Theodore's World: Megyn Kelly Obama Can’t Be Trusted!

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November 03, 2014

Megyn Kelly Obama Can’t Be Trusted!

Megyn Kelly Obama Can’t Be Trusted!

Wild Thing's comment.......

My hope and prayer is that Republicans will get out and vote. I am concerned about it becaquse4 there is just too much conversation about how polling says there will be a lot of wins and this is all way ahead of time. Which makes the lazy voter stay home thinking they do not have to go out and vote.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 3, 2014 12:55 AM


VoTE !!!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 3, 2014 05:56 AM

That's exactly why the MSM is calling for big wins for Republicans. They want people to stay home and think their vote isn't necessary for a victory. Every vote against a Democrat is a statement to Obama that we, Americans, are fed up with him and his Anti-American policies.

Posted by: BobF at November 3, 2014 09:27 AM

I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I think it hinges on Independents holding their noses and voting or not voting at all.BTW, I consider many Independents to be Reagan Democrats or Libertarians so in essence they are Conservatives.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at November 3, 2014 11:13 AM