Theodore's World: Phony Republican Colin Powell Smears Conservatives As Racists - Powell is a disgrace!

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February 08, 2014

Phony Republican Colin Powell Smears Conservatives As Racists - Powell is a disgrace!

Colin Powell Smears Conservatives As Racists

He endorsed Obama twice and has never advanced the ball one yard on the Republican side is again giving the GOP advice

Colin Powell is on MSNBC saying the GOP demonizes people who don't look like them.

This is the same person who said there's a dark vain of intolerance in the Republican party. That's funny, if it weren't for Republican presidents, nobody would know who Colin Powell was today. Powell was made National Security Adviser under Ronald Reagan, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs under George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State under Bush 43. Today, he's a hardcore Obama supporter who goes on cable news and tells the GOP how to correct the error of their ways. This is the last person Republicans should listen to.

Speaking with Mitchell about the need for immigration reform, Powell said that reforming the system was critical. “We are an immigrant nation,” Powell said. “People wonder if we’re still the great country that we pretend to be, or we present ourselves to be. The answer is yes.” [...]

“There are certain elements of the party who go out of their way to demonize people who don’t look like the way they’d like them to look like or came from some other place,” Powell said. “I think the party has to deal with this.”

Wild Thing's comment............

Go to hell Powell. YOU are the racist and the world knows it. I wish the GOO would kick his ass out of our party. Why do they allow this traitor to remain.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 8, 2014 12:50 AM


That's too bad. I had greatly admired Powell at one time. Then he began playing the race card.Perhaps he played the race card all along in the form of affirmative action. I don't know. Especially since the reign of obama, Colin Powell has turned out to be a race hustler and a disappointment.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at February 8, 2014 12:19 PM