Theodore's World: HOMELAND THREAT: U.S. imam: Muslims Can Take The Property of Christians and Jews

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December 23, 2013

HOMELAND THREAT: U.S. imam: Muslims Can Take The Property of Christians and Jews

Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi: “Jews and Christians are Filthy, Their Lives and Property can be Taken in Jihad by the Muslims”

HOMELAND THREAT: U.S. imam: Muslims Can Take The Property of Christians and Jews

Yasir Qadhi (aka Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi) is an American imam and college professor who is described by a 2011 New York Times Magazine essay as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

Born in Houston, Texas, to Pakistani parents, Qadhi spent his formative years in Saudi Arabia, having graduated from high school in Jeddah, after which he returned to the United States to pursue a B. Sc. in chemical engineering from the University of Houston, followed by a doctoral degree in theology at Yale University. Qadhi is presently a faculty member in the Religious Studies Department of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Qadhi gives regular sermons and lectures, and also appears on a number of Islamic satellite channels in the U.S., U.K., Egypt, and India.

In his sermon/lecture in the YouTube audio below, Qadhi begins by calling Christians “shirk” for being “polythesists” who believe in the Triune God (three persons in one God), instead of Islam’s “monotheist” god Allah.

Then Qadhi really steps up his verbal abuse. He says, since “there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah wuzza wuzza,” Christians are “by necessity and by definition … the most evil of all evils.” Like all “unbelievers” and “polytheists,” Christians are “filthy.” They are ”najusa” (feces, urine) — “a filthy impure dirty substance.”

Qadhi declares that the prophet Mohammad — and by extension all Muslims — “has been commanded to do jihad.”

What is jihad?

Jihad “is a means to establish monotheism on the land.” The prophet had said, “I have been commanded to fight the people until they” convert to Islam. But “if they don’t [convert to Islam,] their life and property are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.”This hate-spewing man is not only an imam (the word means a teacher of Islam) but a college professor in Tennessee! If a Christian preacher or college professor had said this about another religious group — Jews, or Buddhists, or Muslims — it would be the leading news on all the mainstream media.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Just try it jerk, we have guns and will protect ourselves and our property.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 23, 2013 12:50 AM


I could kill this bastard and feel no guilt. He is exactly the kind that could become a suicide bomber for allah. A very dangerous man. I just hope the authorities have him solidly on their radar and are keeping watch on who he associates with.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at December 23, 2013 11:14 AM

In the old days this kind of sedition would get you put in jail.

Posted by: Ivor at December 23, 2013 01:02 PM