Theodore's World: Ben Carson backs raising minimum wage

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May 09, 2015

Ben Carson backs raising minimum wage

Ben Carson backs raising minimum wage

Ben Carson says the $7.25 federal minimum wage should be raised.

“I think, probably, it should be higher than now,” Carson told CNBC’s John Harwood in an interview Friday.

Carson added that government assistance often provides more than the minimum wage in several states, allowing people to ignore the long-term benefits of a job.

"I don't necessarily blame people for saying, 'Look, I can stay home and make this money, or I can go and work this little chicken job that doesn't have many benefits,’ ” he said.

"However, recognize that if you go and take that chicken job, you gain skills, relationships, the possibility of moving up the ladder. So a year or two or five down the road, you're no longer in that position. This is what people have forgotten."

His stance on the minimum wage makes Carson an outlier among the likely field of GOP opponents and comes with Democrats looking to make it a key issue in the 2016 election.

Wild Thing's comment......

Before Mr. Carson proposes to increase the “Federal Minimum Wage”, he should enlighten We the People as to where he finds the authority to establish a minimum wage at all.

Too often he uses “safe” maybe, and perhaps etc. he doesn’t come down solid. Nice guy with his heart in the right place but no idea about how to help America economically or in foreign policy matters.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 9, 2015 12:50 AM


Everyone is fawning all over Ben Carson because he's against Obamacare. He doesn't have a strong stand on the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights and now he wants to raise minimum wage?

Posted by: BobF at May 9, 2015 09:50 AM

Like obama Ben Carson seemed to come out of nowhere. I don't want conservatives to support him just because he really sounds good or because he is Black. There is an underlying current to Dr Carson that bothers me. He has made several very liberal statements that bother me and prevent me from supporting him. Luckily we have quit a few known conservatives in this primary race and I really doubt Dr Carson will get enough support to win the primary.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at May 9, 2015 01:34 PM