June 27, 2008

Found A Republican ~ LOL

Many years ago I bought 3 rugs from a company called Claire Murray.

It is an awesome company and the Hand Hooked Rugs are first class. They are a little expensive so I didn't go crazy but the money is well spent since they last forever. I just saved up for them many years ago when we got them. We have had the 3 rugs now for 23 years. They look like new.

We never have carpeting, and prefer hardwood floors so these rugs work out perfectly for throw rugs throughout the house. And they grip the floor so they don't move easily at all when walking over them.

I had not heard from the company which was fine, and then in the last few years they started to send me emails.

Just advertising kind but the last few months it started to get to be more then one a day. haha Like something had gone wrong with their email program . I kept asking them not to send me anymore emails. I am not a big shopper since show biz was always a career one had to be careful in spending money when you don't know when the next job will be. Being careful was important.

The emails from the company had a link to click to reply and say don't send any emails. I did as I was told and clicked on the return link and sent emails asking to be off their email list. LOL But they kept sending more and more emails. hahahahaha

So just for fun I thought I would try something and maybe it would make them see I was serious. heh heh

I sent them a 5th email requesting once again to be taken off their list. Only this time a new strategy, I sent the email with a picture of Obama and wrote as you will see below. And with a wee bit of an attitude with it. giggle

From: Chrissie
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:54 PM
Subject: please once again I am asking

I have responded to your spam emails now 5 times. Apparently you do not speak English. I have requested, pleaded and begged to be taken off your email list.

So since you will not do as I have requested I will reply with political graphics of the DemocRATS vile and horrible B. Hussein Obama.

Thank you for your time,

Chrissie xxxxxxxxxx


And this was the reply I got back. I put the girls name with x's in case she could get fired for her reply. hahha

From: xxxxx xxxxxxx
To: Chrissie
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:51 AM
Subject: RE: please once again I am asking
Your unsubscribe is in process. I only received your first request on 6/20
It sometimes takes a few days. I have just manually deleted it, sorry for the inconvenience.
However, please keep up the good work sending the democRATs emails, maybe some people will get it.

Once again, thank you for shopping with Claire Murray.
Warm Regards,
xxxxx xxxxxxx
email : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Toll Free 866-868-7001

Now this girl is someone I could be friends with. hahaha And I can't write her back because I wanted off her email list. hahahahaha But the important thing is she is a Republican and how cool is that! I laughed so hard when I got her email back and showed it to Nicholas and he had a good laugh too. I thought I would share this with you for your enjoyment. haha

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October 09, 2006

From The Mail Room

This came in from Sydney, Australia

Click on it to enlarge email

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August 24, 2006

From The Mail Room

From Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

----- Original Message -----
From: "Raja Alhaj" ralhaj1@hotmail.com
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:30 AM
Subject: FUCK YOU

You are a sick fucking bastard just like all other Americans and Christians.
Just wait for another 9/11 you fucking bastard, we'll hang you all on
crosses just like fucking christ you filthy zionist mother fucking piece oof
christian conservative crap

From Ottawa, Canada

----- Original Message -----
From: "Malak Hreiche" cutie_pie_94@hotmail.com
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 3:14 PM
Subject: readthis

hi. whatever your name is... it doesn't matter wat my name is, it doesn't
matter wat age i am, wat matters is wat i am. jsut to let you know, im
muslim, and i saw your disgusting website... i couldn't care less that
your're standing up with israel... but insulting, my religion is wat
matters. you can hate islam as much as you want... but you can not diss
prophet mohammed, nor put pictures saying "islam religion of peace my ass"
that i can't stand...and you saying all those things about hezbollah has
made me love them even more. you can say their terrorrists, i don't care.
say wat ever you want to say abou them... i don't care as well. ... if you
like israel so much, shouldn't you know about their history. let me ask you
this question....... do you know how the war in 1980 started between lebanon
and israel ? you know what? just go on this website(fromisraeltolebanon.org)
or(fromisraeltolebanon.com). and just to let you know israel is getting
their children to write love notes on their rockets,, like from israel and
all the cildrens' names, and who is receiving them? lebanon's children,
lebanon's children that don't even have the ability of holding a weapon. the
other day, a baby died and he was only 1 day old. so far, more than1000
poeple died in lebanon, and only 50 poeple in israel, which side is the
terrorist. is this democracy. is this peace. plz write back

