Theodore's World: Michigan High School Football Conference Bans ‘USA’ Chant

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September 18, 2016

Michigan High School Football Conference Bans ‘USA’ Chant

Michigan High School Football Conference Bans ‘USA’ Chant

FOX News

Patriotism is under fire in Western Michigan.

The OK Conference, representing 50 schools, has announced a crackdown on fans chanting, “USA” at football games. They are also implementing strict rules on flags and political banners.

“Coaches and fans are irate,” said Bill Simonson, the host of a statewide sports radio show. “People are tired of being told what flag to fly or what political side to lean towards.”

Mr. Simonson, who hosts “The Huge Show”, was the first to break this insane story.

The athletic conference’s crackdown comes after fans from a predominantly black school took offense after fans from a predominantly white school displayed a Betsy Ross flag and a “Make America Great Again” banner.

Critics called the flag racist and a local superintendent said it symbolized hate.

“To wave a historical version of our flag, that to some symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects hostility and confusion to an event where no one intended to do so,” wrote Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Behm in a letter to parents.

Simonson, host of “The Huge Show,” told me local residents are furious.

“He painted a picture that the school is filled with insensitive people,” he said. ‘If Colin Kaepernick can have his freedom of speech and freedom of expression – guess what – it’s a two-way street.”

OK Commissioner Jim Haskins said their executive board decided that moving forward fans will only be allowed to chant “USA, USA” after the National Anthem.

He told that it has nothing to do with banning patriotism. He said students are using the chant in a derogatory manner – such as “U Suck (bleep) and those type of things.”

“That’s what we have the problems with,” he told the newspaper.

But television station WOOD reports the Michigan High School Athletics Association has not received any official complaints about fans “repurposing ‘USA’ to mean anything derogatory.”

The athletic conference is also cracking down on signs and banners and flags.

“Any signs, flags, banners, cheers, or promotional material that carry questionable implications or are degrading are prohibited at any OK Conference venue,” he told WOOD.

Wild Thing's comment..............

Is this the part of Michigan where all the Muslims are moving in and taking over?

Posted by Wild Thing at September 18, 2016 12:40 AM


Muslims have taken over cities in the Detroit area. Hamtramck and Dearborn are controlled by Muslims. We can be assured though that the appeasement has spread to most other areas of the state. I doubt though it has spread north of Saginaw.

The large Muslim population was of concern for Wurtsmith AFB during Desert Storm. Wurtsmith was located about 200 miles north of Detroit on the Lake Huron shoreline.

Posted by: BobF at September 20, 2016 09:27 AM