, Kerry says Democrats must propose a new direction to defeat terrorism.

He said Bush “pretends again and again” that Iraq is the central front on the war on terror, but Kerry said it isn’t and “never has been.”

Kerry says the military commitment in Iraq weakens the United States’ ability to respond to threats in Iran and Afghanistan.

Wild Thing's comment......

We are SO fortunate that this pompous buffoon is NOT Commander in Chief.

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September 09, 2006

Iranian President Applies for U.S. Visa

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has applied for a U.S. visa, according to State Department officials.

The fiery leader plans to attend the U.N. General Assembly meetings in New York later this month. Official says that the application, which was submitted last month, is going through the normal processing procedure.

Ahmadinejad is known for his controversial rhetoric. He has called the holocaust a "myth" and has stated that Israel will one day be destroyed. Jewish organizations have already begun planning protests to take place outside the U.N. Headquarters during Ahmadinejad's visit.

Because he is visiting for the U.N. meetings in late September, the application is being processed with the "U.N. Headquarters Agreement" in consideration, which allows for visits for government officials who want to visit the U.N. in New York.

The official advises that the application will be much like the one Ahmadinejad went through last year for his visa. His application will most probably be denied based on the travel restriction as an Iranian government official, but that should be waived, and he would then be allowed to come into the U.S. for the meeting, but probably with a limited 25-mile travel radius.

Wild Thing's comments............
"controversial rhetoric" that is what you call it? So Israel should be "wiped off the map" is controversial rhetoric, Claiming the Holucaust isnt real is controversial rhetoric?

Well God help us! Why don't we just let all these Islam freaks make the USA into their summer home. Sheesh!

Our government has allowed terrorists Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami to come here. You can see my other post on this HERE. And our tax dollars are going all out protecting him. Helicopters the whole bit so he is safe while he is here. Just damn!

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Photo's Our Awesome Troops

SOLDIERS PAUSE — U.S. Army soldiers from Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, pause at the end of a patrol near Wynot, Iraq. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)

Soldiers from the 542nd Medical Company fly a UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter to a medical evacuation point during a mission near Tal Afar, Iraq

An F-16 Fighting Falcon fires an AIM-9 missile off the coast of South Korea during a live-fire exercise August 18, 2006. The F-16 is assigned to the 80th Fighter Squadron at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Allen

ONBOARD USS ALABAMA (AFPN) -- Airmen with the 22nd and 23rd Special Tactics squadrons quickly descend from a helicopter rope onto the deck of this submarine in the Pacific Ocean during an exercise. The exercise tested special operations infiltration and rescue tactics. (U.S. Navy photo by Master Chief Petty Officer Daniel J. Niclas)

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Missing U.S. Air Force Major Jill Metzger FOUND

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2006 — Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger, who vanished Monday in Kyrgyzstan, has been found and now is back in Air Force control, ABC News has learned.

"We are elated to have Jill back with us," said Air Force spokesman Col. Scott Reese. Local police notified U.S. officials that she had been found at 1:15 a.m. local time in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Air Force officials say she was found alone and appears to have been beaten. Officials say she is "coherent," in "relatively good condition" and is talking to investigators. She is also undergoing medical evaluation.

Officials would not comment on the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and said the investigation is ongoing.

The news brought elation to Metzger's family.

"It's a dream come true. The most significant event of our lives," said Kelly Mayo, Metzger's father-in-law. Mayo said he has not spoken to Metzger yet, but believes she had been kidnapped and "whoever had her dropped her off on the side of the road."

Metzger vanished on Monday afternoon in Kyrgyzstan — a poor, predominantly Muslim country in Central Asia. Since shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, Kyrgyzstan has been home to a strategically important U.S. military base that supports operations in Afghanistan. The government is generally pro-American, and in recent years has experienced sporadic clashes with Islamic fundamentalists.

Just 10 days before deploying to Kyrgyzstan in April, Metzger married Air Force Capt. Josh Mayo. They had already bought tickets for a honeymoon in Jamaica later this month, he said.

"We were going to take Jet Skis out, have a couple of romantic dinners. It is very disappointing," said Mayo

Before her disappearance, Metzger was last seen out shopping with five others from the base. The group briefly separated inside a department store in the center of Bishkek, several miles from the base. They had agreed to meet a short time later, but Metzger never showed up.

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September 08, 2006

Democrats Are The Evil Among Us and Enemy Within

A furious Bill Clinton warned ABC that its mini-series “The Path to 9/11″ grossly misrepresents his pursuit of Osama bin Laden - and he is demanded the network “pull the drama” if changes aren’t made

Bill Clinton through his surrogates have demanded that ABC "correct all errors" in the docudrama or pull it from the air, charging that it is a "fictitious rewriting of history" regarding President Clinton's handling of the terrorist threat.

But Dick Morris claims that Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger, and the president himself "were both responsible for failing to catch or kill bin Laden on several different occasions."

From The Hollywood ReporterIn recent days, a rising chorus of critics have assailed "Path to 9/11" for offering an inaccurate depiction of pre-Sept. 11 behind-the-scenes politics. Former Clinton officials, including Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and National Security Adviser Samuel Berger have voiced their objections over scenes that cast their involvement in an unflattering light.

However, ABC left open the possibility that the scenes that have been criticized could still be removed from the miniseries, which will be subject to edit before air.

Sources said ABC already has made minor edits to the miniseries, toning down one particular scene involving Berger that was interpreted by some as suggesting he at one point opted to not order the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

OK and there is this..............

Washington, DC — Urging him to cancel the grossly inaccurate upcoming miniseries The Path to 9/11, the Senate Democratic Leadership today sent the following letter to Disney President and CEO Robert Iger. Disney’s subsidiary ABC erroneously claims the misleading miniseries is based on 9/11 Commission report and is planning to air it on September 10 and 11. Shockingly, the network is also planning to use the program as a teaching tool through Scholastic, potentially misinforming thousands of children about the most important event in recent American history.

The text of the letter, signed by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, and Senators Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, and Byron Dorgan, is below.

September 7, 2006

Mr. Robert A. Iger
President and CEO
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521

Dear Mr. Iger,

We write with serious concerns about the planned upcoming broadcast of The Path to 9/11 mini-series on September 10 and 11. Countless reports from experts on 9/11 who have viewed the program indicate numerous and serious inaccuracies that will undoubtedly serve to misinform the American people about the tragic events surrounding the terrible attacks of that day. Furthermore, the manner in which this program has been developed, funded, and advertised suggests a partisan bent unbecoming of a major company like Disney and a major and well respected news organization like ABC. We therefore urge you to cancel this broadcast to cease Disney’s plans to use it as a teaching tool in schools across America through Scholastic. Presenting such deeply flawed and factually inaccurate misinformation to the American public and to children would be a gross miscarriage of your corporate and civic responsibility to the law, to your shareholders, and to the nation.

The Communications Act of 1934 provides your network with a free broadcast license predicated on the fundamental understanding of your principle obligation to act as a trustee of the public airwaves in serving the public interest. Nowhere is this public interest obligation more apparent than in the duty of broadcasters to serve the civic needs of a democracy by promoting an open and accurate discussion of political ideas and events.

Disney and ABC claim this program to be based on the 9/11 Commission Report and are using that assertion as part of the promotional campaign for it. The 9/11 Commission is the most respected American authority on the 9/11 attacks, and association with it carries a special responsibility. Indeed, the very events themselves on 9/11, so tragic as they were, demand extreme care by any who attempt to use those events as part of an entertainment or educational program. To quote Steve McPhereson, president of ABC Entertainment, “When you take on the responsibility of telling the story behind such an important event, it is absolutely critical that you get it right.”

Unfortunately, it appears Disney and ABC got it totally wrong.

Despite claims by your network’s representatives that The Path to 9/11 is based on the report of the 9/11 Commission, 9/11 Commissioners themselves, as well as other experts on the issues, disagree.

Richard Ben-Veniste, speaking for himself and fellow 9/11 Commissioners who recently viewed the program, said, “As we were watching, we were trying to think how they could have misinterpreted the 9/11 Commission’s findings the way that they had.” [“9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased,” New York Times, September 6, 2006]

Richard Clarke, the former counter-terrorism czar, and a national security advisor to ABC has described the program as “deeply flawed” and said of the program’s depiction of a Clinton official hanging up on an intelligence agent, “It’s 180 degrees from what happened.” [“9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased,” New York Times, September 6, 2006]

Reports suggest that an FBI agent who worked on 9/11 and served as a consultant to ABC on this program quit halfway through because, “he thought they were making things up.” [MSNBC, September 7, 2006]

Even Thomas Kean, who serves as a paid consultant to the miniseries, has admitted that scenes in the film are fictionalized. [“9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased,” New York Times, September 6, 2006]
That Disney would seek to broadcast an admittedly and proven false recounting of the events of 9/11 raises serious questions about the motivations of its creators and those who approved the deeply flawed program. Finally, that Disney plans to air commercial-free a program that reportedly cost it $40 million to produce serves to add fuel to these concerns.

These concerns are made all the more pressing by the political leaning of and the public statements made by the writer/producer of this miniseries, Mr. Cyrus Nowrasteh, in promoting this miniseries across conservative blogs and talk shows.

Frankly, that ABC and Disney would consider airing a program that could be construed as right-wing political propaganda on such a grave and important event involving the security of our nation is a discredit both to the Disney brand and to the legacy of honesty built at ABC by honorable individuals from David Brinkley to Peter Jennings. Furthermore, that Disney would seek to use Scholastic to promote this misguided programming to American children as a substitute for factual information is a disgrace.

As 9/11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick said, “It is critically important to the safety of our nation that our citizens, and particularly our school children, understand what actually happened and why – so that we can proceed from a common understanding of what went wrong and act with unity to make our country safer.”

Should Disney allow this programming to proceed as planned, the factual record, millions of viewers, countless schoolchildren, and the reputation of Disney as a corporation worthy of the trust of the American people and the United States Congress will be deeply damaged. We urge you, after full consideration of the facts, to uphold your responsibilities as a respected member of American society and as a beneficiary of the free use of the public airwaves to cancel this factually inaccurate and deeply misguided program. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid

Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin

Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator Charles Schumer

Senator Byron Dorgan

Wild Thing's comment.......

The Senate Democratic leadership just threatened Disney's broadcast license. Not the use of the word "trustee" at the beginning of the letter and "trust" at the end. This is nothing less than an implicit threat that if Disney tries to meddle in the US elections on behalf of the Republicans, they will pay a very serious price when the Democrats get back in power, or even before.

