Theodore's World: Michelle Obama Tells Family Member of San Bernadino Terror Attack She Will Rap in Victim’s Honor

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December 20, 2015

Michelle Obama Tells Family Member of San Bernadino Terror Attack She Will Rap in Victim’s Honor

Michelle Obama Tells Family Member of San Bernadino Terror Attack She Will Rap in Victim’s Honor ( some background on this rap stuff........ Michelle Obama released her first rap video this month with SNL’s Jay Pharoah)

Friday in San Bernardino First Lady Michelle Obama told a family member of the San Bernardino terrorist attack she will rap in the victim’s honor.

Obama makes a pit-stop in San Bernardino en route to his 16-day Hawaii vacation - but fails to meet any of the wounded as he is accused of politicizing the attack

The President has come under fire from a local leader on his short stop-off in San Bernardino while on his way to his annual 16-day Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

Obama met with the families of the 14 who were murdered on December 2 by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik during a holiday party at Farook’s work.

One local leader criticized the President for meeting only with relatives of the victims who lost heir lives in the attacks and accused him of ‘politicizing’ the tragedy in the weeks afterwards.

First Lady Michelle Obama joined her husband for the meetings at Indian Springs High School, just a short drive from the airport where Air Force One landed after the cross-country flight from Washington.

A separate table was set up for each family and the Obamas moved from one to the next, spending about ten minutes with each victim’s relatives…

…During the visit, Pifer told the Obamas about Johnson, how he loved life, his virtues and their future plans.

She also shared with them what she knows about his last moments: His colleague Denise Peraza, who survived the attack, said he huddled with her under a table as bullets flew across the room.
He held her close and told her, ‘I got you.’

Peraza credits Johnson with her survival, and since then the phrase ‘I got you’ has spread across social media.

When she mentioned the phrase to the Obamas, they nodded, indicating it was a story they already knew, she said.

She brought a sign stating ‘#IGotYou’ that they all posed for a photo with it.

Johnson and Peraza are in the initial stages of planning a foundation in Johnson’s memory.

‘I feel like they’re on my side,’ she said.

‘They’re on our side. And that he’s going to keep working to make this better even after he’s left office. It’s personal for them.’

The Obamas encouraged her to reach out and promised to provide whatever support they could.

‘Mrs Obama she did say that she would rap or perform at our fundraising concert,’ Pifer said.

‘I will try to make her keep her word on that.’

Wild Thing's comment................

She is as much of a national embarrassment as Barack is.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 20, 2015 12:55 AM


At one time, the First Lady was the symbol of elegance in America. It went downhill with Hillary but Laura Bush brought the standard back where it belonged. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama has taken it down into the gutter. I'm beginning to believe there's no recovery for America.

Posted by: BobF at December 20, 2015 09:38 AM