Theodore's World: President Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Arizona

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October 19, 2018

President Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Arizona

President Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Arizona

The hangar had a 6000 person capacity, and over 40,000 went

GOP candidate and veteran Martha McSally's tight Arizona Senate race against Democratic hopeful Kyrsten Sinema brings President Trump to the state tonight.

This is a note from someone that tried to go to the rally...........

"I got there about an hour and a half before he arrived. Big mistake when I arrived all the parking was gone in both parking lots had to walk 3 miles about a quarter mile up I ran into the end of the line. The end of the line was 2 miles long. I decided I was probably not going to get in LOL and walked up the line to the front just to see the crowds. It was massive I have not seen that many people even at some of the best concerts I've been to. The Hanger supposedly held 4000 there was at least that many outside. Walked 6 miles tonight just to see him and did not get lucky enough to this time. Next time I will be taking the day off and going early in the morning"

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