This raises the stakes incredibly for Disney.

Reid is Senate Minority Leader, not Senate Democratic Leader ... why would he sign anything that way?

Apparently the mini series depicts Clinton as being too involved with the Monica scandal to act upon some key information about Bin Laden. Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Clinton was diddling while the country was in peril. As they age, the Clinton's become more and more pathetic.

From what I have read and heard the movie blames Bill Clinton and the Bush administration. Neither one escapes blame. But only the Clinton crew complains. Socialists aka the Democrats are power mad 24 hours per day.

Let's do some comparing shall we........... there are Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11!!!!! pdf file HERE

Not very smart for the dems to do this. It's totally against freedom of speech! Thus we have more proof just what low life’s the Democratic party is and how they do NOT want our country to have freedom of speech!!! Add that to they did not want the Patriot Act either.

As far as Sandy Berger it has already been proven he is guilty of things. According to the 9/11 Commission’s Report, Berger was involved in at least 4 occurrences of “failing to support” such requests.

OH and HERE is a wonderful (NOT) blog by our enemy within as they do their thing to get this film cut and cut and cut. It is called The Democratic Party, and this is one of their posts Keep Up the Pressure Open Thread.

Democrats really messed up now. BIG TIME! This will come back to bite them in the ass in November and also in the next Presidential election. No should want a political party that strip’s anyone of freedom of speech. The Democrats are truly the enemy within. Vote republican to maintain our rights to the freedom of speech!

Clinton should have handled this the way GWB handled Farhenheit 911-ignore it. Now people will be flocking to see "What Bill Clinton doesn't want you to see!" I hope the program gets a 40 share in the ratings.

do you remember how the Clinton's would silence people when Bill Clinton was President? Heck even before that! We could ask their victims about it but they are all dead. And that list is huge. Vince Foster do you hear me?

And this from the blog Texas Rainmaker.

"As to the argument that the Clinton administration didn’t pass on a chance to get bin Laden… Here are Clinton’s own words.
Mr. bin Laden used to live in Sudan. He was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991, then he went to Sudan. And we’d been hearing that the Sudanese wanted America to start meeting with them again.

They released him. At the time, 1996, he had committed no crime against America, so I did not bring him here, because we had no basis on which to hold him, though we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America."

Mary Katharine Ham at Townhall has some great updates and also links on this.

And Vilmar at Right Wing Howler has information on the film.

Others blogging about this:


* Darleen's Place ....take a look also at the great graphic Darleen has for this

* Villanious Company ....Cassandra has written an awesome post.

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Military News of our Troops

U.S. Army soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division perform patrol and reconnaissance while en route up a mountain to resupply Observation Post Warheight in the Kunar province of Afghanistan.

USAREUR forbids travel to Turkey without permission

Soldiers and employees of U.S. Army Europe have been forbidden to travel to Turkey unless given permission by high-ranking officials within the command, according to an order published Wednesday on the USAREUR Web site.

According to the posting, the order was issued due to a recent string of bombings and State Department warnings of further violence.

Soldiers would require permission from someone ranked lieutenant colonel or above, while civilians employed by USAREUR would require permission from someone ranked General Schedule-14 or higher.

“I wouldn’t say it’s unusual,” said Bruce Anderson, a spokesman for the Heidelberg, Germany-based command. “Our security people make constant evaluations of the situation in and around our theater and where our people are likely to go. We base that on a number of factors, and the State Department message plays a role in those.”

Anderson said he did not know when the order would be rescinded or how people within USAREUR would be informed if it is.

Turkey is a popular vacation destination that has many resorts along its Mediterranean and Aegean Sea coasts.

On Tuesday, a percussion bomb exploded next to the ruling AK Party’s offices in the western Turkish city of Izmir, but caused no injuries, the state news agency Anatolian reported. The bomb was left in a garbage container and shattered nearby windows in the major port city.

The U.S. Air Force has a base in Izmir.

Seven bombings occurred in the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Adana, Marmaris and Antalya between Aug. 25-28, injuring 60 or more people, including foreign tourists, and killing three Turkish nationals, according to the State Department.

The bombings were thought to have been carried out by allies or members of the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, which wants to create its own nation within southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

Air Force Gen. (Ret.) Joseph W. Ralston, the former commander of the U.S. European Command and supreme allied commander for NATO, was recently appointed by the State Department as a U.S. special envoy for countering the PKK.

Anderson said that soldiers and employees who travel to Turkey must know how to make contact with a U.S. Consulate in case of an emergency, as well as make contact with individual command. Supervisors are also required to be able to make contact with their subordinates who are traveling in Turkey, he said.

“Sometimes our soldiers and employees travel to other countries and don’t have their own force protection,” Anderson said. “Their security is the embassy. They need to know who can help them and know how to be able to contact those people and get help if they need it.”

Security tips

Here are some security measures travelers can take:

* Travel in small groups and vary movements;

* Always let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return;

* Try to be inconspicuous; don’t draw attention to yourself;

* Be aware of your surroundings;

* Avoid spontaneous gatherings or demonstrations;

* If you happen to come upon a demonstration, remain calm and disengage from the situation;

* Stay away from high-risk places (Department of State consular information sheets for each country provide information on high risk places);

* Know emergency numbers and potential safe areas;

* Carry a cell phone if possible;

* Keep vehicle in good working order and fuel tank at least half full;

* If there is an incident at your destination or any location on your itinerary inform your unit of your status as soon as possible.

Source: U.S. Army Europe Web site Stars and Strips

Wild Thing's comment.......

I am glad our military is taking this concern seriously in regards to Turkey. And a BIG thank you too to our 10th Mountain Division!

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:55 AM

Missing Air Force Officer Continues in Kyrgyzstan


WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2006 – U.S. Air Force special investigators and Kyrgyz authorities are continuing search efforts to locate an Air Force officer missing since Sept 5, officials said.

Maj. Jill Metzger, personnel chief at the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing, was last seen by a group of her coworkers at the Zum shopping center in the capital city of Bishkek.

“We will not rest until we find Major Metzger,” said Col. Joel “Scott” Reese, the wing’s commander. “She is an extremely valuable member of our warfighting team, and we are doing everything in our power to locate and return her to safety.”

Reese said Metzger is an exemplary officer. Her well-known attention to detail and passion for excellence make her absence strongly felt, he added.

A 22-member task force of U.S. special agents and their support crew are working closely with local authorities using every available means to find information concerning her whereabouts. The shopping center’s security tapes were helpful in directing investigators to which shops Metzger visited the night she disappeared. The city’s police force combed public transportation and hospitals and distributed flyers with her photo and physical description throughout the city.

Local media has joined the search by posting and publishing her picture, description and contact information for anyone who has a lead or tip.

“The local law enforcement agencies are giving us outstanding support in our time of need,” Reese said. “We are all committed to Major Metzger and her family and ask for continued thoughts and prayers from our world-wide Air Force family.”

(From a U.S. Central Command Air Forces Forward news release.)

And this from the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan
MANAS AIR BASE, Kyrgyzstan – A U.S. Airman from the 376 Air Expeditionary Wing was declared missing at a Bishkek shopping center Sept. 5 at between 4:15 and 5:15 p.m. local.

The servicemember was separated from the group from Manas Air Base in the Zum shopping center and has not been located.

The 376th AEW base officials are working with the U.S. Embassy and local officials to locate the servicemember as soon as possible. Anyone with information about the U.S. servicemember’s whereabouts should contact the Embassy’s security investigator at 551-241 x 4516.

The servicemember’s identity will not be released at this time.
Please refer all media queries to the 376 AEW Public Affairs office. Call x720-418 for English, 785-139 for Russian

UPDATE on information available

Published: September 7, 2006 Filed at 1:29 p.m. ET BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) --

A U.S. military spokeswoman said Thursday that nothing has been ruled out in the disappearance of an American servicewoman who vanished two days ago, even though the local police chief said she was not kidnapped.

Investigators continued their search for Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger, 33, who disappeared Tuesday after being separated from a group of servicemen while visiting a department store in Bishkek.

''I rule out the theory that the U.S. citizen may have been kidnapped,'' Interior Minister Murat Sutalinov told reporters. He said that police had received no demand for ransom.
However, Capt. Anna Carpenter, a spokeswoman for the U.S. military base in Kyrgyzstan where Metzger is stationed, said ''nothing has been ruled out.''

Interior Ministry spokesman Nurdin Jangarayev told The Associated Press that Metzger and another U.S. servicewoman were recorded on a security camera on Tuesday afternoon as they entered the TsUM department store in central Bishkek.

She separated from her companion three minutes later, he said. In the next three hours, two calls were placed to her cell phone but neither was answered; records show that the phone was in the area of Bishkek's bus station when one call was placed, but was in another neighborhood for a later call, Jangarayev said.

''This is worrying because it could mean that her phone was in someone else's hands or that she was unconscious and could not reply,'' he said.

The ministry, which oversees the police, is also trying to establish the holder of a phone she called about 45 minutes before she was last seen, he said. Police Chief Moldomusa Kongantiyev said Wednesday that Metzger had been expected to return to the United States by the weekend.

A statement from base officials said group of 22 U.S. military investigators and logistics officers along with Kyrgyz police are involved in the search for Metzger, who was stationed at an air base near Bishkek with the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing.

She was dressed in civilian clothes at the time of the disappearance, according to base officials. Carpenter said that ''there has been a lot of progress'' in the investigation but could not discuss details.

The Pentagon on Thursday formally declared Metzger missing, a status officially known as ''duty status whereabouts unknown,'' and disclosed that her normal duty station is Moody Air Force Base, Ga., as a member of the 347th Mission Support Squadron.

It said she was on temporary duty in Kyrgyzstan but offered no other details. Metzger's father, John, said in a telephone interview from his home in Henderson, N.C., that the family was waiting and praying.

''We've got a prayer chain all the way across the nation, and it's our hope that God will return her safely,'' he said.

In 2003, Jill Metzger was stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany when she won the women's division of the U.S. Air Force Marathon, The Henderson Daily Dispatch reported at the time. She was a member of the Air Force-Europe team. Metzger had run in every Air Force marathon since its inception seven years earlier, the newspaper said, and had run marathons in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Base officials announced new travel restrictions Thursday, barring all off-duty personnel from leaving the base until Metzger is found.

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200th QF-4 Drone delivered to Tyndall

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.— A QF-4 Drone in flight as it is tracked by a missile at Tyndall AFB, Fla. The drones are used as moving targets to test weapons. (Courtesy photo)

By 691st Armament Systems Squadron

Sep 7, 2006

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — One Eglin squadron plays a key role in keeping fighter pilots’ air-to-air warfighting skills sharp by providing them real aircraft as flying targets.

