November 05, 2008

Obama Elected He will Be Number 44

Obama - elected

Murtha - elected

Kerry - elected


Wild Thing's comment...........

I have gone through all the emotions. I cried, then got mad, then cried again (a girl thing) then got mad once again. I wore myself out doing all of that, then I sat here and just sat, starring at my screen. I don't know how long, at least well over an hour. I started to think of how hard everyone worked, of our troops, how much Sarah lit up the audiences and the campaign with fire and passion and conservative views on things so dear to all of us. How even McCain toward the end started to speak about Pelosi, Reid and Barney Frank being corrupt. And going after Obama about the 2001 video and what he said about the Constitution and spread the wealth around.

Between each thought I kept going back to our troops, and to our Veterans. More then anyone else in our country they deserve the best we can give them for a President, for a Commander in Chief. Someone who will look them square in the eyes and tell them he is grateful for all their scarifies and service to our country and mean it, not just empty words. I thought of President Bush and how he had genuinely had tears in his eyes when he visited our wounded troops. How Bush even with his mistakes does love America and is glad to be an American. How I miss Ronald Reagan and what it felt like when he was President.

I thought of what changes would come first, how quickly will they happen. There is no answer to this, it will just have to be something I live through and see what the challenges will be that we have to face.

McCain/ Palin had to run against three things. The left's hatred for President Bush and any Republican running with an R by their name. Secondly Obama and his campaign machine backed by numerous questionable sources. And third the Media working as a HUGE part of the Obama campaign. If McCain and Palin had won it would have been a hell of a lot more historical then what Obama pulled off being the first half black man to become President.

There is something else to think about too, those we know that have someone serving our country. First there is Sarah and Todd's son, and John and Cindy's two sons, then Lynn has relatives and Yankeemom and John also has I believe a son in law serving, Rhod has 3 sons, you all know on here and others. All having concerns too about Obama being the CIC.

We have tuff things coming up with Obama, the Fairness Doctrine, the Judges picked, the National Civilian Army, our National Security and Israel, the war, our troops so many things. Obama proposes a trillion dollars of NEW socialist programs paid for through punitive taxes on the very people and businesses that drive our economy and provide jobs for America's workers.

The people have spoken and they want Communism.

We did not win, America did not win, but I also prayed, God knows how hard everyone worked on this election to get McCain/Palin a win too. Could it be this election results purpose is to bring about an uprising of conservatism across our land after 4 years like this nation has never seen? We do have a ton of rino's to purge, a GOP that has for sure lost it's way. Sarah Palin is in the wings and we must remember that. There will be ways of letting her know we support her I am sure during these next 4 years. There is also Mike Pence and some others, good strong conservatives that must be just as upset as we all are.

We are conservatives, we are warriors, and America itself has not let us down. The voters have and their stupidity and their vote for Obama.

We just have to see what we can do to fight back. And keep supporting the conservatives we do have like Sarah and the others.

This wasn’t an election, it was an IQ test for the U.S.; and sadly we just failed. Here’s what happens when you dumb down America and media outlets shift from being news reporters to Democratic activists. This Socialist/Marxist is going to do so much damage in the next 4 years to this country. The reason why we lost is because the electorate doesn’t realize the danger socialism poses. Our public education system and our liberal university professors have successfully indoctrinated our populace to see socialism, not as evil, but utopian. They’ve taught us the evils of capitalism and the arrogance of America.

Our country has been dipping its toes in the frigid pond of socialism for many years, testing those waters, flirting with them by those on the left. Now it’s going to jump into that pond stark naked. It will learn its lesson once those freezing waters hit. I don't think a lot of those who voted for Obama will like it one bit.

Obama is the tip of the spear of the world wide communist movement, which I believe is the politicall manifestation of Satan himself. I will never accept a guy who hung out with terrorists planning for the deaths of millions of Americans. This guy isn’t even eligible for a security clearance.

More then anything we must never give up. I love America so much.

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November 04, 2008

Thank You Sen. McCain for Making Sure About Military Vote!

“Let FReedom and Liberty ring across the nation.”

