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June 03, 2008

B.Hussein Obama in 08 ~ “Fighting the power one whitey at a time.”

Sen. Barack Obama has been linked to another controversial pastor, this time a declared spiritual adviser who has called white American mayors “slave masters,” and referred to black preachers and politicians who “protect” the “white man” as “house n-ggers.”

Rev. MEEKS Ad, from 2004 Radio Ad Never heard outside of Illinois. Barack Obama chooses controversial, homophobic, Reverend James Meeks to endorse him !!!!!!

Rev. Meeks is an Illinois state senator and serves as the pastor of the 22,000 member Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, where Obama frequently campaigned back in 2003 when running for Senate.

Rev. Meeks has been described as someone in which Obama seeks spiritual counsel from, according to an article printer in the Chicago Sun Times. He will even serve as an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver.

Rev. Meeks has served on Obama’s exploratory committee for the presidency and was even listed on Obama's campaign website as one his ‘influential black supporters’. The Chicago Sun Times also reported that both Rev. Meeks and Obama share a history of receiving substantial campaign contributions from the indicted real estate "criminal" Tony Rezko.

Aside from numerous other reports linking the two together, the real issue is the character of Rev. Meeks, who is known for his racially charged remarks and homophobic ways.

In a 2006 sermon, Rev. Meeks stated, "We don't have slave masters. We got mayors. But they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able, or to be educated. You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna fight you to protect this white man." He later defended that sermon during an interview with a Chicago CBS 2 reporter.

Not to mention Rev. Meeks homophobic ways are well noted. A 2007 newsletter from the Southern Poverty Law Center named Rev. Meeks one of the "10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement."

The newsletter cites him as a key member of Chicago's ‘Gatekeepers’ network (an interracial group of evangelical ministers who strive to erase the division between church and state) and “a stalwart anti-gay activist… [who]… has used his House of Hope mega-church to launch petition drives for the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a major state-level ‘family values’ pressure group that lauded him last year for leading African Americans in ‘clearly understanding the threat of gay marriage.'”


Wild Thing's comment........

Let's see, Rev. Meeks, Rev. Wright, Rev. Moss, Father Pfleger...... four of the most loathsome “holy men” in our lifetimes. How many more of these guy has that moron got in the wings? This is out and out pushing racism from these people and there should be outrage even in the media about this kind of thing. Imus was fired for a whole lot less then these guys are saying.

Obama's problems continue. He still has this Rev. Meeks do deal with. He also has the Black Panthers, Ayers, and Rezko in his closet.

Obama has so many skeletons in the closet, if he gets in the White House it will become the Haunted House.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 3, 2008 04:55 AM


It may be easier and quicker to put up a list of B. Hussein's pastor buddies that aren't racist hate mongers. Here it is.
That about sums it up. How many more of these guys are going to crawl out of the woodwork?

Posted by: Bob at June 3, 2008 08:09 AM

Obamanation and his preacher man cronies have no room to talk. He has a white mother. He should be seeing her side of the story too and praising her for bringing him into this wonderful world.
We all have our shortcomings and we need to stop calling each other racial slurs. We are all human--one planet of people created by God. We have to live together in peace and freedom, but racial slurs should be completely inexcusable. I don't allow my own kids to use them, so why would I want someone else using them against me and mine. Do I make fun of my great great grandmother who was the grand daughter of slaves? No. Why should I? She's part of me and I love her.

Posted by: Lynn at June 3, 2008 08:20 AM

If Hillary is going to concede, today would be the day for it. Today is Jefferson Davis' Birthday... and it is Confederate Memorial Day in Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana. Maybe they could move "Memorial Day" to June 19. hehehe.

Posted by: Mark at June 3, 2008 09:01 AM

Bob, LOL yes it would, it would make a shorter list.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 3, 2008 05:52 PM

Lynn, that is how people should be like you said about your great grandmother. I alwasy think it is said when people care more about the kind of stuff Obama and these people of his are hung up on.

But he has created a sort of mini war now and I am concerned how the blacks voting for him will use his win and do damage and hurt to white people. I saw a story in our paper the other day some black hood said if Obama wins white people better watch out because they will have more power to do what they want in neighborhood. It was a horrible story.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 3, 2008 05:57 PM

Mark, LOL


OH yesss of course, thanks Mark.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 3, 2008 05:59 PM

Last night his grandmother was no longer a typical white person. He had all kinds of praise about her and how she brought him up. What a hypocritical POS. God help America if he is elected. Thanks for all of your insightful comments.

Posted by: Bob at June 4, 2008 08:01 PM