Theodore's World: Obama Says More Taxes To Come, He LOVES Spending, Taxing Hard working Americans

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February 04, 2013

Obama Says More Taxes To Come, He LOVES Spending, Taxing Hard working Americans

Obama: More Taxes To Come, But We’ll Ramp It Up Gradually So Maybe You Wouldn’t Realize What We Are Doing

“There is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions, in order to bring down our deficit,” said Obama. “And we can do it in a gradual way so it doesn’t have a huge impact. As I said, when you look at some of these deductions that certain folks are able to take advantage of, the average person can’t take advantage of them. The average person doesn’t have access to Cayman Island accounts, the average person doesn’t have access to carried interest income where they end up paying a much lower rate on billions of dollars that they’ve earned. And so we want to make sure that the whole system is fair, that it’s transparent, and that we’re reducing our deficit in a way that doesn’t hamper growth, reduce the kinds of — you know, strategies that we need, in order to make sure that we’re creating good jobs and a strong middle class.”

Wild Thing's comment..............

If there was true justice, Obama would be sent to the deepest dungeon in our country and only fed bread and water..if that.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 4, 2013 12:47 AM


The stupid middle class Democrats though he was only going after the rich...ignorant fools.

Posted by: BobF at February 4, 2013 10:56 AM

Class envy and wealth redistribution. Tax the working stiffs, filter that money through govt. where much of it disappears, give bits of it to the envious, hateful, doped up welfare whores thereby running up the deficit which gives the excuse to tax even more. A vicious circle. The Marxist way enforced by Chicago thuggery. Now you know why many first timers are buying guns(while they can).

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at February 4, 2013 12:37 PM