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March 31, 2006

Never Give Up There Is Always A Rainbow

From Wild Thing
((((hugs))) all around!

Love you all!

Thank you God for answering my prayers and Linda's too.

No more tears, ONLY Rainbows from now on.

I love you all and thank you Linda for all you have done to help in this nightmare these last three weeks.

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Hi there. 'tis me again, LindaSoG.

This is it. Everything is up and running at the brand new host, there are no glitches, no time outs, no delays, no corrupt databases, no hackers, and no slackers.

Thank you all for your patience while we got everything restored and up and running.

Carry on!

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Just a note

As of right now I belong to two hosting places. The one I had joined last weekend to attempt to remedy the crashing of my blog apparently is unable to handle the size of my blog and website. Of course they did not say that in their statements of what they promised in size etc. But when it comes to having a blog and a website size does matter in regards to a host and what they can handle.

I don't know all the details as to how this happened so that I can explain it clearly but today, sometime this morning I guess the posts from March 24 up to the 30th have disappeared,and all of your marvelous comments which breaks my heart because you see I LOVE your comments so much. I learn from your sharing and input a lot and your humor as well makes my day!

So after I got home from work on Thursday, I signed up for the absolute top of the line host. It is ranked #1 on the list. It takes a few days for the new host to set things up at their end so right now I will have to make do with this the way it is.

My personality is one that never gives up when I believe in something or someone. A blog is like a living thing in some ways, as each person that has one shares a part of themselves in their writing, their interests in what they post about, and if like me a person that loves graphics, then their graphics as well and their sense of humor.

As friends like all of you stop by and comment it becomes a kind of home online to stop by and have a morning coffee with and discuss something happening in the world. Or a late night chat, rant or cheer as well. Thus making each one of you a large part of a blog and like a little blog family.

All these past few weeks of the site crashing, posts disappearing etc., come down to in reality as a drop in the bucket as far as an entire lifetime of what this blog will be from now on. It will be looked back on as a bump in the road and I feel this strongly. Every once and awhile in life when things happen that are at the time hard to take they build a strength within of not giving up and hanging in there.

The only thing that is devastating when it happens is when the site is down and the idiotic host puts a page up that says to contact the technical/ billing dept. Making it appear I am not paying. But in fact I have every payment receipt and have not missed one from day one with any host. It is just a page they choose to use instead of a sensible one saying the site is down come back later. I take this kind of thing very seriously. So when they do this it is very upsetting and that part I will never be able to laugh it off even later on.

Thank you for reading this. I just thought I should explain to you why your comments on the last few days have disappeared along with the posts.

And now back to the regular scheduled programing. hahaha

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March 26, 2006

Company C Soldiers Seek Out Enemy Forces

TIGRIS, Iraq -- Soldiers from Company C, 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 506th Infantry Regiment, conducted a waterborne operation across the Tigris River March 15 to search designated houses for weapons, improvised-explosive devices and bomb-making materials.

While most of the elements are referred to by the cavalry designation of "Troop", Company C is composed of infantry Soldiers, adding an extra dimension to the battalion's mixed reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition force.

"We're basically the brigade Lerps," explained Sgt. Jason Hughes, team leader for 1st Platoon, referring to the nick-name for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols that were a legendary force during the Vietnam War.

Hughes and his Soldiers had been living in the field for days preparing for this operation, he said. His unit, a mix of marksmen, mortars and medical elements, had already eliminated terrorists from their side of the river. They also scouted the target houses that were slated to be engaged during the final phase of the operation.

"This was a long operation," said Hughes, "It started about two weeks ago with counter-fire and mortar operations. "We reconned the area three days ago in preparation for the cordon and knock."

Three of the houses had been targeted as being possible safe houses for anti-Iraqi forces. During the area reconnaissance, troops observed discarded water bottles, anti-Coalition graffiti and bed rolls inside the gutted buildings. Civilians in the area had expressed concern about "foreigners and outsiders" coming through the area occasionally, believing these strangers to be conducting terrorist operations.

The Soldiers of Company C loaded up in Zodiac boats under the light of the full moon and glided across the ancient river to rendezvous with their objective, the culmination of the work and hardship the team had endured.

"The waterborne training we had back on the lake at Fort Campbell was good," said Pfc. Harold Turner, a native of Marion, Ind. "We can't get a lot of training out here. We do rehearsals, make sure everybody knows their position."

The troops of Company C are adamant in their belief that missions like this are effective in their area of operations.

"We're definitely making a difference," said Spc. Charles Butcher, an infantryman with 1st Platoon. "When we first got to Rustamiyah, the forward operating base was getting mortared nightly; it's not like that now. The number of IEDs has gone down drastically since we got here."

When the Soldiers moved up to the suspect houses, they received little resistance from the Iraqi citizens in the area.

"They see us from over there, on the other side of the river, but they haven't really 'seen' American forces in about eight or nine months," said Hughes. "Now they know we can show up at any time, especially with a unit like ours – you never know."

Company C searched numerous buildings, questioned the locals about possible criminal activity and scoured the area for the enemy. They would leave the area hours later with a few more leads to be followed up on.

"It was a dry hole, but you’re going to get that sometimes," said Hughes. "Overall, it was a success from an operational standpoint. If nothing else, we made our presence known out there," Hughes said. "This is what I love. What I love more than anything else is to come out here and come after the bad guys."


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Clerical Error Recruits 78 Year Old Woman

Santa Clarita Woman, 78, Asked To Enlist As Marine

Click HERE to see Video of story. It is so cute.

AP) SAUGUS, Calif. Sonia Goldstein was flattered by the nice recruiting letter asking her to consider becoming one of "the few, the proud."

But at age 78, she thinks she may be just a little old to enlist in the Marine Corps.

The letter told her the corps could use her unique language skills, but also warned that life as a Marine would test her physical and mental abilities.

Goldstein says she'll do whatever she can for her country, but this is kind of stretching it .

The Marines ordinarily recruit people 18 to 27, says Major Joseph Kloppel, a Corps spokesman. He says the letter must have been sent by mistake.

Sonia Goldstein, 78, thought it was hilarious when she received a recruitment letter from the Marine Corps. She said " Uncle Sam wants me I just don't want KP duty. I would do whatever I could for this great country we live in."

Wild Thing's comment.....

I had to post about this story because the timing is so perfect. haha Plus what a dear woman she is and she was so excited to get the letter from the Marines even if by mistake. ( big smile)
The reason the timing is so funny to me is because this last week I looked in the phone book and called the Marine recuitment office here in town. I asked them if they needed anyone to answer phones, make coffee etc. I also told the Marine on the phone that I was an expert marksman with almost any gun I have ever used. The man was so nice and said they had one of their own that answered the phone, did filing etc. And that depending on my age I

He said with a lot of kindness in his voice ( you know when you can tell the person is smiling by his voice on the phone) thank you for offering we are here to protect you and we appreciate your desire to serve.

I thanked him and told him how proud I was of his service to our country.

So I really giggled when I saw the Marines had sent this lady older then I am a letter. I bet she saves it.

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March 25, 2006




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One more time...

Sorry. Me again.

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Testing... one... two...

This is Linda again.... doing another test....

Okay, looks like everything is working.


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March 23, 2006

Blogger Annoying Little Twerp aka Barb Doing A Great Thing for the Troops

Annoying Little Twerp is doing something very special for the Troops

On April 9 she is walking the St. Louis half-marathon to raise money for the USO.
" I'm not working through any group I just decided to put my feet to good use. If you could mention what I'm doing and/or link my post on your respective blogs, I would be so appreciative. I'm just a silly little blogger trying to giving something back to those who guard our freedom and I thank you for all you help!"....Barb aka Annoying Little Twerp

Barb aka Annoying Little Twerp, you are NOT a silly little blogger at all. You are wonderful and I am so proud of you my friend! .........((hugs)) , Wild Thing

This is from her site

I'm walking the St. Louis half-marathon(13.3 miles) on Sunday, April 9 2006.

I'm walking in memory of the late Robert "StinKerr" Kerr-a wonderful gentleman I met through BMEWS and to raise money for the USO.

My goal is to raise $500 by April 9.

I KNOW you want to help-and here's how you do it:

1. Click on the USO link then click on the donate link on the main page.You can donate online, by phone, and there's even a handy-dandy form that you can print out and mail in for those of you that prefer to donate by check.

2. e-mail me at so that I can know who you are-I'm listing donors on a "Post of Honor". If you'd like to do things "anonymously' just let me know and I'll list you that way. you can also leave a comment for this post

3.Sit back and pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing for our men and women in uniform.

I decided that since I walk so much anyway, well I might as well put my feet to good use.

I'm hoping to walk several other "long" walks between now and labor day-and raise funds for a different pro-troops organization each time.

Right now my goal is raise at least $500 for the USO.

Please help me make that goal!

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A Great Reply To Coward Anti-American Toles

WaPo Weasels

Wanna draw a soldier, Toles? Here I am,
Back with all four limbs from Vietnam.
You wanna draw pictures of fighting men?
Just tell me where and tell me when.
I’ll give you a pose to impress any viewer,
Your punk arty ass comatose in the sewer.
Like all of your kind you don’t have a clue
Who fightin’ men are and what fightin’ men do.

That you, your kind, you effete panty waists,
With Hollywood morals, metrosexual tastes,
Would taunt a brave warrior’s fight for life,
Mock his loss, his pain, deride his strife;
And use his sorrow to support your screed,
With no concern for the warrior’s need,
Tells me you are clueless of the facts of war,
You’re a cut ‘n run, spineless, media whore.

Go to Walter Reed hospital, smug Mr. Toles,
To see those you’ve mocked, grave injured souls
View wounded warriors with bodies so broken
And think again of the message you’ve spoken,
So abysmally ignorant, so smug condescending
That even most liberals won’t waste time defending.
So Toles it’s a fact that your most famous work
Will proclaim you forever as a pitiless jerk.

And Washington Post you’re as bad as this weasel
You gave him the forum, provided his easel.

~Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

Wild Thing's comment....
Thank you Mark for sending this to me.And thank you for serving our country my friend.

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Iran ~ Come for the decapitations--stay for the stonings

You TOO can walk the streets of Iran with the terrorists, sit at an outdoor cafe and sip espresso and listen in and they plan their fatwa's.

Iran's mullahs signed a huge agreement with BBC

Iran will soon present its tourist attractions in a publicity campaign to be waged in the international and local television networks, said an official of Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Foundation (ICHTF) in Madrid Wednesday.

"The publicity campaign will be in the form of advertisements introducing cultural, historical and development attractions of Iran," said Deputy Head of ICHTF for Cultural and Communication Affairs Alireza Sajjadpour.

Talking to IRNA, he referred to BBC, CNN, Germany's ZDF, al-Jazeera and al-Arabia as the international TV networks selected for introducing the tourist sites.

"We have signed a huge agreement with BBC," he added. He, however, declined to cite the contracts' details.

Over 70 countries have been chosen as targets for launching activities to attract tourists to Iran, he said. The campaign will also include several local networks in these countries, Sajjadpour added.

In addition, two-week visas will be issued at all the major national airports for foreign tourists, which are extendable to one-month, he said.

"Furthermore, foreign companies which bring tourists into the country are eligible for some form of payments."

The official expressed hope Iran would turn into one of the 10 most attractive countries in the world in terms of natural tourist attractions and cultural sites through policies to be devised and envisaged within two five-year development plans. This will lead to an annual growth rate of 30 percent in tourist attraction.

Iran is not only a nation with rich historical and cultural sites, but also it has unique environment and nature, in which, four seasons of the year could be observed, he added.

Wild Thing's comment......
"rich historical and cultural sites".........."Over 70 countries have been chosen as targets"
Oh please givie me a break!
I would love to see a list of the 70 countries that are OK with Iran to attract tousists from. I bet Israel is not on their list. Hey Iran burn in hell!

These Iranians are not only evil they are nuts. They want tourism and at the same time we have this........

Thursday, March 23, 2006 9:54:02 AM

Independent Iranian TV channel highlights Threat to American cities

The newly formed Iran Freedom Foundation (IFF) has launched two television commercials warning that American cities are vulnerable to attack by an improvised nuclear device detonated by Iranian-backed terrorists.

The only technical problems that have kept terrorists and terrorists nations like Iran from exploding improvised nuclear devices within American cities are solved once a terrorist regime like the Islamic Republic of Iran has the capability to manufacture a nuclear weapon and deliver it in containers to a major U.S. port.

The commercials currently are not scheduled for broadcast. The IFF hopes the availability for free viewing over the Internet will generate sufficient donations to begin buying air time.

The IFF, established in January, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., as a 501(c)(3) foundation with the ability to accept donations on a favorable tax basis once the IRS issues a tax status determination.

The IFF commercials also contain a clip of Sen. John Kerry's statement in the first debate of the 2005 presidential campaign, favoring the United States giving nuclear fuel to Iran for peaceful purposes.

In a book relevant to this subject titles "Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians," by Jerome R. Corsi, throws more light on the situation.

Corsi believes an atomic 9-11 is an imminent threat once a terrorist state like Iran has the capability to develop nuclear weapons.

He says "I wrote 'Atomic Iran' and founded the Iran Freedom Foundation to warn America of the approaching danger, in the hope that the catastrophes described in the book can be avoided if we are alerted in advance to the threat".

In "Atomic Iran," Corsi criticizes four Democratic senators – Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton – for accepting campaign donations from the pro-mullah lobby in the U.S.

Wild Thing's comment.....
This is WHY IMO it is sooooo dangerous for treasonous, traitors like Kerry and others to say the things they say. It's does not stop with a comment from them but it USED by the enemy. Just as it was used by Hanoi Jane etc.

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Is That A Sensor In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me

Los Angeles Man Charged for Attempting to Ship Sensitive Technology to Iran
Joint ICE-FBI probe uncovers scheme involving illegal export of pressure sensors

LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles man was arraigned in federal court here yesterday for his role in a scheme to illegally export more than 100 Honeywell sensors to Iran in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). According to the manufacturer, the sensors, which detect the pressure of liquid or gas, could potentially be used to detonate explosive devices.

Mohammad Fazeli, 27, was arrested March 16 at his Los Angeles apartment by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Fazeli was named in a three-count indictment handed down March 9 charging him with violating the IEEPA, conspiracy, and making false statements.

The indictment alleges that Fazeli ordered 103 pressure sensors in September 2004 through a website operated by an electronics company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to the indictment, Fazeli told an unindicted co-conspirator that he had been contacted by a representative from that company advising him that he needed a license in order to export the devices. Despite that, after receiving the parts, Fazeli allegedly attempted to send them to the United Arab Emirates, with the understanding that the devices would ultimately be shipped to Iran.

Under the IEEPA, Iran has been subject to a trade embargo by the United States since the late 1970s. The Iranian Transactions Regulations expressly prohibit the sale, supply, or transshipment of any goods, technology, or services to Iran without prior authorization by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. Investigators say Fazeli had not received the required prior approval from the Treasury Department to export the pressure sensors.

“One of ICE's top enforcement priorities is preventing terrorist groups and hostile nations from illegally obtaining U.S. military products and sensitive technology,” said Kevin Kozak, deputy special agent in charge for ICE investigations in Los Angeles. “In the wrong hands, components like these pressure sensors could be used to inflict harm upon America or its allies.”

Fazeli, who remains free on $50,000 bond, is scheduled to go on trial April 25.

Just last week a federal jury in San Diego found Arif Ali Durrani guilty of multiple violations of the Arms Export Control Act for illegally exporting military aircraft parts from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Belgium. At the trial, ICE agents testified that many of the military components in Durrani's illegal export plot were ultimately destined for Iran.

Wild Thing's comment......
I just don't get it, if anyone really expects this bastard to show up for court, I have a bridge for sell. Why the hell they let this guy post bail is beyond me. He should have been considered a flight risk and held him until his trail date.

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Holy Islamville Batman!

Unless you were looking for it you'd probably never know it exists. It's called Holy Islamville. A Muslim village in the upstate started by a man suspected in attacks against the United States and once on the terror watch list.

“We see children – small children run around over there when they should be in school. We hear bursts of gunfire all of the time, and we know that there is military like training going on there. Those people are armed and dangerous. We get nothing but menacing looks from the people who go in and out of the camp, and sometime they yell at us to mind our own business when we are just driving by. We don’t even dare to slow down when we drive by. They own this mountain and they know it, and there is nothing we can do about it but move, and we can’t even do that. Who wants to buy property next to that?”

FOX Carolina's Jamie Guirola investigates Holy Islamville and reports. It's just a short drive to get there, but if you look online this intelligence report from a group of private citizens suggests what goes on over there is anything but holy.

The roads that lead to it are rural. The homes nearby are spread apart. And even though only Muslims can live in Holy Islamville there's a welcome sign out front of its location; tucked in York County, about an hour and a half from Greenville.

Whether you enter or just keep driving by is your choice. We chose to go in.

Mayor Kamal Shakir/Holy Islamville: "We have families. Our families have grown and since then other have families have moved in, as Mr. Rashid was saying, from other places to populate the area".

Population: roughly 150 people. Both men and women.. Young and old. They live in mobile homes set on many acres of private land. Land, the Muslims here say, wouldn't be there's if it wasn't for one man.

Sheikh Gilani.

Jamaat al Fuqra, a terrorist organization founded by Sheik Mubarek Ali Shah Gilani, the Islamic cleric Daniel Pearl was attempting to interview when he was kidnapped, and a group that has been linked to over two-dozen murders and fire-bombings inside the U.S., maintains active training compounds inside the United States. Perhaps the largest - and their operational headquarters, is situated on 70 acres nestled in a remote and heavily secluded area on the western edge of the Catskill Mountains in New York state, about 40 miles southeast of Binghamton, NY.

WNYW-TV FOX 5 News did a report on the “Islamberg” Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound near Hancock.

A local Fox news affiliate in NYC did an extensive report on ‘Islamberg’ in upstate NY.

The reporter walked into the camp with a hidden camera. The place looked pretty barren with a few beat up trailers. There was a schoolbus which looked like it had been shot up. The reporter encountered 2 black Muslims who were actually kind of friendly. They said they did have guns and occasionally shot them off when celebrating weddings. Yeah right. The report mentioned the financial problems one of the leaders was having and how the IRS had confiscated his business.

They said that 9/11 was a part of some larger Jewish conspiracy.

They also spoke with a couple of townspeople. One gentleman said prior to 9/11 he had seen them training in fatigues but said they had been relatively quiet since.

When asked to see “the boss,” they were told he was in the city and wouldn’t be back until later, but then he showed up rather mysteriously. “The boss” was Hussain Abdallah, reportedly one of the early organizers of Fuqra in the United States and the guy that runs “786 Security” in Brooklyn. Abdallah said that his business had been raided by the IRS in Dec. 03 and the case was in process. The reporter said that a legal search of judgements or liens might turn something up. He owes something like $300K to the Feds and $40-50K to the state in taxes.

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March 22, 2006

This Guys Towel Is On Too Tight

Muslim leader: Israel bird flu punishment from Allah

Gaza preacher says during weekend mosque services bird-flu virus found in Israel last week was sent by Allah to punish the Jews for being the ‘worst of humanity’ and is the beginning of the outbreak of other diseases meant to destroy the Jewish state within the next 20 years; 'pray for Allah to dry out the sexual organs of the Jews,' he adds.

Sheikh Abu Muhammed, an imam at the popular Al-Tadwa mosque in Beit Lahia north of Gaza City, went on to ask Muslims at his Friday night Sermon to pray for the sexual organs of Jews to "dry out" so they cannot reproduce.

"Praise Allah the bird flu has hit the Jews. It came because of their sins against the Palestinians; because they are the most cruel enemy of humanity; because they are themselves the enemy of humanity; because they don't believe in Allah; because they falsify the book of Allah; because they cheated the prophet Muhammed; and because they cheated Allah and even their own prophet, Moses," Sheikh Muhammed was quoted as saying.

"This bird flu will be the beginning of diseases which will hit the nonbelievers. Please Allah keep hitting the enemy with more diseases. This is no doubt the beginning of the end of the Israelis. Like (late Hamas spiritual leader) Sheikh Yassin said, 2025 will be the end of Jews. This (bird flu) is the sign," said Sheikh Muhammed, according to congregants.

In his mosque speech, Sheikh Muhammed reportedly went on to explain Allah decided to "hit the Israelis with birds," since birds are mentioned in the Quran as a tool used to defeat infidels.

Muhammed made his comments in spite of predictions the virus found in Israel may surface through migrating fowl in the nearby Palestinian territories.

Wild Thing's comment........

I suppose this is why the Bird flu has hit Indonesian (Muslim) nations so hard. Now I get it........ Allah hates birds! Kill all Birds! Birds are the infidels! If we can not kill Americans, let us kill the evil infidel BIRDS!

Israel has doctors, hospitals with equipment, culture, society, and BRAINS. The All-Ass idiots have rags on their heads, bags on their women, and are just plain STUPID besides being evil. The 21st century beats the 7th century everytime.

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Italian Co. Designs Jeans for Muslims

Jeans tailor-made to fit Muslim needs hit European market

Europe's practicing Muslims have finally found their fit: An Italian clothes firm is producing jeans that are tailor-made for the Islamic world.

The trousers, licensed by an Udine-based firm named Al Quds, are the brainchild of Luca Corradi, an Italian stylist.

"I couldn't help noticing that Muslims bend down to pray several times a day. This movement is not very common in our culture," Corradi told reporters last week.

Higher waist

Corradi realized that Muslims would find Western jeans uncomfortable. So he came up with trousers that are less tight and have a higher waist.

Because Muslims usually take off their watches, glasses and other personal objects during prayer, he also designed larger pockets.

Finally, the seams are made in green -- a sacred color in the Islamic world -- while the shabby look so popular in Western Europe is snubbed.

On Italy's shelves as from last week, the jeans cost 18 euros (US$21).

Because they are being sold by a major French supermarket chain, they should soon find a distribution channel in other European countries as well.

But Al Quds, which is the Arab name for Jerusalem, has also set its sights on the Middle East.

"Our stylist is looking for some help among his Arab colleagues. We hope they will help us start producing a wider range of trousers in the not so distant future," Cavalli said.

The jeans should find plenty of buyers among Italy's 700,000 Muslims.

Wild Thing's comment.....
Good lord what next! " higher waist" hmmmmm to cover the bomb belts? And the same story HERE tells us this.......

ROME - They're high around the waist, wide around the leg and have lots of pockets for holding watches, bracelets, glasses and other knickknacks.

The pockets are for holding all the accessories.

For holding things? You mean like bombs, big knives for beheadings? What? Huh? Tell us more! Maybe they will play Kumbaya in the stores.

HERE is the website for the jean maker.

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March 21, 2006

The Media ~ Spin It, Slant It But Staying Away From The Truth

All the Democrats want to know, they say is what is the President's exit strategy. A question by losers.

They say there's a civil war. They say kids are being killed. They want to Impeach the President because they say he lied to us. They say the sky is falling. Oh that's right, that's another chicken!

When the Heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan perish the Democrats do polls to show we are loosing the war. The war was won in days, but the atrocities by the cowards blowing up every positive move toward democracy, are what is going on now. Because they know the liberal media and the Democrats water at the mouth to show it on TV and exaggerate the negative.

The Islamofascists see that it works to blow up more and more targets and the media helps them. It gives them more fodder to try to get George Bush out of office and put the Democrats back in office. Then they will run around wondering what the hell to do. So they then will have polls to see what to do next.

Today, March 21,2006, the President answered their hair brained questions with intelligent and concise information.

Later on the talk shows they said he was mean to the journalists. The spin is in with the liberals and they are on speed dial.

I thought he was fantastic today!

Angry Old Salt out

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America's Under The Rock Dwellers Throw A Protest

Cindy Sheehans male version, Michael Berg, father of terror victim Nick Berg. OH and yes Cindy Sheehan was there as well, but of course.

International ANSWER's latest "EMERGENCY MOBILIZATION" to protest the Bush administration's "criminal wars, occupations, torture and assault." According the flyer, thousands of protestors would "Speak Truth to Power" in a march from the White House to Donald Rumsfeld's front lawn.

Wild Thing's comment.............
How disgusting can the left get, I bet back way before I was born during WW11 this never would have been acceptable.

* Michelle Malkin

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Afghan Man Found His Brain and Might Loose His Head

Afghan Man Faces Execution After Converting to Christianity

An Afghan man who recently admitted he converted to Christianity faces the death penalty under the country's strict Islamic legal system. The trial is a critical test of Afghanistan's new constitution and democratic government.

The case is attracting widespread attention in Afghanistan, where local media are closely monitoring the landmark proceedings

Abdul Rahman, 40, was arrested last month, accused of converting to Christianity.

Under Afghanistan’s new constitution, minority religious rights are protected but Muslims are still subject to strict Islamic laws.

And so, officially, Muslim-born Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and not for practicing Christianity.

Appearing in court earlier this week Rahman insisted he should not be considered an infidel, but admitted he is a Christian.

He says he still believes in the almighty Allah, but cannot say for sure who God really is. “I am,” he says, “a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ.”

Rahman reportedly converted more than 16 years ago after spending time working in Germany.

Officials say his family, who remain observant Muslims, turned him over to the authorities.

On Thursday the prosecution told the court Rahman has rejected numerous offers to embrace Islam.

Prosecuting attorney Abdul Wasi told the judge that the punishment should fit the crime.

He says Rahman is a traitor to Islam and is like a cancer inside Afghanistan. Under Islamic law and under the Afghan constitution, he says, the defendant should be executed.

The court has ordered a delay in the proceedings to give Rahman time to hire an attorney.

Under Afghan law, once a verdict is given, the case can be appealed twice to higher courts.

This is the first case in which the defendant has admitted to converting and is refusing to back down, even while facing the death penalty.

If convicted, the case could ultimately force President Hamid Karzai’s direct intervention.

The president would have to sign the papers authorizing Rahman’s execution, a move that could jeopardize Mr. Karzai’s standing with human rights groups and Western governments.

So far, President Karzai has not commented on the case.

But political analysts here in Kabul say he will be under significant pressure from the country’s hard-line religious groups to make an example of Rahman.

Wild Thing's comment......
On the way to work Monday morning I heard this on the radio. When I got out of the car if someone had come up to me right then and said " Islam is the religion of peace" I would not want to be responsible for what my reaction would have been.
I was furious, not surprised at what I heard but angry. Angry because I have had it with people saying this LIE, including politicians that say it over and over again. Do they think we are stupid? Do they think we believe the propaganda of it being anything to do with peace.
The fact is that this death cult is NOT a religion, it is just that a death cult. It really does not matter that the man turned to Christianity at all. He could have decided to worship at the feet of Mickey Mouse. As long as he turned away from Islam is all these freakazoids care about. Oh maybe it is a greater insult that the man became a Christian but the truth is their anger and rules about this mean death to anyone leaving Islam.
My feeling about this may not be how others see it, but here it goes.

