Theodore's World: The #Walkaway Movement begun by one man, Brandon Straka, and it has grown exponentially

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October 27, 2018

The #Walkaway Movement begun by one man, Brandon Straka, and it has grown exponentially

Americans are coming together the weekend of Oct. 26-28th to #WalkAway from the Democratic Party.

The #Walkaway Movement begun by one man, Brandon Straka, has grown exponentially.

This group is populated by Americans who have become fed up with the leftist/Marxist/Socialist/Communist side of things and who are now pro-America, pro-conservative, pro-right side of things.

Many in the movement are African Americans and/or are gay like Brandon - and they have "seen the light" and are walking away from the Demonrats.

This has taken a great deal of courage on their part since to walkaway often means losing one's friends and family.

The March will begin with speeches and music at 12 noon and then will march and then will have more speeches and music at about 2:30.

Dinesh D’Souza will be a main speaker but there are many speakers.

More information about the speakers and events can be found

Chrissie aka Wild Thing's comment...........

Thank you Brandon for opening so many eyes! Tell minorities on the left, who have been told their whole lives that they are not welcome on the right because of the bigotry and hatred, that they are welcome. Tell them there is a seat at the table on the right for everybody. This is a movement of Patriots from all walks of life .

WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we will not surrender our country.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 27, 2018 03:21 PM

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