Theodore's World: Heroes Our Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Supposedly Giving Most-Wanted Terrorist A "fat lip"

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November 25, 2009

Heroes Our Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Supposedly Giving Most-Wanted Terrorist A "fat lip"









Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist

FOX News

Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges, sources told

The three, all members of the Navy's elite commando unit, have refused non-judicial punishment — called an admiral's mast — and have requested a trial by court-martial.

Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the military code-named "Objective Amber," told investigators he was punched by his captors — and he had the bloody lip to prove it.

Now, instead of being lauded for bringing to justice a high-value target, three of the SEAL commandos, all enlisted, face assault charges and have retained lawyers.

Matthew McCabe, a Special Operations Petty Officer Second Class (SO-2), is facing three charges: dereliction of performance of duty for willfully failing to safeguard a detainee, making a false official statement, and assault.

Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe, SO-2, is facing charges of dereliction of performance of duty and making a false official statement.

Petty Officer Julio Huertas, SO-1, faces those same charges and an additional charge of impediment of an investigation.

The three SEALs will be arraigned separately on Dec. 7. Another three SEALs — two officers and an enlisted sailor — have been identified by investigators as witnesses but have not been charged. obtained the official handwritten statement from one of the three witnesses given on Sept. 3, hours after Abed was captured and still being held at the SEAL base at Camp Baharia. He was later taken to a cell in the U.S.-operated Green Zone in Baghdad.

The SEAL told investigators he had showered after the mission, gone to the kitchen and then decided to look in on the detainee.

"I gave the detainee a glance over and then left," the SEAL wrote. "I did not notice anything wrong with the detainee and he appeared in good health."

Lt. Col. Holly Silkman, spokeswoman for the special operations component of U.S. Central Command, confirmed Tuesday to that three SEALs have been charged in connection with the capture of a detainee. She said their court martial is scheduled for January.

United States Central Command declined to discuss the detainee, but a legal source told that the detainee was turned over to Iraqi authorities, to whom he made the abuse complaints. He was then returned to American custody. The SEAL leader reported the charge up the chain of command, and an investigation ensued.

The source said intelligence briefings provided to the SEALs stated that "Objective Amber" planned the 2004 Fallujah ambush, and "they had been tracking this guy for some time."

The Fallujah atrocity came to symbolize the brutality of the enemy in Iraq and the degree to which a homegrown insurgency was extending its grip over Iraq.

These are family photos show the Blackwater USA contractors who were killed in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. Shown are Wesley Batalona, top left, Scott Helvenston, top right, Jerry Zovko, bottom left, and Michael Teague.

The four Blackwater agents were transporting supplies for a catering company when they were ambushed and killed by gunfire and grenades. Insurgents burned the bodies and dragged them through the city. They hanged two of the bodies on a bridge over the Euphrates River for the world press to photograph.

Intelligence sources identified Abed as the ringleader, but he had evaded capture until September.

The military is sensitive to charges of detainee abuse highlighted in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The Navy charged four SEALs with abuse in 2004 in connection with detainee treatment.


Wild Thing's commenrt........

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !!

This is beyond belief. Our heroes being treated this way. This is more than the senses can comprehend. Insanity reigns!!!!!! What the hell are we doing to the men and women who risk their lives for us?

The Holder/Obama destruction agenda for America and our military, and the treachery of these democrats now ruling America is beyond tolerable.

Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the military code-named "Objective Amber," told investigators he was punched by his captors — and he had the bloody lip to prove it.

The man tortured, killed and mutilated the bodies of four Americans and then hung the remains on a bridge for animals (regular animals and human ones) to desecrate and he's upset that he was punched in the mouth.

Anyone in military service should just shoot the terrorist bastards on sight — anything else and you risk your career, or risk having them tried and released where they return to terrorism.

We need to take back our country and we need to do it now before it is too late.

CIC obama has said he would side with the MUSLIMS if the “political winds turn ugly.” How effing ugly does it have to get before Americans say NO MORE!?!?!

Dear God ..end this madness ! And protect our brave troops, suffering under the most despicable CIC in our history.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 25, 2009 05:55 AM


Again, the administration is NOT listening. These terrorists are NOT covered by the Geneva Convention! They don't deserve Miranda rights (they aren't Americans!)and every last one of them deserves what they get. They started this blasted war and now they're upset because they got a whoopin' they will never forget. Let the Navy Seals go. They've done nothing wrong. This administration just sucks so bad.