Soldiers watching the election coverage in Afghanistan

A judge has ordered that all military absentee ballots must be counted in Virginia -- so long as they are postmarked by today. This could, potentially, lead to the election not being decided tonight. It's a long-shot, but so was the hanging-chad stuff...

Here's the statement from the McCain camp:

“We are pleased that the judge has ruled to preserve the ballots cast by our men and women in uniform currently serving overseas. This will help to ensure that local election officials do not destroy or dispose of these ballots before the court has had an opportunity to rule on our complaint. The McCain-Palin campaign strongly believes that no military ballot should be discarded as a result of a failure on the part of several counties and independent cities to mail ballots to service members in a timely manner. We believe without exception that the servicemen and women on the front lines protecting our freedoms deserve every opportunity to make sure their vote counts.” –Gail Gitcho, McCain-Palin spokesman

This was what McCain has done about the Militiary vote:

McCain campaign sues over overseas military ballots

Hampton Roads

The Virginian Pilot

The McCain suit, meanwhile, seeks an injunction to extend the date by which federal write-in absentee ballots must be received to be counted. The current deadline is today, but the suit seeks to have the date changed to Nov. 14.

"Because many counties in Virginia failed to mail absentee ballots in time to our men and women in uniform stationed overseas, service members are being disenfranchised because they are unable to return their ballots before the November 4 deadline," campaign spokeswoman Gail Gitcho said in a written statement about the suit, which is scheduled to be heard in Williams' courtroom at 1:30 p.m. today.

Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach are among the localities cited in the lawsuit as those that mailed absentee ballots overseas in late September. The suit argues that service members didn't have enough time to cast their votes and return them stateside.

Estimates range between federal agencies, but systemic impediments to overseas voting are seen as a hindrance that keeps service members stationed abroad from voting with the same success rate as the domestic population.

This is the second recent flap over federal absentee ballots; an earlier dispute was resolved last week when state election officials allowed about 100 ballots to be counted that otherwise would have been disqualified under state law.

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Philadelphia Man says on live TV that he is voting more than once! CNN Says OK

Philadelphia Man says on live TV that he is voting more than once! And CNN says " Against the law but that's OK!"

CNN-Philly Man says he is voted a couple of times

Wild Thing's comment......

Oh my gawd. And the CNN guy said it is against the law but that is OK. Wouldn't that make the CNN guy also breaking the law in an indirect way ot something??

These posts about voting will be filed in the sidebar under Vote Day.

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Gov. Sarah Palin Speaks from Alaska

We love you Sarah!!!

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Report from N.H.

It is being reported that the NH GOP has gone to court to stop possible voter fraud. It seems that Republican poll watchers are being kept up to 40 feet away (can't read or hear stuff from that distance) from the Registration areas at the poll locations - THIS IS ILLEGAL!

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Voting Intimidation By Black Panthers


I will be doing posts throughout the day about the voting.

Rush Limbaugh on Black Panthers Story

A self-identified as a Pennsylvania student, confronts the Black Panthers who were guarding the doors of a Philly polling station.

"Who are you with?" the man asks the two men dressed in Black Panther gear standing outside the doors of 1221 Fairmount Ave.

"Uh, security," one of the Black Panthers replies. He tells the cameraman he"wonders why everybody is coming up taking pictures."

"I think you might be a little bit intimidating that you have a stick in your hand," the student said. "You have a nightstick in your hand."

"You have a camera phone!" the Panther tells him.

"A camera phone is not a weapon," the camera man answers.

More on the Black Panthers in PA
by: Amanda Carpenter
Two Black Panthers were allegedly blocking persons from entering a Philadelphia polling station and one of them was using a nightstick to intimidate potential voters according to one eye witness.

” I walked up to the door, two gentlemen in Black Panther guard, one brandishing a nightstick, standing in front of the door,” an unnamed bystander told Fox News this morning for an on-air report. “They closed ranks as I walked up. I am a veteran, that does not scare me. I went inside and found [indiscernible] watchers, they said they had been here for an hour — I went inside and found poll-watchers, they said that they had said not to let people outside because black people are going to win no matter what. At that point, I spoke to him, we would not get into a fistfight, I said, and I called the police.”

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