Theodore's World: Obama Insults Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

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November 26, 2009

Obama Insults Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

The Corner

President Obama welcomed Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the White House with words that have inspired snickers in New Delhi:

"Yours is the first official state visit of my presidency, its fitting that you and India be so recognised," 48-year-old Obama told the 77-year-old Indian leader.

The general reaction in India has been: Who the heck does this guy think he is? Note to the Great Diplomat: When you do a head of state an honor, you don't remind him, in public, of the fact that you have done him an honor, particularly in self-aggrandizing terms of this sort.

I cannot imagine Dr. Singh responding to Obama: "I am the first state visitor of your presidency, and it is fitting that you and the United States be so recognized. Especially considering that I have the guts to stand up to the Chinese from time to time, while you're basically groveling and praying that they don't decide to divest their dollar holdings. Did I mention our 7 percent economic growth, compared to your ... 3 percent, 3.5? Now, what did you want to talk about?"

Wild Thing's comment.........

I am so embarrassed by this "man". So I guess Obama thinks we should feel 'honored' just to share the same Universe with the One.

The first state dinner have been for England but Obama did not want to do it for him.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 26, 2009 05:47 AM


Stymie never wastes a good opportunity to piss on someone.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Posted by: cb at November 26, 2009 09:19 AM

The dinner was held in a tent. Look at the picture how Obama looks down his nose at the Prime Minister. He looks at the American People that way too.

Posted by: BobF at November 26, 2009 09:45 AM

The extreme narcissist speaks again. And screws up again. Most of the world's leaders recognize that obama is a total idiot. They will play his game for him and rip America off for all they can get.

Posted by: TomR at November 26, 2009 10:51 AM

Everytime I see that arrogant SOB Obama I think of a Bedouin fingering through his own fresh fecal matter looking for allah. He has class alright, it's Gravatas, Bwahahaha!!!

Posted by: Jack at November 26, 2009 11:57 AM

Barry sure has his "Mussolini" look down pat.

Posted by: Dave 18zulu at November 26, 2009 12:43 PM

Yes he really has that look he gives off
and it speaks volumes about how he feels
about himself.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 27, 2009 01:34 AM