From Slagelse, Denmark

----- Original Message -----
From: "Hizbollah's PrinCeSS" msksaj@hotmail.com
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 8:20PM
Subject: Hizbollah

Haha you think your so funny wild think - or should i say geeK?? hahaha you stink take a bath once in while .... i can smell your ugly breath all the way to denmark... Well You ugly PIG i dont have time 2 you but i have 2 tell you something (GeeK) .... Hizbollah Is a real Man a FIGHTER not like the israelian the only fight up in the air they cant come on ground the know hizbollah will burn there asses to died hahaha, Hizbolla is only a group of 2000 men againt israel .... and u know israel lost the war.. they only kill children and womens. israel lie to ther people they dont say the trust about how many israelian is died orrrrr that sharoon is rotten in the grave hahahaha lieeeeeeeeeeeer:) HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH HIZBOLLAH ... Peace OuT!

PS dont forget 2 take a bath stinky bai bai bai
Hallo Dont get Mad its just the Trust u fucking Idiot

Hizbollah's PrinCeSS

From Johannesburg, South Africa

----- Original Message -----
From: " guiyj" guiy000@hotmail.com
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 2:34 AM
Subject: hey cunt

you are a idiot words fail me. i am driven to this meaningless, anonymous insult by the utter callousness and ignorance of your remarks, the likes of which are so responsible for so much mayhem and killing in the world. charge on you brainless cunt.

From Manama, Bahrain

This one actually got creative and colored his/hers red and made the font huge. haha

----- Original Message -----
From: JAHANGIR ALOM jahangiry2000@yahoo.com
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:35 PM

OH! Harami Oh! Debil Stop, Stop It.

I Want Kill You .

We Are Muslim.

We Fear Only Allmighty Allah.

Wild Thing's comments.......

These are true cowards, too afraid to make an actual comment on here, and so they take the road of less resistence by sending an email. More then likely a fake email address I have no idea as I never answer them.
The IP address on the mail tells me enough as to where they are located.

The kuffar are not afraid of fighting. The next act of destruction you accomplish will sweep away the cowards and the weak voices in our countries that remain. Only the warriors will be heard then.

Our wrath upon Islam is done not by spewing of hate in darkened streets, screaming turban headed filthy hate filled people holding signs of threats and burning Flags, back rooms in mosques or emails sent in a weak attempt to still a voice. No our wrath is delivered with modern weapons and the strength of troops so massive that history will one day write about our warriors with gratitude and pride. Because our military will one day set the world free of the death cult of Islam.

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July 29, 2006

Gloom and Doom

A dear friend of mine Beth ...MVRWC....wrote this email. In the wonderful group I am honored to be a part of called the Cotillion we do a lot of sharing and conversation by email, and I want to share this email that Beth wrote with you.

I seriously need to snap the fuck out of this funk. I don’t wanna blog, I hate the blogosphere because of stupid moonbats and Hezbollah supporters (I know, same thing) and because of idiotic vlogging. I’d much rather be reading the good blogs and not bothering with my own right now. I’m incredibly frustrated with what seems like a pointless exercise, because there’s never any effect. You still have lying moonbats, America-haters, Israel/Jew haters, BDS loons, and all that shit. I’m bored and frustrated with all of it, and I’m starting to stress out about there being no real end in sight re: Israel OR the overall war on Islamofascism. I know it’s not supposed to be quick, but everyone else’s impatience, ignorance, and ideology is making me lose the last bit of optimism I have, and that’s tough to do. I usually think “this is America, we’ll survive and prevail anyway,” but dammit, I’m not so sure that’s even true. Not with Iranians going nuclear, at least. I can’t bear to think about Iran nuking Israel, but I almost see it as inevitable. That and them possibly nuking Iraq, or at least getting directly and openly involved there. And the news just keeps piling on, like with this shit in Somalia.

I really think liberalism has doomed us all. We aren’t supposed to be for our own interests, we aren’t supposed to make value/moral judgments, we aren’t supposed to have a strong military or fight for/defend our interests abroad. We’re supposed to let the “brown people” (fucking stupid moonbat phrase) do whatever they want because we’re “better” and benevolent, and when they fuck up because they’re evil or brutal or incompetent, we’re supposed to bail them out (see “palestinians,” Africa, etc.) and lead by example, whatever the hell that means on the world stage. Because they’re all human and therefore can’t be “evil,” just “different.”