Islam is destructive, it is death and is spread by its devout followers with violence, beheadings, bombings you name it. I am glad the people voted in Iraq, I am proud of them and the courage they had to do this. Many for the first time, but the fact still remains they still worship a freakin sick cult that tells of how infidels should be whacked!

To think that just because they want peace, or say they do. That they say they love capitalism and the great and marvelous things our troops have done for them is great, they damn well better appreciate it! BUT they are still Islmaists and still one inch from going nuts and picking up a knife and taking my head off.

A moderate Muslim simply does not exist and I work with one so I can tell you they have an anger, a rage inside of them that at any second is ready to explode. For some silly reason he likes me even though I stand up top him, maybe he likes the spunk I have who knows. But I have seen him angry for us going into Iraq, mad that we did not let Saddam stay in power. Furious with MR.Bush as he calls him and we even have a bet... (that I will win.). He bet me that Bush will resign and I said no way. So we bet $20.00 on it.

Islam and politics are joined together. Allah ( moon god) is not primarily interested in individuals. Love is a completely foreign concept in Islam. Allah ( moon god) is destined to rule the world. That is the basis of Islam. Everything else is related to this goal. And the Doctor at work has said this very thing, " Islam will one day be in the majority in America above all else." Grrrrrrrrrrr! Take a number you old fart is how I feel about that.

I even told him to get in line that right now it says..." Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish." Not press 2 for Muslimeze! So they are not even close and I pray they never will be, it is bad enough to have the 2 for Spanish. I told him this and he just smilied and said" you will see, you will see I am right."

90%-95% of all the conflicts on this planet today involve Muslims fighting non-Muslims or each other.

Islam remains a cult of the Dark Ages. It is the most violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to mankind! Make no mistake about it. Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that get in its way. Muslims are fundamentally non-assimilatible.Unless the civilized world resists and fights back, Muslims will vanquish the planet within a few decades. Only THEN will the "civilized world" know what devilish barbarism and uncompromising rigidity Israel has for so long been up against!!!

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for a GREAT read see what Misha has to say about this. You will laugh as well at how he states his rant on this. It is excellent.

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Murtha Hopes Someone Will Take Him Seriously ~ He Is a Fool!

RNC: Murtha's Iraq Plan: More Pessimism, No Solutions

From the The 9/11 Commission Report, 7/22/04

Rep. Murtha: "There's no terrorism in Iraq before we went there. None. There was no connection with al Qaeda. There was no connection with terrorism in Iraq itself." (NBC's "Meet The Press," 031906)

The Bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report: "There Is ... Evidence That Around This Time [1997] Bin Ladin Sent Out A Number Of Feelers To The Iraqi Regime, Offering Some Cooperation." ("Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,"

"In Mid-1998, The Situation Reversed; It Was Iraq That Reportedly Took The Initiative." ("Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,"

In March 1998, After Bin Ladin's Public Fatwa Against The United States, Two Al Qaeda Members Reportedly Went To Iraq To Meet With Iraqi Intelligence." ("Fi nal Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,"

In July, An Iraqi Delegation Traveled To Afghanistan To Meet First With The Taliban And Then With Bin Ladin." ("Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,"

"Sources Reported That One, Or Perhaps Both, Of These Meetings Was Apparently Arranged Through Bin Ladin's Egyptian Deputy, Zawahiri, Who Had Ties Of His Own To The Iraqis."

"According To The Reporting, Iraqi Officials Offered Bin Ladin A Safe Haven In Iraq."

"The Former Iraqi Regime Of Saddam Hussein Trained Thousands Of Radical Islamic Terrorists From The Region At Camps In Iraq Over The Four Years Immediately Preceding The U.S. Invasion, According To Documents And Photographs Recovered By The U.S. Military In Postwar Iraq." (Stephen F. Hayes, "Saddam's Terror Training Camps," The Weekly Standard, 1/16/06)

Murtha Claims Iraq Is In A Civil War And Promotes Pessimism:

Rep Murtha: "We're caught in a civil war. ... Then they said it's not a civil war. It is a civil war." (NBC's "Meet The Press, 3/19/06)

Rep. Murtha: "They said we're going to have 75% of the country controlled by the Iraqis. I flew for an hour and 15 minutes over desert, and there wasn't a soul ..." (NBC's "Meet The Press, 3/19/06)

Rep. Murtha: "I don't see the progress that they're portraying, and I don't understand how they can continue to say that." (NBC's "Meet The Press," 3/19/06)

US Generals On The Ground Disagree With Rep. Murtha; Call Progress "Breathtaking" And "Amazing":

Commander Of Multinational Forces In Iraq, Gen. George Casey Notes Positive Stories That Most People Haven't Heard About Iraq. "There's a lot of bustle here... in Baghdad. There's a lot of economic activity, storefronts crowded, goods stacked up on the street. And the traffic cops were wearing white shirts and neckties, not armored vests. So there's a lot here that I don't think people back in the United States get to see, and it's probably difficult for them to feel the optimism that myself and my subordinate leaders and my members of the armed forces feel about the possibilities here in Iraq." (NBC's "Meet The Press," 3/19/06

Commander, Central Command General John Abizaid: "[I] would say is that the growth of the Iraqi Security Forces, in particular, and the Army, in particular, has been nothing short of breathtaking." (Gen. John Abizaid, Committee On Appropriations, U.S. Senate, Testimony, 3/9/06)

Commander, Multinational Corps Iraq, Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli: "In the days immediately following the Samarra bombing, the press was actively tracking and reporting every single mosque attack, but the vast majority of the reporting was off the mark." (Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Press Conference, 3/17/06

Murtha Ignores Signs Of Advancement In Iraq: ( see in the rest of the article)

The rest of the article and stats HERE

Wild Thing's comment.....
Murtha as usual is full of it. If he wants to say his BS at a cocktail party fine, but to say it on TV for all the world to see and hear then it ticks me off and the zombies then go out and push his propaganda.

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March 20, 2006

Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

New Jersey graphic artist and Arab civil rights advocate, Michael Kabbash, speaks about his newly designed board game the Patriot Act. Seen above at his office in Hamilton, N.J. A parody of the Monopoly game, The Patriot Act pokes fun at the historic abuse of governmental powers by the recently-renewed anti-terrorism law. (AP Photo/Jose F. Moreno)

In this send-up of "Monopoly," players don't pass "Go" and they don't go directly to jail — they go to Guantanamo Bay.

Instead of losing cash for landing on certain squares, they lose civil liberties. And the "Mr. Monopoly" character at the center of the board is replaced by a scowling former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Patriot Act: The Home Version" pokes fun at "the historic abuse of governmental powers" by the recently renewed anti-terrorism law.

But while it may be fun, creator Michael Kabbash, a graphic artist and Arab civil rights advocate, is serious about how he feels the law has curtailed Americans' freedom.

The object of the game is not to amass the most money or real estate, but to be the last player to retain civil liberties.

"I've had people complain to me that when they play, nobody wins. They say `We're all in Guantanamo and nobody has any civil liberties left,'" he said. "I'm like `Yeah, that's the point.'"

Kabbash decided to keep Ashcroft as the visual focus of the game, even though he stepped down in January 2005, because "he really is the icon that people associate with the Patriot Act."

prewar comments, the "Go" space in is renamed "Bring It On!" Players roll the dice to determine how many civil liberties they start out with, accumulating them from a variety of categories: U.S. citizens get 5; non-citizens 1. Whites and Asians get 5; Arabs 1. Ultra right-wingers get 6; Democrats 3 or 4.

Instead of landing on, say Oriental Avenue, players land on a color-coded spaces corresponding to the national terror alert. A player who lands on a red space loses one civil liberty, as does anyone else within five spaces. A player who lands on an orange space gets to designate another player to lose one civil liberty.

Wild Thing's comment.....
More of the article about this ant-American game HERE

Amazing isn't it, they live in this country, enjoy the freedom we have and then do shit like this.

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Muslims Spreading Seeds Of Hatred To Their Children

Teachers applaude toddlers who want to become suicide bombers, music videos which call for "martyrdom", footage of terrorist training camps for children and other examples of Muslim incitement against non Muslims.

Video to see is here

Wild Thing's comment......
When I was a child, we played with dolls, took all my parents books off the shelves and played library, bandaged up my teddy bears playing hospital, covered the dining room table with a sheet and pretended to be camping out. And then of course coloring books ( I still color in coloring books though) haha
But to be a child and grow up like these Muslim chilidren do being taught such total hate and killing and anger running in their veins it is so sick, so totally sick.

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March 19, 2006

Reids Treasonous Illegal Anti-American Plan


Harry Reid has put a political game plan in place but wants to call them town hall meetings so that it gives the appearance that they are not breaking the law.

Senate Democrats have mapped a political battle plan for the March congressional recess that calls on lawmakers to stage press events with active duty military personnel, veterans and emergency responders to bash President Bush on virtually every one of his national security policies.

The game plan, devised by the office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, is contained in a six-page memo distributed to Democratic senators on Thursday at a closed-door meeting at the Capitol and provided to The Washington Times by a congressional staffer.

Titled "Real Security," the political document calls for staged town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts. "Ensure that you have the proper U.S. and state flags at the event, and consider finding someone to sing the national anthem and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the event," the battle plan states.

And the Democratic memo calls on senators to seek the help of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), which is critical of Mr. Bush.

However, the Defense Department prohibits political events on military bases.

The rule states:

"commanders will not permit the use of installation facilities by any candidate for political campaign or election events, including public assemblies or town hall meetings. ..."

For entire article please go HERE

Wild Thing's comment......
Could Reid cross the line anymore then he has with this? He keeps getting away with his treason, his anti-American activities and his loathing of our military. How about using Harry Reid as a test case to see how various forms of torture effect the human body till....well you know what I mean.
And what the hell is that sure to bring the proper US Flag. Don't they know what the US Flag looks like? Sheesh!

BIG DOG has written an excellent write up on this! ......HERE


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Hamas Forms Government Without Moderates

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas said Saturday it had completed the formation of its government without succeeding to bring in moderate parties, a step that looked likely to only increase the chances of international isolation.

The narrow government to be presented to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting Sunday could bring on crippling economic sanctions that the World Bank has warned would devastate the poverty-stricken Palestinian territories.

Abbas will approve the Hamas government — which does not include his pragmatic Fatah Party, presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh said.

But he will warn the Islamic militant group, which is sworn to Israel's destruction, that their refusal to moderate their hard-line positions could "get them into trouble," the spokesman said.

Hamas' Cabinet lineup has not been made public, but officials in the group said it would hold onto key posts including the foreign, interior and finance ministries.

The Palestinian parliament will not be asked to approve the new Hamas government until after Israel's March 28 election.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the international community must be united in demanding Hamas accept the conditions, which have U.N. backing.

"If they continue to reject the international community's benchmarks they will find the Palestinian Authority will increasingly become a pariah regime in the international community," Regev said.

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March 18, 2006

I Love Happy Endings ~ Georgia Senate Defeats Fonda Resolution

The Georgia Senate voted 38 to 1 to defeat a resolution that would have honored Jane Fonda's charity work in the state.

ATLANTA (March 16) - Jane Fonda's 1972 trip to North Vietnam is haunting her again. The Georgia Senate on Thursday nearly unanimously defeated a resolution that would have honored the actress' charity work in the state.
The Democratic sponsor had tried to withdraw the resolution after a rocky reception from colleagues and a phone call from Fonda's office, but a Republican leader forced a vote, saying members of his caucus wanted to go on record against it.

Fonda, who is out of the country, had asked for the resolution to be withdrawn to avoid the controversy, said the sponsor, Sen. Steen Miles of suburban Atlanta.

The effort was defeated 38-1, with even Miles voting against it.

The resolution cited the Atlanta resident's work as founder of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, donations to universities and charities, and role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

But Fonda's political activities protesting the Vietnam War, including a trip to North Vietnam in 1972, have long made her a target of veterans.

"I can think of no living American who is less worthy of this honor," Republican Sen. John Douglas declared. "She is as guilty of treason as Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose."

Miles argued that Fonda's good works should outweigh the negatives.

Thank you Don for sending this to me.

* River Vet (Don's website)

* and thank you to Jack H. for the article and link

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National Security Strategy of U.S.

Iran's Madman Ahmadinejad

London, Mar. 17 – Not since the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has the United States national security strategy focused on a country more than it is now doing on Iran. The proof comes in a 49-page report just released by the White House.

“The National Security Strategy of the United States of America” describes Iran as the greatest challenge to the U.S. national security, and makes it clear that the Bush administration is prepared to resort to military action, if that’s what it takes to stop Iran’s theocracy from arming itself with nuclear weapons.

“We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran”, the report, which carried the seal of U.S. President George W. Bush, said.

The document, which maps out the threats to the United States and the way President Bush intends to tackle them, said that the international standoff over Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program and its support for terrorism in the Middle East could ultimately be resolved “only if the Iranian regime makes the strategic decision to change these policies, open up its political system, and afford freedom to its people. This is the ultimate goal of U.S. policy”.

“Our strategy is to block the threats posed by the regime while expanding our engagement and outreach to the people the regime is oppressing”, Bush said.

To read the full text of the Natioinal Security Strategy please clkck is a pdf file.

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Army National Guard Recreate Photo Before Going To Iraq

This photo was taken at Camp Shelby, Miss., on March 14, 2006. The approximate 4,000 Soldiers are from the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the Minnesota Army National Guard's 34th Infantry Division en route to Iraq this spring. The major states that the soldiers are from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and New Jersey. They formed their patch, the Red Bull. This was a recreation of a photo taken of the division on Aug. 18, 1918, at Camp Cody.

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G. Gordon Liddy and Other Talk Show Host Visit Iraq

G. Gordon Liddy chats with MAJ John Hudson of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Central as Erich Langer and Joe McClammy of the Gulf Region Division/Project and Contracting Office Public Affairs Office enjoy the exchange.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- National Talk Show host, G. Gordon Liddy and five other regionally well known, stateside, radio talk show hosts are presently in Iraq visiting with Soldiers and Civilians in Iraq.

One of the sites visited by this group was the Alwaiya Children’s Hospital in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region South (USACE-GRC) Karada District. When completed, this 155 bed facility will provide full spectrum medical care for newborn to six year old children from a population of more than a million Iraqis. Additionally, the hospital will provide limited adult emergency support as well as being used by three medical schools for medical internships.

The resident officer-in-charge for this project has been MAJ John Hudson from Colorado Springs, CO, with Jana Tanner, from Jacksonville, FL, serving as the resident engineer. The project engineering and quality assurance has been effectively handled by Iraqi engineers - a superlative example of Capacity Development teamsmanship in the turning over of such work to Iraqis themselves.

In addition, the group visited the recently completed Hay Al Amel Youth Center comprised of various recreational support functions, wrestling/gymnastics mats, basketball court and soccer facilities, where they talked with numerous young Iraqis enjoying the facility - and clearly appreciative of the faiclity.

While in the area, each of the journalists received one-on-one interview time with several of the USACE-Gulf Region Division leadership. Among those visited with were the Commanding General, BG(P) William McCoy, retired Marine colonel and now Director of Logistic Jack Holly, and David Leach, Director of Capacity Development.

In addition to Liddy, the visiting broadcast journalists included: Jon Grayson of KMOX in St. Louis who is listened to by not only those in his home community but in audience markets in 44 other states;

~ Steffan Tubbs - co-host of Colorado’s Morning News" - of KOA in Denver CO
~ Jack Rice from WCCO in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
~ Bill LuMaye of WPTF in Raleigh, NC
~ Monica Delta who hosts "Speaking Seriously" for the Washington, D.C. Maryland and Virginia markets.

Following the visit with USACE-GRD personnel, the journalists traveled further around the country visiting Multi-National Forces- Iraq activities.

Tom Clarkson is a member of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Division/Project and Contracting Office public affairs team in Iraq.

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March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone

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Oriana Fallaci's Book Now In English


I am so thrilled about this, Oriana Fallaci's The Force of Reason is now available in English.

This is the long-awaited follow-up to her fearless The Rage and the Pride, and it continues her chronicling of the Islamization of Europe, and of what has been lost and will be lost.

Here is Brendan Bernhard's excellent review in the LA Weekly

In The Force of Reason, the controversial Italian journalist and novelist Oriana Fallaci illuminates one of the central enigmas of our time. How did Europe become home to an estimated 20 million Muslims in a mere three decades?

How did Islam go from being a virtual non-factor to a religion that threatens the preeminence of Christianity on the Continent? How could the most popular name for a baby boy in Brussels possibly be Mohammed? Can it really be true that Muslims plan to build a mosque in London that will hold 40,000 people? That Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are close to having Muslim majorities? How was Europe, which was saved by the U.S. in world wars I and II, and whose Muslim Bosnians were rescued by the U.S. as recently as 1999, transformed into a place in which, as Fallaci puts it, “if I hate Americans I go to Heaven and if I hate Muslims I go to Hell?”

In attempting to answer these questions, the author, who is stricken with cancer and has been hounded by death threats and charges of “Islamophobia” (she is due to go on trial in France this June), has combined history with snatches of riveting firsthand reportage into a form that reads like a real-life conspiracy thriller.

If The Force of Reason sells a lot of copies, which it almost certainly will (800,000 were sold in Italy alone, and the book is in the top 100 on Amazon ), it will be not only because of the heat generated by her topic, but also because Fallaci speaks for the ordinary reader. There is no one she despises more than the intellectual “cicadas,” as she calls them — “You see them every day on television; you read them every day in the newspapers” — who deny they are in the midst of a cultural, political and existential war with Islam, of which terrorism is the flashiest, but ultimately least important component. Nonetheless, to give the reader a taste of what Muslim conquest can be like, in her first chapter, Fallaci provides a brief tour of the religion’s bloodiest imperial episodes and later does an amusing job of debunking some of its more exaggerated claims to cultural and scientific greatness.

* Jihad Watch

Wild Thing's comment.....
This woman is amazing and I look forward to reading her book.

Here are some quotes by her that I have saved:

"Resignation leads to apathy. Apathy leads to inertia. Inertia leads to indifference. Indifference paralyzes the instinct for self-defense, that is, the instinct to fight back."- Oriana
"Can anybody guess how many cemeteries of Allied soldiers there are in Italy? More than sixty. And the largest, the most crowded, are the American ones. At Nettuno, 10,950 graves. At Falciani, near Florence, 5,811. Each time I pass in front of it and see that lake of crosses, I shiver with grief and gratitude."-Oriana

And this one my Blog Mom Linda at Something.....and Half of Something has at her blog.

" I do not believe in vile acquittals, phony appeasements, easy forgiveness. Even less, in the exploitation of the blackmail of the word Peace. When peace stands for surrender, fear, loss of dignity and freedom, it is on longer peace. It is suicide." - Oriana

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Another Photo ~ Operation Swarmer Going After Insurgents

OPERATION SWARMER — A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter transports U.S. Army soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division’s Company C, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment and Iraqi army soldiers during Operation Swarmer in Brassfield-Mora, Iraq, March 16, 2006. Operation Swarmer is a combined air assault operation to clear the area northeast of Samarra of suspected insurgents. (U.S. Navy Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Shawn Hussong)

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March 16, 2006

Operation Swarmer LOVE it! & Other Photos Of Our Awesome Troops!

101st Airborne Division stand ready with a staged row of Blackhawk helicopters in preparation for Operation Swarmer, in Remagen, Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — U.S. forces joined by Iraqi troops on Thursday launched the largest air assault since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, targeting insurgent strongholds north of the capital, the military said.

The U.S. military said the air- and ground-offensive dubbed Operation Swarmer was aimed at clearing "a suspected insurgent operating area" northeast of Samarra and was expected to continue over several days.

Residents in the targeted area said there was a heavy U.S. and Iraqi troop presence in the area and large explosions could be heard in the distance. It was unclear if the blasts were due to fighting.

The military termed the operation the largest air assault since the invasion nearly three years ago, but it was not clear if any U.S. aircraft opened fire during the operation or if there had been any insurgent resistance.

"More than 1,500 Iraqi and Coalition troops, over 200 tactical vehicles, and more than 50 aircraft participated in the operation," the military statement said.

The U.S. command in Baghdad said it was the largest number of aircraft used to insert troops and the largest number of troops inserted by air, although larger numbers of troops overall have been involved in previous operations.

Operating Base Remagen, with Operation Swarmer on March 16th, American heroes in helicopters take off with Iraqi and Coalition forces to wipe out terrorists northeast of Samarra in the largest air assault since the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq.

North of Baghdad., under a massive airborne operation involving over 50 aircraft and 1,500 heroic American and Iraqi troops.

North of Baghdad., Iraqi soldiers secure a bridge during curfew as the Iraqi parliament convened for the first time with pressure against it from Iran, al Qaeda and the American MSM. The targets are terrorist rebels, including those of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

In Basra, Iraq, at the market of military equipment, where terrorists have repeatedly put on military uniforms to carry out terrorist murders.

Wild Thing's comment......
I am so proud of our troops!

* BIG DOG says Let Allah Sort Them Out

* The Rolling Barrage

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Thank you for your patience

Today my site was attacked. It was down for awhile, then when it did come up it was not loading the pages. It kept saying page not found. It felt like being where I knew the door was and no house was standing there. hahaha

Thank you all for your patience and I am sorry some of you had to do reposts several times to get them to show up for me to give the OK to when I did get my site back up.

It is still running very slow so I hope it will get healthy again. ugh!

So Welcome and come on in
Wild Thing

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Hanoi Jane Encounter

I received an email asking me how I felt about posting about Hanoi Jane. I told her I would do a post about it in case anyone else was curious. She wondered why I " bothered" as she put it.

America has way too much apathy, way too much tolerance for traitors. They are not punished, they are even admired by some of the low life in our country. Remember the week that Gore was in Saudi Arabia with Clinton and others and sounded off on America. Committing treason as far as I am concerned. The same week Cheney had the shooting accident. We never heard the media about Gore, I only knew about it because of being online. But Cheney was bombarded on every network, every channel, every news and political talk show on TV. You would have thought he had been gunning for someone, tracking the person and then killing him.

It is like America is upside down or something.

During the Vietnam War it sickened me and angered me beyond words how I felt about Hanoi Jane, Donald Sutherland,Gregory Peck and others how they were traitors to not only America but our troops. I swore I would never let up on what they did, never stop telling the world just how vile they were and are, and how they should be punished.

One of the times I came back from Vietnam, some friends of mine, Vietnam Veterans that had just gotten back from Nam told me how they had driven their motorcycles up the coast of California and put the Hanoi Jane stickers in the urinals in the bathrooms at gas stations along the way. We all had a good laugh and I complimented them on what a great idea it was.

One of the trips back home Bob Hope and I were standing outside a building where we had just had a meeting to talk about a trip coming up and a man walked right up to Bob Hope and spit in his face. It landed on his collar bone. Bob Hope stood there and told the guy, " that's not enough nerve to enlist, you have to be a man." The guy ran off.

Year later, in the early 80's I was leaving the gym I went to and Hanoi Jane was standing outside talking to someone. I wondered why the heck she was there. This gym I went to was Gold's Gym in Venice, you know the bodybuilding Mecca gym. She had a workout place in Beverly Hills, called Jane Fonda's Workout.

I stood by the door of the gym till the person she was talking to walked away. Then I walked right up to her with a purpose in my steps. I am 5'11 and Hanoi Jane is 5'7". So I had 4 inches on her, I got as close as I could, so she could feel my breath on her. I stood as tall as I could, you know when you stand there and really stretch out your back, perfect posture etc.? Yep that is what I did, wishing right then that I was taller then 5'11 just this one time in my life.

Hanoi Jane:She looked up and asked," You're a tall girl, do you want something?"

Wild Thing: Yes, Jane I need to tell you something. I have a message for you from over 2,000,000 Americans that served in uniform in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Hanoi Jane: You have a lot of nerve!

Wild Thing: Yes I do, these 2 million have my six and that is my ass, my back in case you do not know. They are very pissed off at you. And so am I, so I have to let you know from them and myself that we don't think you are a traitor, we KNOW you are.
And from me to you I will never forgive you for what you did, for the actions you took and for the words you spoke. You will take those things to hell when you die. But not only that, you will take the responsibility of the deaths you caused, the beatings and treatment you caused our troops by the enemy with you as well. Every drop of blood, every bead of sweat, every pain in their limbs and bodies that you caused them to be tortured and maimed. Every broken heart, every lost loved one left behind.

Hanoi Jane: ( interrupting) you do have guts I will give you that. I am not embarrassed by what I did, nor sorry. I believed in what I did then and still do today. You are wrong and Americans were murderers. You are condoning their murder as I see it.

Wild Thing: No, but I would condone your being punished for treason. Have you ever heard of the Rosenberg's? They were executed in 1938 for treason. Am I getting warm here in you knowing how I think you should be punished?

Hanoi Jane: she nodded and stayed silent

Wild Thing: Good then I will just end this conversation with this. You use this country, you use our military Jane. You use the freedoms that you have as if it cost nothing. You and your ilk are not why this is the land of the free. You and your ilk are not why our military and all the way back to our forefathers went through what they did to make sure we have the greatest Nation in the world. We were not defeated in the Vietnam War Jane, our troops won that war. It was our politicians, the lying media, and the communists in our country that lost the war, the cowards and the enemy of America that walk our streets like you.
You will never understand, I know this. This was a meeting in time that had to be,not for you, but for my Vietnam Veterans, and for me to tell you just what I think of you.
The courage, determination, camaraderie, selflessness they own and you never will. They are America's heroes something you will never understand. I despise you Jane you are not worth one gasp of air that you breath. I hope we never run into each other again. But these things needed to be said to your face, up close and personal.

After this I went home, I was shaking a little not because of meeting her but because I was so angry. Nick said to write it down as best I could so I would not forget what I said but also what she said. So I did and saved it.

Having a blog is also an excellent way of keeping track of things happening in the world. News and information of all kinds of things. Anything I post about Hanoi Jane will always be listed in my sidebar under Traitors To America.

There are also some pages at my personal website that mention Hanoi Jane, so Melinda maybe you would like to check them out as well. Read the posts here on this blog too, posts made by Veterans that walk the walk.Men, real men every one of them, and each one that you should feel honored to be in their presence. If you do then you will never again say or think why bother.

Extreme Prejudice...The Red Zone

My Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

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And then Melinda go to my POW/MIA page and Never Forget, Never.

