Theodore's World: Awesome Megyn Kelly Shows Truth Wins Out and Leaves Kirsten Powers In The Dust on New Black Panther Case

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July 14, 2010

Awesome Megyn Kelly Shows Truth Wins Out and Leaves Kirsten Powers In The Dust on New Black Panther Case

Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Kirsten Powers on New Black Panther Case after Powers first says she doesn't believe that the incident was a clear case of voter intimidation, then one point Kelly has to threaten to cut off Powers' mic..


Megyn ABSOLUTELY SMACKS DOWN- Kirsten Powers. This is Gotta See TV- NO KIDDING!
Clueless Kirsten is a stupid deer in the headlights. Go ahead and keep blaming Bush you STUPID woman


Wild Thing's comment.......

Megyn is a prize fighter- and she didn't even break a sweat!

There needs to be more of this. We see way too little spine on our side of things these days.


She really nailed Powers asking if she had read the testimony...of course she hadn’t. [sound familiar?]Powers said she ‘talked’ with folks at the DOJ.

Kristen had a quiver of standard liberal talking points and Megyn demolished them one-by-one, refusing to be led off-subject.

This should be taught in schools on how to debate liberals. They always have some obscure stats or figures or talking points with which to try and change the subject whenever the interview or debate isn’t going their way.

Megyn knew her facts and did not let Kristen get off topic and she did not fall into the polite conservative trap. You have to be just as aggressive as they are and nail them down when they try and ramp it up or slither away. The important thing is to know your facts. Then not let your opponent change the subject.

Oh, and four minutes after Powers says “it wasn’t voter intimidation” she says “I didn’t say it wasn’t voter intimidation - you’re putting words in my mouth.” Good Lord, she has no short term memory over five minutes.

Time to give Kelly the 8:00 p.m. slot! instead of O'Reilly.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at July 14, 2010 07:55 AM


Awesome smackdown. You're right WT, we do need more like this. And it went almost 10 minutes. Not just some 30 second sound byte.

Posted by: Jim at July 14, 2010 10:37 AM

Megan Kelly rules!

Posted by: BobF at July 14, 2010 11:49 AM

When I first saw this it was great. Kirsten finally got the crap slapped out of her. Then when Megyn said, 'you don't know what you're talking about' I knew it was going to be enjoyable.

Posted by: Mark at July 14, 2010 12:05 PM

Either Megyn or Laura should replace O'Reilly, he is in the tank for Barry.

Posted by: Dave 18Zulu at July 14, 2010 12:28 PM

Megyn Kelly is a tigress in a debate. Enjoyable to listen to and nice to look at.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at July 14, 2010 04:24 PM

I agree, I am hoping her ratings go so high they have to move her and see how much better she is then O'Reilly.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 15, 2010 01:35 AM

Damn.... I almost felt sorry for Powers, almost.

Megyn verbally smacked her down. I wonder how much longer Powers will be around after that? Must have been embarrassing to be shown to be such a dumbass.

Posted by: Brad L at July 17, 2010 12:39 AM