Theodore's World: Obama to Blame! 'FUTURE OF ENTIRE INTERNET AT STAKE' title by Drudge

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February 24, 2015

Obama to Blame! 'FUTURE OF ENTIRE INTERNET AT STAKE' title by Drudge


Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal

Three days before the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on the most significant Internet regulations in history, two commissioners are asking Chairman Tom Wheeler to delay the vote and release his proposal to the public.

“We respectfully request that FCC leadership immediately release the 332-page Internet regulation plan publicly and allow the American people a reasonable period of not less than 30 days to carefully study it,” Republican Commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly said in a statement Monday. “Then, after the commission reviews the specific input it receives from the American public and makes any modifications to the plan as appropriate, we could proceed to a final vote.”

The commission is set to vote on Wheeler’s aggressive proposal — which will regulate Internet service providers as public utilities and set new standards for speed and pricing — on Thursday, when it is expected to pass by a partisan vote of 3-2.

The FCC traditionally never releases proposed regulations prior to their implementation, prompting Pai to spend the weeks since Wheeler laid out the foundation of the plan to point out its most aggressive regulations in press releases and op-eds with commissioners from fellow agencies.

“Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that the American people are growing increasingly concerned about government regulation of the Internet and that they want the commission to disclose the plan,” the commissioners said. “Indeed, an independent survey last week found that 79 percent of Americans favored releasing the plan prior to any FCC vote.”

In response to the request Wheeler tweeted that FCC already held a period to review public comment last summer, and that it was “time to act.”

Wild Thing's comment............

Dems plan to shove it down our throats without delay. It’s like Obamacare, they want to get it done before anyone can stop them.

This is all about more Government CONTROL.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 24, 2015 12:55 AM


obama is determined to spend his last? two years in office blasting through our civil rights, personal freedoms and free enterprise to have us 100% govt. controlled. He wants us to be good little slaves while the elite class lives off our sweat. Marxism.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at February 24, 2015 04:42 PM