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Feel The Love Ahmadinejad ~ Not!

Iran-nuclear-cartoon: The price of a Iran's nuclear weapon

The following cartoon appeared in Friday’s edition of the London-based Arabic daily Asharq al-Awsat. The word “Iran” is written on the cleric’s turban.

Iran says will not abide by Security Council demands

Iran will not abide by likely demands from the United Nations Security Council to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi told reporters on Wednesday.

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But...But You Wouldn't Lie To Us Would You Ahmadinejad??

He sure as heck would and has, it must be in one of the verses in the Quran 101! Ya think? haha What else is new a lying Arab.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: West opposes our nukes to let Israel live on

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 15 – Iran’s radical President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the circumstances were ripe for the “collapse of the Zionist regime” and that the West was highlighting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in the world arena in order to “divert attention away from the issue of Palestine”.

“The regime occupying Qods (Jerusalem) was set up to create insecurity and confrontation in our region. If one day tranquillity came about, it would mean the death of this regime”, Ahmadinejad said in the northern town of Ramyan during a speech broadcast live on state television.

“Our enemies on the one hand oppose our nation’s acquisition of nuclear energy and on the other hand want to divert the attention of other nations from the key issue of Palestine to give an opportunity to the Zionist regime to prolong its existence”, he said.

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On Jeopardy the other night, the final question was How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns ------ All three contestants missed it.

This is really an awesome sight to watch if you've never had the chance....Very fascinating

1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why?

21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary.

2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why?

21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1

3. Why are his gloves wet?

His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle

4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not?

He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face and moves the rifle to the outside shoulder.

5. How often are the guards changed?

Guards are changed every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

6. What are the physical traits of the guard limited to?

For a person to apply for guard duty at the tomb, he must be between 5' 10" and 6' 2" tall and his waist size cannot exceed 30." Other requirements of the Guard: They must commit 2 years of life to guard the tomb, live in a barracks under the tomb, and cannot drink any alcohol on or off duty for the rest of their lives. They cannot swear in public for the rest of their lives and cannot disgrace the uniform {fighting} or the tomb in any way. After two years, the guard is given a wreath pin that is worn on their lapel signifying they served as guard of the tomb. There are only 400 presently worn. The guard must obey these rules for the rest of their lives or give up the wreath pin.

The shoes are specially made with very thick soles to keep the heat and cold from their feet. There are metal heel plates that extend to the top of the shoe in order to make the loud click as they come to a halt. There are no wrinkles, folds or lint on the uniform. Guards dress for duty in front of a full-length mirror.

The first six months of duty a guard cannot talk to anyone, nor watch TV. All off duty time is spent studying the 175 notable people laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery . A guard must memorize who they are and where they are interred. Among the notables are: President Taft, Joe E. Lewis {the boxer} and Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy, {the most decorated soldier of WWII}.

Every guard spends five hours a day getting his uniforms ready for guard duty.


In 2003 as Hurricane Isabelle was approaching Washington , DC, our US Senate/House took 2 days off with anticipation of the storm. On the ABC evening news, it was reported that because of the dangers from the hurricane, the military members assigned the duty of guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were given permission to suspend the assignment. They respectfully declined the offer, "No way, Sir!" Soaked to the skin,
marching in the pelting rain of a tropical storm, they said that guarding the Tomb was not just an assignment, it was the highest honor that can be afforded to a serviceperson. The tomb has been patrolled continuously,
24/7, since 1930.

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Thank You Senator Douglas ~ May Hanoi Jane Rot In Hell!

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Jane Fonda's name still raises the blood pressure of many Georgia veterans more than 30 years after her famous pose on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

So the idea of honoring "Hanoi Jane" for her recent charitable and public service work didn't go over too well with at least one member of the Georgia Senate on Wednesday.

Sen. Steen Miles (D-Decatur) ( introduced a resolution recognizing the two-time Academy Award-winning actress for her efforts to help women and children globally, particularly her work as the founder and chairwoman of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.

Senate Resolution 1189 seemed to breeze through the Senate without a raising an eyebrow — as do hundreds of honorary and commemorative resolutions each year. There's no vote on these types of quick resolutions, and lawmakers very rarely object to them.

But Sen. John Douglas (R-Covington), ( a retired Army Major and the chairman of the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, stood as the Senate was adjourning and briefly voiced his strong opposition to the resolution.

His words provoked a strong response from Miles, who argued that Fonda's work deserved recognition. "We have been very, very hypocritical when it comes to taking care of the least of these and the lost," Miles said.

Miles' speech, however, may have backfired. When she wrapped up, Douglas immediately made a motion for the Senate to reconsider its approval of SR 1189. The Senate will decide at 9 a.m. today.

Douglas had harsh words later in the day for Fonda, who has said she regretted the gesture on the anti-aircraft gun. "I think Jane Fonda is less worthy than any living American to be honored by our Senate and the people of Georgia," Douglas said. "It starts off with her actions during the Vietnam War and it continues today. No amount of good work now will make up for her past actions against the military and our country."

April, 1973 -- Hanoi Jane Fonda calls the freed American prisoners "hypocrites and pawns," insisting that....... "Tortured men do not march smartly off planes, salute the flag, and kiss their wives. They are liars. I also want to say that these men are not heroes."
"We were elated when Jane Fonda, wearing a red Vietnamese dress, said at a press conference that she was ashamed of American actions in the war, and that she would struggle along with us." – Bui Tin, Colonel, People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN)

Wild Thing's comment......
Thank God for men like Senator Douglas.

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March 15, 2006

It’s Legal


Wild Thing's comment...........
This is excellent! Long article but well worth it.


National Review Online
Bryon York

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Monday, when Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold introduced a resolution to censure President Bush, he said, "When the President of the United States breaks the law, he must be held accountable." Bush, Feingold continued, "authorized an illegal program to spy on American citizens on American soil and then misled the Congress and the public about the existence and the legality of that program." Although few Democrats have joined Feingold's call for censure, nearly all of them agree with Feingold's contention that the surveillance program is illegal. But the president's adversaries overlook the solid legal basis for the administration's actions.

The solid legal basis for the administration’s surveillance program.

In early September 2002, just before the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a group of lawyers gathered in a heavily protected, windowless room in the Department of Justice building in Washington. There were three federal appeals-court judges, Laurence Silberman, Edward Leavy, and Ralph Guy. There was Theodore Olson, the U.S. solicitor general. There was Larry Thompson, the deputy attorney general. And there was John Yoo, the Justice official who had closely studied questions of war powers and presidential authority. Rounding out the group were a few other department staffers, one official from the FBI, and David Addington, Vice President Cheney's top lawyer.

The purpose of the meeting was to argue a case whose details remain so classified that they are known by only a few people, but whose outcome, a decision known as In re: Sealed Case, has become one of the key documents in the hottest argument in Washington today: the fight over what President Bush calls the "terrorist surveillance" of persons with known al-Qaeda connections, and what the president's opponents call "domestic spying."

The three judges made up what is known as the FISA Court of Review. It was created in 1978 by the now-famous Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The act required that the president go to the so-called FISA Court to seek a warrant for surveillance in top-secret foreign-intelligence cases. For any disputed decisions that might arise, Congress also created the Court of Review, a sort of super-secret appeals court.

But in all the years between 1978 and 2002, there had never been occasion for the Court of Review to actually meet. Not until Sealed Case, and the three-way collision between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches that it involved. Today, a look at the circumstances of the case provides not only an insight into the administration's rationale for the secret, warrantless surveillance program but also important clues to the mystery of how the whole thing got started in the first place.

The conflict began with the passage of the Patriot Act in October 2001. The act tore down the "wall" that had arisen in the Justice Department that blocked intelligence officials and criminal investigators from working together and sharing information. That wall had been cemented by a set of internal department guidelines written in 1995, in which then–attorney general Janet Reno outlined the department's constricted surveillance procedures.

The Patriot Act was designed to fix that problem. But a month after the act was passed, when the Justice Department submitted surveillance requests to the FISA Court under the new, looser standards passed by Congress, the FISA Court in effect rejected the Patriot Act, and instead reaffirmed the old 1995 Clinton-era standard.

A standoff ensued. In early 2002, the Justice Department adopted new surveillance procedures based on the Patriot Act. In March 2002, the department informed the FISA Court that it would use those new standards in surveillance applications. In May, the FISA Court said, in effect, not so fast, and ordered modifications in the procedures. Among other things, the FISA Court ordered that "law enforcement officials shall not make recommendations to intelligence officials concerning the initiation, operation, continuation or expansion of FISA searches or surveillances" — a reasonable facsimile of the old wall. The FISA Court also ordered that the Justice Department include certain staffers in all surveillance debates, an order that quickly became known in the Justice Department as the "chaperone requirement."

The Justice Department resisted, and in July 2002 filed a surveillance application — the details are still a secret — using its new procedures, without the FISA Court's mandated changes. The Court approved the application but insisted that the modifications be made according to the court's dictates. And then, in August, the FISA Court took the extraordinary step of making its decision public, accusing the Justice Department of habitually misrepresenting evidence and misleading the court. That's when the department decided to take the matter to the Court of Review, leading to the September 2002 session in that secure room in department headquarters.

"We're here today," Theodore Olson said as the secret In re: Sealed Case court argument began, "because the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court's May 17th order . . . has perpetuated a serious and increasingly destructive barrier which has hamstrung the president and his subordinates" in their work to protect "the United States and its citizens from attack and from international terrorism." The FISA Court's ruling, Olson continued, was "inexplicable."

Olson and the judges went back and forth over the history of the wall. Nobody really knew how it first came into being; the judges later said its origin was "shrouded in historical mist." They went over what Congress intended when it passed the Patriot Act. And they went over the question of whether the FISA Court had the power to tell the president how to conduct investigations.

The answer was no, Olson said. "To the extent that the FISA Court is purporting to reorganize the executive branch, the so-called chaperone function, I don't think Congress could constitutionally tell the executive or the attorney general that he could not talk to this subordinate without involving that subordinate," Olson told the judges, "and I certainly don't think the court can do so."

The entire session lasted just a few hours, and the Justice Department waited for the Court of Review's ruling. When it came, in November 2002, it was a slam-dunk win for the government.

In its opinion, the Court of Review said the FISA Court had, in effect, attempted to unilaterally impose the old 1995 rules. "In doing so, the FISA Court erred," the ruling read. "It did not provide any constitutional basis for its action — we think there is none — and misconstrued the main statutory provision on which it relied." The FISA Court, according to the ruling, "refus[ed] to consider the legal significance of the Patriot Act's crucial amendments" and "may well have exceeded the constitutional bounds" governing the courts by asserting "authority to govern the internal organization and investigative procedures of the Department of Justice."

And then the Court of Review did one more thing, something that has repercussions in today's surveillance controversy. Not only could the FISA Court not tell the president how do to his work, the Court of Review said, but the president also had the "inherent authority" under the Constitution to conduct needed surveillance without obtaining any warrant — from the FISA Court or anyone else. Referring to an earlier case, known as Truong, which dealt with surveillance before FISA was passed, the Court of Review wrote: "The Truong court, as did all the other courts to have decided the issue, held that the President did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information. . . . We take for granted that the President does have that authority and, assuming that is so, FISA could not encroach on the President's constitutional power."

It was a clear and sweeping statement of executive authority. And what was most likely not known to the Court of Review at the time was that the administration had, in 2002, started a program in which it did exactly what the Court of Review said it had the power to do: order the surveillance of some international communications without a warrant.

Read today, In re: Sealed Case does more than simply outline the president's authority. It also puts the administration's warrantless-surveillance decision in some context. What was going on at the time the president made the decision to go ahead with the surveillance? Well, first Congress passed the Patriot Act, giving the administration new powers. Then the FISA Court refused to recognize those powers and attempted to impose outdated restrictions on the administration. Then the White House, faced with the FISA Court's opposition — and with what administration officials believed were some inherent weaknesses in the FISA law — began to bypass the FISA Court in some cases. And then, in In re: Sealed Case, the administration received irrefutable legal support for its actions.

After the decision was handed down, the American Civil Liberties Union, which had submitted a brief in support of the FISA Court's actions restricting the administration, asked the Supreme Court to review In re: Sealed Case. The justices declined to take any action. That is not the same as the Court's upholding the ruling, but it does mean that the justices looked at the decision and chose not to intervene.

Today, the opinion stands as a bedrock statement of presidential power. And ironically, it came from a case that was not about whether the president had overstepped his bounds, but about whether the courts had overstepped their bounds. The Court of Review ruled strongly in favor of the president, and the Supreme Court declined to reconsider that decision. Reading the opinion, it's no wonder that George W. Bush has so strongly defended the surveillance program. If the FISA Court of Review is right, he has the Constitution on his side.

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Condi Looses Mind In Brazil


The United States hopes to find a way to increase humanitarian donations to the Palestinians following Hamas’ election victory, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

Rice said she will ask Indonesia, a moderate Muslim nation, to help press the message that the Palestinians must remain committed to peace with Israel even though Hamas refuses to accept the Jewish state's right to exist.

"We are looking at ways to even increase our humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people during this period of time," Rice said.

Rice was not specific. But her comments suggested that the United States intends to replace money it once gave directly to the current moderate and secular Palestinian government with grants for charity work or other projects that are independent of the new government.

U.S. officials have nearly finished an extensive review of aid to the Palestinians that was intended to ensure that future aid does not flow to Hamas.

Hamas, which refuses to renounce violence and has claimed responsibility for dozens of suicide bombings against Israel, is listed as a terrorist organization by both the United States and the European Union.

Wild Thing's comment......
OK I know she gets her talking points from da' boss man. BUT, here is the thing, this is BS to even think about giving aid to the Hamas in any way, shape or form. We need to declare as a Nation that any group of Islamic terrorists, even if in power such as the Hamas, is our enemy if they do not recognize Israel, and if they refuse to renounce violence etc. I have a 12 year old nephew that understands this better then Condi Rice.
This half assed some are ok and some are not when it comes to terrorists is only making us weak and wimpy! Let's call it the bada bing mentality is what is needed. The take no prisoners frame of mind and stick to it.
I don't have balls and neither does Condi, but if we did, mine sure as hell would be bigger then hers! Screw this shit and stop making excuses for terrorists!

During the Vietnam War there was a saying, " kill them all and let God sort them out"! I say Exactly!

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

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The Free Jack Idema Blogburst

It’s been two weeks now since anyone heard from Jack Idema, Brent Bennett or Ed Caraballo, the three Americans illegally imprisoned in Afghanistan. Clearly, this is a worrying situation — Those of us who’ve campaigned for Jack’s release have never been out of touch with him for so long, and the silence is beginning to seem ominous.

Though this isn’t to say that Jack and his men are the only people affected by fallout from the terrorist riots at Pulacharke prison:A car bombing in the capital targeted Sibghatullah Mujaddedi, a Muslim cleric who briefly served as president in 1992. He now heads the upper house of parliament and leads a commission encouraging Taliban fighters to reconcile with the government.

Mujaddedi escaped with burns to his hands and face, but two bystanders — a girl on her way to school and a man on a motorbike — were killed. Two attackers who drove the explosives-laden station wagon into the convoy also died.

“The explosion was very strong. For a while I couldn’t see anything. I was in the front seat of my car. I saw a big fire came toward me,” the white-bearded Mujaddedi told a news conference a few hours later.

His hands were wrapped in bandages — burned when he raised them to protect his face from the blast.
The bloodstained road was littered with parts of the attackers’ car.

Now, before anyone begins feeling too much sympathy for the injured Mujaddedi, it’s worth bearing in mind that in his capacity as Afghanistan’s ‘Chief of Peace and Amnesty’ he’s responsible for releasing more Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists back onto the streets than anyone else. Ever.

It’s for this reason that both Mujaddedi and his boss, President Karzai, are faced with the problem of figuring out precisely who would want to blow up the Mullah. Not al-Q, obviously. No one seriously thinks they’d attempt to murder the man who’s working harder than anyone else to release their compatriots from Afghan prisons. So that leaves — Who?

Mujaddedi directly accused Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency for the bombing. He offered no proof. “We have got information that ISI of Pakistan has launched a plan to kill me,” he said.

So Mujaddedi thinks the Pakistani secret service tried to murder him with a suicide bomb? Well, anything’s possible … Although it is, perhaps, worth bearing in mind that sticking Pakistan with the blame would help Mujaddedi out no end with another of his problems — He’s currently under investigation by his own Parliament for treason on the grounds that he is, himself, a Pakistani agent.

Is it credible that Pakistan would try to murder one of its own, most highly-placed agents? If not, then who, precisely, might Mujaddedi’s would-be assassin have been?

Hey stupid, did you ever think it was a brother of a female inmate that was raped and beaten by the terrorist hostage takers that you gave amnesty to? Right folks, no one is talking about the rape of 80 women prisoners because it would be instantaneous civil war in Afghanistan and Karzai would be hanging in Sharanow Park like Dr. Najebullah (another “foreign” president but for the Soviets). Afghans don’t like you to look at their women (hence the Burhkas) no less rape them.

This is, of course, the very mess that men like Jack Idema and the Northern Alliance were desperately trying to prevent Afghanistan descending into.

Back in 2001, the Taliban-era was over and the Afghan people were free. All that remained was the work of rounding up and imprisoning the few head-hackers who’d avoided capture as Northern Alliance and U.S./British Special Forces took control of the country.

Then, of course, we turned Afghanistan over to the Karzai-State Department alliance, who chose to pursue a disastrous policy of appeasement with terrorists. Jack Idema was one of the first casualties of this, as evidenced by the wording of the ‘wanted’ posters the FBI put-out prior to his initial arrest:

Approach With Force Idema is well connected with the Afghan society, and has dealings with key military, political and local authority figures. He has been working in Afghanistan for three years, and has travelled extensively within the country. Idema is wanted by the FBI. He is known to travel with large and heavily armed soldiers from the illegal Northern Alliance.

The ‘illegal’ Northern Alliance were, in fact, the men who risked their lives fighting to free Afghanistan from the clutches of the Taliban. Yet, by the summer of 2004, they’d been pushed to one side by the State Department, along with soldiers like Idema who stuck around to finish the job they’d started in 2001.

Fast-forward two more years, and today we can see where these policies have led: Most Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists are back on the streets, enabled by men like Mujaddedi, whose corruption is so complete that he finds himself under attack by an entirely new form of terrorist — Ordinary Afghans radicalised, not by Western ‘aggression’, or Abu Ghraib, or Israel, but by the failings of their own President to punish Islamofascists for committing one of the largest gang-rapes in history. Truly, we are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So what can we do? Well, anyone reading this with their own blog can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst by emailing Cao or Rottweiler Puppy for details. I’d urge everyone to do this, as we’re still terribly short on takers. If you want to know more about the story, Cao’s Blog has a large section devoted to Jack Idema. There’s also a timeline here, and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack’s story.



Finally, PLEASE NOTE: The SuperPatriots and Jack images on this site are used with WRITTEN COPYRIGHT PERMISSION and any use by any third party is subject to legal action by SuperPatriots.US

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Iranian Students Burning Posters Of Khamenei


Iran’s Khamenei attacks Bush, rules out “any retreat” on nukes

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the country's foreign minister and diplomats on Tuesday that any retreat on the nuclear issue would “break” the Islamic Republic’s independence and would entail “a huge cost” for the Iranian people.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that any retreat over the nuclear issue, which is the great demand of the nation and the natural right of our people, as breaking the country's independence, and this would entail a huge cost for the Iranian nation”, the official news agency IRNA quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as telling members of Iran’s diplomatic service.

“Any retreat will, under the present circumstances, bring with it an unending chain of pressures and more retreats. It is therefore clear that this path is irreversible and our foreign policy establishment must courageously defend this right”, Khamenei said.

Iran’s Supreme Leader reacted sharply to recent remarks by U.S. President George W. Bush, who expressed support for Iranians who seek to bring democracy to their country.

“If there a place with no democracy, it’s America”, the ayatollah said. “A small minority of capitalists, who are mainly Zionist, pull all the strings in elections and the people’s vote has no impact”.

“This Mr. George W. Bush himself has been elected through fraud”, Khamenei said, while attacking Bush for “his illegal acts, including his orders for tapping the telephone conversations of Americans, his weak standing in the opinion polls in America, and the censorship of news in that country”.

Khamenei repeated the charge that “there are indications and intelligence showing that the intelligence services of America and the Zionist regime are behind the assassinations and bombings in Iraq”.

“As for America and some of the countries that tow the American line, their principal motive in trying to prevent Iran’s acquisition of its natural and scientific right is that they are frightened that Iran would reach the pinnacle of scientific power”, he added.

Khamenei’s comments once again backed those of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly vowed to reject international pressure to accept the demands of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In the meeting with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, senior Foreign Ministry officials, and members of the country’s diplomatic service, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “Those who represent the Islamic Republic of Iran abroad must ensure that our national rights are safeguarded and that they truly embody the steadfastness, dignity, and wisdom of the Iranian nation”.

“The fact that the Muslim world is now feeling a sense of identity and Islamic dignity is attributable to the victory of the Islamic revolution, and one of the most important elements of Iran’s national power. This must be emphatically noted in Iran’s international relations”, the ayatollah said.

Khamenei ridiculed “those who make propaganda and say that Iran was hiding [its nuclear project], because no country declares its scientific work while it’s at the research stage”.

In August 2002, the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran exposed, for the first time, key nuclear sites that Iran had built secretly in Natanz and Arak. The revelation led to the international scrutiny that finally culminated in Iran’s nuclear dossier being sent to the UN Security Council for a decision.

Iran’s Supreme Leader said Western governments “were put to shame by remaining silent when the Zionist regime threatened to assassinate the head of the elected government of the Palestinian people”.

Knowledgeable sources in Tehran said the government has summoned its ambassadors and envoys from across the world to brief them on a fresh diplomatic offensive to “counter the poisonous Western propaganda” against Iran.

Students, security forces clash in Iran capital

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 14 – Police fired tear-gas and used force on Monday to disperse protesting students at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, eye-witnesses reported.

The disturbances broke out after hundreds of students tried to prevent the burial of three “unidentified martyrs” on the university campus. The students, many of them women, carried placards against the takeover of universities by Islamist groups affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards.

Martial law imposed in volatile Iran cities

Iranian authorities have imposed a de facto martial law in several volatile cities in the north-western province of Kurdistan as restive youths used the occasion of Iran’s traditional “fire festival” to hold anti-government protests, residents told Iran Focus by telephone on Tuesday.

Youths set fire to posters of Khamenei in Iran capital

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 14 – Young people set fire to pictures of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and former leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran, according to dissidents in the Iranian capital.

Protestors gathered and burned down posters of Iranian leaders hung on lampposts in Mirdamad Street in Tehran.

Despite a massive crackdown to prevent this year’s “fire festival” from turning into scenes of anti-governments protests, young people have taken to the streets across Iran to defy the government ban and celebrate the last Tuesday of the Persian year with a big bang.

During the festival, known as ‘chaharshanbeh souri’ – literally, Feast of Wednesday – people jump over bonfires to “drive away evil”. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, however, Iran’s theocratic leaders have made strenuous efforts to stamp out the festivities, but to no avail. In recent years, there have been extensive clashes between festive crowds and the security forces deployed to prevent street celebrations. This year the event falls on March 14.

Iran’s main opposition group, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK), has issued an appeal to people across the country to take part in the celebrations on the night and turn it into an anti-government protest.

Already steps have been taken to prevent widespread protests from flaring during the traditional Persian festival celebrated by Iranians for over 2,500 years.

Posters of officials set fire to in Iran

Furious people set on fire posters of hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and former Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini during extensive demonstrations in the western city of Khorramabad as “fire” festivals across the country continued well into the night.

Effigies of Iran’s Supreme Leader set on fire in demos

Anti-government demonstrations erupted across the Iranian capital as well as in towns and cities across the country as young people used the annual Persian “fire festival” to ignite fireworks and set cars belonging to the State Security Forces (SSF) on fire, dissidents told Iran Focus.

In the south-western city of Ahwaz protestors constructed an effigy of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and set it on fire.

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Received this tonight from a friend, Jack at Conservative Insurgent, who asked "Remember this?" I never saw this before. This was my first time and it is excellent.

Do you remember this as an e-mail circulating in 2002 before MSM spread the misleading poison that eventually tainted some of the patriotic enthusiasm of some Americans. That the fervor of patriotism and pride in being an American has been eroded since 2002 is evidenced by the popular emails that circulated then and those that are being forwarded today. I haven't seen enough of this ethos lately. A revival could begin by forwarding this one to your mailing list.


Your alarm goes off; you hit the snooze and
sleep for another 10 minutes.
He stays up for days on end.

You take a warm shower to help you wake up.
He goes days or weeks without running water.

You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.
He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps
moving forward.

You put on your anti war/don't support the
troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.
He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.

You make sure your cell phone is in your pocket.
He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next
to his dog tags.

You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you.
He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.

You don't feel like helping out your dad today, so you don't.
He does what he is told.

You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.
He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.

You complain about how hot it is.
He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to
wipe his brow.

You go out to lunch and complain because the restaurant got
your order wrong.
He does not get to eat today.

Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes.
He wears the same things for months, but makes sure his
weapons are clean.

You go to the mall and get your hair redone.
He doesn't have time to brush his teeth today.

You are angry because your class ran 5 minutes over.
He is told he will be held an extra 2 months. He does as
he is told.

You call your girlfriend and set a date for that night.
He waits for the mail to see if there is a letter from home.

You hug and kiss your girlfriend, like you do everyday.
He holds his letter close and smells his love's perfume.

You ditch class to go to a movie.
He goes where he is told.

You roll your eyes as a baby cries.
He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, and wonders
if they'll ever meet.

You criticize your government and say that war never solves
He sees the innocent tortured and killed by their own
government and remembers why he is fighting.

You hear the jokes about the war and make fun of the
men like him.
He hears the gun fire and bombs.

You see only what the media wants you to see.
He sees the bodies lying around him.

You are asked to go to the store by your parents. You don't.
He does what he is told.

You stay at home and watch tv.
He takes whatever time he is given to call and write home,
sleep, and eat.

You crawl into your bed, with down pillows, and try to
get comfortable.
He crawls under a tank for shade and a 5 minute nap,
only to be woken by gun fire.

You sit there and judge him, saying the world is a worse
place because of men like him.

If only there were more men like him!

