Theodore's World: Muslim Obama Equates Christianity WIth ISIS at Prayer Breakfast

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February 06, 2015

Muslim Obama Equates Christianity WIth ISIS at Prayer Breakfast

Obama said this............“Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history. Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place. Remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. And our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

Wild Thing's comment............

There is no way I will ever believe he is a Christian, he is a Muslim thro9ugh and thro9ugh and not only that he is hate filled Muslim. He just had not beheaded anyone le the terrrorists he keeps trying to stand up for .

Posted by Wild Thing at February 6, 2015 12:50 AM


This jerkwad had to go back 1000 years to dig up atrocities so he could compare Christianity to modern day Islam. If those "Christians" in that room had any true faith to their beliefs, they would have gotten up and walked out.

Posted by: BobF at February 6, 2015 09:20 AM

obama is not a Christian. He IS a muslim. I can't comprehend how some people still think he is a Christian. Rev Wright's church is not a Christian church as such. It is a Black Liberation church based on racial hatred.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at February 6, 2015 01:48 PM