Theodore's World: Florida Gov. Scott Orders National Guard Recruiters to Military Armories

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July 19, 2015

Florida Gov. Scott Orders National Guard Recruiters to Military Armories

Florida Governor Rick Scott ordered all National Guard recruiters to operate from state armories following the Chattanooga terrorist attack this week.

In an executive order, the Republican governor said he wants recruiters to move from six storefront locations into armories until state officials can evaluate and make security improvements, including possibly installing bullet-proof glass or enhanced surveillance equipment.

Since the Tennessee shootings, security at recruiting centers has come under scrutiny. Military officials have said security at recruiting and reserve centers will be reviewed, but the Army’s top officer, Gen. Ray Odierno, said it’s too early to say whether the facilities should have security guards or other increased protection.

Gov. Rick Scott issued an executive order Saturday instructing the Florida Major General to take immediate actions to secure Florida Guardsmen that work in recruiting centers in the wake of the Tennessee shooting where five military members were murdered.

The governor’s executive order directs Florida Major General Michael Calhoun to take three immediate actions:

Relocate all Florida National Guard personnel at the state’s six storefront recruitment centers to the nearest Florida National Guard Armory until there are recommendations made to improve the security of store-front recruitment centers.

Begin discussions with local law enforcement agencies to arrange regular security checks for Florida National Guard Armories.

Ensure that all qualified full-time guardsmen are adequately armed for their personal protection.

Wild Thing's comment............

Thank you Gov, Scott.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 19, 2015 12:50 AM


Every American citizen except muslims should be allowed to be armed in public.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at July 19, 2015 11:36 AM