* Conservative Insurgent
* Indigo Insights

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March 14, 2006

Free Turbo Tax Filing For Military

This year, the Department of Defense is providing free access to the popular TurboTax filing program to all active duty guard and reserves (regardless of their activation status) and their family members via the Web site

This free program serves as an online “tax mentor” and helps in the preparation and filing of both federal and state taxes. Military OneSource can also refer you to certified financial counselors, tax experts and public accountants who can answer questions, also at no charge, by calling toll-free: (800) 342-9647. (To access the numbers for overseas, Spanish language and hearing-imparied tax fliers log unto

Please pass this information on, thank you.

Thank you Sondra for this.

* Knowledge Is Power / SondraK

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Terrorists Lover Russ Feingold Is A Four Letter Word

Presidential wanna be..........."What the president did by consciously and intentionally violating the Constitution and laws of this country with this illegal wiretapping has to be answered," Mr. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, said on the ABC News program "This Week." "Proper accountability is a censuring of the president, saying: 'Mr. President, acknowledge that you broke the law, return to the law, return to our system of government.' "

White House replys...............

The White House on Monday dismissed as politically motivated a Democratic senator's attempt to censure President George W. Bush for ordering domestic eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without a warrant. Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that he intends to push for a resolution in the U.S. Congress that would censure the president for what he considers an unlawful wiretapping program authorized by the White House after the September 11 attacks.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Feingold's move "has more to do with 2008 politics than anything else."

Bush has come under criticism from Democrats and many of his own Republicans for letting the National Security Agency eavesdrop, without court-ordered warrants, on telephone calls and e-mails to and from overseas contacts with suspected al Qaeda ties.

"I think it does raise the question, how do you fight and win the war on terrorism?" McClellan said. "And if Democrats want to argue that we shouldn't be listening to al Qaeda communications, it's their right and we welcome the debate. We are a nation at war."

Dems object to censure resolution vote: hold off for political purposes

...Democratic Senator Russ Feingold has introduced a resolution that would censor the President of the United States for "eavesdropping" in the wake of 9/11. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, moments ago, made a unanimous consent motion that the Senate vote on the resolution tonight. Maryland Democrat Paul Sarbanes rose to object to the motion. Frist then motioned to vote on the resolution again tomorrow. Sarbanes objected, saying no vote should take place on the resolution until Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had cleared the timing.
In other words, Democrats know this is a political stunt, without a chance of passage, but want to time it politically for maximum impact.

Later, Harry Reid took the floor to say he was offended that Frist would go to the floor and motion for unanimous consent on such an "important issue" without talking to him first.

Reid's two-facedness knows no bounds. Does he not remember last year taking the Senate floor and invoking Senate Rule XXI, thereby shutting down the Senate? When he made that parliamentary move to score political points over pre-war intelligence, he broke all Senate precedent by invoking the draconian measure without first seeking the compliance of the Senate Majority Leader as has always been done in the past.

Here is his "Censure Resolution

Wild Thing's comment...........
Traitor Feingold voted NO on the Patriot Act renewal. Send him to Gitmo.Frist tried to bring it up for a vote, and every time he did DemocRATS objected and wouldn't let there be a vote.
The Democrats think President Bush has done too much to protect us from additional terrorist attacks. The Democrats are both idiots and traitors.

Kiss My Ass Feingold!

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One Of The Left's Favorite Cowards ~ A Draft Dodger

Wild Thing's comment.....
I have NO sympathy, NO patience for draft dodgers or deserters.
I don't care how many years it has been. Punish the hell out of them!!!!

U.S. arrests soldier who fled in 1968
Traveled to U.S. dozens of times since dodging service in Vietnam

Allen Abney, grandfather is languishing in confinement 
at a U.S. military base -- 
under arrest for deserting the U.S. Marine Corps 
38 years ago because he didn't want to fight in Vietnam.

Allen Abney, 56, is in custody at Camp Pendleton near San Diego today.

His family in the East Kootenays is anxiously awaiting word on what's next 
for the father of three who deserted the marines and fled to Vancouver in 
1968 at the age of 19.

Charges of desertion can result in what's known as "other-than-honorable" 
discharges, a special court martial and sentences of up to one year in military 
jail or a general court martial where the maximum penalty is five years behind bars.

"I really cannot conceive that that's a possibility. I really want to stress that," 
said Lynn Gonzales, who works with the San Diego Military Counseling Project, 
a branch of the GI Rights Hotline. 

Gonzales was to meet with Abney yesterday.

Abney, a Canadian citizen since 1977, was taken into custody Thursday. 
He and his wife, Adrienne, were crossing into Idaho after leaving their home 
south of Cranbrook, bound for a holiday in Reno.

"They stopped us at customs. I handed over our passports and they called us in. 
After 20 minutes of sitting there, they took him," Adrienne told The Province.

Adrienne said her husband had traveled into the United States dozens, if not 
hundreds of times, with no problem whatsoever.

Allen, who was born in Kentucky but has lived in Canada since he was 10, 
joined the Marines voluntarily when his brother was drafted, figuring he too 
would be compelled to serve. His brother stayed in Canada as a conscientious 
objector. Allen completed basic training in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Before he could be shipped overseas, he took a weekend break in Mexico then a 
bus all the way to Vancouver.

Abney married in 1971 and became a Canadian citizen in 1977, the same 
year then-U.S. president Jimmy Carter offered to pardon deserters if they 
applied through a special discharge review program. Abney did not take 
advantage of the offer.

Though he rarely talked about that time in his life, daughter Jessica said, her father 
was hardly living in secret. He never changed his name and has traveled extensively 
throughout the U.S.

What the marines would want with the "slightly overweight" man who likes hunting, 
fishing and driving ATVs is beyond Adrienne.

"Maybe they're using him as an example to prevent Iraq-bound Marines from deserting. 
I don't think they'd have much use for him in Iraq," she said.

A Marines spokesman said Abney will be returned to his original unit, where the 
commander will decide what happens next.

The family has called the Canadian consulate in the U.S. and has had sporadic phone 
contact with Allen since his detention.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Rejean Beaulieu said federal officials are aware of the 
case, but he could not comment further.

The Abneys are also waiting to hear something from the government.

"The Canadian consulate in the U.S. is not being very helpful at all," said Adrienne.

Meanwhile, U.S. Army deserter Joshua Key said Abney made the same "moral choice" 
to not fight in a war he felt was wrong. Key faces an immigration hearing later this month 
that will determine whether the 27-year-old can remain in Canada or must return to the 
U.S. to face military justice.

"It seems a little weird, crossing the border as many times as he did. I say it's a damn 
shame. He's already established himself as a Canadian citizen," Key said from his home 
on Gabriola Island.


Wild Thing's comment..........
Look how they are already making excuses for him.
"I really cannot conceive that that's a possibility. I really want to stress that,"
said Lynn Gonzales, who works with the San Diego Military Counselling Project,
a branch of the GI Rights Hotline.

Shoot him! I could care less that he is a grandfather, a husband, a son or anything.

A Marines spokesman said Abney will be returned to his original unit, where the
commander will decide what happens next.

Good, Sir, please do not let this coward go unpunished. And I blame Canada too for
accepting draft dodgers and deserters.

Our country needs to begin to take a bad ass stand on things like this. And on other
traitors to like Carter, Gore, Bill Clinton, Kerry, Fonda, you name it!

And if that isn't bad enough that they even have to think about what to do with this jerk.
Look at this! OMG!


Plans for U.S. draft dodger sculpture revived
Activists’ proposal draws fire from conservatives, veterans groups

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Peace activists have revived plans for a sculpture to commemorate Vietnam War draft resisters who fled to Canada, a proposal that had drawn the ire of U.S. veterans groups and conservatives.

The activists, who are also organizing a reunion for “draft dodgers” in July, said on Tuesday the proposed monument is still needed to warn Americans and Canadians about the dangers of militarism.

“It is very important educationally that we have specific peace monuments,” said Isaac Romano, an American who immigrated to Canada and now lives in British Columbia’s Kootenay region where many U.S. war resisters settled.

The plan for a monument in Nelson, B.C., was originally announced in 2004, but quickly dropped after it was denounced by the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars and conservative media commentators.

“It could be that there is a group in the States that sees it as an opportunity to remind Americans that they are not locked into the militarism. That there is an escape valve,” Romano said.

The proposal calls for a sculpture of two Americans, a male and a female, crossing an imaginary border where a Canadian figure is waiting to welcome them.

It has been estimated that 125,000 draft-age Americans fled to Canada to avoid Vietnam and prosecution under U.S. law, although about half returned home after President Jimmy Carter granted amnesty in 1977.

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Ex-NFL Lineman Trades Jersey For Utilities

Pfc. Jeremy Staat, Platoon 1065, Company B, practices rifle manual in his training barracks. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Dorian Gardner

Giving up the fame of the football field at 29 years old, one B Company recruit Pfc. Jeremy Staat

At age 13, Pfc. Jeremy Staat was 75 inches tall and weighed 230 pounds. It seemed as if he was built for football, according to Staat.

“I really didn’t have to work hard at it,” said Staat.

Starting as an offensive lineman, Staat grew as a football player and saw his first glimpse of the Marine Corps not long after starting at Arizona State University as an offensive lineman.

Fond memories traced back to his first encounter with the Marine Corps.

“I had a buddy who was a combat photographer in the Marine Corps,” said Staat. “He came back from the desert with pictures of these big C-130s and I said, ‘I want to do what you are doing.’”

Playing football began losing its appeal. Seeing other men and women around the world in their service uniforms kept Staat thinking about those “what-ifs.”

Following his time at the university, Staat moved up to the National Football League, playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams and one year of arena football with the Los Angeles Avengers.

Early thoughts of leaving the league were deflected after college teammate Pat Tillman influenced Staat to stay in until he could get a retirement plan. Staat and Tillman became good friends while sharing a room at ASU. Over time, Tillman decided to leave the NFL to serve in the U.S. Army before he was killed in action in 2004.

“That was the turning point for Jeremy,” said Janet Goodheart, Jeremy Staat’s mother. “After Pat was killed, he began to dwell on things. He visited me at home and we had a real serious talk. He told me that he was through with football.”

He decided to enlist in the military. Because of his larger-than-life exterior, Staat had to pass a few tests before he could enlist.

His mother said he passed tests everyday.

“He called me and said, ‘Mom, you can’t be any more than 78 inches, 29 years old and 261 pounds,’’’ said Goodheart. “He was all three.”

There were certain reasons for joining that went beyond the passing of Pat Tillman, according to Staat.

“The big reason was because I was just really disgusted with the amount of money entertainers get and what they pay troops overseas,” said Staat. “It didn’t seem right that we pay all those entertainers millions to catch a football and we pay our Marines pennies to a dollar to catch a bullet,” said Staat.

Determined to leave, Staat spoke with a recruiter and left as soon as possible.

“I came in two months early, like ‘Let’s get it on,’” said Staat. “I wanted to be a part of something that is going to live forever instead of getting trophies. What are trophies good for – collecting dust? Most trophies get thrown in the garage. Who knows where they go after that?”

Arriving at the depot, Staat did what he could to keep his past under wraps, but within five hours of his landing, his secret was out.

Staat said a drill instructor asked the 77-inch stack of muscle if he played football. “I played a little in college,” said Staat, who enlisted to become a machine gunner.

The drill instructor kept digging and eventually the truth came out.

“From what I knew of Marine Corps training, drill instructors are extremely professional,” said Staat. “With all the attention I’ve drawn to this platoon, they have done an awesome job being professional.”

When he started training, Staat took a different outlook on his environment than most recruits do during the first phase of boot camp. To him, playing for a team was temporary; being part of a legend was something people wouldn’t forget.

Since entering recruit training, Staat realized he wasn’t used to the strenuous environment.

“I’ve run three miles four times in my life, once at (Military Entrance Processing Station), and three times here,” said Staat.

Besides the physical training, boot camp is aimed to place stress on recruits to prepare them for stressful situations they may encounter on the battlefield.

Stepping away from the life of an entertainer to enjoy the priceless experience of Marine Corps boot camp, Staat said he couldn’t feel more at home.

“I would wake up every day and smile,” said Staat. “Recruits look at me like I am crazy, but I am just happy to be here; to be on a practice field as big as Camp Pendleton is crazy.”

According to Goodheart, the letters Staat sent home during training let her know that her son was doing fine in his training. “He was very happy,” she said.

The only thing that Staat couldn’t grasp about training was the other recruits. He couldn’t understand why 60 recruits would rather to do push-ups in the dirt than sound off when told to by their drill instructors, but Staat never lost his motivation, according to Goodheart.

“If there was something that gave Jeremy any kind of doubt, he would pursue it until he was convinced,” said Goodheart.
“If you change the mindset of what you are doing, you can turn it into a whole new experience,” said Staat. “I looked at field training like I was going camping. They are going to pay me to learn how to train and survive in the field.”

Staat said he found it amusing that people pay for the training that Marines are paid to complete.

“They train you to keep in shape. They put you on a diet,” said Staat. “People pay to do that.”

Staat recalled a day during training when his company ran the obstacle course. There are a number of high walls, logs and bars to get over throughout the course including the rope, which is strung from a high beam of wood to the ground. Staat attempted to climb the rope but failed. He was trained on the proper techniques, he got a second chance.

Staat’s senior drill instructor told him to climb the rope again. One of the many things that are stressed during training is bearing, but when Staat climbed to the top of the rope, he broke his bearing and smiled.

“I asked him what happened the first time and he smiled and said, ‘This recruit didn’t have the technique down, sir,’” said Staff Sgt. Miguel R. Saenz, senior drill instructor, Platoon 1065.
“I was just happy,” said Staat. “I had never climbed a rope before.”

Beyond the training, there were adjustments Staat had to make.

“It was fast,” said Staat. “The sounding off was difficult because I am not used to yelling and screaming.”

Even the combat utility uniforms took some getting used to, according Staat.

“I looked at them as a new uniform,” said Staat. “Instead of having a football helmet, I had a Kevlar. Instead of wearing shoulder pads, I wore a flak jacket.”

Departing the depot as a squad leader, and one of many new Marines graduating from Co. B, Staat plans on leaving a lasting impression in the Marine Corps and maybe watch a few football games on his days off.

* Mighty Righty

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Miss USA Visits The Marines

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. -- Miss USA, Chelsea Cooley, wore a Marine desert cover, shared personal stories and laughed with wounded warriors to show her support for Marines at the Injured Support Barracks Monday. Cooley, who is from Charlotte, N.C., said she has always wanted to come back to North Carolina and visit with the troops. Although it is not part of Miss USA obligations, Cooley volunteers regularly with the United Service Organizations and speaks with service members all over the world.
Photo by: Lance Cpl. Ryan M. Blaich

Wild Thing's comment.....
I am so glad she did this and I hope she does this a lot. Our troops could use a lot of this kind of support and from many others as well.

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March 13, 2006

Al-Qaeda Undercover Soldier Makes Threats

Purported "Al-Qaeda Undercover Soldier, U.S.A": Last Warning to American People - Two Operations Will Occur; Your Homeland Security Agency Must Surrender; States Far Away From Washington, D.C. Such as Arizona Will Be Hit; We Await Orders From Our Commander Osama Bin Laden; America Will Be Brought to its Knees

Rakan Ben Williams warns that, unlike after the 9/11, Madrid, and London attacks, which are still being investigated, "after the coming attack there will be no one to analyze and investigate, because the mind and the heart will be unable to comprehend it… This will not be a single operation", the report added, "but two; one bigger than the other, but we will begin with the big one and postpone the bigger one, in order to see how diligent the American people is in preserving its life. If it chooses life, [it must] carry out the demands of the Muslims, and if it chooses death, then we are its best perpetrators." The warning appeared in Arabic and in English.

The following are excerpts from the original English version..................

The Last Warning to the American People (Rakan Ben Williams)

"I discern your wonder about this warning in which you do not quite recognize what to make of it. You are probably asking: Why would Al-Qaeda Organization announce its upcoming operations inside the mainland? Why the repeated warnings? Originally by the commander in Chief of Al-Qaeda (the victorious, by the grace of Allah), followed by the same warning through his trusted deputy, and now by Rakan Williams (Al-Qaeda’s under cover soldier in the west).

"What could be the theme?

"What exactly is being planned?

"Could it be another one of Al-Qaeda’s tricks?

"How would anyone in a right mind, while in the preparation stages, discloses the objectives? Let alone before completing the arrangements! Military experts would fully agree that such a disclosure would only come out from an insane.

"However, coming from Al-Qaeda, a disclosure like this reflects one thing and one thing alone: full faith and trust in Allah. Ultimate faith in Allah and His infinite power, He (Allah) is the only true protector and helper. The conviction in our men and their unexpected abilities to prepare and carry out such missions comes second to next in our trust in Allah.

"You ought not to be intolerably upset; for whoever survives this upcoming blow will have a probability to learn an amazing lesson in the art of conducting 'expeditions.'

There Will Be Two Operations in the U.S.

"Despite the fact that the New York, Washington, Madrid, and Londonexpeditions have been carried out a few years back. The search for clues on how they were conducted in such a successful manner is still going on and reports upon reports are still being written about them. However, the next expedition might not find someone who can provide analysis for. The top intellects, strategists, and analysts, will be totally clueless as to how to explain what occurred. Let me also inform you that we are talking about two operations, not one. The scale of one of them is larger than the other but both are large and significant. However, we will start with the smaller, and temporarily put the larger on hold to see how serious the Americans are about their lives. Should you value your own life and security, accept Muslims’ demands, but if you shall prefer death (over giving in to Muslims’ demands). Then, we, by the grace of Allah, are the best in bringing it (death) to your door steps.

Bush and His Clan are Incapable of Protecting You

"Do not put your hopes on Bush and his clan, they are incapable of protecting you, and if they think they are, let them foil or stop the two upcoming operations, and punish those who are responsible for them. But if they could not identify and foil the devastating events coming your way, you must ask yourselves: How long will we continue allowing ourselves to be slaughtered with full advance knowledge of our fate?

"Let me now inform you why we opted to inform you about the two operations and your inability to stop them before they are carried out. The reason is simple; you cannot uncover or stop them except by letting them be carried out. Furthermore, the best you could do would be to accelerate the day of carrying out the operations. In other words, if we schedule the operation to take place tomorrow, the best you could do is to make it happen today.

Your Homeland Security Agency Must Surrender

"This indeed is a sweet situation to be in. It is a win-win all the way for us. It is the ultimate control and the most stunning way to stop an operation (accelerating it with the same impact). What we are saying is this: You will have a choice of either let us carry it out on our own schedule and with our own hands or allow your own intelligence apparatus to cause it to happen. This second choice will cause a level of dissatisfaction (with your decision makers) to reach its highest level. Therefore, your Homeland Security Agencies would have no choice but to surrender and wait for the inevitable to happen.

"I will not give any more clues; this is enough as a wake up call. Perhaps the American people will start thinking about the magnitude of the danger that is coming their way.

American States Far Away From Washington, D.C. are Helpless

"O’ you helpless Americans, especially those living in States far away from Washington, D.C.! Your country is comprised of many States that should not have anything to do with Muslims. Take the State of Arizona for example; what does this State have to do with killing Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq? What interest of theirs serving, helping, and siding with the Jews and Israel?

"If some members of your Congress and Senate are being used as Jewish tools manipulated by Israel, why do you bear the consequences?

"Why do you bring death and destruction to your homes and lives in an apparent sacrifice for a handful of dishonest men and women?

"They took advantage of your state of unawareness to advance their own agenda. They have built and strengthened the State of Israel while bringing adversity and destruction to you in the process. Therefore, the net result for you is death, losses and insecurity. But for them is wealth, fine and secure life. You have sent your loved ones to die in the Hell of Iraq not to bring you security but to bring security to the State of Israel. But the sad thing is that the pain will not stop at the loss of your loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the pain will even be greater when death and destruction comes once more to you in your own homes, by the grace of Allah.

We are Awaiting Orders from Our Commander Osama Ben Laden

"The operations are ready to go, we are just waiting for orders from the commander in chief, Osama Ben Laden (may Allah preserve him). He will decide whether to strike or to hold. We swear by Allah that there are so many tricks and tactical maneuvers that will make your heads spin, by the grace of Allah. You will be brought to your knees, but not until you lose more loved ones and experience significant destruction.

"Now is the time to wake up and dust off this state of complacency and ineffectiveness to save yourselves and your loved ones from catastrophes sure to come your way. Remove war mongers from positions of power and throw them in prisons, where they belong. Rid yourselves of 'the Jewish pests' that brought nothing to you but adversity and loss of lives and wealth. They have deceived you for many years, it is time now you turn the table on them and make an example out of them.

"Rid yourselves of media crafters who deliberately kept you in the dark for so long and made a mockery of you before the rest of the world. Boycott NBC news and dismiss its Jewish CEO, Fred Silverman. Do the same to INC news and fire its Jewish owner, Leonard Goldstein, the same is true for CBS and its owner William Bailey. Find credible media outlets that bring nothing to you but facts. Unfortunately you won’t find any in your country. Do you know why? Because your rogue State fights any media dedicated to the truth, no matter how small it is.

Watch Al-Jazeera and Visit Mujahideen Websites to Get Educated

"Visit Mujahideen web sites to get to know who they are. You will see for yourselves that they are not what your media outlets made you believe they are. If you cannot do that, the least you could do is to watch Al-Jazeera Channel; there you might get 20% or less of the truth about the war zones. Resent the corrupted politicians in Washington, D.C. and demand justice, if they do not give in to your demands, you must declare autonomy so you may live in peace and security.

"This is the last warning you will receive from us. Consequently, if you ignore it, we regret to inform you that we will carry out devastating operations against the States of America and we will not show mercy whatsoever, you would have brought destruction to yourselves. Do not ever forget, you have rejected the truce which was offered to you by Muslims; you have supported the thieves of the white house and blessed their adventures. Therefore, you get nothing from us short of similar treatment; for only blood for blood.

"May Allah facilitate a way for us to spill the blood of the occupiers and cut off the heads of the aggressors. Allah has full power and control over all of His affairs, but most mankind knows not.

"Rakan Ben Williams

"Al-Qaeda under cover soldier



Wild Thing's comment.......
Don't you just love how they announce their attacks first. The only thing I know is they NEVER announced what they did on 9-11, or the first World Trade Center bombing either. Heck , none of other attacks either like the USS Cole etc. did we have warnings. At least that I can remember, so why this time.

* Clarity & Resolve

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Russia Says No To Iran

Iran loses Russian backing after rejecting nuclear deal

Published: 13 March 2006

Iran has lost crucial support from its powerful ally Russia after the Iranian foreign ministry said Tehran is no longer considering a Russian compromise aimed at resolving the dispute over Iran's nuclear threat.

A foreign ministry spokesman, Hamid Reza Asefi, flatly told reporters in Tehran that "the Russian proposal is not on our agenda any more".

Russia's offer of a joint venture to enrich uranium outside Iran had been seen as Iran's last chance to avoid UN Security Council action.

The West, concerned that Iran may be working to build a nuclear weapon under cover of a civilian programme, wants to prevent Iran from enriching uranium as the process can lead to production of weapons-grade fuel. Iran continues to insist on its right to uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes.

Russia warned that Iran's tough position could "radicalise the nature of the UN Security Council debate". The five permanent members - Britain, the US, France, Russia and China - have been struggling to agree on a unified position before talks widen to include the full 15-member council later this week. The dispute was referred to the UN by the International Atomic Energy Agency last week after Tehran refused to comply with demands made by the IAEA.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the international affairs committee of Russia's lower house of parliament, said Iran's move had destroyed the only chance for a compromise.

Mr Asefi said: "Circumstances have changed. We have to wait and see how things go with the five veto-holding countries" on the Security Council.

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Political Correctness Strikes Out At Mother Goose

Why black sheep are barred and Humpty can't be cracked

TRADITIONAL nursery rhymes are being rewritten at nursery schools to avoid causing offence to children.

Instead of singing “Baa baa, black sheep” as generations of children have learnt to do, toddlers in Oxfordshire are being taught to sing “Baa baa, rainbow sheep”.

The move, which critics will seize on as an example of political correctness, was made after the nurseries decided to re-evaluate their approach to equal opportunities.

In keeping with the new approach, teachers at the nurseries have reportedly also changed the ending of Humpty Dumpty so as not to upset the children and dropped the seven dwarfs from the title of Snow White.

Stuart Chamberlain, manager of the Family Centre in Abingdon and the Sure Start centre in Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, told the local Courier Journal newspaper: “We have taken the equal opportunities approach to everything we do.

In keeping with the new approach, teachers at the nurseries have reportedly also changed the ending of Humpty Dumpty so as not to upset the children, and dropped the seven dwarfs from the title of Snow White.

Wild Thing's comment..........
As you all know there are sort of two names for my blog. It happened because my website is called Theodore's World and one of the pages at my website is tited PC Free Zone Gazette. I have been so outraged at all the PC crap going on in the world for such long time I had to do an entire page to rant about it. Later it grew to having a blog. I stayed with both names because they are both me. That is why I wanted to keep both are at the top section of this page.

This is exactly the kind of BS that steams me. This changing shit that has nothing wrong with it. The touchie feeling left once again destroying perfectly good things. Then add in the financial cost of their doing this.

Before moving to Florida 3 years ago, we lived in Malibu, California. Due to heavy rains and mudslides one year a bridge went out that made it possible to go from Malibu ( a beach community) into the city of Santa Monica. One could take the bridge along Pacific Coast HWY. instead of the extremely long way around through the canyons and then the long drive in the valley.

For over a year the city of Malibu would not fix the bridge and why????? Because some freakin fish lived there, under the bridge and they did not want to disturb it. BITE Me! How stupid is that for a reason. But this is an example of how these liberal, leftie idiots think and run things.

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
* The Fall of Jericho

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In Country With Our Troops

ROCKET FIND — U.S. Marines assigned to India Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment carry a nine-foot rocket with a 122mm warhead that they found while excavating the area for weapons and ammunition storage points in Baghdaddi, Iraq, March 3, 2006. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Michael R. McMaugh)

Zeko is part of the Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment

Zeko, an explosive detection Canine, takes a breather, after his handler puts his specially made balistic "doggles" on for his daily training at the newly built training course at Forward Operating Base McHenry, Iraq. (U.S. Army Photo By: Spc. Barbara Ospina, 1st BCT Public Affairs)

Zeko's real workout starts when shouts echo through the air, followed by yelping. Silberman holds Zeko tightly, while a volunteer Soldier wearing a protective sleeve runs. Then, at the right moment Silberman releases the now vicious dog. Zeko sprints after the man, leaping into the air and locking his jaw on the Soldier’s protected arm. Attempts to shake him off fail as Zeko just bites harder. Then with a single command from his handler, Zeko releases the Soldier returning to sit next to Silberman. A few seconds later, Zeko is rewarded with playful hugs and praises.

