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May 10, 2010

No Apology Song - The Case for Ameican Greatness

A song about America’s greatness. Inspired by Mitt Romney’s book, " No Apology"

Here are the lyrics:

Way back in ‘73, we had a tea party

and speedy Paul Revere said “The British are here.”

But ’round the world a shot was heard

We fought them off in Concord

The British took Boston, never knowin’ what it’d cost ‘em

They fought they’d broken our will

but there were cannons on the hill…

So then in ‘76 we said “goodbye” to the Brits

It took all of us to beat Cornwallis

Despite risk of retribution we signed the Constitution

and King George realized… that we would not…

We won’t apologize for what we symbolize

for letting freedom grow, for standing up and saying “no”

We won’t apologize for the Bill of Rights

for independence we will not apologize.

In the 19th Century we had a Great Awakening

and then President Monroe said: “Stay on your side of the globe!”

We brought in Texas — just as proud as the rest of us

We spread west to the Pacific, thought California was terrific

Yankees: “Slavery’s gotta end!”

Dixie: “Amendment Number 10!”

Then U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee agreed on unity

We won’t apologize ‘cuz we can compromise

that we will stand and fight for what we think is right

We won’t apologize ‘cuz Lincoln ratified

and gave the slaves their rights

We don’t apologize.

The Industrial Revolution was the peak of our pollution

Cars and phones and planes and flight, vaccines and electric light

DuPont and JP Morgan, assembly lines and Henry Ford and

the allies need an ally ’till the Treaty of Versailles

The Great Depression was on from ‘29 to ‘41

Hitler was in power, it was Europe’s darkest hour

but after Pearl Harbor and our ability to labor

the giant awoke and we all took up the yoke

We don’t apologize for saving foreign lives

for defending our freedoms, our children and our wives

Did we isolate and cower? Or become a superpower?

No, we organized and we didn’t apologize.

Russia, Cuba, and China put their freedoms behind them

but Korea never fell past the 38th parallel

Should we have gone to Panama or Vietnam?

How could Reagan talk so tough to resilient Gorbachev?

Then the UN turned their back on the suffering in Iraq

How could we think to liberate with the world just yelling, “wait”?

Until September 11th 3,000 souls went up to heaven

and their lives we eulogize

And we will never, never…

We’ll never apologize.

Should we turn and flee from the cause of liberty?

Or cross the ocean and die so that others can be free?

Are we sorry we fight and die to answer freedom’s cry?

asking only a space to place…

our dead.

asking only a space to place…

our dead.

Should we apologize for saving foreign lives?

For standing against evil and not covering our eyes?

Should we hang head for the movement we led?

Or the truth that we said, or the hope that we spread?

There is no policy, no new hip philosophy

There is no prosperity, no new ideology

There is no kind of peace, no breadth of security

There is no community, no type of earthly beauty

There’s nothing like life when you are free

and for that we offer no apology.


In the book No Apology, Mitt Romney asserts that American strength is essential—not just for our own well-being, but for the world’s. Governments such as China and a newly-robust Russia threaten to overtake us on many fronts, and radical Islam continues its dangerous rise. Drawing on history for lessons on how great powers collapse, Romney shows how and why our national advantages have eroded. From the long-term decline of our manufacturing base, our laggard educational system that has left us without enough engineers, scientists, and other skilled professionals, our corrupted financial practices that led to the current crisis, and the crushing impact of entitlements on our future obligations, America is in debt, overtaxed, and unprepared for the challenges it must face.
Personal and dynamically-argued, No Apology is a call to action by a man who cares deeply about America’s history, its promise, and its future.


Wild Thing's comment.........

What a wonderful video this is.

.....Thank you Cuchieddie for sending this to me.

4/23rd 25th Infantry Division ( Stryker)
2nd Tour Huey door gunner with the Robin Hoods

Posted by Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 05:49 AM


Shame on us. We missed a very important day, 2 days ago. VE day, May 8, 1945. End of the War in Europe. Sadly even Calendars don't even list that day as significant anymore. I had to remind my wife what it was too. The calendar and press is too concerned with Cinco d' mayo, honoring mayonaise, instead of celebrating one of our greatest victories.

Posted by: Mark at May 10, 2010 06:54 AM

With the above out of the way I need to say this. Never in the history of the world has so many great men, our founding fathers, from Washington to Franklin to Adams to Jefferson ever been together in one place at the same time. To bring forth a country so unique and so special That it took two wars to cement it together. Revolution and the War of 1812. Of the 56 founders, who pledged to each other their Lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. None of them lost their honor. Of them though was one very special founder and he was Washington. Washington was General of the Army, he was always out front leading his men, in the beginning they lost almost every battle, through all of this, and leading on a Huge White Horse, Washington was never injured or wounded.

After one battle which didn't go particularly well for the Colonists, Washington was spotted looking at his hat it was riddled with bullet holes and clothing tattered from bullets and he had nary a mark on him. Later he credited it to Devine Providence. Devine intervention, Knowing full well we needed a strong leader and could not afford to lose the one we had. This thing with the bullets through his clothing was nothing new, it also happened during the French and Indian Wars.

After reading about George Washington I, now firmly believe that our country was indeed inspired by and put together by the guiding hand of God and leading our forefathers in that direction.

We owe it to our Founding Fathers to take back this country and return it to its original intent, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which they so dearly bequeathed to us our birthright. It is now our responsibility to carry on their tradition of standing up for what we believe in and fight for our God given rights as ordained by God and our Founding Fathers.

Posted by: Mark at May 10, 2010 08:46 AM

Mark, your so right. I had it marked in red on my calender and when I did the posts I forgot to look at my calender. Thanks for reminding me I appreciate it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:44 PM

Mark, that was so awesome, thank you for saying that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:47 PM