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October 30, 2013

The tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama: The “Did Not Know” President!

Canada Free Press

Advisers to President Obama would be well-advised to look up the phrase “Plausible Deniability” and understand that Obama’s ‘did not know’ history lacks credibility when it comes to “plausible.”

This is the president whom, it is alleged, was not aware of what in the hell was going on around him for the past five years!

Aside from being up-to-the-minute on college basketball brackets for the Spring Madness hysteria each March, this fellow seems lost in a sea of bewilderment, unaware of some of the most hideous situations and potential crimes taking place right under his nose in the White House.

If we are to believe the White House, the President of the United States did not know about:

* Terror attacks at the Benghazi embassy in Libya on September 11, 2012. According to the White House, the president thought the fuss was all about a disturbing anti-Islam video which had riled protesting Muslims, causing the deaths of four American diplomats;

*Origins of the false narrative which were repeated by UN Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday news shows on September 16;

* The Fast and Furious scandal in which US government agencies engaged in the illegal transfer of weapons to Mexico and which caused the death of US Border Patrol agent Byron Terry and several hundred Mexican citizens;

* Use of IRS resources against conservative opponents of the president, leading up to and immediately prior to the 2012 presidential election; and

* Violations of the First Amendment with regard to ATT and the James Rosen scandal.

In addition, our supposed “genius” president was unaware of the fatal flaws embedded in his “signature” program, the ill-fated and misnamed Affordable Care Act, known far and wide as the Obamacare debacle!

Is it plausible to believe that the smartest man in the room was unaware of the fact that the web site for his legacy achievement would crash and burn and that tens of millions of Americans would be unable to even enroll?

Is it plausible to believe that the long-awaited Leftist Messiah would not know that perhaps millions of his sheep would lose their existing healthcare, as a direct result of Obamacare?

Is it plausible to believe that The One was unaware that middle-class citizens would be forced to pay skyrocketing, and mostly unaffordable, insurance premiums, rather than affordable, as promised?

How could any president with a superego the size of Montana NOT know that his cherished legacy was, in fact, an unmitigated disaster that would seriously threaten the well-being of 16 percent of the national economy?

Then we come to the spying scandal which has embarrassed the United States throughout the globe and has turned our Global Citizen into a despicable enemy in the minds of our allies and friends.

Is it plausible that the NSA has managed to spy on world leaders without our president’s knowledge and involvement?

Does it make sense that the US government would hack into the private cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, without The One knowing?

Does it make sense that 21 nations in the world are coming after the United States for NSA misbehavior, and that the most powerful man in the world was unaware of that misbehavior?

Of course, being the congenital liar that he is, Barack Obama remains unbowed and confident that the liberal media will believe his “Did not know” drivel and that all be swept under the rug as “Phony scandals.”

Bottom line: We have a “Phony president” in the White House and he needs to be exposed as a despicable crook in the image of Richard M. Nixon.

Are Democrats up to the task of Honest and Open government, when it comes to the tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama?

Wild Thing's comment.............

I will be cheering the second he is OUT of office.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 30, 2013 12:40 AM