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July 29, 2014

Obama a Disgrace To All Humanity Is Trying To Force Israel Into Committing Suicide

What Obama Just Did Could Prove He Is Trying To Force Israel Into Committing Suicide

America needs to look at the result of President Obama’s actions..

When international pressure starts to bear on this administration, their true motivation and agenda becomes all too clear. This phenomenon was on display late last week as Israel continued to drive into the Gaza Strip militarily in order to rid the territory of the scores of tunnels that Hamas had dug under Israeli schools and daycare centers, with the intention of murdering children. Thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel with the intention of killing Jewish civilians. Hamas infiltrators have been captured with tranquilizers and handcuffs confirming their desire to kidnap and kill as many Jews as possible, just as they did with the three teenage Israeli boys that started this whole episode.

So what does the Obama administration do when it looks like the Israeli military is being successful in disarming the terrorist organization Hamas? The President of the United States orders Secretary Kerry to draft a cease-fire proposal that directs Israel to stand down while ignoring the militarization of Gaza and the terrorist attempts to kill Jews. In short, the President of the United States, Israel’s biggest ally, tries to force Israel to commit suicide and lay down its arms in the face of overwhelming terrorist attacks.

Over the weekend, President Obama called the Israeli Prime Minister and demanded a cease-fire with Hamas in order to strengthen the Palestinian Authority. This is the same Palestinian leadership that orders its civilians to stay in homes the Israeli military forewarns will be destroyed, in order to provoke civilian casualties. Of course, Netanyahu refused as that would mean Hamas could rearm before Israel destroyed the tunnels that have been built under the border.

John Podhoretz in Commentary says it well:

“He (the president) has really crossed a—do I dare—red line here no other American leader ever has. Obama doesn’t like the pictures he’s seeing, he doesn’t like Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel], he doesn’t like the fact that even Israel’s liberals are in a belligerent frame of mind after weeks of missile attacks against population centers, he isn’t running for reelection, he doesn’t care about donors or Jewish voters, he believes in his heart of hearts that the root cause of regional instability is Israel’s gains in the 1967 war, and in service of all these feelings and beliefs, he’s decided Israel is in the wrong and that Hamas needs to be saved from Israel’s might. In which case, he is personally intervening against an American ally with a legitimately elected and deeply fractious coalition government on behalf of a terrorist organization.”

’ve said it many times before on these pages, America needs to look at the result of President Obama’s actions – or lack thereof. Along with the Islamic State in the Middle East, Iran going nuclear, Christians being slaughtered in Iraq, the Taliban on the move, he decides to protect terrorists rather than America’s strongest ally in the region. What does that tell you?

Wild Thing's comment...........

He is a Muslims, I really believe that. He hates America, hates Israel and would be happy to see both destroyed.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 29, 2014 12:45 AM


Netanyahu leads his nation in Moses / Joshua type fashion! They defeated EGYPT over 2500 years ago and Hamas will be defeated as well!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at July 29, 2014 05:44 AM