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January 11, 2011

The TOTAL Hypocrisy Of The Left As They Have NO Shame For Their LIES and Attacks On Anyone On The Right!!!

Remember how Paul Krugman got all hot and bothered about Sarah Palin's map?

Each of the cross-hairs represents a Democrat from a conservative district who voted in favor of health reform. Immediately after highlighting the map, Krugman wrote:

"All of this goes far beyond politics as usual…you’ll search in vain for anything comparably menacing, anything that even hinted at an appeal to violence, from members of Congress, let alone senior party officials….to find anything like what we’re seeing now you have to go back to the last time a Democrat was president."

The map appears on this page of the Democratic Leadership Committee website (dated 2004 during the Bush years). I guess we could argue over whether the DLC counts as “senior party officials” but they’re certainly as much a part of the party as Palin who, after all, currently holds no elected office.

Granted these are bulls-eyes instead of gun-sights, and the targets are states not individual congressmen. But we’re really splitting hairs at this point. This map and the language it uses (Behind enemy lines!) are, if anything, more militant than what Palin used in her Facebook posting.

But wait, there’s more!

When Palin’s map became an issue, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), rushed on MSNBC to denounce it, telling Chris Matthews:

"I really think that that is crossing a line…In this particular environment I think it’s really dangerous to try and make your point in that particular way because there are people who are taking that kind of thing seriously."

Each one of those red targets represents a “Targeted Republican” like this one below :


And this is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) website. They launched the site and the map on February 23rd of this last year, making it just over a month year old. And yet Van Hollen was quoted by Politico just today denouncing Republicans for “pouring more and more gasoline on the flames.”

Rep. Van Hollen used MSNBC to claim Palin’s map was dangerous. In fact, the website of the organization he runs has a nearly identical map. Rep. Van Hollen should be asked to explain the differences between the two maps. Specifically, what makes Palin’s map “dangerous” and his map not so much?

Paul Krugman used the megaphone of the NY Times to state that Palin’s Facebook map went “far beyond politics as usual.” He further claimed, “you will search in vain for anything comparably menacing…from members of Congress.” Notice he didn’t say it was hard to find or rare. He said, in effect, that it didn’t exist. But since my search was not in vain, the Times should issue a correction noting that Krugman got it wrong.


Wild Thing's comment........

Just how low can former-economist Hack Columnist Paul Krugman, hysteric-in-chief for The New York Times, go!!???!!

And, for crying out loud, everybody in politics and in the chattering classes uses terms like “targeted” or “targeting” in political contexts like elections and legislation, with no violent meaning whatsoever.

The bad part to is we can spend all day castigating the Marxist like Krugman and Mathews, but to them it is water off of a duck’s back. They do the hit and run and get ready to do it again. They could not care less about the facts. They are just part of the Commie propaganda machine.

Once again......Obama’s political vitriol ...
“They bring a knife, we bring a gun”
- to his supporters: “Get in their faces!”
- on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
- to his mercenary army: “Hit back twice as hard”
- on the private sector: “We talk to these folk. So I know whose ass to kick.“
- to voters: “Republican victory would mean hand-to-hand combat”
- to liberal supporters: “It’s time to fight for it.”
- to Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.”
- to Democrats: “I’m itching for a fight.”

....... Thank you BradL for sending this to me.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 11, 2011 06:48 AM