Meanwhile, evil will continue to roll and we’ll send aid to the starving and/or dead.

If things had been like they are today during WWII, we’d have been doomed then. Instead, I’m afraid that we are now. It may not happen in MY lifetime, but I really do worry about what the world’s going to be like for my daughter. No place seems safe anymore. I think, we could live in Australia, but they’re no safer than we are–if anything, less so. I never thought I’d EVER think this, but maybe 50 years from now–wait for it–Russia? (!) You never know what the world’s going to be like in 50 years. Maybe at least they’ll have a strong country, even if it’s a dictatorship, even if it’s Communist again (!), it’s better than Islamist. I’m just sick about the future for my daughter.

I want to believe that America is stronger than Islamism, but if 9/11 didn’t wake these stupid fucking people up, I don’t know what will. How anyone can seriously look at the world today and NOT see the worldwide evil that is Islam, I don’t know. And the “liberals” (not) will hand the world to them on a silver platter. They think the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance is a police state? Shit, it’s going to take a lot more than THAT to eradicate the problem if they don’t wake the fuck up, and I’d welcome it. I never read In Defense of Internment, but damn, we can’t even “intern” un-uniformed combatants at Gitmo. I’d like to see a hell of a lot more Muslims interned than just those, but the blind moonbats think “fascism” is a reality, and anyone who wants to defeat Islamism is a “fascist.” (Nevermind the fact that we survived the same “fascism” of the WWII years in America.)
Gloom and doom

Beth has also posted it at her Blog.....My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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July 02, 2006

Take the handcuffs off our soldiers

In our newspaper today in the Opinion section there was a marvelous letter. Nick saw it and showed it to me. I just had to post it. It is written by a Veteran Paratrooper as he says from the Vietnam era.

Take the handcuffs off our soldiers

I really find it annoying to read in newspapers and to observe on television what one could interpret as hatred of our armed forces by way too many liberal organizations in the country -- Amnesty International and the Democratic Party (or at least 50 percent of it).

I can't believe that so many people want the terrorists held at Guantanamo and other centers released, given that it's been reported that at least one who was released went back to being a terrorist. And yet, these same organizations are the first to virtually convict our troops, giving them absolutely no benefit of the doubt. When some Iraqi or insurgent files an allegation, it is immediately accepted as fact, to the point that the U.S. media virtually convict our soldiers in the news.

The fathers of a couple of inmates at Gitmo who recently hung themselves in their cells have said that there is absolutely no way their sons would commit suicide, because it's one of the worst sins a Muslim can commit. Gosh, then what the heck is it when these lowlifes strap on explosives and blow up busloads of children? A polka?

I'm a veteran paratrooper of the Vietnam era and was involved in air assault, so I know that to do nothing means our soldiers will die. If we want victories in the war on terror, we must call our politicos and demand that they let our warriors be warriors. Let them use their training, out from under the media-and-peace-activist microscope, and we'll see a quick and decisive victory. The vision of defeat will be burned into the memories of every terrorist.

Until then, I would still take up a protective position in front of anyone's family, even if its members think compassion will stop a rabid fanatic.

Robert V. White

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May 05, 2006

My Reply to Mestro a Coward too Afraid to Post on Here

I did not want to respond till today since it was just too upsetting to me, I have edited out the photos he included in his email to me.
Wild Thing.....................


I never reply to jerks like you. I won’t be answering you back in an email I will however answer you right here in front of God and everyone.

First of all these photos you sent are because of war, because of a cult called Islam that teaches to destroy everyone that is NOT a Muslim. You and your people follow moon god you call Allah. Your Muhammad was a thief, liar, assassin, mass murderer, terrorist, warmonger, and an unrestrained sexual pervert engaged in pedophilia, incest, and rape.

Check this out and learn well what your cult is about. Read the verses that the entire world can read. Read further down the page at the LIST OF ATTACKS on Americans (civilians and military) ALL done by followers of Islam.

I don’t know if you are speaking of the war in Iraq or our soldiers in Afghanistan. So how to answer you would determine that. Let’s say you mean the war in Iraq. The war on terror as it has been labeled.

Take a look at this website, it is an Iraqi website.

Look at the dead bodies, the mass graves, and the people crying out for help.
This was under Saddam, and could you think that maybe just maybe the people you see crying out for help are some of the very same ones that held up their purple fingers for the world to see?

