Theodore's World: Sister of slain El Paso couple calls Dems ‘pure evil’ and ‘monsters’ for not welcoming President Trump

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August 10, 2019

Sister of slain El Paso couple calls Dems ‘pure evil’ and ‘monsters’ for not welcoming President Trump

Sister of slain El Paso couple calls Dems ‘pure evil’ and ‘monsters’ for not welcoming President Trump

Vibora (Deborah) Anchondo is grieving the loss of her brother and sister-in-law who were killed as a crazed gunman went on the rampage in a Walmart in El Paso on Saturday, Aug.3. They were killed shielding their 2-month-old son from the gunfire, and when Vibora Anchondo learned President Trump was coming to El Paso to pay his respects, she found comfort in that thought.
Her anger was ignited when she discovered some Democrats from El Paso were objecting to the president’s visit, using the visit as a part of their political agenda, and she took to Facebook to voice her feelings.

One woman personally affected by the mass murder in El Paso, Texas, last Saturday is outraged over the “pure evil” exhibited by Democratic politicians who refused to welcome President Donald Trump to the city.

Deborah Anchondo is the sister of Andre Anchondo, who, along with his wife Jordan, heroically died while shielding his 2-month-old son from bullets during the shooting.

Deborah took to Facebook to tear into Democrats for their divisive comments towards President Trump.

She said it's time to heal and unite, not play politics immediately after the tragic shooting.

Deborah also slammed local Democratic politicians who said Trump is not welcome in El Paso.

“It’s such a shame that two of our local politicians (I refuse to say their names as they don’t deserve it) are saying that our President is not welcome on Wednesday,” she posted Tuesday.

“I cannot believe how these monsters are using the tragic event to push their political agenda,” she added.

Her post got more gut-wrenching from there.

“I lost my brother and sister-in-law on Saturday. My family and I are living a horrible nightmare. The visit from our President will be more than comforting to my family. He will not be here for a political agenda. The two monsters from El Paso, who do not deserve to be mentioned by name nor even the nicknames I have for them, are just pure evil,” she wrote.

“My brothers body was still laying at Walmart on Saturday night when they decided to make this into a political issue and push their agenda by blaming our President for this. Rather than focusing on the situation and the individual who destroyed the lives of many, these evil people selfishly turned this into a political war. I’m equally as angered by those two as I am with the person who took my brother and his wife from me, typing this I think I feel more animosity towards those two evil politicians.”

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