Not only does this furry four-legged Soldier pull his weight in the fight against terrorism, he has become very protective of his new Bastogne comrades.

"We get to spend a lot of time with [Soldiers], he’s really close, and really protective of them," Silberman commented. "When we are taking rounds, he’s watching and really alert of his Soldiers, so he’s got a pretty good rapport with those guys."

It isn’t all work and no play for Zeko though. His kisses may be sloppy, and he has doggy breath, but Zeko has become well-known and loved among the Soldiers at FOB McHenry. During a simple strut down the gravel walk-ways, Zeko receives many playful pettings, and sometimes even a rowdy play session.

With loyalty being an Army Value this fury friend strongly possesses, many consider him the FOB pet, and even part of the 1st Battalion team.


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March 12, 2006

Troll Sighting At Slaglerocks ~ Troll Is For Flag Burning!

First let me say that Slaglerock is active duty Air Force. I am glad I have met him online. I am sure that many of you know who he is and have been to his blog.

Slaglerock had made a post about how he did not agree with Flag burning. That brought on a troll whch as we all know how trolls are. They are anti-military, un-American and just plain jerks to the core. The troll like their name says and land and stay for awhile being a pest and an asshole as best as they can since that is all they have to do in life. My guess is they cannot hold down a job, probably have no life other then trolling and need a fast hard kick in the glutes to send them on their way.

My only hope for them is if they ever try to set our Flag on fire they burn themselves up with it to a nice crispy burnt ash that can be blown away in the wind.

Awhile back I posted about two assholes that hate America and burned our Flag in our front yard. Slaglerocks troll says it is OK to burn thay Flag because it is a form of freedom of speech. So obviously he would rather burn the Flag then have discussions of what he is against in this country. A total jerk!

Here is the link to Slaglerocks.

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Marines Carry Six-Pack Attack


Staff Sgt. James C. Sanchez aims in with the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher, an experimental six-barreled weapon that can deliver six 40 mm grenades in under three seconds. Marines are fielding the new rapid-fire weapon to troops to boost small-team capabilities to deliver greater indirect firepower. (Photo by: Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva)

Lance Cpl. Joshua A. Oldman, a 20-year-old from Ethete, Wyo., tries his hand at handling the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher at a range near Fallujah, Iraq. Marines practiced handling the weapons before stepping to the firing line. Marines from Regimental Combat Team 5 are carrying the new experimental weapons deisigned to deliver more indirect firepower at the small-team level. (Photo by: Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to want one.

Marines with Regimental Combat Team 5, based in Camp Fallujah, test-fired the latest in the Corps’ arsenal of weapons’ improvement, the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher. It’s a six-barreled, 40 mm beast of weapon that has just about enough attitude for Marines.

“I thought it was pretty bad the first time I saw it,” said Cpl. Jason H. Flanery, a 23-year-old mortarman from St. Louis, Mo., assigned to RCT-5’s Personnel Security Detachment.

The M-32 MGL looks like something straight out of an action movie or a weapon ginned up by designers of futuristic video combat games. It’s a bare-bones, shoulder-fired weapon with a bulging six-barreled cylinder. There’s no bones about it. This thing’s all business when the trade is knocking out bad-guys at a distance.

“You can put six rounds on target in under three seconds,” Flanery said. “I thought this thing was sick.”

Sick might be right for the insurgent on the other end of the sight. The M-32 MGL is step up from the M-203 grenade launcher Marines have used since post-Vietnam days. It fires similar 40 mm grenades and at similar distances. It just puts more rounds on the bad guys faster.

“The ‘203 has been around since the ‘60s,” explained CWO4 Gene A. Bridgman, the regiment’s gunner, or weapons expert. “It keeps improving. This is a progression in the weapons system.”

Flanery put the comparison of the two similar weapons in more simple terms.

“It makes it obsolete,” he said. “It’s that much better.”

The idea to bring M-32 was the brainchild of Marine gunners across the Corps, explained Bridgman, a 43-year-old from Garden City, Kan. During an annual symposium, they decided an improvement was needed over the M-203. One option was to bring back a rifle-grenade. The M-32, won out, however, and now each Marine battalion will field them as an experimental weapon.

Bridgman added the M-32 isn’t a new idea altogether, though. Brazilian, Italian and South African military have carried them in the field for years. Marines, though, took it one step further.

A fore-grip was added and a scope was mounted to the top, eliminating the old leaf sights like that of the M-203. The scope allows a Marine to follow the grenade to the target and immediately adjust and follow up with a lethal volley of indirect fire.

“The ‘203 was on shot at time,” Bridgman said. “The ‘203 became a signal weapon. This is more of an offensive weapon. With this, you shoot, adjust and fire for effect.”

The average Marine said it’s just about that easy to shoot. Lance Cpl. Alexandro R. Raymundo, a 20-year-old from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., isn’t an infantryman. He’s a network administrator by trade. He shot the M-203 before during initial training, but this was his first time picking up the M-32 MGL.

“I thought it might be like the ‘203,” Raymundo said. “But is shoots more rounds, faster. It’s really simple. I had ‘hands-on’ once. I picked it up really quickly.”

As far as how it felt shooting it, Raymundo said the weapon was about as beefy as it looks.

“I felt like there’s more recoil than the ‘203 and the trigger’s a lot heavier” he explained. “It’s heftier than the ‘203.”

His likes about the weapon included the small scope added to the rail-mount system on top of the weapon.

“The optic was nice,” he added. “It’s a lot easier to sight in.”

Of course, there’s the part about lots of things going “boom” downrange too.

“My favorite part was being able to fire out so many grenades and not have to reload between each shot.”

Sgt. David G. Redford, a 35-year-old from Kennebunkport, Me., has more practical experience when it comes to what grunts like in the field. He’s an infantryman by trade and has logged in his own hours carrying the M-203.

“I didn’t know what to think about it before we came out here, but it’s nice,” Redford said. “It’s easier to shoot. You don’t have to constantly load. If you run into something, you’re already loaded.”

Redford predicted that most infantry Marines will welcome the addition of the six-pack attack weapon.

That’s exactly the reaction Bridgman wants to see. Adding the M-32 MGL could realign the way Marines operate at the small-team level. Fire teams could become more lethal, more mobile and more independent. The idea of a dedicated grenadier might just be reborn.

“Now you have your own indirect fire support right in the fire team,” Bridgman explained. “You have someone who can lay down (high explosive rounds) against someone in a trench. It would be used against enemy in fighting holes or behind cars, because of the indirect nature of the weapon. It’s the only weapon aside from mortars,” at the small team’s disposal.

Still, Bridgman stressed the weapon is only experimental. Marines will be gathering data about its’ effectiveness and durability from experiences on the streets of Fallujah.

For Flanery, though, the M-32 is already welcome.

“I think it’s one of the most simple and effective weapons systems,” he said. “I just want buckshot rounds.”

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Thanks For Telling Us Where It Is

Iran builds a secret underground complex as nuclear tensions rise

Iran's leaders have built a secret underground emergency command centre in Teheran as they prepare for a confrontation with the West over their illicit nuclear programme, the Sunday Telegraph has been told.

The complex of rooms and offices beneath the Abbas Abad district in the north of the capital is designed to serve as a bolthole and headquarters for the country's rulers as military tensions mount.

The recently completed command centre is connected by tunnels to other government compounds near the Mossala prayer ground, one of the city's most important religious sites.

Offices of the state security forces, the energy department and the Organisation of Islamic Culture and Communications are all located in the same area.

The construction of the complex is part of the regime's plan to move more of its operations beneath ground. The Revolutionary Guard has overseen the development of subterranean chambers and tunnels - some more than half a mile long and an estimated 35ft high and wide - at sites across the country for research and development work on nuclear and rocket programmes.

The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) learned about the complex from its contacts within the regime. The same network revealed in 2002 that Iran had been operating a secret nuclear programme for 18 years.

The underground strategy is partly designed to hide activities from satellite view and international inspections but also reflects a growing belief in Teheran that its showdown with the international community could end in air strikes by America or Israel. "Iran's leaders are clearly preparing for a confrontation by going underground," said Alireza Jafarzadeh, the NCRI official who made the 2002 announcement.

America and Europe believe that Iran is secretly trying to acquire an atomic bomb, although the regime insists that its nuclear programme is for civilian energy purposes.

As the United Nations Security Council prepares to discuss Iran's nuclear operations this week, Teheran has been stepping up plans for confrontation. Its chief delegate on nuclear talks last week threatened that Iran would inflict "harm and pain" on America if censured by the Security Council.

US intelligence believes that if Iranian nuclear facilities were attacked by either America or Israel, then Teheran would respond by trying to close the Strait of Hormuz with naval forces, mines and anti-ship cruise missiles.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the hardline president who has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map", also said that the West would "suffer" if it tried to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions. As the war of words intensified, President George W Bush said that Teheran represents a "grave national security concern" for America.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.....thanks.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Ahmadinejad is a mad man but he will learn what our military is like and he will learn it first hand.

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March 11, 2006

Sir Winston Churchill In 1899 On Islam

Thsi is a quote from an 1899 book by Winston Churchill, "The River War", in which he describes Muslims he apparently observed during Kitchner's campaign in the Sudan against the jihadists of that day (not to be confused with the same sort at work there today). It's a bit of history which seems as apropos today as it apparently was then:

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedans law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled,the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."

Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50 (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899).

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In New York Alarm Spreads Over Remarks Of Jail Imam


New York Post

Extremist remarks made by the head imam of the city's jail system are generating alarm about whether inmates are being recruited as Islamic fundamentalists.

Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday that the city has suspended Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil of the city's Department of Correction until officials can get more information about his remarks and determine whether he violated any regulations.

"We can't prejudge but we are going to look at it this afternoon," Mr. Bloomberg told reporters yesterday. "Having said that, this morning, so that he would not go back into the jails, we put him on paid administrative leave at least for the day."

The move by the city came after the New York Post reported that Mr. Abdul-Jalil declared in a speech that the White House is run by terrorists and that Muslims were tortured in Manhattan prisons after the World Trade Center attacks.

He also reportedly urged Muslims in America to stop letting "the Zionists of the media to dictate what Islam is to us." The Investigative Project on Terrorism obtained a recording of his speech, a senior researcher with the organization, Tamar Tesler, confirmed yesterday.

The imam, who has been with the department since 1993 and has been overseeing all clergy members at the agency since 2004, could not be reached yesterday.

Abdul-Jalil, 56, who is also imam of the Masjid Sabur mosque in Harlem, initially denied making the comments - but later admitted to The Post that the tape was most likely accurate and said his words are being "taken out of context."

The outlandish remarks were made by one of the city's most prominent Islamic leaders, Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil, the executive director of ministerial services for the city Department of Correction.

Abdul-Jalil is the latest Muslim chaplain working for city and state agencies to come under fire.

Last year, the city Fire Department forced Imam Intikab Habib to resign as chaplain for publicly doubting that al Qaeda hijackers brought down the World Trade Center towers and suggesting there was a broader "conspiracy."

Three years ago, Pataki fired Imam Warith Deen Umar, the former chief Muslim chaplain for the state prison system, after it was reported he was expressing support for the 9/11 terrorists.

The director of Simon Wiesenthal's New York Tolerance Center, Mark Weitzman, said, if true, the statements are cause for worry about possible recruitment of Islamic fundamentalists in city jails.

Wild Thing's comment.......
Chuck Colson, co-founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries,"...the Islam being preached is neither "noble" nor "peaceful." The "Islamic prison outreach, as recommended by Al Qaeda, is taking place - the most prominent ministry being the National IslamicPrison Foundation."
Their report indicated "there are approximately 350,000 Muslims in Federal, state and local prisons -with 30,000-40,000 being added to that number each year." Interestingly, the prisoners came to prison as non-Muslims.

And guess who is the main provider for funds to the National Islamic Prison Foundation is? Saudi Arabia

"Al Qaida continues to recruit members in U.S. prisons despite a government crackdown, FBI officials told a congressional panel." This from the World Tribune

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March 10, 2006

Al-Jazeera Network Plans American Station

Al-Jazeera, the television network that many call the propaganda wing of the radical Islamist movement in the world, is scheduled shortly to launch their network in English aimed at Americans with their new studios being in Washington DC. The United American Committee objects to the establishment of the network in America; "It's as if Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minster for Hitler, were to have set up a station in America during WWII." says Lee Kaplan, member of the UAC executive committee. Al-Jazeera plans on launching their 24 hour 7 day a week channel in America this spring.

Al-Jazeera has drawn criticism from the U.S. for broadcasting footage of killed and captured American soldiers, and has failed in assisting the U.S. Government in tracing sources of video footage provided to the network by Al-Qa'eda operatives. Yosri Fouda, of Al-Jazeera said in a BBC News interview the reasons for Al-Jazeera's popularity;

"For western audiences, part of the shock is in seeing American and British dead bodies and POWs."

The network often broadcasts exclusive messages from bin Laden and other top terror leaders involved in the global Jihad against the West. Messages which are not screened by any government terror experts.

"They can be broadcasting messages from bin Laden in which he commands his followers to take specific actions, and these messages would not be at all screened prior to its broadcast." says UAC founder & Chair Jesse Petrilla, "We must not let this happen."

United American Committee member Robert Sandoval reacts to the news of Al-Jazeera America and the UAC's planned protest;

"I support a free media, and do not wish for the government to interfere, but when that media is planning on broadcasting to my children messages from our enemies and videos of beheadings, it's the peoples right to stand up against it."

Al-Jazeera website in English

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Treasury Issues Final Rule Against Commercial Bank of Syria

Germany Says 9/11 Hijackers Called Syria and Saudi Arabia
Chicago Tribune

The Sept. 11 hijackers made dozens of telephone calls to Saudi Arabia and Syria in the months before the attacks, according to a classified report from the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Some 206 international telephone calls were known to have been made by the leaders of the hijacking plot after they arrived in the U.S. - including 32 to Saudi Arabia and 66 to Syria.

And this one also related to Syria

Feds Order U.S. Banks to Sever Syria Ties

Acting to crack down on terrorist financing, the Treasury Department on Thursday ordered all commercial banks in the United States to end their relationships with two Syrian banks.

The order covers the state-owned Commercial Bank of Syria and its subsidiary, the Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank.

The department said that all U.S. banks must close any accounts they have with the two banks.

"Today's action is aimed at protecting our financial system against abuse by this arm of a state-sponsor of terrorism," said Stuart Levy, Treasury's undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

"The Commercial Bank of Syria has been used by terrorists to move their money and it continues to afford direct opportunities for the Syrian government to facilitate international terrorist activity and money laundering," Levy said.

The order makes final a preliminary order against the two banks that Treasury issued last May.

At that time, Treasury issued a finding that the Commercial Bank of Syria was a "primary money laundering concern" under provisions of the Patriot Act that allow the department to cut off dealings of U.S. banks with foreign banks that receive such a designation.

Annual Threat Assessment of the Director of National Intelligence for the Senate Armed Services Committee

Statement by the Director of National Intelligence, John D. Negroponte to the Senate Armed Services Committee"
28 February 2006

Wild Thing's comment......
I think this is a good sign and helping to cut off the funding and money laundering operations of the crime family that runs Syria.

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Dubai Company To Give Up Stake In U.S. Ports Deal

Fox News

After Republican leaders warned President Bush that the House and Senate appeared ready to block Dubai Ports World from taking over some U.S. port terminal operations, the company said it would give up its management stake in the deal.
The Thursday announcement was a blow for Democrats, who were pushing for a Senate vote on an amendment that would halt the deal. A few minutes later, the Senate voted to ignore GOP requests to wait until a 45-day review of the deal is completed before they try to stop it.

"This should make the whole issue go away," Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said, holding up a copy of the DP World press release. "The [review] process is underway ... we should not have to interrupt it on the floor of the United States Senate."..

Sen. John Warner, R-Va., read a statement from DP World executives on the Senate floor Thursday, announcing the concession.

"Because of the strong relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the United States and to preserve that relationship, DP World has decided to transfer fully the U.S. operation of P&O Operations North America to a United States entity," DP World's chief operating officer, Edward H. Bilkey, said in the statement...

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March 09, 2006

Patriot Guard Riders For Our Troops

One of our friends here at Theodore's World is Cuchieddie. He was with the 4/23rd 25th Infantry Division and then with the Robin Hoods for his second tour, as a Huey door gunner. He decided to stay just so he could do that and was up almost constantly during Tet, 1968. All told he was there from 66-68. He wasn't drafted, he asked to go.

Our friends, Cuchieddie and Tom another dear friend of ours here at Theodore's World, sent me this, and I am sure you all will remember the post on here about the Patriot Guard Riders that came to the funeral here in Sarasota for Chief Warrant Officer Kyle Jackson. That is when I learned about the Patriot Guard Riders and I joined immediately to give them my support. It is such a great group.

Well they showed up again as they do at so many of the funerals for one of our troops. This time one of the riders was a Tomahawk bud of Cuchieddie that attended the burial of a recently deceased soldier in Kokomo, IN.

For more information on this soldier my post.....Sgt. Ricky Jones.

The Patriot Guard Riders were in attendence due to the actions taken by the vile man Fred Phelps and his church.

I thought you would like to see the report that Cuchieddie's friend sent him. It is very moving and so very special! Thank you for sending this to me.


The Patriot Guard Riders sign-in sheet showed 200+ bikes and 100 cages with over 800 riders names registered for Monday's mission.

assembly point 0730 HRS)

06 MAR 06


0430 HRS: Reveille. Temps; 37 degrees. Snow accumulation; 2 inches. Streets; wet but not frozen. Cold mist in air.

0730 HRS: Departed bivouac area. Traveled 5 miles to checkpoint Kilo (Kokomo High School).

0805 HRS: Riders meeting with local law enforcement.

0845 HRS: Convoyed 8 miles to checkpoint Charlie (church) (Convoy length: 2 K)

To arrive ahead of mourners and get 400 flags set up along the church drive.
Crowd of over 1000 began arriving immediately on the convoy's trail motorcycle.
Troops deployed in skirmish line.

Flags set up along the drive and around church before Ricky's mother arrived.

0930 HRS: heavy fog set in. Visibility under 100 meters.

view of church from OP during service)

Due to inclimate weather, protestors' 150 meter set-back would be well beyond visible range.

(God's Fire Mission: Fire For Effect.. Fire mission complete and provided the ultimate cover to protect the Jones family.)

1010 HRS: Funeral conducted with 4 honor guard units (101st Airborne, VFW, American Legion, Air Force)

1110 HRS: Sgt Jones' procession embarked on 16 K (10 miles) procession to his final resting place under full escort.

1115 HRS: Fog lifted just before convoy cleared their emplacements. Visibility 800 meters.


What an awe inspiring sight!

I was riding rear guard on this leg of the mission.

The city of Kokomo and all businesses were literally shut down at 1030 HRS on Monday.

The funeral procession traveled from the Crossroads Community Church, on Kokomo's far Southside, 3 miles, up US 31 North, then turned west onto Business US 31 (Washington St).

The 3.5 mile long procession was viewed by thousands of flag bearing mourners, along the entire 10 mile route through the heart of downtown Kokomo.

At every intersection, there were law enforcement officers from every agency in the city and state.

At every major street intersection there were two Fire trucks with honor guards, in full dress, standing at parade rest.

At Defenbaugh and Washington St (BUS 31) the Fire Department had two Snorkel Trucks with a cable strung across the street and a 20 X 40 US Flag hanging vertically above the intersection.

Along the route were all types of signs displayed in honor of Sgt Jones, in support of his family and in support of all of America's heroes in uniform.


Sgt Ricky Jones', his last patrol for his country, in one huge patriotic gesture, brought the entire city of Kokomo, the State of Indiana, the surrounding States and this great Nation together in unison for a lasting tribute to his life.

He was rewarded with a true heroic send off, that many of us can only dream of..

Due to community sentiment over vandalism done in their name, the Westboro Baptist Church cancelled it's appearance.

The WBC stated, that they were not behind the vandalism of Ricky's families homes and have offered a reward of $5000 for the capture and conviction of those responsible...

YEAH RIGHT!! Like someone would actually try to claim their filthy reward money!

God have mercy on whoever these vandals are.

They will be caught!

Considering the local sentiment, they had better hope and pray, they are caught by law enforcement.

Final report:

Almighty God. (Supreme Commander)
Mission Complete Sir!
We transfer Sgt Ricky Jones to your command.
Take him into you fold with love.
He is a good soldier with a loving and pure soul.
In Gods name we pray

Rest your head now, weary soldier.
Cast your weapons to the ground.
Close your eyes and feel the peace.
The light of Jesus fold around.

Heed not our earthly battle cries.
There is no post for you to stand.
So rest now as he carries you,
within His loving hand.

Do not look back upon us.
Disregard our selfish tears.
Walk in the sunlight of the spirit,
free of war, pain and fear.

Your duty here is done now,
as ours will someday be.
so, go with Him now,
to places, only heroes ever see."



The Patriot Guards are a wonderful group. I thank you for all your efforts. And please thank your friend Cuchieddie.

They objective first is : Honor and Respect

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Iraq The Untold Truths

Thank you Tom for sending this link and information to me.

AMONG the many positive stories you aren't being told about Iraq, the media ignored another big one last week: In the wake of the terrorist bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, it was the Iraqi army that kept the peace in the streets.

It's routinely declared a failure by those who yearn for the new Iraq to fail. But an increasingly capable Iraqi military has been developing while reporters (who never really investigated the issue) wrote it off as hopeless.

What actually happened last week, as the prophets of doom in the media prematurely declared civil war?

~ The Iraqi army deployed over 100,000 soldiers to maintain public order. U.S. Forces remained available as a backup, but Iraqi soldiers controlled the streets.

~ Iraqi forces behaved with discipline and restraint - as the local sectarian outbreaks fizzled, not one civilian had been killed by an Iraqi soldier.

~ Time and again, Iraqi military officers were able to defuse potential confrontations and frustrate terrorist hopes of igniting a religious war.

~ Forty-seven battalions drawn from all 10 of Iraq's army divisions took part in an operation that, above all, aimed at reassuring the public. The effort worked - from the luxury districts to the slums, the Iraqis were proud of their army

The media may cling to its image of earlier failures, but last week was a great Iraqi success.

You can go HERE to read the entire article.

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What Happened To The Americans At Pulacharke?


For anyone following the Jack Idema story, this week has been as frustrating as last week was eventful. Last time around, the situation was that Pulacharke prison, where Jack Idema, Brent Bennett and Ed Caraballo are being illegally held, was largely under the control of rioting Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners. Ed was a hostage, while Jack and Brent were holed up in their annex, armed, and protected by a group of Northern Alliance soldiers.

Then, late last Wednesday, a team of Afghan soldiers, led by Colonel Sherzaman (the brother of General Sherzaman, who died protecting Jack during a similar riot a year ago), forced their way into Block 1 and freed Ed Caraballo.

Meanwhile, the Karzai government were working hard to appease the terrorists into ending their protests (along with the gang-rape of female prisoners). Acting through an ex-Taliban ‘peace envoy’, Mullah Mujahedi, assurances were made that none of the rioters would be punished for their orgy of rape and violence. This move seems to have taken the sting out of the terrorists’ will to resist, and Afghan Ministry of Justice troops finally reoccupied the prison during the course of Thursday.

Running alongside these events, however, SuperPatriots were also reporting that President Karzai was demanding that all weapons and communications equipment Jack and Brent were using be confiscated. By last Tuesday (Feb. 28th) afternoon (at around the same time as rioting terrorists were being given amnesty), Karzai seems to have decided to use the Afghan army to back up these demands. This was the result:

Someone, unknown, orders Karzai’s National Army to surround Jack’s BLOCK 2 ANNEX and take up security. National Army soldiers point guns and Jack, and Jack’s MOJ and Panjshir commandos return the favor, resulting in a stand-off between the MOJ and the National Army. It escalates to within seconds of bullets flying when a Karzai National Army soldier occupies the tower and points his weapon at Jack from the tower. After a two hour stand-off, yelling, and swearing on both sides, the National Army is withdrawn and Jack’s BLOCK TWO ANNEX falls back to TF SABER and the MOJ.

Plainly, Karzai wasn’t happy that Jack had helped publicise the truth about events inside Pulacharke. After all, Karzai and the U.S. State Department had spent the week playing down the scale of the riots, misrepresenting the true number of dead, and denying that the women hostages were being repeatedly raped. The last thing they wanted was to see the truth about what was happening leaking out, and especially not in the days leading up to President Bush’s visit.

Added to all this, members of the MSM spent the week of the riots clamouring for interviews with Jack and his team. Although Jack turned them down flat, it’s a fair bet that MSM were aware of the information being released through SuperPatriots and blogs, and were pressuring Kazai and Afghan authorities for a truer picture of what was happening inside the prison.

The reason all this matters is because no one has heard from Jack, Brent or Ed since last Wednesday (1st March):

Jack Gone Underground? We are using all of our sources to contact Jack — Anyone with info advise What happened to the Americans at Pulacharke? No one can reach them. The US Embassy refuses to comment. Jack no longer answers his phone, and Ministry of Justice will not even acknowledge his whereabouts. Caraballo and Bennett have also disappeared in Afghanistan and literally off the face of the earth. Banderas? No word on him either. Any Afghans reading this should contact Jack’s Panjshir soldiers and ask them to send us an email if they have any info. A journalist from AP told us today that he heard the FBI had gone to Pulacharke with the National Police or NDS with orders from Karzai to “deal with the Americans there.” What is the real story, and what happened to these guys?

With no news coming out of the prison, it’s difficult for any of us to even make a guess as to what’s happening. Has Jack been moved out of Pulacharke? If so, by Karzai’s people or his friends in the Northern Alliance?

Right now, all we can do is wait for news.


So what can we do? Well, anyone reading this with their own blog can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst by emailing Cao or Rottweiler Puppy for details. I’d urge everyone to do this, as we’re still terribly short on takers. If you want to know more about the story, Cao’s Blog has a large section devoted to Jack Idema. There’s also a timeline here, and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack’s story.



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Sounds Like "Mad Cow" Democrat Disease

Our reply to Carter!



Carter urges troop withdrawal from Iraq

SEATTLE -- Former President Jimmy Carter criticized the war in Iraq on Wednesday, urging a troop drawdown as the United States enters its fourth year of conflict in Iraq.

"It was a completely unnecessary war. It was an unjust war," said Carter, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner. "It was initiated on the basis of false pretenses. All of those are true, but we can't just pre-emptively withdraw."