The 691st Armament Systems Squadron, made up of 52 military, civilian and contract workers, delivered the 200th QF-4 drone this spring to Tyndall AFB, Fla., where it will be flown as a remote-controlled aerial target.

“We enable the warfighter to test and train against targets that are representative of what they would face in combat,” said Audrea Feist, 691st ARSS Full Scale Targets IPT lead. “It’s a great feeling knowing that the product we provide enhances our warfighters’ readiness.”

The QF-4 is an F-4 fighter that has been converted into a drone to resemble enemy aircraft.

The Air Force, Navy and Army use these drones for developmental/operational test and evaluation, weapon system evaluation and for live-fire lethality testing for ground-to-air and air-to-air missiles, according to Glenn Ragsdale, QF-4 lead engineer.

BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions has been a key contractor in converting the aircraft into drones, said Lt. Col. Shaun House, 691st ARSS commander.

The process begins with the F-4 aircraft being retrieved from the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, better known as the “boneyard” at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz. The aircraft are repaired and brought back to flying status and flown to BAE in Mojave, Calif., where electronic components are added to enable the aircraft to fly without a pilot in the cockpit.

After completion of the drone conversion process, which takes about 160 days, BAE conducts a test flight, and the converted aircraft is then flown to either Tyndall or Holloman AFB, N.M.

The government then conducts a flight test prior to acceptance of the drone. Once this process is complete, the Air Force and sister services, as well as allied nations, use the QF-4 to test the lethality and accuracy of their weapons systems.

The Air Force has issued contracts to BAE for a total of 243 QF-4 aerial targets.

Wild Thing's comment......
I just love all the militrary toys.....heh heh.....and I love how the terrorists hate them.

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September 07, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now???? Cell Phones Found Inside Four Prisoners

This image provided by the Direction of Penal Centers of El Salvador shows an x-ray taken of one of four prisoners at a maximum security Salvadoran prison in Zacatecoluca, 35 miles southeast of the capital of El Salvador. Four cellular telephones were found in the intestines of as many prisoners in El Salvador's maximum-security prison, authorities said Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006. The discovery happened Tuesday at the prison in Zacatecoluca after suspicious prison officials took x-rays of each of the prisoners, prison spokesman Jaime Villanova said. (AP Photo)

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador - Cellular telephones were found inside four prisoners in El Salvador's maximum-security prison, authorities said Wednesday.

The discovery was made Tuesday at the prison in Zacatecoluca, in central El Salvador, after suspicious officials took X-rays of each of the inmates, federal corrections chief Jaime Villanova said.

The names of the prisoners, all members of the dangerous Mara Salvatrucha gang, were not released in order to avoid jeopardizing an ongoing investigation that began a month ago, he said.

Capt. Juan Ramon Arevalo, director of the prison known as Zacatras, said the gang members had introduced the cell phones, wrapped in plastic bags, into their bodies through their anuses. Authorities also found nine cell phone chips and one charger.

"Each one had a cellular with a number of chips," Arevalo said, adding that one also had hidden a charger in his anal cavity.

The inmates allegedly used cell phones to direct criminal activities on the street from inside the prison, Arevalo said. The smuggled phones were found during an investigation at prisons throughout the country amid complaints from business owners of extortion by gang members.

Prisoners change phone chips frequently to avoid being traced, Arevalo said.

The police have doubled their security levels to combat the criminals.

Wild Thing's comment.......

OMG! And what happens when the phone rings? I can't even think about this anymore.

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C-130's Doing Their Part In Bagram

A new GPS-guided “Screamer” bundle from the Joint Precision Air Drop System falls out the back of a C-130 Hercules over Afghanistan Aug. 26. The drop was made from 17,500 feet above mean sea level and was the first joint Air Force-Army operational drop of JPADS in the Central Command area of responsibility. Four bundles were dropped from the Alaska Air National Guard C-130. The system is designed to provide precision airdrops from high altitudes, eliminating the threat of small-arms fire. All four bundles arrived less than 25 meters from the desired target. Photo by Senior Airman Brian Ferguson, USAF

Bagram C-130s drop high-tech cargo delivery system
Tech. Sergeants Steven Hayes and Luzmarina Arevalo install the center vertical restraint in a C-130 Hercules Aug. 25. Sergeant Hayes is a loadmaster and Joint Precision Air Drop System, or JPADS, trainer from the Air Mobility Warfare Center. Sergeant Arevalo is a loadmaster with the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron. The 774th EAS performed the first operational drop of a new Global Positioning System-guided JPADS bundle. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brian Ferguson)

Army Spc. Oscar Osorio attaches the parachute activation cord of a Joint Precision Air Drop System bundle to a C-130 Hercules static line before an airdrop over Afghanistan Aug. 31. Specialist Copley is a parachute rigger with the 647th Quartermaster Detachment. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brian Ferguson)

Bagram C-130s Use High-Tech Cargo Delivery System

The same global positioning technology that helps fighter and bomber pilots deliver smart bombs with pinpoint accuracy now allows bundles dropped from cargo planes to steer themselves to drop zones.

A C-130 Hercules from the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron here dropped supplies to a U.S. Army unit in Afghanistan.

An Air National Guard crew, deployed from Alaska's 144th Airlift Squadron, dropped bundles using the Joint Precision Airdrop System, or JPADS, which the Army and Air Force have been developing together since 1993.

"This was the first Air Force employment of the Joint Precision Airdrop System in an operational or combat airlift mission," said Maj. Neil Richardson, chief of the combat programs and policy branch at Air Mobility Command. He deployed here as part of the JPADS Mobile Training Team to oversee the first combat use of the system and to train C-130 crews how to use it.
"The system did exactly what it was designed for and delivered ammunition and water to ground troops here in Afghanistan," he said.

The JPADS is a family of systems designed to bring the same accuracy to the airlift community that strike pilots have enjoyed since the development of GPS-guided bombs, called joint direct attack munitions, or JDAMS. "It's the JDAMS of logistics," Richardson said.

"Soldiers in forward fighting positions will have a viable means of airdrop resupply, which is more accurate and increases survivability of critical supplies, like ammunition, fuel, food and water," said Chief Warrant Officer Cortez Frazier, aerial delivery chief for Combined Joint Task Force 76's Joint Logistics Command. “JPADS will ensure the warfighter can continue to combat and win against terrorism."
"We're resupplying small units, so we don't need a big volume of parachutes and equipment," said Army Lt. Col. Robert Gagnon, the deputy commander of the 10th Sustainment Brigade, whose job is resupplying aoldiers in Afghanistan. "It allows us to get into a small area from a stand-off distance, where the aircraft is out of harm's way."

Please go HERE to read the rest of the article.

Army Spc. Oscar Osorio attaches the parachute activation cord of a Joint Precision Air Drop System bundle to a C-130 Hercules static line before an airdrop over Afghanistan Aug. 31. Specialist Copley is a parachute rigger with the 647th Quartermaster Detachment. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brian Ferguson)

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ACLU All Touchie Feelie For Terrorists Rights

ACLU Accuses Bush Of Gutting Geneva Conventions Enforcement and Undermining Due Process For Terror Detainees

It isn't surprising that the ACLU were quick to react to Bush's jaw dropping speech admitting to secret CIA prisons and pushing Congress to pass legislation that would put captured terror suspects under the rule of a military tribunal.

America is a nation dedicated to upholding the rule of law. However, President Bush's draft proposal for military commissions fails to meet the standards recognized by the Supreme Court in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. The court held the President's initial military commission scheme was illegal because it violated Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, the most basic standards regarding treatment of detainees. The new proposal has nearly all of the same problems, and will eventually be found to be illegal. For example, it would allow a person to be convicted based on secret evidence and would allow the use of evidence obtained as the result of horrific abuse.

Of course the ACLU automatically accuse the U.S. of using horrific abuse to obtain our evidence without any evidence whatsoever to back that claim up. You can also bet that if one of their terrorist plaintiffs were to go before our court system they would make the claim that any evidence we have against them was obtained through such procedures and argue it was inadmissible. This is only one of hundreds of reasons that Congress needs to pass the legislation the President is requesting so these terrorist creeps, several of which are in the top Al Qaeda chain of command, need to go before a military tribunal. They are not American citizens and we can not afford the dangers involved in allowing them to be represented before the U.S. courts, in all probability represented by the ACLU.
"The president should have listened to the current Judge Advocates General for the four military services, all of whom have urged close adherence to the court-martial procedures, and all of whom oppose the use of secret evidence and coerced evidence. By contrast, Senators John Warner (R-VA), John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are reportedly following the advice of these top generals and admirals and supporting due process protections that are more in line with the time-tested courts-martial procedures.
"The president also proposes to gut enforceability of the Geneva Conventions by amending the War Crimes Act to completely immunize from prosecution civilians who subjected persons to horrific abuse that may have fallen short of the definition of 'torture.' As a result, government officials and civilian contractors who authorized or carried out water boarding, threats of death, and other abuse would get a 'get out of jail free' card under the president's bill. The nation's soldiers and sailors would remain liable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but civilians would be immune from prosecution under the only statute that applies to many of these acts. That is simply wrong.

No, what is "simply wrong" is that cowards committed to terrorism and jihad against America that do are not signatories of nor abide by the Geneva Conventions should be afforded the protections of it. The sickening fact that the ACLU would steep low enough to represent an enemy of our nation to sue a military member for doing their job in capturing and interrogating these killers. This is exactly what the President is asking Congress to keep from happening. The President is asking Congress to make it clear what our protectors can and can not do and to protect them from prosecution of being sued by the very scum buckets they protect us from.
"The new Army Field Manual avoids some of the worst problems with earlier drafts and clarifies that those held by the military or at military facilities must be afforded the protections of the Geneva Conventions. However, it then creates loopholes for so-called 'unlawful combatants' by depriving them of the same protections--and specifically authorizes holding persons in isolation. And, the new manual does not apply to those held by the CIA. The Bush proposal is lip service unless the executive branch actually holds people accountable for violating it.

