Theodore's World: Gov. Rick Perry Announced His Run for President 2016

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June 05, 2015

Gov. Rick Perry Announced His Run for President 2016

June 5th, 2015

Governor Rick Perry announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. Introduced by his wife Anita and flanked by retired U.S. Navy SEALs Marcus and Morgan Luttrell, the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, and many others.

Here are just a few things he said in his speech.

" On that peaceful, wind-swept setting, there lie 9,000 graves, including 45 pairs of brothers, 33 of whom are buried side by side, a father and a son, two sons of a president. They all traded their future for ours in a final act of loving sacrifice. In that American Cemetery, it is no accident each headstone faces west: west over the Atlantic, towards the nation they defended, the nation they loved, the nation they would never come home to.

It struck me as I stood in the midst of those heroes that they look upon us in silent judgment. And that we must ask ourselves: are we worthy of their sacrifice? The truth is we are at the end of an era of failed leadership."
Weakness at home has led to weakness abroad. The world has descended into a chaos of this president’s own making, while his White House loyalists construct an alternative universe where ISIS is contained and Ramadi is merely a “setback” – where the nature of the enemy can’t be acknowledged for fear of causing offense, where the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, can be trusted to live up to a nuclear agreement.
No decision has done more harm than the president’s withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Let no one be mistaken, leaders of both parties have made grave mistakes in Iraq. But in January, 2009 – when Barack Obama became Commander-in-Chief – Iraq had been largely pacified. America had won the war. But our president failed to secure the peace. How callous it seems now as cities once secured with American blood are now being taken by America’s enemies, all because of a campaign slogan.

Wild Thing's comment............

A genuine American leader that knows what he is talking about and has done what he is talking about.

This was the best announcement speech so far, by a long, long way. Rick Perry gives America real hope again. Made me think about the optimism of Ronald Reagan.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 5, 2015 12:55 AM


I'm supporting Rick Perry.

Posted by: BobF at June 5, 2015 07:14 AM