Theodore's World: Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump’s ‘Persona’ Is ‘Unpresidential’

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September 13, 2015

Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump’s ‘Persona’ Is ‘Unpresidential’

Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump’s ‘Persona’ Is ‘Unpresidential’

From Jennifer Jacobs writing at the Des Moines Register:

Q. Some Iowa conservative women say they appreciate Trump’s views on immigration, national security and other topics, but they’re upset about things he says about women. For some, the final straw was when he made fun of your physical appearance, and they’ve now crossed him off their list of choices for the Iowa caucuses. What are your thoughts on that?

A. “I’m gratified by these women’s support. And I’ve always said character is revealed over time and under pressure. I think a litany of comments about many things reveals character over time and under pressure.”

Q. However, some Trump backers from our Iowa Poll say they just brush off his derogatory comments because “that’s just Donald being Donald.” They still like him because he’s fearless, and the world is on fire and they think he’s the best choice to deal with these problems.

A. “Obviously these women are entitled to their opinions. Clearly they are. I think what everyone — men and women — has to think about: The presidency requires strength. There is no doubt. The presidency also requires character and temperament and judgment and discipline. Men and women ought to be thinking about those things as well.”

Q. Do you think some of the things Trump says about women really are sexist or are these just schoolyard insults?

A. “This is a person who engages in schoolyard insults to all kinds of people. All kinds of people. It is part of his persona. Some people may like that. They’re entitled. I find it unpresidential.”

Wild Thing's comment...........

Trump being Trump. nothing anyone can do about the kind of man he has chosen to be.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 13, 2015 12:45 AM