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:55 AM | Comments (9)

Iran News and More Threats

Ahmadinejad says Iran will make West regret aggression

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 08 – The West will regret trying to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities, radical Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday, state television reported.

“Everyone must accept and respect the Iranian nation’s desire to obtain peaceful nuclear technology”, Ahmadinejad said at a rally in the city of Khorramabad, western Iran.

“If anyone shows aggression to the Iranian nation’s rights, Iran will wipe the dark stain of regret on their foreheads”.

“If the world accepts Iran’s desire then fine, but if it wants to ignore the rights of the Iranian nation then Iran will know what path to pursue”.

“If we stand strong the enemies will be defeated in the face of the Iranian nation’s will”.

In an apparent reaction to an accusation Tuesday by United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that Iran was sending members of its Revolutionary Guards into Iraq to cause harm.

Iran said on Wednesday the United States could feel "harm and pain" if the U.N. Security Council took up the issue of Tehran's nuclear research and Tehran vowed to pursue the program come what may.

"The United States may have the power to cause harm and pain but it is also susceptible to harm and pain. So if the United States wishes to choose that path, let the ball roll," it said in a statement obtained by Reuters on the sidelines of a U.N. nuclear watchdog board meeting in Vienna.

An Iranian collision course with the council looked more likely after Tehran brushed aside what EU diplomats said was a Russian offer to let it do some atomic research if it refrained from enriching uranium on an industrial scale for 7-9 years.

Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar

Iran’s Defence Minister vowed on Wednesday that the country’s armed forces were prepared for any foreign military aggression.

“The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to defend the country from any threats by the enemies”, Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said while in the western city of Khorramshahr, the official state news agency reported.

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Breeder Sheehan Lets Son Casey Have Unmarked Grave

This unmarked patch of grass is Casey Sheehan's grave where his mortal remains are buried. The picture was taken by Vacaville reporter Cat Moy.

Cindy Sheehan has already gone through Casey's $250,000 insurance payout. But her son doesn't even have a marker on his grave.

Cindy Sheehan recently "treated herself" to a brand new Volkswagen Beetle convertible. She still can't be bothered to buy a grave marker for her son, though.


I'd just like to know, also, exactly what am I getting out of this? I wake up in a different bed every night. I... am going through a divorce. I am not being paid by anybody... Al Qaeda, George Soros, Michael Moore... I don't get a paycheck. And... I'm gone from my children, 27 days out of the month. I get smeared; I get dragged through the mud. And I'd just like to know, if I was doing it for me, I wouldn't be doing it for me.


Wild Thing's comment...........
Cindy has children at home. She has stated that she travels 27 days out of each month and is away from them. But she says she adores her family, I think NOT. She is not traveling for work to support her family. She is traveling to attack what her son stood for, what he fought for and what he gave his life for. She is a traitor to America and should be treated as such! Cindy there is a very special place for you in hell!

* Something.....and Half of Something
* Indepundit

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Interview of American Hero Pfc. Joshua Sparling


Many of you will remember the story of Pfc. Joshua Sparling, the wounded soldier who received a disgusting death-wish greeting card in December while hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Audio from Joshua Sparling being interviewed on the Sean Hannity radio show.

Sparling's leg will have to be amputated below the knee--but he wants to "get back to [Fort Bragg] and "jump right back in his unit (the 82nd Airborne)." We are so fortunate to have men like Pfc. Sparling. He will be needing the halo device currently attached to his leg for the next 9 months or so in order that bone growth below the knee continues to progress so that the amputation can be done below the knee which is a much better scenario when it comes to the use of advanced prosthetics.

He wants to rejoin his 82nd Airborne unit after his recovery!

He also had some choice words in the interview regarding the terrorist
in North Carolina who ran over the students and for Jay Bennish's statements
comparing the American flag to the nazi flag.

Joshua also mentioned that he finally gets to go home to Michigan for a month
coming up here shortly.

Colonel Ollie North was also in on the interview with Sean and Joshua.

Wild Thing's comment......
My prayers are with you Joshua, you are in all of our hearts, minds and prayers.

Here is his address where you can write to him:

PFC Joshua Sparling
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.


* Michelle Malkin

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March 08, 2006

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Say U.S. “bluffing”

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 07 – A senior Revolutionary Guards commander dismissed on Tuesday threats by the United States over Iran’s nuclear program as “political bluff”, the government-owned news agency Fars reported.

Brigadier General Ali-Reza Afshar, a veteran Revolutionary Guards commander and director of propaganda and cultural affairs in the high command of the Armed Forces, made the remarks on the final day of a conference in Tehran entitled “the West’s Psychological War Against Iran”.

“The bulk of America’s threatening propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran is just political bluff”, Afshar said.
He said that Iran was countering the “psychological war” being waged by the U.S. by highlighting America’s “domestic problems”, citing issues such as poverty, torture in prisons, unemployment, inequality, and instrumentalisation of women.
Afshar said that his government was exposing “America’s plots” in the Middle East. “When Muslims become aware of such plots, they forge a remarkable unity against America”.

Afshar cited the seizure of British gunboats by the Revolutionary Guards in June 2004 as an example of successful psychological war by Iran.

“If the Revolutionary Guards had not acted quickly in putting out news of the seizure of the boats, we would not have been able to create that psychological war against the British”, he said.

Scenes of blindfolded and handcuffed British marines being paraded by Revolutionary Guards shocked television viewers in London in the summer of 2004. Despite repeated requests by Britain, Iran has refused to return the boats and equipment.

Afshar listed four stages of psychological war as peace, threats, crisis and war. He said that with the coming to power of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “enemy plans to sow discord within the government of the Islamic Republic” have been thwarted.

“Now the enemy is trying to use other tools against us, including ethnic and religious conflicts and partisan strife, but we must recognise these and be ready to confront them”, the Revolutionary Guards general said.

Wild Thing's comment......
I'll put it this way. If this was a poker game, I would want the hand that the USA held and NOT the hand that Ahmadinejad held. Don't Mess with the USA!

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NAKBA to Muslims

Symposium: To Rape an Unveiled Woman

A Muslim rape epidemic in sweeping over Europe -- and over many other nations host to immigrants from the Islamic world. The direct connection between the rapes and Islam is irrefutable, as Muslims are significantly overrepresented among convicted rapists and rape suspects. The Muslim perpetrators themselves boast that there crime is justified since their victims were, among other things, not properly veiled.

The jihad against the infidels is conducted on each and every level, not only as terror and suicide bombing. The jihad against women, who by their behaviour in the public sphere, are "asking for rape", as the Danish mufti Shahid Mehdi, a Qur'an teacher of joung Muslims in Copenhagen, put it in 2004, and/or towards their husbands, by their alleged disobedience are challenging the survival and expansion of Islam, of the "Ummah", is a must for the Muslim men.

Rehov:A friend of mine is a retired chief of police, who used to be in charge of the security of a major city in the south of France. He reported to me that his men had to face an average of 10 rapes a week, 80% made by Muslim young men. 30% being what we call, in French, a “ tournante “, meaning that the victim is being raped by an entire gang, one after the other, often during an entire night. My friend reports that, in many cases, he was able to locate and arrest the rapists, often very young ones, and, as part of the investigation, call the families.

He was astonished that, in most cases, the parents not only would back up their rapist children, but also would not even understand why they would be arrested.

There is an instant shift in the notion of good and evil as a major component of culture. The only evil those parents would see, genuinely, is the temptation that the male children had to face. Since in most cases the victims were not Muslims, the parents’ answer and rejection was even more genuine: how could their boys be guilty of anything, when normally answering to a provocation by occidental women, known for their unacceptable behavior?

The entire article is HERE


Wild Thing's comment.........

There is a word that followers of Islam hate more then any other word. If you are on a forum and Muslims are present and you use this word, most of the time they will immediately leave. The word is Nakba. The word Nakba is Arabic for “the Catastrophe,” and it refers to the creation of the state of Israel. The Palestinian rallies mournfully commemorate the day Israel was created. They call it "Al Nakba".

We as a country need to stop calling it the Religion of Peace, we need to say we are at war with Islam because that is more to the truth then the war on terror (WOT). Islam is TERROR and it is delivered to the world by such evil that we truly will never understand it imo. Oh we get hate, we get being pissed of, and we get how to fight back better then any other Military because ours ROCKS!

What some people don't get, those inflicted with apathy and filled with the disease of political correctness is that unless we call it what it is, unless our leaders make those speaking against this Nation i.e. Carter, Gore, Clinton,Kerry, Murtha, Reid and others.......are punished for treason when we are at war with the most vile, evil enemy this world has ever known.......we very well may loose if they get their way. They do not effect those of us except make us furious. But their constant barage of words and deeds are a negative force.

I agree with Craig Winn when he wrote....

"Calling it the war on terror camouflages our actual enemy....which is Islam. We need to understand who the terrorists are (good Muslims) and why they kill (Islam). The Qur’an is a declaration of war against all mankind. The Hadith is a terrorist manifesto. Muhammad could not give them a reason to live. He gave them a reason to die."

We should be blaming 9-11 on Islam not Osama bin Laden. He is just a currier of Islam. Not one of the Muslim murderers of that day said “Hail Osama.” They shouted, “Allahu Akbar.”

They have learned well this hate they have, they teach it to their young. What you drive, where you live, how much you own or have in your bank account does not matter to them. Your lifestye, politics, government policies, and even sanctions do not make a difference. Their hate is for anyone that is not a Muslim.

Let the entire world hear me," said Sheik Hassan Nasrallah on Sept. 27, 2002. "Our hostility to the Great Satan is absolute."

There's good reason to take this sheik seriously. In 1983, his Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group attacked the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans. According to the opinion of U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth in the case of Peterson v. the Islamic Republic of Iran, Nasrallah attended the meeting in Baalbek, Lebanon, where the 1983 attack was planned. It was one of the deadliest terrorist strikes ever against the United States.

The sheik's Sept. 27, 2002, rally in Beirut celebrated the Palestinian intifadah. It was broadcast live on Lebanese TV and monitored by the BBC.

"Regardless of how the world has changed after 11 September," Nasrallah said that day, "Death to America will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: Death to America!"

Posted by Wild Thing at 02:27 AM | Comments (5)

Iranians Counting The Minutes To Give Their Souls

Iranian Martyr Recruitment Website:
Coalition Forces In Iraq Be Warned –Iranian Martyr Forces on Alert to Move In

"Thousands of Young Martyrdom-Seeking Iranians are Counting the Minutes Until They Can Give Their Souls."

"The website of the Iranian martyrdom-seekers began its operations by declaring an alert amongst the Iranian martyrdom forces... The site also demanded that the Iranian martyrdom-seeking forces intervene in Iraq and protect the Shi'ite holy places "there."

"The World Islamic Organization's Headquarters for Commemorating the Shahids has set as its goal the unification of the forces of struggle in the Islamic world, in order to confront the heresy i.e. the forces of the West and the occupying Zionism.

The Headquarters hereby warns the egotistical and debased occupying enemies in Iraq that thousands of young martyrdom-seeking Iranians are counting the minutes until they can give their souls for the sake of their holy places, and until they strike the lightning blow of their sacred rage upon the heads of the agents of world arrogance i.e. the U.S. and the West.

"Headquarters demands that high-ranking officials of the Iranian regime permit the martyrdom-seeking forces to go to Iraq, in order to fulfill their religious obligation and to defend the sacred precincts of the four cities holy to the Shia Najaf, Karbala, Kazemin, and Samarra...."

"Headquarters Spokesman Muhammad 'Ali Samedi... Claimed That So Far... 53,900 Have Signed Up"


Wild Thing's comment.....
Now wait a minute here! Our troops have something to say about this! Screw you Iranian Martyr Forces!


Click the HERE to hear a song

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March 07, 2006

Cheney Has Harsh Words For Iran

"Iran won't be allowed a nuclear weapon"

In the strongest message to date addressed to the Iranian leadership, US Vice President Dick Cheney warned Teheran that the US is not ruling out any option in preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. "The United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime", Cheney said to 5,000 Aipac members gathered in Washington for the organization's annual policy conference.

Cheney, who received a standing ovation from the crowd after his harsh words towards Iran, added that "the United States joins other nations in sending that regime a clear message: we will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon" and that the international community will impose actions that will have "meaningful consequences" if Iran continues to develop its nuclear program.

Posted by Wild Thing at 06:07 PM | Comments (3)

Call It Like It Is ....Taheri-azar Is A Terrorist

I am filing this under Terrorists in my sidebar, because that is exactly what it is. Why nut cases in America want to say it is anything else is BS!



Students To Protest UNC's Reluctance To Label Pit Incident Terrorism

UNC-Chapel Hill student leaders said that Monday's protest is aimed at the reluctance of the university to label Friday's incident as an act of terrorism.

"This is innocent people being attacked by an SUV, driven by a man who was doing it for retaliation for treatment of Muslims around the world," said Jillian Bandes, with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. "To me, that spells terrorism."

Taheri-azar, who is currently in Raleigh's Central Prison under a $5.5 million bond, is charged with nine counts of attempted first-degree murder and nine counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill.

Because of what Taheri-azar admitted to local authorities, the FBI is also participating in the investigation.

Based on comments made after his arrest, Poarch said Taheri-azar acted to "avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world."

Police said Mohammad Taheri-azar, a 2005 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, admits he acted to "avenge the death of Muslims around the world." UNC police and local authorities, however, say they have not taken a stance on that interpretation, but are simply repeating what the suspect has told them.

Wild Thing's comment....
They have not taken a stance? And interpretation??? What the hell is that about?!?! A person says he wanted to kill people to get even for Muslims being killed and I don't have to think too hard to figure out what he meant by that.

* Six Meat Buffet
* Michelle Malkin
* Jihad Watch

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Green Acres Is The Place For Hanoi Kerry

Kerry: U.N. ‘Food for Oil’ Plan Could End Terrorism

Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, in a landmark speech Sunday on the global dynamics of terrorism, said a ’strong United Nations’, working with ‘moderate Muslim leaders’ could save the world from terrorism if the West stops propping up Arab kingdoms by purchasing oil.

The senator proposed putting the French in charge of U.N. military operations, appointing a member of the Hamas Palestinian government to head the U.N. Human Rights Council, and “transitioning the Arab Middle East from an oil economy to an agricultural one, where lush, green acres replace the sand stretching out so far and wide.”

“Some say that terms like a ’strong U.N.’ and ‘moderate Muslim leaders’ are oxymorons,” said Sen. Kerry. “But that’s what they said about Democrat principles, liberal values and progressive think-tanks.”

Mr. Kerry, the presumptive runner-up for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination, proposed that the United States take the lead in funding his Arab agriculture initiative, dubbed “Food for Oil,” which promises to “beat drill bits into plowshares.”

Wild Thing's comment....
Hanoi Kerry can keep his stupid opinion to himself! I love the "presumptive runner up"......haha.
A "strong United Nations"......oh man oh man
" Moderate Muslim leaders"..........they DO NOT EXIST!
"Democrat principles, liberal values and progressive think-tanks"..........a-hem Hanoi Kerry, Democrats do not have any principles and values either. As far as think tanks, they have no had any ideas, they only know how to mess things up, complain, whine, moan, lie, and complain some more.

Don’t you just know John Kerry has scientists working day and night to try to get cars to run on catsup?
Then we could have Food for Catsup ,
or Catsup for Oil,
or Money for Catsup,
or Money for Kerry.

Swords Into Plowshares

The United Nations garden contains several sculptures and statues that have been donated by different countries. This one is called "Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares" and was a gift from the then Soviet Union presented in 1959. Made by Evgeniy Vuchetich, the bronze statue represents the figure of a man holding a hammer in one hand and, in the other, a sword which he is making into a plowshare, symbolizing man's desire to put an end to war and convert the means of destruction into creative tools for the benefit of all mankind.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:47 AM | Comments (4)

Iranian Very Lethal IED's Used In Iraq By Insurgents

I apologize for this long post, but I want to make sure to get all the information in as well as the photos for you to see.

OK I have a question. ( ??????) Last year this story came out on August 5th, 2005. I did not have a blog then and I saved it. I am posting it now, because of another article that came out today about this.
My quedtion is this......are these the same IED's ...only written about at different times? The stories are very similar in information.

Some Bombs Used in Iraq Are Made in Iran, U.S. Says
August 5,2005
Iran Focus
New York Times

WASHINGTON - Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials said Friday, raising the prospect of increased foreign help for Iraqi insurgents.

Unlike the improvised explosive devices devised from Iraq's vast stockpiles of missiles, artillery shells and other arms, the new weapons are specially designed to destroy armored vehicles, military bomb experts say. The bombs feature shaped charges, which penetrate armor by focusing explosive power in a single direction and by firing a metal projectile embedded in the device into the target at high speed. The design is crude but effective if the vehicle's armor plating is struck at the correct angle, the experts said.

Since they first began appearing about two months ago, some of these devices have been seized, including one large shipment that was captured last week in northeast Iraq coming from Iran. But one senior military officer said "tens" of the devices had been smuggled in and used against allied forces, killing or wounding several Americans throughout Iraq in the past several weeks.

"These are among the most sophisticated and most lethal devices we've seen," said the senior officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicate intelligence reports describing the bombs. "It's very serious."

Pentagon and intelligence officials say that some shipments of the new explosives have contained both components and fully manufactured devices, and may have been spirited into Iraq along the porous Iranian border by the Iranian-backed, anti-Israeli terrorist group Hezbollah, or by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. American commanders say

"The devices we're seeing now have been machined," said a military official who has access to classified reporting on the insurgents' bomb-making abilities. "There is evidence of some sophistication."

American officials say they have no evidence that the Iranian government is involved. But Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the new United States ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, complained publicly this week about the Tehran government's harmful meddling in Iraqi affairs.


And now here is the recent story dated March 6th,2006

EXCLUSIVE: Iraq Weapons -- Made in Iran?
Intelligence Officials Say Weapons Responsible for Increasing U.S. Deaths in Iraq
ABC News

U.S. military and intelligence officials tell ABC News that they have caught shipments of deadly new bombs at the Iran-Iraq border.

They are a very nasty piece of business, capable of penetrating U.S. troops' strongest armor.

What the United States says links them to Iran are tell-tale manufacturing signatures — certain types of machine-shop welds and material indicating they are built by the same bomb factory.

"The signature is the same because they are exactly the same in production," says explosives expert Kevin Barry. "So it's the same make and model."

U.S. officials say roadside bomb attacks against American forces in Iraq have become much more deadly as more and more of the Iran-designed and Iran-produced bombs have been smuggled in from the country since last October.

"I think the evidence is strong that the Iranian government is making these IEDs, and the Iranian government is sending them across the border and they are killing U.S. troops once they get there," says Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism chief and an ABC News consultant. "I think it's very hard to escape the conclusion that, in all probability, the Iranian government is knowingly killing U.S. troops."

Very Lethal'

U.S. intelligence officials say Iran is using the bombs as a way to drive up U.S. casualties in Iraq but without provoking a direct confrontation.

John Negroponte, director of national intelligence, testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Februrary 2, saying, "

The U.S. Army has embarked on a crash effort to find ways to stop the bombs, according to an unclassified report issued last month. The devices are easily hidden and detonated by motion detectors — like those used in garden security lights — that cannot be jammed.

When exploded, the copper disc becomes a molten liquid bullet that can penetrate the thickest armor the United States has.

"They penetrate the armor of an M1 Abrams tank," Clarke says. "They're shape charges. They go through anything, and they are very lethal."

There is currently no real defense against the weapons, he says.

"The Pentagon has a major crash study underway to figure out how to stop them," Clarke says, "but they haven't figured it out yet."


And now here are the photos..... there were no photos with last years story but there are this year.

Arrows show the impact of new, deadlier IEDs being used against the U.S. military's armored vehicles in Iraq.


The explosively formed projectile IEDs are designed to penetrate armored vehicles and are the most lethal insurgent weapon in Iraq.


The bombs entail a casing, a high explosive and a liner and are generally a length of steel pipe. (ABC News)


The explosives also can be made from plastic and tin cans, and the rear is sealed with a back plate or concrete. (ABC News)


This civilian vehicle was attacked by an explosively formed projectile IED on Jan. 18, 2006.


Wild Thing's comment....

Please pray every day for our troops, and every time you think of them during the day as well. Pray for their safety! When you are driving down the road and you feel safe in your vehicle with no bombs going off over your head pray for our troops. When you go in and out of a building and do not have to worry about bombs like they do in Israel, pray for our troops. When you take your children to school and do not have to make sure they know where the exits are to run for cover like they do in Israel, please pray for our troops safety. They have our six, they are fighting the most vile enemy in the world and they make sacrifices every day for all of us.

Posted by Wild Thing at 12:27 AM | Comments (3)

March 06, 2006

The World Needs To Get Rid Of This Guy

Iran Wants to Inspect Auschwitz

The government of Iran is seeking permission from the Polish government to conduct on-site inspections of the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau as part of its so-called investigation into whether the Holocaust actually took place.

The Jewish Forward reports this week:
"With an international showdown fast approaching, Iran once again upset Jewish organizations and raised Western ire by questioning the Holocaust. This time, Iran proposed sending a team of investigators to conduct on-site inspections of Nazi concentration camps, in advance of a Tehran-sponsored conference to debate the 'real scale of the Holocaust.'"

The plan was quickly rejected by Polish Foreign Minister Stefan Miller.

"Under no circumstances should we permit this," Miller told the Polish press agency PAP. "This is beyond all imaginable norms that such a thing is discussed."

The Auschwitz-Birkenau museum said in a statement that it would not allow Iranian experts to conduct their Holocaust investigation at the camp.

In recent months, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly questioned the accuracy of historical reports on the Holocaust, while at the same time calling for Israel to be "wiped of the map."

Wild Thing's comment.......
The very fact of their "investigation" is a desecration.

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Amerikkka Is How They Spell It and Killing Is Their Middle Name

Thirty Six Years Ago Today on March 6th, 1970.......

Three members of the radical activist group known as the Weather Underground, Diana Oughton, Ted Gold and Terry Robbins, blew themselves straight to hell.

The bomb they were making was intended to blow up a dance, a dance held at Fort Dix. Had they been better bomb-makers, instead of killing themselves, they would have killed an untold number of American soldiers. All in the name of peace.

The Weathermen's hatred of the United States manifested itself in the bombings of the U.S. Capitol building, New York City Police Headquarters, the Pentagon, and the National Guard offices in Washington, D.C. The Weathermen's leader, Bill Ayers summed up the Weathermen's ideology as follows: "Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents."

The Weathermen were radicals. They wanted their people to get involved, demonstrate, get arrested and force change down the throat of the "establishment." They fought at the Democratic Presidential Convention in 1968 and converged in Chicago in 1969 for an event that came to be known as "Days of Rage."

The more violent extremists during that era were responsible for a score of bombings in places like Harvard University, various corporate headquarters and a number of government institutions. They praised Charles Manson and freed Dr. Timothy Leary from prison. Wherever there was violence and chaos in the name of dissent, the Weathermen were there.

At a "War Council" in Flint, Michigan in 1969, their leader Bernardine Dohrn praised the serial murderer Charles Manson: "Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach. Wild." She then proclaimed that the time had come to launch the war against "Amerikkka" (the Weathermen always spelled America this way) and to form a Weather Underground to carry out terrorist activities.

The Weathermen claimed credit for 25 bombings over the next several years. They set bombs at the rebuilt Haymarket statue; a bathroom at the Pentagon; the Capitol barber shop; the New York City police headquarters; and a variety of other targets.

Dohrn's husband, Bill Ayers confessed that the bomb that killed the aforementioned Weather Underground members in New York was an anti-personnel weapon filled with nails and screws that would have killed or injured many at the Fort Dix dance. Ayers has recently, publicly acknowledged his feeling that his group should, in his opinion, have set off even more bombs.

Wonder where the Weathermen are today???
You only need only look to our Universities, Bar Associations, and, the ACLU. That’s right. The ACLU. The unrepentant Dohrn is currently a law professor at Northwestern University. She also serves on the Board of the American Civil Liberties Union and committees of the American Bar Association. Her husband, and co-leader of the Weathermen Bill Ayers, is now Professor of Education at the University of Illinois.

Dohrn, Ayers and other members of the Weather Underground are currently under investigation in connection with a police officer killed by a bomb in 1970.

If they are indicted, they will likely have some trouble finding a lawyer, Ramsey Clark is busy in Iraq, and Lynne Stewart, who has represented other members of the Weather Underground, was convicted of helping terrorists by smuggling messages of violence from one of her imprisoned clients -- the radical Egyptian sheik behind the 1993 WTC Bombing-- to his terrorist disciples on the outside.

Too bad for them because Lynne has been a strong supporter of terrorists since she began her career as a lawyer, Lynne loves representing terrorists of the home grown variety only slightly less than she likes representing the imported islamic variety.

On March 10, 2006, Lynne Stewart will be sentenced. You can help Lynne receive the maximum sentence allowed for her crimes against America but you gotta do it now, time is running out. You can make a difference. Click here.

Get this, unfreaking beliveable!!!!!!!!

Weather Underground member Susan Rosenberg, implicated in the Nyack robbery, and Linda Evans, at different times wanted on a number of criminal charges, were apprehended carrying 740 pounds of explosives in 1985. Both acknowledged that the explosives were to be used to carry out additional bombings. Rosenberg was given 58 years in prison, Evans 40.
President Bill Clinton, in two of a number of highly suspicious late-term pardons, pardoned both women.

* Something....and Half of Something

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Vail Opens Slopes To Wounded Troops

Department of Defense

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld poses with wounded troops participating in the Vail Veterans Program just before they begin their third and final day of skiing in the program at Vail, Colo. (Photo by Donna Miles)

Twenty-four servicemembers who lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan are here reaping the hospitality of a community first established by returning World War II veterans and to schuss down the slopes of this world-class ski resort.

The guests, all patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., along with their spouses or guests, are participating in the third annual Vail Veterans Program that kicked off March 1 and continues through March 5.

The all-expenses-paid program is hosted by Vail Mountain and the Vail community and gives wounded war veterans an opportunity to learn how to ski and snowboard, event organizer Cheryl Jensen said.

"For many of these veterans, the trip to Vail is their first adventure outside the hospital," Jensen said. "This program is all about providing an inspirational experience that focuses on the abilities versus disabilities."

Jensen said the experience is a huge confidence builder for young, athletic troops who are now learning to live with disabilities.

The event includes three all-day private ski and snowboard lessons through Vail's Adaptive Ski Program. The program specializes in providing ski and snowboard classes for people with disabilities. Using specially modified ski equipment, including "outriggers" -- poles with miniature skis attached to them for balance -- the skiers are learning to maneuver through Vail's slopes and trails.

