Theodore's World: Mitt Romney Aide...Said In Cockiness: “It’s over. Perry is toast.”

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September 25, 2011

Mitt Romney Aide...Said In Cockiness: “It’s over. Perry is toast.”

Romney: Same Candidate, Different Positions


Romney addressed a gathering of GOP activists at this island resort several hours after Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has assumed Romney’s former role as a fragile front-runner for the GOP nomination, suggested in a speech to the same crowd that Romney was a slick campaigner who “blurs lines” between Romney’s position’s and Obama’s.

A Michigan native, Romney used his keynote address to look beyond the nomination fight and focus his venom on Obama. Emboldened by Perry’s poor debate performances and a weak third-place finish in a Florida straw poll Saturday, Romney advisers privately expressed renewed confidence in their strategy to keep the focus on the economy and the president.

One Romney aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, overstated Romney’s strength but underscored the team’s cockiness when he said, “It’s over. Perry is toast.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

No way is Perry toast. He has tro do some work but Perry is so much better then Romeny there is no comparison.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 25, 2011 06:47 AM


I'm wondering how Romney will campaign in liberal states like Massachusetts and New York? Will he campaign as a Conservative or moderate?

Posted by: BobF at September 25, 2011 09:29 AM

I like Rick. He's plain spoken, easy to understand and tells you like it is. Romney seems to be the desparate one right now.

Posted by: Lynn at September 25, 2011 09:39 AM

Five or six months from now we will see if Romney's flip-flopping works or not.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at September 25, 2011 01:47 PM

Thanks everyone.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 26, 2011 12:11 AM

A fair commercial but the backgound circus music should be replaced with water front sounds (a reminder of Massachusetts) and the sounds of flip flopping fish out of water. Maybe make fish flopping on a dock the background surrounding the video of Mitt flip flopping.

Posted by: Avitar at September 26, 2011 11:50 AM