Theodore's World: Question For You Obama.....Where Are The Jobs????

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October 19, 2010

Question For You Obama.....Where Are The Jobs????

This is a new ad put out by GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner which repeatedly asks the key question of this year’s Midterm Elections: “Where are the jobs?”

Wild Thing's comment........

Excellent ad. The thing he Obama loves to say how many jobs he has brought on but they have all been government jobs and no where near the number he quotes. Also what the heck is that anyway. We citizens American dream is not to work for BIG Borther, but to work in the private world away from government. Obama is famous, Infamous for killing jobs, killing business and THAT is one of the many things he will OWN for the rest of his miserable ugly life.

America would be so much better off if Obama was not president, if he lived in some other country and we had never heard of this POS!

Posted by Wild Thing at October 19, 2010 05:45 AM