"These servicemembers have been through a lot of trials and tribulations together, but this gives them the opportunity to experience something positive together as well," Jensen said. "They're a really wonderful group and have been tremendously supportive of each other."

Countless volunteers and 25 local businesses and organizations are donating lodging, meals, lift tickets, ski equipment and personal time to make the grassroots effort a success. "Without the community, it just couldn't happen," Jensen said.

Participants arrived in Vail to a hero's welcome from local elementary school children and are getting the red-carpet treatment during their stay. Tonight, guests will ride the gondola to the top of Vail Mountain for dinner at the Eagle's Nest Restaurant, and tomorrow night, the Vail Fire Department will treat them to a homemade lasagna meal at the fire station.

"There is an unsaid promise to protect their families while they protect our freedom serving abroad," said Craig Davis, president of the Vail Professional Firefighters Association. "Inviting the veterans to dinner at our home is the least we can do to pay tribute."

Jensen introduced the Vail Veterans Program because she recognized the value it could bring to wounded veterans. "I knew what adaptive skiing can do for people with disabilities, especially people like these who are healthy and athletic," she said. "Skiing can change their lives."

One former participant told Jensen it had done just that for him. "That's the inspiration for this program, to see that it can make a difference," Jensen said.
Jensen called the program just one small way to show support for the troops. "They've all made tremendous sacrifices for us, and this is an opportunity to thank them," she said.

Rumsfeld and his wife Joyce appeared unannounced last night, joining 24 servicemembers who lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan at the top of Vail Mountain for dinner at the Eagle's Nest Restaurant. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrived to cheer them on and congratulate them for their accomplishments.

He chatted one-on-one with the troops, posed for photos around the room and offered up encouragement and thanks to all.

"I'm having a blast!" said Army 1st Lt. Frank Washburn, a New York National Guardsman who lost the front half of his foot to an improvised explosive device near Samarra, Iraq, last May.
"This is the most fun I've had since I've been injured," agreed Army Staff Sgt. Joe Kapacziewski. "It was awesome!" Kapacziewski received extensive leg and arm injuries in Northern Iraq while serving with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. While doctors were able to save his leg, 18 pins are holding it together as it heals.
"Completely exhilarating" was how Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Joseph Worley, a corpsman who lost most of his left leg in Fallujah, Iraq in September 2004 and has a fused right ankle, summed up his skiing experience through the program.
Army 1st Lt. Ryan Hollin, a below-the-knee amputee who was wounded in Balad, Iraq, agreed. "His coming here to support us physically shows that he appreciates our sacrifices," he said. "It's one thing to say you support the troops. But his actions show that he really means it."

Wild Thing's comment.......
I love it so much when things like this happen for your troops. They deserve to be thanked and appreciated so much.

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Iran Makes More Threats

Iran is asking for it big time

Iran Issues Warning Ahead of IAEA Meeting

VIENNA, Austria

Iran threatened on Sunday to embark on full-scale uranium enrichment if the U.N. nuclear agency presses for action over its atomic program, and a top U.S. diplomat warned the Islamic republic of possible "painful consequences."

The comments came as the International Atomic Energy Agency's board prepared to meet Monday to discuss referring Iran to the U.N. Security Council, but delegates said whatever step the council might take would stop far short of sanctions.

John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday there was an urgent need to confront Iran's "clear and unrelenting drive" for nuclear weapons.

Iran "must be made aware that if it continues down the path of international isolation, there will be tangible and painful consequences," Bolton told the conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

But Iran's government cautioned that putting the issue before the Security Council would hurt efforts to resolve the dispute diplomatically.

"If Iran's nuclear dossier is referred to the U.N. Security Council, (large-scale) uranium enrichment will be resumed," Iran's top negotiator, Ali Larijani, told reporters in Tehran. "If they want to use force, we will pursue our own path."

He said Iran had exhausted "all peaceful ways" and that if demands were made contrary to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, the nation "will resist."

Larijani said Iran will not abandon nuclear research, or back down from pursuing an atomic program that Tehran insists has the sole purpose of generating electricity with nuclear reactors.

IAEA delegates suggested the U.N. agency's board will not push for confrontation with Iran and said any initial decisions by the Security Council based on the outcome of the meeting will be mild.

They said the most likely action from the council would be a statement urging Iran to resume its freeze on uranium enrichment — an activity that can make both reactor fuel and the core of nuclear warheads — and to increase cooperation with the IAEA's probe of the Iranian program.

Even such a mild step could be weeks down the road.

Still, it would formally begin council involvement with Iran's nuclear file, starting a process that could escalate and culminate with political and economic sanctions — although such action for now is opposed by Russia and China, which can veto Security Council actions.

Bolton said a failure by the Security Council to address Iran would "do lasting damage to the credibility of the council."

"The longer we wait to confront the threat Iran poses," Bolton said, "the harder and more intractable it will become to solve."

Russia and China share the concerns of the United States, France and Britain — the three other permanent council members with veto power — that Iran could misuse enrichment for an arms program.

But both have economic and strategic ties with Tehran. While they voted with the majority of IAEA board members at a Feb. 4 meeting to alert the council to suspicions about Iran's nuclear aims, they insisted the council do nothing until after this week's IAEA meeting in Vienna.

Russia is unlikely to agree to strong action while it negotiates with Iran on a plan that would move Tehran's enrichment program to Russian territory as a way of increasing international monitoring and reducing the chances for misuse in arms work.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is due in Washington and New York this week to discuss the status of those talks with Bush administration officials and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Both Tehran and Moscow have said new talks are planned; diplomats in Vienna, who demanded anonymity in return for discussing the situation, said no dates had been set.

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Algeria Let's 2,000 Islamic Militants Out Of Prison

Algeria Frees Militants in Mass Pardon

ALGIERS, Algeria - Algeria freed a first group of Islamic militants Saturday after deciding to pardon or reduce sentences for more than 2,000 people detained during an insurgency in the 1990s.

Cries of joy rose up among families outside the two prisons on the outskirts of the capital, Algiers, when the prisoners were released.

As part of reconciliation efforts, the Justice Ministry announced this week that it would pardon or end legal proceedings for 2,100 convicted or suspected Islamic militants. Some 100 militants, convicted of more serious crimes, will have their sentences reduced.

The national reconciliation plan was overwhelmingly approved in a September referendum, an effort to turn the page on an insurgency that left 150,000 dead.

Critics say that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation seeks to whitewash years of agony and that releasing extremists and allowing them home from exile could plant the seeds for future violence.

Wild Thing's comment......
Good grief! I just don't get it, why on earth do something like this.

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March 05, 2006

Please Pray For A Dear Blogger Friend Of Mine

This is very dear to my heart. A wonderful friend of mine, Delftsman is not well at all. He is very sick and needs our prayers. From day one of my having a Blog he is one of the Bloggers that has been a true friend.

Read here of Delfts' Situation

Please get well soon my very dear friend.

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A Girl Blogger Thang'

I am 5 months old as a blogger, and on the day of being 5 months old I received an email invitation from Beth at MVRWC. It was about the Cotillion (a group of women bloggers just loaded with smarts and fun)

Nothing against you wonderful hunkie male bloggers. You guys are the ones we love and adore, well most of you. A girl does have to be particular. Lots of applause there for sure!

She asked me if I would like to join their group. I was thrilled to say yes. Making friends online is always great and each person brings there own uniqueness. Thank you Beth.

I have been shopping and hope I am dressed for any non cut off jeans and T-shirt functions. (giggle)

Just say NO to the Oscars and everyone let's meet at the Cotillion.

* Cotillion

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In Country ~ Baghdad

Air assault spearheads push to hurt insurgency in area south of Baghdad

MAHMUDIYAH, Iraq — Hundreds of soldiers poured out of helicopters before dawn Thursday morning and a large convoy kicked off Friday morning, spreading out troops into a patch of canal-laced farmland south of Baghdad that remains one of the last insurgent strongholds outside the capital city.

The air assault launched one of the largest operations in months and aims to secure a rural area where insurgents have operated for months, officials said. A steady string of roadside bombs and mortar attacks have inflicted casualties on U.S. troops in the restive region known as the “Triangle of Death.”

“This could be the final crushing blow for the anti-Iraqi forces in the Baghdad area,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Kunk, commander of the 101st Airborne’s 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment.

After a safe and secure landing, soldiers from the 1st Battalion came under repeated mortar fire Thursday in the blocking positions they set up around a large power plant on the Euphrates River, which insurgents have used as a base of operations.

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion moved in early Friday and swept south toward the village of Sadr Yusufiyah, a cluster of ramshackle homes that U.S. troops also believe insurgents use to stage attacks on U.S troops and civilians in Baghdad, just 25 miles north.

Commanders opted for an air assault rather than sending vehicles through bomb-seeded roads avoided by U.S. forces in recent months.

One soldier from the 2nd Battalion was evacuated Friday after he was shot in the leg during a gunbattle. No other casualties were reported as of Friday afternoon.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion detained one man and also found a cache of a single mortar tube and several automatic rifles, U.S. troops said.

As U.S. soldiers came under fire, they responded with mortars and counter-battery artillery from nearby U.S. bases, said Maj. Fred Wintrich, the executive officer with 1st Battalion.

The operation in the rural areas marked a significant shift for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, which spent much of the past week focusing on security operations in the urban centers to stem potential sectarian violence in the wake of last week’s bombing of a large Shiite shrine in Samarra.

The 101st Airborne’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team has faced one of the toughest fights in Iraq. The Fort Campbell, Ky.-based unit has seen 31 soldiers killed since arriving here in November.

The targeted area is thick with a mix of Iraqi insurgents and foreign fighters. A Saudi Arabian man and several Iraqis were arrested last week after an Iraqi army unit found them carrying an anti-aircraft gun in their pick-up truck, officials said.

In keeping with the clear-and- hold strategy employed by U.S. troops in recent months, soldiers from the 2nd Battalion plan to set up a permanent patrol base in the village of Sadr Yusufiyah, officials said.

The insurgents’ attacks have fallen particularly heavy on the 1st-502nd’s Company B, which has lost six men and sent several others home with serious injuries since its arrival. Capt. John Goodwin, Company B commander, hopes this week’s assault will ease the daily attacks on the patrol bases and traffic checkpoints.

“We’ve kicked the hornets nest a few times already, now we are going to take a baseball bat and give it a good whack,” Goodwin said.

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Al-Quada Suspects Trail In Yemen

Al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen admit training Iraq fighters
Yemen Observer
By Observer Staff
Mar 4, 2006

SANA'A - Two of 17 Al-Qaeda suspects on trial for planning attacks in Yemen admitted last week to having trained foreign fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan and that their war was with Americans not Yemenis.

The 14 Yemenis and three Saudis, who include veterans of the insurgency in Iraq, went on trial on February 22 on charges of planning attacks against US expatriates in Yemen and those who deal with them on the orders of Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

"Our war is with the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, not in Yemen," Yemeni suspect Ali Abdullah Osyan, 28, told the judge during an appearance in a Sana'a court, AFP reported. He and the other suspects all wore blue prison jumpsuits and spoke from behind bars.

Prosecutor Saed al-Aqil exhibited in court as evidence weapons, explosives and remote detonation devices allegedly seized by authorities when the suspects were arrested in early 2005 in Sana'a and the southern port city of Aden, Saba news said.

"We used them for jihad (holy fight) in Iraq," said another Yemeni, Ammar Abdullah Fadel, 28, sporting a long thick beard.
"I trained young fighters how to use them to resist Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The trial was adjourned until March 11. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States, Yemen has worked with Washington to clamp down on suspected Al-Qaeda militants.

Al Qaeda operatives and sympathizers in the country are blamed for bombing the American destroyer USS Cole in 2000, killing 17 US sailors, and attacking the French oil tanker Limburg in 2002, killing one Bulgarian.
Yemen's efforts were dealt a serious blow with the escape of 23 Al-Qaeda suspects from a jail in Sanaa in early February, prompting some US lawmakers to charge that Yemeni authorities may have even facilitated the jail break.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh said three of the escapees had surrendered, according to remarks published Sunday in the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.

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Letter Writing Request


SGT. Ricky Jones

Many of you have read about the "brave dissenters" who expressed their "support for our Troops" by vandalizing the home of Army SGT Rickey Jones.
The story about it is here........Dead soldier's home vandalized

He was killed in action Feb. 22 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee during patrol operations in Hawijah, Iraq. These "patriots" have actually called SGT Jones' family to tell them ‘I’m glad your son is dead.” If that wasn't enough for SGT Jones' family to deal with, Fred Phelps and his hatemongers will probably picket the funeral.

Army Sgt Rickey Jones, 21, Kokomo, Indiana
Died February 22, 2006 with three other soldiers when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad. Assigned to the 101st Airborne Division based in Fort Campbell, KY.

Ronnie Jones, the soldier’s grandfather, said his grandson was a loving person and the pride of his family. He said the family received few details of the soldier’s death.

The four soldiers assigned to the division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team were killed on patrol Wednesday near Hawijah, 150 miles north of Baghdad, the military said in a statement.

Jones, a 2002 graduate of Kokomo High School, was serving his second tour in Iraq and recently had been promoted to sergeant. He is survived by his mother, Tenia Rogers, and grandparents Ronnie and Margaret Jones, all of Kokomo.

A Soldier's Perspective, is trying to help organize a letter writing campaign to the family of SGT Rickey Jones.

If you are as disgusted as I am and would like to write a letter to have delivered to this family, please email Lauren ( for more information. The good people over at Operation Military Pride are helping facilitate the delivery of these letters.

Thank you

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Carter Seeks Vote in U.N. Against U.S.

Jimma bin Kahta


Condi Rice: Hello...hello.....Jimmy who?.....I'm sorry,we have a very bad connection.


The New York Sun

Carter personally called Secretary of State Rice to try to convince her to reverse her U.N. ambassador's position on changes to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, the former president recalled yesterday in a talk in which he also criticized President Bush's Christian bona fides and misstated past American policies on Israel.

Mr. Carter said he made a personal promise to ambassadors from Egypt, Pakistan, and Cuba on the U.N. change issue that was undermined by America's ambassador, John Bolton. "My hope is that when the vote is taken," he told the Council on Foreign Relations, "the other members will outvote the United States."

While other former presidents have tried to refrain from attacking the sitting chief executive, Mr. Carter's attacks on President Bush have increased. The episode he recounted yesterday showed how he tried to undermine officials at lower levels in an effort to influence policy.

The story, as Mr. Carter recalled, began with a recent dinner for 17 he attended in New York, where the guests included the president of the U.N. General Assembly, Jan Eliasson; an unidentified American representative, and other U.N. ambassadors from "powerful" countries at Turtle Bay, of which he mentioned only three: Cuba, Egypt, and Pakistan. The topic was the ongoing negotiations on an attempt to replace the widely discredited Geneva-based Human Rights Commission with a more accountable Human Rights Council.

"One of the things I assured them of was that the United States was not going to dominate all the other nations of the world in the Human Rights Council," Mr. Carter said. However, on the next day, Carter said, Mr. Bolton publicly "demanded" that the five permanent members of the Security Council will have permanent seats on the new council as well, "which subverted exactly what I have promised them," Carter said.

Wild Thing's comment..........
The day that twisted traitorous bastard drops dead I swear I will dance in the street.

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March 04, 2006

Spooky Is Back ~ 10,000 Rounds A Minute Baby


During Vietnam, gunships destroyed more than 10,000 trucks and were credited with many life-saving close air support missions. AC-130s suppressed enemy air defense systems and attacked ground forces during Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada. This enabled the successful assault of Point Salines airfield via airdrop and airland of friendly forces.

Spooky is, well, spooky. You call it in when you don't give a fuck who's offended by your presence anymore.


Here is the article.........................

AP: Armed airplanes used in Vietnam War secretly moved to Iraqi base

In a secretive operation, heavily armed gunship versions of C-130 transport planes like these at an airbase in southern Iraq, on Wednesday, are being shipped to Iraq.


The U.S. Air Force has begun moving heavily armed AC-130 airplanes — the lethal “flying gunships” of the Vietnam War — to a base in Iraq as commanders search for new tools to counter the Iraqi resistance, The Associated Press has learned.

An AP reporter saw the first of the turboprop-driven aircraft after it landed at the airfield this week. Four are expected.

The Iraq-based special forces command controlling the AC-130s, the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force, said it would have no comment on the deployment. But the plan’s general outline was confirmed by other Air Force officers, speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the subject.

Military officials warned that disclosing the location of the aircraft’s new base would violate security provisions of rules governing media access to U.S. installations.

The four-engine gunships, whose home base is Hurlburt Field in Florida, have operated over Iraq before, flying from airfields elsewhere in the region. In November 2004, air-to-ground fire from AC-130s supported the U.S. attack that took the western city of Fallujah from insurgents.

Basing the planes inside Iraq will cut hours off their transit time to reach suspected targets.

Planes heavily armed

The left-side ports of the AC-130s, 98-foot-long planes that can slowly circle over a target for long periods, bristle with a potent arsenal — 40 mm cannon that can fire 120 rounds per minute, and big 105 mm cannon, normally a field artillery weapon. The plane’s latest version, the AC-130U, known as “Spooky,” also carries Gatling gun-type 20 mm cannon.

“It’s got tons of guns, and it’s got all kinds of stuff on it that can be applied to the problems you have,” Brig. Gen. Frank Gorenc, who refused to discuss the current AC-130 deployment, said in an AP interview.

That “stuff” includes “the ability to take these high-tech pods and to use them to find guys planting (bombs) and to find other nefarious activity,” he said.

So what IS an AC-130U

AC-130U Spooky


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Army Looks Back At Vietnam For New Field Manual

Army writing new Counterinsurgency Field Manual

Army News
FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (March 3, 2006)
By Robby Kennedy

The Combined Arms Center hosted experts from the CIA, State Department and academia last week during a two-day workshop aimed at providing input to authors rewriting the Counterinsurgency, or COIN, Field Manual, FM 3-24.

The intelligence analysts and experts gathered Feb. 23 and 24 at the 35th Infantry Division headquarters on Fort Leavenworth to work at solving what many of them consider an urgent and acute problem facing the U.S. military today: how to respond to an insurgency.

The new COIN FM will contain chapters dealing with operations and operations design, intelligence, indigenous forces, leadership and ethics, logistics and more, said Lt. Col. Jan Horvath, one of the authors of FM 3-24.

Outside experts review draft

“We established that we wanted to do a workshop to bring in some of the best and brightest minds to get input,” said Horvath.

“We tried to write something and get a very accomplished group of people to look at that and tell us what they think of it early on so we can make significant adjustments where they are needed, or adjust and put in nuances,” Horvath said.

An interim COIN manual was penned and distributed to the invitees before their arrival at Fort Leavenworth to give them a chance to consider the suggested doctrine and add their own expertise to the dialogue. Horvath said the participants were invited from widely divergent backgrounds to bring contrasting perspectives, and consequently, impassioned debate.

“We pick up a lot of diverse and differing opinions … sometimes you have two opposing viewpoints,” Horvath said. “There is passion because there is disagreement – that’s why we brought them here, to get a different viewpoint to find out what we’ve missed or what we didn¹t consider. It may not change what we write, but it may.”

FM author: Debate fosters solutions

During the workshop, participants and authors debated or augmented existing ideas, brainstormed new solutions and otherwise expanded the COIN dialogue with the goal of improving the final product to the benefit of Soldiers and commanders in the field, Horvath said.

“What should we cull from what we have? Can we make it better, or should we move one out and put another one in?” Horvath said. “That’s what all the authors are doing with their discussants, as well as other people throughout the seminar.”

With the U.S. military heavily engaged in counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the need for effective guidance is both vital and pressing, Horvath said.

“We’ve committed so much treasure in blood and people to Iraq and Afghanistan, but overall within the Global War on Terrorism – this is a key manual within our efforts while we are at war,” Horvath said.

120 insurgencies worldwide

Horvath and the other FM 3-24 authors are trying to keep the scope of their manual broad so it will continue to have utility beyond current situations.

“There are more than 120 extended insurgencies around the world; that’s a lot of instability,” he said. “Iraq is one insurgency – it’s just one area. We’re going to be involved in insurgencies in other places, so this manual, we don¹t want it to be too Iraq-centric.”

While the COIN FM workshop concluded Feb. 24, the authors will continue to receive guidance and written input from discussants through the mail, Horvath said. The final product is expected to be finished by early summer and should provide immediate guidance for commanders in the field.

“It should provide them (commanders) a framework for thinking … explaining what is an insurgency, what will it look like, what should you expect, in what type of environments will it thrive, how does it develop, how can we contribute to it inadvertently, what is our methodology and what is our way of thinking and assessing, what stage is it, how violent, how widespread in the public, how much support does it have? All those factors impact what method or actions we take,” Horvath said.

Manual will look back at Vietnam

In addition, the manual will incorporate lessons learned from Vietnam and other past insurgencies.

“I think of Vietnam as the gold standard of insurgencies,” Horvath said. “It was very well developed and we never collected any of those lessons. We wanted to capture those and look at other insurgencies … and I think we’re doing that right now.”

As for the success of the workshop, Horvath was enthusiastic.

“I think we had the right people here. We’ve had some tremendous discussion … we wanted to know what we¹re doing well but also what we’ve missed on, what we need to reshape or refocus, and I think we’ve gotten a lot of that,” he said. “It’s been a grand slam.”


My Tribute To Vietnam Veterans

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March 03, 2006

Angry Old Salt Ticked Off Again

I was just watching Hardball and fired Fema man Michael Brown told Chris Matthews that he called the President BEFORE Katrina hit and told President Bush to call Mayor Nagin and the Gov. Blanco. To tell them to evacuate the people immediately. President Bush did according to Michael Brown and they did not listen or do anything.

The Mayor and Gov. killed one thousand people and everyone blames the President!

Your damn right I'm pissed!

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Wagging The Tail or Barking Dog ~ UAE

Growing up, my family always had St. Bernard’s. I guess my parents being from Switzerland had something to do with it but gosh I love those dogs. I also had St. Bernard’s right up until a few years ago. Now we have a little dog. But there is something about this UAE that reminded me of one of the dogs I had.

One day when I still had a St. Bernard an actor had stopped by to visit my husband and to thank him for the stunt work he did for him in a movie. Our St. Bernard, Theodore, was not happy about it. He only barked when he did not like the person so I guess he did not like this particular actor. To allow the actor to sit on our patio for a short time we put our dog in the dog run. The actor could not believe the dog was reacting like this and kept walking over to Theodore. Theodore’s response was to bark at him, but at the same exact time he was also wagging his tail.

When I first heard about the UAE ports deal my gut had an immediate reaction. As I posted on another day here at Theodore's World, I thought it stunk. Since then I have read, listened, and watched the arguments for and against.

I also realize that President Bush does some things that their effect is meant to be from now till years to come. Long-range planning is one of his favorite things. That is fine and we all should do that economically in our private lives. But doing this with the UAE in hopes that years from now because of the ports deal happening they will be our buddies?? A true ally, let’s look and see at these things first.

1.Wagging the tail………. The main argument for ……” that the UAE is an “ally in the War on Terror.” Therefore, conclude the proponents, this particular status would obligate the US to grant the management of seaports to companies based in Gulf emirates. The status of “ally" in the War on Terror would grant a particular country the privilege to be supported militarily, financially and have its forces trained by the US. It would even grant the UAE and other allies the options of military industrialization within their own borders, including assembling parts of American weapon system. So in term of “trust” Washington can and should travel the extra mile with its allies, European or other, to translate the alliance into tangible steps. But that doesn’t support the argument that these countries, any country with radical networks conditions, would be granted capabilities that could jeopardize US national security, even though indirectly. And it is not the UAE only, there is Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, and in general all allies, could present such complexity.”

Barking dog…………Let’s look at proof, not just idle words but actions taken.

The JAWA Report had information on the UAE and the UN votes.

So, who turns out to be the strongest allies to the US if we go by the UN votes?

Palau at 100% in 2004. Next to the tiny grouping of islands, who is our greatest ally in the U.N.? Israel, which was 100% in 20004, 93% in 2002-03, and 100% in 2001. How does the UAE compare? The UAE, our allies according to President Bush, voted with the U.S. 12.5% of the time in 2004. In 2001 and in 2003 the UAE voted 0% of the time with the U.S. In 2002 they voted with us 17.6% of the time. That's an average of 7.5% of agreement in the U.N. with the U.S. after 9/11 (if we include 2001).

Voting records found HERE

Barking dog shows us the UAE is not one of our allies.

2. Wagging the tail……Another argument for the deal that I have seen is that “not concluding an agreement with an Arab country will offend Arabs in general. Obviously this is a far-fetched “lobbyist” argument. Political fluff and nothing more.

Barking dog……..Democrats hate Republicans with a passion most of us cannot imagine. They are more into: NOT profiling people, NOT protecting us, and NOT going after the terrorists. We are the most powerful country in the world. When those in government forget that fact, and feel it is our duty to kiss up to half assed allies with links to those wanting to kill us, our days our numbered. Why the heck do I care if I offend someone that is my enemy. Hahaha That would be like changing my posts at my Blog because I get hate emails and I should make nice.

3. Wagging the tail……..An argument was made about not discriminating between the UAE and the UK in terms of who is a better ally in the War on Terror so that they can benefit from US offer in international business.
BUT Great Britain is listed as a target by al Quada, not the UAE. Toni Blair was sitting in the US Congress when President Bush declared War on the Taliban in October 2001, not the head honchos of the UAE. Prime Minister of the Isles declared the ideology of al Quada as terrorist and criminal, not Dubai’s rulers. Britain has been an ally in the War with the Jihadists over the UAE’s somewhat cooperation against al Quada.

Barking dog………Who would I want watching my six? Certainly not the UAE.

4. Wagging the tail……..We have been told to those of us with concerns that there was no threat coming from the UAE because “the company is to manage the administrative space of the ports operations exclusively, not the security areas.”
That isn’t the logic of the would-be terrorists. The terrorism business is fluid. The Jihadists won’t be that obvious in their use of a potential infiltration. The danger of penetration will be more complex. This first line of defense could be breached by hiring elements to form a network inside the company, or subcontracted “hostile” entities in the future. Second, while moving inside the layers of the “management” the “net” could then hire elements coming from the American side. If we find out that Jihadists are operating inside the US, a UAE company “managing” six main US ports would be a first rate opportunity for them to “connect.”

General intelligence and spying in the US is only one possibility. Storing material in these sensitive areas is two. Learning about the security systems in these ports from the administrative end is three. Disrupting national security operations is four. The deeper the layers, the wider possibilities would open to the Jihadists. But the initial “hole” is what allows the chain to develop.

