Theodore's World: Obama Commemorates 9/11 With Appeal For Tolerance Of His Terrorist Friends ( Islam )

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September 12, 2010

Obama Commemorates 9/11 With Appeal For Tolerance Of His Terrorist Friends ( Islam )

Obama commemorates 9/11 with appeal for tolerance


Barack Obama appealed to an unsettled nation Saturday to honor the memory of the Sept. 11 attacks by hewing to the values of diversity and tolerance. "We will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust," the president declared.

Speaking at the Pentagon, where nine years ago a hijacked plane smashed into the west side of the building and killed 184 people, Obama conjured a solemn remembrance of that horrible day but also spoke strongly in defense of religious freedom.

"As Americans we are not — and never will be — at war with Islam," the president said. "It was not a religion that attacked us that September day — it was al-Qaida, a sorry band of men which perverts religion."

As Obama, joined by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, laid a wreath at the Pentagon memorial where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed, New York City braced for protests for and against the proposed Islamic cultural center.

Against that backdrop Obama spoke forcefully.

"The highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most," the president said. "To stay true to who we are, as Americans; to renew our sense of common purpose; to say that we define the character of our country, and we will not let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves distort who we are."

Obama did not mention the New York City mosque, or the Florida pastor, but his message was clear.

"We champion the rights of every American, including the right to worship as one chooses — as service members and civilians from many faiths do just steps from here, at the very spot where the terrorists struck this building," he said. The Pentagon houses a chapel where people of different religions can pray.

Obama also has sought to cast Sept. 11 as a day of service to others, and he participated himself by traveling to the Ronald H. Brown Middle School in northeast Washington to take part in Armed Services YMCA: Operation Kid Comfort. At the school, Obama helped paint a multipurpose room, and chatted with volunteers making quilts for children of deployed troops decorated with pictures of servicemembers.

Wild Thing's comment........

Muslim in chief, cocaine user, bi-sexual, Marxist pig!

lays a wreath in honor of those who died

But for WHICH ones who died? That's the million dollar question, eh, terrorist lover??!!

He wants us to tolerate the atrocities and evil of Islam?!! Why of course he does they are his brothers.

Diversity and tolerance” are not values. They are tools for stifling the American people.

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” - Thomas Mann

Obama “honors” the dead by calling for tolerance for the people who killed them. I feel like I’m living in the flippin’ Twilight Zone.

“al-Qaida, a sorry band of men which perverts religion.”

“a sorry band”

That’s really tellin them, you POS! Obama inspires loathing like no other politician. Once again he gives another of his "middle finger to America"!

"As Americans, we will not and never will be at war with Islam. It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was Al-Qaeda, a sorry band of men which perverts religion."

"One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. " - Winston Churchill

Barack Hussein Obama does not seek “peace with Islam” he seeks our submission to it!!!!

Other things he has said about Islam and Muslims.........

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." ~Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. The Audacity of Hope

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Barack Hussein Obama
“it is important for Western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit” Barack Hussein Obama
“We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country.” Barack Hussein Obama
“The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country” Barack Hussein Obama
“I have lived in a Muslim-majority country... I know, because I am one of them.” Barack Hussein Obama
“As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.” Barack Hussein Obama
“Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” Barack Hussein Obama
“And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.” Barack Hussein Obama
“And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” Barack Hussein Obama
“Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one’s religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders. That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.” Barack Hussein Obama
"And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world...And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.” Barack Hussein Obama
“We are not nor have we even been at war with Islam” Barack Hussein Obama

Posted by Wild Thing at September 12, 2010 04:55 AM


I have had it with this appeasement crap. It doesn't work. We are at war with Islam and will be until we defeat them

So for all the Kumbyea words he conveyed to a confused country I say, back to him, Fuck him!

Posted by: Mark at September 12, 2010 08:51 AM

Not a peep...not a single word about renewing our committment to find and exterminate those who planned, funded and carried out the 9/11 attacks. No pep talk about ending the scourge of terrorism. Just the same old mamby-pamby crap about tolerance (ours) toward those who want to destroy us. The limp-dick -in-chief has spoken.

Posted by: petesuj at September 12, 2010 09:12 AM

Once again we have evidence of how little this man knows, and cares about the people who make up this Nation.

To make statements, such as this, at any time, much less at this place and time, is an insult to all of the victims, all of the suvivors and all of the responders, who lived through that 'Day from Hell', 9 years ago.

Obama becomes more and more of an embarrassment to this Nation and its Citizens, each and every day.

I cannot adequately put into words the revulsion and hate that I have for this man and all that he represents.

How anyone can still show any support for him is beyond my comprehension.

Posted by: Sean at September 12, 2010 10:47 AM

I watched some of the news coverage of the 9/11 events yesterday. I turned off obama 30 seconds into his pro muslim speech. It also aggravated me to see the pro islam rally in New York. The muslims were of course in your face with their demands. What really bothered me was the obviously non muslims supporting "diversity" and "compassion and understanding".

This is no surprise. All the evidence of what obama is and what he planned for America was laid out in black and white during the campaign and in his books. obama is a muslim. obama is a Marxist.

Now that his actions and words have confirmed obama's muslim belief even the most simple minded should be able to see what he is. If he is reelected then I think America is doomed. Then the 9/11 memorials will really be about the hijackers.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at September 12, 2010 12:10 PM

Two Words for the iwon.
Fuck You!

Posted by: Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Ret. at September 12, 2010 07:32 PM

Hi Glenn, good to see you.

HUGE ditto to what each one of you have said.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 12, 2010 11:58 PM

I hope everyone recognizes that their comments reflect what George Patton said sixty years ago. "America will never tolerate or support a looser."
Nixon did not understand that he had to win at all costs and neither does Obama and his entire Washington pack. They are really dim.
Some of the nervousness on the part of the old Party Democrats is them recognizing that the Party may be gone following Berry.

Posted by: Avitar at September 13, 2010 06:02 AM

Barack Hussein Obama does not seek “peace with Islam” he seeks our submission to it!!!!

Posted by: Ben Ray Atkinson at September 13, 2010 01:13 PM