Posted by: Lynn at November 25, 2009 08:17 AM

NO MORE Unass this SOB that calls himself CIC . He is as I have read A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to this country

Posted by: Ben Ray Atkinson at November 25, 2009 08:31 AM

I saw this on FOX this morning. Yes Lynn, this administration just sucks so bad. better this Islamist POS were dispatched to his Allah than captured. Better they all are.

Posted by: Bob A at November 25, 2009 10:23 AM

Wild Thing, your comments are right on the money.

Why in the name of all that is Holy is this Administration willing to give known Terrorists a Civil Trial in a US Court, and at the same time allowing such a travesty as this to take place?

The only answer that I can come up with is, that these traitous bastards are out to destroy this Great Nation.

If this keeps up, there are going to be some serious confrontations between some citizens and government officials. Vigilanteism is an ugly thing, but it may be coming to this, unfortunately.

Posted by: SEAN. at November 25, 2009 11:02 AM

Man seeing those pictures again just makes me nutty. A fat lip? I don't see a problem with making that animal swallow my canteen. I still say extract the women and children and turn it into a glass plate. ugh

Posted by: Greg at November 25, 2009 11:03 AM

Nit's make lice.


Posted by: Jack at November 25, 2009 11:13 AM

It is cheap shot government action's like this and the Haditha Marines and the Army Ranger Captain that are demorializing our troops. Also the government's excessive govt spending during a financial crisis ad the threat of our individual freedoms under socialization. The plans to take away American sovereignty in the name of globalizaton. All this may well lead to a second American revolution.

Posted by: TomR at November 25, 2009 12:32 PM

They should have just taken him out.

What is this nation coming to when we prosecute our finest, Navy Seals, because some offspring of pig sperm claims they gave him a fat lip.

Posted by: BobF at November 25, 2009 01:47 PM

It is obvious under Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reed and their liberal idiotic colleagues, that terrorists have greater rights than Americans.
If you read the American Constitution know where is it stated that terrorists have any rights [because they do not]
Next the SEAL's and all our brave men and women in our military are going to have to read the Myranda Rights to all terrorists [or as the Obama administration calls them criminals] they capture. Shooting the terrorists is the only option available now, no questions asked and no one to accuse our brave men and women. Clean and simple

Posted by: Paul Donen at November 25, 2009 03:51 PM

Thank you all so much. This is just so

Jack, thank you for the link to that video.
WOW that is so moving and I have tears in
my eyes. I loved it thank you so much.
Yes it is because we ARE civilized.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 25, 2009 06:10 PM

This is the same thing they are trying to do to the CIA for doing its job. Despicable bastards. When the next attack comes and you can bet it will. Then these candy-assed bastards will be begging these young kids to enlist and it would serve them right, these self righteous bastards, for those kids to say to them, " Fuck You", you go put your life on the line, you get shot at and have some pompus son of a bitch bring you up on charges, for something as trivial as punching a dirt bag in the mouth.

This is friggin Bullshit.

Posted by: Mark at November 25, 2009 07:41 PM

Obama and the generals who allow something like this to go forward will have their day before long. From this day forward we should take no more prisoners, we can't question the bastards so why make them prisoners---just shoot them and prevent any future problems with our politically correct leaders and those generals who blindly follow their policies.

Posted by: Ron Russell at November 25, 2009 07:48 PM

This is such a pile of bull excrement. I cannot believe this is actually happening to some of our bravest and best Warriors.

This muslin loving ace hole is even worse than cliton was when it comes to the military. BHO has taken 3 months to decide what to do about Afghanistan troop levels. It appears POTUS is more influenced by john kerry an others of john's ilk rather than the individual POTUS put in place personally.

The safest thing for our troops is to leave the terrorists where they fall due wounds suffered in a shootout.

We are so blessed with an A/G who could not say whether or not miranda rights would to be said if OBL were captured.

Who actually pressed the charges against these individuals?

Doesn't just warm the cockles of your heart

Posted by: tenkillok at November 26, 2009 03:53 AM

Let the SEALS go and let them track down each one of the grinning a/h's pictured.

Retired SF.

Posted by: Dave 18zulu at November 26, 2009 12:50 PM