Theodore's World: Paul Ryan’s Demands, Including Scrapping “Thomas Jefferson’s Rules”

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October 22, 2015

Paul Ryan’s Demands, Including Scrapping “Thomas Jefferson’s Rules”

Paul Ryan’s Demands, Including Scrapping “Thomas Jefferson’s Rules”

An influential Republican conservative said at least one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s demands for becoming House speaker is a “non-starter” as the GOP gathered Wednesday morning to figure out if enough members can unite behind the young star.

Current Speaker John A. Boehner, who is retiring, told lawmakers the GOP will hold an internal vote next Wednesday to select their replacement, and then the whole House will vote Thursday to confirm Congress’s top constitutional office.

Mr. Ryan had said he would only take the speaker’s job if Congress eliminated the power to oust the speaker mid-session — something Rep. Raul Labrador, Idaho Republican, said would undermine the checks and balances that have been in the system since Thomas Jefferson first wrote the parliamentary rule book.

“That’s something that’s in the Jefferson’s rules. This is something that if it’s good enough for Jefferson, it’s got to be good enough for Paul Ryan,” Mr. Labrador said.

Known as the motion to vacate the chair, the parliamentary maneuver in question is a way for insurgents to topple their chief — similar to a vote of no confidence in parliamentary systems.

Wild Thing's comment............

I am not a big fan of Paul Ryan especially after the last presidential election when he made a hard left turn into being a rino. He was pushing his amnesty plan big time what seemed like forever and he also insulted conservatives that did not agree with him.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 22, 2015 12:50 AM


Ryan is wanting absolute power as Speaker. Screw him.

I actually think Mitt Romney would make a good speaker. He might not be Conservative enough for some but he's a decent honest man and that's something our government is severely lacking in.

Posted by: BobF at October 22, 2015 10:11 AM