Theodore's World: Democrats (America's National, Socialist Communist Party) Disgusting Slobs Trash D.C At Their " One Nation" Rally

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October 03, 2010

Democrats (America's National, Socialist Communist Party) Disgusting Slobs Trash D.C At Their " One Nation" Rally

Socialist protesters and paraphernalia dominated yesterday's left-wing protest rally in Washington, DC. The so-called "One Nation" rally was led by labor unions as an attempt to counter Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, which took place in DC on 8-28-2010.

Video and photos taken after the One Nation Working Together Rally concluded show that participants left significant amounts of trash at memorials in our nation's capital dedicated to fallen American servicemen.

The World War II Memorial on the National Mall, which is opposite the Lincoln Memorial where the rally was held in the afternoon, had food trash and rally signs all around the granite seating along the perimeter of the Pacific side of the memorial. Colorful signs bearing the logo of rally co-sponsor SEIU are prevalant.

CBS News ran an article on the “One Nation Working Together Rally” in which they admit that the crowd for this assortment of “Progressive” Groups was smaller than the Glenn Beck 8/28 “Restoring Honor” Rally. It’s really late in the article, but it’s there:

CBS NEWS: The event drew a thousands-strong smattering of groups, from those who wore their union T-shirts and others who carried banners advocating expanding Medicare for all Americans. While the Beck rally stretched down the iconic National Mall, Saturday’s event seemed smaller along the reflecting pool and other monuments.

And from AP

AP: . . . . Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck’s rally. But Saturday’s crowds were less dense and didn’t reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck’s rally.


Socialists trash Washington DC


One of the speakers urged members to struggle and go to jail together.


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz addressing the “One Nation Working Together” Rally in Washington today, where he told them, “We together must fight the forces of evil – the conservatives in this country, across the board.”

Schultz also accused conservatives of wanting to “change” the country. Um… Ed, it was Obama and you “progressives” who ran on a platform of wanting to “fundamentally change” America. Conservatives want to conserve – preserve the principles that have made America the great nation she is. YOU are the ones who want to “change” America. Conservatives are trying to save the nation from the Left’s radical agenda.







Wild Thing's comment.......

Total slobs and of course OUR tax dollars will have to be used to clean up their low life mess they leave behind.

Communists never have any regard for anyone elses property. Communist countries are always a mess.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 03:50 AM


No way did they have 1/10 as many people as Beck had. they use the 2 foot square rule. and they had maybe 50,000 and that's a guess. At Becks rally there was at least a Million, my guestimate was about 1.5 Million. Example: If you mark off a square on the floor 2 x 2 feet square two people can fit into that space. The 2 x 2 rule is for comfort not what the real world is.

Also the Beck rally left the place spotless not like this pigs. and that is an insult to pigs.

Posted by: Mark at October 3, 2010 08:20 AM

Liberal media having a tough time with this one.

One service even used a picture from the Beck Rally.

Hard to promote Socialist Agenda among the people who actually earn their money. This is what the Dems and the media are finding out.

Margaret Thatcher's quote about Socialism, is right on the mark, and has been proven to be true over and over again.

"The problem with Socialism is, that eventually you run out of other people's money."

Posted by: Sean at October 3, 2010 10:47 AM

This was definitely a much smaller crowd than at Beck's rally. Socialists are not as motivated as Constitutionalists. I wonder if the DC crews that had to clean up after these bums was a unionized crew.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at October 3, 2010 11:36 AM

I saw the reports that the crowd was much smaller than Beck's. I made the comment that at least there won't be so much trash to pick up as during the inauguration. I was wrong! Hope they didn't visit the war memorials.

Posted by: Jim at October 3, 2010 11:51 AM

I spoke too soon. Isn't that the WWII memorial behind the little girl with the socialism sign?

Posted by: Jim at October 3, 2010 11:53 AM

...Ahh, but according to the principles of Keynesian economics, leaving a trashy mess behind creates JOBS. Seriously,the images:the trashy mess,the Commie/Maoist booksellers with the Che paraphenalia, the slovenly folk who make no effort to look even marginally presentable in public; images right out of 1969/1970, images I would prefer to forget. Progressives? More like a flashback to a dreary time most Americans wish to forget

Posted by: Willy at October 3, 2010 12:45 PM

Mark, great breakdown, thank you. Yes there is no comparison at all.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 04:06 PM

Sean, LOL oh my gosh..... "One service even used a picture from the Beck Rally."

Thanks for the quote Sean.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 04:08 PM

Tom,I agree so much.

"Socialists are not as motivated as Constitutionalists"

I have noticed that the socialists are essentially lazy ( the hand out people) and the constitutionalists are doers. Many own small businesses, many do not go from job to job and also they are not the ones asking for handouts, they want to live free and seek to better themselves for the American Dream.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 04:11 PM

Jim, I think it is and there were other memorials they trashed in their own way as well.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 04:15 PM

Willy, LOL yes it creates jobs alright.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 04:16 PM

These people need to be hauled back in to clean up the pigstye they created, then have their voting privileges revoked. They care not for this country.

Posted by: jan at October 4, 2010 09:10 AM

Coming changes to Medicare will benefit some recipients - but will make coverage more expensive for people with higher incomes. Thanks in part to this year's health-care overhaul, everything from benefits and enrollment rules to the number of choices available will be affected beginning Jan. 1.

Posted by: Fred Whalen at November 19, 2010 02:48 PM