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October 03, 2010

Colonel Michael Steele Captivates Audience

powerful video showing Col. Michael Steele speaking to an audience in Atlanta on the “Cost of Freedom.” Col. Steele’s audience included many wounded soldiers. Steele answers to main questions: Who is paying the cost of Freedom? What is the primary commodity with which it is purchased?

Here’s the description of the video posted at YouTube:

Powerful Speech-”Patriotism without Action is Counterfeit!”. Colonel Steele moved, inspired, challenged, and captivated the audience at a recent dinner to honor our heroes. Within the audience were many “wounded warriors” being treated in Atlanta area facilities. The speech included other stories of sacrifice and valor not included here for the sake of time. Herman Cain attended the event, as well as many political candidates, all there to honor those who risk and give their lives for us. Commenting later, on his radio program, Herman Cain said that as he reflected on this powerful speech he got so angry and sick, thinking of the political games played with our military in Washington. It is stunning to think of the slander, abuse, and neglect many Leftist politicians have perpetrated on our heroes over the years, from the John Kerry’s slander after Vietnam to the recent DADT and “Dream Act” shenanigans in the recent Defense Appropriations Bill. These “leaders” are shameless, and are not worthy to look men such as Colonel Steele in the eyes.

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It is just a little hard hear but I turned up the volume and it helped.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 3, 2010 03:48 AM