"So called" unlawful combatants? If you are not abiding by the rules of being a lawful combatant then you aren't one. It is that simple. The ACLU are the ones looking for loop holes in the system, and the very reason they are so up and arms on this is that it closes them up. What the President is asking is for Congress to make the definitions clear. In the Hamdan case, which the ACLU played a major part in, the door was left wide open for Congress to clarify and create legislation making military tribunals the main process for due process dealing with terrorists caught on the battle field. What does the ACLU have against bringing these murderers to justice?
The ACLU Defend the enemy. They have a long history of this one. They defended the P.L.O. in 1985. They defended Quadafi in the 1980's. And they continue today. They have told Gitmo detainees they have the right to remain silent, as in not talking to interrogators. One issue that really disturbs me is their refusal of funds from organizations such as the United Way that were concerned the money would be used to support terrorism.
In October of 2004, the ACLU turned down $1.15 million in funding from two of it's most generous and loyal contributors, the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, saying new anti-terrorism restrictions demanded by the institutions make it unable to accept their funds.
"The Ford Foundation now bars recipients of its funds from engaging in any activity that "promotes violence, terrorism, bigotry, or the destruction of any state."
The Rockefeller Foundation's provisions state that recipients of its funds may not "directly or indirectly engage in, promote, or support other organizations or individuals who engage in or promote terrorist activity."

They have since then demanded that the government release and make public top secret security information regarding not only the activities of our military, but also that of our intelligence forces. They have also initiated one lawsuit after another against the government to stop the searching of individuals for security purposes in mass transit situations, to stop what they call profiling (we will never see a Protestant white middle-aged woman as a terrorist working with an extremist Islamic organization) by race, sex and religion, and to stop the government from detaining and questioning or interrogating individuals who have ties or contact with known terrorist individuals and organizations.
They tried to kill the Patriot Act because they see the rights of an individual who may or may not be an American citizen as more important than the safety of the nation at large. They want the borders open because they see that as an infringement of the rights of non-Americans to become Americans however they can manage it. They want to have military and intelligence sources, activities, and planning revealed to the public so they can "watch dog" and ensure freedoms of individuals and/or groups are not being compromised, but in doing so will enable those very individuals and/or groups under surveillance the ability to avoid surveillance and possible capture before they do something destructive to American citizens.
When it comes to America's enemies you can count on the ACLU to be there to defend them.
This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at or Gribbit at You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 Blogs already onboard.

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September 06, 2006

Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan

Habibullah Khan Report
Osama bin Laden, America's most wanted man, will not face capture in Pakistan if he agrees to lead a "peaceful life," Pakistani officials tell ABC News.

The surprising announcement comes as Pakistani army officials announced they were pulling their troops out of the North Waziristan region as part of a "peace deal" with the Taliban.

If he is in Pakistan, bin Laden "would not be taken into custody," Major General Shaukat Sultan Khan told ABC News in a telephone interview, "as long as one is being like a peaceful citizen."

Bin Laden is believed to be hiding somewhere in the tribal areas of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, but U.S. officials say his precise location is unknown.

In addition to the pullout of Pakistani troops, the "peace agreement" between Pakistan and the Taliban also provides for the Pakistani army to return captured Taliban weapons and prisoners.

"What this means is that the Taliban and al Qaeda leadership have effectively carved out a sanctuary inside Pakistan," said ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, the former White House counter-terrorism director.

The agreement was signed on the same day President Bush said the United States was working with its allies "to deny terrorists the enclaves they seek to establish in ungoverned areas across the world."

The Pakistani Army had gone into Waziristan, under heavy pressure from the United States, but faced a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of the Taliban and al Qaeda fighters.

"They're throwing the towel," said Alexis Debat, who is a Senior Fellow at the Nixon Center and an ABC News consultant. "They're giving al Qaeda and the Taliban a blank check and saying essentially make yourselves at home in the tribal areas," Debat said.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Maybe this is for the we can go in and clean things up without having to go through the Pakistanis who give the heads up to Osama and his crowd, protecting him while saying they are helping us. It is too bad though, because just recently Pakistan told us they want to help in the fight against terrorists. I just don't get why leaders of countries cave in when it comes to fighting back. imo, It comes down to handing over an entire country to the enemy.

One of our many allies is the Polish military.They are outspoken in their support of the United States, even when other European countries are running for cover; their troops are on the frontlines with ours, some even participating in the opening engagements of Operation Iraqi Freedom; and they are offering to open their borders for US forces to be stationed in their country, even as other European nations are pushing for US troops to leave their soil.

In addition, I love the fact that Poland considers Ronald Reagan to be the greatest of American Presidents and are planning on erecting a statue in his honor.

Romania, Hungary and Czeclovakia, are also offering forward bases, just to name a few.

And some of the others, Australia, Britain, Italy, Ukraine, and Japan, along with all of the other little countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Georgia who sent troops to support us in Afghanistan and Iraq.


I had done this post about this and now I see others have also been posting about it. I am adding in the video on this as well.

* Michelle Malkin

* Stop the ACLU

* The Fourth Rail

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Denmark Arrests Nine Terror Suspects

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Danish police have arrested nine people suspected of planning a terror attack, reports reaching here from Denmark said Tuesday.

The nine, who had got materials to make explosives in connection with the preparation for a terror attack, were arrested during a police raid overnight in heavily immigrant-populated neighborhood of Vollsmose, a suburb west of Odense in central Denmark, the reports said, citing the country's intelligence service.

The suspects, whose identities were not disclosed, were all aged under 30 and would face a custody hearing later Tuesday, said Lars Findsen, head of the Danish Security Intelligence Service.

Findsen gave no details on the target of the attack, saying that the arrests would not prompt Denmark to raise its terror alert.

Denmark has raised its terror preparedness after the London terror attacks last year and disputes earlier this year over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which was first published in a Danish newspaper.

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Chief of Staff Josh Bolten to democrats: GO POUND SAND!

First there was this from Harry Reid............


Modern “Do Nothing Congress” has only eight weeks remaining
Washington, DC—Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today delivered the following speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate, urging Bush Republicans to put aside their politically motivated agenda to address the real challenges the American people face every day. With the Senate rapidly running out of legislative days to tackle serious issues like gas prices, health care costs, and the minimum wage, there is no time left to spare.

You can read the entire bunch of bull HERE

And now we have this....Three Cheers for Josh Bolten, Chief of Staff!

Response from the Chief of Staff Josh Bolten to a Democratic Letter

September 5, 2006
White House
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
528 Hart SOB
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Reid:

Thank you for your September 4 letter to the President. I am responding on his behalf.

A useful discussion of what we need to do in Iraq requires an accurate and fair-minded description of our current policy: As the President has explained, our goal is an Iraq that can govern itself, defend itself, and sustain itself. In order to achieve this goal, we are pursuing a strategy along three main tracks -- political, economic, and security. Along each of these tracks, we are constantly adjusting our tactics to meet conditions on the ground. We have witnessed both successes and setbacks along the way, which is the story of every war that has been waged and won.

Your letter recites four elements of a proposed "new direction" in Iraq. Three of those elements reflect well-established Administration policy; the fourth is dangerously misguided.

First, you propose "transitioning the U.S. mission in Iraq to counter-terrorism, training, logistics and force protection." That is what we are now doing, and have been doing for several years. Our efforts to train the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have evolved and accelerated over the past three years. Our military has had substantial success in building the Iraqi Army -- and increasingly we have seen the Iraqi Army take the lead in fighting the enemies of a free Iraq. The Iraqi Security Forces still must rely on U.S. support, both in direct combat and especially in key combat support functions. But any fair-minded reading of the current situation must recognize that the ISF are unquestionably more capable and shouldering a greater portion of the burden than a year ago -- and because of the extraordinary efforts of the United States military, we expect they will become increasingly capable with each passing month. Your recommendation that we focus on counter-terrorism training and operations -- which is the most demanding task facing our troops -- tracks not only with our policy but also our understanding, as well as the understanding of al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, that Iraq is a central front in the war against terror.

Second, your letter proposes "working with Iraqi leaders to disarm the militias and to develop a broad-based and sustainable political settlement, including amending the Constitution to achieve a fair sharing of power and resources." You are once again urging that the Bush Administration adopt an approach that has not only been embraced, but is now being executed. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is pursuing a national reconciliation project. It is an undertaking that (a) was devised by the Iraqis; (b) has the support of the United States, our coalition partners and the United Nations; and (c) is now being implemented. Further, in Iraq's political evolution, the Sunnis, who boycotted the first Iraq election, are now much more involved in the political process. Prime Minister Maliki is head of a free government that represents all communities in Iraq for the first time in that nation's history. It is in the context of this broad-based, unity government, and the lasting national compact that government is pursuing, that the Iraqis will consider what amendments might be required to the constitution that the Iraqi people adopted last year. On the matter of disarming militias: that is precisely what Prime Minister al-Maliki is working to do. Indeed, Coalition leaders are working with him and his ministers to devise and implement a program to disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate members of militias and other illegal armed groups.

Third, your letter calls for "convening an international conference and contact group to support a political settlement in Iraq, to preserve Iraq's sovereignty, and to revitalize the stalled economic reconstruction and rebuilding effort." The International Compact for Iraq, launched recently by the sovereign Iraqi government and the United Nations, is the best way to work with regional and international partners to make substantial economic progress in Iraq, help revitalize the economic reconstruction and rebuilding of that nation, and support a fair and just political settlement in Iraq -- all while preserving Iraqi sovereignty. This effort is well under way, it has momentum, and I urge you to support it.

Three of the key proposals found in your letter, then, are already reflected in current U.S. and Iraqi policy in the region.

On the fourth element of your proposed "new direction," however, we do disagree strongly. Our strategy calls for redeploying troops from Iraq as conditions on the ground allow, when the Iraqi Security Forces are capable of defending their nation, and when our military commanders believe the time is right. Your proposal is driven by none of these factors; instead, it would have U.S. forces begin withdrawing from Iraq by the end of the year, without regard to the conditions on the ground. Because your letter lacks specifics, it is difficult to determine exactly what is contemplated by the "phased redeployment" you propose. (One such proposal, advanced by Representative Murtha, a signatory to your letter, suggested that U.S. forces should be redeployed as a "quick reaction force" to Okinawa, which is nearly 5,000 miles from Baghdad).

Regardless of the specifics you envision by "phased redeployment," any premature withdrawal of U.S forces would have disastrous consequences for America's security. Such a policy would embolden our terrorist enemies; betray the hopes of the Iraqi people; lead to a terrorist state in control of huge oil reserves; shatter the confidence our regional allies have in America; undermine the spread of democracy in the Middle East; and mean the sacrifices of American troops would have been in vain. This "new direction" would lead to a crippling defeat for America and a staggering victory for Islamic extremists. That is not a direction this President will follow. The President is being guided by a commitment to victory -- and that plan, in turn, is being driven by the counsel and recommendations of our military commanders in the region.

