Theodore's World: Fantastic! The Truth from Republican Strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer (video)

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December 07, 2013

Fantastic! The Truth from Republican Strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer (video)

Republican Strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer Belts Libs on CNN Crossfire: I Don't Know What You Guys Are Smoking, This Economy is Not Good

On Crossfire panel, it was former Dem Gov. Jennifer Granholm, David Madland from the Center for American Progress vs. Nancy Pfotenhauer who is a Republican strategist. Many will remember her from the 2008 McCain campaign, she was senior policy advisor and campaign spokesman.

They begin discussing today's job numbers and the 203K new jobs created in November. Pfotenhouer fires back at everybody, pointing out that you need to have 150K jobs created every month just to keep up with the population increase. But the most important factor is the labor force participation rate. People are simply giving up on looking for work.

Wild Thing's comment............

I love it when anyone o, especially a Republican speaks the truth loud and clear. I have had it with the kiss up McCain type debate where he always says first........ My friend............ what a bunch of BS that is.
This woman did not do that, she jumped right in with the truth and did it in a bold way.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 7, 2013 01:50 AM