Barking dog…………We may think someone is OK but our security may be at great risk. Like the actor I mentioned above at the beginning of my post. My husband and I did not have a bad feeling about him. But our dog felt it, knew it and was warning us. As the actor left I went to shake his hand goodbye and he quickly moved his head to kiss me hard on the lips, then said…. when you have enough of Nick let me know. He had waited till Nick ( Angry Old Salt) was already walking back into our home and he did not say this in jest, he was dead on serious. He was not a friend and had no intention of being a friend. Our dog knew that, just as security for our country has shown up over the years that the UAE attempts to be supportive after the fact and only slightly.

5. Wagging the tail.......Reward the UAE for being an ally.

Barking dog.......Why do we have to reward the UAE for their half way support with the ports deal to show them we are warm and fuzzy toward them? There are other ways that can be rewarded along the way depending on how much of an ally they show up to be, in their verbiage and their actions. If rewarding is a must then why do it with a way that effects our National Security. Would we ask Saudi Arabia to manage our America’s public school system? No, because radical clerics would transform it into madrassas.

Add in the fact that Dubai ports firm enforces boycott of Israel. This one really outraged me. They boycott a friend and an ally that is a much better friend, a much better ally then Dubai could ever be. Dubai, like all Muslim countries, should be held to different standards because they are controlled by the cult that is our enemy.

Those are all my takes on the various aspects I have seen on this. So, I prefer to be with the dog that barks, the opposition of the UAE and cut down as much risk as possible to our Nation. Yes the threat to the US port system has been and remains regardless of the Dubai deal. But the specific potential threat emanating from the current crisis is different in nature. It is about an additional layer of terror risk that could be produced by a Jihadist breach via a commercial transaction.

The Democrats are loving this, and using it NOT because they really are against it but they are using it to bash Bush. Their actions and words about fighting terrorism has proven to the world they do not want to take a stand against it, remember Harry Reid stopping the Patriot Act and making big thing about it? And now all of a sudden we are supposed to believe he is upset about the security risk? Laughable!

It is not about ports at all with the Democrats that are against it, it is political, a venomous hate for Republicans and for Bush. For loosing two elections and the freaks in their party will do whatever it takes to take a stand against Bush even if it means talking about being careful about the security of our country. I think this kind of a deal is like putting the fox in charge of guarding the chicken house.

Our Military is out there defending us, fighting for us. Families missing their sons and daughters that are serving now, so that we can be safe, secure and is this the thanks we give them? To say, ya'll come on down now UAE we don't want to offend you. We are going to call you a good ally even if you are NOT!

The barking dog knows what he is barking about……. I just hope our Nation listens.

(Sorry this was so long, but I have been working on this for awhile now and wanted to cover as much as possible.)

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UAE Hangout For Trouble For USA & Says No To Israel

With all the discussions about the UAE, Dubai and the ports deal I thought before I post a second post on this I wanted to show you all something.

Bin Laden's operatives still using freewheeling Dubai
Complete article here

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Osama bin Laden's operatives still use this freewheeling city as a logistical hub three years after more than half the Sept. 11 hijackers flew directly from Dubai to the United States in the final preparatory stages for the attack.

The recent arrest of an alleged top al-Qaeda combat coach is the latest sign that suspected members of the terrorist organization are among those who take advantage of travel rules that allow easy entry. Citizens of neighboring Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia can come to Dubai without visas, which other nationalities can get at the country's ports of entry.

Once here, it's easy to blend in to what has become a cosmopolitan crowd.

In August, Pakistani Qari Saifullah Akhtar, suspected of training thousands of al-Qaeda fighters for combat, was arrested in the Emirates and turned over to officials in his homeland, authorities in Pakistan announced.

Emirates authorities have refused to comment on Akhtar's arrest. They were similarly tightlipped in 2002, when the United States announced the arrest of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected mastermind of the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 U.S. sailors.

With open borders, multiethnic society and freewheeling business rules, the Emirates remains vital to al-Qaeda operations, said Evan F. Kohlmann, a Washington-based terrorism researcher.

Dubai still "plays a key role for al-Qaeda as a through-point and a money transfer location," Kohlmann said, although he also noted the country could be working to combat such activity with "an aggressive but low-profile intelligence strategy."

al-Qaeda isn't the only organization that has found Dubai useful. The father of Pakistan's nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, has acknowledged heading a clandestine group that, with the help of a Dubai company, supplied Pakistani nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Emirates officials refused to discuss the country's latest steps to combat terror.

Dia'a Rashwan, an Egyptian expert on militant groups, said trumpeting developments such as the arrest of al-Qaeda suspects could be misread as serving the United States when the Emirates, led by its President Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, cultivates an image as a champion of Arab causes. The Emirates nonetheless has a close relationship with Washington.

According to the U.S. government, 13 of the 19 hijackers entered the United States between April 23 and June 29, 2001. And 11 of those late-arrivers — who were Saudi citizens and primarily the "muscle" for the hijackings — went through Dubai, according to the report.

The hijackers traveled in groups of two or three, taking off from Dubai and arriving at airports in Miami, Orlando, or New York City, the report said.

As for the money trail, Bin Laden's alleged financial manager, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi, received at a Dubai bank a transfer of $15,000 two days before the Sept. 11 attacks and then left the Emirates for Pakistan, where he was arrested last year.

Marwan Al-Shehhi, an Emirates citizen and one of the hijackers, received $100,000 via the United Arab Emirates. Another hijacker, Fayez Banihammad, also was from the Emirates.

About half of the $250,000 spent on the attacks was wired to al-Qaeda terrorists in the United States from Dubai banks, authorities said. al-Qaeda money in Dubai banks also has been linked to the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.


And then there is this...............

Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal
By Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington
Published: March 1 2006 23:50 | Last updated: March 1 2006 23:50

Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

Mr Clinton, who this week called the United Arab Emirates a “good ally to America” , advised Dubai’s leaders to propose a 45-day delay to allow for an intensive investigation of the acquisition, according to his spokesman.


And this as well............

Dubai Reaffirms Policy of Refusing Entry to Israelis
19:05 Mar 01, '06 / 1 Adar 5766
By Michael Freund, INN International Affairs Correspondent

Despite heavy criticism in Washington over its continued enforcement of the anti-Israel Arab boycott, the Government of Dubai has reiterated its refusal to allow Israeli citizens to enter Dubai.

“We don’t give a permit for Israeli passport holders to enter the country,” Mohammed Ali al-Mohari of the Entry Permits Section of Dubai’s Interior Ministry said in a telephone interview. “It’s a rule.”

Asked to explain the reason behind the policy, Al-Mohari laughed and said that he thinks this is the case for most Arab countries. “This is how it is in most of the Arabic lands, I am sure,” he said.

He added, though, that the holder of a foreign passport bearing stamps which indicated that he or she had once visited the Jewish state would not encounter any problems entering the country.

Dubai’s refusal to allow Israelis to set foot on its soil also features prominently on a government-run website belonging to the Gulf Arab nation.

On the website of the Dubai Government’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, under the section titled “Visa Regulations” it states that, “Nationals of ‘Israel’ may not enter the U.A.E.”, a reference to the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a constituent state.

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Some Thoughts On Holland's Silence

"We should fear Holland’s silence"
February 26, 2006
Times Online
Islamists are stifling debate in what was Europe’s freest country, says Douglas Murray

"Would you write the name you’d like to use here, and your real name there?” asked the girl at reception. I had just been driven to a hotel in the Hague. An hour earlier I’d been greeted at Amsterdam airport by a man holding a sign with a pre-agreed cipher. I hadn’t known where I would be staying, or where I would be speaking. The secrecy was necessary: I had come to Holland to talk about Islam.

Last weekend, four years after his murder, Pim Fortuyn’s political party, Lijst Pim Fortuyn, held a conference in his memory on Islam and Europe. The organisers had assembled nearly all the writers most critical of Islam’s current manifestation in the West. The American scholars Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer were present, as were the Egyptian-Jewish exile and scholar of dhimmitude, Bat Ye’or, and the great Muslim apostate Ibn Warraq.

Both Ye’or and Warraq write and speak under pseudonyms. Standing at the hotel desk I confessed to the girl that I didn’t have any other name, couldn’t think of a good one fast. I was given my key and made aware that the other person in the lobby, a tall figure in a dark suit, was my security detail. I was taken up to my room where I changed, unpacked and headed back out — the security guard now positioned outside my bedroom door.

I had been invited to deliver the closing speech to the memorial conference on what would have been Fortuyn’s 58th birthday. I said I would talk on the effects of Europe’s increasingly Islamicised population and advocate a tougher European counterterror strategy. There was no overriding political agenda to the occasion, simply a desire for frank discussion.

The event was scholarly, incisive and wide-ranging. There were no ranters or rabble-rousers, just an invited audience of academics, writers, politicians and sombre party members. As yet another example of Islam’s violent confrontation with the West (this time caused by cartoons) swept across the globe, we tried to discuss Islam as openly as we could. The Dutch security service in the Hague was among those who considered the threat to us for doing this as particularly high. The security status of the event was put at just one level below “national emergency”.

This may seem fantastic to people in Britain. But the story of Holland — which I have been charting for some years — should be noted by her allies. Where Holland has gone, Britain and the rest of Europe are following. The silencing happens bit by bit. A student paper in Britain that ran the Danish cartoons got pulped. A London magazine withdrew the cartoons from its website after the British police informed the editor they could not protect him, his staff, or his offices from attack. This happened only days before the police provided 500 officers to protect a “peaceful” Muslim protest in Trafalgar Square.

It seems the British police — who regularly provide protection for mosques (as they did after the 7/7 bombs) — were unable to send even one policeman to protect an organ of free speech. At the notorious London protests, Islamists were allowed to incite murder and bloodshed on the streets, but a passer-by objecting to these displays was threatened with detention for making trouble.

Holland — with its disproportionately high Muslim population — is the canary in the mine. Its once open society is closing, and Europe is closing slowly behind it. It looks, from Holland, like the twilight of liberalism — not the “liberalism” that is actually libertarianism, but the liberalism that is freedom. Not least freedom of expression.

All across Europe, debate on Islam is being stopped. Italy’s greatest living writer, Oriana Fallaci, soon comes up for trial in her home country, and in Britain the government seems intent on pushing through laws that would make truths about Islam and the conduct of its followers impossible to voice.

Those of us who write and talk on Islam thus get caught between those on our own side who are increasingly keen to prosecute and increasing numbers of militants threatening murder. In this situation, not only is free speech being shut down, but our nation’s security is being compromised.

Since the assassinations of Fortuyn and, in 2004, the film maker Theo van Gogh, numerous public figures in Holland have received death threats and routine intimidation. The heroic Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her equally outspoken colleague Geert Wilders live under constant police protection, often forced to sleep on army bases. Even university professors are under protection.

Europe is shuffling into darkness. It is proving incapable of standing up to its enemies, and in an effort to accommodate the peripheral rights of a minority is failing to protect the most basic rights of its own people.

The governments of Europe have been tricked into believing that criticism of a belief is the same thing as criticism of a race. And so it is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to criticise a growing and powerful ideology within our midst. It may soon, in addition, be made illegal.

I had planned — the morning after my speech — to see Geert Wilders, but instead spent the time catching up with his staff. Their leader had been called in by the police to discuss more than 40 new death threats he had received over the previous days.

As I left the Netherlands I once again felt terrible sorrow for a country that is slowly being lost. A society which should be carefree and inspiring has become dark and worried. The jihad in Europe is winning. And Holland, and our continent, takes one step further into a dark and menacing future.

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March 02, 2006

News From The Bunker Notebook


This is a new Category at Theodore's World. 
It will be about the things shared in emails from 
our troops and other Americans that are 
located in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Theodore's World is very aware of how 
loose lips endanger our troops and other Americans 
working in the hot zones, so at all times great care will be 
taken in how much information is posted. 

Some notes will be directly from the troops 
and other notes from those such
as employees with Halliburton and others.


This note arrived last night and it is regarding the recent news of Presidnet Bush and his surprise visit to Afghanistan


" Something kind of cool happened today.
The largest mobile phone service in the country is called Iraqna.
Today, the company sent a text message to every single user. (I have an Iraqna cell phone.) It was in Arabic. I had it translated and it said "God is great, God is good. Please come together and pray for peace in Iraq."
Every one of us got one and every user around the country did.
I thought that was encouraging."
from one of the contractors with Haliburton on the banks of the Tigris, Baghdad, Iraq


Wild Thing's comment......
This made me smile and I wanted to share it with all of you.


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Denver Highschool Teacher's Rant Investigated

Denver News

The Overland High educator is on administrative leave. Cherry Creek's superintendent said a balanced viewpoint will be given to students.

An Overland High School teacher who criticized President Bush, capitalism and U.S. foreign policy during his geography class was placed on administrative leave Wednesday afternoon after a student who recorded the session went public with the tape.

In the 20-minute recording, made on an MP3 player, teacher Jay Bennish described capitalism as a system "at odds with human rights." He also said there were "eerie similarities" between what Bush said during his Jan. 28 State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say."

The United States was "probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth," Bennish also said on the tape.

Bennish, who has been part of Overland's social studies faculty since 2000, did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday. Cherry Creek School District officials are investigating the incident, but no disciplinary action has been taken, district spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.

Bennish was placed on leave "to take some of the pressure off of him" during the investigation, which could wrap up in a week, Amole said.

Superintendent Monte Moses, who received a copy of the recording on Monday from 850 KOA-AM radio show host Mike Rosen, said it appears "a breach of district policy" occurred.

"Our policy calls for both sides to be present ... in the interest of intellectual discourse," Moses said. Bennish's presentation appeared to be unbalanced, he said.

The district is looking into whether the incident was an isolated one and will ensure that a balanced viewpoint of the president's State of the Union address is provided to students, Moses said.

Moses also said the district will be fair to Bennish. "People in life make mistakes occasionally," he said. "We address them. We learn from them."

The 20-minute recording of only a portion of the class was made by 16-year-old sophomore Sean Allen the day after the president's speech. The recording has raised questions about what level of academic freedom is acceptable for high school teachers. It also has generated discussions about Bennish on dozens of websites.

Sean, who appeared on Rosen's show Wednesday morning, said in an interview he had been disturbed by the "political rants" he heard in Bennish's class. He added that he wanted to tape the session for his father, who later shared it with the media.

Sean, who described himself as a political independent, said the comments seemed inappropriate for a geography class.

"If he wants to give an opinion in class, I'm perfectly OK with that," he said. "But he has to give both sides of the story."

James McGrath Morris, an author who has written about academic freedom issues, said Bennish's comments are acceptable for an adult audience, but they are hard to defend in a high school classroom.

In a number of legal cases, courts have ruled that "up until the age of majority, children are easily influenced ... in a way that they don't have the faculties to sort out rights from wrongs," Morris said


Overland highschool teachers rant


Wild Thing's comment......
I listened to the tape. Not only did the teacher rant and rave, most of the rants were not factual. There is enough evidence on the tape to terminate the teacher immediately.
Our public school system is a liberals dream, and a national disgrace. It's not a conversation when a teacher stands at the front of a classroom and goes off on a diatribe about the evils of Bush. It's a lesson in hate speech.
A liberal teacher who tosses out blatant lies and hyperbole designed to shape negative, hateful attitudes toward this country and its president is no different than a Wahabist who teaches exactly the same thing to young Muslim children in madrassahs.

Twenty years ago, the parents in this school would have demanded this guy be terminated INSTANTLY. Forty years ago, he would have been lynched.

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Muslims ~ " Waaaa Stop Picking on Me"

U.S. Muslim charities: U.S. government targeting us

By Reuters

WASHINGTON - U.S. Muslim charities feel they are being targeted by the U.S government's counterterrorism efforts. On Tuesday, a coalition of U.S. Muslim organizations requested a meeting with Treasury Secretary John Snow to discuss concerns that Muslim charities are targeted in the government's counterterrorism efforts.

In a letter to Snow, the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT) said government closures of Islamic charities have hindered American Muslims' ability to carry out their religious bligation to help the needy.

The coalition of 10 organizations referred to action this month against Kindhearts, a Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic nonprofit group, whose assets were blocked pending an investigation.

The Treasury Department said Kindhearts had links to the Palestinian group Hamas, which Washington considers a terrorist organization.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, the government has designated three major U.S. Muslim charities as suspected sponsors of terrorism and frozen their assets.

Muslim charitable giving has been in the spotlight since authorities discovered Al-Qaeda and other militants had abused charities to fund attacks.


Wild Thing's comment.......
Well duh! Hey listen up Kindhearts ( Islam cult followers) if you give to the Hamas or any other terrorists group I hope and pray our government goes after you. And when they are done we can feed you to our troops, they have ways of dealing with you too. yep!

* Vince Aut Morire

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March 01, 2006

Designer Favors Killers and Terrorists

A model presents a creation as part of British designer Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2006-2007 ready-to-wear women's collection during the Paris fashion Week (REUTERS/Charles Platiau)



PARIS (Reuters)

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood brought it all to Paris fashion show.
Westwood, who is famed for using British fabrics such as tweed and tartan for her daring clothes, has not been shy to add a political touch to her clothes. Last year, she presented tops reading "I'm not a terrorist. Please don't arrest me" to protest against a tightening of anti-terrorism measures.

Wearing two sparkling little devil's horns in her bright red hair, Westwood told reporters she wanted to raise attention to the case of Leonard Peltier, a American Indian activist convicted for the 1975 killings of two FBI agents.

"Leonard Peltier is innocent. He's been in jail for 30 years now," Westwood said, pointing to the invitation letter for her show, featuring a blue penis with wings and the word "Innocent."


Wild Thing's comment.....
Every single time I think I wil not get shocked again I do. Westwood is obviously a nut job but it goes beyond that. Westwood is PRO terrorists and that I take offense with to the max.

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Free Jack Idema Blogburst

It’s been one hell of a week for Jack Idema, Brent Bennett and Ed Caraballo, the three Americans illegally imprisoned in Afghanistan.

For the benefit of those who haven't been following events since last Saturday, Pulacharke, the prison Jack, Brent and Ed are being held at, is now effectively under the control of Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners. Jack and Brent are holed up in their Block 2 Annex, armed, and protected by members of the Northern Alliance. Ed Caraballo, who was being held in another section of the prison, has been taken hostage by the Taliban, who have threatened to decapitate him if their demands are not met. Other hostages include 50-or-so female prisoners from the womens'
block, who the Taliban have now been gang-raping for the last four days.

So, yes, this is a mess ... Though you wouldn't think that if you were getting your news from MSM, most of whom have slavishly (and, it must be said, lazily) repeated President Karzai's 'official' line without question. Here’s the BBC, yesterday, appearing to believe the riots were winding down nicely:

'Breakthrough' in Kabul jail riot
Rioting inmates in Afghanistan's main prison near Kabul have agreed to hand over their dead and injured, amid signs of a
breakthrough in the stand-off.

One of the chief negotiators said he would be taking the prisoners' demands to the government and that he was hopeful of a peaceful solution.
Gunfire was heard within the prison walls on Saturday night and Sunday, but the BBC's Bilal Sarwary in Kabul says the situation was calmer on Monday, with only two gun shots heard, and fewer troops at the scene.

This, of course, came after a terrible night in which female prisoners could be heard screaming such things as::

"Oh Merciful God," one women screamed repeatedly. Others could be heard screaming in Dari and Pashto, "they are f***ing me, God help me." "Allah take me, let me die...." "Stop, stop, kill me, kill me first."

The only reference you’ll find on the BBC to these sickening events is the following, throwaway line:

Senior jail officials say they fear some of the women inmates may have been raped.

Untrue. Jail officials know, for certain, that women are being raped — As would the BBC, leastways if their reporter had been anywhere near Pulacharke during the last few days. Instead, the typical MSM position seems, as usual, to be one of soft-peddling any information that might impact negatively on the activities of their beloved ‘insurgents’.

This also seems to be the attitude of the U.S. State Department and the Karzai government, who’ve spent the week obstructing any and all efforts to use force against the terrorists in order to seize back control of Pulacharke. Here’s just a selection, from the SuperPatriots, of what they’ve been up to since the riots broke out:

~ The National Army has been ordered by Karzai not to fire on his “Taliban brothers.”

~ US Embassy refuses air support and troops to stop terrorist takeover.

~ Apparently, Karzai and the US State Department have interfered with the military response to the revolt.[…]At 1am last night, we said that the MOJ refused to let Jack lead a force in against the terrorists. Although the NA Generals refused to allow Jack and his men to be put a risk, they decided to assault the terrorists with batons followed by a wave of armed troops. THREE AMERICAN advisors sent by the US State Department and Department of Justice were now present, they ORDERED the NA Generals NOT TO ATTACK. The “American Advisors,” who probably know as much about Afghanistan as a car salesman in Wisconsin, were placed in control by Hamid Karzai.

~ General Salem-Bashi, one of Massoud’s best generals, along with Northern Alliance Generals Samad and Zorodin are now on site. They planned to again attack BLOCK 2 and put down the revolt. AGAIN, the US State Department and now the Red Cross decided they knew more than the Northern Alliance generals about how to deal with terrorists. The State Department, US Justice Department, and Red Cross “Advisors” called “the palace” and successfully stopped the assault.

~ A Karzai spokesman gives a television statement that the women are now safe and in government control. According to our intelligence, this is a complete lie. The women are still held hostage and being raped by the terrorists.

~ Karzai officials again give press statements that the women are safe and not in terrorist hands. The reality is far different, the women are disbursed as hostages and are being repeatedly raped by the terrorists.

~ Karzai officials are saying that things are fine and they are “considering the demands” of the terrorists. US Department of Justice and State Department “advisors” quickly left the prison earlier today when their plan to negotiate backfired and MOJ lost another two prison blocks to the enemy.

~ Karzai and the US Embassy ordered the MOJ police not to attack yesterday morning, and to negotiate. Now the result is what could be the largest gang rape in the world’s modern history.

~ Karzai calls the Governor of Kabul and attempts to send in National Police to seize Jack’s phones. Apparently, after unknown foreign journalists complained that Jack was releasing information from inside the prison revolt, and had access to phones and intelligence and photos, Karzai demanded Jack’s communications be shut down. Were journalists upset that Jack and this website were contradicting their fabricated stories of the revolt?

~ Karzai’s peace envoy showed up at Pulacharke with five cars of bodyguards. “Minister Mujahedi” promptly outlined Karzai’s plan: give full amnesty to all terrorists and Taliban murderers, surrender the 80 women hostages, get new beds, new clothes, and new digs. No one will be charged with murder, rape, assault, revolt, or any other crime. As if it wasn’t enough, Mujahedi’s speech to the terrorists included telling them, “The men that died here, they died as martyrs.” Mujahedi also ordered officials in the MOJ to continue release false casualty counts, and say that only four or five people had been killed and only thirty wounded, instead of the real numbers which are far higher.

Clearly, something is going terribly wrong with the Afghan end of the WoT. Here we have a situation in which hundreds of the world’s most dangerous and committed terrorists have seized dozens of hostages, including a U.S. citizen. Yet the response from both President Karzai and the U.S. State Department has been to downplay the violence committed by Taliban and al-Queda prisoners, and then to openly negotiate with them. Think about that. Wasn’t the U.S. position after 9/11 supposed to be one of never negotiating with the monsters who brought the twin towers down? Yet, here we are, doing just that, and in response to ‘men’ who are threatening the life of a U.S. citizen in between gang-rapes of female hostages. How on earth did it come to this?

And how, as we learn from al-Reuters, did the following situation arise?:

Mawlavi Mohammad Siddiqi, a cleric who was one of those held by Idema’s vigilante group and is now acting as a mediator in the prison standoff, told reporters Idema was not in danger, but Caraballo was “not in a good place”.

Siddiqi, we will remember, was arrested by Jack Idema while in possession of the following items:

~ Photographs of Sidiq with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar ~ Bomb plans ~ Explosive detonators ~ al-Qaida and Hezb-i-Islami documents and recruiting cards ~ A letter from Taliban leader Mullah Omar

Ironies don’t get any more bitter than this one: that a creature like Siddiqi should be reinvented by the U.S. and Afghan governments as a ‘mediator’, while the brave and decent soldier who arrested him fights for his life in Pulacharke prison, first dismissed as a ‘vigilante’, then ignored by the whole, credulous, MSM. Unbelievable.


So what can we do? Well, anyone reading this with their own blog can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst by emailing Cao or Rottweiler Puppy for details. I'd urge everyone to do this, as we're still terribly short on takers. If you want to know more about the story, Cao's Blog has a large section devoted to Jack Idema. There's also a timeline here, and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack's story.

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Today Is National Pig Day


National Pig Day is March 1st of each year. I don't suppose it is on the Muslim calender. heh heh

* SondraK

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Muslims Mouthing Off As Usual


Pakistani children carry a mock coffin wrapped with a U.S. flag, wearing yellow headbands that says, 'There is no God but God.,Muhammad is the Prophet of God,' during a rally against the publication of cartoons depicting Islamic Prophet Muhammad printed by some Western newspapers, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006 in Karachi, Pakistan. (AP Photo)


Pakistani Shiite Muslim women take part in a rally to condemn the bombing on the Golden Mosque, one of Shiite Islam's holiest sites in the Iraqi city of Samarra, in Karachi, Pakistan

Wild Thing's comment...............
The first photo are chidren that they let out of school early so they could protest. Now how do you like that, we had schools in our country do the same thing so they could protest the war in Iraq. Remember how the teachers told the kids that if they did not protest they would be written up as missing school that day as a punishment. Just more of the left in our country being similar to these protesting Muslims.

In the second photo of course they are blaming the USA. Aren't we just awful to want to fight terrorism and bring freedom to a land that never had it before. Shame on us. (NOT)

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But Of Course He Is A Democrat

Former U.S. attorney General Ramsey Clark, first left, and international advisor to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein participates in a protest against US military bases in Bulgaria as people carry posters saying "No Foreign Military Bases in Bulgaria" , Sofia Saturday, Feb. 25, 2006. About a hundred supporters of communist and nationalist movements gathered to protest against the possibility of establishing U.S military bases in Bulgaria in April, 2006 (AP Photo/Petar Petrov)


Former Democratic Attorney General Ramsey Clark took time off from defending the "Butcher of Baghdad", mass murderer and tyrant Saddam Hussein, to go march with the communists in Bulgaria on Saturday.

The protest against a proposed US military base in Bulgaria could only muster up around 100 supporters but they could count on democrat Ramsey Clark to be there to lead the parade.

* The Jawa Report

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