Finally, your letter calls for replacing Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. We strongly disagree. Secretary Rumsfeld is an honorable and able public servant. Under his leadership, the United States Armed Forces and our allies have overthrown two brutal tyrannies and liberated more than 50 million people. Al Qaeda has suffered tremendous blows. Secretary Rumsfeld has pursued vigorously the President's vision for a transformed U.S. military. And he has played a lead role in forging and implementing many of the policies you now recommend in Iraq. Secretary Rumsfeld retains the full confidence of the President.

We appreciate your stated interest in working with the Administration on policies that honor the sacrifice of our troops and promote our national security, which we believe can be accomplished only through victory in this central front in the War on Terror.


Joshua B. Bolten
Chief of Staff

Identical Letters Sent To:

The Honorable Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Leader
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader
The Honorable Dick Durbin, Senate Assistant Democratic Leader
The Honorable Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip
The Honorable Carl Levin, Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee
The Honorable Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee
The Honorable Joe Biden, Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
The Honorable Tom Lantos, Ranking Member, House International Relations Committee
The Honorable Jay Rockefeller, Vice Chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee
The Honorable Jane Harman, Ranking Member, House Intelligence Committee
The Honorable Daniel Inouye, Ranking Member, Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee
The Honorable John Murtha, Ranking Member, House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee

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Wonderful World of Islam Video

Music : Louis Armstrong - "What A Wonderful World"

* Save the Soldiers ( supporting our troops in all their locations all over the world)

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September 05, 2006

Bomb Iran Video ~ Turn up the Volume

US intelligence photo of the Iranian Mark 4 Air Defence Flying Carpet

Iran tests new air defense system

Jerusalem Post
Iran said on Monday it had tested a new air defense system to counter missiles and aircraft during large-scale military exercises throughout the country, state-run television reported.

"The upgraded missiles successfully destroyed the presumed enemies' missiles in low altitude simultaneously in several points," said Gen. Amir Amini, deputy commander of Iran's Air Force.

An Iranian fighter jet drops bombs during the army's air force maneuvers at an undisclosed location in Iran, Monday, September 4, 2006.

The television footage showed at least four surface-to-air missiles being fired from mobile launching pads. The report did not say if the missile was equipped with a guidance system.

During maneuvers dubbed "The Blow of Zolfaghar," which began in August 19, Iran test fired short-range surface-to-surface and sub-to-surface missiles.

Iran's military test-fired a series of missiles during large-scale war games in the Persian Gulf in March and April, including a missile it claimed was not detectable by radar that can use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously,

After decades of relying on foreign weapons purchases, Iran now says it is increasingly self-sufficient in its military equipment claiming it annually exports more than US$100 million (€81 million) worth of military equipment to more than 50 countries.

Since 1992, Iran has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles and a fighter plane, the government has said. It announced in early 2005 that it had begun production of torpedoes.

Bomb Iran video

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Muslims Get Hissy When Asked To Renounce Terrorism

Muslim anger erupts at Costello call to renounce terrorism

The Age

Muslim leaders have lashed out at Peter Costello, after the federal Treasurer called on them to condemn terrorism "unequivocally", and speak out plainly and clearly against radicals in their community.

Mr Costello said they should "make it clear to would-be converts that when you join this religion you do not join a radical political ideology".

But Muslim representatives said last night Mr Costello had not taken notice of what had already been said, and did not communicate with them.

Yasser Soliman, president of the Islamic Family and Childcare Agency in Victoria, said the Government's Muslim Community Reference Group had "pledged loyalty to this country and condemned extremism and terrorism". The Muslim leadership had done this repeatedly.

"Obviously Mr Costello is not in touch with the people he's talking about — he's never bothered to talk with them," he said.
Waleed Aly, board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said Muslim community leaders had been "speaking out unequivocally against terrorism pretty loudly and continuously for five years. If the Treasurer hasn't heard that yet, I'm not sure what it will take."
The chairman of the Muslim Community Reference Group, Ameer Ali, said Mr Costello's remarks were "provocative, divisive and mischievous".
Malcolm Thomas, president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said Muslim leaders did condemn terrorism all the time. The Muslim leadership would like Mr Costello to meet with them. "He's been quite critical of the Muslim community but noticeable by his absence in any engagement," Mr Thomas said.

This is not the first time Muslim leaders have clashed with Mr Costello. They were angered by remarks he made earlier this year about Sharia law and other matters.

The latest Government pressure on Muslim leaders to step up their efforts against radicals comes after Prime Minister John Howard last week drew a sharp reaction from some Muslim leaders when he said a small section of the Islamic population in Australia "is very resistant to integration".

Fully integrating included learning English and treating women as equals.

Mr Costello said he agreed with Mr Howard.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, when asked about Mr Costello's comments, said that "if people choose not to denounce terrorism … that draws attention to them and people wonder why would somebody not renounce terrorism".
Mr Costello told Channel Nine a minority of Muslims had been radicalised, and sought to prey on young people "with a very radical and dangerous ideology".
"It is very, very important that the leadership in Australia are very clear and very precise that this is not really Islam … and that terrorists are always to be condemned."
Some radicals tried to "disassimilate" even those born in Australia, Mr Costello said. "We have seen in this country that would-be terrorists can be born in this country … and can fall under the influence of radicals, be disassimilated and turned to terrorist purposes. This is where we really need the Islamic leadership to stand up and … make it clear that terrorism is never justified under the cover of religion."
Andrew Robb, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs said some Muslim leaders were their community's "worst enemies" because they fostered a "victim" mentality.

Mr Robb told The Age that the reaction of some Muslim leaders against the PM's comments was "reinforcing" that mentality.

What Peter Costello said about Sharia Law in 2005: PETER COSTELLO: What I've said is that this is a country, which is founded on a democracy. According to our Constitution, we have a secular state. Our laws are made by the Australian Parliament. If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you. This is not the kind of country where you would feel comfortable if you were opposed to democracy, parliamentary law, independent courts and so I would say to people who don't feel comfortable with those values there might be other countries where they'd feel more comfortable with their own values or beliefs.

TONY JONES: It sounds like you're inviting Muslims who don't want to integrate to go to another country. Is it as simple as that?

PETER COSTELLO: No. I'm saying if you are thinking of coming to Australia, you ought to know what Australian values are.

TONY JONES: But what about if you're already here and you don't want to integrate?

PETER COSTELLO: Well, I'll come to that in a moment. But there are some clerics who have been quoted as saying they recognise two laws. They recognise Australian law and Sharia law. There's only one law in Australia, it's the Australian law. For those coming to Australia, I think we ought to be very clear about that. We expect them to recognise only one law and to observe it.

Now, for those who are born in Australia, I'd make the same point. This is a country which has a Constitution. Under its Constitution, the state is secular. Under its constitution, the law is made by the parliament. Under its Constitution, it's enforced by the judiciary. These are Australian values and they're not going to change and we would expect people, when they come to Australia or if they are born in Australia, to respect those values.

TONY JONES: I take it that if you're a dual citizen and you have the opportunity to leave and you don't like Australian values, you're encouraging them to go away; is that right?

PETER COSTELLO: Well, if you can't agree with parliamentary law, independent courts, democracy and would prefer Sharia law and have the opportunity to go to another country which practises it, perhaps then that's a better option.

Wild Thing's comments.......
The "Religion of Perpetual Outrage" better known as the Death Cult. I am fed up with this BS. If we don't get serious about taking the fight to these cowards, we will lose this war. Islam is completely INTOLERANT, and thus completely INCOMPATIBLE with Western culture and governance.

They'll probably show 'em they aren't terrorists by bombing some buildings and setting fire to many cars and maybe killing a person or two.

In this next election I am praying we get an American President that has the stones to say this. Or any American legislator, for that matter.

* USS Neverdock

* Riehl World View

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In Country Apaches Blasting Terrorists

Apaches Blast Terrorists’ Vehicles in Western Baghdad

By Sgt. 1st Class Reginald Rogers, USA - Special to American Forces Press Service

(Army Sgt. 1st Class Rogers is assigned to the 4th Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs Office.)


BAGHDAD, Sep. 4, 2006 – Two Longbow Apache helicopters provided air-to-ground support to American soldiers by blasting enemy vehicles during action in western Baghdad yesterday, U.S. officials reported.

The flight of choppers from Multinational Division Baghdad’s Combat Aviation Brigade teamed up to assist U.S. ground forces from the division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.

The combined effort resulted in one terrorist killed, four captured and two terrorist’s vehicles destroyed, officials said.

The Apache crews were conducting a combat air patrol mission when they received the call to assist. At about 4:45 p.m., the pilots noticed two abandoned vehicles near where the attack was reported.

“The vehicles were staged for the (terrorists), who tried to engage the infantry guys,” explained Army Maj. Byron Needum, one of the Apache pilots assigned to the CAB’s 1st Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment. “When we got there, the infantry had already got the best of them and detained three.
“They were still looking for more (terrorists),” Needum continued. “That’s when we found the vehicles, and vehicles didn’t fit the situation.”

Apache teams rarely have to engage the enemy once they arrive on the scene, Needum said.

“Normally when we get there, people don’t want to ‘play’ anymore,” he explained. “Even if we don’t engage the enemy, our presence alone helps the ground guys out.”

Helicopter crews have a picture-window view of enemy activity on the ground, Needum said. That advantage, he said, is often used to support U.S. ground forces.

“We have a different vantage point, and we can see farther than you can on the ground,” said Needum, who is also the company commander for his battalion’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company. “I don’t think they would have seen those (enemy) vehicles without us.”

According to Chief Warrant Officer Scott Quaife, who piloted the second of the two Apaches, his team spotted the two vehicles upon arrival to the location, but could not engage without receiving confirmation that they belonged to the terrorists.

“We spotted the two Bradleys, and they had already opened fire on the canal with their 25 mm guns,” Quaife explained. “They said there were two possible (terrorists) running in the canal, but we didn’t find anybody.”

Then, Needum’s helicopter crew noticed the two vehicles, Quaife recalled, “so we investigated the vehicles. We called the (ground unit) and told them we thought the vehicles were the enemy’s.”

Quaife said the ground unit sent personnel to investigate, and once confirmation was given, the helicopters attacked the enemy vehicles.

“The ground unit’s leadership approved the Apaches to destroy the vehicles to keep its soldiers safe,” Quaife said. The ground unit reported that the two vehicles contained loaded AK-47s, he said, and possible improvised explosive device-making materials.

The Apache team fired on the vehicles with at least 150 rounds from its 30 mm machine guns and shot four rockets, Quaife said. The barrage, he said, destroyed both vehicles.