If you meant Afghanistan then you are worse off then I thought. America is fighting back from an attack on our soil. So dream on if you think I will be against that in anyway. I am FOR going after those that want to kill us, going after them anytime, anyplace and taking them out anyway we can.

I hate that any of our troops get hurt, get killed and I have cried about this more then I can count. My tears are with pride too and a heart that is so grateful every second of every day for what my security, my freedom has cost.

You however, Mestro can burn in hell for all I care.


And here is Mestro's email to me:

his email address:

From: The Mestro
To: wildbronco@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 6:29 AM
Subject: Bush lie on you Americans , Ameicans will be defeated See that Pics

That the result of Terroiest in Army uniform see that Pics and don't cry now theres more and more

1-10 photos of our injured troops edited out by WT

thats enough ??? theres more

11 & 12 edited out by WT

haha lough on him

13 - 17 edited out by WT

"pieces of metal will not be instead of my arm Danzel"

thats enough for now as I have to go to my work I will kill two soldiers and back again ok


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March 25, 2006




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December 17, 2005

A Follower Of Islam Sends An Email - What No Christmas Card?

Every once and awhile I get an email from a follower of Islam. They are all pretty much the same. They have nothing nice to say about my website nor my blog. hmmmm I wonder why. hahaha
Their spelling is always poor and they think I need to be educated about Islam. One time one of the letters told me I would never have a normal life because I was cartoon doll. I about spit my diet coke out on my keyboard on that one. hahaha
I never answer them, but I do save them just in case. Below is the latest one that I received and I thought I would share it with you. I am posting it exactly as I received it, mistakes and all.
For those of you that do not know. I am a girl, I go by the name of Wild Thing online and my husband goes by the name of Angry Old Salt ( he served in the US Navy). I love graphics and thus I use a lot of doll graphics that I make and other things to express how I feel or just for fun. I collect Teddy bears so I also have used them at my blog and my web site as they are also a part of my personality. No harm no foul, some of my bears ( dressed in military outfits, have been sent to the troops and they have written to me how they have become mascots in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the first Gulf War as well. Funny how simple things like cartoon dolls etc. tend to bother the enemy so much. heh heh
I am also pro Israel and that bothers the little Islamies a lot.

----- Original Message -----
From: "broem none"

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: islam wil win

i will not greet you cus at the moment you are the enemy of islam. Maybe that will change if allah wills, and if you dont change than that is a pity for you..

In the name of allah the barmhartige der barmhartige

I have seen youre site full of anti islam texts and columns. but i dont find
any real story.

1. you support america
2. you hate islam
3. ????

1. Ok you are supporting america. But where is youre building of youre whole
story. do you know what the history is of america. or is your head full of
reasonless hatred? You are not a neutral person to me, cause if you were,
then you would notice this

-america started the most of wars, beforre that it were the brittains.
-the french revolution is made thanks to free masonry
-william wallace a mason.
-george washington is a mason
-america is the most hated land by everybody.

I said it in short because i dont want to write a whole history abou
to begin by the roots:

in the beginning in the time op the prophet moses may allah grant him peace.
moses brought them to filistin. but the most of them started to worshup the
calf. the calf was a clone of the cowgod amon(egyptian god)that was because
they were used to worship him. even though moses led them to the oneness of
these people were under attack because of their idolness, so they escaped to
another place in filistin, later called the kabalahs. these people used to
live in palestin under secret authority.
The used to make love poems (poems were in that day a way of media) this
love poems made people to have sex before marriage wich is a sin in jewish
because of the peoms and magic people started to notice that there was a
reason. then the secret order was found. they were all killed except for a
few, they escaped to the turkish land of today. There they adopted the
jewish believe even though they were not jewish, but they just used the name
to influence people, we are at the year 800 after christ now. this so called
jews, called themselve the khazaria empire. the went all over europe
firchtiing people to become jew with succes. the killed and raped.. this
khazaria had 13 empires, and they all worked with each other. after having
big power over europe, the britan started to know that it was the kabalah of
then, and the arabs and britan fough them without allieing with eachother.
The clever thing about the khazaria kabala is that they use every religoun
to make thier fight.. so first they were writing peoms. second they used the
jew believe to get global domination.. so they were defeated, so a few of
them went to brittan. nobody knew they were khazars... by the time of 1000
after chrst they used the next religion. christ.. they started to fight this
time under the name of de cross.. The knight templars of salomon as you know
but these people did not want the jerusalem and allah for religion, but
because of global domination. so again they were defeated, and this time
they escaped to scotland.. in scotland they made their first lodge called
the free mason lodge. william wallace was one of the masons... george
washington who went to america was a mason.. so when they went to scot land
they made a firm grip on the world... this time it is not peoms but tv and
media and music wiyh sublimainal messages, since you were born it is learned
to you to hate islam, watching popeye fighting bruto because he was arab,,,
from youre child life you learned to obey the allseeying eye by watching
movies and animations who make the eye beautifull.
But that is what the devil does. makingh bad things look good and
for an example.. childporn is called art in the art industrie, but it is and
stays childporn. now this so called bush is following the skull and bones
sect wich is a freee mason sect....but this time they fight in the name of

