Theodore's World: BOSSY Obama pleading with donors for help to push his agenda

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March 14, 2014

BOSSY Obama pleading with donors for help to push his agenda

Obama pleading with donors for help to push his agenda

Once carried like a conquering hero, President Obama is now pleading with donors for help to push his agenda, having to convince them that his record is something that should wow them.

"Do you still have my back?" Obama asks in a new letter to donors and contributors. "You should be proud of what we have been able to accomplish together," he argues. "Can I count on you?"

The president's note is to those who supported him in the past. "I would not be here today without you. You have been an essential partner in everything we have accomplished."

The fundraising letter for the Democratic National Committee even offers potential members a gift, a half-sized bumper sticker that reads, "I've STILL got his back."

Obama laid out his five-part second term agenda in the letter, and it includes gun control along with immigration reform, jobs, climate change and fighting voter identification laws that Democrats say block minorities from the polls. "Gun violence still plagues our schools and communities," he wrote.

The goal is to help the DNC, an effective weapon in the president's arsenal, to help him push his agenda. "I am depending on the DNC to provide a major part of the support I need to overcome Republican opposition in Congress. The DNC is helping to turn up the pressure and make sure we have leaders that act in the best interest for our nation," added the president.

At the end, he echoes his plea for help: "Do you still have my back? I hope I can continue to count on you."

Wild Thing's comment............

Begging, pleading, threatening, being a dictator, being bossy and more lies, continued lies with every breath he takes.

Posted by Wild Thing at March 14, 2014 12:47 AM