Theodore's World: At What Point Do People Scream 'Enough'? - by David Limbaugh

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February 07, 2014

At What Point Do People Scream 'Enough'? - by David Limbaugh

At What Point Do People Scream 'Enough'?

by David Limbaugh

Obama must believe he's politically untouchable at this point, given his seeming indifference to the multitude of scandals, failures and other outrages for which he is directly responsible.

I intended to write this column solely on the devastating Congressional Budget Office report putting the final nail in the Obamacare coffin -- or at least it would be the final nail in a sane world -- but everywhere I turn in the news, I'm bombarded with evidence of equally troubling nightmares. So, in fairness to balance and diversity, I decided not to dwell on CBO-gate alone but to share with you the smorgasbord of disasters.

Let's begin with CBO-gate, which does deserve its own column but will now have to accept but a few paragraphs here. I'm not so sure what's more outrageous, the egregious news itself or the administration's and the Democratic Party's disgracefully deceitful spinning in denying it.

There are just no two ways about it. On Tuesday, the CBO released a report forecasting that the laughably titled Affordable Care Act will cause the equivalent of more than 2 million full-time employees leaving the U.S. workforce in the next decade. Note that the nonpartisan CBO didn't say the law will initially cause unemployment and then later recover.

An administration that cared about the American people wouldn't have spent the next 48 hours trying to distort this information into a pretzelized news nugget that is less damaging to the administration. The White House and Democrats came out of the woodwork trying to turn this spoiled, rancid, inedible lemon into lemon meringue pie with dollops of whipped cream. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spun this as a positive development because it lets Americans be "free agents." House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brags that people "are no longer job-blocked."

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