“The lead vehicle blew up and caught on fire after being engaged by Needum’s helicopter,” Quaife said, noting his chopper crew “shot two rockets to help destroy the other vehicle.”

Officials said a post-engagement assessment showed that the ground unit had killed a terrorist, wounded another and detained three. The soldiers also found a weapons cache containing four rocket-propelled-grenades, two RPG launchers, an AK-47 rifle, three machine guns with 100 rounds, a pair of flares and numerous rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition.

Wild Thing's comment........

Our troops are really awesome! I am so proud of them.

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Coalition Forces...USA and Australian

Australian soldiers from Queensland and New South Wales at Camp Smitty, Iraq, play a State of Origin match in team jerseys donated by the National Rugby League.
(Photo Courtesy of ADF)

2nd Lt. Zack Zilai, Co. B, 4th Bn., 23rd In. Reg., Stryker Bde., exits a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer selectees heave on a line to set the jib aboard the USS Constitution during the second week of CPO leadership training aboard the ship in Boston, Mass., on Aug. 30, 2006. Each year Old Ironsides hosts approximately 300 CPO selectees for training including sail handling, gun drill and community outreach designed to instill leadership and teamwork skills. photo by Airman Nick Lyman, U.S. Navy.

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Iran In The News

U.N. chief, in Iran, is snubbed on nuclear program and ignored over questioning of Holocaust

TEHRAN, Iran, (AP) -- The U.N. chief got little satisfaction Sunday at the close of his trip to Tehran, snubbed by Iran's leader over international demands to stop enriching uranium and ignored in warnings not to incite hatred by questioning the Holocaust.

In a provocative move on the final day of Kofi Annan's two-day visit, Iran announced it would host a conference to examine what it called exaggerations about the Holocaust, during which more than 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.

The move was sure to draw new international condemnation of Iran's stance on Jews. Hours after the announcement, Annan repeated his displeasure over an exhibition in Tehran of cartoons mocking the Holocaust that was opened as a response to Western caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

"I think the tragedy of the Holocaust is an undeniable historical fact and we should really accept that fact and teach people what happened in World War II and ensure it is never repeated," Annan told reporters.

He commented after a meeting with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the hard-line Iranian leader didn't accompany the U.N. chief to the news conference.

Rest of article HERE

Defense Minister General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said Iran is currently exporting military equipment to 57 countries in the world.

Iran demands withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 04 – Iran demanded on Monday that United States-led forces leave Iraq.

“The occupiers must leave Iraq”, government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham told reporters during his weekly press conference.

“At present, there is no excuse for the occupation of Iraq to continue”, Elham said, adding, “Saddam no longer exists in this country. A government has been formed in this country and the constitution has been completed. There is no excuse for occupying Iraq”.

Amir Taheri, Asharq Alawsat reported that Ali-Akbar Meshkini, the second most powerful Ayatollah in Iran, Meshkini said

........."Among all the governments in the world, the only legitimate government endorsed by the Almighty is the Islamic Republic of Iran." There cannot be give-and-take between "an extension of God" and an "illegitimate and oppressive regimes."

Ardeshir Dolat reported that Seyed Yahya Safavi, the head of the Revolutionary Guards Corps said

....“The Islamic world will soon become a major world superpower.”

Wild Thing's comment.........

I think it is funny how President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad snubbed Annan. haha The UN is worthless, but we already knew that.

These Ragheads can not even design, manufacture and produce a decent automobile of their own, so Minister General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar's claim that Iran "is currently exporting military equipment to 57 countries in the world" is (IMHO) pure BS

And that Gholam-Hossein Elham sounds like one of the USA's Democrats. haha

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September 04, 2006

A-10's Great in the Offensive

Bagram A-10s surge for summer offensives

Afghanistan --

Six U.S. and Coalition troops peer out from a remote position on a ridge top in Afghanistan. At sunset on the third day of their vigil, a large force of Taliban extremists carrying heavy machine guns and rocket- propelled grenades surround and pin the team down.

By design, an Air Force joint tactical air controller is with the team. His job is to direct strike aircraft to targets on the ground. The situation on the ridge line is desperate until an Air Force pilot flying an A-10 Thunderbolt II in the vicinity contacts him. Helping the A-10 pilot find and target his attackers on the ground, the JTAC stays in radio contact, except when forced to pick up his weapon and fire at the enemy closing in.

“Fifty minutes later the remaining enemy retreated and (the JTAC) and his team walked off that ridge to resupply and fight again the next day,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Keith McBride, commander of the 81st Expeditionary FighterSquadron. McBride, an A-10 pilot, uses this real-life story to illustrate his point that the A-10 is saving lives in Afghanistan.
“There have been numerous occasions where our troops have been taking heavy fire and we show up and either our presence ends the engagement or we employ against enemy positions and end the engagement,” said Air Force Col. Tony Johnson, the 455th Expeditionary Operations Group commander and an A- 10 pilot himself.

Flying hours and the amount of bombs and bullets expended by A-10 pilots here have increased all summer due to two offensives by ground forces against the enemy. Operations Mountain Lion and Mountain Thrust flushed Taliban extremists out of where they normally hole-up, exposing them to U.S. and Coalition forces on the ground, who called on A-10 pilots to provide close air support.

“The increase in weapons deliveries is primarily because U.S. and Coalition operations have carried the fight to the extremists,” said Air Force Brig. Gen. Christopher Miller, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing commander. One of his jobs is to advise Army Maj. Gen. Benjamin Freakley, Combined Joint Task Force-76 commander, on the use of combat aircraft in Afghanistan.
“Where extremists have attacked the Afghan people and their infrastructure, we have helped defend them, and we have carried the fight to the enemy, to push them back and reduce their ability to carry out further attacks,” Miller said. “The whole A-10 team, from the Airmen who launch them, to the pilots who fly them, should be proud. They are saving the lives of Americans and many others they don’t even know—and in the big picture, they’re enabling the security Afghanistan needs to rebuild into a society where terrorists can’t flourish.”

The A-10’s ability to precisely hit targets also lends itself well to U.S. forces engaged in re-building Afghanistan, Johnson said. Preservation of infrastructure and limiting damage on the ground are crucial, since the country of Afghanistan is not the enemy.

“We’re also re-building a country,” he said. “I don’t know what other airplane would be better at this than the A-10.”

The A-10 was originally designed around its 30-mm gun, designated the GAU-8. The gun is more of a small artillery piece – firing huge bullets into target areas at a rate of 65 per second. The A-10 is the only Air Force aircraft
designed specifically for close air support -- providing firepower for ground troops in fights with enemy forces.

If the gun isn’t enough, 11 stations underneath the plane hold up to 16,000 pounds of bombs, missiles and rockets.

“Our weapons effects make a decisive impact on the battle,” McBride said. “Ground forces rely on our rapid response and our pin-point accuracy.”

The GAU-8, with its 8-foot, rifled barrels, delivers bullets at a blistering 3,000-feet-persecond.

When pilots pull the trigger, they aim using the plane’s computer, which takes into account factors like speed, altitude, the distance from the target and angle of the plane’s nose. This combination of physics and software
make the 30-mm gun on the A-10 extremely accurate.

“Just the large amount and type of weapons the A-10 can carry, combined with a long loiter time over our troops on the ground, makes up for the lack of organic, heavy weapons (carried by U.S. and Coalition forces),” McBride said.

But it’s not just the A-10’s firepower that makes it an excellent choice for supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. The plane is designed rugged – much like the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan.

To enable twists and turns through low valleys and high peaks, the wings stick straight out, allowing small, sharp
turns. It’s heavily armored for the benefit of its pilots and is built to land and take off from the well-worn surface of
Bagram’s runway.

The A-10 combines some of the best of today’s hightechnology Air Force with asolid, low-tech foundation. The addition of a targeting and laser-designation pod was a huge boost to the plane’s capabilities but still no substitute for the pilot’s eyeballs.

“Most other aircraft rely heavily on (electronic) sensors to find and target the enemy,” said Air Force Capt. Rick Mitchell, an active-duty pilot deployed here from Reserve’s 442nd Fighter Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base,Mo.
“In the A-10, it’s not unusual for a pilot to use binoculars.” When Mitchell flies, his preparation for the mission is extensive and can take more time than the actual combat sortie.

Once in the air, pilots can fly to pre-planned targets or fly in holding patterns above potential battlefields waiting to
swoop down when ground forces encounter the enemy.

The Combined Air Operations Center, in Southwest Asia, generates missions for Bagram’s A-10s. This high-tech command center runs air operations for both Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We work those guys pretty hard,” said Royal Air Force Flight Lt. Matthew Adamson- Drage, a fighter controller who helps assign missions to the A-10s at the CAOC.
“The A-10s are pretty much the backbone of (air operations in Afghanistan) because they’re flying all the time every day.”

“The A-10 is employing lethal firepower when it’s needed most by troops on the ground, ” Mitchell said. “There’s nothing more rewarding to a close air support pilot than knowing the firepower you employed just saved the lives of guys on the ground.”

Wild Thing's comment......

I especially love that last quote above. Don't you just LOVE our troops!

* Basil's blog

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In Country With Mortarmen

“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.” -Ulysses S. Grant

Army Spec. Alfredo Abrenica, a mortarman with Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, Task Force Spartan, and Army Pvt. Leslie Garcia, also a mortarman with HHC, 1-32 Inf., prepare for a fire mission at XXXXXXX Firebase, located in Nuristan Province. Photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael Pintagro, Task Force Spartan public affairs.

Wild Thing's comment.......

I X'd out the name of the firebase. I always wonder why even they DOD, Stars and Strips and my other sources will so often give what I think is too much information. It still is possible to share photos and some information, but I feel a person or publication or press releases needs to be very careful at all times.

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September 03, 2006

The Blog of War

This book is about ....Front-line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the death of a friend in Iraq, Burden started his own blog,, in mid-2003 to support the troops fighting the War on Terror and tell their stories. quickly became one of the most visited and linked blogs and has won consecutive “Best Military Blog” honors in the Weblog Awards. Now, Matt Burden has collected some of the most riveting and insightful work by other bloggers in THE BLOG OF WAR.

Military bloggers offer the public unfettered access to the War on Terror. The public does not have to wait weeks or months to hear what’s happened, nor settle for the government’s approved messages. In the past, there were only three sources from which the public could learn about a war: Combat correspondents, who sometimes wrote in the midst of action but just as often did not; government reports, which were often a mix of truth, propaganda and even disinformation; and soldiers who gave their own accounts of what they witnessed in letters to friends and family, accounts sometimes censored by the military, and always written and received well after the fighting had subsided.