you are for Israel and jews and you are stupid to think that way it is
becaus you do not know truth
you choose evil over good when you feel this.

america belongs to the indians..
you lost soul are in fact european because your ancestors emigrated, or a
slave negro who emigrated cus he was in use.
ill give you an advise: learn about youre roots. maybe you have none
since you are a cartoon and not a real person but you are a person
hates islam

now i will finally start about islam. islam is the believe, it is the only
treu believe..
i saw in yer website you do on terrorists and islam that you were quoting a
verse of the 8th chapter of
kuran, about killing infidels. but to read it fast is good, but to
inerpretate without knowleddge is less good..
i will explain. this chapter is called surat al anfal wich means the war
booty. this war was against people who were attacking islam..ATACK, so it
was not from islam. so in this case a war is about dieing. its realistic.
wen you are attacked to fight back. cus if you would not do anything you die
is that right?but if they stop you stop..logics..
so this verse is not a motivation for muslims to fight infidels as you
called yourselve, i rather call you somebody who does not know yet.

further ther is this jihad.... there is offensive jihad en defensive... the
offensive jihad is only made in islamic state, but this offensive does not
force men to become muslim. it just puts flags. and kills noone untill
attacking.. the muslim will pay zakat ( a way of worshipping allah to help
the poor)but because it is not a worship for infidels we make them pay
now the defensive. the defensive jihad is obligotary. if someone attacks you
attack back until they stop. so the jews dont leave palestine, it will
always be under attack.

Fact that no one denies. palestine is for palestines. The only reaon why
they want the land is because they claim to be the chosen by god wich is a
arrogant title... however all this will stay this way untill they return.

1. america pays taxes and most of it goed to israel, so they are the enemies
to us. so to take the world trade center wich is the big economic closet.
you could put this attack under the categorie defensive jihad.(you will not
agree ofcourse and become mad of me, but try to be neutral the next time you
send a mail ill be reading neutral also)
it was not to kill men, even though there are man on the trade center, but
they are enemie cus they run the money that goes to israel...

america is no longer respected and even the dutch and other europeans who
thank america for saving europe from hitler is starting to hesitate. we cant
be thankfull forever if this happens.

so you are proud of america? but they only kill.. you will say also muslims
look at the trade center.. but then you should look for history
algeria libia lebanon sudan palestine all attacked by america. this is
called patience by muslims. but patience stops at a time. people get on
their nerves. so they start to fight..

the kuran says:
fight them untill there is no more war. so if they stop then stop cause
allah does not like the starters of war..

where will you find such ajustice? only in the kuran ofcourse..

so you are proud of america. it is known that the most people killing
eachoter is in america, alcoholics, rapes etc...

it is a fact that:

0.2 % of the whole muslim land is aids desaesed but almost all of them live
in morocco or turkey.
there is lmost no raping, the penalty to rape is dead , and there is no
lawyer that will help you off this punishment,therefore the price to rape
agirl is too high..
stealing is done most in america. in muslim lands stealing is a thing that
is almost rare. the price is also too high. (chop hands off)
but if you are poor and steal then it is the fault of the government so the
hands wont be chopped. this is called logics..
you will say this punishment is hard....

but search knowledge and you will come back agree with me,,,,,
islam is indeed a religion of peace, except if it is under attack.. allah
ordered us to make peace. but allah ordered us also to fight if we are truly
in danger..

i said TRULY beacuase we had patience since 1920///
america is not TRULY under attack. it is under attack by herselve, stop and
we will stop and if allah wills, we can have peace. if you do not we will come
after you and you be sorry

bye.. i want a reply on this mail

Wild Thing's comment.....

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