Theodore's World: 15 Military Groups Up in Arms in Opposing Obama's Ohio Voters Lawsuit (Video)

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August 06, 2012

15 Military Groups Up in Arms in Opposing Obama's Ohio Voters Lawsuit (Video)

15 Military Groups Oppose Obama's Ohio Voters Lawsuit


The National Guard Association of the United States and more than a dozen other fraternal military groups asked a U.S. judge for permission to intervene in and oppose a lawsuit filed by President Barack Obama’s campaign challenging the fairness of Ohio’s early voting rules.

The campaign sued Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted on July 17, claiming the state’s two-tiered early voting process violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection under the law.

State law allows families of armed forces members and civilians overseas to vote through the Monday before an election while early voting for all other Ohioans ends the preceding Friday. The campaign seeks a court order invalidating the statutes.

“Members of the U.S. Armed Forces risk their lives to keep this nation safe and defend the fundamental constitutional right to vote,” the military groups said in in their request to intervene in the case.

“The Obama campaign’s and Democratic National Committee’s argument that it is arbitrary and unconstitutional to afford special consideration, flexibility, and accommodations to military voters to make it easier for them to vote in person is not only offensive, but flatly wrong as a matter of law,” the groups said.

Wild Thing's comment................

There should be outrage across our country about what Obama is doing. Thank God for these groups that are speaking out.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 6, 2012 01:50 AM