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April 06, 2010

Eligibility challenger: Don't touch my brain!

Eligibility challenger: Don't touch my brain!


A U.S. Army flight surgeon who posted a video indicating his complete rejection of all orders from the military unless Barack Obama documents his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is now refusing an "unofficial" suggestion from the Army for a medical evaluation.

This week the Army was hinting that Lt. Col Terry Lakin should undergo a brain scan and medical review.

A spokeswoman involved with the developing case said the recommendation was delivered to Lakin by an unnamed officer who implied those higher up the chain of command thought it was a good idea.

The suggestion was described to WND by spokeswoman Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, a veteran Washington appointee and now volunteer spokeswoman, as being presented in a "solicitous" manner.

Officially, the U.S. Army says it has no plans for formal action at this point against the officer. But Calhoun Hemenway told WND that Lakin's "no" meant "no."

"He is not taking any suggested medical evaluation or brain scan. He is refusing to obey all orders including deployment orders," she confirmed.
"It is interesting this suggestion of a medical exam should arise now given he was only a couple of weeks from deployment and obviously judged to be fit for deployment with his bags packed," she said.

The controversy raises the prospect that the government may be unwilling to pursue a prosecution because of the possible ramifications – which could include a defense lawyer's demand for a court-ordered discovery process that would target Obama's historical documentation

Even participants in a forum on the left-leaning Huffington Post website seemed to agree in part.

Freakin' Brilliant!" said one. "They can't court-martial him [without] the defense getting the judge to order the the (sic) birth-certificate be produced! Either Obama will have to produce or they can't prosecute. Genius."

Another forum page poster on the same site said the military of days gone by never would have allowed such statements.

"During my military service within the Army (in the 1970s, 80s and 90s) before retirement, this type of behavior would NEVER have been tolerated and most of all, would never have made the MSM news cycle. That's because Larkin (sic) would be immediately remanded for a general court-martial and would likely face pretrial confinement by the first general officer within his chain-of-command."
"It's troubling that the Army has not prosecuted this man immediately instead of making an MSM event out of it."

Lakin is an active-duty flight surgeon charged with caring for Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey's pilots and air crew.

He said he's refusing all orders until Obama releases his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate to prove his eligibility to serve as commander in chief.
"I feel I have no choice but the distasteful one of inviting my own court martial," Lakin said in a statement. "The Constitution matters. The truth matters."
He continued, "For the first time in all my years of service to our great nation, and at great peril to my career and future, I am choosing to disobey what I believe are illegal orders, including an order to deploy to Afghanistan for my second tour of duty there. I will disobey my orders to deploy because I – and I believe all servicemen and women and the American people – deserve the truth about President Obama's constitutional eligibility to the office of the presidency and the commander in chief.
"If he is ineligible, then my orders – and indeed all orders – are illegal because all orders have their origin with the commander in chief as handed down through the chain of command."

Lakin is not the first active-duty officer to raise the challenge. Others have included Army doctor Capt. Connie Rhodes and Army reservist Maj. Stefan Cook. But Lakin is the highest-ranking officer to raise the question.

In a statement yesterday to WND, George Wright of Army Public Affairs said the Army has "no reaction" to Lakin's statements, and "at this point, the Army will take no formal action."

He said, "Lt. Col. Lakin has stated his intent to violate Articles 87 and 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but has not done so. Whether his actions to date violate any law or policy is for his chain of command to determine."
Wright said the Army had no information on in-channel concerns Lakin reported raising twice during 2009. There was "no comment" on whether Obama needs to document his eligibility to serve as president under the U.S. Constitution's requirement that the commander in chief be a "natural born citizen."

Although a "natural born citizen" is undefined in the Constitution, many legal analysts believe the requirement was put there to prevent dual allegiances on the part of the president. Some believe those with dual citizenship would be ineligible. Obama wrote in his book his father was a subject to the United Kingdom, making Obama likely a dual citizen.

"Lt. Col Lakin is free to express his personal views. The Army has no comment on his concerns, nor the views that he espoused," Wright told WND.

But the background already has been assembled in the case, should there be a prosecution, for the defense to come to court with specific demands for proof of the validity of the chain of command, up to the commander in chief.

Please go HERE to read the rest of the article.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and is the first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders based on President Obama's eligibility.


Army Dr. Terry Lakin, the flight surgeon for 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, examines the partially amputated finger of an Afghan man who assists in collecting unexploded ordnance at Kandahar Airfield. Lakin was selected as the Army Medical Department's Flight Surgeon of the Year for 2004.


Wild Thing's comment.......

It is unconscionable that a CIC Obama sends men and women off to fight and die in two wars, knowing that just one of them might have doubts about his eligibility.

He could have put this question to bed years ago.

Instead , Barry stonewalls and ridicules anyone who wonders why he has his original long form birth certificate
and other “ vital records “ under seal by the state of Hawaii.

The allah akbar Major Hassan at Fort Hood sent up warning flags all over the place, and no one even suggested he take a valium...and he killed a bunch of people. Abnd they want to say Dr. Terry Lakin is not mentally well? Sheesh!

Of course the difference is, Maj. Hassan was on obama's transition team, and a fellow muslim, and only killed soldiers and civilians...but the Col.actually has the nerve to question the messiah. ( sarcasm)

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at April 6, 2010 05:45 AM


I am a birther. I question obama's country of origin. Of course this costs me nothing more than some occassional ridicule. LtCol Lakin is putting it all on the line in an attempt to make obama prove his birth place.

Good luck Dr Lakin.

Posted by: TomR at April 6, 2010 10:48 AM

Good luck LTC Larkin. Please note that as a combat veteran of the Vietnam war, I respect and admire the troops who lock and load for us everyday. However, I do not support the way our military functions nor do I support the way they wage war. The 3 stooges could do a much better job. Oh and FUCK the CinC. (Coward in Charge)

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at April 6, 2010 12:15 PM

Ditto TomR. This man has rank and stature. He will definitely raise eyebrows. The attempt at discrediting him is pretty weak. This house of cards may yet fall.

Posted by: Jim at April 6, 2010 12:46 PM

Yeah, it sounds like he is going to catch a load of it shortly. This is the type of courage that few exhibit. As Tom said, he's putting it all on the line for what he believes in.

God Bless the LTC.

Posted by: Mark at April 6, 2010 04:39 PM

God bless LTC Larkin, he is just one of many patriots putting it all on the line for us.

(Ret.) Lt. Com. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is now a political prisoner in the Monroe County Sheriffs Jail and has been since 04/01/2010. This Court is now the poster child for political corruption and Mr. Fitzpatrick has made a gallant effort to expose this abomination. They are operating outside their own rule of law.

Watch this first:>
and for further info :
To call the courthouse to demand his release please call:
Monroe County Court House: 423-442-2644
Monroe County Jail: 423-442-3911

Posted by: Jack at April 6, 2010 05:51 PM