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December 01, 2005

Michael Moore Denies He Has Halliburton Stock - Ha Ha

What's in the News??

Michael Moore told a college audience he absolutely does not own any Halliburton stock - or any other stock. Naughty naughty Michael, guess what Peter Schweizer in the best-seller book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do)." There's just one problem with that denial. Schweizer's got proof."

Notes taken from various write ups online about this Book by Schweizer

"Michael Moore owns tens of thousands of shares in Hallibuton – including nearly 2,000 shares of Boeing, nearly 1,000 of Sonoco, more than 4,000 of Best Foods, more than 3,000 of Eli Lilly, more than 8,000 of Bank One and more than 2,000 of Halliburton, the company most vilified by Moore in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Moore's own signed Schedule D declaring his capital gains and losses where his stock ownership is listed, it's emblazoned on the cover of Peter Schweizer's new book.............

"Using IRS records, real estate transactions, court depositions, news reports, financial disclosures, and their own statements, he brings to light a stunning record of shameless hypocrisy. Critics of capitalism and corporate enterprise frequently invest in companies they denounce. Those who believe the rich need to pay more in taxes prove especially adept in avoiding taxes themselves. Those who espouse strict environmental regulations work vigorously to sidestep them when it comes to their own businesses and properties. Those who are strong proponents of affirmative action rarely practiced it -- and some have abysmal records when it comes to hiring minorities. Advocates of gun control have no problem making sure than an arsenal of weapons is available to protect them from dangerous criminals.

"Much of what follows," writes Schweizer in his introduction, "will strike many people as a revelation precisely because liberal hypocrisy gets a big fat pass from the liberal press, which fails to subject prominent liberals to the kind of intense personal scrutiny that is commonly meted out to conservatives."

Here are some other examples from Schweizser's book:

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who proclaims her support for unions, yet the luxury resort, the vineyard and the restaurants she partly owns are strictly non-union. While she advocates tough new laws enforcing environmental regulations on the private sector, the exclusive country club she partly owns failed to comply with existing environmental regulations for the past eight years – including a failure to protect endangered species. "
"Barbara Streisand is another proponent of environmentalism, yet she drives an SUV, lives in a mansion and has a $22,000 annual water bill. In the past, she has driven to appointments in Beverly Hills in a motor home because of her aversion to using public bathrooms."
"Ralph Nader plays the role of the citizen avenger – the populist uninterested in wealth and materialism, pretending to live in a modest apartment. In fact, he lives in fancy homes registered in the names of his siblings."
"Hillary Clinton supports the right of thirteen-year-old girls to have abortions without parental consent -- yet she forbade thirteen-year-old Chelsea to pierce her ears and enrolled her in a school that would not distribute condoms to minors."
"Al Franken habitually calls conservatives "liars" and "mean and nasty" -- yet as a writer for Saturday Night Live he penned jokes and skits so mean-spirited they appalled even his colleagues, and he uses brazen lies for his bestselling books all the time."
"Kennedy has introduced dozens of pieces of legislation over the years to encourage alternative energy sources. But he helped block the Cape Wind Project -- an effort to provide clean energy for thousands of homes on Cape Cod -- because the project would be built in one of the family's favorite sailing and yachting areas."
"Ted Kennedy favors racial set-asides on federal contracts -- but when it came to his own investment in an entire city block of Washington, DC, he got his political friends to help him waive an affirmative action set-aside."
"Princeton "ethics" professor Peter Singer crusades for euthanasia for the severely disabled and terminally ill. But when it comes to his own mother, he operates according to more humane principles (fortunately for her)."
"Moore also relentlessly exposes those who fail to meet his standards of racial fairness and equality. So, of the 134 producers, editors, cinematographers, composers, and production coordinators Moore he hired to work on his many movies, how many do you think were black?"

Wild Thing's comment.......... Nothing new to us bloggers, but it sure is great when someone writes a book and does have proof of what we already know about the lefties...............they are liars, fakes and frauds. Not only in politics, but in their personal lives. This ia a fabulous book and one I will make sure I have on the coffee table when my socialist brother in law and his socialist girlfriend (she came here from France 20 years ago) come over t our house. Yes they both hate the rich, hate America and they think Bush is a war criminal. Oh I could go on, but I would only spoil my morning coffee.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 1, 2005 07:55 AM

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