THE BLOG OF WAR is a remarkable account of men and women as they actually experience the trials and tribulations of war on the battlefield, where our soldiers must daily test their humanity against harrowing episodes of the horror and fear. Readers are certain to have a better understanding and a greater respect for those who risk their lives for their country in these most turbulent times.

Wild Thing's comment......

As you all know, this blog I have is mainly to support our troops, to thank them and to thank our Veterans. I wanted it to feel comfortable like a place to put your feet up and rant and cheer the news and events. To share of your experiences and know this blog belongs to each of you that served. A little home online to gather and not have to put a tie on. haha And always with a Welcome Home sign over the door.

So when I started to blog and saw the many blogs of our troops today and our Veterans it really meant a lot to me.
To be able to go to their blogs and read first hand how they are doing. To be able to thank them as close to in person as possible. And what an honor as well to be able to go to our Veterans blogs and read their take on things, to thank them for their service to our country and welcome them home.

There is something in a persons soul that smiles when you can say, thank you for my freedom, thank you for all you have done. It truly is a debt that I can never repay.

You can order this book at Amazon and it will be one to give as Christmas gifts also. To keep forever as one very special book.

* Argghhh!

* Blackfive

* Blue Star Chronicles

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Better Dead Than Bred! 200 Taliban Fighters Killed In Afganistan

230 Taliban, four ISAF soldiers killed in Kandahar operation

Pajhwok Report

KANDAHAR CITY, September 3 (Pajhwok Afghan News): As many as 230 Taliban fighters have been killed in two days of fierce fighting in Panjwayee and Zherai districts of the southern Kandahar province, a source told Pajhwok Afghan News on Sunday.

The fighters were killed in the operation launched by the NATO and Afghan forces in the two districts, which have been scene to attacks on Afghan and foreign forces over the past few months.

The source, which did not want to be named, said the operation was still going on to eliminate or flush out the miscreants from those areas.

Meanwhile, a military statement release from Kandahar airfield said four ISAF soldiers and more than 200 Taliban fighters had been killed since the beginning of the Operation Medusa early Saturday morning.

This figure was obtained after reviewing information from ISAF surveillance and reconnaissance assets operating in Panjwayee and Zherai districts as well as information reported by various Afghan officials and citizens living nearby, said the statement.

Four ISAF soldiers also killed during todays operations and seven others were wounded. More than 80 suspected Taliban fighters were captured by the police and a further 180 insurgents were seen fleeing the districts, said the statement.

Also written about here.............

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Afghan and NATO forces killed more than 200 Taliban fighters in a major operation in southern Afghanistan, NATO said Sunday.

Four soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force were killed and seven others were wounded in the fighting in Kandahar province, a statement from the alliance said.

"Reports indicate that more than 200 Taliban fighters have been killed since Operation Medusa began early Saturday morning. This figure was arrived at by reviewing information from ISAF surveillance and reconnaissance assets operating in Panjwayi and Zhari districts as well as information reported by various Afghan officials and citizens living nearby," it said.

More than 80 suspected Taliban fighters were captured by Afghan police and a further 180 insurgents were seen fleeing the district, the statement said.

NATO said there were no reports of civilian casualties, despite the heavy weight of fire being used.

An Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman, Gen. Zahir Azimi, said earlier in the day that a number of civilians were killed.

A NATO spokesman, Maj. Scott Lundy, said NATO and Afghan troops had gained ground during Operation Medusa and had disrupted the militants' command and control so their fighters were moving in a confused way.

On Saturday, a reconnaissance plane supporting the offensive crashed, killing all 14 British military personnel on board. NATO said the plane was not brought down by hostile fire.

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In Country In Iraq

U.S. Marines Cpl. Justin Craighead and Col. Oliver (Ollie) Grant, stepson and father, are currently serving in Iraq. (U.S. Army photo)

By Tom Clarkson - Gulf Region Division - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

GULF REGION, Iraq, Sept. 1, 2006 — “When Debra — the love of my life - and I met, she didn’t know Semper Fi from apple pie,” jokes the brawny bear of a Marine colonel, “and now both her husband and son are ‘jarheads’ and to top it off, we’re now both here in Iraq!”

The big and burly officer, Oliver (Ollie) Grant, is the quintessential Marine – he looks one firmly in the eye and barks with authority. He brooks no nonsense with those who equivocate, waffle or make excuses. And, he is unabashedly outspoken in his utter disregard for what he considers to be “all too often time wasting political correctness in lieu of common Marine sense.”

At first blush, his more demure, lean, stepson Cpl. Justin Craighead may seem almost callow by comparison. Nothing could be further from the truth as this young man is a resolute, focused and mature Marine.

The senior is soon to wrap up seven months as the deputy director and chief of staff of the project and contracting office logistics operation. He is an integral part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Division/Project and Contracting Office tasked with the immense chore of Iraq reconstruction.

Though a Reservist, he has been on almost continuous active duty since 1998. In addition to this tour in Iraq, he also served in Operations Iraq Freedom I and II. Presently - along with retired Marine Col. Jack Holly, one of the foremost military logistical experts in the world - he is part of a 14 military member team.

This group - in typical Marine manner lovingly called the “Log Dogs” - directs hundreds of civilians and local nationals throughout Iraq with all aspects of logistics afforded to the various Iraqi ministries in order that the country may, increasingly, take charge of its own fate.

The younger, soon to be completing four years in-service, is a platoon sergeant with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion of the 7th Marines. Nearing his 10th month, this is his third tour in-country as well and has been a mainstay of the battalion throughout this period.

The future for both is somewhat undecided. Grant anticipates hanging up his well-worn fatigue uniform in retirement within the year. Craighead a certified paramedic – is considering possible pursuit of a career in law enforcement or fire fighting.

Of his father figure, mentor and military senior, Craighead said, “From the outset I realized – figuratively and literally – I had big boots to fill in following ‘My Colonel’s’ lead. But he has always counseled me to be my own man, guidance for which I am deeply appreciative.”

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Military Option Against Iran .....Open

Ahmadinejad in his private office

Military option against Iran open: US ....Ambassador Bolton

The United States has warned Iran that military option "is not off the table" as it mulls a multi-pronged strategy to prevent Tehran from going nuclear.

"I think any president charged with responsibility for protecting the American people is not going to take the military option off the table when you confront a threat as grave as an Iran armed with nuclear weapons," US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said.
"... He's (Bush) made it plain for some time that our preferred way of dealing with this problem is through peaceful and diplomatic means, and that's what we've been doing for the past several years," he said.
Noting that discussing the strategy in public would not be productive, Bolton said, "The Iranians have made it clear they have no intention of suspending their uranium-enrichment activity."
"I think moving for sanctions in the Security Council, considering other economic steps, ramping up the Proliferation Security Initiative, are all things we should and will be doing."

The top American envoy at the UN also reminded Russia and China that they had promised to go the sanctions route when passing the UN Security Council resolution this June.

"It's not at all clear that Russia or China would actually veto a resolution in the Security Council. They may not support it, but if they acquiesce in it by abstaining, that still leaves open the possibility that the council could act," Bolton said on MSNBC's 'Hardball' programme.
"The possibility of sanctions in the council has always been one part of the effort," he said adding, "Lots of countries can impose sanctions on Iran without action by the Security Council - the European Union, Japan, others."

Wild Thing's comment......

Hoorah for Bolton! Now wait for the inevitable outrage from Iran, the Russians, the EU and the Democrats.

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Actor Glenn Ford's Passing Away

Let's all remember him this way.....his story.
When Glenn Ford died Thursday morning at the age of 90, major media recalled his long Hollywood career, recalling the 106 films in which he appeared, his many marriages and romances. Wrote the Associated Press, "He was a star to the end of his career."

Glenn Ford was far more than that, yet none of the obituaries bothered to mention his extraordinary patriotism or his distinguished military career. Ford rose to the rank of Captain in the United States Navy after years of dedicated service that began with World War II and continued through the Vietnam War.

He was undoubtedly a star, one of Hollywood's enduring major stars, but as his biography on a Web site devoted to his long life states, his accomplishments were even larger than life off-screen. As his son Peter once told, Ford was "one of those Ronald Reagan, true-blue American types."

At the beginning of World War II Glenn served in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In 1942 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine he helped build safe houses in occupied France for those hiding from the Nazis and was among the first Americans to enter the infamous Dachau concentration camp at war’s end. He went on to serve in the Navy and at war's end he was commissioned a Commander in the Naval Reserves.

In the Second World War Ford served with the Marines, and was seconded to the French Resistance. He rarely spoke of his military service; and it was only 30 years later, when he was presented with a Liberator's Award by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies, that it emerged he had been responsible for an act of extraordinary courage and compassion.

Immediately after Germany's surrender, Ford had discovered that, while attention was focused on Dachau, some 15,000 intended victims were still alive, but barely, at the nearby camp of Fernwald, outside Munich. Defying orders that rations should not be diverted to displaced persons, Ford persuaded supply-sergeants to turn a blind eye while he loaded his truck with food and medical supplies for the starving survivors. It was a lifeline he kept going for seven weeks. He was credited with single-handedly saving the lives of between 5,000 and 6,000 of the abandoned inmates, and women in the camp named new-born sons after him.

Committed to service in the armed forces, Ford also served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the Third Marine Amphibious Force in 1966-1968. He once went on a jungle mission with a Special Forces Team during the Vietnam War. Ford was the only actor to have served with both the Green Berets and the French Foreign Legion and his military record is well recognized in both the United States and France as a highly decorated veteran.

Among his numerous medals and commendations are the Medal of Honor presented by the Veterans of Foreign Wars; the Medaille de la France Libre for the liberation of France; two commendation medals from the U.S. Navy; and the Vietnamese Legion of Merit. He received the rank of Captain with the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1968; retiring in 1977.

Ford bravely served his country in two wars (not on the sidelines, but in the front lines) facing enemy fire on many occasions and never expecting to be treated like a Hollywood star but as a fellow fighting man. He was indeed a hero both on and off the screen.

That's the way Glenn Ford would want to be remembered.

Wild Thing's comment....

I was fortunate to work with Glenn Ford on a film called Berrgarman Thief (1979). He was wonderful and we spoke of our country, our military and how he felt about those serving. I only had a small part in the film and he treated me with respect and kindness. I love it when I get a chance to thank one of our Veterans in person for his service to our country.

* Blue Star Chronicles

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September 02, 2006

Clinton Trying To Get "The Path To 9/11" Recut!

There is a movie, a mini-series running on ABC on September 10th and 11th, called The Path to 9/11.

I want to share this with you from Rush Limbaugh's show.


Bill Clinton Personally Attempts to Get ABC's Path to 9/11 Mini-Series Recut

September 1, 2006

The Path to 9/11 essentially chronicles everything we know that happened in the nineties that prevented the capture of Osama bin Laden.

It indicts the Clinton administration, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger.

It is just devastating to the Clinton administration. It talks about how we had chances to capture bin Laden in specific detail, which I will get to in just a moment.

That's not the point. I mentioned to you yesterday or the day before, the days are running together, that a friend of mine did this. His first name is Cyrus, and Cyrus has got some other film credits.

He took it to Washington in the middle of last week and screened it for people and it caused nearly bloody uproar where they showed it.

Richard Ben-Veniste went up in Cyrus's face and told him it was disgusting. This film was disgusting.

It caused all kinds of havoc and that led to the creation of efforts to try to get this program banned, put pressure on ABC to get it canceled and not run and so forth.

It also had a lot of people in the room that loved it. There were many people, Michael Barone saw it, a lot of people were in the screening there and loved it.

Here is what is happening today. Bill Clinton himself is going to call Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, and demand or ask that this mini-series, The Path to 9/11, be reedited and recut so as not to depict Bill Clinton and his administration as they are currently portrayed in this mini-series.

Bill Clinton himself is going to call Bob Iger -- and this is not breaking news; I got the e-mail on this last night, and there have been some local hosts out in California who have been talking about this, but there is a huge movement afoot from inside the Clinton administration to put pressure on ABC to get this thing recut, reedited, if not more.

Very powerful players obviously, much higher than just Richard Ben-Veniste and so forth.

You know, folks, the whole 9/11 Commission, if you go back and look at these things that we know now, the Clinton administration's ability to camouflage history, to rewrite it, is just amazing.

Look at who they got on the 9/11 Commission. They got Jamie Gorelick, who authored the wall, and this mini-series explains the wall and gives illustrations of fact of how it hurt our ability to capture Osama bin Laden.

I'll get to that in just a second. They had had Gorelick on there; they had Ben-Veniste (who was a partisan hack lawyer from the Watergate days), and Tim Roemer, who is a Democrat from Indiana, and that was to ensure that the Clinton administration was protected, and so that the top structural explanation for intelligence failure was white-washed.


I don't understand why the Bush administration, the Department of Justice, gave Burglar the sweetheart deal of the century, then suppressed all the evidence involved in his action. Like I asked at the time, can you imagine if Condoleezza Rice had pled guilty to a misdemeanor mishandling of classified information, the media sitting silent about it?

HERE is the complete transcript of Rush on this topic.

Wild Thing's comment.......
I am sooooo sick of the Clinton's. We had enough of both of them during their regime and they just never stop! All the "gates" so many of them I lost count. Travel gate, yep and bimbo gate and Vince Foster killed, and on and on and on. If they recut this film that is not user friendly for Bill Clinton it will be yet another time they get favored to hide their many crimes and actions against this country. This really ticks me off!

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Harley Davidson Fattens It's Hogs

HERE is a really cool Harley Davidson ad.

They also have a salute to Veterans at their website. I love Harley Davidson for that especially.

AP) MILWAUKEE -- Harley-Davidson is fattening up its hogs.

The iconic motorcycle maker said Friday it will begin making three-wheeled motorcycles, also known as trikes, in partnership with Lehman Trikes U.S.A.

Spearfish, S.D.-based Lehman already converts motorcycles made by Harley and other manufacturers into trikes, but the new line will be branded as Harley-Davidson and sold by its dealers.

Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Inc. did not release further details about the new bikes or when they would be released. Spokesman Bob Klein said he expected the trikes would be priced similarly to other brands on the market.

The company has made three-wheelers before, such as for police and commercial use, but this venture with Lehman will be different, Klein said. Harley is recognizing that more and more riders are interested in riding trikes, which have the look and feel of two-wheeled motorcycles but with a little more stability.

He said that while at the popular Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota last month he saw people of all ages and backgrounds riding trikes. "We've observed that trikes are becoming a popular phenomenon and we think that they'll appeal to a variety of customers," Klein said.

Harley rider Paul Woelbing said the move to trikes is smart because it'll expand the brand's appeal to aging riders. The average biker's age has jumped to 40.2 years old in 2003 from 28.5 in 1985, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation said.

Having Harley-branded trikes won't change the brand's image, often seen as the quintessential macho ride, said the 50-year-old from Elm Grove, Wis. If anything, it means more people can become -- or continue to be -- Harley owners, he said. "One thing about Harley is it's a big umbrella for people who own motorcycles. The Harley owner is getting older and I think people are addressing these issues," he said.

Lehman Trikes U.S.A. is a subsidiary of Lehman Trikes Inc. of Canada. The company has made trikes for more than 20 years.

Shares of Harley-Davidson rose 63 cents to close at $59.14 Friday on the New York Stock Exchange

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Cowards Attack Soldier

Suspects sought in attack on soldier

A uniformed National Guardsman was beaten up by a group of strangers Tuesday morning as he walked to a convenience store in Parkland, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department reported Wednesday. No arrests have been made in the attack and Pierce County sheriff’s deputies were seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

The soldier was walking on 138th Street South between A Street South and Pacific Avenue about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when an SUV pulled up beside him, deputies reported.

The driver asked the soldier if he was in the military and if he’d seen any action. The driver got out of the vehicle, pulled out a gun and shouted insults at the soldier, deputies reported.

Four others got out of the SUV, knocked the soldier to the ground and punched and kicked him. The five suspects then got back into the black SUV and fled.

The soldier’s injuries were not immediately known.

The driver of the SUV was described as a white man, 25 to 30 years old and 5 feet 10 with a heavy build. He had short, blond hair and wore a black T-shirt and jeans. The passengers were young men. Some wore red baseball hats and red sweatshirts, deputies reported.

Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to arrests and charges filed in the assault. Callers remain anonymous.

Investigators suspect the man was attacked because of his uniform.

“The indication is it’s because he was a soldier,” sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. “There are some specific questions (the attackers asked) that were military related and what his involvement in the war was.”

Wild Thing's comment......

Let's note this, it was not even just one person that did this vile attack, it was a group. They came in a pack because they are cowards. A total of 5 of them, the driver and 4 others. People that do this kind of thing deserve the worst kind of punishment. Our military, our Veterans, our troops today do not deserve to be treated this way....EVER!

It makes me sick and angry at the same time. I hope they find out who the 5 cowards were and treat them the same way they treated this soldier and that is just for starters.

This Soldier can thank the DNC, Democrats in General, George Soros and his billions of “I hate America” dollars spent, and last of all, Liberal Propaganda supporting Terrorism and Terrorist Groups with their “America is at Fault!” “I hate Bush” “I hate the Military” chants, articles, and movies put out by the evil Left-Wing.

Jack, (Conservative Insurgent) thank you for the link and also I agree with you, it reminds me a lot of during the Nam war when things like this went on.

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IDF Regiment 931

Menorah News

Israeli video journalist Itai Anghel went into Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon with the Nahal Brigade and shot 25 minutes of riveting house-to-house combat footage with a night vision lens.

You will also hear them tell how the Hezbollah fighters wore Israeli uniforms.

Thank you Tincan Sailor for the link to this.

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September 01, 2006

~ Happy Blogiversary To My Blog Mom Linda!! ~

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary Linda! Thank you for being my blog Mom.

Three cheers for Something....and Half of Something!!

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" Why We Serve" from Our Troops To America

You can watch the Video HERE

‘Why We Serve’ Program to Connect Servicemembers, American Public

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31, 2006 –

Thirteen servicemembers recently returned from deployments in the Middle East will fan out across the country beginning today to share their experiences and motivation for serving in uniform as they launch the Defense Department’s new “Why We Serve” program.

The program has one simple goal: to help connect returning military members with the general public and give them an opportunity to tell their personal stories, explained Allison Barber, deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs.

The servicemembers, representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, will travel the country through mid-October, sharing their experiences and motivations for serving with groups ranging from Chambers of Commerce to Rotary clubs to grassroots organizations to schools to media outlets.

They’re hitting the streets, many starting in their own hometowns, with no DoD-generated “talking points” or packaged speeches -- just their own thoughts to express in their own words, Barber said.

“The goal is that they will go out on the road to different venues nationwide to tell their story,” she said. “Why did they choose to serve the military? What did they do in Iraq or Afghanistan? And why are they are serving our country?”

Barber said she hopes the effort helps connect troops returning from overseas deployments with the American public and promotes understanding about what motivates them to serve. “It’s an educational campaign,” she said. “We are educating the citizens of this country about why people choose a different path and why they choose to serve this country.”

Although the American public stands solidly behind its servicemembers — as evidenced by the success of DoD’s “America Supports You” program — the new Why We Serve effort is designed to create a more personal connection, Barber explained.

“You just can’t beat face-to-face communication,” she said, and that’s exactly what the Why I Serve program will promote. The public will get a chance to shake hands with the troops, talk with them and ask questions about their experiences and see their photos. “And that bond can only be developed in one-on-one, real communication,” Barber said.

The program has no political agenda, she emphasized. It’s not designed to sway public opinion about the war on terror, but rather is simply to give people insight into their men and women in uniform.

Why We Serve isn’t a recruiting campaign, either, Barber said, although she acknowledged that it could have that effect. “Will some people hear what these men and women have to say and be motivated and inspired to consider the military? Of course. How could you not?” Barber said. “But that is not the purpose of the program. It’s an educational campaign.”

Ultimately, Barber said, she hopes the exchange benefits the audiences as well as the participants themselves. “For audiences, I would like them to walk out of that room and say, ‘How fortunate we are to live in a country where men and women volunteer to defend freedom at any cost,’” she said. “And I would like our military members to walk away from the experience feeling renewed in their commitment to defend this country because of the interaction they have had with the citizens of this country.

“Why We Serve is really about telling the story of our military,” she said. “And we think that is going to be very powerful.”

Although the program initially will run through mid-October, Barber said DoD could expand it in the future.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Everyone here at this blog want to thank you, our troops for your service to our country. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day!

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The 'Solidarity With Israel'

IDF Mission
To defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the State of Israel. To protect the inhabitants of Israel and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten daily life.

My friend Mary Katharine at Townhall blog, has done a post called "Equal-Opportunity Blog Sweeps: The 'Solidarity With Israel' Edition" I invite you to go see it.

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